Can Aspies be more morally conscious than NTs?

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13 Apr 2019, 8:14 am

Most NTs seem to do things that are technically “wrong” but don’t worry about it, not all the time but very rarely (e.g., sneaking into a second movie, cheating on a quiz).

I’m not saying you should do these things, but do they seem like a bigger deal when you have Asperger’s? When people tell me about things they’ve done, I often think, “Wow, that’s horrible”! when it’s really not, and I wonder if that’s an Aspie thing.


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13 Apr 2019, 11:14 am

I think so.

Both because of lack of extreme tribalism and like you said, following rules.

Sometimes following rules can lead to immorality though. For eg the famous eg of the Nazi asking where a Jewish person is hiding to someone who is incapable of lying. Yes, generally it's good not to lie but that's not a rule which always applies even on moral grounds.


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13 Apr 2019, 11:47 am

I think Aspies do tend to follow rules more, but I don't think I am as morally conscious as other Aspies maybe.

When I was about 13 I stole some sweets from a shop, and I even stole some batteries once on a market stall. I did it in a way where I knew I wouldn't get caught. I wouldn't do that now as an adult though, because it is silly.

I have sneaked into a firework show before, which was fenced off and guarded by police. I was with my uncle and some other relatives, and he doesn't agree with paying to watch fireworks (the fee to get in was ridiculously high), so we risked it by going right round the other side and having to crawl through bushes discreetly. But to me it felt like an adventure, so I enjoyed it. We didn't get caught.

Sometimes at work I have lied to my boss. I have to mop a floor in the office every day, but sometimes it doesn't look like it needs mopping so I know it won't notice if I didn't mop it, but I know the boss will still make me do it, so if he asks if I'd done it I just say yes. I do this with other things too. So, in another words, I do cut corners sometimes.

Even in my old job where rules were more stricter, I still didn't follow all of them. One time I was told not to drink the milk (because it was for the tea and coffee drinkers), but sometimes I'd drink it anyway if there was no one around.

I can be rather sneaky, not in a way that can hurt people though.

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13 Apr 2019, 8:24 pm

I'm very moral, I can't imagine doing some of the hideous things others do to each other, stealing or causing distress to another person would cause me great anguish. It's like a built in karma with me.

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