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28 Apr 2019, 1:33 am

1. For someome with high pain tolerance, I don't usually see why I should react anymore than cleaning the whole thing off if not completely ignore it.
In autism, it's just about pain perception.
In reactions, its the social expectations of females reacting towards the situation.
In my case, I'm just a prideful girl who would rather shrug the whole thing off.

2. There's a difference between 'not wanting to be touched because I just don't like being touched' and 'I don't mind being touched simply because I don't mind touch', from 'one shouldn't be touched because it's impolite, creepy or inappropriate'.
Autistics may struggle with the latter, or can be better or worse with knowledge and upbringing.
In my case -- I don't mind touch, but I can see when inappropriate touching happens when I see it.

3. I'm asexual, agender, and aromantic. I could've care less to be honest, as to support those who approves or rejects the image it's entirely up to me.
My upbringing would either dictate open mindedness or the defensive stances for whatever's sakes, the choice is entirely mine nonetheless.
Then it's like #2 --
The image of 'sexualized women' without any context behind it, as if like words themselves are nothing but a bunch of shapes and symbols or patterns of tones and stops.
Then the image of 'sexualized women' with all the contexts relevant from cultural norms and women rights.
It depends on the person, autistic or not, as to have the knowledge and the inclination to take the image into certain contexts of approval or disapproval.

So what if you end up with the former and not the latter? It doesn't make one lack of feeling emotions compare to those who would react.
Maybe it's just concepts and perception just happened not to induce any emotions towards the image or idea -- maybe autistic thing, maybe upbringing.

In autism, it's a mixed bag. Initially, likely yes that is, if social contexts, especially gendered contexts comes into play. It may not even matter what your upbringing is.

I don't have an abusive upbringing, I'm not emotionally neglected, I never had anything tragic or traumatic. If anything, I have accepting parents, am socially fulfilled for most of my early years of life and grew up in a more accepting environment. This doesn't make me 'react more like NT', or even socially driven because I never am from the beginning.
Therefore this 'lack of feeling' as you say, could be partially autism than just all upbringing.

Overall, yes -- it's likely an autistic thing. But not all autism in most cases.
But that doesn't mean you don't feel emotions. You might as well do feel emotions yet cannot distinguish that you are feeling something... Could be autism, could be upbringing.

In my case, it's mostly me and my pride fighting off certain sensitivities, even if anyone around me is emotionally available.
Maybe it's like your perception and concepts of things just doesn't give you an inclination to react like most NTs would -- upbringing or not.
But never ignore upbringing still.

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