Would you say this chart is accurate?

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16 Jun 2019, 10:51 am

I got this from symmetric strength.com

Maximum muscular potential for drug-free athletes at height of 5ft7 3/4 (172cm)

The maximum bodyweight at the following body fat percentages for average men at your height.
165 lbs at 5.5% body fat
170 lbs at 8% body fat
173 lbs at 10% body fat
177 lbs at 12% body fat
184 lbs at 15% body fat

The weights listed above were calculated using Martin Berkhan's formula in his article here. The weights at the lower bodyfat percentages are heavily supported by research using the fat free mass index (FFMI), although athletes at higher bodyfat percentages may be able to reach higher FFMIs. See the references section for more information.

Would you say the chart above is accurate?