People acting facetious or being sarcastic. . .

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08 Sep 2018, 12:05 am

Ok. . .
This has recently been an issue for me. . . My housemate often uses sarcasm and is facetious, and even though I'm not TERRIBLE on picking up on this stuff all of the time, it's not uncommon for me to miss it or at least take like a millisecond longer to pick up on it. He ends up explaining it often whether I understand it or not. I know that he, in particular isn't trying to be mean or condescending to me, but sometimes it still bothers me.
My family has never really engaged in playful teasing, so I pretty much chalked it up to not being used to that, but ever since my psychiatrist brought up ASD and provisionally diagnosed me with it I'm wondering if that's related to ASD traits in my family.
My social anxiety isn't as horrible as it used to be, but it's still there, and I get worried that people think I'm stupid. . . and after enough times of taking things literally and it being obvious enough that I did when he wasn't speaking literally, I start kinda fixating on it and feeling bad about it. I also tend to interpret ambiguous expressions as negative, so I already give myself plenty to worry about irrationally in spite of what I'm told.

Anybody else have any ideas about how I can approach this or maybe handle it better myself?

Dx'd w/ depression, OCD, ADHD, generalized anxiety
provisional Dx of mild ASD