Too many people online, I can't remember them all

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30 Jun 2018, 1:42 pm

Anyone else not recognize people online from years ago or remember any incidents or disagreements that happen between you two? Does it ever amaze you how anyone can assume you remember every detail about them and know everything about themselves they had written?

There are millions of people online I often forget usernames or who says what or what their names even were. But yet some people will just assume you remember them or know them they will assume you are making a post about them when you don't even know who the hell they are. Yeah when dramas online happen, I always bet people literally forget all about it, they don't remember who said what or who was in it, because everyone just moves on. On social media, I bet when people use the block button when they disagree with someone's views or perspectives, etc, I bet they forget they even have them on their blocklist and when they see their name on it, they don't even know why they have you blocked.

Just recently someone made a post online somewhere talking about some incident asking if anyone was against him and I am sitting here thinking "Who the hell are you?" so then I was now tempted to look into his history and it was very disturbing and I bet I will forget about him later. I might always remember what I've read but not remember who this person is. It will be buried into the post history or deleted by the mods and the profile would either be buried on the website or removed by the user I would have no way of remembering him. But yet it has always amazed me how anyone online can think people will always recognize them and remember them and I tell them there are so many people online, people will forget who they are and forget about the whole thing. Unless it's a small online community. Sure there could be someone who might remember you about something you said or because of a disagreement you both had, but that is just that one person, not the majority. If every single person know you or recognizes you, then you must be a Chris Chan or a lolcow. :P Clearly this person had not moved on from the incident while lot of users have probably forgotten about him so he makes a thread asking if anyone was against him even though the incident happened few months back. One thing I have learned about online as a young adult is, most people move on, they don't hold your past behavior against you when you change or make amends. Sure there may always be someone who will but I have noticed that person who does it usually has mental issues and I just say "forget about that person, they have mental problems." I once said something dumb on I2 about a user here and I was totally joking and had nothing against that user here and she took it personally and took it out on me months later out of the blue and I had totally moved on and forgot all about it until another user here pointed it out to me and showed me the thread. I saw it and said "Oh that is what that is all about, jeez, I was just joking as were the other members in that thread and I was never serious and never had anything against her. So I went back and apologized to her about it and explained it was a joke and I wasn't actually serious, she didn't buy it and continued attacking me and then I learned later on she was mentally unstable. She was not an aspie but had something going on. She no longer comes here so I don't know if she was banned or just left the site moving on. But yeah this is a pattern I have noticed in people online who never forget.

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30 Jun 2018, 5:02 pm

I tend to be very good at remembering users. But it's comforting to know that people might not remember the stupid things I've said in the past. :P


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30 Jun 2018, 5:04 pm

But we met once in kindergarten. How can you forget me? :mrgreen:

Thank god I have the memory of an elephant. A blessing and a curse by the way.

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05 Jul 2018, 2:05 pm

There have been some people I have forgotten but I remember most, and those that might not immediately come to mind will often be remembered if I get a reminder (like an old thread being reawakened. "Oh yeah, I remember him", "she's the one who..." or "that's the one with that signature I noticed when new here" etc). Chances are I will at least remember something.

There are a few I have forgotten though. Some years ago on another forum there was a member who returned when the forum was relaunched and she remembered me but I didn't remember her. She claimed it wasn't so weird since we had only briefly interacted, but I still feel a little bad about having forgotten her. I hope it didn't hurt her, it's not fun to be forgotten. But I didn't want to lie about remembering her either.

edit: and of course there are people on my go-to places that I neve noticed at all. I don't recall them because they didn't stand out to me.

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