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04 Oct 2019, 7:43 am

Sir Sensealot wrote:
Travelling by train in The Netherlands is fairly easy, because most big cities lie really close together and there are a lot of train stations. In my home town there isn't one, but there is a decent bus service from my home to the nearest station in the nabouring city.

I watched some BBC documentaries a few years ago about the history of train travel and about train journeys in the present. Therefore I know that travelling by train in the UK isn't that hard either, especially compared with the USA. I use Google Maps too. Before have to go somewhere I memorize the route I have to walk between the bus stop or station and my final destination. Luckily my visual memory is quite good compared to other types of memory.

That's good to know. :D When we were in the Netherlands we didn't know how to get back from the Van Gogh museum and it was getting quite late. A man who was running a canal trip let us get on his boat and go back to the port area that way.
I'd never considered the differences in train travel between countries before. I think stops and stations are in most places here, and in my experience trains are almost always late. :lol:

I do the memorizing too :D. I aso try to remember 'landmarks' of places, but I've found I have to remember a few because if the one you remember is changed it gets a bit confusing!