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06 Dec 2019, 1:44 pm

I had a funny exchange with a coworker today. I'm sitting at the reference desk (I'm a librarian) and my coworker comes up to me with the following exchange:

J: Hey, did you know that tropical plants don't bloom in warmer climates?

Me: Oh, really?

J: Yeah. So, like if you go to Barbados or places like that it's really hard to get apple pie. So, like apple pies cost like 13 dollars-

Me: Wait, so no tropical plants bloom in warm climates?

J: Yeah. That's why it's hard to get certain fruits, like apples-

Me: What about bananas though?

J: (pause) Bananas as different than apples, though.

Me: No, they're not. They're both fruit.

J: But they're totally different.

Me: I mean, maybe, but scientifically speaking, they're both fruit. I know those trees bloom because we had one in our office at the doctor's office I used to work at. Oh, wait we're up north, so...

J: Yeah, so-

Me: What about coconut trees though?

J: Okay, coconuts are totally different from apples and bananas.

Me: Well, yeah, but do they bloom?

J: *sighs* Anyway, so, in Barbados it's hard to get apples, right? So, apple pies cost like 13 dollars and such.

Me: Yeah, yeah.

J: Yeah. So, you know, that's the Pie-rate of the Carribean.

Me: *pause, processing the joke* That was a long way for a joke, though.

J: *walks away shaking his head*

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