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16 Nov 2019, 8:22 pm

Antrax wrote:
cyberdad wrote:
Antrax wrote:
Furthermore the perception gap is consistent across issues like gun control, including those not having to do with race or sex.

The perception gap for issues relating to guns is understandable as conservatives, libertarians and democrats alike are bipartisan over gun ownership due to your constitutional rights. Sex and abortion is understandable due to hiding behind christian morality to dictate laws.

But race and class are more difficult and nowadays conservatives have to tip toe on egg shells to not look foolish when they talk about the poor or oppressed minorities. I am fairly confident the attitudes that pervaded across middle America toward race, the overweight, unattractive, disabled, feminists, environment and poverty have not really changed. However at an intellectual level conservatives have self-awareness that revealing their belief system (often implicit/subconscious) will make them look evil. So they avoid such topics. Trump was therefore like a breath of fresh air in 2016 as (everyone knows) he publicly uttered (without compunction or reservation) what pretty much all social conservatives believe but dare not say in public.

"Perception gap is real except for the one topic I think it isn't"

There is no fallacy in that statement.

"You have a responsibility to consider all sides of a problem and a responsibility to make a judgment and a responsibility to care for all involved." --Ian Danskin


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16 Nov 2019, 8:46 pm

Apologies to gay and lesbians as I left them off my list

Conservative middle Americans have not really changed their collective values/beliefs/attitude toward the LGBTQI community, non-whites, the overweight, unattractive, disabled, feminists, environment and poverty.


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17 Nov 2019, 10:23 am

naturalplastic wrote:
LoveNotHate wrote:
There is a major problem with this.

A major American restaurant chain was selling 1/2 pound hamburgers, however, they were losing sales to a competitor that offered a 1/3 pounder for the same price.

A survey revealed that Americans were asking: why settle for a mere 1/2 pound of meat when you can full 1/3 pound of meat for the same price?

Did this really happen? Where did you read this?

If so...DANG! I will offer my own naturalplastic Quarterpounder for that same price...and drive them BOTH out of business! :lol:

Careful or if you go too small, you will get the old Wendy’s lady asking “Where’s the beef?”. I feel old that I can remember that first hand.

You could also market it as a healthier version of the regular hamburger with less fat (it has less red meat). I would suggest an infinity burger (all bun, no meat, just condiments) as a possible future choice.