What is it like to date (or marry) another aspie?

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12 Jul 2019, 6:33 pm

magz wrote:
Question: What is it like to date (or marry) another aspie?
Answer: Endless debate on theology :mrgreen:

Sorry for interrupting, go on, have fun :alien:

:D :lol: :) 8O :nerdy: :heart:

That is hilarious, and I imagine spot-on.


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25 Jul 2019, 3:46 pm

I think honesty and respect will count in both cases. We're both Aspie, but if we assumed things or overreacted without checking it would be pretty rough.


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25 Jul 2019, 9:47 pm

Do not know the answer to your questions, but NTs do not "pretend" to understand autism

They truly believe that they understand autism

They just don't understand autism

Then they act like, you do not understand them

Unconscious incompetence

Blue Jay
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01 Aug 2019, 6:00 pm

Its awesome. I am currently dating someone with Aspergers. She understands me better than most people. I don't have Aspergers though. She is patient and helpful. She doesn't mind that I don't make eye contact. We go on really fun dates and she understands that I have a early curfew because my parents are a bit protective of me due to my autism. I can stim around her and she doesn't mind. She doesn't stim though. She also helps me with things I find hard. She helps me with math because she got an A in it and I got an F in it again. She is going to college though and I am going to miss seeing her at school. I feel ways that I have never felt before, a sense of belonging with her. She said she can help me if I eventually go to college though. I am happy for that. I sort of want to marry her.