Only a professional really knows about you?

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05 Sep 2018, 3:20 pm

firemonkey wrote:
superaliengirl wrote:
I don't agree. Me and my family knew I had aspergers and social anxiety before I got diagnosed, the professionals only confirmed it. Unless you're making up you got a certain diagnose to be a special snowflake or because you can relate to two or three of the symptoms you just know it because it's a feeling - then the professionals can confirm it for you. You can't put it on paper yourself that's all it's about really, you need a professional to do that.

I think that if you settle for self-diagnosis you don't really have any struggles and that makes me question if you even actually have the diagnose.

That's very simplistic thinking . There may be reasons why you don't pursue a diagnosis despite having problems. I'm quite phobic about pursuing a diagnosis. That stems from a belief that while I have autistic traits I'm very uncertain I'd meet the criteria for a full diagnosis. I actually think I fit NVLD better. My fear is a negative on ASD would shut down other avenues and perpetuate and strengthen the erroneous belief that everything is related to a psychiatric diagnosis. There is precious little recognition of NVLD in the UK.

Does that mean I don't have problems? -no. I get support from a care agency. The reason stated in my psychiatric care plan is to allow me to continue living independently.

Hmmmm, are you on the list for an evaluation yet, if not get yourself on one (you'll have at least a year to

change your mind in) so start the ball rolling. Tell the doctor that you are not sure if its ASD or possibly

NVLD or something else, this shows you are open minded and that you need an assessment so that you know

what you are dealing with. I don't thing an assessment even if it is negative will shut down other avenues at

all. I learnt a lot from the assessment.

Just be aware that an ASD diagnosis as an adult gets you nothing in the UK. I have had some understanding from

the job centre but that would have happened without the diagnosis although I wouldn't have had the confidence

to tell them so it has made a difference in that way. On the other hand I have been turned away from steps

program available to anyone with anxiety and depression (according to their posters) because they do not have

anyone trained in autism.


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12 Sep 2018, 11:54 am

firemonkey wrote:
You are not deemed intelligent enough to know about yourself. Only a professional who has hardly seen you can do that. This is what some people would have you believe.

Really interesting question you posted here. I see to differents ways to answer it:

1. Only a professional can give you a diagnosis. If you are searching for social or health benefits, special education, join supportive grups... no private person will open you the doors.

2. Personal experience: I am not asking for a diagnosis. In my forties I have found in ASC an explanation of my entire life. I could find it nowhere else, and I promise you I tried hard. ASC is a frame that helps me to understand who I am I where I have passed trough. Now I can figure out why I have difficulties socializing, why I was able to get an university grade but no way to carry out a "normal" professional carrier, why I avoid eye contact, why I was bullied, why my peers never to accept completely, why they call me weird or treat me like I was stupid,....

At this point of my life I am not looking for a paper, or for being accepted as an ASC, my only goal it is to accept me and I am finally in the good path.


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12 Sep 2018, 12:07 pm

firemonkey wrote:
You are not deemed intelligent enough to know about yourself. Only a professional who has hardly seen you can do that. This is what some people would have you believe.

There is probably nobody as easy to fool as ones own self.