What problems do you have with public transport?

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30 Aug 2019, 6:16 am

Bus took too long to show up
Bus did not go where I needed it and usually had to walk at least a mile to get where I needed and back to bus stop

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30 Aug 2019, 6:48 am

I don't have a problem, the other people who are the public do! :wink:

Seriously, I like public transport even though I have a car and can drive wherever I like. If I want to catch the train, I can drive to the station - Park and Ride they call it. Only trouble is, the car park is full on weekdays at 7:30am. So I prefer to catch the bus which passes by at the end of my street.

Internet information for the bus timetable is sometimes dodgy, so instead I have taken a photo with my phone of the bus stop which has the timetable on it. That way I can look at it at home and check when the next bus is.

The worst thing that happened to me (since I used to catch the school bus that is) was when I was going home from college and had just gotten off the bus at the train station, when this guy got in my face and shouted a bunch of gibberish. I immediately walked off in the other direction. But he came after me and threw a large cup of lemonade on my head and back. Could have been worse - could have been something else. But I was saturated and it was a cool day. Security guards were onto this guy within ten seconds. One asked if I was all right. I nodded and ran for the train. Ugh, I was wet and sticky. First thing I did when home was have a shower. Really, it was kind of a strange thing to happen.

I'm not too fond of having kids sit next to me either, like Joe. If I'm on the train, I try to sit as far from the doors as I can because the seating for people with prams and kids is there.

When I went to uni, I used to try and study on the train. The operative word being try. People who play loud music are a huge irritant to me. People who hold loud conversations on their phones - another irritant.

I like quiet. I like calm.

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30 Aug 2019, 7:21 am

I'm very much used to public transport, I started using it on my own at the age of 10.
Public transport in my city is very good, stations are clearly labelled, in the metro and newer busses they are also announced by a recorded voice. When I intend to go to a new place, I use a route-finding engine before, to form a plan.
People in public transport make me anxious and it was particularily problematic in times of worse mental health. Two things do help me:
1. Noise cancelling headphones with just cancelling on, no music;
2. A book or a crossword to keep my focus.
They also sort of announce in a socially acceptable way that I am zoned out.

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30 Aug 2019, 7:34 am

Since I live in London, I’m lucky to have a very extensive public transport system so I don’t really need to have a car to get around. I don’t think I’d be a very good driver anyway as I think I would find it quite stressful.

I tend to prefer trains over buses as they are usually faster and, if not busy, are generally more comfortable. I prefer not having anyone sat next to me or across from me unless it’s someone else that I’m travelling with.

I normally check for any travel delays before I leave home. If problems develop before or during my journey, I check other modes of transport nearby and use those instead.

As for anxieties when using public transport, I get anxious if a train stops for more than a few minutes between stations or is held in a tunnel (this obviously tends to be more common on the London Underground than on National Rail services). I also don’t like getting on crowded trains or buses and it’s quite common for me to wait until a less busy train or bus arrives before I get on it.


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30 Aug 2019, 8:18 am

Nothing except the possibility of having to communicate with the driver and the costs.
Whichever that leads to getting lost, wasting both our time and resources just because of some misunderstanding.
Even more annoying if the prices isn't how I thought it would be.

I have no need to prepare myself extensively to travel or go to a destination.
Literally with some loose changes and on my casual wear. Anything else is completely optional, and it depends on the agenda or anything mandatory involved.

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30 Aug 2019, 8:32 am

In my area, it's only stupid people and events that cause delays in them and ships too because of the bridge having to go up. Disasters can cause a delay too because maybe a tree fell over the tracks. Heat also causes delay because trains have to go slower. Ice also used to causes it due to the switches freezing until they put heaters in them because it cost them too much money.

I have driven to work as my second option but I no longer feel safe parking at the mall due to crime increase and the mall now closes at 8 and I don't get off until 9. I will park at the transit center instead and hop on the train there. I have also been given rides to work and back by my parents. One time I had to call in because some idiot couldn't wait 15 seconds for the train to get by before crossing. I couldn't get a hold of my brother and my parents were out of town and I was too far from home. I took a scooter home and I don't think my phone battery would have last since you need it to lock the scooter and end your ride or else it will keep charging you by the minute.

Another time I had called in because no train was coming and roads were very icy and I didn't feel safe on them. They do nothing here for icy roads and I recently got all weather tires. But i can't control other drivers which makes the roads unsafe for me. Too many people don't know how to drive on ice and snow where I live which makes it very dangerous to be on the road.

So these are my only problems I have had with public transport. Snowy roads will definitely delay buses but I don't take buses anymore since I have moved into a house.

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30 Aug 2019, 8:40 am

It's a pain in the butt sometimes. I wish I could drive to work.

It takes 20-30 minutes by car----but 1 1/2 hours via public transport--for me to get to work from home.

Also: I can howl in my car without people getting perturbed :jester:


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30 Aug 2019, 5:31 pm

AshleyT wrote:
Juliette wrote:
I would rather drive, than use public transport, wherever possible. I will only use public transport, if I have no other choice, and feel very uncomfortable in those crowded London trains.

Hello! Thankyou kindly for your reply.

What makes public transport so difficult for you? Are buses easier than trains?

Hi ... no problem. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that in Australia, I grew up knowing the lay of the land(had no trouble using buses). Never used trains at all. Moving to the UK, though I’ve always had a car over here(been here a long while now), in the early days of being here, I attempted a journey via train. Got there fine, but on the way back, something went wrong ... wound up going in the wrong direction. Wound up somewhere near Basingstoke, couldn’t make head or tail of the massive billboard map(was like gobbledygook :lol: ), so gave up, paid a massive amount for a taxi, to get home. I’ve had a young male get up close and personal on a bus, when I got up and moved away, he followed me. Not a good situation.... so, car is best. I actually love driving, music always on(I have an electric car) so no need to pull in at petrol stations anymore, and provided I’m going somewhere familiar, anxiety is virtually non-existent. I was hit 3 times in the first 2 years of being in the UK though(they were at fault as they’d slid into me in snowy conditions). Have nearly been wiped out driving from New York to Florida a few years back, but doing better these days due to a low dose of Prozac... massive difference in anxiety levels.


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30 Aug 2019, 6:27 pm

I have no problems using public transportation given that I began using entirely on my own at the beginning of my high school years. The only public bus line that got me to my school did so within a good amount of time, usually within 30 minutes in part because of my house being 30 minutes away from my school.

Now, I use public transportation to get to and from wherever I go.

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31 Aug 2019, 12:44 am

The first time I got on a city bus, I gave the driver a bill and he gave me change of it without subtracting the fare. I found it odd that he then complained I had not deposited the fare.
At rush hour, the crowding can be stifling, but in off-hours, they run the same busses very infrequently and almost empty most of the time. Featherbedding regulations prevent the routes being served by jitney cabs. If they ever got too many passengers, a cab company could have a second car there within the usual variation in bus times. All the vehicles are appalling, though. There's no good excuse for them to weigh more than they can carry, and using them makes me a careless planet killer.
On Amtrack, I had a mouse visiting my seat for the crumbs. I was glad of the company.
On my last long bus trip, a drunken cowboy fell asleep on my shoulder. That wasn't too bad.
There was no bus service in this area, and it just vanished from the region too.

I used to drive cab, and I really wish Uber wasn't just a cheaper version with lower pay. It should be like hitchiking - something people do to cover the gas when they are going somewhere anyway.

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31 Aug 2019, 11:47 am

Over crowding
When someone sits next to me that is radiating a lot of heat
When I can't sit in my usual seat
When the bus goes to fast around a corner it freaks me out
When the bus is not running on schedule
I don't think this is on all buses. But the bus I ride has a bright blue fluoresent light inside that they use when it is dark outside. It hurts my eyes.

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