Family therapist type is ruining my life

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09 Nov 2018, 8:31 pm

novart wrote:
I know from experience that only encourages it with them, unfortunately. Not that I can really stomach it too much anymore. I feel like it's giving me too much credit but I do have that "social insight" to see how that game works, you are absolutely right.
It's better to "encourage them", than to give them weapons to use against you. Most therapists, if you don't talk or act in ways that match their training, will label you "difficult" or "resistant". And quiet likely, will try to retaliate somehow, by berating you or forcing you to discuss uncomfortable topics. All to "help you", of course :roll:. Not to mention, it's almost impossible to shake off the "difficult" or "resistant" label.

So yeah, just keep appeasing them by regurgitating the things they look for. It's the only way an aspie child can survive in "family" therapy.

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09 Nov 2018, 8:40 pm

You solve problems of injustice with lawyers, never therapists.


Autism-Aspergers is just a concept invented to legitimate the abuse of children and adults. Neuro-Diversity is just a way of pleading for pity. Everytime we endorse these concepts, we are further maginalizing ourselves, and encouraging child abuse. Autism-Asperger's could never even exist without Nazi Social Darwinism and Eugenics. So I no longer talk about these, I talk about lived experience, often the experience of being othered and then persecuted. I call this experience of having intelligence, insight, intuition, and mystical abilities, the Shamanic Experience. And those of us who live it need to start banding together and protecting ourselves, each other, and the children of today. Beautiful Planet, just a rotten economic and political system.