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15 Aug 2018, 5:13 am

LoveNotHate wrote:
RetroGamer87 wrote:
Anyone who wants to live without laws and without paying taxes is free to move to Somalia. If you like you can send us a postcard :)

Somalia seems to have high individual taxes. A 18% individual income tax rate and a 5% sales tax rate.

Somali government introduces 5% sales tax to boost revenues ... -revenues/

There are so many taxes in Somalia, it doesn't even rank as a "tax haven".

"The Cayman Islands" seems like a better example. The Cayman Islands: No corporate tax, No estate tax, No Property Tax, No Income Tax, No Capital Gains Tax, No Inheritance Tax, No Gift Tax, No Corporation Tax, Duty Free shopping


Ok so I was wrong. I'm not sure how good Somalia is at enforcing their tax collection. Anyway with 18% + 5% sales tax, somalis still pay less tax than I do.

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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
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14 Jun 2019, 11:55 am

What are the best websites about climatic changes for learning about his issues ?


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14 Jun 2019, 2:28 pm

Mythos wrote:
The solution is to start focusing on renewable energy sources. I don't understand what the problem is. They will likely become ubiquitous eventually so people may as well invest right now to speed along the process and save our planet at the same time.
Daniel89 wrote:
Global warming will make life on Earth much harsher but it won't wipe people out

This summer has already killed a significant amount of people, and this is due to abnormally high temperatures. It will kill people, and it's thought that parts of the earth may soon become uninhabitable. This isn't even considering the other effects like more extreme weather and floods.

To the first part we should focus on developing renewable energy sources, but we should not wreck our society to do so.

To the second part, portions of this earth are already uninhabitable due to being too cold (Antarctica) or too hot (Death Valley). Global warming will certainly change the habitable ranges but not eliminate them entirely (unless we warm to like mean 40C temperature, but that is REALLY unlikely).

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