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20 Dec 2019, 3:42 am

VegetableMan wrote:
cyberdad wrote:
TheRobotLives wrote:
Tulsi Gabbard didn't vote.

She wanted a non-partisan inquiry.

Her actions within the democrat party follow a pattern. As I suspect she continues to not close ranks with her fellow democrats because she has ulterior motives.

She refuses to close ranks with corrupt corporate Dems? String her up!

Perhaps her ulterior motive is she actually cares about the people in this country.

What do you realistically expect? the way she has conducted herself in a manner that she will never be trusted by the party she claims to represent.

Unless of course she forms her own party like Ross Perot. That worked out well for him :roll:


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20 Dec 2019, 6:59 pm

Apparently a liberal legal scholar said that technically an official impeachment doesn't happen until the articles are delivered to the Senate. He said it would be accurate for Trump to state that he has not been impeached and if the House never delivers the articles to the Senate if the Senate's trial procedures aren't to Pelosi's liking or demands, then he'll never have been officially impeached.