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27 Oct 2019, 9:40 pm

TW1ZTY wrote:
Maybe I can still play with my tarot cards without contacting any phony bologna psychics?

I mean yeah...whenever I have played around with tarot cards I never once thought of contacting a so called psychic most psychics are just scammers, so yeah best not to get involved with them. Interestingly in the past I thought I maybe had some psycic abilities, but some of that has been explained by science since I have looked into it. Like I used to think me and my brother had had some dreams in common which maybe that was the case...but also its possible to kind of create a false association or memory so its also very possible we had totally seperate dreams that just were simular and over talking about them we just related on it and figured we must have shared a dream....however Idk if dream sharing is real or just if by talking about it we kind of created false memories of how the dream was related when maybe we didn't actually share the same dream....but it really seems like we did share the dream so I am not sure.

but yeah go ahead and play around with the tarot cards, but for the most part, in my opinion it would be useless to contact a psychic because they just want your money so they can do a BS reading and hope you buy it and pay the money. Basically if there is anything actually psychic about the cards which I admit I am skeptical of...a 'professional' psychic would not be the person to get a reading from because they are just in it for money.


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27 Oct 2019, 10:00 pm

Makes perfect sense. :wtg:

Sometimes I thought I had dreams that came true a few days or so later...

I have had some weird coincidences with my cards though, especially with the "death" cards. I pulled an Ace of Spades the night before my grandfather passed away in hospice care. And I recently pulled a 10 of Swords the day before my dog Pimp got really sick and had to be taken ti the vet to be put down (he had a seizure and had not eaten for days).

I also did scrying for auntblabby and saw what looked like a man falling backwards out of a chair. A week later he got injured slipping out of his car seat trying to get in. I used a black bowl of water and candle wax for his reading.

Maybe it was still just a weird coincidence though? :?


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28 Oct 2019, 12:07 am

TW1ZTY wrote:
Maybe I can still play with my tarot cards without contacting any phony bologna psychics?

Entirely possible.
Either take it as a more literal play instead of pursuing different paths of psychic development.
In fact, while it's tricky to do, practicing it isn't necessarily a group thing. It's entirely plausible done in solo or hidden.

... Other than my out-of-place of a culture, I personally knew a real deal of a psychics you see.
But I won't go into more details than that, except let's just say one them is one of my life's major influences just like my mother.

And at most recent times, I've seen what a group of genuine practitioners actually looked like compared to a group of enthusiasts.

If I have an honest pick, I'd be a healer. I got healing hands myself. My family in both sides probably do in some way. Yet I got no time to practice and I prefer mine kept in private.
And the pursuit of expanding my consciousness may turn me into an empath again. :lol: No joke, I had weird experiences recently, and I've posted some of it in this very forum.
By all terms and definitions, about 3 months ago, I'm technically a mystic. An unintentional mystic. :skull:

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