Did you ever have to take a careers aptitude test at school?

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05 Apr 2020, 11:23 am

I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator before I started college and I was an ISTJ. This actually gives you more careers that go with your personality type that you can then further research and see which ones you really like. I decided on Environmental because my passion is the environment--It's what I love to study. I also took the Strong Interest Inventory and scored a CIA--Conventional, Investigative, Artistic.


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05 Apr 2020, 9:46 pm

nick007 wrote:
Knofskia wrote:
Tragically, I finally found out what I might like to do just before finding out that I cannot really work. Maybe sometime in the future, I will be able to fix or find accommodations for the limitations holding me back...
What did you think you might like to do?

I scored very poorly or at least somewhat poorly in the part that tested my abilities. I also disliked a lot of stuff or at least did not have much interest in it.
I took some kinda test for college interests. It was something to help you decide what you might want to major in college. It was about your interests & what you wanted to do & not about your abilities. I only had two suggestions. They were film & radio communications. Film is mostly about directing, writing, & acting which are all things that I know I could never do. I only got film cuz I liked watching TV & movies. I don't know much about what radio communications is but I assume it's a lot of technical stuff & I'm bad with technical stuff. I got radio communications cuz I liked listening to music & the radio & I had a slight interest in DJing. One of my high-school friends was DJing at the community college during our senior year of high-school & it seemed interesting. I did DJ for an online station over 10 years ago for a short time. It was not a commercial radio station. They were no commercials(they were some adds on the site thou) & we could play whatever we wanted as long as it fell in the rock category & we could play comedy stuff as well. I liked doing it but the station got shut down. I'm sure DJing for a commercial radio station that's broadcasted over the airwaves would be very different. I wouldn't know how to get into DJing without needing a degree in radio communications or getting a job at the station doing behind the scenes work which would be a lot of technical stuff that I'd be bad at.

nick007, I believe I would enjoy being a file clerk, as long as there were no receptionist duties (specifically, greeting customers or taking phone calls). If it involved data entry too, that would be fine.

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05 Apr 2020, 10:37 pm

mine said "literary or legal." i find the latter to be a minefield for someone like myself. the former is precluded due to attention span issues. so that leaves just about nothing other than my present avocation.

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09 Apr 2020, 7:26 pm

I get psychologist and IT a lot too. Mainly because when those tests ask if you have introverted tendencies you put yes and those are jobs you do Not need to be in a team. Researcher is one that is common as well