Teens right on medical procedures, does teens should have

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17 Dec 2018, 11:33 pm

Teens right on medical procedures, does teens should have such privileges?

I wonder how doctors would react in such a situation? if they must decide on life treating procedure for teen and kid legally refuse? And opt for experimental one?

And parents do not need to pay anything because all is budget founded.

I wonder how doctors would react in such situation, I've always dreamed of becoming a doctor but now I'm too old (I'm almost 33) I wonder how doctors approach a child's lack of consent for a life-saving medical procedure? 

And those apply also for seniors under geriatrics care, does family should impose their will on such a person? 

Like cancer procedures? 

If for example, 16 years old teen boy has some kind of cancer that affects his nethers, and doctor order castration as the best course of action, but it's also new experimental procedure, with good effectiveness, but parents opt for castration 
Yet boy not agree in my country kid above 16 can legally refuse even parents are legal guardians and have custody right, kids below 16 and above 13 can also refuse but it's only advisory but most doctors listen to their patient wish not their little parents because of this 

rather than regulations or money :-) 

The case I described is real I read about it boy refused and doctors are in deadlock (literally) 
Parents could get family court ruling forcing their will on kid ːsteamsadː But our Polish court is sluggish like heal and boy could appeal to court of appeals and the case could bounce back and forth and time for him would running out for him, and it's maybe too late for both treatment the one that parents want and the one that kid want :-( 

I read that eventually, his parents stepped down, and they do what they boy wanted :-) 

Update: And the same goes for seniors do seniors should have the right to decide on themselves even if their mental capabilities maybe deteriorating?