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19 Aug 2023, 11:35 pm

SMiLing Through The Pain SMiLinG Through

The Rain Yet of Course i Dance First

And The Song


of SMiLes
Again Dear Savvy

On This August Day
19th Soon To Be 20th Again...

i SMile For Schrödinger's
Cheshire Cat When i
iMaGinE That Cat
To Be SMiLinG
Alive No
Human’s Think
Just Purring Dear Jane
With Untitled SMiles And Hugs

SMiLes And Hugs

No Inertia
Only Stream
Within Peace
FoResT SPiRiT Wings...

Clouds More...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
All True Silence is
A Dance of Life
in Balance
i Am
Through this
Eternal Breathing
LoVinG Now For Real...

SMiLes.. Compersion... Opposite
of Jealousy.. Joy for Evolving Others
Reaching all their Potentials in Life
And So True to Become Our
Own Best Friend Lays
Down Builds Up
A Solid
to Immerse one's
Self In Joy For All Great
Experiences that Happen
in Life Both Outside Us and
Within Us Joy of Loving It All Evolving
Resilient In Dark as Light is Not Missed
Even Dim
iN Darkness...

Humans Are Funny
This Little Multicolored
Flower Immigrates And

Is So Successful

They Call It
Invasive As
It Upsets The
Order They Believe

Nature Should Have
Anyway i Really Enjoy

All Colors of This Flower...

Keep Writing
To Your Soul


Within Namaste
Creativity Makes...

AMeN aS Endings STaRTinG

''Intellectualism is a common
cover up for fear of direct experience.''
-Carl Jung

(When i Listen to Jordan Peterson TALK)

''There is more wisdom in your body than in
your deepest philosophy.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

(When i Listen to Psychotherapists
Limiting Emotions And Intelligence
To Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Totally Forgetting A Naked Dance

Forever NoW iN Bliss
in Balancing Sand
And Sun Us

iN Peace


God Yes Temple of
The Nature Within
As Essence Will Spring
Loving It All At Best WHere
Every Leaf Is Every Tree Is Every

Leaf Is Us Is ALL

Greatest Wish
For You To Be
All of You Nice
Lines From Wisdom
You Share Cindy


For A

Beautiful Now
To Be Who They
Truly Uniquely Spring
ToGeTHeR With SMiLes...

Peace With
Gravity All Of
Nature Thrives

Inhaling Now
Exhaling Breath


Greater Loving
ALL Meditating
DoG CoNCeNTRaTioN...

FLoWeRS Breed
Seed Sees Free


Life Breathes...

Dog Trust
Where Caring
To Humans...

Fall Leaves
Till Green
Nature Lives
We DReAM Colors...

River Swims Fish
Fish River Swims
All Swims
All Flows
iN Balance
Low High Smiling
Valley Mountains...

PebbleS At
Beach Sea
Breeze WaveS...

Tides Out Inviting
Paw Prints
Ocean Bottom...

Fields of Grass
Sprouting Waves
Winds Brings Rippling

Nature's HeART Green Bleeds
SMiLES Xenia Covered
In Life



ReaLiTY Dances
Sings Waves


Nature Plays
Free With Us

Yes Resonating


CoMes Seeing
Dear Savvy WiTH SMiLes...

Why Wait!
DIY! Now!

Inhale Peace
Exhale Love!



Now Within Voila!

Transformation Complete!
Enough! Whole! Yet ONLY FOR




This Works...
Yet Rhetorical
Question of COuRSE...

Basically, It's All Worthless
Now If You Don't Do It Yourself...

This Might As Well Be Word
Salad, i Readily Admit For You,

If You Cannot And Will Not Do it
On Your Own,

The Rest of

All That Is

Is Basically
Nothing in 'Degree'...


SMiles Dear
Xenia Stay
Blessed Tales
Wagging Love
Comfort’s Home...

Once Again Untitled SMiLes And Hugs Just to Give Away Free

SMiLes Dear Cindy Not too Long Ago i Heard Someone Say
If Not For Humans There will Only Be Atoms Changing

SMiLes Dear Cindy It's True Without Humans There
Will Still Be Wolves Howling At the Moon With

Warmth Of Meeting Up And Greeting
Wolf FRiEnDS Again What's Really

Special în Life No Matter Injuries
Or Scars is Love Survives Also

Starting A First Step of A New
Poem Every Word of the Way

Never Coming to the End Until i Begin

Each Word Again mY FRiEnD A Life STaRTinG


SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
Every Picture You Share
is Worth A Thousand More
Words of Poetry Yet Hehe i Won't

FReDWood You Today With Kind SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Miriam i Haven't Thought Much About
Columbia South America in my Life Yet What's Great

About Interacting With Folks Around the Globe is
Sharing New Interests And Broadening New Horizons

Hehe At Least As Far As One May Stretch A Smart Phone
or Desk Top Screen And Of Course There is No Limit With

iMaGiNaTioN and Co-Creativities Every Word of Song and
Step of Dance

A New World to

Explore OH NO relating
to One of Your Previous
Posts the First Thing
Advertised About
Is Violent
Crime and
Many Homicides

Yet Never the Less Mother Nature
Will ByPass Human Inclinations DarK Thru
LiGHT Leaving the Gnats and Hives Behind

To Find Paradise
Wherever it Comes
to Be Within With SMiLes...

Gnats Are Pesky Critters They Usually
Come in Dry Weather Here Yet We Are
Still in A Monsoonal Pattern of Rains most
Every Day to Cool Off Climate Change too

Yet Oh Dear Referring to Southern Cali

As Even More
Rain Changes
Our Climates True

SMiLes A Greatest LeSSoN
of mY Life is To Create my Own
Weather, Seasons, and Geography


Never the Less
May South American
Dreams Remain Soothing to You...

Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa i've Spent So Much of my Life
Towing A Perfectionist Line Always Conforming And Fitting

In Feeling Like All of Life Is A Must Do Or Die Until

A Day After Enduring HeLL ON EartH For 66
Months With All that Pain and Numb Ranging
From the Worst Pain Known to Humankind

Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia through
18 Other Medical Disorders Shut-In
in my Bedroom WHeRE No Drug
Would Touch The Pain And

Numb For Relief
Dear Lord i Felt
Like Such A Fool
Living In A Perfectionist
World When A Life Spent
Without Pain and Numb is Such

A Dream Come to Fruition New Now For Real
Heaven Within i Never Worry About What Step
of DAnce or Word Of Song Comes Next i Am No Longer

A Dam Blocking A River Now i Am The Streams The Rivers The
Bays The Gulfs The Seas The Oceans Whole With Waves What i HaVE iN

Common With All of that
Dear FRiEnD Is Now i Am
Water and Air Surf And Wind

Now i am Nature i Just Spiral And Flow...

The Most Amazing Part of All Is Now When
i Don't Think About What i Do it Comes Out More

Perfect As
A Practice
Of Life As Art
Than Ever Before

Yet It's Still Like So What...

That Was Then This Move of Dance
Word of SonG iS A Whole New Creation

STaRTinG NoW...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
Stars Shine As They
Require No Light
From Any

Other Source

Yet to Spread
To the Rest Of LiFE

JusT LiVinG A Way oF LiGHT

WHeRE Giving is The SaMe
As Receiving As Brightest

So Below
When Humans
Sunshine Within mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear 'USA Writes'
If We Were All the Same
God Will Surely Get

Bored and Perhaps
Decide Not Even to Survive

True First DarK Then LiGHT

Then US
With SMiLes
Each and Every
Unique Eye of God

What A Treasure it is to
Find Another Pair of God's
Eyes Wherever i Go With SMiLes

Particularly Someone As Kind As You

SMiLes Dear 'USA Writes'
It Always Amuses me When
Folks Try to Capture Wind in A Jar

For Their Own Devices Sort Of
Like Folks Who Attempt to
Capture Someone
Else's HeART

Or Demand that
Someone Else Loves

Them As If Wind May
Be Told How to Blow in A Jar With SMiLes

If Part oF ALL is Wild and Free mY FRiEnD
It is Surely God

How Will Human
Ever Hold God
in A Jar

True This
Is Indeed How
Wind Becomes An Idol in A Jar
Or Love The Same Way Distant From God...

Hehe It's True Dear 'USA Writes'
If You Love Yourself Enough

No One Can or Will
Unlike or Unlove

Your LiFE

With SMiLes...

Oh Dear Lord Dear 'USA Writes'
This is So True, "The Idea to Get
Something is to not to want it anymore!"

Yet There May Be Even A More DeLiGHTFuL Way

As i Will Share Another Quote By 'William Blake' Now

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in
a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an HouR."

Oh Dear Lord Dear 'USA Writes' Truly This is A Secret Of
Heaven On Earth Within New NoW It's True We May Have

A New Home
And A New
Car And A New
Love Every Day
When We Rise iN LoVE
As A Grain of Sand Holding
Up A Mountain of Human LoVE iN Peace

Loving Every Part of Existence DarK Thru LiGHT

As Just One Petal of A FLoWeR Properly Loved by

Humans For All of God The FLoWeR Truly Is THoRNS New
As Well For Roses STiLL RiSinG Now From Wilting Seasons

Before mY FRiEnD God Yes
What A Celebration A Rose
Is What A Miracle A Grain of
Sand Is Holding Up A Mountain
of Human Love The You You Come to


Loving Life
More and
More Every
Day Forevernow

And It's True Hehe Not One
to Tell Other Folks What to Do

Hehe if You Don't Wanna Do IT i'LL
ToW A SPiRaLinG Wave of Heaven For Everyone With SMiLes...

It's Always Nice to See You On Word Press No Matter
How Many Days, Months, or Years may Pass a True
FRiEnD is

NoW With SMiLes
Touching Human (GoD) SoUL For Real...

FRiEnD NoW CLuE LoVE ReAL iN Peace

Hehe THere's
Still Literally
Just No Escape For me
To Your
Be A Better
FRiEnD to Others
SaMe With SMiLes Dear Savvy...

SMiles Hemalatha
You Deserve All
Applause For

A Poem

So Delightful
All my Pleasure to Read
my Wish is For Someone

To Find
You And
Love You This Way
Making Your Art


For You
With SMiles...

So Happy To Hear
From You Dear FRiEnD
Thanks For A Surprise of
Purple Flowers i’ve Never
Seen And Yes Beautiful Raindrops
Centered On Falling Toronto Leaves
Back At
me Once
Again Hearing
From You Always
Brings me Great
Joy With SMiles...

Ah Yes Dear
Doc Hummingbirds
So Magical Swarming
Around Our
FLoWeRS too...

"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.
Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly


Ah Yes Dear Peace and Truth Words As Short

As Hello And Thanks May Be Life Changing

For Many Down All the Paths of Life

The Roads We Take Bring As

Indeed Kind Words Will

Color Our Paths Anew

Till Our Roads Take New Names

in Changes of Directions More

Toward LiGHT

And All the Colors

Still to Come

NeWLY Now We

Co-Create Other than
That Thanks for Stopping by
"No YiN Without YanG iN HEaVeN Or HeLL NoW"
Doing my Best to Put Together " SonG oF mY SoUL
12 MiLLioN Words A Decade of EPiC Long Form Poetry"
While Writing A New MacroVerse Now Titled "Untitled SMiles
And Hugs" HeHe ALready 20,000 or So Words into that While the
Other 60,000 or So Words Await Electronic Publish Still And As Usual

Haha HeaR i Am
Writing to You

Kind Enough
to Visit me Today
With SMiLes and the
40 Big Bangs You BRing of Celebration too...

So Much to Celebrate i Do my Best to Not
Get Too Carried Away With all the Bless and Bliss

Yet What the
Hell the


i STILL WiLL With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Isha Fears Are What Darken
Our Leaves on Our Living Trees Yet How

Magical it Can And Will Be to Be Human
As We Have iMaGiNaTioNS CREaTiViTiES

Yes Dreams to Add New Colors oF LiGHT

We Feel and Sense on Our LiVinG Trees

And Yes Give Share Care Heal ToGeTHeR

For All With Most Respect and Least Harm

iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE Naked Enough

Whole Complete With Untitled SMiLes and Hugs That

Don't Even Include
Any Words of Free

Verse Poetry Hehe

As What We Desire Most

May STiLL Come to Fruition

If We Believe Enough to Do the

Karma to Bring the Real Effects of

The Actions of All We Do iN Change For the Best

Yet 'See' The 'Thing' Is It is the Feelings Senses The

SPiRiT Yes the Emotions That Drive Us From Within First
So Dance And Sing Whatever Art You Do To Color the LiGHT
Within Anew of Your LiVinG Tree mY FRiEnD THeRE Are No

Limits No Specific Instructions or Guidelines to Do Only You Yes!
As You Find The Wings to Life You Love Most to Your Soul Desire New

It Is Truly All Vague my FRiEnD Yet This is A Greatest Gift As

The Mystery is all Yours to Uncover Free in Change For All

The Waves RiSinG FaLLinG LoWeR or Higher Of Your Life


Your Wings
And Fly Yes
of Course
First So You
Do Not Fall
Too Far Below to Rise...

“Mango T Jesus”
King of “The Casino
People” Yet The House
Rules “Those On Fixed
Incomes” i Don’t iMaGinE

It’s Real
iN Do Newly
Now However

For Now Today

Dear Jane Yes!

i Might Do One
Advil For A Bit
Of Sciatica Before
i Public Dance Shelf
Life Not Bad For 63 Years

Yet Oh
Dear Lord
Only Human

Is Real Too Hehe
No Heaven Without
The Spice of A Little


Old SaMe
Old Yin With Yang

Through The Rains...

Hehe Dear Jane
“They” See my
Monkey Circus
Tricks Of Public Dance
All 18,717 Miles iN A Decade

Yet Yes i’ve Developed
A “SonG oF mY SoUL”
iNViSiBLE For ‘Folks
With Pitchforks’ to

“See And
Hear” Far
“Organs of
Eyes And Ears”

Moral oF A STory
May ‘They’ Be Careful
For What They Wish
For Most AS Humans

The Stories
They Tale iN
Fruition STiLL to come



Yesterday i Celebrated
A 12 MiLLioN Word EPiC
Longest Form Poem iN A Decade
“They” Didn’t

“See Or Hear”

Today i Celebrate on
8.19.2023 A 3 MiLLioN
Word EPiC Long Form
Poem in 3 Years Titled
“Depth of The Story”
Subchapter of “SonG
oF mY SoUL” For Real
On The “Wrong Planet”
In 75 Solo Pages of One
“Thread” Close to the Top
Of A Google Search Yet Nope

Still iNViSiBLE to
“Them” They’ll Never
See What’s Not For “Sale”

iNDeeD Hehe Oldest

Tradition Almost

To Only Play

This Is

With SMiles

And Dear Jane
And So Many Other
Lovely Poets Globally

Part oF iT All
iNViSiBLE to


The Yes
Less Real...

Filled With Dark Solidified Volcanic Lava

Tranquility Sea on the Moon So Calming and

Peaceful And Even Lifeless For Ages Since

Volcanic Trouble On the Surface of

The Bright Lit Rock in the Sky

Move and Repose Currently

In an Environment of Never Ending

Rest Tranquility Sea Oh Come to me

As my Hip Is a Bit Sore So i Took off A Saturday Night
of Public Dance Since What Seems Like Ages Before

Bunny Returns
on SunDaY Yet

For Now Tranquility
Sea on the Moon It is
Dear Miriam With SMiLes

True i Did Put a Novel Sized
EPiC Free Verse Poem Together
Not All Is Lost in Tranquility Sea

As i Continue To Rise Even Sitting
Still Let the Fingers Do the Dancing Butt

Shall Rest

In Tranquility
Sea on a Full Moon
Still Coming With SMiLes...

Yet the Truth is my Wife Had A Stomachache
And Wanted to Stay Home That Gave me the Excuse
Otherwise i'd Be Dancing No Matter What my Butt Said hehe

Never the
Less in Park
For The Night

Like the Storm Music That Uses
"modal interchange, i.e. borrowing
chords from a parallel minor key even
though the tonic chord is major. This
creates tension and release." Move and
Repose Torsion and Spin Births of



BLacK Holes
From Serenity
Seas Indeed Eye of the

Hurricane Nothing Creates Everything

Nothing is Everything There is No Separation

And This Brings me to The August 20th, 2023 Mass Readings
The Catholic Church Uses in This Case a Dude Named Jesus

Implicated as a God Man Bringing Miracles Yet A Woman
From Beyond His Nationalism Asks For Help And He Uses
A Metaphor of Not Feeding the Finest Food For Children
to Little Dogs to Describe

The Value of the Woman

Oh Dear Lord You Should
See the Mental Gymnastics
Lay Folks to Priests to Bishops
Etcetera Use to Steer The Jesus Dude

Away From Being A Sinner And Imperfect
on Earth Yet Where Love Leaves iN Peace

Indeed if There
is A Sin That

Is What Remains

And in This Case the
Woman Rose Much
Higher In Love That
is True Faith Unwavering
Than the Jesus Dude Indeed

Yes Why Shoot Low When
Love Rises Higher of Course
iN Peace THere is John 14:12 in Luke 17:21
That Suggests on Improving on What the J Man Did by Story
Authorized by Him of Course Perhaps Falling on His Own SWoRD...

Move And Repose Creation Comes From Destruction DarK Thru LiGHT

Is Everything

No Separation
The Friction of
The Day And Night
Holding Hands God
Yes Forevermorenownew...






KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,430

21 Aug 2023, 3:27 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy It Seems Now From Entertaining

Most All Major World Religions And Cultures There

Is A Common Mystical Element Seeking

Unity of Being in An Eternal Now

of Flow Where We aRe Able to

Use So Much More of Our

Human Potentials Yes in

Meditating LoVE iN Peace

And Compassion Even More
Together As Truly One Species

of Being Human Still of Course

With Different Traditional Cultural

And Religious Clothes Yet THE Eternal
Flow in the Gift of the Present Now Seems

To Be the Bliss
of Life iN LoVE

iN Peace


A Majority Seeks

to Find At Least Those

Seeking More Mystical

Ways of Reaching Unity oF LoVE iN Peace
And Of Course i'm Using my Own Unique
Language of Tradition Culture and Personal

to Describe
it With SMiLes
Different and Unique too...

SMiLes Dear Miriam

One May Wonder How

Many Folks Working at

Home From Their Laptop

Getting Their Meals Delivered

To Their Door and Barely Ever

Getting Out in the Sunshine

Care Where They Live Or

Not Reminding me

of Course Again

of That Old Classic

Twilight Zone Show
Where Roddy McDowell

Is Trapped in a Human Zoo On
Another Planet And The Folks in

Ivory Towers with White Robes on

Outside Fearful of the Humanoid

Have A Sign in Front of the Human

Cave Home That Says This Is Humanity's

Natural Environment True Volunteering Again in



Yet In This
Case Away from
The Natural Word
Of Even The Birds and Bees...

When Severely Ill Shut-in my
Home For 66 Months in So Much
Pain and Numb i Couldn't Tolerate
Interacting With Even closest Love's
At My Side Online Was A Real Life Saver

As it Was My Wheel Chair to Connect to Other
Humans As All my Senses Were Overwhelmed
And My Emotions Were Basically in a Black Abyss

True i Still Use it as a Tool Yet i Get Out Enough in the
Real World Where All through the Metro Area Folks Still

Call me

'Norm' Hehe
Literally the
'Dancing Man '

For 'Cheers' Again...

Oh Dear Lord Yes With a Global World of Cooperation

To Get Life All the Way Done Understanding The Effort

It Takes to Learn All The Differences Among Endless Varieties

of Traditions Yes Cultures Yes Religions And Overall Languages

At Core of Cultures

Now Is A New Massive

Life Long Undertaking

Dear Kiran Particularly as

Folks Even in One Tradition

Yes Culture and Associated Religions

Go Their Separate Ways Where Perhaps

One Person Who Runs One Podcast Becomes

Their Tradition Culture And Favorite Quarterback

of Their New Religion For What they Bond and Bind

Over to Get by in Life Whether That is Called Religion

Technically Or

Not As We

Go Our Separate

Ways A Tidal Wave

Yes A Tsunami of Understanding

Each Other More and More As What

Becomes Reality is Basically Folks

With Very Diverse Dances

And Songs of Soul

For How They

Survive and Even
Potentially Thrive Now

Blogging is An Excellent

Avenue to Come to Understand

Differences among Human Beings

True Excellent Skill to have No Matter
What Profession We May Come to Do...

SMiLes Dear Isha Interesting Sharing
Your Marketing Internship on Your Blog

Hehe Still Remember The Days of Having

To Tailor Services to Specific Target Audiences

And Now i Don't

Have to And

That Makes

me Very Very

Happy to Be Free
of All the Rules of
MaKinG Money With SMiLes

Yet of Course It's Reality too and
With An Increasingly World Religion
of Capitalism Required to Even Survive

Business Related Jobs Are A Way to Go
Where Help is Needed Yikes Until Artificial

Intelligence Replaces Most of What's Required

To get the Job done potentially More Competently Done

too As Sadly Not All Employees Put Their All into What They Do

One Thing for Sure Machines Aren't Human And Don't Actually

Do Original

Unless Programmed

To Do So From What is
Already Here Different Degrees

of course as no Human is Self Made Either

Anyway Good Job and Best Wishes For Your Work Career...

Oh A Generation and More on Two Wheels i Lasted from Elementary
School Through my Twenties Yet There is No Way i Would Ride on the

Side of the Road to the Next City as i Did Before Or Even Run for

That Matter As i Did For A Decade or So Including to the Next

City too Humans With An Average Attention Span According

To Science Now Less than 3 Seconds Yes Less than a Gold

Fish Nope Not A Good Combo With Smart Phone

Texting on the Road And Even Those Narrow

Bike Lanes That Often Sadly Become Spaces For

Human Cycling Road Kill Not Sure Where You Live

Perhaps It's Safer there Yet Surely Not here Other than That

Cycling in Only One Movement is Rather Repetitive in Nature That

May Lead to Ergonomic Injuries Including Numb Reproductive Organs

Depending on The Bike Seat and How Long Ya Sit And Such As That Yes

i Road Thousand of Miles And Ran Many Miles too Over Decades Then

And Now i Dance For A Decade in a Spiraling Flowing Way Close to
The Earth Continuously Moving in Different Ways Yet i Wore the

Same Damned Shoes too Damned Long Cheap Skate i am

And Now i am Dealing With a Bit of Hip Pain And

Sciatica And The Such Succumbing to An

Advil Now And Then to Keep Going

Just Bought Some New Shoes

So Many Pitfalls of Exercise too

Yet Ya Gotta Keep Moving As i'm Already

Pushing Past 111 Kilograms Slowing Down a
Bit on my Dancing Hopefully the New Shoes Will

Pick me Up and Eliminate The Pain It's Happened

Before Many Instances in my Life Yet Yes i Tend to

Push my Self to the Point of Pain Mr Gottfried With

SMiLes Anyway Hey Cycling Makes Excellent Transportation

Particularly When Gasoline is High And Vehicles Are Difficult to Come by

After Decades of
Riding A Bike When
Young It's Interesting

Never Riding Now Yet of
Course i Rarely Danced Then

Yet The Meditative Flow That Dance
Provides Freely the Way i Do It Beats

All the Runners High's i Ever Had in 10K Races

And Such As Yep Running to the Next City too

It's Interesting the Bliss Is Immediate Now From

The First Move of Dance All the Bio-Feedback Becomes

So Automatic i Can Just Imagine Dancing And Experience

The Meditative
Flow of Dance

Now As Hey These
Symbols on Page are
Only Fumes From A Dance
of Words That Are SonGS oF mY SoUL...

Anyway Stay Safe my FRiEnD God Speed to Your Two Wheels...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Humans Seem to LiVE iN LoVE iN Peace
When They Bond Over Tradition Yes Culture Yes Religion
That Supports ThiS WaY of Life in Communion Together

And When Folks Start to Go Their Own

Ways Even in Living Rooms That are

No Longer Living Rooms and Only

Placemats For Electronic

Media Going a Thousand

Different Roads of Life

Separation Does Occur

More in 'The Real World'

And Societies Start to Fall Apart

As We aRe Only As Strong NoW As We

Work And Play Together in Communion Once

Again Giving Sharing Caring Healing Common

Symbols Ideologies And Touch Of Life in LoVE iN Peace

i Understand the Value of the Glue of This Human Warmth

So i Blend in With Traditions For the Human Element of Together

No Matter if i Agree With All the Symbols And Ideologies or Not

i Go


to LoVE iN Peace

The Destination First
With SMiLes Behind All

The Traditions Cultures
Yes Religions That Come and Go

iN LoVE iN Peace

With SMiLes The

Place Within With
Space For All Again With SMiLes
Untitled SMiLes And Hugs Metaphor
For Essence of LoVE iN Peace Beyond

All Forms Warmth Spreading For All Free

Never the Less the Forms The Symbols The

Ideologies Yes The Traditions of the Cultures

And Religions Are Necessary to Bond and Bind in Communion
Now Successfully Over Symbols and Ideologies to Truly Thrive...

At Least
With SMiLes...

A Way of Giving
A Way Of Seeing
A Way to BReaTHE Each
Day Loving Living indeed
Thank You!
Savvy Joy

Build A “Field of Dreams” And “He” Will Come Yes This
Means You Woman And Or Man LoVE ReaL NeW NoW

Coming In Glory to Judge The Living And
The Dead Nope Catholic Empire You Missed

A WHoLE MeaninG

Coming As Glory FLoWeR LiVinG Dead Then

DarK Thru LiGHT SeeN uNSeeN NeWLY
Holy Sacred All Altar Essence All Be i Am

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa 11 Years
Ago About A Year Before i Escaped
Pain and Numb of Hell Within Then For
66 Months A Place Totally Disconnected

From Peace And Love And For Those Who
Truly Believe God Is Love A Place Disconnecting

From Love is A Place of Hell Within Just As A Place
Within Connecting With Love For All Giving Sharing
Caring Healing With Least Harm is Heaven Within

ThiS Way Radiating
To All For Free With SMILes

Anyway 10 Years Ago i Went to
'The Other Place' In A Complete Turn-Around Yes
Phoenix RiSing From Ashes "Typical Isaiah 53-Like
Story" And "Archetypal Story of the Joseph Campbell
Hero" And Oldest Still LiVinG Human Story Out of the

DarK iNTo
LiGHT Where
Love Becomes
Compassion For
All Out of Living Death mY FRiEnD

True Sort of Like the "Beauty and the Beast Story" too
Where the Most Masculine Aloof Silent Dude Yes Marries
The Fairest of Them All With Wings of Love A Child is Born

The Aloof Fearless Father Barren of Love That Lasts Leaves

And Then A Son And Or Daughter Of Love is Raised Yet Without

A Fearless Father Living in the Home That Son And or Daughter

Must Become Their Fearless Father Within to Complement the Love Yes

The Gift
Gave to them
Most in Peace
of Loving Grace mY FRiEnD
And This is my Story For the Night at 11:11 PM...

SMiLes Dear Miriam How Inspiring
A Story You Tale of A Mother Who
Passes Away And Scraps of Memories

TaLinG A Story of Love For Her Daughters
PeRuSinG Her Belongings After Death And The

Same Occurring When my Mother PaSSinG Away
Going through Her Things Then in 2017 We Find a

Letter Addressed to me
on my 33rd Birthday on
June 6, 1993 My Goodness

A Letter Delivered After Her
Death to me Among Her Things
24 Years Later From the Date She Wrote it to me...

And Interestingly Enough It Was Like A Prophecy that Came True

Although if i Had Received it on that Date It Would Have Been Hard

For me to
Believe Still
Passing Out
Rental Shoes
At A Military Bowling
Center With Smiles Then

Yet It's True No i've Never
Achieved More in Life Than
A Shared Smile or Tears So i
Do me THiS Way Still With No Shame...

Ah As Synchronicity Will Have it Again
i Just Came From Writing A Line that
Sings The Greatest Achievement of

my Life
For Crown
WeaRinG A
SMile Sharing
And Tears the

Same Indeed Being
Human What A Gift
to Touch Dear Savvy For Real

THiS HeAVeN To Give Away DarK Thru


This Love
That Smiles
And Sheds Tears
of Comfort For Real
This Living Tree RiSinG
Green Leaves Falling For
Comfort of Soils Turning

Green For Summer FLoWeRS And
THoRNS RiSinG NoW From FaLLinG



Roses New
Through SPRinG...

Always Room
For Another
Poem Dear
Sohair Other
Animals Need

No Words
And Hugs...

May We All
Dance And
Sing Together
Even In Different

Dear Sohair...

ALWaYS Hope For
Of Change
Dear Sohair


With SMiles...

Still MuSinG Windfalls
The Best Riches of Life Are Loved Ones
FRiEnDS Family And Strangers Yet to Be Loved
True Without Riches of Good Health Life is Not
Colored Nearly As Delightful Either So What

Good is Money
True Moving to Somewhere
That You Truly Wanna Live
As A Place That Allows You to
Be Free As You Wanna Be It’s Harder
For me to Relate As Although Where i Live
may Be Challenging for that i’ve Overcome All
The Obstacles
in my Way
Made the
Obstacles my FRiEnDS too Hehe

(Yes of Course Food and Etc too)

It’s All A Living Tree mY FRiEnD Leaves
Green RiSinG Turning Darker Falling to
Fertilize New Forests to Flourish in Again

True Harder in the Snow the Desert The Rocky
Mountains Without Fertile Soils Never the Less

Humans Will Find A Way As Long as the LiGHT Shines Within
With That Said Thank You For Being a FRiEnD Sticking Around
8 Years for me
to Bend Your Ears hehe
Happy SuNDaY Dear FRiEnD...

Yes Place For SMiles
Beyond All Distance
Space Time

And A

Of Things
iNDeeD Dear
Savvy iNHaLinG
Peace EXHaLinG Love

SMiLes of
Kindness Within

Giving Comes Free...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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22 Aug 2023, 2:02 am

Foot Prints Dancing
Finger Prints Singing

When Writing Becomes

Songs of YouR Soul Set

Free to Fly Smile

And Cry Tears


Now With
Even More
SMiLes Set Free New...

SMiLes Dear Isha i Surely used to do the Run Away Train

of Thoughts too True Mostly Worries too Then i Started

Dancing Free And Not Unlike Your Words Here

The Words Turned into A Song and Living

Tree of my Soul Leaves Still Falling

Green And Yes i'm Still

RiSinG Green

too Hehe

Shelf Life Fresh
Withstanding of
Course Still Dancing
Singing Free With SMiLes

Keep Singing From Your Soul

Your Dance And Song Will Set You Freer With SMiLes...

Integrate Your Shadow As Carl Jung Jesus
Recommends Become Human NO FEAR LoVE iN Peace
Unconditionally Free With Most Respect Least Harm For ALL


As Dark Becomes
Light As Nite Becomes
Lite As Day Becomes Human Now

Books Inspire
Writing Fires
Dancing Singing Lives

YeS oF CourSE
ReaLiTy RiVeR WaVE
OCeaN WaTeR CHanGE Winds

Why Be Earth
Why Be Water
Why Be Wind
When We aRe Stars...

Sitting Under A Tree It All Hit
me Branches Above Roots
Below THere i Am Entire
Living Tree iN A Leaf
Thanks For the Leaf
'Savvy' So Much Easier
to See Turning A Mirror
of my iPhone Around
Why Be Earth
Why Be Water
Why Be Wind
When We aRe Stars...
Been Giving 'JeSuS' too
Much Attention Lately Credit
'Buddha' and 'Aleister Crowley'
For Some of the Real Truths that
Are Scientifically Assessed True NoW
They Spoke in Poetry of Soul Then too
No Matter What other Gifts Then they
Brought that Were (Are) Considered Dark too...
Yes Credit 'Savvy' And 'Yamini' From India too
Credit Every Muse in LiFE DarK Thru LiGHT For At
Sure, Let's CaLL iT 'The Force' And Give 'Star Wars' And
'Yoda' by 'Stephen Spielberg' Credit too
Or Just CaLL iT 'Tao' in 'Autotelic Flow'
Related By 'Lao Tzu' too; And
True, Although We aRe
Stars We Will Do
'Wu Wei'
As 'Bruce Lee' too
As Verily This is
What 'i am' Now True too
JusT ParT of the Depth of 'The Story'
NoW As LonG As THere's
Breath THere's LoVE NoW
No Equal But One For Love
First Breath
NoW 'Till
Last BLiNK
Truly Living
'SeeinG' LoVE NoW
Credit Ruehla From India too...
SMiLes Sohair From
Egypt... We All Rise
And Fall At Best We
All Lift Each
Other Up
And Insure
No One Not
Even Less than
A Grain of Sand
Falls Behind in God
EYes of Love For Real
How i Will Improve on
This Love only one Way
Love More
And then i
Will Surely
See More
of God
Outside and
All Around As God
Is This Love We BReaTHE iNDeeD...

As LonG As THere's
Breath THere's LoVE NoW
No Equal YeT One For Love
First Breath
NoW 'Till
Last BLiNK
Truly Living
'SeeinG' LoVE iN Peace NeW...

WHere Love Speaks
Connects Sees
Without Eyes
And Ears
Good one too
Love’s Wisdom
Love’s Beauty
Truth iN LiGHT
All Ways LiVinG NeWLY NoW...

SMiLes Dear Karlien Inquisitive As Always
Full of Wonder Waves of Yours Will Continue

To 'FeeL' Your Brand New Ocean

So True Vowels Are Souls
of Words And It's

True Even in the Old
Bible Vowels Were Not
Even Added into the Written
Part Until the 10th Century of
the Common Era Now Imagine

A World Without Vowels How Cold
And Dead That Will Be With Words
Clipped Without Air to Escape Our Mouths

Resonating, Yes Frequencies, Vibrations, Synergies

Of Our Emotions to Give, Share, Care, Heal So Freely Without

Restraint Vocal Chords Extending to Piano Strings too And
Heart Beat Vibrations With Those Frequencies As Percussion

Of Hammers

Hit Strings



As Well

Our Emotions
Extending Now

With All Musical Instruments
That Further Create Frequencies
Vibrations Synergies of Energies

Of Our Emotions, Feelings, Senses

So Much More "SonG oF mY SoUL"

True Energy Comes From Release
Of Vowels in SonG As Words Become


Human Soul
ReLeASinG Ease

Touching Energizing
Force LiGHTiNG Up

Other Souls in Resonance
of Frequencies, Vibrations
Synergies of Energies As Each

Human Being Part of An Entire
Orchestra Playing Our Symphonies
of Human Dances And Songs For True

Non Verbal Language of Dance Expresses

Emotions Through Our Bodies That Other Folks

Feel Through Mirror Neurons Attaching Emotional

Contagion of Dance And Song As Empathy For Others


Our Soul

Song SPiRiT
oF HeART ReLEaSinG Even More

Ah Yes Most All in Existence Is All in All

A Fractal of All That Is Existence One May

Find All That Is This Way in One Letter

Or One Number And All the

Holy And Sacred

Feeling Sensing

Meaning and Purpose

We Truly Feel and Sense of Life New

More Meaning Means More Depth of

Emotional Sensory Colors To Feel and
Sense Even More Driving All Purpose

We Act Upon ToGeTHeR Next Moving,
Connecting, Co-Creating ToGeTHeR

Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

In All the Strings And

Beats Frequencies


As Energy

Becomes the
Synergy of All We Do Now

Some Folks Call This Loving

All That Is And True Other Folks

Name it the Act of God Without So

Many Consonants Holding A Vowel of

God Prisoner Between Between G And D

For True Dancing Singing God That Way With Those

Three Letters Literally Traps God On the Roof Of Our Mouth

Surely GoD
WiLL Love

To Exhale

As Love Too

My FRiEnD i Use

The Pen Name KATiE MiA FredericK

As my Born Name Is Too Stiff And Trapped

In Consonants Allowing Vowels to Breathe

So i Borrowed my Wife's Very Divine

Feminine Vowel FeeLeD Name

First Katie for Katrina And

Second Her Middle

Name Mia Where

Katrina Means
Pure and Mia

Means Family or Close to God
A Derivative of Michael As Such
And Of Course Frederick And Arthur
My First and Middle Names Are More Kingly

Hehe Than Queenly Key is Balance So FredericK
Still Comes in Last For Masculine Balance Someone
Shared the English Gematria Calculator For my Writing

Pen Name

And the


Value Comes

Out to Be 888

Sure Three 8's

Standing Tall as

Infinity Symbol

A Real


of Fortune

If i Personally

Create This Meaning

And Purpose for me...

my Life Challenges with

Official Numerology Report
For my Full Born on Name Returns

With 0 For Free Will At Birth And Three
1's For the Next 3 Life Challenges that

Only Mean to Affirm What Free Will Does

Either All or Nothing; Hehe, Obviously Nothing

Is Way too Boring So i am Doing 'The Other Thing'

On Your Website So Inspired By Your Open Minded

Open SouLeD Post Stay SeeKinG Stay FiNDinG my


The World

Is Still Your

Oyster to Open

And Shine Pearl of Your Soul...

Other than that my Mama Always

Called me Freddy And Your Last Name

Kruger Sort of makes the Sound When

i Growl Guttural And Deep Giving Me

More Strength And Will Divinely

Masculine Still at 63 Leg

Pressing Up to

1540 Pounds

12 Reps Yes


After i Warm Up

With a Mostly Ballet

Mix of Free Dance With

Some Martial Arts Mixed

In Big Mistake Hehe to

Confuse my




Of Love

With Weakness

Yet It's True "Katie

Mia" Comes First Before

"FredericK" Love Exhaling

Grace Inhaling Peace in Balance

Foundation Divine Feminine For

Almost Limitless Energy of WiLL And Strength

Most Dudes Don't Understand the Source

Of All Strength

And Will

Is Inhaling

Peace Exhaling

Love First It's Very

Simple Fear is the Source

oF All Weakness And Inhaling

Peace and Exhaling Love is one

Place Fear Has No Place to Exist...

Other than That i Never Trap God

Or Love on the Roof of my Mouth

Or Top of my Teeth True

i Dance God/Love

As the



Trap Love

And God Too Much
With No Free Exhale
in Free Will Escaping Breath..:)

SMiLes my Favorite Part
Through Your Eyes Seeing
The Love Of Your Dog's

Eyes Through Your

Eyes As You

Say Worth

More than the
View of A 10,000 Dollar
A Night Suite in Paradise
Hawaii Dear Aloha FRiEnD

When i Was So Sick For 66 Months
The Best Part Was my Allergies to Cats
Went Away First Days Ever Those 10 Years
Having Cats Inside to Learn Love From mY FRiEnD...

For me at Least

Every Contact

of Paws

And Purrs

Paradise Indeed
mY FRiEnD Same
Potentials Humans
Have Even More if We Just
Loose Ourselves Away from
All the Tools We Create We Become...

Inhale Peace

Exhale Love

Really Just

LiVE iN Heaven Within iN Peace
Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing
Free No Restraints...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

It's Worth Living Dead

Living Again In Peace

And Love

mY FRiEnD...

Much Love, Joy, And Abundance to You
As Well Dear FRiEnD Karlien

Always Inspiring to

Come Here


Kindness of Course...

Oh Yeah And Would i Go Through

Hell Again For 66 Months With The

Worst Pain Known to Humankind

With Not Even the Memory

Of A Smile Left

In All Pain and

Numb From

Wake to Sleep

You Bet Just to
Meet Nice Folks

Like You On the Planet

Earth Even if Very Few

Recognize my Existence at All
One Thank You of Kindness is Enough

to Come Back From Hell And Return to Heaven Now...

For Heaven

Exists No
WHere Else

Yet Kindness

Among Strangers

Who Are FRiEnDS...

Dear FRiEnD
With Rays


SMilinG NoW...

Precious Paw Prints So
Tiny And Unique Dancing
Patterns on Boardwalk
to Shed

They Seem
Going Nowhere

Seeing If Someone’s
Home to let Them In

Hehe Shed Long Abandoned
Hired Help Does the Lawn

All Wildlife
Welcome in
Hotel Shed

No one

In These

With Love...

Sunshine Blogger Award Again Wonderful
Dear Sohair i'll Answer The Questions Now

And Of Course They Will Be included in the New
Blog Post About "Depth of The Story" i Am Writing Now too...

What is your most unique funny experience you have ever had?

Hehe, It Never Ends Let me See if i Will
Still Come to the One Punch Line Now

Those Who Limit SPiRiT MUSiC MaGiC
Gain Very Little SoUL iN HeART BeaTS oF LiFE NoW

Lakshmi Still Leads The Band From the Very Front
Yet It's True Some Days She is Blonde Too And All Women in The World Now

Born Again Out of the Living Funeral Grounds i Am Absorbing Souls
All Around The Globe NoW iN This Tireless Endeavor of Spirit Now

Don't Tell Anyone It's A Secret Yet i'm Really 'The Stone Bust'
SoaKinG Up The 'Lonely HeARTS Club' on 'the Album Cover' HAha

This is Why i Am Voted Wittiest Child In Second Grade Catholic
Blessed Sacrament School By The Nuns in Tallahassee Then HeHE

i Tried to Hide 'The Fact' At 7 Years-Old
With A Superman CoSTuME On
Halloween in 1967 When The Sgt.
Pepper's Album Cover ReLEaseD

YeaH It's True i Looked Like Herman
Munster When i Am 7 Years-Old
People Think i'm JoKinG When

i Say i'm Really Fredenstein Hehe...

Anyway Looking At That Photo From Second Grade
It's A Lot Easier to Believe i Am Autistic Then Than Now
Without A Smoke As A 63-Year-Old 'Marlboro Man' Hehe...

What type of Smart Phone do you enjoy using?

Hehe, My Every Breath Before it Reaches The Keyboard

Of my Fancy Dancy Singy Camera Extending BRaiNY iPhone XS...

Which do you like running or just walking?

There is No Run or Walk Only Dance For me With SMiLes!

What is your favourite food during the summer?

Whatever Katrina Makes it is my Favorite And
Whatever She Wears or Does She is
Always As Beautiful As the

First Day i Met Here And i NEVER

What is your favourite summer movie?

The Katrina And Fred Reality Show, HAha...
That Sohair Has Starred in For Almost 8 Years too!

If you could go any where in the world. Where would that be?

Right Here Now as An Avatar Fitting All 244 Pounds Or So
of my SoUL Through This Fiber Optic Cable in Egypt With Sohair!

What kind of animals do you like as pets?

All Animals Are My Brothers And Or Sisters
They Master me With Their Wild Free Love!

What is your favourite activity during the summer?

Whatever i Am Doing Now! Visiting Sohair Always Fun!

Where do get your motivation to keep writing your blog?

There is No Life Yet Motivation More! Now! Eternally So For Real!

Where is your favourite #1 place to escape to in the summer time?

Wherever i Am Now And Again it's Nice to Be With Sohair As A Soul Avatar Now

i Do my

Best to

Fit in Organic
Words of SPiRiT

Uploading Souls is Mighty Great Fun!...

Okay, Now i Will Return to Proof Reading

And Publishing the Next Blog Post Effort With SMiLes...

Thanks i Wanted Any Wonderful Excuse to Put off WorKinG!...

So i Just Continue ALL

The Free Play!

Thanks Dear
Annabel A lot
Of Years in

Life For
Trials And
Errors For
What Works Best...

SMiLes Dear
Annabel Words
Of Kindness

Colors PleaSinG...

Hehe Annabel
Politics Of

No Corrupt
MaNiPuLaToR’S Words...

Untitled SMiles And Hugs

SMiLes Dear Annabel Congrats on the Sunshine
Blogger Award i Am Always the Kid in School
With Their Hands Raised High to the


of the

'Slider Students'

So I'll Answer the Questions
Here Just for 'Sheldon Cooper' Fun!

1: What is one talent you would love to have?

Hehe, Anymore Talent And No Room For Sleep...

2: Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

Never Met A Blogger Or A Stranger Who Doesn't Teach me More!

3: What do you think is the best way to deal with hardships in life?

Never Give Up And if that Doesn't Work Repeat It Again Until it Does....

4: What is the biggest struggle you find in blogging?

Effortless Ease like The Rest of Life Just A Dancing
Singing Hurricane Breeze From Calm Center Eye me...

5: What would your instant response be if an ostentatiously
dressed someone who appears to have authority walks
up to you and announces, “You’re a wizard/witch!”

Haha, IT Took You This Long To Figure me Out!

6: Leave a link to your first post.

It Is me SMiLinG When Born
No Links Back Then Just Breath...

7: Are you an introvert or extrovert?

There is No Word For me Like my Wife Says 'You
Are Something Alright; Not Sure, Yet Something Alright"

8: What, in your opinion, is the secret to happiness in life?

Make Every Step Holy Dance Every Word Sacred Song
Then Heaven Within Comes Automatically Giving Sharing Caring Healing More...

9: Have you ever unfollowed someone on WordPress intentionally?

Oh Lord No, Easy For me to Overlook What i Do Not Agree With...

10: Have you posted a YouTube comment that got more than 1K likes?

Playing the Piano On YouTube Over 2K Views, Yes;
Comments too Deep For Most Folks To Fall Into Now...

11: Share a book recommendation that kept you engrossed.

"Jonathan Livingston Seagull"; Not A Version Now MaKinG Money...




For You At School

With Great Joy Annabel Now...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
Men Who Do Not Live
To Please Women

End Up

Life Now
To Care For
Or Perhaps it is
Men Who Cannot
Care Rarely Please Women...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Thank You
For All Your Prayers And BLeSSinGS
i Continue to Dance And Sing Anew For This Day...

Prometheus Bringer oF Light Fire Yes Arts Sciences And Wheels

One Two Four and Eighteen Wheelers With Nuclear Bombs too

Same As That Darn Snake With Legs Who Opened Up Humans

To All the Possibilities

in Instant Gratification

A Tree of Knowledge

BRingS Through the Underpinnings

of Human Languages Still Developing

Collecting Intelligence Still By The Google
Search Engine BRinGinG on the '8th Day of Creation'

The Internet This Open Source New Human Bible

All Together Unabridged ThiS WaY And Bridge to All

Human Arts and Sciences Collected As Far As We Remember

And Bring the Fire Back to LiGHT For All To Partake of in this

Tree of

SKiLLS and
Abilities Now
too Mr Gottfried

Yeah Yet What About
ISA's Innate Instinctual

Intuitive Skills and Abilities

All Inherited Naked Enough
Whole Complete What Happens
When We Get Out of Touch With Those

IIISA's Versus Only the KSA's of Knowledge
Skills and Abilities So Far Away From A Naked
Enough Whole Complete Free Dance and Song
Together Amongst 40 to 150 or So Well Acquainted

Naked Enough Whole Complete Human Beings Giving ALL
Sharing Caring Healing A Compassionate Communion of Life
Of LoVE iN Peace With Most Respect and Least Harm True Don't

Hate the Tool Yet Of Course Discard the Sin of Using the Tool Out of Balance

Where Everyday
More Becomes Just
Another Catastrophe
oF A Real Zombie Apocalypse
of 'Rabid Instant Gratification'
Zombies Sadly Eating THeiR Own
Face of Nature as They've Lost Their
LoVE iN Peace For the Rest of Nature Including

Us of Course So Far Out of Balance That the Song
"It Never Rains in Southern California" Is A God Dammed
Lie Now If the River Breaks Through And Floods Casino Towns too

A Little Food A Little Drink Some Shelter From Aversive Environmental

Elements A Naked Enough Whole Complete Village Dancing Together

in Ecstatic BLiSSinGS BLeSSinGS of Free SonG oF SoUL Together Again

After A Long Forage of the Day Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses

No Longer Poverty of the SoUL Just Dancing Singing Freely ThiS WaY As


Not Waiting For the Rest of
The World to Change Or Any
Other Heroes Dead or Alive

i'll Just Do it Now New No Longer
Wearing Those Other Brand Name Shoes hehe...

"Untitled SMiles And Hugs" True What is Beyond Human Language LoVE iN Peace Yes

Dear Cindy i Surely Agree ThiS WaY God Is Dog True as Is Is Verb And LoVE iN Peace

Is What Ya Do When Ya Wag Your 'Tale' and Lick A Human Face HAha

Sadly the Two Most

Popular Religions

Divisive As Well

in Titles and Words

With Around 4 BiLLioN HuMaNS

At Least Agree God is LoVE iN Peace

Now to Change That to A Verb And "JusT Do iT"

With No Worries Over Selling Expensive Brand Name

Shoes True Yes

Not Unlike Paw Prints
on the Beach Foot Prints
Are Enough For God To Breathe

When Real At Least Doing LoVE iN Peace

Rarely Do Mostly Naked Humans on Beaches
Get in Arguments ThiS WaY Just Being The Breeze

As God is
WinD oF
LoVE iN Peace
AS Humans Best
FRiEnD JusT to Do IT iNDeeD
ToGeTHeR of Course STiLL Evolving ThiS WaY...

Thanks Dear
Sohair God Bless
You ThiS Way Too
Of LoVE iN Peace....

SMiLes Dear Sohair There Are Around 4200 World

Religions/Spiritual Traditions And Not Surprisingly
What Most Each And Every One of them Have in
Common is They Have The Right Way And All The Other

Religions Have the Wrong Way Yet Humans Commonly Bond

And Bind Over Common Symbols and Ideologies So This

Is No Surprise Yes All Natural and to Be Expected

For the Most Part For Those Who Wish to

Convert Others to Their Religion or

Change Their Mind On Who is Right

or Wrong It's Mostly A Lost Cause With SMiLes

And That's Surely Okay With me as i am Not Out to

Change What Anyone Believes in as Far As Religion Goes

As That's Basically A Lost Cause from the Get Go As Human

Nature Swings the Way of What Most Folks Are Spoon-Fed From

Birth Not Unlike You i Discern

What True From Within Yet Yes

Differently i Peruse All Holy and Sacred
Texts With an Open Mind And Yes Continue

To Expand My View of Spirituality mY FRiEnD

Yet i Surely Don't Expect Anyone to Do it the way i Do it

And again i Surely Have no Plans To Change What Anyone

Else's Religion is Either for me at least mine will Always continue

to Evolve

With SMiLes

Far Beyond the

Boundaries of What's

Come Before...

Foot Prints Dancing
Finger Prints Singing

When Writing Becomes

Songs of YouR Soul Set

Free to Fly Smile

And Cry Tears


Now With
Even More
SMiLes Set Free New...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,430

23 Aug 2023, 2:01 am

Eternal Bliss

Place Between

Time Distance Space
And A Matter of Things

Now Accepting
NoW As The Very
Best Place With SMiLes
Vines And Roots Continue
to Spread Above So Below

Dear Savvy

Soul to


Soul FLoWinG NeW

Destination Home NoW...

MuSiC of the SoUL SPiRiT HeART Free
TiMe Out of Time Present Gift Now

A Grain of Sand in An Hour Glass

Neither Below Above No Matter

WHere The Grain Flows to Next New

Laughter Kindness Gently Balancing

Walking A Dance of Life FLoWeRinG Scents

oF SoUL DeLiGHTS DiViNE iNdeed Dear Savvy As SoUL Hums

Song Every Move A Holy Dance Every Word A Sacred Song

Yes Memories

We Continue to

Make Now of Our

Ever Present Hour

Glass New Grains oF LoVE iN Peace

Our Best Life Yes Aligning iN Balancing of SoUL Self

MuSiC NoW Marrying the NiGHT Merrying the Day New


Free no Longer
'Phantoms of the
Operas' oF Old So Cold

Grain of Sand Holding
Up Mountains of Human LoVE iN Peace...

Original Greek Definition of Smoke and Mirrors
Yes Actually Apocalypse Meaning Lifting the
Veils of Ignorance Down Under a Tree
In the Desert
On Loving Nature
Within Us Whole the
Beach is my Favorite
Place as Life Flourishes
in the Niche's Human Foot
Prints Have Yet to Touch not
so much the Foot Prints Yet Cultural
Clothes First Mortal Sin Clothes for Real...

Color Bored of
White SHades Grey Scales
uP iN Dance And Song Multi-Colors

If Nature Could Speak Now
It Might Paint Orange Reflecting
Now The Overall Intelligence of
Echoing Back
Falling Falling
Clawing A Precipice Cliff...

SMiles A Perfect Romance
A Poem Ironically Almost
Everything Else
iS UNrequited
Love Except
For Romeo And Juliet
The End That Never Begins...

SMiles my FRiEnD
Lynn at The Very
End BeGiN for me at Least
i Must Wonder At First
If God Looks in A Mirror
Will God
i have a
Feeling LiGHT
PerHaps to 'See' SPiRiT Wind...

iN Short and Long Now You
Are God Too if You Didn’t Get
That Total Good News From ‘JeSuS’
You Missed His Message True Not
Everyone understands
‘Poetry of God’ They
Miss The Big Picture
Of God
For God Everywhere
Forever Now Out there
God Within
Indeed This
Is Why ‘JeSuS’
As Reported then
Said Strip ‘Those’
Worldly Clothes
Off ‘See’
God Within Then
Do God Is Love Always
Giving Sharing Caring Healing
Free this
Now Go Ahead
Delete the News
Again Better Yet
Find God Within
Without Fears
Of LoSinG the
God of Love Within
You Generate Free of
‘Charge’ This Breath God iN Peace...

‘Ever Dance
With The Devil
In The Pale Moonlight’
My Angel
Star Dust
DarK Thru LiGHT
Shadow Breathes Dance

iN Short And Long
Neither We or
God Now Or
Words Alone
Love Breathes
Always Now
Not ‘See’
To BReaTHE...

Stars Rise Fall

SMiLeS How Humans
Adore their Clothes
And Find Disgust
In The Real Temple
Of God Our Naked
Flesh Let’s Face the
Truth Some are
Just Afraid
To Be
Naked God
HAha i’ve Shared
Literally Tons of
me only Wearing
Stars Below as
Above Yet there
Are Weeks i
Literally post
A Million Words
As Generally SPeaKinG
God Gets Lost In
Words and
Other Human
Clothes/Tools Away
From all
God Flesh
And Blood
Seeing Freely Love
Obviously You Have
Some So-Called Face
Book Friends Who
Don’t Go
To the
Church of
The Milky Way US...

Human Reality
Devil Show
A New Breed
5th Avenue String
Like ‘That Painting’
They are soon
And Sooner
When They
See Their
‘Angel’ Sold inDeed

A Common Symbol Shared Throughout the World Ava
Yet Sadly Only GRoWinG Green and Lit Up Temporarily
Metaphor of Christmas Trees Us Some Seldom Grow
Theirs Green Now Others Seldom Light Their Tree
Others Seldom Let the Light of their Christmas
Trees Shine for Others to See Free Now yet
THere are Others who never Quit ALWayS
GRoWinG Their Christmas Trees Green
Each and Every Now Finding another
Color oF LiGHT to Shine THeir
Living Trees for all others
to See As Free You
Dear Are a Young
Living Tree i really don't
'Know' You Yet i Feel Sense
Intuit Colors of Your Tree GRoWinG
And indeed i am Very Proud of Your Being Human
Such a Beautiful Living Colored Tree You Become Now
God of Nature
Bless all
Leaves New
that Rise and Fall
Feeding More Leaves
of Grass to Fall And Rise as Living
Trees Roots to Branches Leaves
Coloring Life


Left Right
Hand in Hand
FLoWeRS Bloom
Reaching Holding Moon
Sunset Union Ocean All
Becomes one
Good Morning
Stars of SMiles
From Florida
Dear Savvy
hAha in
Called You
Shiva Just
Dance my FRiEnD
Keep Shining Your Star
Star Love Never Sees

Alone allone...

‘Trump’ Masters
DarK MaGiC
Indeed ‘He’
Is ‘’The
Film Yet
‘He’ Doesn’t
Under Stand
The Color of
DarK MaGiC
At The End
And Beginning
Of ‘His’ Feature Film
Audience All Patiently
Waits Already Sharing End
‘His’ Film...

SMiLes; Politics 'ALWaYS' Basically
IS The Art of 'i am' Better Than 'You;'
Love Is the Politics of Enough Peace God Yes;
This Is An Origin
of Folks With
or Without
Of Course
THere is Love of Enough
And Love of Never Enough;
i have Enough, so GenerAlly
SPeaKinG, i sit back, Eat 'the
Popcorn' And Watch Folks
In Their Battles to never
Gain who they
Even Are
the Way they
Are; 'Naked Stars'
No longer Seeing
Through all the Labels
of Cultural Tools and Other Clothes
in Other Words; Yes, i LiVE iN A Deep
South State Yet Just the Deep; Not the South Part...

Meaning of Human
Life For All of Us Now
To Encourage Others
On A Path of LoVE iN Peace
That Creates Most Respect
For All
What Any
Great Relative
Of Our Human
Condition Freely Will Do...

THere is Sun in the Pun
Of Having A Great Day
On Sunday There is
Night in the Day now
Moonlight Feels Right
Making Day into Night
It is Dark Where i am
And Light Where You
Are Never the Less
There is No Moon
Or Sun
Only Star Light
Creating Chalices
Without Preformed Gold

Tuning Into The MuSiC oF LiFE
Yes Dear Savvy Listening to the
Frequencies Vibrations Synergies of

Energy Head to Toe As A Dance Of Life
Makes A SonG oF Life THiS WaY ALWaYS

Changing EternAlly New Now How Beautiful Life

Is Now When THere is MuSiC Accompanying

Within For Every Move of
Dance Word of Song

Indeed A Higher Force
oF LoVinG LiFE Within

Of Course Dear FRiEnD
Not Everyone HEaRS 'The MuSiC'
And When They Do THeir Unique
Dance And Song of THeiR MuSiC

Within Will Color THeiR LiFE
Much Differently Than Mine
However That Just Makes

Life More WoNDerFuL iN
Awe Exploring Everyone's

MuSiC Within Coming to See
And Hear THEiR Unique MuSiC (God) to

Be A Symphony RiSinG to Dance Again WiTHiN
WHeRE the Conductor is Inside Outside Above
So Below All Around Really Impossible to Miss

'The MuSiC' NoW...

TuesDaY School LeSSoN Rhetorical
Question 382 Love It Or It’s Free!

i’ve Come Today Again With All
my Web Spinning Abilities
To Take You Into my

Lair Removing
All Your Hurt
And Sadness

Totally Away

This iS How
We Do It Take

Your Right Arm Wrap
It Tightly Around Your
Torso And Gently Join

The Other Left Arm
Around You in


Of A Hug


All Words

LoVE iN Peace

God Yes Repeat
As Necessary
For The Rest
Of Your Life
A Magic Virtual
Hug From Spider


To You

On A World
Wide Web of Love’s Hug...

Oh Dearest Rue True There is Only One of You
(Literally So Too Doing A Search on Ruehla too)
So Full of Deep Wisdom, Wit, And YeS Original
Creativity Indeed An Open Door to iNSPiRE
A Greater Play of Art As i Continue to
Romance Life As A Play of Art
Until We ParT Yet It's True
That is Impossible as
Art is Literally ParT
Of PArt And F Is Also ParT
of Art Thanks God As Fred too
As Truly Before the Question Better Put
For Decades in My Life of Work Instead of Play
WaS "How Science Thou?" Instead of Your Witty
Shakespearean Question Quote of "How Art Thou?"

Anyway SPeaKinG of the "Self Awareness Pyramid" from the "Bhagavad Gita"
Your Traditional Muse From India For Your Wisdom HeaR the "Bhagavad Gita"
"A 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the epic 'Mahabharata', dated to the
second half of the first millennium BCE" Is Indeed Relevant to What i Am Doing
In Terms of 'Holy Eights' And "8 Standing Tall Infinity" As that Relates to Many
Sacred Traditions on 8.18.2023 mY Longest EPiC Long Form Poem "SonG oF
mY SoUL" Yes Reaches 12 MiLLioN Words Truly A Cat 6 Hurricane of Poetic
Responses to Folks All Around the Globe on that 10th Year Anniversary Date
True Exceeding That Several Millennia Ago Effort Yes of the 'Mahabharata'
By 6.66 Scale iN Size As the 'Mahabharata' is Approximately 1.8 MiLLioN
Words Yawn one of the Subchapter EPiC Poems of "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Achieved at 1.82 MiLLioN Words Back on July 19th, 2017
on my 4th Anniversary Date Out of Hell into HeaveN ON EartH
That Place STaRTinG For Real Within As i BeCaMe
One With Sugar White Sands Emerald Green
Waves Swaying Sea Oats in the Breeze
And Once Again Sea Gull Wings on
July 19, 2013 Spiraling Around
Sun Free Transforming
into 18,733 Miles
of Public Dance
True Now too in
Almost 10 Years Yes
As of August 26, 2023
And Yes that 1.82 MiLLioN
Word Effort Took 13.6 Months
Additionally Yes "Depth of The Story"
What i Casually NaMe An 8th New Testament
And Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Oh Yes
Reaching A Top of the Heap of Google Searches
Now on the "Wrong Planet" in a Solo Thread There
of 76 Pages Working on 'Verse 76' Still Like An 'Isaiah 53
Story' for REAL Come to Life as Typically That's A Joseph
Campbell And Jungian Archetypal 'Human Hero Story" WHere
One May Come Out of Hell For 66 Months For Real Within and
Enter into Heaven And Give and Share And Care And Heal LeSSoNS
From DarK Thru LiGHT That Become Integral All in ALL A STory of God Real

True too Anyway on the 3rd Anniversary Date of "Depth of the Story"All 3 MiLLioN Words
NoW on the "Wrong Planet" On 8.19.2023 As It Literally took me 7 Years of Getting Kicked
Off that Place After i Recovered From Hell into Heaven Within As The Folks There
Are in Many Cases "How Science Thou?" Restricted And Just Don't get the "How
Art Thou?" Questions of Life More Integral and Whole As the Yin And Yang of
Art and

Holds Hands NoW FoR ReaL
As Both Hemispheres in Body
And Human Mind BaLaNCinG Potentials Come
Out of WorK into Greater Human SPiRiT HeART
SoUL Potentials oF PLaY iN Original Creativity For Real

So Yeah Back to the Holy 8's and Beyond All Scientific
Measures of Metaphor as 8 Infinity Standing Tall All 1 Force of God

On that Day 8.18.2022 That EPiC Subchapter 8th New Testament Long
Form Poem Rose to 1.88 MiLLioN Words on 8.18.2022 A Day Before the
Second Anniversary of "Depth of the Story" There And Included in that Story

ARe aLMost All the Poetic Responses Dear Rue Has Inspired in Original Creativity
oF mY SoUL True Still LiVinG iN The "Depth of The Story" on the "Wrong Planet" Now
And Of Course Several Other Blogs i Administrate and So Many Other Social
Media Avenues too as iNDeeD although i May Be too Big And Invisible For
Most Folks to See in Blue Whale Fashion of A Modern Age Limited Sadly
On Average of Gold Fish Attention Span Literally Less than 3 Seconds
Yes Less than the Frigging Attention Span of A Gold Fish So Sad
As Science Literally Does Assess Human Potential Span
That Short in the United States
Yet Seems Longer in India to me

(HeHE ALmost Impossible
to Miss me When i Dance
In Public Without A Word)

Hehe And Indeed So Difficult
Yes To Grasp Blue Whale Art
When it is Not Only Reason
Yet The Real MaGiC of Art that
is God's Breath oF ORiginal Creativity
When We Come to BREaTHE ThiS Way too

As Don't Forget John 14:12 is No Lie As Now STiLL
A GReaTesT Respect one May BRinG to A Mother Father
Teacher or Mentor is to Exceed THeiR LeSSoNS iN LiFE
To Give Away to Others For Free So God Will Continue to

Evolve in All our
EYeS and EaRS
Beyond Only Organs As Such

And Like the Rest of this that i Did not
Preplan Only Guided By This FLaME WiTHiN

Including A "PHI Bible" Subchapter Long Form Poem
Completed Then on Memorial Day Weekend of 2017
That i Named Before i Completed it Reaching Precisely
1.618 MiLLioN Words in 365 Days of Effort As Just By

Or Better Put
Poetically As
Synchronicity of
God Winks 1.618
Is the Golden PHI
Ratio That Approximates
The Spiraling Way of Our Galaxy
The Shape of A Curling Fetus and Cat

And Of Course Not Only a Cat 5 Hurricane
Yet A Cat 6 Long Form EPiC Poem too WHere The Bands
Of the First MacroVerse Were Narrow and Now Come Evenly
in 60,000 Or So Word Efforts Bi-Monthly As Such Balancing

As Planets Orbiting Around Stars And Galaxies Orbiting Around
Black Holes As Perhaps Stars Fall into BLaCK Holes in A Perfect
Balance of Spiraling Spin and Torsion And New UNiVeRSES as Some

Quantum Mechanic

Theories Wing Art May


Out of Big Bangs of Birth

Hehe Sort of How Humans

Do it too Yet i Won't Get into the Biology
of that Art Here With SMiLes As I've Surely
Long Passed the Organic Art of that Into SPiRiT With Wings For Real

Here's Another Little Tid-Bit of "How Art Thou?" the Pen Name 'KATiE MiA
Frederick" That i Chose By FLaMe At the Start of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Measures
Yes The 3 Digit Holy Number 888 When Entered into English Gematria By Chance

By Synchronicity
Yes By God Winks
Someone Pointed that
Out to me Recently too

In Continuing Fruition For
All of What Comes From the Flame Within

Including Meeting Your Great Poetic Inspirations a
Treasure Trove For Soul That i Sincerely Respect So Much and You too

As Remember i Don't Know Anything i'm Just A Grain of Sand on the Beach
i Just Pick up A 'Pen' of SonG And A Foot And Hand of Dance And A FLaME
Within GuideS A Wave

All that i Do in Flow

STiLL NoW Just A

Feather in the Wind
Like mY FRiEnD Yes
"Jonathan Livingston
Seagull" FoR ReaL Too...

Thanks For Flying With me...

Do Return Whenever You Please
i'd Surely Be A Fool Not to Poetically


And A Fool
For God too
A FLaME Within PLeases too...

i Will Not Tale A Lie i Understand
it may Be Challenging to Swim With
A Blue Whale And Not Get Washed
Over By The Wake of mY FinS Hehe...

Anyway It's Kinda Nice that my Birthdate
in American Form of 6.6.60 Eventually
Transformed into 888 By Sheer Original

Creativity From 'A FLaME' WiTHiN FoR ReaL...

THeRE iS No ReaSoN FoR THiS OTHeR Than

Art oF God WiTHiN...

How Art Thou
Indeed too Dear FRiEnD Rue

Beginning or Ending For Real...

How Sweet of You Dear "Peace & Truth" To Drop
By This BeHeMoth EPiC Long Form Poem "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Yep All 12 MiLLioN Words my Blog Has Come to

Be in 10 Years With SMiLes

True in the Online "Spiritual World"

Yep This Place of Avatars And Representative
Reality Far Beyond Any Real Distance, Space, Time,
And or "Matter of Things" True No Sun or Moon In the Webplace

Of Online Too Indeed We aRe aLL Spiders HeaR Spinning Our
Webs And HAHa Be Careful As THeRE Are Those Web Spiders

Who May Trap You iN
THeiR Lair iN An Agenda
Still To Come to Meet in
More Selfish Ways of
Fulfillment too


Sort of Like
Dating Apps
And Dudes Who
Limit Their Views of
Women to Body Parts Instead of
SoUL Whole Including Body too of Course

And Sure There May Be A Few Women Looking
For Greater Economic Stability in a Nicer Place to Live too...

Yes THere is a Lot of Smaller and Larger Talk About Twin Flames
Twin Souls And Soul Mates Online And IdeAlly A Twin Flame And
Or Twin Soul Will Only Lift Us Up in Greater Potentials iN LiGHT of

Loving LiFE

Oh my Goodness

That WiLL Be Kinda Hard
to Do in the Real Grind of Life

When Wedding Dresses White And
Beautiful Are Replaced with Grey Sweats

And Washboard Abs May Become Beer Bellies too

And True the Duties of A Significant Other May Come
To Be Cleaning Up After A Stomach Flu as Life is Pretty

Messy And With Folks Like me With my Head in the Stars

i Must Have An Opposite From A Twin Soul to Keep me Grounding

Now Not Skipping Past the Moon And Hop Scotching Beyond the Stars

Never Returning

As Such at Least
Hehe in One Whole Peace
Inhaling This Way Exhaling LoVE iN BaLaNCinG
Force of Grace and Love And Will And Strength to

Both Thrive
And Keep
in One Peace
And Love True too...

i Have Some Poetry FRiEnDS
Rare Who Only Lift me Up Online
to Raise my SPiRiT Wings Higher and
Higher Most Every Day And Even A Rarer
Few Who Never Ever Bring me Down Those

Are the Wings That Only Touch And Do Not Embrace
Physically Those Are Wings You Appreciate So Much

Yet Never Even Think Hehe About Trapping at Home as
Falling iN Love is a Little bit Like Coming to Own Someone Else at Home
WHeRE RiSinG iN LoVE May Only Lift Wings and Never Even Literally

Touch Each Other
At All in a Physical
Way Not Even Face-to-Face

As Truly Wings Free So Far Above Bodies mY FRiEnD Yes
My Wife Keeps me Warm Inside no Matter Waves That Rise
or Fall in Storms and Fair Winds and Following Seas Love is

A Storm
And A
Breeze It's What
We Must Garden And
Feed Each Day to Stay
Warm and True mY FRiEnD

Indeed i Do Appreciate my Opposite
SoUL LiVE iN Angel For Real as It's True
FLoWeRS Have THoRNS For RiSinG Roses

And Usually When
You Find Wings

Ya Eventually
Find Horns too

And Balance the
DarK And LiGHT of

i'm Rather Unusual As my Flame
Within Rarely Even Flickers or Goes Out
For The Last 10 Years And A Month Out of Hell
For Real iNTo Heaven Now Still WiTHiN i Imagine

if Lived With A Soul Just Like me it Would Only Be
me and God Within RiSinG ToGeTHeR STiLL AGAiN As

Rose With FLoWeRS And


It's True Ya
Wanna Find
A SoUL Mate
SoUL Twin and
Flame From Death
to Birth Again Now Real mY FRiEnD

What is Beyond Measure as LoVE iN Peace Breathing WiTHiN...

Anyway Feel Free to Call Us Whatever Sweet Pet Names
You Desire For it is the Kindness And Wisdom With Yes
The Peace and Truth at Essence That Counts Most No Matter


HAha Or Even
A 12 MiLLioN
Word EPiC Long
Form Poem Just
Fumes Left Over From
the FLaME of Peace And LoVE WiTHiN

Sort of Like a Prayer mY FRiEnD Long And Loving True...
Thanks For All the Poetry You Share Lifts me up in Many Ways...

Indeed Dear 'USA Writes' A 'Paper Town'
of Humanity it May Come To Be When One

Dares Explore More Than Tradition Limits Human Nature

For True By Very Nature Tradition Excludes And Even Outcasts

Those Who Seek
to Wear More or
Less of CuLTuRaL Clothes
And Tools to Seek So Much
More Human PoTenTiaL Separating From Nature

HAha And Really When one Jumps off 'The Cliff' Without
A Parachute to Fly "To Go Where No One Has Gone Before"

Actually That Phrase Used to Be "To Go Where No Man Has
Gone Before" And Then Finally Women Became Explorers of

Vast New Frontiers of
Even Naked Enough Whole Complete

Free Interestingly Perhaps Going Back
to Who We Were As Humans Before We Devolved

More As Who We aRe NoW How Will We KNoW FeeL And
Sense This If We Do Not Discard The Ceilings, Walls, And

Floors of the
Empires of

It is So True A Human Being May
Lust After Someone They Might Ordinarily
Not Want to Sit Together at a Coffee Shop to Talk to
Yes Human Innate Instinct and Intuition Doesn't Necessarily

Play By Rules of Tradition
Yet One Who Becomes Wise
Doesn't Hate ThemSelf For Being
Human ThiS WaY They Just Let the Feelings
And Senses River By Until A Higher Way Now

New of Being Returns
And Perhaps

A Coffee Shop
Date That Might
Lead to Warm and
Enduring Love Yet if one

is Traveling to a State of HeART
SPiRiT And Even SoUL That No One

Has Explored Before Love Is As High As
A Couple of Humans may Fly With A Warm
Talk About the Weather or Perhaps Politics on the News

Yet It's True in the TV Series "Star Trek" Out in Space Long
Ago When i Was A 6 Year-Old Child On September 6, of 1966
For The First 'Ground Breaking Science Fiction Show' like that
in Part Written By 'Rod Serling' Who Did "Twilight Zone" And Also
Wrote Parts of the "Planet of the Apes" Movies too Going
Places of the Human Soul Not Often Thought of
Felt And Sensed Before When Those

Astronauts Traveled to

Other Planets Somehow
The Other Folks So Far
Away Spoke English

And Generally
Speaking Looked
Like Us And Acted Like
Us Shooting Other Folks Up with Guns and Such
True They Called them 'Phasers' And Now We Call Them

Smart Phones With Google Translate for Actual Other
Languages on Earth Traveled and Explored too Online

And True i am Beaming Up my SoUL in These Avatars
of Words to Come See You Now Wherever You Are

As All i Really Know Feel and Sense About You
Are the Avatars of Words You Share with Us

And Your Gravatar SMiLe too And i

Suppose Words of Your Soul

Might Be More Than

i Might Ever

Know Feel
And Sense of You
if i Met You in Line
With my Wife at Starbucks

Indeed Advantage Online THiS Way
As It Really Bypasses So Many Differences
of Human Beings That Might Otherwise Limit
Explorations of HeART SPiRiTS SoUL So Free

SMiLes in Someways Perhaps It's Easier to Come to
Understand Deeper Parts of Someone Else's SouL EXPLoRinG

However How Does One Measure the Warmth one Feels When
They First Enter into Their Home of Love Whenever They Return

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD

i've Gone to Many Places
in this Existence That Other
Folks Haven't Seen, Felt, and
Sensed And i Don't Expect For Other
Folks to Understand What They Have Yet
to Experience as i Was Them too That Way Before As Well...

Hehe So Happy i am Financially Independent As Really There
is No Monetary Reward for Original Creativity as by Very Essence
Of Course There isn't Much of a Pre-Paid Target Audience For Art

And Play
In Life Before Either

i'll Take The Warmth in Home
Over my Wife Ever Possibly Understanding
in This Life All the Places i've Explored to Date

As It's True i Used to Do A 'Logical Song' Without
Much Warmth When my Wife Was the Warm GLoWinG Human

Being then With me So Lost From a Home of Warmth for Real...

i Still Lust After my Wife As Much When i Met Her 33 Years
Ago All Naturally Still Innately Instinctually Intuitively Now Yes
too We Talk About The Weather And Politics on the News Two
Out of Three Ain't


With SMiLes

Three out of Three
iS Only A Trinity i'll
Find For my SoUL Unique

It's True in Someways We are
Only Sons and or Daughters of
God THiS Way For Those Who Are

Fortunate Enough to Even Understand
The Depths of The Story of THeiR Own Human Condition

Best Way i See to Appreciate God is to Appreciate All THiS

Gift and
Curse of

the Human
DarK Thru LiGHT

How Blessed We aRe
To Come to Dance and
Sing in The Rain Free mY FRiEnD

Or Perhaps Just Twas Just Another 'DarK And Stormy
Night' WHeRE 'Snoopy' Continues to Type Away to
Bring Another Best World Story OnlY iN HiS Dreams

As Real
As Real
Gets By
And Co-Creativities Set Free....

Indeed Dear Yamini Love
Is the Marriage When Real
of Sunshine And FLoWeRS

More Than Painted on PaperWork
And Clothes of CuLTuRE Love the

Multi-Coloring Experience of Our Souls
Always With New Pages to Paint On Canvases

Yet to Ever Experience And See Yes We aRe ALL

Paint Brushes Canvases And Paint ThiS Way All the

Possibilities of a MasterPeace

Painting This Way

Of Loving

All the Colors

of Life That Come
Our Way Shall We Paint
Free or Controlling Shall
We Even BREaTHE A Home
of Warmth Within Love is Depth
of The Story Still To Be Told LoVE

This Marriage Is All Ours to Enter Into and
Unto Perhaps Yellow Flowers And Sunshine True

Yet on the Other Hands Two Strangers And More May Create
A Poem THiS Way With Wings to Fly Free WHere Ever Souls Soar...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Space Between
mY Ears Dreams
Will Dance Sing
For Real Free
The Rest of
The Traffic
May Stop or
Flow Yet i Will
STill Fly SoaRinG
Free Wings Above...

SMiles i Have An
Indian FRiEnD
Who Went to
Canada 3 Years
to Work For Deloitte
In Her Decade Long
Journey To Work in
The United States
Heard Her Stories
Challenging Indeed
Yet The Indian Culture
Does Seem To Produce
Tenacious Human Beings

Do Take
Care too
Dear Isha
With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Isha A Pay Grade A Pay Rate And A Currency
oF LoVE iN Peace Giving Sharing Caring Healing ThiS WaY

Lifting Others up
With Most Respect
And Least Harm
Truly Naked Enough
Whole Complete Riches

Moving Connecting Co-Creating

iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG L0VE Far Beyond Money and Material

Goods Alone This is for Overall Well Being For Real With SMiLes

Much FRiEnDShiP LoVE iN Peace to You As Well the Roads

And Paths Are Many Yet as Long As You Pour All the PArts

Of Your HeART Out DarK Thru LiGHT THere Will Be

Those Who Catch All the PArts to Help You Put

Them Back

SMiLes Again...

Poetry the
Of YouR SoUL
YouR SPiRiT Yes

Oh Dear Lord Only 20 Dear Shreya
And All These Years i Thought You
Were Already in Your Twenties You
are Surely Moving Ahead Living in Australia From
Nepal And Working There if i Remember Correctly

Haha i will Tale You This Much i'm 63 and Never
Felt Younger All around of Course it Helps to have

The Money Making Behind You as really in School it is
All Ahead of You Making a Family of course too Something to Look

Forward to i Guess As Modern Studies Show Well Being in All Areas Studied

Increases Now As Humans Grow Older in Fact Peaking All Elements Past age
77 as Counter-Intuitive as that Might seem to be

Fact of the Matter is the Human Condition
is Complex and Culture too Getting Used
to it And Getting it All Together Does

Take some Humans
Decades inDeed Anyway

Best Wishes to Your Future

And Again Even in Measure of Health
Like Strength Still Leg Pressing 699 Kilograms 12 Reps
at the Military Gym Just Warming Up again at age 63

Little Injuries come and go Lost and and Found Loves

Material Riches Yet as Long as You Have LoVE iN Peace

For How that
Heaven Within
Really Feels Yes
You May Consider
Yourself Fortunate
All the Way Around With SMiLes

Beyond All Numbers of Aging For Real...

Hehe i Wouldn't Trade 63 to go back to
20 For All the Money in the World For Sure...

Wow, Dear Isha Studying Abroad in a Brand
New Country Canada Does Sound Very Interesting

Yet Hey Not Only is It A Place to Make New FRiEnDS
At University Yet it is Also Very Icy Stay At Home Cold

For Months on End Months on End Very Different
From Your Monsoonal Environment in India and

Sadly The Warmer British Columbia Is Yes Currently

On Fire So Many Catastrophes Around the World Hard
To Keep Up With
Them As they

Keep Returning
Again and Again

True Your Health Must Come
First Career Will be Around A Long

Era Still to Do Better Health Means Better
Outcomes in All Areas of Life With SMiLes

Hehe Currently Rehabilitating a Bit of A Hip
Injury Myself Slowly Stretching Slowly Stretching

Important to Slowly Stretch in Life And Not Do too Much
At Once i Feel Sure You Will Eventually Find Your Way With SMiLes...

LeSSoN 491
A Free Dance And
Song BRinGS Order
Of Art Out Of Chaos
MaGiC Next
With SMiles...

MuSiC of the SoUL SPiRiT HeART Free
TiMe Out of Time Present Gift Now

A Grain of Sand in An Hour Glass

Neither Below Above No Matter

WHere The Grain Flows to Next New

Laughter Kindness Gently Balancing

Walking A Dance of Life FLoWeRinG Scents

oF SoUL DeLiGHTS DiViNE iNdeed Dear Savvy As SoUL Hums

Song Every Move A Holy Dance Every Word A Sacred Song

Yes Memories

We Continue to

Make Now of Our

Ever Present Hour

Glass New Grains oF LoVE iN Peace

Our Best Life Yes Aligning iN Balancing of SoUL Self

MuSiC NoW Marrying the NiGHT Merrying the Day New


Free no Longer
'Phantoms of the
Operas' oF Old So Cold

Grain of Sand Holding
Up Mountains of Human

LoVE iN Peace...

Eternal Bliss

Place Between

Time Distance Space
And A Matter of Things

Now Accepting
NoW As The Very
Best Place With SMiLes
Vines And Roots Continue
to Spread Above So Below

Dear Savvy

Soul to


Soul FLoWinG NeW

Destination Home NoW...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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24 Aug 2023, 12:39 am

Indeed Dear Savvy Compassion
Is The Fire Within Driving Us to

Understand Tolerate and Even

Accept the Vast Differences Now

Changing Among Human Beings

Both Intra And Extra-Cultural Too

However in the Average Grind of Life

It Will Be Very Difficult For Folks to Move

Out of the Groove Their Record Player Continues to Play

And That Too

of Course is
Part of the
Play of Compassion
Bringing Understanding

Bringing Love That is True iN Peace
Spreading No Longer Re-coiling to Strike-Out...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Wonderful Review of Your Book And

Very Soulful Account In Poetry of Your Father's Challenges

Moving on to Assisted Living And Indeed Losing Much of

His Living Independence too Fortunately Both my

Father and Mother Were Able to Stay

at Home Through the End and

Dear Lord my Cousins

Still Taking Care of a Mother
at Her Home With Alzheimer's Disease
at Nearly 90 Years-Old Doing the Care at Home for
Nearly a Decade With Their Father (my Father's Identical Twin)
in the Same Condition in their Home Until Recently at 88 Years of age too...

Passing Away At Home Last Year...

My Father Dropping Dead
in His Home at 81 Before
The Ravages of that Disease

Bringing Total
Infirmity to Him...

My Mother Beating my
Sister at 82 in Scrabble
Days Before Her Death
Undiagnosed Stage 4 Breast
to Bone to Bleeding Brain Cancer

All She took Was a Bayer Aspirin
Now and Then For Two Years During All that Pain

Just Explaining it Away as Arthritis A Mind A Valuable
Gift to Exercise Life-Long i'm Surely Not Gonna Drift Away
Like So Many Retired Folks Do Eyes Glued to FauX News and the Such

A Retirement
Hobby For
So Many
Where i Live Indeed...

True Dear Miriam

Real Power Comes

From A Huge

Comfort Zone


When It's Naked
Enough Whole Complete

It's Like This Yes Imagine
Trump Not Dressed on Stage Hehe

Or Better Yet HAha Don't With SMiLes

As The Gambling Continues Now For His

True Weigh-in With His Mug-Shot Tomorrow

No Doubt His

True Height

Wouldn't Match
His Paper-work either...

These Are the 'Big' Questions of our Days...

Dance anew Dance
Sing anew Song
from passing
Color Flesh Brew
Verse A Blanket more
ALWay New Note
Dance Step
from never
land story 'fore
beyond infinity word...

Pain No Escaping
Only Sleep Only
In Dreams Do We
In Dreams
Reality now
We Co-Create
Pain ERaSinG
Enough to Never
Take Again New Peace
iNHaLinG LoVE Exhaling...

SMiLes Dear Yamini Romantic
Love of Youth Now May Be
Painful Yet Love Enduring is
Raging Waves Understanding
They Are Ocean
Whole And Have
To Look Forward
To When Your Wave
Becomes As Old
As The Ocean
like me

Moonology Scientists
Measure Moon
Artists Paint
Moon With



Felt Before
As i Am Still Painting You Then
Through More Than 33 Full
Moons Through 33 Months
Every Day Now Still Never
Giving Up No Matter



Of New
Full Moon
Quiet Just As
Beautiful in Sublime Arts

Hehe Hope my Paint

Brush Tickles You

Now And Then

As Full


Blush Smiling too

Whatever It Takes to
Keep Your Lights on i Do

True Reflecting me on You
How Sun Hugs Color Moon

SMiLes Hemalatha Sculpture Is Language
of Soul as We Sculpt Letters For Words
To Transform Feelings Senses

Of Our Existential

Intelligences into
Symbols More Now

How Lovely The Meaning
And Purpose Holy Sacred
Art Brings From Your CuLTuRE

To Those Not Initiated Into Your
Ways of LiFE For It's True Sculptures
of Human In Nature Reflect All Stars




As Well my FRiEnD
MooNLiGHT DRaWinG Souls...

THiS LiFE HouSinG DanCinG SinGinG NoW iPLaY

SMiLes Work Never CEaSinG
Greater When We Cooperate
For Common PuRPoSinGS

iN MeaNinGS NoW

Yes Great WorK NeW

Dear Soni With Your

Wednesday WoRKinGS

Partner Science or

Art Reason

Or Dream

Time is



Our Schedule NoNE Effortless Yet
DoinG More River FLoWinG Ocean WHoLE...

Hehe Dear FRiEnD SMiLes

Sohair Your Poem Reminded
me of the BLeSSinG of My

B L i S S iN G ReaL

(Boogie Wonderland)

Life Now Yet of Course

Deeper Meaning

Reading the Wiki

Movie 'Cliff Notes'

of "You Before me"...
About A Man Paralyzed
Wishing to End His Life

And Allow His Loved Ones
To Flourish in Their Abundant
Perceived Freer Potentials of Life...

The Worst Place i Can And Will Still iMaGiNE

iN This Life With Tears Still Streaming Down my

Face is the Day The Only Part of Existence i Could
Connect At all Without Great Pain A Cat Went Missing
And i Worried So Much my Only Connection With Existence

Would Not Come Back Meanwhile Planning Insistently

Every Day For 2 Years A Suicide Escape From the

Suicide Disease the Worst Pain Known to

Humankind Literally Assessed

As Worse Than Crucifixion
(Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia No Drug
Would Touch for me)

Then From Wake to

Sleep Yes God Yes

Where The Only
Possible Escape
Is Sleep Yet Only
Nightmares Without
Even Any Dreams for Respite
of Never Ending Pain And Numb...

Understanding Logically How Blessed i Was
to Be Loved Still Yet Only Feeling Pain Next
to Any Human In Life From Head to Toe even more

And There Was No Explanation Why... Anyway the Cat

Came Back and i Stayed And Although i Left A Metal Chain
in A Bicycle Basket to End my Life Through All 66 Months of
the Pain And Numb Without even A Memory if i ever Felt a Smile

in my Entire Life That Day i Picked out a Road my Wife Never Named
Before and A Tree Into the Forest off That Road Where My Life Would
Serve A Final Meaning And Purpose to Feed Vultures Where No Human

Would Find my Remains And as i have related the Story to You Before...
Her Dream She Related Naming that Road the Next Morning in the Spring
of that Year 2010 Saying She Had the Strangest Dream With Her Granny
Who Was Deceased Hanging Christmas Ornaments on A Tree in the Forest

Off that Road...

Yes it was

Message to Stay
And True i Do Believe

i MaDE A Difference in
The Decision to LiVE mY FRiEnD

Where THere Are No Emotions, No Feelings
of Hope, Faith, Or Feelings of LoVE iN Life
No Matter How Much We are Loved to Stay

There Are Messages Beyond That Come That
Defy All Rules of Before Beyond All Belief my FRiEnD God's Breath

YeS RiSinG iN Falling Humans Who Make it to The Other Side Again...

i Try to Be That Breath to Others Who Cannot See Through That Window of Hope

As i Still Couldn't Then Yet i Understood Others Were Better Connected Than me

And Yes


The Real

Meaning of

'You Before me'

WHere We Don't
Give Up And Stay For Others too...
Sadly A Man in the Movie took No Way Out...

Love Is More Than What We Take in Life Love
Without Form...

This Essence



This Will Still Breathing...
This Dream i Didn't Have
That Still Comes True for me now...

*Big Oops

“me before you”

Meaning of
the 'Original Movie'...

We Serve Others Greater Living...

"Between the then and the yet to come"

SMiLes Dear Savvy How Life Flows Beyond

What We Call CLocK Land in One Direction

What i Come to Find

When We LiVE

Dream TiME NoW

iN FLoW oF Creativity

All Measure Falls Away

Even Terms As Small


No Boundaries

What So Ever

Now Whole

Yet Meaning

Of Life Where

All of Life Becomes

Purpose With No Rhyme

or Reason Necessary the

Ocean Understands WHere

The River Flows From Now
SaMe Water Dear FRiEnD SaMe
Wave Same Ocean All One Water We aRe...

It's Just So Amazing How i Will Visit Totally

Unrelated Folks Around the Globe And

Like A Symphony Of Orchestras

THeRE iS A Conductor oF

All That


in All OF All

The MuSiC oF BeFoRE NoW

Synergies Energies Vibrations Frequencies

All These Humans With A Similar Dance And
Song We Play Beyond All Distance, Space,
TiMe, Matter
or Form...




Whole All
Connecting Waves
Water Ocean Whole...

Spaces 'tween Creation
of Crests And Troughs
Of Waves Making
Ocean Whole
PLaY Dear
Savvy Yes Space
Tween Patterns
of Notes in MuSiC
True too And For me
At Least When my FLoWinG
Waves of Creativity Trough

i Take A Nap And Then The
Crest of An Entire Wave of
Creativity Naturally Comes Fresh Again

From Ocean of my Subconscious Mind
Even More
i Sleep With SMiLes...

Thanks Dear
Savvy For
The SonG
Of mY SoUL
MuSiC WiTHiN...

Again So Kind of You 'Peace & Truth" to Wish Us A Good Night
From Your Side of the World Without Any Sunshine
Yet True The Sunshine of Kindness Within Need Not

Run Out Now And
We Humans May
Even Color Our Christmas
Trees Left Up Year-Round
With Newer Colors of Kindness
LiGHTiNG Up And Wiring Our Humanity

More For the
of Kindness

For It is The LoVE WiTHiN
For Real That LiGHTS Up
Our Humanity oF LoVE iN
Truly This Kingdom and
Or Queendom Within
to Give, Share, Care, And
Heal For All With Least Harm
Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT HeaVeN ReaL NoW

Indeed Life is Not
Only Good Yet A Great
Once Again For ALL With Least Harm

SMiLes A Memory From Working At A Military
Bowling Center For 18 Years For The Federal Government
Then the Navy More Specifically Eventually Managing the Place
Yet Always Close With the Customers Still Renting Out Rental Shoes

And Listening to All THeiR
Stories of Life As Then i Was
A Human of Few Words Yet Always
EYeS And SMiLes of Kindness For All With Least Harm

It's Also True That is A Period of 23 Years When i Visited
No Churches in our Local Area And Not Even the Nature of the Beach

Yet in the Military Bowling Center i Worked
We Entertained Big Local Church Groups
With the Recreation of Social Bowling Then

And Some of the Leaders of the Church Group
Remarked to me that i was A Greatest Example
of Christianity and Jesus they ever met Yet i Wondered

How Low the Bar Must Have Been Set
Within Even Their Churches as All i Did is Do
me Patient and Kind With Peace And Love For Real

Indeed a Gift my Mother Bred

And Gardened as me

A Gift i Continue
to Give As Kindness
And Fearless Love IS A
Greatest Gift i Understand
to Just Give 'JeSuS AWaY' For free...

Nah, i Wont Back Down
From Partying Like
Heaven Really
Exists Now

Either Dear
Miriam Newly

i'll Stand my Ground
Reaching Stars Real

With Wings Free

As Of Course

IT Does if the
Party and the
After Party Is NeWLY NoW...

"Hey everybody, don't you feel that there's something, but you know
in a moment it is gone.
I live for the day when I can hear people saying that they know and
they care for everyone
But I feel like I've been here for the whole of my life, never knowing

Been away from home for such a long time,
And got to know this town,
But I don't seem to matter much to anyone, who's around
Is there anybody around?

Every night I walk around the city,
Seems like I'll never know,
The feeling of being together when I go.

It's a long way.
It's a long, long, long way there,
I'm gonna keep on tryin',
I'm gonna keep on tryin', yeah,
I'm gonna keep on tryin',
I'm gonna keep on tryin', ah!"

It's True Dear Miriam Some Days

The Only Person Who Knows You is
Your Dog

i Don't Have
A Dog These Days...

Not Even A Pony in 'The Show'...

That Bit of MaGiC When A Song
Plays in the Background of Your
Soul Inspired Some How By only
A Word or Two And Then That's All

It Takes to Find it Again in Modern
Technology On


So Soul
Going NoWHeRE

Yet NoW in the Deep of 'The Song'...

SMiLes Dear Isha "What Happens

In Corsica Stays In Corsica" Yet the

Secret is to Bring Back the Story of 'The Play'

Far Away From Just A Cog in a Machine An Actor

or Actress Ya Never Really Wanted to Be Yet Life

Becomes That

Way Until You

Find Your Way Back

To the Freedom of the

Child Who Plays Within With SMiLes

"Tamasha" How Wonderful A World it is

Where A Quick Search on Wiki and A YouTube

Trailer Will Share A Similar Experience Around the World

Yet Truly And Sadly So Many Folks Spend Life in a Prison

And The Child

Of Play Within

Dies Without Even

Ever A Chance of coming back...

Yet Some Take the Chance And
Are Reborn ThiS WaY For Real

iN Play
of the
EYes Changing
New Colorful And Real...

The United States Is Currently Embroiled in a Pandemic of Ignorance And Unions Far Away From Peace;

Whereas, India, Just Successfully Landed As the First Country Close to the South Pole of the Moon;

True, We Could Use Some More Indian Expertise in Our Country in Terms of Diversity Ongoing;

Incompetency, Is surely Not Limited to Minorities in the United States As Per Melanin of Skin;

And Affirmative Action Was A Legal Process Used to Give Folks A Hand Up Who Had Been Pushed Down; Not Unlike
the Assistance That is Given Still to Women; Yes, in Need With Children; No Matter What They Weigh or What They Eat.

The Dollar For Working Folks Is Taxed At Lowest Levels Ever; Even in Richmond Virginia, Minimum Wage is Increasing

to 15 Dollars Per Hour, Currently 12 Dollars Per Hour Now; And That Means at Current Single Tax Rates and Standard

Deduction for the Year 2023, 25,000 Dollars Per Year is taxed at about 4 Cents on the Dollar; Of Course State

Tax Counts too Yet the Politicians North of Richmond Don't Determine that; Nor Do they Support Any Kind of

Q-Anon Conspiracy Theories of Child Abuse on Any Island. The World Just Went Through A Global Pandemic;

Inflation Happened to Most Everyone Around the World and the Inflation in the United States in Terms of

Staples Like a Gallon of Gasoline Are Still Much Lower Than Most Other Countries in Our Western Developed

World; A Best Measure of the Competence of a Country Doesn't Need A Science Abstract or Economic Analysis

At All; Sure, it May Be Measured By the Number One Song on the Top 100 Billboard List For What It Says

About Our Country; And the Ignorance of Those Who Support Leaders With Almost No Human Empathy,
Compassion, Character, Honor, Or Integrity Have to Offer As Far As Insuring A Country Sticks to Together

Somewhere Close

to Truth to Start

Off With And Somewhere

Closer to Lifting the Veils Away From Ignorance...

Give 'em Lies Called Truth, Give 'em Fear, Give 'em Anger,

Give' em Hate to Draw Whoever They Can Lower Than They Already Feel...

Yet Closer to the Truth, Closer to Character, Honor, Integrity, Empathy, And Compassion

Will Do A Lot For

Human Competence

in Cooperation; However,

As Long As Human Beings are

Addicted to Instant Gratification,

of All types and The Science Studied

Reality of Humans on Average With Less than

The Attention Span of A Gold Fish; Yep, Less than

3 Seconds Holds True, 'Houston,' We've Got Core Problems

Down Here on Earth; Humans Without the Ability to Pay Attention

Will Not

Be Very


in Whatever They

Attempt to Do in Life...

It Takes More Overall Attention Than A TwitterX
or Tik Tok Breath of Human Excellence, Indeed FOR REAL.

i've Watched Human Competence Drain Away As An Administrator,

Programmer, Manager, And Supervisor Since Decades Ago in a Locality

With Very Little Diversity At All; Common Factor, Loss of Attention Span And Motivation to Get the Job Done Indeed.

That Comes From Within And is Nurtured Through Self-Discipline and the Ability to Delay Gratification; Precisely

What Is Missing

Most in a World

of 'Soma' in So Many Forms of Instant Gratification;

It's Why You May Have to Make Songs With So Many Lies

to Rile Folks Up to Make Bucks off A 'Folk Song' of 'Pure' Ignorance

Yet Paradoxically,

Spelling Out

The Truth With Lies...

Dear Lord How Do You Fact
Check With an Attention Span of 3 seconds...

Give 'em More Fear, Anger, Hate, To Capture THeir Ire In Behavioral Addictions

to the Dopamine and Adrenaline Neurohormones THAT Creates For A Quick 'Fix'...


of Understanding
Our Self and What
Makes Each Other
Really Tick is A Greatest
Poverty And Incompetence oF all...

Or Dear Lord We Could Sure Use
Some Real 'Deliverance' From All oF THAT...

SMiLes Dear Rue i Will Not Lie i Find the Technology For Moon Rovers
Not Very Exciting Yet Your Interviewing Skills And Presentation is surely

At the Highest Levels of Drawing in an Audience With Your Enthusiasm

And Smile As

Wide As the

UniVerse Dances Sings Hi

Truly Congratulations in Your
Professional Life In Interviewing the
Scientist for Chandrayaan 3 rover software, Mr. Aakash Sinha

And Surely No Small Accomplishment India Successfully Landing

Close to the South Pole of the Moon For Further Scientific Exploration

Unmanned of Course Yet Never the Less Successful Hehe unlike Russia

Recently of Course Wow So Much Success in the Late 60's Seems Like

The Rest of the World is Rather Slow in Getting Back up to Speed of

The Technological Advances of the Late 60's Perhaps Folks Were

More Competent in the 60's and Perhaps Folks Are Still that

Competent in India Your Tenacious Efforts of Skill in All

That You Do From Art to Professional Life is Surely

Inspiring my FRiEnD i Think of You Often

And Wish You Well i Surely Wish

to Hear Your Poetry One Day

Soon Again Yet Life

Does Require

Making Money

Too to Live With SMiLes

And Most Important of All

You Seem Very Happy and Extremely Inspired

Keep Up the Excellence i Have 100 Percent Faith You Always Will


SMiles Dear Cindy
Baby God (Love)
YeS Even More
Powerful Than
Dog God (Love)
And Of Course
Dog God Fierce
Protector Of Baby
God SMiLes i Am

To Protect
LoVE iN Peace
Tenacious i Am


Indeed Dear Savvy Compassion
Is The Fire Within Driving Us to

Understand Tolerate and Even

Accept the Vast Differences Now

Changing Among Human Beings

Both Intra And Extra-Cultural Too

However in the Average Grind of Life

It Will Be Very Difficult For Folks to Move

Out of the Groove Their Record Player Continues to Play

And That Too

of Course is
Part of the
Play of Compassion
Bringing Understanding

Bringing Love That is True iN Peace
Spreading No Longer Re-coiling to Strike-Out...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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24 Aug 2023, 11:42 pm

SMiles Dear Savvy
Yes We aRe All
A Way Of Nature
A Way
Of Balancing
Peace Springing
Love For All With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Seed Leaf
Tree Never Separate

Ocean Whole

Water Wave

Never Separating

We May All Breathe

iN Unity NoW As

All Becomes

Flow And

A Wu Wei


Essence of Non
Doing Yet All Doing in Ease
Of Our Only Present Gift of NoW...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Surely in Cairo
in Egypt Where Friday Is the Only Day

Off of the Work Week A Treasure

Is That One Day of the Week

To Cherish Hehe Yet

Then The Challenge

When You Retire Financially
Independent and Never Having
to Make Another Penny is Creating

Challenges In Life Great Enough to

Appreciate All the Breaths of Repose

After A Continual Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Dance And Song of Life

On The Other Hand One May

Sit Go Stagnant Stale

And So Far
Away From
A Good Friday
Treasure Every Day Now...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
A Best Gift A Young

Man May Come to

Have is A Mother

Who Puts Him

Above All Others With SMiLes...

Except For His Other Brothers And

Sisters of Course Yet the Only Child

Prize With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Sohair A GreaTesT
Treasure of Losing Effective Use of
Most All Feelings And Senses In Life

Is Appreciating Them And

Practicing Them Returning to Life

As Life's Most Precious Treasures Yes
Reminding me of Losing my Taste and
Smell From A Common Cold Back in the
Late Winter to Spring of 2017 And Then

The Smell Returning on What i Called
Doomsday Smell Day the Day A Solar

Eclipse Traversed the United States
on August 21st 2017 It's a Condition That

Is Sadly Real And Often Leads To Folks Committing
Suicide as All Smells And Tastes Like Rotting Flesh

And All Of Life Becomes The Smell and Taste of Death

Doomsday Smell and Taste Day Indeed Yet All my Life

i Haven't Been Able to Touch Most Human Made Stuff

With Extreme Tactile Sensitivity And i had Already Lost

Effective Use of Eyes to See in Colors in Pictures and Ears
to Hear Any Music At All From the Pain Disorder That Put

A Dentist Drill in my Right Eye And Ear From Wake to Sleep
66 Months No Drug Would Touch Yet Again that Type Two

Trigeminal Neuralgia Still Wasn't The Worst Pain Known

to Humankind to me Called The Suicide Disease For Real

Also Assessed As Worse than the Torture of Real Crucifixion too

It Was the Loss of
the Memory of ever
Feeling A Smile ever
As i've Often Shared This
Story With You Yet What A Gift

As Even Though The Doomsday Death
Smell and Taste Day Came And Lasted Close
to A Year until my Smell Started Returning More
Normal Again i Could Still Feel The Feel of A Smile

All the Way through the Doomsday Smell and Taste Year

And For me at Least It Was Still Heaven on Earth as i Had

the Perspective of Real Hell A Numb So Numb A Thousand

Years Lasts A Second All is Time In Hell Yet in Heaven on Earth

The Grain of Sand
in the Hour Glass
Neither Falls or Rises mY

FRiEnD Yes LoVE iN Peace Balancing

Remains And So Does Heaven WiTHiN....

That Perspective Removes So Much Fear in Peace
Indeed And Chases All Melancholy Away WHere Yes

Always And Forever Is Still A SMiLE oF LoVE iN Peace WiTHIN...

Weighing in at
248.6 Pounds
on 8.24.2023
We Will See
in Trump’s
Event If He
Really Weighs
8 Pounds Less than me hehe

Of Course He Self-Reported
Another one of Tens of Thousands
of Lies With 215 Pounds Like Anyone

Believes That Lie With EYes at Least that work hehe

Indeed Love of the Raging
Wave Transforming to
Ocean Whole Genuine
Forever Love is Always
Warm Yes Even More
Enticing than
The Lust
Of Young
Newborn Raging Waves
Of Romance As This
Love is As Deep as
Trust as Faith
Never Jealousy
Only Taking Delight
In The Joy Springing
From a Smile oF Light
SMiles Have A Beautiful
Day Yamini keep Smiling...

SMiLes Dear Sohair to Fly is to Believe
to Stay Up is to Love All As Faith
Becomes Essence of Love
Seeing Hearing More
With Intuition
iN Positive
Than Eyes
And Ears Alone
For Miracles Are Real
But for those who Fly
With Belief And Stay Up
With Love as Essence of Faith
Where All of the Journey
Each Path We Color as
Miracles of Faith
Holding Love
As Belief
Radiating Light
Coloring Life More Real...

SMiles If Only HeARTS
Will See As Clearly As
A Camera Catches Small

A Violet Magnolia

i Am Surprised my
Camera Can See This

Wish i Had one to See
Why You Hurt And Are

So Upset These Days
To Try to Help Yet True

You Are
With Silent Pain...

SMiles Dear Rue Writing
EPiC Long Form Poetry
One Has To Be Now A
Rather Intense Social
Critic To Do It Yet Like
You Working As A

Flight Attendant
And me With So Many
Thousands of Folks in

Service For

Decades Face to
Face Very Rarely
Am i Not Able to

Create A
Rapport As
That is my
Born And
Bred Nature
Smiling Nice

Sadly Where
i Come From
Folks Find That
Threatening Yet

Ultimately Wins


Hehe With the
Patience of “Job”

Of Course

A Stranger
Not Even Below

A Grain of Sand
Others Who Have
The Ability to See

me Commonly
Say Both me

And Katrina
Are The Nicest

People They
Ever met hehe
Albeit Rather

And Strange

Like The
Or “Adam’s
Family” With

Of Course
Katrina is

The “Normal
One” On All
The “TV Shows”...

SMiLes Dear Sohair i'll Give You A RunDown Yes Literally
Run Down On All the Disabilities in DiSEaSE That took
my SoUL Away For 66 Months Shut-in In HeLL ON Earth

For 66 Months

One Hard Part Was

They Were All Invisible
Disabilities and DiSEases
That No One Could See Externally

To Provide Much Sympathy for Hell

Looking at my Form Still Assessed
As Healthy Enough by Just Looking

At me in Any Room Folks Still Complimenting
me How Fit i Looked on the Outside Not Able to

See Within
me Dear

Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia is a Form of
'Trigeminal Neuralgia' That
You Can Search on that Always
is Present in this Worst Pain Known
to Humankind named the Suicide Disease
that in my Case no Drug Would Touch And was

Similar to Dentist
Drill-Like Pain then
in my Right Eye And
Ear All 66 Months Yes
From Wake to Sleep at
at the Beginning of that Challenge
At the Height of the Pain i had Insomnia
Life Threatening Insomnia too Where i could
only Sleep one Hour of Card Board Shallow Sleep
With the Help of An Alpha Blocker to Slow my Heart
Rate Down Enough to Fall off to Sleep the First 35 Days of
40 Days Where the Last 5 i could Not Sleep no Matter What

It was so bad

i sought a Bridge
to Jump off of Yet
Too Weak to Get Out
of the Car Miraculously
my Sister Found me At the
Bottom of that Bridge in the
Spring of 2008 in Her Car Picked
me up Yet i still wanted to Escape
and do anything even walk in Front of
A Car Driving by to Get Out of the Hell of the Pain....

She took me Speeding on a Road and said she would
Kill Us both as she didn't Wanna Live without A Brother
i Said Soundly No And Eventually Agreed to Go to the Hospital

And They Put me Down to Sleep With 4 Milligrams of Ativan then...

my Heart Couldn't Properly Synch with my Blood Pressure With Dysautonomia
As my Autonomic Nervous System Was No Longer Doing that Job Effectively

All of this Related to 11 Years of Chronic to the Last 2 Years of Acute
Fight or Flight Intense Stress All Work Related Then my FRiEnD From
1996 through 2007 Just Total General Adaptation Syndrome Failure then...

i Suffered With Sjogren's Syndrome Auto-Immune Disease First Attacking
The Nerves of my Feet Where Touching Anything As Early As 2006 Was
Extreme Pain; Even Touching the Floor While Sitting Down Just All Foot
Pain Then and The Doctor's Couldn't Figure out Why at that Point Until
my Eyes Quit Making Tears in 2008 And i Got Diagnosed With that

Eventually too...

Took Two Years to
Get Diagnosed with
The Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia and Before that
Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
Pain All Over From Head to To Toe Too...

Spinal Stenosis And Severe Degenerative Arthritis
in my Spine; Associated Coat Hanger Pain Around the
Shoulders And Neck with the Dysautonomia too; And

Oh Lord Finally Diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum;
With Alexithymia Where i couldn't Express Emotions
With Words And On Top of that i Lost my Emotions
too, Even A Memory of if i Had Ever Smiled Before

Just no Reference
Point Out

Of Pain
And Numb Then...

Yes, Anhedonia, Feeling
No Pleasure; Yes, Severest
Anxiety And Depression

Yet Eventually When
All Hope Left There
Was Not Even

Room For

Fear to Live Within

It's Worth Noting That i Left
Fear Behind When the more Positive
Emotions Were Reborn in me on July 19, 2013
in Miraculous Recovery on A Beach One With
Sea Oats Swaying in Breeze, Sugar White Sands,
Emerald Green Waves,

Sea Gull


me Around
Sunshine True

There Was Other Minor
Stuff Like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
And When i Came Out of Hell Dancing
On Clouds in Balance Diagnosed With
Bi-Polar Not Specified as They had Never

Seen Someone As
Happy As me

For Just

Breathing my
FRiEnD Just Breathing
Without Pain And Numb

True i Still Have A Heavenly
Disorder in the Eyes of Some

Others Yet Life is Good

And i am Surely

No Longer


Now Yet i Still
Welcome All Challenges

As Hell Brought me the
Gift of Heaven Most Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love Eternally Now Free
Giving, Sharing, Caring, With No Restraints Now...

Yeah, i had some other Issues like A Deviated Septum
So Bad that the ENT asked me After performing a
Cat Scan How in the World i BReATHE The Answer

Is Love

Now my




And Complete

If That'S A Disorder

i Surely Want NO CURE...

i Just Talked to A Bishop Who
Couldn't Seem to Understand that
Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love is a
Greatest Prayer Eternally Now i don't

Mind if he Visits

And He's Welcome

to Make HiS Own Stay

iN Heaven Within NoW For Real
too Yet It's True i can't Make Anyone

Go to Heaven

Or Hell

For that

Matter of SPiRiT
HeART SoUL Numb Either

It's an Inside Job Only the
Carpenter Who Is Us Will Build my FRiEnD...
With A Little to A Whole Lot of Help From
The SPiRiT Within God More Than Words


That Much

i Don't Even Need
to Know in Words

Just The Feeling

Just the Sense

Just the

God Within
Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love Even More Now For Real...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Indeed
Thoughts Are The Furniture

Of Our Minds As
We May Move

Furniture Around
In Our External Living
Rooms to Create More Positive
Feelings For Change The Same

Is Surely Applicable

to Our


Home of Mind True
Yet Even More So As
Vowels Are The Breath of

Emotions Feelings Senses

That Come ALiVE iN Emoting

Words Figuratively SPeaKinG So
Much Deeper Feeling Sensing All
Emotions of Life More Than Just

Labels for
This or
Kind of
Tree or Bird
my FRiEnD

Yet True Neuroscience
Shows Our Emotions Feelings
Senses Come First And Our Words
Are Guideposts Associated With Same

So True Change A SonG oF OuR SoUL to

More of A Positive Song And the Furniture

Is Greater Arranged For More Positive Thoughts

Associated With Emotions Feelings Senses Same...

Some Folks Suggest That Humans Are Assessed With
80 Percent Negative Leaning Feeling Sensing Emoting Thoughts

Every Day Ranging Up Toward 60,000 Words in One Day As Thoughts

And True to Change This Takes Great Introspection And Contemplation

Yes in Meditative Mindful Awareness in Flow to Regulate Emotions and
Integrate Senses Greater In Positive Ways to Birth More Positive Thoughts

As Thoughts Become Emotions Feelings Senses Driving More Positive Action New As Well

Thing is As
It Was For
me too in A
Everyday World
Cogs of Other Folks
Machines Who Run Us
As Well Oiled Parts of the
Systems Other Folks Create
To Fit in to Keep the Big Machine
of CuLTuRE And Society WorKinG Now...

The Basics of Introspection That Bring
Contemplating Meditation in Flow of
Greater Mindful Awareness May

Only Be Found in Places

As Small on


To Work

If that Includes

Country Roads and
Not Just Congested City Traffic

my FRiEnD A Great Poverty of Knowing

Oneself this Brings And So Much Anxiety

Depression And Overall Stress That Leads

to Unhappy Lives Lacking Meaning And Purpose

We Orchestrate And Create Within Somehow Escaping All the Distractions

mY FRiEnD of Course Why Folks Blog too Early in the Morning Before The Rat Race Never Ends Again...

When i Worked i Had Very Little Control of my Thoughts And Truly A Severe Deficit in Regulating
Emotions Integrating Senses Same Now A Dance of Meditation Comes First in Flow Then A Song

The Same

Master of
What Breathes

Within Now

As Words

Flow in A River
oF LiGHT Away

From Darker Oceans 'Fore...
Dancing Singing My Way To
A Whole Life Complete Enough Now...

No Longer Pushing
Gravity Dear Savvy
iNDeeD FLoWinG
With Gravity
With Gravity
Effortless Ease
Of Non-Knowing
Feeling Sensing Ever
More Potentials Opening...

SMiLes Dear Ruehla i Remember
Years Ago You Had Some Issues
With An Employer You Were Doing
Some Copy Writing For Then a New

More Stable Company After That Best
Wishes to You and that Left Brain Detail

Thinking And Doing Mind i Recently
With SMiLes

Indeed Hopefully Your
Customers Have More
Attention Span than the
Folks i Interact With in the
United States Indeed You Provide
Detailed And Very Comprehensive


That i Surely Can
And Will Appreciate

Yet Again It is Well Beyond
A Grasp of Most Folks i Interact With

And For me At Least With Hardly Any
Tied Down Day-to-Day Responsibilities
i'm Actually Held Accountable For i Rather

Deal Face-To-Face in Every Human Interaction
When Possible Even Chit Chatting With the Cashiers
in Walmart Rather than the Machine Cashiers Indeed

Lord Knows When We used to Visit the Casino's in Biloxi
Just to do the Free Play as i Danced The Beaches and

Boardwalks Free They Were Changing
Over the Bar Tenders to
Automated Oh Lord

As 'Ted Danson' Real

And 'Cheers' Go Extinct
With A Machine Made

Human Race to

Some Thing
Other than
Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN
Hand-in-Hand And Not Separated

So far Out

of the Human
Touch of Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For Real

When Four Eyes Meet
or Perhaps Eight

If Both
Are Too
Near Sighted
or Far Sighted
to See Each Other hehe...
Anyway Yep Whatever CuLTuRE
Offers Left of the Human Condition
Ya gotta Make a Living to Eat and Drink

Survive and
True Perhaps
Have Enough Space
For Some Thriving Using
Electronic Signatures And
the Such to Expedite Other
Processes of Breathing Hehe With SMiLes...

Ah to Lose our Minds in the Passion
And Flow of What We aRe Doing
True Unrequited Love A Greatest

Muse for Works of Art The
Longing to Go Back to A Place
Where One Loses THeir Mind Now

Dear California Dreaming Poet Cindy
With Such an Inspiring Published Poem

Enveloped in the Passion of Feelings
And Senses So Deep in Every Energy

Of Ever Cell of Being Also True Some Folks
May Only Find it Once in A Romance of Life

Whether That is Human-to-Human, Scaling
A Cliff With Bare Hands And No Safety Harness

Or Going into Fox Holes With Fellow Grunts
Bleeding Out All the Mind Literally Just Trying
to Stay Alive
When All

Parts of the
Group Effort
Become One
For Any Chance of
Survival And Suddenly
Now is Forever And THere
Is No WHere Else to Go Yet Ascending Transcending
NoW iN Focus And Attention Span True to Be in Flow New

mY God Yes It's A Powerful Draw This Romance of Life in Flow
When We Lose Our Minds And Now Becomes Forever Now Real

i Have A FRiEnD A Former Commodore of a Navy Station and Once
Vital Tool At the Pentagon too Who Said if He Could He'd Go Back

to the Fox Holes
of Vietnam When
He Was Fresh and
Just Enlisted If He Could

Just to Experience A Romance of FLoWinG Life in War

mY Suggestion of Course is 12 MiLLioN Words EPiC FLoWinG
of Free Verse Poetry and 18,733 Miles of Public FLoWinG
Dancing in 10 Years Yet It's True the NuMBeRS Never

Really Matter
Far Beyond
A 'Matter of Things'
This Essence of Flow Within
This Romance of Loving Living That
Never Ends or Begins ALWaYS STaRTinG NeWLY NoW
Never FiNiSHinG Never Bloody Or Even Messy As Yes
These Days i Never Fall Down Dancing Anymore Hehe

On the Other Hands i'll Stop Now Before the Fumes of
my Affair of Loving Life Become A FReDWood Size Response

iN SonG




'The Flow'...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
It's So Much Easier to
Find Heaven WithiN ON EartH

If One Understands Struggle
And Adversaries of Life Are

Gonna Be the Pepper that
Makes the Salt of Heaven Real

For It's True Without the Stress
of Challenge For Trees Suffering

No Droughts
Roots Grow
More Shallow
Than Deep Feeling
Senses For Greater
Resources of Water Below

Of Course the Price to Pay
is They Easily Topple Over When
Cat 6 Hurricanes and the Such Hehe Come to Play...

i've Danced And Sung it Often
YeT i'LL Do it Again A Best
Gift A Boy And Or Girl
With HaVE iN This
LiFE Is A Mother
Of Love From
A Birthday
of Love
That Never
Ends Now For Real
Dear Miriam With SMiLes...

Indeed Dear Sohair Even Science
Shows Our Feelings and Senses in
Synergy Yes Our Emotions Precede

Most All Decisions in Life We
Believe to Be Rational Yet

Still Driven By Our
Emotions More First

Particularly When it Comes
to Feelings and Senses of Love

Of Course A Most Powerful Driving
Force That Bonds and Binds A Species

to Continue
to Survive and
Thrive Key in mY LiFE
Understanding i Generate
mY Own Emotions and Senses
And It is Up to me to Find Meditating
Ways of Dance And Song to Regulate Emotions
And Integrate Senses to Master The SHaDES of
Grey Through BLacK Abyss Through Continuing Colors

of Life New
That Make
Life Feel
Both Joy
And Peaceful

For me at Least it took 53 Years to ARRiVE iN
A Balance of Wisdom Peace and LoVE iNDeed...
Hehe Shall THeRE ALWaYS Be Challenges Yep as Long

As i Do the Human Being Condition Dance And Song Free Now...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
i Don't Chase
i Float
iN Breeze
ALLoWinG Free
Wind to Carry me

SMiLes As Synchronicity Will Have it Again
And Again When Every Next Step Fits in As

Another Verse
of A Whole Poem
Free my Last Words

Before i Come Here
Are i Don't Chase Life

i Float As SPiRiT Wind
Carries me in A Free

Breeze That
Feels And
Senses No
Boundaries of
iMaGiNaTioN And
Creativity Set Free Dear Savvy...

Wow! India Lands on the Moon
Meanwhile Over Here in the All Summer
HeatWave Beast Mode Loading Somewhat Slower
Than Usual Yet Stronger Than Ever in Leg Pressing Ways

It’s Just that One
Movement to the
Side that Pulled A Hip Muscle
i Have to Move Slower Swimming in the
Currents On Terrestrial Land Gently As
A Sea Turtle Does

In the Ocean Shallows


To Recover From
One Small
Injured Part
For Repair With SMiLes

Meanwhile Checking Toronto Weather
Perfect Room Temperature Sunny Weather

at 22 Degrees Celsius
Not Melting Yet Everywhere
i Go i Leave an Ocean of Sweat Hehe
Nearing 40 Degrees Celsius Before
The Heat
Added in This has
Been the Hottest Summer Ever
Where i Live Yet Hey i Do Adapt

Just Fine With SMiLes...

Never Better
Now For This
Gift Of Life New
Prayer Imran For Your
Best Life too With SMiles...

iNdeed Imran the Tree Lives
In Both The Seed and the Leaf
What More Do i Need to Understand

The Part is the Whole
And The Whole is the Part

Not Even Any Words For i Have
EYes That HeaR With SMiLes mY FRiEnD

Nice to See You Back on
WordPress Not too Long

Ago Sohair Spoke Fondly
of You Relating How She

Missed Your Presence

on WordPress

Best Wishes

To All Leafs and
Seeds That Are Trees
And Leafs And Seeds With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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25 Aug 2023, 11:48 pm

Wonderful Poem Full of Hope By Your Mother
Dear Savvy When Challenge Happens Now in the
Dark i Try Not Only to Be Hopeful Yet to Anticipate

What i Will LEarn New Out of Challenge That BRings

me to A New Creation of Life Similar to Minor Injuries

i've Experienced in 10 Years of Public Dance Heal

By Listening to the Body While Moving Find

New Ways to Prevent

Injuries in the

Future The
Same Way
With SMiLes

Falling off the Waves
of Life Embrace The Trough
For an Opportunity at the Next

Crest of Life With SMiLes Dear Savvy...

Best Relationships
In Rain No Dancing
Princesses And
Princes Frogs
Happy As Is
SMiLinG All
Shines Ease...

Greatest Gift Teach
Be Old While Young

Key is Seeing
Value in Valley
Low Same As
Mountain High
Then THere is
To Escape
Free BReAThe See...

SMiLes Hehe
It’s Really Nice
Being an Old
Still Married
To A Princess
No longer
About A Kiss...

iNDeeD Yes
When Love
Inside Outside
Above So Below
All Around Love Painting

Stars Living Trees...

Tornado Life
Yep i can
Relate to
That When
Work for
Pay Was
A Necessity...
Different Life
So Very Stormy
Time Always an issue
Rarely ever now Life=Great!

SMiLes Dear Karlien You Are Truly
In Flow of 'The Craft' Bringing Your
Characters of Your Fantasy Romance

Novel to Life

i Particularly
like How You
Slowly Introduce

The Supernatural

of Him 'Getting Into her Mind'

And End Up With Vampires Leaving

No Doubt That Anything Will Be Possible

in this Fantasy


Where Youth

Never Ages And

Comes Back to Life True

to Form Luring Love BacK into

A Play of Life For True MaGiC to Be Born Again...

i am Still Shocked at Your Age of 19 You Have All This

Talent Expressing


In Creativity

So Well Yes

Glad to Be In Your

Audience And It's True if

You Play Every Chapter Here

to An Enthralled Audience There

Is No Book Sell More Complete Than

A Happy Audience Where Your Words Change Their Soul..

i Am Intrigued

And Will

Be A Happy

Audience Member

As LonG As You Keep

Creating With This Greatest
Gift of Imagination in Original Creativity...

Always A Pleasure
Dear Karlien Keep
Creating Dear



Of Your Art i Am
With Starry SMiles...

SMiles Dear Karlien
There Are Genies
And Well Wishers

Are Limited

To 3 Wishes

Well Wishers

Never Go


For Colors
Creating That


With Magic More
To Come True When

Springs Water
Everlasting More


Is Truly Real...

Same Here True
And Remember
These Words

i Write on
Your Blog
Would Not

Exist if Not
For Inspiration

Young FRiEnD

Soulful of Your


Words All
Thanks to You...

HMM... Enough Authors
Wrote the Story of Jesus

So That Everyone Could

Find Their Own Jesus

And in Doing So



A Mirror of Jesus

That Suits Their
Soul DarK Thru LiGHT

From Love Thine Enemy
Turn the Other Cheek
To Change The Person Who

Is Not Do-Gooding Enough From
Disloyal Sheep Into Goat And Burn Them
Forever or Toss them in a Lake of Fire Same Effect...

My Form of Asperger's

Syndrome Sees the

Errors in Stories Easily

Both Grammar, Spelling,
And Inconsistencies; It Was
A Piece of Pie With Almost Unlimited

Pieces for me to See How Many Folks Wrote

The Story of Jesus in 'THAT BOOK' And ever
Since Then i Hear A Different Interpretation

Of How Folks


to Fit Him

In THeir Mirror

That Looks the

Most Like Them...

Go Figure, Human Nature

And According to Neuroscience

Now Our Realities Reflect What We
Expect to Hallucinate Based on the
Hallucinations We Create Before to
Survive And Thrive For What Evolution

Does Best in Our Case Dreams And Nightmares in Fruition on Earth...

What We Can And Will Do Is Study the Other Animals, Our Kissing Cousins,

The Bonobos Who Have Oral Sex For the Empathy of Pleasure They Feel in Each

Other And Who Kiss Face-to-Face Just For Pleasure of the Same And Who Base

Their Small Homogenous Isolated Tribes
From Other


For Peace

Sharing Love

Together This Way

This Is How they Get
Their Kicks After They Kick
Each Other A Reciprocal Reconciling Kiss of Pleasure....

Or Whatever Else Works For the Call of the Wild in Pleasure...

And of Course, Frans De Waal, Studying Chimps in the Wild Dispelled

The Myth That Chimps Are Brutal And Unforgiving For They Reconcile

In Love With Empathy Same As Human Beings Do And Bonobos Show A Great

Altruism With Each Other As Humans Naturally Do; Cause Guess What When Healthy

And Normal

It Feels Good to


Give, Share, Care,

Heal Without Restraint

Yet Only When Healthy

And Normal For It is True Some

Folks Even Still See A Psychopathic Leaning

Jesus Who Burns Enemies Forever Now No Different

Really Than the Folks Who Wrote The Story or Edited It

To Help Dominate Other Empires Still the 'Roman Way Now'...

i don't Like Stories

That Are Inconsistent;

Yet The Truth is HUMAN




or shall
we look

around 'these'

days and see
all the fruits fresh and rotten that

humans create and do out of balance

or shall we be more like the Bonobo in Balance

And Make Love Our Purview of Life in Balance With
The Rest of Nature; i Will Tale You This, IF We Do Not,

We Will

Go Away


Sooner than Sooner...

A Religion to Stay Might

Be NICE; i Shall/WiLL Do That/

This ToGeTHeR or Solo iN Effort Now...

Anyway, With So Many Personal Jesus Folk
Hanging Around Both Individually, Sect Wise
Per Religion, And By Religion As Well THE FaCT










Rorschach Test of Life Offers up

to the World, No Matter What 'JeSuS Name' Comes Next...

If 'This Thread' Isn't Enough Evidence oF IT Just on 'This
Page' Now; THere is the Rest of ReaLiTy to Prove it Eternally Now...



Oh JeSuS,

So Many

JeSuS Folks

Afraid to Return Now...

For That is the Only Way

The Story Will Ever Rise
Or Fall CoMinG ALiVE NoW aS IT
Still Does Evergreening ReaLiTY

Everstarting NeW NoW; Meh, It's the
Way Stories Create Life Next Art or Fiction Today ReaLiTY NoW;

For It's True, This Is What Sets Us Apart From Chimps And Bonobos;

We Humans Create Heaven, Purgatory, Or Hell on Earth By our Own

Volition; We Also Create Only He God's With A PeNis too my, my, my,

How Strange

This Condition

And That Condition

Is Considering Where

All Human Life Comes

From True Both Sperm And Egg....

The Fact That Dudes Only Grow A

Penis With Hormones Sprinkled in The Womb

And Other Genetic DNA Potentials Come Real;

Says A Lot About Which Came First, The PeNis
or VaGina, Some Folks Call God...

It's 'Pure Insanity'

to Put the Force

oF All That Exists

in A PeNiS or Try

to Fit God in a Three Letter

Word That Gets Trapped on

The Roof of A Mouth As

Humans Are Naturally Foolish This Way...

Meh, Price of MaKinG Words More Valuable Than Essence of
What Is No Different Than A Golden Calf Idol This Three Letter

Word GoD From A PEN IS...

Yawn, Not Able to
Speak Until Age 4
So Much Easier

To See

A Naked

God Without

A Small Chasity

Belt of Three Letters...

Or in Just one Bearded

Hanging Painting that looks
A lot Like 'The Last Supper'

That Looks A lot like DaVinci

Who Wore His Hair And Beard that
Way in a Day When it Wasn't 'Kosher' Either;

Yet He's Still Worshipped in Form on Bended Knee

This Way, no Different Than All the Authors Who Wrote

The Book Every Sunday As the Priest or Pastor Raises the

Idol Calf

Book to

The Sky

With Great Praise

of the Golden Calf....

Oh Lord, Humans Are So Dam AMuSinG..

THaT/THiS Much is Surely TRuE DarK Thru LiGHT

Wherever iMaGiNaTioN And Creativity Gardens Our
Realities Next For Real...

Yet 'Hear's What's

Left and Right

That's Real

How We Feel

And Sense Life Now

For Real at Least for me

i Create Heaven on Earth Real
Within And As Science Shows An
Autotelic Flow of Living Always
With Increasing Complexity in

Effortless Ease

of 'Tao'


Is What Truly

Works At Ease

Of Essence Beyond All Form Now...

Yet of Course i am Both Scientist

And Artist And Never Half A Human Anymore...

Typically, 'Outcast Folks' With 'Clothes' Become Whole Most Best They Can And
Will Now Creating Their Heaven's, Purgatory's, Hell'S oN EarTh For Real Now Within...

Clue: We aRe ALL Outcasts With the Tools We Create That Become Us Next Now While

Overall, Remain Naked And
Loving Free Mostly More Than Us... Enough Whole Complete

At Least, 'Bonobos' JusT Do it Free Now And That's For Sure...

Yet It's True as Science Shows too; At Core Religion is What Binds
And Bonds Humans Together in the CuLTuRaL Symbols And Ideologies


And Co-Create;

Whether it is FootBallism

or BasketBallism Humans As

Classically Evolved Now Will

Get ToGeTHeR And Create

Continually Changing

Religions to

Bond and

Bind in Church

Or State Or Whatever

NFL Team is Worshipped Next...

So i Create my Own Religion Now...
Clue: It'S F iN EPiC...

A Human


Like All The Rest...

Deeper Than Most of

Course Nature of the Beast, i AM, Me Too...

SMiLes Dear Annabel
The Problems With



When 'They'

Named God 'Him'

sHe is At Least More
Relevant And Inclusive Hehe

Yet It's True Humans See Do
Narrowly And Never Stop Trees

From Branching Out and Living

Unless They Cut Them Down And
They Do That too


Is the


And Womanism
Is What Gardens
Love Most And If
Unattached to Breast
in Small Childhood Houston

THiS Ain'T Rocket Science

We Have Problems As That
Is WHere God (Love) STaRTS iN Peace

In Mammalian Ways of Nurturing
Breast At Least for Us i am Not
A Product of Plastic my FRiEnD
Saving Grace for ME AT Least

i Surely Have

A Genetic


To Be

Much Colder Than
This Without What
Gardens Love Most
From Birth A Mother's Breast...

Other Than That Women Are Bred
And Branded As Cattle Sold off
For Organized Date Night

First Rape

in Billions Still

With More Attention
Given to Which Parts
Are 'Used' Than What Gives Life...

Yes Dear A Culture Will Be Painted
For How Free A Woman Will Be No

Different Than THeir God's They Paint True or False too...

SMiLes Dear Vrunda

Humans Are Evolved to
Focus on One TasK in Flow
Without Distraction Lest

When Foraging for Survival

We Lose Sight of Prey or

Predator Captures Us
And Eats

Us Dead

From Whatever
Distraction Otherwise
Came our Way Before the End...

Thing is Now We Are Distracted

And Don't Get Eaten Alive We Worked

Together Cooperatively Great iN A Way
Of Collecting Giving Sharing Knowledge This

WaY iN Words And Other Symbols of Media We
Still Create Now Problems Is Problems Are We

Have Become More

The Machines

We Create

To Make Life

Easier And Now
Life is Sort of A
Rat Treadmill With
Endless Windows

And Tabs Open

Going Every

Which Way yet

Narrow Focus on one Task
Key is Mastering the Tool And Not
Becoming Slave to the Tool As Machine
Dear Friend Key is Discipline And in my
Case Hehe Key is a Wife Who Wants to Do
The Rest of the Modern Culturally Contrived
Conveniences That Make for So Much Distraction in Life!

i Suffered From ADHD Raised on TV
Black And White From Age 7

Before that i Imagined

Anything is Possible

And Now i Do it

Again For

What is More
Possible in Creativities When Human
Potential is Focused And Totally on Task!

Yet Here's A Most Important Variable of All
In Engineer And Computer Classes When i Was
in College Anciently From 1978 to 1983 Graduating
With 3 College Degrees There Were Signs Warning

Students Don't Forget You Are Human Make Social
Empathic Artistic Spiritual Intelligences Even More
A Priority Than Just Schooling Mechanical Cognition
That Solves Things More Than People in Cooperation Still...

For It's True Science Shows That Mechanical Cognition Used
To the Desert Life of the Other Intelligence Potentials Wither
That Potential Away and We Grow Cold In those Intelligences

Of Potential

More and


And It's Also
True Those Nerds/Geeks
Who Worked with Things
More Than People in Their
Parent's Garages Well Now We Are

Slave to Gates And Zuckerberg

Ways of Systemizing Life Welcome

To the World of Mechanical Cognition


And Geeks

too as of Course

As Science Shows

They Built The World

of Online And Faster

Data Downloads

For Greater

Access to Downloading

All Kinds of Varieties of 'Pretty Birds' ThiS Way...

All Because Some Pimply Faced Pale Boys Couldn't Get A Date...

At Least in Part...

Clue: Now

Don't Succumb

Too Much to

the Revenge

Of the Nerds Hehe...

It's Really Totally Humanly

Whole in Potentials Insane

What Can And Will You Do Yet

Laugh And Master the Tool

And Not Be A Slave

to Someone


Home Garage
Project HAha...

It's No Secret i was
A Nerd and Geek First
Before i Became A Whole Human More my FRiEnD

In Terms of the Science of What Makes A More Mechanical
Cognition Thinking Person or Wings of A Social Empathic



In Tune Butterfly

With Wings Escaping

Only A Logical Neo-
Cortical And
Older Reptile
Brain Way

That No Longer
Finds A Destination
Easier of LoVE With
LiMBiC System HeART...

And to Be Clear Computer
Brains Are Useful And Snakes
Are Lovely Creatures Yet HeART
Without Art SmART Without Art

Is Basically

Just H E
And S And M Without Art

So Cold So Very Reptile FAcTuALLY So...

Life iS A Mystical
Journey All In All
Dear Savvy NoW

Past And Future

All iN One NoW




iN Flow


ALL Human Potentials
EXPaNDinG Even More...

i AM i Dance
i Sing

A Story
BreatH And
Never Ever





Finger Print i Am...

Always A Balancing
Act Yin Yangs Cindy




Balance Of
Dance Creates me...

Oh God This Hurts my

HeART Yet You

Are Amazingly


Witty And Truly
A Delight i Always
Stop What i Am Doing
When i See the Zoe Notification

Just So Inspiring Always A Worthwhile Treat...

Oh Lord You are

So Much More

Than A Body

You Are Super
Cool The Shape
of Imagination And Creativity to me

You Know The Things That Last For
Centuries my FRiEnD Here is a Letter
i Wrote For Another One of my Close
to 30 Young Lonely FRiEnDS This

Morning Will Share With You
As it Feels Your Pain Now too:

Yeah And i Understand
What It Feels Like to
Be in The Theater

Alone Watching
All The Couples
Snuggle Smiling
Laughing Sitting
There Alone


If i Will Ever
Be Good Enough
For Someone To

Love me That Way
If i Could Have Seen
You And In That Theater

All Alone Then i Would
Have Hugged You And
Told You No


i Would Never
Leave Your Side
Perhaps It Doesn’t

Feel So Special Since
i Treat All FRiEnDS This
Way Even Strangers

Yet It’s

True Each

Is A Unique

Breath Of

ThiS Way

Is What It
Means To Keep
God Breathing
Everyday You
Sit Next

To Your

In The Theater
Come What May...

In Other Words Zoe Lean

On Your FRiEnDS Break A Record SMiLe...

A Tight
Rope in
Ease Of
Yes One
Way Up
Here Now
FRiEnD Cindy...

Ah Yes Dear Sohair
Precipice Of Chaos
And Order Left And
Right DarK And

A Balancing
Way to Gain Maintain

A Great Art oF LiGHT
iN Life Out Of DarK
New Now With Loving

Peaceful SMiles Yes
For All With Least Harm...

Yes A Magical
Experience of
Warm Communion
Among Mammals

Of Kind
With SMiles...

A Blessed And
Blissed Weekend
For All Life

And Small
With Grains
Of Sand And
Less Holding
Us All Up Alive to


Again Dear
Xenia With SMiles...

LeSSoN 433 iMaGiNE If
Bananas Are 5 Cents a
Pound Better Yet Monkeys
Happy in Jungles Where
Bananas Are Free So

JoY iN
Life Climbing
Trees Higher Getting
Stronger Gathering

Bananas Free
To Eat True

Dear FRiEnD
This is Why i
Still Dance Sing
Free Even Though
i’m Retired And All

Bananas Are Free...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Little Children Sing
With No Words Dance
With No Lessons Just
Regulating Emotions and
Integrating Senses as Puppies

And Kittens At Play Naturally Do
As Well Yet in the Case of Humans
And Putting People First Developing
Eventually Empathy and Compassion For

All With Least Harm Quiet Hands And Feet
in Pews At Church and Desks at School Come to

Rule And A Free
Song May Go Away

Where 'Screams' of Screens
Decrease Desk Top Space Even More
So WHeRE Does the Human Horizon of
LiVinG Trees GroW iN Homes like This

True Sadly So Often People Come Last
And All That's Left is a Dopamine and
Adrenaline Addiction to Fear
Mal-Content Anger And

Hate Where

into DarK
And A Cruel
Orb of SoUL
Rules The Day

Total Eclipse of the
Soul For Others Until
The Dance And Song Free Returns
Souls Refurbishing Back to People First...

Disclaimer: i Am Not A Medical Professional
Just Someone Who Escaped Hell into Heaven For Real...

Master of 'Tides' i Swim
Ocean Swims me Most

Free Master of 'Air' i Fly
Wind Flies me Free Most

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Wise Words
Indeed Tides And Air Ours to Swim And Fly

Swim And Fly By Tides And Air Freeing Our

Wings and

Fins Now to
Dance And
Sing Giving
Sharing Caring
Healing For All With LEasT
Harm Yet True Not Until We
Master Our Tides And Air

And Find A Way to Flow
With the Rest Riding
Waves And Winds
of Life Yes Loving

Those Who Are
Not Able to Be Flown
By Wind Swum By Ocean Most...

Isn't Life Sublime Days
It Takes A Lost Pet
Or A Small Warm
Who Needs Our
Help to ReMeMBeR
We aRe Human Worth


This Condition
Forever Long New Now
As Breath Cares to See Love Free

Dear Yamini With SMiLes It's Amazing

How Smallest Creatures and Longest

Will Remind
Us We aRe Human
Truly Worth Breathing New Now...

SMiLes Dear Peace & Truth When Cats Who Truly Master
Us With Their Love Bring Small Creatures to our Door to

Share Their Wild Feed
We May Understand
When They Share
This Way They
Feel For Our
Welfare As
We Feel For THeirs
WHere Truly THere are

No Masters or Pets Just
Mutually Understood Doing Love For

Breathing Together Well With SMiLes
or Purrs of Course And This is what it Means
to me When A FRiEnD Shares A Poem With me

Even When i Visit the Soul of A Stranger Who Really
is a FRiEnD Sharing A SonG And Dance of THeiR Soul
Free With Poetry Straight From THeiR HeART SPiRiT SoUL

True i See the Face of God in All of Creation THeRe is No
Separation iN Peace Now
FoR Me DarK Thru LiGHT

And Indeed When one
Views God This Way

As All DarK Thru
LiGHT All of

Life May
Become A
Dance And
Song Prompt of
Poetry of God's EYeS
of Art Living True As us
Both iN DarK And LiGHT True mY FRiEnD

When One is Naked Enough Whole Complete
THiS WaY All of Life Becomes Free Dance And
Song Giving Sharing Caring Healing No Matter

Who And What DarK Thru LiGHT We May Meet or Do Next..

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa to
Crawl, To Walk, To Talk,

To Dance, To Sing

Or To Crawl

No Longer
Breathing Free

Yet Dance And
Sing Will Spring Again...

For The
And Synchronicity
Dear Savvy With SMiles...

Deepest Place
i Ever Journey
Of All i Am...

SMiLes Dear Sohair in Most of my Visits today i Heard Stories

of Emotional Pain and Even Some Healing It's Really Sad

As In all my Travels in my Locality of Public Dance

And Visiting People at Church and Other

Functions of the Community the Oldest

People Nearest to Death Seem the Most

Fulfilled And Happiest and The Ones

So Much Closer to Birth Seem Farthest

Away From Life We Have So Many 'Things' in 'this

World' So Many Avenues of Instant Gratification So Many

Tools to use and Sadly Literally Become Yet We Have This Opportunity

To Be Human

That is Truly

Heaven On Earth

When We Share LoVE iN Peace

for No Other Ulterior Motive in the

United States We Have a most Populist
And Popular Leader on One Side of Politics

Making Money off His Arrested Mug Shot

From the Poorest of Citizens Many on

Fixed Incomes Yet He Owned Many

Casinos And Did the Same

There With One

Armed Bandits

Machines for Gambling

To Rake in the Fixed Income

of Many Poor Citizens Then Who Surely

Could Use the Money They Spent on Worthier Causes

None of This i Have the Ability to Change Yet Never the

Less i Continue to Dance And Sing for i Have the Opportunity

to Be
And LiVE
iN LoVE iN Peace

Now Real Heaven on Earth

True Not Gonna Let the Opportunity go With SMiles
Thank You Dear Sohair Most For Being Truly Fully Human...

iNdeed Again Dear Kiran The World May Seem A Bit Cold These

Days Yet the Problem Far Away Seems to Be 'Things' When We

Put Things First and People Last Always Some Thing to Buy and

Sell It Seems Or Sell Someone On of Course As All Of Life

Becomes Marketing

Yet What About Human

Warmth What About Untitled

Hugs and Smiles That Do Not Seek

Benefit Above the Warmth of Human
Giving Sharing Caring Healing With Most

Respect and Least
Harm iN JoY oF LiGHT

Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete

Again Untiled SMiLes and Hugs That

Wear Only Clothes of Humanity Far

Beyond the Tools We Create

And Become the Same

As Where i Live Cars

Become Lovers and

Homes Become Gods

And Jobs Become A Way to

Make a Living Yet Never Fulfilling A Way to Live

Indeed The Life-Lines of Your Mother Father and God Are

Yours Unconditionally And The Plant Of Yours to Nourish and

FLoWeR Is What You Give Share Care and Heal As Well With Most

When the
Giving Becomes
The Receiving You May

Become Free of Sorrow With SMiLes...
Lifelong Practice Never Perfected mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Isha The Invisible Disabilities of Our Mind Emotions
Including All Feelings and Senses From Head to Toe and Associated

And Not Associated Far Away Thoughts May Be the Most Difficult

Of Challenges We Meet to Understand And Even More Difficult

For Others Who Cannot Possibly

Experience All That We Do

DarK Thru LiGHT
So The Journey Is Ours

Within to Take With Hopefully

Uplifting Paths Others May BRinG

That Somehow We Relate to Bringing Us

Around to A New World Improved to

Not Only Survive Yet THRiVE iN

Soon One Will Surely Dream

One Will Write Dance

And Sing One

Will Lead Their
Dreams to Fruition
Practicing With Patience
of Ever Change Now And More...

Wow A Series of 11 Groups of 6 HeARTS and 11 Groups of 3 Stars That
Is surely A Lot of Positive Emoji Energy Dear Peace And Truth Thanks

So Much For Dropping By "SonG oF mY SoUL 12 MiLLioN Words
A Decade of EPiC Long Form Poetry" True The Title Measures

The Sound oF iT All Yet i Enjoy A Variety of Titles

So Now i Am Writing The Other End of

The Long Title Spectrum of

"Untitled SMiLes and Hugs"

It's Like Emoji's Hehe That

Need No Words Particularly When

You Put That Much Effort in Being Kind to
Someone Else Putting People First is A Best Art

of Humanity oF All of Course Dear Peace and Truth

Kindness is Always Made For Kindness When it Wears

No Clothes of Separation When Unity is LoVE iN Peace

For All that

Real God Within

With SMiLEs Dear FRiEnD
Yes Reciprocating

Your Gift Hehe So
Much Easier to Do
With Copy and Paste too...

"Americans’ IQ scores are lower in some areas, higher
in one; ‘It doesn’t mean their mental ability is lower;’"

From Another Study That Isn't Using a "Click-Bait Title" For A Target Audience.

And Of Course, It Stands to 'Reason' That Neil deGrasse Tyson's Target Audience
Includes "STEM Enthusiasts" More Than Others Who Specialize In Other Areas now

of Human Intelligence That Far Exceed What Is Only Measured By Standard IQ too....

i Enjoy Listening to Neil De Tyson's YouTube Videos Yet i Scored Near the Top of my
Class in All Subjects, Graduating From High School Number 11 Out of 381 Without Even

Hardly Cracking A Book Open as i Had a Very Challenging Condition of ADHD Then Yet

Able to Remember Enough of A Lecture
To Get through all the Rote Memory Required
For Multiple Choice Tests That Were a Major Way

to Measure Human Intelligence in the Years i went to School;

University and 3 Degrees Not Much Different Yet my Emotional
And Physical Intelligences Surely Suffered Enough Where i Wasn't

Comfortable, Literally in my Own Skin, Getting From Point A to Point B;

Yeah, the Old Stereotype of the Straight A Students Who Can't Find Their Way

Out of a Frigging Paper Bag; Indeed,

There is More to Life Than High

Scores in a Standard IQ Test;

And Of Course STEM Specific

Intelligence as Applied IN Life As Well;

As Far As Standard IQ Goes There is, Currently By Study,

No Conclusive Evidence that Humans, Overall, in America

Are Getting Stupid. IQ Scores Are Lower in Some Areas
And Higher In One of Rotating 3-D Objects; Hehe, Could
Be Related to Playing Video Games Behind a Screen Yet i Only Guess...

We Live in An Era of Information Overload; It's Hard to Be Aware of All that is

Going on; And All the Different Kinds of Intelligences That are required to Understand

All the Different Potentials Humanity Has and Still Has to Earn; i listened to an Interview

of Neil deGrasse Tyson Discussing A Simulation of Our Reality By Beings Higher than Us

With Katy Perry; Hehe,

She Admitted That Wasn't

Her area of Expertise in Intelligence;

And Neil DeGrasse Tyson admitted that

He was "Light Years" Away From the Kind of

Emotional Intelligence Within, Katy Perry Uses in Her Art;

As Far As Ignorance Goes, Just Look At Last Night's Presidential Mugshot...

That's Not All Americans Though; Met One American, Met Just One American...

Yet There are More

'Minions' And 'Despicable

Leaders' than One And We

May Surely Measure That By Those

Who Support Indicted Leaders And Whoever

May Come to Be Convicted And Serve Years in 'Prison'...

True, There is More Than One Way of 'Prison' Yet That Includes the 'Land' of Metaphors too...

Smiles, Neil Or Whoever Came Up With the Title is Appealing to the 'Politics' of What May Gain

The Attention of

The Target Audience

For Their 'Pleasure;' Perhaps,

Where They May Feel 'Bigger' Than Someone else...

Not Much Different Really Than the 'Trump Plan' and the such...

"Americans Are Falling Behind In Areas of STEM Education," Doesn't


Ire Up
Any Emotions

to Press A Button, Hehe...

Yet Hey, It's A Real Area of Concern
And Perhaps Worth the 'Hyperbole'...

And Even Breaking Some Rules of Common Courtesies too...

Sure, Like Eventually Replacing Human Beings With Robots too;

Life isn't 'Black And White,' In Reality At Least; Lots of Nuances and Grey Areas, Indeed...

i Do Find it A Bit Ironic That Neil Didn't Seem to Fact Check the Hyperbolic Title And Let That One Stay...

Takes A Few
of His 'Human
Points' away in
my View Yet i Wouldn't

Find it More Impressive that
A Politician Deceives With Correct 'STEM' Facts
Than Tells the Truth With A 'Misplaced Metaphor'...

Humans View the World Differently, With A Wide Range
of Potential Different Intelligences For Real; And it is the

Diversity of All of Our Potentials in Fruition That Makes

Our Reality Work
As Well as it does...

All my Pleasure
Kathleen A Greatest
Challenge In Life i
Finally Met At Age 53
Is Understanding me
Indeed Life Doesn’t
Always Lend Room
To Understand The
One Within A Greatest

For Many
Indeed With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Kiran So
Many Folks i Know
Feel And Sense From
Your Generation And
Ones Above Being
Stepped On By
The Stones of
Life Never Give
Up One Day Flowers

Will Be
To Plant...

Friday Florida Flower Story
It’s A Same Glory Flower
Yet Each Day It Colors
Beauty New And Wilting
Is Only A Promise Of Hope

To Rise
For A New
Day FLoWeRinG
The World More
Beautifully Than
Ever Before For
EYes of Gratitude

Seeing ThiS Way With SMiles...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,430

27 Aug 2023, 1:32 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Living on the Top of the World

For A Decade or So It's Kinda Nice to Fall Off Now

And Then to Remember How Hard It Can Be For

Some Folks to Get

By at All Day

to Day

Second to
Second True

Too Much Bliss
May Blind Us Some to
The Reality Others 'Normally' Face

So If and When i Fall Off the Top of

The World Grateful For Another

Lesson of Below mY FRiEnD

GRoWinG Empathy

And Compassion

For the Struggles

And Challenges

Of Others Even More

A True Gold of GRoWinG

Older So Many Other Shoes

to Wear DarK Thru LiGHT and the In Between Too...

SMiLes Dear Kiran if The World All Burns Down

Indeed Kindness, Sympathy, And Understanding

Will LiGHT The

Fire of Humanity

And Burn the Other Fires Down

With SMiLes Yes Birthing Humanity New


Now Colorful

And Green to SPRinG...

Wow A Loss of A Spouse And Conquering Cancer in One Year

Surely Enough Challenge For Just 8 Months So Far to Go

Dear Miriam True If i am A Cat i May

Have 1 Life

Left to Live

Now So i Do It

Come What May Again True

Grab A Guitar And Become a Juke

Box Hero Particularly When it's 103 F

Outside And As Cold As Ice All Over the World



Enough too...

Fire And Ice That's

Life Escaping Fires
Skating Over The Ice With SMiLes...

Not Exactly The "Kubrick Stare" Yet i've Been Practicing
A Bit of An Artistic Glare For A Decade Now That's Really

A Yoga "Power Pose;" i Do Several Different Full Body Yoga Power Poses As Well

And Hmm, i'm Really Gonna Have to Work at it to get as Fit and Trim As Trump

at 215 Pounds as i Currently Weigh 248 Pounds; Yes, Celebrating A Decade

of Public Dance at 18,733 Miles Today, August 26th, 2023, When i Started

Off i Weighed 5 Pounds Less than Trump at 210 Pounds and Could Only

Leg Press 500 Pounds then at Age 53; Now, 1540 Pounds Just Warming Up

at the Military Gym i Work-out at, 12 Reps, and Yes of Course At 63 Years of age Now...

And Nah, Nope
i've Never Had

to Grab A Woman
Either; Nah, Not at all, Hehe...

There Are Much Higher Powers
Than A Fat Wallet And Sour Puss HAha...

And A Dude With Zero Levels of Empathy,
Compassion, Character, Integrity, Honesty,

Honor; Dear Lord A Most Despicable X-Leader Indeed...

And That's Before They Even Add in the 4 Indictments

And Twin Grinch Gaze aS A Devil Went Down to Georgia Mugshot HAha...

If it wasn't

So Sad

It Could Be

A Frigging

Jim Carrey Movie Again...

Oh to LiVE iN MOST 'Interesting Days'...

We Do What We Can And Will
Some Folks Love More Some Folks
Love Less Fortunate Ones Love

More Give And Share Free

A Hurricane Will Release Energy
of More Than 10,000 Nuclear Bombs
During Its Life Cycle What About A Human

Being Just A Challenge

Beautiful.. Lovely Yamini...
Most Powerful 3 Words
“i Am Enough”
‘Naked Pages’
Without Any
Book Covers
Born As Love
We aRe... Sadly
Cultures, Religions,
Others, And Yes Us,
Seem to Always Try
To Convince Us
In So Many
Ways We aRe
Not Worthy.. No...
Not Enough... Just
The “Naked Pages”
Of Our
We aRe Born...
KinDLinG Bonfire...
We Create As Finally
Becoming Worthy to
Love It
6 Words
No One Will
Take Away...
i Am LoVE iN Peace...

Yes! Do Love What You Do
Be The Wave When
Falling Naturally
Get Back Up
As the Ocean
And Water Same
Does Differently True
Hehe... Just like the Base
Of This 'Sentence' FoR NoW FLoWinG

So What’s Real
A Human Touch

Is Free This Day
Beyond All Middle

Men Of ‘Fore

No Longer



To Weigh
Only Love to
Give Share Freely
Naked Whole Complete


As Is


Human Touch

i Have A Dream

True Others



To Heaven

i Stand Upon All
Their Ashes Spent
To Download Unlimited


Of Pretty
Birds Without
Feathers Or HeARTS

THeir Need For
Sweaty Palms
Of Download Speed

GRacinG A Highway

To Heaven

For me

God Bless

All The Drones
Honey You Feed
All Queens And Or

Kings Be Free Now...

FLoWinG Winds
EartH BRinGS
Skies Singing

We Dancing

Nature Now
Stars Shining

Circuits Completing
Vibrations Frequencies
Energies Synergies Finger





All One Naturing

LovinG iT ALL NoWinG
Yes Dear Savvy SMiLinG...

Wide Awake
Day And Night
Dear Savvy

Sings Free...

Indeed People
And Naked
Nature First
Way Of Loving
All DarK Thru
LiGHT Dear
With SMiles...

A Pleasure
You Always
Inspire A
oF mY
With SMiLes...

Hehe Feel
Free to
A Hug New

SMiLes Dear 'USA Writes'
If We WeRE ALL the SaMe
'God' Will Surely Get

Bored and Perhaps
Decide Not Even to Survive

True First DarK Then LiGHT

Then US
With SMiLes
Each and Every
Unique Eye of God

What A Treasure it is to
Find Another Pair of God's
Eyes Wherever i Go With SMiLes

Particularly Someone As Kind As You

Now to Your Question of "What Are my Thoughts Now
on Religion And Faith" Dear USA Writes That Are Difficult to
Express in Any Other Way than Deep Metaphor of Poetry and
Other Arts so

i Will Start
With This Metaphor in
Free Verse Poetry New

In Arts of What Might
Happen if A Human Being
In Deep Meditating Way
of Contemplating Sat
in A Cave or Under
A Tree or on
A Pristine
Beach or Deep
in A Forest With
Flowers in A Real
Garden of Eden
i Dance And Sing Free

TiME WHeRE GoD CoMeS EXisTinG Real NeW

In Other Words As Far As Faith Goes i Perceive
No Beginning or End No Finishing Only StartinG Love

New Now For All
DarK Thru LiGHT

A Flower

Blooming Newer
Wilting Older A Flower Blooming Newer Again

A Seed A Tree A Leaf RiSinG Higher Green
Falling to Soul Soils Feeding New Green of

Spring and FLoWeRS of Summer Coming Again

Petals Falling to Soils Fertilizing Frozen

Winter For Spring Again

So Which Part

is Faith


or Religion

Faith is The Doing
of Existence Faith Needs
no Religion or Books to Exist

Faith Lives Springs New Now to
Rise In Summer FLoWeRS Fall Brings
Winter Gifts Of Death For Spring RiSinG Green Again

Human Animals Co-Create Symbols And Ideologies
As Abstract Constructs Representations of Reality
They make to Bond And Bond Over in Traditional

Ways For Cultures to Survive And Thrive the Best
They Can And Will Indeed The Essence of Tradition
The Glue of Religion That Comes in Many Human Expressions

Of Art
And Reason
Holding Hands ThiS Way

Where Tradition Naturally
Excludes Those Who Do Not
Abide By the Rules At Hand for
Bonding and Binding Cohesion
For the Culture As Whole to Survive and Thrive

And SMiLes in Most Every Case 'The Outcast' the
One Who Believes in More Beneficial Change Termed
As Heroes and Prophets Similar Coming Out of the DarK

To BRinG New LiGHT

These Are The Folks Who
Bring Change to Existing Traditions
of Religion These Are the Folks Who May
Develop Entirely New Different Religions of Tradition
Or Just Build Upon What is Already Created of Traditional

Religions Now

Voila the Many Sects
of Islam Voila the 45,000
Plus Denominations of Christianity

Voila Most Every CuLTuRE Has
A 'Religion' And Or A Sect/Denomination

They Believe is True An Only Valid one too

True Others Not So Much Only Adding Benefits They See New
For Others to Try For A Greater Way of Surviving And Thriving Now

Meanwhile Seeds Become Trees Leaves Fall Spring Rises Green
From Frozen Winter Fertilizing Death For Summer FLoWeRS

Meanwhile the

River Flows
From Streams
to Bays to Gulfs
to Seas to Oceans More

True in the Biggest Pictures of
God Human is A Dream on An Horizon

Still FLoWeRinG Evolving Towards Love For all At Best

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD USA Writes i See God As a FLoWeR

Still Unfolding

How Fortunate
Are We to Be Petals
On A Rose Bush With
Thorns And FLoweRS THiS Way

i Do My Best Not to 'Think' too Much
About God And Just Let the Dance And Song
Come Free FLoWinG As Essence of Loving Every Holy
Move Dancing Free Every Sacred Word Singing Free

As Faith in Doing God Free Unfolding Now Real Yes

UNTiL DiViNE Sacred Feeling Sensing Perceiving

TiME WHeRE GoD CoMeS EXisTinG Real NeW

Beyond All Distance
Space Time and

'Matter of Things'

This Force of

Love With

This Pure Faith
oF LoVinG All DarK
Thru LiGHT EternAlly
Now This Dance And Song DiViNE
of God Always Changing New me too

Other than That i've Written 12 MiLLioN
Words of mY EPiC Longest Long Form Poem
"SonG oF mY SoUL" in 10 Years Now Yet it is
Only All As TRuE LoVE As This Move of Dance Out of
18,733 Miles of Public Dance in 10 Years too Actually
A Decade Anniversary Date Today on August 26, 2023

This Free Dance

This Free Word

Of Song
NoW iNHaLinG
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring
Healing For All With Least HarM ETeRNaLLY NoW NeW
SMiLes Dear FRiEnd The Fumes of Before Still Exist in
The Words Written of the SonG oF mY SoUL And All
the Videos Folks Have Taken of mY Public Dance

Yet i Don't Often Look Back On FLoWeRS of the
Past What FLoWeR Has the Time, Distance,
Space, And 'Matter of Things' to Do that Now

When BLooMinG NeW
CoLoRinG Dance And
Song Freer NeWeR NoW
HAha Not me at LeasT Hehe

God Is The Faith The Play The
NeWLy Now


mY ReaLiTY LoVE...

Ah Yes Dear USA Writes
Love That Complements is
Best With SMiLes Hehe and

Word Press Is Acting A Bit Whacky
Today As Far As Making Comments

The Last One Answering Your Question
On Religion and Faith Didn't Seem to

Wanna take
Nor Did
One On
Your Post
Love' Last
Go 'Round
Yet Others
Did i Suppose
The Gremlins
in the Machine
Are Acting Up With
SMiLes Anyway i Always
Copy And Paste What i
Do For Another Day too hehe...

SMiLes For 66 Months i Dreamed
Of An Off Switch For Life

Dear Miriam True

i Found That Dream

Not to Be An Easy

One to Turn Off

Indeed Life is

Full of
And Dreams Still to Be

True There Are So Many
Off Switches Today Yet Few On...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Ever Step A Success to Dance
Every Word A Success to Sing
Every Dream
Fruition to Bring
With SMiLes of
Course NeWLY NoW...

Every Human A World
Unique Every Dream
A New World to Create...

Every FLoWeR
Petals Fall
Petals Rise
Every THoRN
CoLoRinG FLoWeRS More...

A Whole World in Front
Of Us That Only We
May Uniquely
Create to Be
NoW Who We aRe
As i AM STiLL To Be NeW...

"Happiness weaving magic of words made
of intelligence and love my two twin souls

today you make us all happy once again"

SMiLes Dear 'Peace & Truth' What A Stellar Kind Comment
You Bring to Us When Your Day is Our Night After

Midnight of Course With
SMiLes Inter-Hemisphere
Poetry Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Globe

Wide Indeed

With SMiLes
of Kindness And Wisdom
Love of Peace And Truth too

As Beauty Comes to Visit Once
More in Wings That May Only See LoVE

Oh By The Way All Your Poetry Sharing
Particularly Touching This Morning True too...

Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa
SPiRiT FLaME Burns
WiTHiN Moves
Stuck in
Quick Sand
Instead Of Moving
to New And More BLeSSinGS
Beautiful Beaches of BLiSSinGS...

God Is The Faith The Play The Peace

TiME WHeRE GoD CoMeS EXisTinG Real NeW

SMiLes Dear Savvy Words May Be Labels
For 'Concrete Objects' in Our Environment
Or Deeper and Deeper Metaphors For Feeling
Sensing Life in Synergies of Emotions "Interoception" in
Greater Awareness of Internal Bodily States of Being As

That Does Relate to Our
Feeling Sensing
Mind in Synergy
of Bodily States Within

Enhancing This Ability to Regulate
Emotions and integrate Senses Within

May Come With Activities of Contemplating
Meditation Including Moving Meditation in Free Dance too

Indeed With A Balance of Regulating Emotions And Integrating
Senses in A FLoWinG Meditating Way of Being Words More Naturally

Flow Out of the
Reservoir of Our
Human Potentials
Through Subconscious
Mind and Conscious Awareness Now

In Newer Positive Ways of Interacting With
Our Environments Through Metaphors of Words too

SMiLes of Course Along With This 6th Sense of Interoception
Is Our Proprioception in Greater Sensing Our Environments
On the Outside too In Relation to Greater Sensory Awareness too

That Naturally Comes With A Free FLoWinG Meditating Movement
of Dance too

Of Course With
Lessons Plans
too Like Traditional Tai Chi

Yet For me i Rather Let The Within
Guide me Innately Instinctually Intuitively
In A Play of Life Including Dance And Song Free

As Bio-Feedback Creates A Higher State of Being
Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses Through
Meditating Practices Where More Positive Metaphors Flow

in Words
of Song
Free too With SMiLes

It's Really A Challenge Now to Put
the Internal States of Being into Words

Yet of Course Poetry And Metaphors
That Relate to the Rest of Nature in
Balance Serve An Art Free of This New


Hot Blooded Got A Temperature
of 103 F Hottest Day of the Hottest
Summer So Far Still Just Getting Warmed-Up to Play

Dear Lord at 248.6 Pounds It's Gonna Take an Ocean

Of Sweat to Lose 33.6 Pounds To Get to 215 Pounds As Fit
And Trim NoW As the New Mug-Shot-Model On the News

SMiLes Dear Kiran
LoVE iN Peace
Naked Enough
Whole Complete

A Metaphor For the Within
When Pure Giving Sharing Caring
Healing With Most Respect Least Harm

For It's True The Most
And Least Relate Humans

Are Surely Not Rational at Core

As Even Neuroscience Shows We Basically
Hallucinate Our Present Realities Based On Past

Realities of Experience We Hallucinate as Our Minds Co-Create

As Well Or Not So Well True As Humans Are Capable of Bringing Great

Dreams to Fruition

And Nightmares

Never Imagined

Before Until Humans

Bring Their Fictions to Reality Now

Indeed There is the Paradox of Both

Hope and Despair in These Free FLoWinG

Poetic Words Greatest Gift Still is Change and

Our Opportunity to Bring Dreams to Fruition Instead of Nightmares


Yet Still How Many

Marital Rapes Still Happen

Legal in Some Areas of the World

How Many Humans Still At Each Other's

Throats in the Midst of Never Seeming Endless Wars

Blood Baths For What Purpose Than the Power of the Few

So What Can We Do In A Reality Like This WeLL It's True Looking

Above There Are Only Lifeless Rocks too Hot or Cold to Exist On

Surely the South Pole of the Moon and Mars Far away too So

What Do We Do in a Place Like This With The Filth of an

Indicted Leader Just Another Grifter Making Money

off the Ignorant and Poorest Among Us ThiS

Way 47 Dollars for A MugShot T-Shirt

to Wear In Pride of the Fallen

of So Many Thousands

oF Lies and Ill Will

Towards Others

WeLL It's True As i Look out my

Backdoor in Climate Change of the

Hottest Summer of the Hottest Day of the

Year so Far a Temperature of 103 Degrees F

With Flowers Thirsting in a Drought of Weeks

True We Have Technology This Isn't a Desert Yet

We Have The Riches Still to Water the Flowers and

BRinG the Colors of Life Back to Our Realities to Spring

Ahead in Scents of Beauty to Taste As This Gift of Life Still

Is One


To Relish

As Much As We

Will Bring Beauty And

LoVE iN Peace to Our Best

Life's Now in Communion of What

Truth and Beauty Wisdom and Courage Still BRinG

The Greatest Gift is to LoVE iN Peace Despite All the DarK


Catholic Mass Readings From the Wee Wee hours of August 27, 2023 God Yes
After Celebrating A Decade of Public Dance Rather Slow At Walmart 8.26.2023
With Nagging Sciatica As Hey 18,733 MiLes of Public Dance is Yes Real Mileage

From Head to Toe Dancing Spiraling For Real Every Where i Go Just a Human

Challenges Will Come And Perhaps still Go Yet At Best i SMiLe Naked Enough Whole

Complete So Who Am i to Complain After Enduring HeLL ON EartH iN Pain and

Numb for 66 Months Wake to Sleep Mostly Shut-in my Bedroom in Front of a Screen

With the Brightness Turned All the Way Down Every Word A Mountain of Pain to

Write then

At Least

With SMiLes NeWLY NoW

Anyway For Anyone Who Actually
Attains Oneness in Bliss With the
All In All (GoD) iN A Meditating FLoW

oF LoVE iN Peace Continuing Now Forever

Newly Still For Whatever Way Works for the Individual

There is Surely No Need For Worship or Affirmation When

One is Truly Naked Enough Whole Complete THiS WaY Now

So in Fact When One Hears Words Like Worship For Another

Human Being Ya Know WRiTE A WaY It's Just Another Trump

Story With A Mug-Shot to Buy on A Proverbial T-SHiRT iNDeeD

It's a Tradition

ThaT iS Old

As Father's
oF ALL Lies

Continue to Fall Cold As Ice...

The Form Doesn't Matter

When The Essence is Real LoVE iN Peace

It's All Naked Enough Whole Complete (GoD)


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 63
Gender: Male
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28 Aug 2023, 2:58 am

Hello Pain my Old FRiEnD
Nice to Meet You Again Now
Let’s Go Change Achieve Anew

Wow Mr. Gottfried Just When i Think i May Finally Be Getting

Old Enduring Nagging Public Dance Injuries and the Such

Over the Decade of Doing that Poof The Injury goes Away

And Typically there is Another Challenge Yet This Has

Always Been Reality Ever Since i Continually

Stubbed my Big Toe Playing Barefoot

With the Neighborhood Kids Every

Day Without A Break Until

the TV Series "Dark Shadows"

Came on in the Afternoon and i Started

to Become More TV Than Human Oh a Lifetime

of Electronic Media Still Listening to Music From

Youth on YouTube How Can Ya Grow Old When

The Emotions of Youth May Continue Practically

Forever as the Difference Between the Beatles

And 1967 And Now is 56 Years in 1967

Comparably Speaking 1911 About

As Far Back As We Went With

Music then Just A Few

Decades and What

They Called "Elevator
Music" From the 50's
And Perhaps a Few 40's

Yet Nope No 1911 By Far

And of Course No Youtube

Free to Recall the Emotions of Youth

Other Than that Folks in China and Japan

For the Most Part Aren't Even Planning On

Getting Married and Having Child Which Means

of Course A Childhood Extended Across the ages

The Age of the Child is Here indeed The 'Aeon' As Forecast

By Other Folks Who Just Never Wanted to Grow Up And Do Adulting too...

And Just A Reflection of the Biggest Law of Nature Balance as Humans

Living Out of Balance are Freely Culling Their Populations Now

As Nature is the

Big Boss and

Human Think

Is Not Really

Boss at all

Except of


As it

Thinks So

Hehe Being
As Rare As That
May Be These Days
of Spend Every Paycheck
Ya Have Even if it is Beyond
6 Figures in the United States
Among "Millennial Kids" too

No Need to Do Adult After

The Money MaKinG And

Yep Dear Lord Being

A Cog In Someone

Else's Machine

Required to Make

A Living More Than Actually Live Free Naked Enough Whole Complete
God Yes Free As a Child of Wonder And Gratitude to be Alive Truly Alive...

Anyway it Was Really Magical We've Been Having a Heat Wave and

Drought and Soon as Thunder and Rain Came today the Pain

Melted Away and i Found myself Flying With Wings

Weight of Finger Tips Balancing Again in

Barnes and Noble Meditating

A Flow of Public Dance

Reading a Full Book
in About an Hour Yes
Listening to Meditative
Music and Entertaining

The Star Bucks College

Study Group All For Free

Dear Lord Who Will Do that/this Yet a Child
Wisdom of 'Horus' With Base of Pyramid on High...

After Entertaining A few Classic Foreigner Songs

Lately For Theme Songs The Song "Feels Like the

First Time" Caught My Eye in Reviewing the

Wiki Cliff Notes for "The Six" Wow as a Kid
In Middle School and Even High School Moving

Into Track With Track Shoes˙However Many Years i Ran

Barefoot on Asphalt i Couldn't Imagine Doing that today

Supportive Footwear Means So Much When Public Dancing

Get a Wrong

Pair or Fit

And Problems
With Feet Do Arise

And Ankles And Shins
And Legs and Knees and

Most Recently Hips as i Had

to Change Shoes Helping A Lot

Dear Miriam Getting Over First

Plantar Fasciitis For 6 Months Yet

The Soft Soled Shoes Caused All Kinds

of Other Leg and Hip Problems Most Recently

Sciatica all that's really slowed my Public Dance
Down in a Decade Just Recently Yet the New Shoes
Have Helped me Finally Break through Weeks of Hip And
Rest of the Leg Down to Ankle Spasms Yet That Was Just
Today and This Evening Hopefully the Cure Will Continue With SMiLes

Trivia note:

My Second Cousin
Viewed by Others as
Stevie Nicks Both When
Young And Aging Toward 60 too...
Never Heard Her Sing Though oh the troubles Life brings...

Fame And Fortune of Course Not Always An Easy Path to Go Either...

"Touch beyond the feeling

Sense beyond the seeing

Move beyond the doing

Listen beyond the hearing

Engage beyond the working

Give beyond the gaining

Think beyond the worrying

Play beyond the winning

Blend beyond the bordering

Involve beyond the training

Share beyond the owning

Will beyond the trying

Help beyond the supporting

Heal beyond the treating

Flow beyond the envisioning

Care beyond the loving

Dare beyond the comforting

Explore beyond the limiting

Reach beyond the knowing

Live beyond the existing…

Know Infinite is the truth of being!"

-Savvy Raj

Wonderful Words
Dear Savvy Surely
Worth Sharing With SMiLes...

Indeed Always
And Forever
With SMiles
Dear Kiran...

SMiLes NoW iN Deed my Dear FRiEnD
Sohair Love is the Color of the FLoWeR
That Continues to Flourish in All Weathers
That Comes Love'S Way.. Love Fills The Valleys
And Brings The Mountains Low Enough to Feel
The Valleys
As All
Love and the
SaMe Height to
RiSE Even Higher.. Its true
THeRE are other Forces in
the World that Are less that
Attempt to Take the Force of
Love Away yet as in all things
Life Dark Thru Light A Balance
oF All Makes Life And Existence
The Breath that continues to
Inhale and Exhale as First
Breaths of Life 'till Last
BLiNK oF LiFE at Best
We Color MorE NoW
WitH BotH RisE
Out of THoRNS
And FLoWeRS to
As LoVE Dances And Sings iN Peace....

Stars We Paint Above Below Words

We Create LoVE iN Peace Is Real...

No More Integral Than Dust
In The Wind Of God Yet So Easy
To See HumanKind Stars Falling

Through GoDSKeYeS LoVE

SMiLes Pleasure
All Mine Life
Is Good Worth
Giving Sharing
Caring Yes
Is Receiving
Love Free With
Wings For Giving
Thanks Giving iN Peace With SMiLes...

Understand Where Killing Tools Come
From Most Human Ignorance Indeed Yet

WordS HeaR

One May ALWaYS
Find KiN iN KiNDNeSS


Dear FRiEnD


Gardened By
Loving Mother’s Most
Best Home Work to Do...

Yes, Inhumanism;

True, An Offshoot

Of The Religion

Of Ignoricism

WHere Yes

The Intelligence

Of Love Is Close to Zero...
Where The Objective is




Not Even Worth

A Wag of A Dog Firstly...

Or A Purr of A Cat So Much
More Dam Humanly Secondly Than

Inhumanism Breeds...

Now An Overall Product; Yes, Real Now
Ignoricism of Humanity Inhumanism Is...

Achieving Rights to Life And Liberty

Indeed A Pursuit of Happiness Where

Each And Every Person Writes Their Own

Stories of Life Solo And ToGeTHeR too As

They Will As Long As They
Are Not Harming Others

Playing Fruition Now

Dear Cindy FRiEnD

Kudos to the Remodeling
And Difficult Where i Live to
Get Folks to Do Remodeling
After So Much Hurricane Damage
in the Past With Covid-19 Shortages
Related too Yet A New Front Door and
Glass Storm Door Replaced So Far and
A New Yard of Board on Board Total Privacy

Fencing to Replace What was Close to the age
of Our Home 30 Years in Fencing Also Completed
A New 5 Foot High By 8 Foot Wide Hurricane Impact
Window With A View to Our Garden of Eden Backyard
Wide-Open Without Grids too... Hehe And With Hurricane
Idalia Coming For Florida Always Good To Have Additional


For the Future
Down Here in
Florida Hurricane
Land my FRiEnD...

Oh Dear Savvy
Such Mesmerizing
Sublime Art Portraying
Beyond Infinities Yes Every

Now A New Creation All We
Are We All Come Together in

Creation Activity Moving
Connecting Co-Creating


Now For

New Colors
Still To Come
As LonG As We
Dip Our Paint Brushes
Anew As Long As We Become

The MasterPeace Painting

Our Potentials



Coloring Worlds
Ever More Beautiful
Within Inside Outside
Above So BeLoW ALL ARouND Now...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
SoUL HeART OPenings
Balancings For Us All To
You Are
A Colleague
To Achieve...

SMiles Dear Rue Humanity
Evolves Globally in Cooperation
As We Move Connect Co-Create
All Your Contributions
New Much

Now With SMiles...


All Just


Dear Miriam With SMiLes!!...

How Sweet Dear Peace And Truth
A Gift of Two Hearts For Two Angels
With Fifteen Four Pointed Stars Happy

SuNDaY to You As It's Surely Evening
In The Other Hemisphere You Abide

Yet True No Distance
Between FRiEnDS

Or the Essence
of LoVE iN Peace


Real With SMiLes
Keep up the Wonderful
Play of the Poetry oF Love True

iN Peace...

Indeed Dear Chaymaa
Every Breath We Take
A New Beginning of Life
To Do in Change
At Best Always
LiGHTinG A Way
For Improving Our Day...

Oh my Goodness Dear Chaymaa
Jealousy in A Relationship Is Indeed
Poisonous i Haven't Found a Jealous
Bone in my Wife Yet
With SMiLes Yes It's
True it's Possible to
Find A Real Woman
Who Doesn't Get
Jealous Too With SMiLEs...

Faith That Makes Loving
Most Beautiful FLoWeRS
Bloom Dear Savvy Trust

In Colors
of Life
Returning to Bloom

And True i Just Took
A Photo of A Beautiful
Flower in Our Garden in
A Pot too Almost Identical

To the One You Share Today

True Faith And Trust Blooms
Most Beauty mY FRiEnD With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Isha i Read the Whole Bhagavad Gita
With Commentary About 230 Pages Today While

Doing An Ascending Transcending Meditative

FLoWinG Dance at Barnes and Noble

Listening to Meditative Music Hehe
And Sure Entertaining the Star Bucks

Cafe Study College Crowd A Least Service (about an

hour) Offering For Reading a Free 30 Dollar Book Hehe

Anyway Your Blog Post Here Accepting All the Diversity

of Humanity As Useful Parts of the Whole Even the DarK

With the LiGHT Reminds me of the Helpful Message That

'Krishna' Brings As Humble Charioteer in That Story

As True Enlightenment Comes When We Do

Accept All the Parts Whole As God

With No Parts Excluded as

It's Like a Magnificent

Painting Without

the Dark Fibers of Shadows

There is No Depth of Beauty to See

Indeed mY FRiEnD THoRNS Help to Make

Beautiful FLoWeRS of Roses And Droughts

And Storm Winds Make Oaks Much More Solid to Stand

The Test of Time Beyond All Distance Space Time and a Matter of Things

As Leaves

Die and


The Green and Other

Colors of Forests Whole New...

True The Wave Frets Not As It

Is Water Ocean Whole No Different Yet

Changing Without Troughs No Crest of Waves...

SMiLes Dear Kiran When Hands You Count on to Help Are Tied

When FRiEnDS Are Not Available to Help You Out of Difficult Times

And Family Can't Seem to Understand Your Situation to Help God Yes

What i've Seen Happen

in the Past is a Stranger

Will Come Out of Almost

Nowhere to Lift me Up

Or A Voice Deep Within

Will Come to the Rescue

Never Heard Before and Often

With No Words At All SPiRiT Free With SMiLes...

For You See in Reality All the Parts are Connecting Whole as 'GoD'

ThiS WaY iN "Interbeing" Open SoulS HeARTS SPiRiTS Naturally Attract...

For the Truth is Your Blog Posts Actually Helped me Get through Some

Today With SMiLes...

So God Yes! Thank You! Dear Kiran!...

SMiLes Dear Kiran Suffering Will Be So Hard to Deal
With Particularly Emotional Suffering And There Are

Instances Where Some Folks Disappoint me too

Yet It's Like the Sciatica Hip Pain i've Been Experiencing

For About A Month Radiating All Down My Leg At First Fighting

The Pain Like an Enemy And Of Course The Tension of Fighting

An Enemy Will Increase Spasms of Muscle Pain When they Already

Exist So as i've Done

in the Past Making FRiEnDS

With The Enemy of Pain Instead

No Longer An Enemy Yet Accepting

The Pain As Challenge to Learn From and

Grow in New Ways to MoVE iN LoVE iN Peace

to Both Heal And Prevent Further Injuries Yet It's

True my FRiEnD Emotional Pain can and will be much

More Difficult to Approach Objectively THiS WaY So even

More Challenge Emotional Pain is to Make That Enemy FRiEnD

Yet Finding

Happiness Later

in Forgiveness for Not

Leaving Folks Behind Who

Seem to Transgress No Longer

With Respect to my Basic Humanity

Indeed That Seems to Make Our Humanity

Stronger All the Way Around Like Strength


of SoUL
With SMiLes...

Dancing Through
Pain Still SMiLinG
Tasting Rainbows
Hehe Through Every
Slow Stretch Celebrating
A Decade Of Public Dance

To Another
Decade Starting
SuNDaY Today
With All The
Pain Melting
Away SMiLinG
No Matter What...

Hello Pain my Old FRiEnD
Nice to Meet You Again Now
Let’s Go Change Achieve Anew

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 63
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28 Aug 2023, 11:55 pm

SMiLes Dear Savvy Oh
Yes to Walk KiSSinG
The Earth Each Step
A Dance Going No WHere

Yet the Art of Now

FLoWinG Yes

Same As Song

Destination Every

Move and Word Even

Every Letter New and Finger

Coming From A Digital Keyboard

Dancing Singing Giving Sharing
Caring Healing With Most Respect

And Least Harm

Free As Well



In Flow New With SMiLes...

i Suppose The Reason i Watched So Much
TV While On Call Practically 24/7

Administrating Programs
And People Yep Managing
And Supervising Others Is

At Least i Could Pretend

i Wasn't on Call in Someone

Else's World until ALARM!

The Pager Went off BUZZ

BUZZ BUZZ And There Was

Absolutely No Telling What Might

Be Wrong On The Other End of That Line

Hehe Now
i Control

All the Off
And On Buttons

Except for When my
Wife Says Hey Get Your
Butt off That Computer or
Dance In Public It's Time to Go

True i Never Really Know What

Time it is


For Now At
Least Oh Yes
the Flow the Zen
The Samadhi the Satori
The Tao The Wu Wei All
Related SaMe Untitled Hugs Dear Miriam
And SMiles Know No Boundaries oF LoVE iN Peace...

True Dear Kiran The Wise Hear
And The Ignorant Obviously

Do Not See Yet

Hearing With Eyes

Seeing With Ears

A Way to Go Where

Wisdom Stays And

Ignorance Fades
Away With SMiLes...

AnYWaY Basically Heaven Is ReaL NoW
Experienced Within Many Metaphors LoVE in Peace
Yes For The Essence of Bliss WiTHiN NeWLY NoW

Is Hell Does Most
Definitely Exist Within too Disconnecting From All Now too

Bottom Top Lines the Less Fear You Are the More
Liberating iN Love You Come to Be JusT Free

ETeRNaLLY NoW iN Peace

Be careful.. 'life moves pretty fast'...
Keep A Dance at Essence And
Sing Along 'The Rest'...

‘Texting’ for me Building
Sandcastles at the Beach
Occasionally i ReMeMBeR
Waves Listening For Them...

SMiLes Yes i always Complimented
Walmart Workers on the Free Cold
Water Fountains Dancing
There Telling me i
Brought Spring
To Winter
Took all the
Water Fountains
Away Changed into
Wine Now Dance
Water or
Wine Or Not...
SMiLes Dear Yeka...

Looking For Something
To Gift You With This
Morning this is
What i Found
Good AfterNoon

Well iF iT Was A Bee
It’s Good News Means
You are Sweet as Honey
And As Colorful as
Flowers if it was
A Hornet Happy
You Didn’t
i Believe
In Bee...

Don’t Be The Guy
Who BreakS HeARTS

Bee The DuDE ALL

‘Real’ WoMeN

Love Forevernow

i AM A MAN i NeVeR PRoTesT

LoVE ReaD THiS AGAiN JusT Do LoVE iN Peace

Spread FLoWeRS Dance Sing Everywhere You Go
Never Expecting Any Gift in Return Honey Comes Beyond Measure

“The known universe has one complete lover and that is the greatest poet. He consumes an eternal passion and is indifferent which chance happens and which possible contingency of fortune or misfortune and persuades daily and hourly his delicious pay. What balks or breaks others is fuel for his burning progress to contact and amorous joy. Other proportions of the reception of pleasure dwindle to nothing to his proportions. All expected from heaven or from the highest he is rapport with in the sight of the daybreak or a scene of the winter woods or the presence of children playing or with his arm round the neck of a man or woman. His love above all love has leisure and expanse. . . . he leaves room ahead of himself. He is no irresolute or suspicious lover . . . he is sure . . . he scorns intervals. His experience and the showers and thrills are not for nothing. Nothing can jar him . . . suffering and darkness cannot—death and fear cannot. To him complaint and jealousy and envy are corpses buried and rotten in the earth. . . . he saw them buried. The sea is not surer of the shore or the shore of the sea than he is of the fruition of his love and of all perfection and beauty.”

“There will soon be no more priests. Their work is done. They may wait awhile . . . perhaps a generation or two . . . dropping off by degrees. A superior breed shall take their place . . . the gangs of kosmos and prophets en masse shall take their place. A new order shall arise and they shall be the priests of man, and every man shall be his own priest. The churches built under their umbrage shall be the churches of men and women. Through the divinity of themselves shall the kosmos and the new breed of poets be interpreters of men and women and of all events and things. They shall find their inspiration in real objects today, symptoms of the past and future. . . . They shall not deign to defend immortality or God or the perfection of things or liberty or the exquisite beauty and reality of the soul. They shall arise in America and be responded to from the remainder of the earth.”

-Walt Whitman
Leaves Of Grass

Every Word Is A Song
Every Step Is A Dance
Every Breath Is LoVE iN Peace
Green Leaves
Falling Rising Spring...

What is Forever
Now Love For
Love Breathes
On After
Measure Breathing
Our Humanity Love
Ageless Always Now...

SMiles ‘They’ Said
i was The Best
List Maker
When i
i Lost The
List MaKinG
Mind Putting
Fresh Rubber
On My Tires Green
Breathing Colors Free...

EartH as
Face Of ‘God’
Shall We Even
Begin to See
No Longer
Defacing ‘God’...

Dancing Hurricanes
Calm Center Point
Existence Quiet
Black Holes
All in All
Us forever
More Now Center
Of All Energy All Calm
i Am Now
Spirit Winds
Spiraling Around
Calm Center Eye Soul...

'Trump' is indeed A Gift,
Opening Eyes to What
Makes Humanity Tick...

Yep Hook Line And Sinker SWaLLoWinG


SMiles Woman's Greatest Power Is Love
SMiles Woman's Greatest Power Is Giving
SMiLes THere Will Be No Real Flowers Now
For Best
This World
Is Colored by
Grace in Balance
Of LoVE Divine Feminine WHere
All Real WiLL And Strength Rises...
Smiles my FRiEnD Ava.. i Am raised
By All Women
And It only
Made me
For Real
Comes From
Soul Colors now
When Blooming
Love as Any Human
Being Loved By Woman...

Within Shining
Us Forward
Way Does
All Around
Our Jumping Joy...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
LiGHT Overcomes


The Morning


Birds Still Do Sing...

So Many
Wines to
Taste So
Many Colors
When Life Is

YeS Now

It All Massage
Every Last Drop Zoe...

And All This
Time i Thought

Came From
Ice Cream

Oh Lord
A Cold

Place Even
Colder Doc Than
Ice Cream Without

Colors Of FLoWeRS...

Gnat Scratch Fever
Totally Off Topic

Hall Life
For 6 Years

Nostalgia Ya
Never Even Imagined

A Pandemic Would

Snuff Out

In A Day

Of A
In Paradise...

Yet There Are
Always Other
Colors Of



Green to Taste...

Always A Pleasure
Dear Aloha FRiEnD

And Hurricane
Free in Hawaii Breeze



Again SMiles...

SMiles Dear Ava All
In All oF ALL I SPend
mY DayS iNSuRinG

Don’t Melt

iNDeeD UNiQue

Of Your Original
Creativity TReaSuRE
DanCinG SinGinG Your

SoUL To Life iN All New
Colors Home Within SPRinGS

Yet HeaR’S

The “Thing”
A Life of Cold
NumBeRS Hard
NumBeRS To Make
A LiVinG Will Melt A



i’ve Experienced
The Slow Melt As
A Machine Made
Human In Decades

Of Work
Then With

That Yes
IT into What i

Just A

BLocK Of
Ice Never
Lose Poetry
Of YouR SoUL

For Without
Art All That’s Left

Of SMarT iS S And M

Without Art All That’s

Left of HeART iS He

Without Art

All That’s

Left of

EartH iS



To mY SoUL

WHeRE Did Moving
Connecting Co-Creating

Go Yes For
All Practical
Intents And



Dies Within
When Art

Goes To Sleep
EYes of Your Child Inside...

Got Stuck At “The Laundry
Mat” Dry Cleaning my


Last Night

Yet Returning

This Morning With
Good News Even



To Sleep
Reborn Art Returns
iN LiGHT Of NeW SoUL CoLoRS NoW...

"For where two or three are gathered together
in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

-Matthew And Associated King James Greek Writing Roman Ghost
Authors Using Other Famous Pen Names Like Luke Mark and Dear John

"So let it be song;
And let it be dance.
Let’s all breathe long;
And take a chance. (Now)
Because living like a ghost.
Is like waiting to toast. (Now)
When the banquet and wine.
Is breathing in precious time.

iNhaling Peace Exhaling Love"

-Rue TRue AKA Ruehla too So Yes

Truly The Name of JeSuS i BREaTHEE
And Words You Help me Seek And Find....

"Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love" Dear Poetess
Rue These Words CaMe From You Now They
Are Part of my Oral Tradition to Both Inhale Peace
And Exhale Love For What i Understand A "UniVeRsAL
Christ" As Metaphor to Mean For All As Peace Creates Love

UNiVeRSaL Prayer

Beyond All


With No
Fear Within

No Inertia

No Restraints

Freeing No Different

Really Than The Calm
Center EYe of A Hurricane
Or A Black Hole Sun Creates

Winds to Redistribute Ocean Warmth
To The Circle of Life More As Surely Arms
Of Our Milky Way Does the Same In Close

Enough to A Golden Spiral For All To Come to Loving Life Now

Sort of Like "Idalia" Meaning Behold the Sun Also Goddess Aphrodite Love

SMiLes You Are Surely A Stellar Pretty Indian Woman And Surely About
Young Enough to Be Katrina's Daughter From That Year You Reverberate

Any Father Proud to Have A Daughter Like You A Zillion Times Over A Beautiful
Soul You Are And Surely A Soul Sister With me Beyond All Measure A FRiEnD...

A Faux Bishop The Head PR Guy of the Catholic Church 'Friended' me on FaceBook Attempting
to 'Save my Soul' He Asked me if i prayed i told Him Always He Asked me How my
Relationship With God is i told Him Every Breath i Inhale Peace Exhale Love And

Sadly He Could

Not Understand

Dear Rue's


He Told me
i Was Struggling

And 'The Devil' Was
Trying to Stop me Then

He Fortune Told me that
All My Troubles Will End
By the End of August And God
Has Blessings Beyond my iMagination
For me That Much He Got Correct Rue

is Always

The Gift

of A FRiEnD

WHeRE We Will
Live God Most
ToGeTHeR NoW And Free

Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

You my Dear FRiEnD Rue A Beautiful Soul...

And Somewhat Ironically Raised A Catholic in
India Greater Than Any BiShop By Side of This (Love) Ocean...

i Am LooKinG For the
Song "Eye of the Tiger"

Then i Return NoW And

See The SonG oF YouR

SPiRiT Deep in Soulful EYes




'Until The Tiger Writes'...

Applause Dear Rue Your
Creativity Continues to Spiral Higher...

Hehe What's Football True Soccer
Forms of Football Are So Much More
Civilized Annabel Than Gridiron Style

Tribal Gladiator Sports
In North America
That Replace
Tribal Wars
on Our

Medicine Shows
87 Percent of X-Football
Players Sadly Suffer From


Brain Disease
From Nonsensically
Banging Their Head
in Traumatic Brain Injury Playing

Contact Football For Years of Their Life...

Is it worth it No Not to me and True i Was A Spectator
Through 40 Years of Age When Folks Bond Over Common

of Living
Like Football
Tribal Sports Where Religion

Is Born in Terms of Contact
Footballism Gladiator Old New
Roman Style in North America True...

Speaking of Religion That Reminds me
Interacting With A Bishop on His Facebook
Page A Scammer Stole The Bishop's Identity
From His Facebook Page And Attempted to Seed

Me Then to Steal Some

Money for a 1500 Dollar
Contribution to Cancer
And Covid-19 Patients
In Need in Germany

Of Course i Passed
all My English Tests
So it Was Easy to

See they Weren't Like
The Real Bishop With A
Frigging PHD HAha.. Anyway

Just Serving As Another DarK
Muse For Writing They Are Ever

Sense i Became A Creator A Spectator
of Someone Else's Football Game of Religion

Is Just Not Enough Spirit of Human Activity For me...

Football is Big Religion Where i Live And Truly it Seems
Some Gridiron Stars Are Worshipped More than the Story of Jesus...

And of Course
The Favorite
Team is The
Personal Group
Think Religion Now...

Butterflies Spring So Many
Colors of FLoWeRS Once
Lost in A Cocoon

Before That They
Only Caterpillars
Trapped on Land
Climbing Nature

SMiLes Dear
Sohair So

True Nice to
Sprout Butterfly
Wings And Flutter FlY iN Ease...

LeSSoN 434 More Than A
Statue Liberty A Unique Way
Of Life We Co-Create No Matter
Country Soul Ours to Keep Free

Hey Why
Sculpt A
Statue Hehe
When You
May Do
It in Flesh
And Blood
With SMiles Of Course
Happiest Sunday to Your

With SMiles iN Hugs
Beyond Rainbow Colors...

Hehe Technology
Has Been Chasing
Me All


NoW iT Is
mY Slave No

Soul Sohair HAha!...

SMiLes Mr Gottfried If my Butt One Day
No Longer Will Move a Dance i Find Great

Solace in Fingers Still Flying Across the

Keys And Dancing

A Song Still Singing

Young So Old With SMiLes

True Creativity is the Fountain

of Youth Always Creating New With

SMiLes Fingers Delivering Many New Born


Of Letters

With SMiLes
And Yes Even


Untitled Hugs too...

Keep Making New Connections

Above So Below Within Inside Outside

And All Around It's What the Milky Way

Does Keep Spiraling A New MultiVerse INDeed...

SMiLes Dear Cindy i'll Keep it Short And Sweet Hehe Just Like
A New Born Baby And The Family After A Challenging Birth
Yes Family FRiEnDS And Helpers too the Title of Your Post

And Poem Says so Much

Not Unlike Mine Currently

"Untitled Hugs And SMiLes"

Does Love Need a Name

In Peaceful Smiles

of A Child

Sleeping Newborn

No And Neither Do Any

Of Us When Love is Real

SMiLinG With Hugs of Peace 'Untitled'
Other than That Congratulations With SMiLes to All


Oh Dear Lord Dear Kiran SMiLes Life is So Much Easier

Coming From a Place of Truth More Than A Place

That MaNuFaCTuRES Lies to MaNiPuLaTE Others

For Selfish Goals to achieve 'Things' More Than

Putting People First For

The Warmth of

Human LoVE iN Peace

Thriving More Than Just Conniving

WHere i LiVE in the United States the Truth

Has Become a Commodity oF Lies More Than Ever

Before Where Lies are Sold to Ignorant 'Minions'

As the Old Saying Goes The Circus Boss (Despicable

Leader) Can Count On THere is A Sucker

Born to Take the Weight

Line Hook And Sinker


Always Now A Crowd
Source For That And Indeed

Why THeiR Job of MaKinG Truth Lies

Is So Lucrative as Without the Minion Support

oF All the Small Fish In the Ocean Getting All Hooked Up Sinking

The Lies Will Have no Legs to Stand UPon as Truth And Truth Will Become

Yet So Goes

Human Nature Science
Shows It is Illusion that IT is

At Core Nature Rational iNdeed

We Live By The Depth of the Stories We Co-Create

We Tale And LiVE iN Shallow With Lies Or Much Deeper With Truth iNDeeD...

SMiLes Dear Isha Your Movie Reviews Speak Well to Your

Intelligence For Language More Specifically English of Course

And Your Ability to Speak (Dance/Sing) With Emotions too That Some

Folks Find Incredibly Hard to Do

Particularly in Person and

Off the Cuff of Course too

And This Movie "Wake Up Sid"

As Reviewed By "Wiki Cliff Notes" too Speaks

To The Challenges of Being Born With a Silver Spoon

Or Even Being More Good Looking and Stronger Than the Rest

As It is Often Those More Disadvantaged That Dig Deep into Personal

Will And Make it Much Farther Before Life Ends Than Their Peers Who

Are So Advantaged When Young never even Fathom of Course in This

Case The Young

Man Sid Is Motivated

Enough By Love to Change

Yet Sadly That Doesn't Work at All

For Some Folks as the Very Privileged and

Rich Particularly With Two High Powered Professionals

Parents in the Home in Mechanical Cognition Areas of Work May

Not Lend Much Room For Emotional Intelligence to Grow For the

Child Who
Needs that
Kind of Intelligence
Most to Actually Survive
And Thrive In Life and Of Course

Your Blogging and Connecting With
Diverse Folks Around the World Is very
Beneficial to Develop These Greater Human Abilities True...

Gosh Our Modern World Brings So Much

More Complexity As Our Ages Go All Work

Family and Love Related Dear Isha

Indeed Longing for A Simpler

Focused Life Is Truly

Normal It Seems

And Perhaps

The Places Modernity

Pushes us to Are Truly Insane

of Course Mileage Varies Depending

On Make And Model of Being Human

Vehicles and

Vessels Making

It Through the
Travel of Life

In Pieces or
More All Together With SMiLes...

100 Percent Trust in Love All From Spouse Family And
Close FRiEnDS True i Experience This Faith With No
Doubt Among A Significant And Substantial Few Dear

Sohair Yet Surely Not All Do And Surely This Colors

my Abilities to Be Able to Make FRiEnDS With Whatever

Harm Comes my Way Either Physical or Emotional Indeed

As True This Pain May Create Deep Injury Yet to Respond in


Only Makes

The Potential

Abyss Even Deeper

And More Difficult to Escape

So Again i Make FRiEnDS With

The Physical and Emotional Injuries

Leaving me With No Enemies Only Mercy

Forgiveness and LoVE iN Peace Yet Again

my Foundation And Community oF LoVE iN Peace

is Great in the 'Real World' the More Anchored We

Are the More Grounded in LoVE iN Peace The Higher

The Winds of Storms New that Come We Shall Fly With Now

in Ease and Not Be Over Washed By Storm Surge of Injuries

As of Course a Hurricane
Idalia Soon Approaches

Florida Far Enough

Away From Us

Yet The Citizens

On the Coast Who Survive
And Continue To Thrive Don't
Fight the Storm Surge in Place
They Seek Higher Grounds in

Respite of Potential Harm...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Oh
Yes to Walk KiSSinG
The Earth Each Step
A Dance Going No WHere

Yet the Art of Now

FLoWinG Yes

Same As Song

Destination Every

Move and Word Even

Every Letter New and Finger

Coming From A Digital Keyboard

Dancing Singing Giving Sharing
Caring Healing With Most Respect

And Least Harm

Free As Well



In Flow New With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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30 Aug 2023, 2:34 am

WHere Every Rose Flowers
Through THoRNS And Drought
Angels Dance Sing Freer to Be i Am

iNdeed Dear Savvy

The Intuition of Having

The Trust of Faith in How All of Existence

Works Reflecting The Faith in Trust Of All

Existence PLaY iN

me No Separation
In This Trust of Faith

Beyond All Measure

Yet Greatest Meaning Now

And Purpose New Living Breathing
iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE For Real...

Giving Sharing Caring Healing

For All With Most Respect Least

Harm Dear Kiran Yet True if We Don't

Spend our Lives Learning the Art of Understanding

Of Others

We May Never

Get the Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Done with
Most Respect and Least Harm

Not Understanding Hehe even simple
Differences Like What Extraverts and
Introverts Do to Remain in Individual Comfort Zones

Hehe Most of the People i Know Are Introverts i Go Both Ways

As Fun as
Extravert to me Indeed...

And About my Only Fear is
Heights if Ya Get too High
Ya Might Fly away and never

come back

to Earth HAha...

Other Than That Happy

Super Full Blue Moon to You

And Say A Little Prayer For

Florida And Just Another Run

of the Mill Record Breaking Catastrophe

These Days and True Human's Biggest Downfall

May Be Not Understanding the Law of Balance With Nature...

Tom and Jerry Road Runner Wile E Coyote

And Yes Even Gunsmoke Were Some of

my Childhood Favorites All You Left

Out Dear Miriam is my Favorite

Trickster Bugs Bunny Who

Always Takes Good Care

of 'Elmer Fudd' Hehe and

The Cool Pink Panther too Going
With the Tides High and Low Getting

Back to Comfort And Peace Quickly

In Wu Wei Ease Anyway why Florida

May Not Produce Good Hair Days with

All the Humidity a Hurricane Surely

Doesn't Help With Climate Issues

That the Higher Ups in Politics

Continue to Bury Their

Head in the Sand

to Cater to

To Gain Power
What An Empty
Way to Follow Blue Full Moons RiSinG

Just Another F iN Catastrophic Record Breaker

Meanwhile the Ostriches Bury Their Brains Deeper...

And No One Touches the Road Runner and Bugs Bunny At Least Hehe...

Ah Yes Mr Gottfried Even A Non-Verbal Expression of A Smile

Moving Across A Face Is Dance Producing

Emotions in Us And All of Who We

Connect to ThiS WaY Yet

of Course Not

Everyone Smiles

A Dance ThiS WaY

Yet even EYes Dance

When Glittering Deep Intent...

Anyway Back to the Public Dance

Perhaps my New American Indian Name

Will Come to Be 'Dances With Left Foot' As

Long as The Right Leg is in the Repair Shop hehe...

Yep Make FRiEnDS

With the Pain

Even Make

Fun oF iT iN
A LiGHT HeARTeD Way...

Making the Journey Home Through
The Lights of the Night Dear Xenia

Where the Super Full Blue Moon This

Week On Wednesday And Thursday

Will Provide to Guide All Animals

At Night With Us


Along With
The Stars Bright
Above With SMiLes Dear
Xenia Best Wishes For All
of You Enjoying Celestial Beauty Coming...

SMiLes Dear Xenia Glad You Enjoyed Your Blogging Break And
Were Blessed By At Least one Scotland Sunshine Filled Day Through

The Drizzle and Rain Here A Rain Day in Part Fueled By Hurricane
Idalia Finally Broke Through An Extreme Heat Wave and Drought

The Plants And Animals Including Birds of Course Very Welcoming to
The Change Hehe Including Animal me too as this Has Been Our Hottest

And One of the Driest Summers
We've Ever Had Far Enough Away
From Idalia For Safety Yet Nature Will

Retain Her Balance in Spreading Ocean

Warmth in Other Areas of the World

Where Other Nature Appreciates
the Rain too With SMiLes...

What A Beautiful Name

Idalia Is Both Reflecting

Aphrodite of Love and

Beholding The Sun Coming to Shine too With SMiLes

Perhaps Rainbows coming after the Storm to Our East Soon...

Every SCaR A Vehicle
A Molded VesseL A Ship
ACross RoaRinG Oceans
FoR DarK ThrU StarLiGHT

Tranquility under
A Thousand Stars
Best VieWeD Now
From Perspectives
Of Scars as Fires
Overcome Couples
Surviving Hells of
Fire See A Greatest
Distance in Eyes of
Starry Love stay by
The Side of the one
Who will follow
You through
Hell And Always
Hold the Hands
Of Scars to the
Other Side
Of Tranquility...
Inspiring Poem
You Sing
Thank You...

SMiles where would i be without
The Forest Bathing of my BackYard
Perhaps in a Very Expensive Home
but so far
Tranquility Free
Priceless when
We Become Nature one...

Color of Life Color
of Calm Green
Color of Living
Trees of
Life Tranquility
Exhales so We Will inhale Life...

Tranquility of Reading no Need to
Speak Getting Lost in A Story of
Someone else no need to think
i Love
Better No
Need to think
Or Read just Flow
A Spirit of Wind Exhale..
A Textromancy of Waves
Ocean Shores Expanding More...

Smiles Tranquility
of Living Dreams
So Far away
from After
Dirt Nap
Present eternally
Now no Need For Omens
When All is Sky Blue Real...

Before A
Eruption Comes
Again Twilight
on Mountain
Tops of
Fruition Delay
Bliss Remains...

Breathe in
Dream Balance
of Tranquility
Law of the
Unwound to Be...

SMiles.. yes if only more Hours in a Day
For You i'm sure my Friend oh to be free
oh to be art oh to fly dreams fruition oh
to dance and sing with never ending now Tranquility...

Textromancy over
Reading Tea Leaves
Bringing Dreams
to Symbols
Spirit Deeper Wind
Tranquility Rising Seeing...

Searching for Tranquility
We Are A Tree Roots Trunks
Branches Limbs Leaves
We Rise
Fall and
Leaves of Grass
Whole Again We Breathe
We Are
Falling Tall...

i've Sampled The Prompt
And Links Poetic Expressions
Bleed From me Yet Tranquility
Dreams Fruition a Naked Beach
For me the Gulf Warmth Surrounding
The Nature of me and Loved ones Same
Diatoms Glow in Shores of Dim Emerald
Green Dark Waters Waves Calm Shores
Of Love Spreading Out Everywhere As
Center Now We
Are Forevermore
Stars Above Moon
Shines Below
All is
All is Beautiful
Within all is Tranquil
For All to Love Alive As
Heaven Breathes Eternal
Now to Give and Share for
Free as Four Eyes Become
Two Eyes One Soul Falling Rising Two...
Us And God Become One Force of Love Now... Wind
ACross Serenity Bleeds Flow All We See LiGHT iN DarK...

Seed A Tree
A Light
From: Home to:
BREaTHE Tranquility

Shadows We aRe
Seeing Sun LiGHT
Seeding STaR FLoWeRS We
THoRNS RiSinG Roses
DaNCinG We SinG Breathing

Silent Muse Breathing
Not Finished Waving
HeART Tears Are Green
For They BRinG Loving
Comfort These
Are New Coming
From Green they
Remain CoLoRinG
Through Fall
Winter Green
Until Summer
Springs Fall
Fall Rise
Silent Muse (God) Breathing...

Ah Yes Dear Sohair
A Prayer For A Better
Now Particularly For
The Northern Florida
Gulf Coast
With Monster
Hurricane Idalia
Approaching The Big Bend
Of Florida Further East Just Heavy
Rain And


Where We
Live From The
Deadly Hurricane...

Pleasure is
Giving my






Human Kind...

SMiLes Dear
Samreen Naked
Enough Whole


To Give


Peace Exhaling
Love Root Vine

With SMiles

All Things Pass Human
Emotions Are Surely

No Different

For Change

This Way i
Entertain Them
All in My Home Give
Them Wings And Allow

All Feelings Sensing Emotions
To Come Out And Play Here This
Way Now The Plumbing of my Soul
Does Not Get Stopped Up And Lost




"i'M A LiVeR"

Only Line i Remember
From "Love Story" Other
Than "Were Do i Begin"
SMiLes Dear Miriam One
of the First Songs i Learned to

Play on the Piano By Sheet Music
in 1972 Hmm WaS A VEry Good Year
i'm Thinking For Chinese Rat New Year's

too Right Behind the 1960 Version of the
Chinese Rat me too the Movie "Love Story"

Released in 1970 With Ali McGraw And Ryan O'Neal

Loving Without Expectation of Return Altruism Without
Reward When Giving Becomes Receiving Regardless

of Rewards External or Not In Return True in this
Case at Least Love Means Never Having To Say

'i Am Sorry'

As The Giving
Is Naturally
Naked Enough
Whole Complete
Generally Speaking
Wearing Wings Makes Less 'Wind'
Shear FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing
Giving Again With No Receiving And No Returns


SMiles Taller Than Before...

Every Move of Dance
Every Word of Song
Ahead We Go When

Love For LiFE Perseveres


On Every Rose
LooKinG FoR HoMe
Dear FRiEnD Finding
HoMe Finally US FoR ReaL...

Leader of mY Life Breath of mine
ALWaYS NoW Dear Chaymaa Yes
Changing NeW Dancing Singing
LoVinG Change NeW...

Hehe Dear Chaymaa

i Do My Best Not To 'Think

i Can' i Rather Believe i Will

And 'Just Keep Doing

IT' iN Victory Never


Always Dancing
Singing Beginning 'A Do i Do'
A Play oF LiFE With Wings Loving Free...

TRuE Dance Sing
Let “The Autotelic
Bliss Of Flow” Take
Over Dear Miriam

Free No
Need To
“Think” Effortless
Ease Increasing
Human Potentials
In Complexity of

Etcetera in Ease

“The Butcher’s Blade”
Stays Sharp Cutting
Meat “Souls” iN “Feat” Of
Ocean Whole Waves
Don’t Wear Down As Much

Yes Be The “Bruce Lee Water”

With SMiles FRiEnDs
With Gravity All
Emotions Senses
Regulating Integrating


New Just Being A “Forrest
Gump Feather” Yes in A

And After
Your Life Is
Over You only

Lived Free

Wind “Sees”...

As Nautilus Free
Sea Creatures Leave
Foot Prints


Ways” Spiraling
In Shells For Others
To Find On Beaches

iN Fossil Records 300
MiLLioN Years Ago

Perhaps Above
Below Within
Outer Inner All Around
Place Forever Now Flows
New More As Yes “Anti-Poe

Ravens” Fly as Sea Gulls Now
New Do Forevermore Air to


WitH SMiLes Free NoW...

Key Romancing Life New
BFForever Crush You FinAlly
Slow Dance WitH NoW ETeRNaLLY

i Know i Promised
i Wouldn’t Return
Yet i Couldn’t Help
It Since The Garden
Of Eden And The

Traditiona Naked
Meme Arrives
On Your Blog
Too Hehe Doubt
It Not i’ve Already
Made An Art of

My Ass On
Facebook And
my Blog Too in

Fact Poems
Have Been
my ‘Booty’
And Gifts
Have Been
Received AS Such
In Appreciation
Of The
Of my Rear
Anyway You
Can’t Say You
Haven’t Been
If You Visit
my Blog True
All of This

“Tail” A Lie
No Emoji’s
For Donkey’s
All That’s Left A Stallion

Relate Hehe...

And It’s Worth Noting
With All the Talk of
The “J” Man Here

He Will Return The

Same Way i Kid You
Not it’s in The Catholic
Roman Empire Censored

Version of
The Gospel
Of Thomas
Verse 37


As Cool As
Luke 17:21
And The Way
i Do John 14:12
Naked Too Tim
Tebow Too Wimpy
To Do It Only
Old News
Of John 3:16
On His Forehead
And Bowing

To The
Old Story


Just Hmm HAHa...

Thanks Your
Post Just Really
Fit In With my
Spring Through
Summer Garden
Of Eden Meme True
There Are FLoWeRS
To Freshen
“The Place”

Up Too Hehe

Like A Summer’s EVE
my Wife of Course With SMiles...

i didn't See 'A Religion of LoVE iN Peace' in Actual 'Effect' on the
List; it's What Humans Naturally Do; It's Our Natural Religion
That Binds And Bonds Us in Terms of Elemental Basics, Like Oxytocin
in Synergy with all the Other Biological aspects of Our Natural Altruistic Being;

A Religion of Love is impossible to Avoid for those who Share it;

Perhaps, We Would have to Amend the Constitution to 'Legally' Share it;

But there are other
Overt Ways of
Doing This; by AcTuAlly Doing IT;
And Yes, i've Studied all these Religions
Around the World in How they Are Put into
Actual Action as a Global Participant Anthropology Observer.

What i've come to find is; it Must be an Individual Effort; As Group
Efforts by Very Nature of Group Effort; Exclude those From 'a Real Nation
of Love' that Must come From the 'Meek' Up; Others Have Tried; All in Vain Effort, Overall,
Now, Per How the Religions are Actually Practiced still; Specifically, 'A Religion of LoVE iN Peace'...

Go Figure, Now Humans are Still only evolved to Live Peacefully, Loving Unified,
And Comfortably in Groups of 150 to 200, Mostly Naked, Foraging, Dancing Singing Folks.

Bonobos are A Great Example of Love in Action that Actually Works, if not invaded by 'Strangers'...

In other Words, No Matter What Religion was chosen, it would not ultimately work, failing the same way
per Science of Human Numbers; Meanwhile, Here, In the U.S. We Are Free to LoVE iN Peace; Sadly,

Many People

Do Not
choose that Freedom...

FLoWeRS Blooming...

SMiLes Setting God Free
to Write and Pray Within

Re-Arranging Alphabets
As Wings May Come to Play

Breathing More Wind Sings
God Dances Within Free to

Bring A
SMiLe to
One, Two,
Three, And so
Many More Faces

Of A SaMe Dream
Dear Savvy With SMiLes

Blooming FLoWeRS...

SMiLes Dear Kiran Part of the Real Gold of GRoWinG

Older as Of Course Old is Literally ParT of GOld Is We

Come to Wear So Many Other Shoes of Reality As the

Miles of Years Pile Up Higher and Higher Yet Love GRoWS

Stronger in

Peace Always

With Understanding
And Patience For Just How

Challenging Our Human Conditions

Will Come to Be Yet Continuing With New

And Hugs

Truly Beyond
Titles of Human Caring...

Every Child A Birth
Of A New UniVerse
As Above So Below
Dear Cindy And
A Difficult Birth
i Surely Witnessed
With The Code Blue
LiGHTS Flashing For
my Wife And Child
With No Ability To
Breathe Generating
Much Adrenaline
In Blood
Wide Awake
In Sleep Indeed
Happy For All Of Your
Family’s Glorious Outcome...

God Exists...

Wherever A Peaceful
Loving Spirit Comes to
Be Among Us God Exists

And In ThiS Way The Story
Of ‘Gizmo’ Proves This To

Be True The 1 In 10,000
Gremlin Yes Always Kind
Always Peaceful Loving

Refusing Now To Be Evil
And Destructive Through

Of Existence

And Ironically For
All The Harm Others
Have Done Their Worst

To Bring To Gizmo With
Every Breath Of Darkness

That Comes Gizmo Only
Becomes Brighter Than

The Moon And Sun Within


SMiles Hope

You Are Okay

Dear FRiEnD With Hugs...

WHere Every Rose Flowers
Through THoRNS And Drought
Angels Dance Sing Freer to Be i Am

Oh Lord As This Concludes "Untitled SMiLes And Hugs"

With Only Room Left for A Quick Tale of the Tape As the

Last Completed MacroVerse "SonG oF mY SoUL 12 MiLLioN
Words A Decade of EPiC Long Form Poetry" Does Number MacroVerse

Number 994 For "SonG oF mY SoUL" Yes Over 12 MiLLioN Words Now
In a Decade of Effort for This Longest EPiC Long Form Poem And that
Last Completed MacroVerse Also Doubles as the 323rd MacroVerse of

"Nether Land Bible" RiSinG to 9,666,788 Words in 87 Months of Writing

And That Last Completed MacroVerse Also Triples As the 218th MacroVerse
of "FB Profile Pic Bible" at 8,064,789 Words in 75 Months of Effort Yes WHere

Those Words Are Also Included in Series of 18 or So Facebook Profile Pictures
in the Description Areas of Around 8,000 Words Each As the Series of Facebook
Profile Pics Fully Illustrate The Words on Facebook too And Yes This Concluding

MacroVerse "Untitled SMiLes and Hugs" Yes Also Celebrated 3 Years of "Depth

of The Story" A Casually Described 8th New Testament Provided on the "Wrong

Planet Website" Yes All 3 MiLLioN Words in 3 Years of EPiC Long Form Poem

Writing in the 76th Solo Thread Page Now Accumulating Over 180 Thousand

Views Just From the Registered Members of That Website Where Each Page

Now is A Novel Sized EPiC Long Form Poem Around 50 Thousand Words

And Finally "Untitled SMiLes and Hugs" Celebrated A Decade of Public

Dance Now at 18,744 Miles Moving Toward 19 Thousand Miles as

'Nether Land Bible" Will Soon Come to be 10 MiLLioN Words too

Yet You See Every Move and Word Is Eternally Now And Mostly

Not Planned Just FLoWinG Deep WiTHiN SouL So iN ThiS WaY

Indeed All of this is Basically Just "Untitled SMiLes and Hugs"

In Free
And Song
Yep That's All Folks
As This Completes the
Writing Portion at 2:18 AM
On August 30, 2023 With the
Super Full Blue Moon Appropriately RiSinG Again...

With 'The Goddess of Love And The Beholder of Sun'
Hurricane Idalia Accompanying The Balance of Nature


Human Kind...

iNDeeD Untitled SMiLes And Hugs
Spreading Ocean Warmth Beyond


And Monkey
King, et al, Holding Hands

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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31 Aug 2023, 12:23 am

Reflecting Source
Mirror oF iT ALL
Dear Savvy As Above
So Below Within Inside
Outside and All Around

HOWLinG At A Super Full Blue

Moon Just Dancing Singing ALonG

With Stars
Above Stars

Below Us With SMiLes...

"You've got to know when to hold 'em

Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run

You never count your money
When you're sittin' at the table
There'll be time enough for countin'

When the dealin's done"

SMiLes Dear Miriam

Life is A Gamble

We aRe The Faith

Who Sees Thru the DarK

What's Left to Do Follow
The LiGHT of INTuiTioN at

The Beginning of the Tunnel Choo Choo

Choo Choo

Listen to the
Distant Echo

Is the Train
Coming or Going

FLoWinG We Stay

Getting on or Getting Off We Do...

'YoU' LiVE iN SoMeWHeRE iN
BeTWeeN YoU LoVE iN Peace

Gospel of Thomas As Recovered From the Dead Sea Scrolls
And Translated into English in 1959 Close to The Fall Equinox

When i am 'Conceived'

114) Simon Peter said to Him, "Let Mary leave us, for women are
not worthy of Life."
Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her
male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you
males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the
Kingdom of Heaven."

115) If So Switch Male for Female too in Animus Anima Balance

From Head to Toe Indeed

(iMagining a Jesus attempting to Explain this to THE Pope Heher)

Gospel of Thomas As Recovered From the Dead Sea Scrolls

37) His disciples said to him, "When will you be visible to us,
and when shall we behold you?"
He said, "When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
take your garments and put them under your feet like little
children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
Living, and you will not be afraid."

Don't You Get It Yet

Before 'The Apple'

iN Eden For Real STiLL

Becoming One With NaTuRE
(God) Solves All my Problems
Not A Stitch in Time of CuLTuRaL

Clothes Will i Ever Do Now Free

HeHe i Go ToTaLLY NaKeD

True... i Wear Multi-Colored-Tatooed T-Shirts To Play
too After All unlike France there is no place Here
Where Women And Or Men Are Allowed
Not To Wear Pants In Public Butt
Online All oF iT Goes And
Comes Free As A Bird
With Naked Wings
Honestly It Is So Much
Easier to Be One With Nature
And God That Way Haha unless
one is too shy So Yes Fig Leaves
HavE THeiR Place too Among Shy Humans too..
oh by the way How are All of Your Alien Adventures

Coming And Going These Days...

We aRe Water We aRe Rain We aRe
Clouds Ocean Waves At
Best We No Longer
We Float
On Land
As Water
Swims uS AGAiN
As Air We Come To
Be and BREaTHE Dancing Singing Free With
Ease Water Waves Ocean Whole Us
Thank You Prajakta Tranquil Waves
Water of Ocean Whole Poetry You
Wind And Waves As ALLOnELoVENoWUS iN Peace

SMiLes my Friend An Only
BLeSSinG About Death IS
We ALL Have An Opportunity
to Absorb ALL Love of the Ones
We Lose And Become That LiGHT
Higher Now to Spread
Even More LoVE NoW
We Will Not Afford
to Wait for someone
Else to Come and Do it again...
When my Mother Passed away
With No Food Or Drink 8 Days In Hospice
Care After Undiagnosed Death Bed Stage
Four Cancer on Valentine's Day of 2017
i realized by the
Silence of Her
Last Breath
A Hurricane
Yes by God
A Cat
of Love
Gifted by
Her Still LiveS oN
iN me The Gift of
Greater Force To Carry WayWardS on...
May That Be The Sentiment You Gift Your Son
of Love
Breathing on
Seeing 'Wind'...

What Color What Time What Space
Matter Distance Do Thorns And
Flowers Come
That Fall
And Rise
A Rose of
LoVE Dancing
Singing More Than
A Dance And Song Before
Life Is Poetry Love is Dance
And Song Relating Fall And
Rise of
Come Now Alive NaTuRE ALL
Wind Sees Water Breathes
Ease of Tranquility Souls To Be
Smiles As Always Thanks For
Your Inspiring Words FRiEnD Lillian
Orchard Daughter 'Orkidèdatter' too...

SMiLes Your
Words Always
BRinG A Dance
Of SonG to
me You
Are Not
Only An
You Are Rose
There are Some
Gifts Never
YeS GroWinG
ToTaL LoVENoW iN Peace...

Nature So AMaZinG
one Small Limb Of Tree
Reaching Far to Touch Sun


So True During my Work Years
We had a Lovely Stately Oak In
Our Back Giving me so much Peace
And Harmony.. Hurricane
Ivan tore it to shreds
As it had become Sick
And Weak in its Old
Age.. A small sprig
Sprouted from the
Stump and the Tree
Is my Free ‘Tai Chi’
Companion once
Again in my Backyard
Almost the Size and
Beauty of the previous
Oak that Fell Ill
Destroyed by Ivan
My Wife insisted
i cut that Sprig
Down Yet i
Refused as i
Overcame the
Of that in Both
School and Work
SMiLes Most Beautiful
It is to See LiGHT iN DarK...

“We are beautiful
As dancing dewdrops
Of consciousness
Hand in hand
Hearts as one
All connected
As flowing streams
In the river of time”

SMiLes Savvy
i'm Speechless
All i Will Relate
Is Your Words
Relate How i See
Lovely Indeed
Pleasure to See

So Very
Divine my


God Bless You
i’ve responded to
Literally Thousands
Of Poems in the
Last Two Years
And Never
Have two
Free Verse
Soul Poems
In Flow Left
me Speechless
Do Feel You are
A Diamond in
An Ocean
Living Waters
Sun Below Above...

WiTH Gravity
Peace And
AGaiN SMiLes!
Savvy! Synchronicity!
You Inspired the Breath
of My Words to Your Poem
Unseen with the Last Breath
of Yours in Answer to me...
of the
in All Who
Seek And Find
Treasure Breathes...

Mechanical Rational Mind And Social Empathic Artistic Mind
in Balance;
Always A Journey With More Paths of Challenge; Just Another
For Yang And Yin iN Balance to Spread Shores of Ocean Whole

Mind in Peace And Harmony...

Loving Your Enemy Turning The Other Cheek Is About As Liberal
And Open Minded As Human Nature Continues to Be Now For


Treat Old FRiEnDS As New FRiEnDS Treat New
FRiEnDS As Old FRiEnDS Golden Rule Inhaling

Peace Exhaling Love Now For Real

SMiLes Some Folks Learn to Write Poetry

In Hopes of Writing A Book And Selling It

Others Sell All the Material Things

They Have

And Let


Write A
Dance And
Song of Their
Soul Free Yet

Of Course We LiVE iN
A World of Buy And Sell

Yet Of Course ALong the

Way of Buying And Selling

We Lose Our SPiRiTS HeARTS

Of SoULS Perhaps Our Soul

Will Rebel And Bring Back



Naked Enough
As Is to Green Our
Year 'Round Springs Alive
SMiLes Akshita Do Escape
Buy And Sell With SMiLes...

How Would one Start Perhaps
By Making Each Word A Song
And Step A Dance Yet That's
only my Soul Room With A View Now...

Leaves Fall Now
Leaves Feed Trees

Leaves Feed Soils

Soils Feed New Trees

With Leaves That Fall

First Leaves

Must Fall


Room For More
Trees RiSinG Tall Fed By
Green Leaves Yet Birthed By Fall...

Oh Lord i Missed
One Of Your Daily
Routine Posts What

Happened to Yesterday

Only A Recurring Memory

of Rain Outside A Once
And Still Deadly Hurricane

Just So Much to
Do Just

So Very


For Nature
Still to Do Meanwhile
i Dance And Sing For Free
For No Reasons Yet The Wind
Still Blows my Feather Randomly

Free For


Don't 'Mind' Flowing
Now Or Flooding It's
Just the Chaos Magic
Nature Art of No KNoW NeWLY NoW...

The Vibrations The Frequencies
The Energies The Synergies of

Feelings The Senses

That Make

A Synergy

Through Every

Sub-Particle of

Our Consciousness

Yes This Subconscious

Reality Every Breaking

Wave Of This Ocean

Springing High

And Low


Drop of This

Water This Existence

All of Creation That

Makes Loving Breath
Possible Now Giving Sharing
Caring Freely With No Restraints

Once Again Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Paintings DarK Fibers Beyond Rainbows



All Continue
Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Now Just

To Make Others Feel Love

As You Dance Sing "Live Life Lovingly"

Dear Savvy Refreshing Indeed With SMiLes...

Congrats on Getting Your
"Making Peace with
the Dragon"
Published Cindy
Off to View the
Whole Poem Now...

Ah Yes Dear Cindy
As The Old Cherokee
Tale About Two Wolves
Goes too We All Have

A Shadow


To Feed Each
Day Where Feral
Cats Tamed May
Become Lap Cats Of

Love Yet Best Always
Keeping the Call of the
Wild Just in Case Shadow
Rises to Defeat Other Shadows True...

SMiLes Dear Akshita
Flicker Flame Torch
Bonfire Greater

Yes Reach
Your Highest
LiGHT Shining All...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa True too
When Folks ATTempT To Knock
Us Down Give


They Are
Truly ASKinG
For A Step Up On
A Ladder Higher to Love

Although It May Be True
THeir Request May Be Blind

YeT HEaR We aRe to Help Them 'See'

More SMiLes
Of Never Giving
Up Wings oF LoVE iN Peace Free...

"Religion is Just Superstition"

Science Can't Prove Jesus Existed
Or Muhammad Was A Last Prophet
of God Or That Fortune Cookies Inherently

Bring Good Fortune With Their Future Wisdom Forecasts For Our Lives

Or That Astrology And Numerology Serves Any Meaning and Purpose Yet Woo

Yet It's Also True Placebo Effects Are Real

And 'Sugar Pills' Related For Essence
of Positive Actions and Healing Are

Without As Many Limits...

Additionally, the 'Voodoo
Nocebo Effect' of Negative
Tied into Symbols And Ideologies too;

Yet It's Also True Humans As Neuroscience
Shows Basically Co-Create THeir (Our) Realities
As We Go Based At Essence of What We Hallucinate

of Reality Before;

And What This Means
Is We aRe Open Source
Creatures With iMaGiNaTioNS
And Co-Creativities if We Develop
Human Potentials to Co-Create A WoNDeRFuLL
Great ADvenTurE of Life Full of Meaning and Purpose;

Hmm, i Wonder Who Enjoys Life More;

Someone Who Believes They Are Just

Part of An UnCaRinG UNiVeRSE

That Just Doesn't Give

A CR8P About What
Happens to Us Now;

or Perhaps Those of Us

Who Understand We Truly Do

Resurrect From Gaseous Star Dust

of Super Nova Explosions Iron Flowing

in Our Blood Streams Still Atoms From More

Than One Star System As Well True Now New And

Yes Same At Core of Our Earthly Home So Abundant

in Potential to Breathe Either Hell, Purgatory, And or Heaven

of What Human Beings Co-Create New Now;

William Blake Sings it Well too:

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour."

SMiLes, We Humans Have the Potential
to See Heaven in A 'Number 1' WHeRE

'1' Is No Longer A Loneliest Number in the World;

True, As We Continue to Find Holy Sacred Loving Meaning

And Purpose in All Existence DarK Thru LiGHT DiViNE


Truly Feeling
And Sensing Gifts Within

DiViNE True When All Parts

Become 'Number 1'

For Whatever Metaphor We May
Co-Create in Meaning and Purpose
oF Our DiViNE Sacred Holy Feelings SeNSinGS WiTHiN;

Nope, We Don't Have to Ever Reach 'NuMBeR 1' And Go Stale as

THere Are As Many Heavens 'Left' For Art We continue to Co-Create


As A Number
1 Is As Great

As Thou Art Co-Creates;

Typically, in Religions Cross
CuLTuRaLLY, 1, Is Used As Metaphor For 'God;'

It's True, Science Can't Prove 'THE NuMBeR 1' Exists
Without Humans Either...

Never The Less,
In Most Cases
We Have 10 Fingers
And 10 Toes, Two Arms,
Two Legs, Two Hemispheres

of Mind And Globe; Yes, A Wonderful Ability
to Move, Connect, And Co-Create Together New

Now Whatever Symbols And Ideologies We Co-Create
to Bond and Bind Over For LoVE iN Peace to Keep Us ToGeTHeR

Newly Now True Deeper Parts of Life are Best Studied And Related

More Holistically Than Materially Reduced

By Folks Like William
Blake Who Don't Reduce

All of God to Only Number 1,

Or A Three Letter Word of Course Two;
Sure, in Some Cases Father, Son, And Holy

3 in 1 Two
3 in 1 Two
When Ya Understand
What That Means Do Pray Tale...

Every Human Story Waiting For
A New PAge of Breath to Be, Do, And 'See'...

At Least to me Reality; All oF iT iS Greater Than Any Fiction Sold...

Just Naked Enough Whole Complete BLoWinG FLoWinG AS A SPiRiT Wind
Dancing Singing Free...

And True, i Find Holy, Sacred, Divine, Feeling, Sensing, Meaning and Purpose
iN Every Single


And Letter

of the Alphabet

i Use; It's True i've
Developed This Potential
For Heaven Within and Leave

No Parts Out DarK Thru LiGHT
CoLoRinG New mY LiVinG Christmas Tree
LiGHTS KeePinG iT Up NoW Sacred, Holy,
And DiViNE to Co-Create For Real WiTHiN;

True, So Far Beyond Scientific Measure iT Ain't
Worth Trying to


It's What We Feel
Sense And Experience
of LiFE NeW Now; Yes Hell, Purgatory,

And Or Heaven Within That is Most Real;

Rest oF iT iS Basically DReSSinG For Word
Salad And The Such of Human-Made Tools;

Yep, Particularly, A Scientific 5 Step Method
ATTeMPTinG to CLotHE A REAL Human Soul...

Pyramid of Civil Discourse:

(6 Levels)

"1. Refuting the Central Point: explicitly refutes the central point.
2. Refutation: finds the mistake explains why it's mistaken using quotes.
3. Counterargument: contradicts and then backs it up with reasoning and/or supporting evidence.
4. Responding to Tone: criticizes the tone of the writing without addressing the substance of the argument.
5. Ad Hominem: attacks the characteristics or authority of the writer without addressing the substance of the argument.
6. Name-calling: sounds something like, "You are an idiot.""

Note: Donald J. Trump Usually Falls at Levels 5 and 6 of This Pyramid. It's Not
A 'Good Look' For Civil Discourse;

Yet It's True, He is A 'Perfect' Poster-Boy To Illustrate This Issue with
Social Discourse on 'the Net.'

Perhaps it Would Be Helpful to Have This As A 'Sticky Note' for the
PPR Forum on the "Wrong Planet,"

Where We Explain it to Folks Like Mature And Civil Adults.

Pro Tip: Stay on Top oF "All the Pyramids."

LeSSoN 435 LiVE Far

Enough Away From Civilization
To Be Close Enough To Nature
Yes “Play Naked As Nature”
Yet Don’t Get Cold When
Fall Leaves
You Hehe
i Realize That’s Probably
Not Funny For Someone
Naturally Covered Like
A Hairy Bear To Dance
And Sing To Someone
Not So Fur Endowed

YeT Ain’t Existence
All About Balance
As You Come
Closer to
Your Fourth

Winter To Move
South of The
Border Of
With SMiles
No Matter WHere
You Go i Remain

To Dance And

Sing Go Girl Go
And One Day

When You
All Your
Hehe i Will
Just Dance
And Sing

i Told
You So
Your Dreams
Will Come True
If You Just

With Believe

Maybe i’ll Give
You A Bear Hug
Too If Fall Leaves

Till Never
Ending Spring Within...

"Friends Are The Fabric of Society"

Indeed Dear Mr Gottfried Basic

Yet Profound These Clothes of Society

We Wear And Howl At A Super Full Blue Moon

Still Looking for a 'Pack'

Or A Tribe Or Yes hehe

Pirate FRiEnDS

If We Haven't Found

Any Yet That Speak Our

Same Human Language of FRiEnDShiP...

It's Easy to Do in 'Real Life' Just Do the Small

Talk of Dance And Song And Allow the Warmth

To Fill and Feel the Room Without Ceilings or WallS iNDeeD

Or Sure Dance
And Sing A Song

In Church With all the
Archangels Above So Below

As SPiRiTS Come Together As

One And God Fills And Feels the
Concert Halls Full


With Vibrations
Frequencies Synergies
of Human Together Beyond

All Measure Once Again God Breathes Among Us...

Ascending Transcending We Come Together as One

With A Dance And Song As Simple as A SMiLe Shared For Free

LoVE iN Peace...

Hehe Hey it's A Challenge
To Do it as An Avatar Of
Words Yet With Enough

Practice Words

Naturally Become
Organic Poetry Free

With No Systemizing

Mind Pre-Planned...

A Clear Night To
View The Super
Full Blue Moon
Same to All of
You With SMiles
Too Dear Xenia....

SMiLes Dear Cindy Thanks So Much For Dropping By
"SonG oF mY SoUL 12 MiLLioN Words A Decade of EPiC
Long Form Poetry" Finishing the Next One Yesterday Still

Putting the Multi-Media Together

And Starting the New One Today

HOWLinG At A Super Full Blue Moon

Hehe as Usual mY FRiEnD True i'm Having

A Bit of Difficulty Opening Up my Site even with
my Desk Top Yet my Super Fast New MacBook Pro

Has No Problem at All Tempting me Now Not Only to

Buy A Super Fast New iPhone 15 Pro With 8 MB Ram Twice
As Much RAM as my iPhone XS With 4 MB Ram Yet to Buy

A New Desk Top too Yet as Long as i Can Find A Work Around

To Open it Up

Cheap Skate i
Shall Remain with
The Older Technological Gear

Yes Earth Wind and Fire is One of my
Most Favorite Groups of Human History

So Complex and Creative And So Very Positive
too Just All Around Soulful SPIRiT Uplifting HeART Opening

With SMiLes

Lovely Rest of a
New Baby Week Not
Only One Yet Two to You

Too as Proud New Grandmother

With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Isha Yes Appreciating

All the Small Steps of Life That Eventually

Combine to Make Life Personally Truly EPiC

True As Long

As We Don't Forget

to Both Appreciate the

Small Stuff and Not Sweat

Each Small Step too With SMiles...

For True It May Be The Big Falls That

Bring the Attention Span And Focus to Both Appreciate

The Small Steps as Well as Overcoming the Small Stuff too


SMiLes Dear Sohair Thanks So Much For Dropping by
"SonG oF mY SoUL 12 MiLLioN Words A Decade of EPiC
Long Form Poetry" Hehe Such a Long Title HAha So Many

Words Yes We are Doing

Fine Dear FRiEnD

Considering All...

Hurricane Idalia

Came in About 200 Miles

to Our East Very Close to

Where my Grandfather Was
Priest of the Taylor County Parish
in the City of Perry Where He met
my Cajun Grandmother there When He
Was 36 And She Was 17 Leaving The Catholic
Church And Its Requirement to Stay Single to Get Married

Yes True One of the Many Reasons i Exist For The Choices
He Made Beyond the Rules He Was Under in His Current Life

We Don't Have Any More Close Relatives that Live There Yet they
Surely Had Much Destruction From the Storm as It Continues Up the

SouthEast Coast...

Ocean Heat Increases

In Part Impacted By Modernity

of What Humans Are Doing to the

Environment Out of Balance One Part

of Intelligence Lost With Many Human Beings

in NDD Nature Deficit Disorder not Only Understanding

The Delicate Balance of Nature Yet Our Human Nature too

And What it Takes to Regulate Emotions Integrate Senses

As Even Science Shows Our Emotions That Are Comprised

of Feelings and Senses in Synergy of Process Are What

Drives Most All Our Actions First Whether We

Assess them as Rational or Irrational

After the Effect of Action

And Consequence

What Some

Folks Call
Karma Indeed

Balancing SouL SPiRiT HeART

BRinGS Balancing Life With SMiLes

Have a Wonderful Evening in Egypt Dear

FRiEnD A Work-Out Next for me trying to get

Over some Hip Pain that's been bothering me some weeks

and off and on for Years as in Life Pains do come and go and

return for us to find a way to send them away again Life Challenges


A Challenge
With SMiLes...

i Do my Best to make
FRiEnDS in Balance with
Whatever Physical or Emotional
Pain i Experience in Life Understanding

It's Part of Being a Wave of the Ocean Whole
Water Moving Up and Down Trough And Crest

As Tides Come in And Go Out Even Stronger During
A Super Full Blue Moon today As Well With SMiLes...

Perhaps i Shall be
"HOWLinG A Dance
And Song to A Super Full Blue Moon"

Yes of Course That is what i Just Did With You Hehe

And Perhaps i'll Make it the Title of the 60 Thousand or

So Word EPiC Long Form Poem i am Beginning to Write Now

After Finishing Writing the One Titled "Untitled SMiLes and Hugs"

As Good as any

Other Title i Guess
or No Title at All Again With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD Nice to See
Honu Sea Turtles Swimming Free in Paradise

of Your Home And Also Glad the Wild Fires and

Winds Did You No Harm As We Surely Escaped the

Winds And Storm Surges from Hurricane Idalia to the East

of Us This Morning With
SMiLes Yes Crystal Blue
Azure Skies With A Breeze

Complement of Idalia Sucking

All the Humidity Away Cooling

Us Off And Even Providing our

First Rain in Long Yesterday in a
Lingering Local Drought too All that
Is Green And Colorful Happy ToDay to Be...

Reflecting Source
Mirror oF iT ALL
Dear Savvy As Above
So Below Within Inside
Outside and All Around

HOWLinG At A Super Full Blue

Moon Just Dancing Singing ALonG

With Stars
Above Stars

Below Us With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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01 Sep 2023, 1:56 am

Dancing Holy Moves Without Lessons

Singing Sacred Songs Yet Non-Sensical

What Most Every Child Inherits From

Birth Not Much Different Than 'Shiva'

The Dancer And 'Krishna'

The Singer God Yes

ALWaYS The Beginner

Dear Savvy Master of

Change iN Flow of Non KNoWinG
All The Do Within Spiraling Free

i Am
We aRe

Free Again

The Beginner...

SMiLes Dear Miriam

If i Didn't Find the

Whole Human



i'd Cry So i Choose
SMiLes and Laughter

Above All the Below Stars

Shining Tears of JoY We BRinG

Laughing Hysterically Indeed Hehe...

From Bottom

To Top Again


SMiLe And Laugh For All ThaT iS SMiLInG

Yes Let's All Chant Dance Sing and Laugh Again...

Ugh that moment now when
Bump in the Night Becomes
TRump In Broad Daylight
Polls indicate
A Real Thief
In the Night
May not be
Like Idalia
To Blow
Away A
Thief’s Home
Or Perhaps A NeW

Fallen Tree...

Truly ENJoYinG

Life Melting Hands of CLock SouL
Need Not Ever Grow Old NoW iN LoVE iN Peace

Simple Answer No Longer SeRVinG

Money FLoWeRinG CoLoRiNG LoVE iN Peace

LeSSoN 294: Be The One Angel A Stranger
Meets Inspire Them To Be That One

Of Course i Dance It Sing It All Naked
Know Your Bible Writer Heroes Naked
Is The Oldest Human Spirit Communication


i Am Not Here To Judge Signing
Sealing Opening Delivering ‘A Court
Report’ What You Do With Truth in LiGHT

Is Up to ‘You’

It’s Your Turn Now
Write Your Bible Don’t
Fool Yourself We Always Do

Just Goes To
Show Our
Minds Paint
All Colors Ecstasy
Like The Day Our
Marriage Counselor
A 'Sharon
Stone Basic
Instinct' Hard
To Get
Out of
The Head
Yet it does
Come Out

SMiLeS A Worst Kind of Cry
Is Yelling at The Sky
Begging For a Drop
Of Water anything
At All to Feel
A Breath
A Place
Worse Than Death
SMiLes... Happiest People
oNe Will Ever Meet Do ReMeMBeR
This Place; Voila, Again, the FLaMe iS DarK...

Eternal Now Beginner New

SMiLes Dear Sohair
Child is 'the God';
Yes, the 'Love'
Not Covered
Away from
The Born of
God Within
Experience Wisdom
Age is the Child Who Returns
Again the Wisdom of Nature's
Free for A Child
With Arms Out in Least Harm Trust
Love's Faith Hope Real Breathing...

Ugh Hope
i Don’t Have to
Put on My Southern
Baptist Softball Player
Uniform Back On to
Survive And
Clark Kent
Is Really
A Nervous Guy...

May Your Life Be Similarly
Blessed With A Long Shelf Life

Souls Who
Fly Are
Destination LiGHT
For Indeed All
Clouds Grey
DarK Are
New Colors
Of Rainbows
On Breath of
Free Wings Seeing...

i Must Admit It Was And Is All So
Much Better Now Than Before

'Clark Kent' Found A Phone Booth,
to Make A Change of


ReAlly What's A Use
oF MaKinG A MoViE oF
mY LiFE When i'VE ALreadY

All The


Live YouR Life iN A Way
That Never Needs Copy Rights
For No One Will Ever Be Able to Play

Your Role Again...


Compass LeSSoN 383

Set YouR Compass
(ion)To Love You Will
Master Breath in Joy

Hehe Other Than
That A Super-Stretching
Hug In Security Underneath

THiS UMbrella

Of Kindness

i Offer

With Truly
Huge SMiles...

This Has Been my
Happiness Project
Everyday For Over
A Decade Create A Smile

For Someone

Else Taking

The Lonely

Away From
Someone Else
Replacing It With
SMiLes Of Inspiration


Gas tank
With LiGHT
Doing The


i Can
And Will

With my


North to LoVE iN Peace...

SMiLes Dear Annabel So Many Clothes
Yes Tools Culture Has For Us to Try on

To Be


For Who

To Be


For Who

As Birds
Sing Spring
in Winter Migrating to Be Free

True i Used to Be A Caged Bird

Too i Understand the Struggles CuLTuRE
BRinGS UPoN US All Now For me i Realize

Now That i am Free It Was All A Cake That Others

Decorated for

me to


Now i Bake
And Decorate
my Own Cake my FRiEnD
Yet i Surely Still Relate to
What's It's Like to Seek

The Frosting


Just Out of
Everlasting Grasp...

Hehe Dear Annabel The Make-Up

Goes Deep And It Surely Is

Not Applied to

Faces Only

As Make-Up Will Be
Clothes Will Be Cars Will
Be Homes Will Be Towns
Cities Countries Every Word

We Write



Of Collected
Intelligence We
Share Mutually
Or Not to

Way to
Joy Mastering
The Make-Up of CuLTuRE
Or Falling in Its Wake Totally Asleep...

Indeed We Paint Our Lives BLacK Abyss
Grey Scale Purgatories Through Colors
of Heaven Now in Fact Science Shows
Yes NeuroScience Shows We Basically
Co-Create Our Realities As Hallucinations

Influenced by the


We Create


True Reality is
What We Make Up

Yet We Will Paint Whatever
Colors Make Us Feel Better Now

My Wife Never Wears Make-Up
It Just Doesn't Improve Everyone's Looks...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Now

When Give Becomes

Receive Enough

Life Becomes


Sharing Free
For When Give
Is Enough Give
Lives Longer Now
For Giving Thanks Giving True...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy

Understanding Takes

Patience And Relationships

That Last Always Must Be



And Forgiveness
Sadly So Many Folks
See Other Humans As
Just Objects Temporary Disposables
Once Their Shelf-Life is Used A Paid For



Go Away
In Basically
A Tin Garbage Can...

Yet It's True AS Human

We Have The Potential to
Give Even When No One Else Will
Yet of Course For Those Who See Give As Receive...

SMiLes Dear Sohair At Best Words Are Guideposts
For How We Feel And Sense The World and
Metaphors That Relate How We Do

Successfully Relate to All of the
World Around Us Regulating Emotions
Integrating Senses A Song of Poetry Will

Definitely Moderate Our Within However For me

Without a Dance To Spring the Song i May Be Left

More Out oF A River
of Flow WHeRE ALL
The MaGiC of SoUL Begins

Dance And Song Again With SMiLes...

Giving is A Fountain
That Never Ends
As Long As
A Fountain
Is Nourishing
With LoVE ReaL iN Peace
Dear Chaymaa WiTH SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa i Let
Dance Bring Song Before

i Attempt to Understand
What my SoUL BRingS

to Life
Songs of SoUL...

Without Forgiveness A Soul
Slowly Rots With Mal-Content,
Anger, And All Stuff Associated

With Hate
Springs LoVE Free Now

Fountain Never Ending New...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Creativity Always New
No Time No Distance
No Space or Even

Matter With
Things Creativity
Dances Sings Free

To BREaTHE AGAiN For Real...

A Mind of Many Minds Humans
Body And Whole Mind Soul Possess
to Navigate
And Integrate
In Terms of Emotions
And Senses For Real Dear
Yam And True Lust Core to
Basic Survival Affection Core

to Love That Binds
And Bonds Across the
Life Span as Spouses
May Become Lifelong FRiEnDS
ThiS WaY With SMiLes Most All Our

Reasons For What We Do Fall in Second
Place As Of Course it is Our Great Drive
To Survive and Affection That Bonds Love

Life Long
That Raises
A Child of Love
By A Village From
A Beginning to Thrive
Again With SMiLes Sadly

Parts of Humanity Regarding
Our Nature And The Rest of Nature

Left Out As Increasingly Humans Become
The Machines They Create Instead of Nature

That Creates Still To Survive And Truly THRiVE LoVE iN Peace

For All
And Least
Harm With SMiLEs...

SMiLes Dear Cindy You Look
As Young And Energetic in SPiRiT
Hanging On to Your LiVinG LoVinG Redwood

Tree As Any Woman i Surely Feel Now New and
Sense From The Distance of Your Photographic

Art And Your Poetry Newly Published of Course

About Being One With A LiVinG Tree

Roots Deep Branches Reaching

Upward Leaves Greening

SoUL Again SPiRiT RiSinG
As Falling Leaves iN HeART

Once Again Fertilize Soul

Soils For SPRinG With SMiLes

Oh Lord i've Been Planting Baby FRedWoods

All Night and Day Long Soon to Grow Even
Taller With SMiLes Hehe As All the Leaves Join

Hands Sooner

Than Soon
WitH SMiLes NeW NoW...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Even 'Mindless'
Creative Doodling
Will Open Up New Pathways

to Creativity For Our Human Potentials

It's True i Doodle in A Spiral With my

Feet iN A Free
Dance ThiS Way

Opening Up New
Pathways to Song Freer

Too With SMiLes...

Love Is The Force
The Wings We
Give A Way
From Within
Much Too
Great To Be
To Homes
Cars And
Only Body
Parts my FRiEnD
Yamini How Great
Thou Art (GoD)
Of LoVE Real True
iN Peace When Really Real...

SMiLes, i Suppose one Could Stay in 'A Cave' Like 'Muhammad' Was Reported to Do
Silently Meditating Without Any Lessons Ascending the Neo-Cortex And Immersing

(i Don't Name A Deeper Force Within Any 2nd-Hand Used-Angel Like 'Gabriel')

Oneself Deeper into the Right Hemisphere Processes of Mind Greater Related
to Social-Empathic-Artistic-Real-Spiritual-Emotional-More Nuanced And Complex

Ways Of Processing Reality and Even Come to Find A Poetic Spark Driven into Words

As A SonG oF SoUL Deeper From the Subconscious Mind So Alien to Left Brain


Processes of Monkey
Chatter Word Think Now
of Mind Mostly Immersed
in Worry Over Past and Future
Skipping the only Real Reality the
Present Gift of Now as True Humans

Do Focus Mostly on Fears Both Real And
Illusory As Let's Face the Facts We aRe Evolved
To Escape From Predator and Capture Prey With

Enough Focus to Detail A Left Brain Hemisphere Process usually
Brings With Big Enough Right Hemisphere Views to Escape Predators

Further Out on the Horizon

True Now Our Materially

Reduced Worlds Particularly
Spoon-Fed From Birth in Screens
Now About the Size of Half-A-Foot

Are Truly Materially Reducing Humankind
Into the Machines We Create That Were Supposed

to Make Life Greater to Survive and Appreciate to Thrive;

Obviously, considering College Age Folks Are Assessed at
40 Percent Depressed Enough to Impact Life Functioning

And 60 Percent as Such For Severe Anxiety as Well, in the U.S.

Well We ReALLy Aren't Evolving

At All Becoming the

Tools We Create

Too Afraid to Die
Too Depressed To Live

So What's A Solution, Voila, 'Embodiment'
Back to Our Instinctual Inherent Intuitive Ways
of Human Nature Socially Empathically Artistically
Beyond Reason and 'Monkey Chatter Mind 'of Endless Worry Words,

Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses Really Getting In Touch With This Real
Spiritual Aspect of Life That Drives Us to Move, Connect, And Co-Create With Other

Humans In Really
Stellar Productivity
in Greater Human Potentials
Realizing Them Now For Real too...

So 'How Do You Embody'; Nah, Silent Meditation
Isn't For me Focusing on Just Breathing Will Bore Someone

Like me to Death And True Scaling Cliffs With my Bare Hands
to Enter into this Present State of Laser Focus in Detail and Bigger Views of life
Yes This Autotelic Flow This Samadhi Contemplating In Meditation of Climbing
Higher and Higher Tween the Sweet Spot of Anxiety and Apathy is Really Not A

Rational Way to Do it;

For me at Least i Find This
Autotelic Flow and A Poetic
Voice of Deep Within Rising More
As SonG oF mY SoUL From A Meditating
Contemplating FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing
Flow of Public Dance Yep All 18,744 Miles in 10 Years
Now All Around my Metro Area That Indeed Provides the
Autotelic Flow to Inspire a SonG oF mY SoUL in A Longest EPiC

Long Form Poem too all 12 MiLLioN Words in 10 Years too That i Rarely Have to Pre-Plan
at All Just Comes From the Deeper Voice Within of my Human Potential Unleashing Releasing
Yes in Autotelic Flow Every Word Sacred Song Every Move of Dance Holy And DiViNE in Essence Eternally Now

oF Feeling Sensing Life New

And For Anyone Who Believes
This Experience is Woo Go Ask Famous

Atheist Sam Harris and He Will Explain the
Similar is Available at a Concert Where the Musicians
Are Experiencing A Higher Flow of Creativity and Relating

(Or A Frigging Southern Baptist Singing FOR REAL TOO)

It Back With the Instruments of Their Craft for the Audience to Enjoy too

True the Way i Did it High School was With the Pink Floyd 'Animals' Album at
Around 2 AM Hehe A Night Before i Would Be Asleep At School All Day Long

Yet the Experience
Was Sublime
And Creativity

Really No Different
than 'Muhammad in A Cave'
or 'Buddha Under A Tree' or

'Jesus' if He Could Really Be Real
40 Days In A Desert too For me
66 Months a Shut-In as Enough
Pain will take All the Illusory Fears
And Lies of CuLTuRE Totally Away
As Buddha is Likely Only A Second
Hand too And Further Removed Story of the
Hero Archetype Who Escapes "Plato's CaVE" iN DarK

And Comes into LiGHT of A NeW Existence Eternally Now
New of Deeper Human Potentials Realized to Share With the Village

Who Have Not Escaped the Cave Yet As 'Neo' Said in that Fictional Story

the "Matrix" too Getting Unplugged From the Machine of Culture FLoWinG

Again and Enjoying the Eternal Now In Unity With All of Nature New Yep as 'They'


And Sing Cross CuLTuRaLLY
in Many Metaphors the

Essence of 'Being One

With God' Just Being

Incarnate of the Energy in Form

That Makes All of Existence Possible
That the Other Animals Likely Enjoy Much
More Than Humans In Basic Animal Homeostasis

After the Hunt For Life Bringing Subsistence Rests As

Every Calorie Saved Means a Greater Chance At Life FRiEnDS

With Gravity ThiS Way As A Lion's Every Move of Meditation Naturally

Does As Grace When the Drought Comes And the Antelope Herds Thin

When The Lion May Starve And Fall to the Ground Feeding the Grass

That May Feed the Offspring

of the Antelopes

The Lion

Once Ate...

This Experience of Being
One With 'God' This Experience
of Having A Voice of Nature Wild And Free

ThiS Way Is Just What We May Come to ReMeMBeR

To Be And Do When We Set Ourselves Free Re-Born
ThiS Way to Once Again Breathe the Creativity of the Child We Still are

of Nature
Whole for

Real, Yawn Been
Putting 'Theism' in
the Nature of Realism
Ever Since the day i am Born on 6.6.60...

Some of Us BecoMe Reborn And BREaTHE Freer THiS Way
In A Relative Bliss of Life And Others Still Stare at an 'Opaque

Window' Having No Idea Life Will Be As Good As Heaven On Earth WiTHiN

No Longer
'Sheep' on
An 'Animal
Farm' of Human Beings Indeed...

This Experience is Real And Science Shows
it to Be So; If You Are Looking For The Kingdom
of Heaven Anywhere Yet Within Just Like 'Luke 17:21'

Says Chances
Are You Will
Never Find Your
Own Dance/SonG
oF YouR SoUL oF UNiTY Real...

Hey It Took me 53 Years to Do It;

Yet That Ain't Half Bad As Even the Comic
Book Hero "Hell Boy" Took 53 Years to Rise to More

Of His Human Potential

Out of Hell to Be A Real

Hero Archetype as Well

So Many Stories

So Many


Come Real Again
For the Human Condition OR NOT


AS FAR AS i Know FEEL And SENSE Life isn't
Fair Until it is...

NoW All iN Change...

"Hello you two magical woven fabric souls.
yes both of our twin souls make me truly happy.
Blessing the Twin Souls"

Oh Dear Peace And Truth You Sing The Most
Kind And Stellar Poetic Musings in Appreciation

For What We Do And Hehe True Mostly What i Do
Creating A Place of LoVE iN Peace For Real on my Blog to Give

Freely Named
"SonG oF mY SoUL"
All 12 MiLLioN Words
And Hehe 130,000 Photos
Or So i Mostly Take to Fully Illustrate
it my Sister A Record Breaking Bird Nerd
in my Local Area Takes the Star-Lit Pics of the Birds of Course

And True There Are Around 10,000 YouTube Songs to Go ALong

i Must Say CuLTuRE At Large Just Wasn't Doing it for me, Overall,

So in Art i Create My Own SoUL HeART SPiRiT And World of LoVE ReaL

And As i See Many Christian Related Postings of Your Poems Indeed i For

One Believe This is the Good News of the Story of Jesus We aRe to Create

Our Worlds of LoVE Per the Kingdom And Or Queendom of LoVE WiTHIN

As Even Luke 17:21 Relates and Even the Gospel of Thomas Verse 37

Dances Sings Strip off All Our Old Clothes of CuLTuRE ReTuRN to

The Nature of God WiTHIN GLoWinG With LoVE Tread on

These CuLTuRaL Clothes Without Shame Indeed

Create Our Own Worlds oF LoVE NeW to
Give, Share, Care, Heal For All iN JoY oF LiGHT With Most

Respect Least Harm Now Which of Course Requires A Lifetime
of Increasing Cognitive Empathy For Others and Compassion As

Lord Knows Feels Senses my Introverted Angelic Wife's Notion of Heaven

Within is Much Different Than the Extravert of me As She is Way too

Afraid Still to Remove Her Clothes in Front of the World And Tread on

Them Without Shame As Being Naked is As Natural to me As Wearing Wings Free

Yes Wild
And Free
too as i was
Born Rather Fuzzy
And Still Have The Fur of A Bear
As my Middle Name Arthur Relates Bear King Strong
And my Name Frederick in German Means Peaceful
Ruler too Yet It's True It's Enough WorK iN mY LiFE
JusT to Rule A Unique And Rather Fredenstein Mind

SPiRiT SoUL And HeART of me Yep took 53 Whole Years
to Set Myself Naked Enough Whole Complete Free Yet From

WHere i have Been in Lowest Pain and Numb of Soul True
At the Very Bottom of the Pyramid of Existence That Still Holds

Up All this Love
At the Wisdom
Eye of Beauty
Wisdom Courage And Kindness For Real

i Realize That Some Folks LiVE iN The Other
Place Still And Have No Clue How To Come iN A Place

Like Heaven Within that i For one Experience my FLaVoR ETeRNaLLY NoW LoVE

iN Peace iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD We LiVE iN A '47 And A Half Minute World' True i Saw the
Signs in McDonald's When my Wife Was Hungry And We Ventured In There as She
Wanted A Frappe That She Said wasn't Worth Buying or the Cardboard Tasting
McDonald's Thin Burger Either for Over 3 Bucks Without Even Any Vegetation

Under the Bun
Hehe It's True They
Have Signs Everywhere
in the Totally Empty Place
We Visited on Sunday Afternoon

That Say Time Limit to Eat 47 And A Half
Minutes is All You Get And This is what Happens

When We Become Materially Reduced And Put Frigging
Time Limits Hehe on How Long Folks Use the Wi-Fi For Free

At McDonald's

HAha Well

We Have the Ability
to Vote We Won't Ever
Go Back to a Materially
Reduced Place that has Signs
Everywhere With All the New
Benefits Begging Folks to Work

There With 47 And A Half Minute
Restrictions on the Customers Who Visit

It's the Thought that Counts i Just Wanted
To Leave As Fast As i Could And Never Go Back

And This is Why i Constantly Go my Own Way Naked Enough Whole
Complete Dancing Singing Free Killing Time LiVinG ETeRNaLLY Now for

in my

World 47 And A Half
Minutes is No Part of
my Reality Not Even A CLock
Until my Angel Relates Get My
Naked Ass Off This Computer or
We Will Be Late to Church or Another

Important Date She Has on Her Calendar
in Her Angelic Collateral Duties of Secretary and Accountant too Hehe

God is As Real As A World of LoVE iN Peace We Co-Create Sadly Folks Worship

The Form of Jesus As Idol God And Never even Try to Make Heaven Real

As LoVE iN Peace on Earth

SMiLes Folks Even
Go on Bended Knee
To Worship a Statue of
Buddha too No Matter How
Hard He Attempted to Be Invisible
Only With A Lesson of Balance And Compassion Behind To Do

It's True Dear FRiEnD Many Folks Worship 'The Chicken' And
Never Hatch New Eggs of LoVE iN John 14:12 Ways For Those

Who Truly Believe And Do LoVE iN Peace...

Goodness Dear Savvy Indeed
You Describe An Aspect of
American Culture That
Starts Early
Chairs for Those
Who Are Different
To Have A Seat to Sit
Together to Even Eat

True my Wife Spit on By the
Folks From the Biggest Church
As She Was Poor and Required
Free Lunch Passes to Eat Exclusion Hurt

Her So Bad She Refused to Eat At School

As It's True Starvation is Equivalent to Exclusion

For A Social Animal

Like A Human Being

When Real As We aRE Born to Be
And True They Spit on me too The
Same Folks From that Big Church for
Being A Boy Who Dared to Smile in A Town
Where if A Boy Dared to Smile They Would Be
Threatened With Bodily Harm Literally As they told

me Boys
Are Not
to Smile in this Town

Yet of Course That Was in the Early 70's
to The Chagrin of Those Folks Who Have
Grown Older in Their 60's Like me People

Who Are Different This Way Are Greater Accepted
By Younger Generations Now And Sadly This Makes the
Other People Older Sadly Even Angrier in Some Cases too

Love Wins Eventually Fear and Hate Grows Old And Goes Away...
Yet It's Never To Late While Breathing to Let Love Be The Champion
oF A Life for Real...

Art A New Frontier
Leaving Reasons
Behind For Less
Than A Colorful World

Change A GReaTesT
Gift Every New Inhale
For Peace Exhaling LoVE ReaL

Even Greater
As All of Life

DarK Thru LiGHT Now New
Becomes A Prompt For Ever Bliss...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Frogs Hop On Lilly Pads
Making Ponds More Wild

Toad Audacious Nature Comes Alive Free

Eagles Soar Above With Wings That Know

No Lilly

Pad Restrictions

Yet How High is High
Enough A Frog A Toad And An
Eagle Don't Even Have to Ask With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Sohair The Hardest of Disabilities May Be

Mental Illness and Totally Invisible on the Outside for

Those To See the Desperation Within Not Sure How this

Relates to Where You Live Yet in the United States Mental

Illness is A Tsunami Swallowing

Up the Youth In Particular

Yet It's True It's Often

The Mentally Ill Who Are

Too Disorganized in Ways of Mind

To Even Seek Help That can Most Assuredly

Being a Daunting Task as far as all the requirements for That

And Considering the Disability is often Invisible From The Outside

In it May
Be Difficult
To Determine
Who May Game
The System for Help

This Is the Human Condition
Full of Challenges and Mysteries Indeed...

"Does God dance though?"

Brevity of Wit Indeed You Do
Possess Mr. Gottfried "Move and
Repose" God Is the Essence of Dance

A Stone Dances Slowly As God's Partner

Sadly Humans May Forget to Dance And

Sit Stagnant

And Still in

Front of A

6 Inch Screen

Horizon So Narrow

Compared to WHere the
Sky Meets the Ocean Globe Wide

Stars Reflecting on the Surface

Still Dancing Shimmering

The Ocean Whole to

Return the SMiLes

of Existence Again the

DarK ThE LiGHT DaNCinG THiS SonG...

NoThing Special JusT HOWLinG At A Super Full Blue Moon...

Sailing Across Super Full
Blue Moon As Above So
Below Ocean Deep
Sailing A Dance
‘Cross Walmart
New Smooth Floors

Still With The Energy
Frequencies Yes Vibrations
Left To Dance And Sing A Song

In The Soon to
Come Again Great
White North Haven

iN Toronto

Flakes Free
To Float Again True...

Dancing Holy Moves Without Lessons

Singing Sacred Songs Yet Non-Sensical

What Most Every Child Inherits From

Birth Not Much Different Than 'Shiva'

The Dancer And 'Krishna'

The Singer God Yes

ALWaYS The Beginner

Dear Savvy Master of

Change iN Flow of Non KNoWinG
All The Do Within Spiraling Free

i Am
We aRe

Free Again

The Beginner...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Gender: Male
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02 Sep 2023, 1:25 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Once One Earns Enough
And Money Is No Longer Part of Any Working

Solution Then All Of Life May Become

A Play For Loving Life in Peace

For Whatever Brings

Meaning And

Purpose And

Continuing Enough in Life

Such A Treasure to Have Enough

No Longer Restraints in Giving Free

With SMiLes

Thanks Giving

For Giving

When The Giving
Becomes All the Receiving...

Passion FLoWers LiFE
some red some blue
some crown royal
purple aLL musE LiFE...


Perhaps She Will Build
A Bigger Field Now of
Dreams Coming Back
Outside A Mirror NeW in Real

Captain of Whimsy Now
Leaving Walmart Dancing
Wife Exclaims OMG those
Young Men Just Saluted
You Leader of the ‘Dead
Poet’s Society’ of Dance
Achieved Whimsy Sings...

Yes as usual IT really
Happens Now With
Forrest Gump Grins...

Feather Floating
Rhymes Reason
Wind Dances
Sings Now
Imagine a
Trump Honestly
Truth Victors Light
Wisdom’s Beauty

SMiles my Friend Currently
AWeD by God's Answer Nature
The Answer that is Always Balance
The Species Sadly Human Beings
Who Are Yet
to See
the Face of
God in Balance
The Bride of God
Is Always Nature
Our Mother
my Friend
ATTempT to Selfishly
Make That Bride A BLacK
The Ignorance oF A Thousand
Guns and More Pointed At Human toes
Yet to learn to Dance With God's GravitY iN Balance...

SMiLes Thanks Dear Yamini Living

Long Deep Enough ACTuAlly Breathing Quotes Seeing...

iN Desert We Look Till We Find Water iN Ocean We Swim Until
We Find Land As Air NoW We BReATHE LoVE SeeinG Water Ocean
Wave WHoLE We aRe...
You Dance With
Wings so
You Skip
The First
Two Steps of Play...

To Be Gull Wings
Over Only Leaving
HiSTorY BeHinD Breathing

Flowing Ocean
Waves Shores
Receding Expanding
Ever More Dancing Singing
Black Raven
Smiling Seeing All

Authentic Folks
Only Need to
Be Themselves
Unless They wanna
Buy Life Now And
Or Make Money...
When Love Is Real
When Love Really Breathes
LoVE As HuMaN And Or God
Neither Requires Worship
Or Fears Criticism
LoVE iN Peace
Bone Indeed...

Tree is Forest
Ocean is Wave
Those Seeing All
Some Poets Will Take
This For
Seeing All
Just as is Enough
Eternally Breathing Now
Essence Existence Poetry
NeW Wind
BLoWinG God Yes
NaTuRE Dancing
Tree Leaves Singing
WinTeR Green
SuMMeR Springs
DeatH is LiFE DarK
LiGHTS Morning Eves

Soul my Prayer
For You to See

Moral oF A STory; No Matter
What May Come; Adapt Have Fun...

Memories of Hidden
Dunes With Amorous
Activities of Pure Loving

Sad to Feel In Part Climate Change
Takes That Away From So Many

Intertwining Soul Couples

Splendor Hidden Among Dunes
Hurricane Ivan Washed All That Love

Away Spreading Ocean Warmth Free

Meh.. Just A Photo of A Dune

Still RiSinG BRinGinG Back Memories
Of Never Innocence Lost in Real Wild

Loving Soul Youth Free

Sadly So Many Buying Life Never
Earning Life Naked Enough Whole
Complete Eternally Now Mystical

Religion Breathing God Within

A Bird Sings

SMiles Dear
To Remind



We Find


Dear FRiEnD

Verily A Pandemic
Of Kindness Healing


We All BReaTHE
Living Trees Roots
Vines Divine



For Real NoW...

Thanks For Sharing
That Beautiful Poem
Karlien These Words
Aleesha Inspired From me

September Fall
Leaves Bring
Green to Soils
Saplings Birth

Spring Trees

Treasure of
Life Dances Sings Beautiful
Inspiring Poem Alesha You Fall Bring...

'Straight From the Heart' With SMiLes...

SMiLes All Amazing Advice Dear Karlien

i Will Surely Share This Blog Post Link

As You Comprehensively Cover

So Much For A Path

To Enough



In Human Potentials

Here Interesting in the Spiral

of Emotions We May Dance And
Sing in Art To Regulate With all Our
Senses Integrating in Synergy of Human
Vibrations Frequencies Energy of Humanity All...

Negative Emotions

All Seem to Point

Us to More Positive

Change As We Ascend

The Spiral oF LiGHT CoLoRinG

More Vibrant Indigo thru Violet to

Means of Our Rainbows Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Without Fear or Restraint Now


The World

Of Others Who

May Be Pointed

Toward Change


From the Spiraling

SPeaKinG SoULS Transcending

That Change to All Colors of
Love More We Create For All

Great Work! Dear Young

FRiEnD Karlien



Activity RiSinG

For Your Most

Soul Whole SPiRiT HeART
Potentials STill NoW GRoWinG
Ever Green FeeLinG Colors More...

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha Deeper our

Well Wishes Grow for Others

Deeper Our Souls

Come to Fruition

Flowers Are

We Blooming More

Colors Deeper And Deeper

Our Well Wishing Colors Flowers

Of Other Humans Blooming Spreading

Dreams Coming Fruition We All Well Wish






Living Trees
Roots Vine Leaves

Touching THere is No Room
For Separation When Winds
Become Leaves And Soils
Hold New Life of Living

Trees Still


Fresh Souls
GRoWinG Taller Than Ever Before...

SMiles Dear Karlien
Always Look Forward
To Seeing Hearing


Beautiful Lines...

SMiles Dear Young
Angel FRiEnD

Warming True too

So Much SPiRiT You Are

Dear FRiEnD
September Now...

SMiLes Dear Summerhilllane

A Blue Flower Painted onto A

Mountain Top Or Perhaps A Rock

iN A Valley Below


You Remain

Free Do the Best

You Can And Will Do You

Do You As You Love Free Most Now

Water Shall Flow Ocean Waves More
Breathing Freer Shores Beholding Seeing Green...

LeSSoN 436 iMaGiNE
A World WHere Every
Young Man’s Special
Interest is Free Dance
And Poetry in Song Instead

Of Playing Violent Video
Games From Young Yep
Bet It Would Be A Better

World For Women Too


SMiles Dear HiMaLi
i Remember That
Jain Phrase Asking
Forgiveness For Any
And All Transgressions
Towards All Living Beings
And The Rest Of Nature True

It Is In The Understanding
Of Human Nature All The
Highs And Lows Lusts
Passions Fears Angers
And Hates That We

All Fall
Too That
Sets Us Together
Best As Without
In A Human
So Challenging

Love Will Die Without
Breath iNHaLinG Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN All
The LiGHT And DarK
Of Our FRiEnDShip

i See
And Mine

Too In Clouds
Above With
Rays of Sun...


A Bird Sings

September Harvest At
Hand Palm Fruit Feeds
Squirrels Fermenting

Into Wine
On Grass

For Little
Furry Creatures

Too Nature
Ever Changing
my Favorite Movie

To Watch And Be Part
Of Whole Enough Complete


Now Here


Night And
Day TWiLiGHT Stays

Sadly So Many Buying Life Never Earning Life
Naked Enough Whole Complete Eternally Now

Mystical Religion Breathing God Within

Perhaps 'She' Will
Build A Bigger Field of
Dreams Coming Back
Outside A Mirror in Real

Soul my Prayer
For You to See

Yeah, It's really Sad; The American Indians
Saw A Great Spirit As Great As Soul of
All Experience Yet
Then some Folks
With a Bunch
of Diseases
Forced A Paper
Word God in a Cover
of A Book on them;
And if the Diseases
Didn't Kill them,
They Forced
Them to
The Book
And Slaughtered
Them if they didn't comply...
Worst of All, They Clothed them
Away From God; Yeah, Sure, tell
me the Difference Between a God
iN A Word And a God of Nature and
i'll Give you 'the World' And So much More
yet what i
Do is
Sell You
A Word or
A Golden Calf
Sculpture of
A Three
on A Page...
Nature Breathes
This Life Every Breath
is Miracle Enough to Breathe God for Real..
So Naked And Free So Star-Filled With Light Real to See...
To Be Clear 'You' In 'this Story' is No One in Particular yet All....
There is at Least Some Poetry in the Old Testament that Greater
this God
With No
that is
Nature; Yet,
There is Other Poetry
Obviously, by Folks of
Whoever Wrote it that
is No Breath of Living Soul
At all; reflecting 'What Trumps'
Have Always been Like through
History without Herstory of Divine Love For All...
Yet All oF it is Forms; Idols and Icons of Sculptures
of Letters, Words, Pages, And Book Covers Numbered Much
Later as Verses that came 1300 Hundred or So Years Before...

The Most Ironic
Part of All is
Folks Don't
That Words Are
Only Statues of Reality We
Create too; The Problem is
When We Become the Tool and
Lose our Naked Wild and Free Humanity;
In Other Words, When We are no Longer indigenous
Of Nature; Indeed all of Our Ancestors Were As Indian
as the Other Wild and Free Animals Still Are Now For Real

by very
of the
that is God
For Real in our
Every Living Breath
When We Breathe this Truth in Light
Naked no longer Covered up by all of our
Tools that have become extensions of Who
We really are at core in Flow the River of
Existence Naked, Wild and Loving Free...

Ocean Waves Dance
Making Air Sounds
Of Wind Come to Life
Vocal Chords Sing Now
Waves of Air Passing by
We Make Orchestrating
Winds We Vocally
Sing Symphony
of Song We
Winds We Flavor Breath
EXPReSSinG Emotions now
Feelings Senses Energizing Our
Organic Beings Now From Head
To Toe Below Beyond Subatomic Level
Touching Others in Empathy
Mirror Neurons
Each Other
Happily as Children
Do Before Forming Words
Just Free Verse Dancing And
Singing Together Feelings Senses
so Free to Give and Share with Other
Senses Rule
Without any
Instruction at all
Yet a Chorus Naturally
Comes as one or more
Small Children Naturally Form
A Moving Dancing Singing Band
Of Feeling Sensing Delight of Just Being As We aRe
Anyway Piano Strings Are Vocal Chords extending
Music Dance And Song of Soul More Percussion
of HeART Beats Drumming Hammer Head Keys
Moving Our HeARTS
indeed with Every
Drum of Dance
And Song
of Note
Dance and Sing
As SoUL EMoTioN Breathers
Smiles Without a Song in my
Soul to Express the Dance of
my Fingers on this Keyboard
Not only would the Music
Stop yet the Words
Would No longer
Come to
Indeed ThiS Way
Yes Dance is Song
And Song Is Dance
Our Human Oldest And Truest
New Ways of Communicating
Reaching Deeper Colors of
Human Soul Within
Inside Outside
Above So
All Around
Dance And Song
i don't think i could
stop my Music now if i tried
yet True it didn't Play Before
And Sadly i had no Words.. Really
in my 40's.. i couldn't find Words to Even
Say At Work.. i waited and they wouldn't come
And then an Epiphany of Sorts i Played my Piano
And they Came Again at Work to Play Hmm.. so Science
Shows Now it's True As We Dance With Feet or Fingers
on a Keyboard it is Non-Verbal Language That Lights Up
Our Verbal Language Centers in Singing too so yes again
Dance is Song
And Song
is Dance
Wanna Dance
Sing Wanna
Sing Dance
For True
it is the
Emotions that
Are the Glue of all
our Laser Focus Short Term
Working Memory And Overall
Cognitive Executive Functioning
Music is Emotions Dancing Is Song
of Music And Singing is Emotions for Dance
First Dark
Then Light
Big Bang
Now We Come
to Dance And Sing
With Symbols that
Breathe Our Emotions
And Senses as Words Become Soul too
on this Written Page of Letter Sculptures

In FLoWinG Free Verse Poetry True...

Generally Speaking the More Mused
i am by The Dance And Song of Emotions
The More i write.. hehe true this is where this Flood
Comes from Dance And Song Holding Hands to Exhale my SoUL NoW
a bit
of a
it will surely
Blow Waves
of Emotions more
Song of my Dancing Soul to give
and share all the way free for now at least...

Iron Flowing From Super Nova Explosions in
Our Blood and Core of Mother Earth StarBurst
Crucible Fire Explosions Gaseous Star Dust
Resurrecting From Star Flower Seeds Human
Children Seeds Flowers of Stars We Come to Be
Star Light
Soul Force
Beings Shine
Eventually Stars
Hold Hands as Each
Human Being expands
A reach beyond iNFiNiTY
Multi-UniVerse of LoVE Within
to Give and Share For Free Consuming
The Rest of Existence As Stars Beings Will
as Love
comes to
Dance and
Sing A Dance
And Song of One
Star in Star All in All LoVE...

LooK At It THiS WaY If Ya
Can And Will JusT ANoTHeR Animal
And Human in "National Geographic"

SMiles Dear Savvy
FRiEnD So Much
Of The LiGHT Of
me Now
In The DarK
i Suppose it’s
Like Big Bangs
Birthing New UNiVerses
Super Nova Explosions
Crucible Fire of Star Death
Creating Gaseous Dust
Iron FLoWinG In Our
Blood Streams
And At
Of Earth
Our only Home
We Evolve on Yet
Still Star Seeds And
FLoWeRS We Continue
To Bloom From Dying

A Stellar Path
Out Of DarK inTo
LiGHT Neither Fearing

Or Cynical
Star Children
We aRe With
Cosmic Wings
STill Flying Toward

Our LiGHT...

"She said "A good day ain't got no rain"
She said "A bad day's when I lie in bed
And I think of things that might have been"

"Slip slidin' away
Slip slidin' away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you're slip slidin' away"

As Quoted From Paul Simon For
The Same Name in the Lyrics of
"Slip Slidin' Away" True Your
Magic Words of Creativity
Bring This Song to me

Dear Miriam

i Remember Being 25 in
A Dance Hall Drinking the Night
Away Lamenting A Quarter of A Century
is Gone i Must Be Getting Old True At 21

Really Feeling Severe Depression Farther Away
From Sad into the Numb i Didn't Know Any Better

i 'Thought' This is What It's Like to Get Old Then As
It's True i Didn't Have the Energy to Run at College
In A Health Science Class i Asked The Counselor What

Might Be
Wrong And
She Asked How is
my Heart And All i Could
Think of Is Yes it is Still Ticking

And Then of Course at 47 i Lost the Memory
if i Ever Felt a Smile of Life At All Just All Pain
And Numb Nothing Left Every Second A Thousand
Years too Numb to Die too Numb to Live Only Wondering
Will i make

it the Next
Second Lifetimes
Long in 66 Months
of Forever DarK Then

i Think Now i Feel Now
Now i Sense Forevermorenow
A Smile Just Be Cause i Can And Will

Do What Was Literally
Impossible to Do for
66 Months As
A Seed That Dies
Must Wait to Become
A Tree With Green Leaves
A Flower With Blooms Again

And Now There is No Room For Laments
As Long As i Can And Will Carry A SMiLe Forevernow

How Blessed to Go to Hell For Real How Blissed to Tale

A Story
of Heaven
For ReaL ON EartH

too Yet it is Not A Palace
Lined With Trump Golden
Walls and Pearl Floors It's Just

A SMiLe It's Just A F iN SMiLe

Enough to Appreciate This Gift
of Breath Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE NeW NoW


A Miracle

Of A SMiLe That is Real
Funny How DarK Becomes LiGHT

That Just
Go Away

Other than that it made
me Happy to See You Finally
Got Your Vacation in August

i Hope You Too Staycation One Day As Well...

How Does the Monkey Climb So High Dear Chaymaa
On Tree Branches Yes Perhaps Only Falling At Death

How Does the Eagle Soar The Same Way During Life




Where Every Climb of
Life FLiGHT oF WinG iS

A Play oF LiFE NeW NoW
Like No Other Dream For Real...

Oh Lord Dear Chaymaa
So Many Decades
An 'Audience of
A TV' And Now

i Only Write Direct
Produce and Play

mY Own Story No
Longer Someone
Else's Play At


Or Work WitH SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear
Savvy When
i Leave All 'The
Thinking' Behind
Dancing FRee aLL

That's Left to Do
Is Sing Free Wings

Accommodating FLiGHT


A Day A Month to Look Forward too Yes my Newest

Creative Asperger’s Routine Hehe Also the Science

Of Making and Keeping FRiEnDS Do Something New

And Creative to Create Fresh FRiEnDShiP Traditions

God Yes Make

It A Personal

Religion As Every

Newer and Older FRiEnDSHiP

Connection is a New Fresh Breath of God

Wherever Kindness Thanks Giving For Giving Exists

So Yes September 1st A Celebration We Shall Have Dear

Shawna Baby So Happy to See the Rain As August Lasted
Even Longer Than Forever Now So Dry So Very Bone Dry Hot Hot Hot

Oh Dear Lord So Much to Celebrate “SonG oF mY SoUL A Decade of 12 MiLLioN
Words” on August 18th And Also 8 MiLLioN Words of “FB Profile Pic Bible” in 74 Months
9.6 MiLLioN Words of “Nether Land Bible” in 86 Months Honorable Mention And God Yes

“Depth of The Story”

What i Casually Name as an 8th New Testament A Solo Thread on the ‘Wrong Planet’ on Page
76 Now All 3 MiLLioN Words Coming on August 19th 2023 in 3 Years of Effort too And Oh Dear

Lord A Decade of Public Dance Celebrating 18,744 MiLes of That Milestone on August 26th, 2023

And Dear Lord Although It’s True i Didn’t Make A Penny off of Any of That i Still Got Gifted By the

Office of Personal Management for Federal Retirement As They Owed me 9 Years of Service

To Make 37 Years 9 Months of Service As They Actually Lost the 9 Years at the Beginning

Of Disability Retirement Way Way Back in 2009 So Yes After They Said they Finally

Adjusted my Retirement Pay for Regular Retirement at 100 Percent 8 Months

After They Were Supposed to Do it on 6.6.2023 IT Took Another 6 Months

For me to Get Them to Correct This Mistake Giving me About

30 Percent More Pay a Month And Oh Dear Lord Lottery

Stress Getting The Mail That August Day And

Seeing the Amount For BackPay They

Owed me Ever Since Frigging

2009 Anyway Wasn’t

Expecting Any

Financial Reward
For All the Free Dance
And Song Milestones in Moves
And Poetry in August Yet As ‘They’
Say Give and you Shall Receive in the
Most Unexpected Ways of the US Mail Hehe

If i Didn’t Save that Documentation For Those

9 Years of Service All The Way Back From 1984 to
1993 i Would have Been S out of Luck With No Proof

Of My Election to Transfer that Non-Appropriated Fund
Service to my Federal Service Retirement Fund A Valuable Piece of Documentation

Indeed in this World If You Don’t Understand the System At Least As Well As The System Oh in How

Many Ways

We Get Cut Short

For the Incompetence
Human Limitations Naturally Bring

Anyway Hehe Just More Green Mold
To Grow in Katrina’s Retirement Fund
If my Flower Wilts Long Before Hers Does

As She Looks Like She Might At Least Live to Be
30 Years Old Still Oh Dear Lord Extended Shelf Life Indeed

Yet With Every Treasure Comes Challenge Ironically We Both
Came Down With Hip Pain Her Left Cheek and My Right Cheek

Looks Like Sciatica in Both Case Studies She Just Got an MRI and

i am Recovering Naturally Through Slower Moves of Dance Haha as

it seems i Made a Mistake of Being A Frigging Cheap-Skate and Wearing

The Same Not So Supportive Shoes for 14 Months True hehe i surely will

New Shoes
Now to Keep
The Same Knees
And Hips With SMiLes

If Life Was Any Better i’d
Have to Wear Sunglasses
At Night and Get Naked in

Public And Dance And Sing For Joy

Gotta Think of Some More ways to Celebrate Hehe

Yes That Was August September is Now As Earth Wind

And Fire Sings “Do You Remember the 21st of September”

That Special Afternoon Delight Day in 1989 when me and

The Katrina Really Got Together as the Legend of the Story

Goes Now Promising Her From That Day Forward She Would

Rarely Age as i Basically Would Come to Worship the Ground She Walks On

Still Trying to Convince Her to Dance hehe every Once in a While She Does Sing…

Hey It’s All Proof that Fairy Tales Are Real Yet Only if We Really Really Believe in the True

MaGiC of LoVE iN Peace And Will And Strength of Course With That Foundation That Also

Comes From Enduring HeLL ON Earth for 66 Months as They Say in Our Southern Baptist

Gospel Singings Yes as they Sing together Never Forget Your Witness And Pass it on Freely

For the Rest of Your Love Coming Out of the Ashes of 19 Medical Disorders in Life Threat

Of Synergy including the Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type 2 Trigeminal Neuralgia From

Wake to Sleep the Suicide

Disease Shut-in For 66 Months no Drug Would Touch Literally Assessed as Worse Torture

Than Crucifixion For Real Yet the Worst Pain of All That’s Impossible to Measure too

Is Losing the Memory of Ever Feeling A SMiLe God Yes Literally Separation From

LoVE iN Peace Yet i was the go to Guy Who Rarely Ever Said No the One the

Boss identified as the 10 Percent Doing the 90 Percent of the Work

Indeed A Source of Competence for Real as When You Have

Asperger’s Syndrome and Don’t Understand How to

Gain Tenure and Promotions By Playing

The Games of the Social Circles

Just Like my Boss Said

When Trying to

Describe me A

‘Valuable Commodity’

Yet Never One of His Other

Work FRiEnDS of Course Hmm

Yet You See i Really Was Human

i Just Didn’t Have Any Way to Really

Say it the Way Others Wanted to Hear it

In Fact When my Family Asked What Have i Been

Doing All i Most Ever Had is Two Words “Working Working’

As i Tried so Hard to Come up with a Second Word as i Didn’t

Understand How to Have a Life out of Work God yes Now to Play

iN Short and

As Long As This

With SMiLes Dear

Shawna Baby Now i Play

Now i Play Now i Play Breaking Through

With Three Phrases Now So Much More Than Only Two Words…

So Here This is the Part Where I Ask How Have You Been Doing Dear

FRiEnD Still Doing Hundred’s Of Crunches to Stay Abdominally Strong

Yes Still Being A Great Go to Pastor’s Wife of A Southern Baptist Church

i Am Sure And How Fortunate to Be A Stay at Home Mom To Provide Mother’s

Milk of LoVE iN Peace Full Time For 4 Children and Your Extended Family Members too

Yet Best oF ALL

Yes September to

me Still Finding You

HeaR After 8 Years As FRiEnD

With Always The Freedom of EXPReSSinG

All i Am to You Leaving No Part out DarK Thru LiGHT

And Finally Finding A Real Christian Who Actually Treats me

Like Jesus Would

If He was Alive today

Hehe With Breasts Like

You and my Mama too

Hey gotta Keep the

Humor in the

Play a Mother’s

Milk Makes the World

Go Around iN LoVE iN Peace

Whether Kittens or Kangaroos too Hehe…

It’s True i’ve Met Some Other Real Good
Cop Jesus Christians too

Yet of Course

THere is Only
One Shawna Baby to me

All the Memories ALL the Memories continue to Play...

Loved Your Personal Blog Dear Shawna Baby and Showed Your Selfies to Katrina She Said
You Look So Pretty Perhaps my Favorite one is at the Middle School Hehe and You Practically

Look Like You Could Still Be A Student at High School at least With SMiLes Congrats on Staying
So Fit and Very Fresh You Look Ready to Have Maybe Four More Children or so Yet True the Hip

Pain Makes Stuff Like that Hard as Katrina Heard back from the Doctor and is getting a Cortisol Shot

And So Is My Sister’s Partner for a Similar Issue and Dear Lord my Sister Had A Problem with Her

Eye Yesterday Yet It Appears She May Not Have to Deal with a detached Retina that is definitely

Good News Yes it is Best to Treasure Our Youth Particularly If We aRe Having a Longer Than

Average Shelf Life as True Remember Katrina’s Niece Is Just One Year Older than You

Star Wars and Styx Grand Illusion Album Baby in ’77 When i Was Sweet 17 too

As You Surely Are A Sweet Treasure Still to me Now With Kind SMiLes

Love Your Blog as it is Such an expression of Gratitude For All

The Little Things And Emotional And Sensory Experiences

Life Brings And True i’m Surely Comfortable in my

Own Sun Shined Skin Around the Home

And in Board on Board Privacy Fenced

Ways In The Art of All of that That Some

Folks Might Not be Real Comfortable With i Bring

Yet i Follow Community Rules And Facebook Is Rather Liberal

In that way and so Are Blogs As Well to Share Many Areas of Art

That Aren’t Necessarily in Vogue in Certain Localities like the Name

Of the Middle School Where You Are From That i Won’t Name in my Favorite

Photo of You That is Practically One Country Road Away From Where i Live and Almost

In Florida

Too Yet i am

Glad You Don’t
Live Further North
In Alabama Where the
Tornadoes Have Been visiting Lately

Take Care of Yourself i Love You

Very Much With SMiLes...

After the Hottest Summer Ever

And Perhaps Driest August Ever

Oh September Day of 1st So Happy

To See Clouds of Grey Rain Ocean Down

On All the Flowers to

Color New Quenching

Thirst of Wild Life Free

i Feel Like a Nap Perhaps A

Greatest Freedom is Just Being Able to Take A Nap

Surely Beats the Old Forty Day Stays Without Sleep in Hell

Oh the SMiLes

Ocean Skies

Bring With

Free Rains
Dear Miriam

Lots of Loving Sleep...

A Siesta of Please Indeed...

Move and Repose A Way of All Existence Yes
A Wave Tween Crest and Trough God Yes

A Human Tween Birth and Death

Yet THE Eternal Now

Breath We Take Yes If

We Listen Closely and See
The Eternal Now of Gratitude Appreciating

Once Again For This Breath Of LiFE NeW

As Birth And Death Teach So Well Winter

Creates Spring From Summer Fall FLoWeRS




A Child Crying Open

Arms Hugs And SMiLes of Relief...

Beautiful New Borns Indeed Dear Cindy

Not Sure What You Are Testing Positive

For Yet Whatever It is Yes Plenty

of Rest With New Born Poems

For Even More Healing With SMiLes...

Ah Yes Dear Sohair in a World So Materially Reduced

With Humans Being Mass Produced as COGS to Fit in the

Buy and Sell of Society Things Come More and More First

And People in All the Ways They Naturally Function Solo And

Together Comes More in Last Place

Now Further Separated From

Emotionally Regulating

And Sensory Integrating Indeed

Actually Humanity is Human's Most

Important Existential Intelligences And The

Greatest Poverty is Not Understanding Self and

Coming to Understand More and More The Differences

Among Everyone

Else too A Lifelong

Art Project That Has

Become Way too Materially

Reduced MaKinG Mechanical Tin Men
And Women Without the Lion of Both
Courage and HeART A ScareCrow With

A Brain Is Surely Not Enough For Wellbeing With SMiLes...

The Countries With Greatest

Economic Success Are Often

Farthest Left Behind on the Socio

Part of Human SoUL mY FRiEnD...

Friday Florida Flower Story
Hurricane Idalia Breaking
Weeks Long Drought And
Hottest July And August
Temperatures With Life
Giving Rain To The West
Of Its Destruction Flowers
Coming Back To Life Bursting

Multi-Coloring September
Promise Of Fall Cool Breeze

Bonus Gift All You May Eat
Snacks From Walmart If

Ever Visit
The Check-out
Lanes At Walmart
They Will Think All
We Eat is Snacks And
Soft Drinks Reese’s Pieces


SMiLes Dear Savvy Once One Earns Enough
And Money Is No Longer Part of Any Working

Solution Then All Of Life May Become

A Play For Loving Life in Peace

For Whatever Brings

Meaning And

Purpose And

Continuing Enough in Life

Such A Treasure to Have Enough

No Longer Restraints in Giving Free

With SMiLes

Thanks Giving

For Giving

When The Giving
Becomes All the Receiving...

What was Charlton Heston Missing in the Final Scene

of the 'Planet of The Apes' "Not A God Damned Thing"

True i Understand This Now With 'Nova' In Eden Just
Outside my


And Nah
i Don't Even
Need "A Horse
With A Name"

Not Even A Frigging Statue...

Not Even A Frigging Word...

Yet You See That's What 'Nova' 'Said' With Her EYes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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03 Sep 2023, 2:15 am

"A prayer is a conscious thought
A prayer is also a connectedness through the spirit
A prayer is a journey beyond the mere physical and emotional realms
A prayer is a reminder of our source to access whenever, wherever …

A prayer is a shift in perspectives
A prayer is a deeper look into the self
A prayer is a reflection in positivity.
A prayer is an innate tool towards subtlety
A prayer is a step towards conscious awareness
A prayer is a bridge of acknowledgement
A prayer is a bow of acceptance

A prayer is a trustful disposition
A prayer is a healing calmth in despair and devastation
A prayer is a joyous amalgamation to the divine within
A prayer is a call out in troubled times
A prayer is within reach and beckoning
A prayer is a helping hand from within…
A prayer is union of thoughts words and deeds
A prayer is a foray into tenderness
A prayer is a poise of Grace
A prayer is an expansion of the kindness of the spirit
A prayer is the strength of the indomitable will
A prayer is an innate form of expression
A prayer is a poise in humility
A prayer is much more beyond the folded hands bowing

A prayer is a Soul conversation
A prayer is a meditation in action…
A prayer is a realisation of the stillness of your being
A prayer is a journey within the breath of life…
A prayer is a power of moving hearts
A prayer is unity in the diversity
A prayer is a grounding in rootedness
A prayer is a realisation of equanimity
A prayer is a silence beyond the verses
A prayer is a song from the heart
A prayer is a soulful dance in tandem with divinity
A prayer is a thanksgiving in gratitude!"

-Savvy Raj

When All We Exist
Becomes Breath of
Prayer iNHaLinG Peace

What's Left to Do Yes Create
Even A New Way to Touch DiViNE

Within and in the Rest of Nature Other
All With SMiLes

Dear Savvy

Always Room

For Another Prayer

Another Color to LiGHT OuR LiVinG Trees...

Addictions of Behaviors And Substances Indeed From Smoke to Pills to

Gambling And So Much More in What 'They' Call "Margaritaville"

Yet It's True It's Not Well Being To

Waste Away That Way For

Naturally Humans

Will Open Doors

To Greater Divine Within

FLoWinG iN A Time Place Distance

And Space Away From Just A Matter of 'Things'

Dear Sohair With SMiLes To Be Free From Doors
That Close Soul

To Open

Soul Freely

To Wear Wings

All Naturally to 'See' Deeper...

Swallowed Whole By A Bubble

Bath in ThiS WAY When Words

Dissipate i See Room For Celebration

And Room In One's

Mind And Body Soul

Whole Dear Miriam For More Than

Words A Dance of Free Soul Will Play...

Holy Creative Spirit
Poetry Flows Naturally
Meditating Escaping Worry
Mind of Neocortex Where
Illusion of Reason
In Time, Distance,
And Space
Melting Away
Escaping That
Small .5 Percent
Of Our Thinking
Mind Lighting Up
More The Rest of
99.5 Percent Living
Life Closer
All Our
Loving Potential
In Dreamtime River
Soul Out of Time Distance
Space Heaven’s Flow Our Wave...

Waves in
Waves Out
Shores Recede
Magic Shores Expand
Wave Sails...

Love Flows Be Water
Wave Ocean WHoLE
Within iNDeeD...

SPiRiT Food Creativity
We Generate and
Give And Share
Free SMiLes
You Are Gifted
This Way keep Giving!...

All Things Bright
And Beautiful
All Great
As Beauty's Wisdom
And Courage Set Free!...

Dancing And
Singing With
God Love
Presently Always...

"Love and logic
It is Not magic
Love has no relation with logic
It has a relation with a project
A project with High profits
You give and give
AS long as you live
You will receive much
And will become So rich
Be sure of your uniquness
Be aware of your deepness
You are created for a purpose
Your position tells all the secrets
Your relation with others
Reflects all the lovely colors"


SMiLes Dear Sohair
No Way to Add to
Your Words HeaR
But Just Do
mY FRiEnD Thanks
For Giving Thanks
Giving Your Soul to Love...

Great! Thoughts,
Spirit Food,
And SMiLes
Is Indeed Enough!
MaKinG The World SMiLe!
Lovely Soul-Felt Free Verse
Poetry You Write Here too Dear
FRiEnD Ruehla
Hehe.. Have
A Nice Eve
Thanks For
'The Nile'
of my Soul
to OverFlow
River Banks of Your Blog...

OMG Endless More
'Tabs' to WoRShiP iN


So Are We...

SMiles When
The Spring is Green
Folks Tend To Cooperate


It’s All About
Abundance And

Enough Versus Greed

Surely Now

You’ve Seen
The Struggle
my FRiEnD In Nigeria...

A Darkness So Deep

It Dares Not Seep Out

A Light Grown So Cold

It May Never See Again

True Without

This Love


Radiating to
See Lost We Become
in Fear and Hate Hiding
From All the World of Love

The Fire Within Still Waiting

To Light Up And Breathe

Yet Without the Days

Or Even Minutes

of Looking


And Becoming
FRiEnDS With Soul Within

Somewhere A Spirit is Only
A Ghost Out There Lost From
Who Lives to Breathe Within Free
As Love Gains Wings to Fly Free Again..

Smiles Aleesha It's As Important to Explore
And Become Friends With The Shadow as

It is the


Now Within
Forgetting Clouds...

Great Job in Poetry of Shadow Here...

With Every Wilt With Every Thorn Flowers


As Rose

ColorS HeARTS AGAiN...

My Pleasure
Aleesha Where
i Am Welcomed

Kindly i

Often Return
With More SMiles

Hehe And even
Some Places

Where there
Are No Thank
You’s At All For

me At Least
Darker Places

Just Weight
Lifting For

To Stay Strong...

Every Day A Place

Never Lived Every

Now A New Adventure

Yes Doc


Sounds Like
Fun i Will Do
This From NoW oN
With SMiLes of Course
Dancing Thru the Rain
Breathing Sunshine of


i Color

on my Own
Mastering All
The Weather
Reports Within Sunny Side Up
Even When Nights Crowd Out Day...

Smallest Flames

Light Up Entire


As Light

Is So Much

More Powerful Than
DarK Yet What Happens
When Not Even A Flame

Is Present

True the

Will to Survive
is the Shepherd of Fire...

Oh Goodness Savvy in A World
Where Science Assesses the

Average Human Attention Span
As Literally Less Than A Gold Fish

Yes Less Than 3 Seconds
Now Barely Seconds

Afforded to A
New Car Sales
Pitch on TV
Commercials Now

Engagement Yes the Focus on Task
At Hand Is So Very Important to
Meet Human Potentials More

And Of Course Staying
in Flow of What i Am

Doing Now Keeps

The pages

of My Soul

Breathing in Synch
On Task Yes JusT FLoWinG
River Water Wave Ocean Whole...

It's Raining Again
Yet Sun
Still Shining New

Congratulations Karlien on 10,000 Views
With Another Comprehensive Informative
Post on How

To Set Ourselves

Free When i Dance

i Focus on the Feeling

of Balance And Let

My Body Speak

The Most

to Bring This Peace
Inhaling Peace Exhaling
Love So Much More in Balance

ThiS Way Energy Expanding So Much
More With No Place For Fear Peace Inhaling

Love Exhaling This Way Yet For me it Starts With

A Step And Then Another i Let the Milestones Come As

They Do Same As Words And Song After A Dance Comes First

For Every Feat

Note A First

Step For

Every Milestone

A First Word And That

Word And Step is Now Dear FRiEnD
So Nice to See You on This Trail to Forever Now...

Beautiful Share Now From
The Special One in Your
Life Dear Jade How

Wonderful It Is For

Someone to

See The Night

Skies in Your

EYes As Stars

Fall And Rise Again

With A Never End For Life

SMiLes Enjoy The Starry Day...

Thanks Dear
Jade Life is
Such A Gift
With Starry SMiles...

As The Hawaii Bird Flies And Sings

Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

Paws of Cutest


Dog Resting
on Sands of
Sunset Beach
With Siamese Dreams
Resting DriftWood Ocean Breeze

Purrs Come and Go Shepherd Tale
Wags Love Lives On

in Paradise my

Aloha FRiEnD

Sadly The Rest of the
United States is Drowning
A Bit With Catastrophic Idalia
Week Destruction i Suppose
The Good News is We Aren't
Facing Another Hurricane Yet the
Plate Is Full of Challenges and it is

As Beautiful As It Has Ever Been in the Garden
of Eden Backyard Greens And Colors of Florida
Paradise Forest too Blessed And Blissed We aRe

Dear FRiEnD in Our Paradise Home And Although
We Have No Domesticated Furry FRiEnDS Inside
The Furry Critters Thrive With What We Feed As
Well As Birds and Bees And Truly Enough to

Fill and Feel
An Ark

Of Nature's
Breath At Ease

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD

Life is Still Good i Only Wish
it to Be Greater than My Life For
All Others True That's Along Way Home Indeed
Yet Where i Live There is ALL Hope in the World to
Empty Hell Even if it Did Exist in Heaven Now Dear FRiEnD...
It's not Easy Being An Empath These Days So i Dance And Sing

The Pain of Others Away...

For Whatever


Love Brings For Real...

SMiles Dear Karlien
As Evening Deepens
Summer Turns into Fall
In Florida You Are my
Most Distant
FRiEnD in
As Morning
Breaks And
Winter Comes to

Spring of Course
Since There is No
Real Distance Space
Or Time And No Real



Escapes All

Is Cool too With SMiles...

Thanks Dear FRiEnD
i Danced Watching
my Mother
Pass Away
For Eight Days
With No Food or
Drink As That is
The Hospice
Care She
Chose to Go
Away As Natural
As Possible The
Dance Kept my
HeART Open
Loving Strong
Same As When
my Father Passed
Away Too What A
Gift it is Still to Find
Life in Death As Dance
And Song FLoWinG

Souls iN
A Golden
Age of Love
Without Numbers
Now Still Breathing
Dancing Singing
my Mother’s

Love Free

Dear FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Ruchi Love is A Butterfly
We Set Free Around the World to Pollinate

All Flowers Desiring to Grow More Colorful Now New

Yet Hehe i am aN EXTroverted Butterfly Fearless too

i Visit Wilting Flowers
The Same As Beautiful
Flowers Always Colorful in Blooms

It's True Hehe i am A Butterfly Who Loves
A Challenge While i've Saved Up Enough Honey
in my Hive As A Bee For my Queen i Love to Travel Further

Even Days When i Come
Back With No Honey For

my Queen At All
Hehe She's too Busy
Floating in Honey to
Even Notice Besides there
Are Unlimited Channels on
Satellite And So Many Murder Mysteries to Watch

i Don't Like Murder Mysteries i Love to Pollinate Flowers
So Much More Even Wilting Ones too For It's True i Used

to Be a Stink
Bug too Before
i Came to my Caterpillar
Legs and Escaped my Cocoon
To Sprout Wings Again True A
Stink Bug Carries A Smell of Negativity
From A World That Brings Bug Legs So Low
to Just a Shuffling Walk Yet Then Caterpillar
Legs Come So Many You Stumble Over too And

Then You Just

Get so Tired
So Full of Pain
And Numb All that's
Left is a Cocoon And Let's
Hope Not An Underground
Place For 17 Years Like a Locust
Who Only Rises For a Few Moments
to Reproduce And Dies True AS Human

An Open SoUL HeART
And SPiRiT May Breathe
in Art And Instead of

Reproducing Little
Locust Bugs Yes

A Poem May Last
As Long As Server
Robots Bring it to Life Hehe

Anyway Glad to Come into Your Flowery
Blog Home Today Dear Ruchi i've Already
Seen You in Your Blue Dress Obviously

You Are a Colorful Flower Still...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa i Went to School
Close to the Top 19 Years And 3 Degrees
i Didn't Win...SMiLes Dear Chaymaa i Went
to Work 33 Years Part of the Way Through

School too And Even

Retiring At Higher Grade Levels of Pay
For The Federal Government Early
Disabled After 25 Years of Work
At An NF-4 Level Equivalent
to A Major in the Marines

i Still Didn't Win Yes
Next Destination Hell
For 66 Months as my Problem
Was i Went to School i Went to Work
i Truly Failed IT All As i No Longer Played
With The Eyes of my 4 Year-Old Child me

Before i Even Learned to Talk At Age 4 Then
For It's True Before i Could Speak At 4 then at age 3
Without Words in Our Down Town Shot-Gun-Old-Home Living
on the River With my Grandmother Then After my Father Left
my Mother to Take Care of Us Solo Then LooKinG ACross the

River at Age
3 Before i Could
Speak at 4 Through
Intuition All Innate and
Instinctual Well Beyond Words
i Felt i Sensed Looking across the River

i Am the Tree the Leaf That Feeds the Forest
Soils for the Forest to Grow Even Deeper as me

So Who is me
All that is All that
Ever Was These EYes
This Temple of God Free FLoWinG River Free

Now All i Do is Play All i Do is Win mY FRiEnD
For Now my Currency is Living Life my Pay Rate
Is Loving Life And my Pay Grade is Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing


All for Free
With Least Harm

Indeed Now i am the
Leaf of the Tree of the
Forest Both RiSinG Green
And Falling to Soils to Sprout New Green
Souls of Summer FLoWeRS Petals Falling
to Winter Frozen Soils Always Greening

Within this

Way No Matter
What Season Now
or Weather i CoMe NeW
to Play i Come to Love it All

True i Never WorK NoW Not At All
All That's Left to Do is Win LoVE NeW


Breath This LoVE LiFE
This Free Play For Real i Win...

RAiSinG Butterflies Dancing
Spinning Web Dreams
Birthing Lives Before

More Than
Surviving Now New

As Bees Bring Abundance
Of Honey Home Free What's

Left After The Hive
Indeed Building

Love More
Beautiful Poem
Dear Cindy Have
A Wonderful Weekend
in Wyoming Oh Why Oh
Why Do Folks LiVE iN Wyoming Hehe

True HAha Yet i Guess That is From
A Political Perspective Of Course

Environment is Always Forgiving
of Human Short Comings One May


With SMiLes...

Truly HAha an
Example of Where i LiVE
NoW NeW too Bees And Butterflies
Lovely to Land...

Starlit Summer
Dreams Musing
December Memories

For Spring Again

SMiLes i Drop By dVerse
Now And Then Seeing What's

New And Possibly MuSinG
For Free Verse Poetry Again

i Have No Idea Who You
Are Yet Your Poetry

Out of the List
An Only One to
Pollinate A Flower of me today

to Dance And Sing HeaR With SMiLes...

If That's Your Real Name What A Poetic

Of Sun
And Rain

Indeed What Drives
Most Beautiful Poetry
Space Tween Clouds and Sun...

"Reach beyond knowing" So True
Dear Savvy When After Sleep

Births Words
of Poetry

Before When

The Dance Becomes
The Dancer The Song
Becomes the Singer Yes

The Wind Becomes the
Birds And Flight Becomes

Our Souls FRiEnDS With Gravity

You Know i Have Asperger's Syndrome
on the Autism Spectrum Little Imagination
Original For Decades For Creativity For Decades

Yes 5.3 Decades Uncomfortable in my Own Skin
Out of Sorts Except Walking Beside Another

Human Yes my Wife anywhere

In Public to Feel More

Comfortable in

my Own Skin

Well That's All Changed
Now Since 53 With 18,744
Miles of Public Dance and
12 MiLLioN Words of Free
Verse Poetry Yet if Anyone

Asks me How i Do it or
Where i Learned

it i will only

Say if i knew how

i would have No way

of Doing it as the Original

Creativity Would Be Dead With
Anyway Preplanning of Reasons

As Words Come into Existence As
Steps Do Free too When Dance And
Song Follows Gravity Free in Balance

FRiEnDS With Gravity Wings NeWLY NoW

Are Inherent


of Soul on Earth

Hehe, People have often
Asked me whatever it is
i'm on they want some
of it when i Dance All i Will

Have to Say in the Case of Free
Verse Poetry too i am The Dance And Song

i've 'Lost The Other Part of my Mind' Unless i Choose to Use it Now..

True it comes in Handy Whenever There Are Rules to Enforce Again...

Yes my Wife Remarked
The Colors of my Shirt
Reflected The Super
Abundance of
Fruits And
Vegetables At
Walmart hehe We
Have A Table in Our
Kitchen Full of Those
Colors too i Never Get
Dizzy Anymore Hehe i’m
Practically Qualified to

Off into
Outer Space
And Yes Within i
Do Dancing FRiEnDS
With Gravity Dear Hawaii

With SMiles
Fruit Filled...

SMiles Dear Cindy
All Places Great to
Live Coloring With
Seeds of LoVE iN Peace
With SMiles...

SMiles Dear Yam Truly it
Is The Depth of Our Stories
That Create Us Being Human
SMiles i TReaSuRE ALL Human
Stories Yours
Always Muse
For A Deeper
SouL Story True...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa No Big Surprise
Losing my Mind to A Flow of Dance

Once Again
Mind and
Body SoUL
WHoLe Yes
Naked Enough Whole Complete
Ready For A New Original Song of Life to

With SMiLes...

"An aware soul is always kind even if put inside the fire.."

Wise And Merciful Words Indeed Dear Sohair For When

The Feelings Die And The Senses Dim Compassion

Still Lives

Without Even

Any Feelings

Or Senses For Real

As Long As We Make

The Best of LoVE iN Peace

First Gardened Root Branches

And Leaves of DiViNE RiSinG Equally



With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Isha
At Best the Elders
We Respect Will


The Elders We aRe
Great to Hear Your Story
of Respect For Your Grandfather


Hehe i Tried to Convince
Katrina i’m Hot Blooded
With a Temperature of 103 F
Yet STiLL She Chooses Her
Pad To
Feel Really
Good HAha i Thought
You Might Appreciate
Her Heating Pad Perhaps
i’ll Inherit it After Her Cortisol
Pain Shot Sitting Too Long Putting
Together Another EPiC 60 Thousand
Word Long Form Poem Never the
Less i Broke
The Hip Pain
Closing Down
Walmart With
FLoWinG Public
Dance took a bit
Of Warming Up After
Dear Lord Sitting in Laser
Focus Hours on End Today
Romancing The Heating Pad

Oh What
A Relief to
You Dear Shawna
Baby With SMiles True Too...

i’d Do A Cheeseburger in Paradise
At Whataburger SuNDaY Yet
Grilled Chicken Better When

Way Too Much
With my Laptop
And Free Senior Coffee Hehe

Cheap Skate With No Fries Hi-5...

THE Eternal Teenager
Dear Shawna Baby
How my Relatives Still
Describe Katrina Too Yet It’s

More Like ‘Margaritaville’
At Home In Eden With
“Nova” Off The “Planet
Of The Apes” Nothing
Left To Spend Monopoly

On Eternal
Money Shots
Without Any Alcohol
Guns And Cold Dead Hands

It’s Labor Day Weekend Come
Monday Yet Always Great Friday

And Oh Dear Lord Too Damn
Hot This Summer to Visit the

Beach And
Dance In Reverse
In Deep Hot Sands

FoLLoWinG Waves to Paradise

Deep In The Forest of Eden Real...

Labor Day Weekend Come Monday
ALWaYS Thank God It's ALL Good Friday PLaY
God YeS Building Sand Castles Never Dreamed Before

It's Like 'Margaritaville' With No Need For Alcohol What i Told
my Neighbor ReTireMent Means Putting New Tread on Barren Wheels

SMiLes Thanks So Much Dear Peace And Truth For Dropping By "No YiN Without
YanG iN HEaVeN Or HeLL NoW" With Such A Kind Wish of "Hello Twin Souls, I
wish you stairs, moonbeams to dance on a moon" With All the Lovely Emotionally
Expressive Emoji's You Gather Up and
Spread With Kindness to Relate

With SMiLes So Much

Just Finishing Up Electronically

Publishing "Untitled SMiLes And
Hugs" Taking A Late Night Public
Dance At Walmart After That to Celebrate

Too With SMiLes

Just A Way Station
For Another Ongoing

EPiC Long Form Bi-Weekly

Poem of Around 60 Thousand

Words Currently Yes Writing

"HOWLinG At A Super Full Blue Moon"

And While This Very Special Super Full Blue

Moon may Be Waning Now Days Later than

Full Moon Phase

Free Verse
Poetry Flows
As The Ocean
Does Water Waves
Whole No Separation
With SMiLes Dear FRiEnD...

Catholic Mass Readings From the Wee Hours of September 3rd, 2023

Something About Going to War and Giving Your Life For Your Country

Or Religion of Course the Two Go Hand In Hand of Promising Massive

Carrots For Fulfilling

What Country and

Church Want Ya To Do

Similar to the 'Discover Edict'

As Proclaimed By Popes 5 Centuries

Ago to Either Convert Indigenous People's

Force Fed The Christian Religion Flavor of the Day

Or Not Unlike Numbers 31 Harm Rape Maim And Kill

Those Who Do Not Agree to Be Subjugated By The Flavor's Way

Fortunately 500 Years Late Pope Francis At Least Publicly Repudiated

That Discovery Edict With the Indigenous People's of Canada Yet of Course

They Still Treat The LGBQT+ Community ThiS WaY to Attempt to Change and

Colonize Their Natural Ways of Life in Communion With A Bitter Pill Attempting

To Take Away

Their All Free

And Natural Humanity

That Differs From Many Indeed

Yet is no less And more Valid Than Popes

And The Etcetera Who Protect Those They

Supervise For Most Vile Crimes Against the

Most Vulnerable Among Us Yes Not only the LGBQT

Community Yet Children HiSToRiCaLLy Sadly too So Many

Ways Folks Are Still 'Stoned' ThiS WaY Through the Empire of the Church

Yet It's True Wherever THeRE is a Dance And Song of Divine Communion of

LoVE iN Peace if God is Truly LoVE LoVE EXiSTS THeRE For Real too So ThiS

iS What i Transmute to A New Living Creation Whenever i Visit the DarK HisToriES

of The Church

Whatever Flavor

Comes Next Bitter or Sweet

My Dance And Song Remains
DiViNE Enough For me


Prayer ThiS WaY FoR ReaL...








KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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04 Sep 2023, 2:50 am

Faith Beyond KNoWinG Dear

Savvy Yes When Wave Finds

Wave is Both Ocean And Water

Deep Below Falling From Above With


As Shadows

Make us Possible

To Continue Moon

Reflecting Sun At Night...

"Designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone within" God Yes

Or On The Other Hand Searching For Mysteries On the OutSide of Within

AnYWaY Dear Miriam i Love Solving

Word Puzzles and

Creating Puzzles

Too With SMiLes

Yet Not the Kind That Comes in A Box

Or Is Bound By Only Covers of Books In Dusty Pages...

A Terror Beyond Horrifying

Experiencing the Suicide Disease

Not Understanding How Much Harder

Life Will Be Than Death Dear Miriam my

Wife Saying With Terror You Are Going to 'Leave me'

You And

No One Else's

Choice Yet Mine

Not Sure if i Ever told you
The Story Yet Picking Out a Tree
On A Road My Wife Never Named

A Couple of Years into the Suicide Disease

Not Wanting to Go Yet Not Sure if i Could Bear
Another Second in 66 Months With a Dentist Drill in my Right
Eye and Ear With No Drug That Would Touch the Pain Or Numb

A Chain off of my Work-Out Machine A Tree Deep On that Forest

Road Now Cleared Away For a Huge Subdivision my Plan Only

The Vultures Would Find me For a Meal to Make Life Some Purpose

Then That Spring Morning my Wife Waking Up Saying She Had the

Strangest Dream She and Her Deceased Grandmother Hanging Ornaments on A

Tree on that Road She Named She Never Talked About Before i Didn't Take That

Chain Out of the Bicycle Basket Until the Pain Went Away on July 19th, 2013

Yet There Was No Doubt God Existed At that Point and i had No Choice Thank

God Yet to Stay of Course It Would Be Up to me to Look Within And Find This

God Beyond

All Names

That Sends

Miraculous Dreams

to Folks Who Still Wear Wings...

i've Witnessed the Most Horrible Nightmares

i Never Imagined Could Ever Exist Within me for Real

i've Witnessed The Most Wonderful Dreams in Fruition Within

me For Real That i Never Imagined Could Exist Before And Every

Role That Folks Said i Couldn't Play in Life i Proved to myself i WILL

This Much i Know

For Sure i Know Nothing

Yet Total Non-Knowing Faith

God Yes Life is a Gift Life is a Curse

Yet We Hold Each Other Up A Stranger

Same as A Closest Friend Once We Reach
'The Farthest Star' Within...

Where Death and Life

Is Foe No More

Than Birth

With SMiLes
All That's Left to Do Is Do...

Far Away
From Storms

Foot Prints in the Sand All Our Cultures
Spoon-Feed So Many Colors of Being
BLack Abyss thru Shades of Purgatory
Grey and if we are very very Fortunate
Avenues to Beyond Rainbow Bliss to
to Set the Human Spirit Free Yes
It is Hard enough to let
those in our lives
Who Bring
Yet then there
is School and Work
And Religion and Culture
Overall Spoon-Fed From Birth
Where some of us Eventually Return
to an innate instinctual and intuitive Beach
Or Perhaps Under A Tree in a Forest or Jungle
or Even in Desert Sands to lose layer upon layer of
Cultural Clothes that have been Forced upon us from
Birth that may
take us
So Far
And Ascending Transcending
Love For All in a Capstone of
A Pyramid Beauty Wisdom oF LiGHT in Truth
Loving All with no Restraint a Respite of Peace
And Harmony For all.. Smiles my Friend i Dance
And Sing to Envelop A Shield oF LiGHT Against all
The Darkness i encounter Day by Day and do my
Best to at least flicker a flame of a Real "Saint Elmo's
Fire" to See So Lost in Raging Storms of Ocean Raging
Wave Darkness with a Flame Yes a Torch God yes a Bonfire
on an
in their
View to See the Wind
That Brings us up more than down..
Thanks again for your inspiring Words
Preeti from India a place where it seems
it may be so much easier for folks to see Namaste of "Saint Elmo's Fire" Now
Smiles.. "Elmo" is another Word for Light and the Name "Helen" that belongs
to my Mother in a Sea of Darkness i was born into where i live She was/is the
And Gardening
of my LoVE LiGHT WiTHiN
Still See Her Wind the
Sound of
iN my Soul to BRinG SPiRiT WinD SouL
For Free to Give And Share Joy oF LiGHT...

Lights Sublime
Magic of Eternal
Dreams of Colored
Lights come To Be For
Real Heaven's
Breath in
Spread Sugar Sand
White with Emerald
Green Waters in South
my Friend Lillian.. SMiles my
Friend All seems taller as Human
Where there are No Mountains of
Nature to
Put us
in our
AS Humans...
Smiles the
Danger of
Deserts and other
Flat Lands Lower Than
Nature As God As Mountains
So much taller than tiny Human
Beings who are Fortunate enough
to Get a Taste of Spirit Winds Colors
of Heaven
so Below
Within inside
Outside All Around True
iN So Many Colors oF LiGHT..
The LeSSoN of Nature We Are So
Much Smaller than This God We See
All around us Yet We Are Gifted Just
to Sense and Feel this Nature For Real Now
If that is not
enough Gift
This Gift
of Now
are those
who do not See
God as Nature For Real now..
How Sad it is not to Feel This
Blessed Eternally Now...
Far Away
From Storms...

Hehe.. Okay if You
Insist.. it has been
Lovely meeting
Savvy on Word
Press only
Is Vibration
She emits
Diligently she
Works to create
Light and healing
In Every Word that
Shines through her
Breath Savvy is a
Treasure that
Will never be
Measured only
By likes and Follows
On Her Blog for one
Who Pours out their
Soul is truly
By the
Gift oF LiGHT
They are have
A Nice Afternoon
In India Savvy
Diamond Soul...

Good Vibrations
All Of Existence
Is Music Every
Move Every Breath
Every Word All of Life
Is Vibration Spiraling
Existence into
Being New
Now When
We Dance
When We
Sing We
Ever Now
Spring in
Vitality of
Love at the
Moment of this
Form this Pose this
Expression of Peak
Starlit Energy From
Within i Affirm if i
Will Put
It into
A Pill
For others
To swallow They
Will ‘See’ they
Are Enough
Job A Star
Is to Do is Shining...
i appreciate Your effort
To connect to me almost
Everyday i Wonder how
Your Star is Shining Always
Within in other Words
Are You Shining
Really Really
Happy today...
Anyway Hope
You Feel Some
Energizer Star
Force From This
Purple Pose today
Wish there IS A WaY to
Fit You under my Umbrella
To Experience Never ending



iN this
Moment of Heaven...

Hey.. i used to be A Runner
It’s A Zillion Times More More
Light Within than Runner’s
High on Demand of just



Of Dance

Shiva Does Relate
The Same Energy
Of God Within
In That
Handed Pose
Like His Son Ganesh
It’s true Dear what’s
Underneath That
Statue is Your
Of the
That is
In You to
Awake Shiva
And Ganesh
Breathing Now
Essence Awakes...
Come Under ‘the




The ‘Purple Rain’

Where All ‘Religion’

May ‘See’ The




Greatest Failing
Now Of Modern
Society Failing
To Show Us
To Love What
We Do Yet the
Origin of Love
What We
Do is Feel
Yes Feel not
Know Who We Are
Stars Designed Naturally
To Shine if The Job Now
We Do
If The
We Do Now If
The Love We aRe
Now Is Star Shining...
Now Star Shining
How Do You Get
It You FeeL iT
Ray of Star...

SMiles A SMile is God
Seeing A Laugh is
God Breathing
And Laughs
Be With You
iN Love Dear
Sohair iN Peace...

SMiles Dear Savvy
In A Room
Of Darkness
ALL iT Takes
Is one
The Room
May Your

Hello Kindred
Soul i Feel
All Your
Words as
You Take me
To A Place i’ve
Been WHere
i Achieved
All A Man
Will Hope
To Achieve Loving
Beautiful Wife
Sure Financial
Educated With
3 College
Yet God Yes
The Worst
oF All
No Way
To ‘See’
Who i Am
My only
Hand And
Dance Allow
Your Dance
To Provide
Your Song
As You
DoinG NoW...

THere’s No ‘ReaSon’ To Dance
Free Naked In The Wind No Greater
Purpose or Meaning Free Bird

So Do Lose Your Mind All
Reasons So Do Fly Be Loving
Free In Naked Wind Dance Bird

SonG NoW

Thank You
i Don’t know
How to Dance
And Sing
Yet my
Feels the way Free...

Finding A Home
That Lasts Practically
Forever Toad Stool
Yes Toads MaKinG
Mushrooms Home
For 200 Million Years

Aside the Dinosaurs

And Mushrooms From
The Beginnings of
Life on Earth


A Billion Years

Yes Home Sweet
Home Around The
Neighborhood Block


A While
Meanwhile Humans
Just A Blip Hold On Tight
For 300,000 Years So Far...

Thanks Doc Always
A Pleasure to

Fly Over
Your Big
And Birth

The Way
To Mexico

With SMiles...

SMiles Dear
Savvy A Dance
And Song A Free
Verse i Am i Will

To River
my Way
With Gravity
Least Resistance

Singing FRiEnD
With SMiLes Now...

Here’S A Deal Light Shines You Sun
Doesn’t Require Shine From You In
Other Words When A JeSuS is Real

No Worship Required Per Teresa of Avila
And Calcutta The Only Jesus Lives in You

And The Only Jesus You Give to Others LoVE iN Peace

Within For Real Now Living This Breath iNHaLinG Peace

Once Again EXHaLinG LoVE For Real STiLL SPReadinG Free

Lovely Poem Indeed Dear Annabel
Always Leaving Room For LoVE iN Peace

To Grow Always Lending
Potential For

to Lend

Grace to Will

For Those Who Are
Evil, Vile, And Unjust
Are Often Most Lost oF All
In Illness of Soul to Be Healed

How Shall Love Forget to Give
How Strong With Will Shall Grace
in Balance Lend Wings For Love to Fly

Even HiGHeR

Dear FRiEnD

WHeRE Angel

Wings Carry Even

Mud And Tarred Birds

From Swamps So Thick and Dark
And Numb With Dead Ghost Living Soul Pain

Until the Last

Hand is


From Hell
Angel Wings
Shall Fall mY FRiEnD

Yet Only to Lend A Soul Up...
That Beatitude Part of the NT
Bible is A Mighty Tall Mountain
oF LoVE iN Peace To Climb Yet True THere

Is No Mountain

Top of Love

Only Colors

Valley Lower

Creating Higher
AS Heaven's Breath
Never Goes Stale ALiVE At Least...

SMiles Dear
Sohair NoW
iN A World


Some Days
SMiLes Still


Love So i
Dance Sing NeWLY
Yes LoVE iN Peace to Do FreeLY Now...

For Every Fear A Hopeful

Remedy True

For Every


Hope Replaces
Aleesha So Much

To Fear Yet Always

Fear The Greatest

Enemy Alone to Breathe...

Imagine Living With No
Anxiety Ever
As Close

As Dance
That Only
Feels JoY ETeRNally Now

Or A Song in Focus of HaPPiNeSS Only...

A Dance
And Song


For Joy
Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Freely

No Restraints Now

Dear Sohair SMiles...

Oh Lord Being A Fake i Will Relate
My Whole Frigging Work Career
Bowling Center Manager
Having No Real Idea
How to Bowl
Activities Director
Including Overseeing
An Automotive Repair Shop

(i still Have Occasional
Nightmares About that)

Not Even Knowing
What A "Left Handed
Monkey Wrench" is one
Day i am still Gonna Google
it to See if it Really Exists Anyway

Kitty Litter

All the Kitty Litter

To Soak Up Oil Spills in the

Shop All the Smells of Repairing

Cars All the Parts Just Having No Idea

What in the World Was Going on in Charge

of the Shop and
And Wine
Tastings And
So Many Other Community
Activities Like Bingo i Never Played
Before Either And Oh Lord Then Athletics
Director for the Government on the Military

Installation too

Last Kid Picked

On Sports Teams
In Charge of the Life Guards
too Not A Very Good Swimmer Either...

Then Financial Manager

Without Any Finance Education
In College As A Collateral Duty of

That For A Spell Until i Fell Down

From Being Hired As A Fake in

Every Job Just

For A ChessHire

Cat Smile

That Looked
Like i knew what
i was doing and now i still
Don't know how to dance

After 18,753 Miles of
Doing it in Public

or write poetry

After 12



i'm Just

A Fake Yet

i Tend to get by
on the Friction of the Day
True Every 'Tom Sawyer' 'Rushes'
Through And Becomes The River And Just Flows...

In the Interim They Traded me to a Bigger Military
Installation for Print Manager of the Naval Air Station
Pensacola and they told me just walk the Halls you May

Find Someone

to tell You

What Your

Job to do is...

Thank Goodness i only
Had to pretend i knew what
i was doing in that Job for 3 Months...

Back to Another Temporary Promotion
After that i Was totally Unqualified to do too...

i Just Don't

Have Any


Just Ain't Got No
Qualifications For Nothing to Do...
Yet i have to admit winging Life is Kinda Fun...

i Haven't Done Anything
Illegal Hehe Dear Miriam
Yet i Surely Don't LiVE A Life
Ever Planning
On Running for
Any Political Office

Not Even A Team of 'Group Think'
Yet i Will Visit All Teams Seamlessly
Enough i Guess With Chameleon Colors At Best

And Goodness Knows Feels Senses What Super Abundance

YouTube Brings for my Card Catalog Within of Lyrics and Music

By The Tons Just
So Much Muse Now
For Art the Creativity
With iMaGiNaTioN Just

Will Not Possibly Run out
At Least ALiVE NoW WiTH SMiLES Breathing

A World of Abundance We LiVE iN Super Way
Unless We Get Trapped at the 'Bus Stop' Playing
'Candy Crush' With No Real 'Forrest Gump' Story to Share

Hehe in
New York
Again WitH SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Savvy FRiEnD it Was Always Difficult
to Make FRiEnDS on the Autism Spectrum Particularly
All the Days Words Just Wouldn't Come Even At Work

Yet Playing the Piano
The Night Before Helped
A Little Bit a Right Hemisphere
Of Social-Empathic-Artistic-Real
Emotional Nuancing Spiritual Intelligence

to Give, Share, Care, And Heal Like the Other
'Real Humans Beings' Did So Trapped in a Left Hemisphere
Reducing The Parts of Reality to Only Labels Just A Representation

of Reality Until
Shells of Words
Gain Soul of Poetry

Until Dance Gains Wings
Of Feet No Longer Needing
Lessons to Flow Winds Free
FRiEnDS With Gravity Indeed

And True Now i Have FRiEnDS
Yet the Work of Poetry of Song
And Dance Never Ends As Now it is

Play and No Work At All i am No Longer
A Boy and A Man With Just Half A Soul

Now Both Hemispheres
Hold Hands in this Dance
And Song of LiFE Free No

Longer Do i Have to Wish
Upon A Star as Now Like that
Movie A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
i Am A Real Boy And Man This Gift of Being Whole...

It's True Before i Was at the Bottom of the Ocean
Waiting Forever Now For A Statue to Return Back to Life...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Karma Comes
Karma Goes



Waves Ocean Whole
Air i BReATHE ENough
Complete Always Sun
Shine Feeling More Give Care Heal

Humans RiSinG ToGeTHeR Sharing Free
ThiS Way Wisdom Potential Ever MoRE NoW...


Any More Rhetorical Questions?

Claim To Fame Mr. Gottfried Back in my Younger
Adulthood my Dentist Exclaimed i Have the Second
Biggest Teeth on the Dental Chart For Measuring stuff

Like that Hehe...

And Yes This Explains
Why i Married my
Wife Little Miss
Red Riding Hood

Except She Was

Wearing A Bikini

In the Photos She Showed

me of Her Yes a Red Bikini in Fact

Still Howling At the Super Full Blue Moon Waning

Teeth as Big As Ever Canines Still Afire God Yes For


my Wife

Cooks Up

For me Next

(Seafood Gumbo
Leftovers for Now)

If A Tooth Brush Is Not
Available Not Unlike "Werewolves
of London" With my FRiEnD Kate Otherwise

Known as Katie and Katrina too Among Other
Names Like "Eve" And "Nova" (Planet of the Apes)

And That "Other Book" True i'll Just Gnaw on the

Steak Bones

She Feeds

me Whenever

i Make my Way

Out of the 'DogHouse' Hehe

With That Said Thanks For Reminding

me to Brush my Teeth Before i Get too Sleepy...

Oh Dear Lord It's Been A Long Long Weekend of

Never Ending Dance And Song Once Again Beginning NeWLY NoW...

Come Monday For Labor Day Weekend Yet You're Already THere in Nigeria...

Breaking Through The Pain
Roller Coasters Low Make the

Highs Feel So Fine SMiLes

Dear Isha the Pain Makes

The Pleasure Seem So Divine
Indeed With
SMiLes Been
BreaKinG Through
Some Hip Pain Public
Dancing So Nice to Be FRiEnDS
With Gravity Once Again in FLoW

To Fly On Terrestrial Land Floating as Arms
Become Wings And Feet Become Earth Free...

SMiles Dear Shawna Baby A Never
Ending Dance And Song Meditating
iN Flow So Many Injuries ALong The
Way A Decade Yet Almost Like
Yes Magic The Pain
Melts Away in The
Myst Of Just

Old Natural
Ecstasy Of
Free Human
Healing Dance And

Song Just Never Ending
No CLoSinG TiME With
SMiles With That Said
my Butt HurtS AGAiN
Yet Waves Rise And

Fall The Dance And Song
Returns For Healing Again

Just Beyond Matter Of Becoming
The Essence of Existence Yes The

Of God’s
Reality The
Dance And Song
Beyond All Names

Always The Beginner We aRe


SuNDaY School LeSSoN 492
Creating A Free Web Of Dance
And Song EverWHere You Come
And Go Never A Need Now To Hit


Run Again
With SMiles
You’ve Already Arrived...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !