Bernardo Kastrup on his book 'Dreamed Up Reality'

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19 Feb 2019, 11:54 pm

Regarding "Dreamed Up Reality" Now;
The Ground is Only Solid As We Dance it.
The Sky is Only High As We Sing it.
What Else is there
And Song;
As Far as i Know
i Feel i Float i go High;
What is There but Fun;
I Don't Make Any Money Doing 'It';
But i Make my Reality Floating Now
All Naturally High No Way to Make
Money; Dance And Singing Partners
Come and
Go; but
They Continue
to Come What more
Do i Need to Know; Nothing but Love;
Nothing But Loving Life; Nothing But Love;
Life Is Easier
As A Dance
And Song;
is Key and Naked
of Target Audiences
Fitting-in and Cultural Clothes.
Drugs, any Drugs Will Only Dilute 'Heaven' for me.
Anyway; Thanks For Sharing 'the Video'; The Dude
In 'the Video' Gets it; And perhaps He'll find it too;
As Far as i Can And
Will See if 'You'
Find it
On a Naked
Beach with
only 'Your'
Foot Prints 'it' Doesn't Exist.
Hmm; Had to Quote Myself again
to Remind Myself of where i AM.. oh
By the Way is anyone Having Fun Yet; haha;
For Once Again What Else is the Purpose of Life
When Did We All Forget This Whole thing is About
Having Fun now but Oh Lord How to Do that for the Trick
and Treat is the Trick is the Treat in other Words Instant Gratification
is the Killer
of All that
Feels in
Life From
Dark to Light
in a Yin and Yang
Balance while Meanwhile
someone somewhere is still
Playing 'Candy Crush' over and
over again into Oblivion anyway
Romance Reminds me who i am the
Down and the Up and the Tides that go
Out and In the Search For Food for Hey When
You Go To Heaven You Remember the Beauty of
Hell Better Put Dark and Never Totally Go Back to the
Abyss of Black; Anyway; Truly as the Video You Provide
So Eloquently Relates Life is a Matrix of Endless Deceptions
in Covers of Cultural Clothes that Hide the Flesh and Blood and
Dreamtime out of Neo-Cortical Prison that Most folks live in Spoon
Fed Reasons as well as Ingested Drugs For Quick Fix Escapes out of Prison
As well; Sure a Beer might Do; A Joint; A Cigarette; or Even a Porn Flick too but
Oh the Beauty
of Dark
with Light
Just the Recipe
that each Human
being will only Ever
Seek and Find within
To Mix With the Rest of
the Environment that We
continuously Re-Create As Now..
Again; the Question is, Are We Having
Fun Yet; I'm Passing through Having A
Blast Landing in the Ashes Bouncing off
Stars of Cheeks and Eyes of Moon and Yes
Sun Struck Kisses of Love that i'll Never Touch;
But Feel
more than
Ever Before
in the Dark
for 'the Blindness' is the Gift;
On By The Way in Regard to Fuller
Realities when in Flow the Feather Will
Become A Poem of Wind instead of Just Adrift;
in other Words the Tapestry of Synchronicity becomes
Filled in with Loving All of Life as Dark Becomes Light as Light is Dark;
Left is Fun;
Almost Impossible
to Understand Until 'WE' 'REmember'
The Sense and Feeling of Beyond All Words;
So in Other
We Having Fun.

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