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19 Apr 2019, 11:53 pm

cathylynn wrote:
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cathylynn wrote:
mueller said he factored not wanting to distract the president from his duties into his decision to not indict.

mueller explicitly called on the checks and balances Congress provides to sort the situation out. barr tried to usurp.

what's going on in 2019 is that we have a russian asset as president - and a long-time conman, a compulsive liar, someone with no empathy who pulled a reverse robin hood, and someone who doesn't mind destroying the planet as long as his buddies get short-term $$$$$$$.

That's not all that's going on in 2019, even though that's the main focus.

what do you focus on?

I'm talking about the focus of the democratic party and more focus on the democratic party by the media. Imagine if they were in the media spotlight for the things they're doing for America, instead of orange man bad all the time.

bernie is for medicare4all, free public college tuition, the green new deal, creating good-paying jobs by fixing our outdated infrastructure, and a $15 minmum wage and more. he's an issues guy and he hits on all of mine.

PA has a dem governor that expanded medicaid. now more Pennsylvanians have health insurance. he improved school funding.

it's hard for dems to do much nationally right now except pass their wanted bills (making it easier to have your vote count, tackling climate change, etc.) in the house as a signal because the republican senate and president won't let the good bills by them. even when republicans and democrats agreed and passed a bill to end our support for the saudi-supported genocidal war in yemen, trump vetoed the bill (trump has saudi business interests). that's life with a crook as president. and too many republicans and democrats alike getting campaign contributions from folks they should be regulating. some of the dems get their money all from individual donors, not lobbyists. those are the folks who will be beholden only to voters. i support those folks.

As time goes on I hope I see more about Bernie and less about Trump tweeted this and said that and a new investigation is on the way.

A thing with the $15 minimum wage though is that doesn't help any. They raised it to $15 here and now a lot of stuff is a lot more expensive. Basically a sandwich that was $3.99 is now $650.


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20 Apr 2019, 9:33 am

On Mueller findings ... a MSNBC interviewed Florida voter says ....

Trump Is A "Despicable Human Being", But I'll Vote For Him Because He's Good For The Country ... untry.html

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