Trump Again Defending His Comments About Charlottesville

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15 May 2019, 11:39 pm

...To return to the original concept of this line - I recently re-read a transcript of Trump's words at the press conference where he made the " find people on both sides " co.ment.
In my opinion. the people
on the pro-statues side he spoke of then were the outside. " Unite The Right " demonstrators. His words clearly refs3 to that side. - the swastika flag/ " Jew Will Not. Replace Us " percentage of the pro-public land Conferate statue, not all of the pro-statuers. It's pretty clear to me after reading the transcript that Trump spoke of the Unite The Right people as containg " fine people " contrary to the statements by Trump defenders - including here - that DJT was speaking of the pro-statuers in general.
I can't link, could someone else please pllaced put a

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16 May 2019, 1:55 am

ASS-P wrote:
EzraS wrote:
Twisting and spinning is their part and parcel cash cow.

...And Fox, say, didn't wage a war against Obama?. FTM, who was that Republican Congress member who said " My objectivr is too see that Obama is a one-them Presiden " in 2009 or similar "?

They are at the very least just as bad as Fox.