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06 Dec 2018, 10:42 pm

Downbeats and Eargasm make high fidelity hearing protection intended for musicians. Anyone wear anything similar for going to movies, concerts, and other loud places? I'm thinking of going to a big concert event but I'd need to solve the loud noise issue. And it may be great for movies that are too loud.


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06 Dec 2018, 11:06 pm

I bought the eargasm clear color high fidelity earplugs about three weeks ago. I haven't worn them to overly loud environments like a club or rock concert. I have worn them in the following environments:

Taking a daily walk (to block loud sounds like vehicles, horns, air brakes, car alarms, etc).
Being in a room with a loudly barking dog.
Chaotic loud home environment.
Kitchen sounds of clanking dishes and dropped metal bowls and silverware on a tile floor.


They are comfortable to wear. I have tried about a dozen different kinds of earplugs over the years. I do find after about three hours my ear canals are sore from the plugs themselves so they're not an all day earplug.

Unlike expanding foam earplugs, these allow for hearing normal sounds like conversation and they block out loud high decibel sounds well.

They come with a nice metal screw top container for a keychain.

My family has been amazed at how much calmer I've been while wearing them. I wish I could wear them all the time because they "take the edge off" for me.

The clear ones are not noticeable at all from the front. I've never noticed someone yet looking at my ears in puzzlement.

Cons: as mentioned, my ear canals start to feel sore after about three hours of wear. Sometimes I'll lightly massage my outer ears around the earplugs and that seems to help. These aren't the first earplugs I've used where this is an issue.

Not so much a "con", but these reduce noise by 16 decibels whereas some disposable foam earplugs I have can reduce decibels by twice that number. So I'm not sure how effective the eargasm earplugs are at protecting hearing in very loud environments.