What does my low emotional intelligence mean?

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03 Aug 2018, 8:52 pm

So I've taken EQ tests in the past, and almost always score under or around 10. I'd say I was HFA (and was diagnosed in HFA/Aspergers in the past) but my current psychologist and my CBT therapist both have doubts and I score around 20-23 on AQ tests regularly (32+ usually means autism). Seems that a lot of the stuff I always told myself was autism is actually me just reframing depression-related problems and some ADHD issues as that, because I always associated as HFA.

So I'm not sure if low emotional intelligence might also be associated with ADHD, which I do have. I'm just curious, because it seems that the only traits I have are difficulties connecting with others, which is definitely associated with lower emotional intelligence.

PS - My ADHD diagnosis has always been way more severe than my HFA/aspergers one was.


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03 Aug 2018, 9:09 pm

While a low EQ would often point to ASD of some form, I suppose it could also be just that - a low EQ. I haven't heard of it being associated with ADHD before, but then I don't really know much about ADHD.

In the AQ test, an NT score is typically 11-21. A borderline result is 26-31, and probable ASD is 32+.

With a score of 23 on the AQ test, you've managed to score something that is above NT, but below even borderline ASD. That said, none of these tests are diagnoses; they just check for whether you have traits that are common among those with ASD. It's entirely possible to have ASD even if you don't display these traits.

It does seem to me like your test results are conflicting results. The EQ score would suggest ASD, and maybe it is enough of an indicator to bump your above-NT-but-below-ASD score on the AQ test into the borderline area.

One thing that does come to mind is the Broad Autism Phenotype (BAP). Essentially, there are people who have some autistric traits, but not sufficient to actually be diagnosed with ASD. Here's a good article about it the BAP:
http://www.asknz.net/uploads/2/9/3/7/29 ... ectrum.pdf

It sounds like you're already seeing a psychologist about this, so your psychologist would probably be in a better position to diagnose you than anyone on this forum.

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