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02 Oct 2019, 11:29 pm

It was funny actually! She would probably appreciate that humour.

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03 Oct 2019, 7:49 pm

envirozentinel wrote:
Mr Skunky, I tried to keep it funny! When I use one of my made-up words like histrungophobe, I'm in light hearted mode.

The problem with parody, satire, irony, sarcasm, is that they do often induce ambiguity.
This often happens when there is a mindset affected by personal history.
This is particularly the case when strangers interact.

I have had a long-running problem with a particular moderator, not in this forum, but: "birds of a feather" often flock together to protect their own.

What I tend to do to avoid confusion is to add a contextual qualification such as:

In reflection, most of the participants in the thread may have been facetious or ironic, but being on the spectrum it is sometimes hard to tell.
And as I have said, having been at odds with other individuals can and does influence the mindset of a person.

Am I being too defensive?
I don't believe so, based on the amount of psychological abuse I have been subjected to over my life.
I am still undecided if I have PTSD or just an extreme wariness as a result of my personal history.
I like the idea of: "not letting the bastards win",
But unfortunately they often/sometimes do. <shrug>

Having said that, I rarely let my emotions get the better of me in a forum context, so all is good.
All that was needed was clarification.

Cheers, cobber. :wink:

I like to flirt. Don't take it seriously. ;)

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