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15 Aug 2019, 8:30 pm

Brictoria wrote:
wowiexist wrote:
Brictoria wrote:
kraftiekortie wrote:
For example: They can't find jobs. They might see immigrants "taking jobs" from them. They read something about immigrants "taking jobs" from them, so they start believing that stuff. That's what might have happened with the El Paso shooter, who thought there was an "Hispanic invasion."

It's actually very common for American citizens to fear that illegal immigrants are "taking away their jobs." Especially people who are unemployed and frustrated.

That is one of the areas that probably contributed to the result of the last presidential election in the USA, and may contribute to the next as well.

In general the "menial"\low paid jobs are normally filled by those with lower education\literacy\work skills. Normally, wages (and positions) for these people tend to match the number of people available, with wages generally rising with a shortage of potential employees, and remaining static/potentially dropping when there are a surplus.

When a new group ("illegals") start taking these jobs, it causes an large increase in the pool of potential employees, leading to either lower wages, or less work for those in the original group.

What really confuses me (being from outside the US) is that the party that is supposedly there for the "workers" and lower class (Democrats) seem to be currently working to increase this pool (and so causing decrease in wages/lower employment prospects), whilst the party for the "Elites"\Business (Republicans) appears to be trying to remove this pressure, thereby allowing a greater possibility of employment\wage increases for the lower class.

Some people might say that immigrants are taking their jobs but I think for a lot of people it is more about racism.

Is this based on actual discussion with these types of people, or just a "feeling" you have about them[1]?

I'd prefer to think the best of people, and not make negative assumptions about them...Treat someone in a certain way\as though they have a certain attribute enough, and you can cause them to eventually take on that attribute\act that was as it becomes expected of them, or they feel they have no option but to act like that. Treat people with compassion\understanding, and you can bring out the better side from them, as they'll be more receptive to you.

Again, it's the making assumptions about others that can lead to things like the last US election result, which I'm not sure the Democrats have worked out yet.

[1] The assumption that those who wish to stop the illegal immigration in order to help the legal population get jobs, etc. are racist is similar to the "All Autistic people are like Rainman" belief...Not helpful to making the targeted section of the population feel welcome\valued\understood.

I didn’t say all of them are racist. I said a lot of them are. I know people in my own family like this. Of course if you ask them if they are racist they say no, but if you talk to them about other races they will make a lot of negative generalizations.

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15 Aug 2019, 9:17 pm

I have never EVER met a racist who ever admitted to being a racist.

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