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26 Feb 2021, 12:17 pm

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Last of the Summer Wine! LOVE it!!

The local Public Broadcasting station shows it every weekday...and our TV is programmed to switch to it.

The dry wit and humor in the show is, I think, a good example to emulate. My humor most resembles Clegg's.

The show had 295 episodes in 31 seasons and it is impressive that Peter Sallis was in every episode--and unbelievable that Roy Clarke wrote every episode!

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26 Feb 2021, 12:29 pm

I don't think Roy wrote them all as I understood others helped with the last ones in a last attempt to try to keep the series going? It held a world record as being the longest running commedy series.
I love the 1970's versions.

Some of the humourous scenes remind me of here where I live like Aunty Wainwrights shop, as we had an Alices Antiques shop just like that run by an elderly lady who was so quick minded, that it was well known foe people who went in to sell personal items to stay out of debt would come out having bought things that they did not want or need and it was funny. She only had a shop about the same size as the one in the series on LOTSW, and the local athority had compulsary purchased almost a third of the town and just her shop remained, and they knocked down the rest of the street. They had to delay their town redevelopment plans as though what she really had was old secondhand "Junk" inside, they could not afford to buy her out at her prices!
They had to wait until she died where she must have been in her 90's or close to that age before they could buy the property off her son so they could finally go ahead to re-develop the town.
It aas well known for teenagers and young adults to dare each other to go into her shop without having bought something! She was soo quick minded. People used to think they had a bargain when later they found they had been done!

But going back to the ideas they had on LOTSW. It would not surprize me if some ideas started with local characters around where I live as I found out that on the outskirts of a town near here quite a few BBC writers, film crew and others bought second homes in a certain location so they would have got to know the area and the stories of local characters near here like that elderly lady who ran a shop.
So while it is possible there were other places that had similar characters that they based their characters on, it always reminds me of here.

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