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27 Mar 2019, 7:59 pm

Hsingai wrote:
Dear_one wrote:
I have won world prizes by applying physics to engineering, without benefit of formal schooling, so I'm reasonably certain that I do have a grasp of objective reality.

You were unsure if Galilo or the Pope was the one that was wrong.

>> I was actually only asking if you knew.

However, I think that the Pope was sincere in maintaining the belief taught by all his predecessors, even if changing his mind would have shaken his own power. When I was young, the Universities were still saddled with tenured professors who could not believe in continental drift.

What do you believe it would take for his beliefs to be insincere?

I don't think the pope was sincere is questioning his beliefs therefore his beliefs are also insincere.[/quote]

No, his beliefs are merely untested by science. He may not have done what we would consider due diligence, but that is no reason to think that he had ever wondered if it would be a good idea. Very likely, anyone he had met who had asked questions had fallen by the wayside.

Blue Jay
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30 Mar 2019, 2:39 pm

Fnord wrote:
Hsingai, you've presented the same spurious "logic" that is used by wooists and flim-flam artists to
"Trust me you can just take my word for it" is the Flim-Flamist logic and yet that the only proof you give for calling my logic spurious. Or are you talking about my New Agey explanations? Those your deliberately Wooist to make fun of Wooist logic

you seem to rely more on "splitting hairs"
Just a second ago you said I was confounding things together. Which is it?
You also seem to have little to no understanding of the physical sciences (much less quantum science).
The only thing about physics I've said is "if quantum system A gets entangled with quantum system B then B also gets entangled with A" . And "Quantum Entanglement is the same thing as Observations" and "he principle of unitary evolution and the entanglement between the observed system and the observer are sufficient to account for the measured probabilities." ... tanglement

We who earn our STEM degrees have an advantage over those who don't -- we have a greater understanding of STEM subjects in general, and of the specific STEM subjects for which we have earned our degrees. [/quote]
You're also more likely to be terrorist. '...Gambetta and Hertog sketch out a particular engineering "mindset" in which the profession is "more attractive to individuals seeking cognitive ‘closure’ and clear-cut answers as opposed to more open-ended sciences — a disposition which has been empirically linked to conservative political attitudes."' ... engineers/
Thus, it is obvious to us when someone is asserting fallacious claims, and offering only a convoluted salad of ill-chosen words and half-baked concepts in their vain attempts to support those claims.

Any jargon is word salad to the uninitiated.

You will need a lot more than that to convince the rest of us of the alleged validity of your claims.

I"m still trying to explain my claims to you. but I'm not interested in debate, i'm only interested in Dialectics.

I must insist that you call me Mahatma so that people won't believe it.


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30 Mar 2019, 5:45 pm

I really think this new world is not very aspie/autism friendly at all.

I have a tendency to take things at face value (one of the things I'm seeking treatment for) and it doesn't help that media is so sensationalized, I stress out whenever I read any article from just about anywhere not named Reuters, NPR, The Economist, BBC, or AP. Sometimes WSJ and The Hill are ok too for me.

What bugs me more is I have a tendency to say or do the wrong thing in public or online subconsciously and not even know what's going on, and get people pissed off at me. I've been doing that a lot more often lately, or maybe people are just getting more easily offended. Yet when those same people throw racist stuff at me (I'm half-Asian), I'm supposed to just shut up and take it. Thinking about that stresses me out too.

I'm even afraid to post a post like this, but oh well...

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