Autism: Disability, diversity, or evolving

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16 Aug 2018, 6:16 pm

I've put in much thought on people on the autism spectrum. It seems to be more and more common, and I see traits in other people of my family as well. Other species of animals evolve, and if you look at trees and rocks you will see much diversity. The question is, is it autistics (and others with ADHD, etc.) that are flawed because they cannot conform to society or is it society that is struggling to conform to an evolving population? If the code can be cracked on reaching autistics frozen with anxiety so they can perform at their full potential, then is it possible that a future Einstein could eventually manifest? Perhaps multiple people with the abilities of such a great scientist? If this is evolving, then there is no epidemic, we are not flawed. It's diversity, and should be celebrated I think.

I am in Toastmasters (public speaking) by the way, and this may be the topic of my next speech. I am wondering if others agree this would be a good message to share.


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16 Aug 2018, 6:50 pm

Both society and Autistics have flaws because they are human. Autistics are often at a disadvantage because they are a small minority. That is not necessarily a matter of fault.

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