Emergence of a Deadly Coronavirus threadon critical support!

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09 Apr 2020, 9:03 pm


The "Emergence of a Deadly Coronavirus" thread has been rushed to the hospital and is now in the ICU.
Its condition hangs by a "thread". 8O

It had a good runny nose,
But all things must come to an end.
R.I.P. :skull: :mrgreen:

<whiper> Or has it? Bwahahahaha. :twisted:

This post has been fuelled by "Caffeine". :coffee:

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If I'm so bad, pass me by. ;)

And one more thing,

"A stranger is a friend gang-stalker you haven't met yet."

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09 Apr 2020, 9:26 pm

Sequels are rarely as good...

Take defeat as an urge to greater effort.
-Napoleon Hill