Do you identify with the writings of Nietzsche?

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20 Mar 2020, 7:54 am

One of my favourite philosophers, if not top favourite, is Friedrich Nietzsche...this was a man of great wisdom and iconoclasm. Every now and then, I've seen his quotes pop up in various forms and contexts, and it all speaks to dealing with adversity and the irrationality of the masses. I don't know if he himself had ASD/HFA, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did :D

Of course, I'm sure you've all heard the "was sich nich stirbt, macht sich staerker" (that which doesn't kill you, just makes you stronger). Or the one about taking care when fighting monsters, not to become one in the process - and then the longer you gaze into the abyss, the longer it stares back into you. I found that to be very apt when at a time in my late 20s / early 30s, despite being gainfully employed in CS/IT, I was still quite bitter about the mistreatment I'd received in the past and developed a somewhat perverse, passive-aggressive personality with others, as if I was "negatively paying it forward". I had to go through a good deal of therapy to get past this, but I did, and am now in my 40s with a good life and minimal conflict.

You may have also heard the line "he who has a why for life can tolerate any how", which was also cited in Dr. Viktor Frankl's famous "Man's Search for Meaning", which chronicled his experience in the Holocaust and his pioneering of logotherapy. Incidentally, and more insidiously, the Nazis corrupted Nietzsche's teachings on the "Superman" as being a master race rather than its original intent of relying less on a sky deity and more on one's inner strength and convictions. On which note, I leave you with a parting quote of his, which I think you'll more than identify with...

"Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule."
[one might expound that group mental illness is more accepted than individual mental illness]

Oh and one more bonus quote..."Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed." [hence the NT veneer of politeness, or sacrilege of speaking out against feel-good groupthink constructs, or denying that our condition exists b/c admitting so makes them feel uncomfortable] ... he-quotes/


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20 Mar 2020, 9:25 am

Since his sister was heavily involved in the "editing" of Friedrich's writings, I doubt that the are entirely his.

Since there is no singular, absolute definition of human nature,
nor any ultimate evaluation of human nature beyond that which we project onto others,
individuals should be judged or defined only by their actions and choices,
and not by what we only imagine their intentions and motivations to be.


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21 Mar 2020, 10:10 am

That old saw, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger," is not really accurate. There is an extreme cost involved. Every adverse experience takes something out of you and leaves you weaker. One should hope that overcoming adversity makes you smarter, not stronger, especially if the adversity came about through your own stupid fault, as most have come for me.