Steve Bannon and the rise of the Alt Right

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30 Jul 2019, 3:33 am

Please read up on Steve Bannon and his political strategies, as this man, although extremely clever also appears to be extremely controversial in backing alt right political parties around the world, which appears to be an attempt to get the alt right and far right in power all over the world. He also appears to be happy to use any means necessary.

Including the controversial use of the populations personal data (using data analytics to identify those who he can manipulate into voting for his chosen party).

If i were to guess, i would also say that many of the terrible nazi terror events around the world are linked to him.
And all part of a devious scheme, to cause conflict between factions, to take out potential future threats (such as shootings in schools that take out potential future democratic world leaders who prescribe to Abrahamic religions).

Even though this man is fairly clearly involved in such endeavours, he isn't in prison. He is a billionaire and allowed to walk free, manipulate and poison the world of power elitists in the world. As Hitler was prior to the second world war.

All very saddening. Race war is not what this world needs. Surely?