The mindset behind trickle down economics in the US

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13 Aug 2019, 3:34 pm

beneficii wrote:
LoveNotHate wrote:
Has anyone ever successfully ever implemented "bottom up economics"?

Seems like whenever a far left government gets in power, the currency will get crushed, they will take on huge debts, high unemployment, strikes, many people have an entitlement attitude so there is lots of anger ...

Well, a lot of the countries in Europe, Canada, Japan, and others, and they tend to have better economic mobility as a result: ... -mobility/

Scandinavia seems to have the best mobility.

Support some of the basic needs of non-wealthy people like health care, and you empower them to make choices in their lives. No longer do they have to stay in a dead-end job just for the health care, and they won't have to choose between health care and staking out a path on their own. Our health care system in the US locks people into their current jobs and discourages them from striking out on their own, because otherwise they lose their coverage. The way our health care system is set up in the US is actually a system of control.

Of course, there are more factors than just health care, which is just one example, but it's important.

And I don’t really think “bottom up” is really a good term for it because even though the wealthy would be taxed higher they could still get the same benefits as everyone else.