Do you feel like a piece of u is missing because of Aspegers

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18 Jul 2019, 7:04 am

JD12345 wrote:
Significant social communication skills, but that's a fairly common answer to this kind of question.

Somewhat less common is hand-eye coordination difficulties. I feel that, if I could play tennis, ride a bike, swim, play golf, play football etc then it would have provided me with a useful 'escape' during my teenage years.

Yeah if I didn't separate my autism and my dyspraxia I'd have bits missing because of my autism, for sure.

Mona Pereth

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18 Jul 2019, 8:01 am

Joe90 wrote:
I live in a city, where there are literally people of every type of group. There are a lot of foreigners here, as well as Brits like myself, and there are rich people, homeless people, chavvy people, stuck-up people, disabled name it there's every group you can imagine. The UK is multicultural nowadays anyway. But I get this treatment wherever I go. I hate it. It ruins my self-esteem.

You've spoken of your city and your country being multicultural, but what about your neighborhood itself? Does your neighborhood have a single dominant ethnic group? What about the other neighborhoods where you happen to go? Do they have a single dominant ethnic group per neighborhood (albeit different ethnic groups for different neighborhoods) or are the neighborhoods themselves mixed?

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18 Jul 2019, 8:36 am

If I could keep the good pieces, and eliminate the bad ones, I would be able to do so much more in life. I might even find somebody special, a man who would accept me for who I am, but not set limits on me and love me. I'm asking a lot right now, but I hope it could still happen. I wasted my peak years of growth and efficiency, but I hope there is still some potential there.