Autistic women x2 likely toattempt suicide than autistic men

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10 Aug 2019, 7:47 pm

Hollywood_Guy wrote:
Misslizard wrote:
naturalplastic wrote:
Could be peaches to pears.

Maybe women have to be MORE autistic then their male counterparts in order to be recognized as being autistic in the first place. Have to stand out more. The system does seem to miss females.

So in comparing the two groups youre comparing minorly impaired men to majorly impaired women.

So true,women on the spectrum are more likely to be misdiagnosed then men.Supposedly we are better at “passing” and posing as NT.It is exhausting, keeping from visibly stimming,trying to maintain eye contact,trying to appear interested,and talking when you just want to be quiet.

But then again, I would like to be able to "pass" better anyway.
I'm not putting your post down, I'm saying there are other people who gone through a different experience.

There are more reasons.Lots more,but I don’t feel like going into them.I do that with my counselor.I have considered suicide when I was in a severe depression.In that case it was more the depression than the autism.

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