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15 Mar 2019, 4:35 pm


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17 Mar 2019, 9:07 am


Another factor is the simple fact that... there are such things as irrational numbers.

In a simulated universe you wouldn't be able to have numbers with endlessly long strings of digits. Or that's what one expert said.

I have been trying to find the U Tube video that talked about that. Saw it months ago. It was one of the "Vsauce" videos. But the theme was not either simulation, nor irrational numbers, as I recall. It was just an interesting aside at the end of the presentation. The narrator said "think you irrational numbers for keeping it real". Lol! I would post the vid if I could find it.


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17 Mar 2019, 10:58 am

Check out his article: ... simulation

It’s title is “Do irrational numbers like pi disprove humanity being a simulation?”

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18 Mar 2019, 4:49 am

NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab only bothers using 15 digits of pi in their calculations, because that's good enough for their purposes.

At 15 digits, the calculation of a circumference of a "25 billion mile diameter circle would be wrong by 1.5 inches".

If you used 40 digits, you could calculate the circumference of a circle that is the size of the observable universe and you'd be accurate within the size of a single hydrogen atom.

So for practical purposes, you don't need to hard-code an infinite string of irrational numbers into a simulation. You would probably never be able to tell the difference between one simulation that uses 40 digits of pi and another simulation that uses 40 billion digits of pi.

You'd have to closely examine the circumference of every circle in the universe-simulation and hope to discover one that was a single hydrogen atom too short.

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