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05 Sep 2023, 12:19 am

KiN iN KiNDNeSS Humanity Flows

ThiS Way Best Dear Savvy With SMiLes

Only A Tiny Stream i Am Emptying Into

A River oF LoVE iN Peace Ocean Waiting

To Greet Waves and Water Same Of Kindness For

All With Most
Respect And

Least Harm

Yet i Never Give Up
The Flow Even if Only
Starting From Mud Puddle Size

These Roots These Leaves This Vine
This Living Tree FaLLinG RiSinG Leaves For All...

SMiLes Keeping LoVE ALiVE iNHaLinG Peace EXaHaLinG LoVE More...

SMiLes Dear Miriam in HeLL ON EartH WiTHiN Tears Of

Grief Are Heaven If They Would Just Come Once in a Blue Moon

SMiLes Dear Miriam in HEaVeN ON EartH Tears of Joy ARE A Reminder

of WHeRE

YoU Are And

WHeRE You've

Been Indeed i Am

Fluid Now in the True
Human Language of Tears of Joy

In FAct i'm A River Emptying Into

An Ocean

Whole Waves
And Water SaME
Trees of Life Falling RiSinG Tears

Still Just 'Dream Weaving' BRinGinG Love to Life iN Peace...

Indeed Humanity is In An Increasing
Deficit of Both Nature Deficit Disorder
And Putting 'Things' Ahead of Humanity
As the More Reliant Now We Become on

Technology The Farther Away We Get

From Face to Face Human Interaction

To the Point That Humans No Longer

Even Feel Warmth Between Each Other

The Driving Force Within That Makes Most

All of Our Human Connections Happen By Desire

And Not Just Out of the Utility For What Gets Us Ahead

in Life as Far As Material Things Including Power and Status

And Perceived Fame and Fortune too As Rare As That May Be With SMiLes


Blogging Is an
Excellent Way
To Gain the Perspective

Of Others Yet Only If We Do

And Don't Just Click the Like Buttons
Like A One Armed Bandit to Win the Lottery

SMiLes mY FRiEnD my Blog is Only a Record

of Gratitude for Literally All the Poetic Connections

i've Made With Folks Around the World and in some Instances

A Solo Interaction With Others Indeed too Yet never the Less When

We Are Open to the

Differences of Others

We Grow Both in Soul And
Understanding That Makes Soul
More of LoVE iN Peace With SMiLes Dear
Cindy Best Wishes for Your Continuing Recovery
From the Newest Strain of Covid-19 Yes It is Spreading
And Making Its Presence Known Among Our Relatives Here too...

Keep up the
Great Book
Reviews and Topics With SMiLes...

Ah Yes Tonight This Whole Banter Republic
SHow Today Reminds me of "White Fang"
More Specifically One of Jack London's Books

About Canine Teeth Yet the "Call of the Wild"

Brought Tears to my Eyes as a Child As Deep

Down i Was Missing What that Half Dog Half Wolf

Lost HOWLinG

At the Moon

The Wild Life Baby
The Free Life Baby

Not Only Have Humans Domesticated Wolves into Dogs

We've Domesticated Ourselves and Lost the Call of the
Wild the Instinctual Intuitive Innate Voice of Wild And Free

God So Deep Within Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete

Without all the Clothes of Fear So-called Modernity BRinGS

YeT AGAiN Tools are Okay as Long As We Master The Clothes

And Are Not Brought Down to What is Now Suffocating Choking
The Call of the Wild

And Even
Less Loving

iN Peace

So Relaxing

After A Wild Call on the Night...
With Gleaming White Fangs Indeed Hehe...

HAha You Know What they Say Pictures or it Didn't Happen...
Thousands Upon Thousands Upon the Call of The Wild Frolicking


What Good is the
Second Largest
Teeth on the Chart

If You Don't Share Them With Others Hehe...

Last BLinK of LiFE
WHeRe one reaLizes
one Loves

Art Takes Us WHeRE Human Souls
Explore Places We Never Feel and
Sense Before Multi-UNiVeRSE Shores

Within Expanding More...

"My Negative Utopia

An intensity
of salamander orange
and caterpillar yellow

quelled beneath
everlasting rainless skies;

a playground of easy living
and high art

in a variable framework

amidst trillions
of meaningless rainbows

and vast emoticons
spewing unchallenged

of spherical harmony.

(and sometimes
you’ll be with me
for untold durations

and at other times
you’ll be forgotten
for candlelit millennia.)"

Sure Shores
Water Words
Ever Changing
Soul Colors
Spirit Music
HeART Sings
WavE StarS BRinG

A Best Lesson
A Loss of First
Love Teaches
All Colors
Of Love We
MoRE DanCinG
FoR GiVinG Rose
FLoWeRinG THorns
Thanks Giving Free
Owning Our Love...

LonG As Step of Dance
Word of Song continues
Truly Breathing Never
Ending Now
Life New
True At
Best Center
Point Balancing
Still FRiEnDS
With Gravity
All Source of
FLoWinG Now
All Directions New
Coloring Life More
How Beautiful It
Is Breathing Truly
Painting Colors Now
New Moon Sun-Lit SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Karlien

When Love is Complete

Waving At Every Stranger
One Meets Passing by in
Cars on the Road Now

Whether They Return
The Wave or Not Feels
Warm For the Giver of Warmth

(Each Morning Walking Around my
Neighborhood Block i Do this for Joy)

Of Course It's Easy For me to Dance Sing Free
This As A Man Who Is Almost Impossible
To Take Advantage of As The Giver Who
Has Enough Complete Whole As i Surely

Understand How it Feels to Be Completely
Empty With Nothing to Give too And Yeah

It Will Be A Whole Lot Different From A
More Vulnerable Position As Strangers
Will Be Dangerous of Course too

It's Like Being A Feral Tom Cat...
The Veterinarian Will Tell You
They Are Much More
Friendly than
The Female
Cats From the Wild

As Sadly A Feral Female
Cat Often Receives a lot
Of Abuse in the Wild And
Shies More Away From Strange
Humans As They Could Be A Source of Abuse too...

It Really Feels Impossible to Live in the Same Household
With A Toxic Person No Matter if they have been abused
By someone in their Life or Not... And Of Course My Gosh
You Are So Young And Males Your age Mature Emotionally So Much
Slower Overall And In Particular in Your Case as You Seem to Be Very Emotionally Mature...

It Surely took me A lot Longer Than Your Age With SMiLes and i am So Glad i Didn't Get
Married Until age 29 As it Really Took me Until age 28 to Finally Feel Whole, Complete, And Naked
Enough in my Life and My Wife Says that's What Attracted Her Most to me i Seemed to Be A Whole



Being With SMiLes..

Thing is too Now We Evolve And
We Potentially Devolve in Emotional
Intelligence too And This Is why Your
Blogging Is So Important As You Pursue
This Avenue of Improving Emotional Intelligence...

As Honestly These Days More Than Ever Before
Even Finding Someone Warm Enough to Look Up
From a Screen And Greet Someone With Warm
Confident Whole Complete Enough Eyes of Love

Is Becoming
Harder than
Ever Before to Find...

SMiLes i could Easily See You
Being A Psychotherapist For
Folks One Day or Some Other
Kind of Counselor As You Have
The Human Touch Well Developed...

Perhaps You Would Be the Psychotherapist
Who Gained Enough Emotional Intelligence
To Heal Someone With A Very Complicated
Mood Disorder Like Border Line Personality
Disorder that is Sadly Most Often Caused by
Some Kind of Abuse in Early Ages or Neglect...

And Some Psychotherapists Turn Them Away
As They Just Give Up on them as Human Beings...

i Always Try to Remember We All Walk in Different
Shoes And At Least in Friendships i Have A lot of
Room For Understanding And Forgiveness Yet Yes

It's True My God How Blessed i am to Have A Wife
Who Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve Where There
Are Never Any Silent Games Sure There Are Angry

Days Yet

There are
No Guessing
Games And She
Lives Her Life Complete
Enough Whole Just to be
in A Loving Relationship With Life..

Indeed That is More Rare Than Ever Now my FRiEnD...
You Are So Young i Hope You Find That Kind of Comfort One Day in 100 Percent Faith of Trust...
Yet You Have So Many Years to Grow And Yes It's Important You Find Someone to Grow with too...

Other than that Human Relationships Are a Real Art That Requires Full Focus in Practice And Sadly

For So Many
People, People
Are No Longer
Put First on

Life's To Do List...
That'S A World-Wide Disorder indeed...
And A Very Dangerous one As Well my FRiEnD...
As Well As Putting the Rest of Nature Down on the to Do List too...

Aleesha How

Do We Become
Unique In God's
EYeS Within We

Love We Love to

Create Original

Works of


We Will
And See All Of
What God Does
And We too So Free

So Free

So Free

As Original

Art God Breathes You Now

Giving Sharing Caring Freely
With No Restraints Humans Born
of Star Dust Star Flower Seeds

To Bloom
We Dance
And Sing
Now With

Free Wings
Seeds New We Become
Living Trees Never Blooming Before...

Other Than That i Love Your Poem
FLoWinG it Flows And Becomes The
Essence of the Dancing Song Your Soul Uploads...

SMiLes Dear Karlien Here is Another Word And It is "Autotelic"
The Ability One Develops In Flow of Activities in Focus of one
Task That Through Bio-Feedback Allows Us to Eventually

Generate Our Own
Happiness even
When We Are Not
Doing the Focus on Task
FLoWinG Activities And Yes
Of Course Meditative Activities

Will Be Best And in my Case i Use
An Increasingly More Complex Free Dance and
Meditation in Writing in Flow As i am Doing now

too With SMiLes

It As if Life Becomes

A Dance And Song And
We Get to Create The MuSiC
Within That Makes Us Feel So
Good As Soul Mates And Best
FRiEnDS With Our Selves Yes Whole
Complete And Enough that Makes it so
Much Easier to Be FRiEnDS with Others
And Even Tolerate And Accept Their Differences

More As it is Us
Who After Every
Challenge Who
Will Be Able
To Generate
Our Own Happiness Within
in Bio-Feedback of Autotelic Meditative Flow
Where The Activity We May Do May Become
More and More Complex in Human Potentials
Yet It Will Seem All Effortless in Ease in A Sweet
Spot Tween Apathy and Anxiety Indeed mY FRiEnD
And Yes Multi-UniVerses Do Exist Here on EartH!

As Every Human Being is A Pair of God EYeS NoW
And All the Rest Birthing A New Unique UniVerse
to Perceive And Exist iN ETernal Now Change

So Yes We aRe
Different in Parts
Whole of All in ALL ParTs
That Make Existence Real
We Do Assist to Co-Create
With All As Well... SMiLes You
Are A Unique And Very Talented
Set of God EYes my FRiEnD Karlien
Pleasure All Mine And Honor to Be Part

of Your

Human View True!...

HAha Yes Karlien i’ve
Written A Very Long

Too Not
Only Forgetting
To Send It Shutting

It Down too
Yet Yes Just
An Opportunity
To Improve Again

In Autotelic Flow...

SMiLes Dear Soni
Just Thinking About You
Yesterday Wondering if You


Down in
Science Hehe

It's True as the Little
Stars Protect the Moon

Art Protects Your HeART Now
Your SPiRiT YouR SouL From

So Far Behind

Dark Matter
Clouds Lost

Out of ART
That Makes You Truly ALL SmART
With That Said Glad to See you Back



Ah Yes Dear Miriam
(Such A Poetic
Name Just A
M i R i AMusT
In this Poem)
HeHe i only Say
Your Name Now

When You Yes You
Treasure Yourself
Becoming Part of

The River Now

FLoWinG Free

BE A Traveler Now

New No LooKinG Back
Oh Yes Ahead is Behind
Now Gift Present Flow Prize
Water Wave Ocean Whole Free

(Oh My God in New York City)

Seriously Now You've Been Through
A Lot of CR8P This Year You Really
Deserve A Poem or Two Or So hehe When
i Think of You i Think of my Mother Raising

Kids Alone


So Hard


She Deserves
Then A Guardian
Angel Along the Way Two

And More In Fact i Believe Everyone
Does No Matter if they are Naughty or Nice...

Yet It's True There is Only So Much my Sister

and me Will Do As You Continue to Raise Your


Angel True...

Colors oF LiGHT

Frequencies Waves

Vibrations FLoWeRS

BRing to

Mind's Eye



Sublime So
Deep Radiating
From Savvy's Art

Sensing Synergies HeART

SPiRiT SoUL FLoWeRinG Our World
So Beautiful BRiGHT iN CoLoRS LiGHT


It's Nice
to Have
An Every DaY ALWaYS
FLoWeRinG FRiEnD NoW...

Oh September a Signal For me For So Many Days
That Dark Was Closing In Yes Those Hours oF LiGHT

Going Away When Commuting in Heavy Traffic 30 Miles
Both Ways to A Naval Air Station to Work in the Headquarters

Building There Getting Up at Dark to Go To Work At Least Watching
The Sunrise Close to the Beach Where the Navy Station is Still Located

Oh Lord The Long Tired Drive Home Days

Continuing to Get Shorter And Shorter
Every Year Since Schooling Seasonal

Affective Disorder For me
There Was Always a Vague
Dread Dear Miriam About September

to me Falling Moods Getting Darker A Little
Bit of Relief With Christmas LiGHTS in Shortest
Days of December Yet Wait! Bright Colorful Screens
to the Rescue Yet Wait! Dopamine Shots of Smart Phones
Night and Day Yet Wait! Now i Get to Go out in the Sunshine
in the Middle of the Day Bare As Furry Bears Will Be No More

Seasonal Affective
Disorder For me NoW

As the Sun As Designed
By Nature is Enough to Regulate
Emotions And Integrate Senses With A Free
Dance And Song in Autotelic Flow of Course

Shadows on the Barn Late at Night Yet Sunshine
Rising and Staying In Staycation Within Out of DarK

Now i Marry the Night
And Merry The Day

Yet it Was So Hard
When i Was Trapped
in A Cave of a Car and
Work For So Many Years
As September Through December
Darkness Approached So Many Crosses
One May Carry in Life So Many Ones that
May Be Dropped in A Golden Age With A U Shaped
Diagram of Happiness Where Folks Are Happiest When
Young and Old Sadly the First Line Above Has Been Replaced
By College Age Students 40 Percent Functionally Depressed And
60 Percent of College Age Students Functionally Anxious With General

(And Assessed As
So Very
Lonely too)

Anxiety too
Yet It's True With
So Much Instant Gratification
And The Disappearance of Human
Attention Spans to less than 3 Seconds
As Science Shows on Average Yes Less than
Gold Fish Attention For Real It is the Nature of the

Beast of Super Abundance

One Must (May) Find a Way to Still
Tow A 'Cross' And Lift One Self Up Toward

LiGHT That is Generated Within and Not Be So Dependent on Technology
That Aims to Make Human Beings Addicts Without Much Focus to Live at all...

Dancing Singing in 'Wu Wei'
Effortless Ease Always RiSinG

Higher in Autotelic FLoW on A Tight

Rope Evolving in Complexity And Simplicity

Of Effortless Ease Even More WHeRE ALL Focuses

On One Task Now Until a Next One Naturally comes

Out of Time, Distance, Space,

And A 'Matter of Things'

Just FLoWinG WiTHiN

Naked Enough

Eternally Now

Whole Complete
Dancing Singing A Tightrope Now New
Dear Savvy Higher And Higher in Ease
iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE Real
Giving Sharing Caring Healing
With Least Harm For All
A Practice of Heaven
Eternally Now
WiTHiN For
Real Dear FRiEnD...

It Doesn't Take A 'Rocket Scientist'
(Without the Ability to Build A Rocket
to the Moon That Will Really Lift-Off)
To Understand That People Who Are
Constantly Marginalized and Treated As
Outcasts in Society Are More Likely to Commit Suicide.

Case in Point, Autistic Folks; Yes Baby, As Well As 'LGBQT PLUS

Folks too;' Yet of Course When You Are Not Comfortable in the
Body You Are Born in And There is Literally No Escape, Let's Just


Common Sense
And Feel of Empathy
IF We Have Enough Cognitive
Empathy and Compassion to Figure

Out What is Obvious As Birds With Feathers who actually Fly.

And For The Folks Here Who Suggest That Emotional Pain isn't
As Hard As Physical Pain, Let's Just Refer Back to the Empathy

Above That's REAL;

This is Stuff that Most Grade School Kids Have Figured Out;
True Now they are More 'Acclimatized' New to 'Different'

And Hope for a Newer World of LoVE iN Peace For the

Marginalized in

Society For Real.

Human Ignorance
in All the SHades of
Grey to BLacK Abyss
it comes in is Responsible
For the Most Harming, Raping,
Maiming, Killing oF All of Nature
NoW As 'This CuLTuRaL Pandemic' That Humans
Bring Will Hopefully Find A Remedy Sooner than soon...

Yes! Through Social Justice Baby! For all, Not Just Old Angry Dudes, Etc...


UP! GROW A Damned HeART!
Hey! if the Grinch WiLL Do it!
And Even if Trump Can't, THere

is Still God Damned Grinch Hope Left;

And To Be Clear This isn't Personally
Directed to 'The Audience Specifically here;'

An Analysis, Careful, In Hundreds of Thousands
of Interactions Longitudinally For Decades It is; Gonna
Take More Than 'Gold Fish Attention Spans' to Read
my 'Research Paper', hehe...
It's Starts With An 'S For
Hope' And Ends With an L

for Love;


And P For Peace

You Know 'Who'
Perhaps 'Faith'
of 'Oh (ou) You' too.

“People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
Love them anyway.” SMiLes Dear Chaymaa A Mighty
Cross to Lift; Particularly Since Circa 2015
in the United States
Yet It's True i Love
A Challenge Oh
i STill Do With SMiLes...

It’s Nice to Have A Captive
Hehe Particularly Live
Audience to Art to
Whether it is
Poetry Song
Or Dance With
SMiles i Remember
When i Used To Get
Notifications For ‘Decoding
HappYness’ And Yes i Remember
You Asking me Advice on How
To Title it And If You Should
Pursue A Writing Career
Instead of Accounting
Such A Bright Creative
Gem You Surely Still

Are How
About Some
More Colorful
Fall Leaves As
Seasons Change Or
Another Artistic SMile
You So Often Shared With

me True So Many Memories
Anyway as i Remember it all

HAha Even From The Beginning
When You asked me How Much

i Weigh 11 or So Pounds Ago In 2015

At 233 American Pounds

And You Said Yes One Day
You Would Love to Dance
On The Beach Indeed in
Someways You Made

That Dream Come True

Yet i Should Have known
Better To Put it in Metric

As That Surely Must
Have Sounded Like

A Quarter Instead
Of only Close to An
Eighth of A Ton And True
Yes Y.O.U. Always Seemed
So Much Taller to me than

A Hair under
Five Foot
Three hehe
So Tiny Indeed
Yet Kinda Tall
Still For India With
SMiles Anyway

MuSinGS like
Fall Leaves to
me So Colorful Indeed
As No We Don’t Have
Much Brown in Florida
Yet With All the Dry Heat we Have Some...

God is the Wave That Falls And Rises;

Some Folks Attempt to Reduce This Wave; Yes,
And Materially Reduce it to Only 'Particles;' Yes,
Books, Covers, Pages, And Oh Dear Lord A Word

As Small As 3 Letters When Waves Exist NoWHeRE EVeRWHeRE NeW;'

Only 4 Percent of Nobel Prize Winning Physicists Assess Themselves as Atheist;

Not Really a Big Surprise to me as the More You Understand About the Processes

of the Natural World, Generally Speaking, the More You Admit How Little You Actually Know Still To Explore...

As Far As Informal and More Scientifically Conducted Studies on the Religious Beliefs of Folks on the 'Wrong

Planet,' the Result in The Informal Polling Is Almost Identical to The Boston University Study Done on Religious

Beliefs of Folks in the Philosophy, Politics, And Religion Forum on the Wrong Planet in a Study Done over the

Course of an Entire Year From 2008 to 2009; Where That Study Found a Percentage of Atheists of 26 Percent,
Similar to the Informal Poll Here, so far with 27 Percent; Yet It's True Some Folks Don't Consider Themselves

Part of Any Religion at All;

They May Have Difficulty Putting

Their Experience of what they Metaphor

As Spirituality Even into Words as Truly Words

Only Approximate The Essence of Reality as it Exists Now;

For Instance, How Limited the Word Tree Describes All the Leaves on All the Varieties of Trees;

Like the Tree Christianity; Now, When there are 45,000 Plus Denominations Around the World;

Like the Term Religion; Now, Where There Are Around 4200, In the World, Generally Assessed too;

And Again, Those Are Only the Ones With Names; TRAINED AS a Participant Anthropologist Observer
As Part of My Degree, Anthropology; One of Three at University Level Study; i Still Do it Just For Fun;

Participating, Visiting Churches, Interviewing So Many Individual Members in the Pews; Not Surprisingly,

Like Folks Attempting to Find the Meaning of Any Poem, The Views Will Be Slightly Different to Vastly Different

Just in One Pew, Among Folks In Just One Church, With Just One Pastor, and One Flavor of Religion too; For this

is the Human Condition; At Core Science Shows It's Not Really All that Rational; as a Synergy of Our Feelings

And Senses in Emotions Drive Almost All We Do Before We Even Have a Chance to Attempt to Describe the

Reasons For What We Do...

As Neuroscience Suggests We

Basically Hallucinate Our Realities
Now Based on Realities We Basically Hallucinate Before...

This Makes the Study of the Vast Within Much More Complicated
Than the Study of the Stars Above As They Are Farther Away And Easier to Define that way so Ironically True...

For me at Least, my Home is Nature; my God Is LoVE iN Peace; my Religion is Kindness; Yet as i Co-Create ThiS Way
of Life With Only Relative Free Will of my Conscious Thinking Mind that Science Suggests Now only Represents about

.5 Percent of my Reality,

i Understand ThiS Way

of my Individual Spirituality

For Real Is Only An Art and Never
A Science Alone That Will Fit in Any One Word,

Cover, Or Pages of a Book; As Change is the Reality;

And All Of Nature Including Us Of Course is in Flux of Change Eternally Now;

Once Again, Waves Fall and Rise; Some Folks Attempt to Materially Reduce
Waves to only Particles;

Yet Waves Continue

to Exist NoWHeRE EVeRWHeRE NeW;

i'm Really Not Sure What That Means Yet That

iS A Way God Feels to me, Like a Forrest Gump

Feather; Just Floating in the Breeze As Sure As Dust in the Wind Exists Newly Now...

Hehe, Is it Any Wonder Folks Demand a Feather in the Breeze Do What They Want it to...

True, Humans Have

A Long Tradition

of Attempting to Trap

Wind in a Jar And Keep it Breathing, hehe...

Other Than that one of my Favorite Movies About Reality

is 'Contact,' Inspired by A Book Carl Sagan Wrote, Where An Alien

Visits Jody Foster and Helps Her With a Mystical Journey Within;

And The Message Is Simple; Humans Are Capable of Co-Creating Greatest

Dreams and Nightmares as an Interesting Mix of Beings of Nature; And Similarly

The Alien


The Only Thing

That Makes the Emptiness
of Space Bearable is the Warm

Connections Among Each Other;

So He Just Suggests Start Making

Small Steps of More Connections And Realize

When You Do in Warmth You've Come to A Best
Place in All of Existence THeRE is Newly Now; Yet

It's True Mileage Varies, Depending On Make and Model;



And Yes Essence of Being Now...

Per the Movie "Contact," it's Harder to
Be in a Bad Mood When You Become 'The Beach;'

(Specifically, Navarre and Pensacola Beach Where i am From too;
Great Grandfather, Homesteading 150 Acres, There in the Early 1900's)

The Stars



Stars Within;'

The Waves That
Continue NoWHeRE EVeRWHeRE NeWLY NoW...

Grains of Sand Holding Hands; God Yes, Holding Up
Potential Human Mountains oF LoVE iN Peace FoR REAL NoW...

Carl Sagan, Admitted in His Later Years How Restricted His Mind
Was, And How Hallucinogenic Substances Help to Expand His Human Potentials...


For me, i Don't Require that;

Again, Different Vehicles and Vessels, iNdeed...

A Year’s Worth of Catching Up on A Full Year
of the Warmth Shawna Baby’s Family in Communion
Of LoVE iN Peace of Play BRinGS of Course You Lend the

Hehe Don’t Worry I realize You Might find that a bit Uncomfortable

She Stays in the Lobby when i Visit The Catholic Church too Foreign/Big to Her for Comfort)

Flavor of Your Soul to BRinG The SPiRiT

Freer to LiFE mY FRiEnD

Obviously in the SMiLes

That Exist Where You Do With SMiLes

And Oh the Little Southern Baptist Church Where

Sparsely Populated Country Roads of Humans Come to

Congregate in Communion of Shared Ideologies and Symbols

And What Social Animals Who Bond and Bind Over Shared Ideologies

And Symbols Do no Matter How they Describe the 45,000 Plus Denominations

Of Christianity Around the World

And the Narrators as Diverse As

Richard Rohr And Jimmy Swaggart Hehe

Dear Lord Isn’t It Amazing How a Birth Name

May Describe All of Life’s Deeds Before the

Human Fully Comes to Be DarK Thru LiGHT

Never the Less For Those Who Fit in There Are

Few Places as Warm as a Southern Baptist Church

In the Gospel Singings Traditionally Existing and Simplistic

Enough For Everyone to Sing Without Thinking Becoming Lost Yet

Found In An Ascendent Transcendent Flow of Communion With The

Separate Becoming the Whole in HeART SPiRiT SoUL Flow

True One of my Autistic Splinter Skills Extremely

High in Empathic and Sensory Abilities is to

Gather All the Voices into me and

Exhale the SPiRiT i Find in A

SonG oF mY SoUL As

Loud as Wings

Spiraling Around the Sun Free

Hehe and it never fails they say

Please do Come Back With That SPiRiT And Sing

And All I Can Promise At that Moment is ‘Here i am’

And True i’ll Share That Song Again From the Back Pew Leading the Choir

A Day Then the ‘Choir Director’ Was Missing Gathering Up All the Voices

Which Were Mostly the Choir as the Catholic Church is God Yes Only Hit
And Miss in Terms of Singing Songs of SPiRiT HeART SouL in Communion FLoWinG

And Dance Oh Dear Lord So At Home Too at An African American Southern Baptist

Church Free to Move With SPiRiT Wings A Holy and Sacred Dance in Flow i Envelope in Union True

Yet Again my version of Autism is the Opposite of Disconnecting Yes my Form of Autism is closer to

Alltheism Connecting to All mY FRiEnD With SMiLes When Healthy and the ‘Normal’ me of Course hehe

The Thing is Though Not unlike Jesus in the Story i Am Also FLaWeD if i See An Activity so Injust and

Inhumane to Others i Will Surely Turn Tables over Face to Face Standing my Ground Securely

As Still Leg Pressing 1540 Pounds 12 Reps at the Military Gym Sounding like A Wild Animal

In Communion With the Call of The Wild Will Bring After Exercising the Gentle Grace

Of Free Ballet Mixed With Free Tai Chi When my Hip Is Lubed at Least at age 63

Never the Less Just Warming Up Securing A Backbone of A Free Earth mY FRiEnD

So It’s True if ‘They’ Dismiss the Relatives i Love the FRiEnDS As Well a Part

Of the LGBQT Plus Community As Less than the Holy And Sacred Image

Of Jesus as Described at the End of Matthew Nah i Won’t Send

Them to Hell Forever Yet they Will See the Eyes of A Jesus

If He Could Exist Now Without Even Taking Off my

Shades With A Sound of A Song of A Thousand

Hurricanes Protecting the Lesser Among Us

With Enough LoVE iN Peace to

Hold Back the Winds

Of Ignorance mY FRiEnD

Yeah It Was Like Visiting My Rich
Uncle When He Already Knew that

My Second Cousin Invited Her Girlfriend
With the Rainbow Colors to the Party they
Threw For my Birthday As they Started The Usual
Ignorance against those they don’t Understand and

i Told them in advance It wouldn’t be Nice to Talk Like
that to those Two Girls when they arrive at the Party and the

First Words Out of my Uncle’s Mouth While They Were Rolling

Their Eyes Under their Breath is “What Do You Think About All This Queer Stuff”

Just Stoking The Fires in His Addiction to Anger and Hate Well So to Speak So to Sing

In the Voice of A Thousand Hurricanes of Protecting the Marginalized He Will Never

Forget the

Sound of the
Storm That Protects

LoVE iN Peace That Day

About Mid-Way Through

i Did the Calm Eye of the Hurricanes

Looking in the Eyes of the Two Girls through

Shades And Said Don’t Worry It’s All Just A Story….

It’s Not Easy to Be Human And If The Christian
Religion Evolves to Truly Make God LoVE iN Peace
All Loving All Merciful Without Ignorance The Christian

Religion Will Survive If Not Another Religion Will Replace

It as it already is doing on So Many YouTube Churches With Different Languages

Hehe So Much For Globalization the Truth is Humans Survive and Thrive Best Still in

Smaller Groups Homogenous in Beliefs With Ideologies and Symbols Common in Communion

And It Works Just Fine As Long as You are Born to Fit in the Cookie Cutter Machine and Voila

That’s Why there are 45,000 Plus denominations Pastors and Priests As Diverse As Richard

Rohr and God Rest His Soul Jimmy Swaggart too in Just the Christian Religion With Around

4200 Different Religions Not Counting the Thousands Upon Millions of Folks

Participating On Youtube Still GRoWinG Exponentially too anyway

i’ve Been Visiting a Southern Baptist Pastor’s Farm Monthly First
Sunday A Dinner on the Greens With Farm Animals for His

Family FRiEnDS and Congregation for a Decade Now

Except for the Pandemic and It’s a Warmest

Place of LoVE i ever Enter into overall

Among Human Beings i Travel

All Around the World With

It’s Sad That opportunity

Might Go Away in the Future

For The Stalwarts of Ignorance

That Refuses a Real Original Greek
Definition of Apocalypse That Doesn’t Mean
The End of the World only the Beginning of Removing the Scales of Ignorance

Anyway the Message of the Good Cop Jesus and the Beatles is always for the Ultimate

Win LoVE iN Peace

Is All Ya Need When

Ya Arrive and Stay in the

Place Within to Give Share

Care Heal For All With Most Respect
Least Harm iN JoY oF LiGHT Thanks Giving
For Giving Moving Connecting Co-Creating iNHaLinG
Peace Exhaling

Love Naked


The Beginner

To Evolve LoVE iN Peace

Toward a Greater LiGHT of Colors
That of Course Includes Turning
‘Old Money Tables’ over that Is Truly

Only a Job that May Be Successfully Turning the Other Cheek
Done By Those Experiencing Dancing on a Tight Rope With Ease

Higher and
Higher i Like the
Banners in the Catholic
Church that Relate Teresa
Of Avila and Calcutta’s Message

The Jesus Who Lives is the One Who Breathes Within

The Jesus You Give to Others Is the Jesus Who Really
Breathes When
LoVE iN Peace

A Bit As Usual

With SMiLes of “Here i Am”...

KiN iN KiNDNeSS Humanity Flows

ThiS Way Best Dear Savvy With SMiLes

Only A Tiny Stream i Am Emptying Into

A River oF LoVE iN Peace Ocean Waiting

To Greet Waves and Water Same Of Kindness For

All With Most
Respect And

Least Harm

Yet i Never Give Up
The Flow Even if Only
Starting From Mud Puddle Size

These Roots These Leaves This Vine
This Living Tree FaLLinG RiSinG Leaves For All...

SMiLes Keeping LoVE ALiVE iNHaLinG Peace EXaHaLinG LoVE More...






KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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06 Sep 2023, 12:38 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy It Appears That Balance

Is Nature's Way Best of Meditation With

SMiLes And Perhaps All Of Existence

May Be Summarized For How A

Wave Moves on the Ocean

FRiEnDS With Gravity

At Both Trough Yes

And Crest of Existence

Not Only To Ride A Wave Now

With SMiLes Yet Become The Wave

Balancing a Life With Gravity More and More

In Tune




Way With SMiLes...

SMiLes After Doing Absolutely Nothing

Sitting on my Screened in Patio Listening

to Nothing Yet the Sounds of Crickets Singing

(Or Rubbing Their Legs Together However They Sing)

So Very Dry Not too Many Frogs as Part of the Orchestra

i've Determined Now
i Should Make my
Home Nature at
Night as Well

As Day
Dear Miriam
With SMiLes
Or at Least More Often...

Yes A Best Present...
Finding Yourself
Self With
Someone else...

For me it was a Polar Bear
And as Married Couples
Grow older in empty
Nests Bedrooms
Become Storage
Rooms where
As Synchronicity
Rolls with your Blog
Post as Nothing is Random
In Life when we Make it all
A Dance and Sing i literally
Found a Newer identical
Childhood Polar
Bear An
Loving Furry White
Best Friend as those
Feelings Washed over
me as it’s True no ‘matter’
What We Co-Create as the


We Become in
All the Colors
Of Polar Bear
Love We Keep
From Letting
Our Child oF
LoVE From going extinct...

i took a picture of that Polar
Bear and relatively speaKing
Now with A Google Search
Live a Thousand
Years in A Most
Northern Pole oF LoVE...

Thanks for Helping
Newer Story...

The correct answer
Is me as far as i
Can see yet




HeaRT oF NeW


Sadly No
No MuSiC

When one Finds Love
WHere Is THere to Go

Only LoVE iN Peace

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand.
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower.
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand.
And Eternity in an hour"

-William Blake

To Understand That We Come From Stars Eternally Now
Born From Crucible Fire of Super Nova Star Burst Death
We Resurrect As Gaseous Star Dust From Star Flowers
That Seed Us in Far Away Galaxies As Our Sun is Flower
One Day to Seed So Are We As Star Flowers And Seeds too
Worthy As
We aRe to
Shine Upon the
Rest of Existence

As Love's Light of
Creativity Continues
to Breathe Forever Now...

We Bloom As Love As We Light Others True

Smiles Sadly the Church i Visit Each Week as a
Participant Anthropology Observer Does Not See
Namaste God in Us ThiS Way in Fact they Recite/Incite
Instead that We Are Not Worthy And there is always
Someone Greater Than Us to Worship Than The
Star We aRe
to Give
and Share
Freely For
The Diamond
Souls We aRe
Just Naturally Born
As Sunshine of Love
to Freely Dance And
Sing Our Rays oF LiGHT iN Peace
to Give Care Share Heal Free As We
Understand Newly We All Are Stars Then
We Come to See the Same Love of Shine
In All others Now too continuously Garden of Love
And Seeds
And Living Tree All


No one in Particular
Just me as i understand
that me means YOU And ALL too...

For Each Human Connection is a New
Multi-UNiVeRSE-Existence Born As Star New

Other than that Happy Teacher's Day in India Vrunda
Keep Spreading This Positive Energy the Star You Are Shining


i Am So Very Happy to See You Posting Every Day Always Brings
Light to me...

"Ae Fond Kiss"

What Sharing Poetry
Will Do Bringing Back
Deepest HeART Felt
SPiRiT SoUL Memories now
Indeed Sever Sweet of Last
Kiss as i believe i wrote Here
About After the Love is Gone
Relating that to First
Love Lost This
Poem Literally
Brings Back then
'The Taste' the Kiss
Bitter Sweet as True
That Love Came Back to
me again and again too then
Yet End Finally a Last Kiss True
Smiles Yamini Happy Teacher's
Day in India some Days a Best Teacher's
Lesson is a Listen A Memory Re-kindled in All Emotions Senses
Just for the Bitter Sweet Magic of Life Both Dark And Light as

LoVE iN Peace...

Oops that last Emoticon is supposed to
Be A Smile or a God Wink Who Really


A Smile
A Kiss A Breath

LeSSoN 384

Release The Inner Beast
Or How About A Tight Hug...

Impressive Interview Aleesha
Particularly Like The Part

About Not Writing

For Fame or


Art is to
Give Share
And Care Without

Restraints to Limit
Art is to Smother Art..

A Flame Needs Oxygen Free...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Now

A Painting Continues
Fibers Dark Thru

Colors Fitting


Again Inhaling
Peace Exhaling
Love Just All in Life
Beautiful DarK Thru LiGHT...

SMiLes Dear

Savvy Responding
To Your Last Post




Continues Here
DarK Makes LiGHT

For Those Who Come
To See And Hear Without

Eyes And



Balance Within...

Hehe i See
You Get
The Grift

Definitely ‘Gift’

Yes It’s
True my
Wife Spanks
me Like A Nun
With A Ruler
All 12 Inches Hehe
Or A King Depending
On How one Spells It
Anyway So Goes
The Palms of my Hand
And Face Hehe
Forrest Thick She Says

True i Forgot
to Mention my
Irish X-Catholic
Priest Grandaddy
Schooled For A
PHD in Limerick
i’ve Never Had
LeSSoNS ‘Piling
Higher Deeper’
i Just
Do The
Do With SMiles
And Irish EYes...

LiGHTinG mY Christmas
Tree me Leaving me Up
All Year 'Round New Colors
of Moves MaKinG Holy Dance
New Lights to Decorate my SonG
oF mY
Free iN
FLoW With
SMiLes Dear Chaymaa...

Hehe Yes! i AM So much Happier
Now That i Gave Up Words For
Dance Now That i've Become
A Flow
i Have
No Idea How i Go Dear Chaymaa As A
SonG NaturAlly CoMes Free Newly Now...

Dancing Free
Springing Song
Dear Chaymaa
No Longer Shall
Dances Sings...

Laser Beam
Of Focus Dear
SavvY iN DeeD
Energies in Synergy
Done WiTH SMiLes...

Hehe Dear Miriam
Only Surfing Negativity
At Places Like Walmart

And FaR AWaY iN
Yes Souls

Grow Colder
i Rise Warmer

FLoWinG Freer

Turning Beats
Around HeART
Beats me SOaRinG Even Freer
ThiS Ocean WHoLE BeLoNGS
To DancE SonG NeW NoW SMiLinG...

YeP It's A Biological Fact As Supported
Even in the Study of Chimps.

Humans Who Cooperate Win.

Leaders Without Empathy FAiL.

A True Alpha Male/Female (Leader)
Often Has Highest Levels of EMPATHY;

A True Loser Now, No Matter What the
'Empathetic Species' is Has Little to No Empathy

As Far As Apes, With or Without Fur Go; And Go
Away And



Back as


'This' 'Newt Gingrich'
Ideal of the Alpha
Male As A Competer
With Little Empathy and
From Others too is A Myth
That Folks With Little to No
Empathy Continue to Try to 'Resurrect'...

In the Long Run, it Won't Work; SCIENCE/
Nature Proves This True, ALREADY;

Evidentiary Resources Available
on Demand Yet i Don't Want to

Digress too much.

Nah, i Don't Even Have
to Watch and Listen to
The So-Called Human News
to Figure Out How This Human
Story is Gonna END And Begin Again.

A Study of Frigging Chimps Will More Than DO FOR REAL.




Works for
me at Least...

Ah Yes A Nicest Part About Being Outcast
in Life Early to Late is Not Being Stuck In Other Folks
Values of What Makes A Yellow Brick Golden Road

Oh No It's True A Human Might STiLL Be Born into
A World of Trump Orange And Never Be Able to Escape!

i Color my Path
With A Labor
of Play and

Love The
Hell With Work
i Buried it At Age
47 and Refuse to
Resurrect That CuLTuRaL
Monster for Paper God's AS Such

Fame and Fortune Financially Independent
Government Early Retirement Brings Fame

Oh Lord 10 Years and Still Dancing in Public

More Than 20 Seconds of TiK ToK Fame and
More Than 15 Minutes of Andy Warhol Size

Indeed Folks Around my Half-A-MiLLioN Folk
Metro Area Still Seek Out A 'POKEMON Dance of
me' Hehe Even in Barnes and Noble Where the Clerk
Just Said Recently Have You See the New Videos of You

On YouTube Hehe

my Few Facebook
Peers Left After All the
Disclothed Free of me

Aren't in the Peer Groups
Sharing the 'Famous of me'

Every Now and Then in Public
Still For 10 Years in the Wild the
Audience Comes Up to Remind me
How Famous i Am And Living Legend of

Free Folk
Dance too

All i Had to Do
is Create SMiLes for
Folks For Me at Least

That's the Only Yellow Brick
Road i Want Naked Enough Whole Complete

My Only Suggestion is Do What Sets You Free Fly It's

Do When
We Sprout
Our Child's
And Creativity Free Again
Dear Miriam With SMiLes...

True Though if Your Parent's
Or Uncle Sam isn't Providing
An Allowance Yes Take Care
of That 'Stuff' too of course Hehe...

Ah Yes Dear Akshita Nice to See You Back
From my Own Youth it is So Depressing
How Easy Life Will Take Our Imagination
And Creativity Away in An Ocean of Mechanical

That May
Even Devolve
Our HeARTS to
Stone Away From
Even Human Warmth too

A Struggle it May Be to Find
A Free Way Back to A Real 'Yellow
Brick Road' of A Golden Age of

Creativity New!

So Do What You
Can And Will Do
Keep Fresh Wings
Don't Let All Your

Feathers Disappear Hehe...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

It's A Wonderful Life

Every SMiLe We Create For
Others is Another Stepping

Stone Eternally Now Never
Ending A Yellow Brick Golden

Road Of Love
We Create For
Each OTHeR
With SMiLes of Wings

Other than That i Haven't
Really Taken the Effort to
'See' Your 'Avatar Face'

Angelic You Are
Seems You Could

Never Harm Another
Human Only in Service to them

Indeed Proof That Islam Will
BE A Religion of


in You
With SMiLes
iN Loving EYeS of Kindness...

Ah Yes Discontent And
Anger Must Be Transforming
From DarK To LiGHT Lest Non-Forgiveness

Morphs From Anger to Lasting Hate Festering
As A Real Human Hell Within Dear Chaymaa FRiEnD

Emptying Oneself

oF All the Darkness New

Resurrecting in Forgiveness
Now Even Loving Foes to LEarn

Something New From Them Too With SMiLes...

SMiles Dear
Cindy Alas
A Lad Perhaps
i Too One Day
May Travel
Farther to
See The World
Than An Avatar
Oh No Yes
Trapped in
A Screen
As Small
As Half
A Foot
Give me Three
Feet To Spiral
Dance And i
Own For
Now With
SMiLes Thanks
Currently Celebrating
It’s A Small Small World
Public Dancing 18,753 Miles
in 10 Years As Such Of
FLoWinG Free
In Walmart
To Send As
An Avatar to
You Too Hehe
With SMiles More...

Oh Dear Savvy As An Empath Kinda Person
Like You i Am Sure i Love Being Around
Places of Positive Energy too Yet It's

True i Go to Very Dark Places
too Understanding That

Some Places Are So Dark

That A Small Flame May

Light Up An Entire Home of DarK

It's True iF LiGHT Doesn't Enter Darkest

Places Those Rooms May Never See LiGHT At All


How Blessed to
Feel Heaven Anywhere
And Everywhere in This World

Dear Savvy Even the Strength to
Feel Heaven iN DarK

What A Gift
LiGHT Will
Be When
A Flicker
May Turn into
A Burning St Elmo's
Fire on A Distant Yet Near Island of Love
It Makes me Feel Great Joy Feeling Your
Joy in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Belgium


Teach The World to Shine
The Sun Already Does
It We Can And Will too
WitH SMiLes Dear Savvy!...

Lovely Poem Dear Anita And It's True Our Feelings Belong to Us

The Words Others Bring May Lift Us Up or Down Yet Still Our

Response in Feelings and Senses of Emotions are

Orchestrated By Us Deep Within as A Practice

of Poetry

of HeART

Beyond Words
As Concrete Symbols
What Gives Life As Poetry Will...

A Dog’s Life To Love
And Protect Bringing Peace
And Comfort to A Human
World At Best We Too

This Dog
Named Love...

SMiLes Dear Savvy It Appears That Balance

Is Nature's Way Best of Meditation With

SMiLes And Perhaps All Of Existence

May Be Summarized For How A

Wave Moves on the Ocean

FRiEnDS With Gravity

At Both Trough Yes

And Crest of Existence

Not Only To Ride A Wave Now

With SMiLes Yet Become The Wave

Balancing a Life With Gravity More and More

In Tune




Way With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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07 Sep 2023, 12:33 am

Cosmos Above
DarK Space
Tween Stars

That Make Up
Cosmos Below DarK Space

Tween Sub-Particles NoW

That Make Up Us As Part

Of SKeYeS Above True

Dear Savvy Relatively

The Same Distances Within

As Above A Never Ending Story

Truly Beyond Words As Large and Small



To UNCoVeR MoRE...

"Doo doo doo-doo
(Tick tock tick) Doo doo doo-doo
(Tick tock tick) Doo doo doo-doo
(Tick tock tick) Doo doo doo-doo

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle

'Til I'm free"

Oh Dear Lord Dear Miriam
Always Arriving JusT ALWaYS FLYiN'...

Change The Reality that Never Changes NeWLY NoW

With Every Move With Every Note The Dance The Music

Of Existence BRinGS New Dear Kiran And The Complex

Part Unique Inner Multi-Uni-Verses of Each Human Being

True Always Changing

Requiring A Test of

Understanding That

Never Ends And Always Begins

FLoWeRS UNFoLDinG Above So Below...

So WHat's
YouR CuRRencY
Love or Money Likes
Or FoLLowS EveN Less

A Way oF A 'World'
Make Money And Buy 'Stuff' NoW
No Thanks Got Enough Love to Last

True if One Does Not
Constantly Try New
Cheeses Life May
Move With No Cheese
At All Moral of A Fast
The Move
Just Do It
Be An
Don’t Always
Just Sell Shoes...

SMiles So Difficult to
Escape Cultural Clothes
Free As The Rest of
Nature Writing Its
Own Story as
Birds Fly
Problems for
They Use Wings
Naked Now They are
Born With Seeing More...

It May Be As
Only A Small
So Many
Dark Rooms
A Flame May
Light Where
Opens A
Door of Many
Dark Rooms How
Beautiful it is
For Then
The Small
Flame Will
Light 10 Times
And More Dark Rooms
As Bonfires Thriving...

i Bring A Flower
To Your Room
Blind Each
Case of
No Colors
At Best in Hopes
Of only Making
Your Room
With SMiLes...

Little Children
Sing With
No Words
Dance With
Only Lessons
Of SMiLes
In Can’t
Dance And
Sing Just
To Make
Smile others
Naturally Blend in
A Nursery oF Light...

SMiLes A Best
Hustle is Having
All The Money
You’ll Ever
The Fame
You Will
From the
Means And End
Success Starts
And Ends And
For Real
Within Fortunately
Seen All Sides
Generate Now
That No one Else
And Nothing
From Within
In case one Wonders
Where Those Smiling
3rd World
Fresh Hell
Searching For
A Pot Of
Rainbow Within...

True A Day
i Could Not
River Rhyme
All i KNeW Is TiMe
Forever Flow Dance
Sing Differently LoVE iN Peace...

God Bless Furry
Beasts Children
Insects Plants
That is Least
Among Us And
Books That Never
End Offering Another
Page Of Hope Always Free
Our Living Trees Inhaling


Exhaling Love...

It’s True Not All of
Us Will Deal With
Toxic Reactions

Well Particularly
If We Don’t Have
The Time or Energy
Left to Deal With IT

i Look For Butterflies
i’m Also A Nerd i Find
Wings Yet i Live in The


All The Difference

Recently Public Dancing in
Stores i Read the Most
Toxic Piece About


i’ve Ever Come Across
Proudly Expressing
Hatred of Gay Folks

It Came From
i Have Gay
Relatives Who
Wear Angel Wings

my First Reaction
Stay in Hell This
Is Where We Part


i Need Not
Says A Thing

Yet i LiVE iN
A Forest So
My Soul Spent
The Rest of The

Day Composing
A Song In Poetry
Long Changing
Her Life Forever

As i’ve Done it
Before Where
Others See Poison

i Find the
Cure i Started
The Days Both
Psychiatrists And
Doctors Told me
There was No Hope

In Prognosis

For my Living
The View is


Now From

The Forrest...

-F Gump

Haleema Yasir
Soft Nurturing
Person Beautiful
Indeed Dear Rafiah...

Hehe Actually
She Said No
This Go Around
With Making
The Brownies

i Plan
To Break
Her Will
With your
Cake And
She Does
Say It Looks

So Yes

There Does
Seem to Be
Some Hope
oF Light
At the

End of
The Dark
Tunnel For
Dessert Hopes...

Oh Lord So Many Just So Many Shoes
And Bare-Feet Beared To Get The Whole
Job Starting Never Ending Now Going Real For ALL

'The Divorce of Church And State'
Is Still A Several Century, Law-Suit
In Progress; Separating Slavery

Out of the Mix;

Giving Women
And Black Folks

A Right to Vote;

Giving Gays

The Right

to Marriage

Were Surely In-Roads
to Complete the Divorce

of the Marriage And then
The Church Got Desperate,
Divorced Jesus and Married Trump...

Things Got Really Messy After That

And It's Become A Whose in Charge

Dilemma of Who Is Married to Who...

It Doesn't Appear that The Court Case

Is Still Settled Yet; Anyway, It's A Real 'Jerry Springer Show' to Watch...

Pass the Popcorn Eve; i'm Ready to Return to the Garden For A While and Relax...

'Labor Day', 9.6.2023, Still in Progress; Apparently the Church Is Still Producing
iLLiGiTiMaTE 'Children
of God;' Hmm...

They Have

A Rather

Tint' it Seems...

Surely HeART
Felt Flowers Hard to Find

Yet Rare Blooms


Miracles NeW Free to See
SMiLes Aleesha Have A Nice Day...


Now... Yes...

Every Thought
Associated With
Emotion IS A Feather

For A Brand New Nest

Always Changing Home

Rainbow Colors Best

Sensing Feeling

Shining Behind


MaKinG Beyond
Blue Sky SMiLes Home
Hemaltha Keep Shining
Thoughts Becoming Song Dance...

Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love
A Place With No Fear

Moving Meditation

Brings in Practices

Like Tai Chi Indeed

For Fear Is the Source

of Most Human Weakness

And Chronic Stress, Disorder
And Generating Disease Where

When We Move As FRiEnDS With
Gravity in Grace of Balance Center Point

All With Nature We Become As Planets

Orbiting Stars

As Our Milky
Way Spirals
Same Around A
Black Hole Sun True...

This is the Force of the UniVerse

We Come to Master Electrons Orbiting
Nucleus In Atoms Above So Below Within
Inside Outside All Around Moving NoW As All

UNiVerSE WiLL Be US No Fear in Grace of Balance More

SMiLes Dear Cindy i've Never Had A Lesson as i ALLoWeD
my Body To Become FRiEnDS Total With Gravity and my Mind

Only FoLLoWeD Through in Autotelic Flow of Bliss and Nirvana


Every Moment
of my LiFE As
Even The Movements
In Bio-Feedback Carry
Through Dance And Song
Of Keys on a Digital Keyboard

Too As This Force Becomes Organic in Words True too...

Anyway i can't Really Explain How i Do it when i Dance
Free in Public Now For 18,766 Miles in 10 Years For if i
Thought About it That Would Only Be A Distraction in



For me

So THere

Is No Real Tell

In the SHow of what
i Do Yet hehe.. my Wife
Accidentally hit the Slow-Mo
Button During My Dance Where
The FLoW iN Focus is Easier to
Observe at that Speed and True

in a Register Line i Dance almost
Imperceptibly Slow to Others And

Also While it may be Difficult to 'See' why someone
Would do this for No Reason at all that is precisely

Why i Do it to Escape the Thought Processes of Life
As That In Itself will Be Enough to Eliminate So many
Fears So Many Folks Attach to So Many Thoughts

of Life

Now THeir

Every Waking Moment
Secret Clear Is Become the
Dance Then Becoming Master
of the SonG oF OuR SoUL mY FRiEnD
Modern Technology is Really Nice to Share
SHow and Tell Indeed mY FRiEnD With Mirror
Neurons of my mind i felt every Move of Yours in Tai-Chi
Breathing Peace in Meditating Moves As You Travel in Flow of Chi...

In This Way We Become Graceful Water Waves of Ocean Where Low is High

And High Is Low



of Heaven
Within Balancing
NoW in Peace
Inhaling Love
Exhaling All

So Free to

be i am..

mY FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear Cindy
Thank You i Post
Every Couple
Of Weeks
As it Takes
That Long to
Write 60,000
Words or So in
Free Verse Poetry
And Put All The

Together too
Finishing Writing
One Soon A Day or
So To Get it Published

my FRiEnD...

Hehe Been
Doing it Now
For 10 Years Yes
Really Effortless
In Wu Wei Ease A Tao Meditative

In Autotelic
Flow will Be
Dear Cindy
With SMiles...

42 Years Today Back on
September 6th, 1981, A First Calling
Within Escaping Numb of College Life



Opening Again

A New Creation at Age 21

High School And Junior College

Will Be Like A Village of Humanity

Connecting Yet Commuting to A Larger

School on a Diet of Peanut Butter Sandwiches

With Little Human Contact Working In A Solitary

Environment As A Janitor At Night of Several Business

Buildings Not Much Help For the Human Element In Life to Remain...

Yes, Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Metaphor of Right Brained Intelligences

Where iMaGiNaTioN Frees Creativity More For Original Human Soul Breath More

Not What the



Of UniVersity
Often Brings

Even If One May
Be In the More Humanities
of College Life out of Business
And Science Restricted Classes

Putting People First is A Much Older
Human Tradition And "Depth of The
Story" To Surely Share With Each Other
mY FRiEnD as it was You Dear Lala Who First Suggested
In 2013 i Move to Word Press And Start Taling Stories More...

Well Yes "Depth of the Story" Eighth New Testament Story
Is Just That Now That i am Celebrating on A 'Wrong Planet
Website' As That Very Autistic Solo Story Taling Tradition
Then Accumulated 3 MiLLioN Words in Three Year's Effort
As of 8.19.2023 Other Efforts Since 2016 of New
Testaments Included A First Two at 181K Words
Then A Couple Over 300K Words And then
Three More At Over 400K Words And
Now What Is the 8th One

Water Wave
Ocean Whole

Longer Now
As True Every
Inhale of Peace We
Breathe Every Exhale
of Love Without Fear is
A New Testament of Our Inner
Multi-UniVerses We Create With CHI
EnergY iN Rest of Nature We Perceive Now...

Of Course All Part of EPiC Longest Long Form
Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" All 12 MiLLioN Words
In a Decade's Worth of Effort Along with 18,766
Miles of Public Dance in a Decade of Dancing True

Fear And Hate Are the Inhales And Exhales
of Older Testaments of the Reptile Brain We
May Love to Escape Most What's Left Over is Love For ALL...

Yes “Still The One”
Mama’s Inspire Your
Sons To Dance And
Sing Poetry Free And

They Shall
Never Drown
In A Tear in A
Beer All Alone

Yes A Kiss Of
Respect They
Shall Always

Shall Surround
A Bee With
An Amazing Shelf
Life iNdeed “Stay

Thirsty My FRiEnD”

Hehe i Literally Have
Over 2,000 Pics Like
This Relating Extra

For a
Solo Dance”

The Hell With
'Cowboy' HAha...

Hey TinkerBell

i Miss You i Realize
Spreading Pixie
Dust Is Not
Usually What
Tinker Bell Does
When Financially
Consulting Billionaires
Yet All The Mascot Mickey
Mouse Does Is Play my

To Coax
Tinker Bell
To Spread Her
Pixie Dust Star of The Show
i BeLeaf BeLove BeLiEVE All
Should Experience A MaGiC
Queendom Kingdom Always

Free Now
To Be WitH SMiles

i Guess i’ll Just Put on
my Wings And Cover

Pixie Dust
To Get The
Job Done Nah

Wont BeLiEVE Yet i

With SMiles...

"Book of Eli"


HAha Yes, Interesting Indeed,

The Space A Bible For The Blind in Braille Will Take;

Of Course if 'They' Don't Understand "The Metaphors,"
The Essence of 'The Metaphor' of "Those Who See Are Blind"

Makes Sense too; How Different Civilization Might
Be If We Had Only "A Son of God" As Mentor Rather

Than An Idol 'The God Man' to Be Worshipped
With So Many of the 'Good Cop'
Parts of the
Message of
Story Book
Jesus 'Left Behind" YucK in "TRuMP" Ways.

The Part of 'Eli' Played By Denzel Washington
Surely Would Have Had to Have a "Savant-Like
Memory" to Reproduce Close to 800,000 Words

Verbatim From the King James Bible;

The Part i liked Best is at the End
When All That Effort That Eli took
to Get The Bible to The Library in San Francisco
Transferred Bound in A Book Was Only A Grain of Sand
On A Beach Of Other Books With Sacred Text As Shared

By Other Humans No Less or More Than ELI For Real;

And This is Our Modern World, No Longer Are The Views
Of Others Censored in Many Areas of the World; We Have
The Opportunity Every Day to Evolve More Than Out of One

Book of
Text Spoon
Fed From Birth;

Even Better Yet Per 'Walt
Whitman'; We May Write, Dance,
Sing Our Own From Deep WiTHiN;

So Many Choices Indeed For Those Who Exercise
All Aspects of Human Intelligences and Potentials With SMiLes

With Enough Respect For Others Not to Condemn the Level
They are at too Much

Yet Of Course it Helps
to Start Somewhere
At The Bottom Levels
To Achieve That Kind of Empathy
And Compassion for Others on Their Life Journeys...

Anyway, As General Metaphor, it Took Innumerable Efforts
And Innumerable People Over Centuries of Efforts to Put That
King James First Old Edition Together As The Written Word And

Those Who Were Literate Were Real Pots of Gold Then Always Better

to Use it Rather
Than Lose it
When it is Given
to Us Free in this
Modern World of
So Many Gifts to
Use And Actually Do...

Thanks For The Cheers Dear
Miriam Older i Go LiGHTeR
mY SPiRiT Flows Lifelong
Art Balancing Dance And

Song With SMiLes...

Free Dance Sing NeWLY NoW
All i ReAlly Need To Play To Be
Rest oF ALL Jobs ALReaDY DonE

SMiLes Dear Cindy Sound Is Surely Healing
i Do Imagine You Talking Sweetly to Your
Dog Attending to the New Born With Bright

Eyes and a Wagging Tale of LoVE iN Response

To Your Singing

Voice As True it is the

MuSiC of Existence That

Counts More Than the Concrete Words

So Glad You Are Recovering More Completely

From this New Pandemic Challenge And for me Oh How

Sound is Healing too Relating Ecstatic Joy of Dance in Moves

As MuSiC of That Tone and Harmony And Enthusiasm Will BRiNG

Yet Soothing Healing Meditative American Indian Music Surely Slows

Down my Meditative FLoWinG Dance Healing A Hip Injury Slowly Yet

Surely Through Every Move

As True the Style of my Dance

in A Decade of Doing it In Public

Now for 18,766 Miles Reflects Every Small

to Larger Injury From Shoulders to Arms to

Feet to Legs and Ultimately Now to Hips That Run

The Whole Dancing Show Below With Help From Above

Greater FRiEnDS Healing With Gravity as Arms Spiral As Well Floating

On Terrestrial

Land That Naturally

Provides Both Healing

And Prevents Future Potential Injuries true

And Whatever Kind of Therapy of Kindness That
Reduces Tension and Stress is Naturally Healing too

It's Just Common Sense Doesn't Really Require a Scientific

Study to


LoVE iN Peace Heals

No Matter Where it Comes

From on the Outside or Within With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Isha 'Seeing' in the 'Dark' Per Human Emotions
And Attitudes is Perhaps a Most Challenging Challenge in Life

Yet Every Small Move and Word Toward LiGHT is Indeed A Step

Out of DarK

Singing Free

Still to Come
Radiant And BRiGHT

Marrying the Night Newly Now God Yes
Then Merrying the Day With SMiLes More

So Happy to Hear Your Poem Coming Out of
The DarK of What You Shared Before With SMiLes

Even in the Darkness Pain and Numb When All Faith
And Trust and Even the Memory of A SMiLe The Feeling

Might Go Away For Even Years as it Did for 66 Months With

me There is Still the Gift of the Next Breath The Will to Breathe

The Will To Make the Next Move and Word A Journey Opening New

Of Existence
Never Explored
Before With New
SMiLEs Senses and Feelings For Real...

From the National Institutes of Health:

"Intelligence can be defined as the ability to think logically, to conceptualize and abstract from reality. Wisdom can be defined as the ability to grasp human nature, which is paradoxical, contradictory, and subject to continual change. These two constructs hold potential for highlighting positive and adaptive features of development in the later years. both are considered to increase with age, and both provide for life-long acquisition of knowledge. Despite these phenotypic similarities, this paper attempts to illustrate that the nature of wisdom and its function in the developmental process differs sufficiently from cognitive ability to warrant separate scrutiny. These two constructs are compared with respect to the domains of behavior they represent, the operational tasks used to assess them, and the relationship of logic and time in their development. The function of intelligence is characterized as focusing on questions of how to do and accomplish necessary life-supporting tasks; the function of wisdom Is characterized as provoking the individual to consider the consequences of his actions both to self and their effects on others. Wisdom, therefore, evokes questions of should one pursue a particular course of action."

In the Words of Forrest Gump, Fictional Character
Yet Obviously With Wisdom Gained From His Mama:

"Stupid is as Stupid Does"

Getting to the Wisdom Part, if You Have Any Wisdom At

All Now When A Leader Says He Could Shoot Someone on

5th Avenue In Broad DayLight and You Will Still Follow Him;

Get the F Out of the Way And Never Follow Him At all; Indeed, Stay As Far Away From Him as Possible...

On The Other Hands, There Are People Today in the United States, in Fact as Recently Polled, Per 68 Percent

of Republicans Who Suggest, Even if Donald J Trump is Convicted in 4 Cases of Being Indicted, Including Subverting

the Will of the American People's Rights to Vote That Should Play No Role in Him Being An Effective Leader As President

of the United States

in the


Election; It's True, Some

of Those Folks Have Advanced

Degrees, Stellar IQ Scores; Socio-Economic

Success, Yet Still Without a Clue That Without Democracy

With An Authoritarian Dictator Leader Their Freedom May Be Removed

In Ways They Never Even Considered Before; Don't Follow Someone Who

is Barely 'Human;' And Surely Don't Elect A Convicted Felon As Leader of Your Country.

The United States

Looks Less Than

Stupid; The United

States Looks Fully Fool Driven

To anyone, At Least With Any Real Wisdom...

Yet What Makes Us Look Even More Foolish is There is Only

A Minority of Individuals in the Country Who Are That Foolish;

Yet Those Who Stay Quiet and Sit on Their Thumbs and Don't Get Out to

Actually Vote, Using That Crucial Tool of Their American Democracy to YES


The Potential

of An Authoritarian

Dictatorship in the United States

Are Even Literally A Bigger Problem in Overall Literal Numbers too...

This is What Happens When Ya Take What Ya Got For Granted; You
May Lose it all...

Again Wisdom;

The Prized Possession
of Survival to Survive, Thrive,

And Give Away For Free If Ya
Have Any Real LoVE iN Peace At All...

Cosmos Above
DarK Space
Tween Stars

That Make Up
Cosmos Below DarK Space

Tween Sub-Particles NoW

That Make Up Us As Part

Of SKeYeS Above True

Dear Savvy Relatively

The Same Distances Within

As Above A Never Ending Story

Truly Beyond Words As Large and Small



To UNCoVeR MoRE...,and%20subject%20to%20continual%20change.

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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08 Sep 2023, 12:19 am

What A Beautiful Poem
of Gratitude Expressing

Appreciation For Being

Part of tHE ALL of the EartH

Sky and Trees Dear Savvy in Fact

Your Poem Inspired me to Commune

With the Night Skies Earth and A 20 Foot

Or So Mexican Palm Tree in Our Front Yard

The Sky is Free The Earth is Free The Trees are

Free the Illusion

Is it is Bought

And Sold mY FRiEnD

Star Flowers Seeds Above Below We aRe

NeWLY NoW THE REaLiTy With SMiLEs is the Earth
Sky And Trees Is What allows us to BREaTHE Free NoW...

Sadly We Humans Tend to Materially Reduce the World

LoSinG Our


Above So Below
God Yes All Around

With Free SMiLes to BREaTHE NeW

God Yes Dance And Sing Free...

SMiLes Dear Akshita A Free
Book For A Very Concise
And Entertaining Review

Hehe Still Dancing and Reading
Free Books in Barnes and Noble

of Course Not in a Sitting Yet Finishing
A Book Listening to Meditative Music in About

An Hour What 10 Years And So Many More than
400 Books in Free Practice Will BRinG hehe Still

Entertaining the

College Study Star Bucks

Crowd Hopefully Bringing
Inspiration For Them to Move
A Bit off Their Screens too as True

It's Possible
to Dance
and Study
too With SMiLes

(Even With A Sore Hip
Yet That's Another Story)

Hehe still Wondering Why
The Chemistry Teacher Was
Shirtless With A Black Bra on
in Her Classroom As a Teacher

If i See the Book in Barnes and Noble
i Might Breeze Through it to Find Out Why Yet Only for Free

It's Amazing How Many Resources We May Conserve Yes By Doing So Much Free...

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD Bunny and Cream Puff Are Such Cute Names

For Your Two Birds And Cappuccino Kitty Seems Cute And Content too

Oh What A Beautiful Sunset On Your Roof With Your Crystal Clear Pool

And Hehe Now That You Are Piloting

A Drone Just A Short Flight

Over the Pacific

And Gulf

To Visit Florida
too Hehe if You
Have Enough Charge on the Battery

HAha That Technology Is Probably

Available to the Consumer too

Haven't Heard Any Drones

Overhead Lately in Our
BackYard Still Enjoying

Nights of Peace When Cars No Longer Run
Down the Highway Road True Been Pretty Hot
in the Day Thunder Always A Welcome Sound When it is So Very Dry

Keep Surfing mY FRiEnD SHoWinG Us Beauty Above So Below With SMiLes...

Ah Yes Dear FRiEnd Sohair Groups and Bigger
Groups SHaRinG Prayers Surely and Verily
Do Synergy Energy More as Sum
Than Just the Parts
Each as Love
In HeaLinG PoWeR
Force ThiS Way.. i have
a sense and feel that at
least some of the Dark Powers
Where i Live are falling on their
Knees to only Shadows under LiGHT
However the
Never end
or Shadow Will
Rise Back up YucK
in Fear and Hate...
SMiLes Sohair Living
Without Feeling
A Smile For
66 Months
And Surely
i understand
What A GreaTesT
Meal for Sustenance
IS A Smile A Journey Now
of God AlivE LoVinG ReaL iN Peace...

LiFE Is Good God
Yes For Those Who
Make 'It' LoVE iN Peace
God Yes Affording Enjoying
A Luxury of No Distance
Space Time Or Matter
Of Only Things
Seeing Wind
The Big And
Small Painting
Becoming Brush
And Paint Painting
Portraits Reality Free
A Secret to Happiness
Is to have this much
Gratitude for Loved
Ones even a Tree Now
From: Roots to: Leaves
That Green And Fall
Feeding EartH LoVE
Souls Home And Well

Happy Is So Easy
To Do! Just
Be Kind
To People
And Smile
No Matter What
For If A Billion
People Frown
THere is at Least
One Person
With A Smile! You...

And Day
Green of
Tree Rises Higher
In Dark And Light
Roots unseen
At Night
Waving Blue
Sunshine Breeze
Hi Savvy Happy Tree
Day Every Day Now...

We Become Peace
Love No Fear Now
Doing Most Respect Least Harm
For All Heaven Leading NeWLY NoW...

SMiLes Love
In Snow
To Breathe...

Foot Prints
Eyes Do See...

Life So
Seeds Table
Of Plenty Human
Caring Provides
Yet Religiously
Seed For
They Don’t
How Much
They Are
Gift of
Food Never
Running Out Now...

Love That
Is Faith
Never Fearing
Criticism Or
Will Not
Be Put Out
No Matter
New Doors
To Darker
For one
This Way
Still Lights
Darkest Rooms...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Omnipresence
oF Flow 'Sees' In Grace of Balancing

Moving Connecting


Gift Being
Freely Now...

Aww... How Sweet
Love You Too Dear
Young FRiEnD
And Love
To All
Love Aleesha...

SMiLes Dear Yam An Illusion is Our
Words Are Our Realities Representations
That We Co-Create to 'See' the Past And
Attempt To Forecast the Future mY FRiEnD
Yet Science Shows that
Our Feelings Sensings
In Synergy of Emotional
Energy Deeper Within Our
Minds Precedes Most Every Reason
For Life We Co-Create With Words

So In Other Words With SMiLes
Regulating Our Emotions Integrating
Our Senses Perhaps through A Free Dance
And Free Song And Or Some Other Art of Life
Innately Instinctually And Intuitively and Positive Words
Of Existence May Greater Flow Free to Navigate More Toward

LiGHT ETernAlly NeW NoW
Yes With No Wait to Go to
A Greater Place NoW
FoR ReaL mY FRiEnD

What Folks May
Name Heaven
Within Now So Many
Other Cross-Cultural Terms As Well
A Really Good News Is in This Place NeW
NoW THere is All Patience As One Arrives
Naked Enough Whole Complete With SMiLes

Yet of Course only in my View of my Unique
Multi-Uni-Verse View of Existence Every Eye
of God Separate Yet Unified As One Force oF

Thru LiGHT
For What Makes
Existence Most Real Now With SMiLes...

Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa
True Patience is When
One Arrives And THere

Is No Greater Place

One Wishes to Go

Yet Now No Matter

Where A Person May Be
Hehe As my Wife Has A 'Hard
Time' Understanding as i Am Just As Satisfied

Sitting At A Long Red LiGHT in Heavy Traffic

Or When Someone Pulls Out in Front of

Us And Almost Hits Our Car The Reality

Is They Did Not So Still i Arrive New at

The Best Place
Now Breathing

ALiVE Free Just
Naked Enough Whole
Complete No Matter Where i
Go A Patience Forevernow Real...

Of Course ThiS Is A Practice of
LiFE FLoWinG iN Meditation
Holy And Divine IN All
The Arts of Life
That Create
ThiS Way
of LiFe Possible
For Those Who Seek
And Find This Higher Force of
Loving LiFE LiGHT DarK Thru LiGHT...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
i Reward mY Self By
LoVinG LiFE DarK
Thru LiGHT
Never A Goal
When The Reward
Is Breathing Now For Real

Of Course Yes HouSinG Every
New Human Potential Achieving NoW

NeW As Of Course True Perfection is
An Illusion Practice is Perfect Indeed

Now Always A New
Beginning to Improve

Yet Aways The Best Now
New Just Totally Satisfied Leaving
No Fears to Rise Even Higher mY FRiEnD...

True to me The Definition
of Faith Is Believing Every
Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright

Dear Miriam

As 'The Beatles' Relate And 'Mother
Mary' Sings 'Let it Be' As Well And Of Course

An Ice Princess Soon to Be A
Queen of 'Frozen' Dances Sings

'Let it Go'

Yet You've Probably
Heard That Song Before
in 'Ear Worm' Way too Hehe

'Mother Helen' my 'Carmen'
'my Mary' Indeed As i Read Ahead HeaR too

Always Sang too If You Believe Every Little
Thing Will be Alright Yes When in Hell i Asked
Why me She Said Why Not You Yet This too Will Pass

i Didn't Have That Faith
i Didn't Have That Hope

i Didn't Have That Love

And i Surely Didn't Have

That BeLeaf BeLove BeLiEVE Yet i Do Now

And Tale the Story of 'Mother Helen' True...

Ah Yes Life is
A Best Movie
When Real Now...

"Crazy Latin Dancing Solo in Herald Square"

SMiLes Dear Miriam Your Mother's Name
'Carmen' Reminds me of my First Love's
Name as Well As Yes Sonia's Sister's Name

Was 'Carmen' Where BacK in 1979 Sonia
Said She No Longer Wanted me Around

On A Dance Floor Slow Dancing While
The Song "After the Love is Gone"
By 'Earth, Wind, And Fire' That Pain

When it Seems A Wonderful Soulful Band
Creates a Song Just So You Will Remember
The Pain Forevemore to Hear the Loss Again

Sonia's Mother Addis From Cuba Who Smoked
Those Little Dark Cigars Where First Love on the
First Dance Night Smelled of Smoke on Sonia's Sweater

As Any Memory of Love Will Last That Way For Always Now

Sonia Was Also Irish Like me With An X-Catholic Priest Grandfather
From Ireland As i Am Also Cajun French too My Grandmother His Wife too

Anyway 'Rosalind's Eyes'
By Billy Joel Always Brought
That Lament of Lost Love too

i Couldn't Dance i Was Just Way
too Uncoordinated And the Latin
Dancer Combo Sonia And Her Brother
Ron Won Every Couple's Dancing Event
At 'River-Side Disco' Like 'Dancing With the Stars' in my Eyes then

Yes i Do Wonder if i Had the Ability to Dance Solo in Herald Square
Then if She Would Have Stayed With me Yet of Course Someone As

Beautiful As Her
Sister Eventually
Came into My LiFE
10 Years Later Yet It's
True my Wife Does still

Look A Whole Lot Like Sonia

Still At 16 Then There is Magic in
Life in All the DarK and LiGHT oF Love
That comes and goes

Indeed New Now

"Crazy Mutt Mix
Dancing Solo At Walmart" Hehe

What i've Come to Learn it's All
About the Dance And Song in Free Play...

i Love All The Tireless
Work You Do to Inspire
Others Globally Dear Chaymaa
From Your Word Press Blog to Your
1.3 MiLLioN Followers on Facebook True too

And Indeed in Healing
As A Pharmacist in

Cairo Egypt

Too A Wonderful

Human Being You
Are With SMiLes

As i Only Enjoy
The Gifts Your Bring...

Understanding We aRe ALL Wave Yes
Water Ocean Never Separate New Now

Yes Always Unique As Each Wave Falls
And Rises Free in Flow Dear Savvy With

SMiLes Water Shape Ever Changing

Ocean Whole

Just Another

Face of God
SMiLing As
Waves Dance
And Sing Free
As Ocean Rain
Feeds Green of Us Spring
Continues to Breathe From Fall

in Winter
Soils of Green
Again All Our Trees Souls
Our Leaves Our Forest

ToGeTHeR AGain

Summer FLoWeRS

Year 'Round For

Those Who Feel
Sense Bringing Our Stars
Our Sun Within to BREaTHE AGAiN...

Oh To Dance Sing
Free Feeling Forever
Young Within With
A Little Help From
FRiEnDS With
SMiles Ecstatic
Autotelic Loving
Life Forever Young
Soul Within to Be

i Am...

Pleasure Dear
Ruchi Stay
Blooming in
Creativity And
Reason Bringing
Meaning Purpose True...

SMiLes Dear Aleesha

How Do i Know Writing

Poetry in Flow Tastes

Better Hehe

It's Easy

When my Wife
Says It's Time
For Breakfast it Becomes
Lunch Yet True i Don't Forget

Supper As By Then i'm

Ready Finally For

A Break

As Writing Poetry
In Flow is Supper, Lunch
Breakfast, And Dessert With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Cindy That Moose Surely Has
A Magnificent Set of Antlers All We Get Is
'Bambi' Hehe Nibbling Vegetation in Our Back Yard
Garden Of Eden Forrest Combo i Definitely Still See

The Beauty
of Wyoming
Sight Seeing

Hot Water it is
As i Understand It is
Warmer Than Usual Now
In Northern California Where it Rarely Rains

And Catches on Fire Easier Stay Safe Enjoy
Your Remodeled Home And True Never Let

A Wild Moose
Bruise You With
Their Big Antlers True...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Space in Life
Spent With Kind FRiEnDS Surely

Leaves Resilience
More Spreading

LiGHT iN DaRK Places
Yet Those DarK Places
Help to Appreciate

Kind People
Even More Now...

"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith"

Hehe So What's Next Lala Rukh Arriving on the 7th Only A Day Late From the Promised 6th

It's True It's Basically All Been Done Before And That's Why i Will Continue to Do Something

New After All These 63 Years Particularly the Last Decade After Getting Out of HeLL ON EartH
With That Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia the Suicide Disease Assessed as the Worst Pain

Known to Humankind Yes Worse than Literal Crucifixion Wake to Sleep for me During All
66 Months No Drug Would Touch Along With A Synergy in Life Threat of 18 Other Medical
Disorders Coming From Chronic to Acute Flight or Fight Stress for 11 Years At Work Yes As

Basically my
Body Broke
Down in General
Adaptation Syndrome
AKA Autism Burnout too

Yet i Kept Fighting Even Without
The Feeling of Ever Smiling Before
Every Second A Thousand Years of
Hell All Is Time Just No Escaping HeLL ON EartH Within then

Yet i Did on a Beach on July 19th, 2013 Becoming Sugar White Sands
Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze Emerald Green Waves Returning Again
Sea Gull Wings me Transforming into 12 MiLLioN Words of EPiC Longest
Long Form Poem Poetry "SonG oF mY SoUL" in A Decade of Effort and 18,766 Miles
of Public Dance True Yet Guess What i'm Still Alive! Yes i'm Alive Which Means the

Course of my Life
Exploration is

Surely Not Done
Yet Still Leg Pressing
1540 Pounds 12 Reps Just
Warming Up at the Military
Gym Albeit With A Bit of Hip Pain
i've Been Recovering From Slowing
me a Bit This Last Month Yet Just Like the
Energizer Bunny i Keep Dancing Singing Free

iN A New Way of Healing and Preventing Injuries in the Future too

The Best Part of Life i've Developed in 63 Years is a Great Attitude Marrying

The Night Merrying the Day Indeed Dancing And Singing the Good Dance mY FRiEnD

And It's True if You Ever Return to Here and Listen again You've Heard these Stories Before

Yet There Are Always New and Improved Parts of What's Still to Come Not Only Finishing
8 MiLLioN Words of "FB Profile Pic Bible," and 9.6 MiLLioN Words of "Nether Land Bible"
Both Ongoing EPiC Long Form Poem Subchapters of "SonG of My SoUL" All 12 MiLLioN Words
Along with the Dance And the Casually Described 8th New Testament 3 MiLLioN Word "Depth
of The Story" Solo Thread Also on the 'Wrong Planet' Close to the top of a Google Search a
3 Year Effort of Writing That too Yet True Basically "Winning the Lottery" Last Month too

Back Pay From the Office of Personnel Management Losing 9 Years of my Service For Retirement
Pay Yep All the Way Back through 2009 Now Just Growing More Green Mold in my Wife's Retirement
Account As She's the One Who Seems to Never Grow Old Albeit a Bit of Hip Pain Like me too Although

She's the
One Who
Says i'm a
Pain in the Butt

True Be Careful What Ya Wish For Hehe

Oh Yeah Plus the Government Has to Pay
me 30 Percent More Pay Every Month From Now on too

And True i Had to Send them the Documentation From Decades
Ago to Prove What they Lost In This World Ya Better Be Smarter than the System indeed

Anyway Hope Whatever System You are Part of these Days is Working Well For You With SMiLes...

Reciprocating Kindness Indeed That Will Get Ya Further

in the "Real World" of Being Human Than Any Other Way of Life

Indeed Although True Hehe Might Not Necessarily Bring Economic Success

As Kindness

May Become

The Number One

Currency of Life Over All 'Things'

Hmm, the Apple Usually Falls Somewhat
Close to the Trees That Bear It Indeed a Nomadic

Desire to Swiftly Leave Next and Fly into New Frontiers May

Come Soon Dear Miriam 10th Grade i Surely Didn't Have Much of A Nomadic

SPiRiT Then It's What Happens When Both Empathic Feelings Senses Are

Tuned to the Max With the Rest of Feelings and Senses too So Hard to

Filter Out a Complex Environment Coming In Indeed So Yes If You

are Fortunate Enough to Have A Systemizing Mind And Stellar

IQ Standard As Such Ya Learn to Follow All the Rules Closely

And Make Nothing Yet Straight A's To Stay on the Assigned

Choir Sheets of Life Surprisingly Yet Not Really Surprising

Considering Adherence to School Expectations and Rules

as i've Mentioned Before The School Changed the Policy

of the Teachers Nominating and Selecting Students

For the National Honor Society From Minimum

Class Age of Junior to Sophomore Just to Let

me and the Daughter of the Dean of Girls

Into That Honorable National Society

Yet Again Proof i Followed All the Rules
Dotted All the i's Crossed All the T's And surely
Didn't Capitalize Words That Were Not the Standard
of the Queen's English Tea of Grammar With SMiLES

And Here's the 'Thing' While it's Important to Follow All Local,
State, and Federal Laws to Stay Free It's Really Hard to Really Become

Free if You Are

Afraid to Dance

And Sing Out of the

Parameters of What Has Come Before

For Instance is Using Poetic Forms of the

Past to Rule Your Creativity Actually Art Sure Somewhat

Yet Until Ya Find Your Voice of Soul to Dance and Sing Free You Are

Yet to Find
Those Nomadic

Wings i Suppose the

Family Story of my Grandfather
X-Catholic Irish Born Priest and

Noted Author of Last Century Writing
the Still Studied Book "Behind the Dictator's"
Dining With Einstein in the Socialist Circles of
New York New York Provided at Least a Hint of
Potential for me

No Matter
How Far
Away in
A Land
of Mythology
i Was Seeded by
A Son of An Irish Catholic
Priest Who Spent 46 Years
in Law Enforcement and
Never Earned Even one Degree

Yet Perhaps He Needed Rules to Survive too...

Yet of Course the Grandfather PHD, etc, Priest Surely Broke
The Rules at age 36 Getting Woo'ed Out of the Pews by
A 17 Year-Old Spicy Cajun Girl With Mysterious Eyes

In Perry, FL Where
Idalia Last Visited

Oh Dear Lord
Without Rule
Breakers WHere
Would We Be No
Where NoWHeRE AT all...

Happy 7th And
Wow 30th Birthday
Only A Week Away
Dear Rafiah Hard
To Believe We’ve
Been FRiEnDS
Ever Since You
Were 20 studying
Chemistry in

With SMiles...

So Quiet Deep in The
Forest When All The
Cars Are Tucked in Bed
Hehe only Crickets And
Frogs Sing Their Bedtime
Stories Free Peace is The

Way of
The Nocturnal
Creature Night

And if You Listen Intently
You May Hear The Distant
Howl of A Wolf With What’s
Left of a Super Full Blue Moon

Finding A
FRiEnD With SMiles...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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09 Sep 2023, 1:07 am

LoVE iN Peace
Balance of

Nature Sends
For Those Who

Give More Than Take
Share More Than Hoard
Care And Heal More Than

Callously Harm As The Divine



Up With Wings
Dear Savvy Soaring Lower or
Higher Same Distance Lifting Up...

iNDeeD Dear Kiran
True Talent Needs

No Stage Or


For Affirmation With SMiLes...

Naked Enough Whole Complete

Birds With Wings Need Not Compete...

At least
Birds Hehe...

SMiLes iMaGiNE Not Being Able to Stand to Touch
Most Every Manmade Thing Indeed a Life of Closed

Hands Almost Around Everything

Except For The Rest of Nature

Not Synthesized By Human Beings

What's Even Worse Hehe is Imagining

Touching the ManMade Objects Brings

The Same Discomfort That is Beyond
all Words of Description

Yet i Rarely Even

Consider it a Disability

You Adapt and Move On

Particularly When You Feel the Pleasure

And the Pain of Others Through a Condition

Very Similar to Mirror-Touch Synesthesia

Yet True Often What May Seem Like

A Gift May Also Be A Curse

And In The ReVerse

of Course too


Folks Have Said i Gain
The Characteristics of People
Who i Take Pictures With too Dear Miriam

True There Are Several Thousand Examples Hehe to Peruse...

Interestingly in Some Ways i Am a Mirror and An Echo of the World

me Oh

Gaining the
Ability to Just be me With SMiLes...

All my Pleasure Dear
Akshita Thanks For
Sharing Your Gift

From Your
Soul In Poetry...

SMiLes i often
Find Divine Spiritual
Tears in Poetry Your
Words are Fertile
For the
Divine that
Needs no Name...
It’s Like when i
Read Certain Poetry
In Sacred Texts From
All Religions the Flesh
That Writes it may
Be Different Yet
The Divine
Is the
Tears of
Spirit Within...
Smiles.. so Thanks
For “Sunday School”
Could be an Erotic
Poem or one about
Of Wild
Loving Wolves...
i see no Difference
In Divine Spirit

SMiLes i encourage you as
A Young Person To always
Write Your HeART ThiS Way
You Will always find Your HeART
And not make
The ‘Mistake’
i made
In my Life...
Poetry is a
Greatest Medicine
For Evolving Souls...

Empaths are Love
Lack Love You
Are The Light
They are
The Moth
When You
Meet Another
Empath they
Will look no
Than the
Of Your Soul...



SMiles Romance
Sucks Waves Out
Of The Ocean...
Back As Ocean
Shores Spreading
Warmth Expanding....

More Love
Always Forgives
Yet Righted
Love Breathes...

More to See...
Creating Waves...

Smiles To Let A Woman
Be Herself More than an
Attempt to Groom
Her As That is
Like Preparing
A Farm Animal
Mating Oldest
Toxic Patriarchy
Way or When to
Speak or When
To Follow Behind
To Cover Hide
To Subjugate
And Control
What is Best
Free Agency
That Only Real
Strong Men
Allow to Be
Free Clearly
The Origin Of
Bride Women For
Sale For Grooming
Whims An
Old Term For
Some The Original
Term Sadly For Others...

Giving Is
Love Breathes
Great Work Xenia!
Nature Gives
Nature Lives
Nature Is
Home Our
Only HoME NoW
Blue Below
Blue Above
Earth oF Life
Sky WaTeR
No Time
Only Change
Ocean Waves Water Rain
Love Evolves
Happy Nature
SMiLes Xenia...

Yes Dear Savvy
Every Positive

An Entire

New Human
Within Imagine

What Will
Happen if
We Develop
Tools Record
Happiness And


Joy To
The World

A New Colored
LiGHT And More
On Christmas




Ever Green
With SMiLes



SMiLes Dear Hemalatha
So Many Deaths In Nature
For Nature to Evolve As Us

What A Gift Death

Is Or All Would

Be Stone


A Machine
With No Breath
All Our Ancestors
Holding Hands in Life
All the Furry Creatures

With Warm Blooded HeARTS

To Even Make Love Possible

For Humans to Create

Every Leaf

Still Holds

Branches of Trees
Every Fall Leaf
Is September's

Promise for

A New Spring

Fertilizing Winter

Soils So New Souls
of Sapling Trees Will Rise Again...




Is Greater
Life to come still
my FRiEnD As Stars
Burst Dying in Crucible
Fire of the Flowers and
Seeds Super Nova Explosions

Resurrecting Gaseous Star Dust

Still Comes as Iron in Our Blood
Stream And Core of Earth Same


Is Life
As Night
Brings Day
And DarK Brings LiGHT
From No Thing to ALL We
See Be And Do to BRinG A SMiLe...
Fire And Ice
Heaven Or Hell
Cold or Hot

Or Rough

For What Falls

Rises Higher Than

What Stays High For

What Rises So High

Begs to Fall


To Feel

Even Higher

As Roller Coasters
Excite With Thorns
As Flowers Bring Together

Love More Intensely to Absorb

And Regurgitate True There Are

Demons And


Who Exchange

Pleasures And
Pains Without Thorns
Flowers Eaten And No Rose To Rise

Dear Orchard Daughter Lilian With SMiLes...

Fighting Over Rocky Soils
With Or Without Religion
Tribal Souls Will

Do As
Does Sad When
There is Not Enough
Abundance of Love Yes
Life Liberty Justice For

All to Go Around
Dear Sohair
Is Only A Dream
Someone Hears in A Word...

While The Rest Just Seeking to Survive...

SMiLes Sohair Glad You Are Safe and Well With SMiLes...

Seeds of Life
Spread From
Eye to Eye From
Mother to Son
Kudos For
Your Son Taking
A Train to School

Hehe A Bus Was
Just About too

Complicated for
me at That Age With
SMiLes as i Only Had
A Block to Walk to High School..

And Elementary School too Oh That
Bus in Middle School Go Away Memories

And Don't Come
Back Unless Ya
Are Needed
For Poetry

Muse Hehe...

True When Our Pets
And Other Loved Ones
Go Into And Are Healed
From Life Injuries

If We aRe Truly
Human We See
Love is Our Greatest
Treasure to Treasure

Dear Hawaii
FRiEnD Putting
Beats First With SMiLes...

LoVE iS Like Fire Flies

Always Welcoming New
LiGHT Into Our World

As Life Becomes Magic
And Always New With Wings

Of Fire Flies Free Yet Of Course
i Misspelled Firefly As With Fires Flames
Are Works of Art Always Changing Never The Same

As Love Is Flame This Way in Wonder of Firefly's too

Surprising Us in the Darkness of the Night New

A Creation All of Existence Comes to

Be Coloring ThiS Way With
Neurohormones and
Flooding Us From
Head to Toe Drowning
Us In New Colors of Love
Carrying Us By Current of
Our Souls Capturing Firefly's in Flight

Or Perhaps Diatoms Glowing in Gulf
Waters Full Moon And Stars Reflecting

With SMiLes
On Sugar White Sands

True if You Really Wanna Make
Love Last Forever Put LoVE iNto
A Poem Surely Your Words More
Lovely Than Yes the Quotes of the
Song You Gifted Dear FRiEnD Ruchi

As Love is A Flame Always Changing
Flickering Flaming Bonfiring Forest Firing

All Around A Key Though is Finding Every Way
To Return Love Out of Embers Left in Ashes As True
Falling in LoVE And Staying iN Love the Latter the Challenge

The Before
The Gift
Fall Leaves
Into Green As
December Becomes June Again...

LeSSoN 437
Yes Finding Beauty in Smallest
Wonders Now Seeing God in A
Moth Instead Of A Bug To Swat...

True Dear FRiEnD
Finding God in A
Grain Of Sand
Holding Up
A Mountain
Of Human
Love With SMiLes...

"The best feeling OF happiness is when you’re
happy because you’ve made somebody else happy.
Thank you Twin Souls you make me happy"

SMiLes Dear 'Peace & Truth' Comments You Leave on my Blog
Are Always So Kind and Sweet i Copy Them to Keep With my
Other Treasured Parts of
Life As It's True Yes

The More We Treasure
Our Experiences Now Yes

The More Colorful Heaven
We Create Becomes to Give

Share Care And Heal All With
Most Respect Least Harm True

i've Attempted to Leave
Many Comments on the
Reader Version of Your Blog
Posts Before and Also Left
Comments on How Lovely i
Felt Some of Your Poems to be

Yet Darn the Reader Always came
Back with a Message That Says there
Was an Unexpected Error in the Reply

Yet Hey You Come Here Now And Then
With Such Kindness And Sweetness to Give Away For Free

Anyway Just Letting You Feel and Sense You Bring Happiness
to me

Hehe keep
Up The Great
Work mY FRiEnD
Peace And Truth Yes
As i'm Sure When Peace
And Truth And Kindness
And Wisdom Are Truly Alive

This Naturally Happens in
Terms of Basic Human Love...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa What may Make Hope Seem Distant
And Darkness Closer Than It Really Is, Is The Human Propensity

For Survival to Put All Fears in the Environment Number 1 In Focus

to Survive Where in Our Modern Societies Where In So Much of Media

The Negative is Used to Gain the Focus of So Many Target Audiences

Those Dark Elements of Life That May Have Nothing to Do With The Real World
Where We Live And Actually Breathe May

Color Even An Environment
Full Of Lovely FLoWeRS

Wilted Roses
All With Only
THoRNS Left Indeed

This is the Human Condition
Understanding Our Nature's May
Bring Us Back to FLoWeRS of Our
Realities More Than THorns oF iLLuSoRY

Fears Orchestrated to Gain Our Attention
By Others Through Negative Ways of Viewing Our Worlds...

True We Need More Folks To Lift Us Up Altogether Where
LiGHT Overcomes DarK And JoY oF LiGHT Becomes Rule

Of Lost
Exception For Real...

SMiles Dear Sohair
As Far As Kindness

Travels Love

Will Return






my FRiEnD
With SMiles...

It's True Dear Chaymaa
Manure Will Create Lovely

Roses So In ThiS Way i Visit Places
oF LiGHT Like Your Blog Home And

Oh No Some Totally Opposite Places too Hehe

It's True This Makes me A More Resilient
Rose With FLoWeRS

And Also Keeps
Yes my THorns

Sharp As the Lion
Won't Roar He Is
Sorry After He Eats Us With SMiLes...

And Oh Goodness This Makes Your
Blog Home of Positivity Feel Like

Purer Heaven True...

A Beautiful Moonlit
Beach With Diatoms
Glowing in the Waves

Indeed Dear Savvy This Place
Too is A Stairway to Heaven Within

Just Becoming One With Sugar White
Sands Emerald Green Waves Sea Oats
Swaying in the Breeze Sea Gull Wings

Spiraling Sun Transforming
Into A FLoWinG SPiRaLinG

Free Dance And Song God

Yes FRiEnDS With Gravity
Balancing Newly Now Always

Dancing Singing Free NeW

NoW As Shores of Heaven
Continue to Expand without
Limit With these Ocean Waves
Free As Water and Air Mix For Us to Breathe...

Yes! Make The Enemy Your FRiEnD NoW

Whether it Be Uncomfortable Thoughts

Pain or Hehe Something Very Strange Or

Just Because So Very Tired That All oF

iT Rhymes

Without Time

And Makes Total Sense

Oh Dear Lord Dear Miriam

It's All Chaos If You Don't Make it A FRiEnD...

Oh Dear Lord Hilarious And So Very
Wise Making A 12 Day Date With the
Newest Strain of the Pandemic Your

Lover Instead of Enemy to Fear

True Make Pain Your Best

FRiEnD Marry the Night

Merry the Day Dear

Cindy Yes Slow and So Very Intentional

Positive Moves Toward Healing With SMiLes

And Wow That Remodel Job on Your Huge Home

is Surely Fitting With Two Daughters And Two

New Granddaughters For the Month of August

Lasting September Now Pandemic Free For You With Jumps

of Joy
That 12 Day
Standing Lover Away Away Away!...

And This iS HoW i REturn
WaveS EVeNTuAlly Polish
Diamonds Out of GRains of Sand

First of All Dear Akshita Your Poems
Are Better Than Any Books in Barnes
And Noble i Should Know Hehe i've
Consumed More Than A Few And So

True There is No Love Purer Than What

Nature Brings in ThiS WaY iNDeeD The Moon

Is Lover of Seas Orchestrating Tides Coming in

Going Out and


A Love That

Never Fails to

Please the Beauty of those

Humans With A Soul of Poetry to Breathe...

Friday Florida Flower Story

This Is A Deloitte Flower

It Made Record Profits in 2023
Still Blooming Hehe The Most

Part It Costs
Not A Thing
Keeps Returning

SMiLinG BLooMinG Free...

LoVE iN Peace
Balance of

Nature Sends
For Those Who

Give More Than Take
Share More Than Hoard
Care And Heal More Than

Callously Harm As The Divine



Up With Wings
Dear Savvy Soaring Lower or
Higher Same Distance Lifting Up...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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10 Sep 2023, 3:14 am

Waves Of Sand Unique

Winds Create Our Beach

Dear Savvy Every Grain of

Sand An Integral Part of The

Waves of Sand Holding Hands

Oh To Be The Beach

The Grains of Sand

And The SPiRiT

Wind Creating

New Waves to

Surf Above Below
Within Inside Outside
And All Around Our SPiRiT Wind...

A Grain of Sand Dear Isha

Attempting to Escape The Gravity

of Falling Staying in the Middle Balance

Mastering the In Between After Experiencing

The Highs And Lows of Time Indeed

Continuing to Arrive Closer

Now to New Balance

i'm Sure You Will


The Journey of Life
That A Beach Takes
Each And Every Grain of
Sand Holding Up Potential
Mountains of Human LoVE iN Peace For Real...

Thanks Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Hehe Paradise
Seems too Beautiful
For a Dump Run
Yet True Without
The Garbage More
Treasure To Experience
Heaven Polished!...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Hehe Yes Words Seem to Be mY FRiEnDS After
All Writing Every Consecutive Day Online Since ThanksGiving Day

2010 Nearly 13 Years Now And Around 15 MiLLioN Words Never

The Less And Of Course Less i Do Enjoy Reminding Myself How

Little i Really Know and How very Much

Left there is to Explore It's Like Dancing

in Public For 10 Years All 18,777 Miles as i Ascend
And Transcend the Nerve Pain in my Right Hip that
Goes Down to my Foot And Get Back Up to Speed

With the Month Long Injury Teaching me New Moves
Instinctually Intuitively and Yes Innately to Both Heal

And Prevent Injuries in the Future Now of Course Continuing

to Entertain the Local Metro Area With SMiLes as It's Not Everyday

You See Someone Weighing 248 Pounds Who Seems to Defy Gravity

Yes FRiEnDS With Gravity Weight of Finger Tips that Heal me From

Head to Toe Not Only For Pain Yet Regulating Emotions And Integrating

Senses in Meditating Flow of Autotelic Continuing Bliss Taking All the

Pain Away True There Are Some Lessons Far Beyond Words mY FRiEnD

Never the Less as Abstract and Non-Perfect Words Are to Express

The Essence of Reality As Differently as We All Perceive and

Do Reality We Need Someway other than Just Dance to

Communicate Those Differences Within Particularly

Giving Sharing Caring Healing Wisdom Yes With

Most Respect and Least Harm For all mY FRiEnD

JoY oF LiGHT Moving Connecting Co-Creating Naked

Enough Whole Complete Enough Where We Will Not Be

Ruled BuY the Tools We Create Including Words WHeRE We

Ascend Transcend Becoming One With the Nature of God

Beyond All Human Tools Inherited Gift From Birth LoVE iN Peace

With SMiLes

The Sky is Blue

The Sky is Clear
And Finally In Florida

The Sky is Not Loaded Down
With Humidity Just Another Way
To Feel and Sense Yes A Celebration
of Life to Give Share Care Heal in All the

Art of Life
We Do

LoVE iN Peace
With SMiLes
Church Under the Milky

Each And Every Human

Eye oF LoVE iN Peace...

SMiLes... Forever IS A
SMiLe iN Twilight NewLY NoW
Of A Sunset One FindS ETernAlly
NoW As BreaKinG Dawn NeW Of Soul to Give
For Free to
Be i Am Now New

At Best LoVE iN Peace For ALL...

Change the
Savior of SaMe

Different the Beauty of FLoweRS
Continuing to Color Change NewLY Now

From: Beautiful Evenings Now to:
Hope Full Prayers and Wishes
For Peaceful and Harmonious
Mornings With Productive
Workdays That
Transform into
Playful Evenings
And Weekends
Full of Joy Now
As Happiness
Travels paths
Bliss Now
Moonlit Sunshine Real...

Focus On The Dive
Only The Dive Strive
Until Flow Comes Arrive
But Only if
Is What You
Really Love to Do...

Science is For What Remains True
Art is For What Grows New And Green

SMiLes Dear Samreen
Kindness to Give

Is The Brightness

Of All The Stars

To Feel ALWaYS
Enough Dear FRiEnD

SMiles Hope All Of
You Stay Safe Well
And Fully Loved

This New


Year my FRiEnD...

True More Wisdom
In Meow Than All
The Words of

The Ages

For They
Do Not Feel
The Forever
Of God’s Meow
That Never Dies Now


Wear Fur

Fins And



Words Meow...

HeHE ALways
A Pleasure
Dear Jiayali
Secret to

Letter And
Word Sacred
Song Every

Move And




With Most



To Others
Just For Joy
Of What Human

my FRiEnD...

Treat New FRiEnDS NoW As Old FRiEnDS Old
FRiEnDS As New FRiEnDS MakeS Old FRiEnDS

Real Better A FRiEnD Than A Story...

Look High to The Sky With Your

Palms Raised One With the Blues
And Yellows of the Sunshine Within

Contemplate Quietly With Your Hands
Wrapped Around Your Knees One With
Sands of Beach Breathing Freedom Breeze

Lay In Comfort With The Leaves Feeding the
Roots of New Trees Exhaling Love After Inhaling

All This Peace

Indeed Pray

With me i am

Nature i Will
Never Leave Your
Side i am The FRiEnD

Who's Always Always Been
Here i Breathe You i See You

Both You and me And Them
And Us All We Are The Living One Within

Even Better Yet i Am One Human FRiEnD
Who Never Leaves


Yes i
Nature too

Love You As Much
As All of Nature And
You Will Never Be
Alone my



FRiEnD Aleesha...

SMiLes Dear Jiayali
A Greatest Compliment
You Will Ever Pay A Teacher

Who Is Real Like This Man You
Appreciate is to Become Even

A Greater Teacher

Than the one

Who Inspires You

Now And to Learn

Equal Lessons From
Every Grain of Sand Below

And Higher Than All the Stars
Breathing You Still Into Existence Now

A Pleasure to Meet You in the Sky my FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear
Aloha FRiEnD
Wild Life

Is What’s
Most Real
In Life With

SMiles Florida
To Hawaii
Waves To You...

Love A Forest
Choose We Do
Favorite Flowers
Colors Spring Fall Leaves

Bringing Winter FroZeN
Healing Soils Rising
Spring Sapling Trees

It Seems Lesson of
Forest Leaves Furs
Feathers Snake SKins

Left Behind Now
Yet Still All oF iT
Remains LoVE RiSinG
Birthing New Leaves Feeding Trees

True THeRE Are Limitless New Colors to Paint

SMiLes Jade

A Forest
Is Love
As Far
As Fall
Leaves Color SPRinG...

SMiles Dear Aloha FRiEnD
Hehe Sadly Technology
Has Not Quite Caught
Up With All my

Soul Creates
Bi-Weekly Now

my Sister Who
Is a Major Bird
In This Area

Her Bird
Art to

All Birds
From Our
Santa Rosa
County of Florida

Flowers... i Will Tell
Her You Liked
Them my


aRE ALways
New Work’s

Of Nature’s Arts
Here As In Your
Hawaii Paradise

Where God’s
EYes Bloom


And Bright...

Silence May Breed
Most Doubt oF all



SPeaKinG Up

And MaKinG


A Way
of BRinGinG
LiGHT From DarK

Waves Low and High

Waves Die Without High And Low...
Frequencies Vibrations Energy's Play of Synergy



DarK And LiGHT
Hands in Hands of Seeing More...

In Short


This Isn't

Kansas Anymore

And The Bad News

Is It is



True It's
Only Another
World to Wonderland

In my Case Let's Boogie...

And Fire to See...

Always A Path Toward
Peace And Love Now For
Those Who Truly Breathe
Dear Chaymaa With Wisdom
To Live Thanks Lovely Day to You...

Ah Yes Dear Jiayali
i Remember Days
Of Academics And
Work Just

All So
Life Consuming

HeHe Perhaps
One Day Like

Me All You
Will Do is
A Golden
Age of


And Sing
With Your
Loved ones With

SMiles Actually
It’s What our Distant
Ancestors Did Foraging

Through the
Day Hehe

These New Fangled
Up Modern Conveniences


Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Love Carries On New
Only Separated by Time, Distance,
Space, And Matter proves none of
These Are Real Love of FRiEnDS is
Only Far Away as Beyond Infinity
of HeART STRinGS Playing
Dance and Song Spirit
Deep within
Wind For
Two or More
To See And Hear
You are from a Place
Where FRiEnDS mean
More than Material
Things, and Money,
Age, Nationality,
Gender, Sexual
Religion, All
Other Labels Given
To Human Differences
You are From THE ONLY
REAL place that counts
A Place Truly Beyond All
Time, Distance, Space,
And Matter the
Home of
Place oF UNconditional
Love that Gives and Shares
Cares And Heals For All Now
For Free Consuming Others
And the Rest of Nature
(God/Namaste) With
Least Harm For
All how
Gifted i Am
To Hold Your Hand
Beyond All Distance,
Space, Time, And
Matter, the Wind of
Love the FRiEnD
i See and Hear
As ParT
Of my
Eternally Now
New Good Morning
From Ever Breaking
Dawn my Friend who Cares...

SMiLes at Best This is a Letter
to Your SoUL Dear Akshita No
Matter What it is Surely A Best
Effort mY FRiEnD With SMiLes

And Hehe Such Lovely Handwriting
With Somewhat of An Indian Accent
In The Spirals of the Letters All i Have

is Chicken Scratch
Without A Keyboard
i Would Be Mostly Crippled...

Peace With No Fear
Brings Love The
Same With SMiLes
Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE
A Practice of Never Ending Life

Dear Chaymaa...

Success Never Truly
Comes if Life Crowds
Out Our Emotional Lives

i've Seen That Happen to
Way too Many Stellar Smart Folks

Schooling Working in Big Cities Abroad

Keep Your HeART SPiRiT SoUL

If You Will Closer Than Any


Driven Success...

Be Careful Not To Become
'The Tool' SaaniaSparkle
Without A HeART Beat

Success Retains
A Loving Breath
That Doesn't Go Away...

Okay That's A Poem So Far
You're Just Going away to School
Harvard Studies Show 40 Percent
of Students With Depression Affecting
The Ability to Function Day-to-Day
And 60 Percent With Anxiety
Severe Enough to Affect
Functioning Day-By-Day

too With

Generation Z Coming
In As The Loneliest
Generation Where
Folks Last Century Were
8 Times Happier Than They Are
Almost Hundred Years Later With


It's Really Kinda Simple
Yet it Seems to Be Almost
Impossible For Folks Who
Have Become More The Tools
We Use Than Human And Still Warm...

It's LoVE iN Peace We Remember Most at the End And The
Beginning Basically The Rest is All 'Word Salad' NoW As Such

A Hug Lasts Forever Now...

A Smiles Spreads Forever

NeW Next...

i Don't Know You All i Can
And Will Tale is the Story i
See Now That i was Blind to Before...

Sadly, Those Who Fear Dark Most
Are Often Those Who Are Cynical
oF LiGHT oF LoVE Most Now And True

This Is A Ruse Abrahamic Religions
Rule Most With Spank You With A

Stick of Fear of Hell in A Dirt Nap

Lure You In With A Carrot of A

Promise For An Ivory Palace
With Trump Walls of Gold
Pearl Floors of A Materially
Reduced Heaven in A Dirt Nap too

MeaNwhile Sadly Some Folks Live Cowardly iN Fear NoW
MeaNwhile Sadly Some Folks Live Without PeacE LoVE At All NoW

Saddest ParT oF ALL iS When Folks Wait For 'Godot' All THeir LiFE
Die in Darkness And Never Create ThE LiGHT oF HeaVeN Within Just
Free to Give Share Care Heal For All With Least Harm Just Inhaling Peace

ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT iN LoVE

A Real Meditation of Heaven

Within EternAlly Now For Real

It's True It's Creepy It's Concerning
Yet Most oF ALL It's Sad When Folks

Are Convinced That This Isn't Heaven Now
At All And They Never Seek It Find It Now

And Just Die in DarK...

Indeed Now That's One
Definition of HeLL ON EartH

It's Like that Old 'Twilight Zone'
Show of A Book 'To Serve Man'

True It Was/Is Just A 'Cook Book' Recipe
All ALong to Keep Heaven Away from Now
Yes of Course Unless 'They' Read Luke 17:21

Hey, Even the 'Goddess of Victory Nike' Agrees Without Selling Shoes

TRUE THeRE aRe Usually Some Nuggets of REAL Gold Somewhere in 'Adam of Dirt'....

i Watch Them Shuffling By in Walmart With Frowns Left Behind, i Do my Best to Entice
Them With Free Dance in an Autotelic Meditating Free FLoWinG Bliss For Real And Then

If they Ask me
'WHeRE i'M At

i Sing A SonG
Real of Heaven
For Those With 'Eyes

Ears' Naked Enough
Whole Complete to 'See and Hear'...

It's True For All Practical Intents and Purposes i Could
Be A Buddha, A Lao Tzu, Or Even A 'Good Cop Jesus' too

Yet Shall i Claim An Idol Name of Christianity
And A God Robed on A Cross in Suffering
As Idol Statue of Form Nope too Busy


Keeping my Christmas
Tree Up Year 'Round
Dancing And Singing
Colors of Free New Always
Now Reaching Heaven Higher For Real

Sadly It's Seems it's Still Somewhat of
A Exclusive Club Not By Intent Yet Ignorance...

Ignorance, Ignorance, A True Pandemic of 'Sin'...

So Far AWay From Reaching A MarK iN Heaven New Now

Anyway i've Searched
The Globe And to My

Great Joy i Seek
And Find i am Yes

Not the Only One By Far
As THere Are Others True
Far Away From 'Trump Town USA'

And True i Can And Will Name Them
All As Angels With Real Wings of Love;

Sadly Male Versions Don't Come Very
Easy/Often As ReMeMBeR Toxic Patriarchy
is A Nature of A 'Beast of Abrahamic Religions'
With Little Empathy, Compassion, And Love Yes
As Tribal Ones in Deserts With Tribal God's Just A Bit Taller Than Sand...

Yet It's True Each Grain of Sand Still Has Potential to Hold Up A Human

Mountain New Now
Of Peace And Love...

Just Keep in 'Mind' For
A Most Part IT'S STiLL A
'Cook Book' to 'Serve MaN' ON EartH...

Just Boiling in Fear, So Far, So Far Away From PeacE LoVE ReaL...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Hope An Emotion We Generate
Within That Lifts Us Up Higher Than Lower to Make it
Through Challenges of the Day Now Sadly There
Is A Place With No Feelings No Senses No

Emotion of Hope Where the Rose
is Withered away to THorns

Yes Pain Yet Even Further
Away to Numb of HeART
SPiRiT SoUL Places WiTHiN
Yes Metaphors We Co-Create for
This Essence of Reality That Sadly

May Actually Organically Go Away Where
The Essence of Hope Will Not Be Found No
Matter How Hard We Look Until our Emotions Are

Ready to Come Back in Healing Indeed A Cross to Carry
in Life Where if We Endure Enough Chronic to Acute Stress

That Will Literally Tear Down Most Every Bodily System We Have
Until We Get What is Called "General Adaptation System" Just Almost
Total Exhaustion of Resources of What It Means to Be Human From Head to Toe

True One May Work So Hard to
Gain A World of Subsistence
To Eat and Drink And Shelter
One's Loved Ones True Too

Yet What's Left When We
Do Our Best to Earn the
World This Way When
Nothing of Moving Connecting
Co-Creating HeART SPiRiT SoUL
Is Left At All Indeed This Place Without
Hope Without even A Memory of A Feeling
Behind A Smile Ever Existing At All May Be
Described As Hell WiTHiN Although It's Not Hot As
Fire It's Cold As Ice Will Be Numb WiTHiN All that
May Be Left is the Will of Our Reptile Brain to Survive
With Left Hemisphere Brain Logic Left However Without
Emotions Tasks As Simple As Choosing What Color Pair of
Socks May Be Beyond Our Ability to Choose As That Takes
Emotional Intelligence And When We No Longer Value Our Existence
This Way There is No Clear Choice to Make With Any Colors of Life mY

FRiEnD That
Feel Human
This way Yet
Again Thank Goodness
For The Will to Survive
It May Be Numb Yet There
Just Isn't Any Rational Alternative
Than to LiVE Perhaps iN Pain and
Numb What May Feel Like A Thousand
Years in 1 Second Where All Is Time mY FRiEnD

Heaven Within is A Place of Autotelic Flow Effortless
In Ease of Always Increasing Human Potentials Now

True That Requires Feelings And Senses in Synergy
of A Force of Emotional Energy 'A Higher Force'
WiTHiN mY FRiEnD And Of Course With the
Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From Wake
to Sleep No Drug Would Touch As
A Shut-in In my Home For 66 Months
From 2008 to 2013 With Additionally
A Synergy of Life Threat in Another
18 Medical Disorders i've Touched
HeLL And HeaveN ON EartH WiTHiN

True There is A Place of Pure Faith New Now
No Longer Takes Instruction From Outside at All

A Place of Pure Faith of Loving Life iN Peace WHere Hope Is No
Longer Even Necessary As An Emotion As We aRE Arriving
Always Now to A Best Life Possible New Indeed A Place of

BeLeaF BeLoVE BeLieVE iN Peace And Harmony Living Tree
For Real As Leaves We Grow Green Higher As Leaves We
Brown Falling to Soil Souls Sprouting Spring From Winter
Falling Frozen Leaves Green As Grass And Trees Grow Again

Summer FLoWeRinG
Again Now New


From Seeds
That Die And
Leaves That Feed
Our Trees Forest
Soil SoUL Whole mY FRiEnD...

Patience Indeed Dear
Savvy Sands Of Time
Where Every Grain of
An Hour Glass Is ALWaYS
Now No Matter Up or Down
To Embrace
Now With Ever
New Colors We
Paint Forevermore New...

SMiles Dear Sohair
Breath of Child Greater
Than All Words For After
The Last Breath of A Human

Child Words

Will Be

No One To
Read What is
Greater Than All
Breath Of Humans
And Words Is The

Of God For
Humans Are
Only Dust in
The Wind Coming

In The
Ocean of
God Hehe SMiles
i Surely Will Never
Have Enough Words

Or Breath
To Tell The
Nature of
God What
God Will Do Next

And Or
mY FRiEnD...

Catholic Mass
Readings From

the Wee Hours of
September 10th, 2023
Something About Loving

Others Then/Now Without

Harm Being the Fulfillment

of All the Commandments Before

(Most Respect Least Harm only Possible)

God Yes Something About the Communion
of Humans iN LoVE iN Peace God Yes Perhaps

A Letter to A FRiEnD NoW iN JusT ANoTHeR
Day in A Life Will Provide An iLLuSTRaTioN True

True An Ascending Meditation Free Flow of Dance
And Or Song Will Surely Be A Way to LiGHT YA Whole
SouL Up And

Turn Ya On

Like An Echoing

Key of E BRinGinG

The PreSeNT oF NoW

To An End of A Song Beginning

Resonating Forever Now New For Real...

Hey i Should Know Right The Living Dead
Only A Stone Statue Without A Soul of Connecting LoVE iN Peace
For 66 Months Buried to my Chest in A Burial Ground of FRiEnDS

Just Waiting
to Lift me Up
Turn me on and

BRinG me Back to Colors of LiFE AGAiN
iN Heaven Within For Real Out of Hell

For 66 Months
Equally Real too

Oh Dear Lord

Please Don't Go

Its More Horrible

Than Burning Forever

As Far As i Don't Feel And Sense at Least then 1000 Years
in One Second of Hell All Is Time THere All Pain and Numb
Versus All the Verses in Heaven No Time At All JusT SMiLes

iN HeAVeN For ReaL...

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby Grace of A Child Born With Open Arms
For All As Described by my Mother of Course as i Didn’t Speak until

4 Years-Old Yet The Small Town Doctor Told Her Don’t Worry He

Has Bright Engaging Eyes And As Soon As my Mother Forgets

To Provide for At least One of my Needs or Wants

Then i Will Naturally Learn to Speak

As Who Needs to Talk When

Your Every Need and Want

Of Love is Fulfilled With SMiLes
And Hugs True The Neighborhood

Kids So Emotionally Disturbed Turned
To my Mother When They Found No Warmth at Home

With Cold Cold Cold Parents Often of the Military Ilk There At Home

Or Perhaps Part of the Group Think Seeing Jesus as An Us Versus Them Godman

Not A Humble Teacher of LoVE iN Peace For all With No Exceptions my FRiEnD And

Yes Even As ‘The Chosen’ Series Shows Quite Androgynous in Appearance Frequenting

Bars Finding the

Best of Humanity

In Every Travel Looking

For it of Course True Ah Yes

The Grace of the Child With Open Arms for

All Gardened by Angelic Wings of A Mother Yet

How Many Broken Wings of Separation There Are Today

For Without That Grace It’s True The Blind Do Not See The Deaf Do Not Hear

With Eyes and

Ears That Do

Not Feel the Grace

Of Empathy and Compassion

For All With SMiLes Realizing it is the
Grain of Sand That May Hold Up A Mountain of
Human Love Mary Magdalene No Less than Paul for Sure

At Least the version of Paul Who Wasn’t Afraid to Sit Next
To The Adulterer at Church Yep For in the Other Version What
Good Is Faith That Moves Mountains That Does Not Provide LoVE iN Peace

(Nothing At All For Without The Connecting Force oF LoVE iN Peace Nothing At All)

Sort of Like How i Explained it to the Military Veteran at the Gym All 6 Foot 6 And
About 300 Pounds As He Was Rather Surprised to See me Warming up With 12 Reps
Leg Pressing 1540 Pounds as He Said Before He Got Injured in the Military He Was able

To Do 1200

Pounds And i Said

To Him What Good Is It

If I Press Three Quarters of A Ton

And Do Not Use That Strength to Provide

SMiLes to Literally MiLLioNS of Folks Both in Person
And Shared Online By Voyeur Video Takers Numbering

In the Thousands Over A Decade Finally Overcoming A Month
Long Pain in the Butt and Legs No Longer Broken Wings Mending

With the

Force oF LoVE iN Peace
True the Strength Came

From the SMiLes Given iN LoVE iN Peace

What Most Dudes Don’t Understand Is Grace

Is Literally LoVE iN Peace That Faith is Literally LoVE iN Peace

That All True Strength Comes From LoVE iN Peace As There Are
No Illusory Fears iN LoVE iN Peace and Fear is A Source of All Human


As Well as
What Wears
Us Down to an Earlier Death

True LoVE iN Peace Spreads
The Greatest Force LoVE iN Peace
Is Giving Sharing Caring Healing
With Most Respect and Least Harm

Hehe as i Explained to a Disabled War Vet Marine
With PTSD Tonight at Walmart Wondering Why i Danced in
Spiraling Circles Like A Church Under the Milky Way With

Mending Wings

He Replied
Oh Lord i Feel
Like i Just Went
To Church in Walmart

Nah, No Need to Tithe When i Preach hehe

Leg Pressing 1540 Pounds at the Gym Is Just
Part of Church to me too…

Life is a Gift

The More We

Treasure Life the

More We Get to Give LoVE iN Peace
And Staycation Now in Heaven For Real

Yes The SPiRiT iS Real to Give Away For Free

To Have And to Hold From First Blink to Last

Breath to Carry on in Other Eyes if Only Coming From

A Dance Video hehe…

Real Key is Believing
And Doing the God of LoVE iN Peace

Over That Other Way of LoVE iN War

The Forces of DarK And LiGHT Continue to
Rule the NiGHT oF DaY Dear Shawna Baby

With LoVE
iN Peace And
SMiLes And Hugs…

And A Never Ending
Dance And Song Essence
of God That/Who Does the
Do For Real iN LoVE iN Peace...

Waves Of Sand Unique

Winds Create Our Beach

Dear Savvy Every Grain of

Sand An Integral Part of The

Waves of Sand Holding Hands

Oh To Be The Beach

The Grains of Sand

And The SPiRiT

Wind Creating

New Waves to

Surf Above Below
Within Inside Outside
And All Around Our SPiRiT Wind...

A Grain of Sand Dear Isha

Attempting to Escape The Gravity

of Falling Staying in the Middle Balance

Mastering the In Between After Experiencing

The Highs And Lows of Time Indeed

Continuing to Arrive Closer

Now to New Balance

i'm Sure You Will


The Journey of Life
That A Beach Takes
Each And Every Grain of
Sand Holding Up Potential
Mountains of Human LoVE iN Peace For Real...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Gender: Male
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11 Sep 2023, 12:33 am

LoVE iN Peace For All

STArting Slowly Dear Savvy

iNCReaSinG A Flow of Creativity

Whatever Practices of Meditation

Work to Ascend And Transcend

Such Limited


And Focus

On Task Before

Until The Flow Indeed

Becomes A Way of Life

A Meditation Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Even More With
Most Respect Least Harm Yes Such

JoY iN LiGHT Moving Connecting New
Now Co-Creating Naked Enough Whole

iNHaLinG Peace Exhaling LoVE ALL

Now Complete River Flows Waves

Ocean Water Whole Once Again

Living Trees Roots Stretch Out

Leaves Nourishing All

Around Broader


iN Focus of Flow

Until We Become
A River Practicing
Holy Sacred DiViNE

Yes 'the Interbeing'

Where Boundaries

of Before Fall

Away the Walls
Floors and Ceilings
Go Away Sky No Limit
Stars Above Below FLoWeRS
Seeds Blooming More Colorful Than Ever Before


SMiLes Dear Chaymaa An Interesting

Group of Aphorisms For Greater Human Success

What May Be Lacking Most in a Civilization Where

We Increasingly

Almost Literally

Becomes the Tools We

Use is the Focus Necessary

To Truly Achieve What May Be New

It's True Not Gonna Happen With

Size Focus
And Human Attention

One may Lay Their Own
Tracks And Stay on the Rails Without Fail...

Yeah It's 'Funny' Dear Psychologist
Miriam When Folks In the Same Breath

Ask Me Why i Always
Dance And Sing

Forever Now

Free Like This

Is No Tomorrow
Or Yesterday For

Never Any Money,
Or Other Expected
Rewards or Awards

Externally Of Course

And Then They Ask

How in the World You

(What Drugs are You On)

Stay So Happy Always

Blood, Sweat, And Tears

Is The How of Loving Life

The Rest oF iT iS Rather Easy
Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE NoW...

Within WHeRE No Fear or Anxieties Exist

All All That's Left Over After That Grace
in Balance of Foundation LoVE NoW is

Strength of WiLL ETeRNaLLY NoW

For Real

For Real

For Real

That is the Hardest
Part For Others Now to
See Why And How For Real...
Like Any Other Living Tree With
Leaves That Rise Green Feeding Higher
Leaves Falling Brown Fertilizing New Trees

Moves That Become Steps of Holy Dance Now

Words That Become Sacred Song of Poetry No Different

Except in This Case i Control The Weather Within Mastering


BRingS For Real...

SMiLes Dear Aleesha

It's Not That Bad

To Not Fit

Into What

Others Believe

Is Good No Different

Than Wild Flowers They

Always Come Back And Rule

Even When





From Very
Tiny Ragged And Green

The Key is They Are Still Green
Be The Wild Flower Fruition Never Lose

Colors Different Who Become THeir Dreams...

Poetry Always
Inspiring Deep
Parts of
me Seeking to
Speak that Might
Stay Lost it
Seems This is
What Poetry is
For Like Deep
Daylight Soul

SMiLes Dear Karlien i Wrote
That This Morning And It Seems
The Theme of Emotional Pain is Common

Where i Travel Today So Fitting it is How the
Gift of All Arts Help Us Process All Kinds of Emotional

Pain Yes Restoring Renewing Purpose And Meaning in Life Anew As Well...

i Danced When my Father And Mother Died i Held my only Child to His Last Breath
of 51 Days at My age of 37 Then Yes Before i Danced Free Years Later in Public
Starting at 53 Now for 18,788 Miles at 63 That Totally Regulates My Emotions
And Integrates my Senses

That Are Truly All A

Synergy of Our

Human Energies
That May Remain
Wild And Unkept to

Dominate Us Out of Synch
Or A Practice of FRiEnDS With
Gravity Where Balance Inhales
Peace Exhaling Love Where there are No Fears Left
Foundation LoVE iN Balance of Grace Mighty Strength of Will

As The Poet Nadia From South Africa Your Home Moving into Spring
Relates So Well Passion of the Marginalized Breath of New Life Reborn Creation

For True Grief is
The Leaves

Spring in
Winter Death

And Technically Oxytocin
The Bonding Natural Love
Drug Drops With Serotonin
Trust In Nature too However

Nature's Present is the Bitter Sweet Gift
of Dopamine in Grief that Rises Inspiring
Us For Change to Replace What's Lost Namely

Human Relationships Most As Social Animals
Inherently Evolutionary Intuiting Life or Death Consequences
of Hand-in-Hand Survival For All the Villagers Concerned to Survive And Thrive...

Once Afraid of the Intensity of Emotional Pain i've Learned to Embrace Grief of
All Kinds As A Highway of Leaves Falling to Make My Internal Spring Greener Anew...

Which Only Means i am Not Afraid of Expressing Authentic Sincere Emotions DarK Thru
LiGHT i Understand Nature Has my Back As Long As i React in Intelligent Balance FRiEnDS

With Gravity

in Both Arts

of Dance And
Song Spirit Wind Free..

In Short i am Not Afraid
to Fully Live Now And it

Took me 5.3 Decades to
Become Free This Way
Dear FRiEnD Karlien at

19 i Hope You Shine Like
Venus Orbiting The Sun With
Loving Life Most As Here tonight
it Shines With the Crescent Moon So Bright
You Are A Very Young And Incredibly Talented Human Already!! !..
Hehe, as i've Said Before in Many Places At 17 i Was Still Figuring Out

How to
Smile Then

For Class Photos hehe...
And Yeah i met A Classmate
Friend From 1st Grade in a Restaurant
By Coincidence Then The Other Week Who
Said She Had Just Come Across A Friendship
Photo of me in the Senior Class Photo When i Was
17... It Was So Sweet She Still Remembered me We
Always Competed For Grades She Made it into the Top 10
And i Tied With my Other Nice female Friend Lynn at 11 Out of 381...

Yeah i Was
Really Book
Smart Hehe

Like 'Sheldon Cooper'
off the 'Big Bang TV Show'

Feeling Very Powerful Emotions
Yet Just Having No Idea then how
to Regulate Both my Emotions and
Integrate All My Powerful Senses too

The Environment As A Whole Really
Overwhelmed me then yet Not Now As i
Feel Like i am Just A Balancing Part of All that is...

Anyway She Messaged me A Copy of the Antique Picture at 17
me Some 46 Years Ago Then.. And True i Wish i had Met
the 'Back to the Future' me Then at 63 to Give me some



to Avoid

All the Fresh
Hell Then Out of
Balance i Would
Eventually Encounter

In Life The Hidden World
Within Not Fully Unleashed
Released And Mastered my FRiEnD...
A Most Important Win That is often left
Out of Life Then and Now too Yet Always

Room For GRoWinG!!...

SMiLes Dear Ava It's True

Mix Our


And Bake Us

to Rise in More than
A Few Unwanted Ovens

of Strife However the

Good News Is

Cakes Will

Be Added

Frosting Never

Tasted Before Fresh

A New Recipe A Cover
of An Entire New Book

While the Rest of the

Pages of the



To Suit the

New Us Just
An Entirely Different
Cake We Re-Bake as
Butterflies Escape Cocoons

Once Only Caterpillar Cakes

Cakes With Wings MaKinG A Sweeter Free Life..!..

SMiles Dear
Karlien the
Pain i
Feel Now
Is The Pain
Of Others
When Young
Always Difficult

To Separate
From me

The Dance
And Song
Are A Cloak

With Compassion

Pure Yet True

Some Days

i’m Just too

Human And
It Gets Through
Your Post is

This Way
Today my
FRiEnD Thank You...

SMiLes Dear Sohair It is Never
Stupid to Love Only Foolish

For Those Who Do Not

Appreciate the Rare

Gift of Love

When It is
Real And True

That Is Who You
Are As Surely i For
One Will Always Stand
By Someone As Rare And

Treasure As You are With SMiLes

Dear FRiEnD Some Folks Step ALL OVeR
me And Take All my Kindness For Granted

And True Some Try to Step on me And that
Part Doesn't Really Hurt It's True the Ones We
Love the Most Who May Hurt Us Most As They No



What We Give

Most As Long As We

Rise to Give Most We

Continue to Breathe

The SMaRTesT

oF All As


RiSeS in Our Inhales
of Peace And Exhales of

LoVE For The Winners of
Love Are Those Who Continue
To Truly Love And Appreciate Love's Rare Gift too...

Feeling Only Sorrow For Those Who Have Lost What's

Most God Real

in Life

Yes the
Ability to
Truly Cherish
And Respect Love's Gift...

And Of Course It is Often the
DarK Days That Make the LiGHT
As Precious As Love Is And Indeed
Those Who Treasure The Real Gold Giving Gift oF LoVE...

i thought 'This Comment' And Your
'Other Comment' Referencing me
Was A Light Hearted Way to get
A Point across; Softly, indeed...

True; There is Education
And There is Wisdom
That comes with Years
And Years and Decades
And Practically Almost
Centuries of Experience;
Nothing at all Cryptic
In Your Humor, i Find;
On the Other Hand, Perhaps
It is Because You Are Close to my Age;
It's Worth Noting That Excelling at Metaphors
Does Not Preclude one From a Diagnosis on the
Autism Spectrum; in Fact, in an Increasingly Mechanical
Minded Systemizing World; Ironically, Understanding Metaphors
And Even Creating
Them too
Those who
Use them the
Same General
Difficulties in Social
Reciprocal Communication
As More Folks Become More Literal than Figurative, Overall;
We Haven't Really Been A Mechanically Oriented Mind Society
Until the Last Several Hundred Years; And on Topic Here, it
Begs The Question, Are Human Beings Still Evolving

this way or Not...

And No; Not
Specific to any
Label of 'Official' Disorder either...

Reaching For
Moon Stars in Our EYes
Coloring Our Lives All Love More

We Breathe
We Smile
We Are
With So Much More
to CoMe We iMaGiNE Co-CReATE NoW

We aRe Star FLoWeRS SeedS We BReATHE NoW...

HeHe.. i Waited For Years to Hear This Prayer 'In Church'...

No Longer

Do i


For Our Birthright
Stars We aRe NoW...

Most Definitely
An Advantage
Living in A Word
World Reading
20 Times Faster
Than the Average
Word Bear One
Fast Gift
Of Asperger’s
Yet Getting Out
Of my Head.. Yes
And Comfortable
In My Own Skin Taking
All Feelings And Senses
In 20 Times more
Ugh Asperger’s
And Bi-Polar
And Human
A Challenge
To Get All
3 Bears of
Life Just Right...
53 Year Mind And
Body Balance Soul
Navigation to truly
Get Humpty Dumpty
All Together Still Now
Dancing A Tightrope
In Effortless Ease
Riding Waves More...

SMiLes Dear Orchard Daughter Lily Thanks
For Posting More Lovely Art That You and
Your Art Partner Are Exhibiting in Norway

Truly 'The Human Nude' STiLL
Is A Highest Expression of
Art For Those Who Truly
Believe We House the
Spirit of Nature

Free mY

FRiEnD That
Some Folks Term
'God' And Others
See Feel and Sense
With No Words At All Within
Other than Being Art of All That is New Now

Expressing All This Art As Gratitude For Who We Truly Are
A Mind Of A UNiVeRSE A Body Of A UNiVeRSE A SoUL Of A
UNiVERSE Indeed Unique Multi-UNi-Verses We ALL Are Yes

When Loving Free Without Fears

Of Course EXPReSSinG Newly Now
Art of All That is DarK Thru LiGHT

SMiLes Been Doing Some Too For
10 Years Both in Words And Flesh
And Mind And Soul Whole mY

FRiEnD HeART OPeN SPiRiT Dancing Singing Free...

Harvesting Full Moonlight
Reaping What is SoWeD

Signaling Winter
Death to Come

As What Is Left Over
Of 'The Dead' Fertilizes
Winter Frozen Soils For

Spring Dreams of Green
to Return With Summer Flower
Glory Once Again Dear Miriam Yes

SMiLes i Am Fortunate At 63 i've Learned
How to Bloom Year 'Round Every Year for the
Last 10 Years How Far Will i Go True Not Planning

On Reaching Any Other Destination Other than New
This Now That is always the Best And Only Now i Co-Create
Within SMiles With A "Little Help From FRiEnDS" Of Course Hehe

Yes Yet September For me Back in the Bowling Center Days After i Spent
A Decade Being the Tennis Boy The Bicycle Boy Then the Running Young
Man Everywhere Around the Metro area Yes Then the Bowling Alley Guy

'The Norm' of The One Who Stayed At The Counter Yes Like 'Ted Danson' for
18 Years Listening to Everyone's Stories of Life With Laser Focus and Rarely

Anything Back Yet a Nod and A Smile That Said They Were the Most Important
Person to Listen to At that Moment of Life Anyway Every September i Made
A Bowling Center Calendar on the Computer And Of Course For One Again

With Seasonal Affective Disorder Ever Since School Days The Feeling of
The Death oF LiGHT Was With me So i Always Made the Background

A Sunset With A Hawk Flying Toward the Horizon i had no Idea then

it Was Possible to LiVE iN Spring Year 'Round then of Course

i Had to Escape From 'The CaVE'

And Come Out into the LiGHT

WiTHiN mY FRiEnd That
Verily Does Color All

Spring No Matter
WHeRe We aRE Eternally
New Now of Course Ya Gotta Escape
'The Cave First' And True In This
One Life Sadly Some Folks Never Do...

As A Hawk Returns More Than 'A Poe Raven' Forevermore Now New...
Yes It's Like A Tradition That Seems Like It Will Last Forever Yet New
i Guess Sort of Like 'A Queen' that Most Folks Find As A 'Norm of Cheers'

Going Away

Never Going away at Least for Now...
Anyway i Escaped Being the Devil Guy
Trapped in Hell For 66 Months And Now
ALL There New Is 10 Years So Far Yes of

Being the Poetry Man Online and the
Dancing Man Offline True A Great
Mix of Divine Feminine Poetry
Introverting As Such And
Super Extroverting Mixing
Masculine Ballet and Martial Arts
Public Dancing for 18,788 MiLeS in 10 Years
Along With All 12 MiLLioN Words of "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Oh Lord That Reminds me of All the Play i Still Have to
Do to Publish the Last Finished SonG Celebrating the
Public Dance 19,000 Miles Featnote Coming Faster Now Recovering

From Hip Pain True Sciatica Ranging All the Way Down to Right

Foot It's True to me at Least it Seems When We aRe ALWaYS Celebrating Now

New All That's Left to Do

New Is Spring Green
Or Perhaps That's Just
What Folks in Florida Experience With SMiLes...
Anyway Just Like The Sun and Moon i Will Return
Here Again tomorrow in What Seems Like a 'New York Minute' New Now...
Hehe As 'That Guy who is Always Commenting On Psychologist Mimi's
Blog Posts' True Hehe i Definitely Get Around As 'The Norm' of The Day

The Guy Who
Just Finds a
Way to Fit in
That No One Ever
Thought Would Before

Again the Beauty of an Outcast's Wings

From the Boy With No Words Until Age 4..

SMiLes i Heard A Whole Lot of Folks Say i'd
Never Amount to Anything Just too Strange i Still Do Hear Yet Rarely

And You Know What i'm Still 'Nobody' And i Love Just Killing 'Time'...

For It's True Folks Still Only Describe me For What i Do With SMiles...

i Never Want a
'Name' That's
How They Even
Trap 'God' And Put
'God' In PriSon and Tell
'God' What "Clothes" 'God' Has to Wear...

Hehe As If One Will Reshape Sails into An Anchor...

Or Trap
Wind in A Jar...

Or Trap
Wind in A Jar...

Or Trap
Wind in A Jar...

As A Crow Crows Thrice...

SMiLes Mr Gottfried It Appears my Unabashing Honesty Attracted my Wife
to me From the Very Start It Surely Wasn't the Size of my Wallet Still Living
With my Sister in Her Apartment Dear Lord at age 28 Yes Dear Lord Times

Two and Less Still Making Less Than Five Dollars An Hour Yet Foot in the

Door in Federal Employment Just Waiting For President Clinton to Sign An

Executive Order to Transfer my Menial Non-Appropriated Federal Job 5 Years

Later into Appropriated Fund Employment Basically Paying me More Than

Double Doing Basically the Same Job Handing Out Rental Shoes

For Bowling What i Did 18 Years Before Getting 5 New Job

Changes and Promotions in the Last 5 Years of Employment

Before the Stress of it All Wore me Down You Know the Story Worst
Pain Known to Humankind for 66 Months Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia

No Drug Would Touch Along with A Synergy of 18 Other Life Threats in Disorder
Way True my Wife Didn't See That

Coming as i Digress Back

to the First Impression Now

True i Was Smiling As Always Yet

i Just Blurted it Out She Was So Petite

And About 5 Foot 6 Yet i Said Oh my God
Size 9 ya Gotta Be Kidding me Feet that Big

i Just Asked my Wife Again What Kind of First

Impression That Made She Said She Thought She

Couldn't Believe i ACTUALLY SAID THAT Although you See

i considered myself Close to an Expert in Guessing Shoe Size

From Other Bodily Characteristics Outlier my Wife Was Yet It's

True Rather Large Yet Very Beautiful Feet With Exceptionally Long Toes

And I WILL ADD Long Fingers too Great For Nail Polish Above so below

Yeah it's True i Was
Pretty Clueless for All

of What Was Socially
Acceptable to Say Back

Then Live and Learn Trial

And Error That's Life Strikes

And Gutterballs Ride The Wave
The Best Ya Can And Will Without Falling

Off What's Really Amazing is my Pay More Than

Doubled Again and i Ended up at the Equivalent

NF-04 Pay Grade Retiring At Marine Captain Pay Level in the Military

Or Yes Even Major As They Had to Give me Back Pay All the Way Till

2009 Recently as the First Nine Years of Service They Transferred

To Appropriated Funds They Lost the Paperwork For i Had to

Dig it Out of my Personal

Files From Decades Before

For the Period of 1984 till 1993

It's True i Didn't Hit the Sweet Spot
Always on Social Responses Yet Damn

WRiTE i Could Sure Fill Out Some Paper Work

Dot All the i'S and Cross All THE T'S YET i Gave

Up Good Grammar When i Set Myself Free Hehe

Anyway It's the Last Impression That Counts in Public
Dance Shock And Awe And Leave them SMiLinG When

They See
You Coming

Again Even If You
Aren't Public Dancing

in the Decade Long Duration

of Dancing First Impressions Best

Part Of All i get to See All Their First

Impressions Wearing Sunglasses at Night

Oh my
God It
Will Get
So Very
Very Hilarious HAha..

If You Can't Make the
Right First Impression and

Even the Circus Won't Let

You in Be the Star of Your
Own Unique Impressions Hehe...

SMiles Dear Miriam
i Named my Backyard
The Face Of God No Longer

i Ever
Feel Alone
True More Than Words

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Treating Every Part
Of Nature The Face
Of God Names No

LoVE iN Peace Remains...

Happy SuNDaY LeSSoN 493
Cross Of Devotion Is Not
Heavy To Lift Only

Small Steps Of
LoVE iN Peace
Each Word A



Way Of
LoVE iN Peace
Eternal FLoWinG Free

Now New With SuNDaY SMiLes...

Amen Dear Shawna Baby

Oh Happy SuNDaY

Islam And Christianity
Agrees God Is LoVE iN Peace
Eastern Religion Agrees The
Present Gift Is Eternal In Flow

Again To Have And to Hold

From Birth To Death

The Seed of LoVE iN
Peace iS ETeRNaL LiVinG

Tree The River
Flows is the
Wave Water
Ocean Whole

Rain Is The
Ocean Of
Love The
Blood Of
Peace We
Breathe Above
So Below From East to West

As Iggly Azaela’s Song Suggests
Been Around The World Find
This Savior Everywhere i Go

With SMiles

i Can’t Make Anyone
Drink The Water Yet
i Carry A Fire Hose i

Gently Spray Oh The Rain...

LoVE iN Peace For All

STArting Slowly Dear Savvy

iNCReaSinG A Flow of Creativity

Whatever Practices of Meditation

Work to Ascend And Transcend

Such Limited


And Focus

On Task Before

Until The Flow Indeed

Becomes A Way of Life

A Meditation Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Even More With
Most Respect Least Harm Yes Such

JoY iN LiGHT Moving Connecting New
Now Co-Creating Naked Enough Whole

iNHaLinG Peace Exhaling LoVE ALL

Now Complete River Flows Waves

Ocean Water Whole Once Again

Living Trees Roots Stretch Out

Leaves Nourishing All

Around Broader


iN Focus of Flow

Until We Become
A River Practicing
Holy Sacred DiViNE

Yes 'the Interbeing'

Where Boundaries

of Before Fall

Away the Walls
Floors and Ceilings
Go Away Sky No Limit
Stars Above Below FLoWeRS
Seeds Blooming More Colorful Than Ever Before


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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12 Sep 2023, 12:58 am

Climb Every Mountain

Understanding Each

Mountain is Only

Stepping Stones

To Create A More iMaGiNaTiVE

Dance And Song oF LiFE Dear Savvy

Always the


The StArt

Of A Continuing
Story With SMiLes...

You Know (Feel Sense) Mr Gottfried Miracles Really Do Happen

Every SMiLe is A Miracle mY FRiEnD Looking Above to

All the Hot And Cold Rocks With No Life Above

And It's True i Lived the Living Dead for

That 66 Months Then Without even

The Memory of What A SMiLe

Felt Like Hard to Recognize

Myself Even AS Human

In The Mirror For All

Of What is Valuable

About Humanity

Indeed A SMiLe With
Open Arms Now A Dance

New With Happy Feet A Song

That Has No End Yet the Beginning of A SMiLE Again...

Yes Unfortunately Power Tends to Corrupt Particularly
When Power Believes it is Beyond Reproach Dear Sohair

And Surely the United States Government Has Made Many

Mistakes in the Past

That Have Harmed

Many Others Without Recourse

Yet of Course A Government is Only

Good as Its Leaders And What Followers

Are Willing to Accommodate in Support too

May It All
For Greater
Positive Change
Dear Sohair With SMiLes...

Lovely There iS Unconditional
Love That Gives And Shares
All For Free Consuming
Others and the Rest
of Nature With Least
Harm Yet additionally
THeRE iS UNconditional
Love For Fear And Hate
And Separation As Different
Becomes a Common Enemy
to Fear and Hate under a Name
of Bonding Love for Binds that Keep
Smaller Venn Diagrams from a WHoLE LoVE
Venn Diagram and Beyond.. What one might
Describe and Define as God All As Well.. Sadly
Some Folks Will Love With No Discernment a Bit
Different than Respect as Part of what We See for Honesty
of Truth In Light Versus the Dark oF Lies That iNFiLTRaTE
Love sullying
AGaiN of
Broken Arrows
of Love Away from Light
SMiLes For Unconditional Love
For All Tribe Must Die From Smaller
Venn Diagrams to Venn Diagram of Beyond
All Labels And Diagrams of Human Abstract Constructs
SMaLLeR Than ALL and BeYoND What We See of 'Wind'..
SMiLes not So Hard
to Have Unconditional
Love For One Person Yet
the Rest For God All a bit
More Difficult and a Lifelong
Practice of Mind and Body Balance
to Attain a Soul A Wisdom Eye of Agape
Love as Pyramid Capstone Wide Awake to

See All Wind as Love NoW...

"A modern-day warrior
Mean, mean stride
Today's Tom Sawyer
Mean, mean pride
Though his mind is not for rent
Don't put him down as arrogant
His reserve a quiet defense
Riding out the day's events
The river
What you say about his company
Is what you say about society
Catch the mist
Catch the myth
Catch the mystery
Catch the drift
The world is, the world is
Love and life are deep
Maybe as his skies are wide
Today's Tom Sawyer, he gets high on you
And the space he invades, he gets by on you
No, his mind is not for rent
To any god or government
Always hopeful, yet discontent
He knows changes aren't permanent
But change is
And what you say about his company
Is what you say about society
Catch the witness
Catch the wit
Catch the spirit
Catch the spit
The world is, the world is
Love and life are deep
Maybe as his eyes are wide

Exit the warrior
Today's Tom Sawyer
He gets high on you
And the energy you trade
He gets right on to
The friction of the day"

SMiLes Ms. Hugs Stress is Up or Down
Positive or Negative What Moves Us
or Thorns
Fear or Hope
Anger or Bliss
Hate and Oh God
Yes Did i mention the Stress
of Lust and Romance Oh my God
Romance Will Drive Ya Nuts after all it is
Not Rational it is all Neurochemical and Neurohormonal
For True Both of those are For Survival Overall to Secure
A Place for Passing on Genes overall Looking at Tight Jeans
hehe and As Such As That the World is Love And Life Are
Deep i am
i am River
Water Ocean
Whole Sure i get off
on Your Energy and Return some as Gift..
That's What Nature Does Exchanges Energy
Some Energy Up Some Energy Down Without Anti-matter
No Matter Without Dark No Light.. Yes.. Yin and Yang Balance
Don't Leave
And Dance
Barefoot Naked
Ease in Sand And
Sun only A Butterfly
Flutter to the Next Flower
in Line for PoLLiNation With SMiLeS
But Remember i am 'Snoopy' And 'Tom Sawyer'
too.. NoW i get high on the Energy We Trade Makes
the Friction the Inertia of the Day Go Up Without Entropy of Fall..
Yes.. once again A Sweet Spot of Flow Far enough Away Now from
Anxiety and Boredom with Always Increasing Complexity to Increase Human
in all
the Ways
Love of Life comes next..
i love Stress the Stress that works for me with SMiLes..
No Rush Just Flow With Rush Do Tom Sawyer too and yes
By God
Do Snoopy too..
To Be Honest totally
Honest not having to Worry
About Money Makes this So
Much Easier to Really Do Eternally Now
iN Ease
oF A
In Breeze
Seeing Wind
Air And Water Gravity
(Money/Negative Stress) Free...

Ha! Ha! Reminds Me of a Day in January
in My Shorts So Far Below Freezing in Wind
Chill in my Shorts Dancing Floating in Reverse
Down Beach Sidewalks of Casinos in Biloxi and
A Linebacker Looking African American Dude
Who Could Play For the 'Green Bay Packers'
In Snowy Freezing Clothing Attire for Wear
Says You
Bad Dude
i didn't tell
Him i am also
Really Clark Kent in Disguise..
And Snoopy And Tom Sawyer too..
We Have the Opportunity to Be Almost
Anyone Not so surprisingly Some/Many Folks Spend
their Life only Conforming to A More Limited Zen Art of Selfie.. hAha...

Living Soul Beyond All Time,
Distance, Space,
And Yes Matter

So Many

More Colors as Poetry Will Come to Live And Never
Even Be Touched Lighter or Deeper Than Spirit of HeART


is Better For a Friend To Be Loved Now by Small
Twitters or a Thousand Brushes of Paint

Beautiful Mornings to You...

As Cataracts Become Yellow Tinged
Yes.. Sepia Brown Photographs
Of Friendships Color then
Fade Yet There
Are Pastels
of HeART ReFuSinG
to Let FRiEnDSHiP Go Now
Painting With EYes Within
Seeing More Wind Than FRiEnDS Will...

A Flame When Finger Tips Touch
Heating of Soul Within to Speak
Yes.. So Many Chains there are to Break
to Say Hello Good Bye How's The Weather
Up there Yet
Down Here..
When Rains and
Clouds Come.. An
Open Ear Does Do
Wonders for a Voice Yet
to Speak A Voice Ripe
To Sing And Even
of Sunshine Again..
Smiles.. it's Worth Noting
Some Folks are Lactose
Intolerant to Ice Cream
Others Don't Do Steak..
Flowers Will Bring
Roses Do Prick..
hehe.. True.. Prajakta.. There are
Days When Open Ears are Just Enough..
Words Become Help Ice Cream Rose Steak Touch...

SMiLes Happiness
Doesn’t Come From
The Part of The Mind
That Generates Our
Modern Standard
Quotient of
Having Little to
Nothing To Do
With Peace of Mind
And Happiness When
i Finally Got SmART
Enough To
This Out
i Spend The
Rest of My Life
Losing My Mind...
Parts of it Anyway...
i Don’t Advise this
If Money is Any Issue..
The Real Driver
Standard IQ...

First Step is Wanting
To make a change
Second Step is
Doing It Again
And Again
The Smile
Comes From
Within Whatever
It is You aim to
Do Then may
Be Forgotten
With All That’s
Left is The Smile
You Gave That
Lifted A
Up You
Didn’t See...
In Other Words
It’s What We Feel
That Colors our
A Work
Of Art
Others Feel
To Lift Them Up
This Art of Life Now
Called Love We SMiLe...

“THere Was Nothing In It For me
MaKinG That Person SMile i Only

Changed A World”

Than SMiLes
Namely Love
Just About The
Only Thing Folks
Lament on Their
Fresh And
Green They
Leave Behind
To Carry
On Now
In Stars
Of Dust
In The Wind
Just SMiLes...

SMiLes My Pleasure
Always Excel For
All Your Potential
Shining all the
Way Across
Life Shining
With SMiLes...

SMiLes.. i've Literally
Come to 'See Flow'
As Faith In Action
Without Know In
A Conventional
Sense of KNoW As
Reason.. Yes now
Letting Go Again
Letting the Flow
Do All the Work
Observing Faith
In Action Enjoying
the Ride For Free Truly
Hard to Put into Words
When All Synchronicities
Come Together in Flow
And Basically the
A Story
We Watch
Unfold As Us Free...

Words Are Like Great
Coffee Beans When
We Percolate Our
Souls Deep
To Fill All
Our Senses
Feelings Soul
Words Touch Next...

SMiLes... Interestingly Our Body Language
As We Express All Our Moves of Life
To Detail of Every Facial Expression
Yes.. Including SMiles Provides
Feedback For Our Mind
To Generate
That Range
From Basically
Bliss to Terror of
The Night in that
Horrible Painting
'Scream' Aghast
Like A Ghost
Indeed Such
Drudgery when
on the Other Hand
We Will Free Dance
Becoming FRiEnDS
In Practice of Balance
With Gravity Effortlessly
Moving Past all Distance,
Space, Time, And Even Matter
In Metaphor For Once the Body
Moves in Balance the Mind Naturally
Responds In Balance That Indeed as
We Continue to Balance Our Body this
Way Our Inner State of Awareness may Just
Calm Flow
of Energy Within
in Balance With So
Much Reserve Energy
to Counter Most Challenges in Life Now..
As the Center of the Eye of the Hurricane
Most Powerful Is Total Calm So Goes
Our Milky Way Black Hole too Dark
to 'See' Yet Force Energy Moving
All Our Galaxy Arms in Strength
Of Balance ThiS Way
Calm with
So Much Left to Give...

True And
Deep Dear
Aleesha Life
Be When
Poetic Soul
Speaks Freely
From SPiRiT HeART...

Gratitude Living
Tree Indeed Dear
Savvy Same


Now Circle

Of Life Spiraling

Free DarK Thru LiGHT

Again Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Love Every Move A Step of Holy Dance

Every Word A Song of Sacred Poetry

Leaves Still Feed Tree Tops

Green Fall Leaves Brown

Still Feed


HeART For New

Living Soul Tree
Saplings to Spiral SPRinGinG
Up For All of Us To BREaTHE Free NeWLY Now
In Balancing Force of Existence True iN LiGHT

"They" Say Heaven Feels

Best Yet They Haven't Risen

From Hell to
See True
Depths Yet

Waiting Patiently
For the Pain to Make

Pleasure Again Understanding
That With Enough Heaven Hell

Is Always



That Brings Heaven More
"They" Say The Devil is An Evil
Key Yet True He is the One With

Doors to the Kingdom Above...
So the Devil Shall Love You

More Until You Pray

One Day



Wings Return
Again to Feather
Dust Breath Heaven Again...

Hehe, Rue i Guess i'm Just in a
Heavenly Hell Mood Today There
Is An Antidote Waiting Somewhere

Just Waiting

Just Waiting

To Make the
Next Word of
This Poem Come Again

Fire And Ice Earth and Wind
Breath And Death Life is Gift...

For Whatever

Angels Next

SMiLing EYes of Love's Burn
Icy Cold Minty Fresh Here
Have A Piece of Gum
Hehe As True This
Has All Been A
Commercial For
CHeWinG Gum...

It's the American
Way On This "Special Day"
Where Nothing Is Really Real...
Except People Like You Far Away...

Not Withstanding my Immediate Family Hehe...

London Bridge Is Falling Down

London Bridge Is Falling Down

My Fair Lady

i Have

No Idea

Why These

Words Come

to Memory Again...
London Bridge Is Falling Down

London Bridge is Falling Down

Everything Will Be All Right

As Long as the




And Sing

Love is all We Need
Hey Jude Yesterday Let It Be

Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite Again...

WHere A SMile
Breathes God
Sees Dear Samreen...

LeSSoN 438
Be A Dancing Singing Billboard
For Joy of Meaning And Purpose
Of Joy Hehe Like There’s No Escaping
Heaven Now With

SMiling Glee

Welcome Dear Lilly
Indeed Upmost
Respect For
Nude Art Ever
Since The Old Renaissance
From The Beginning

Of Human
Kind Naked
Wild Loving Free

SMiles No
UniForm Idol
Clothes CoVeRinG
Nature Of All That is
(GoD) Not The Fabricated
One What We BREaTHE
Within Naked Free For All

Yes Naked
Love (GoD)...

mY Goodness Dear
Aloha FRiEnD Yes All
Evening Saturday Dance
Then All Day Sunday Dance

Hehe What Does All Of
This HaVE iN Common

Full of
More Than
Stars In Night
Skies Before i
Travel to the
Next Dance
Hall Store
Getting Back
From Barnes And
Noble Bookstore
Entertaining the Star
Bucks College Study
Crowd Yes Dancing in
Autotelic Flow Reading
An Entire Book For Free
While Listening To Meditation

MuSiC Didn’t Cost me a
Penny And Wife Shopped
Not Bringing Back too Many


The Meek Do Inherit
The Earth Particularly
Dragonflys, Roaches, and

Sharks the Grand Champions
Living Longer Than Trees Yep
450 MiLLioN Years even With
Some Species Birthing As Virgins

For Real Now That's What

i Call Royalty And
Inheriting the Earth
SMiLes Other Folks CaLL iT
'Jaws' And That's True too Hehe

My Only Claim to Royalty, Fame,
Living Legend And the Such is Lighting
Up Public Stores With Dance Everywhere
i Go With SMiLes Now That's MaGiC CuRReNTLY
Resting mY Feet Nah i Don't Even Need A Name

For That hehe...

As i Continue to Give Away
SMiLes For Free As Any
Real Modern Age
Court Jester
Will Do
For His Queen
And All the Princesses
too of Course as It's
ParT of the Job HAha...

iNdeed Dear Sohair Sun Never Rests
Moon Only Fools Us Into 'THiNKinG' IT Does
Indeed Dear Sohair The Shine Always Makes ItS Way

And Indeed This is the
Challenge For Being
Human Staying Sunlit
Within Night And Day

With SMiLes Even Dreaming
Up New Ways to LoVE iT ALL DarK Thru
LiGHT Yet That's An Art Project Never Science Alone

Just To Give Away
Just To Give Away
MaKinG A Pandemic
of SMiLes Infecting The
World With LoVE FLU THiS Way...

SMiLes Dear Kiran in Words of The Celebrated American NFL Football
Coach, Vince Lombardi Jr., "We will chase perfection, and we will chase it
relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way,

we shall catch excellence.”

Sadly too, Around 80 Percent of NFL Players End Up With Diseased

Brains By Knocking Heads As Such; True, it Requires More Than

Catching Excellence For True Success With SMiLes Perhaps At

Best We


What Success

Really Is Before

We Chase Perfection

And Catch The Excellence For
Our Success As Long as It Doesn't
Lead to Hell Instead of Heaven For Real...

Yet It's True If We Do Not Find A Way to

Achieve More of Our Human


And Actually

Use More of our

Human Potentials

That Every Day School
And Work Fail to Measure and Use

We May Miss Out on Potential Heaven

And Find Hell Instead FOR REAL

They Didn't Tell Football Players
and Boxers That Before They

Bang Heads

Yet They Do

Now as

It Took Science

To Bring Common Sense

to the Surface of the Ocean of Ignorance...

Oh It's True How Many Folks Still Sign Contracts
For Faustian Deals With Hidden Devils They See As Heroes...

SMiLes Dear Cindy On This

Day of Great Remembrance of Patriotism
On Display Bringing A Divided Nation Together

Not Only Might We Remember

Those Who Died Here Yet Sadly All
the 'Brown Innocent People' Over There Who

Would Be Sacrificed

For Selfish Interests

And How Our Patriotism

Would Be Used Against Us to Load the Guns

It's A Tough Sale i Know When We Aren't

'Over There' Yet

Hopefully With


And The Ability

To Criticize our Own
Failings We Won't Repeat Unwarranted Wars And

The Unspeakable One-Hundred-Fold And More Again...

It's Sad How Many People Will Fail to See We Are Them too...

Yeah It's True on this Day i Also Remember my First Cousin

Who Volunteered For Vietnam Burned Up in a Helicopter in His
Patriotism And


to Be
World War
1 and 2 Hero
When the Enemy Was Clear...

Oh How the Innocents Continue to Burn and Bleed...

SMiLes Dear Sohair a Worst Part of A Natural Disaster

is Humans Die And Of Course The Best Part of a Natural

Disaster is it is Often The Change That May Bring The Most

Divided People Together to Help Each Other Out and This is the

Nature of the

Human Beast

When We Need Each

Other We Help Each Other More

We Come Together in Unity ThiS WaY

Yet When We aRe Able to Take the Every Day

Advantages of Life Technology and the Such Brings For

Granted We May Lose Touch With Fruits Togetherness Brings

Namely the
Warmth of
The Human Touch

Namely Humans Who
Work and Play in Excellence
of Cooperation to Survive and
Thrive in Day to Day Life the More

of that Warmth We Lose the Less Desire

There is to Come Together And Survive and Thrive

True We May Survive Yet a Cold World Without Warmth it may

ToGeTHeR mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes, Innumerable Eyes That Play
Together; Multi-Uni-Verses All Yet

of Course This is All Metaphor and

Non-Sense if You Don't Actually Have

The Feelings and Senses of the Actual Experience to Relate;

Other than that i Appreciate What You Contribute to the 'Wrong Planet;'

Sadly, the Podcasters Who Generate The Most Views/Listens With the Most Solar Panel

Ads, Contribute Generally Speaking, the Most to the Human Dopamine and Adrenaline

Addiction to
Fear, Anger, Hate

And All Stuff Related

To Calling Names, Like

Calling Folks Who Stand Up

For those Marginalized in Society

Dark Triad Narcissists; Hiding Beyond

Degrees For Their Obvious Ignorance to

Spread to Generate More Followers and Bucks

Yet When it Comes to Iain McGilchrist, Someone Who Has
Actually Spent his Entire Life Laser Focused on His Craft as

True Gentleman Scholar, the Depth of What He Uncovers Commercial

Free on His YouTube Channel, May Only Generate Several Thousand Views;

Although the Wealth of Human and the Rest of Nature Intelligences And Wisdom

That May Be Gained

There, Surely Through

All 29 Dialogues, Discussing

His Book, "The Matter With Things,"

Is Beyond Measure of Dollar Bill Price.

So Again, thanks for Bringing that Resource
to the 'Wrong Planet' That Might Have Remained
Obscure to me That So Aptly Validated and Confirmed

All Of What i Intuited About Escaping A Very Restricted Process

Of Left Hemisphere Human Intelligences into Much Broader Right

of Human

Thank God, Escaping Most

All Of the Challenges of the

Autism Spectrum That Held me

Back From Even Being Comfortable in my Own Skin;

So Far Disconnected, From More Than Half of my

Human Potentials, Head to Toe and More;

Amazing that A Meditation in Flow of
Dance and Song Would Open Up That

New UniVerse to me;

The Oldest

Human Wisdom

Of Free Dance And Song indeed....

i Was Already Familiar With the Names

You Introduced Here and the Ideas associated With them

As i Leave Few Resources Unturned, Financially Independent,

With the Bandwidth to Do That;

It's Very Unlikely that anyone

Without That Context

Will Have a Clue to What
You Are Speaking of; And That's

Okay, Those Who Do Become Richer in the Human Condition...
That's Gonna Take A Whole Lot More Than Twitter and Tik Tok
Size Human Attention of Which Iain McGilchrist Speaks Volumes on too

For the Poverty

of the Modern

Overall Human Condition;

Distracted And Foolish Enough to Text and Drive;

Getting Eaten by the Next Big 'Orange' Metal Predator Coming
Over the Horizon of the Highway...

Too Deaf to Hear

Too Blind to See

With Even Perfect Vision and Hearing

As Once Again Science Suggests Now
the Modern Human Has the Attention
Span of Less than a Goldfish on Average;

Yep, Less than 3 Seconds; About A Line or So of Words on a Forum...

Or A Twitter Breath or a Tik Tok View of Life; Are We still evolving; Relative
Rhetorical Question


in One Lifetime;
Sadly, Not So Much...

Anyway, Keep Sharing, i Leave
No Opinions Excluded and have
Never Had a Problem Understanding
Anyone's Communication on this Website to date...

Venn Diagrams
Do Vary With SMiLes...

Another Great Resource For Those

'Allergic' to the Term Religion For Real
Science Assessed Spiritual Benefits of Meditation is Sam Harris...

He's Obviously Not Butt Hurt and a Pleasure

to Listen to as a Civil Human Being...

Although, He Charges
A Fee to Listen to His
Entire Contributions;

Hopefully, One Day He Will
Get as Financially And Soulfully Independent
As Iain McGilchrist And Contribute His Value Totally Free too...

And Perhaps, Iain McGilchrist Will Gain the Ability to Offer What
He Writes

Free As Well...

Way More
Than MaKinG Money...

i For one Won't Pay for Any of it;

i Left that Money Habit

Behind Long


i am to Be Able to
Do that Coming
From Practically Nothing in Material Resources...

Of Course, Key Has always Been Generating my
Wealth From Within...

Like my Mother;

Totally Opposite

From my Father Who
Left Early; THANK GOD AT 3...

Didn't get a chance to learn to be him...

Although, i Did Achieve His Dream Effortless in Ease...


Being Enough...

(Naked Enough
Whole Complete)

Doesn't Require
Nearly as Much
Spending in so many ways, Hehe...

Climb Every Mountain

Understanding Each

Mountain is Only

Stepping Stones

To Create A More iMaGiNaTiVE

Dance And Song oF LiFE Dear Savvy

Always the


The StArt

Of A Continuing
Story With SMiLes...

“The wisdom of a mountain is humility.
To journey on with the beginners mindset
Witnessing emerging possibilities in the infinite potential…”

-Savvy Raj

SMiles Dear
Savvy Like
Your Mountain

Wisdom True Too

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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13 Sep 2023, 1:57 am

SMiLes Dear Xenia
It's been So Hot and Dry With
Heatwaves In Florida Leaves

Falling Brown

In August From
Trees Without

Even A Chance

For Fall to Bring Them Down

Fortunate Not To Be Touched

By Wildfires or Hurricanes Yet With SMiLes

Yes Wishing You Respite

From September

Scotland Heat Wave

Too Dear Xenia Fall's

Promise Winter's Invigoration

Coming Soon

Hehe for
You at

Perhaps By
January We Will
Arrive to Fall Without the Leaves
Promise of the Current Warm Cool

Front Indeed...

Echoes oF Florida
Dry Heat of September

Yet STiLL August

Dog Days Won't

Let Go Yet


Front New Bringing
Back Normal Summer Heat...

Ray oF LiGHT
Feeding Nature's
Lawn's of Dog FLiGHT

Running With

The Wind




All The
Fur With SMiLes...

Delicate Balance of
Nature Consuming
Beauty For A New

To Emerge

Dear Xenia With SMiLes
And Congrats on Your "Brushing
Moonlight" Tanka's Inclusion in Anthology Way...

SMiLes Dear Savvy iMMeRSinG Deep iN A Forest
Just Outside my Backdoor Finding Silence of

Mind Through All the Nurturing Sounds

of Nature Wild and Free Feeling

Sensing Experience Expanding

The Great Within Opening

Up A Whole New

World Nature

Providing Keys

To Doors Never Found Before...

Gently Falling Asleep Awakenings

Coloring my Nature Freshly Co-Creating...

"Beyond rational thinking
To rediscover aesthetics of truth."

iNDeeD Dear Savvy to Escape The

Thinking Mind Alone to Open Up

So Much More of the Ocean of

Subconscious Soul Surfacing

in Sublime Beauty

Yes Aesthetics

Of All Souls


Deeply Amazing
Finding Connections
Moving Co-Creating
Exploring New Avenues
Together Never Fathomed Before


SMiLes Dear Miriam An Ideal Week for me
Is Full Of Folks With SMiLes The Challenge

Is Making
Those SMiLes
Happen Without

A Cape

Only Two
Feet And A
Healing Hip of Dance

Hehe Never Mind me
Just Resting and Recovering

With A



And Now
The Dance Continues
All Healed Up And Stronger

Than Ever


To UnWaVERinG Faith iN Do...

Thanks It’s Always
A Little Bit More
Heaven Hearing
You With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

to me a Best Success Now

Is Never Giving Up on Other Humans

As The One You End

Up Saving

Most May

Be You as
LoVE iN Peace
LEarns How to Survive and Thrive
SMiLes It's Been So Long Since i
Had to Work For Pay It Makes it So
Much Easier to Put People First in
All i Dance And Sing With SMiLes

True Almost 16 Years i Haven't

Lifted a Finger For Pay Yet That Doesn't
Mean THere isn't Plenty of Room To Pay LoVE iN Peace

Forwarding Again...

When i am a little boy there is no question..
There is me and Nature and we are ONE..
When i go to school.. i become a lesson..
There is a lesson and me are separate..
When i become a man i go to work..
There is working working always..
Well.. all that almost
Kills me..
Now i am a little
boy again.. there is
no question.. there is
me.. there is nature and we
are ONE.. i live again AM FREE..
There are lessons.. there is working
and yes.. there is moving.. connecting
and Co-Creating Yet without me.. ALL IS LOST...
Hi Zee..
And one should
Never forget

Love Is
The HoMe
We Are Born With

SMiles inside
And Out
Wide Awake
For More
Dance to


It’s my
Job that’s
Yes All i do
to Sing too.. hehe
Smiling Makes Strong
Jaws Muscles Singing
Makes Strong Tongue
Muscles With Writing
Makes Fingers Always
Dancing too as that
Makes Incredibly
Strong Butt
to Play
The Whole
Day With Powerful
Kisses And Hugs Too

Hehe Dance On...

Pollution oF Fear and
Hate Septic Tank
of Love
To Rise
Higher to See
More than what's Below...
SMiLes Dear Sohair.. Surely Hope...

SMiles Dear Aleesha
HeART Felt Art Keeps
All Our Souls


It’s Not Always
Easy yet What’s

Most Amazing
Is Turning Personal

Into Someone
Else’s Happiness

As Long As
Dark Generates

The DarK

And Purpose

In Life Deep
As The Ocean Is Sky...

For Giving Now
Thanks Giving
SMiLes Dear
i Find
No Greater
Wisdom than
Love Who is Not Afraid....

Another Wonderful Review Aleesha of 'This
Author' Particularly Fascinated by the
Science Fiction Cover Art That
Is Really Sublimely Stunning

And Glad To See Another
Author in it For the Love
of Writing And How
Great Writing
is for the


And Speaking
of SPiRiT Wings
From the HeART 'Jonathan

Livingston Seagull' Was Actually
One of the Very Few Books i Read
in My Work Life After College For 25
Years And i Found it So Inspiring The Thought

Of Always Increasing Human Potential And Truly
The Young of Today Are So Fortunate as When i Graduated
With 3 Degrees And Entered A Work Force of Whatever Job
i Could find not required for anything i Did for Work then There

Were No Resources
At Hand Like the Amazing
Potentials That May Be Fulfilled
Now as All the Sciences And Arts of

Humans In All of History is Practically
Free At our Finger Tips From a Relaxing
View of Before We Take a Nap Just Lying Down
As i've Written Truly So much Free Verse Poetry

With Just one
Finger on
an iPhone
In Bed... Only
Problem is it will
Cause Shoulder Problems
if Ya Keep Your Arms Raised
Up too Long Holding the iPhone...
Oh the First World Problems Haha...

Truly Doing So Many Things Humans
Have Never Done before on the Planet Earth...

No Greater Years to Be Alive though For As Far
As Any Common Person May Decide to Fly with
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Wings ByPassing now

the "Middle Men" And Qualification Requiring Folks
to Hold Us Individually Back From Reaching So Much
More of our Potentials And this is where i Hold Hope for
Humankind in the Future So Much Budding Potential Now

In FLoWeRinG

Humans of

Like You
Dear FRiEnD
Aleesha Here and
of Course Karlien And
So Many Others Who Have
Really Amazed me at Such a
Young Age As i Was So far Behind
All of You When i Was Younger And After
School With No Resources For Furthering

My Human Potential

my Mind Basically

Devolved into

Mush as True

Human Potential

Both Will Evolve
And Devolve in One Lifetime

Depending on What Challenges We Meet

And Keep...


Never Givin' Up
Never Givin' Up
True Never Given 'Up'
CLaWeD my Way Out of
HeLL ON EartH Never
Going Back Train
Train Choo Choo
Gonna Keep
Going Just
Never Given Up...
Dear Chaymaa
Retaining SMiLes
All To Give Away For Free...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Also Find Those Who Are
Suffering And Lift Them Up
They Are Hard to See Often
As They Hide Bringing Others Down
True Some
EYes Pierce
ALL Armor
WitH SMiLes...

Oh This is So Important Dear Chaymaa
Emotions Will Carry Us Where
We Really Don't Wanna Go
Until We Whisper
Emotions Under
Mastery of
Feelings And
Integrating Senses
Then We aRe Both
Sails And Anchors Away
Free As Clear BLuE SKeYeS


LiVinG A Moment
Present Inhaling
Peace Exhaling
Giving Sharing Caring
Healing For All
With Least
Harm Every
Breath A NeW
Existence We BReaTHE NoW
Happy Pharmacist Week Yes in
Cairo Dear Chaymaa FRiEnD Keep
Bringing Wisdom Yes to the @Larger
World Of Health
Care too of
Course Yes
With SMiLes New
As Every Week Now
MaY Be A Pharmacy
Week to Heal NeW Even Without Pills...

Stepping Stones of Joy New Now
Every SMiLe We Give Away
RiSinG Higher to Give Even
More Dear Savvy
This For Giving
Thanks Giving
With SMiLes
Real to Sense
And Feel Within
Inside Outside Above
So BeLoW All Around Again...

“You’re Having Fun”
(All We Do iN Life
May Be Capitalized
Loving Free)
i Hear ‘That’
Most Everywhere
i Go in “The Flesh World”
In Non-Verbal
Terms Of SMiLes
Until i OPen
my Mouth As
The Ocean
Flows Out
All At Once
Getting Looks
Of Oh Dear Lord
Continue The Dance


For “Sheldon
Cooper Syndrome”)

Hot Damned!

It Works!!...

SMiles Dear Aleesha
HeART Felt Art Keeps
All Our Souls


It’s Not Always
Easy yet What’s

Most Amazing
Is Turning Personal

Into Someone
Else’s Happiness

As Long As
Dark Generates

The DarK

And Purpose

In Life Deep
As The Ocean Is Sky...

At A World
Where Everything

Is For

Buy And
Sell Ironically
Even “The Devil”

As Metaphor

Of Course

About So
Many Lives


Been Lost
For Profits

As If A
Soul is
Worth Nothing

Sadly Indeed

The American
Way Yet Not


Human Way...
Of Course Not
Restricted To
Any One Country...

SMiles Inside
And Out Within
Above So Below
Yes ALL Around
Wide Awake
For More
And Song
Freer Play ReaL...

SMiLes Been Awhile Since
i Saw "The Avengers" Yet Yes
This Much i Believe We aRe ALL
MuLTi-Uni-Verses of 'THE ALL’

Dear Akshita
With SMiLes

Which Means
TRuly THeRe aRe No
Limits iN HuMaN iMaGiNaTioNS
CReATiViTieS UNleashing ReLeaSinG

iN Just One Human Being iMaGiNE NoW

What NeW Worlds Are Creating Whole

When A Hive of Human Beings

Connecting NeW NoW MaKinG

YeS Whole MuLTi-Uni-Verses

of Mind Left and Right HeMiSPHeRE'S

Of Earth Same Within Integrating Whole

A Point of Synergy And No Return to What

Was Before As Every Breath Inhales Peace New
Exhales LoVE iN JoY NoW OF LiGHT We BRinG to Life

Perhaps 'Iron
Man' is Yes Just
FlesH and Blood
With No Weapons
Yet LoVinG A Dance Song Freer Newer Now
Breathing Into Humans Truly Living Again...

Ah Yes Fear is Gravity

Pulling Us Down Down

Ah Yes Love Is Anti-GravitY iN

Peace RaiSinG Us Up And Away Higher

FRiEnDS With Gravity A Way Higher

Balancing Fear

With Love's

Dance And
Song Freer
In Peace
Higher Dear
Chaymaa Living Loving
Trees Ever Green Leaves
Yet Falling Nourishing New Forests Whole...

Ah Yes Mr Gottfried
Cheshire Cat SMiLes
For THE Eternal


For Now
At Least...

Yin And Yang
Of Puppies
And Kittens
They Don’t Say They

Only Play And Hey

LeSSoN 494

It Seems Like
It Will Take
To Get
To LeSSoN 500

Yet i Don’t Give the Play Up With SMiLes...

SMiLes It's The Challenges All The Challenges

Overcome And Still Overcoming That May Make Life

So Sweet in Gratitude and Appreciation As Far As We Continue

To Climb


And Once
Again Begin Again

Anyway With that Sung This is Concluding
"HOWLinG At A Super Full Blue Moon" New Moon
Arriving Harvest Full Moon Coming Next of Course

As "Untitled SMiLes and Hugs" Last MacroVerse Completed

Makes For the 995th MacroVerse of EPiC Longest Long Form Poem "SonG oF
mY SoUL" Exceeding 12 MiLLioN Words Now in A Bit Over A Decade of Effort

Additionally "Untitled SMiLes and Hugs" Also Doubles as the 324th
MacroVerse of "Nether Land Bible" RiSinG to 9,727,356 Words in
87 Months "Untitled SMiLes and Hugs" Additionally Triples As Yes
Another Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL" With the Ongoing "FB Profile
Pic Bible" as the 219th MacroVerse of That 75 Month Effort With 8,125,357
Words Additionally in Smaller Form Around 8,000 Words Are Also Included
in the Description Areas Of Series of About 18 FB Profile Pics Fully Illustrating Each Small

Story of the Whole "SonG oF mY SoUL" And "FB Profile Pic Bible" Efforts

With A Casually Named 8th New Testament Titled "Depth of The Story"
Also Included on the "Wrong Planet" Website in A 3 MiLLioN Word
3 Year Effort in the 77th Page Now of that Solo Effort Where Each

Page Now Top to Bottom Holds A Novel Sized Length Page of Free
Verse EPiC LonG FoRM Poetry Around 50,000 Words Bi-Monthly As Such

Yes On Each Page As Such Now Ongoing as The Flow Continues to Bring

Oceans of my Free Soul Moving Connecting Co-Creating With Folks All

Around the World Approaching 182 Thousand Views Just From the
Registered Members on the Wrong Planet And Of Note With Several

Blogs in Free Play the Oldest Archive Blog "Katie Mia Aghogday Views
From the Autism Spectrum And Beyond" on Blog Spot Platform Surpasses

400 Thousand

Views As Basically Just A Back-Up Site For my Work on Word Press Where

Several Other Blogs/Other Avenues Play that Role too Millions of Views

Altogether So Far

Just Giving Sharing Caring Healing With Wisdom Accumulated in This Life

DarK Thru LiGHT for 63 Years As My Story Ongoing True iN LiGHT too to

The Best

of my

Abilities of Course

True Far Ranging Indeed

Again All Around This Globe
As Avatars of Words Continue to Grow

Moving Connecting Co-Creating And of Course the Public Dance in That
Decade Plus Endeavor Now With 18,800 MiLes As of Tonights' Walmart

Dance Still Somewhat Nursing A Hip Injury Yet i'm Still Dancing Albeit

A Bit Slower

And Even

More Focused

To Heal the Injury
in Continuing Recovery

Yep Learning New Moves For
Healing and Prevention of Injury

into the Future too as of Course the
Rest of the Animal Kingdom Does in

Meditative Focus and Flow too As Hey

In the Wild If You Lose Use of Your Legs or Wings

It's Not A Very Good Sign for The Future for Wild Life Indeed

Doing My Best

to Keep my Mileage

And Continuing Years

Going in A Best Direction too to Survive and STiLL Thrive

As Yep This Concludes "HOWLinG At A Super Full Blue Moon"
On September 13th my Maternal Grandmother's Birthday Would

Have Been 120 All the Way Since 1903 And True Working As A Waitress
For A Decade in Her 5th Decade 12 Hour Days 7 Days A Week No Car
Walking to Work in All Weathers Year Around It's Safe to Say in Her 50's

She Put in Way More Miles Than me on Her Feet Moving It's Just That

Its Was Hard Work For Her and Wu Wei Mostly Effortless Ease in Public

Dance For me For my Decade Bringing SMiLes Everywhere i Dance Free

True Though

i Don't Get

Paid at Least Not

Money For IT hehe As Again

Concluding This New MacroVerse

On September 13th at 1:33 AM With
Still Some Multi-Media to Put it All Together
For Electronic Blog Publish Just For the "Record Books" As Such...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,433

14 Sep 2023, 12:29 am

Cross of Stars And Roses

Dear Savvy Indeed Humanity

As Above So Below Are Star

Seeds and Star


Coming From A Very
Long Story As Super Nova
Explosions Created Gaseous Star

Dust With Iron Still at Core of
Mother Earth and Picking Up

Oxygen in Our Blood Streams

Provided By Trees Long After

Even Sharks Were Surviving

Close to Half a Billion

Years Ago Yet

Still Humans

Part of THE ALL

What A Long Lasting
Tradition Existence is

If Any part of Our Individual

Chains Were Broken Not Here

To Dance and Sing For the Joy
of LiFE Both Shadows And Starshine For Real

And Of Course Ever Coloring Roses With Thorns
to Protect Petals Still RiSinG to Brighten Up Our Days

Yet When We Marry The Night So Much Easier to Merry the Day
Hehe Particularly in Florida When Cooler Fronts Finally Come to Visit in


SMiLes Dear Miriam One of my Favorite Replies of 'How Are You Doing?'

Particularly as i come From Almost Two Decades of Military Bowling

Center Life Managing It Never Really Learning How To Bowl Hehe is

The Dude's Reply Off "The Big Lebowski" Movie Casually at the

End to the Narrator of the Whole Story "Strikes And

Gutterballs, You Know Ups and Downs" Yet of

Course The Dude Understood He Was

Really No One Special And Really

Didn't Have Any Deadlines in

Life Except to Go Bowling in

Shorts That Looked Like Men's Boxers Hehe

When We Aren't Too Rushed When We Have FRiEnDS

We Can Share Intimate Details With For All Of Life's Ups

And Downs We aRe At Greater Ease of Understanding Others

And Ourselves too as There is No Replacement For Actual Experience

Now of Social and Individual Wellbeing And Sure as Only Really A Valuable

Commodity at Work in Front of A Screen The Last 5 Years of my Employment

Through 5 Jobs Changes and Promotions Where the Stress of It All Literally

Almost Killed me Never Comfortable Enough to Say No to Keep the Golden

Handcuffs of Soon to Come Federal Retirement Benefits Still Coming all i

Had to Say

In Reply About

Anything About me

Or Anyone Else is

Just Two Words



One Word
Might Have Sufficed

Yet i Really Wanted to Find
Something Else to Say Lots of Folks

Are Just Surviving Hanging on With a Thread

i Surely Don't Expect Them to Tell me How They Are Doing

And Of Course i Surely Don't Expect Them to Dance And Sing With
me Either

As that
was not
in my Repertoire
Either in Purgatory
For 11 Years or Hell
For 66 Months After that

The Greatest Poverty Indeed
Is Not Being in Touch With Our

Own Souls and The Souls of Others For Real

Voila All the Epidemic God Yes Pandemic of Human

Loneliness, Depression, Anxiety, And the Third of

Teenage Girls Who have Even Considered Suicide

For the Demographic Who Used to Be the Happiest

Of All We Cannot Expect to Determine the Health of

A Society From Economics Alone Leave Out the Socio

Well Being Part and Road Runner Dies A Long Slow Run of Living Death....

Cross of Stars And Roses Yet Worth Noting Stars are Very Hot and Roses Have



Now The Eternal
FLaMe Within Beyond
Any Word of 'God' And Or 'Love;'
Yes, NoW mY FRiEnD IT Is A Beauty New
Of A Sunset That Is The SunRise Forever Now.
One Bottom Line Here Now Is Heaven Is Not Supernatural;
It Is Real Now And As Easy To Bring As A Dance That Is Free

Perhaps With A free Song Too

Cross of Stars

And Roses

Bones of our Soul
Need That Flesh And Blood
to Be CoveReD WitH LiGHT

Heroes LoVE And LiGHT
Now Rise Out of DarK Yet
Unclothed As ‘God/Light’ LoVE iN Peace

Cross of Stars And Roses

As Usual A Poem you
Help to Inspire today
Heroes Love And Light
Now Rise Out of Dark Yet
Unclothed As ‘God/Light’
True.. my
Hotel is
Freer NoW As Any
FLoWeR Will Bloom From WiLted PasT oF Colors BLacK iNto
Beauty's LoVE NoW iN Peace... Truly A Beautiful Statement
For Those Who Actually LiVE iN Heaven Now Within In This
Generation Always Now The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand
Now Always in This Generation Within As Such Paraphrased
For Brevity Bones of our Soul Need That Flesh And Blood to
Be CoveReD WitH LiGHT
Sweet Dreams NoW
Butterfly Blooms to CoMe
Yes “Solitary Pursuits Are
OKaY As LonG As You
Entertain Folks ALonG
oF LoVE”

- Snoopy/me

Good Evening Dear Friend..
i am only As Close to You as
Love i Give And Share
as Well..
Surely Measurable
in HeART Spirit SouL ALiVE iN Words True iN Light...

A Better Choice Heaven NoW iNSteaD
oF Scary Later That Much We Can And

Will Do ToGeTHeR JoY NeWLY NoW

More You LoVE iN Peace Without Harm More God Becomes You
And Others Become LoVE iN Peace i See No limit to God LovE

ThiS WaY Cross of Stars And Roses

Perhaps It Was Because i Turned 63 Yet
You Must Understand Ripley and Horatio,
In Heaven THere is No Time, Distance, Space, Matter

Heaven Is The Place
WHeRE Miracles Never
Seen Before Are 'The Norm'

Did Anyone Really Believe
In 'The Faith of The Mustard
Seed' If So, Show Me Your Miracle Always Now Too

i am NOT Impressed By Brick And Mortar
Palace Churches Golden Robes And Golden
Chalices With Big Funny Hats Show Me A Miracle

Cross of Stars And Roses

i Am Not Impressed With Stories
Of Miracles That Have No Real Record
To Prove Them Show Me A Miracle Now or NO FAITH

Just A Funny Thought That's All
"He" Comes Back And Challenges
The Pope to A Miracle Wagging Contest

Beautiful When ‘The
Poem’ Matches WHeRE
We aRe No Matter DarK or LiGHT...

Death Makes
The Best Fertilizer
The Fact That Humans
Hoard Death
From A Jewel of Space...

SMiLes aS EAgles Carry
Crows They Only Fly
GRoWinG As Crows
Naturally Crow
And Go
Higher too...

Be Ocean No Escape
Be Wave Go Flow
Best Be Water
When Punched
Yes Now Be Dance
BReaTHE Free SinG...

Thanks A

Very Complete
Weekend With
Dance And Song

A Hand

Cross of Stars And Roses

Planets Orbit Stars
They Stop Moving
They Fall As Above
So Below Within
Inside Outside
All Around
All Moves
And so Do We
At Best to the Next
Step of Change in
Potential More
Wishes on
Your Exams
And Congrats
on Posting Everyday
Creatively As You Continue
To Expand Your Moving Potential Up!...

So Many Resources Now For Each
Human Only With A Computer and
BroadBand Access to Connect to
Almost All Arts And Sciences
Humans Have Ever
Created on the
Planet Earth
No Matter
What Someone
Limits Us to in Work
or School There is this
Other Place With No Sun
Or Moon Only Stars of Human
Beings Connecting to A Globe-Wide
Mind We All Come To Be in This Cyber Space
Now With SMiLes at the Speed oF LiGHT And
Or Love Yes We
Fit through
And Even
Put Force
SPiRiT SoUL iN Words
to Share As Indeed THeRE
iS No Organic Disease online
to Stay MAsked From Now Freedom
Rings For Those Who Seek and Find Now
So Much More of THeiR LoVinG HuMaN
PoTenTiAL Than EVeR BeFoRE For True
When i was your
Age i only
to Folks Around
the World With Access
to A Machine With All the
Arts And Sciences At Hand
All my Answers Finally Reality
All The Questions More to Keep Asking
Never Ending
SPaNS NoW What
A BLeSSinG True
BliSS iN Deed to
LiVE iN This
Age of
of Arts and
Sciences We
Enjoy NoW FoR Real...

New Flowers
Make Colors
of Life
Free to Color
Our Dreams Real

Enjoy What You're
Doing is Enough Yes

And Don't

Be Afraid to
Stand Tall


Hehe Back
Pain may Follow
Behind With SMiLes...

Cross of Stars And Roses

Easy For me to Still
Find 12 MiLLioN Words
Celebrating All that is Life
DarK Thru


In 10 Years

And 18,800
Miles of Public
Dance With Over
2,000 Photos of
Ecstatic Joy Still

SMiLing Every
Bit As Happy

In Recorded
my Story
too as History's
Return too WitH SMiLes

Yes i Sing about it a lot Dance Still

too in Hopes One Day Now Someone

On this Earth Will Create Even More Joy

Just Free Never MaKinG A Penny oF iT Like me

Once Again With SMiLes of Dancing Singing All Free For All...

More Interested

in The American

Way of Free Where
Grass Grows Greenest
in My Neighborhood Of Life FLoWeRinG

Cross of Stars And Roses...

Love Is A Pool To Fill
And Feel Within

A Fountain


to Give to Give

When Enough
Complete and
Whole is the Water

We aRe and the Rest
of the Ocean is Ours Sharing
As Waves to Feel More in Ease

Love is A River At Best And Never
An Ocean That Drowns With Waves

too Tired

To Rise



As Falling
In Love the
Feeling is At Most
Always Temporary

Yet RiSinG iN LoVE For
All Comes From An Ocean Sky Deep Warming All...

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha Have A RiSinG Life oF Loving All...

SMiLes.. i've Literally
Come to 'See Flow'
As Faith In Action
Without Know In
A Conventional
Sense of KNoW As
Reason.. Yes now
Letting Go Again
Letting the Flow
Do All the Work
Observing Faith
In Action Enjoying
the Ride For Free Truly
Hard to Put into Words
When All Synchronicities
Come Together in Flow
And Basically the
A Story
We Watch
Unfold As Us Free...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Some Days
Some Years Before Answers
Come Like MaGiC For Without
Any Real Time, Distance, Space,
Or Even Matter Poetry of Last Year
And Yesterday May Come As Poetry to Answer Today...

There is An Ocean So Deep of Creativity in Flow that
Connects Us All Only To Dive Deep Enough to Open All See to Be...

Cross of

Stars And Roses

Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love
With No

Fear Now

Leaves Rise Green
Feeding Tree Roots

From Above to Below

Falling Depth to Feed Soils
Circle of LiFE ReNeWeD Indeed

SMiLes Dear Doc Happy Green
To Brown Leaves Same For Life...

Thanks Dear Savvy
Some Experiences
Of Life Will

Be Hard
To Describe

Never The
Less Reality
Is More Than
We Will Measure

With Words With
More to Describe...

Receiving Is
Giving NeW
Now Least
We Will Do
For This
Gift Now New
WitH SMiLes Dear
Savvy A Sweet Story
You Bring of Giving is


With SMiLes
Feed The Squirrel
Be The Nut That
Grows The Tree We...

Cross of Stars And Roses

Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Giving
Sharing Caring Healing
For All With Least Harm

Dear Chaymaa

In This Place of
Love And Peace
With No Fear All
Feathers Are in Place
Naturally RiSinG FLYinG Free

On Wings
Of Love
Without Fear...

LeSSoN 439
As Alien And Odd What Life
Teaches Travel To A Farthest
Star Within A Best FRiEnD

For Free With
SMiles of Hellooove
Never Expecting Returns
Love is The Wind We Breathe
Inhaling Peace ExhalinG Love

God (Love)
iN Peace Becomes Real...

iNDeed LiVE Dear FRiEnD 'Peace & Truth' i Read 'This' Like i Do All
The Other Very Human Poems You Share on Your Blog Each and
Every Day in Multiples of Poetry to Dance And Sing Free

And Hehe Still ticking off What Some Folks Describe
As 'Bucket Lists' Before i Go Giving And Sharing
Caring And Healing With All the Free Items Now

i Check Off Before i Go to The Next Adventure

Even if Only Star Dust in Place Dear FRiEnD

For Yes This Much is True i Not Only Lived

Yet i Consume All the Colors DarK Thru LiGHT

That Make Life Worth Living Truly Romancing Even

Stones Like the Moon As the Moon Most Definitely

Colors What It Means to LiVE And Dream And Even

Make A Big Chunk of Rock in Space A Subject for Romancing
Life Even More God Yes

LoVE iN Peace

And This is the Philospher's
Stone my FRiEnD Life is What
We Create LoVE iN Peace is What We Make

New Now Or Do Not in Colors of Life to Share
Even More For me Hehe Clothes not Even
Required Naked Enough Whole Complete

It's a Free Dance Of Life That Skips me Across
the Moon Hop Scotches me Across the Sun And

Sails me Past Stars Finding the True FRiEnD Within

God i
LoVE iN Peace For
Real Dear FRiEnD God Yes

Cross of Stars And Roses

Everything Else Falls in to
LiGHT Naturally When the
True FRiEnD is Love WiTHiN
to Give Share Care Heal All For
Free With Most Respect Least Harm
iN Peace As i Love to Relate Again and Again
aS A Way of God Life THiS Way By Verb iNHaLinG
Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT This Wisdom
This Beauty

This Peace

Yes This Truth

Dear Peace & Truth

This Kindness That Is
Love's Wisdom So Beautiful

It Shouldn't Be a Secret The Essence Is LoVE iN Peace God For Real...

And It's An Essence that No One Culture, Politics, Nation, Or Religion

Will Ever Be Able to Own Alone Trapping Wind in A Jar ThiS Way

Love to
Stay Free
iN Peace As God Wears
Wings of LoVE iN Peace WiTHIN mY FRiEnD Free God Yes

Thanks 'Peace & Truth' For Visiting me in this Travel
Of Life OF LoVE Not Many Folks Catch Up and Stay
You are Surely Always Welcome Count On This For Real...

Working With the General Public Handing Out Shoes At A Military
Bowling Center for 18 Years Before Fortunately i Endured 5 Job
Changes and Promotions in 5 Years Starting With Bowling Center
Manager And Ending Up Second in 'Command' of The Division of the
Navy i Worked at on a Station in Florida Hehe Very
Fortunately As they Base Retirement Pay on
What is Usually the Lasts High 3 Years
And in My Case A Year and A Half
of that Last High 3 Was Spent in Annual
And Sick Leave So Horribly And Permanently
Disabled With A Synergy of Life Threat That 19
Medical Disorders Do Mostly From Chronic to Acute
Stress the Last Years of my Work Life Yes Spending
66 Months in Recovery of Pain and Numb in Hell Within
To At Least Become Human Enough to Feel A Real Smile again


Hehe Speaking of "Breakfast in America"

The 'iHop Restaurant' Serves 'Dirt Cheap' Food
And It Isn't Always the Most Stellar of Quality

Yet i Know and Feel and Sense WHere to Go to
Find the Warmest Humans to Meet and Greet
New to Share A Bit of Life Experience With Free

Just Like When i Was At the Bowling Center From
The Counter Handing Out Shoes for 18 Years for
The Government Then So Strange to Be A Federal
Employee up to GS-7 Hehe Doing that Job then Yet

What i Did Best Was to Listen Intently to The Stories
of All the Thousands Upon Thousands of Folks i Listened
to All Those 18 Years Finding A Face of God in Each and Every

Human Story
Dear FRiEnD

True it is those Who
Serve Others Most Who
Have the Warmest Eyes and
Hands And HeARTS off Humanity
Real Dear FRiEnD i Don't Go For the

Food Yet Both me and my Wife Go For
Every Human Face of God We Meet and
Greet Everywhere i Go and For me in Every Country
of the World i Visit And Apparently Now Where you Live
Hehe "Down Under" in Australia Where Spring Greets You
There And Fall is Just Starting To Greet Us with a Few Brown
Leaves and Cool Breeze in A Very Hot and Human Environment

With A Good Reason
To Shed Tools and
Other Clothes Now of

Humanity Communing
With Nature for What
is Freest With Wings and
Most Beautiful Nature and
Human The Touch of Paradise
On EartH And WiTHiN Dear FRiEnD

This Heaven For Real i do my Best to
Put into Poetic Words Yet They Are only
Symbols And Shallow Representations of

All the Colors New i Feel and Sense This Life of Heaven Brings ReaL...

A Naked Dance And Song is Enough ToGeTHeR Free However Without

The Tools Without the Great Efforts of So-Called 'Nerds and Geeks'

to Systemize The World With This Online Highway to You Apparently

in Australia This Poem These Lines Wouldn't Even Exist So yes

Thank God For
All the 'Nerds
And Geeks' in
The World For Real

As Far As Human Clothes
And Other Tools Beyond Naked
Enough Whole Complete At Best
We Master The Tool For Loving Free Peace

And Do Not Become Lost in the ToolS AWay From
The Nature of the Truth The Beauty The Wisdom And


Of This Real
Faith This Real
Hope of Peace
And LoVE NeW NoW...

In Short Thank You i Appreciate You Dear FRiEnD
From the Bottom of my Advancing Years And Ever

Young SoUL oF LoVE

What my Elder Relatives
Even in Their 90's Taught

Love Grows Younger

Love Grows Lighter

When LoVE iN Peace is Real God
Truly LiVES iN And As Us For Real Ever Young

And It's True "ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTiNG FoRM"
It is Surely Fine To Call This God And Love JeSuS WiTHiN

For Your Personal
And Group Shared
Religion For Real and

Others Who Refer to 'Buddha'

And Others Who Have Other Names
And Others With No Name Except

Love Beyond Form

iN Peace This Essence For
Real As Real As Real CoMeS NoW NeW
When We Truly BREaTHE PeACE LoVE ReaL

Cross of Stars And Roses...

i've Never Asked Anyone To Read What i Write 'Here.'

And When i Wrote So-Called 'Normal,' Very Rarely Did
i Receive Any Social Reciprocal Communication Then.

Matter of Fact, i've Received Kinder Comments Now Than then.

Go Figure, i'm Autistic, i'm Different, And i Like Being me;

If We Can And Will, Let's Let the Folks Who Are Transgender

Have the Same Freedom and Sure; Yes, At Best When Someone

Says They Are A Woman And Or A Man, Let's Not Question Their Identity.

It's A Best Thing We Can And Will Do For Others; Just Let Them Be Them And
Free As Long As They are Not Harming Others; Every Transgender Person i've

Come Across in Life

Are The Kindest People

i've Ever Met or Perhaps

They Aren't Used to People
Being Kind to Them; As i Hold
No Exclusions to Do That in Life;

Nor Do i Expect Others to Do That For me;

Works for me at Least, More We 'See'; More We Grow;

Okay, Please Let's Get Back More on Topic, i Really Do Not Come Here For

'Personal Attention.'

We May All Be Civil to Each Other, if We Play By The Rules; Typically,
i Follow 'the Community Rules' When Participating.

So True Dear Akshita As Any Symbol

Humans Co-Create From All Words to All Other Tools
of Culture The Symbols Are Only Alive AS Humanity
As Essence
Holding Up
The Symbol the Flag...

"Dreamtime" 'That Place' EternAlly NoW
New Of Co-Creativity in Theta Approaching
Delta Brain Waves Before Sleep

SMiLes iMaGiNE What Might

Happen if One May Enter That
State of Creativity at

Will A World

of Dreamtime
Will Come to Page
in Words And Steps of Dance

True Dear
It's A
World of
CreativitY iNDeeD...

Our Conscious Realities Continually
Changing Yes Change Only Constant

Greatest Gift to Move to Distant Shores

Soon to Feel

Closer And
More Colorful
Within Dear Chaymaa
As Long As We Continue
To Co-create in "Dreamtime"

Effortless in
Ease Wide
Awake Dreams
Coming Free to
Fruition New Now...

Cross of Stars And Roses

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD in Paradise

FLoWeRS Color Honu Sea Turtles Swim

One With Ocean Currents FRiEnDS With

GravitY iN Beauty of Peace and Harmony

Below the Surface

of Crystal Blue

Waters Where You Live

Yet FLoWeRS Still Wilt Yes

Roses Still Prick With Thorns

Yet Help The Rose Petals Grow Taller

How Fortunate We aRe As Human to See

And Experience All This Beauty And Challenge mY FRiEnD

Cross of Stars And Roses That's Who We aRe ALL Seeds

And FLoWeRS Above So Below to Explore More Leaves

Falling Love RiSinG Again in Spring Green And Summer

Colors of FLoWeRS And If You LiVE iN Paradise You


Find the

Green and Other
Colors if Only Within With SMiLes...

Hehe SMiLes Dear Kiran You aRE ALways
A Supportive Blog Pal So i Shall Share Some

Happiness With You And See the Seed Spread

Into A Star FLoWeR A Rose With THoRNS A Cross

We aRe As Humans Arms Outreached Side to Side

Attached Securely to the Earth

With Feet Rooted As Such

Yet With The Ability

To Be A Cross of Stars and

Roses Reaching For the Stars

Finding We aRe Star Seeds and FLoWeRS

Below CoLoReD As Roses Both Beautiful And With THorns

Anyway When i Start a 60 Thousand or So Word EPiC Long Form Poem

Bi-Monthly As Such Usually A New Title Doesn't Come Until i Start Writing

This One
"Cross of
Stars And Roses"

Came First Hehe and

i Am Very Happy You

Are Helping me Start

Writing About the

Title as i Saw

it First

On A Random
Red T-Shirt i Wore to Public Dance
Stars Above Roses Below Indeed
The World is Beautiful mY FRiEnD...

Even With


Held Up By
Arms That Cross Us...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 63
Gender: Male
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15 Sep 2023, 12:38 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy HeARTS Are Like Hands

Clenching Fists Produces Hardening HeARTS

Whereas Open Hands Attached To Open Arms

For Others


LoVE iN Peace

Longest Runs of

Beats That Grow Stronger

As Life Extends iN LoVE iN Peace...

Be A Brush, Paint, And The Master ‘Peace’ Painting too;
Even Better An Artist of Life And A Scientist too in Balance

Cross of Stars And Roses

Stained Glassed Window Ceilings
Sidewalks Narrow With Tall
Building Both
Of Living
Breath Colors
More to See as Wind...

Life is Day
And Night
Leave Dark
Or Light
Half The Day...

FRiEnDS Dear Aleesha Now

A World Of Colors Pleasure
And Pain All The Greys

Even Touching

Nights of

BLacK Abyss

What Makes

A FRiEnD Last
One Standing
Who For


Giving For This

Dream Come True

Simply Sharing Happiness

Rising Up Out of Vortexes of

Struggles A Hug Will Surely Warm Away

With SMiLinG EYes Present for This Gift Now...

Cross of Stars And Roses

SMiLes Dear Annabel Humans tend to Get All Trapped
And Tribal Worshipping Symbols We Create As Idols

More Than

Essence We

Feel and Sense

of Reality Within Now

Yes Above So Below
Within Inside Outside

And All Around the

Secrets of

Are Not Secret At
All For We AS Humans

Are Obviously Fractals of the
All in All As A Dead Leaf Holds the
Branches of A New Tree As The Leaf

Falls to Soils And Becomes New Life
Through Winter As Source Nutrition For

A New Sapling Tree Green Arising in Spring

For Summer FLoWeRS to Bloom And Make

Seeds For New Trees So Who Are We True

in Some Psalms of Old And Dusty Holy and
Sacred Text Some Sages of the Ages Do Author

That We Are All Gods Sons And or Daughters of

Such of the All In All And Yes Science Agrees We aRe
All Made of Star Stuff Crucible Fire of Star Death Super Nova

Explosions Are Both Star Flowers and Seeds As We Come Resurrecting

Still From Gaseous Star Dust And Atoms From Perhaps More Than One Star
And Galaxy too MaKinG Up All of Who We aRe And The Rest of Existence True

Our Minds UNiVeRSES Unto Our Existence Neurons As Stars Light Us Up With
Waves of Connection in a Synergy So Much Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

Alone And True Science Will Surely Not Rule Out Intelligent Design Greater than
Our Minds Creating A Holographic Simulation of a UniVerse Where Indeed Gravity

is Illusion Yet

Still There is
No Illusion of
Balance For Whatever
Gravity is When We Find
Ourselves FRiEnDS With Gravity

In Balance As A Free Dance That Leads
Us to this Path As A Free Song of Poetry
That Expresses This Balance Within

Opening Up New Frontiers As

Every Inhale of Peace

Now And Exhale of

Love is A New UNiVeRSE

We Create in Connecting to

OTHeR UNiVeRSES of Human Minds

For If We Are Mind As Above So Below
Within Inside Outside and All Around it

May Be Clear that What We aRe is Fractal

Of All that is Mind For What Some Folks Symbol

In Three Letters As G O D Thing is When We Sing

G O D GOD Gets Trapped On the Roof of Our Mouth

With Tongue to Sing Perhaps A Greater Symbol Now to

Create Not Trapped on the Roof of Our Mouth to Express

A Highest Force of God Within is When We Inhale Peace

And Exhale Love As the Force of Love is What Connects Our

Minds Our HeARTS Our SPIRiTS Most of All the Glue of All We

May Best


As LonG As

We Express This Love

For All that is And Leave

No Part of God Out of God

Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

No Place For Fear Total Balance

of Grace in Strength of Will to Move

Connect And Co-Create Living Happily

Ever More Now Eternally In This Force oF LoVE For All...

Hehe See How Easy it is to Write a New Testament Everyday

It's True For Every Inhale

of Peace and

Every Exhale

Of Love Without

Fear As We Move

Connect and Co-Create

Are New Worlds of God to

See and Be And Feel and Sense For Real
Or At Least As Real As Love Gets As Force For All...

For Every Mountain
High Valley Low


RiSinG Rose



Top Reaching



Highs Lows

Balancing Meadow
Flowers Butterfly
Wings Springing




Love Once
More Dear
FRiEnD Now
Aleesha With SMiLes...

All Intuitive True
Only Metaphors
Will Describe


All What
Some Folks
Relate Now to
Cosmic Consciousness
Or Christ Consciousness
or Buddha Consciousness

And All Still Coming Metaphors
As That Relates to We Humans
And The Rest of Nature Fractal

Of All In All Nature is

Yet Understanding



Not Only
Is The Physical
World We Will Readily
Measure Fractal As Leaves
Holding Branches of Trees Living

or Falling
Brown to

Soils Through
Winter Death
Through Spring
Birth of Sapling Green

The Part That No One Will
Ever Be Able to Discretely
Measure Our Minds Our
Conscious And

We Now
With the All In
All Surely Fractal

Of Conscious Mind
Subconscious too
of All No Different

Than Living
That Hold
Both Branches
And Roots of Trees
Up Unfolding For All
To See Tree Tops Higher
Than Ever Before Revealing...

What We Will Dance And
Sing About A FRiEnD Who
Helps Us See More of God All

SMiLes Dear Savvy Beautiful
Day of God True to You Breathing Now...

SMiles Dear Karlien The Second Chapter Moved
Effortlessly Out of A Dream Questioning
Distance of Reality


By The End of
The Chapter to
Questioning if
Reality is A Dream
Again Keeping the Reader

Guessing If Both Men Are
Actually Real Or Is One a Dream
Or Perhaps Both Are Dreams Maybe

It's All A Dream And Of Course it is
As Imagination Transforms into Creativity

With SMiLes


Until Next
Time Out of Time

And Do Your Best not
to Get Bitten Again By
Long Fanged Women In
Colors Vampire Red GLoWinG...

Cross of Stars And Roses

SMiLes Dear 'Peace & Truth' Thanks So Much For The Kisses
And Hugs And Same to You For Inspiring Poetry From me
True mY FRiEnD And Another One Of Your Poems So
Inspiring True Wondering How Many True FRiEnDS

Are Left to Make in This World Now
New When And Where Some Places in Life
May Seem So Cold Without Much Connecting

Force of Human Peace And Love Well Even When i Am
All Alone Online All i Understand And FeeL And Sense is

It is Free to Give, Share, Care, And Heal Love And Those Who
Wanna Receive Will Eventually Come Around And Perhaps Go

And True A Best Gift oF ALL

May Be If You Do Find Yourself

As A Last FRiEnD Standing Understanding First

That the FRiEnD the LoVE iN Peace the God Lives GReaTesT
NeW STiLL WiTHIN Now to Give, Share, Care, And Heal NoW
Even More

As It's True
Love When
Truly Real and
Fearless in Peace
Rarely Gets too Tired

To Continue to Put Human
Naked Enough Whole Complete
And the Rest of Naked Nature First mY FRiEnD

Beyond All "Matter With Things" to Come And Go

And Yes
Return Again
More FullY ALiVE
AS HuMaN Real Again Freer...

Be i AM
Newly Now...

Cross of Stars And Roses

SMiLes Dear Sohair Words Of Kindness
Carry All GReaTesT Weight of the World
Love With Wings Flies Higher

When Kindness is Our
Play Of LiFE For Real

Tendering With Others
To See How Bright and
Colorful Love We Can And
Will Do As Your Words of Poetry
Only Need to Be Filled With Feelings

That Are Real
For What Good
Is A Science Project
When Not Love For All

So Let Your Words Flow
Dance And Song Will Come
Deeper WiTHIN SoUL SonG

Is Often
New And
Rarely VieWeD
Before my FRiEnD...

Beauty Of Form Essence
We NaME True too Dear
FRiEnD Chaymaa Have You

Ever Noticed 'Love' is Slightly
Trapped Behind Our Front
Teeth With Bottom Lip

When We Sing This
Word For Real Through
Song of Our Throat Mouth
Including Teeth Lips and
Roof Of Mouth Breathing Throat
With Vocal Chord Words of Song THiS WaY

YeS How About 'God' As God Includes Our
Tongue Getting Stuck on the Roof of Our

Mouth HAha True though 'Allah' As the SonG
Of Our Tongue Rolls Off the Roof Of Our Mouth

And Allah Escapes
Our Mouth Free NoW
As Wind We BREaTHE NeW

Okay Last Yet Still Not Least
'Chaymaa' Well i Really Don't
Know How You Might Pronounce
Your Given Name When You Sing It
Yet the 'Chay' Part Comes With Wind
Of Breath That Neither Teeth, Tongue,

Roof Of Mouth or Lips Do Touch And Then

Comes 'Maa' Like A Name For A Mother's Love

Of Course A Kiss of Love As Both Lips Touch

And Then Mother's Love Escapes as Wind of
Breath Free As Love of Giving Sharing Caring


Life is Born
ThiS Way New Now Yes
Through Dance and Song

So Yep You Should Surely
Choose Such A Beautiful
Name For Yourself First

Hehe even if i Have no
Clue How to Pronounce it HAha
Essence What Counts Most With SMiles...

Cross of Stars And Roses

Rose FLoWeR With
Butterfly Wings Place
Where Life Comes in

Brilliant LiGHT
Oh So Long Since
i've Painted Words

With Erotic Touches
Dear Orchard Daughter Lily

SMiLes This Art Inspires me
to Freshen Some More of the
Art i've Created With A More


Feathered Brush
Other Than That It's
Truly Lovely As Well As
Your Photo too mY FRiEnd

Best Wishes For Your
Newest Norway Exhibition...

Beautiful Soul-Felt
Poem Dear Cindy
For Giving Now
Thanks Giving
Love That Is Real
Will Always Be Merciful

Both Apologizing

And Forgiving

A Hardest Part
May Be Showing
Someone How They
Harmed Us They May

Not Consider

A Hardest Part May
Be Admitting Harming
Another Without Enough Consideration

Of Their Unique Soul Feelings Sensings

And Knowings Of Life As True We aRe All
Unique EYes of God Creating Unique UNiVeRSES

Of Our Own A Greatest Art of Progressive Wisdom
Now Across The Lifespan From First Shared Touch

Smile and Love

With Mother

In Affection of Empathy
Sharing Emotional Contagion

Through Cognition of Empathy
That Grows As Practice of Art With
All Our Different Views of Life And The
Views Others Help Us See of Their Unique
UniVerses Created Now by Their Unique EYes

of God True

Through All the
DarK and LighT
We Come to Blind
And See Greater Now Alone Allone

Love is Never A Concrete Science
Alone When Real Always A Practice of Art
NeW DarK Thru LiGHT NoW WHeRE Blind is


to See More of the Soul of All FRiEnDS We
Meet and Greet in Life For True THere is Ego
We May be Mightily Attached to For Feeling Naked
Enough Whole

Yet There

is Also Detached

Compassion From
Ego Loving Unconditionally
Feeling No Less From Whole
Complete Enough Naked Whether We
Are Apologizing or Forgiving in Greater
Works of Love For All to Feel Sense BE

For When Love is
Real Apologies

Never End

Nor Setting Free

For Wings of Love

To Determine When

To Come Back For A Smile

And Hug Or Just Perhaps A Text of Hellooove

Whatever Symbol May Say Hello With Love my FRiEnD...

“The laugh of a child will make the holiest day more sacred still.”
— Robert G. Ingersoll (American lawyer and orator 1833-1899)

“I exist as I am, that is enough.” — Walt Whitman

“One can endure sorrow alone, but it takes two to be glad.”
— Elbert Hubbard

In view of these three PArts of Wisdom
it’s worth noting that some folks cannot
Feel the Laugh of a Child Nor the FeeLinG
of Holy Sacred DiViNE

i Exist as i AM
iS rarely enough
iF one can Feel
neither the Laugh
of a Child New or A
FeeLinG Now oF Sacred
Holy Truly DiViNE WiTHiN

For one who can feel neither..
two alone will likely never be Glad Allone
Naked Enough Whole Complete Holy Sacred
For Real As
Real Gets for Real...

mY FRiEnD 'That' May Be Your Interpretation
of Bible Verses, Yet It's Just One Interpretation
As It's Poetry And May Be Interpreted As Many
Ways As 45,000 Plus Denominations And All Those
Folks Sitting in the Pews Do Relate Differently Hehe;

Yes, Some Folks Believe Turning the Other Cheek
Actually Means Allowing Someone Still to Actually
Smack Ya Some More As Some Folks See it that way;

That's Neither Altruistic or Anti-Altruistic, It's Just
Plain Non-Sense, Unless Ya Believe A 'Roman'
Rule That Says Don't Fight Back Be Under 'Our Control;'

And Yes, Typically When Ya Love the Enemy
Ya Don't Usually Expect Nice Things in Return;

Yet Ya May Do It Now too; As Ya Don't Need
Anything in Return From the Enemy As such;

Again, Just Depends on the Interpretations;

They Are Unlimited And the Original Ghost
Authors, Scribes, and Such Who Wrote Them
No Longer Exist to Explain the Original Intent.

Maybe Altruism Doesn't Work For You

Yet Science Says It is Real and Works
For The Best for 'Real Success' for those
Who Are Able to Employ it For Real Now;

Yes, it Surely is A Path And A Journey

That Remains A Kingdom And Queendom

Of Heaven Within For me to Give, Share, Care,
Healing Freely With No Expect of Return of Course

to Able to Do That in Effortless
Ease it Helps to Be Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete With Plenty to Give,
Share, Care, Heal Never Running Out Now For Real...

(And in No Way, Shape, or Form Am i Talking About
Material Goods or Money As i Don't Even Carry Cash hehe)

No Lie, Financial Independence Helps Yet my Way of
Kindness With No Expect of Return Brought All the
Material Riches i Will Ever Need too; Life Verily Isn't Fair,

For Some the Darkness
May Be All They Ever See
Yes For Now At Least, Returning

to the 'Lion King Movie' For Those
Who Only Find Scraps of Love With Not
Enough to Give Away Free Sharing With Caring

And Healing a Fountain Never Ending Flowing True...

Let me Know When You Get to Heaven and What You Find Here

or Etc... And to Be Clear, if i Wore Your Shoes i Might Have A Similar View As You

Yet i
Do Not;

And That'S How Life
Comes And GoeS And ReturnS AGAiN...

Not Everyone Sees it, Feels it, and Or
Senses it Yet Altruism Is itS Own Intrinsic
Reward For Those Who Are Able to Generate

The Neurochemicals and Neurohormones That Go With It...

No Doubt That Some Folks Without that Ability Are Not too Interested in Altruism Indeed...

It Has Very Little to Do With Material Rewards Yet Of Course When one is Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete And Doesn't Require Many Material Rewards for Complete Satisfaction in Life

The Money Tends
to Grow Like Mold
in the Bank Until One
Day Ya Find You're Rich Enough
to Never Need to Earn A Penny Again;
And You Let A Wife Have it All As It Was
All Her Inheritance Then From the Very
Beginning When the 'Mold' Started Growing Hehe...

On the Other Hand, There Are Others Who Are Empty
Within Who Never Ever Gain Enough Material Rewards

For Naked

And True i've Known
Many Folks Like That
And Very Few Who Do Life Like me...

And That's Okay, No one is Required to be like me...

Regarding "The U.S. Conservative Movement's Authoritarian Plans"

To Harm the Most Marginalized Folks In Our Society Using Trans

Folks As Scape Goats, Hand-in-Hand, With So-Called Evangelical


In Support

oF A Real Assessed

'Father oF ALL Lies'

And DasTurDLY Deeds,

Donald J Trump, Thrice Plus

One Indicted For Crimes, Including

Subverting A Representative Democracy;

Specifically, Against the 2021 Presidential Election;

Fortunately, The Majority of Folks In the United States

Aren't Foolish And Callous Enough to Support Such Rubbish;

'THE MAGA Element' is Only 15 Percent of the Potential American Electorate;

There Will Always

Be 'Rotten Apples'

in Buckets of


And Folks

Who Continue to
Eat Rotten Apples
No Matter How Despicable 'Apples' Come to Be;

Yet Again, They are the Minority; As Long as the
Majority Makes Their Voices Heard, No Worries;
Just Rubbish,



For Real,

Stink Stank

Stunk; Real WhoVille
Residents Have Enough

SouLBackBone To Enjoy 'Christmas'

Without 'TRuMPeD Up Material Presents'
And Multitudes of Other 'Gehenna Rubbish'...

'Original Sin' And Frying Babies in Hell

For Eternity Who Don't Get The
Special Baptism Treatment Before

An Early Infant Death; Yep This Evil

Recipe That Only An Original Leaning

Psychopathic Soul Like Saint Augustine

Could Possibly 'Dream' Up, Offering Penance

Yet Not Until He Enjoyed All the Concubines

HE PURCHASED FIRST And of Course there was

An 11 Year-Old Fiancé Waiting For Puberty to Fulfill

Even More Fulfillments

of A Day Where

Women Were

As Children

For Men Then too;

Well, Anyway 'That' Didn't Happen
Until the 4th Century And It Did change

To Limbo forever for Un-Baptized Babies;

And Then, Even Limbo Removed For Those Parents

Who Wanted to Give the Baby A Baptism Yet Couldn't

Find a Way to Do It Yet That Didn't Stop An Ignorant Deacon

From Somehow Finding my Number Calling me at the Hospital

And Telling me He had The Authority for Baptism and the Only Way

i Could Insure my Baby Could Go to Heaven Facing Almost A Certain Death Soon Enough;

Well, i Told Him

the Baby Doesn't

Need Any Water Or Oil
Dumped Over His Head;

True, He Couldn't Scream in Distress

Like the Other Babies In Church In Response to

Why Those They Trust Most Would Put Them Through that

For No
At all it
Seems at
the Date of the Event;

And Interestingly, The Louder the
Baby Screams, the More Folks in the
Congregation Usually Laugh in Response;

Is It Really Necessary to Put a Child Through

That; Well You See, i Have a Different View as i was

Born with A Smile on my Face; True, Pictures or it Didn't Happen

And i Still Have
The Evidence For Real;

And Then Before i Could Speak
At Four my Mother Said i Had Open

Arms for Every Stranger; True, Why Wouldn't

i Spread LoVE iN Peace Like That Instead of Evil Seed;

And When it Comes to the Catholic Church i Still
Visit As i Easily Forgive them for all those Sins

Yet When they Say i'm Not Worthy For This or

That i Don't Repeat the Lie And Let

Them Speak For Themselves of Course;

Consider the Source, It's What i Do In Every Case of Course;

"Cross of Stars and Roses," Humans Are Not Particularly Rational

As Science Shows; They Are Capable of Beautiful Dreams And Horrible

Nightmares Like the One Good Old Sick in the Soul Saint Augustine Helped

to Propagate from Hippo in the Fourth Century Way Back When Men Like Him

Were Procured

Fiancé's at

Age 11 Just
Waiting for
Puberty at
Best to Be Used AS Such

After Using Paid For Concubines

Slaving Those Shortly After Puberty For Sex;

Again, Humans Bond and Bind Over Stories That

Usually Selfishly Benefit Those With the Most Power And Still

Slave Those Who Are Marginalized to Horrible Nightmares in Life;

Oh Yes, Protecting Priests/Pastors Sexually Abusing Children Comes
to Evil Catholic Leaders and Protestant Leaders Minds too; Oh the 'Condition;'

Yet It's True, Humans

DO Have the Potential

to Author More Beautiful

Stories (Religions in Effect) to Bond and Bind Over,

Bringing More Beautiful Dreams to Fruition in Life;

"Cross of Stars and Roses" Exploding Stars And
THorns Also Do Burn And Prick...

Or On the Other Hands,

Look Above At the

Beauty at Night

And Smell The Roses in Broader Daylight...

"Move the F**KinG Motion"

Oh Dear Lord 'CaCoPHoNY'

Dear Miriam

The Sound of the



SHeLLinG Nuts

Definitely Representative

of the District i LiVE iN Northwest
Florida Hehe

Thank You

Thank You

Thank You
For Providing
The Gift of Your Word HAha

YA Go Just FitS iN

Cross of
RoseS iNDeeD...

Cross of Stars and Roses

Motto: "A short sentence or phrase chosen as encapsulating
the beliefs or ideals guiding an individual, family, or institution."

SMiLes Hellooove Dear FRiEnD Haven’t Really Written You a Short
Poetic Story in a While So Sit Back and Relax Whenever You Aren’t

Saving Billionaires Millions on Their Taxes Hehe
And True i Realize What You Do Is Much More
Complicated Than That Yet You Don’t Have

to tell me about the rest
If you don’t want to

With SMIles

Anyway It’s About This Cool Red Shirt
i Have Several Others That Are Decorated With
Cross Art Yet they Have Memes That Go Along
With the Cross Art

This One is Special
A Cross With Stars
Wings And A Scroll
Left Empty to Add A Motto of Our
Own Choosing True to Begin the Narration
of A Long Story or to Abstract A Long Story into Just a Few Words

So Deep From my SoUL After An Afternoon Siesta Nap in HOT Florida
i Look at the Shirt Actually Looking For What i Might Gift You Today

With As Far As Well Wishers From Afar

And Here comes the Short Motto of ‘Cross of Stars And Roses’

Deep From Within Really coming in Handy As A New Title Finishing
A Latest 60 Thousand Word EPiC Long Form Bi-Monthly Poem
Writing a New One Now While Putting The Last One Together

Effortless in Ease
And True Hehe i am
Neither Saving Billionaires
Millions or Even MaKinG A Penny
Yet Never the Less mY SoUL Breathes Free
And Besides i Already Put the 33 Years in MaKinG Pennies for Pay

HAha That

Yet That’s Another Story
This Is About Souls and Soul
Mottos True too “Cross of Stars And Roses”

True the Phrase Will Have So Many Meanings Depending
On How One Reads It IT Could Be A Mix of Stars and Roses

Could Be A Heavy Cross We Carry
Like Thorns And Fiery Explosions
of Stars Could Be Whatever
We Decide to Read Into
It and Create For
Our Own
Soul Stories of Life

And This Is What Humans Do They Create Symbols and Ideologies
They Bind and Bond Over Them Commune And Get the Surviving
And Thriving Done Together The Best They Can And Will Do Today

Through All the
Crosses of Stars
And Roses That
Come And Through
The Wings of LoVE iN Peace We
Move Connect And Co-Create Higher
And Higher to Fly Dear FRiEnD With HeLLoVE’S And


Of Stars
And Roses

Ah Yes Dear Cindy At
Best We At Least Make

Room for Haiku Sized Poetry

in Life Yes Seizing the Moment

And Recording The Beauty of Stars

And Roses True Fiery Explosions and


That Bleed

And Heal Life

For A New Day

Eternally Now True

Hehe to Be Continued
mY FRiEnD Not Unlike
A Babbling Brook That
Shimmers i Have No WHere
to Go Next Yet Flow Cross of Stars And Roses...

Ah Yes Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Public Dancing
On Tap Next Yet It Won’t

Be Tap
At Least Not
By ‘The Book’

Cross Of Stars
And Roses Dancing

Singing FlowS UNFoLDinG


SMiLes Dear Savvy HeARTS Are Like Hands

Clenching Fists Produces Hardening HeARTS

Whereas Open Hands Attached To Open Arms

For Others


LoVE iN Peace

Longest Runs of

Beats That Grow Stronger

As Life Extends iN LoVE iN Peace...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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16 Sep 2023, 12:06 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy All the EYeS of Nature

Beyond EYeS InDeed The See of Nature

The Sea of iMaGiNaTioNS Spreading

to New Oceans of Every Subconscious

Way of Bringing

Dreams to Fruition

Springs Water Falls

ARiSinG NeW Valleys

Becoming Mountains Higher

As Long As We Continue To BREaTHE NeW

DayS Eternally Now Change The One Constant

We Will Rely on A New Day A Birth of Every Breath

Rivers of

oF Peace iN LoVE At Best...

Ah Yes Dear Miriam to Make Things Happen

To Change The World Every Shimmer Every



in the Stream of Life...

So far IT
IS A Happy
Dance And
Song What
More Will
i ask
From: Love
to: None Happier
Than Dance And

Song iN Peace...

We Take
Nature Takes
Us Away Returning
NoW Action and
Masters Us
As Us Too...

SMiles Dear Karlien A River
i Am Effortlessly Flowing
Where There Are

No Damns

People Who
Welcome Rivers

Are Those Who
Accept All Languages

Of The River As
i Empty myself

As Water Same
Becoming Waves

And Ocean Whole
Thanks For Letting

me Wash Over
Home of Your

Soul Not Always
Welcome Where
Different Languages

Of God

The Kindest
People See
Essence Over Form

Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love

For Me Every
River Language

Valuable With SMiles...

SMiles Dear
Karlien Peaceful


Loving Waves
Ocean Lets

All Waves
Come Play

Honor All Mine
To Be A FRiEnD
Of Your Waves...

RiSinG Green Falling Leaves

Dancing my Way Free Spirit

Weight Wind Invisible True

iN LiGHT Feeling SMiLinG From

Deep Within



Birthing Singing

BLoWinG Winds
Everywhere i Go
Perennially Always

F L O W i N G EVeR

Green Now WitH SMiLes

Christmas In September NoW

Ever Month of Ever WHere
Dear Rue Simple So TRuE

Not Much More Complicated

Than A Dancing Smile Singing For All

LiVinG Tree Spreading Out

Just Leaving

Foot Prints

From the

Beach i Come
Again Inhaling
Peace Exhaling

LoVE iN Peace my Teacher
Rue Teaches me So TRuE too...

"TWaS A DarK And Stormy Night" Just Breathing

No Matter How Grey And Stormy Clouds

No Matter How Still Ocean Smiles

Sun Always Comes

Back to Shine




From Fall to Rise

"TwaS A DarK And
Stormy Night" i Smiled

At A FRiEnD And They

Did Not Return A Smile of Kind

Meanwhile Snoopy Dances And

Sings for No Reason At All For

The Essence

Of Joy

Is Purpose

Enough For those

Strong Enough to
Return Smiles Through Dark Sky Clouds...

Why Go To the Moon Coloring Moon Within...

So Many Reasons And Not Nearly Enough Smiles For No



Yet Joy
Of Dance
And Song
Foraging Still
The Day Close
To Naked Holding
Hands Only Clothes
of Love Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love Most With
Enough Food And Shelter to

Exist Now


Is Love

Returning Again
HeART Beats of
Drums Campfire
Midnight Dance Free
Trancing FLoWinG Allone

ToGeTHeR What Makes the
Tribe Most Real Raising the
Child to Be A Greatest Prize
to Secure Love For the Future Now...

So What Will We Build Next to Make
A Happier Future... Leave Smiles of LoVE iN Peace


In Oceans
No Longer

SMiLes For
All Bright

To Return
From 'Twas
A DarK And Stormy NiGHT'...

Where Hope Tells Truth iN LiGHT
Peace Inhales Love Exhales Returns

Now to Give
And Share


Least Harm

of 'TwaS A DarK And Stormy NiGHT'...

-Just Another Dog With No ReASoN Yet A Tale to Wag...

CoNFuSinGLY Sadly From A Young Pup... Rarely 'Man's
Best FRiEnD'...


my Mother's Only Clear
Meaning and Purpose

In Life Raise



Them With

Love Let Them

Stumble and Get

Back Up And Forge

Their Own Unique Path
Truly A Hero's Journey

With Darkest Hell Pitfalls
And Joy Of Laughter Along

The Way in Heaven True too



A Few

Still Resonate

Her Hero Journey

Is Still An Amazing Success

No Greater No Clearer Value
In Meaning And Purpose of

Life Than Raising

A Child Now to

Remain Become LoVE iNCaRNaTE iN Peace

God Yes For All They Meet And Greet In Life...

It Seems You've Set Your Sails On A

Similar Path Never Distracted Over What

Truly Counts...

Love is The

That Never
Leaves A LiFE
Through DarK And
LiGHT True it May
Leave Yet A Mother's

Love Will Return in Sails
Many Breaths Still to come

Fair Winds FoLLoWinG Seas iN Peace...

Ocean Breeze Love Will Continue Seeing...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Yes Space of Calm
Grace of Balancing

Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love

Yet Origin

Of All

Love Springs
Grace of Balancing
Moving Connecting Co-Creating
Now Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Love Water Waves Ocean

Whole Never Ending Story

Waves Rise Higher Lower

Tides Return


Shores Expand
For New Room
For Flowers of
Love to Bloom
Out of Peace of Calming Grace
Center Point Balancing FRiEnDS

With Gravity's Hand...

SoUL Bones Cold
FlesH And Blood

HeART Awakes

SPiRiT Song





HeART Beats
Back to Life SMiLing

All the Way Back to
Peace Grace Inhaling

Generating Dancing SPiRiT
Exhaling Love Balancing Back


With Gravity

Less Inertia

Holding Us Back

SMiLes Dear Aleesha

Rest Easy Awakening With
New Colors Springing SPiRiT SinGinG

For However Your Truth iN LiGHT Arrives Now...

'Present Wonder And Enthusiasm'
With 'Inter-Being' NoW Embodying
All That Is Free Love of Nature As
'Thich Nhat Hanh' Might Relate
Dear Savvy True You've
Captured The Soul of
A Puppy A Kitten And

A Human Child True

Dancing Spiraling Like
A Milky Way Free With
No Lessons Regulating
Emotions Integrating Senses
Naturally ThiS Way Yes Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

And Yes Singing A Non-Sense Song of
Joy The Sounds Even An Infant Makes
While Smiling At Another Child Who Will

Never Be
A Stranger
in A Kingdom
And Queendom
of Present Wonder
And Enthusiasm Truly
Loving Life With Joy Newly Now...

Always Beginning
Never Truly Paint
By NuMBeRS This
Life This Love This
Beauty of All Ours to
Co-Create This LiGHT
Free No Fear Anew with
SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Now...

Just A More Right Hemisphere
Way of Processing A Deeper
Story of Life; Folks Around The
Globe And Even Some Folks Here

Have No
At All Understanding It;

Yet It’s Poetry And That
Makes It The Reader’s
View To Interpret; And For

Folks Not Interested in
Pursuing Philosophy,
Politics, And Religion

ThiS Way, It Is
Practically Useless
To Them And That’s
The Way Life Goes Or Changes;

Anyway, it’s Up To You to Determine
That; From The Beginning of It
Edna Had it Figured

Out Then From The
The Native Way Her
Older Filipino Culture
Processes The World,
Before Materially Reduced
More Left Hemisphere Processing
Of The World By Western Ways of

Reduced Culture;

If You Are Looking
For Someone With
A “Proper Pedigree”
To Explain What i’m
Relating Here, i Suggest
The Thorough, Very Detailed

Work Of
Iain McGilchrist;
Anyway, Poetry is A
Medium to Explore Soul
Deeper; A Metaphor That

No Previous
Lesson Plans When Free;

Tearing The Pages out of
The Rule Books, Sprouting


Out of
A Very
Old Pre-Planned
Musty Moldy Cocoon;

In Technical Terms, This is
Long Form Poetry; It Clicks

All The
Wiki Requirements For That too;

Surely, Not Everyone’s English

Cup Of Tea in a Twitter World Now…

Again, only Your Interpretation;
One May Enable Their “Abusers,”
Foes, Enemies; Whatever Ya Wanna
Call Your “Abusers” to Allow Them
An Opportunity to Fall on Their own
Swords And Remove Some Scale
Of “Blindness;” Yes, Ignorance to

Become at Least A
Slightly New Creation
To See Greater Truths Of

Life indeed my FRiEnD Essence
Of The “Altruistic Cross” Yet There
Are Much More Clever Ways Of

Doing it Than Giving Your Life
Away At 33 Or So Years And
Not Helping Nearly As Many

People if You Had Stayed
Here And Got The Job
More Fully Done instead
Of Promising To Return

While Folks Still Wait
For Bone Covered
Flesh 2K or So Years

Later For Their Dead
Hero To Return Now;

Sadly, Never Picking Up
“The Ball” And Dancing
Singing Free Their Own
EPiC Hero Journey of Life;

Yep, Where I LiVE iN Just
Another “Trump Meme Town”
i Hear ‘That Sad Failed Story’ Lots…

Other Than That if You Haven’t
Heard, Rationally And Logically
Measuring Reality only is Like

Picking Bones
And Never
Flesh And
Blood of Real

Soul With A Sadly
Very Reduced Limited Existence;
Yes, A Literal Materially Reduced

Some Refuse
To Remove At
The “Right Hand”
Of “Scientism” That
i See At Church As Much
As i Saw it At School And
Yuck Federal Employment AS Such.

Yes, Hehe, Trump is an 'Excellent Example.'

He's Been Used by The Republican Party to Appease 'Their Base;'

And In Being Used Has Received A Whole Lot of Yes's That Anyone
Else Would Have Received No's From Who Weren't Supported By The Republican Base.

So, By Enabling Trump To Do All His DasTurDly Deeds That's Allowed Trump To Come

Very Close to
Falling on His Sword
AS Soon As Sooner than Soon Comes Next;
Yep, Negative Aspect of Living in A 'Yes World;'

Somedays The Best Part of What Some Folks May
Perceive as A Foe May Be Their True Saving Grace;

However, it Appears that Trump is As Incorrigible As
A Repeat Offender; Yet in His Case, Long to Make A Final First Fall...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Anna How Fortunate to Be Together With Someone
All Together for A Total of 34 Years on September 21st the Date We Really

First Got 'Together' in 1989 Yet

It's True i've Lived With

The Opposite Situation

Too That Did Not End

With an Amicable Hug

Every Night With No Fail
the Only Marriage Advice
my Wife's Mother Gave Us
on Our Wedding Day 5 Months
Later on February 21st, 1990 Yes

What A Relief to Escape the Other

Condition Living With Someone Else
in a Lonely Home And What Really Taught

me is the Alternative
of Being All Alone

Will Surely

Be So Much
Better Than


When it Just
Won't Work Out

i Doubt Seriously i Would
Ever Get Married Again

One Success These

Days is Surely


Fortune With
SMiLes Surely
Sympathetic with
Your 20 Years in that
Other Place Mine only
Lasted 2 Years off and on Thank God...

Indeed Dear Isha How Often

When The External World

Seems to Come All Unwound

We Look Within And Finally

Hear the Flame Beyond

All Time Distance

Space And

Surely A
Matter With Things

For It is True This

Candle Found Within

Will Light Darkest Dungeons
of Before Out THere And What Is iN HeaR True...

SMiLes Dear Anita Even Science
Shows The Oldest Generation
Has The Greatest Measure

of Well Being in

Every Element

of Living Measured

Surely All the Challenges

All the Dark All the Blood

Sweat And Tears Overcome

Create A Cross of The Will of Stars

Above to Shine

And The Beauty

Of Flowers Below

To Exist As Roses With Thorns

What A Gift All the Challenges Life Springs

Out of What is Fertilized of Souls FroZen Before

Night Brings Day As Dark Brings Greater LiGHT...

Thank You Wonderful FLoWinG iNSPiRinG Poem...

SMiLes Dear Cindy In Hell A Tear
of Grief is Heaven Yet Beyond Sadly

It Doesn't
Rain in
Hell That Way

Until it Does

And A Tear
of Grief Brings LiGHT

iN DarKest Dungeons Before

SMiLes in Other Words
i Surely Literally Relate
to Your Published Poem Thank You

It is Only Through Poetry/Art That Glimpses
of Heaven And Hell Will Come to Those in


Thanks Dear FRiEnD
Truly A Little
MaGiC Treasure With
Hey Just
Like You Too

So Very
Willed True...

It Is Truly All my Pleasure
To Spread Seeds Of Joy
Blooming In EYes of
Kind Young Indian
Flowers Like You
Dear Kiran With

Ending Now...

Friday Florida Flower Story

The HighLiGHT oF Today is What We Commonly
Refer to as the Red Star Flower or Technically
Called the Red Cypress Vine Sadly A Flower

That Needs No Human Feeding or Watering
To Bloom Even in Drought-Like Conditions
When This Pic is Taken is Considered A Weed

For It is So Good At Bringing A Salutation of Beauty

To Greet Human Beings Where They Never Expected to See it Before

Yes Like in a Garden of Limestone Rock Making Its Beauty Felt to Sense

The Gift

of Life Through
And Through More
Beautiful Than Ever Before

Oh Dear Lord Hehe This is Becoming
Another Short Poetic Story Yet it Continues

to Flow HAha Whether Fed And Watered By Others or Not

Oh Dear Sort of Like the Story of my Life as it Grows Even Longer

And Somewhat Invasive for All the Duties Life Does Bring True

A Child in School With a Smile For All at the City Park and Middle
School Halls Verbally Threatened And Yes Spit on by the Local
Christians in the Big

Church that Boys
Literally are Not
Allowed to Smile
Salutations of Greetings

In This Place That Gardens
Men to Go to Unwarranted
Wars to Kill Folks Who Do
Not Look or Act Like Them Dead Dead Dead

None of that for me for i am That Strange Kid Odd iNDeeD
HeaR Who is Always Happy Who Doesn’t Even Wanna Kill A Fly

Yet Perhaps
Swat A Mosquito
Sucking my Blood
As an Autonomic
Response or
Like that
Night in the
Bar i Was Attacked
And i Subdued them
to the Ground in A Choke-Hold
Oh No Before i Even Had A Place
to Make a Rational Way to Escape With No Harm

Oh Dear Lord This Free Poetic Story is Becoming Longer And Longer
And More Invasive Yes Like a Red Star Flower Weed iNDeeD Hehe Yet It’s

True Those Similar Folks From That Big Church With A Steeple at School
Spit on Katrina In Line for Having a Pass for Reduced Priced Lunches
For Being So Poor Even With No Electricity or Water Having to Climb
40 Foot Trees for an Opportunity of Eating Free Moist Fruit From on High

Having to Walk
To School in the
Winter in Freezing
Rain too Poor For
Even An Umbrella
to Carry Yet She Sure
Did Develop Some Beautiful Legs Hehe

And True the Tree Climbing Helped the Rest of Her too

Meanwhile when i was
A Kid i Was Watching
'Dark Shadows' on the
Black and White TV Instead

of Climbing Trees Funny How
Life Works Out the Meek Truly Do Inherit

The Earth Whether it is the Red Star Flower
Vine Spreading EVERYWhERE OR The SIZE OF

This seemingly Never ending Story For Dear You With SMiLes

True So Many Salutations And Today’s Blue Cross Shirt Has

That Meme i Find a Way to SMiLe Even After i had to Wear

With No
More Twinkling
Light to Bring
With SMiLinG Eyes

Even Under a Pandemic
Mask With A Salutation

of Dance With The Word

SMiLes And Again Dear You
With Hellooove’s Too And Remember

Not Unlike the Red Star Flower Vine

And The Rest of the Cross of Stars and Roses

i Need Nothing In Return to Spread and i Never Give Up

Cross of
And Roses With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Savvy All the EYeS of Nature

Beyond EYeS InDeed The See of Nature

The Sea of iMaGiNaTioNS Spreading

to New Oceans of Every Subconscious

Way of Bringing

Dreams to Fruition

Springs Water Falls

ARiSinG NeW Valleys

Becoming Mountains Higher

As Long As We Continue To BREaTHE NeW

DayS Eternally Now Change The One Constant

We Will Rely on A New Day A Birth of Every Breath

Rivers of

oF LoVE iN Peace At Best...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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17 Sep 2023, 1:33 am

Hands Of Love Rooted in Kindness
Coming From Love And Compassion

For All of Nature Indeed Dear Savvy

Roots of Trees Communicate Below

Hands Are Ours to Reach Out and

Touch Others Connecting in So

Many Ways Yet to

Create A Greater

WaY iNHaLinG
Peace EXHaLinG LoVE For
All Always Most Respect least Harm


SMiLes i Too am an "Equal Opportunity Foodie"
Dear Miriam my Wife Doesn't Let me in the Kitchen

Which Means All She Creates is my Favorite

Dish if i Wanna Eat

And i Do And i Do

And i Do Some More

Dear Lord Still Weighing

33 More Pounds Than Trump

At 248.2 Pounds in the Latest
Public Weigh-in Hehe

Yet You See Still Even

Recovering From Hip

Injury i Practically

Still Float on

Terrestrial Land

of Public Dance And i Will Assure

You of This if the Great Orange TRumPKiN

For Halloween Could Have One Teaspoon of

my MaGiC Ascending Transcending Meditative

Flow of Public Dance True The Within Heaven Part

He Would
Be Naked
Enough Whole
Complete And No

Longer Need to Rule
Anyone Yet the Soul Within

Oh Dear Lord And Give All the Rest Away For Free...

Yet Oh Dear Lord i Am Surely Not Talking About

Money and Stuff...

Studies Do Show out of
60,000 or so ‘Thought
Balloon’ Words A Day
Passing thru our
Mind Mostly
Each Day on
Average 80 Percent
Of ‘First World Human
Problems’ Comprise
Negativity Now of
All those thoughts
Each Day Sadly We
Wire ourselves for
DarK ThiS Way
Yet A Happy
Song Focused
As We Dedicate
Each Word And
Move ThiS Way
Holy And Sacred
Full of Positive Meaning
And Purpose Changes
DarK To LiGHT And
Then We Become
A Multi-Colored
Evergreen Eternally
Now Lit Up ‘Christmas’
Tree one Step one
Word continuing
Focus and Flow
Grey Scales
From our Rivers
oF LiGHT Ever FLoWinGreeN

Yes! Love, Hope, Faith, Patience,
Courage, Understanding, Peace,
Passion, Healing, Strength, Beauty

Freedom Thanks Dear

Savvy For Always



Poetry Prompts
Touches HeART NoW

Reaching Beyond For Soul More...

i Will Add One And More To the List...

Fearless Will To Give Share Car Heal Freely With

No Restraints



More Virtues

Of Love ALonG Our Ways ToGeTHeR NoW Yes
Cooperating Always New For the Win For Love...

oh my Gosh i Feel As Rich As Love Hope Faith
Births Human Breath! Reborn into A Yes Newer


Creation Now
Always New
Thanks to Dear
FRiEnDS Like You...
Hehe, And Even the

Ones Who



Like All
Love i SPRinG
With SMiLes At Least...

Hehe, My Middle Name
is 'Arthur' Can't Decide Now
if i Wanna Do Art or Author

Stuck "Somewhere Between
The Moon and New York City"...

Fortunately My Middle Name Allows
Both And Even More With my Other

'Names' With SMiLes...

Indeed Dear Isha Headphones
Doorway to Our Soul Opening
HeART Strings NoW As MuSiC
Extensions of Our Vocal Chords
That Piano and Guitar And Other
Stringed Instruments Extend True

Percussion of Hammers
Piano Keys Bring HeART
Beats So Very Human Emotionally

Deeper too With SMiLes True THere is
No Limit in iMaGiNaTioN of HeART SPiRiT
SoUL Musicians Bring to Instruments They Play

iN So Many Moving Connecting Co-Creativities

A Doorway to THeiR HeART SPiRiT SoUL They Play
A Doorway For Us to Enter As They Give Share Care

And Heal THiS Way
Songs oF SoUL In All Ways
Arts Impart SPiRiT oF HeART

SMiLes What A Gift YouTube is to
Humankind All Those SoULS STill
Airing Wings of MuSiC They BRinG Free...

Ah Yes A Psychopathic Leaning
Mix Far Below A HeART SPiRiT
SoUL Those Who BRinG Who Are
Interested in Winning A 'Reproductive
Game' Yet That's All As All They May Have

Is Empty Within
After That True
Without Even
Any Somatic
Energy to
Keep a Livelihood

Going Vagabonds of
Pleasure Shallow and
Rarely Deep in Deed

Dear Yam FRiEnD...

Ah Yes Dear Miriam
Embrace Chaos Until
It Becomes Mastery of


As All oF iT
Turns into
Art Beyond
All Reasons Yet

Faith Nature's iMaGiNaTioN
All Your Creativities Set Free...

A Child's Smile for Another
Child Before Speaking
A Child's Song Without
Words Only Sound Making
Tunes Emotionally Regulating
Integrating Senses With A Dance

With No Lessons

Toddlers Will Do
Barely Standing Up

Yet Dancing Singing New
Free For Life Set Free Always Now
True A Child's Life of Heaven Real Sohair

And Eyes of
Children for
Us to Wake Up
To As Loving Free Once More...

No Ahead or Behind
Truly Now
Gift New
How Deep
We Color Now
How Deep We LiVE
The Present Gift New
Dear Chaymaa Far
From Prisoner
of Illusory
Far Away
From Now So Free...

Passion For the
Welfare of the
Indeed Dear
Chaymaa With
SMiLes of Glee
For All to Lift
Up More
SMiLEs Free...

Embodying Dance
DeLiVeRinG Song
Free Deeper Now
A Place Heart Soul
Spirit Flows Within New
All of Existence Spirals Yes
And Flows ThiS Way From Yes
Smallest to Largest As Dance
Is Truly No Destination Yet to
Move Connect Co-Create Free
Dear Savvy FRiEnD It's Just
Not Enough to Be an
Avatar on a Screen
Must Get Away
And Spread
my Wings
Yes Arms
And Legs
of Dance
Oldest STill
Newest Ways
Humans Move
Connect And Co-Create Now...

Love to You As Well
Long Distant Yet
Soul True Poet
With SMiles
Dear Jayani...

SMiles Hehe Dear
Ruchi Old As The
Beach i Am Yet
Emerald Green
Waves Sugar
White Sands
Seas Oats in
The Breeze And
Gull Wings Spiraling
Around Sun Retains
Soul of Poetry True
With SMiles All
my Pleasure
Hehe To
Be This Beach...

Ah Yes Dear
Yam As Words
May Become
Shells on The
Beach With No
Sea Life Within As
A Muslim Woman
Fortunately You
May Be
Able To
Skip the
Dating App Life
Of So-Cold Civilization

Of Modernity
With Little
To No Sea Life
In Shells Of Soul...

All my
Dear Sohair
Kindness Treasure
When Giving Now
Echoing New
Yes A SaMe
Dance And
Song Free iN SMiles...

It's True Dear Aleesha Love
That is Real Is Always More

Than Touch Some Say it is
'The Shape of Water'

True A Blanket

to Cover The

Entire World


Warmth That

Is Shared Within With
Special All Others Filling

All Rooms With Sunshine Bright Feelings

Lighting All The Nights Up With Daylight Trust



BLiSSinGS Soft

When LoVE iS Truly
ReaL IT Only Rises

And Never Falls

Again as


Now That
Are Green
May Only Fall
To Become Brown
To Nourish Soul Soils Fresher

For Even More Green Life Of Love

In Spring As All SeaSoNS Become
One Water Ocean Waves For All to Rise From Fall...

Other Than That Your Poem Definitely Beyond Touch
Indeed With

By Inspiring
Poetry Prompts
Thanks For Perfecting

A Practice
Of Inspiration
Poetry FRiEnD
Dear Hemalatha...

True Dear Yam FRiEnD
A Cold Society Is No
True Religion of
Warm Peace
And Love
True Warm
Peace And Love
At Essence God
Worth Loving Living
Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Free Best Protective
CoVeRinG oF GoD iNDeed...

As the Study of Psychology Shows, What Separates
Villains From Heroes Still is the Hero Cannot Separate
Themselves From the Empathy of Others And On The
Other Hand, the Villain, Per Modern Example of 'Trump'
As "Poster Boy" Impeached Twice And Potentially Soon

to Be Criminally
Convicted For Crimes
Against Our Democracy;

True, Trump Shows Very Low
to No Levels of Human Empathy
And Particularly Compassion For
Those Who Are Marginalized in Life;

True, the Democrats Severely Bended
Political Correctness in Supporting A 'Trojan
Horse' Of Trump's Hand Picked Candidates As At Core

Truly They Are Harming the Republican Party As Well
As the 'Hand-Picker-Trump' Who Could Have Been As Easily

Chosen as A 'Trojan Horse' to Bring the Republican Party Down
And Indeed Hillary and Her Political Crew Misunderstood the Potential

Support '5th Avenue' Supporters of
Trump Might Step Up to 'the Bat' When
Trump Promised His Supporters Would
Still Support Him, Even If He Shot Someone
on 5th Avenue, in the Middle of the Day in New York.

Well, Well, Well, Oh Dear, Let me Count The WayS iN
Metaphor In How Trump Accomplished That Yet Truly
Most Everyone is Familiar With the 'Falling Star' of Trump;

Almost Biblical
Indeed By Revelation
of Archetypal Villain
As Obama Played
The Opposite Role
Play With A Two-Term Limit...

When You Are Out to Save Democracy
From A Villain, All Cards Are Laid-Out-to-Play
to Win; True, 'Politics' is Just 'Soft-Core War' in the Way

It is Played At the Federal, State, Local, Work, School,
Church, And Even Home Life too; Life is Not For the FAint of HeART
SPiRiT SouL, Unless You Are Not Involved in 'the Game' And Don't Have to

Get Your Hands Dirty to Continue to Climb The Mountain and Not Fall Down...

i Was Sort of a Rule Follower All of my Life too Yet even in Federal Government
Work With So Many Regulations and Rules and Political Correctness As Such We

Even had a Seminar
on The Difference Between
Legal and "Unlegal"; Of Course,

"Unlegal" Is Not a "Dictionary Word;"

It's the Grey Area That You Do to Stay
Out of 'Jail' Yet Still get Things Done By
Breaking 'The Official Way' to Do Life Now;

As 'They' Say; "Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way;"

And True Yes That Involves Some Risk Taking too;

Yet True, It's Life in 'The Big Leagues;' Some Days

You Strike Out and Other Days You Might Just Save

Democracy By Doing Something 'Unlegal' And Being

The Hero, Even if You Must Move Through Some 'Shading;'

It's Truly An 'Art of the Deal;' And It's Not For Folks With 'Weak Tummies....'

i'm Not Comfortable With The Democrats Supporting The 'Unwitting Trump Trojan Horses'
To Bring The Republican Party Down As True i'm Kind of A Rule Maker and Follower too;

Yet A Best Advice

my Boss Ever Gave

me was, "Fred, Why
Don't You Just Break the Rules;"

He Said He Was Just Kidding; Yet He wasn't....

"Ya Gotta Know When to Hold 'em and When to Fold 'em..."

And Indeed That's An 'Art of the Deal' That the Folks on the
'Benches' of Life Don't

Always get...

To Do...

Life in the
Big Leagues;

Thank Goodness,
Someone is Willing
to Stick Their Neck-Out

To Save the Frigging Day....

Now to Be Clear (If Possible)

There Are Trump Supporters Still Today
Who Believe They Are Saving The Day By
Changing Democracy into A Theocratic Controlled Government;

As 'They' Say We All Must Live By 'THeir' God's Rules Yet Other Folks

Do Mean it When
They Say Give
me Liberty or Give me Death;

As is the Case When Folks Are Free
to Die And Spread A Pandemic Unmasked
And Unvaccinated And Other Folks Are Free

to Break What is 'Normally' Considered 'Politically Correct'

When it Comes to Saving Democracy; Yawn, That was
the advice the Writers of the 'Bill Maher' Show Gave the
Democrats Long Ago

in Playing
Low Ball
Some Days too...

Note: I'm Not Suggesting
i'd Do What They are Doing
if i Was in their Position; Just
Observing The Overall Human
Condition And Philosophizing
About Politics As it's Become Religion too...

As if That's Ever Changed Through HiSTorY to Date...

Anyway, After 66 Months Recovering From A Life Threat of 19 Medical
Disorders As i Always Played by the Rules at Work Conforming and Never
Thought it Was Possible to Say No; i Saw That Boss Again at a Casino in

Biloxi and He Said,

My God You "No Longer

Move Plastic" Like a Robot;

You Flow Now Like You Don't

Have to Think About the Rules for Dancing in Public Hehe...
Yet i Digress That is the Story of Another 'Real Life Living Legend' HAha...

Oh By The (ThiS) Way, Dumping Human Beings Off A Plane And Not Forewarning
The Authorities That They Are Coming and Will Need Help is WHAT 'THE VILLAIN DOES;'

No Humanity
of Empathy And
Compassion Required;
Not a God Damned Ounce...

Again, What Separates A Real
Hero Leader From A Real Villain Leader Most Often...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Indeed With Glee
Hello to Every Human MuLTiUNiVeRSE

Adding A New Verse to the UNiVeRSE

From Birth With SMiLes All the
Colors STiLL to Come Anew

All the Memories of What
Will Come Still To Create

All the Potential in Every Dance
And Song Free of Arts And Sciences
And More to Change The World Even

if it is only
One SMiLe
Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For Real

At Best Closer to HeART SPiRiT
SoUL Balancing Mind Body THiS Way...

Humans Tend to Focus on Fear the Most

As a Basic Instinct For Survival For Those

Situations That Bring That Innate Response;

So, For Those Wanting to Manipulate Others,

Fear Is What They Often Amplify Most; Marketing

101 For Basic Instinct; True, All Stuff Associated With Lust Sells too...

Yawn, i Find Wonderful Kind Folks Everywhere i Go in This "Trump Town

USA Meme Town" With Despicable Representatives Like Matt Gaetz For This District Here...

Never The Less, Despite

Their Ignorant Beliefs;

Just Leave Politics and
Religion Out of the Interactions
As Most Civil Folks With Enough Common

Sense and Feel Understand How to Do That;

And What's Left May Be the Warmth of Real LoVE iN Peace;

As a Public Dancer of Course, Not Afraid to Do a Free Style of
Ballet and Martial Arts Dance, in This Most Conservative and Social
Science Assessed Difficult Place to Be Different A Decade For 18,800 Miles FOR REAL As Always It's

All About Backbone And The Ability to Self-Advocate in This World; And to Have Enough Cognitive

Empathy; God Yes Compassion, And Sympathy To Find Cooperation Where Competition And Eliminating

The 'Perceived Enemy'

Might Be the Other

View of Life;

Dear Lord, It's an Art

And Wisdom That comes

From Decades and Decades And

Literally Hundreds of Thousands of Interactions


Being Spit on For Being a Boy For Nothing More Than

A Desire to Smile And Laugh With Other Folks in a Place Where

That Was Off Limits to Boys Versus Verbal Threats of Physical Abuse;

The First Thing i Did Was

Develop Enough Backbone

to Be Successful at Self-Advocating

For the Different of me; the Second

Art i continued to Do is Smiling as i

Continue to Dance And Sing Free and

Find Warmth and Kindness in Response

to the Same i Bring to Others in the REAL WORLD;


Thoroughly REFUTED BY SCIENCE TOO; Yep From Chimp
Societies to Bonobo Societies to Us too, Naturally Altruistic

When Not In Tribal Conflict of Course Like the Others too; Yes,

And True With an Anthropology Degree, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, And

Health Science Degree too All the Way Back to 1983, And in the Field of Studying Society

of Military Bowling Center Humanity UNiVeRSiTY of Life Decades For Federal Government Pay;

And Hehe

They Thought
i Was There for
the Bowling HAha;

True Still Doing the

Participant Anthropology
Observer Gig For Free; When

You Conquer the System Enough
To Be Financially Independent the

Rest of Your Life, You Get to Do That For Free too;

If You Use Kindness as Your Only Religion With Others;

If You Use LoVE iN Peace as The Only God You Believe in;

And If You Exercise An Only Currency, Pay Rate, And Pay Grade of the Same;

At Least in my
Extensive Case

Study Experience,

i Find Lovely Human Beings
Everywhere i go as i've learned

What Works for Cooperation With
The Human Condition and What DOES NOT;

It's Like a Recent Poll Done For How Many Folks

Would Actually Carry A Gun in A Political Conflict;

Close to Zero

Said Yes;

And It Didn't
Matter Which Political
Persuasion They Were in;

For Remember Again Fear Sells;

Lust Sells; And Some Folks Are Addicted

to Fear, Anger, And Hate and the Associated

Dopamine and Adrenaline Neurochemicals and Neurohormones;

Yet In Reality That Usually Begins and Ends Behind a Boob Tube of Faux News
and the Such;

In the Real

World, You

Stand Your

Own Ground

With What You

Are Born With and Keep Best;

Yes, Peace and Love and True i Will
Not Tell A Lie, Folks Don't Usually Mess

With the Dude And or Dudette Who is
Obviously Fearless With A BackBone


As A Willow

of Change in the Wind
Yet Still Strong as An Oak...

Yawn, i Literally Can Leave the Doors
Open to my Home And Feel Safe; Yet

It Doesn't Make my Wife Feel Safe So i Keep them Locked.

It's Much Less Dangerous Than a Casual Drive Anywhere;

in Fact That's Most Always Been the Most Dangerous Thing i've Done;

On The Other

Hand, Becoming

Warm Acquaintances

With Most Every Stranger, No Matter

Who They Are; Yes, It's Just a Hobby;

And From the Responses at Least,

From my Wife too in 'Real Life;' We've

Become Rather Expert in the Greatest Art of All: Humanity.

Yes Yes, Once Again, Humans Do Have the Potential to Bring

Beautiful Dreams and Horrible Nightmares to Fruition; Yet i Choose
Door Number


Just Do it'
Barefoot with
Zero Need to 'Sell Shoes'...

It's Amazing How Easy that
May Be to Do when Ya Rid Yourself
of the Greed of MaKinG "Money And STuFF God"...

Humans Are Evolved to LiVE iN Cooperation With
Groups of No More Than About 150 Folks They Share

Common Symbols and Ideologies With; Bonding and Binding

That Way For the Forage of the Day and the Work of the Night

To Produce Children as the Real Prize of 'The Village' to Carry On;

An Almost Perfect


Example' are the

Small Southern Baptist
Churches in the North of

Our County; Not Much Material
Success Yet the Warmth They Have

In their Homogenous Get Togethers is
Just about As Warm as it Gets in LoVE iN Peace
in the 'Real World;'

Of Course, if You

Fit In; Yawn, As Long

As You Look Like You

Could Hit a Home Run on
The First Baptist Softball Team;

They'll Let You Try Out at Least Hehe;

And If You Can Switch Hit And Sing Like
A REAL ANGEL; No Matter, The Style of Religious
Singing; Dear Lord, in Most Every Case A 'Gimme;'

Yes, When in 'Rome' At Best, You Come to Blend In
Enough to Survive and Actually Thrive On Your Own...

Every Flavor of Rome, A New Day, A Different Challenge to Cooperate...

And It's Just

Common Sense;

In General, You Receive What You Give;

When You Accomplish the Ability to Give
Without Receiving As the Giving Altruistically
Becomes the


Naked Enough
Whole Complete;

Truly Nothing to
Lose And ALL The LoVE iN Peace
in the World to Gain Creating By Giving The SaMe...

Well, Well, Well, Finally Electronically Publishing "HOWLinG
At A Super Blue Moon" And Yes That's Long Gone Yet the

Remnants of Over 61 Thousand Words Are Glued Together Now
With Plenty of EPiC Fully iLLusTRaTinG Multi-Media too For Real

And Oh Dear Lord Already Around 13 Thousand or So Words into
The Next MacroVerse i Am Writing Now Named "Cross of Stars And Roses"

And SPeaKinG of That Catholic Mass Readings For the Wee Wee Hours of

September 17th, 2023 Something About A Parable in a Really Really Yucky

Envelope of A Hierarchy of Masters and Servants And Even Trafficking Humans

For Sale For The Same If They Don't Fulfill What the Master Wants Done True

They Fit in Some Big Talk About Forgiveness Yet Don't Damn All The Slavery

And Human Trafficking That Envelopes The Parable About the Virtue of

Forgiving Well in Our Modern Days at Least That's Gonna Be a Hard

Sale For Folks Who Know About Human Trafficking and the

Horrors of it Not Much Different Really than Numbers 31

of the Bible Where 'They' Create A God That Justifies

Raping 32,000 Virgin Daughters Close to Puberty

At Will For What is Described As Literal 'Booty'

For Rewards of Winning Tribal Conflicts in War

Slaving Yes Trafficking Those Young Girls too

Okay It's Great to Forgive Yet Let's Condemn the Fresh

Hell First and Finally Make That Literally Stale and No Longer

A Modern


in Text
That is As
Far Away From
Holy and Sacred
As Humanity Comes and Goes Away Still Now...

Anyway Do Many Folks Who Go To Church Even
Pay Much Attention to What Is Read And Or Said

Do Remember i Still Volunteer as a Participant

Anthropology Observer And Lot of 'em As Soon

As They Get That Free Bread and Wine Are a

Itching to Get Out of that Place For Lunch

Not Much Different than Folks Who

Work in A Car Manufacturing

Facility True Most of

'em Are coming

For the Perks

of an After Dirt
Nap Death Heaven Deal Welfare Free

Dear Lord When Will LoVE iN Peace
Naked Enough Whole Complete For All

Be Enough For A Real Kingdom Of Heaven Within

Anyone Wanna Dance And Sing True the Spirit is

Likely More on Fire For Now Still at the Typical African

American Church in my Area Yes Been There Done That too...

When the Essence Is Real When The SPiRiT Truly Sprouts Wings

And Connects With All Those Truly Awake Will FeeL iT From Head

to Toe
Caring Healing

And So Much More

Yet Without the Experience

Without the Actual Experience

Just More Word Salad With Nothing Good to Eat...

mY Favorite Church is Still the Warmth of Nature Wild Free And
Of Course A Dance Hall Wherever i Make my Next Dance Floor Real...

And Singing

Is Just More
DReSSinG For the Salad...

'Roll Over Beethoven' Far From
Finished Yet Keyboard is my Free Dance And Song too...





KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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18 Sep 2023, 3:01 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy if the Patterns of my Spiraling

Dance my Orbits Around my Internal Star Below So

Above Lit Up True it Might Look Close to the Dance Mars

And Jupiter

Makes As

Patterns Around the Sun
Yes It is True the Patterns

Follow The Waves The Shores

Of the Gulf And Sea Gulls Above

Dancing In Reverse in Athletic Shoes

In Deep Sugar White Sands With

Emerald Green Gulf Waves

Yes Seas Oats Swaying

in the Breeze Back

to Sea Gull Wings

Spiraling the Sun

As A Dance And Song

oF mY SoUL Generally Does

As Again The "Inter-Being" Within
Inside Outside Above So Below And

All Around Teaches me ThiS WaY Far

Beyond Any External Human Made

Pre-Planned Guidelines or Lessons

Dear FRiEnD With SMiLes All

Just The EffortLess Wu

Wei Ease of A

Feather Breezing

Through The Wind

May Look Like Chaos

Yet the Nature of the

Great Beyond Within

Indeed Beyond Measure

Yet Far Beyond ReaSon iN Art mY FRiEnD...

Oh Dear Lord Mr Gottfried

An Afternoon Nap After You

Have Only Enjoyed Life and

Really Need A Rest From

Heaven So You Will

Feel Refreshed

With Wings Just

Yearning to Fly Again After A Siesta

Is Surely Nice Yet What's Even More

Wonderful Is Carrying Just About Every

Size and Shape of Cross Imaginable And

Yes As You Suggest Overcoming Hell for

The Appreciation of Heaven More As True

The Living Dead Is Rather Painful and Numbing

Anyway Back to Crosses Yes Crosses of Stars And Roses


As Mother
Nature Will Bruise

With All THere is to Lose
And Regain With Gratitude
And Appreciation Even More

True Losing Effective Use of Smelling
Tasting Seeing And Hearing and Always
An Inability to Touch Manmade Stuff Yes

Quite Some Crosses to Overcome Indeed

Yes Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type Two
Trigeminal Neuralgia Same Old Damned Hell Story

(Along With A Synergy in Life Threat of 18 Other Disorders)

66 Months Wake to Sleep Assessed As Not Only
The Suicide Disease Yet Literally More Torturous
Than Literal Crucifixion Dear Lord Carrying Crosses

More Than 3 Hours to 3 Days Yep Shut-In Doing it
For 66 Months From Wake to Sleep Yet Oh Dear

Lord Without the Ability to Speak Until Four

Assessed By Peers When Young as

Part of the Aquarium Who Just

Does Not Basically Deserve

To Exist in Any Way

Fallen Several

Instances in Months

to Years In Life RiSinG Out
of the Ashes Against All Odds
And Medical Prognosticators too

Doing The Impossible No One Told

me That Would Be my Mission Almost My Entire

Life Yet i Will Tale You This What Good Would

Any oF iT Have Been if i WaS ONly the Boss's

Son And Guaranteed to Return Safely to Life

Out of the Living Dead From the Get Go

It's True my FRiEnD When You Have

to Work For Heaven As a No

Body Oh Dear Lord

What Fresh SMiLinG
Tasting Smelling Seeing
Hearing Touching LoVE iN Peace
Feeling Sensing Emoting Without Pain and Numb Life Will Be

iN LiVinG NeWeR ColorS AGAiN True Satisfaction is Finding
YouR Way Out of Hell to Heaven With No Directions How God No

With No Golden Silver Spoons For Guarantees From Birth Arriving Presently

Oh Dear Lord Just To Be ReaL and Human True Satisfaction Achieving Indeed...

i Arrive
Never Leaving
Now Newly As Such

Naked Enough Whole

Complete Satisfaction Voila Again...

Other Than That Didn't Get A Nap Today

Yet That'S Okay HeaR At Banter Republic Instead With SMiLes...

Other Than That Too Overcoming A Month Long Hip Injury For Unimpaired
Dance All Weekend Oh What A Relief and Satisfaction to Fly on Terrestrial Land

Wings Off Again...

Waves Up and Down
Strikes And Gutterballs Tides Go Out And Return
That's Life Ya Just Gotta LoVE iT With Peace At Best

With Pain

And the Whole She-Bang

Or Big-Bang Or Whatever

Flavor of Heaven/Hell/THorns/
FLoWeRS/STars/Roses to PaRtake of Next...

"Gelato typically offers fewer calories, less sugar and lower fat content per serving than ice cream. The typical 3.5 oz. serving of vanilla gelato contains 90 calories and 3 grams of fat, compared to 125 calories and 7 grams of fat in the average vanilla ice cream."

My Wife Provides The Free Gelato Vending Each Day Particularly Through

The Heat Wave at Lunch Hoping to Enjoy it When Summer Ends too

Measured Carefully in No More Than One IceCream Cone A Day

If Not For my Sister


It i Would Have

No Dessert At All Hehe

Yet it Does Feel Like A Mini-Vacation
Dear Miriam As i Went Without Desserts For Practically Ages

Before and True That Makes it All the More Special With SMiLes...

A Day With no Electronic
Devices... Air Conditioning
Only Fireplaces Living
Rooms Then And Front
Porches WHere FRiEndS
And Lovers Rule
Art of Flesh And
Blood Social
As the Mainstay
And LifeBread
Of Human
Care For Each
Other How Far
Away or to Each
Other We All Have
Come Will Life
And Care
Revive Our Breath
In SYMBoLS of Text...

When We Are 'Deleted'
In A Way it is more
Room for Us
To Generate
A Hug As
There Are So
Many Who Will
Appreciate Unconditional
Love Who Only Breathes
iN Peace
ThiS Way
To Give...

Doors CloSinG
Opening Opening...

Loving Soul Food
Blessed NoW
Those Most
With Avenues
Dancing Singing
Love Giving
For Giving
Giving Free
Inherent Reward Be...

Nature Works
Best Dancing
All In
Of Loving
Life Giving
Sharing Caring
Healing Freely...

One With
Forest Trees
Free Wind
Dances Sings
Community Breeze...

Life Tells Us Many
Things to Be to
The Point
We Become
All Clothes
Our Tools
What is Left
Starts and
Begins A Give
Love Bearing
Never Ending
Carrying Peace
SeeinG LoVE iN Peace...

Sadly Savvy With Invention

Of Time And Clocks To Rule

Each Second Minute

And Hour

In Deadlines

Still To Create

What Comes Missing

Now Most is the Human

Touch For It is True There

Is A Lock In Every CLocK

That May Separate

Us From

Flow Now

of Dreamtime

WaKinG FoReVeRNoW iN Ease
Moving Connecting Co-Creating
Humanity Dancing Singing ToGeTHeR

Thriving Again As MoonLight Sings

Promise of Sunshine Again

Complete Whole


Hands With
No CLoCK Hands
Substituting for

Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE
ToGeTHeR NoW Real...

Hehe, Yet It's True It May Be
Hard to 'See' ThiS Way As Money
May Offer Little Soul to Create mY FRiEnD...

Indeed BLeSSinGS BLiSSinGS Free Am i to Be ThiS Way With SMiLes

For All the Blood, Sweat, And Tears Still BRinGinG me to This Place of

Loving Co-Creation...

With A Little
Help Yes

Of Help
From Kind FRiEnDS...

Yes! Dear
USA Writes

More Than
We Receive

For Even Science
Shows One Altruistic
Act of Kindness to
Others Without


When We Become
Loving Enough Whole
Complete in Will And
Strength With

of Grace
In Balancing
Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love This Way

Will Bring Higher Levels of
Happiness And Well Being
For Even Months to Come
What A Free Love Drug Giving Is!

Giving Becomes The Essence
Of Receiving Same Happier We
Make Others Naturally Happier
We Become in Cooperating
SPiRiT HeART Souling


Problem is
Sadly Our Culture
in the West is Based
More on Competition Than
Cooperation That Means Profit
For Most All We Do in Life Even


Where We may
Expect to Make

A Profit Off of What
We Give to Others

As This Applies to All
Stuff Nature of Life True too
iN LiGHT And DarK AS Humans
Through Their Competitive Spirit of
Profiting off All Stuff Life Consumes Nature


Hoarding More Than Sharing Taking More Than
Giving For the Competitive Spirit of Profiting Off of

Living Associating

Hehe So Don't Even Try
to Feed me More Words than
i Give to You People Wonder Why

i Am So Happy They Haven't Seen
The SMiLes i Put on Other Faces With

Life Now

Indeed Dear
FRiEnD Make
Someone All ones

Happier than You and

You Will Be The Last

And The First to Inherit

All the LoVE oN EartH You Create NoW...

Every New Bridge We Cross
Creates A New Reality
to Land in A Way We've




Yet True There Are

Even More Bridges to

TraVerse Within to Get

To Where We Never

Leave Yet Grow Most

And Yes In Life Without
Challenge There is No Growth

Rewards Come For New Mountains
Scaling We've Never Climbed Before...

For Sure It is True Though
When We Come to
Inhale Peace
And Exhale

Love Most
Free The Blood
Sweat And Tears
of Challenge Roll Over
The Shadows Of Us Easier

For New LiGHT

To See Out

oF Caves

We Sit Before
Dear Aleesha With SMiLes...

Yes Yes Dear
USA Writes
This is Why
We Have To

Be Whole


Of Will on
Of Balancing
Grace Loving All

Oh Goodness
When i Worked
That Exhausted
me So Much Giving

For Pay
Left At

End Of
The Day
Sad Wife
Then This
Is Life in the

USA For So
Many Just
Up to Sea
Level my FRiEnD

Why They Call
Golden Ages


For Pay...

Hehe Yet
You Are

In School
Be Happy As
You Will And
Are Able to


Money Free
Makes A Huge
Difference for me...

Become What We Do Now
Then Nothing
Left to Do Yet Do What We Do

Hehe, Dear Karlien, i suppose
i Will Just Say "Just Do It" too

And Don't Worry About

Any Shoe
Sales Now

If We Don't Have
to RUN A Big Corporation Like 'Nike'

For It's True Where Money Is Involved
There Is Always More Than Just Do
True There is Collecting A Pay

Check That Will Be Such
A Distraction For the
Flow of Human
Free For With MaKinG
Money With Creativity And
Productivity Always An External
Audience to Satisfy True if We Get
Hooked On Likes, Follows, And Even

Views oF All That We Do However Yes
Metrics Are Great to See What Influence
We Might Bring to Help Others too And Also
Obviously True Yes Usually We Have to Make
Money to Survive Unless Independent of That
Paper Green And Even Green to Gold In South Africa

my FRienD
Fear is the
Source of So
Much Human Weakness
Stress Disorder And Disease

Loss of Inhaling Peace And Exhaling
Love As In This Place There is No Room For
Anxiety or Self-Doubt Either That is Of Course Fear
And Associated With Reductions in the Neurochemical
Serotonin Yes The Self-Confidence Brain Juice That May

Come Greater As We Become More Comfortable in Our Physical
Bodies And Even Become Proficient in Martial Arts For Indeed We
Are Part of the Animal Kingdom And As Long As We Do Not Have
Any Experience in Successfully Defending Ourselves Physically

THere is Usually Less
Confidence to Feel
In the Jungle,
And Deserts
of Humans too...

Yet True... No Need to Ever
Strike Anyone Now Just A Free
Dance of Moving Meditation Will
Do For Literally Becoming Comfortable
in Our Bodies This Way BOOSTS SEROTONIN

As so often in Somatic Ways That is Where
Our Unresolved Emotional Issues Go indeed
in Tension From Head to Toe Where Bio-Feedback
Through Moving Meditation Will Actually Help to Regulate
Emotions and Integrate Senses Where We Move More Like

Lions and


Across the
Savannah Through
Non-Verbal Language
Yes the Way We Move

It is Usually Pretty Easy and
Basic to See Who Is Self-Confident
Without As Much Self-Doubt And Those
Now Who Live a Life of Anxiety And Fears
And Yes Of Course Self-Doubt And As Psychiatrists
Admit Now Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is Not Enough
As Indeed 'The Body Keeps Score' For All the Trauma We Experience in

Life too

Head Down

And Depressed

Or Standing Tall

Making 'A Lobster
Pose' Hehe as i often
Do as A Yoga Pose

LIKE A Wolf HAHA... Boosts
Levels of Serotonin And Just
Makes Me That Much More Confident
In All i Do... It's Like Writing Free Verse
Poetry Every Where i Go Whether People

Like me or Not or Like What i Do or Not Now

i Generate My Own Happiness And Comfort
Within Through A Dance Naked Enough Whole
Without Any CuLTuRaL Clothes Of Tools At All...

Naked Complete Whole Enough Look Around

And Try to Imagine How People Would Feel ThiS
Way if Everything They Had Was Taken Away

Yet the Skin They Wear And The Love They

Give And Share Care Heal Freely This Is Freedom

God Yes my FRiEnD The Kind of Confidence

The Rest of the Animal

Kingdom Enjoys

Without All the
External Illusions
That Humans Impose
On Themself As Anxieties
Fears and Self-Doubts that

We Surely Won't Worry About
As We Take Our Last Breath on Earth...

Basically Again Autotelic Flow A Practice Now
Of Life That BRings FLight With No Need For Wings...
And Of Course This Is Just Specifically From my
View There Are Unlimited Other Ways to Do it
Yet The Essence Becomes Fear Is For Others

And Never
For Us Now
With Smiles
of Peace Inhaling
Love Exhaling Best
For All We Meet and Greet in Life...

Living on the Autism Spectrum For 5.3
Decades Never Comfortable in my Skin
As A Biological And Environmentally
Induced Challenge in Life Confidence

Was One of the hardest Parts of
All In Life As i Wasn't Literally

Comfortable in my own

Skin i've Kept a Record
of My Public Dance From the
Beginning 10 Years Ago Until
Today From the Beginning Where
i was assessed as Ridiculous By
the Viewing Public To the Years
i was Assessed as Famous and
Living Legend Literally As Such as
Far As 200 Miles From Where i Lived
As True still the only one Who Public
Dances in a Radius of 500 Miles or More
in the Deep South of the United States the
Hardest place assessed by Social Science
To Be Different in Life Traditionally So i Set
Myself Free From Caterpillar to Cocoon to
Butterfly With No Need For Wings Yet You
See It Doesn't Matter What Folks Call me
Ridiculous or Legend i AM COMFORTABLE

i Lost the Fear


i even

And That's the
Gift Then of the
Worst Pain Known
to Humankind Type Two
Trigeminal Neuralgia from
Wake to Sleep 66 Months No Drug Will Touch
Will Do Take Away Hope and All Fear too..

i Left the Fear
Behind as
i Came
Out of the
Cocoon my FRienD...
After 5.3 Decades Fully As Such True...
Yes as the 'Imagine Dragons' Sing "Pain
Made Me A Believer" With 100 Percent
Faith in Every Breath i Take Where Hope
Is Not Even Required Any More As I am
Sure As The Ocean is As Waves And Water Same...

In This World We LiVE iN Today In This World of Competition
And Impossible Goals to Achieve Having no Fears And Being

From that
Is Gold Indeed
For Verily i've Lived
The Other Way Long
Enough mY FRiEnD to Know the Difference...

From Your Video You Seem Poised And
Confident For Your Age in Your Non-Verbal

Language A Sure Step to Removing All Self-Doubt
As True Even Selfies And YT Videos Help As A Practice

And A Journey
THere as Well

Some Folks
Will Make it
To A Place Without
Fear Others May Never
Do it in this Lifetime


i Feel Sure You Will
It's Already Written In Your Stars...

True Indeed Very Sad Sohair Many Decades
Ago Wars Were Fought For Freedom
And Safety

Now They

Are Mostly

Fought From
Our End for Greed
And Continuing Power

To Destroy Where Others
Live And Build Up An Empire
Stolen From What Bleeds and Dies

of Humanity Seen As Lesser as 'the Other'...

Thing Is We Reap What We Sow and the United
States Overall

Is At War With
Itself in A New
Religion Here

Better Identified
As Ignoricism With
Nothing Really Associated
With Peace or Love Just Imposing
Harming, Raping, Maiming, Killing
For The Innocents All Around Us

No Religion of Peace and Love
Just Gone Down A Different

Drain to No Where

Yet Where

Fields Fear
And Hate And
Just Can't Seem to
Dissipate Yet Always Good

News Now Not Everyone Is Like
That Not Even the Majority Really mY FRiEnD...

All Great Created Quotes
By You Dear Ava my Favorite

Is Turning Negative Emotions
Like Anger Constructively into

A Song With A Greater Ending
Before They Fester Yes into Hate
And Regret That May Long Term

Hold Hands to A Deeper

Pit of Emptiness

Within that

Just Can't

Find the Warmth
Of HeART Free to
Give Unconditional
Love Again Love is
A Practice And Muscle
Same And For Giving
Thanks Giving is the
Fuel That Keeps Love
Alive Inhaling Peace Exhaling
Love Giving Sharing Caring Freely

With No
to Put out
The Flame
Of LiFE iNDeeD...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Cindy i’m
Entirely Too Sweet For Frosting
Yet As Katrina Tells The
Waitresses When They
Try Their Best to
Persuade me
iNTo Dessert
She Says Oh No
He’s As Hyperactive
As A Two-Year-Old You
Overload Him on Sugar
And You Take Him Home
And Deal

With Him

He Goes
To Sleep Hehe
Yep Should Be
Criminal For Someone
As Old as me To Have

So Much
Sweet Energy HAha
You Are Very Sweet
And Energetic too

Dear FRiEnD Wedding
Bells Coming So Very Soon
Do Dance Sing So Verily Free...

Echoes of Thunder
Shall i Return or
Stay Away It’s
Not Complicated
Really it Rains it Rains
i Still Pray You Are Okay...

NoW iNTo
Doors CloSinG
Opening Opening

Rain Always Cares
Enough to Fall Again

After Thunder Invites Its Return...

Yet Rain Always Falls on itS own...

Ocean Reclaims Its Healing Touch...

Last First Humans Who Love iT (GoD) All....

Life is A 'Rorschach Test' Dear Sohair
At Best We Inhale Peace And Exhale

Love And Filter Our


Through That
Lens Moving
And Co-Creating
With Others Giving
Sharing Caring Healing Freely
With No Restraints Yet Again Life
is A Rorschach Test Dear Sohair

Where Some Filter Life Through
Soul Lens Who BREaTHE Life Inhaling
Fear Exhaling Hate Instead of Peace And Love...

Our Minds Co-Create Our Realities Based on Past Experiences
As This iS A Way Humans Adapt to Changing Environments

And At Least Survive Tooth and Nail And at Best Thrive For

All that is Good With Peace and Love ToGeTHeR Naked

Enough Whole Complete Yet It is Also True Our Environments

Old or New May Be Those of SCaRCiTiES WHere THere is Little

Water or Food or Even Reproductive Mates

Or Even Shelter From The Harsh

Weather Elements of the

Environment True

When Humans

LiVE iN Areas of SCaRCiTieS

They Become More Tribal Against
Those They Compete Against For Resources
to the Point That They Will Shed Empathy and
Compassion Aside And Harm And Rape And Maim

And Kill to Gain the Resources They Need to Survive

And of Course Religion Is Used As Means of Bonds and
Binds to Achieve The End Result of Survival As Humans Will Hold

Hands in Fear And Hate Or In Abundance of Balance NoW As Environments

Come Inhaling Peace ExhalinG Love NaTuRaLLY Birthing Loving Religions

Becoming A Tool For Peace and love For Bonding And Binding THiS Way

Or Fear and Hate As All Words Are Only Approximations Yes Forms/Metaphors for
The Essence Words Attempt to Mutually And Consensually in Understanding

Relate Yet As Is The Case With

Poetry There is Always

More Than One
View Now Each
And Every Word
And All the Words
That Come ToGeTHeR NoW Old And NeW

That Will Be Viewed as a Rorschach Test NoW
As Well Perhaps Taken Out of Context Completely

For What Was Intended Yes By The Original Authors

of the Words For It's True In The United States 'the Word
Jesus' Was Used At A Deadly Insurrection Against the Democratic
Process on January 6th, 2021, Yes The Bonds And Binds of Religion
Associated With Jesus Hung On Banners Flying in the Wind Where

A Gallows Was Constructed With Chants By The So-called 'Christian
Crowd' to Hang the Vice President For Not Helping to OverThrow

Democracy The Fact is This Will Happen With All Religions

For Those Who Experience Life Inhaling Fear and

Exhaling Hate It is Human Nature We Filter

Our Experiences Creating Mind

And Actions Associated

With Thoughts

And Symbols
We Co-Create WHere
Those Symbols NoW Will
Be Viewed Totally Different

From Fear Hate Through Peace and Love
Whatever Rains Most From Each Human Soul...

We Have Met The Beast And The Beast Is Us...

We May Not Blame Words For What Lives or

Dies As Soul Within Closer to Peace

And Love or Further Away

to the Hell of

Fear And Hate

i For one Choose

Heaven With SMiles

Dear Sohair Yet i am

Only Human And LiVE iN
Abundance Put me in Dry Rocky
Mountains With Not Enough to Eat
And Drink With Little Shelter

And Very Little Love if

Any at All to touch

And i Too Will

Change Like Any Other
Human to Survive It is the
Beast it is Human Nature Still Now

Both Shadows And Sunshine my FRiEnD

As We Nurture Love From Childhood As We

Feed And CLoTHE All With Shelter As We Provide

Avenues For Humans to Fulfill Human Potential

That is Still Associated With Peace and Love

In All Colors of Human Meaning and Purpose

We Don't Only Survive We Thrive Sadly

Nature isn't Fair Yes Some Folks

LiVE iN Heaven on EartH This
Way At This Very Moment

Or Hell


They may
Be As Close

to Each Other

As Sleeping in
The Same Bed

Differently That Way my
FRiEnD May Peace and
Love Become Greater Ways
May Peace and Love Become
The Way Yet Only When We All

Lift Each Other Up Higher As

Thunder Will Precede the

Lightening of Love



And Hate
And The Ignorance
That No Longer 'Sees'
Peace and Love to Be i Am

We Are

They Are

Us as Them
For Real LoVE NoW
Living Trees Shedding
Leaves of Peace Now and
Love For All to Come To Breathe...

Nature Works
Best Dancing
All In
Of Loving
Life Giving
Sharing Caring
Healing Freely....

Doors CLoSinG
Opening Opening...

A Day With no Electronic
Devices Air Conditioning
Only Fireplaces Real Living
Rooms Then And Yes Front
Porches WHeRE FRiEnDS
And Lovers Rule
Art of Flesh And
Blood Social
As the Mainstay
And LifeBread New
Of Human Loving
Giving Sharing
Caring Healling
For Each Other
New Now How Far
Away From or to Each
Other We All Have
Come Will Life
Giving Shaing
Caring Healing
Revive Our Breath
In SYMBoLS of Text...

We Systemize Life Now For
Order out of Chaos Truth Gold
Standard yet as Neuroscience
Shows We All Hallucinate
Our current Reality Based
On Past ExperienceS How
Easy We May Fall to
Matrix order of
Lies fed from
Birth the light
Or dark alternatively
We Will generate
Within Escaping
Matrix oF Lies
The Emperor’s
ClotheS in Deed
A Challenge for most...

Oh A Beauty of Everyone Being Uniquely me
Oh A Beauty of Being Part of All That Is New
Oh A Beauty of Seeing All Parts Now Naked
To Be Beautiful
Indeed Dear Chaymaa
Is to Be the Unique Them
Us We You And me With SMiLes

ToGeTHeR Naked
Enough Whole

As Waves
Make Water
Ocean Whole SMiLes

Ocean Falling From
Skies Watering Waves
Of Us So CoLoRFuLLY NeW SuRPRiSinG...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Sohair Faith Without Doubt
Or Question Like All The Injuries i've Naturally
HeaLeD in Public Dance in A Decade of Doing It

Now 18,818 MiLes Every Injury Creating New Moves

Deep Within Healing Creating New Ways to Dance in Balance

Greater FRiEnDS With Gravity

As Balance is A Practice of
Life iN Excellence Yet Will
Never Be Perfected Always Room

For New Moves and Lessons LEaRNeD Again
And Again As DarKNeSS iN LiFE Does Create LiGHT ThiS WAY

True Like the Pain Not Struggling Against It Yet Making it Feel

More Like


To Learn

From or
Enemy SaMe
mY FRiEnD With SMiLes...

Anyway After A Month of Struggling
Through A Hip Injury Greatest Challenge
of Dance to Date Breaking Through Finally

All Weekend Back Dancing Weight of Finger Tips

SPiRiT Free Heaven Within LiGHT Coming Out of DarKNeSS
AGAiN And iN Every LeSSoN Plan of DarK THeRE iS Greater Gratitude

And Appreciation
For Every Breath
Every Move And

Every Word That Makes
Life One Experience of
Holy Dance Sacred Song

Moving Through DarK to Create
LiGHT oF LiFE Again


SMiLes Dear Sohair So Many Folks Believe We aRe Just
Material Reduced Random Soup of the UNiVeRSE Yet

We aRe As Deep Within As Above That Exists in Energy

And the Darkness That Holds Up LiGHT Above So Below

To Harness This Energy

Essence of

Faith in Action

With SMiLes Dear FRiEnD...

SuNDaY LeSSoN 495
Redemption Art of Coming
Out of The DarK Finding
True Gold Of LoVE iN Peace
iN Rainbows ReUNiTinG
With Nature Giving It
All Away For Free
Coming Back
Life For
Real With SMiles
Ah Yes The 4th Memed
Cross T-Shirt
Named Redemption
in Review of The First Three

The First Devotion
The Second Cross
of Stars And Roses
The Third Salutation

Hehe This Concludes
Sunday School LeSSoN
495 With Much More To

Come Every Breath Of
Every Part Of Nature
Newly Now of THE ALL
Never Ending New Testament

With SMiles...

SuNDaY School
LeSSoN 496
Yes Get one
Free Plus the
Next one Too Hehe...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Gender: Male
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19 Sep 2023, 1:18 am

Dancing Free Opening An Ocean Below

Surfacing to Sunshine of

Songs of Our Souls

How Vast All Our Human
Potentials Just Waiting to

Explore The Deep To

Come to A New

Creation of

SoUL Never Felt

Before Particularly in

The MuSiC Yes Giving
Sharing Caring Healing

MuSiC of the Songs of Our SoULS

For All With Most Respect And Least Harm

Dear Savvy


SoUL Wings to

FLY iNto Jazz Now

We Create Together New With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Miriam THE EartH Gives
Us Breath Yep Materially Reducing That

From Iron That Flows in Our Blood Streams

Picking Up Oxygen That Trees Provide A Bit

After Sharks LiVE iN The Ocean

STiLL Birthing Solo Without

Help Among Some Special Species

Anyway Iron Coming From Super Nova Star Explosions

Far Beyond WHeRE We aRe NoW Yet STiLL NeW For Real

Here Resurrecting From Star Death FLoWeR Seed Birth

From Crucible FireS AGAiN

From Dying Exploding Stars

Classical Cosmic Dust Dancing

Singing All Around We Do So Free

Now Is Then is Now Is All THeRE iS

MaKinG the Best of Now Creating

A Best


NoW With SMiLes iNDeeD
Yes We aRe The Gift We aRE ALiVE

NeWLY NoW...

SMiles i’m 63 i Rarely
Had A Poetic Bone
In my Body till 53
If You Keep
Day You
May Wake
Up With A Poetic
Song on Your
Ends Now i Have
No ‘Knowledge’
Of How to Do
This as The
River Flows
Within when
It’s Free Verse
Song or Dance
Truly A Higher
Force Dances
Yes We
NoW With
Wings This
Way i Believe
An Open HeART
Opens Doors of
ThiS Way
Beyond any
Human School
Keep Smiling
Is Love
On Fire...

Words Double
Edged Swords
For Love
Or Just
The Start of
All Our Tools
Our CuLTuRaL
Clothes That
Come Not
Only to
Us Yet
Us In Prisons
Of Words As
The Label
The Clothes
Others Require
Us to Wear
Of Culture
We Become
Free or Not...

Words Generally
First Cultural
Tools Built
For Dreams
And Nightmares True

True only
Yes in Do

Mirror of Giving And
Gratitude to Share
Love This Savvy

Congratulations Dear Sohair
Receiving the WordPress
Liebster Blogger Award
And Thanks For Nominating
me As Well.. i Liked Your Answers
to the 11 Questions.. i Feel they
Are All Great Heart Felt Words
You Bring in Response to them
i will Share Mine Here as they might
Get Lost in the Ocean of my Newest Weekly
Blog "Novel" So Hard to Find Hehe.. So.. Here

i Go WiTh SMiLes...

What is your blog about?

i FeeL it as the 'SonG oF mY SoUL'...

Who is your favorite author and why?

NaTuRE ALL oF it Breathing in Every Way
Writing the Story of Life Best in Loving Peaceful Balance...

What do you think of literature
and how important do you think it is?

SMiLes It's A Way We May Come to Understand
Others Not Like Us Becoming Greater Artists of LoVE iN Peace...

What according to you, is the most selfless thing in the world?

LoVE iN Peace

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

LoVE iN Peace

What do you prefer, summer or winter?

LoVE iN Peace

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

LoVE iN Peace

What according to you, is overrated?

Money and Stuff...

What do you think is more important in
a relationship, love or understanding and compatibility?

Understanding is LoVE iN Peace iNdeed Mercy And Compassion
too And LoVE iN Peace Generally is What Humans Share the
Most All Naturally Innately as Compatible With
All Other Humans ThiS Way ToGeTHeR Free...

What makes you feel lonely?

SMiLes There are Way too many
People to Give to Freely to Ever
Be Lonely as True i See God
in Every Eye
And Less
than A
Grain of
Sand LoVE iN Peace
Beyond Stars as well...

Thanks Dear Akshita
For Your Kind Words
And Inspiring
Poem i Always
Rather Participate
With FRiEnDS Than

Contests NoW As
Before in my
Work-Life It
Was More

Than Cooperation

i Did Try A Poet’s
Prompt Club Online

Yet it Was More
About Science
Of Poetry
Than Flow
Of Creativity
i Do This For
Freedom Of
Creativity And
Connecting my
FRiEnD Dancing
Moving Fingers

On A Piano
Of Words
SonG oF
mY SoUL...

Prayers For Peace And
LoVE iN Peace in An Ocean
Now Of Kindness
New So Nice
Dear FRiEnD Sohair...

HAha i Come Here
For Your Kindness



Keep GRoWinG

BRAIN Dear Karlien
i Will Surely Drop By
To Water it With

my FiRE Hose
Size Flow of


SMiles Dear Karlien
You Can Count on
The Fact i Am Always

The Last Loyal
Wookiee FRiEnD

Left Standing
With SMiLes

Just Another
On Your
Space Ride...

i Will
Do my
Best Not
To Shed
Too Much
Hair Karlien



Ship HeHe...

Hehe, Yes Ever Since 2016 Halloween
Although Still Orange Like Pumpkins

Lost Its Appeal

to 'Fresh Stuff'

On EartH HAha...

It's What We May
Eventually Come to
Enjoy Once We Realize
Alice In Wonderland Isn't

Really Fake News HAha

As Yes Humans As Neuroscience
Shows Actually Basically Hallucinate
Their Realities Based on Ones Their
Minds Co-Create Before So i Choose

And Co-Create
With Nature


More Now Than

And Everything Life is Good...
Even In DarK SHades Of
Grey And BLacK Abyss
Portrayed Just All


Just All Rainbow

Not Even Any Need

To Find An End of
my Rainbow Now Hehe...

Mirage of Comfort
Always Nice to


Essence Real NoW

No Matter Mirage Of Comfort

WHeRE TiME RunS iN ReVerse
And We MoVE iN FoRWarDVerse...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Now
Center of
In Balance


iN FLoW More
Enough Whole
Naked Human Complete...

SMiLes Dear Aleesha
A Time Ago Back From
A Place Where Someone

Suggested i Need to Learn to Write
'Normal' Hehe if Anyone
Is Gonna Be Able to Understand me...

It's True Not Everyone Utilizes the Right
Brain Metaphor of Intelligence to Write Poetry

In the Part of the Mind That Thinks in Visual
Images Yes Pictures Feelings Senses A More

WHolistic View of

LiFE Through All
The DarK Hard
And Wonderful
Colors oF LiGHT
iN LiFE True Yet What

A Gift Poetic Free Verse
Writing is As We Connect
Both Sides of Our Brain Express
All of Our Feelings And Senses DarK
Thru LiGHT That Do Not Get Repressed
Causing Somatic And Other Kinds of Long
Term Emotional Pain Yes to Express All Of our
Emotions Feelings Senses Is to Let Go And Become

More Totally
Free and

To Dance
And Sing

Creatively More
Bringing Great Joy
And Understanding
Of Painful Events in Life

For Support to Others Yet of
Course There Will Always Be
Naysayers Who Do Not See Value

In Doing Life Freer More Wholistic
Using All Parts of MiND Body SPiRiT
HeART SoUL Yes Holding Hands At
Best too Inhaling Peace And Inhaling Love Now...

So Truly Gut Wrenching This Poem About Your
Mother's Passing Dear Miriam As It's True When

No One is on A Child's Side it is often A Mother Who
Is the Only one Left Standing By Your Side And i Surely

Experienced That More Than Once in my Life Most of All i Wanted

to Be the Strong One At The End When She Needed me as i Fell More Than
Once And Toward Her Very End Just Another 66 Months She Was Forced to

Hold the World up For
me When i Didn't Wanna
Be Here at All With A Pain
And Numb most Human Beings
Don't Understand Exists Yet Again

When i Asked her Why me Yet Again When

i Asked her Why Me When Again i Asked her

Why me She Said Why Not You Yet She Also Said
This Too Will Pass As True She Saw the Dark too

When She Didn't Think She Could Handle Raising Two
Children With A Husband Who Ended Up Being A Silent
Force of No Emotional Support At All Yet As She Felt She was

Grasping Toward Her Last Straw She Related A Vision of A Man
With the Greenest Eyes She Ever Saw Without a Word From Then

On She Gained The Faith That Every Little Thing is Gonna Work Out Okay

It's True at my Lowest Point i Had A Similar Vivid Half Waking Dream in
Hell And Pain and Numb
From the Beginning Of Hell
A Woman With Fiery Red Hair
And The Greenest Eyes Ever Hovering
Over my Bed With Just The Faintest of What
Was Left Over Possible For Hope for me and True

it Didn't Make me Feel Like Every Little Thing is Gonna
Be Alright Yet It Did Surpass What My Mechanical Cognition
Only Logical Brain All Left Hemisphere Reduced Mind Saw As Possible

Before in my Existence

Anyway Recovering i Was Strong For my
Mother Then As She Went Without Food
or Drink in Hospice for Those Lasts 8 Days
to Go the way She Wanted to Go as Natural as
Possible She Got to LiVE Her Whole Life and the
Last Two Years with No More than A Bayer Aspirin
For Cancer that Spread from Breast to Bones to Brain
Bleeding Defeating my Sister in a Game of Scrabble two

Days Before Her
Hospice Death Bed

And as i've Related Before Here too
When She Passed Away i Realized Her
Flame Her HeART Her SPiRiT Her SoUL
Of Unconditional Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Love Was the Torch she Passed on to
me only to Spread Some More And Then i Understood

Why Some Folks Need "Jesus" So Much As They May have Not
Had the Female Version With Brown Eyes And The Fairest Skin
of them All As My Father's Mother Related About Her Glowing Fair Skin

Some Humans Are Born
to Love And Never Give it Up

Some Humans Are Born to that
Gift And Carry A True Torch Meek
And Humble of True Royalty to Give Love Away For Free...

i Am Verily Sure You Continue to Carry Your Mother'S UNique Torch...

Indeed Dear Shreya Through All the Years
Life is An Ocean With Waves Continuously Changing

Yet Indeed There is Water That Stays the Same Albeit With
Perhaps More or Less of 'The Salt of Life' As That Relates to

iMaGiNaTioN CReaTiViTY And Wings of Love Set Free to BREaTHE iNHaling

Peace ExhalinG Love

For this Present Gift of

Life As Waves Continue to

Create New Shores Some Days

Expanding Other Days Receding

What Remains is Change Yet Kindness

Is One Part of Life We May Control We May Master

to Give When We Come to See All of LiFE DarK Thru

LiGHT A FRiEnD Worth Keeping Within Again Just to

Give Share Care Heal

And Give Away for Free
Yet True it Often Takes that
Gift of the Child's EYes All the
School And The Work to Return

to a Place That Only Plays A LiGHT oF LoVE Free
Nice to See You Returning For A Visit on WordPress
Best Wishes For All You Do May THere Always Be A

SMile With LoVE iN Peace...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Hell Verily is A Place of Only Time
True Total Disconnection From All That is Away From
All Feelings Senses Paper Thin Existence the Living Dead For

Real Without
A Breath of
God Within
it Seems of
LoVE iN Peace At All
For Life Just Another
Thousand Years in One Second
oF ALL Time in Pain and Numb

Alternately in The Other Place
The Hour Glass The Grain of Sand

And Up And Down is A Same Place As
FRiEnDS With GravitY iN LoVE With LiFE
DarK Thru LiGHT Forevermorenow Sea

Gull Wings

Spiraling around
Sun Transforming
Dance into Free Song

So Much Different

From A 'Poe
Raven And



Dear FRiEnD

A CLocK With Only Hands
Void oF ALL HeART SPiRiT SoUL For Real

A Most Salient Part is None oF iT is Myth it is All Real Now
One Human May Be Living iN Hell and the Other iN Heaven

In Two Totally Different Places in the Same Home And Room
And Yes Bed too Where A Hug is As Far Away AS God Breathes For Real
No Matter How Much Others Try to Love The Living Dead ON EartH mY FRiEnD...

How Blessed How
Blissed to Understand
The Reality of Both Places
And The Empathy and Compassion

That Comes From the First Bleeding Over into the Second

With Sweat And Tears That Equal Blood of Love to Give Away Free...

LeSSoN 441
A Place Where Real
Royalty Comes From
Empathy Compassion Loves

True i Don’t Feel Real Princes
And Princesses Are Only Born into Royalty

All the Empathy Compassion Loving Takes Real
Life Practice And Experience True i Might Be Only
A Frog And You Might Only Turn me into Prince Charming...

With Only Words
Of Kindness and
Not Even A Kiss Hehe
Yet SMiles Will Surely Shine
On A Crown For Real As Toads Turn
Into Princes When Real Indian Princesses
Who Come From Not Much Wealth Yes Do Provide
A Rising Shine of SMiLes For FRiEnDS ThiS Way Yep

True Just A Frog Getting Raised in a Shot-Gun Three
Room Home on the River Front Bank Down Town my Grandmother
Living There Us Living There too in Breakfast In America the Long
Way Home of The River Front Child Who Could Not Speak until 4

And my Grandmother Born on September 13th, 1903 First Woman to
Wear Slacks Selling Auto Parts At A Dealership During World War 2
And Yes Walking to Work As A Waitress in the Decade of Her 50’s
Waitressing 12 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week For That Decade of
Her Life to Continue to make a living After Raising 3 Girls As
A Divorced Mother And Sadly Her Mother Dying From Breast
Cancer She Had to Quit School to Help Her Father Raise
Her Two Sisters on Her Father’s Farm As After Working
A Decade Waitressing All Worn Out Delivering Breakfast,
Lunch, And Dinner to America in Our Small Town then

True my Mother Helped to Support Her Then As She
Became a Divorced Mother and We all Lived on the
River Front By The Train Trestle Echoes of The Train
Whistle And Freight Trains Shaking Our Home on
Concrete Blocks to the Core of Stability Then

True A Distant Echo of A Train Whistle is like
A Faint Echo of A Hellooove And A SMiLe Still
to Inspire As my FRiEnDS Then in College Feasted
on French Fries in Burger King i Wasn’t even Royal
Enough to Afford French Fries Yet my Grandmother Always
Had Breakfast In America Served At Our Home at Lunch During
Junior College Years As A Warmest Place to Find New Waitress
FRiEnDS Is Anywhere Breakfast in America is Served And True We
Tip Ever Single one As if my Grandmother Still Works As Waitress

With Customer
Service With a Smile

It’s True Every Waitress is
A Princess and And Every Short
Order Cook Hehe is A Prince or
A Princess to Serve Breakfast in America

Taking the Long Way Back Home to Love
Where Truest Royalty is Always From Love For Real

Hehe i Wrote Something Like This Early one Morning
And My iPhone Crashed as i Ran Out of Storage Space
hehe No Surprise with all that i do on that THING Hehe

Anyway i Decided to Make it into Almost A Life Story As
True At Best We All Have a Story of Life That Glues Us All ToGeTHeR


Hehe i've Literally
Made A Lifelong
Art of Relaxing
Now Hehe Need
i Dance And Sing More
Every Move Holy Dance
Every Word Sacred Song

Hehe it Matters Not it
All Feels Great So i Do
It All With No Haste Just
Waves on the Ocean Gently
Falling Rising Nothing New Under
The Sun Other Than Ocean Naked Enough
Whole Complete me Just Water And Air As True i Shine

ThiS Way WiTHiN No Matter Weather or SeASoNS It's Always
FiVE O'-Clock Getting Off-Time When i Truly LiVE And BREaTHE
LiFE iN Effortless FLoWinG Ease Just Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN Peace For

Another Great
Work of Read HAha...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Beautiful
Song And i Do Agree

God is Like the

Wind There

Is no Imprisoning

The Wind in Any
Made Human Jar...
And While We
Don't See the
Wind We Verily
Do FeeL it Surrounding All...

As Long
Souls Dancing
To OPen
THiS WaY iN Art...

iNKinG Blood Words CoMe
Organic DaNCinG SinGinG
Balancing MinD

SMiLes Dear Cindy Congrats on Your Book Launch in Your Local Area
And All the Wonderful Reviews of Your Book Shared And Wow How

Rustic the Look Is of the Small Book Store Surviving All the
National Chains of Bookstores Dear Lord Sadly As the

Population of my Home County Approaches 200,000

There Still Isn't Enough Demand Now For Any Book
Store of 'Secular Interests' Having to Drive Over

to the Other Metro Area County to Visit a Place
Of Books That Isn't Overpopulated With Four Wheel Drives

And Political Stickers For the Name That Shall Not Be Spoken Hehe

The Thirst For New Experiences

Is Verily Deeper and

Shallower in Other
Places With SMiLes...

Oh God Yes Dear Lord Dear Sohair
Yes The Horrid Failing Dam Flood
With the Ingredients of Climate

Change and More Powerful

Storms Still To come For
Destruction and Death

Indeed Prayers for All

Those in That City in Libya

And Not So Surprisingly to me

As Greed in Politics Often 'Trumps'

What Needs to Be Done For Humanity

In Terms of Welfare For All

And Infrastructure too

The Dams in the United
States Are Graded D out of
A Scale of A to F for Potential Failures

Fortunately in the Biden Administration
Bi-Partisan Support Obtained to Repair Infrastructure

Ranging From Roads to Bridges to Dams For Real Human

Life at Risk Less

Yes Indeed
if We Focus
on Human Capital More

Than the Capital of Greed mY FRiEnD

More Folks Will Not Only Survive Yet Thrive...

Thanks Dear Sohair So
Far So Good Hip Doing
Much Better Now For
Three Days in A Row

For Your
Kind Wishes
my FRiEnD With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Isha my Father Acted Like the Hundred Dollars A
Month in Child Support Was an Investment That One Day i Would

Return to Him Contributing to His Elder Years

At Least That's What He Told me Not Happy

That i Didn't Turn Three Degrees into

Riches While He Was Alive Yet

He Didn't Realize the Way You Really
Do It is Keeping the Same Wife Buying
A Home Early Instead of Renting and Keeping the

Same One And True Keeping A Car Around 15 Years
Instead of Always Being Upside Down on the Loan Buying

A Shiny
New One
Every Three Years or so

Married 4 Times Twice to
the Same Woman Is Surely

A Negative Financial Endeavor

Leading in Part to a Majority of His
Life Without the Purchase of A Home
Still Leaving a Mortgage On His Home at Death at 81

A 46 Year Long Law Enforcement Career Yet Without the Fortune
of Being Able to Generate HiS Own Happiness Without Money
And Stuff And Without The Human Touch That Glues Humans


With Very
Warm Smiles

And Hugs

More than Just
Holding On to
A Cigarette for Most of Life

On The Other Hand my Mother Lived
Basically to Raise Her Kids Work Always
Secondary Yet With Necessity of Course Doing it on Her Own

And He Left when i Was 3 as He Expected A Wife to Earn Money
At Work More Than Take Care of Young Children at Home as a

Personal Choice

My Mother's Only Hope
For Us Was to LoVE iN Peace
And Enough to Get By as She

Never Needed Much More than
The Bare Essentials to Get By With A SMiLe

Wanna Be Rich Dad And Really Rich Mom With A Soul

i Surely Know

How to Spell
Success Just
Three Words LoVE iN Peace

Plus One



Thanks to my Mother
And Despite my Father's Other Way

Nah, He Never Got Rich And Yes He
Was Clueless How i Saved Six Times More
Than He Did As He Was Worried i Might Need
Something From Him When i Had to Retire Early

After Spending
33 Years in the
Working World For Pay

It Was Simple Most of my
Riches Have Always Come Within
(When You Don't Spend Money it
Grows More Green Mold in the Bank)
Inheritance From my Mother With Never

End Still Now


SMiLes mY FRiEnD It's Just Natural
Some Human Beings Are More Cooperative
Others Are More Competitive And A Lot of that


With Either

The Warmth of
Plentiful Hugs and
SMiLes Face to Face As a Child

Or the "Other Place" Dominated By Stuff and More Stuff Indeed

Yet on the Other Hand Entire Cultures Promote a Way of Competition

of Acquiring

Stuff and

Others Promote

A Way of Cooperation

Where Indeed LoVE iN Peace
Together Is Highest Achievement for Real

Smaller Societies Are Naturally More Apt to Take that way...

Much Smaller
Societies Indeed

With SMiLes...

i Carry A Village of Humans
That Way Wherever i Go By Choice

And By Nature too Thank God to Mama...

Good News And Bad News
Mr Gottfried Satisfactorily
Predictable Dealing With the
Automatic Answering Machines of
The Insurance Company and Satellite-Internet-
Wireless Company Yes Taking Another Three Letter
2 Hours Gone
From my Life in
my First Good Morning Slowly
Erasing Their Incompetencies

Yet God Bless Another Glorious
Morning After my Afternoon Delightful Nap

Two Awakenings in One Day Two Opportunities
to Start With A Fresh New Mind Body And Soul In

Without A
Caffeinated Sugary Coke

As i Ain't Doing That American Way

Key in Life Yes Don't Be So Important That
You Never Get to Take Another Nap as You
Become Just Too In Demand to Do That On the

Other Hand Yes Strive to Be Financially Independent

As You Become
Slave to No One

Yet Afternoon Naps

Oh The Satisfaction of
'The Sandman' With SMiLes...

Dancing Free Opening An Ocean Below

Surfacing to Sunshine of

Songs of Our Souls

How Vast All Our Human
Potentials Just Waiting to

Explore The Deep To

Come to A New

Creation of

SoUL Never Felt

Before Particularly in

The MuSiC Yes Giving
Sharing Caring Healing

MuSiC of the Songs of Our SoULS

For All With Most Respect And Least Harm

Dear Savvy


SoUL Wings to

FLY iNto Jazz Now

We Create Together New With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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20 Sep 2023, 3:01 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Communication Always

Evolves Some Wish to Stay With Established

Order Others Choose to Move On And

Create Anew


i Enjoy the
Creativity of The
New Whether Casual

Or Attempting to be More

Formal it makes No More Difference

to me than What Fork one Chooses to Eat




Nor Do the
Birds Comment
on the Flying Styles

of Other Birds However

True Some Do Fall Behind
And Lose Their Way Relatively

Speaking With SMiLes...

Hehe i Would Have
Just Politely Replied
Thank You like i Never
Went to University
Earned Three
At Close to
The Top Of The
Class That And 33
Years Of Work Mostly
With The Government


All Their Dogmatic Rules

me A Most
Valuable Lesson

Perfection Destroys

Yet Effortless
Ease Creates
Anew Deep

SMiles True
Hehe my Next
Words of Wisdom
To Any Corporate Lawyer 'Type'...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy
For i Too Used to
Be The Corporate
Lawyer Type too
As Valuable
For Solving
Work Related
Issues Yet

Not So
Much Human
What i Lost As
A 5 Year-Old Child

In School
What i Found
At 53 After

Now At 63...

SMiLes, Typically There Are Those Who View
Their Religions Literally in Dogmatic Ways;

And Those Who Do it in A More Mystical
Meditating Flowing Unifying Way And

Even in Nature

Forest Bathing

(Truly Spiritually Free)

As Science Even Shows

The Benefits of All This

Heaven Within; Yawn, Worshipping

And Giving Praise to a Story Book Name

Is No Different Than Idol Worship; It Surely

Has Form

Yet As Empty

of Essence As

A Golden Chalice

Or A Golden Robe

Missing the Naked
Enough Whole Complete Part;

This Much i Experience; LoVE iN Peace

When Real in Human Beings Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All With Most Respect Least Harm,

Never Needs

Worship; Never

Fears Criticism

As Of Course LoVE iN Peace

When Real Is Naked Enough Whole Complete.

Oh Yeah, There's One More Thing or Better Put Nothing;

When You Arrive Naked Enough Whole Complete; There is

No Need to Fear 'Sticks' in A Dirt/Ash Nap or Want for 'Carrots'
in a Dirt/Ash Nap Either;

Yet of Course, Even That

Old Dusty Book; Yep That

So-Called King James Bible Includes the

Verse, "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or,
lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

Per Luke 17:21; Yet of Course, it is A Rather Large Book
Comprising An Anthology of Innumerable Roman Greek
Writing Ghost Authors And Innumerable Faceless Scribes

Making Copy Mistakes

And Intentional Changes too

Over Centuries Upon Centuries;

There is Really No Disadvantage

Of Creating Your Own Bible Based

On Real Lived Experience Creating Wisdom;

Rather Than Relying on Antiquated Authors and Text;

If You Have

The 'Hardware'
And 'Software'

To Do it of Course;

And the Life Experience
Generating Wisdom Required;

And of Course That's All Up to You;

Perhaps, with a 'Little Help From Friends'...

SMiLes And Living Rooms Used
To Actually Have People Talking
To Each Other Without 'Devices'

And SMiLes Dining Rooms

Used to Have People

Actually Eating


And Yes Indeed
Dear Miriam Cooking

That Used to Be A Thing

Too Before Grub Hub and

The Such And Yes Humans

Used to Be Fully Human too

Yes iNDeeD i Find Those Creatures Now And Then...

FLoWeRS Blooming
THorns Color Rose

To our Folly
We stay Silent…
To our Joy We Still Hug…

Beautiful Path Thru Nice France
Lush Green Perfectly Carved
Tourist Cobble Stone Way
A Great Escape A Vacation
Place For Souls to Wear Wings Again..
The Way Is Nature and Nature Is Us The
Seek And Find is surely within for that is Where
Nature Lives Thorns and Flowers for Fall and Rose of Us...
Smiles to Be one With
Nature is to Green
to Open
HeARTS Forest
Bathing SPiRiT Rises
Soul Comes to Dance and
Sing More with Others of Nature
All one Spring of Warmth no Matter
Fall Dying Leaves Winter Frost or
The Heat of Climate Change
Summers as We Do Our
Best to Stay Above
Sea Level as
in all the ways of our
Tools of Humanity Become
Us more YeT AGaiN the Change
of Nature Ever Colors within inside
outside above so below and All Around
We Will Never Love The Nature Within any
more than We Love the Nature of our Home...
Smiles my Friend Why Follow or Lead When We
Will Lift Up Other Souls Holding those Hands with
A Hug That Simply Dances And Sings We Are All Our Home...

We Are All Our Home

Whispers In the DarK
oF LoVE Free FoR ALL NoW

SMiLes.. Ms. Hugs hehe..
i Remember what it
Was like to work
For Pay.. hehe..
You Welcome
Folks Into Your Blog
Home hAha.. That
Is Always Gift Enough
For me to just Be Free
And Yuck no longer

Work For Green...

Leaves of
Free Much
Better for me...

After the Penis and
Vagina Does 'the Dance'
After the Neurohormones
Bring Comfort And Frustration
Is Lost What is Left of the Colors
of HeART the SPiRiT That Rises SouL Above
So Much More Than Below to Color a Painting
of Love more Than In and Out for Fast Relief..
True there is Love of Frustration
And Desire for Fleeting Warmth
And then there are
So Many Colors
of the
Never Ever
Seen as Soul
Bringing Evolution of
God to Be.. As Within
Becomes More Flowers
Than Thorns as Rose Grows
Taller than Ground Level of only
Fertilizer for Life.. Leaves of Trees Will
Fall but they will Ever Fertilize Soul Higher
More Than Only Roots That Never See Light..
And On the Other Hands Below How Will Love
Ever Rise if Below is Not Fulfilled Before Above..
There is ALWaYS Beauty in Love that Rises more than Falls...

THere is ALWaYS BeautY iN Love
That Rises more than Falls
EternAlly NeWLY NoW...

SMiLes Treat Old
FRiEnDS As New
FRiEnDS Treat
As Old
In Other
Love FRiEnDS
Note: THere Is
A Fred in FRiEnD
So Fortunate to
Be Named ThiS Way
Yes LeSSoN 299 Secret Student
Yet Part of a Previous LeSSoN too
As i am Always improving LeSSoNS
For Giving
Thanks Giving


SMiLes What
Destroys the
Of Our
At First
Tied to Desks
At School and
Now Work too
Told Quiet
Feet then
The Human
Dance Becomes
Muted then the
Song of Creativity
Is Replaced
And Screens
As So Many
Humans Lose
The Ability to
Dance And
Sing Their
Own Original
Stories All That’s
Left is Human Machines
Hehe unless You Become
A Blogger
And Tell
The Whole
World Your
And Song...

70 Percent of the United States Economy is Consumption of Commercial Goods.

40 Percent of Environmental Resources for Humanity on the Entire Globe are
Used by 4 Percent of the Globe's Population; yes, US.

What Price Do We and the World We Lead, in a Global Consumer Economy Pay?

Look Around; Nature is providing An
Answer in Terms of Fires, Hurricanes
And Yes, A Pandemic When We Consume the Most
We Can Without Giving Back; Erasing Homes of Wild Life
Per the Entire Consuming Economy Globe to Warming the Oceans
And Atmosphere in Climate Change Leading to Record

Breaking Fires and Hurricanes too;

And that Brings me to the Fact
We Cannot Eat Money; and We are Already
Seeing the Tipping point that comes when a Species
that is so-called intelligent takes more than it Gives back
in a Consumer Economy So Intelligent that it 'eats' the Only Home it has;

The Earth of Course
When Any Species does
this We See an Intelligence
of a Real Zombie Apocalypse
Where We are yet to Lift the Veils
of Ignorance Enough to Even Save Our
Own Species in the Long Run; as Around
1 Million of 8 Million Living Species of Animal
And Plant Species are Projected to Go Extinct in the Coming
Decades for the Purpose of the Economy of Eating the Face of Nature

As 'Zombies'
in Fact, Naturally
do now too; as the
Consumer Economy Culture is
Doing Just that to the Living Sphere
of Where We Live; the Earth; that is
both Ignorant, Sad and Just plain Dumb.

The Purpose of the Consumer Economy, in Effect is to Be Dumb;
Side Effects include massive Drug Abuse, both Prescription and Illegal;
40 Percent Obesity Rates; And of course Highest Suicide Rates Now in

Youngest Generations too;

The List is much Longer than
that as We Do Reap What We
Sow When We Take More than We Give...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
A Mask Without tears
May indeed Be More
Painful than Life Giving
Tears of Mercy
For Our
in Darkness
Life Brings
The River
of Soul
in this way
For Those Who
See For Giving
Thanks Giving
Within Most mY FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear Savvy
Seeking Finding Being
Divine Holy Sacred Creative

SPiRiT Within This Flame

Seeking Finding
Being This
In Others
True And

Yes Setting
All Experience
Of Existence Afire

Seeking Finding
Being This Creative
SPiRiT This Flame

Of God In All We Move
Connect Co-Create All

We Do

Loving Freer
Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love


Eternally NoW...

Oh Signs Of God
Dance Sing Wing
Butterfly Winds

You Too my
FRiEnD Spring
A Tune of
Life With
No Ending
Now “The Long
Way Home” Hehe
Like A “SuperTramp”...

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha Nice
To Hear Deep Soul of Your Poetry
All the Colors SHades of Grey to
BLacK Abyss That May Come to Life

Always Better Than Repressing the
Darkness So Far Away From Light As

Shadows EXPReSSinG Art May Tempt
Sunshine Within to Come Exposed Free

Once Again to BREaTHE Truly You've
Captured A Soul Lost Finding In This Poem

And Surely With Empathy And Compassion
Whether it is Us or Not
As Subject of the Poem

We Will Feel the Pain
And Extend A Hand
of Comfort Where

Warmth May
Be Tempted to
Return on the Long Way Home to Love
Again or Perhaps For The First Ever Warmth WiTHiN...
Anyway Nice to See You On Word Press Again Dear Young
Indian Poet FRiEnD With SMiLes Let Your LiGHT Shine Free...

In The Space Tween Breath And No
Breath i Spent A Day And Night in that
Place HeART Beat No Longer Synching With Blood

Pressure So Much More Just All Worn Out Yet Yes It's

True No Matter What We Do Dust in the Wind Continues

To Float on the Long Way Home Best We May Do Is Be the Wind

And Set Ourselves Free As Dust Doesn't Look Back it Only Becomes

The Wind and

Always Free

At Least Eternally
Now Dear Miriam As

We May Become Wind too
Wings And Eternal Now in FLiGHT

True Dust Eventually Settles Down

Yet there is Always the Possibility

That A Random Soup May Be

Stirred into Star Lit
Nights And Days

That Never
End Again
At Least
Eternally Now
With SMiLes Do
Find This Place Do
BREaTHE Do Be Wind New
Let Your Dust Be Free to Wind Again Now
On the Long Way Home Always Beginning New...

Peace Brings Fearless Love
As i Love To Dance And Sing
So Over And Over Again in Breath
Dear Chaymaa Inhaling Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All With Least Harm
WHere A Long
Way Home New Is
As Close NoW As Moving
Connecting And Co-Creating
All ToGeTHeR Dancing Singing
Freely Naked Enough Whole Complete...

Hehe i
Have to Go
See “The Movie”
Be “The One”
No One
Will Play
Be Wind
Air Water
Ever Beginning
Change Be Nature...

A Long Way HoMe
No Longer Yes FRiEnDS
With GravitY iN Free FLoWinG
All Above All Below New Now
All WiTHiN Inside Outside Yes
All Around 'Interbeing' We aRe
i Am
Dear Savvy
Balancing New Now
Change Ever More Being i Am...

Thanks i Really Love
Reading Through Your
Comments It’s So much
more Than The Typical
Grind of Serial Likes
And Follows Now on
WordPress Lacking
A Town Square of
Humanity Really
Touching Each
Other Interacting
Yep The Essence
Of That And This
Heaven Below
Kudos Keep Up
Your Great
Art Of Life
How Great
Thou Art
With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
A Mask Without tears
May indeed Be More
Painful than Life Giving
Tears of Mercy
For Our
in Darkness
Life Brings
The River
of Soul
in this way
For Those Who
See For Giving
Thanks Giving
Within Most mY FRiEnD...


Studying Archaeology at the
University as part of my
Anthropology Degree
Along With Degrees
in Social Sciences
And Health Science
Way BacK in '83
And Spending
a Summer
as an actual
Digging and Lab
Bagging Research
Associate in Archaeology
and by the way Hellooove
HiMaLi it surely ended up being
a whole lot different than 'Indiana
Jones' versus really great finds
Of Antiquity as you share 'Lothal
in India in this photo presentation'
as HiMaLi Peacefully too in Fun
Pictured along as tour guide with
the ancient
and for
all to see
and it's interesting
really how connected
the human race is in browner
skin of the furthest nomad reach
for greater fertile areas for subsistence
and population growth as India is such a
tropical and fertile place where there is plenty
of water available to drink priority number
one particularly when it is
not polluted and
it's not
so much
that India
is outpacing
Population yet the abundance
of the fertile area gave the peoples
of India a head start in population way
Back then of course with areas in China too..
Truly the most Ancient of Civilizations as humans
who live in abundance do tend to thrive more than
those who are afraid to move out of the cave in harsher
areas of scarcity as A Garden of Eden is always left right
to be found..
that in every
which way and
loose it comes
in human freedoms now too
Namaste at they say too for
when one lives in abundance Dear HiMaLi...
God is in Abundance thru all of Nature True...

Oh eyes of beauty
you look so deep
Oh eyes of beauty
you look so long
Oh eyes of beauty
you always give
care share heal
Oh eyes of beauty
Light's TRUE Love
Oh eyes of beauty
iNHaLinG Peace
only belong
to the one
and no
one no
no one
will take
that away
When eYeS TRuLY
Lives as i after i
That i onLY LoVES iN Peace

Oh Signs New God Dance
Sing Free Butterfly Winds
Effect Affect NoW GoD
iNto LiGHT...

Wonderful Metaphors of Sunflowers
For the 'Circle of Life' That Always
Includes Death Brings Life As True

Even At Core of Crucible Star Death Fire

As Super Nova Explosions Create Gaseous Star
Dust That Includes Iron That Still Flows Through

Our Bloodstreams and at Core of Earth Dear Akshita

What This Means is Every Star is Both a Seed and FLoWeR

That Brings Death and Life Same As We Do If We Don't Hoard our
Dead in Boxes
Or Burn Away
What Normally
Feeds the Little
Worms that Aerate
The Soils That Make
Grounds Suitable to Grow
Life to Feed Us Next For Real
Fortunately The Other Animals
Don't Really Have to 'Know' Their
Place in Life As Real Faces of God From
Below A Grain of Sand That Holds up a Potential

Mountain of Human Love Too And It's True This
Metaphor is Applicable to Sleep and Wake Day And Night
Yes DarK Brings LiGHT As Star Flowers and Seeds We aRe This
Way As Natural Sunshine Replaces Grief in Terms of Dopamine
of Creativity Rising Inspiring Us to Seek Out New Sources of Love

To Regenerate A Neurohormone of Bonding Binding Loving Warmth
Once Again Coming From Within Gluing All of Society Together Who

Participate in Bonds and Binds Over Common Symbols and Ideologies

Hehe Like Funeral Rites And Ceremonies too So in a Way That is Part

of the Circle of Life too It's Just That Humans Have Cultures That

May Bring us Hell to Heaven on Earth Within For Real Yes too

Anyway Star Flowers and Seeds We aRe at Best We Naturally

Generate Warmth Sunshine of Love As Our Mammalian

Gift of High Potential Levels of Oxytocin

the Neurohormone Brings Oh Yeah

Vasopressin That Inspires

Us From Within

To Protect Others too
Typically Women Generate
More Oxytocin More Nurturing
At Breast to Feed Young As Such
Like All Mammals And Males More
of the Vasopressin in Humans Particularly
to Protect Loved Ones this way Key is Developing

Both For All Of Existence Realizing DarK Brings LiGHT

Truly Having This Faith in the Nature oF All That is Our Existence New Now
Our Culture Makes So Many Distractions some folks never gain the ability
to Simply Inhale Peace Exhale Love in Fact Some Folks Live in a State of

Constant Flight
or Fight Anxiety
And Stress Oh Poverty

Of Truly Innately Instinctually
Intuitively Understanding Yes

Our Nature Now and the Rest
Of Nature Yes NDD 'Nature Deficit
Disorder' Particularly A 'First World
Problem' Forgetting We aRe Literally
The Energy of Existence At Essence
Bringing Form Incarnate as Us SaMe

As the Rest of Nature of Course Yes

When We Lose Fuller Free Dance And Song
of the Feelings And Senses Free Within We May

Actually Experience a Living Death As Star Flowers
And Seeds All the Way Until Our Last BLink And We Fade
Away As Star Dust Literally Burning Away Like That or Until
The Boxes that Hold Us Degrade and Bones Remain ThiS Way

Until They too Become the Last ReMeMBeRinG of Our Star FLoWeRS

And Seeds THiS Way Until Our Star Dies and is Resurrecting Back
Again As the Circle oF All Existence Stellar Does As We Do Within

While Living
As Our Challenge
Is Always to Overcome
DarK With LiGHT However

Without DarK No LiGHT Without
NiGHT No DaY Without Death No Life

So the Circle of Life Continues This Present
Gift New Now With SMiLes of Love And Protecting
Each Other From Harm At Best For Real Oh How Sweet
it is That Humans May Develop The Actual Ability to Regulate
Our Emotions Integrate Our Senses Through Practices of Moving
Meditation of Free Dance And Song Of Poetry And Yes Through
That Bio-Feedback BRing A Will to Agency to Create Our Own

Sunshine Within
to Give Share
Care Heal
the Rest of
Nature Inhaling
Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For Real
So Hello Dear Star FLoWeR Seed
Have a Wonderful Life At Best YouR Way...
Other than That Thanks For the 'Sunshine' of Your Poem...

Ah Yes Dear Miriam Always A Trade-Off of Safety Versus Freedoms
For Societies to Continue to Potentially Exist and Flourish too

Even Where i Live It's Not Quite the 'Andy Griffith Show'
With 'Leave it to Beaver Neighborhoods' Where Children

Like me Felt Free to Ride Our Bicycles All Around Town
As there Wasn't Any Scary Halloween Internet Channel

To Warn About What is Happening on the Other Side
of the Country As Such in Pockets Here and There of

Real Present And Danger Yet Still the Chances
Like Getting Hit By Lightening in So Many

Instances of the Struggle For Feeling
Safe and Exercising our Rights to

Ride Our Bicycles Still All

Around Town Even As
Adults Now As Truly
Not A Great Idea

With Folks Driving
Big Hunks of Metal
Operating Smart Phones
Instead of Their Minds and
Bodies All Embodied YES ( F O C U S NoW ) For
Real ON What they Are Frigging Really Doing

Yet It's True Most People Don't Worry About The
Overall Dangers of Driving Being A Worst Possible
Danger Any Of Us Do in Life and True Sitting A Lot
'They' Warn is Like Smoking A Pack of Cigarettes

As the Whole Damned Society At Least Ain't Going
Up in Smoke Like That Now With Tail Pipes of Carbon Monoxide
Back in my 'Forrest Gump Running Days' on the Highways After
i No Longer Am the 'Highway Bicycle Man' Back Then SMiles i've

Never Felt And Sensed Safer in my Entire Faith in Life What i Pay Most
Attention to Now is Driving as i Realize That is Still the Most Dangerous

Part of my Life

Yet of Course

i'm a Numbers

Guy And My Wife 'Paid
The Price' With the Family
Budget Hehe Until i Retired
And She Inherited it All And Now i Just Play...

She Loves the Control of the Money to Hell
With That Now for me at Least Hehe There Are

So Many Paths to HeLL ON EartH That Are Illusory
And Actually Plain Silly Yet So Very Sad So Very True iN DarK

And NO DOUBT i'm STiLL LEarning And no Doubt Change is An Only Truth...

ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTinG FoRM Reality Is We aRe Essence Of ReaLiTY
Incarnate Energy Creating Form True iN A Way That's Good News

iNCaRNaTE ENeRGY CREaTiNG FoRM Yep 'God' All of Us After That IT
May GeT aLL Fuzzy HeHe Like 'Big Foot' Or Whatever i AM too HAha

Good Vibrations Frequencies oF UNiVeRSaL Energies
LoVinG CoMinG

There are Already Elements of An Authoritarian State in the United States.

In Fact, History Shows That Societies Become More Authoritarian (Yes, They Still Do) During
Health Disasters Like Pandemics; Or of Course Natural Disasters For Order and Control;

Which Means Some Freedoms Will Be Sacrificed For Safety;

Obviously, Some Folks Don't Like Being Told What To Do,

Even if it Saves Their Lives; A Tremendous Number of Examples

in the United States, Ranging From What Folks Eat And Drink And
Other Substances

They Ingest;

And of Course

What They Do As Well;

Betting Sources Who Are In These Games

of Prognostication For REAL Bucks Are Still Betting
on Biden to Win the Majority of the Vital Undecided 11 Percent or So of Votes,

Whether the Election is Held Today Or Later on Down the Road As Actually Scheduled.

The Polls Are Definitely Clear, Neither Candidate is the Popular Choice to Run Among The Electorate;

What We Are Seeing Now is The Usual Close to Even Split for Party More Than Who Is Actually Running.

Biden Has Been More Successful in Actually Getting Bi-Partisan Support For Helpful Programs For Humanity,
Arguably, Ever Since Lyndon B Johnson and the Civil Rights Movement; He's Old Yet He Got the Job Done and


Avoided Total
Disaster During a Pandemic.

Obviously, That's Not Enough;

Americans Using 40 Percent
of Human Resources on Earth
With 4 Percent of the General
Population Are A Bit Spoiled;

Humans Aren't Evolved Well
For Instant Gratification; Indeed,

They Tend to Grow Weaker in Most
Every Way And Spoiled Indeed; in
Other Words, Give me more, More;

If the American Public Votes An
X-President, Who Tried to Subvert the Outcome of
An Election And Democracy, into Office; They Will Get

What they Vote For; Ironically That's How Democracy Works.

Let's Hope the Majority Aren't Truly That Foolish in Action;

If They Are/Do, There Will Surely Be Uprisings in
The United States That Make 'Black Lives
Matter' Responses Pale in Comparison, IF

Trump Were To Try to Actually Become a Dictator;

Not Likely Anyone is Gonna Make Too Much of A Stink
If a Four Times Indicted Bottom of the Barrel Demagogue
Doesn't Get His Way...

Maybe on the Internet;

Yet in Real Life; Those Folks

Who Are the Elderly Watching Fox
News Demographic, Are Not Exactly

in Shape to Take to The Streets And March Very Long...

i Live in Florida, Where Wanna Be Mini-me Trump, DeSaTaNiS, is Trying
to Flex His Wimpy Authoritarian Muscles in Every Way He Can as Foolish As That Is; Including His

State Surgeon General, Advising the Public That New Covid Vaccines are Not A Good Choice to Make.

i Live in One of the Most Trump Loving Voting Places in the State, And There Is Still LGBT Stuff for

Sale in Walmart;

And Transgender Greeters;

It's Not That Hard to Get Around Real Fools With Business As Usual;

And As Far As Politics Goes, Trump Owns the Republican Party, Dear Lord,
And He Is the Gift Who Keeps On Giving For Future Democratic Success;

Credit His Tom Foolery

For The Gains the

Democrats Made Last Go Arounds in 2020/2022;

Credit Him Again for What Likely Comes Next...

He's A Ripple in the Pond; Stink, Stank, Stunk, He'll Be Gone Soon
Enough and Another Ripple Will Come to Deal With (That's Life);

Meanwhile, Mostly Business As Usual in the United States, For At Least
A Couple of Decades; The Current Heavyweight Still of Overall So-Called
(US) Dollar Driven Economic Success...

And Sadly the Growing

Number of Younger
Folks With Mental Illness;

Whose Suffering Has Less to
Do With Politics; And More About

The Ignorant Stuff Against Human Nature
Humans tend to do...

When Left
to Their
Own 'Devices'...

IF Republican Leaders COULD ACTuALLY
Get Their 'S' Together NOW And Champion
Someone Like Nikki Haley; They Actually
Might Finally Really Win All the Way Around;

Yet They Just Aren't That Willing to Win; They
Wanna Lose

It Seems



i Vote
They Will
Do What It Takes to Lose Again;

Yep; Nature of Ignorance Striking Again.

Ah Yes Dear Anita Greatest Answers

Usually Come When We Search Within

Find Them And Really Truly Start to Live...

Very Wise
Poem Thanks

Yes The Dance And
Song of Wisdom Within
A Real Treasure to Uncover...

Thank You Dear FRiEnD It Was
Almost As Cool Here Last Night
As Toronto Beautiful Cooler Week

A Real
Relief With
SMiles Beautiful
Where You Are too...

LeSSoN 497
Kindness Is A Free Gift
That Keeps Giving Yet May
Be A Mighty Cross To Carry
In Areas Where Toxic Patriarchy
To Review 4 Cross
Memed Dancing
Shirts So Far
One Devotion
Two Cross of
Stars And Roses
Three Salutation
Four Redemption

And Now
The 5th Just
The Motto ‘JeSuS
Lives’ Where Those
LoVE iN Peace
Giving Sharing
With Most
Respect Least
Harm For All
Including All of
That Exists Now
And Forever Now
To LoVE iN Peace
In Other Words
The SPiRiT Of
Kindness Bringing
The Good Cop Story
Of JeSuS To Life
iN The SPiRiT
Of LoVE iN Peace

It’s Not Easy Almost
Predictable in The
Story There Was
Only A Lover
Named Mary
And A Mother
Called Mary
When Jesus
Was Crucified
Standing By Him
In A Land Of Toxic
Patriarchy For Being
And Breathing
A God Of LoVE iN
Peace Radiating


LeSSoN 498
The Gift of Kindness
That Always Forgives
When Truly Living Now
LoVE iN Peace New
More Than Just one Name...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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