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16 Feb 2019, 5:59 pm

Well, figured since it's political I might as well put this in PPR rather than the writing section, though my novella Fullness Of Time and my collection of first attempts Story Fragments also have some political ideas interspersed and a rant about corrupt churches too. But anyhow, I wrote a booklet which I'm sure trolls will just love, Created Equal.

I bet both sides of the oligarch created artificial divide of left and right will find things to hate about it, but meh, everyone is so full of hate it's absurd anyways. This is free for the next couple days, then it's 99 cents again. So, well, try not to give yourself an aneurysm when reading things you disagree with. Thanks to anyone who bothers reading, hopefully some of my ideas might be helpful if anyone actually bothers to listen.

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