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will american evangelicals spot the antichrist or worship him?
yes, they will. :twisted: 33%  33%  [ 5 ]
no, they're not that dumb. :| 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
i'm not sure. :shrug: 13%  13%  [ 2 ]
antichrist is a backward myth :roll: 33%  33%  [ 5 ]
where's my ice cream? :chef: 20%  20%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 15


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28 Aug 2019, 6:34 pm

auntblabby wrote:
this IS the "Politics, Religion & Philosophy" sub-forum here, so i thought i'd submit something i ran into while searching for other things-
(clicky)will american evangelicals spot the Antichrist, or even worship him? this is what the bible says-
He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior… He will use every kind of evil deception to fool those on their way to destruction, because they refuse to love and accept the truth that would save them.”
Daniel 8:25, 2 Thess 2:10
(clicky)at least one fundy wingnut says trump "is our miracle*."
He did everything wrong, politically. He offended gays. He offended women. He offended the military. He offended black people. He offended the Hispanic people. He offended everybody! And he became president of the United States. Only God could do that.”
-Franklin Graham, False Prophet
*“They [Israel] love him like he is the second coming of God..."
Wayne Allyn Root, self-described "jew turned evangelical christian"
"I am the chosen one." [our dear leader. who looked up to the heavens while speechifying this yesterday]

And as if that weren't enough , here is even more evidence , or at least coincidence , surrounding the Trump presidency .


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28 Aug 2019, 8:04 pm

the big blowhard is indeed a flatulent "little horn."


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29 Aug 2019, 9:38 am

auntblabby wrote:
^^^ :wtg: and QFT :idea:

Thank You Aunt Blabby. The Love of Ignorance; And the Tranquility
it Brings in Groups Bonding over Lies of Deceit; The Human Condition That Clearly Spells Genetically in Our
Social Animal DNA; Conform to the Cultural Norm and Eat; Or be Cast Out of the Stars of Tranquility and basically Starve To Death.

Smiles, i spent a Sunday Afternoon With my Wife's In-Laws, After returning from Catholic Church Where no Prayers
are offered up for Amazon Fires as of course that is ignorance of Not Understanding that Nature is US; THere is no
Separation; and yes although we do not sense and feel all of it Nature is Literally God too Alpha thru Omega ALL
as 'they' 'Preach' too.

i Spend This Afternoon on the First Sunday of each Month at Her in-law's Family and Friends Get together on
a Southern Baptist Preacher's Farm. The Gathering Consists of a Tribe of around 40 folks; about the Size
of a Foraging Group of Our Prehistoric Ancestors; Bonding over common Traditions/Symbols/Totems/Dance/Song surrounding Hunting and Gathering then for what it takes to make Subsistence, Shelter, and Life Survive/Thrive then.

True, These Folks will Gossip about anyone not attending the 'Group Meeting' vaulting themselves up a
bit to partake of some More Self-Esteem Serotonin comfort within; true, i am human too; and there is no
escaping that/this; there is a bit of the same satisfaction i experience not being so Damn Ignorant And
Afraid to Speak up about 'What Would Jesus do' With them; as the Group Sat around giving Great Thanks
and Praise to these Minion's current Despicable Leader they seem to blindly Follow Like Sheep before the
Slaughter of their Health Care Benefits; HUGE Welfare Tax Breaks for the Rich; and the such as that all for Real.

The Sad Fact is, Trump is their Current 'Despicable Leader', 'the Dark Force' That glues together their Tranquility
of Social Cohesion; He Is their "Pro Football Team"; Their "True Religion" at core coming to 'extinguish' the
Different among them they Fear and Hate; And of course, 'He' is their Current Favorite 'Quarterback on Earth
Taking the Form in Reality of their 'Personal Jesus' too. Truth of the Matter is, it didn't go over too well
When all 6 Foot Something, 240 LBS of Leg Pressing 1340 LBS, 12 Reps, me, Stood Up Tall and Broad
in the Room With a Commanding Voice of Fire (you should have seen how dramatic, i was)
hehe; like i was shouting it from a Tallest Mountain Top when i clearly Rose Above the
'Forty' of THEM as they were giving Great Thanks And Praise to Trump and said WHAT WOULD JESUS
SAY ABOUT TRUMP; with that 'shouted from a Mountain Top of Love' the crowd grew silent; only one Man in
the Crowd, my Wife's Sister's Husband, brought any rebuke to Trump; Just saying he shouldn't Tweet so Much
as he wasn't getting enough of what he promised done; that didn't go over too well either; but it established
at least someone as a bit of an ally for me in a Room FULL OF GLOWING LOVE FOR TRUMP. True, too, the Conspiracy
theories were raging too that the EVIL DEMOCRATS were responsible for the Mass Killing in Texas; truly that was the
Last Straw for me; it felt like i was watching the Alex Jones Show before Southern Baptist Lunch on the Farm Grounds.

The Honest to 'God' Truth is where i live; 'You' Practically Have to become 'Superman' to Stand up for Love in a
Crowd of 'Tranquility of the Love Ignorance Brings'. That's the thing, it makes no Logical Sense at all to support
Trump For any of these folks; but it is only evidence That Humans Are Overall Ruled by Group Think Emotions
When Human Groups Bond Together Like this. And the Truth is too; the World is Changing Fast; 'Bowling Leagues' are shutting down; in this Local area, as i've visited many Churches, i find mostly only 'Gray Hairs' left existing in the
Pews in my continuing Hobby of Participant Observer Anthropologist; as i visit here off and on too; to gather Data for Diverse Groups of Human Beings too.

There is an Old Twilight Zone Clip titled 'People are Alike All Over'; it shows a Human from Earth Trapped in an
Earth Home on another Planet; A Crowd of Robed 'Advanced Peoples' view this 'Small Brained' Creature from Earth;
Only one Woman out of the Crowd Cares enough with Empathy, Sympathy, and Compassion that 'this Creature
from Earth' is Trapped in His Earth Cave Never to Leave His Appointed Zoo on this other Planet of 'Advanced
Beings' he Lands on. Thing, is these folks are ignorant too; not understanding that they are no more
advanced in Love than the Creature they Hold Captive in the Earth Cave Home as a Zoo on their Planet.

It's True; i could continue to vault myself over the Ignorant in my Community; or i can/will better understand
what drives them in Fear of being Outcast from the Group in their Group Feel Way of Living Life Bonding over
Dark Forces for they can't seem to find the Real Love of their so-called Super Hero Jesus that they pray to as
God as they Bless the Food they Eat So Ironically; Just After they blessed a Most Despicable Leader the World
of Empathy Cleary Sees as Dasturdly Foe; Thing is; Empathy/Love Works as well for Social Cohesion for Dark Forces;
Particularly, for those who live more in scarcity than abundance of Socio-Economic And Overall Social Status Success.
Some of these Folks are 'Trailer Folks' looking for a Next Step up on the Ladder of Self-Esteem. They find that in
Trump, Sadly enough; It is what is; is they are us we are them; we are all human all that glues us together is love
and all that separates us is the Love of ignorance on both sides now, too.

i am going to the Party again this Sunday. New Events surrounding Trump include retweeting HE is a Second Coming
of God; and Looking to the Heaven's in a Press Conference as Trump exclaims 'I AM THE CHOSEN ONE'. OF COURSE i
experience a certain Warm Feeling inside knowing how very RIGHT I AM; but it's true i am not 'THE ONLY God' either
i am just a little bitty human who loves to get in the Street in Broad Day Light and Show all of the Ass and
Angel of Who i am. But here's the thing that divides me from most people; i am honest about who i am;
i will defend why they do what they do and why i do them too; We need to forgive each other and find a
Better way forward; smiles i am thankful that the Story of Jesus exists for at least when i bring the
name of JESUS up to them they become OFFENSELESS; and have no way to strike me down out of 'the group'.
The Free Food there is Great; Always Look Forward to eating there; and studying the different and same as me.

Where i Live is a very safe place to live; Without 'JESUS' SOME OF the 'good old boys' might gun me down
in the 'Okay Coral' outside the Walmart in the Parking Lot for they are afraid of even big Dudes Who
Free Dance Ballet in Public. They would be better off controlling their daughters from chasing
down big Old Strange Dancing Dudes the Age of Grand Pa's with their Smart Phones to share Him
on Social Media and make him a Frigging Facebook Folk Hero; hehe. Smiles, my Friend it is worth
noting that i have Minions too; only difference is i am the 'National Honor Society' 'Twin Brother'
of A Most Despicable Leader; true, remember my Birthday is 6.6.60 and i spent 66 Months in Hell
Before escaping to the other side of Autotelic Flow of Heaven within. Lots of Real ALL
Natural Miraculous Stuff happened after that to me that i have fully documented too.

The Meek Will inherit the Earth and Keep it as long as they stay Humble enough
in Gratitude and Appreciation to understand they are only as integral as a Grain of Sand;
and less and at Best a Human, A Mountain of Love, who may Stand upon that Grain of Sand and Less
And Understand that it 'Feeds' Him and or Her too. Trump has yet to learn this Lesson and at the end
he may take his life, like His Friend 'Jeff' the Coward's way out before He Suffers enough as many people
do at the end of their life; to understand what Love is understanding what it is to be less than a grain of sand first
when it is too
late to truly Love
ALL/others and leave light
instead of darkness behind in
all that's left of the right Footprints of
what ever Soul they leave to give and share....Love the LiGHT oF LiFE.

Smiles my Friend, it takes a lot of Courage to Walk Before the World
Naked With All the Truth and Light and Lies and Dark one sees and hears of Life.

But You know
what at the
end of the beginning now it is always worth it to be True to one's own Soul IN TRANQUILITY eternally now for
That is All We breathe at first; and blink at last first now of Being; this Gift this Existence; from DarK Thru Light;
Best in the Tranquility of Love that Sleeps and Smiles Like a Baby Wide Awake thru all the paths of the Journey oF LiGHT
of DarK...
Better Sooner to Live in a Home
of Love Within Better So Much Better Eternally NoW AS Heaven/LOVE iN CaRNaTE..:)

Hehe; it's also Worth Noting that my Mama
Nick Named me Freddy Raising me on Elm Street...
But A difference in me and Trump is the Numbers of my
Birthdate With the Alpha Numerical Values of my Born Name
Provide me with a Trifecta of Three Ones for Life Challenges in
my Personal Numerology Report Starting with a Zero yes, 0,1,1,1
For the Tarot Card 0 Fool of Free Will; The Three Ones only Require
that i affirm what i wanna do aCross my life; nothing or everything; my choice my friend.

Whether or not it is real or not; if i make it true it most surely is real my Friend; 11,844
Miles of Public Dance and a 7.2 Million Word Epic Longest Long Form Poem in 72 Months
is surely evidence enough of that along with Leg Pressing 1340 LBS, 12 Reps at age 59 with
thousands of the Loveliest Women in my Metro Area Smiling Ear to Ear with me
on the Dance Floor in Selfies after returning from Real Hell Within for 66 Months;
as fully Documented in my longest Epic Long Form Poem Bible ever in the History
of Human Kind by Little Old me who was once a Non-Verbal Child until age 4 and
picked as the Last Kid on Sports Team; told he was too ugly and weak and strange in
no uncertain
terms to
even frigging exist;
And Yeah constantly bullied for being a boy who was so androgynous
Looking he was confused as a Girl like i could do anything about my
Genetics; as i surely did as yep; it's pretty obvious i am a Dude now; hehe..;)

If You remember back around August of 2013; When i recovered and noted i
was leg Pressing 500 Lbs then at age 53; i said there is no limit of what will happen
next. Smiles my Friend for all the Horatio's and Ripley's that inhabit the Wrong Planet
still all i have is one one thing to Dance/Sing; don't cut Your Human Potential Short for the Sake
of any Label anyone offers to you for free for if you do; you are no less ignorant than those who
in an
and or Daughter of God
For We are all God those
who do not understand this
Cut them selves shorter than
either Less than a Grain of Sand or Mountain of Human Love.

Not unlike 'Neo' i offer a Window Seat of What's Possible in Life;
It's what Beauty Wisdom in Light and Truth of Love Naturally Gives and Shares
For Free For When 'one' Become All iN all THere is NoThing left to take or hoard.... but Give and Share....

Hehe; i am clever enough not to get 'shot or crucified' for i remain too Big for 'them' to see but 'us' for Real..;)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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29 Aug 2019, 2:25 pm

Evangelists are nothing but a bunch thieving, lying, raving lunatics.

Oh, of course the antichrist has to be in the states. Not because it's the only country where something pure evil could exist, but because it's the only country that matters. :roll:


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29 Aug 2019, 5:53 pm

As long as you have a religion that gives instructions on how to live
you will always have those who disagree with the teachings

you will always get those who are rebels by nature
who either don't like to be told what to do by others
or who simply get off on being naughty

then you also get those who profit from such endeavour
who will exploit their hatred and profit from it
who will rile people up and organise them into a group
so they have their own group to fight

some people simply love fighting
like a clans man in history
and like soccer team supporters
an excuse to hate others

some also just get off on the power
and others like to inflict suffering and pain on others

i guess their destructive emotions are left unchecked
and allowed to roam free
so rather than learning to let go of their destructive emotions
and thoughts

they intentionally develop them and get off on them
allowing themselves to damage others
and thus endangering themselves in the process

Netflix has a number of series on there
which are about such people

"I am a Murderer"
"Worlds Toughest Prisons"
"Drugs Inc"

full of people who have allowed their own destructive emotions and thoughts
get the better of them
to their detriment


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30 Aug 2019, 1:38 am

the most curious thing is how arrogant they are about their ignorance, like "my ignorance is better than your knowledge."


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30 Aug 2019, 9:52 am

madbutnotmad wrote:
As long as you have a religion that gives instructions on how to live, you will always have those who disagree with the teachings...
Since every religion gives instructions on how to live, there will always be disagreements on religion.

 Link to Official List of Trump's Atrocities 

Lock Him Up!


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30 Aug 2019, 10:21 am

The antichrist will get 99% of the vote. Since Trump didn't get it -- and neither did any other politician that we know of -- none of them (including Trump) is an antichrist. I guess antichrist is still in the hiding.

That doesn't contradict the possibility that the end is near. I didn't know of Trump until a year before his presidency, and I didn't know of Obama until a year before his presidency either, nor did I know of Putin until a year before his presidency. So maybe antichrist will similarly rise really fast out of nowhere.


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30 Aug 2019, 8:35 pm

the bible says there will be many antichrists, and that this is how one knows the end is near. i think pencemeat needs a much closer look.


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30 Aug 2019, 10:23 pm

QFT wrote:
The antichrist will get 99% of the vote. Since Trump didn't get it -- and neither did any other politician that we know of -- none of them (including Trump) is an antichrist. I guess antichrist is still in the hiding.

That doesn't contradict the possibility that the end is near. I didn't know of Trump until a year before his presidency, and I didn't know of Obama until a year before his presidency either, nor did I know of Putin until a year before his presidency. So maybe antichrist will similarly rise really fast out of nowhere.

Youre probably the only person on the planet who wasn't already sick of hearing about "the Donald" on tabloid celeb gossip news thirty years ago!

He has been high profile in the media as a New York socialite, and tycoon, since the Eighties, and had his own reality show for years before he entered politics. Though he was not know as a politician until a fortnight before he ran in the 16 election. I amazed that you managed to have "never heard of him" before that.

But youre right about the other two. Obama was a bottom of the rung freshman senator from Illinois, but managed to catapult to presidential contender quite fast. And Putin was an unknown rank and file KGB thug in Soviet occupied East Germany until the fall of Communism in circa 1990, and was not prominent in politics nor in anything else after that, until through luck and his machinations he quite quickly managed commandeer the Russian state in the early 2000s.