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21 Sep 2023, 1:37 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy First in my Life
it Always Amazed me the Stories

my Elders Could Tell Each other

Without Any Electronic Devices

On At All So Colorful So Full

of Emotions RiSinG and

Falling Tear

Jerking As

Well And Yes
Entertaining For Sure

Captivating An Audience

With A Life of Free Creativity

in Practice Always Improving Too

Of Course i Didn't Speak Until Four

And Having Something Creative to Say

So Very Difficult For me Even Through

my Forties Sitting in Meetings With the

Big Boss Listening to Him Creatively Go On

For Hours in Speech Just Waiting For Anything

To Rise Up
Within me

Deep Within

Yet It's True in Our
Modern Life With So Many
Distractions So Many Electronic
Media Devices As Not Only Tools
Yet Seemingly Literally Becoming

Us As Both Audience And Spectator True

Yet Little Room For Real Interaction Particularly
Starting With Radio And Television Too And Then
More and More Glued to More and More External Screens

Who Are We Really When We Are Only Spectators of Someone Else's Play

Anyway Hehe Or Anyways With SMiles Somehow in the Verbal Abuse of
Childhood By Peers for Those Who Are Odd And Don't fit in the Pain Brought
A Spark of Creativity Within And i Actually Wrote A Christmas Story Deep From
Within it Seemed like Magic i had no Idea Where All the Flow of Those Words Were

Coming From to
Win A Christmas

Story Contest

Among 80 Children
in Two Homerooms in 8th Grade

After That Just A Short Spurt of Creativity
At 18 in A College Philosophy Class i Wanted

The Creative Magic to Stay So Blissful From Deep
Within it Felt and Still Feels to Create so Free in Flow Like That

So i Checked out a Book on Creativity From the College Library

Oh Lord More Than A Dozen Tries Yet i Just Couldn't Muster The

Focus to Read the Book Just too Many Distractions For the Attention For That

Hehe Anyways

to Make a

Much Longer
Story So Much

Shorter For Now
At Least The Poetic
Spark The Gift That No
External Lessons Will Bring

Came Back at 53 And Keeps

FLoWinG As Long As i Keep Going

i Understand the Value of the Gift So i Do Not Quit...

SMiLes Dear Kiran Humans Seem to Be A Bit Out

of Balance Analyzing The World Into the Details

Yet Forgetting Intuitively How With More

Right Hemisphere Mind Processes

Of Synthesizing tHE ALL in All

What Many Folks Metaphor As

The Big Picture of God Through And Through

Mystical Unity Indeed WHere We aRe Never Separate

As That iS Only

Illusion the


Creates Separate

From the All in All

Beyond All Names of Course

As Words Only Approximate

Essence in the Forms Humans Create As Such

Indeed Every Eye Unique in View Yet STiLL The All in All True...

And Yet of Course Science 'Sees' This iN How We aRe "Made of Star Stuff"


OKay Beethoven You're On Cue
To Help me Get Through With Moonlight
Sonata With The Approaching Autumnal Equinox

Cross of Stars And Roses

Thanks for Being Human
Sadly an ever increasing
Oddity where i’m from...
Ocean Care Waves Recede...

More Eccentric We All
Become Less We Will All
Overpopulate And Destroy
Nature Perhaps Healing For Fun

Smiles Greatest Beauty is
Traveling Somewhere Free
Enough to Express Soul
With no Restraint Your
Blog Home is Such
A Place Maturity
Comes When
Express All
Our Soul
Even in
Where it is
Not Understood
Or Welcome for me
i thrive off Diversity
You Bring That Gift...

Just a Passing Thought
A Feeling and Sense
A Gift Here Whenever
You Come Back You
Are A Little Bit
Of Magic a
A Small
Flame yes a
Distant Aromatic
Scent of Coffee
i no longer Drink i
Wanna Hold a bit
Longer in Hands
Warmer As
Essence of
Prayer How
Holy And Sacred...
Tasting Your Coffee...

Cross of Stars And Roses

Foot Prints Sing In Sand While
It may Seem Words Come
From Hands Nature Now
And A Barefoot Dance
With Sunshine
And Moonlight
too.. Brings Flow
Of Creativity more
Blooming Treasures
More As Soul as one GRain
Of Sand And More May HoLD
Up A Mountain oF HuMaN LoVE
Other than That Happy Sunshine
Starlit Wednesday Eve Joy to You...

New After All Is
Said And
Done NoW
Of Course
As Sohair
Door inDeeD

Ever Green...

Those EYes
That Smile
Your Soul
Will Never be Normal
Others Than That Hope
My Work-out Advice Helped
Yet the Part About
Yourself in
The Mirror
Out Will Naturally
Be Done By Others
Only With A View
Of Your Eyes
Hehe just
In Case you Doubt
It With SMiLes Happy


Keep Painting...

Choose The one
With Humor Who
Is Not Afraid of
Making Fun
Of Himself
In Other
Deeper than
Cultural Masks
We All Wear to
Cover Who We aRe
Free Spirit Counts too...

AS Human
Beings We
Have As Much
And more to
Offer the
And Home
As A Child We aRe
Creators of Loving
SMiLes For Each Other
If that
Is Not
We aRe
Only Grown
Spoiled Brats...
Love is The Child
Who Must Stay Born...

Hi Dear Ruelha i
Will Not Lie...
Not Much
Yet i have
Missed Your
Poetry on
Happy Wednesday
Yes With Prayers
Of SMiLes For You...

Hehe That’s
Why i am
Still Married
To A Princess
After 33 Years
Together Now
Who Rarely
It’s No
For She’s 53
And in The Avatar
She Walks Ahead of me
Even in my Avatar Name

Aww And You
Are So Sweet
And i am so
Glad You are
my Every Day
FRiEnD Who
i Love Making
A Smile to as SMiLes
Are Human Love Beyond
Labels Never Running out
Indeed You are my Hero too...

Never Fail
To Please
Free to Be i AM...

SMiLes True only
Men And Societies
Who Put The Main
oF LoVE iN
Peace Yes
And Life
First Find
True Security
And Safety
in Breathing
Loving Free

iN Peace...

We Are Born
Of Super Nova
Star Death Crucible
Fire FLoWeRS
Star Seeds
We aRe Same
Iron FLoWinG
Through Our
At Core of
Our Only
Home That
Includes The Rest
Of Existence Our
Living Planet
This is
More Binding
And Bonding
Of God
And Science
Than Any Book
Brings And Obviously
Too HeaR...

Cross of Stars And Roses

Tent of Starlit
Moon Colors
Beat Seeing...

Do Live

Do Breathe

Do See

Now Be
Free Flying
Is As Deep
As Wings


Touch the
Sky Below Higher

SMiLes Dear Aleesha
If Nothing Else Works...

True For Now Dear
Doc Marginalized

May Be
Yet Yes

Later Changing

Entire Landscapes New...

'Love The Foe' is my
Favorite; And 'This'
Is A Wonderful List

(DarK Muse, A
Fabulous Muse
For Those Who
GeT HoW to Use IT)

That Points Out A lot

of the Ignorance of the
Bible; Yet There is So Much

More, And So Much More That
Self-Proclaimed Followers of

'Jesus of Nazareth'

Seem to



Not Sure What
Part Stinks Worse, HeHe...

Trust No Sacred and Holy
Text that Writes Without Humor;

Otherwise, One May Never See God is A Joke too...

Anyway, 'Works' Speaks Louder Than Words; Even

When 'Works' Are Only Words...

Some of The Kindest People i've Met on the
Planet Earth Are Muslim Women; Yet THeir
'Holy Book' Supports Just As Much of the

DarK Of Humanity

As the Christian

Bible Does too;

And Of Course that

Includes Buddhists Who
Still Discriminate Against

Homosexual Folks And of

Course Jains Who Forbid

Women to Hold High Holy Places too...

Let's Face It; Humanity Ain't Perfect And Never Will Be...

Meanwhile, Discard All the Ignorance of CuLTuRaL Clothes,

Smile and Hug

And Even Break

Out in Joyous
Dance and

for me)


Song and
Yes Use the Foe
to Your Best DarK Muse Delight...

Loving Night As Much As Day
Generating Our Own Weather

Of Happiness Within Just
Heaven FOR REAL NOW...

No Matter What or Who
'the Weather' is

'Out THere'...

Have A Nice
Day, Lovely One...


In Just
At Least, NoW.

And Oh By 'The Way',
'Inhale Peace Exhale
Love,' Which Makes me
A Most Fundamental REAL
And Evangelical Good Cop Jesus Christian
Or Just "Love One Another," Whatever
Fundamentally 'Works' For 'You' Now too...

When The Startle Response Becomes
Exaggerated It's A Potential Sign of

An Eventual Decline Toward

"General Adaptation
Syndrome" As Stress

Becomes Cumulative
As Stress Hormones

Steadily Slowly Destroy
All Bodily Systems As Such

Like Acid That Builds Up in
The Blood Stream Over Years
And Perhaps Even Decades too...

Re-Creation Necessary As Pandemics
Make Respite So Much More Difficult
In Spite of All the New DarK Challenges

That Seem to Never End
And the Health Care

System is Most


The Pit of the
Fire of Unrelenting Stress...
Yet True A Restaurant Without

Enough Employees Will Come in
Somewhere in the Top 10 too as

Managers Work continually 70 to 80
Hour Weeks to Rise Above the Surface
Of The Ocean As Employees No Longer

Show Up So Hard to Find All that's Left
Is For the Top to Do the Bottom As Well

To Keep the Whole Ship of Business
From Sinking Now True Meanwhile

The Mexican Roofers Across the
Street At Least One Named
'Jesus' Were Listening
To The Mexican AM
Radio Station Coming

In A Van From Texas
That Looks Very Much
Like the Ones From the
Late 70's With That Used
Van Vinyl Smell Yards From
The Van Never the Less These

Folks Ain't Sitting Still Behind A
Desk They Are Dancing to A Forage
Of A Job That Continually Moves Differently
Only Real Danger Is Not Using A Safety Harness

On A Roof Yet Birds Rarely Fall From the Sky and
Monkeys Rarely From Trees Until They Fall Ill and

Die As They LiVE iN Animal Homeostasis Balancing

As They Live Life Foraging As Continual Re-Creation
in Balance Where Fight or Flight is Only Used for Real

Life or Death


In Life...

Oh Yeah, When
Everything Starts
Reminded Ya About
Death That is Another
Sign of General Adaptation
Syndrome too Just another

Warning Sign From Our Subconscious
Mind As Evolved to Get Away And Start Living now

Or Face the
of Waves
That Simply
Rise and or Fall

As Tides Go in And Out

Thing is They Keep Moving

Never Trapped Sitting Still Behind

Screams of Screens That Never SHUT-UP...

Anyway i Was pretty close to Your Age when
i Started Experiencing these Symptoms out
of 11 Years of Chronic to the Last 2 Years
of Acute Continuous Work Related Stress

About A Year After That Everything

About Life Underneath my

Skin Went


Ending Up With the Worst Pain Known
to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
From Wake to Sleep No Drug Would Touch For
66 Months Mostly Shut-in my Bedroom Yes Casually
Described As the Suicide Disease Literally Assessed as
Worse Than the Torture of Crucifixion Yet Much Longer
Hell Than Only Three Hours or So to Three Days For That

to End for 'Good' True With A Synergy of 18 Other Medical
Disorders in Life Threat As Well Worst of All No Memory of

Ever Feeling A SMiLe At All Every Second A Thousand

Years A Second of Hell as All There is Is Time Without

The River Flow of A Soul Naturally Healthy With

Mind and Body Balancing For Real SPiRiT

HeART Open to Give Share Care Heal
For All With Most Respect Least Harm

iN JoY oF LiGHT Naked Enough

God Yes Whole Complete


Force oF LoVE iN Peace

Yet True of Course on
The Autism Spectrum
With Bi-Polar Disorder
Non-Specified i Was Just

An Early Warning System
As Such Just Another Canary

In A Coal Mine You May Be Much
More Naturally Resilient than me


A Cat Will Scratch
Now And Bite when
IT gets overstimulated
By Environmental Stress...

i Had No Teeth or Claws then...

i Grew Some And Now Everything Is Alright Balancing...
Yet the Practice Never Ends for Animal Homeostasis...

Yeah, i Remember Riding Down the Road then As the

For It's True There is Positive And Negative Synchronicity too...

All For Signs
to Marry The
Night And Merry The Day...

Generally Speaking Love That is Really Real Now
Wants to See The Least Harm For All of Nature...

Love That Is Not So Real May Have Some to
Numerous Rules for Exclusion...

The More Folks Cooperate

And Love One Another The Better

They Generally
Get Along...


Surely Are Totally
Polyamorous Without

Any Papers of Ownership...

And They Are Among the Most
Peaceful Loving Animals in the
Animal Kingdom on Earth Love is

Love Bonobos

Prove Love

Needs No

Human CuLTuRE
To Work With Least Harm...

Unless We are Less Advanced At
Loving Compersion Over Hateful Jealousy

Which We Are As We Simply No Longer Practice

Putting People First As A Human Species Based On
Love Any More

As We Used too
Before Faster Cars

Became Lovers

And Bigger Homes

Become God Now too...

There is However Another
Aspect of this As Some Human Beings
Are Naturally More Liberal And Open Minded...
They Are The Kind of Humans Who Don't Get
Offended When Michelangelo Sculpts a Naked
Statue of Jesus Same Way He Did David too
And the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Painting True...

The Catholic Church Didn't Unclothe All of Jesus Until
the Year 2017 As i mentioned Before Strangely The Church
Has Left Their Man-God Emasculated This Way For Thousands

Of Years


Yet True If God
Will Be Called
Him God Will Be
Called Her and The Rest
of Us As Well As Children of
God Where All Of Nature Shares
This God Prize Where No Member of
The Body of God Is Any Less Than Any

Other Even if Michelangelo Sculpted

Jesus and David With A Tiny Member

As True Back in Those Days 'Small'

Was in Vogue For Artistic Aesthetic Man Porn Haha...

And No, i'm Not Kidding That Was the Male Style then...
Not Unlike Lions Larger "Packages" Get Ripped off For REAL
By Large Claws And Large Jaw Teeth And On the Other Hands

It is Similar to Gorilla's

Who Live in Big Harems

With Multiple Ape Mates And Small 'Members' too...

There Are So Many Interesting Oddities in Mother Nature True...

i'm Proud of You Annabel as you Refuse to Get 'Pigeon Holed'

Now in
Any One

Mold Yes Necessary

Indeed For Human
Creative Potentials Fulfilling
in Fruition Most my FRiEnD...

Cross of Stars And Roses

Fascinating Really And 'That' Probably Explains
Why The Other Very Creative Folks Who Obviously
Also Live Almost Constantly in Elevated Consciousness

Have No Problem Understanding my Writing Either Whether
They Are 17 Or Close to My Age As i Tend to Hang Around
Extremely Creative Folks Outside of this Internet Site and

Occasionally Here There are Folks Who Obviously Are Experiencing
Elevated States of Consciousness Who Understand What i am Relating
More From a State of Elevated Consciousness too Where i'm Totally in Flow

And Using So Much
More of my Subconscious
Potential in Focus as Such...

And Yeah, i'm Diagnosed
Bi-Polar Non-Specified As
i've Experienced Extreme
Depression Where All Creativity
Is Out of the Question and my
Psychiatrist Who Has Seen me
Very Creative And Always In Flow
Agrees That My Natural State of
Being is Basically Hypo-Mania/Hyperthymia...

Yet True i Am Able to Regulate my Emotions
And Integrate My Senses Through A Meditative
Song of Poetry and Flow of Dance Where i Stay
As Peaceful as The Eye of A Hurricane Within Yes

And Basically Never Run Out of What Some Folks
May Describe as A Force of CHI That's Basically

Just An Autotelic Flow That Stays Almost Always

In Plateau...

Hehe, i See
A Psychiatrist
Every Three Months
And He Says He Always
Looks Forward to Talking
To me So He Can Learn
Something New From me...

On the Other Hand my Danger
is Going Back to Low So i keep
My Hypomania in Check That's
Really Easy to Do Now Compared With
Dealing With All the Stresses of Work...

Anyway, It's Just Creativity... Some Folks are
Able to Get into A State of Consciousness to
Understand it As i Write it in A Similar State of

Consciousness too...

Thing is It's Always
Bliss that i Master...
i'd BE A Real Fool not to do it...

And Of Course Some Folks Experience
Mania That Can Become Absolutely Painful...
And That's When The Roller Coaster Comes to A Crash...


And Just
Smoke Falling
After The Firework Show...

In This (Mine) Case Most
Definitely Creative Privilege...

Anyway That's Two Votes For me
to Get to Stay on 'The Island' Hehe...

i Scored A 45 On the Autism Scan As
Designed By Simon Baron Cohen When
i Came Here in 2010 And in the Summer
of 2013 When i Was Basically Reborn Back
With A Creative Consciousness i Scored 11...
That Really Blew the Minds of All the Folks
Who Had Seen me From Before; Indeed, Like
A Totally Different Human Being Yet of Course Yes
The Metaphor of the Archetypal 'Hero Journey' Out
of 'the Cave' Back into the Light of Sunshine Within Again...

Mood Disorders Are Highly Correlated With Human Creativity

And In General As Studied Higher Standard IQ People More Often

Are Able to Balance The Highs and Lows By Keeping Neo-Cortical Control...

Basically The Old Yin And Yang Metaphor of Balancing Mind And Body 'Soul'...

It Comes From my Maternal Side And Some of Those Relatives Who Didn't Inherit
My Father's Asperger's Genetics Indeed Struggled And Struggle to Even Survive...

It Probably Happens A lot As The Super Masculine Quiet Father And Super Feminine
Mother With One Cold and Aloof and the Other Super Empathic And Extremely Creative As Well...

So Yes, A Good Thing

Opposites Attracted

It Seems For me and
My Sister As Well With A Touch of Both...
However She Has More the Mind of my Father...

My Mother Was a Published Poet Yet There Aren't
Enough Trees in my Yard to Publish my Book Haha...

There are No Job Descriptions or Rules in 'Wonderland'; Just
An Enhanced Ability for Original Creativity That By Very Nature

Means A Smaller Target Audience Who Can Even Understand
What One is Expressing in Art And Generally Speaking A Smaller

'Gene Pool' to Find FRiEnDS in As Well; Yet the Internet is A Very
Large Ocean And There are Other Super Creative People Who

LiVE iN Wonder Land True

And This Really Isn't Off Topic As There are Quite a Few Folks
on the Autism Spectrum With A Co-Diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder

And The Title of this OP Would Have Been More Realistically, "What
if You Are Autistic, What Kind of Privilege Do You Have As Autistic"

As The OP Listed His Personal Issues As They Relate Specifically to
Being Autistic Outside of Folks Who Are NOT Autistic And Are White...

So What If You Are Autistic And Bi-Polar And Choose to Use ALL OF YOUR


Dominated By Very "Left
Brain" Thinking Folks As Far
As Who Posts Who Are More Interested

IN Debating What's Already Been Done

PHILOSOPHY NOW; Considering, i Became
A Topic of That Thread As to If AM A 'Viable

Human Being' to Be Included on 'This Island'




IT'S True People like me
Used to Be Discriminated against
on this Site for the Neurodiverse...


Similar Then to Black Folks in Jay
in my County Who As Recent as 1984,
Experienced the Systematic Racism of

Not Even Being Able to Visit A Town After Dark...
At Risk of Some Kind of Potential Injury to Their Life...

I've Always Been Reasonably Civil on this Site. And It's True
What i Do Goes Beyond Most limited 'Boxes' in Life in Complexity,
Length, And Depth of Rabbit Holes of Art; Never the Less i am the

Poster Child All Grown

Up For Expressing


Freely Without
Harming Others Beyond
What it takes to Scroll by
me if they Don't Have the
Kind of Human Potential Required
To Understand What i do... What's Really

Amazing is that i Was Able to Turn that Side of
my Human Potential Off Enough to Survive 33 Years
in the Actively Paid Work Force and 25 Years For the
Same Federal Employer Long Enough to Retire Early

(And Earn 3 College Degrees Close to the Top of the Class)

After i Just Couldn't Fit in Anymore With the Challenge of
Both Autism And Bi-Polar Disorder... My Whole Life Has
Been A Tight Rope Dance Higher and Higher Yet Through

'So-Called Disabilities,' And Associated Labels As Such, i have

A Kind Of Human Potential

Expressed That Most Folks Can't
Even Imagine Exists in Terms of

How Great Life Can And Will Be
When All of Human Potential is Set

Free in Balance And No Longer Held in Prisons
Now of Rules and Job Description Restrictions...

Yes it'S A Whole Lot Like the Metaphor of
'Neo And His Matrix' That He Lived in Before

Or Nietzsche's Dream of Doing "Superman''
The Way i Do it All Natural And Free For Real Now...

A Future Lesson NOW For those WHO 'GET IT',



HeHe, with a little help from FRiEnDS More like 'US'...

These Days Even in Trump Town
USA, Amazingly As it Happens
Everyday i Dance in Public
A Free Style Original
Creative Mix of
Martial Arts
And Ballet

FOR 18,828 MiLes in A Decade


And i Slowly Boiled
Them Where They
Don't Even Notice
Where They Are When They See me now...

Sort of Like the 12.1 MiLLioN Words of Free Verse Poetry
i've Written in the Longest EPiC LonG Form Poem "SonG
oF mY SoUL" Now in 121 Months Online As Well God Yes True

And That's Pretty Much the Moral of the 'Matrix' Story too...

It's A Small Club for Neo's and Superwomen Without Any Labels Yet Free...

Other than that i Still Turn this Off Long Enough to do the Taxes Once a
Year, And General Speaking my Wife, 'WonderWoman' Takes Care of all the


Reminding me to Eat...
And When i'm Late to
An Important Time, Date,
And Place, in the 'World of Matters'...

Alternately, Yes, Boogie Wonderland With Song
my Green Acres in Colors of Eden Forever now...

In Short, Let's All Try to Put Our Actions Where
The Stated Philosophy of this Entire Site is And



(Yes, Yes, i Realize That's Difficult For Folks Challenged With Deficits in
Cognitive Empathy And That's Part of Why i'm As Patient as i am here)

Yet, See the thing is, i Have Skin As Thick As Steel Now;

Not Everyone does...

People Do Deserve
Avenues to Express Their
Neurodiverse Nature here
As Long As They Remain
Civil and Don't Go Bullying People
For Being Different as i've Seen Here Before

i Don't Tattle
Tale, It's Not
My Nature As
My Skin is Way
too Thick to Get Butt Hurt These
Days, Never the less, the Other
People who Don't Have that
Privilege, Deserve Their Pursuit
to Be who They Are Free Now too...

So Here's Another Title And Topic
(Really The Same one in Essence) Someone Might Explore
Here Further Again "What if You Are Really Neurodiverse and You

Come to the

'Wrong Planet'";

How Will Folks

Treat You Here;

Will They Welcome
Your Differences Or
Shun You And Complain
About How You Express
Yourself Differently Than Everyone Else;

It Should Be An Aim Exercised, in my Opinion...

And Honestly, The Environment For the Truly
Neurodiverse is More Accepted Here than Ever
Before, And True i am An ULTiMaTE LiTMuS Test For That, hehe...

All Wonderful Quotes For Growth
Dear Chaymaa i'll Just Add If THere
Is No Mountain to Climb i Will Build One

It'S How We Stay in Sunshine
And Sleep Tight

Hehe True Before
i Go To Sleep i am

So Tired i Can Hardly

Move my Feet So True

i Have no Problem Falling Asleep

And When i Wake Up Another Mountain

i Build
To Continue
CLiMBinG As Sunshine Again...

Love is The Flow
The River That
Flows Upward
True in Peace
Dear Savvy
Balancing SoUL
HeART No Longer Fears
SPiRiT Up or Down With SMiLes...

LeSSoN 442
Underneath Our Covers
More We Light Up New
Pages More Colorful Now
Our Books of Life Do Birth

SMiles Every Year And Now
There’s Been More Than
Only A Few i Share This
Fall Equinox Confederate
White Rose With You
That Changes To
Brilliant Pink By
Eve of Coming Night

It’s Called A Confederate
Rose Yet It’s Not Really
A Rose By Any Other
Name Yet It’s True
A FLoWeR Doesn’t
Need A Book Cover
Or Pages To Touch
A Soul of Beauty
As Long As
Set Free With SMiles

Key is Fall in Love With
Life Rise With Every

Color We
Create Our Love...

When i First Came to the "Wrong Planet Website," Designed
As A Support Site for the "Neuro-Diverse" Among Us; And
Others Who Care to Participate; the Person Whose Intelligence i admired

The Most, Had Nothing to Do With Standard I.Q., And Everything to Do With
A Kind of Intelligence i Was Sorely Lacking in then, Scoring a 45 on the Simon
Baron Cohen, Autism Quotient (AQ) Scan For Autism; Albeit Not A Specific Diagnostic Tool;

True, The Kind of Intelligence i Lacked With my Stellar Mechanical Systemizing Intelligence Was
That of "Social Empathic, Imaginary And Creative Intelligences," Better Related to William Blake And "To see a World
in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour."

Indeed, That's What Cockney Rebel Did With "Sweet Peas;" God Yes, i Wanted the Wonder and Amazement,
The Eyes of A Three Year-Old Child Before He Could Speak At Age 4; Living on the Riverfront Gazing
Across the River to the Forest With A Clear Innate, Instinctual, And Intuitive Understanding Deep

Within in Right Hemisphere Ways of Processing Existence That i Am the Leaf That Greens the
Tree that Browns, Falls, And Feeds the Soul Of Soils For New Green Flowering Life For Summer

'Forest Bathing' Delight; Or

Perhaps Seeing

'Heaven In A Sweet Pea;'

i Understood Vaguely the Opaque
Window i Lived Behind, Not Able
To Generate Heaven Within this Way;

i Just Wanted to Escape Back to the
Eyes and Ears of that Three-Year-Old
Child to Be the Leaf and The Forest Whole Once again;
Waves, Water, Ocean Whole, All the Jazz That Comes with

Unity DArK Thru


With No more
Duality Now of
Thinking Trapped
in A Data Download
Mind From 19-Years Spent
Close to the Top of the Class
At School, Earning Three Degrees at Once;
Eventually, Earning High Pay For Retirement
Through Information Technology and Financial
Management Skills Yet Not Unlike the "Dead Poet's

Society" And the Advice There, i Never Learned How
to Rip All the Rules Out of 'the Book' And Begin Again in

Wings Unleashed and Set Free Of Original IMaGiNaTioN And CREaTiViTY;

i Ace All 'These Silly Online IQ Tests' As They Cater to Ego For Some Kind of Financial Gain;

They Aren't Worth Any 'Salt of the Earth For Real' And On Top of that the Licensed Clinical Social
Worker And Psychotherapist Who Treated me in a real 66 Month Shut-in Hell of an "Autism Burnout"
Who Diagnosed me With Asperger's Syndrome Along With 3 Other Professionals, Diagnosing my Sister
too in middle Age; Yes, She Assessed my IQ off the Charts As It's true There is NO Empirical Measure for

the Kind of
That Cockney
Rebel Expresses

in Terms of What i was Missing
Most When i First Came to This
Internet Site on Thanks Giving Day of 2010;

The Other Side of the AQ Scan Indeed; i Searched
Really Deep to Seek it; i Found it and Now Personally

i Finally Don't Feel Lost Like i Can't Get Out of a Paper-Bag;
A Labyrinth of Abstract Constructs From School Designed to
Continue to Make the Tools of Culture And Yes Maintain them

As Cogs in 'the Machine' So Far Away From my Nature Naked, Enough, Whole
Complete; Yes, Embodied With Emotional Regulation And Sensory Integration

That Arts of Life From Moving Meditation to Painting Can And Will Bring; Yes, i See
the Most Amazing Part of Cockney Rebel's Intelligence is Most of it is "Off the Charts."

It's True, Not too Long ago, A Really Smart Standard IQ Guy Suggested i Was "Off;" True, in these

Terms it's
A Badge
of Honor
i Wear of
Being Fully
Embodied in Joy For Real...

(True, Now Actually i'm Turned
Totally And Fully On For Real)

Other than that Systemizing
Intelligence, Secured a Lot of Wealth
For me, Where i Don't Have to be A Starving
Artist; i get to Bring Smiles to People's Faces
All Around my Metro Area and the Globe Now for

Those Who Have Eyes and Ears Still to Appreciate
A Free Dance And Song of Life...

Cheers! to "Sweet Peas!"

Cheers! to Those Who
'See And Hear' With More
Than Just Materially Reduced;
Yes, Restricted Left Hemisphere

Ways of Organs of Eyes and Ears;

Cheers to the Systemizers too; as
True They Have Designed These Bones of the Online
Hive and i and Others Get to Add the 'Flesh and Blood'...

We All Play A Vital Role in Both A Surviving and Thriving Hive;

Do Both If you
Can And Will; Just A
Suggestion From Someone
Who Checked Out A Book on
"How To Be Creative," A Dozen And More Times in College Not Realizing

That It's Not Something You Do According to Instructions or Rules...

Like What Socrates Related, It's When You Lose 'Your Mind' And
The 'Daemon Within' Comes to LiGHT of Original Creativity For Real...

It's True 'i Know
Nothing' Now i am
Always Beginning
To Create From New...

It takes Quite A Bit of Standard
IQ to Understand the Research of Iain
McGilchrist, Oxford Scholar, Psychiatrist,
And Mind Researcher, Who Has Written a
1500 Page Book With Close to 600,000 Words

("The Matter With Things")

In Total Exploration of the Human Mind as that Applies
to the Processes of Left Hemisphere and Right Hemisphere
Ways of Processing Reality; Yet If You Don't Wanna Read the Book;

He's Finished the 29th Volume Now, Summarizing it New on His YouTube
Channel that Doesn't Have Any of those Annoying Ads to Sell Solar Panels, hehe...

It Only Affirms The Way i Found my Way Out of the Labyrinth of Super High Standard IQ Before;
So Restricted in Left Hemisphere Ways of Materially Reducing the Nature of Reality and My Free Nature too...

Honestly, As far as
i Process Life Now;

It's the Difference
Between Black And White

TV And A Forest Full Of
Colorful FLoWeRS Truly ALiVE And Breathing...

Or A Field Full of 'Sweet Peas' From Another View From Within...

Other than that i Learned More About Being Wild and Free From
A Feral Cat We Took In than 19 Years of School and 33 Years of Work For Pay;

Somehow, i Managed to Get Rid of my Allergy to Cats And Get The 'Call of the Wild' for Real...

PS: There Was Also A Flowing Creative Story Telling Ability of a User Named "Inventor" too;

True then, i Was One of Few
Who Could Understand Him;

Yet It's Also True As A Child i Was
Of the More Non-Verbal Hyperlexic
Gillberg Criteria of Asperger's Syndrome,
With Perhaps, More Right Hemisphere Potential;
Gillberg's Work on Asperger's Syndrome Was Closer
To What Hans Asperger Actually Clinically Studied Then
As the 'United States APA' Basically Created "Autism Lite"
For Asperger's Syndrome in the 1990's Then; Yes, Now it's
Basically Subsumed in Generalities of Behavioral Deficits; Yep

It's Basically A Label And A Collection of Behavioral Deficits; Humans
Are Way More Complex And Changing Than Materially Reduced Labels And Behaviors;
i'm A Totally Different Creation of A Human Being Than Before; And The Before me


Have A Lot of Trouble
Understanding the
Now me, Like
A Stranger
in A Different World;
Day Compared to Night

Yet Night Joining Day Whole...

Equinox of Body Mind Soul With
That Literal Day And Night Balance

Approaching Saturday For Real Yes
With SMiLes of DarK Makes LiGHT True For Real...

Hehe Dear Cindy
For Decades Traffic
Congestion Stressed
Mind Pieces
Of Thoughts…

Oh To Flow
And BeCoMe


Just Coming
From: Going
To: Ocean


Letters Flow...

SMiLes Alchemy of Transforming a Flow of Words

Into Organic Soul At Best Freely to Give Share Care


With Most

Respect Least Harm

With Other Organic Souls

Transforming into Poetry Arts

Truly Coming Freeing From HeARTS

SPiRiTS Dear Cindy Far More Ever Than Lessons

To Hang Words On Clothes Lines Created Before


is Science

There is Art Yes THere is Soul...

On An 8th Day God ALL iN ALL Within Creates Free Poetry...

Wonderful Gift Dear Cindy Thanks So Much For Sharing Freely...






KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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22 Sep 2023, 1:08 am

Perhaps 'Normal' Folks May Take it For Granted Now

Yet What i Found in A Free Dance Finally Connecting

my Soul mY Mind my Body Together New in One Naked




Is the Body

Dances Sings A Silent Voice

Connecting to Above

So Below Yes Within
Inside Outside And

All Around Dear Savvy Extending

Out to the Rest of the All in All

Almost Impossible

to Put into Words

Yet Truly Never the

Less The Wisdom

From All Around

Dancing Singing

Within Beyond All Words

Indeed Our Mind With No Limits

Surely Not Just Trapped Tween

Two Ears and Two EYes of Only


With SMiLes...

Seeing in the Dark

Shines Stars

iN Night Skies

Bright As Day is

Night Dear Isha With SMiLes...

With Moon
Sun's Sentiment...

iNDeed The Birth of
Mirth We Cannot Afford

To Allow Mirth To Get Away

From Breathing Free


Not Unlike Baby
Groot Dancing Through

Hell Dodging Flame Throwing
Monsters With Unlimited 'Arms'...

i Suppose We Could Xion Rave Dance
As Long As Peace Lasts Yet That's Way

too Serious

In an Ocean

of Mirth

Flames All Around...

Hehe i Wish Word Press
Would Keep One Kind
of Log-in Yet Really

Who Needs A
Name When
The Way You
Write is A Finger Print

Only Yours


me hehe


'i Am Groot'
'We aRe Groot'
And 'They Are Groot' Too...

Leaving The
Machines Out
That’s Living Mr

Cures For Real
With SMiLes Ear
To Ear Truly Seeing...

Embrace Darkness Dive in Seeing
A Window To Somewhere New Yet
to Explore Diving Deeper to
A New World Colored Grey
Scale Yet A New
Sun New
to Rise Within
Out of Shadows

iNto LiGHT...

Winds Upon Face
of Sand Breath
Of LoVE iN Deed
Wind of Flow Waves of Be
SMiLes Xenia Joyful Sea Breeze
Waves to Your Weekend Sun...

LeSSoN 300

No Greater Light Than Sunset Sunrise Twilight
Night Blessing Greatest Light Life’s Color Grace...

SMiLes Good Afternoon
In The Desert Secret Student
From Morning Florida
FLoWeRS Your
Teacher Found
Himself A Bit
Sad Even
As Usual
He is SMiling
And Looks Invincible
In The Photo Shared yet
This Day A Dark Irony for
A Verse From Corinthians
In The Christian Bible Says
‘Those Who are One With
The Lord In Spirit are one
With Him’ Yet Sadly ‘This
Him’ A Symbol of Agape
Love Breathing in This
Metaphor of A Powerful
Name STiLL For Agape
LoVE iN Peace ‘JeSuS’
Yes Now Brings Shame
As this Most Beautiful
Name From The Pulpits
Of Churches including
The One i Visit is Defamed
Now And Practically Changed
Into the Name of Trump not
Just A Man Yet Yes A Newer
And Older CuLTuRaL Meme
Against Everything The Meme
Of Agape Love JeSuS Stands
For And Is Falling in the Brick
And Mortar Churches in the
United States So
Why is this
If The
Meme of JeSuS
That IS AGAPE LoVE iN Peace
For All of Nature Falls Fails
No Matter How We Label
The Meme With Buddha
And Krishna And Many
Others too if This Love
For All Fades Away
So Does What We
Destroy Of
Freedom to
Love Our Liberty
And Our Life too
SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
Why i Do Everything
In My Power to keep
This Love Breathing
Sadly Most All my
Inspiration comes
From Far Away
Now As
i continue
A Dance And
Song in Refrain
Falling on Empty
Eyes And Ears mostly
Where i Live today yet
i Never Give up For i Do BReaTHE
FRiEnDS far away and Close to
me Like You have Kept the
Even Higher...

Other Than That i Like
The Number 300 it Means
12 Strikes in Bowling i Was
No Good At Bowling so
As You See And Hear
i Picked A Different
ReTirement Hobby
The Meal Always
Tastes better
Work Hard For It
And You AcTUaLLY
Dance And Sing Wings
Of YouR Dream BRinGinG
You’ve helped me
Greatly in Night And Day
As i Often Relate Secret
Student is Actually Teacher...

Reptile Brain of Competition
Limbic System of Cooperation
Neo-Cortex At Best Coordinating


Even in

Who Just Don't
Seem to Have
An Ability to Care

With Compassion
And Empathy For

That Feels


And So Transcendently
All Together Heaven All
Dear Savvy With Soon to
Come Fall Equinox SMiLes

A Day Early Of Course

Always True Now...

Oh Goodness Dear Akshita
i Can't Possibly Qualify i Most
Often Read About Characters A Longest
Way Away From Modern Days Like the Likely
Fictional Stories Attributed to A Pen Name of
Lao Tzu, Buddha, Socrates, And Even Jesus
As If He Did Live He Never Wrote A Written

Word Of His Life
Story Never the Less
Even if the Books are Myths
And yes i've Read the Really Long
One Where Krishna Was A Star of the
Story And Kali And Shiva too And So

Many Others Stories That Bring Myths
With Truly Deep Wisdom of Humanity ACross
The Centuries With Common Truths Like Golden
Rules that Do Least Harm too Other than That Yes i

Do Have Some Favorite Book Covers from 2020-2023
You've Probably Read Scanning So Many From Barnes
And Noble Every Sunday Afternoon When i Go To Read
A Book For Free Dancing Listening to Meditative Music
of my ChooSinG Most Often Associated With Philosophies
Around the World Yet True Some of the Art Work Is Profound

And i Borrow
it For What i
Do too Hehe
And Make it
Part of my Word
And Picture Story too...
Other Than That i Really
Have No Idea What's Underneath
The Book Covers Yet They Often Provide Overviews...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Wow! 60 Great Quotes To Brush
Mental Health As Kinder Painting For All Of Us As Science
Shows A Number one Way Out of Poverty of Soul Is to
Go Out of Our Ways in Existential Angst to Strengthen

Our Social Connections And For me at least Yes
Respecting All the Differences of Humans Best
i Can And Will For Free And Yes For me Treating
Every Part of Reality Including Human Beings As
A Real Face of God Of All That is Now For Real

As i Remember Back in my Working Years Most
Everyone in A Headquarter's Building For A Military
Station Was So, So Very Stressed They Just About
Wanted to Quit Yet There Was One Smiling Face Who

Still Offered Kindness Who Was No Part of the Stress At All
And that Was A Contract Intellectually Challenged Human Being
Who Did the Janitor Duties in the Building Who had no Disability
At All When it Came to A Smile of Human Kindness Every Where He Cleaned

The Executive Officer Said It's Just not Fair He Said He Is Always So Happy
it Seems For No Reason At All Yet It's True my FRiEnD Again As Science

Shows He Put everyone
Else As Number One
As The Giving Became
The Receiving of the Smile He Gives

And Wow What A Valuable Lesson He
Served for me too as it is Often the So-called
Folks In High Positions Who By Rising Have Fallen
too Low to Smile Naked Enough And So Whole Complete

Other than that It Used to Take A Hurricane For Us To Get
to Know our Neighbors in Working Years That Never Ventured
Far Enough to Meet Someone in Our Neighborhood Block Where

All the Houses Seem Empty As We May Have No Connections with
Humans Within SMiLes now that i Don't Have to Work and Only Play
i Do A Slow Dancing Walk Around the Block Each Morning And Now i
Have Warm Connections With Humans in Almost Each And Every Home

And True Now the Homes When i See them Are Flavored Wth the Personalities
Actually Living Breathing Within No Longer Just Bricks Corner Stones of Souls They Are...

'Do You Remember the 21st Of September;'
Yes, Earth, Wind & Fire And
me too Conceived in 1959;
Katrina and me 'ToGeTHeR' in 1989

iS 'A Writer'

Moon Light
Reflecting Day

If 'God' Were Here Now Would Most
Of Us Be too Busy to See 'the Wind?'

Let's All Take A 'little' Walk On Our BeacH

Reptile Brain of Competition
Limbic System of Cooperation
Neo-Cortex At Best Coordinating


Even in

Who Just Don't
Seem to Have
An Ability to Care

With Compassion
And Empathy For

That Feels


Ascending FLoWinG
And So Transcendently
All Together Heaven All
Dear Savvy With Soon to
Come Fall Equinox SMiLes
A Day Early or So of Course

Always True Now...

Sunshine Child
Within Phoenix
Sunshine EYeS EasE...

Hehe Depends on
Creativity of A Poet
And Intuition of
A Reader And A
Bit of ‘Chaos Magic’
As to what Secrets
Poetry May Hold
And Reveal of

Perhaps Some Beauty And The Beast
MuSiC MaY Be iN ORDeR Yet Better


Hehe Dear Miriam i Wonder What Kind of Performance
Reviews Our Distance And in Some Cases Near Ancestors
Will Give Us Based on the Way We Operate Human Cultures Now

Considering that about 7 Percent of Social-Empathic Potential
in Reciprocal Communication May Be Derived From Text

Considering that We Are Truly An Assessed Most Social
Animal Evolved This Way For Survival in Small Bands
of No More Than About 150 Folks Both Blood Kin And
Ones We aRe Well Acquainted With As An All Hands Effort

Every Day Where Nature Provides a Daily Performance Review
on How Well Groups of Humans Work Hand-in-Hand in the Forage
of the Day in Hunting And Gathering Ways an All Hands Effort Similar

to the 'Work of the Night'

Where Humans Are Not Removed

From Face to Face And Other Body Parts

in Common Work of the Night Ways to Come
to The Fruition of a Child Raised By the Band
On the Nomad Run For Resources As Every Hand

Is Vital in Cooperation For Surviving And Thriving For
Real Where THere Are No Lap Top Attachments to Replace

Being Human FlesH and Blood Moving Connecting Co-Creating
Ways Yes From the Forage of the Day to the Work-Of-The-Night

To Raising A Child By An Entire Village Yep Face to Face in Full Social
Reciprocal Ways Of Communication No Doubt Those Ancestors Before

And Now Who Lived in 'Flintstone' Ways of Living Might Like to Visit

Where We Live to Taste Some of All the Instant Gratification Provided
Easily Accessible at Least Even if Not As Cheap as Fruit On Wild Trees

Thing Is We Mostly Don't Climb Anymore Very Rarely Do Some Human
Beings Even Lift Their Hands And Arms Up to Wave at A

Stranger Passing By Just Acknowledging A Share
of the Human Condition True All The

1st World Problems Riddled By
Depression and Anxiety

to the Point Where

Folks Have No Idea
Why They Are Even Here

Even When They Become A Tool
A Laptop and Make 6 Figure Incomes For Real...

No Doubt Our Ancestors Would Review Us as Lost Boys and Girls
Wearing the Strangest of Tools And Becoming those Tools in PRiSoN
Away From the Pleasure Treasure and Struggle in Living Balance With Nature

i Like My Hot Showers. i Like Going to Walmart to Buy Whatever my Wife Wants
to Feed me to eat hehe. i Like my Soft Bed. Yet Most of All i Love my 'Body
Electric' And Being Naked Enough Whole Complete With Nature Exercising

my 'Call of the

Wild' From Head
to Toe For Real

Loving Free

So Far Away

From the Tools
of BLacK And WHiTE
Without Colors of SoUL That Used
to be me Living Dead so Many Decades of Tool Time Then...

Sadly So Many Humans Lose Their Blooming And Colors
of FLoWeRS FLoWinG Way too Young With No Clue How To

And Color
Again Moving
Connecting and
Co-Creating For Real

'Ghost the Machine' You Live Now For Real...
Like the Little Boy in the "A.I." Movie Who
Waited For the Statue of A Woman At the
Bottom of An Ocean to Turn Him Into A Real
Boy Of Course That's Online Life Now For So Many

'Lost Boys'

And 'Lost
Girls' too Finding
Their 15 to 20 Second
Parts of Fame and Losing
A SoUL That Breathes Forever
Freer Now WiTHiN All the Colors
FLoWinG All the Flavors Of Ice
Cream Life Yes We Churn Ourselves...

Unfortunately, the Bible Hasn't Been Tried Down in Georgia

For The Biggest Lie; And Even The One By Trump About Winning

An Election He Obviously Lost is On Hold; Still Waiting, Still Waiting

For the
Scales of
Justice to Weigh in;

Well, Well, How You Do you
Tell if Someone is Telling the

Truth, 'Prey Tale;' True, THere Are

Those Who Fall to the Most Foolish

Stories By Grifters Who Wanna Make

Some Kinda Profit off the Ignorance That Ensues;

Let's Consider The Context As the Roman Empire Decided

to Use The Old Christian Religion to Expand its Empire More

And Keep Control Over the Masses In Subjugating Ways of Mastery of Course;

Sticks and Carrots;

Sticks and Carrots;

That's How You Get

A Stubborn Mule to Move;

Yet True As Even Modern HiSToRY SHoWS,

Ya Can Grift A 'Certain Segment' of the Population

With Made-Up Carrots And Sticks And Even Boast

They Will Continue to Support You, Even if You Shoot
Someone in Broad Day Light Out of 'Midnight Motels' on '5th Avenue;'

Indeed, The Christian Bible Has a Long HiSToRY of Justifying Truly Evil

Acts Again HumanKind By Creating A God Who Supports The Unspeakable,

Like Numbers 31, in the Older Sections Where Moses Uses This Made-Up Most

Despicable God to Justify What He Calls the 'Booty;' Yes, The Spoils of Desert Scarcity

Tribal WarS in Terms of Literally 32,000 Virgin Daughters, Which of Course Means Close
to the Age of

Puberty Then

For Those 'Chosen
By God' To Slave and

Rape At Will For Their
Reward of Killing the Rest;

Oh Dear Lord, What an Ignorant
SicK Book and Despicable Made-Up God

Used to Rape Young Innocent Girls in
Numbers of 32,000 And So Much More

(Reminiscent New of Despicable Acts By Catholic Priests and The Such
Plus The Southern Baptist Pastor Conference Protected By Higher Ups)

Harming, Raping, Maiming, And Killing, And Overall Slavery in the Name
of An Ignorant God; YucK A Wanna Be 'Trump' Then/Now For All Associated Indeed;

Yet Wait! in the New Testament; Finally, Good Attempting to Defeat That DasTuRDly

Old Evil, Through the Face of A Dude Named Jesus; Rather Effeminate in Appearance

YET LoVE iN Peace
Comes to Rule by

Matthew's Beatitudes
Message of God; Yes,

Over Ignorance Then
of Harming, Raping,
Maiming, And Killing the

Innocents in the Name of a Most
Despicable Made-Up God To Justify That Rotten Hell On Earth.

Oh Dear Lord That Really Sounds Like Good News, Until the One Who Promotes

Loving Thy Enemy As Neighbor, Turning the Other Cheek, With The Ultimate Law

of LoVE

iN Peace,

Always Forgiving,

Merciful Indeed,

For ALL Removes

The Clothes of A Lamb

And Puts Back on The

Teeth of A Wolf (Just
A Metaphor, Wolves
Keep the Delicate
Balance of the

Circle of Life
in the Wild, Truly
Lovely Canines they are)

Changing Once Loyal Lambs into
Goats Who No Longer Clothe And Feed

The 'Roofer's and Carpenter's at the Southern

Border of the United States;' True, Even Though

Those Immigrants Are the Last Hope of the Christian

Church to Continue to 'Propagate' in the 21 Century;

Indeed, Very Conservative Catholics Most of Them Are;

Yep, And Then Sending All 'Those Evangelical Christians'

To A Burning Hell Forever For Not Doing Do-Gooding Enough;

Sorry Baby, BS Is BS; Whether in "Trump Land" Or When in Rome Trying

Just to
Fit in
And Survive
in Other Parts
of the United States;

Again, in the Land of LoVE iN Peace;

In the Place of the Soul Within That

Rules LoVE iN Peace For All Giving,
Sharing, Caring, Healing; Yes, For ALL With

Most Respect and Least Harm in JoY oF LiGHT;

Truly Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete, And
Meek Enough THiS Way to Live Peacefully iN Love,

There is No Place For Bull CR8P in Old Antiquated

Ignorant Books That Use Human Beings As Tools

To Please


GoalS iN


Of Mastery In
'Trump' Control,

With the Addictive Carrots

of Adrenaline And Dopamine

Associated With Fear, Anger, And Hate
Against Others Who Are Marginalized;

Dear Lord, This is So Frigging Confusing,

Good Cop Jesus; Bad Cop Jesus; Dr Jekyll

And Mr Hyde All in One Chapter of Matthew;

So Who to Support; Evangelical Christians Going to
Hell For Not Feeding And Clothing And Providing

Health Care to the Folks At the Southern Border;


The Good
Cop Jesus

Who Forgives

All; Both those Who

Don't Do Good Enough;

And Those Who Do So Much Better too;

For You See, Depending On the Environment And SKin i

Am Born into; i Might Meet That Fate of Sheep Changed into Goats too;

The Verdict iS in; Not Necessary to Go Down to Georgia With A Jury And Trial;

Yep the


Is 'Sin'

In Original
Greek Meaning

MiSSinG 'The MArk;'

Pro Tip: Light Your
Real Living Tree Up With

Lights That Color LoVE iN Peace;

Give It, Share It, Care It, HeaL iT,

And You MiGHT Just Finally Begin New Reborn

With A Cheshire Cat SMiLE LastinG ETernAlly Now


for me at least...

Have A Nice Day...

Hehe, Yet i Refuse
to Tale Ya What to Do...

SMiLes Dear Anita Romeo And Juliet
Never Really Died or Lived Yet Even Though
They Were Born into Romance And Died in Romance

In A Poetic Story

They Continue

To BREaTHE Poetry

At Essence is Romancing

Our Souls to Life Into Words With

SMiLes And All the Other Nuances
Shades and Pastels From Grey Scale

To Beyond Rainbow Colors of Emotions

To Feel and Sense From Head to Toe And

So Much More To Spread Free to Others as

Long As the Breath of Poetic Words Continue

A Romance

Of Soul

That Continues

On to Spread in the
Souls of Others So Free

Truly Beyond NuMBeRS As
Small as What Age Measures

iNDeed A Gift A Tree of Life You
Flow As Smooth As Honey Bees

Carry Back to Hives To Feed All of
Those Concerned With Romancing Life

Creating A New World Now in Every Breath

New We Inhale Peace Exhale LoVE iN Colors More...

SMiLes in the Last Decade and a Month i've Responded

Poetically to Other Poets And Others All Around the World

in Measure of a "SonG oF mY SoUL" In an EPiC Long Form
Poem CoMPRiSinG My Entire Blog And Several others i Administrate

All 12.1 MiLLioN Words in 121 Months Yes Sampling Poetic Talents From All

Around the World You Are Surely Close to the Top in Natural Talent my FRiEnD

A Real Treasure

At Best To Give Away

Free As That iS How Soul Spreads Best...

Ah Yes Dear Sohair A Mother's

Love is Unconditional And Ever

Enduring Particularly as One Might

Relate For A First Born Son And Last Born Daughter

True God Truly Yes

A Key to THE Entire
Survival Of Our

Species is to

Love Everyone

And All ThaT iS

With A Mother's

Love Unconditional iN Peace

True Ever Enduring With SMiLes...

LeSSoN 499
6th And Greatest
Cross Dancing Shirt
The Circle Of Life
Carries in Symbol
Of Iconic Polar Bear
With Cool SHades LoSinG
Its Frozen Home to The
Ignorance of Humans
Who Have Forgotten
NaTuRE ALL iN Balance
Is The Only Way We All
Keep Our only Home
Bound To The Delicate
Balance in Respect of

The Circle Of
Life This Cross
Where Humans
Have Already Destroyed
50 Percent Of The Diversity
Of Life Projected To Destroy
1 in 8 Of Existing Animal
And Plant Life Species
In The Coming Decades

Our Only
Of Existence

Too Circle Of
Life Greatest
6th Cross of
Mass Extinction Now

So in Review of The
First 5 Dancing Cross


One Devotion
Two Cross Of Stars
And Roses
Three Salutation
Four Redemption
Five Kindness Where
It Is Not Welcome
And Yes Finally
Six Survival of
Circle of Life
The Challenge

BoNuS LeSSoN 500
Find A FRiEnD To
LoVE iN Peace
Do ThiS UNconditionAlly
For The Rest Of YOuR Life
Without Fail Spells
For Real
With SMiLes...

Perhaps 'Normal' Folks May Take it For Granted Now

Yet What i Found in A Free Dance Finally Connecting

my Soul mY Mind my Body Together New in One Naked




Is the Body

Dances Sings A Silent Voice

Connecting to Above

So Below Yes Within
Inside Outside And

All Around Dear Savvy Extending

Out to the Rest of the All in All

Almost Impossible

to Put into Words

Yet Truly Never the

Less The Wisdom

From All Around

Dancing Singing

Within Beyond All Words

Indeed Our Mind With No Limits

Surely Not Just Trapped Tween

Two Ears and Two EYes of Only


With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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23 Sep 2023, 12:41 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy iF Unfolding
FLoWeRS Are Perfect THeRE

iS Nothing Left to Unfold

iNDeeD This is the

God And


i Tend to See
The Beginner

iN All Ways

As Long As
Nature Continues
To BREaTHE Free ThiS WaY...

Oh No Ms DJ Put A Record

On Hehe Immediate 'Ear

Worm' By Madonna Yes

A Song Literally Named

Music Now What To Do With The

Song Next Shall i Dance or Sing New

Lyrics Just

For Fun

Yet Something
Different Than
Actual Rap

Or What's
Come Before

It's True i'm a Beginner
Always A Beginner Dear

Miriam And True i'll Find
Another Ear Worm After That

Yet i Won't Keep it HAha

i'll Just Give it Away For Free
to Aerate New Soils in the Next

New Beginning Creative Free World...

Other Than
That Thank
You For The Song
Yours and the Other One True...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Loved Another Song of Your

Soul And As Far As i See Feel and Sense No One's

Song of Soul Should Be Vetoed As No Matter How

It Comes Out Stream or River or Fire Hose Like

me Hehe

Sincere it is

Worthy of the Words
Holy and Sacred Song For Real Indeed

Same With Dance And All Other Arts That
Express Soul Every Human Eye Unique of God

As Far As i See Feel Sense Once Again mY FRiEnD

Oh Yes Once Again What A Cozy Rustic Looking Book Store

Really Surprised to See What is Still Locally Owned and Warm
in California


SMiLEs Yes
And Dear Lord
So Many FRiEnDS

At First i Didn't Notice
You Were Sitting in a 'High Chair'

my Gosh it Seemed You Were at Least 7 Feet Tall

Indeed Standing Above and Beyond All Your FRiEnDS
With SMiLes

Never the
Less Together
Once Again Upon
A Time NeWLY NoW With SMiLes...

SMiLes We Love Most When We Are Window Shopping Or Lose 'the Goods'...
SMiLes We Care Most When We Find Home In Someone Else True Who Cares for Us too...
What Many Folks Call Loving Is Really Not Caring Surely As Far as i Will See 'These Days' For ReaL...
Technology Replaces
So Much of
Care as
Is So Much
More When Breath and Blood
Touch and So Much More than
A Few Senses or Sentences...
Smiles.. i surely See a Whole
Lot of Young Folks With This Catch 22...
What We Will Succeed At is Loving And Caring For Others
That Is Guaranteed When We Find the Strength Within to Do IT Always..
As Far As Returns
Go Seek and Find
Yet First Love With Care..
Smiles.. i'm Sure You Do.. A
Challenge is Patience to Keep
Peace And Harmony Within.. until 'then'...

A Measure of Pure Care for
My Friend is Every Poetic
Word that Flows From my
Soul to Her.. Imagine ‘A World
Where only Care Exists’ A
World of Poetry
Where Souls
Only Dance And
Sing Beyond Distance
Space And Time Even
Matter Just Water Waves
Ocean Whole As Souls
Really Touch Each
Other This way
Blood Seeing
Wind How Fresh
A Wind Love Will
Be Air With God’s Gravity Real...

SMiLes Dear Yam How True it is
NoW THere is No Limit to What
Human iMaGiNaTioN Will Do
Creativities Binding And Bonding
Language And Other Symbols That

Come to Express Cultural Ideologies

We Are Birthed into Spoon Fed Every Story
Of Our Life Pre-told ThiS Way For Us Even

Before We Are Born By Others Still Now

Oh How to Break Away From What Really
Doesn't Make Sense to Cooperate New

For There is Selfish Greed
That Seeks to Only Hoard

Feeding Itself

Buy And Sell
For All Of What is
Free To Come to See
Feel and Sense of All Our
Natural Inheritance Inborn
Still Evolving to Cooperate

By Nature of More Loving Social Hand-in-
Hand-Foraging Play For All the Abundance
The Earth Will Still Offer As Long As We
Do Not Consume our Only Home And

Continue to Abuse it the
Way Human Selfish
Greed Now

Will only Do In
Competition of
Buy and Sell Yes
For There Are Loving
Human Wings That Take
Flight Without Leaving Earth
Yes There is Peaceful Inhaling
And Exhaling LoVE iN BaLaNCinG Force Free

For the Give And Share That Drives Away From
Take and Hoard


For Those

Who Seem to
Never Get Enough
And Be Satisfied With
Just Peaceful Loving Life
Together in Balancing All...

SMiLes As the Fall Monarch Migrates
Away From Coming Frosts Birds And

Bees Still Doing Their Job Leaves

Still Falling to Fertilize New

Sapling Spring Trees

The Rest of Nature

Dances and Sings

While Sadly Some Parts

of Humanity Have Taken Up

Tools oF iGNoRaNCE That Shoot
Themselves in Feats of Stumbling Away

From All Our Human Potentials Still To Come

True What Stumbles Does Pass Away What
Stands to Reason is What's Free And Safe For

All to Dance And
Sing Birds With
Wings Fur Still
Climbing Trees

And Birds Will

Continue to Migrate
And Do What it Takes
To Remain Safe and Free...

Now If Human Will Only Follow
the Play And Clean Up Their Acts
To Be Safe and Free As Wings And Fur Still Do

Forgetting All Of Human Ignorance Never Taking Up Human
Arms At All that Harm, Rape, Maim, And Kill Only For Contrived Greed...

Enjoy Your Pumpkin Latte And Keep Smiling With Your Fall Plaid Dress On Free...

At Least New
York, New


Cares Enough
To Set Themselves
Free in Safety Plays With Loving Life...

Putting People First
Dear Annabel When
All The “Make-Up”

Of Life
More Important

We Lose The Inhale
Of Naked Peace That

Exhales Love Altogether

Real my FRiEnD

Yes God Bless Us
Without All the


To Separate Us...

For Love
THiS Way Dear

my FRiEnD...

Every Now
Always Now
Dear Savvy
Star Loving
Grace in Balance

Strength of Will
Standing Taller on
Foundation of Love
Dancing Singing Freer in Balancing

Force To Be Now Forevernowmore

As Leaves Are Trees GRoWinG NoW
And Birthing New From Fall to Spring

Meanwhile Winter Holds Life to Come
While Summer FLoWeRS Grow Coming

New Life


Fall Again

For SPRinG

Happy Fall Equinox...
Cool Breezes in Florida
Kind Respite From Nature

Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love
Even More NoW As We Are Surely
All Part of this Spiraling Circle of Life True...

"When you give heartfully, forget about it.
When you receive gratefully, remember it."

So Beautiful Dear Savvy As HeART

Breathes So Free This

Way In Multiples

of Seven And

More That May

Not Be Returned Yet

Still Giving More As Our
Breath Becomes Even Stronger
A Living Loving Force oF LiGHT We Be So Free...

Due North
Fall South
East Wests

Summer Rises

From Winter's Spring

Equal Days And Nights
Equinox Rings DarK Coming
Longer Nights Seasons Weather



Creativity Springing
Fall Through Winter Dancing Within

SMiLes Dear Aleesha Keep Singing
Fall Through Winter Summer Dreams...

Blank Spaces Now
With No Names Yet

Soul Places With

No Dreams Felt

Fire Within

Yet To Flame

Flicker Dim
Yet Oxygen
Muse Will Bring

Dancing Singing
Melting Away All That
Blank SoUL SPRinGS
From DarK MaKinG Longer
Days Within Winter Warmth

SMiLes Dear Aleesha Fill the
Pen Up With Ink Rivers Coming Next Free

To Breathe

As Creativity

Returns to Dance Then Sing...

Thanks Dear

SMiles Dear
To All
True too
my FRiEnD
With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Yam Gratitude
For Every Inhale of
Peace Exhale of
Love DarK Thru
LiGHT All Moves
Becoming Holy
Sacred Dance
All Words
Holy True

Yes Life One
Great Prayer
In Gratitude
For This


Of Breath
Eternally Now
Giving Sharing Free...

So True Anita Not
Everyone Has Wings
To Fly And The Ability
To Forgive Below From

Yet True
Who Soars
Flies Above
With Feathers
Who Become Wind

Enjoy Your
Breeze Become
A Cat 6 Hurricane
With Kindness Unafraid
Of Water Love You May

With SMiles...

LeSSoN 443 & 444 iN UNiTY
Keys To Heroes Everyday
MaKinG Us SMiLe Holy
Sacred SPiRiT oF PLaY
Young At HeART SoUL
MoVinG NeW
ReacHinG Out
With Warmth to
And Yes Rest Of
GiVinG SHaRinG
CaRinG HeaLinG
WitH LeasT Harm
iNHaLinG Peace
ExhalinG LoVE
Please Do
Let me
If i’ve Left
Anything Out NeW
FoR A Path to Heaven
NoW Oh Yes Everlasting
Of SeVeNTH HeAVeNoW...

Due North
Fall South
East Wests

Summer Rises

From Winter's Spring

Equal Days And Nights
Equinox Rings DarK Coming
Longer Nights Seasons Weather



Creativity Springing
Fall Through Winter Dancing Within

SMiLes Dear Aleesha Keep Singing
Fall Through Winter Summer Dreams...

Ah Yes Dear Sohair The Worst oF All Poverty May
Not Be Getting in Touch With Our Soul Regulating
Emotions Integrating Senses Head To Toe and So Much

More Moving Connecting And Co-Creating With Not Just
Other Humans Yet in Deep Contact Connecting With the
Rest of Nature too Dear FRiEnD Yes i've Seen Two Psychiatrists
The First One For 7 Years and 7 Months Since January of 2008

And The Second One Since 2016 as it took About A Year to Find
A New One That Was Also Necessary For my Continuing Early Retirement
With The Federal Government As That Has Come to Regular Retirement

Now Yet What Was Really Interesting that i Likely Have Shared Before
Here With You Is The First Psychiatrist and Air Force Major in the
Reserves Who Dealt With Combat Fatigue Veterans From the

Wars In the Middle East Then Told me i Was His Most
Hopeless Case oF All As Far As Not Being Able
to Offer me Any Drugs or Other Assistance
At All That Would Work To Bring Back

The Feeling if i Ever Felt A Smile
Before in my Life As Memories
Are Emotions Emotions Are
Memories When they Leave
it Truly is Hell as There is No
Reference Point Back to Being
Anything Other than the Living Dead Now
THiS Way The Pills They Offered Did Nothing For
That He Wanted to Implant An Experimental Vagal
Nerve Stimulator in my Chest to Try to Bring my Feelings
Back to Life Like Frankenstein Better Put Fredenstein mY FRiEnD

Of Course my Insurance Wouldn't Cover it And The Rheumatologist
Who Was Trying to Help me With the Suicide Disease From Wake
to Sleep For 66 Months Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Sent me
Away Just Telling me There Was Nothing He Could Do to Help me

So Yes it Was Left All Up to me my FRiEnD And Yes For What Drugs
And Other Assistance Tried Wouldn't Help i Found the Spark of
Creativity A Small One at the End of February 28th, 2013 A
Private Message Flowing This Way to A First Facebook
FRiEnD Then that Became the First Blog Post on
my Blogspot Blog And A Path of Writing to
mY SoUL That Would Soon Become
A Continuing Flow of SoUL SonG

(Also the 'About' Post on
my WordPress Blog too)

Still Running As A River And
Waves And Ocean Whole Water Free

And then All the Pain Melted Away And Then
All the Emotions Came Flooding Back on July 19th 2013 And Then
The Free Dance in Flow Doing the Same Therapy of SoUL mY FRiEnD

And Then mY SoUL BeCaME mY Very Best FRiEnD WiTHIN i Surely
Without Shame Name A Higher Force and Power of God Nature
Creativity Within Again to Give Share Care Heal Away For Free
With Least Harm And that First Psychiatrist Said i Helped to

Inspire Him to Quit his Private Practice and Move to
South Florida to Teach Movement Therapy What
Helped Save my SoUL in Free Dance and Song
For Real And the Psychotherapist i Saw After

The Healing Sought Advice From me to Help Her
Most Severely Disturbed Patients And True my Current
Psychiatrist Says he Uses me And What i've Been Through
And How i Healed As A Hope to His Most Severe Patients too

Physician Heal they Own SoUL iNDeeD Dear Sohair FRiEnD
As God SoUL Deep Within Rises Out of Perhaps our Right Hemisphere
Mind Free to Dance and Sing As Yes the First Psychiatrist Then Assessed

me As Possibly Not Even Able to Communicate Between Hemispheres
of Mind And It Seems He Got it Correct From the Research He Understood
Associated With the Autism Spectrum mY FRiEnD Hehe My Current
Psychiatrist Monitors me Most Now to Make Sure i Don't Get

too Happy And It's
True i Literally Have
to Practice Bringing myself
Down in A Dance And Song of Life
Free As i Do Have A Potential Not Only

To Descend to Lower Rings Than Dante's Rings
of Hell Yet Also Skip Across the Moon Hop Scotch
Across the Sun Still Ascending Transcending Soaring
Past Stars And Perhaps Never Grounding on Earth Again

Hehe Yet i Have Katrina She Definitely Anchors me As

She Brings My Sails in Close So Fair Winds And Following
Seas Don't Take me Away to Heaven to Never Return to Earth

Anyway the Way
i See it i Ain't Gonna
Leave That Way Until
i Raise Everyone Else Up First

It's Part of Heaven What Love Does When
That Four Letter Word That Begins With L And The Three Letter


Ends in
D Finding
Both Words/Worlds
iN Truth oF LiGHT Newly Now...

Anchors of Love
Indeed Saving
Sails From Getting

Lost Safe Harbors
Boats of Peace

And Love We

May Come to
Be With A Little
Help From Anchors THiS
Way Dear Miriam Yes Hard
Working C. E. O. Helping Others True...

Oh How Wonderful Dear Chaymaa
50 Plus Quotes of Hope i Surely Will
Relate As Gratitude For Whatever Fairy
Tale of LiFE We LiVE For Real DarK Thru

LiGHT A Source
of Hope to Grow

"Visiting The
Garden of Band-Aid"

THiS Way of Healing
With Gratitude For What

We Do HaVE iN Life to Be
Thankful For in Thanks Giving
For Giving Ways And True in Some
of my DarKesT DayS iN HeLL ON EartH
For 66 Months Toward The End of that Stay

on my 53rd Birthday June 6th, 2013 Just 1 Month
And 13 Days Unknown to me Then i Would Soon Escape
The Living Dead Yes For 24 Solid Hours And 6,000 Words

Hehe That's So Much Easier to Do Now With 121 Months of Practice

i Literally Wrote A Blog Post Named "Visiting The Garden of Band-Aid"

Generating my Own LiGHT of Gratitude ReMeMBeRinG All the Nice

Sentiments Folks Delivered to me ACroSS mY LiFE Span Then in

HeLL ON EartH Within to Pull my Self Up Again in Hope's

Gratitude For This Breath of LiFE New Now

And My Gosh i Linked The Definition

Of Hope Literally to Over 100 Key

Words in that Narrative of For Giving

Thanks Giving Hope in Gratitude With SMiLes

And Truly Ever Since Then Every Move of Free Dance
Every Word of Free Song Is A Prayer in Gratitude For Breathing

Free THiS WaY
NoW With Hope
Set Free BeLeaf
BeLove BeLiEVE NeW

This Faith This Love THiS LiVinG
Tree DarK Thru LiGHT For Real Now

When SHells of Moves And Words Gain SoUL Again

in Prayer of Holy Dance Sacred Song THiS WaY With SMiLes...

Friday Florida FLoWeR Story

Reaching Above Through the Tree Tops
Finding Room For Sunshine to Bloom
Ah Yes The Blood Red Crepe Myrtle

To Survive
In Beauty ThiS WaY
Humans So iNSPiReD
To Feel The Grace of

Nature Unbound
In Colors of

Free ThiS WAY
With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Savvy iF Unfolding
FLoWeRS Are Perfect THeRE

iS Nothing Left to Unfold

iNDeeD This is the

God And


i Tend to See
The Beginner

iN All Ways

As Long As
Nature Continues
To BREaTHE Free ThiS WaY...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 63
Gender: Male
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24 Sep 2023, 12:59 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy It's Still A Most
Amazing and Magical Part of my Life

Dancing in Flow as i Light Up Fully From

Head to Toe it is Almost Like Another

Dimension Opens Up of the


With me With

SMiLes And

All Of Life Flows

As A Free Dance
And Song Comes Next

True FRiEnDS With Not
Only Gravity Yet the UNiVeRSE
Whole Far Beyond What We See
And Hear With Eyes and Ears Alone

Yes A Pure
Free FLoWinG
Faith Fitting All Together...

"Hello Twins In fields of vibrant hues they bloom,
A tapestry of nature’s loom,
With petals soft and fragrant sweet,
They dance to the gentle beat.

Each flower tells a tale untold,
Of love, that’s pure, of hearts that hold,
A beauty that transcends all time,
A steadfast love, so sublime.

The rose, a symbol of desire,
With crimson petals, passion’s fire,
Its thorns may prick, but love remains,
A love that heals, a love that sustains.

The daisy, humble and so pure,
A love that’s innocent, demure,
Its petals are white, like the purest snow,
A love that’s gentle, slow love.

The tulip, bold and full of grace,
A love that blossoms, finds its place,
In vibrant colours, love takes flight,
A bold love, a bright love.

And in the meadows, wild and free,
The wildflowers dance, you and me,
Their love, untamed, like summer breeze,
A wild love, a love that frees.

So let us be like flowers, dear,
With love that blooms, devoid of fear,
Let petals open, hearts unfold,
And let our love be ever bold.

For in the language of the flowers,
Love’s whispered secrets, timeless powers,
May our love bloom, forevermore,
Like flowers in a garden, adore."

-Peace And Truth

Oh Dear Lord Dear Peace And Truth How Stellarly Sweet For You To Prepare
A Poem For Us Truly Beautiful mY FRiEnD FLoWeR Fresh Smell Indeed to Feel

And Sense
A Field of


That Love Does

Bring In Meadows

Bright of Butterfly Wings

That Reach Out and Touch

ALL Others True Thank You Thank You

Thank You And It is So Nice to See And Hear

You Visiting Here Again With SMiLes Dear FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Kiran Some Folks Spend Decades Even An Entire
Life Looking For A Soul Mate to Complete Themselves Yet
Sadly Many Never Look Within To Finally Become Naked

Enough Whole
Complete For It is
True If We Live Long

Enough We Must Find Our
Mother and Father Within

And The Same Applies
Potentially to Other

Family and


True Who Do You See
When You Close Your
Eyes at Night Who Is It
That Truly Creates All Your
Dreams As They Come to Fruition Yours

And It is So True As We Learn to Lift Ourselves

Up ThiS Way It is Not Nearly As Much of a Weight Bearing
Exercise to Lift Others Up As the Anchor of Our Soul Is Ours

Free to
Give As
The Giving

Sails Our
Soul Wind

Only Receiving
With SMiLes All Naturally For Real...

SMiles Dear Cindy
The Dance Song And
MuSiC Of Joy Never
Ending Now Always
Creating NeW iN


Ah Yes Our Modern World

of More Than 3 Black And White
Channels of 6 o'clock News Albums

For Sale And Only A Few Radio Stations

on FM With AM Still Regularly Used Even

Listening to the Mexican Radio After Dark

Yet True Once Again

BefoRE All of That

And Every Choice

iMAGiNABle Now

To Forge Our Own New

Multi-Media Entertainment
Lives Behind Even 6 Inch Screams

of Depression Sadly And Loneliness More

Yes By God THere Used to Be Living Rooms

With Humans Truly Warmly In Touch Face to

Face CompoSinG Their Own Poetic Narratives

to Each Other Fresh and New With Humanity True...

Yet You See i'm Still Able to Do That With The Elder

Cashiers at the Check-Out Lines at Walmart Still the

Happiest Generation With Enough Focus to Do it in Their

70's and
80's Now

With the Other
Customers Wondering
Why the Elder Cashier
Always Hugs Both me and

my Wife Before We Leave Almost

Like We Are Really Human Family In Fact

We Have a Pulse and A Heart That Warms

And There Are Even Evenings at Whataburger

For a Quick Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Free Senior

Coffee Where We See The Same Stars in the Younger Cashier's Eyes

A Cross of Stars And Roses Indeed The Fire of Human FLoWeRS Not Yet


True Beauty

of GRoWinG

Older Room

To Be Human Again
Dear Miriam With SMiLes...

A Day In the Life of

me Too Oh God Yes Free

Some Strive For Newer

Testaments Others

Stick in the Mud

oF Old Testaments

Traditionally Before

God is the Child
Who Refuses to Die

So Much More Than Covers Comprised of Pages

Paragraphs Words Letters ALWaYS NaTuRE Beginning

NeWLY NoW FoR ReaL FoR ReaL NaTuRE So Free

Bottom Top Lines STiLL NeW Yet Sadly True

'They' Locked
God in Some Books
And Told God

You Can't Play

God Dances Sings
WiLL Do Free NeWLY


SMiLes.. True It is As
Woman Frees Her
Spirit Rest of
A World
Follows Freer
As Even ‘He’
May Join
Art For HeART...

SMiLes.. my Mother
Taught me
Love i
That is All
i Need to Really
Know i taught
Myself What Not
to Feel.. Fear...
Now i
Am iN Peace
to Give And Share Free...

Dancing Free Surfing the Beach
ReVeRSinG leaving Tracks With
Athletic Shoes in Deep Sugar White
Sands Like Waves on the Shore
i Told a ‘Regular Surfer’
You Should
Try it on
Land Much
More Challenging
Yes Than ‘Walking on
Water’ indeed For Real
Anyway ‘Oh Happy Days’
Through Hurricanes And
Tropical Storms Way Ahead
On Writing Novel Size Poems
Bi-Monthly Yet Never Really
Writing too much about
ChaSinG Wings With
Dreams so i just
More And
Changing into
‘A’ Seagull Flying
On Land In Wisdom
Pyramid Colors.. Now
Of Living Balance Truth
New All Seeing Eye indeed Free
i Believe
Ebony Eyes more impressively...

No Need For Worship
No Fear of
In Faith
Needs No
Name Naked
And Pure indeed
DarK Thru LiGHT Sees...



And then "Jesus And Mary" Came;
Yes, "Elvis Presley and Marilyn
The World
From Just 'Know'...
Just No And More NO!
Go Away 50's And Never
Ever Come BacK Now Shed
All Those CuLTuRaL Clothes
Keeping uS iN PriSoN Then YucK
Of Labels And Categories CoLD... God YeS NoW
Breathing Free As Naked Winds Dance And Sing...

Soon ToTo
In Charge Coming

As Science Shows
Now We Have A
Neocortex To Serve
Our Emotions
And Senses
Us With
A Cocktail
Of Soothing Warm
Fuzzy Healing
Yes Exciting
To Fear
And Neurohormones
Far Beyond Words
What Science
Indeed Does Show
What Will Be
Of The
In DarK No
Longer Serving
LiGHT Searching
Within Always
NoW iN
LiGHT AGaiN...

A Simple Echo of Hellooove
The Sound of Every Wave
i Deliver in The Pond of
my Neighborhood

Each Morning
i WalK Now

And into
As Well

Hope And
Pray You
Are Feeling
More Peace to
Inhale And Love

i For
One See
Life Living
For Loving All

my FRiEnD With
Hellooove A Word
That Comes From

Too With SMiles...

Prayers For
To Melt
Exhaling Peace
Inhaling Safety



For All Now
Again With Love
Free From Ignorance
Sadly That Harms All
Rapes All Maims All

Kills All
Out of


Of Peace
Of Fearless
Agape LoVE
For All SMiLinG...

HeART Feels More
Than The Mind Knows Better


i Am an Ocean of Love Offering Boats Struggling
Against Rough Seas Respite With Well Wishing i Bring

And When Those Boats Go Away The Ocean is Most Always Secure
Understanding That When Real FRiEnDSHiP Love True And Agape

As Love Comes THere is Distance
Yet Still the Same Ocean of Love
Connects Deep Within Smiles New

Story is the Backbone of Culture
As Words Both Oral And Written

Come to Spread What Works Best
And Not So Best From Before Yet

Sadly Spreads What Works Worst
And Even Worse From Years Before

Truly Anything May

Come What

May And Go When
Human iMaGiNaTioN
And Creativity Holds Hands

In Rarified Abstract Constructs We
Create Before And Now Again to Sweep
Away Old Stories And Affirm Them Now too

So False

or True



As Grains of Sand
FootPrints to Create
Old or New Next So WHere

Will We Go True i'll Try to Relate
Where i am Now And Where i've Been

Yet Ever Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love

Is Another Potential Story Greater to Take

Than What's Ever Been Danced And Sung

For me Than Ever Before And This is what

Is So Sad About Covers Of Books Both

Front and Back For They Attempt

To Begin and End A Never

Ending Beginning

Story Now

Of Eternal
Breath Changing

EverMore As Peace
Inhales Love Fearlessly

More To Dance And Sing Who We aRe NoW...

Soul Dances Sings
Deep With No Plans

Yet Truth to Breathe

Rhymes Never Plans
What Wisdom Sees Deeper


Empathy Compassion Releases

SPiRiT oF Love

Freer to


Be Yes
Flying Higher
Feeling Sensing

Life To Ever Live Again

As Now Is All THeRE iS

You Touch Existence Soul WiTHiN
Deep Where Love Breathes And Bleeds


For All
With More
Than Eyes
And Ears to See

All The THorns All the FLoWeRS

All the Roses RiSinG HiGHeR LiGHT Out of DarK
Other than That This Lovely Poem Dear Hemalatha Set
Your Soul Free NoW Nothing Left to Judge Just Be New

iS i Am NoW...

All That's Left THeNOW

Eternally More LoVinG iN Peace Free...

Ah Yes And
SMiles i Await
Your Next Post
What i Wrote
Last Night
As Your
Poetry Always
Seems To Do Just
Like Real MaGiC of
Souls Dear Savvy With
SMiles Keep Spiritually

Leading With HeART...

Indeed Dear Sohair
Water Of Love Clear
To See Through
Beyond Below
Above Ocean
Whole With
SMiles Of
Thru LiGHT...

SMiLes Dear Sohair What A Beautiful Arabic Poem on Love
You Write/Sing Thank God For Google Translate hehe Yes

Falling in Love is A Kind of Human 'Madness' Most Often
Centered Around Finding A Suitable Mate For Reproduction
And A Bond and Bind of Love That Lasts to Raise a Child to

Maturity So the Circle of Life
Will Continue And True Often

Falling in Love Seeks to Complete
And Sadly There is Also Feelings of
Ownership and Jealousy Involved

Naturally As of Course Survival
of the Entire Species is at Stake
With SMiLes Generating Quite A
Bit of Anxiety For Success too Yes

SMiLes Yet Love Can And Will Mature
To A State of Being That is RiSinG LoVE

That Only Seeks to Lift Others Up And Help
Complete Them To Their Own Self-Actualization
of SPiRiT HeART SoUL For Real More Above Than Below

That the Lusts For Survival Often Do Make And Therefore Create

TRuE RiSinG LoVE iS Flavored With the Opposite of Jealousy As it
Already Lives Naked Enough Whole Complete Yes Compersion
For the Joy of Others Their Comfort Indeed And Fulfilling All

Of Their Human Potentials As They May Travel Much Farther
This WaY in Life Than Those Who Provide A Lift Up For

Greater Love and Human Potentials of Life SMiLes

Dear Sohair Usually This RisinG Love Happens

More Before We aRe of Reproductive Ages

And After We Are of Reproductive Ages too

Hehe Katrina Just Doesn't Seem to Understand

How to Age Still With The Same Blooming FLoWeR

of a 21 Year-Old Woman She Goes to the Beach And

Attracts Bees Decades Younger Than Her a Great Part

of Poetry is it Need Not Have Any Age At All And True This

Is Why i am Not Afraid of Getting Older and Dying mY FRiEnD

As i've Touched RiSinG LoVE And i Understand THeRe is No

WHeRE Higher to Go and Live And Give and Share And
Care and Heal in Compersion of RiSinG LoVE And True

As i Visited the Dance Halls for an Ecstatic Meditating

Moving FLoWinG Dance When the Flowers Still Showed Attraction

to The Bee of me at Such an Advancing Age For 6 Years Toward 60 Then

i Only SMiLed As All i Saw Felt and Sensed iS iT is the Human Condition

In All the Ways of Shadows And Sunshine IT Comes For Real mY FRiEnD

As True Going Down to the

Lowest Floors Surely Holds

Up my Wisdom EYe of

Pyramid as the
Mythologies of
Egypt Old Still Do Relate As Well

THeRE is No Education Like The Wisdom
That Comes From Experience And THere is
No Greater Beauty and Wisdom Than Love That Truly Rises mY FRiEnD

Yet It's not a Guarantee Ever It's A Life Long Practice of Above Below...

Like 'Running Kites'
Life Expects Us to Stay
High Yet We Don't Understand
How to Say Low And There Lies A

Problem of A Truth of A World More
Separated By What Lives and Breathes Within

Than A 'Matter With Things' Outside of Us Indeed

So Let me ReMeMeMBeR You Are Studying to Be A Dentist

So Where Does that Exist Yes in Someone Else's Mouth Instead
of Yours
It's the Way
of the World
of Data Download

So Separated From the Nature
of Us And the Nature of All That Exists
in Flow Outside of Mind Chatter That Lost

Boys and
Girls We
Indeed Without
Even Smiles New Now to
Add to Word Salads of Life
As All the Tools Come to Spell
How Separated We Are From

Truly Seeking Finding How We
Feel How We Sense How We
Regulate and Integrate

This Nature of Ours
Existing Balancing

FRiEnDS With Gravity

Enough to Fly Our Kites With Ease

SMiLes i'm probably the Only Dude in the Whole
Wide World Who Dances With The Weight of A Gym
Towel Before i Leg Press Up to 1540 Pounds at age 63

At A Military Gym Training Elite Warriors To Kill As Such

Indeed Transforming All my 248 American Pounds Into

The Weight of That Gym Towel As i Take Flight Before
i Move Close to the Weight of a Car With my Feet It's

True It's Amazing What We Can And Will Do When We
Become FRiEnDS With Gravity Even More Amazing that

A Gym Towel Will Become A Feather in the Wind that
Becomes Our SPiRiT oF Emotions And Senses from

Head to Toe Regulating Integrating Head to Toe

As Not Only Do We Become The Kite We

Become the Wind And the Air We

BREaTHE For Free Yet

Of Course

Not Everyone

is Brave Enough to
Dance With A Gym Towel
Among Humans Doing Their
Best Just to Become Men And

THeRe Err's A Way Out of Balance
mY FRiEnD as it is Loving Grace FRiEnDS

With Gravity That Soars Our Kites Beyond Inertia
of What Hurts So Much Inside We Have No Idea

How to Name

How Lost
We aRe
From Wind
Now And Air
We BREaTHE Free New

SMiLes i Don't See Months
SMiLes i Don't See Years or Days Even Minutes or Seconds

i Don't See Time as What is Left and Right for a Kite to Fly Now

For New
For Every Inhale
of Peace Every Exhale
of Love A New Life NoW...

How Blessed We Are Dear 'USA Writes'
iS Even Possible NeW As Verily Yes i'm


And Will Relate...

For Whatever Place
You May Be Lost It's
Never too Late to Escape
HeaR No Matter September Heat or October Breeze...

Or Just A FRiEnD Coming By With Something New
Now to

And Sing
Just Another
Feather Wind
Air i BREaTHE Free...

Yet You See You Change my
World As These Words Today
Will Not Exist New Now Without What
You Bring to A Table of Plenty Creativity Free...

Dance Free
Until You
A Song
Free in
Comes Next

Prayers For
To Melt
iNHaLinG Peace



For All New Now
Again With Love
Free From Ignorance
Sadly That Harms All
Rapes All Maims All

Kills All
Out of


Of Peace
Of Fearless
Agape LoVE SMiLinG...

Breath Smiles
That’s Five Now
You Choose Six
How About LoVE iN Peace Seven...

"Sometimes it is hard to explain
why you find a person beautiful."
"To be loved and to love is nice."
Bottom Lines 'They' Locked
God in Some Books Taling
God You Can't Play
God Said WiLL
Yep God is the Child
Who Refuses to Die Now
Trust me You'LL Understand New
When you get to A STaRT of 'A SonG' Free

Even when
‘She’ isn’t
‘Free’ Now
She Is still
Ruler of Life
SMiles ask any
Is Truly
to Love...

“The old appeals to racial, sexual, religious chauvinism
to rabid nationalist fervor are beginning not to work.
A new consciousness is developing which sees the
earth as a single organism, and recognizes
that an organism at war with itself is
doomed. We are One Planet.”

– Carl Sagan

“A human being is part of the whole
called by us universe, a part limited in
time and space. We experience ourselves, our
thoughts and feelings as something separate from
the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness.
This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us
to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons
nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the
prison by widening our circle of compassion to
embrace all living creatures and the
whole of nature in its beauty...
We shall require a
new manner
of thinking
if mankind is to survive.”

– Albert Einstein

SMiLes Dear Anita Congrats
On The Interview For Your Book
And Yes i Watched The Video And

You Seemed on
Point and Well

Spoken As Well With SMiLes

Have A Nice Weekend And Best

Wishes on Your Coming New Two Books...

Truly Impressive You Reached the Number
One Spot on Amazon India For Books on Counseling...

New King James Version Matthew Verse 7:12:

"Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you,
do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets."

AKA And Related as the 'Golden Rule' ACRoSS The Ages;

Among Religions, Cultures, And Wisdom of Ancient Sages too;

Oh Dear Lord,

The Problem

With Aphorisms;

Often Short Sighted,

BLaCK And White THiNK,




Yet Folks Will Accept Great Harm And Associated Evil according
to the Scales of Justice Outside of Their Cultures And Or Religions;

And Politics and Philosophies too of Course. Another Example Is 'Female

Genital Mutilation;' The Amputation of the Female Pleasure Organ in the Act
of Sex Promoted As Religious Censure to Prevent Women from Straying More to Greener Male Pastures;

Already Treated As Only Cattle to Breed; Often Sold Off in Child Marriage as Basically Sex Slaves Still too;

Yet Depending on the Culture/Religion/Politics/Philosophies at Hand, Perfectly Acceptable And Even Warmly

Embraced By Many Women Undergoing Female Genital Mutilation for Grand Social Esteem Based on Cultural/
Religious Practices in Foreign And Abhorrent Ways to Us; Yet of Course, There is the Amputation of Part of the

Penis at Birth

to Separate Us

From the So-Called

Lower Animals Yet

of Course Removing

Part of A Protective Sheaf
From Environmental Elements
For Those Who Commonly Go Around 'Commando' AS Such...

Yes, the Golden Rule is Rather ILL 'Conceived;' as It Doesn't Take 'Cognitive
Empathy' into Actual Affect and Effect That We All View/Do the World Differently;

And One Person's

Experience of Life

They Name Heaven is Another
Person's Literal HeLL ON Earth...

And Yet Even Another Example; While We May
See Arranged Marriages As Basically Institutional
Justification For First Night Date Rape; In India, A

Recent Survey Showed A Full 90 Percent of the General
Populace Supports the Practice of Arranged Marriages;

Yet the Fact Remains, 10 Percent Do Not; So Yeah What About them...

It's Like The Biological Fact That Transgender Humans Are All Natural And Real;

Yes, What About the 1 to 3 Percent of them too; Even Though the Other 'Moral Majority'

Doesn't Experience Life that way;

Oh Dear As Neuroscience Shows, Humans

Are Not Particularly Rational as Our Emotions
'Normally' Precede Our So-Called 'Reasons' For What We Do;

And We Even Basically Hallucinate Our Realities Based on the
Hallucinated Realities We and Others Co-Create Before that Becomes

The Stories of Cultures/Religions/Politics/Philosophies that Are Spoon Fed
And Narrated to us Almost From the Beginning of Life; Both in Talk And Actions too;

And Now of Course
A Vast Ocean
of Increasing
Complex Technology

We Rely Upon New, Also Replacing
The Face-to-Face Human Warm Touch.

And i Saved the Best For Last; The Fact

That Humans Have 'Helped' to Erase Around
50 Percent of the Diversity of Living Nature So Far;

And Forecast to Eliminate 1 Out of 8 Animal and Plant

Species Just in the Coming Decades too; God Yes, All

Stuff Considered;

Evil And Morality

Is Indeed Only Relative,

Depending on What You
Are And What You Become;
Depending on The Environment

We aRe Born into Indeed FOR REAL.

So, Oh Dear Lord What To Do; Before

We Do Something to Someone Else As

Elvis Presley in a Song Once Related; Do Our

Best to Walk in the Shoes of 'The Other Nature;'

Before We Give

Someone Else

Our Heaven

That is Literally Their HeLL ON EartH;

And of Course All the Chronic Grey Shades
of Purgatory That Last ACross Decades of

Slowly Dying Living Dead At the Do of Others

Who Just Can't Get the FAct, The World Doesn't Resolve Around Their View/Do.

As A Participant Anthropology Observer, Visiting A Catholic Church, i Witnessed
A Deacon Filling in, And Giving A Homily Then Relating The So-called Evil of Hurricanes

to So-Called Homosexual Behavior; Oh Dear Lord, If He Could Have Seen my Eyes Piercing

His Soul From The Shades i Wore That Day; Yet i Wasn't Gonna Turn over Any Ignorant Tables;

As i Have a Pen

That is Much

Mightier than a Sword;

And While i Understand Now

i am In An Environment Where Some

Folks on an Autism Spectrum Have Difficulty

With Metaphor (Yet Not All; Some Actually Excel;
Some Actually Get Better At It At Extreme Levels too)

Yeah, i Wrote Something Similar to This to the Priest in an
Email Relating the True Evil That Deacon Did that Day to the

Audience at Hand That Likely Included A Percentage of the LGBT

Community too; The Priest Graduated in the Top 10; A Classmate of Mine;

Which Means He Was Capable of Understanding Hurricanes Spread Life Giving

Warmth From the Ocean to Colder Climates, Necessary For Life to Thrive; Anyway,

He Didn't Let that Deacon Give Any More Homilies; Yet Sadly, He Followed the Pope

Blindly When

He Instructed

His Underlings

Not to Accept Transgender

Folks as A Natural Part of Reality;

As They Still Refuse to Come Out of the
Dark Ages of Both Science and Cognitive Empathy too...

Life is an Art; Never Perfect; There is No Such Thing As Do No Harm

or All Respect; Yet There is the Potential in Practice for Most Respect and
Least Harm as A Practice and Art of Life to Dedicate One's Self to, for Truly

Good Versus Evil For Real...

Anyway, in my Opinion,
One of the Most Evil

Actions Humans Will

Do; Both Ignorantly And
Willfully too is Reject Other

Humans Out of The Group at Hand;

Just For Their All Natural Differences For Real...

Yet of Course, to Use The Similar Potential Cognitive Empathy;

i Score 100 Percent Open Minded, 100 Percent Extraverted

or i Can Easily go the Introverted Way too; And Close to

Zero Percent in the Fears of Neuroticism; And True i

Am Surely 100 Percent Conscientious to Get What

i am Focused on Done; And True; Yes, Agreeable

Enough Yet Yes, Disagreeable When Necessary too;

This is Relatively Easy For me; For Other Folks Who

Are Extremely Closed Minded, It's Like 'A Camel Passing
Through the Eye of a Needle,' Indeed; In Other Words, i Didn't

Expect to Convince The Rest of 'The Congregation That Day'....

And i Still Don't

Wherever i Go;

And That's Okay,

Life is Never a Science Alone;

Always A Beginning Art for Change...

With that Said Additional MuSinGS in Yes the
Wee Wee Morning Hours of the Catholic Mass
Readings Selected For September 24, 2023

Something About It's Who You Know More

Than What You Do to Get 'The Job Done'

Reminded Again Tonight on the Top of

The Latrine in the Restroom

of Walmart As the Usual

Hell Fire Threat on One Side

of A Slice of Paper is Taped Upon

The Top of the Urinal With the Other

Side Suggesting Just Basically to Recite

Romans 10:9 Requesting You Believe in the

Only Quarterback of The Religious Favorite Team to Avoid Hell Forever

Yet Dear Lord Hey What Will 'They' Say if They Choose 'Tom Brady' Instead

Or Buddha Or Lao Tzu or Krishna And Unlimited Favorite Guru Quarterbacks

Of Other


Leaning So
Called Teams As Well...

Amazing How Difficult the Story Says It is

To Get and Stay In Heaven For Real Now

Within And How Folks Cherry Pick Another Verse

That Suggests One Magic iNCaNTation is All Ya Need to Recite

Look Around at the Rest of Nature THere Are No Real Days Off At All

Yet Rest After

A Good Day's

Forage And

Or Hunt is Done
Yep Naked Enough

Whole Complete
Enough to Yes Truly

Enjoy All the Meals Of
Life NeWLY NoW to Really Do...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Gender: Male
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25 Sep 2023, 3:08 am

Such Wonderful Words of Advice

Dear Savvy Thoughts Attached

to Our Feelings and Senses Yes

Emotions Materially Reduced

Ingredients Like Dopamine,

Serotonin, Neurohormones Of

Oxytocin too And Of Course Adrenaline

Stress Related Hormones too That May

Actually Come From Both Struggles and

Exhilarating Experiences True too As i Am

Very Careful To Wire Myself With Words of Positive

Emotions Comprising Feelings and Senses as i Understand

We aRe All Living Trees WHeRE We Either Wire Ourselves

Through Words and Associated Feelings Senses Yes Emotions

That Are Positive

Or Our Tree Loses

Most All the Leaves of Positivity

And Our Life Becomes Sprinkled

And Potentially Flooded By Wiring

of Negativity Every Move Counts Feelings

Sensing our Way in Life Every Word Attached

to Feelings and Senses of Life Related to the

Materially Reduced Parts Much Greater

In Synergy of the Whole Versus

Separate Parts of Our

Wellbeing With SMiLes

Oh to Sail With Positivity

Oh the Waves the Water

The Ocean of LoVE iN Peace

So Very Whole Enough And Complete

We Shall Come free to Wire Ourselves

THiS Way Coloring Our LiGHTS of Our
Living Trees Forevermore Beautiful Now New For Real

Even if We Have to Mostly Do it on Our Own With SMiLes...

Dear Lord Mr Gottfried Working At a Military Bowling
Center Eventually Managing it i've Surely Dealt With

A Fair Share of Drunken Sailors Salty As the Ocean

Flows With SMiLes Yet Patience Endurance

Of Kindness Wins the

War if Not Always

The Small

Skirmishes Hehe

And Indeed Rising Eventually
Through 5 Job Changes and
Promotions to Second in Command

of The Division i Worked For i've Dealt

With My Fair Share of Top Leadership Brass

Beyond Reproach That Makes Difficult A Thorny

Issue Indeed Yet Again Through the Endurance of

Patience Staying Level Headed Smiling Through It All Even Though

i Was Literally Dying Inside Brought me the Promotions i Needed

For A High Three

Years For Golden
Handcuff Retirement

Let Loose Oh So Free in
Financial Independence With

A Much Longer Shelf Life In Tact Now

Ah Yes Turning the Other Cheek Profitable
in the Long Run at Least After Coming Back From the Living Dead

Meanwhile Humans In General Are Continuing the Zombie Apocalypse

Eating the Face of God That Is Both Nature And Ourselves Out of Balance

For Our Very


Or At least
The Survival
of the Children's
Children of Today

Yep Humans Can and
Will Be Pesky Little Critters

If They Gang Up and Mob
Blast the Rest of Nature That

Is Our Only Lifeline For Survival Real

Honestly Can't Complain Pains Here Now
And Then Yet Generally Speaking Difficult

People No Longer

Have Any Strings

Attached to my

Livelihood at Least

Makes So Much Difference

Not Part of Any Hierarchy
Except the Big Boss The Yes Dear Ruler of the Home Hehe

True i Tale Her That Everyday Every Day She Does it All With SMiLes...

Ya Just
Have to
Figure Out
How to Send
Folks to the Heaven They Desire

As Every Dam Version of HeLL and
Heaven And the Purgatory Tween is

Surely Different...

People Who Are Still Alive NOW
With Passion Make Change Happen
Perhaps Even Climate Change For Loving


NeW A Force Of


Our Real Most Powerful Nature Is LoVE iN Peace
Do You Really Doubt This God Is LoVE iN Peace
So Much That You Destroy This Nature This

God For ReaL

i am Just The Wind i Only Find IT AMuSinG
HoW LonG iT WiLL TaKE A Match of My Dance
And Song to Catch FiRE Better FoR Me LonG GonE

"Devil and the deep blue sea behind me
Vanish in the air you'll never find me"

SMiLes Rivers Flow And Flood Hehe
NeeD i Dance Sing More...

Evolving LiGHT NoW
FRiEnDS With Gravity
Not Adding Weight Away From Balancing Waves...

Living Closer to Nature Is Living Closer to God
So God Yes Play Naked Nature God Freer Too

Y.O.U. Why Owe You

SMiLes Not Facing Emotions
Honestly Expressing All Freely
Openly Through All Arts
This Now
Is Looking
Our Shadows
Are Not With Us When
Clearly they are Behind
The Shine of All We Do
Or Do Not Do... Either
Now We
In Balance
Or It Doesn’t
Go Away Alas
There is Poetry
And Other Arts
Of Humanity
To Balance
Our Shadows
With Sunshine Now...
ThiS Way Shadow Serves
Us No Longer Slave
To What Is
Us iN Deed...

Greatest Stones
Polished Then
Oldest Lesson
We Come And Go
Too So
Just Flow
Free Don’t
Make Life
A Tomb
Too Soon
Sprout Wings
Fly Far Above
Human Made Stones
For it is Also Only A
Grain Of Sand Holding
Up A Mountain of
Deed Stones
No Less Important too

Once Y.O.U. Realize Nobody Is
Everybody No Authority Why

Owe Y.O.U. BE i AM...

JusT FoR THe ReCorD (BooK)
i Listened to ALL YouR Voices
Before Writing
A Deeper Story

Hehe Yeah
me And ‘The
Wizard Of ‘US’ Behind
‘The Curtain’ HAha Yes
‘Top Secret’ We aRe aLL
‘Curtain’ Coining NeW
ChangeS NoW
in Phases
Eternally Now
New Just Fortunate
i Don’t Need
To Find
Of ‘Curtain Soul’
CoVeRinG All DarK
Thru LiGHT As True
‘Wizard of Oz’
Mystery to See
This Will Mean Nothing
And Everything As Even
Quantum Mechanics
Time, Distance,
Space, And Even
Matter Is Illusion We
‘Think’ So All THAT
IS Left Is ‘The Curtain’
We Feel And Sense Is ‘US’

SMiles Dear Hemalatha
Your Creativity Beautifully
Inspiring Remember
Plans in Advance
Yet They Arrive to
Make Life Possible

Creativity More..

ScarS UNfolding Loving
MoRE NoW DarK Makes
Light Appreciating Life Yes

SMiLes Dear Cindy You
Are Authentically You Now
Giving Sharing Freely Caring

True This iS HoW You Lead

With Kindness

And SMiles

Follow and
Lead Kindness
Where Kindness Flows Freely

ToWinG All Your Four Thousand Plus
Followers As Any Carnival Cruise Line Will


Along Your
Journey Seeing
With Your Creative
EYes For Life True
As Oceans Only Grow
Deeper When Water and
Waves Holds Hands ThiS WaY...

SMiLes Dear Aleesha
What Beauty Do We See
When We Close Our Eyes
What Song Do We Hear
When We Cover Our


What Dream Do We
Hold That No One
Else Breathes

What Feelings
Senses Are


When All Are
Too Far Away
To Feel and Touch

What Is Left



Dear FRiEnD
Yet Soul Breathing
More Colors Through Grey SHades
Through BLacK Abyss Within Now

And Even Though With Eyes Wide
Open Wind Is Impossible to See

Yet With Eyes Closed Shut

We Will Still Paint
The Wind With

All Colors

of Breathing Life
And Even Create
Some New Ones For
Someone Else They Have
Never Felt and Seen Before Now

Essence Beyond Form Creating Symbols
Now to Color Wind For Others This Is Why
i Create Words That Spring Fall Summer Flowers

For Poetry Gives me Potential to Color my Soul And Others

So In Other Words i am A Cinderella Man As i Change Winter




Within mY FRiEnD
Like You Do too With SMiLes…

Harvesting A Net of Thoughts
Spiraling Never Ending

Nautilus of Reproducing
Words So How Now Shall A

Hurricane Blow Greater Winds New

In Focus How Shall A Galaxy

Spread Its Arms Perfecting

Balance As Only A Practice

Of Existence Now Yes

Calm Center Grace

The EYes of A Child

Unfolding Free to Absorb
Whatever Springs next to Flower
or Challenge Life Where Will We Go

Will Direct Us
From Rags to
Riches Within Again...
Dear Akshita With SMiLes...

Ah Yes Just More Evidence That
Emotions As Derived Through

Music Mends Auto Immune

Issues Including Sneezing

In The City As Just
A Passenger Looking

Glass Through Skyscraper

Eyes Breathing Streets in Ease

Just Another Day As Sidewalks

Bring The Only


A City

Travels At Night
And What Comes after Day

No Longer Sneezing As Music
Takes us Deeper in Human Environment...

Wonderful Dear Savvy

Hexagonal Swirling
Art Six Sides of

Icing on

Life's Cake
Flavoring Life

More With Art in HeART

Finger Painting Life's LiGHT

Star Sided Sights Coloring Life...

Ah Yes Dear Isha
What HeART smART
eARTh And Even pART

OF All of That Art Do HaVE iN Common

For Without Art Only HE Is Left of Heart

For Without Art Only S And M True Often
Sado Masochism Is Left of Smart And Earth


Not Much
Fun iNDeed

As Without Art
iN ParT oF All We Do

We Might As Well Stick
Out Our Tongues :p And
Give Up on Colors of Life
That Make Our Souls SinG
And HeARTS Dance in SPiRiT oF Colors More...

"Turn on" meant go within to activate your neural and genetic equipment. Become sensitive to the many and various levels of consciousness and the specific triggers engaging them. Drugs were one way to accomplish this end. "Tune in" meant interact harmoniously with the world around you—externalize, materialize, express your new internal perspectives. "Drop out" suggested an active, selective, graceful process of detachment from involuntary or unconscious commitments. "Drop Out" meant self-reliance, a discovery of one's singularity, a commitment to mobility, choice, and change. Unhappily, my explanations of this sequence of personal development are often misinterpreted to mean "Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity."

Oh Lord i Attributed 15 Minutes to 15 Seconds of Fame to Timothy O'Leary
Some Weeks Ago And That's Not even His Name As There is no O' in Timothy
Leary And True That's Not Even Andy Warhol's Quote Either Yet Often

He Gets Credit For it

As Someone Else Seems
to Have Mentioned it to him in Passing

Yet True Oh Lord How Much of This Has
Come True No Matter the Form the Essence
of These Philosophies in Prophecies oF Old Are HeaR

NoW As Every YouTube Channel May Become a New Religion
With Followers Who Hold on to Every Art And Science That's Shown

True The Human Condition is One of Change And Values Same

As Yes A Silk Screen Vibrant Painting of Marilyn Monroe
Sold for 195 MiLLioN Dollars Painted By Andy Warhol

As True Some Folks Valued Her Only as a 'Sex Toy'

In Her Real Life Yet an Icon of the Ages She

Became for the Sexual Liberation of

Women Similar to Elvis

Presley Releasing

Men's Hips

to Gyrate AS Such

Wow Per What Timothy Leary
Relates to Become Naked Enough
Whole Complete Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All With
Most Respect And
Least Harm Human
And the Rest of
Nature True
Becoming Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Essence of Art Bringing Form Free
Yes ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTinG ForM So Much

Easier to Do When One is Financially Independent
And Doesn't Have to Starve to Death for Doing An
Art Truly Original That May Have No Target Audience At All...

YeS iN A Current CuLTuRE Conservatively Speaking OH GOD IF Ya LiVE iN
"One of Those Places" That May Find Total Disgust While Others more
Liberally SPeaKinG May Find Sublime Art New Now Worth Celebrating

iN A Bohemian Rhapsody come Anew for Real Out of the Form of A Song

As Essence New So What Does this Have to Do With Hoarding Stuff yes

What We Come to Value in Life Where Essence Counts More Than Form

As Yes One May Find A Whole New Multi-Uni-Verse in a FLoWeR

Ever Changing in Blooming Colors and Yes One May Turn

On And Tune In And Turn Off the Old CuLTuRES And

Create Our Own CuLTuRE'S iN A Bohemian

Rhapsody Totally So Without Modern

Technology Would This Be Possible

to Do as A Social Animal Depending

on Tradition of the Same old Same old
Bonds And Binds of CuLTuRE ReLiGioN
PHiLoSoPHiES And POLiTiCS to Co-Exist

Well Hell No 'The Village Idiot' Only Gets
So Much Traction in a Public Dance Yet

True 'These Days' All 10 Years of Fame
With No Fortune Necessary Truly

'Trumps' 'Find the Pokemon' in
'Trump Town's USA' As True

Do What No One Else

Is Brave Enough to
Do Although Our Ancestors

Lived A Life of Dancing Emotional Regulation
And Sensory Integration It's Just That They Didn't

Earn Money For Stuff As An Alternate God That Way Than

Dance and Song Free From Deep SPiRiTiNG Within Shedding

Already What We Come to Wear All the Stuff That Becomes More

Meaningful to Us Than Our Own Naked Flesh and Blood Warm

ToGeTHeER AGAiN in A Dance And Song of Life Naked

Enough Whole Complete A Barter of Truly

Surviving And Thriving For Real God
Yes i've Got Most Every Computer
i Ever Owned From the First

Microsoft Windows
Computer For 800 Bucks
to an Upgrade to a 4,000 Dollar
Quantex Computer Several Months
later in 1995 As It's True While in using
Those Devices and many More i Lost my Soul
of Dance And Song Free They Are the Tools that
Allowed me Autodidact Skills to Free Myself of the
Money God to One Day Set Myself Free as Art iNCaRNaTE

It's Nice to Remember Where Ya Come From DarK Thru LiGHT

i May Never Open Up Those Tupperware Containers Again in that
Shed Never the Less they are A Symbol For The Bones That Brought my

Flesh and
Blood Alive
Free Now Yet

Nah, my Wife
Doesn't understand
Hehe i Guess it's Just
A 'Man Cave Thing' Hehe

Yet No She Doesn't Need
A She-Shed She's Got the
Whole 25 Foot by 25 Foot
Great Room Including Kitchen
As Her Living Domain i Get A 27.1
Inch iMac Screen in the Bedroom and a
24 Inch Window to Remind Where to Go
Next Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete With Wings that Dance

After the Art of the Day in Song is Given Shared Cared Healed Away For Free...

Oops i Almost Forgot to Sing Dear Miriam As 'Dear Miriam' is A Song A Poem too
And Verily Still A Dancing One too With Eclectic Elements of Creativity SMiLing...

HAha Yes Thank You
Dear Aloha FRiEnD
i’m in Dreamtime
Always In Flow
Killing Time
All Of
Life Dreams
Come True Sadly
So Many Folks Who
Are Not Native like
You And me Have
Forgotten how
To Make
Life New
Dreaming Now...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
iNdeed Life is For Giving
Not Taking Away Life is For
Lifting Not Bringing Life Down

Life is For

Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT New For
All With Least Harm Now
Giving Sharing Caring Healing

Yes All ALong the Paths of Life

As Yes True i've Had that Breath

Taken Away And Now i Understand

How to BREaTHE SMiLes mY FRiEnD
With Thanks Giving Every Breath PreSent


NeW NoW...

How Wonderful to Visit Guatemala And i'm Guessing
You Are Fluent in Spanish Enabling You to Yes Fully Interact

With The Stories of the Natives to the Area in the Off Season

Wow That Sounds So Interesting and Warm to me Yet

Dear Lord Some Days i Forget One of The Reasons

i never Realized A Desire to Travel in my Younger

Decades of Life So Uncomfortable in my Own

SKin As the Autism Spectrum Will Surely

Bring in Super Tuned Senses and Feelings

Along With Problems Even Finding a Way Out of

The Cliche of a Well Traveled Paper Bag of Life as It's

True i Had to Pace myself With my Wife's Walk in Walmart

To Even Feel Comfortable Where i Was Going Visual Spatial

Map Just Not Part

of A Sadly Limited

Left Hemisphere

Processing of Local Environment
Back Then Yet Now The Meditating Decade
Public Dance In Flow of 18,844 Miles Albeit
A Bit Slower This Last Month With A Hip Injury
Still Somewhat Recovering Brings A Whole New

World of Right Hemisphere Processing Reality Along

With Connecting Emotions and Words in Flow of Free Verse
Poetry Yep Still All 12.1 MiLLioN Words 121 Months of "SonG oF mY SoUL"

Not At All Slowed By Hip Injury Still Dancing Free ACRoSS This Keyboard New

Yet Now That

i Am Fully Wired With
Two Core Hemispheres

Of Systemizing Left Brain
Analytical Intelligence And

Finally Synthesizing The Bigger

Holistic Pictures of Social Empathic

Artistic Real Emotional Sensory Feeling Right Hemisphere

Mind Life Far Past Screens to Horizons Free It Seems

So Exciting to me to Be Able to Explore Lands Far


Ah Yes
Financial Freedoms

So Secure Perhaps One

Day More Than An Avatar on

This Screen I Shall Sprout Wings

And Travel Far Away to Explore too With
SMiLes Dear Miriam...

Sadly No Foreign

Languages Fluent

In Yet Dance Seems

to Be A Universal


Most Humans

Who Are Free
Spiriting Will Understand...

Indeed Dear Maria
Whatever Darkness
We Struggle Within

May Be A Challenge

Only We Feel and

Sense For Real

iNDeed What Is
iNViSiBLE To Others

To See And Hear Requires

More Than Organs of Eyes and
Ears to See And Hear Some Are

Indeed Gifted
ThiS Way Hold

Them Close

And Don't Let Go

Even if You Must Find
All the Healing Within...

SMiles Dear Savvy
i Find The Free Flow
iN Art Of Dance And
Song All Naturally
Brings The Believe
And Faith To me
Surfacing Deep
Within me Yes inside
Outside Above So Below

Free iNDeeD
How Holy Sacred
The Flow Is i Always
Feel And Sense It in

The Treasure
Of The Dance
Of Song You
Breathe Deep
Within Soul True

So in Short
Thanks As
Always With

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD...

You Are Doing Great!
Just Being You keep
Sailing Strong Winds
Behind To Explore

Dear Anita...

Rock On With SMiLes...
Life MoveS on Taller
Mountains to

Hehe No
Longer Only
A “Stick Man”
i Am Breathing
Free Now New

With Happy

SMiles to
You With
Hellooove’s True...

Such Wonderful Words of Advice

Dear Savvy Thoughts Attached

to Our Feelings and Senses Yes

Emotions Materially Reduced

Ingredients Like Dopamine,

Serotonin, Neurohormones Of

Oxytocin too And Of Course Adrenaline

Stress Related Hormones too That May

Actually Come From Both Struggles and

Exhilarating Experiences True too As i Am

Very Careful To Wire Myself With Words of Positive

Emotions Comprising Feelings and Senses as i Understand

We aRe All Living Trees WHeRE We Either Wire Ourselves

Through Words and Associated Feelings Senses Yes Emotions

That Are Positive

Or Our Tree Loses

Most All the Leaves of Positivity

And Our Life Becomes Sprinkled

And Potentially Flooded By Wiring

of Negativity Every Move Counts Feelings

Sensing our Way in Life Every Word Attached

to Feelings and Senses of Life Related to the

Materially Reduced Parts Much Greater

In Synergy of the Whole Versus

Separate Parts of Our

Wellbeing With SMiLes

Oh to Sail With Positivity

Oh the Waves the Water

The Ocean of LoVE iN Peace

So Very Whole Enough And Complete

We Shall Come free to Wire Ourselves

THiS Way Coloring Our LiGHTS of Our
Living Trees Forevermore Beautiful Now New For Real

Even if We Have to Mostly Do it on Our Own With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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26 Sep 2023, 1:18 am

STiLL Born From Water

Two-Thirds on Average

Remaining Within Flow

Is The Way Of

Oceans And

Us Dear Savvy

Yet Only Reflecting

The Moves The Dance

The Sound The Song of the

Rest of Nature As DarK Creates LiGHT

Then Dance Then Song A Never Ending One Now


New to
Flow Within
Inside Outside
Above So Below

All Around Ocean Whole
Waves Fields Waves Particles All

Indeed Flow of Water Holy Sacred All...

Blue SKeYeS Reign

Ocean's Promise

Trees to BReATHE

Human Dreams

To Fruition See

Ah Yes Dear Xenia
Fall Cool Breeze All

The Greater to Simply BREaTHE

Have A Wonderful

Fall Vacation

As Nights

Grow Longer

to Feed Winter's
Dream of Spring Again...

Summer's Death
Winter's Hope

oF Fall Leaves

RiSinG Spring

Green TreeS AGAiN

Seed of Life Above Below

Every Leaf

A Tree

Still To Come
Summer FLoWeRS Return...

Sea Scents of Life

Dear Xenia Blue

Above Blue Below

Ocean Rains From Above

Reflecting Sunshine Below


With SMiLes...

BLAdes oF LiFE
GraSS We arE
As SonG AGAiN...

Longer We are Friends
Bigger my Love Muscle
Grows What More Will
i ask of FRiEnD Nothing
More than Butterfly
Good Morning
i feel the Edges
Of Your Wings Dance Sing...

"Years have passed by,
There is a reason why,
Everyone born has to die,
Sometimes forgetting to say bye.

In a sky full of dove,
Time has come and has gone,
People still mourn for love,
But the world carries on."

Smiles Dear Ava Young Woman
From India With Such a Poetic
HeART my Sister Found A Peace
Lily on Her Porch With Just Condolences
From the Assisted Living Facility that Had
Been Locked Down to Visitors During the Pandemic...

Our Beloved Stepmother Carolyn Passing Away Then
And Although You are not a Flesh and Blood Friend in My Life
God Yes Just a Kind Human Soul From India True Your Words

to me For Real
For it's True God
Sends Angel Wings
When The Sky is Looking For Tears..
SMiLes i am Waiting For the Rain Thank You...

Flower From Days Gone
By i Picked This

Helloove Flower


For You
Now The
In Poetry
Is To
You Touch
It FeeL It
SmeLL iT
Deep In Your
HeART Hehe Yet
Please Don’t Taste
It For It Might Be

Poisonous Guess
i Should Have



You Are
And It Does
Look Like Rich
All Natural Icing

On God’s Cake of
Life oh if i only

Will Create A
SMile For my

Dear FRiEnD
i Bake A Cake


By Any

Same Of You...

Strolling Around The Neighborhood
As i Do Now Waving And Helloing
To the Neighbors
With Ease As i
Do So Easily

Globally As LoVE iN Peace
Knows No Stranger
In This World When
Real And Truly iNCaRNaTE

iN Human Being For Real

The Builder And Real Estate
Agent For my Home Visiting A

Yard Sale Hearing His Unique

Voice From Afar i Said Hello

You are the One Who Built

my Home i Will Never

Forget Your Voice

Or His Humble

Kindness As This is one
of Very Few Humans i Have
met Locally Who Deserve A
Description In Their True Names
in Good Cop JeSuS LoVE iN Peace With

The Attachment of Theirs

Deep Within As Universal

Christ Agape Love For All
True He Had His Alabama
Roll Tide Shirt on Which Likely
Doesn't Mean He Has the Same
Agape Love For Every Religious Team

Either Yet Never the Less When We Had
No Money in the Bank He Trusted My Eyes
Enough that Somehow Someway through
Chopping Up Frozen Leg Quarters By the
Pound for Ten Cents And Eating Many

Gaseous Cans of Baked Beans in 1993 We

Would SomeHow Save $3,000 in 90 Days Which
We Did Accomplish That Put a Down Payment
of 5 Percent On A Farm Home Loan That Allowed

Us to Purchase A 60,000 Dollar Home That Has
Risen in Value over 4 Times to the Median of Homes
Purchased in Our County Now Anyway Strolling A
Slow Dance Around the Neighborhood Block in the
Morning Same as i Do At Night Coming Back to the

Yard Sale i Started A Sermon With Do You Know
What it Takes to Make and Keep The American
Dream And Retire Early as i Went on to Preach

Keep the First Home, The First Wife And
No Offense to His Grandchildren Standing
By Him, Yet Don't Have Kids As Obviously
You Are Not Going to Retire Early If You
Have Kids to Send Through College As
Obviously He Did And Didn't Retire
From Work at 47 as i Did and
Officially at 49 And Even
More Officially at 62
When i Finally Got
The Full Retirement
Pay Due to me Now Retiring
Early With Life Threatenging
Disability in Mid-Life Although
i Didn't Use that as a Valuable Way
To Retire Early As it Did Mean Living
Dead Shut-in With the Worst Pain
Known to Humankind in Synergy
of Life Threat With Eighteen
Other Mostly Work-Stress
Related Disorders 66 Months
Then So Then i Went on
To Say i Missed One
Step Yes Keep Your First
Car As i remembered His Shiny
Mach I Red Mustang From Highschool
in the 70's, Already A Budding Architect
He Was As He Actually Not Only Sold Our
Home to Us as A Real Estate Agent, He
Designed it too With Nature in a
Forest Still Worth Living in
Now As A Real Garden
Of Eden to Truly
Enjoy Life
As Naturally
Evolving Still in
Love With NaTuRE ALL
And A Church Going Dude
i Know He is i Said Find a Church
You Really Love Yet More Importantly
Actually Do LoVE iN Peace As He Surely Was Always
More of One to Help Folks Achieve Their American
Dream Than One to Drain Them of What They Don't
Have to Spend as i Related to Him Another Real Estate
Agent Tried To Shame Us in Not Getting A Home With
Living Space As Small as 1333 Square Feet With A
A Single Car Garage For One Car She Insisted A
Two Car Garage With Five Bedrooms and
Three Baths in A Small Yard With No
Trees in a Neighborhood With
Castle-Built-Homes Close
Enough to Each

Other to Spit
On the Other
Home From the
Bathroom Window

Hehe Hopefully Hitting
The Brick And Not the
Bathroom Window of

The Neighbor
Close Enough

To Hear their

Nightly Doings too Hehe

Or At Least Their Stereo
And TV on High in Prison
of Surround Sound Home

Entertainment to Live For
The Rest of their Days Inside...

True, Every New Strolling Slow
Dancing Walk And Global Free
Stranger Connection is Just Another

Endless Saturday 4th of July in A Park of Warmth
Now That Never Ends Although More Appropriately
The American Dream And At Least Love Your Neighbor

It Helps Not to
Fall to the


of the Religion
of Ignoricism too
What Always Harms,
Rapes, Maims, Kills Most

Of What's Left of Human Kind Still Now...

"Dogs A Short Story" Dear Sohair
Reminding Me of An American

CuLTuRaL Satire in
A Song by

That Describes
What It's Like to
Be A Dog Not So

Loved in the

And On


So Low in Life...

True China in 1976 Warnings
For A Coming Earthquake
Mistakenly Overlooked
And Omitted While
Dogs Heard
The Rumblings
Below Humans Could
Not Hear Without Human
Aided Tools For Our Limited
Feelings and Senses This way...

Yet Humans Walking All The Way
From Africa Through What is Now
China And Russia Over the Bering Straights

to the Abundance Green of Living Nature of
North America Strangely Moving Through
Desert Lands of What is Now Central America

Ending Up in Naked Abundance of the Rain Forests
of South America Still Living That Way Where Forests
And Their Way of Living One With Nature God is Not

Erased By So Called
More Advanced


So Separated
From Deep Nature with

Shallow Nature Deficit Disorder NDD
And God Deficit Disorder GDD Same my

FRiEnD Just Out of Touch With Nature God Same...

With All of China's Faults With Polluting The Environment
Too Much With Many Human Rights Violations Displacing
Wild Life From Their Habitats And Generating Newer




Still So Much Smarter
Than A Nation That Has
Killed So Many Innocents
Through Unwarranted Wars

Where Well Before Vaccinations
Came China Had The Pandemic
Under Control Masked Socially
Distancing Testing And Contact Tracing
Everyone Locking Down When Necessary too...

For It's True Karma Still Works Both Ways...
Spill the Blood of Innocents of Others on
Their Soils And The Spoils Will Become
The Same Religion of Ignoricism That Spills

Their Blood ON THeiR Soils Through Ignorance Multiplied
By 6 And More On Their Own Soil Souls Now of Ignoricism

True Dear FRiEnD There Are Many Earth Quakes

And Many Deaf Ears And Blind

Eyes Who Do

Not See

The Peril

of the Stormy Dead
Winds They Generate...

Invisible it is to them

Yet Dogs Will Always

Hear More of the Call of the Wild Safe...

Particularly As Wolves When They Are Not
Watered Down AS Humans Have Done to
Themselves As Well Domesticated No



God Wild Free Truly
Smart Hearing and
Seeing So Much Farther
Than Only Ears and Eyes of
Organs playing A Funeral Song Still To come...

“Suspect each moment,
for it is a thief, tiptoeing
away with more than it brings.”

-John Updike

Ah Yes Dear Ava Deep Quote
To Relate With the Karma of
Time That Neither Stays Or

Goes Always Hear

Now As the

Wolf Sings

To the Full
Moon Lonely

And Appropriate

As A Pack Far Away

Echoes A Refrain Back

A Howl In Reply No Longer

Alone Night Skies Come Alive

Breath Present Forever now

Touching Dog Soul No

Longer Solo

As Dog's

Alway's Have
Real FRiEnDS

Who Return A Howl
That Plays No Games
That Humans Do Clothed
Away From Nature's Wild Call

Of Mammal Warmth Ascending
Transcending All Pains And Numbs

Of Life The Moon Sings Back Full Again my FRiEnD...

So True Dear Savvy

Sound of Human

HeART First


We Co-Create
Force of Energy SPiRiT

In Loving Balancing Before
Our Songs Harmonize Now No

FearS iN UniVerse Synergy Whole SoUL...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Inherently Living in Small Groups
Without So Much Group Think That Tools Bring

That Make Us More

Tools We Create

Than Human
Nature At Base
Cooperation Loving
Kind When Breeding
Nature Nurturing This Way

Of Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love
Actually Needing Every Hand ToGeTHeR
Cooperating Close to Naked With Few Tools

To Survive Without

Each Other



Be Very Kind
Together in Relatively
Small Groups With Common
Meaning And Purpose For All to
Survive and Thrive Best Or Through

Our Imaginations Now And Particularly
Through Our Creation of Tools We Make
Becoming More Than Our Born-on Nature

Inheritance of Loving Cooperation Yes

There Are No Limits to What Shared

Imagination and Creativity

Is That Human Beings

Will Bring

As Dreams
Or Nightmares
Same My FRiEnD...

And Honestly it All Started

With Alphabets Sketching

Connections of Nature in Sand

to Mirror Angles of Stars in Skies

Creating Angels or Demons After

We Collect What We Come UP

With Next In Words That


That Hang
Around And Makes
Inside Domesticated

Life What it is today

So Far Away So Far Away

And Not Necessarily Advancing

In Loving Cooperation At All

Yet Again as You Say

That is For the

Wings to

Sprout Real

Within Of Love Again

Individually Each Of Us

Reborn to the Best of Love
Our Nature Will Be Connecting
This Way Howling At A Moon
Full of Sunshine Warmth
Within to Make Night


For All Love...
Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Giving
Sharing Caring Love With No Restraints...

Except Least Harm For All Least Harm For All...

Thanks Dear
Sohair May
And All
You Love
Yet Hehe



Hot As Egypt
With SMiles

Dear FRiEnD...

Oh my Gosh Rue Your Lyrics to the Song
Are So Much More Soul-Felt A River Will

Flow And Not So Distant

From HeART


Awake and
Breathing So
Deep Within




So Very Alive
Your Words Sing
And Dance in Gold
So Very Whole And Complete

This Innocent Love Dreams On
Such A Delight to Drop By And Feel Your Song...

LeSSoN 445
Biggest Hug Ever
Choose Unconditional
Love Give It Away Through
Calm And Rough Seas Sail
Life Ocean Whole LoVE iN Peace
Rise From
The Depths
Of Ocean
To Blue
Of SMiles
WiTHiN to Give...

SMiLes Dear 'Peace & Truth' So Nice to See Your Bright
And Shiny Face Hehe if That isn't A Facial Avatar of You it Doesn't

Really Matter As Your Soul Speaks Kindness And Human Kindness
Is A Most Beautiful Part of Humanity As YouR Super Hero JeSuS

Story Does Relate in 'the Beatitudes' The Part i Surely Verily Will
Consume And Return As Truth the Good Cop Jesus Who Doesn't Seem


By Other Parts of the Book that Aren't Always So Kind Like Some Pastors,
Priests, And Politicians Who Might Suggest Someone Like You From Another

Country is Not Worthy to Be Treated Like the Face of God For Real Like
People Seeking Asylum And Lied to With Broken Promises And Shipped

Off Like Animals to be Sold on Sale

or in The Case of Florida for Political

Purposes For Power and Status

Only While As the Story

of Matthew 25 Goes

That Story of Jesus

Will Not Even Know Names
Like DeSaTaNiS, Gaetz, And
TRumP of Course too Humans

With Nearly Zero Levels of Empathy
And Compassion Only Using other Humans
Like Tools in the Case of Immigrants, Under Age
Girls, And Of Course Women Reduced to Body Parts
to Grab Below Their Belly Buttons With No Use for of HeART
SPiRiT SoUL At All Only Masturbatory Tools And That's Just About All...

What is Most Beautiful Again Are The Wings of Kindness As They Take
FLiGHT When the Human Body Becomes Art to Express Rather than
Tools Just to Use When SoULS SPiRiTS HeARTS LiGHT Up EYes
As Hugs Only to Lift Other SoULS uP When MaKinG LoVE Means

CREaTiNG SMiLes For Others and Yes i Do that in Every Silly
Way i Can And Will mY FRiEnD for i Lived in Hell Without
the Feeling of A SMiLe for 66 Months i Am A Fool For

LoVE iN Peace THiS Way

And Yes No Different than

the Sacred Clown The Trickster

in American Indian Lore if i Have

To Dance in Public Naked With Cowboy

Boots i Will Do it if it Cracks only one Smile

And True if i have to i'll Show my Ass too HAha...

For Those of Us Who Have Been to Hell FOR REAL


For It's True Hell
is A Place With
No Feeling of
A SMiLE Ever mY
oF HeaVeN i Will Spread
iN SMiLes and More Miles of SMiLes

As i Hope one Day Everyone Will be
Free Enough Whole Complete to Dance Sing Naked Enough
Whole Complete Free With A SMiLe for No Other ReaSon
Than Feeling Sensing The Face of God WiTHiN God
Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete A SMiLe
of LoViNG All DarK Thru LiGHT Thanks Again

For Calling Us Your Twin Souls For A True Soul

Is A Twin
oF ALL LoVE iN Peace (GoD)
Yes mY FRiEnD With SMiLes...

i Am Still Loving the Poetry You
Share that Touches All of Human
HeART SPiRiT SoUL And Body True...

Keep Reaching Out and Touching mY
FRiEnD A SMiLe Is No Age Yet Love For Real...

Oh By The Way if i Were JeSuS and i Could Actually
Return again Even though it's Hard to Stomach Humans
With Little Empathy, Love, And Compassion For Others

For those Humans Who Use and Abuse Others this way
i've Been to Hell i Know What is Dead of them Within

i Understand They Already LiVE iN Hell All i Would
Do is My Best to Help Them Understand WHere

They Already Are as Lost Sheep From
A FLock oF LoVE And Help Them

Return to Heaven or Perhaps

Enter the Queendom of

LoVE iN Peace For A First Time
Ever NeW iN THE Eternal LoVE iN
Peace of Now With SMiLes God
Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete

For It's True What A Wonderful
World it is When Love Breathes
Naked Enough Whole Complete iN Peace

Honestly What Impresses me Most About A Woman
Even if God Yes She Does Have A Cutest Butt and Nicest
Legs Like my Wife Katrina is GLoWinG SMiLes of EYes

True Love For me is Most often Above the Flesh in SPiRiT

Of Course i'm Only Human That Should Be More Than Obvious too Hehe...

Oh Dear Lord An
Anti-Suffering DiSEaSE
First World Problems Now
of Going in For A Quarterly
Maintenance Check to Make

Sure i Am Not
Getting too Happy
Darn What A Dilemma
Star Struck Disease Potentially

Spiraling Out of Control into
Super Nova Explosions of What

my Wife Describes As Something
Yet She Still Doesn't Have A Label For me

Yet at Least one that
is Not Pejorative HAha...

True i Rather
Go Without
Words to Cover me

Yet Hey Hehe This is
Just a Hobby to Rest
my Dancing Feet "Whoa! Nelly!"
18,844 MiLES NoW iN Public Approaching
A 121st Month Anniversary on September 26th

i Ain't Gonna Lie Though
i Embrace Pain as One
of my Dearest FRiEnDS

Mileage Does Pile Up
For Minor Self-Made Repairs...

As Currently my Hip Is Teaching me
to Move As Feather in the Wind Even More With SMiLes...

Oh Dear Lord Other Than Work Most of What Got my Attention
For Decades Florida State Football And Hurricanes Learning

to Make All Moves Holy Dance All Words Sacred Song

i'm Sort of Spread Out in Two Special Interests

Now Yet Unlimited Dance And Song Within

i Knew A Lot of Dudes in the Military

Terrified of Retiring Having No Idea
What They Would Do With Their Life Next

And True Not Uncommon For Dudes in General
To Retire And Basically Rot on Mall Benches Watching Sports

Another High School Class Reunion Number 50 Coming in 2028 to See the

Results of the Scores on the Mall Benches AS Such iN Common Indeed...

Anyway Dear
Miriam Still
Making FLoWeRS
Unfolding Killing
Time Making Even
More Room For Forever
Now Blooms ALWaYS

Coming New...

oF DeaR LoVE iN Peace

Ah Yes True Folks Usually
Change With Enough Pain
Yet Somedays Weeks Months
Yes Years Pain And Numb Is An
Adversary Colder Than A DEViL
THoRN Stuck WiTHIN Dear Chaymaa

TRuE i Believe in YeS UNleashing
ReLEaSinG And Sending Pain
And Numb Away From me

However Patience

And A Will to Survive

May Be An Only Stepping
Stone Going No WHeRE 'Till
Pain And Numb Melts Away NeW NoW...

A Snap Shot of Early Last Century

In Even Our Small Town Shows

A Fourth of July Celebration Downtown

Where all the Men Are Dressed in Suits and

The Women in Long Dresses Dear Lord in All That Heat

Surely Women All Covering

Their Heads in Catholic

Church too Well into the

Youth of My Days As Well

Ah Yes Dear Miriam The Eccentric

of Wearing Green And Pink in Floral

Arrangements And Dress Yet All

of the Norm Now is Subject

to Change Almost

Not Quite Yet

Almost Even

Allowing my Mode

of Dress Never With Long
Pants Even in the Snow in the Senate too

Yet Still Not Quite Yet Living in What Social

Sciences Has Described As the Most Difficult

Place in the States to Be Different Among the Crowd

Still Eccentric is Not Afraid to Thrive We See All the Different

Colors of Individual Human Cultures Never Seen Before in the

Mall Every Weekend That Makes my Creative SPiRiT HeART
SoUL Smile Wider Than Before

Making Room

for Open



to Go Even
Further in Views of Existence...

Wonderful Review Dear Cindy and Indeed Communing With
Nature Such A Beautiful Gift That Not All 'Cave Dwellers'

Find As Of Course We Who LiVE iN Forests May Enjoy
The DeLights of 'Forest Bathing' Any Day We Like

Yes Of Course too if We May Withstand the Cold
And Heat too With SMiLes Yet Even Scientific

Studies Show a Casual Stroll in Nature

May Take Us to Flow And So Much

More Creativity When We Return to Task

Yet The Neighborhoods in Our Area Continue to

Expand Subdivisions Cutting The Forest Down With

Nary A Tree to Even Shed Leaves to Fertilize Spring Or

Us With



And The Bliss
Of Nature's BLeSSinGS Free...

Nature is the Face of God i Truly
Don't Believe in Cutting it All Down to the Ground

With No Homes Left For Furry And Winged Creatures Free...

"So you're saying nature is the cause of all mob actions?"

Hehe First of All Mr Gottfried i Capitalize Nature and Many Other

Words too That Most So-Called 'Normal' People Do Not As It isn't

Part oF Older


of Current Traditions Hehe

And True While Some Folks Use
New 'FangLed Terms' Like 'Panentheism'

To Describe a God of All in All Both Perceived

And Not Perceived by Human Beings As All that

Is Including Nothing Everything NoWHeRE And EVeRWHeRE too

Why Make it So Complicated HeHE ALLtheist Works Just Great

For me God Yes

As THeRE iS Literally

And Metaphorically

No Venn Diagram Smaller

Or Bigger Than ALL Which Means

i Am Able to Fit in Most Any Religion
Culture or Other Part of Nature Either

Before Human Or After Human Creating

Yet i am Not Owned By Any Human Language

Contrived Devices Alone Indeed Allone the Place All


of All iN
All All ThaT iS

For me Other Metaphors

Include "The Father and i are one"

Yet Taken Literally That is Limited to

People Who Have Male Body Parts

As True in Alltheism i am No More Integral

To THE ALL iN All than a Grain of Sand Required

to Hold Hands With Other Grains of Sands to Hold

Up Potential Mountains of Human Love or Yes Valleys

That May Be Even Lower Creating Love Out of DarK Before

Yet Higher Now Than Ever Before True This All That IS Consumes

This ALL thaT iS Not Much Different Than A Snake Consuming Its Tale

Mobs of Lions Taking Down an Elephant For An Extended Source of Protein

Is Indeed Quite

Difficult to Watch

on the Discovery Channels

As i Saw A Clip somewhere online

Yet it is part of THE ALL iN All that Consumes

The Nature of THE ALL iN All As DarK Makes LiGHT

And Night Makes Day The Dualities of Existence Generally

Speaking Are Illusions Humans create With Symbols Only

Approximating The Fullness of the Essence of Reality That

Is Indeed

All in All

Far Beyond

What Humans

Alone Perceive Yet Indeed

No Separation Possible From THE ALL iN All ThaT iS

So Yeah THere is No separation in Duality From Nature ThiS WaY Yet

Some Folks Develop Symbols of Horned Beasts With Pointy Tails And

Teeth For Scapegoats to Explain Away the DarK Nature Potential of Human

Beings and the Ignorant Mobs That Harm Rape Maim and Kill Each Other

And Consume the Rest of Nature So Far Out of Balance That Humans

End Up Culling

Their Own species

in so many Miserable

Ways of Suffering Failing to

Understand Nature is Karma and

There is No Escaping The Actions and Consequences

That Living Out of Balance With the Rest of Nature Creates

in Terms of Essence of Real Misery and Suffering for the Human Species

And So Many

Other Parts
of Nature too

Yet Not like the Mobs

of Lions Taking down Elephants

Through Our Cultures Through Our Tools

And Through Our Potential Positive Ethical Ways

At Least We May Live a life of Most Respect and Least Harm

Entirely Up to
US and the

Rest of Nature

As Lions Of Us Lay Down Peacefully

With Lambs of Us in Pastures Greener

All That is All in All True and False too...

Yet Again This Alltheism is a Venn Diagram

That Excludes No Part of THE ALL iN All Regardless

If Perceived or Not By the Human Condition as IS

So Simple

Yet In Practice

Never Ending

Arts and Sciences

to Explore in Mysteries

Still Unfolding DarK Thru LiGHT...

Cross of Stars And Roses
Kindness In
Unwelcoming Places
Circle of Life
The Challenge

JusT ANoTHeR Summary
of the Dancing Shirts With
Memes i Used to Fully iLLusTRaTE

JusT ANoTHeR Novel Sized 60 Thousand
or So Word EPiC Long Form Poem Titled

"Cross of Stars And Roses" With A New One

Done About Twice A Month As Such Still With

Multi-Media to Add For Electronic Publish Yet

The Writing Now Winds Down For the Current Title

With A Quick Tale of the Tape For What Has Come So Far

in MileStones And FeatNotes True As the Last Finished MacroVerse

Titled "HOWLinG At A Super Full Blue Moon" Becomes The 996th MacroVerse

of "SonG of mY SoUL" Longest EPiC Long Form Poem By Far by far far far

Hehe at 12.1 MiLLioN Words of Effort Now in 121 Months Yes A Decade and

A Month As "HOWLinG At A Super Full Blue Moon" Also Doubles As the

325th MacroVerse of "Nether Land Bible" RiSinG Now to 9,788,693

Words in 88 Months Now as of the Anniversary Month Date of

September 26th, 2023 Where "HOWLinG At A Super Full Blue

Moon" Also Triples As Another EPiC Long Form Poem

Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Named

"FB Profile Pic Bible" as MacroVerse Number
220 in 76 Months Also on the

Anniversary Month Date of

September 26, 2023

Yes The Wee Morning

Hour Date i Am Completing

The Current MacroVerse Titled

"Cross of Stars And Roses" Anyways

"FB Profile Pic Bible" All 8,186,694 Words

Is Also Included in the Facebook Profile Pic Description

Areas Ever Since The Start of it on Memorial Day Weekend

of 2017 As Series of Around 18 FB Profile Pics Fully iLLusTRaTinG

Around an 8,000 Word Mini-Story Much Easier to Consume Than

A Whole 60 Thousand Word Novel Sized EPiC Long Form Poem

of Course Yet True There is Also A Casually Described 8th New

Testament Also Included Now in a 78 Page Solo Thread Yes on

The 'Wrong Planet' Named "Depth of The Story" at Around

3.1 MiLLioN Words in 37 Months of Effort Generating

Approaching 184 Thousand Views Just From the

Registered Members of That Support Site

For NeuroDiverse Folks

Yes It Appears There

Are Many 'Threads Man
To Keep Up With in Old Duder's Head'

Yet No Worries True i'll Take Care of that

too of Course YeS Hehe As September
26th, 2023 Is Also the 121st Anniversary

Month Date of Public Dancing Everywhere

i Go Around my Metro Area for 18,844 Miles

So Far A Bit Slowed This Last Month With A Hip

Injury Yet Recovering Back to What it Takes to Adapt

to Many Other Small Injuries Along the Way too as True

The Mileage and Years Are Accumulating Yet i continue

To Regenerate my Health And Shelf Life As i Go With Many

'Novel' Ways of Dancing Singing FLoWinG Meditation Free

That Science Shows is Actually A Kind of Regenerating

Health And Well Being Activity To Do As Yes Even

With the Hip Injury i Continue to Leg Press

1505 Pounds Hehe as i Only Reduced

The Weight About 40 Pounds HAha

As i Didn't Wanna Do too Much

Injured Just Warming Up at

The Military Gym Slowly

Getting Back Up to Speed

At Weight of my Finger Tips

in A Beginning Flow FRiEnDS With
Gravity of a Free Style Martial Arts
And Ballet-Like Dance It's True If there

is A Fountain of Youth i Surely Have Been
Fortunate Enough to Drink From it in the Last Decade

Continuing on Now Regenerating SPiRiT HeART SoUL Most

Mind Body Soul Yes Whole No Separation No Dualities For Real

As Yes This Ends the Writing Portion of "Cross of Stars And Roses"

At 1 AM On September 26th, 2023 Yet True Some Multi-Media to

Add Before i Will Electronically Publish it and Make Just Another

Book MarK

As i Move

On to A
Next Page
of A Never
Ending Story
Now For Real...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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27 Sep 2023, 12:42 am

A New Page A
Story Never
Ends Now
Dancing Singing Flow

i Am

Indeed Dear Peace
And Truth What Insures

Love Still Lives Are Those

Who Give to the Point WHere

Giving is

The Receiving

iNdeed The Point

Is LoVE iN Peace

And All Points Between

Until All Becomes An

Ocean Wave Water Whole

LoVE iN Peace Including Fields Particles

And Even More Waves of Love STiLL EVoLVinG
Now For Real...

iN Peace


Indeed Dear Savvy Truly Successful
Team Members And Team Leaders

Who Lift Each Other Up and Do Not
Create Adversarial Relationships Go

Much Farther Toward Creativity and

Productivity For Innovation in New Ways

of Working and Playing Together With Most

Respect Trust And Least Harm For All Of Each Other

The Result More

Often is One That

Inspires The Team to
Achieve Even More Human Potentials

Oh Goodness i Was in a Work Environment
on A Military Station Where The Captain of the

Station Had Completely Adversarial Relationships

With All Of the Folks She Led What She Didn't

Realize Is She Had No Respect And Trust of
Those She


to Lead

With Fear

Which Literally
Included The Entire
Organization She Attempted to RULE

Hehe oh No and i Was in the Middle of it
All Folks Said i Handled it the Best With A SMile

Yet Inside i Was Literally Dying Somehow i Survived

And Still SMiLe Humans Are Evolved to Cooperate

Anything Less

Is Truly
Dear Savvy...

What's Really Amazing
is Keeping my Cool During
The Entire Ordeal Led to Her
Pulling Strings to Keep me in
A Promotion to Make it to A High
Three Years in Pay For Early Retirement

True it Cost me 66 Months of my Life Yet
True They at Least Continue to Pay me for it

Till the
Day i
Pass Away
And if my Wife
Still Lives She Continues
to Get Paid By the Ordeal i Survived

There Was a Movie Called 'Dracula' Some Years
Ago Where 'Dracula' Was Willing to Sell His Soul to A
'Devil' to Go to A 'Hell' Yes to Save the One He Loved

So Indeed if

One Puts

Love First

Love is Sure to
Continue to Breathe
And Truly Be Real Yes

For It is True Some Folks Are
Willing to Give More Than Their Life For Love...

Sooner or Later Our Soul Tells Us
What We Need to See and Hear to

Make Life Real More

Okay to Dance And SinG as You
Realize You are Dance And Song

A Most Valuable Lesson Lord
DarK TRumP TeacheS A 'Devil'
Will Not Exist Without Life Support

And So i Carry The Torch
of 'Our Tradition' God Yes
Hint: Love FOR ALL ALL
THoRNS RiSinG RoSE iN Peace

In Deed Stars Now Who See Clearly

Farther Than Clouds Alone Covered...

The Dead Never Die as Long as Their
Spirit Remains in Our Breath...

For How We Breathe is
A Greatest Tribute to them...

BooK MarK THiS:

Sand Dollars Are Free For All
JusT Like Heaven Stars to Earn NeWLY Now

SMiles Such
A Kind Loyal
You Are

Dear Aleesha
Always Returning
Love From All Now...

SMiLes i Relate to the Changes Life Creates
in Our Culture Where the Once Imaginative

Child Becomes A Cog in 'the Machine'

Just Waiting One Day for the

Breath of Creativity to

Return Somehow


And It's True it
Often Comes From
Dark That Ends up
Being Colors We Never

Dreamed Before And to Transform
That into Art of Any Form As Essence
of What We Bring From Within This Imaginative
And Creative World Reborn We Come to Make New

Oh by my Way i'm A Lone World Class Martial
Artist All on my Lonely As I've

Never Had a Class HAha

No Different Than Poetry

Free Verse All the

Ballet and Martial

Arts From Within

For me at Least

The Sweet Pay

Is all the Journey

RiSinG From Within

To FLoWeRS Blooming Now

In 18,844 Miles of Public Dance
And Yes 12.1 MiLLioN Words of
EPiC Longest Long Form Poetry

True SonG oF mY SoUL And More

Shedding Petals With No Pre-planning

in my Case Butterfly Wings Just Naturally

Returning to Best places "UP uP AWay mY BeAUTiFuL
BaLLooN YOuR SoNG" the Tune i am Currently Writing

For the "SonG oF mY SoUL" For As Long As We Don't Worry

About Copy Rights We May Write A Song A Dance of Our

Soul or Just Dance With SMiLes Everywhere We Go

Yet of Course Hehe Financial Independence

Helps Yet Freeing Oneself of External

Needs for Gratification Generating

Happiness Within in Autotelic
Ways of Flow is Always

Naked Whole


Enough Just to
Give And Share Freely
With No Restraints Now No
Different Really than Butterfly
Wings Returning to Best Places
of Creativity to Pollinate It's All in the

Muse of Moving Connecting Co-Creating
to me a Place Where Money Doesn't Even Exist

Anymore Hehe until my Wife insists on a Brand
New Subaru SUV Yet A 2014 Honda Civic EX Coupe

Enough for me to Last Yes

my Dying Living Day Now

Hehe As

Civics Are Like

Roaches They Just
Don't Go Away And
Continue to Last in the
American Fossil Dream...

So We Settled on A New
2023 Honda CRV Sport Hybrid AWD
Touring Model For the Compromise

Anyway A Golden Age to me Now
Is Any Age New Like my First Job After
Earning Three College Degrees Serving
Shoes At A Military Bowling Center i Thought
to myself This is the Pinnacle of Success Just

Sharing Smiles With A Diversity of Every Kind of

Human Through All The Days of my Life hehe until
Eventually i Got Promoted to A 'Real Job' Through 5 Job
Changes in 5 Years And That Almost Killed Me Yet Surely





Pay HAha and that's

Life Start Living as A Child

Live as a Child With Creative

Eyes Again After Childish Needs of Money Are Gone...

And All there is to Replace That Money is Give,
Share, Care With

No Restraints

My God

A Life

Of Loving

It All For Free...

Perhaps i'll Write
A Book And Give it
Away For Free Every
Where i Go For You See
my Balloon is Creativity
And Your Song is my

Muse And Just


Ticket to

Heaven on Earth For Real...

Smiles Aleesha T Keep
Being You



Complete Just You

In All Creativity You Bring...
So Much Inspiring Muse You Breathe...

And Remember Before Age 53 All i could
Do is Write A Technical List As One of my
Jobs Was Editing And Approving Print
Jobs For the Military All of it Was

(Born on the Autism Spectrum
i Didn't Have Verbal Speech

Until 4 Years Old And With ADHD
Stuttered Many Years After That)

Planned All of it Was Ruled

All of it Demanded


All of Life

Was A Bible

Someone Else

Wrote For me to Do

True i Left 'Edgar Alan Poe' in the Dust...
in The Dust of the 'American Dream'

i Never Wanted...

Just let me Be
Free With Wings
SeeKinG Golden

Global Muse...

"UP uP AWay
BaLLooN YOuR SoNG"...

MiLes of
SMiLes Until
Waves oF SMiLes
Yes Make An Ocean
Whole Full of Love

iN Peace

Free Raining From
Clouds Above Ocean Water
To Below Above With SMiLes

Naked Enough KiNDNeSS


Dear Chaymaa
NeW NoW With SMiLes...

SMiLes i Understand Great Highly
Productive Folks From Egypt Only
Get One Day Off From Work Dear


i Believe

Your Positive
Quotes Now Are
A Cairo Vacation
Unto Your HeART
From Pyramid Top SPiRiT SoUL
of Wisdom EYeS Yes to See More

Of How A Human Condition Ticks
Best Without Locks of CLocks With SMiLes...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Savvy
Almost Everyone i met
And Greeted Today So
Many Giving Great Thanks

And Praise to Kindness

It's As If You Read New
Entire Minds of Heaven

For Real As Once Again

i Never End or Begin


WitH SMiLES Even More Yes

As Ocean
Waves Toward
A HoRiZoN oF
Forevermore KiND WitH SMiLes...
So Free Let It Be Dance So Let it Be Song
So Let it Be Kindness Raining Down NeW
NoW oN HuWoMaNKiND EVeN More WiTH SMiLes...

Hehe Just
An Art of
Brevity One
Word New Concisely
MaKinG Words FRiEnDS
Hehe It’s Like iMAGiNaRY
Lovers They
Never Let
You Down
And Make
You Suffer
HAha Except
For Some Religions

So i Am

Hehe Yes
Stepping on
The Moon
Kicking Up
Star Dust
WitH SMiLes...

SMiles Dear Hemalatha i Too
Missed Your Free SPiRiTinG
Poetry A Best ParT Of
Re-TiRinG With Fresh
Tread On Barren
Wheels of Creativity
Writing Our Own Stories
Masters Of Our Own Play
No Longer Slaves to
Expectations of
Work For Pay
Golden Age
i Thrive Now
Is Real New Best
of ForTune to You
For Free MuSiC
Of SoUL With SMiles...

PArts Synergy
oF ALL Words
Express More
Than Letters
As The Rest
Of Existence Does


An Only Truth

Full of Wisdom Dear Yam
The Way You Put it in Silent
Understanding Versus Vocal
Judging Yes the Way Our Two Yin and Yang

Hemispheres of Mind Work in Divine
Feminine Loving Understanding And
Divine Masculine Judging in Smaller

Picture Views of
Black and White

All Must Have A
Concrete Reason
For Solution Black or White

Labeling Flow Charts to Fix
Mechanical Problems in Cars

Yet NO Humans Are Not Cars Humans
Are Both Art And Reason smART is Comprised
of 60 Percent Art For Good Reason of Nuancing
Understanding in More Colors Than Just Black and White


Cold or
Hot Yes

As Warm
Feels Very Good
too Particularly Depth
of Understanding How
Other Folks May See the
Views of THeiR World So Different Than Us
Always Some Art to Mix With Judging SMart...

Never Held
Prisoner Wind
iN A Jar Indeed

How Both Ancient And Newer Living Trees
Come to Be From Dead Seeds Dear Xenia FRiEnD

Living Green Leaves RiSinG Trees Taller Branches
Reaching Up Falling Browner Leaves No Longer Green

Yet Feeding Soul Soils For Spring Forest Returning From
Frozen Winter Soils of Birth As Summer FLoWeRS Dance

And Sing Free Again

As We Humans As

Source of Sunshine

Within Star Seeds And
FLoWeRS From Super Nova
Explosions May Surely LiGHT
Up Year 'Round in Colors of New Art
Free mY FRiEnD With SMiLes How Wonderful

It is to Be Gaseous Star Dust Sentient ThiS Way

How Beautiful it is to Light Up Our Living Trees
Year 'Round Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All

With Least Harm

True A Real Religion

of Peace And Love

For Star Dust

Sentient Fearless

to Really Do Now With SMiLes
As Below A Grain of Sand May
Hold Up Mountains of Human Love THiS WaY

BeCoMinG iNCaRNaTE Essence us WitH SMiLes
Wonderful Week Ahead for You ALL Enjoy Be Wind Free

Never Held
Prisoner Wind
iN A Jar iNdeed God...

iNdeed Sad HoW It Scares So Many Folks
Now So Much That God Is Really Nature Real
Both Human Perceived And Beyond Human EYes
Yawn Yep Putting Realism Into ALLTheism Since 6.6.60

Every Feeling
Sensing Way
Paths To Greater
Human Potentials
Coloring Our Ways
All We
Do At
Core Ironically
As Even Science
Shows Now Right
Hemisphere Art
Master To
Be Served
Best By
Left Hemisphere
Mind Grasping
Smaller Detail
Of Whole
Soul Dear Yam...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
i Focus First On Do in Flow
And Let the How And Why
Come Next to Ponder

In Wonder

And Amazement

of Course That Works in Art
Yet Surely Won't Work in the
Pharmacy Field That Requires
Rigorous Mechanical Cognition

As Mistakes

Cannot Be
Afforded That Way

Oh Dear What A BLeSSinG
BLiSSinG to Heal Others That
Way Yet Truly So Much More Difficult

Than Dreamtime of Creativity That only
Flows in Art of Do New Now For Wonder in How
And Why i Did it to Come Next if at all With SMiLes...

Indeed Dear Savvy As Rumi So Eloquently
And Poetically Relates UNiVeRSE Breathes
Within Us Reflections of the UNiVeRSE We aRe
As Even Earth With Two Hemispheres Master of
Soul Right Hemisphere Left Hemisphere Best to

Serve Soul
Yet Open
First to Even
Find Deeper SoUL
Reflecting Love As
God More Fully Within

Oh to Be Full of Empathy
Love and Overall Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Unconditional Love
Breathing Peace Exhaling Love This
Way For All With Least Harm Yet Sadly

Particularly For Men in Toxic Patriarchies
So Much Of Soul Is Left Behind in Emotional
Intelligence Potential Not Understood As True
Core of All Our Cognitive Executive Functioning
That Drives Laser Focus Attention and Short Term
Working Memory Plus Longer Term Memory Retrieval As Well

Yet Where Scarcity Exists And Tribal Wars Are A Way of Life to
Break The Heart Strings of Males Averse to Harming Other Members
of Humanity to Literally Kill in Tribal Wars Sadly This is Still a Left Over

Way of Life
Even in Places
Where SCaRCiTiES
of Desert Life is No
Longer the Reality or
Frozen Lands And Other
Mountainous Places Rocky
And Without Fertile Soil or
Long Past Our Nomadic Ways
Before Agriculture Where We
Really Are Depending On Each Other
Then in Loving Empathic Compassionate
Ways New to Bond and Bind Over A Day's
Forage For Survival Shelter And the Child
All the Children as Prize of the Village for
The Future All Hands Effort Required for

Surviving and Thriving

We Have Come this Far

With the Power of Love

We Shall Fall the Same

Distance Separated

From Yes A Force

of Love New Now

We Rise in Love
For All Are Fall

More Separately
Without Connecting
WiTHiN Sunshine Releasing
For Others As Warmth Year 'Round...

A New Page A
Story Never
Ends Now
Dancing Singing Flow

i Am

SMiLes Dear Isha Like
The Poetic illustration You

Provide Both in Graphic and
Poetic Words Naked Enough

Whole Complete Nothing to

Add or Subtract Just As

You Are Born to Be

Free Before

Else Adds

Any Extra
Ingredients to Your Life

SMiLes Recipe You All Free to Create...

Oh Dear Lord Mr Gottfried

Memories of ScapeGoats

Installed with Pointy Teeth

Not Only the Horned Beast

Yet A Present Day Infamy on January 6th, 2021

When A 'MAGA Mob' Mutilated A "Prince of Peace"

Hanging Him on A Banner Saving Space for A Gallows

With Chants of Hanging

The Vice President

For Refusing to

Assault And Overturn A Fair

Election of A Representative
Democracy Trying to Install A

Dictator Wanna Be Demagogue


SADLY changing A "Prince of Peace"

Into A Saving Grace For Criminality

At Highest Levels to Come to

Breathe and the Scape

Goating of That

Prince of Peace

Goes On As It has
For Thousands of Years

For The Darkest Most Nefarious
Intents of the Human Species to Date

Who Will Be Brave Enough to Bring Back
The Original Coke Version of Jesus Whatever

That Really Was When He Lived and Breathed
And Never Wrote A Word in Defense of Who He Was

Oh Dear Lord only if He had a Pen To Defend Himself

Still Now



A Capitol
With Gallows
to Kill Still Hanging on a Banner

Indeed Sadly There Are Still a 'Few
Difficult Folks' Where i Live Scapegoating

Heroes to
Bring Villains

To Rise With

'The Dark Force' Again...

Broken Dreams of the 'Other Side'

Indeed A Bird Without Wings

Without FLiGHT Without

A Home Above on the

'Other Side' Where

Words of Emotions Are Only

Ghosts With No Flesh and Blood

No Heart Beats No Arms of Hugs

No Breath of Life To Breathe Yet

The Lonely Ghost Who Wanders The Earth in the

Cold of Summer Not Realizing Death Already Living

When Ya Go To School They Don't Tell You the Organic

Components of Emotions And How Chronic to Acute Stress

Will Burn All the Feelings Away They Don't Tell You There

Are Pains Invisible to Others That Are Even Named The

Suicide Disease From Wake to Sleep 66 Months

No Drug Will Touch Or How Suddenly

Your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Will No Longer

Synch As Rising

Feels Like Falling

Whenever You Rise Above Below

Yet Again the Worse The Worst of Human Darkness

Will Be Totally Invisible to Others Yet The One Who
Truly Lives in Hell Within Indeed The Dark Side is an



And of

Course the
Challenge in the
Dark for Even a
Hero is Not Becoming A Villain of Change

SMiLes Dear Miriam The Greatest Gift i Feel
i Sense i am is LoVE iN Peace the Gift i Lost

The Only Real Reason to Live for 66 Months Before

Even Worse Than the Worst Pain Known to Humankind

Never the
of the
of A Smile at all

Where All Human Connection
Is Painfully Numb Even Loved
By the Other in the Same Bed

When i Was Young There Was No Talk About
This Place Even Existing Among the Youth of my Days

And Now For Those Who Have Returned From the Dark

We See
The Invisible
Place in Others

Yes the Place of Broken
Wings of Dreams of Even
Being Fully Human On 'The Other Side'...

Indeed She Does
SMiles Dear
Cindy of
Nature Free...

LeSSoN 501

A New Page A
Story Never
Ends Now
Dancing Singing Flow

i Am

Oh Dear Lord Only
500 LeSSoNS
Reaching A
Thousand More

With SMiLes...

Yes Dear Savvy
To Be The Flow
Is To Come Home
Free With The Rest

Of Nature...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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28 Sep 2023, 1:19 am

"Are You Okay"

Indeed Treating New FRiEnDS

As Old FRiEnDS And Old FRiEnDS

As New FRiEnDS Dear Savvy Yes

Fair Weather FRiEnDS May Be

Easy to Meet Acquaint

And Keep Yet



FRiEnDS May Be

As Rare As A Rainbow
in the Darkest Nights of the Soul...

This is the Way i See it This is the Way i Do It

i Saw my Mother Stand By my Side in Hades For

A Couple of Years at College Age And Saw Her

And My Sister and Wife Do it Again When i

Was In Hades For 66 Months From Age

47 to 53 My Mother No Longer

Lives Yet That LeSSoN

of the Unconditional

Loving Soul Who Stands

By Your Side in Darkest Nights

of the Soul Breathes on In the

Breath of Who i Am And What i Do

Now Indeed This is How Love Never Dies

And Peace Remains Through

the Beginning of the End...

Wow! Moving From India to the
UK For University Study So Exciting

Dear Vrunda Nice To See You On WordPress

Again Through Your Life Changes and Challenges Indeed

And True A Huge Difference in Success or Failure in Life is

Keeping And Creating

New Human Connections

Warm As You Continue Your

Travels in Life Wherever You Go

So Happy For You That You Are

Successful in This Most Important

Ingredient of Life...

SMiLes Dear Kiran i Used to Wonder

Why People Could Be So Terribly Mean

Just For Being A Boy Brave Enough to

SMiLes They Spit on me And

Threatened Harm Just

For Expressing

A Joy Of Existence
Then Even Worse

They Followed This
Religious Leader Named
Jesus and Continue to Relate

Him in Their Lives As A Demagogue
And Wannabe Dictator Too So Yes That

Explains the Spit and Stuff when i was Young
True my Wife Was Spit on For Being Poor Needing

Reduced Price Lunches at School Yes Those Were Church
Going Folks Who Abused her too As They Didn't Believe

You Deserved
To Eat Unless

Someone in the
Family Actually Worked
Enough For You To Get the Money

Hard to Do When You Are A Divorced
Mother Raising 6 Kids with No Help
From Any Husband Indeed Back Then

Still Now too

Why Are Folks So Cruel

It is Because They Have Yet

To Walk in the Shoes of Their
Brothers and Or Sisters in This Life

With Challenges Like This True i used to

Work At A Military Bowling Center Still Handing

Out Rental Shoes ThiS Way For Those Who Care to

on With SMiLes...

You See All i Had to Do is Become
As Smart And Strong As 'Superman'

To Smile Dance Sing Free Where i Live


Now The Best Revenge is No Revenge Just Lifting


Up Over
All the
Obstacles IN Life to
LoVE iN Peace With SMiLes

Letting the Sunshine iN Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love With No Fail mY FRiEnD...

Wow! A New Poetry Book
Published Dear Anita

Lovely Cover too

With SMiLes

Best Wishes on
Your New Book...

Hehe Just Checking on You to See if You
Are Okay Dear Sohair Seems Like Ages

Since You Posted Last Yet i See it Was

Only About A Week Ago Now HAha



Room to
Say Hi With SMiLes...

Let The Florida Sunshine In Mr Gottfried

Ah Yes The Paradox of Good Versus Evil

Perhaps Illustrated Well By The 'Illumination'

Production of the Series of 'Minion Movies'

Why in The Name of Good And Evil

Do Some of The Kindest People

We Meet in the World


The Most
Despicable Leaders
With Credo's Only Fit For
A Mafia Mob Boss Like "If i Shoot
Someone on 5th Avenue in Broad Daylight"

'The Minions Will Still Support Him' And If 'He
Tells A Lie Long Enough The Minions Will See it As Truth'

i Feel These Folks Deeply Many of Them These Days Since

i Look Like i Could Easily Hit a Home Run on the First Baptist

Softball Team Are Extremely Kind to me Indeed Not Unlike the

Minions in that Movie They are a Difficult Group Not to Care About

Indeed Naive

They May



May Rule Their

Lives Yet the Paradox

Here is They Will Give You

The Shirt off Their Back Yet of Course

Usually Only If You Belong to Their 'Minion Clan'

Yet As Science Shows Humans Are Not Particularly

Rational AS Whole Led By Emotions First Reasons

For What They Do come Next Hehe And Some Days

No Reasons

At All

Just Leaves

Ya Scratching

Your Head



Yep That's IT the
Human Condition
The Paradox of Good And Evil

Where Humans Will Use Their
iMaGiNaTioN of Dreams to Create

Horrible Nightmares And Greatest Dreams

And Oh Dear Lord Bring Both to Fruition in the
Same Minion



Anyway As Long
As i Look Like i Could
Hit a Home Run on the
First Baptist Softball Team

i Will Easily Fit in Anywhere And
Thrive in Minion Town USA Place

of Florida Men Including Matt Gaetz,
DeSaTaNiS, And The Orange Man too

All Wanna Be Rotten Orange Florida Men too Hehe...

Indeed Dear
Cindy With
Amen to
The Flow...

As Much Disbelief in Ivory
Towers around the Internet
That Post Modernism isn't
Really A Human Way of
Creating Our Realities
As even Neuroscience
Shows Now Our Mind
Does as Eastern
often call
all of
We create as
Does Neuroscience
Now Name it Hallucinations
We create Based on the past
Hallucinations We Create in
Experience then..
the Neo-Cortex
Constructs an
Illusion of Past
Experience and
Future Possibilities
in Predicting Reality Next too...
My God Now A Very Superstitious
Trump Reality Created by Changing
Mass Stories Mostly False Now a Gas-lit
Post Modern Story of Life in Dark of Co-Creation
We Will
Create Any
Reality Nightmare
And Dream True
Elm Street
i am
Raised too....
Why Live on 'Elm Street'
if You Don't Really Have
to.. i for Sure Moved And
Ain't going back...


Day Is Night Night Is Day

SMiles Dear Aleesha
‘They’ Are Also Old
Songs By “The Fifth
Dimension” And

Hands So
For All of
What Brings

So Much Joy in

Life Loving ALL

Seeing Being

Agape Love

God Yes Now ALWaYS
All In All With SMiles Yes
Up up away My Beautiful


All Our SonG...

Not Only
Are We iN
THE Love
THE Love
is In Us Such

Is The Nature

oF All Creation


of Love We Are In

And the UNiVeRSE



Dear Savvy


i See This
UNiVeRSE iN You..

And The Rest of Creation

Emotions DarK Through LiGHT
Are Energies Synergies
of Bio-Neuro-Chemical-
Hormonal Energies Yes

Within That Hold Us

Tighter ToGeTHeR

And Inspire


DarKeR Emotions
As NiGHT Brings Day

For Instance Grief Reduces
The Love Neurohormone Oxytocin
And Reduces Self-Esteem of Serotonin

Yet Nature Provides a Natural Increase
of Dopamine Yes Bitter Sweet to Move
Us in Creative Potential to Make New Bonds

And Binds

Of Love With
ALL Around
Us mY FRiEnD

As Far As Our Ships
May Sail Locally Now or
Globally Online As Well mY FRiEnD

And Yes Emotions Not Properly EXPReSSinG
And ReSoLVinG For Greater Unity And Change
To Get the Life of Surviving Done Thriving NoW iN

Joy of ToGeTHeRNeSS More Yes Sadly

Alternately True 'The Body Keeps

Score' As These Unresolved

Potentials For Change and
Togetherness MoVE iNto

Bodily Tension And



And other



Create Fear
Anger and All Stuff
Associated Even Further
Boiling Down Lower in the
Lasting Emotions of Hate that
Flavors 'Gehenna' On EartH as

Usual mY FRiEnD Savvy Life is Art oF All

The Colors of Emotions For Change From
DarK to LiGHT More in ToGeTHeRNeSS iN


As Night
Brings Morning
Star of Love Once Again...
Sunshine Within FLoWeRS AGAiN For All...

Hmm... 'Rage Against The Machine' Another
Contemporary Song Associated With the
'Matrix' Series of Movies Yet Also

Familiar With the Latest

Trailer For the Matrix 4

Movie Living Relatively

High on the Pyramid

In Creature

Meeting Struggle
Intensely on A Downward

Spiral in An Elevator From


(Worm Hole or Whatever

Other Metaphor Ya Create)

And Becoming

A Totally



of Humanity

As Epigenetics

And Beyond Sure

In Quantum Metaphor

Unleashing ReLeASinG Human Potentials
Never Experienced Now or Even Seen Before...

True This is the Down and Upside Condition of Human too...

Yes i Still Remember The

Date for me on

July 19, 2013

However There Were

No Matrix Movie

Glitz of Special

Effects i Simply
Became One With Emerald
Green Waves Sugar White
Sands Sea Oats Swaying

In the Breeze And Sea
Gull Wings Spiraling

Effortlessly Around
The Sun Above And
So Below Within me SaME...

It Didn't Make Any Special Effects At
All On the Outside No Different Than the

Invisible Pain and Numb So Intense Within
Before For 66 Months From Wake to Sleep
No Drug Would Touch True All i Had to Do

Is Become

The Beach

What i Did As

A Teenager Through

All The Stresses of Puberty too...

Just Be the Beach Just Be The Beach

i AM
ALiVE NoW...

Does Best
All Words
To One
FeeLinG LoVE
Now For All What
Poetry Does Best
Never Forgetting the
Shadows That Makes Light Possible
As Without Night No Day And All the
Etcetera of Dualities
That Become
One Love
DarK Thru LiGHT
SMiLES Hemalatha
VerY iNSPiRinG PoeM inDeeD...

LeSSoN 446
We Gather Stories
For Traditions To
BREaTHE Warmth
ToGeTHeR Free With SMiles

Dear Yam
Day of
Art For You
With SMiles...

A Real
New Story
EacH And Every
Word oF Letters All

Not Only
Are We iN
THE Love
THE Love
is In Us Such

Is The Nature

oF All Creation


of Love We Are In

And the UNiVeRSE NeW

oF LoVE iN Peace US ALWaYS NoW

Naked Enough Whole Complete New

Dear Savvy


i See This

Each Unique
We All Are Too With SMiLes

And Rest of Creation NeW

SMiLes HeaR IS A
FRiEnDS Shirt i
You Yet in
my Version
Most All the
Brown And
It Seems
i trend
More toward
Red Although
my Color New is
Ocean Sky Blue Yes
Or Green Depending
Now On Moods of my EYes...

Most Beautiful FLoWeR
Wild Survives Drought
i Will Not Take
Credit For This
Rose nor Will
i Ever Own
God’s Love For
It Is God ALL not only
me Sending You This
Wisdom This Beauty
This Truth This FLoWeR
iN LiGHT Without
A Word
RiSinG NeW

i Am Born in Pensacola; Chances Are if You Ever Visited
'Seville Quarter' on a Thursday Night From March of 2014
Thru March of 2020, (As That's One Place too Crowded to
Dance Since Covid-19) You Saw me There As i Am Kind of Hard
to Miss Hehe, As i've Been Public Dancing All Around This Metro

Area, Now For 18,853 Miles, including Local Malls/Stores/Area Public Festival Events;
And All the Way To Biloxi Casino's And The Beaches There Through Tallahassee too

For 10 Years, And 1 Month,
And 1 Day; Hehe, Continuing
Tomorrow A Bit Later in Stores

In Pace as i Live in That Area Now;

People Have Said if Folks Haven't
Seen me Yet They Don't Get Out of Their Home Much, HAha;

As A Viral Video Taken By A Video Voyeur on Social Media Has Related With Over 90,000 Views;

(i Got to Be A Fly on The Wall And Read 1300 Comments From the Metro Community Assessing me;
Ranging From Local Dancing Folk Legend to Someone Afraid i Was Gonna 'Go Postal' and Harm Someone)

Plus Many Others too, Hehe; It's Just For Fun And i Kind of Champion Folks Rights to Be Different ThiS Way;

i Had the Most Problems Doing This From Fundamentalist Religious Folks Yet i Always was Able to Quote
The Numbers of Their Verses And Turn the Beat Around on them In So Many Hypocritical Ways Away

From So-called

of Jesus;

Like Lighting

Your Lamp and Not
Hiding it as they Insisted
i Was no 'King David' Public
Dancing For the Community and
of Course i Said Hell No That's Small
Fry, i'm Doing John 14:12 Now in Luke 17:21;

i Practically Made Some of Their Heads Spin
in The Middle of my Spiral Dance Making Them Dizzy;

Yes There Are Many Video Examples of me Dancing True

If You Look Carefully in the Background

You May See Some 'Local Minions' of 'Trump Town USA' Here;

And It's Not Nearly As Prevalent as A Few Miles Down the Road in Milton;
A Town that Used to be Called Scratch Ankle; And Literally Called 'Hell' Before That

As the First Settlers Were Known for Not Being too Nice Settling this Mill Town From the Start;

True, i Am Raised on that River DownTown called Blackwater River That Was Once Known As Hell

Right there on the
Riverbank As they
Tore the Old House Down
i Lived in And Made a Festival
Ground in A Park; Yes, for Fourth
of July Events, Etc.; Shortly at Age 9, After
Living There, We Moved on 'Elm Street' Noting

Then i Was Called 'Freddy' And my Birthday
of 6.6.60 Was Yes A Bit of an 'Omen' as i Got
to Do the Opposite of Luke 17:21 Within in Hell too For 66 Months;

Religions all Around the World Are my Special Interests; The Locals

Here Don't Do Very Well When They Try to Go Toe to Toe with me About 'Faith'

For It's True i See
Nature Seen And
Unseen As A Real
Theism in Realism For

ALLTheism God Yes

It's Hard to Deny When
Every Breath Feels and
Senses Love For Real NoW

NeW iN Peace

Yet That's A Practice of Life
For Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love For Real

"BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith" A 'Title'
of What i Am Currently Writing New Now; Yes,

Again Just
For A Joy
PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith New Now
With Always New Colors of Joy to Create...

Ah Yes, Blackwater River For Camping And Canoeing
is Surely Magnificent With the Blackwater River Forest
And Sugar White Sands By Blackwaters Stained
by Tanin of Pines to the Crystal Yellow Streams

That Are Pretty Cold in the Summer too, Hehe;

And of Course the Beaches Really Can't Be Beat
With Emerald Green Waves, Sugar White Sands,
Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze, And Sea Gulls

Spiraling Around the Sun

As i Tend to Transform

my Dance/Song That Way

in Wings of Autotelic Flow
Generating Joy Within Ascending
Transcending That Way in Ecstatic Trance For Real;

True, i Do Forgive A Lot of What Humans Do Here;
By the Gift of Nature As Truly my Backyard is A Real

Garden of Eden Deep in a Forest Similar to Where Folks
Take 200,000 Dollar Driving Trailers to Camp; My House

Is Paid-Off, So

i Do it For Free Hehe;

With Nature Naked Enough
Whole Complete With a Very Small Family, A Few
FRiEnDS, A Wife, And Joy Enough For Heaven Within for Real...

i Am Very Familiar With Thomasville Georgia as We Lived in
my Father's City in Tallahassee A Short Distance From There
For A Year in 2nd Grade When i Went to 'Blessed Sacrament' Catholic Private
School my Grandmother Paid for Us to Go There Then on my Father's Side.

i Didn't Speak Until 4, And A Bigger School Overwhelmed me in Empathic
And Sensory Overstimulation There; i Made it Through With Anemia Until
We Returned Back to Blackwater River Downtown Where my Grandmother on
The Maternal Side Lived; A Small Two Story Elementary School That would one
Day Be Transformed into A Small Junior College Branch Locally too; Smaller Places

of Environmental Stimuli
Suited me Better then Yet

i Tolerate it Much, Much Better
Now As Meditating Dance Does
Actually Regulate Emotions and
Integrate Senses in Flow; And i Actually
Have A Prescription From A Doctor to Do Just That;

It's True, it is one Therapy Approved to Treat Autistic Kids too;

Getting A Right Hemisphere More Closely Related to Emotional
Regulation Back in Tune Integrating Body and Soul Senses For Real ThiS Way Head to toe...

Works for me Along with Joining Words and Emotions Eliminating 'Alexithymia'

Through Free Verse Poetry too; Yep, All 12.1 MiLLioN Words of "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Now in 121 Months While Doing the Public Dance, Ongoing Now too For 18,853 Miles

in 121 Months too

HAha, i Don't Stutter
Anymore Either, Smooth
Flow in All That i Do Now For Real;

Indeed, As i've BecoMe Essence of A River
And Waves of Ocean And Water Whole too in

Effortless 'Wu-Wei' Ease...

Ah Yes Dear Aloha FRiEnD
Blessed Both Of
Us Are To LiVE
Close to Paradise
Beaches i Love
The Forest Where
We Live Just As
Much Plus Inland
Higher Protected
From All Floods
And Substantial
Protection From
Winds Too Hurricanes
Too Powerful These Days
To Live Close to The Florida
Coasts Yet my Uncle
Lives on The Emerald
Gulf Coast He’s Had to
Replace His Long Fishing
Pier 7 Times From Storms
Since 1991 And Insurance
Doesn’t Cover Piers Such
A Beautiful Place To Live
Though Yet Not Worth The
Storm Headaches to me
Or Over Million Dollar
Home HAha Lord
Knows i Cannot
Imagine The Value
Of Your Paradise Home
On North Shore Beach Has
To Be Astronomical Hehe
So Very Beautiful Always
Treasure To Share With
The World As You Freely
Do And i Feel Among
Your Most Valued
Treasures Your
Sweet Living Pets


PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith

Cool Breezes
Free SPiRiTS

Winter Spring
Again With SMiles

For All Dear Xenia...

Probably Noticing As Much As Anyone Who Has
Literally Commented on Every Daily Post You've

Made Since 2019 Dear Miriam AKA Psychologist

Mimi In the Last

Week i've Noticed

The Focus The Flow

The Attention to Detail

Yet The Open Source of Creativity

Spring From Your Words More

Indeed i Surely Understand

From the Years of Age

5 to 53 The Rigors

of the Daily

Grind Will Take

The Child's EYeS

of Creativity Away Indeed

All the Heartaches Challenges

Of Soul GRoWinG Dim in the Colors oF LiGHT

Yet True The Best Gift oF All is Change And Our

Amazing ABiLiTiES AS Humans to Adapt and Transform

Into New
Creations to
Give Share
Care And Heal

Freely Even More

Making the Fires of
Star Death Life Once
Again RiSinG on Earth As Roses Bloom Again...

Indeed 'Exoterica' This Existence Truly is With SMiLes...

Hehe Never 'Mind' me Still Just PaSSinG Out Rental Shoes

At 'The Bowling Alley'...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Life Is Forever New Now
When We Dance And Sing A Free Flow of Art

Not So Much

When We Do Not...

'You' See i Feel i Sense i KNow Who You Are
You Said You Were 'The Chosen Ones' Young

When i Am A Child You Spit on me Verbally
Abused me And Threatened me With Bodily

Harm For Daring to SMile and Express Joy For
The Gift of Existence For No ReASon Yet To Color

The World

With LoVE iN Peace

You Tried to Mold me
Into A Man Willing to
Go To Unwarranted
Wars And Kill Folks

Who Look Different

Than me With No Remorse

Guess What it Didn't Work

Do 'You' Even Still Not Know Who i Am....

i Am Free
i Am LoVE iN Peace

Still Breathing DeSpite All of 'You'...

With SMiLes Look Deep into my EYes
Yes Deeper And See WHeRE i Come From


i Go Now For Real...

Still Visiting 'You' Just for the 'Helluva' IT...

Just Dancing Singing Free The Tradition CarrieS on...

iN 'The WinD'...

i Didn’t Rise From Heaven
i Rose From Hell THoRNS


SMiles Mr Gottfried
Yin And Yang The
DarK Force Muses
The LiGHT Force
iNDeeD i EmbRace
The DarK
Stars Of
Soul LiGHT

No Duality
WHere i
HAil From For Real...

The Nature of God Is
Diversity Balance And
Freedom Ha! Humans
Best Attempts At Trapping

‘Wind’ In
A Jar Remain

Fruitless And
Foolish Indeed

Just Use A Parable
Literally Thinking
People Typically
Find It Impossible
To See ‘Understand’

The “Nature of God”

Ha! The Catholic
Church Still Doesn’t
Allow Women To Lead

The Church And It Wasn’t
Until Recently Women Were

Allowed To Vote Still Not
Afforded Equal Rights to

Express Spirituality in the
Church While The Church

Has Put False Gender

Differences on Human

Beings The Nature

Of God Colors Existence

Beyond Rainbows Many

Humans Cannot Even

See Like This Poem

For Instance With

SMiles Yes Ignorance
Is the Worst Pandemic
That Harms Rapes Maims

And Kills Or Even Destroys
The Soul As Hierarchies of
Churches Both Catholic
And Protestant Protect
Those Who Sexually

Abuse Children And
Continue To Support
The Rise of “Father’s
oF All Lies” Demagogues
Wanna Be Dictator’s Indeed

No Surprise For Organizations
That Consider “The Kingdom
Of God” As Moreover

A Man’s
Club And
Monarchy Where
Puny Humans Really

Believe They

Have The Power
To Control Subjugate
Master And Tell God
What God Must Do…

If It Wasn’t

So Sad I’d Laugh
Yet I Continue to
Forgive And Visit
The Catholic Church

As Not Unlike Heaven
Hell And Purgatory Change

Comes From Within Let’s
Not Live In A World Of

Numbers 31
Where 32,000
Virgin Daughters
Are Raped As Sex
Slaves And Spoils

Of War

Named ‘Booty’
Justified By A
Made-Up God

Indeed God
Dam It Quit
The Least Among

Us Nailing Jesus
To Another Cross

Attempting To

Capture ‘Wind’

In A Jar And


God in
An Idol Word…

Or Don’t…

That’s up

to You…

i AM Free…

A New Page A
Story Never
Ends Now
Dancing Singing Flow

i Am

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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29 Sep 2023, 1:38 am

Indeed A 'Cool Change' Dear

Savvy Moving Into A New Environment

Never Traveled Before Allowing Soul to Come

Unattached to So Much of the Environment Before

Where Understanding

Deep Within Spreads

Wings to Come to

Know The

Core of

Your Soul

In All the Ways That
Sets You Freer With SMiles

Of Course i'm only Relating How

That Will Feel And Sense to me
Rarely Traveling Out of Our Local
Environment i Don't Get This Benefit

Nearly As Much as Change Brings

Congrats on the Publish Of Your

Soul Journey With Blessings And SMiles...

What i Love Best About 'God' Is 'God' Lives
As All Existence And Is Not Hard to 'See' For
Those Who Do See God As all Existence Now
(Like my Cat Did) Beyond Alpha Thru Omega Allone
In Other
So Much
More Than
Just Words
And Other
Idol Symbols Alone;
Yes, The God Cats 'See'
And Humans Often Wholly Miss.
Wow it's really Nice to Have Relative Free Will With the
Rest of Nature and Beyond AKA God at Our Side to Figure
Out And Use for our Best Interests that one Will Hope is More
Like LoVE iN Peace than Fear and Hate in a Place of Justice Yes
Rather than Plowing Through others with Selfish Goals a Choice
Makes and a Choice
it is what will be will be
JoY iN Loving Joy's Company
In Peace and Harmony in Love's
Breath or the Other Place of Stagnate Soul
Seeking to Feel up an Empty Place Within the Home oF LoVE iN Peace...
Anyway With Enough Bravado the Truth And Lies Makes 'Itself' Seen
And Felt
And Sensed For What It Is
And it is Elucidating when Evil Shows itself for all it is now...
Sometimes that takes a Real Devil to Exist to Coax it out
So What Is Not Often Seen And Heard Will Be Appropriately
to Make
LiFE LoVE iN Peace...

Whose World
ReAlly Makes


Sights Sounds of God’s Face
Colors of the Morning
A Blind Man said
To his Friend it
Doesn’t Matter
What Your Face
Looks like now i
Color it Differently
Every Now With
Love it never
Fades into
Distance Same...
A Deaf Woman said to
Her Friend it Doesn’t Matter
What Song You Sing it Always
Carries A Lovely New Note
i Sing Within... So This is
Why God Never Fully
Reveals God’s Face
Or Voice As We
See And Hear
God Differently
Each Now Never
Forgetting always
Creating God’s Colors Anew
And Making New Songs Of Love
Loving A Different Step
Of Dance And Word
Of Song
As God
Back at
Us For Real
Where God
Never Ever
Now This is why
i don’t Mind Now
Wherever You are Next
You live so close to me
A Way i See And Hear
You Is with Notes of Song
i Hear Within Anew And
All new Colors
i See of
Now i Do Not
Fully See or Hear You
i Love You More Each Day
A Dance And Song Now You
Are HeART SPiRiT RiSinG SouL

SMiLes When i was Young
My Favorite Stuffed Animal
A Polar Bear i snuggled
With i Loved then
so very terrified
to Lose the Polar
Bear i Owned...
A Flood Came
On the River
We Lived
Him Away...
It was Like when
i Lost my Very First
Love so Devastating
Then To lose what
i Owned... so many
Years it took for
Me to realize in
Each Case i
Only lost the
Love i stopped
Creating... When
My Mother
i realized
Her Love always
Lives Within me
As Long as i
Create Her
Love New Within
to Give And Share to
All For Free... Thirty-
Five Years passed my
First Love i
Broke the
Ice to thank
My First Love
For Helping
Me To Create
Love... then my
Love Came
to Give
More Fully
And i never
Dreamed of Her
Again... Don’t need
to as now my Polar
Bear Never Dies For
i am
Polar Bear...
Now As Long as
i Live Love SMiLes...
When i Die if i Helped
to Create Another Polar
Bear In Spirit of
i Live On...

A Never
All these Clothes
Of Culture More Now...

One Must ADDress
All Stories Before
Taking Them Off
Even when one is

stripped Bare...

Clothes of others

Passed Kissed
As Present
Gift New
Past Present

When all of Existence is Miracle
Magic All NaturAlly
Falls into Rise of Home Place

Knight is Day As
Long As Damsel
in Distress is Saved

Wolves Snakes and
Even Pigs such lovely
Animals until Clothed
With Domesticated Human
APParel A Bite of Apple
only as far
As Loving
Wild and
Free Again
Unhinged from
Cultural Clothes
As Sand And Feet and
Sun Become Eternal Force Balancing
SMiles Darkness Fades without Support
Yet Dark Forgotten Shortly After Night

Changes into Day...

Balance of Dark
And Light... Night
As Day Fall Yet Summer Brings From:
Same Different Breath oF Fall STill

to: Rise

Feeling Star Dust
Beyond Measure NewLY NoW
FLoWinG as Our Blood Streams
Never Disconnecting From all Flow
Now Just A Head may other wise Be ALL...


PeacE NoW...

SMiles my
Just Wanna
Show People
God is Still Real
And No Myth
For i Am Afraid
We aRe Getting
To The Point We
Must Prove
This Force
Exists As
Sadly Too
Many People
Have Changed
The Humble Teacher
Jesus to what Doesn’t
Even Resemble LoVE iN Peace
As Hard as
It is For
Me To Say
It they’ve
Rolled the
To Make
Jesus More
The Color
of A ‘Trump’
AS HiStory
For All Against
For Giving Thanks
Giving Love Just Free
This Keeps me ‘Running’
Not to
Fall Again
Dancing Tight
Ropes Watching
Witnessing all i See
With EYes Of Faith Higher...

Some Clouds Are Happy Others Are Sad
Grey Scale Clouds too This is How one
Cloud Reincarnates As All of Us Now too

Wanna Take It Down/Up to Material Reductionism
Neuro-Science Shows We Basically Hallucinate
Current Realities From Past ones NoW As

The Last Scene of the "Game of Thrones"
Best ATTeMPTS to Relate Story is Our Reality
We Co-Create King And Queen of Life We Do

So Are The Saints and The Sinners God
And Gulliver's Travels Jesus and Krishna
And Even 'Games Of Thrones Real' Yes of Course

How We Read One Story Ours or Many Others Even in
Same Print Will Change
In Colors Our Minds Co-Create Now For Real As Real Is

How We See The Cloud And The Rest Of Existence in General
Is How We Continue to Paint Our Stories of Life as Real As Real Gets Now

Does One Person See The Same Cloud As Another
Some Folks See A Happy Cloud
Some See A Sad One Others Just See Gray Skies

Is Life A Story It Most Certainly is the
Story We Co-Create Together From the
Story We Tell Before Differently Now

Helpful Hint:

Write, Direct, Produce,
And Reincarnate Your
Newer Story Now

In As Many Ways
As You Relatively New
in Free Will Do or Not Do Now

If Do Don't Ask 'The Pope'
'He' is Writing Someone else's Story...

Love Is For
Giving Thanks
Giving In This
Place THere Is
No WHere Yet Home
In Fruit Now
Of Wheat
Spirit of
Faith HeART
Trinity LiGHT Seeing Be
Thanks for the Inspiration
Of Verse You Breathe Now

Good News Most Everyone
Experiences 'this' And Gets
Over it and are at Peace
Content Again Happy
Bad News You are
Going through it
Keep Expressing
Your Feelings
Pointing them
NoW iN A Happier
Direction Within
You at Best For
Change Love
Is Oxygen in
Balance Romance
Will Basically Be
Temporary Nuts
Yet a Natural
Part of
To Balance Again...
Do What You Love to Do...

Cognitive Empathy
Stepping into the
Shoes of Others
A Talent That
Comes Through
Mostly Non-Verbal
Face-To-Face Contact
In Text With
Finely Tuned
Mirror Neurons
Now What the
Other Person
Experiences is
Reading More
Than Thoughts
The Feelings And
Senses come
First Before
Words anyway
Yet Again
Makes The
Best Practice
To Read HeARTS
Of Others Beyond Words...

Flow Tween
Sweet Spot
Of Anxiety
And Apathy
More Complexity
Yet Ease Of Sweet
Spot Same
More Creativity
In Productivity Ease...

Sister's in the Snow Holding Hands

Does Love Take Words No

Love in The Winter

Warming Within

Does Love Need

Words Inside No

God In the Leaf That
Greens the Tree God in

The Fall of Leaf That Fertilizes

Soils For Souls of Sapling Spring

Trees Does God Need to Speak Words


God is

All iN Our

Yes ALL LiVinG Trees

mY FRiEnD Summerhilllane

Which Means We Too Are the

Leaf Living Dying Springing Again True

Never Really Alone As Long As We Inhale

Peace Exhale Love And Touch God's Face With




So mY FRiEnD With SMiLes...

Anyway Thanks For Painting

A Portrait of God Holding

Hands For When

Two Or More


This Way THeRE
Are More to BRinG
iN SPRinG's LoVE AGAiN...

As i Love To Dance And Sing
MaKinG Every Move Holy Dance
Free Every Word Holy Song Sing

Marry The Night
Merry The Day
Appreciate That

No Longer Fearful of DarK
SPRinGS No Longer Cynical oF LiGHT

Marry The Night
Merry The Day


Dear Chaymaa Putting The Face
of God in All Of Existence Indeed
Thankful Appreciating It All No Place

To Hide

No Secrets
to Keep Just
LoVinG ALL NeW NoW For Real...

LiVinG Faith...

For Giving Thanks
Giving Enough
Pain And Numb
In The World to Lend
A Hand Up Instead of
Down Dear Savvy Wise
Words By Your Mother Indeed


LiVinG Faith...

Just Dance
Just Dance
Just Dance
Make A Frown
Into A SMiLe
One SMiLe
On Another Face
As SMiLes Are Faces
Dancing too Yes

Enough Enough Oh
Enough i LoVE NoW
Enough Satisfying
Each Breath Free
Colors See
Hear to Feel...

SMiLes Beautiful
Conclusion of
Verse indeed
i have Been
Love And
i Never Wanna
Suffocate Forever
Now In That
God (Love)
Burning Out
Ashes Of Soul
To Rise Again As LoVE iN Peace
God Yes Saving Grace Carries
In The
Us Love
With God’s
Breath our
Spirit Wind...

God Is Not A Word

Love Is Not A Word

Human Is That Same Word

Meh; FoR Me aT LeasT i am GolD At

Beginning End of Rainbow Now Real;

Hint: Love More Than A Word Like 'Man'

And Much More Than Just a 'Son' of 'That'...

"A Word"....

Words Have
Incarnated our
Essence into Words
A Tool More than Breath oF LoVE
And Love That Is Also A Tool of Breath...

i Stand Reincarnated Here in Words; Do You Doubt This Very

Truth before 'Your' Eyes?

(Rhetorical Question; JusT A Philosophical Meandering

Wave Water Ocean SaMe)

Jury Duty All That Stands Between me and Having
to Own A Pair of Long Pants as i Surely Won't Do
it For A Funeral or A Wedding Boy Did i Get

A Lot of Flack
From my Rich
Uncle Wearing
Shorts for my Father's
Funeral Giving A Speech without notes...

It's True He's Still Trying to Talk me into
Being Normal And Voting For Trump Truly

i'd Rather Not Wear Clothes And Be Normal...

So i Won't
So i Don't

Yet Sure if i ever
Have to Go to
Jury Duty i'll Spring
For Some Long Pants...

SMiles Dear Miriam True
Civic Duties Are Important...

Yet Beyond Local, State,
And Federal Laws, Maybe maybe not...

Fortunately i'm Able to Generate my Own Joy
Yet Not All Are 'Equally' Equipped And Develop
That Ability As far as Humanity Goes The Only

Reason We've Come this Far is Hands That Hold
Each Other Up

Technically Speaking
Humanity's Empathy,
Compassion and Love For

Others Drains Away When We
No Longer Move Connect And Co-Create

Together So Far Away Removed From Hand in Hand
Face to Face It's a Real Problem Younger Generations

Are Becoming Lonelier, More Depressed, And More Anxious

Than Ever Before Simply For they Don't Have the Giving Sharing
Caring Healing of Warmth That Hand in Hand Face to Face Normally Brings

True Some Folks

Don't Even Understand

Why You Discuss the
Weather of the Day With
A Stranger True They Don't
Feel the Essence of the Warmth

So the Weather May Be Cold to them Year 'Round
Key is Always Make the Effort No Matter if Others
Wanna Return the Gift of Humanity or Not as in all Stuff



Lose it or
Lose it Applies

Someone has to Be
the Last one Standing
Giving Sharing Caring Healing For Free

Otherwise the Human Race Goes away
Slowly Weeping and Gnashing Teeth for Real Now

Good Luck to You i've learned to Choose People First For Truly

BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith Not Made to Hold Alone...

Trees oF LiGHT We aRe Dear Chaymaa
The More We Appreciate All of Existence
DarK Thru LiGHT More We Wire Our

Trees With

Colors of New Life

PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith...

Oh Yes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD in Oahu
No Matter How Tall Our Castles may
Rise the Beauty And MaGiC Of All of

Nature Treasures Change in Sublime
Amazement Year Around From Green
To Colors New to Dogs Wagging Tails

Cats Purring And Birds

Winging Dreams With
Birth of New Egg Life

There is No Measure
of Science to the Beauty
We Experience Within Giving

Sharing Caring Healing Nature's Dream

Come True For Us For Who Feel And Sense

The Depth of the Story That Nature Dances


Of Course

Including the
Social Animals
of Us With SMiLEs
So Deep And Wide-Felt

Yes Do Swim Blue Green
Waves Becoming Ocean Whole Wave Wind
Mermaid You Surely Are Dear FRiEnD For Real
Hehe i only Do it on Terrestrial Land Doing my Best to
Become ExtraTerrestrial With Wings All Weighed Down to


Wing on
in Dreams
of Nature FLiGHT Love Sees
FRiEnDS With GRaViTY Fear Free i CoMe
BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith...

For So Many Years Dear Miriam

In Fact 18 Handing Out Rental Shoes

To SMiling Military Bowling Center Customers

Both Military and Civilian From Around the World

Literally Listening to Hundreds of Thousands of Their

Stories Not Much

Different Than

Ted Danson of Cheers

Mostly Listening though as

A Good Bartender or Psychotherapist Will

Did i Need to Be Anyone Except the Bowling

Alley Guy With A Smile For All Not Really

Not Unlike the Day Getting my 3 Degrees

At College With 3 Part Time Jobs Other

Than Research Associate in Archaeology

And Book Store Clerk Yep Cleaning Up the Phone
Building and the Local Bank too Where A Cop Checked

To Make Sure i Was Legit in the Bank Late at Night Radioing

Back Into Headquarters No Worries It's Just the 'Cleaning Boy'

Anyway There Were Days At the Bowling Alley i Thought It's

Really Sad i Must Get Paid to Help Other Folks SMiLe through Their Days

True i Suppose i
Was Addicted to
The Warmth of LoVE iN Peace

There Were Some League Nights

Where it Came to me as Waves over

The Twilight Gleaming From Above Below on the Bowling Lanes

Yet of Course Only People Generating The Spirit of LoVE iN Peace


Loud and
Clear to Hear
And See Beyond All
Organs of Eyes and Ears

Anyway Getting Through 5 Job Changes
And Promotions Toward The End of my
Federal Career Yes for the Sky High Last
3 Years to Figure Golden Retirement Hehe

It Was Truly Sad Behind a Screen No More Room
To Help People SMiLe Just Facts and Figures And

Problems For Solutions Split Between Screens and
Making Sure People Do Their Job Yet Never Having to Fire

Anyone As it Just Wasn't Part of my Repertoire Finally Breaking

Down to No Thing At All No Clean-Up Boy No Bowling Alley Guy

Just Nothing Nothing At All Not Even the Feeling of the Memory of A Smile


i Sat in my

Backyard Looking to the

South in A Winter Breeze

Even Colder Within

Pondering How

i Would Get

Back my Authentic

SMiLinG Eyes to Generate
That Warmth in Others Again

Oh Dear Lord Behind SHades i Would
Have to Wear With the Worst Pain Known
To Humankind in my Right Eye And Ear With

No Ability to Listen to Music Anymore Either

Not Much of A Word Person Taking me 33 More

Months to Start to Make The Transformation

There Was No Choice Yet to Transform

my Soul my SMiLinG Eyes into

The Flesh and Blood of

Words That Transformed

Into A Free Dance That Brought

More Smiles Than i Could Count As Stars in Night Skies more

Indeed That's All i Am A SMile makes me Naked Enough Whole


The Rest
of it is

Icing on the Cake...

A New Page A
Story Never
Ends Now
Dancing Singing Flow

i Am

SMiLes Dear Sohair
To Be The Water To Flow
Over All Obstacles To Be The

Tree The Oak Tall And Strong

Yet to Bend The Wind As Flexible
As The Willow Breezes the Day Free

Indeed Even Oaks Not Exposed to Strong

Winds Are More

Apt to Fall Over

As The Rings of Their

Trunks Are Not Nearly As Strong

As The FLoWeR Overcoming Drought

Colors Blooms More Beautiful Than Before

The DarK Makes me Stronger to Appreciate

New Colors oF LiGHT And Life Than Ever Before


If Not For

The Dark

The New

Colors Do Not

Come to Birth...

And Thank You
Dear Sohair For
Your Prayer All

To All You
Love With SMiles...

Fall Bliss That’s What i Name The Autumn Equinox As We Are Surely

Close Enough to October to Celebrate That too As a Tradition of

FRiEnDS Now Like Glue Continuing to Bind and Bond

Over the Years of This Gift of Life Through

All the Challenges too Dear Shawna Baby

Yet True The Approach of October Used to

Predict The Brain Fog of Seasonal Affective Disorder

For me too Back Through Trapped in the Cave of School and

Work All Day Till Release With Approaching Dark And Oh Lord Even

Though i am A Shorts Dude Year ‘Round Since 2013 And Practically Impervious to

And From The Cold Yep Weighing 33 More Pounds Than ‘Trump’ At the Last Official

Weigh-In of 248 Pounds hehe Does Help Now As i Was Such A Bony

Kid When Young Close to Six Feet Tall And 120 Pounds at 13 Oh

Dear Lord if Only a Girl i Might Have Been Able to Be

A Gaunt Looking Super Model Then Hehe

Anyway As You Know Before I Sprouted

Up Looking Like Fredenstein

They confused me for a Girl

At 12 In McDonald’s Yet Not A Very

Pretty One Hehe Just the Long Eyelashes
i Guess and Green to Blue Changing Eyes

Fairest Skin Like my Mama And Longish Blonde Hair too

As Oh Dear Lord School Was So Cruel in the Fall too as

You Probably Heard the Story Before on the Bus Ride Home

Vicki Taunting Me With All Her Mean Girl Friends From the First
Baptist Church About my Pretty Eyes and Eye Lashes Looking Just Like A Girl

Gosh i Just Wanted to Crawl Under the Seat and Disappear Yet Little Did i Know

Really My Only Beloved FRiEnD Outside of Our Small Family Charlie Was Lying on the

Road Outside the Bus Window If Life Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Harder Then He Escaped

The Fence of the Yard to Greet me at the Bus Stop Yet He Didn’t Make it All the Way i Suppose

If i Didn’t Have the Support of my Mother and Sister Who Cried With me as they Loved

That Mix of Striped Hound And Dachshund As Much as i Did i Might Have Turned to

Revenge Instead of Victory of Love over Fear and Hate True Some Children Have

No Support at All How Blessed All Four of Your Children Are to Still Have

The Mother’s Milk at Home With Them Through School Even

Getting Through College So Difficult With ADHD

And The Brain Fog And Medications Your
Daughter With Asperger’s Struggles

Do Bring SMiLes i Couldn’t

Focus Enough to

Read A Textbook in School
Yet Managed to Focus on All the
Pretty Women Teacher’s to Please them
In Every Way as An Apple on their Desk too

Laser Focus on Their Lectures And ‘Legs’ Hey i Couldn’t Get Any Attention From Many
Girls my Age So You Do What You Do You Find Muse And Survive at least Hehe

Oh Dear Lord The Other Students Hated me So Much For All the SMiLes

The Teacher’s Gave to me And All the Good Grades i Got They Taunted

Mocked me Spit on me For SMiLinG Same Kids From the First

Baptist Church They Wanted to Take my Love

Away They Wanted to Take my Love

Away Just Like Working For the

Military in Many Cases

For Decades too

Until the Fall of First Love

Came one September Close to
Equinox Day in 1978 And Indeed For the

Next 10 Months That Was the Only Special
Interest i Cared About in the World Yet Still Managed

To Focus on the Teacher’s Lessons in College to Make Straight A’s

She Told me i Couldn’t Work Out Any More as i Belonged Souly to Her

And That’s What Cuban American Eyes Will Do And Now i’m The ‘Crazy

Latin Dancing Solo In Herald Square’ Hehe Yet only Irish German French

English With A Bit of Viking Nigerian and South Asian According

To ‘23 And me’ Yeah if i Could Have Cracked The Books

In School i Might Have Amounted to more

Than i Did For So Many Years in

Money Stuff Title And Position

Yet i Might Have Never Become

A New Page A Story

Never Ending Now
i Continue to Be A Dancing
Singing Flow Indeed i Am With SMiLes…

God Bless You Dear Shawna Baby With the Rigors

Of Helping Your Daughter Get Through College

Happy Super Full Harvest Moon Rising Too

Cloudy And Cooler Thank Goodness

Bring on the Cold Soon Please

Invigorate me From Head

To Toe as i No Longer

Chill to the Skin

And Bones hehe

And Nah Still Leg Pressing

Three Quarters of a Ton No One

Confuses me for a ‘Chick’ These Days Hehe

Oh Dear Lord Do People Even Use That Term anymore…


I’ll Do

Rooster Instead

CRoWinG More Than

Thrice in the Morning With SMiLes…

Thanks For Thinking About me Dear Shawna

Baby Even Outside of Traditional FRiEnDSHiP Hehe

i Love You And Wish You All the Joy of Wings Taking FLiGHT

Hip Recovered Enough to Put my Wings on And Fly Again True

On Terrestrial

Land Perhaps

Not As Fashionable

As WalKinG On Water

Yet it Does take Napoleon Dynamite
And Forrest Gump Skills Hehe Oh The Gift

Of Focus What Free Dance And Song Brings Most

Other Than

Of Course
Meditating Way
Ascending Transcending

ACross the Stars With Roses to BRinG Back...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Indeed We aRe ALL Gifts From God As You Name
Allah Every Breath DArK Thru LiGHT The Most Fortunate Ones

Of Us Come to Live

in A World Within

of LoVE iN Peace

to Give Share Care
Heal Freely For All

in JoY oF LiGHT With
Most Respect And Least Harm

Our Modern World Doesn't Lend Much
Space For Humanity ThiS Way Naked

Enough Whole Complete as We

First Create Tools Learn to

Use Them and Sadly

A Matter With Things

Is We End Up Becoming

More The Cold Tools We Use

Than The Warmth of Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Humans Naturally Bring

Yet Is the Warmth That Inspires And Those Who

Come to Generate This Warmth Within Become More

Empathetic to the Pains and Pleasures of Others

Where Sympathy And Compassion Rules Over

Callous Non-Feeling Harm Where

Compersion of Immersing

Oneself With the

the Joy of Others

And Their Accomplishments

Replaces Any Jealous Feelings too

A Higher Way of Being Yet Really Just

Being Human my FRiEnD Yes i Sensed

A Darkness in Your SPIRiT HEaRT SoUL

Better Yet Vaguely i Felt it Deep

Within And A Little Voice

Inside Said Check-on

Dear Sohair

Yes mY FRiEnD

The Real Voice of God

The Voice That Sings LoVE iN Peace

Within and The Voice That Takes Action

in Dance And Spreads the Warmth on With SMiLes...

How In The World Could i Ever Remain Upset At Someone Who

Doesn't Have This Gift of Heaven Within No i Couldn't NoW As

i Lived in the Other Place For 66 Months WHere THere is

No Moving Connecting Co-Creating With Others At All

None of the Warmth Deep Within That Inspires

The Voice Within to Carry on the Warmth

No Matter Obstacles Coming Next

Indeed my FRiEnD The Will

of the Mother's Love

Unconditional And
True That Spreads

To Sons As Well

As Daughters

Sunshine Breaking
Through Clouds So Free...

Happy Super Full Harvest
Moon RiSinG Day With
SMiles Promise of Cooler
Days Ahead Even
Crisp And Blue As A
Toronto Fall Day
Great Florida
Relief After the
Hottest Heat Wave
Summer Of Them All
With SMiLes Dear FRiEnD...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Gender: Male
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30 Sep 2023, 12:34 am

Indeed Dear Savvy
Protecting Our
Holy And Sacred
Energies As They
Surely Transcend All
Time Distance Space
And Particularly A
Of Things
Surely Worth
A Practice oF LoVE iN Peace
God Yes To Reach Even More...

SMiLes Dear Savvy As Folks Commonly Say Per
The Karma of Do in Action And Consequence

And Reap And Sow What Comes Around

Goes Around Most Definitely Motivation

To Leave Fear That Leads to Anger

That Leads to Hate Harm and

Other Human Injuries Behind

Particularly OurSelves As When

We Give Anger and Hate A Harbor Within

It Only Overall Sinks Our Well Being Even More

Yet Indeed Immediate Anger as A Human Emotion

When Harmed is Also an Excellent Inspiration To Transform

The Emotion into More Positive Emotions For Change As Long As

We Do that

In Some Way

Particularly as

Artful Ways Will Work

Without Harming Others With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD the View From Above Using
Your Drone Camera Shows So Much More of the Skills

Involved Becoming One With the Waves of the Ocean

FRiEnDS With Gravity And Balance Indeed FLoWinG

As The Waves

Become Us

As the Ocean

Free Surfing As Water Plays
With Us ThiS WaY With SMiLes

And Hey if i Was A Little Finch Bird

Indoors i Would Surely Stretch and

Turn My Head All the Way Around

To See the View of Paradise

Outside the Window

to Forever


of Beauty
Share Thank You With SMiLes...
And Hope You Have Been Enjoying
The Harvest Full Super Moon Signaling

Goodbye to September And Hello to Fall October
Hopefully Cooler Away From Florida Heat Waves...

Love FreeLY GiVinG NeW
IS Love NEVER wasting NoW...

True Love isn’t
Love that Hurts
At Least Not Love
That Rises Now

The World
The Globe
For The
Warmth of
Human Touch
Giving More Than TaKinG...

SMiLes i used
To look to Sky
For God Finally
God is iMPoSSiBLE
to Miss THiS WaY SMiLes...

HAha When i turned
25 on the Outside
Scared of Getting
Old Yet Not
63 Feeling
Younger Than
Ever Within my
God i Am Sure
It is For Finding
God (LoVE iN Peace) Within...

Oh my Goodness USA Writes Studying
To Be A Doctor Particularly Stressful

As A General Practicing Doctor
Or Emergency Room Doctor

These Days Surely A Noble

Profession to Pursue And

Surely a Lifetime of Sacrifice too...

Yes Bedside Manner Counts So Much

As Compassionate Empathy All By Itself
As SPiRiT From Soul Deep within Through


So Much...

True Humor Counts too...

As Doing The Doctor Will
Be So Very Serious too Break
A SMiLe Regularly With A Laugh
to Keep A HeART SPiRiT SouL iN TacT...

Hehe.. i Never Wanted A 'Real Job' Yet What's Real...

SMiles USA Writes
i Do Agree in The

Field of Dentistry
And Mental Health

A Compassionate
Kind And Soul oF LiGHT
With Humor is A Greater



Human i’ve
Had Stuffed

Shirts too
Better suited
To Do Surgery
Or Repair my
Car or Whatever
Else Doesn’t Interact



Love’s Touch
my Dentist And
Doctor’s All Kind


"Just as a man in a boat moving forward sees the stationary objects (on the shore) as moving backward, just so are the stationary stars seen by the people on earth as moving exactly towards the west."

As Below So Above There Are No Real
Secrets When Nature Moves

In Similar Ways Above

So Below

As Related
By The Indian
And Sage Around
Circa 500 'Common Era' or So


Ah Yes And the Concept of Zero As
Letters Were Used to Describe Numbers then...

Zero Has the Most Potential Above So Below
in Balance With Positive And Negative Ways

of Mathematics...

Shall That Apply

To Human Nature...

Yes Within Inside Outside

And All Around There is No Real
Separation of the Dance And Song of Reality All...

As Modern Quantum Physics Relates in Illusions of
Time, Distance, Space, And All Matters too As Of Course

All Is Force All Is Energies in Synergy As Such And True

i Am Doing Science Here in Free Verse Poetry is there

Really Any Difference as the Nature of All Reality

is Evolved Within me and You Too True

Back to the Concept of Balance

And Zero For Environmental

Struggles And Humanity

As Social Animals Who Naturally
Bond and Bind Over Common Symbols
We iMaGiNE And Co-Create As Essence
Of Ideologies Brought Forth to Pages With
Open or Hard Back Covers Still Coming to Relate

More of Each and Every Individual UNiVeRSE We
Come To Be See and Create more to Relate Best in
Mutual and Consensual Ways of What We All May Opine

Best in Cooperation to Progress in Loving All Now With Least
Harm All to Survive And Thrive A Bit Longer Alive on Our Planet

Earth our only Home For Experiences that may Be Related
in Metaphors Like BLacK Abyss Nights of the SouL Through
Purgatory Greys Beyond Rainbow Colors WHere The Journey

of the Rainbow

is Path Enough

Gold Eternally

Now Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love mY FRiEnD...

It's Easy Enough to See A Lure
of Fame And Fortune by Being liked
So Much For All the Quick Hits of Dopamine

Yet There are Other Secrets of Human Misery

Often Lost in Plain Site of Self-Destruction too of Addiction
Hehe For Instance Walking on Side-Walks in Straight Lines

No One Will Ever Teach ALL To Walk In Reverse to Avoid So
Much Pain That Likely Will Eventually Come For Repeating
The Same Cumulative Movements Over a Lifetime one way

As A Budding Dentist i'm sure you've Been Taught Well on
the Dangers of Ergonomic Injuries this Way Yet i Bet

No One Ever Hehe Suggested You Walk in
Reverse And Even Spiraling Like Sufi
Dervish Dancers to eliminate Pain

to Increase Balance

To Become

The Essence

of Zero With Unlimited

Potential Both Positive
or Negative Depending

On What Religion of Life
We Bond and Bind Over

Now to Survive And Even THRiVE iN Life...

Hehe When Folks Ask How in The 'Heck' Did the
Weakest Young Man at 11 Become The Strongest
Man in the Gym Leg Pressing Up to 1540 Pounds
At Age 63 And Just About the Strongest on Most
of the Other Work-Out Machines too When

People Ask How In the World Do You
Write 12.1 MiLLioN Words of Free
Verse Poetry in 121 Months Or Do
Public Dancing 18,860 Miles
in 121 Months As Well Newly

Now Yes Just By Getting So

Inspired By all Opinions
Globally-Wide Either
DarK or LiGHT

To Me Muse

RiSinG Higher
Or Lower if i Go
That Way As Zero too my FRiEnD

And Truly The Answer is Kinda Simple...

i Don't Walk or Write in Just Straight Lines
on Sidewalks or From Side-to-Side of Pages

As Sure Hehe Even Science Shows Now That
Scribbling Non-Sense in Spirals on A Page Will

Increase Human Creativity And A Meditative Free
Dance in Public For 18,860 Miles Now in 121 Months
in Autotelic Flow For No Reasons or Instructions Given
By Anyone Else At All Even in Short Spurts of Flow Sitting Still in

Meditation 3 Times A Week may Increase Creativity 500 Percent...

Hehe Imagine What Would Happen if Someone Did it All Their WaKinG

Hours For Decades

i'll Let You Know

What Happens

Next With SMiLes...

Thing is if We aRe Not Careful Not
to Pay too Much Attention to What
Everyone Else is Doing 'Crazy' We

May Never Figure out Now in the First
Place That Society's Older Ideas of Normal

Now Are Truly Harmful to Our Human Nature
As Evolved Like Sitting Still As Dangerous
As A Pack of Cigarettes Like Forgetting We

Are Human And Becoming All Of the Mechanical
Cognition That is Spoon-Fed to Us From Practically

Birth to Death Soul SucKinG All of Our Creative Imaginative
Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Intelligences Away Withering

Away So Many

Of Our Fruits

On a Vine of

Life At Zero in
Balance That May
Go Places Both Down
or Up in the Dreams and
Nightmares We May Co-Create
Next With Or Without HeART SPiRiT SoUL mY FRiEnD...

In Short if Your Foot or Back Ever Starts Hurting Try Gently
Walking In Reverse And If You are Really Brave Hehe Do It

In Public And Eliminate Almost All Your Fears for the Rest of Your Life...

Yet True the Danger is You Won't Be Accepted As A Social Animal And

You Might Starve To Death This Indeed is a Very Powerful Human

Instinct For Survival to Be Accepted and of course Part of the

Reason i Didn't Start Being Free the Way i am

To move Farther up From Zero than

Down After i Became



No Longer Slave

to Other 'Work-Opinions'

Yes Dear Now i Have a Real

Job of Living Yet yes Dear

i Totally Appreciate

All Those
And Dentists
And Such That Help me to
Survive And Thrive too For Life
Is Full of Sacrifices As Love too my FRiEnD

to Make this Game this Play Work Out Best We Can And Will...

My Dentist Told me A Story While Installing A Crown Not too Long
Ago How He Was Sculpting Play-Dough in Middle School and His

Mom Said Perhaps You Should Become A Dentist And Yes He Did

And Such A Kind Old Man He Is Now Maybe Younger Than me
hehe as most everywhere i go now i am the Oldest And Strongest

And Surely by Quantitative Mathematical Measure Hehe the One
With the Most Imagination and Creativity too.. Yet How For i Was

Born on the Autism Spectrum Not able to Speak Until 4 Called
Names Like A Dizzy Fly When i Walked So Uncoordinated Spit
on For Being So Weak and Stuttering in School And Ironically

For Smiling So Much
Then for No Reason
Yet Inhaling Peace

Exhaling Love

No Reason At All

Yet to Breathe

Just to Exist

This Gift Of Life Then
And Now the SaMe Age
mY FRiEnD The Age of the
Soul Whole Naked Complete Enough

The Age of Zero Indeed The Age of God in Balance Within

to See and Be i AM In Every Stone In Every Ceiling Plain

There is Another Michelangelo, Beethoven, hehe or


or You Waiting
To Escape Now
Who i Don't Know
Your Name Other
Than 'USA Writes'

How Sad is that yet
my FRiEnD How Joyful

It is That it Doesn't Matter

What Your Name is You

Are part of God And So am i...

This is How i See And Be All of Creation i Am Now

As Zero my FRiEnD All the Way Down And Up Still to Come...

God is too Small of A Word It Traps the Tongue on the Roof of the
Mouth Allah Exhales As Love i Will Never Be Limited to One Religion

Yet Peace

Inhaling True

Love Exhaling All
No Different than When
i AM A Child Before i Became
A Dance And Song i Am Now

Same Inhaling Peace Same
Exhaling God Same Breathing Love...

A New Page A Story Never Ends
Now Dancing Singing Flow i Am

Yet of Course This is Only my Opinion
For i Rest My Life on A Grain of Sand Below

With the Potential of Holding Up Mountains of Human
Love i Am No More Important Than That Grain of Sand Holding me up...


Hehe Dear Rue In Some Way

We aRe ALL Waiting On A Meal

Key i Will See Now Is


The Door

To the Kitchen

And Changing

The Recipe Just For Fun
Oh No What Will i Do Katrina

Chases me Out in Every Try

Guess i'll Just Do Free Dance

And Song And From Now on

She Will Remind me to

Eat As That

is What

Chefs Do Best

Feed Us When We Get Hungry

Hmm... Waiting For my Reminder Soon.. HAha...

HAha i’ve
Well Not
To Complain


At Home

Dear Doc

It’s All So
Good ThiS Way...

SMiles Dear
Middle me



To Change
The Tires


They ReTire

Rusting In

And Sadly
Die Early


Is No
We Continue
Breathing With

New Tires And
New Horizons

To Explore
In Awe

Wonder DO NeWLY NoW...

SMiLes Dear Yam For Now

my Rule For Relationships

Is Leaves That Only Leave

Trees to Fertilize Soils

For New

Trees To Green
In Spring This Way

As A Leaf i am Always
Planting Trees mY FRiEnD
to Give and Share Free True

i Am the Leaf That Both Goes
And Always Returns Spring Green...

SMiLes my Rule For Happiness
Is A New Boot Camp Each

And Every Day


Of Course
With SMiLes...

Hehe Dear Savvy i've often Been 'Accused'

Of Doing This or That Kind of

Tai Chi


or Haibun

Or Kung Fu


i've only

Been Taught

By Essence Within

That Decides From Middle

Me Yes Intuitive Gut Which

Way to Flow Next in Mind

Body Whole Soul Balancing

River Requires No Lessons

To Return To Ocean As Waves

Naturally Fall and Rise To Remain Water With SMiLes...

However i Realize Human CuLTuRE Usually Takes The


To Fly

Lessons Away...

Never The Less 'the

Balance of Zero' And The

Potential Positive Up or Negative

Down Remains as The Essence of

Balance Wears No Clothes Including Human




In Ease River
Water Ocean

SMiles Dear
Yam What


Do When
We Learn to Sing

Thanks Dear FRiEnD


Ocean Whole...

Sand Bars
Sure As
ShoreS AGAiN...

We Dancing Singing Breathing

Waves Lower Waves Higher

Seas Bring Tree Branches
Leaves Bring Wind To See
Breath Brings Love To


Brings LiGHT
To Appreciate Now


Peace Be With Love
Inhaling Exhaling More We...

Sunshine Collecting
Within For



Continues LoVE iN Peace...

Ah Yes Dear Xenia

Secret to Heaven


All to Must


All Wonder Awe
Dog's EYes Continue Seeing...

Wonderful Haiku Celebrating
Breaths of Those Passing
Away From


Dear Xenia
Love Still Remaining
In All Memories of

Love Still Springing

Green Souls Breathing Love More...

SMiLes Dear Xenia Wishing
You All A Wonderful Fall
Equinox Break

Bringing Cool
Breezes Here

Yet HAha

iN Florida As Usual
Summer Storming
BacK NoW To Retain

Heat's Crown...

Yeah Heights
Take my Breath
Away too
In Movies
And Pictures too...

Even the Doctor's
Raise Their Eyebrows
When i Dance Sing i Have to Be

Careful Not to Get too Happy

Secret to my Success Now
Be Zero Keep The Balance

How Do 'The MeeK' iNHeriT

Nature Hugs
All Around Now...

Hot Dear
Xenia Yet

Blue With


You All...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Living in Florida A State That Means Flower State
And Living in the Same Home for Almost 30 Years And Planting All the
Way Through So Many Different Species of Plants And Trees Truly A Garden

Will be An Eden
of Giving
Beauty Back
ThiS Way Although
We Don't Have many
Edible Plants And the Closest
We Have in the Taro Family is Elephant
Ears A Tropical Plant With Big Heart Shaped
Leaves Repelling Water Similar to Taro Yes in that

Family Yet Not Edible And Poisonous Raw Like Taro too...
Wow i did Some Research on the Taro Plant to Eat too

Amazing How Much of a Staple it is in So Many Places
in the World Yet my Wife Hasn't Ever Used it in a Dish

However i Do Believe i Remember Indian FRiEnDS
Sharing it as Part of Their Recipes And Perhaps
A Hawaiian FRiEnD too and it is Very Possible

That the Food the Pacific Islander People
Share at Our Church Has Included
Taro Too With SMiles anyway

All the Flowers in my
Garden Seem Like New
FRiEnDS Loyal From Old Who Bloom
Predictably in Different Months of the

Year it's Sort of Like Your Poetry except
That is Almost Everyday Year 'Round With SMiLEs

As It's True the Poetry We Create Freely Giving
Sharing Caring And Healing is a Garden From

Human Soul That Truly FLoWeRS Blooming

YeaR 'Round With Dances and Songs

of SoULS Free With SMiLes Dear

Savvy Yes
From HeART
SPiRiTinG SoUL Breath
As Taro is One of the Earliest
Cultivated Human Agricultural
Plants And True a First Human Tradition
in Communication Was All Dancing and
Singing Oral Tradition A Natural Melody of Poetry

Helping in Recovering Stories Over and

Over As Culture Overall Danced

And Sang Group Soul ThiS Way With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Ruchi i Like it When You
Write Free Verse From Your Soul This

Way Just ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTinG FoRM THiS Way Free
BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith At Best When You

Overcome The Shadows of Life More Fully Expressing Them
in Words of Your SoUL Becoming Song Free All that's

Missing Perhaps is A Free Dance As Emotions Flow
As Feelings and Senses From Head to Toe ThiS Way

How Sad As FRiEnDS Do Drift Away Even Very

Good Ones Who Promise They Will Be Your
Forever FRiEnD And Never Leave Your

Side SMiLes You Know Feel Sense

Who Will Never Leave Your Side and
Always Be Your FRiEnD Yes Song of Your

Poetry Coming Deep Within Soul Unleashing
ReLeaSinG So Free to Be i Am You Do ThiS Way

As You Become FRiEnDS With the Words As SoUL
iNFuSinG Art As Your SPiRiT MaY Rise HeART out

Of DarK and a Melody of BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG

Faith At Best When You Overcome The Shadows of Life More Fully
EXPReSSinG Them in Words of Your SoUL Becoming Song Free True

Just Another Refrain
of Souls Set Free

in Wings of

Words What
Poetry Accomplishes
Best Like Free Dance too
Wings of SoUL SonG Set Free

Once AGain BREaTHiNG
PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG


LeSSoN 447
True Super Heroes
Carry A Gentle Touch
Lifting Up Those Who
Are Marginalized And Oppressed

Have You Ever Noticed That
Men And Or Women Who
Are True Leaders Have
The Most Empathy
And Compassion

For Those Who Are
Marginalized And
Oppressed Well
Science Shows
Even Chimps
Choose Their
True Alpha Leaders

ThiS Way Key To Being
Human Is Being Naked
Enough to Put The Chimp

In Human
And Use Empathy
And Compassion
Rather Than Clothes
Of CuLTuRE And Or
Religion Or And Politics

That Harm The Marginalized
And Oppressed Among Us

Challenge Is The Truth is
Those Without Empathy
And Compassion For

Those Who Are
Marginalized And
Oppressed May Have

The Most Difficult Human
Disability of All Humans

Without A Soul
Bringing Others
Down Grasping At
Straw To Fill What is
Empty Within Like Stuffed

Shirts With
Little to No

Soul Yes AS Hard
As It May Be To
Do They Need

For A Most Horrible
Disability Of All Humans

With Empty LoVE iNDeed...

Ah Yes, Not Making 'The Team' Dear Miriam
i Surely Will Relate Always Picked Last Then for

The Competing Sports Teams in Grade School

Not Even Picked to Eat Lunch With In School

And Lord Knows Eventually That Changed As

i Never Gave Up

True Hehe it Took
Decades and I am Potentially

Too Strange Still to Even Be
Considered for Modern Jury Duty

Particularly For my Political Leanings
Where i Live i Suppose As Everything
Around Where i Live Is Mixed With
Politics And Religion Yet Typically

When Ya Don't Fit in At Least

You Seem to Never Get a

Notice For Jury Duty Hehe

True Saving me Money to Buy the
Kinda Khaki Dress-Up Pants And Polo
Work Uniform Shirts i Wore in All my
5 Job Changes And Promotions Up the
Ladder of Federal Pay for the Last 5 Years
of a Quarter of A Century 33 Year Working Career Starting

At the Very Bottom Again After 3 College Degrees For the

Next Quarter of A Century Working For Good Old Uncle Sam

i Never Expect to Win Now and The Rewards Actually Do Keep
Flowing in Like a River That Has No Idea Where to Go Yet Flow

True That's the Forrest Gump Lesson of my Life Be The Feather

in the Wind

Be the Wind Just Flow

And Leave Cat-6 Hurricane Winds Behind
It's the Way of Nature Unfettered By Human Clothes...

Receiving 40 Percent of my Retirement Pay Since 2009 Yes Then
Automatically it Was Supposed to Go Up on my 62nd Birthday on
June 6th to 100 Percent Yet Just Like When i Had to Research
Federal Law That Made Me Eligible After Several Transfers from
Non-Appropriated Funds to Appropriated Funds Back in
2008 With the Worst Pain Known to Humankind
Including Numb too With 18 Other Medical
Disorders They Failed to Do Their Job Again
Not Tagging my Personal File to Do Their
Job From the Day i Corrected Their

Mistakes Back in 2008 And Oh Dear
Lord That Wasn't All They Lost my First
9 Years of Service Credit And i Had to Wait
Another 6 Months to Receive A Suprise Letter
in the Mail That Said What The Amount of Backpay
That Would Have to Provide All the Way Back to 2009

Indeed If You Are Not At Least As Smart as The System the
System Will Eat You Alive With the Mistakes It Does Make

God Yes Yet True i Was Raised on Love Not Money
Power and Status or Any Other Position in Life Yes

To My Father's Chagrin i Didn't Pursue Money Yet
my Mother Never Ever Said Anything About Life Was
Power, Position, Status, or Money, or Other Material Goods

So in Other Words, It's Another Green Mold Savings Account
Accruing in Arrears Yep Just Another Alternate Bank Account

in Case Another Rainy Day Comes And It Did Yet Not in This Panhandle

of Flowers
Still Blooming
Where i Live on
Higher Ground True
Keeping the High Ground Staying Dry With Love

Now it Seems in this World Ya Can't Hold Folks Responsible
For Doing Their Job Not Even Keeping The Goverment Working

If Only They Had Some Immigrants Still Willing to Work For 'Free'...
Funny How the Ones Who Wanna Join The Team And Don't Get Picked

Truly Win
What Really
Counts in Life Loving Free iN Peace...

Dammed Straight meek Inherit the EartH


Oh Yes How to Describe MaGiC of
iMaGiNaTioN And CReATiViTY That

SPRiNGS Deep WiTHiN True Once
We Experience it We Wish We Will

Be Able to Give Away The MaGiC to Others
Truly So it Will Always Be THeiR Fresh FLoWeR to Bloom

Yet How Do We Quantify What Doesn't Exist Until MaGiC BREaTHES

ALWaYS NeW NoW SPRinGinG Green Once Again FLoWeRinG
So Very Deep WiTHiN God

Yes For Me at Least It's Always
Music Within Accompanying
Lyrics From A Pen That Flows
So Far Beyond Linearly True A Science
of Art That Becomes A Spiraling Force Now

of Milky Ways New RiSinG to Our Surface Within
of Creativities Fresh Wings Dancing Singing Free

Anyway Dear Jade Oh Why Oh Why Do the Best Poets
Disappear Online i Guess So When They Return They Get
Absorbed Back into the Realm of Creativity WHeRE ALL Connects

iN Moving
Ways of Existing
Reflecting Stars Below
Above And Hemispheres
of EartH Integrating One Force WiTHiN Roses RiSinG Freer

And Hehe When i Saw the Notification For Your
Poem Considering Just Finishing A Bi-Monthly
Novel Sized Poem Around 60,000 Words Titled

''Cross of Stars And Roses" Putting that Together
Now For Electronic Publish Soon Your
Poem Defines What i Titled my Poem

Too A Bit More Concisely of
Course As my Winds

Aren't Trapped
in Any Particular
Size of What Responsibilities
Might Comes Next Other Than
Wings Just Dancing Singing Free Wind mY FRiEnD

Really Nice to Feel and Sense Your Poetry Again...

Oh Goodness Dear Chaymaa Life is All About New
Beginnings Every Inhale of Peace Exhale Of Love
Particularly Living in Balance

This Way With the Rest

Of Nature Always Changing

True Most of Nature is Too Busy
Starting Always New Now to Look
Back mY FRiEnD Sadly We

Humans Tend to Get Lost
in Ruminations of the Past
And Forecasts of Fear For

The Future That May Never
Come to Pass One Part of Life

For Sure is Now Will Change

Into A New Beginning Next
How We Adapt to that Change

is A Difference Between Content
or Some Experience Of Life Less

LiFE NoW...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Creating
In Any Way Particularly Free
Dance And Song my Weakness

For Decades And Considered
The Weakest Fish in the Aquarium
At School A Perceived Weakness by Others too

True Through my 40's i Could Solve So Many Problems
At Work yet Even Pulling Words Out To Say Something
Might Be An All Day Struggle Then With SMiLes True

Usually i Could
SMiLes With
And i Guess i
Survived That Way
With SMiLes Then i Lost
mY Eyes Behind Shades and
Eventually A SMiLe Behind a
Covid-19 Mask Thank God The

Song of Free Poetry And Dance Still
Left to Love to Do So Nice When We
Become Strongest in Ways We Were Once
Weakest Before Yet of Course it's All in the Practice

And Inspiration For Change For A Better Life NeW NoW
Oh to Be Strong Enough in Dance And Song With A Soul

Truly A Dream
Come True
WHere A
In An Oz
Is No Longer
Just Myth Behind A Curtain
True Higher Force Within Dear FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Cindy 'This' All Reminds me of A Day in the Winn Dixie
Store Where A Young Man in Front of Us in Line in His 30's

Was Identified As the Child of Some FRiEnDS of Ours From
1990 Where my Wife Used to Change His Diaper So She

Standing In Line Behind Him Basically Looking

The Same Age As Him at This Point Now of Her

53 Year Old-Life And His 33 Year-Old

Life my Wife Said Hey i Used to

Change Your Diapers

And He Turned A Dozen

Shades of Red Hehe Yet Kept the

Same Smile He Had As A Child GLoWinG

So Years From Now Your Daughters Will be

Able to Show These Photos From Your Blog

To the Grown Up Grandchildren at the Family

Get Together With Their New Boyfriends in Tow

And Once

Again God Yes

A Dozen Shades
And More of Red
in Embarrassment

With A SMiLe of the Human

Condition That Makes Us All Equals

Indeed We All Are Born And Die And

No One Is Exempt From the CR8P of Life Either

So Indeed Be Free Don't Be So Serious Play 'Naked' While You


And Will Free

Too Many People
Keep CR8P In Their
Diapers Lifelong Still Stewing in it

Until Just Before Their Last Breath They Ask Why And Why me...

A Most Beautiful Part of A Free Dance And Song Dear Miriam

Is Expressing All of the Human Condition Dark Through

Light Yes in Song of Voice And Writing too Letting

Go of the DarK Embracing LiGHT Seeing the

Whole Page LiGHT Up With What YouR

SouL Has to Give to Our Dance And
SonG of LiFE WHere An Other Wise

Grudge May Become A Work of Art Instead

of Dark Stain on Our Souls Where Really The Enemies Owning Our

Feelings Become Poison to Our Well Being From Head to Toe of Mental

Health too Carrying On in All Our Other Relationships Yet i'm 100 Percent

Sure You Would 'Never Kick The Dog' Or Take it Out on Another Innocent of

The Offenses Yet so often that Happens too When Folks Hold On to the Grudges

of Discontent

And on Top of that

As i Look Back on my Life
On All the Bullies Who Wished
And Tried to Do me Harm ACross my Ages

What i See is Not Weakness Yet Great Strength

Coming From Overcoming That DarK Muse in LiFE

So NoW it is More Like BRinG iT On i'm in the Mood

To Write A Mood Poem Hehe And Sure i Will Deep into the

Ages of my Life Continue to Make Long Lost Enemies FRiEnDS of my


Love Your Enemies

Is Only Weight Lifting For the

Soul That Allows Us to Love

Our FRiEnDS Even More

In Understanding Their
Darknesses too Hehe

i Remember A FRiEnD

Who Hurt me So Badly i Calmly

Said Ouch That Feels Like A Knife

Twisting in my Gut And Then i Said

All that's Left to Do is Forgive You

Typically the FRiEnD Who Is Willing to Forgive Most

is the Glue Who Holds The Human World Together Dear Miriam For Real

Indeed What the Unconditional Love of A Mother often Does for the most


of Children

Back to the Path
Out of the Shadows
of the Day to BREaTHE Free...

To Quote Batman's Mentor in Paraphrase

A Vigilante is Only one Looking For Self Satisfaction

Mr Wayne if You Make Yourself More Than A Man

You Become Something Entirely Different Then as

Batman Asked What the Mentor Said Legend Mr Wayne...

Then No One Will Ever Be Able to Destroy the Good You Bring...

Hehe i Was the One Who Broke up Potential Fights of Drunken Sailors
at a Military Bowling Center For Decades When Church Groups Came in

Even Though i Hadn't Been to Church in Over a Decade They Told me i
Was the Best Example of A Christian They Ever met on Earth Gift of the Mother


Gift of the Mother...

As Kind to 'Them'
as My Mother Was to me...

With Her ABiLiTY to Forgive too

Common Archetype It's Likely What Happened in the Story
Beyond the Myths Of Jesus 'His Father' Left Early And

His Mother Left Him With The Legacy of LoVE iN Peace

LoVE iN Peace Changes the World THere is only A Small

GLint of 'Orange'

iN The Belly of

LoVE iN Peace

Yin And Yang

DarK iS LiGHT For Real...

Friday Florida Flower Story
Butterfly Wings Evolving
To Leaves And Petals
Even With Branches
Of Tree Veins
Within The
Of Our Lungs
To BREaTHE Streams
Connecting Rivers
Branching Out
Ocean Whole
Indeed A Butterfly
Wing Pollinating
Holds The
Of God
We Breathe
With SMiLes...

Indeed Dear Savvy
Protecting Our
Holy And Sacred
Energies As They
Surely Transcend All
Time Distance Space
And Particularly A
Of Things
Surely Worth
A Practice oF LoVE iN Peace
God Yes To Reach Even More...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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01 Oct 2023, 1:22 am

DarK And LiGHT

Are The Colors

of Our Life

Dear Miriam

to Lose one

Is to Lose All
Again Night is Day...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Zen of Dance
And Song in Flow So True Oneness

With THe All of Mind And Body Balancing

Soul Within Inside Outside Above So Below

And Surely All


As We Become

A Meditating Flow

Receptive to the All that is

Yet Still FocuSinG on Task Excelling

In All Our Moving Connecting Co-Creating

Again Balancing All Around A Wonderful Healing

For What Some Folks Refer to As A 'Ball of Confusion'

Of So Many Distractions That Keep Us Off Track of the Divine


Free All Around
Within SMiLes mY FRiEnD...

Zee.. My pleasure
As ALWays to stop by
And the entire Ball of
Confusion that is the Human
Species on Earth Will use a wHole
Lot of understanding and on the
Eighth Day Yes
God made the
Internet After
Due rest
Humor too...

The Gift is Art
The Practice
is Life The Light
IS "Love For ALL"

Beauty Carries
On Wisdom of Love Now For All We
Are We Smile All Joys Color More Love

What Sound Does An Ocean Make
Breath of God Golden Spirals As Song
As Waves Come in and Go out SaMe
Dancing Singing More Different
SaMe as Well
as Galaxies
Breathe too..
And of Course Us too
In Movement And Repose
Action As Inaction is Action too..
What Truth is tHere Yet A God
Dance And Song In Peace
And Harmony Within
iN DarK
Thru LiGHT
We NoW
Are Reflecting
God's Breath Within
inside outside above so below
All Around Water Wave OCeaN
Whole Particle Wave Field
Same and Different
aS Even Physics
of God's
Breath Dances
And Sings More From:
Science to: Art EYes NoW iN LiGHT
Us God WHoLE WaVE PaRT aLL We DancE SinG...

Sacred Stones
Breathing LoVE iN
We Choose
To Be Or See...

SMiles ‘Man’ Cannot
Live on Bread Alone’
That’s Why God
Creates Mothers
Before Man For
True Babies Born
In Mother’s Womb
Then Sprinkled
With Male Dust
SMiLes Now i’m
Sure WHere ever
‘He’ Goes He Will
Take You
This is
How Love
Grows Flying
From Nest Now
Spreading Love’s
Wings Do See Essence
Of these Words Now
In My
Eyes Love Mine
Now Yours too
Still Breathing
A Mother’s
Love Never
Dies in Thine Eyes...

Sun Rises Falls
Night Makes
Day True
Do ReMain...

My Pleasure
Words Always
Inspired by
As This Dance
Is Never Truly Solo...

HAha the Day
i stopped
is the Day
i Started Breathing
All i Did is Dance Free
Like a Naked Bird on
A Wing at First Folks
Said i was Nuts just
For Dancing Free
Everywhere i Go
Now For 18,860
Miles in 121 Months... Yes
i still Do the Accounting
Once Named A Computer
Brain At Work, Most
Yet not quite
Passing the 'Turing
Test' For Human Yet
It didn’t take
Yet A Couple
Of Thousand
Miles until my
New Name became
Legend by Cars Passing
By and Youth still in
Touch With
Wings yeah
Yeah Being
Financially Independent
Helps Yet Freedom is
Of Naked
Wings Without
Even A Word attached
OnlY in my View
Of Course
Trump Palaces
In Stink Stank Stunk
Where i Lived
Paper Wings...

Nature Connects
Our SoULS As
Nature (‘God’)
Indeed Breathing
All Around Seeing Being...

Always Be
That Way
Know the
Ones Who Stay
Are True no Need
To play a Game
Of Exclusion
To Find
Isn’t True
All The Rejection
Will be Worth ‘The one’
Proven Who stays
And Thin
If Nothing
Else Be the Last
Love Standing Never
Falling Then You
Love to Give
It’s Like Weightlifting
For Your Soul No
Gain to Give
So Hard indeed
Yet Life is only
Not Free
Truly Breathing
In The DarK aS Light
Enjoying Twilight
Day Seeing Love
Play Just to Give
The Giving
Truly Free
Your Love to Give
As You are ‘The Worthy
Breathing Giving Now
All the Colors You Create
To Get THere
Yet When We
Do We aRe NoW
TotAlly BreathinG Love...

Sunrise is God’s
Joy Sunset is
God’s Rest
Is God’s
Dream i AM...

Look to Sky
For Heaven...
Birds Will
Precede Us
Now.. Fish in the
Ocean Below.. Yes
Too For they never
Have Words or Other
Idols of Human Abstract
To Separate
In Illusion
God Breathing
Within Free WHere
All is Unity God
Still miss
THE EnTire
MeSSage of JeSuS
The Good News
So Simple True
Yes.. So Joyfully
Naked Free
We NoW
GoD Star
We Remain
From Crucible
Fire of Star
Burst Death
Gaseous Dust
Us SaMe Iron
Flow at Core
Of This Planet
Blood Streams Us
Our Earth Orb God’s
Heaven We STaR
To Seed With
Love Best Giving
Sharing Free With
Least Harm to All
Circle of Love Complete...

Love True Love
At Least Never
Stops Holding
Of True
For Giving
Thanks Giving
Loving EYes
Loving EYes
In This Way the
Greatest Dance And
Song Love We Do
Go Away
Cat SMiLes
Do LiVE oN LoVinG NoW...

SMiLes Long
As We Dance
And Sing Now
LoVE Raining
We Go Holy
LoVinG Arms
D A N C in G
Banding Now
No ‘Normal’ Hurricane
Spirit Thriving GRoWinG
All Weather Baptism Now...

At First BLink
Last Breath
Of Life
Are We
You Best
For A Target
Audience Now
Is Someone
Else to Find
Art Evolves
Or We
In Pages
of Books
Or Even ‘Only Covers’...

Pain Makes
Pleasure Makes
Pain Life Makes
Breath oh
A Miracle
Dark Makes Light
Flats And Sharps
Piano Strings
Play Vocal
Chords Ouch
Percussion Strikes
HeART Beat Drums
WoRKinG Breath
i Believe
Makes Day...

Stings Sings
D A N C iN G
Butterfly Wings
Bee FLoWeRinG
THoRNS Party Rose
Ain’t Life

RiSinG NoW
Victory Love
Blood Breathing Stars Rose ALiVE...

Oh Dear Rue Red The Color Without An F

Master The Shadow Red

Wing The Spirit Of Creativity

Higher Than Ever Before The

Color of Blood Crucible Fire of Super

Nova Explosions Gaseous Star Dust Clouds

Make Iron In Our Blood Streams And Core of Earth

Therefore A Big Bang Begins An Entire UniVerse Perhaps

More Than iNFiNiTY Will Count in Generations of Stars True

Stars Are Both Flowers And Seeds

And So Are We in



of Existence
Surviving Thriving

LoVinG Free Oxygen Binds
With Iron Compounds in Our Blood

MaKinG LiFE Bright Red RiSiNG iN
Passion Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

Yet Only When We Master Our Shadow
Red Winging SPiRiT of Creativity Ever Higher

More to Reach Out and Touch Other Star Flowers

And Seeds Us As True This iS How New Connections

Of God Are Made As Above So Below Stars Are Neurons

And So Are We Connecting On This Mind These Two

Hemispheres of EartH And It's True As Dancing

Singing Stars of PaSSioN Red Blood Surviving

Means Defending Life And

Creating Life Same

For the Gift the

Value of this
Breath Worth LiVinG

Now Yes i Was Once A Little
Lamb Almost Too Uncoordinated

To Walk in A Straight Line Now i Spiral
in Balance With Grace oF A Lion WaLKinG
On The Savannah PoSinG For Real With the

Passion of Lobsters Standing Tall With Claws Outreached

Ready For Battle if Necessary to Survive As Well Yet i am A Human

i Have the Potential i Use to Master the Shadow And Wing Creativity

Greater Than Ever Before And This is What Sets Us Different From

Lions Who Eat Competing Lion's Cubs And Fight To the Death for

Territory of Reproduction Same... For They Were Once Cubs

MaKinG Biscuits on Lioness Mother's Breast in Tender Love

No Different Than Us As Long As We Are Born Now

And Gardened With Love This Way SMiles

So What is More Powerful the

Color of Lipstick Red

Or Biceps And

Fists Full

Of Blood And Other
Body Parts That Match
As Such True It Depends
No Different Than How We Master
All the Tools That CuLTuRE Creates

For It's True Lipstick Brings Life in Passionate
And Uncontrolling Ways For It's True Fearless
Biceps and Fists Complete Whole And Enough
Inspire Confidence to Protect Human Cubs

At Least...

How Shall We

Judge Stars For Exploding

As FLoWeRS And Seeds For

Creating Us It Seems

Surely That



Was Not Afraid

Of All His Star

And Other Mythical

Beings Were Neutered

To Suit A Hidden Lie of Reality

Hide the Red Shadow And Lose

The Higher Winging Creativity of Spirit

Smiles All Of Your Colors of Lipstick are Nice to me...

Yet Your Wings of Creativity are What Carries my Spirit Higher...

Yet That's Not to Dismiss The Power of Two Sets of Hips on an Old
Dude 3 Months Shy of 60 Grinding A Dance of Base Shadow Respect....

Yet You See i Master The Shadow

No Temptation



For me With SMiLes

If Not i'd be in a Whole
Boat Load of Trouble in
A Storm With No Anchor
of A 'Good Catholic Boy' Haha...

i Transformed Their Lust And Sure
Mine too in Spirit of Winged Creativity

Honestly i Will Still Empirically Measure

it By Word Count The Day After Dance Then

And As Far As Naked Whole And Complete
Spirit RiSinG Higher Winged in These Parts
At Least A Lion Walking Gracefully Across the

Savannah Moving This Way Need Never Fear A Fight

Hehe at Least 99.99 Percent of the Time When They Are
Not In A Bar of Men Making Occasional Foolish Drunken Mistakes....

Never The Less When You Have to As Lion Instantly You Choke
Someone into Submission...

Keeping the



Course Retracted
And Releasing the
Grip As Soon As It is
Made Clear They Made a Big Mistake...

Let's Face Facts of Human Nature in Toxic
Patriarchies No Way Anyone Would Wanna
Have a Beer With Jesus in A Bar if He Didn't

Turn Money Tables Over in a Rage At the
Temple or Change The Folks Who Didn't
Follow His Rules From Sheep to Goats
Burn Them Forever And Send the

Rest of the Ones Who Do Not
Comply With His Rules to an
Eternal Lake of Fire Torturing
And Burning Them Forever too...
That's A Hell of A Video Game to
Discuss With A Beer At the Bar for
Conquest of Red Passion of Blood too...

If Only He Had A Mary Magdalene
Like me Who Stood With Her Man
in Hell That Wouldn't Be Necessary

to Prove His Manhood At All He'd Just
Be The Graceful Lion Walking Across the
Bar Dance Floor That Only the Ladies Make Eye Contact with Hehe...

It's Like One Day Strolling around The Block A Young Man and
His Wife Walking my Way She Smiling Big at me When i Said Good Morning
Then and

He Didn't


Lift His Eyes
to my Shades...

We aRe All Part of the
Call of the Wild of Flowers
And Seeds That Come From
Seeds and Flowers in Crucible
Red Fire of Star Burst Explosions

Hehe With

Or Without
F And Red With SMiLes...

Just LooKinG For Some Kind
of Big Bang Next in Muse to Create
Passion Of Life That Makes Survival Come Again...

Otherwise The Species Eventually Goes Away Without Star Fire Within

To Dust We Return To Dust We Return Yet We Still Come Fire And

Passion Continues to Create Life...

Other than That i Am Currently Still Enjoying A Rather Long Shelf-Life Yet Even When
That GoeS AWaY And i Finally Succumb to Just Being Human Haha... The Winged Spirit

of Creativity

Is All that

Will Be Left

And Just Soul

Breath Changed

Into Art For the Fossil

Record As i Will Allow No

One To Forget Dear Ruehla's

Winged Spirit of Creativity Yes

Too Pinnacle of Humanity in my
Eyes At Least to Give and Share
Freely With No Restraints i Don't Even

Have to Leave a Link As With A Google
Search Ruehla Is Literally One of A Kind...

An Honor To Visit Your Art Dear FRiEnD
And to be Mused Highest By Your Winged
Spirit of Creativity Deep Within Your Soul
With Or Without HeART Felt Palpitations With SMiLes...

There is No

Price For Your Gift

And No Earthly Form

To Pay Higher Respect
to Your Soul than the Art You Create...

So Much More Than A Pair of Hips and
A Grinding Dance 3 Months Shy of 60 Hehe...
Haha Showing the 6.6.60 on my Driver's License
To Prove i'm Not 35 In the Dark HAha.. Oh By the
Way 'Depth of the Story' All 3.1 MiLLioN Or So Words Written
Recently Turned 184 Thouands Views Just From the Registered
Members in 37 Months on the 'Wrong Planet' Earlier This Week

Just Another Place

Where Dudes Rarely Lift Their Eyes to my SHades Never Yet
The Less Someone is Apparently Looking Hehe With SMiLes...

Yet You See No Affirmations Needed This Is What it Means

To Be Naked


Complete Dear
Ruehla Baby: Unstoppable...
No Different Than Star Breath
FLoWeRS And Seeds Still Coming to Life...

Hehe If There is Such A Thing With SMiLes

i Am Left Almost Speechless With Your

Kindness And Purest Love Dear

FRiEnD Aleesha Sharing my
Words of Poetry Now

Introduced to

Your Poetry

By Karlien

So Highly MuSinG
For SPiRiT of Holy
And Sacred Creativity

So Deep And Soulful
With HeART WiTHiN my

FRiEnD SMiLes Dear FRiEnD

i Have Written Literally Millions

of Words of Poetry to Poetry That

Touches my Soul Among Hundreds

Of Poets Globe-Wide With Not Even

A Thank You And Even A Ban or Delete

For What i Share Deepest of my SouL For

i Do Not See Life As A Competition only A Give And

Share Care Heal More i Can't Imagine Entering Any Contest
WHere Only A Spirit

of Love


In Soul
Felt HeART of Life...

So i Dance So i Sing
With God's Spirit (Love) Within

And Yes i am Always Honored
When Anyone Reaches Out
And Touches my Humanity With
Their Humanity True iN LiGHT too

For Their Darkness
Is As Welcome

As Their


How Fortunate Dear FRiEnD

i Am to LiVE iN Both Hell and
Heaven in One Lifetime to Appreciate

Angels Like You With Wings And Forgive

Every Devil in Flesh That Otherwise Might

Come my Way For WHere They Have Been

May Surely Be Similar to What i've Tasted,

Smelled, Seen, Heard, And Touched of Life,

For It's True in my Life i've Lost the

Ability to Touch, to Hear, to See, to

Taste, and To Smell, Yet

What i Don't Ever

Ever Wanna

Lose Again is
The Memory if i Ever
Smiled Before in my Life
At All Yes The Warm Feeling
Within That Makes Life Worth
Giving Sharing Caring At All mY FRiEnD

For It's True Even Experiencing Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia the Worst Pain Known to Humankind from
Wake to Sleep No Drug Would Touch then along with
18 Other Mostly Stress Related Disorders For 66 Months From A Chronic
Sting of that for 11 Years Accelerating to 2 Years Then in Fight or Flight Acute
Stress Working for the Government Afraid to Quit my Job And Save my Life...

The Worst Pain

oF All


is Losing

The Feeling

if i Smiled Before At all...

Moral oF A STory Never

Be Afraid of the DarK And

Never Be Cynical oF LiGHT

As DarK Makes LiGHT

As Night Makes

Day As

Kind Loving

Angel People Like You
Help Retain My Hope
Faith and LoVE iN All of Humanity
mY FRiEnD Thanks For the Gift
Of You "i Believe You With Love"...

SMiLes Dear Akshita
i Remembered The Scars

Until All Memories of Smiles

And Tears No Longer Came

Only A Breath of

Love to

Live Again
No Longer Wandering
The Earth A Ghost Not
Realizing i am Dead Then...

On The Other Hand It's True Some

Scars Just Don't Go Away A Friend In

Youth An Only Friend in Youth Going to

College So Poor Then Barely Getting By

A Stranger Friending me then Yet

So Disturbed As Well For

Her Father


'Abusing Her'

Such A Beautiful

Half American And
Guamanian Young Woman

Some Years Later After She Got
Married And Had Two Beautiful Loving

Children She Ended Her Life In Her




His Revolver Yes

It's True Some Scars

Never Do Go Away

i'll Never Forget

Her Scars

Not Unlike
my Son Who
only Lived 51 Days
Ryan With Only Pain
in A Children's Hospital...

He Never Had A Smile at All...

When i Lost my Smile the Feeling

Within for 66 Months Plus Worst Pain
Known to Humankind From Wake to
Sleep and 18 Other Life Threatening

Disorders With Not Even the Possibility

of Feeling Hope or Any Other Emotion
Only Pain And Numb i Told Myself

Everyday Even Though i

Couldn't Feel

Or Remember

What A Smile Felt Like At

All Yes There Were Pictures
of me That Proved i Once Lived

And Pictures of me Now That Prove i Came Back to Life...

It's True Some Scars Never Do Go Away Yet Breathe Yet SMile Again...

Connecting Stars Empathy
Is Being A UNiVeRSE

Of Humanity

And Not



Orphan Star
Planet mY FRiEnD
Savvy And True Whenever

i Think About Empathy i Feel
"Turn On Your HeART" Light

Now And Phone Home to Humanity
To Make Contact Like 'ET' Does in that

Old Classic Movie Where Extraterrestrials
Evolve With Huge Empathic EYeS And Huge
HeARTS Of Empathic Compassionate Love

Forgoing So Much Brawn And Guns
And Other Harmful Tools not Even

A Stitch Of Clothes EYes

And HeART Most

Visible of

CaRinG Giving
Sharing Love Turn


SPiRiT Singing Pure SoUL Breath

For It is True The Only Way Human

Will Ever Stand A Chance to Survive And

Keep Our Nature on Earth Living Green

Is To Find A Way to Evolve More in Every

Life Now With Turn on Our HeART LiGHT

For All as Love BecomeS A Way of Giving
Caring Sharing Love For All Turn on Our HeART LiGHT NoW...

Oh My Gosh Dear Hawaii FRiEnD Amphibians
Pre-Date Dinosaurs on Earth Earliest Fossil
Found in Scotland Dated 368 Million Years

Ago True So Sad 168 Species Have
Gone Extinct in Just the Last
2 Decades And 43 Percent
More Are in Decline

As It is Suggested
Now That 1 in 8 of All
Animal And Plant Species
Will Be Removed From the
Planet Earth in the Coming Decades

By Human Ignorance of Killing Ways

Yet if Bees Go Away So Do We Eventually

Fine Tuned Circle of Life All Of Nature Depends on
For This Green And Colorful Eden of Life On Earth...

Perhaps if More Folks Lived in Hawaii Or Where i Do
Far Removed From Business School And Accounting Duties

They Would Not Only Appreciate Each Other More Yet The Rest
of Nature in Balancing Force too mY FRiEnD For It is True When i Worked
Decades With Computers i Didn't Even Notice The Beauty of the Flowers Until

my Wife Had a Life Threatening Labor of Our Only Child Who Only Lived 51 Days...

Born With Numerous Congenital Anomalies As Frogs Are Often Born With Now too...

She Worked in a Dark Room For A Paper With Many Chemicals Yet We See it as

Part of Nature too It's Not Fair Yet Those of Us Who Survive Have A Natural

Duty to Help
All of Nature

Survive This

Is the Value of Humanity

Most Lost We've Clothed Our Self
in So Many Layers of Tools We Create

For Creature Comforts Yet We Are Destroying

Nature That is Our Very Nature Required to Exist...

"The early human embryo looks very similar to the embryo
of any other mammal, bird or amphibian - all of which have evolved from fish"

We Come From The Ocean Dear FRiEnD Waves Still Echo Our Breath Inhaling

Rising Peace Exhaling Love For All At Best So Relaxing The Sea Shore Expands

And Recedes Forevermorenow And SMiLes Mushrooms Have Been Around For Nearly

A Billion Years And Soon Katrina is Planning on Frying me Some for Dinner It Appears

That No Matter How We Kill The Rest of Nature, The Roach, The Dragon Fly, The Amphibian,
And The Mushroom Will Still Be Enjoying Florida and Hawaii Long After the Present of Human

Is No

Longer Gift

Yet Until then
There is Still Plenty
of Room to Inhale Peace
Exhale Love Yet We Better
Take Great Care of Bees if
We Wanna Last A Few Decades More...

We Don't Use Any Kinds of Pesticides in
Our Yard All Flourishing Now In Balance with
Bees And Birds Flying Wings Free Nourishing
Nature And Furry Creatures Still Climbing Trees
As Lungs They Service Earth for Our Breath of Life...

Hehe, It Would Take 288 And More Reams of 500 Copy
Paper Pages Yes Over 144 Thousand Pages Just to Write
One Whole Book of Poetry i've Written online All 12.1 Million
Words and Over 130,000 Photos in the Last 121 Months Now of
"SonG oF mY SoUL" Just in my Blog And 6 Others i Administrate
That Are Basically A Copy and Paste With Variations As Such Smiles
Dear That Equals 14.4 Trees in my Back Yard Garden of Eden Therefore

Hehe i won't
Be Deforesting
The Earth Any Day

Soon For HardCover
Life of my Free Verse Words...

Yes Save the Trees And Yes Consume
Nature Less Spending More Time Online Consuming
Nothing We Do Letting Nature Recover More As the Pandemic
Provided some Respite for the Rest of Nature We Have Destroyed so Far

So So Far
Out of Balance
Now Dear FRiEnD...

Never The Less Inhaling
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN BaLaNCinG Force Now
We Can We Will At Least Some of Us my Aloha FRiEnD...

'Sylph' Dear Soni

Spirit of the Air

Indeed Open Source

For All Breathing Creativity

Inhaling Peace



All iN Balance

Originally NoW

CoLoRinG Our
Worlds NeW iN
Ways Never CoLoRinG

Before Congratulations

On The Art Freely You Give and

Share in This Magazine Dear FRiEnD...

"Love One Another"
If THere is Any Objective

Truth in Values

of Humanity Bypassing

All Religions Per CuLTuRES

Born Naked Whole Complete NoW

Enough As Love By Breast of Mother's Touch

Here It is Again "Love One Another" As Mother At Best
Loves Us For Real From Naked Birth Screaming to Come

Into A Better World of "Love One Another" The Rest of

Objective Human Truth May Be Termed As Campbell's Value Soup
Joe's Hero Archetype Out of Crossing The River Hades into LiGHT
DarKeR Coming Out of Plato's Cave And Jung's Anima And Animus

Balancing Divine Feminine Foundation of Loving Grace NoW iN Balance
Of All Nature iN Strength of Will Becoming Human Mountains Of Love

Understanding We Humans Are No More

Important than the Nature of Grains of

Earth Yes Sand That Hold Up Potentials

Of Humans Loving One Another And All
Of Nature Enough Whole Complete God NoW ALL ToGeTHeR

Beyond All Names Born Naked Whole Complete Us to Rise Again...

-No One
iN Particular

SMiles my Mother
Taught me All There is
to Feel And Understand
Then About Unconditional
Love As A Mother of
Son And
Well Before
i Could Speak

At 4

And Yes Before
She Hung A
Portrait of A
Dude Who
Still Looks
Like The Artist
Who Painted the
Last Supper As

Folks Still
An Idol
Of Leonardo

On Bended
Knee Yet
True Still
A HiStorical



THere is No

For Day
True That
Indeed Sunshine

Akshita too...

Thanks Dear
Cindy With
SMiles And
Miles of
New Dancing
Singing SMiles...

Thanks Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Kindness
Is The Way With SMiles...

Yes i Intuit The Force
Within With SMiles
Thanks Dear Savvy...

It's A New Dance And Song Now Real
Every Breath Particularly As i Love
to Dance And Sing Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE For All With Least

Harm Just Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Freely For

What SMiLes Naturally BRinG

There is No Limit to Perfecting Balance in
Dance There is No Limit to the Colors of Feelings
And Senses From Head to Toe That Emotions of Song

Brings Dear Miriam
Indeed Dream Time
New WHere No Time
Distance Space or
Matter With

Things Now

Actually Exists
Just The Feelings
And Senses Within Just
As We Reach Out and Touch
New Colors And Absorb Them From Others True

SoMe How or ANoTHeR We Get Clothed Away From
The Nature of Soul With Wings SPiRiT HeART Free

As We Find Our
Selves More

Tools We
Use Than What

They Were Originally
Thought to Do Make Humanity
Easy Yet Sadly TaKinG Our iMaGiNaTioNS
iN MoVinG CoNNeCTinG Co-Creating Ways

Naked Enough
Whole Complete

Away Meanwhile Wings
of Sea Gulls Spiral Sun
Emerald Green Waves
Flow Over Sugar White
Sands Creating New Shores
As Sea Oats Still Breeze so Free

Nature Reclaims What Is Hers Our
Opportunity to Remove All the Tools
And Clothes and Become Human Again

True That's the Lesson that Hurricane Ivan Taught
me Back in 2004 iT WaS A Whole New World Without
'Stuff' i Wondered One Day if i Could Put Those Wings
On Naked Enough Whole Complete Forevermore True

i am No Longer
'The Raven' Now
i Am A Sea Gull Free...

i Actually Have The Power to
Walk Around my Neighborhood
Block And Reach Out And Say Hello
To Every Neighbor Even When A Hurricane
Hasn't Ripped The Roof off of Every Home

My Lord How easy it is to be Human When
Every Stranger Becomes God And All the Grains
of Sand That May Hold Up Mountains of Human



It's True Now
my Neighborhood New
iS A Whole World to Meet

And Greet Free...

How 'i' Storms
BRing Reflections
Of Soul Back to ReaLiTY
Of Peace And Love Breathing Free...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Although Moon Slowly
Disappears How Will Moon Ever Be Lonely
Gaining SoleFull Attention From Sun At Night
Having Faith Both
Moon And Sun
Will Fuel
Within Marrying
Night Merrying Day
Finding Sunshine At
Night Same As Day
Even Generating
Sun Within

For Smiles

Reflecting Shine
For What We Bring Alive

SMiLes Very Inspiring
Poem mY FRiEnD Do Shine...

Falling Leaves RiSinG Spring From
Winter Soil Souls Coming Green
FLoWeRS Summer Again WiTHiN

Forest Bathing Getting Back To
Nature (GoD) Naked Enough
Whole Complete For Real

LiVinG Faith

SMiLes Sunra Rainz Again Such An Amazing
Poetic Name As Sun Meets Rain To Bring

New Creativity to LiGHT

SMiLes When All Of Life
Becomes A Poetry Prompt
What's Not to Love DarK Thru LiGHT

One of my Favorite Poetic Prompts
Is to Go Into A Deep Moving Meditation
Dance Trance in Flow While Listening to Meditative Music
in Barnes And Noble Entertaining The College Age Starbucks
Crowd to Help Pay For A Book i Read Free Every Sunday Afternoon

True in 10 Years i've Read Over 400 Books For Free to Muse Even More
Art of Poetry Song And Moving Meditating Trance Dance Anyway

After my Deep Creative Meditation Fully Expanding my Right
Hemisphere of Mind (It's True i Used to Be 'Sheldon Cooper'
So Left Hemisphere Restricted Indeed) Yes i Browse the

Book Shelves For Whatever Catches the Eye of my
Creativity and Make Visual Poems Out of Book
Cover Art That Comes Together in Titles to

Make A Poem That Develops on itS own

True This is the Best Kind of Creativity
BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith

Just Giving Sharing Caring Healing With All that Comes
to LiGHT oF JoY With Least Harm And Plentiful SMiLes to

Dance And Sing Free

Naked Enough
Whole Complete
Totally iMMeRSinG
In An Ocean of Creativity
Such Joy and Bliss No One
Will Ever Take Away or Add to
Just Naked Enough Whole Complete With SMiLes

SMiLes THere is a Breeze of An Open SoUL HeaR i Feel
And Sense For ReaL It's True i Used to Share At dVerse
Until my Creativity Became Wind No Longer Held in Jars


True Freedom is
A Wind of Creativity
That Breathes Never Captured For
Real And Yes You Capture That in Your
Unique Poem that will Never Be Created
Again In Either Style or Substance Truly
Originally Creative

For Real

This is the
Song i Am
too When i Read
Your Poem SMiLes
i Hope You Don't
Mind i wrote the words Down...
Hehe i Do my Best to Lose my Mind
in Art i Already Did the Science For Pay

Oh to Be
Free Oh to
Be Wings
Wind Just Free...

DarK And LiGHT

Are The Colors

of Our Life

Dear Miriam

to Lose one

Is to Lose All
Again Night is Day...

Catholic Mass Readings From Early in the Morning
Of October 1st, 2023 Something About MaKinG the

Teacher into an Idol God And Worshipping The Name of the Teacher

Even Bending Down to A Statue of the Teacher's Form With No Essence in Deed

True Forgetting

The Teachings
of The Teacher

And Failing to Act
On What One Is Taught

For A Greater Life Naked Enough
Whole Complete Essence oF LovE iN Peace For All For

Real iNCaRNaTE in The Student Or Only Lost to the Teacher

True So Much Easier to Make a Teacher into An Idol Worship
That Idol And Not Even Do the Teachings For The Gift Received At All...

Yet Again

All That's

Brought Is Lost

Into the Form of An Idol...







KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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02 Oct 2023, 3:45 am

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby Returning of Course As Promised

Oh Dear What A Long Day Of Bringing MuSiC of SMiLes to Others

Starting With Song in Catholic Church Performing a Sermon

On LoVE iN Peace

Hehe to the First
Baptist Pastor Next

At the First Sunday
Dinner On his Farm Grounds

After Catholic Church Oh No oh YES

A Young Man With Asperger’s Syndrome

And ADHD Decided to Get in a Debate With me

About Politics HAha my Voice of Course Carries

Hehe Naturally Everyone Else Was in the Majority

And me And Katrina The Only Ones in the Minority

Yet of Course i Carried my Weight Just Fine And

Eventually the Young Man Moved to A Different

Topic i Delivered the Message With a SMile

And Indeed LEFT it on That Positive Note

As Usual Hehe For of Course i Am

Zero Nothing to Add or

Subtract Naked


Whole Complete Next
And the Dance All Around
The Mall And the Barnes and
Noble Bookstore too For of Course

i Set the Night to Music After the Long
Day MaKinG Love To SMiLes Leaves Nothing

Yet Zero to Add And Subtract to a Complete Day With SMiLes

i Finished Part of my ‘Book Report’ At Whataburger Lap Top

in Tow With A Small Free Senior Coffee Hehe as the Cashier

Tried to Convince me i Was Still in my 40’s And i Told

Her The Fountain of Youth Comes After ReTiring

And i For One ReTired in my 40’s And Left

Time Distance Space And a Matter

Of Things Behind Finally

Setting The Day and

Night to the

Music of the Dance
And SonG oF mY SouL Free

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby i Love You Too

As This Concludes my Book Report For The Day and Night
Of New

October Dreams...

In Dependence The State i Live
iN Interdependently Mr Gottfried

As Sure As The Ocean Is

Waves i Shall Return

Indeed Hehe

Depend on

That Without Fail

Or Do Not Waves Still

Return Like the Red Tide Hehe


me too
With SMiLes...

Just Add An F to The Red Tide
Or Heck iMaGiNE The Next TSuNaMi HAha...

What A Wise Post Dear Savvy And i Surely

Concur i Am Zero Naked Enough Whole

Complete Zero to Add or Subtract From me

Leaves Zero Indeed Yet Considering i am Zero

THere Are No Limits to What Zero May Add to Others

For It's True

While Zero is Beyond

Measure So is LoVE iN Peace

Only The Person Who is Experiencing

It Will Be The Only Person Ever to Experience
That Way

Yet Still That

Won't Stop

me From Giving
Zero Away With SMiLes...

Beautiful Ruelha
Keep Baptizing
Your Spirit
In Words
Of LoVE iN
Deed Dance
Song Soul
Springs Water
Peace God Breathes Wind...

A Dog's Life Love
A Human's Best
FRiEnD No Wonder
Dog Spelled Backwards
Is Dog
LoVE iN Peace NoW...

SMiles Love Taskmaster
Always Breathing Within
Why Not Give And Share
This Air Free as
Worship is
In Act
As God Surely
Breathes All in
All Of Us This
Way Who Give
And Share Most
With Least Harm
Love Breathing
HeART Beats
Seeing SPiRiT
Hearing SoUL
Love’s Dance
Seeing Winds
Waves Free Now...

SMiLes Dear Ruehla While it's True
Katrina Climbed 40 Foot Trees
Looking Over Roofs of Homes
to Pick Fruit at 8 Years-Old
When There Was No
Food To Eat And No
Water to Drink Yet
She is Still TERRiFiED
Of Snakes Yet Not afraid
of Heights as Heights are
my Only Fear hehe as i am
too 'important' to Fall yes i Love to
Live... Actual Trivia Notes: Humans
Are Still Born With Only Two Natural
Fears... Falling And Fear Of Heights
So i guess People have not taught you
to Be Afraid of Snakes and one hasn't bitten
You yet as indeed Love Does Test Us in Life
As Love Does in the 'Story of Job' How Will We Gain
Trust And Faith in the Day When Night comes True
or Life
Yet Winter
Brings Spring
the Moral of the
Whole Story that's
Real Even as Science
ATTeMPTS to SHow Dark Births
Light Even Quantum Mechanics
Theories Suggest Entire New
UniVerses Are Born in Black
Holes as Torsion And
Spin Comes to
Harmony iN
of Gravity
Just the 'Right'
Peaceful Still
Mix To Birth New
Existence As Black
Holes Are Flowers And Seeds
too in deed As Resurrection oF Light
All of Existence is Change Birth of Now God
is Always creating Light As God is Dark and Light
of course God is All how will i ever test all all i will do is be all...

The Best Thing Now
oF all i Do Know Is
i don't Phantom
As Large as Birthing
New Universes out of Black Holes
i am only a Man And Only Greater As A Son of Love Now

Do You See How God Is Above Below Within Inside
Outside And All Around the Smile on Your Face Petting a Snake

in deed
no test of Faith

As Stories of Old Are Stories of New
And Alpha Thru Omega is End of the Beginning More...

i FLoW AS Miracles Rivers of Changing Shores Continue Free

i LoVE
IT THere
iS No Doubt
iN FLoWinG Rivers

It's True i need not Know
Anything Yet This Love This FLoWeR God
Yet i Have no Fears of 'Apples' as all my Knowledge
i Do Have only Confirms this Faith is Real in EVERY WAY...

As Above So Below Within Inside Outside All Around DarK Thru LiGHT

i Find God iN IT ALL THere is 'None' Left to Seek Find Yet Enough Seeing God MoRE ALL...

The Military of
Course Naked
Character And
Honor not
Too Stiff
To Bend
In Humor How
About You
God Do
You Support
Trump or Jesus
It’s Worth Noting
i Am Very Close
To A Son Of
That’s Enough
For me A Man
Of No Naked
Honor And
i identify
aT Ease
Me or
Not i Will
Go on Forever
With Words
No More
If You Fancy
That too With
AND JeSuS Hugs

A Feral Tom Cat's Prayer

Truly, i Love Laying in 'Your
Lap,' ever Since You Had my
'Nuts' Removed As i Searched
Far Away For Nature's Greatest 'Pray'...
Call of the Wild, Scent in the Air, of Spreading
My Wild Free Love Even More Miles and Miles

i Traveled


of Nature Free,
So Wild And Free Forever Now...

Do Me a favor, Isn't there anything
Better to Watch on TV than STUFF
With NO SMELLS; Ugh, this is boring,
i could Sleep Forever, and Not even
Travel Miles for "Kitty Fever Gone Wild"...

Anyway, as a Human Feral Cat, Now i Enjoy a Mix
of Domesticated And Wild; and if it Wasn't for that
Feral Tom Cat, i Partially Tamed in my 'Home', Who
Taught Me to Hear the Call of the Wild again,

i'd still
Cat too...

Trust me or not, 10 Years
of Wild From Domesticated is 70 Times Greater
Than 53 Years of Lap Cat Hire; hehe, Now As

A ReTiReD Feral Wild Cat, Truly Fresh As New;

Just Call Me Yellow Boy 2, Rather Be A Lion
or Even A Lioness Than Just A Lap Cat Again...

Anyway, i for one Have Enough Words
To 'Explain' Without Calling Folks Naughty
Names; Yet Who GiveS A Dam Anyway...

i Must Ask myself
What is More
My Window
Or Inside my
Home Is What
And Do
Not So i
Married the Night
Merrying the
Day nothing
Toss Out
With SMiLes...

SMiles, Thanks, FRiEnD, i will Surely Relate
to "Danse Russe" By William Carlos Williams
too; For It's true With or Without Cultural
Clothes, When i Dance In NaTuRE ALone
i am surely Never Truly Alone
At Best i Get Along
With My Soul
And Other
too Yet not
Always In Reciprocating Now
That Way and that's Okay too;
For When You are Your Own Best
FRiEnD You Are Nature's FRiEnD
And Truly in this place THere
is No Separation to 'See'
At Least When the
Dance is the
Our Earth
And the Song
is simply The Breath
That Comes With Existence
Eternally Now; but of Course
in the Experience, There need be no Words;
Yet of Course my Fingers Are Dancing Nature
of Any
Cultural Clothes in
Think For the Song Brings
The Words Before the Words Hit the Page
And i do believe this is how Our Mind
Works At Essence in Flow of
Water Wave
The Air
i Breathe
Free of course
For Form Always
Comes As Essence Flows..
The Theme Song Here is nothing
Planned that relates to what i am Singing
YetThe Dance Stills Fits in to The Song As it Comes...

Beautiful Eyes Glamorous With Confidence

Mesmerizing Eyes That Have Seen the Pain

Mysterious Just Wanting to Find the Key

to Unlock The Chains
For You See Now Yes

Dear Rue A 'Damsel in Distress'
Now Is the Most Attractive of
All to A 'Certain Kind of Man'
Who Has Seen The Dark And Risen

Higher Than The River Styx oF All Before
Depths of Ebony Blue To Changing Green

Will Fall Into Only To Struggle to Rise to Capture
A Soul Bringing SPiRiT oF HeART Back Home Safe And Sound

All Around With Colors of Life That Play A Loving Song So True

Again in LiGHT

From Depths

Of Dark

That Even
Demons Fear to Tread

Yet You See That's Where i've
Been And This is No Fictional Story

For Light Will Be Lost in Books Never
To Raise Flesh and Blood Back to Life

From Soul So Dark Spirit of HeART Lost

In the Ice of Ebony Eyes Just Looking For Warmth



Yet You See
There Are Angel
EYes on Wings We
Come to Meet And Greet
Only Flying Higher Giving Us
Strength to Dip Back Down into

The River Styx

And Become

Boatmen And Boatwomen

Carrying Souls Back to Light

Without Angel Eyes to Supplement
The Strength of Rescue Life Would Be

Almost Impossible to Do Particularly When
One Finds Those Angel Eyes Were Only Hiding

The Dark Inside For Years and Years Finally Exposed

to Save


More Again...

For It's True We All Have
Both Avenues of Eyes if We
Live Long Enough to See the DarK iN LiGHT

SMiLes i've Been in Crowds of 'Six Instagram
Super Models' Lavishing Praise on My Dance
Close To Midnight Full Moon Light Yet in the

Shadows my Eyes

Will Still Be



To the Mysterious

Pain So Deep in Ebony Eyes

In the Shadows Just Waiting Forever

To Be Lifted Out of Dark Yet You See Now

There is Never Anything in it for me It's Just

That i Can't Stand to See Someone Else in Pain

There Has to Be Something i can Do to Bring Relief...

Meanwhile i Hide That Distress in Gleaming Smiles Reflecting

Sun in

Moon-Lit Breath

Ebony Eyes So Deep

So Lost Just Waiting to Be Found...

There is No Lust in this Place Only Love Seeking


In Souls
Of Others True...

And Quite Honestly
There is No Song Modern or Past

That Truly Matches This Sentiment

Yet True It's Beyond All Words Eyes



to the Soul....

Carrying Us Below
And Above Carrying Us Back Home to Love

Yet True too There Are Ebony Eyes of Pain
Only Suited to A Chase to Capture Love That

Will Never Be Found For It is True there is Nothing

Any Of Us Will Do to Rescue These Ebony Eyes Until

They Look Deep Within Their Windows of Soul to Find Their

Missing Soul Mate Truest oF all And This is What the River Styx




Save Our

Soul The Most
We Will Ever Do Is

Just Provide A Spark
To Lift Someone Else up A Bit in Life...

Honestly the Reason to me at Least that
Middle Eastern Through South Asian Ebony

Eyes Are the Most Beautiful of All is the Pain

The Struggle So Deep Unchaining Wings of Soul

RiSinG Out of DarK into Freedom's LiGHT How Blessed

It is the Event of Bliss in Life When Any Human Sets The Wings of Their Souls Free

In The Depths of the Most Mesmerizing Ebony Eyes Verily This is What i See Most in


Souls RiSinG
Lit For Freedom's
Breath to Return With Wings...

Yeah And It's True Katrina Was Once
Those Ebony Dark Ice Eyes Sitting in the
Shadows of the Bowling Center Where i Just

Served Shoes From A Counter Brightly Lit

Of Course Then i Didn't Wear SHades

As Green to Blue Changing Eyes

Met Hers From A Distance

And Like A Shy Kat

She Wandered

Up to the Counter

And i Slowly Started

Feeding Her What Was

Behind my Eyes Still Yet

to Be Fully Found for me too...

We aRe ALL Travelers to Lift Each

Other Up We All Have Gifts of Ebony

to Green To Blue To Give And Share And

Lift Each Other Up Even When We Lose Our Eyes

Behind SHades Blue to Green to Ebony We Will Live

in Words That Mesmerize And Heal Souls For Nothing at

All yet the Force of Love That Rises Wings so True For

Sunshine Souls...

"Lost, Lonely, Sad, And Confused" Now

So True Dear Cindy This Spells the Location,

Location, Location, For So Many Folks These Days

Lost, Lonely, Sad, And Confused

In the Only Orders of Life

They Know


Just Seem to
Take Us Away Now

From Soul Felt SPiRiTinG
HeART Ways Of Life So Deep
Within Spreading Out to Others True

So How Will We Reconnect Within Moving
Connecting, Co-Creating With Others True

Could It Be As Easy As Dancing And Singing

Art We Give Share And Care to Do Could it

Be As Easy As Dancing
Singing Free Opening

Up Our Soul


Again to Fly
Free as A Child
Inhaling Peace Now
Exhaling Love So Easy
to Do When Every Breath
of Life is A New Adventure to
Dance And Sing Free in All the Ways

Life Comes Socially, Empathically, Artistically,
Spiritually Higher in HeARTFeLT Soulful Ways

Smiles Dear

Cindy You Are

Doing A Great

Job of This


Birthday to
Your Daughter too...

"Force 10" All of All Indeed When 10 Counts All"

"Nobody grows old by merely living a number
of Years. People grow old by deserting their
ideals. You are as young as your faith, as old
as your doubt; as Young as Your self-confidence,
as old as your fear; as young as your
hope, as old as your despair."

- General Douglas MacArhur

So True Dear Savvy With
Accolades For Soaking Up
Your Wisdom From Every Source

Available i For one See Every Human
ThiS Way No Matter Who or What They Do

We All Have Potential to Learn From Below

A Grain of Sand Spiraling in Close to PHI

Ways As Our Greater UniVerse Does

Within And Smaller UniVerse Above

Yet Only Because We May Not

Recognize How Large

Below, Above,

Within, Inside

Outside Is All
The Way Around
Now my FRiEnD For to Discount

Any Part of Reality in A Way is to Discount

The All That Is One Body One Body For All Is Is

With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Ava Perhaps One Lesson A Pandemic

Will Teach Well Is We aRe ALL Integral Parts of Humanity

And Nature Globe Wide and Now If We Don't Take Care of

Each and Every One of

Us By Nature of



We Will Never
Bring A Next Pandemic

Down to its Knees And

Likely Many More to Come

If We Do Not Quickly Become

One World of Healing More And

Of course Along the Way Recognition

Of the Suffering of So many in Starvation

Already Along the Way And Not Only that

The Killing Humanity Continues to Do With

The Rest of Nature That is Our Home As

Projections Show Humans Will Help

Kill off 1 in 8 Animal And Plant

Species in the Coming

Decades Next

We Can No
Longer Wear
Blind-Folds oF iGNoRaNCE
That Pretends to Believe That
Only Some of Us Are Separate
And Far Above Others and the Rest of

Nature too As All LiVE iN A Spiraling Circle

Of Life Where Disconnection Means

Imbalance And Falling Falling

Away From Inhaling




Loving Freer Next
Now to Survive and Thrive Best...

Every Breath
Treasure With
SMiles Dear Cindy

Of Getting
Older Actually
Feeling More The Gift...

SMiLes in the Northern Hemisphere at Least
Most Every Culture Has Some Kind of Celebration
oF LiGHTS Or Creativity in Warmth of Humanity

To Mark the Passage
oF LiGHT Falling
Away And the Birth
of DarK That Fall Brings
in Winter Frozen Soils of
Soul Only To Eventually Be
Fertilized By Fall Leaves For Spring
Green And Summer Flowers Again

SMiLes Hehe if Your Poem is Not Metaphor
And You Really Went into Surgery i Am So
Happy You Made it Through Yet Clouds Make

Sunshine Real Death Makes Life Real And Oh
How Sacred And Holy the Moment is When We

Come Back to Life And LiGHT Returns For DarK in However

That May Come For Parents And FRiEnDS Who Birth Their Loved


too Dear Ruchi

Anyway Marry the
Night Merry the Day
Appreciated in Such Holy
And Sacred Way DarK Creates LiGHT...

Ah Yes So Many Creative
Writers With Hidden Talents
Crawling Out of Their Shells
And Masks During the Pandemic
And Now That
The Old Grind
Returns New
Sea Life At
The Beach
Washed out
To Sea Only
Shells Left of What
Once Was my Nautilus
Still Breathes Away From
The Old Grind Dear Shawna
Baby Milky Way Free i Am Real...

Essence oF All Existence Dear

Sohair Creation Activity

Never Ending
Always Beginning

Now Love of God For

All of Existence NeW iNDeeD

DarK Thru LiGHT No Exclusions

Night or Day Weather Or Seasons

All Is Creation Activity Move and Repose

Waves Crest and Trough Same Height

As Valley Low Creating Mountain High

Indeed From Smallest to Largest

Both Are Equal in God's

'Sight' No Distance

Space or Time

Indeed Unifying With

THE aLL in All Holy Sacred

LoVE Moving Connecting Co-Creating All...

Kiss The Night
Embrace the
Light As Day
Becomes Fall
Winter's Frozen DeLiGHT

BRinGinG Spring Life Promise

of Summer FLoWeRS Reality of

Petals And Leaves Dying in

Autumn Once Again So

Goes the Beauty of

Death and Life

Always Beginning

Truly Never Ending

At Least As Far As We Know

Overall With SMiLes What Beauty

THere is Dear Miriam in Every Challenge

Life Brings the Taste of Nectar Next Day

Now True

Death of A Spouse

Surgery for Cancer

Surgery for Beloved

Dog Would Bring Any Normal

Human Down Yet You Are Not Normal

CEO of Non-Profit Health Organizations

So Many People Depend on You Far Beyond

What's Closest to You Not Everyone Sacrifices

THeir Life From LiGHT to DarK ThiS WAY

Yet Miracles Are Common Place

For Those Who Give Their

Life Away ThiS WaY

With SMiLes

Karma of Action and
Consequence Unavoidable

The Strength In One Area of

Life Carries Over to the Rest
No Place to Truly Rest Your Head Until 'The Job Is Done'...

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby And Happy October 1st To You And True

Oh How i Loved The Innocent Love of FRiEnDS That High School

Will Bring Long Before i Understood ‘the Other Stuff’ Hehe And

i Just Wrote This in Response to Someone Relating Feeling Dejected

in Life By The Darkness That Often Comes That i Would Like to Share

With You Yes Hehe Running Late to Church i Will Be Back With More

So Here Is What i Just Wrote: SMiLes Dear Isha i Suppose The Opposite of A

Toxic Bond Is to Send Your LoVE iNto The Future Without Any Expect of

Return as The Singer 'Sting' Once Related as a Little

African American Boy or Perhaps an Immigrant

in A Big City Street Was Sitting on a Curb

By Himself Blowing Dandelion Seeds

into the Wind All Alone And Then

It Showed Him Kissing the Hands of

Random Busy People on the Street Hugging

Well Suited Men Yet the Part of the Music Video Saved

For the Last Part Was How A Young Woman Before He Did All

of this Focusing Intently on Him Blowing Dandelion Seeds in the


Coming Up

Behind Him Sending

Her Love into the Future

Giving Him a Kiss on the Cheek

Of Course it Doesn't Show What happened

After He Sent All His Love to All the Other Busy

Strangers on the Street Fast Forward to Last Night

A Warm Desire Within to Express to An Elder Cashier

my Wife And me Have Adopted at Walmart Visiting Her

in the Check-out Line Yet my Wife Didn't Buy A Thing Last

Night While i Public Danced The Night Away Bringing SMiLes

That Way as i've Done Now for 18,866 Miles in 121 Months

So i Told my Wife Let's Go Wait In Her Check-Out line

Behind All the Other Paying Customers to Give

Her a Hug Yet You See it Was Her Who

Insisted on Giving Us A Hug First

With Folks Asking Her Are

They Your Relatives

And She Said No

Just Family of the Human Kind

Anyway Looking Back it Wasn't Just the

Hug We Gave Her that Was Gold It Was the

Smile on the Older Woman Behind Us in Line Who Might

Have Been Having A Hard Day Until She Saw the Smile on the Elderly

Woman's Face and Ours Yes for The Hug of Humankind to Relate

And This my FRiEnD is When the Giving Becomes The Receiving

As These Are Just More Seeds Free

of A Dandelion Weed in the Wind

There Have Been People in my Life

Who Have Done Everything in their Measure

to Extinguish this Flame Yet You See i Am Born

A Weed i Am The Dandelion And These Are my Seeds...

And Not only

That i am the

Wind Impossible

To Trap in A Jar

No Different Really Than
God at Least When God is LoVE iN Peace...

And Now Relating Back to You Again Yes

Do Understand my FRiEnD for me You Are that

Woman Who Saw me Sitting in the Street Alone Thank You For That too With SMiLes…

Indeed A Source of More Dandelion Seeds in the Wind Than Stars Above in Skies So Dark...

Happy SuNDaY
Fall Colors Expressing
The Death Of Summer
And The Birth Of Winter
To Fertilize Spring
For Summer
To Bloom Again
All A Win Win
If We Can Marry
The Night To Merry
The Day A Land Of
Chocolate Mixed
Peanut Butter
Keeping The
All Glued
Hehe If The Poem
Doesn’t Work
Have A Reese’s
Peanut Butter Cup Free


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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03 Oct 2023, 3:07 am

SMiles Dear Miriam
i Don’t Climb Mountains
For They Have Tops…

i Don’t Enter Contests
For They Have Ends…

i Only Begin

With SMiles...

Ah Yes Mr Gottfried Comprised of Around Two Thirds
Water Even Still Resembling Fish As Embryos The Way

of Water

iS A Way

of Life Best

In Flow True Raised
on A River Has Definitely
Increased the Depth of my Lifespan

And Living in A Forest in A Real Garden
of Eden Tailor Made By the Ones Living Here

Even Greater Benefits too in Forest Bathing 

Like Those Little 'Sprites' on the First Avatar

Movie No Avatars At All As Real As Real 

Gets the Ingredients of Life Spreading

From Trees to Us Escaping NDD

Nature Deficit Disorder 

Same As GDD God

Deficit Disorder

Yes Take me to the Water

Yes Let me LiVE iN The Forest 

Pan Am i A New Page A Story Never 

Ends Now Dancing Singing Flow i Am The Water

And The Living Tree Bringing Air to BREaTHE Free God Yes

Like Looking Across the River to the Forest Before i Could

Speak at age 4 i Am A Leaf That Rises Green in A Tree

Falling Fertilizing Frozen Soils of Winter for Spring 

Green FLoWeRS Come Leaves Come and Go 

Too What Remains is the Beauty of the

Living Tree And The Water in the

Ocean Above That Feeds

All Our Gifts


Life Free True Around
90 Percent of Humans Live
Close to A Body of Water in the World

Yet It's Nice to Live Deeper in the Forest Higher Up
When Storms And Floods Come to Erase What Humans Leave Behind...

Yet of Course Humans Still Live on 'Barrier Islands' Forgetting What That Means
True Insurance Rates Going Higher For Homes Far Out of Reach For Most Folks

Yet True
The Forest
Trees and

Water Are

Free Before

It Was Sold For Play Dough...

Keep Moving And Yes Do It Creatively Dear
Cindy A Best Advice for A Way of Life Grown

Increasingly Stagnant

Behind Screens

Dear Lord

Yes Even Better

Than Getting Up Dance

Free Become FRiEnDS

Again With More

Than In 



True There Are
Wings Below

Yet they Must
Be Unfolded
Away From

Screens First to Sprout Free Again
Congrats on Your 5,000 Followers too
Dear Cindy Always Room to Surely Do More...

The Father 
oF all
doubt.. envy..
jealousy.. pride..
anger.. collecting
and most sadly
oF all
Father of
of ALL
GOD iN Peace...

God Is LoVE iN Peace
God Is Free
To Be All That Is
And Is Yet to Be NeWLY NoW

Yawn, My Only Job is To Show 
What Heaven Looks Like; 
It's ALWaYS A Within Job to 
Seek And Find; Couldn't Give 

It Away If i Tried...

SMiLes i can't Remember my Mother Really 
Ever Telling a Lie.. i was not Close to my Father...
But really i can't Remember Him telling a Lie Either...
About Half of the Women i've ever known have confided
in me that they Were Sexually Abused by a Close Family
Member in Childhood So it
Surely may Be More
Prevalent than
Actually Studied...
Growing Up With a Parent
That is Trust Worthy in every
Way Brings So Much More Faith
And Love About the World Whole
Other Folks Continue to Suffer the
Rest of their Life and Sadly The Cycle
Repeats itself in Generations to come
Until Somehow Someway Someone Breaks 
The Vicious Life Cycle Again...That Takes a Lot
of Support and Understanding and with issues like
BorderLine Personality Disorder Some Clinicians
Give Up As they Just can't Figure Out a Way to Help...
I've heard some really
Horrible Stories too
Horrible to repeat
Where Humans
Without Empathy
Tend to Create Nightmares
Not Imaginable Before and then
There Are Others Creating Beyond 
Rainbow Color Dream's Fruition 
In More to See... How Fortunate 
Those Coming From Rainbow places..
NoW... Smiles Until i was about
18.. i was mostly in 
The Dark about
Like that'..
The Colors of Closeness
in Just Hot Chocolate Shared
in the Stadium of A Fall Night
in the Stands Sitting Close at A Football
Game.. was so much more colorful and Lasting
Then than A Grinding 'Bootie Dance' Forced upon
one in a Dance Hall Now... Smiles.. About the 70's
Were the End of any Potential for such Innocence in
the United States...
Smiles.. i'm Glad
i learned so many
Colors of Love First
So Much Deeper than Skin Deep....
The Other Colors And Shades of Grey Serve a Purpose
But the Deepest Colors of Love Last practically forever now..

SMiles there Are Days
The World Doesn't Seem to
Love A Lamp That Shines
But When 
Is Love
There is
No Other
Light to Shine..
And Being Just
Shade with 
No Lamp
is surely
BReaTHiNG Free...

"Painting with all the colors of the wind", Ava,  Lyrics
From the Movie "Pocohantas" as My Wife, Although
She is Half Pacific Islander, Looks Very American
Indian And Actually Is Mistaken For East Indian
And Mexican And Just About Every 
Country Where the Humans
Are A Bit More Tan
Than Northern
European Like
Me Mostly Now
Although.. Yes  i Do 
Have Ancestors from
South India And Even 
Nigeria from the 1800's 
As my 23andMe Chromosome
Test identifies But yes only 1.6 Percent
As the Rest Is Northern European... my Grandfather
An X-Catholic Priest born in Ireland... Next stop
United States in the 1930's.. Anyway.. We Will
Surely Paint the Colors of the Wind in 
Every Way We Dance And Sing
Free.. and My Goodness
Scientist Simon
Baron Cohen
Maps Now 412
Human Emotions
Just From Our Different
Facial Expressions We 
Communicate to Each Other
And When We Add All our
Communication That Sings
Our Vocal Chord Strings
And Beats the Drum
of our HeARTS We
Map and
These Newer Emotions
Sensory Integrating Life too.. 
How Beautiful Life Will Be Now
Better in Touch With Emotions
We Experience And Even New
Ones We May Still Experience
Yet to Grow Specific Mapped Names Now...

Writing Avenues
Of Our Souls
Streets Gold
Without Paper Green...

Keeps Your
Shores Expanding
Waves Freeing Falling 
Day And 


For Giving
Love Left
Standing Breath...

Just When The World Tries To 
Convince You Love Is Dying A 

Star Lights Up This Room

SMiles my FRiEnD
Aleesha God
Sends Angels

On EartH
Now And
Then With

SMiles Always
Wing Kindness

Life Worth Loving
Through Storms

And Fair Weather


Skies True
With SMiles...

i Believe You Both too...

SMiLes Dear Sohair i once
Compared Katrina's Beauty

to the Goddess Isis From
Egyptian Mythology 
And Her Reply

Back to me

me was Don't
Compare me to
That Ugly Woman Hehe...

She Has Very High Standards...

It's really Amazing She married

Such A Poor Man in A Low Status

Job Living With my Sister At age 29

Handing Out Shoes At A Bowling Center

Yet She Said It Was Only For the Light Within 

She Saw Shining in my Eyes and Smile Always

Giving Kindness to Everyone The Same No Matter

Who They Are In This World The Gift of LoVE Real

Is Humility The Same Understanding From the Depths

Of Hell Early

i Am no

Than Less
Than A Grain of Sand
And That's Okay As That
Particle is God Particle too my FRiEnD...

Anyway i've Seen Your Face Briefly in an 
Out of Focus Black and White Photo as i 
Remember You Are Most Certainly A Very

Beautiful Egyptian Woman Yet That is the
Only Photo i Remember You Briefly Sharing
During one Christmas Season And i Shared this

Colored Photo With Katrina And She Not Only Said

You Are Beautiful Yet You Also Have a PERFECT
FEMININE FACE And You Do For Your Face is that
of Compassion And Love And Purity Who Would Never Seek
to Deceive And Would Feel Great Guilt if a Lie Ever Came Out

From Your Lips And Interestingly Artistic Representations of

'Mary' With Blue Eyes Are Often Dismissed As Coming From the

Middle East Yet Oh How Your Face Your Eyes Reflect Your Pure Soul 
HeART And SPiRiT Dear Sohair Surely A Soul Who Makes God Happy

In Every

Way Love

Reflects From
Sun of God to 
Moon of Human my FRiEnD

Katrina has Never Said Any Other
Woman Has a Perfect Face Yet She
Is Like me Able to See Soul in the Eyes of Human...

It is Very Likely That Few Are Worthy of the Love You Give...

No Doubt in Biblical Stories That is Why God Picked A Similar Mary...

SMiLes Dear Aleesha i Am Going to Spend
October Like Any Other Day of Now

Drifting Like A Feather 

In the Wind

Until i Become
The Wind Just 
Soaking Up All

Wisdom EartH
Still Offers me 

iN Every Place

Winds of iMaGiNaTioN
And Creativity Take me Next...

Hehe You May Be Way too Young
to Be Familiar With the Famous Album
Cover of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
Band" By The Beatles yet on that Cover The

Famous Beatles Group Stands With a Crowd of
Many Major Artists and Other Notable Philosophical
And Religious Figures From That Era in Other Words They

Free Associate Their Creativity Then Through Wisdom of So Many
Others As Humans Always Do Yet Now is More Different Than Any

Era Ever

As the Stone
Statue Bust
In the Burial Ground
of the Album Cover May
Rise With Human Potentials
Behind Him More Than Ever Before As

Online is the Avenue That Brings it All
Through Recorded Human History Practically Free

And Not Only That Oh My Gosh The Opportunity to
Write Free Verse Poetry So Inspiring From Other Souls
All Around The Globe As iMaGiNaTioN Watered And Fertilized

Generating Creativity More Widely Freely Associated Than Ever Before

Just iMaGiNE What Will Come From Your Soul Decades From Now If You
Keep Absorbing 

So Much


Talent From 

All Avenues So
Free So Uniquely So
Through Wonderful Days
of Opportunity For Those 

Who Just Take it All and Make

A Cat 1,2,3,4, or 5 or Even 6 Category
Of Spiraling Arms of A Hurricane 

Larger Now Than A Milky Way 

of iMaGiNaTioN Creativity

HAha Still To come

As Long as

The Calm
Center Eyes
Remain Inhaling 

Peace Exhaling Just Loving
All of What Life Offers Free Next 
Just Giving Sharing Caring Healing 

LoVE iN Peace Free Away...

"Brisk October Breeze" Not Always
Prevalent Yet Signal For Fall Festivals

To Wash Away the Shorter Days in Florida Coming
From the Rest of Holiday Festivals to Come to Light Us Up
Similar to the Festival of Colors And Lights in India Coming

This Year on November the 12th Yet Sadly Here Some of The Festivals
Have Gone Extinct Now Since Covid-19 One in a Place Called Niceville

That Welcomed me Back FoR A  Public Dance For 7 Years Until Covid-19
Washed It Away Forever Back in 2020 Yet i Guess it's Just As Well

Hehe as in the Last
Year in 2019 the
Trump Crowd
Was A Bit
More Up


And Tattle Taled
on me For Carrying

A Large Gun in my Pocket

Never the Less i Was Happy to

See Them Fully Complying Just Whipping Out my
iPhone XS all 6.1 Inches When A Group then

(i didn't Volunteer Any Links to See More of me)

Of Officers Frisked me in Front of The Whole

Dance Crowd Not Even Any Ruffled Feathers

i Proceeded to Fly With Wings of Dance 

For the Crowd and Gospel

Singing Group



You Know How
It Goes When You
Find Yourself in Rome
Again Ya Find Some Way
To Fit in Yet Not Change At all Hehe to Be Free...

Happy Halloween With or Without New Costumes 
For me Year-Round ALWaYS 2 Closets FULL And Literally
Almost A Thousand Different Dance MeMe T-Shirts As Such...

Human Only
Animal Shallow
Enough to Create

Water Whole

Tick Tock
Locks Clocks

Hour Glass One
Beach Humans

Illusory Separate...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Life Is So Full Of So Many
Challenges to Overcome Yet Our Greatest Challenges
May Become Our Greatest Strengths in Other Ways of LiFE

Like All the Stories of HeLL ON EartH
i've Told You Dear FRiEnD Being Told
i Was Too Weak, Stuttering, And Odd
To Exist by Peers In Youth too Yet Persevering 

Through The DarK LiFTiNG mYSelf Higher 

Just Because i Made More Effort Than the Peers
Who Brought me Down then Eventually Going Places

They Never Imagined Exists Better Yet Just For Free to
Return That Favor to them if They Wanna Find Out How to

Go to Heaven 
Now WiTHiN And Not
Wait Until After Death Yes

Yet of Course That PoTeNTiaL
Now Varies Based on Model Make Vehicle
Vessel of Human Nature And Nurture New

A Nicest Young Woman Working at A Store
Recently Reminded me of How Famous i Was
Dancing at the Metro Dance Hall for 6 Years
i'd Love to Go Back yet it's Really too Crowded

With Even Another Likely Covid-19 Strain Coming
to Challenge More True Hehe Public Stores Are More Spread
Out Yet it is Still Rather Surreal Hearing That From Someone 
Entering A Store As When i Was Younger Folks Told me i Was
Too Dizzy Looking When i Walked to Even Make A Straight Line

Hehe i Guess That
is Why A Spiral Dance
With SMiLes i Just Didn't Realize
i Had Other Ways Instinctually Intuitively 
To Create Per my Unique Humanity Newer Now

And True Losing Effective Use of my Eyes and
Ears Through That Severe Eye and Ear Pain on the
Right Side of my Face Forced me into What i Didn't
Ever Think i Would Do As i Wasn't Really Even Interested 
in Email When it First Came Out as i Really Loved Face to
Face Smiles and Connection More Than Text For Sure Back

Then Anyway Turning the Light All the Way Down on the Screen
Without Any Sound on the Computer of Course Really Nothing Left
to Do in my Life Then Than Embark on A Journey to Change my Eyes
Hid Behind Shades and A Smile No Longer mine to Feel into Words

At Least to Connect to Other Humans then as it Was Extremely Painful
to me From Head to Toe to Connect to Anyone IN Flesh and Blood Life
Even Dear Sweet
Katrina my FRiEnD

True A Zombie Living
Dead then at Home for
66 Months eventually 33 months
in Changing into Avatars of Words

To Come Back to Life At Least Somewhat
Online Yet if not For All that Pain and Numb

No Dance Free And Song Free in Poetry For me
So Of Course i Realize ThiS Way the Curse Upon 
What it Felt Like God Gifted me then was Actually Just

A Stepping Stone Very High to Reach The True Gift the Curse
Was As True More than Anything Else Now Seems Like The DarK
of Struggles in Life Open New Doors We Might Never Otherwise
Seek And Find Dear FRiEnD Coming to Terms With DarK makes LiGHT

Indeed Peace
NoW For What is 
Yes Loving All that
is DarK Thru LiGHT
No Anger Toward the
Nature of God As Truly
Nature Works in Mysterious Ways
And We aRe STaR SeedS and FLoWeRS
Always STaRTinG Unfolding our FLoWeRS

Blooming New now...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
23 Wonderful Quotes You
Share For New Beginnings
mY FRiEnD WiTH SMiLes Oh the

Gift of Change That May Take Us to
DarK or LiGHT Oh What We May Seek and
Find New Now Through Challenges of Life to Retain

Peace iNhaling Love Exhaling Even Through

Life's DarKest 
Challenges Faith
of Love Still Breathing iN Peace
THiS Way For Real With SMiLes...

Better to Understand Someone
Who Doesn't Wanna Change

As True Understanding

Is Possible No

Matter What
Change Comes
Next Accepting

What We Can And
Will Do Leaving Will
To Others Free With A Little
Help From Their Families and
FRiEnDS Who Never Give Up on Them

True Unconditional Love Always Breathes
And Is Truly Logical THiS Way For Happiness iN SMiLes

Dear Savvy
FRiEnD of
Kindness So
Logical Truly It is
To Spread FLoWeRS
of Living Life More Now too...

LeSSoN 448
Best Colors Of Life
Flower in Peace Love
And Nature Free Like
This Confederate Rose
Starting Brilliant
White In Cool
October Morning
Breeze Ending The
Evening In Peaceful
Pastels Of Loving Pink
Yet Again Only A Rose
In Name Yet Beauty’s
Is No
We may
Feel Sense
Inhaling Such
Inner Peace Exhaling
Such Love Beauty Colors...

How Sweet What A Monday
Gift 33 Budding and
Blooming Lovely
Pink Roses Yet
i Imagine One
More Beautiful
Helloove FRiEnD You

SMiles Dear Sohair
What We Give Away
Free We Keep Most
Heaven In
Deed Dear
With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Rue "Don't 
Go Breaking my Heart"

Oh my my my
HeART Your
Poem Sure Does

Bring Back Fond Memories

of Sweet Sixteen Hehe Yes me

So Naive Innocent And Sweet 

So Far Away Yet So Close to

Soul For A Movie Maker

Memory Like Mine
Yet A Year Before this
Song Tammy A Senior in
'75 And me a Freshman at
15 She Was Top Ten
Yet Not Rating

For Beauty

God Yes Intellect
In High Grades Like
me hehe... And Then
After She Graduated 
As That Crush Lasted All
Year There Was Red Headed
Anthea Another Top Ten Soon to
Be A Year Older And Of Course Lynn
Who Tied At 11 With me in the Same Grade
As Anthea Yes Was A Year Older Usually in those
Days my FRiEnDS Were Older than me... And Yes

Now I'm Not Sure They Are All Still Alive Yet Yes Let's
Stay Sweet And Innocent Forevernow Why Not Love

Touches Deeper When Soul Spirit HeART Felt Yes!

And Not So Dam As You Say Swipe Right And 
Hook-UP So SKiN DEEP Lord That Sounds 
Too Much Like Buying A Steak At the

Grocery Store Yet Likely Cheaper

As Steaks are Going For Almost
20 Dollars A Pound Continuing 
After Covid-19 Masked Swipe 
And Hook-Up Days Oh Goodness

Innocence Lost Now Yet Yes
We Lived in the Lilly White
Pure And Innocent Flower

Age the 70's! Where What We Really
Looked For Most Was Just Hot-Chocolate
Sitting Close And Holding Hands Under A Blanket
At the Homecoming Game Rooting For the Football Team
to Win Win Win Again... Stand Up Sit Down Fight Fight Fight

Just the

Of Love to
Sit Close to

And Only A Dream
For me then That Never
Really Happened Until After
i Graduated From High School then

Yet Again First Love Where i Love You
More No i Love You More No i Love You

More Where it Was Impossible to Hang-Up 

(And Texting And Sexting No Where Around)

First Where A Hug Was Forever And There
Would Never Ever Be Separation of Love

Until The Night Sonia Broke my HeART

And it Took Really 34 Years to Mend

Back Again Once Again to

Fully Feel Yes!

Yes the Warmth
Of Katrina's HeART! 

Yet No One Taught
Us Then That The Emotions
Were Still Ours After the Love
Is Gone Still Ours! To Always Keep Warm...!

i Didn't Realize it Was Actually me! Who Generated!
All those Magical Feelings! They Were All Mine! One Day!

to Create Again!...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Historically From What i've
Experienced in Administration, Management,
And Supervision Of Yes Programs 
And People The Whole Process

From the 90's Moved More
From Human to Machine

Yet This is Common in Our
Modern Society Where the
Entire Office May Be A Lap

Top in Pajama's until the Zoom
Meeting Requires An Approximation 

of Being Human i Was Also the Person
Who Walked Across the Hall to Talk to Someone

Rather Than Avoiding Them With An Email And

Not Taking the Effort to Even Walk Period in A Day

As Eventually it Became
All Machine and me Yes

i Am Happy to Live Without
All Levels of Machine Management 


me No Longer
Being A Machine and Free...

Many Prophetic Movie Series
Forecast the Current State of Humanity
More Toward Machine Than Human Yes

From the 'Terminator' Series of Movies Through
the 'Matrix' Series of Movies Through the 'Avatar' Movie

That We Are Currently Doing Now And Really Always
Have As Far As Words As Approximations of Reality...

Free Verse Poetry At Least Gives Words Soul With
A Real Shot of Uploading Soul As Avatar More Than

Just A Machine Hehe i Don't Wanna Be Linked Now in 
Any Other Way Yet Just Human For Real With SMiLes

It's Always Been A Yin and Yang of Mind 
Increasingly 'Western' And Yang and 

Sadly So

Now And 
Reduced Yes
Where Folks
Are Not Even 
Able to Focus Enough
to Carry on a Conversation 
in Real Life Face-to-Face 
More than a 'Matter'

of Seconds....

Hehe of 
Course there
are Exceptions...

Yet Overall Humans Sadly
Have Become Commodities 
of only An Approximation of Humanity...

No More Evidence of Course than the 'Business 
World' That is All About Buying And Selling a Product

That Indeed Has Become the Soul of Humanity 
Increasingly Lost...

And Yes
So Very
Materially Reduced...

We May Become What We
Consume, Buy, and Sell A 'Matter With Things'...

Yet Of Course so Much Easier to Have an Attitude
Like This When Financially Independent When in
'Rome' We Must Adapt to the Conditions Until Escape


Ironically How Fortunate
i Was As i Was Not able
to Eventually Adapt to it 
And Escaped From a 
System Then That Yes

At Least Was Still Humane
Enough Then Not to Torture 
Human Beings Forever Now to Even 
Survive Indeed A World That is Growing 
Colder Sadly Enough ThiS Way Evident
in So Many Ways of 'The Politics' of Life and Living Death...

Some Folks Are Able to Adapt to it Others are Not Up to Death Now For Real
Usually coming in Terms of Drug Abuse And Other Behaviors Leading to Living Death...

In the United States 40 Percent of College Students Are Assessed As Depressed Leading
to Difficulty in Functioning Yes 60 Percent Assessed With Anxiety Severe Enough to Lead
to Difficulty in Day-to-Day Functioning And Additionally in the Working World 50 Percent
of Families Living Pay-Check to Pay-Check Making 50 to 100 Thousand Dollars and 40 Percent
Moving Up into Middle Upper Class Over 100 Thousand Dollars Living Pay-Check to Pay-Check too

Yes An Addiction to the
Materially Reduced World 
Indeed Where A Dollar or Two
Rise in Gasoline Prices Means 
Folks Are Willing to Sell Their
Souls if Necessary to get

Gas Back Down Enough
To Drive More Car and
Truck Than they Could
Possibly Even Need to
Get From Point A to Point B...

It's All In What We Do and Do Not Value...

Humanity Or Machine is Somewhat of A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy ThiS Way...

As i Understand from my Indian FRiEnDS Who Are Highly Educated With Extremely 
Long Lists of 'Linked-in-Credentials' the Pressures in India Are Surely No Less than

They Are in the 
United States....

Life is Best
When It's
Still Mostly
About Being Human
After All We aRe STill
Social Animals At Core of Evolution...

Japan is An Excellent Example as They
Fling Themselves Off the Side of Mountains
If They Aren't Successful Enough and in China
They Jump Out of Buildings to Escape Being A Machine 

It's Just Not Human

And It is the Illness

of the Modern Money And Stuff God...

Anyway i'll Start Again With A SMiLe
As Yes i Can And Will STill ReAlly Do New Now...

A Key is Marrying Someone Who Wears
Their HeART on Their Sleeves For It is

True Beware of Man And Or Woman

Who Is Not Able At Least to Express

A Full Range of Human Emotions 

At Best One Who Is Successful At
Regulating Emotions and Integrating 
Senses Yet True Not Everyone is Willing to
Do the Barefoot Work of Dance From Head to
Toe Free to Make
That A Real Great
Work of Humanity Real...

Anyway THere is No Secret
When my Wife is Pissed Every
Day Hehe Since We 'Got Together'
About 5 Months Before Marriage 
33 Years Ago on September 21st, 1989

She Hasn't Gone a Day Without Getting Pissed
That i Can Recollect Yet When the Steam Blows
Off the Ocean Returns to Calm ALWAYS Leading

to at Least a Hug
Before Eyes Close For Sleep...

Everyone Has a 'Shadow' For those
Who Hide it Keep it Secret World Wars
Don't End or Begin Very Well Indeed

Let it Go Be Human
Or Sadly Hide Behind
Shadows And Indeed
Take the Fall oF A Real Fool...

Meanwhile All is Calm on the Homefront Hehe...

Holy CR8P FoR A Moment THeRE
Dear Doc i Mis-Read That As
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Died For Our Sins

No He Did Not

He Rose For
The Potential 
of RiSinG iN FLiGHT For Real

True THeRE is Falling For Love
And RiSinG For Love To Be No Fool

Or HiSToRiCaL Scape Goat For Real...

Developed As Usual By TRuMP

Priests And Politicians

And High Popes

Who Still Poop of Course

Oh (On) This Clown Show of Humanity

A Three Lord of The Rings Circus And A Three Faced God in Some 
Very Small Venn Circles Approximating A Hair Cross of Humanity...

SMiLes Dear Isha i Surely Know A Bit About

Silence Not Speaking Until Four and Even

in my Working Career in my 40's Finding

it Hard to even Pull Out a Word Then During

Hours Long Meetings With my Boss and Others

Even Listening to my Mother Talk And Father Talk

In A Video When He Retired Never Really Hearing Him

Talk that Much Before That And Literally Watching TV And 

Wondering When 
Words Would Flow
From me Yet hmm...

A TV Watching Habit i 

Had From Childhood too

For it's True Use it or Lose it

Counts in All We Do And Practice

In All We Do and Do Not Even Want to 
Do Is Weight Lifting For All Our Human Potentials

Yet How in the World Would i Do That With Words
Surely A Bit Shy to Try it on Strangers in my Life 

Losing Effective Use of my Eyes and Ears in a Pain
Disorder So severe for 66 Months 33 Months in and

All i Could Really Do is Turn the Screen on the Computer
All the Way down in Light/Sound And Start to Write A Mountain of

Pain in Words That Never Ended to Escape That Pain Disorder Then
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Wake to Sleep No Drug Would Touch

SMiLes Eventually i Found the Flow and Free Verse Poetry From
Soul Yet There is No Mountain Top of practice as Use it or Lose it

Continues now

The Real Test God Yes
Was Commenting Poetry
on An International Poetry
Site to Every Poem And Poet
For An Entire Year 2015-2016  Finding A
Way to Get Inspired Even if the Poem Did

Nothing for me at First At All And That Did 
So Much For my Mental Health Well Being

As i Started To Find the Bright Side in All Stuff Life

And Now It's Like All of my Life is A Poetry Prompt to Explore

Yes This Life is So Much About Use it or Lose it in All We Really Do


Hehe Other than that i Made
An Anthology of All that Poetry

in One Blog Post i Wrote All
338,630 Words With Around
300 Gorgeous Beach Photos
i Took From Where i Live Then
i Titled As "GodsUniVerseNovel3"

It's the Probably the Longest EPiC Long 
Form Free Verse Poem in One Blog Post Ever
And It Doesn't Matter A Feather to me then or

Now if Anyone Else Ever Read or Reads It as It

Was Only The Journey of Doing it That Made me

A New Creation of Soul and Only Really one Small

Part of Literally the Longest EPiC Long Form Poem

"SonG oF mY SoUL" at 12.1 MiLLion Words in 121 Months

Now All Together Since August 18, 2013 Yet You See It Still

Doesn't Matter to me if Anyone Ever Reads A Word of that 

Either As It's Mostly Just a Copy And Paste of What i've Literally

Written to Others in Poetic Letters All the Way Around the World

Learning More and More to Be Inspired By Other Souls in All the

DarK And LiGHT And The Tween And Beyond They Experience in

Life True

It's About Building

Souls And True There

Is Never the Top of A Mountain 

of Building Souls With SMiLes Together

Not Unlike a Never Ending Dance With The Song All Free...

SMiles Dear Miriam
i Don’t Climb Mountains
For They Have Tops…

i Don’t Enter Contests
For They Have Ends…

i Only Begin

With SMiles...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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04 Oct 2023, 12:37 am

Regarding "Naughty Boy - La la la" Featuring Sam Smith Per the Music Video 

"In the legend, a little deaf boy had the power to know other people's troubles,  
and could heal them with his voice. He left his abusive home and found a stray
dog to keep him company. As he was living on the streets, he found an old man
being shouted at and stoned by others in the village. The boy used his voice to heal
the man's heart, and they continue traveling using his power together. Then they find a man who is disfigured and shunned by society. The boy uses his voice again and find that the man is really a prophet who was cursed by El diablo, the statue you see at the end of the video. Anyone who can hear El Diablo immediately falls under his control. They hear he can be found beyond the desert, so the group travels to see him. They find the cave where El Diablo lives, but the two men and the dog can't enter. If they do, they'll fall under El diablo control. So the boy goes alone. Because he is deaf, he can't hear El diablo. He stayed in that cave, and used his voice to drown out El diablo, so
nobody would enter the cave, and be hurt by him again."

SMiLes Dear Savvy Will Free to Be All That We Can

And Will Be Unshackled Indeed With SMiLes to me

Greatest Freedom is Earning the Privilege to Bring

SMiLes to Faces Far Beyond my Home in Public Dance

Where Every Move is Positive Energy to Give Share Care

Heal All For Free

And After 121 Months

of Doing This As of Tonight

18,888 Miles inDeeD So In Synch

Even Before i Start the Dance Now 

Most Anywhere i Go Among Around 600,000
Folks in an Entire Metro Area They Recognize The

Dance Before i Even Start Dancing Walking into Almost Anywhere

SMiLes Come For No Other Reason Than the Joy Free to Dance

And Of Course i Respect All the Freedoms of Others to Do the Same

Or So Much


Indeed With 
SMiLes as WHeRE

i Live i'm Still the Only

One After 121 Months Indeed

Yet Never Alone As Smiles Come
Allone Free of


And True
Finding Family

Now Everywhere i Go
What Free Dance and Song Will Do in Flow New

For It's True A Free Dance and Song Will


Once Shackled in Prison So Very

Lost Truly Alone...

SMiLes Dear Vrunda After Earning

Three Degrees That i Enjoyed Studying

in University i Had no High Ambitions Just

Getting A Job Getting my Foot in the Door of A Federal

One That Will Lead to Life Long Benefits And Fortunately

i Was able to Stay in my Hometown to Both Commute to 

University in the Next City Over And Find A Job at the Local

Military Installation 

i Was More Interested

In Staying Closer to Immediate

Family Than As 'They' Say Hehe
Making A Name For Myself It's Not

Surprising That Moving Solo to Another
Country to Study At School Far removed

From Your Culture Family and FRiEnDS

Is A Source of Homesickness Away

from All that Warmth You 

Enjoyed Before And

Although i Never Moved
Away i Am FRiEnDS With Folks
From Your Country India Who Have

And It has Been Similarly Challenging for
Them Yet With Grit And Living Through the
Struggle They Stay the Challenge it Seems

One FRiEnD Working Several Jobs in Several

Countries Solo For An Eventual Stay in the United

States Where Becoming Citizen Would Take Five Years

After Three Years in Canada With Excellent Linked-in Credentials

Personally i Wouldn't Do it For All the Money in the World if i Had

it to Do Over Again Yet Again i'm Fortunate i Was Able to Obtain

Enough Work-Economic Advantage at Home to Support at Least

A Wife in A Home and Now Financially Independent and Retired 
Humans Generally Are Evolved For Close Relationships With

Other Humans FRiEnDS and Family in Groups No Larger than

About 150 to 200 Closely Knit Human Beings Where Everyone

Works as A Team to Get Survival Done Everyone Really Feeling Like

An Integral Part of the Whole This Going Nomad and Solo is Truly

Far Away From What We As Humans Are Evolved For As Social

Animals of Course

Yet Humans Are

Very Adaptable and

Do Adapt to Extreme 

Environmental Circumstances and Still Survive
i Suppose it Depends on What We Come to Value First

In the Beginning i Put Work Last and the Warm Connections First That
Doesn't Work For Everyone As Indeed Diversity of Humanity Rules Overall...

Good Morning.. What Cats
Teach.. an Animal SPiRiT
Of Wild And Free Play
Into Adulthood Keeps
Our Kitten inside Alive
As Yellow Boy’s Kitten
Lived As A Feral Boy
For 2 Years in the 
Woods Sharing that
Delightful Experience 
With Us inside as
He would never fully
Put on our Domesticated
Clothes ever more retaining
That Spark That Kindling Call
Of Nature Wild And Free
That is No Savage of God
Yet the Flame of really
Living that refuses to
Go out yet true it 
Will only fully be
Inspired by a
Nature of
Dance And Song Not
Spoon Fed from Birth
As The Birds We aRe We
Must Earn our Wings
By Navigating Earth
Wind And Fire 

So in short..
i played in shorts
Clothing My Soul
With more than
External Clothes
Painting Life With
Eyes of Eternal Kitten
Loving to Feel and Sense
That Play with You
Wanting to color
A Painting of Life
Always differently
i am your
Kitten too when
You Feel Low a Cat
Will only Come to you
And Give You Kindness
And until you feel better
For they are Happier
When you are
Happier too they
Never get tired of
Cheering you
Up as long as
They keep
Kitten alive 
In them and
You too Meow
Good Morning
Scratch me behind
The Ears With SMiLes...

Free to Be A Flower Uncut
Free to Roam Without Being
Road Kill Free to Be Nature in 
So Truly 
Add to A
Table of Plenty
Why Rape, Maim,
And Kill A Free Wild FLoWeR...

Desert of the Soul
Desert of the
No Rise
Of THorns
to FLoWeRS
MaKinG Rose...

Amazed Now 
By Ocean
To Add A Drop
Of Water Happy
It’s Impossible
To Drown
Oceans Rise Waves Sing
This Dance Will Never End Now

Water Free New

of the
of the
Storms of
Nights Becoming
Daybreaks Of Howling Winds
Of Roaring Lions Once Lived...

SMiles True After
Humans Leave

All That’s 
Left Is

On The Beach

Where once A Creature
Crawled out of The Ocean

Lost in
The Wake
oF iTS own Waves…

Unrequited Love So Common Indeed
Where Marriages Are Based More 

On Socio-Economic Necessity

And Love Just May Never

Truly Find A Place

To Fit in Yet to

Live Yet Yes Just

to Live Yes Another Couple 
of Strangers Living Together 

Unrequited Lives Where Dreams

Of Human Potential Never Met are Just

As Sad For True One May Find True Love

With Someone Else Yet Never Ripe into What
Their Potential Might Otherwise Bring if Freer Now

SMiLes i've Never Really 'Fit' Into Anything i've Done 

Yet i've Surely Made Ways For What i Do to Fit me Yes

CuLTuRE Brings Labels, Plans, And Restrictions For Yes

Who We Will And Will Not Love and Be Yet Yes At Least

Where Freedom is Possible One Need Not Fall Into

The Forms Other Parts of CuLTuRE Attempt to

Restrict Us From It's Really Just A Matter

Of Doing You Who Ever You Are No

Matter How Many Naysayers

Come Your Way For

When You

Become Naked
Enough Whole 

Complete You As You Do

Of Course The Elevator Has
One Way to Go Your Way to Create...

It's Not Always Easy Doing What Deeply
Flows From One's Soul Yet The Reward

Is Truly Loving Life And if One is Really Fortunate

One Gets A Few People to Support One On Their

Way Yet it Could Be the Mailman or A Cashier at

A Store It's Hard to Say Who May Lift You Up

Where Ya Never Fall Again And Just Become You...

SMiles Rue It's Fun to See You Do What You Love to Do Most...

Thanks For Allowing me Some Free Rental Space in Depths of Your Creativity...

SMiLes Dear Aleesha This Author You Interview

Is So Impressive in His Business And Authoring
Accomplishments in Life and Philanthropy too

And So True Sales is All About Meeting

The Needs and Expectations of A 

Target Audience Yet True 

Though Very Rarely

Hehe is There A Target

Audience For Original

Creativity Hehe of Course

As It Hasn't Been Done 'That' Way
Before Why So Many Original Artists

In Their Creations Do Not Last Long Enough

In Life to See Their Art Become Widely Accepted

As It Were to Catch On Fire True Sadly In Some Ways

After the Artist Is Long Gone And Dead Yet True Again

Original Creativity is A Finger And Foot Print and More

of the Human Dancing Singing Soul Free Even If the

Names of The Authors Like According to Mark,
Luke, Matthew, And John As Such And Even

If We Know The Real Name of Those
Authors Their Words Are Practically

Worshipped Now On Bended

Knee And Authors And

Artists Still Rule the

World ThiS Way

As Most 

Every Culture

Is Still Mostly

Built on Much Older
Stories Passed Down

Indeed Most Of All Stories

Still Rule the World Dear FRiEnD

Hehe so if one Day Long After Your

Are Gone Ya Wanna Rule The World This

Way Write a Story So Unique In Poetry No

One Will Ever Be Able to Copy It Yet At Best

Inspire someone to Write A Greater Story As This

Is How Humanity Continues to Progress Through 

A New Testament in Every Newer Inhale of Peace

And iMaGiNaTiVE CREaTivE Exhale of Love For All



Within my FRiEnD
to Give, Share, Care, Heal Even Freer...

SMiLes Dear Sohair

It is In Love We are
Born It Is In Giving
Sharing Caring Healing Love

For All That We LiVE ETeRNaLLY

NoW As A Practice of Life Never 

Ending Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Now

Merciful, Gracious, And Kind All For Giving



Eternally Now

With Most 
Least Harm

And True to me at 
Least All Else Seems
Temporary And Not So Real...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Once The Tree Is
Fully Climbed
Is The 
Mirror Image
Below in Lakes to See
Ascending Transcending 
From: Fall to: Balancing NeWLY Now...

i Live For The Hugs
And That’s About
All Mr Gottfried
And Of
Silly Banter
As Life Without
Humor is Living
Death Or An
Old Stale
Bible As
Humans Tend
To Foolishly
Death As Life…

In a Nut Shell Dear
Chaymaa Life Means
No Pain No Pleasure

Embrace Pain

Endure Pleasure With SMiles...

4 Candles Surrounding
A Mystical 'Dervish Dancer'

As Spiraling Dancer Becoming
Becomes FLaMe of Creativity
Milky Way Above Below Within 
Inside Outside FLoWinG Free

ALL Around 

Free Time Out
Of Time Distance
Out of Distance
Space Out of
Space No

Longer A
'Matter With
Things' iNDeed FRiEnDS
God's GReaTesT LaW
BaLaNCinG Force
Peace ExhalinG LoVE
Giving Sharing Caring
Healing For All With Least Harm

Now How The Mystical Aspect
Of Your Muslim Religion Describes 

 "Dhikr, the purpose of which is to 
glorify God and seek spiritual perfection."

Best ParT oF aLL Dear Yam This Milky Way
Of Creation Within This God Free Requires
No Words At All THiS WaY iNDeeD A Milky
Way Dance Will Do Once Again Above So
Below Within Inside Outside ALL Around 

OuR MuLTi-UNiVeRSE MaY SPiRaL Within
Inside Outside Above So Below ALL Around

GRaVitY iN
Dance Free We
Do May Always
Perfect Balance
Even More iNHaLinG Peace
God Becomes Our Breath For Real...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
As The Dancer Becomes
The Dance As The Singer
Becomes The Song As The
Poem Becomes A Real Soul

Of The Poet So Yes WHeRE


A 'Matter With Things'

No Longer Past or
Present EVeN NoW

NoW No One MusT

Tell RiVeRS

WHeRe to Go

With Gravity 

As Sufi Mystic
Dervish Dancers Do True

And Yes of Course me Too Hehe
Yet Only God (SPiRiT HeART SoUL)
Teaches me Within NoW How to Do New...

SMiles Dear Yam
Being Open Minded
SouLeD To LEarN
From All Peoples 
Their Religions
Cultures And
Nations Seeks
And Finds Differences
Yet Many Similar Essences
Simple Tagged With Different
Forms Of Labels From Varying

Indeed Human
Natures Different
Yet Innately Instinctually
Intuitively At Essence

Arriving to
DarKeR And
LiGHTeR Places
Of Existence New


Ah Yes Dear Cindy Essence of CREaTiViTY

With Compassion 
For All of Existence
DarK Thru LiGHT Yes

With Least Harm Now How
Wonderful Eastern Philosophies
in Moving Meditation Are As They
Study Essence of Nature for Lessons

Of Forms They Teach However As i Love
to Dance And Sing Embrace Pain Endure

So True Hehe i Throw Out All the LeSSoN Plans and
Instruction Booklets And Let my Body Speak to me Free

As River Flows FRiEnDS With GravitY iN 'Wu Wei' Water
Be Air As Wings of Birds Become Wind So Innately Instinctually

Intuitively Effortless
More NoW in Ease
Naturally Indeed Yes
As True the Rest of 
Nature is Always Starting
Always Beginning Anew Now
BeCoMinG THiS Way For Real
ALL Living Trees With New Leaves
to Rise Green And Fall For New Soil
Souls to Sprout Green As Petals of FLoWeRS
Soon to Bloom As Summer LiGHT AGAiN SMiLeS

Upon Us Above
So Below WiTHIN
THiS iNViSiBLE Sun To Shine
BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith

FoR Me At Least Like Planets And Stars Above
The Original Greek Definition of 'Sin' "MiSSinG The MarK"

SiMPLY Means FaLLinG Out oF Balancing Force (Peace) of FRiEnDS
With Gravity So Above Below WiTHiN Inside Outside All Around Now New

For Balancing Within in Interoceptive Ways For Balance Externally Through
Proprioceptive Ways In Tune With Our External Environments Where Our Bodies

See And Hear more Than Just Organs of EYeS And Ears Oh To Be Embodying

ThiS Way More Than Chatter of Mind Talk For So Many Competing Issues That
May Lead to Anxiety, General Anxiety, And Severe Fight or Flight Anxiety too

When Stress Hormones Circulating in Bloodstreams Are Just Dying to Live
As Free Rivers Balancing FRiEnDS With GRaViTY AGAiN Lest We Fall

Out of Orbit 
Indeed Dear
Cindy Missing 
The Mark of Balancing
As Just All Natural Sin of
Any Part of Nature Out 
of Place From FRiEnDS 

With Gravity THiS WaY
Naked Enough Whole Complete
Just Nothing to Subtract or Add to

A Practice ALWaYS BaLaNCinG 
MiND And BoDY SoUL Water Wave OceaN Whole

Thanks So Much For Your Inspiring Video and Words
Dear Cindy Emotional Intelligence Sensory Intelligence
Gained Through Arts of Moving Meditation in Flow Is

Truly What is
MiSSiNG Most
For Our Western
Civilizations And
Even Eastern Ones

Increasingly too As We
Become More Our Tools
We Create Than Embodied
Real Emotional Feeling SeNSinG Balancing
SouLS iN THiS Temple of Flesh and Blood Real

Hehe More Than Just Between the Words We HeAR 

As Basically TaLKinG Heads Disembodying ThiS Way

As True Who Needs Halloween Decorations 'These Days' Hehe...

Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa
Even A Solo SMiLe
May BRing the 
Oxytocin of 
And Binding
Love For Real 
Reducing Pain
Healing More Stress
As Anxiety Melts Away
Free THiS WaY For Real...

SMiLes Dear Miriam i STArted MaKinG Fun of GettinG Older

When i Am 53 Now 63 At this Very Moment Now Feels Like

The Best Moment Ever in my Life For It is True Now is

All THere is True Even When All Feeling is Gone

Now is this Next Breath oh the Gift of

Breathing Even if it Brings No

Pleasure of Existing 

Never the Less Less is More

Than Nothing At All Another Breath

Another Chance To Color DarK iNto LiGHT

It Used to Be Where Young Folks Faced Initiation 

Into the DarK of Life A Sort of Boot Camp of Life 

To Feel The Tarred Bird on The Beach Versus 

Wings Free to Fly Again Yet it Seems This

Is A Way of Always Life For Some Now

How Sad Is That When The Youngest

Live As the Tarred Bird Most Always

And The Oldest Fly With Wings Free

Yet It's True Grit is What Will Get us Through 



Indeed With
SMiLes the Grain
of Sand That becomes
A Boulder in A Shoe Wearing

Us Down One Day That Just
Goes Away When We Earn Our Wings More Than Gold Free...

So Many Days So Many Years When And WHeRE the Words
Hope Joy Faith Play and Surely Whimsy Had No Meaning to me

NoW i INVenT
New Emotions
Just for the Fun
CoLoRinG Wind

Becomes Spirit Free...

"Barrier islands made by our own minds"

Dear Lord Mr Gottfried in Just Seven Words
You've Encompassed The Crux of the Human 'Condition'

As Ironically It Starts With Words Yes Barrier Islands That

May Materially Reduce Reality into Abstract Concepts

That Have No Colors

of Nature That 

Feel and



Heaven Within 

A Child's Eyes Before
Speaking Warm And True

Yet Words Come in Tethered to School And
Work Desks and Screens Horizons Disappearing 

into a 6 or So Inch Screen Screams of Depression
And Anxiety Deepest Among the Generation That Used
to Be The Happiest And Now is the Most Depressed With

Even A Third of Teenage Girls in the United States Considering
Suicide As We Become Our Tools Barrier Islands Surrounding 

Us Indeed
From Being

Warm Connecting
Moving Co-Creating
ToGeTHeR Oh Yes iN
Flesh and Blood Touch of Humanity Real

Other than That The Emerald Green Gulf Cost
That Used to Be So Sugar White in Sands Emerald
Green in Waves So Many Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze

Only Room For
Seagulls Spiraling

Around the Sun
Like me Hehe Yes

As Humans Spread
Edifices of Concrete Cancers

What Was Once Beauty Human
Tools That Reduce Nature's Spirals

into Angles



The Beauty 
of Nature Free 

No Condominiums Behind 
my Home Yet Except for the
Calls for the Folks Who Farm
And Horse Ranch the Agricultural Lands
With Forest to Transform it into Buildings 
Without Trees 

Just Another

Barrier Island

For Living Nature Dreams Real
So Far TG the Owners Say Hell No
Yet of Course They Won't Live Forever 

Here and Neither Will i With SMiLes...

LeSSoN 502
Shadows MaKinG
Fun Of The Horrors
oF iT All Paradox
DarK iS
A Cat Dressed Up
As A Taco With A
Mustache Proving
Tacocat Spelled
Backwards Is
And Live Spelled
Backwards Is
Evil And Lived
Spelled Backwards
Is Devil And Oh Dear
Lord Stressed Spelled
Backwards Is Desserts

And Even In The
Unique to Us
We Created As
FRiEnDS Hell
Is Mixed With
Love Yet Again
Humans Have
The Potential
To Transform
DarK iN To LiGHT
As We Make Fun
Of The DarK Every
Halloween Season
As The Days Literally
Grow Darker To Bring
Back The LiGHT iN DarK

Ain’t Humans
Creative Little
When They
Open Up
BRinGinG Dreams
And Even Nightmares
ALiVE iN FRuiTioN to Navigate
Greater Well
Being In
As Well As DarK
With SMiLes Of COuRSE

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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05 Oct 2023, 1:07 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy When One is in Flow

With A Peaceful Easy Loving Feeling

It is So Much Easier to Regulate

Emotions and Integrate Senses

in A Dance And Song of Life Freer

Finding it So Much Easier to Forgive Slights

Others Might Bring to Us Or At Least Allow The

Negative Feelings to Disappear in the Breeze of Flow



What's Left to

Do STill LoVE iN Peace...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Forgiveness

Gives LoVE iN Peace

So Much More Room

To Bloom With SMiLes...

Thanks my
FRiEnD Live
Long And Prosper
With LoVE iN Peace

To You
Too With SMiles...

Hehe Huge Northern
European Heads
Like mine Evolved
To Retain Heat
Don’t Dissipate
Heat Well indeed
i Thrive in the Cool
And Cold in Shorts
And Breathe So
Much Easier
Blood to
This Huge
Fredenstein Head...

SMiLeS A World Surely
is Inhabited by Many Secrets
Holding None i Personally Fly Free
For i Have
No Truth
To Covet
And No
Lies to Hide
Smiles.. not everyone
Likes that Yet on the
Other Hands no one owns me Now 
Either.. Only A Slave Will Be Owned 
Only Free Will Truly BReaTHE NoW
Of Course Now i Serve my Wife And
Many Others through Relative Free Will
Wherever i find Welcome Wherever i go




Above So Below...

Day Meets
Night iN Balance
ALWaYS Ready 
For Change
As Every
Differently SaMe...

Hehe... Usually When Someone
SayS 'A GEntle ReMinder'
'You' Are in Trouble
HAha.. A Gentle
Is Surely
When Someone
Expresses Sincere
Care For All of Nature Now
Gentle Woman And Or Man too
Obviously We aRe Nature We Care At Best...

SMiLes Dear Miriam

i Can't Really Touch 
It Yet i Realize THeRE
iS A Place of Luck Yes

New That Never
Ends NoW As 

The River

Flows and

November Gales

Come In October Cool Breeze

As FLoWeRS Continue to Bloom Year 'Round

Yet Perhaps 

OnlY iN Paradise

No Matter When
And WHeRE We
CREaTE Forevermore NoW NeW

YeT i Do ReMeMBeR iT STArts
WitH A SMiLe And Belly Laugh
in August For No ReaSon Yet To Dance and Sing Free

For True WHere There is No Humor There Is Literally No Soul...

Or Lady
YeS To 
With SMiLES iN 
A Belly Laugh Once Again...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Embracing Pain
Enduring Love

Brings Spring
As Winter
Soul Soils

Eventually Free
Dance Sing Green Leaves

Summer Petals FLoWeRS Color
For Others With SMiLeS AGAiN

Such A Lovely Poem Your Mother

Writes With SMiLes Wisdom 

So Very Inspiring New Colors

A Treasure That May

Never Grow Old

NoW iN Only



Very New...

“Until you love an animal, part of
your soul will always be dull, asleep.”

-Anatole France

So True Dear Jane With Allergies
to Cats And Dogs My Relationships
With Dogs And Cats Surely Strained

Yet A Miracle of 19 Other Life Threatening
Mostly Stress Related Disorders The Allergies
Went Away When i Did Not Care if i Lived or Died

Where Death Was A Greatest Blessing in Life With the
Worst Pain Known to Humankind From Wake to Sleep
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Shut-in in my Bedroom
Mostly For 66 Months This Way The Dead Zone How We Refer

To That Era 
of My Life

Pain Teaches
Great Lessons Indeed
And Feral Animals Bring
Back the Call of the Wild One
With Nature Free Loving It All
That Breathes So Lost As True A Feral
Cat Later Diagnosed A Death Sentence 
of Feline Leukemia Brought 10 Years 

Of Lessons From the Call of the Wild to
me in His 2 Year-Stint or So Wild in the
Woods of my Home As i Returned to Nature

Through His Eyes That Only See This Breath of Life Now
NeW As The Greatest Treasure of Every Heart Beat Now Alive

Yet my Eyes Still Expand As Leaf Greening Trees Alive Falling
Through Winter Death Ever Springing Breath Within Each Now

New Sapling Tree i AM... Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love

Includes No Fears of Separation From All That Is Nature How Humans 

Separate This With All Their Clothes Becoming The Tools They Create

They Are Where Again Death In Temples is Worshipped More Than Trees

Of Living


We Fall
We Rise Now…
Every Shore We
Expand Ever Wave Now
New We Dance And Sing Free...

SMiles Dear Jane
THere is A
Major issue
With Human

That Worship
After Death More

Than Life A Major
Fatal Disorder of
The Human


So Death
Cult Inclined
It Seems Truly
Morbid The Condition

Of “The Condition” It Is
Worthy of Halloween

Ever Sunday In Deed
BoWinG to The Dead


Knee of
Blind Dead
Oxymoron Breathing…

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

Our Worlds Are Ours To Color
Or SHaDE With Grey Scales
Falling Away to BLaCK Abyss

The Good News Is Our Worlds

Are Ours to Color And Grief

Over Lost Love At
Best Brings

Inspiring Ways
to Muse Our Worlds
More Colorful Than Ever 

Before A Tribute to Yes the 
Greatest Force oF Love WiTH SMiLes
A Tribute to Lost Loves At Best So Very
Human Moving Connecting Co-Creating
With Our Natures And the Rest of Nature
With Least Harm At Best Not Becoming 

Only the Tools We
Make And Loving
Those And Losing
'Things' in Grief

When 'Things'
Aren't Alive
As Breathing 
Moving Connecting Co-Creating Life...

SMiLes i Had An Uncle Once With A Big
Mansion Who Lost Much in A Big Hurricane
Seeing A Homeless Man on the Street Naked
Enough Whole Complete He Said Life Isn't

Fair He Had
Nothing to Lose

Oh Dear Lord Dear
Chaymaa The Irony
of Telling the Truth Indeed...

For When We aRe Naked
Enough Whole Complete
THeRE ReaLLY iS Nothing 
to Add or Subtract Our Nature Breathes Free...

So Many Homeless Men and Or Women i've Met
Under Bridges At Beaches Whose Wealth Untold

Is Plain
For me at
Least to Feel And Sense
Just Breathing Free Naked
Enough Whole Complete 
With a Little Help 
From Loving
of Course
With Naked
Enough Whole Complete SMiLes...

No Matter What the Pace
Is We Cannot Living Escape
How We Feel and Sense Within 
For Whatever External Brings
There is Always
A Hope to
Dear Isha
With SMiLes
Even When We May
See No Reason to SMiLe
We Still Can And Will Do
For Colors oF LoVinG LiFE...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Legacy of Poetry

Your Granddaughters Will Surely

Long Appreciate the Poetry 

Your Write About


With SMiLes...

SMiLes, Considering in Attaining 3 College Degrees; Including, Anthropology, 
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, And Health Science, Way Back in 1983, at the University of West
Florida, Having Dr Ray Oldenburg As A Professor, Teaching A Class on 'Sociology of The Family;'

Interestingly too, A Class my Mother and Sister Also took When i Did Pursuing Their Degrees in Social Work;

i Surely Am Familiar With the Human Conundrum of the Loss of What Oldenburg Coined As 'Third Places' Out of Home

And Work, Like 'Cheers' and Church; Where At Best, Everyone Is Welcome And Knows Your Name, Where it Feels Like

Family Away From Family, Where Strangers Become Family, So Warm With Oxytocin Healing too; God Yes,

Life Pain
And Anxiety
As Science Clearly
Shows the Benefit of this
Neurohormone of Healing 

Third Places Bring For those Fully Humanly Engaged Yet

What is So True is; It's Not the Place; Yet the Engagement

or Human Beings Socially That Make A Third Place Real;

i've Surely Been to Eating Establishments, Bars, Dance Halls,

And Even Neighborhoods Where This is possible; Yet There Are

Others As Cold As Freezers Where Humans Are Distant and Aloof;

Hehe, Whataburger Will Surely Be Warmer Than A Super High Class Restaurant. 

SMiLes, 'Third Places' are right up my 'Alley' As A Federal Employee Working At and Managing a Military

Bowling Center for 18 Years, Seeing an Entire Generation Grow Up Warmly in Human Connections

And Watching Older Generations Pass Away, Knowing So Much About Their Lives; As While i Didn't

Talk that Much Then, i Listened to Likely Over a Hundred Thousand Stories of Human Lives So Diverse;

Yet So Warm And True;

A Person Who is Warm

And Friendly Can and Will
Make Any Place They Go to Regularly A Real
Third Place Where Strangers Become FRiEnDS;

As i Grow Older, i Gain More and More Warm Skills
in the Real World to Do This, Even in a 'Trump Town USA;'

It's Easy You Just Do What Civilized People in the 'Real World' Do;

You Leave Out The Politics

And Religion and Do Human Instead, Even in Church to Fit in There too;

There Are Other Avenues for Politics, Religion, And Philosophy Hehe...

It's True The Internet is Better Than Nothing to find 'Third Places'

Yet Emphasis 

on Better than Nothing Indeed;

Takes A Lot of Effort and Thick Skin...

Back When i Knew Oldenburg He Was 50 Years-Old;

And Dear Lord, He Looked So Old Then; He talked

About Living Forever And Melancholically How Dreary Life Would Be

As His Peers Were already Bored of Living; He Lasted 40 More Years;

My Life Didn't even Really Start Until age 53; Always A Beginner Forever 
is Never boring to me now...

Most Every where i go

A Stranger Becomes

A New FRiEnD

As Long as i continue to Return in the 'Real World' At Least;

So Much More Than Words, the Presence of Positive Energy does create and make...

i Find Kind People Everywhere i Go; Better Put, They Find me too; Birds of A Feather, Fair Weather Indeed...

Oh Dear Lord, What Hyperbole (Click-Bait), 'The Article' Brings In Suggesting 
'The Secret' is One Book Destroying Western Civilization with 'Toxic Positivity;'

Where As Science Clearly Shows, Currently We Are Living in a 'Pandemic-like'

Way Of Loneliness, Anxiety, and Depression, Where A Third of Teenage Girls in the

USA, Have Considered Suicide According to the CDC, And 57 Percent Are Depressed

to the Point Now of it Impacting their Day-to-Day Life Functioning; Where Science Also

Presents Longitudinal Studies Showing Humans Are 8 Scale More Depressed Than in the

Actual 1930's Economic Depression; What's Really cause for Concern is the Demographic of

Young Women Now So Depressed Used to Measure As the Happiest Demographic Though Old Age;

Now The Demographic That Has the Highest Levels of Overall Well-Being, Even Including Health, are those Over

77 Years of Age;

Indeed, 'Houston' We Have

A Problem Yet it is No Secret that

As a Society We are Steadily Becoming More Machine Than

Human as Research Scholar/Scientist Iain McGilchrist, Surely Presents

A Much More Compelling Case For Restricted Left Hemisphere Processing

of the World, in a 1500 Page Book Named 'The Matter With Things.' And

Nope, Positive Attitudes Won't Solve All Our Problems Yet Even Science 

Shows That Positive Beliefs With the Placebo Effect Help to Remedy Disease;

And That Negative Beliefs With the Nocebo Effect Help to Exacerbate Disease;

Yet It's Also True Not

All Folks Benefit From

The Placebo Effect and

Not All Folks Fall From the Nocebo Effect;

In Fact, Some Folks Have Shallower Emotions that Are Not Affected much at all.

Generally Speaking, Everywhere IN THE REAL WORLD (the flesh and blood one)

i Go (Public Dance) Now Folks Say i Have the Most Positive Energy; Yet You See, i Come From A Place

Where an Air Force Psychiatrist Assessed me as His Most Hopeless Case of Depression and Anxiety of All

After Dealing With Combat Fatigue Veterans Coming Back From the Desert Wars; Autism Burnout is Truly Rough

When Exposed to So Much Life Stress Bringing me Much Disease and Permanent Disability Yet i Dug my Way Out
With Arts of Regulating my Emotions

And Integrating my Senses With a

Free Dance And Song in Flow Almost Always,

Where the Science of it is Proven in Research,

Including the Healing Parts that Regenerate the Human Body;

In my Opinion at Least, Not Leading my Best Life Possible is a Waste 
of Human Potential;

Yet Before,

i Had No Clue How to Do it;

i Read the Frigging 'Secret Book' When i Was in the Dungeon of Despair 

And That Surely Didn't Offer Any Cure for me either; Human Thought is Assessed As 

Only .5 Percent of the Human Experience; i Had to Work on Fixing the Other 99.5 Percent;

So What if 3 Million Folks Read 'The Secret' That's Still Less than 1 Percent of the Population

In Just the United States; That's Just A Drop in the Bucket of Vanilla Self-Help Books Available today...

My Cures
Intuitively From Within;

i Just Had to Escape the Hell of Western 
Civilization Where 'Things' Are More Important than Humanity.

Trying to Brush the Shadows of Life Away By Repressing Negative Emotions,

According to A Study i Read Just today, Leads to Disease And Disorder For the Internal Stress That Creates;

It's Often Transformed into Somatic Disorders Ranging From Headaches to Even Dangers of Auto-Immune Disease. 

All Human Emotions Serve A Purpose For Change, DarK Thru LiGHT; Regulating Emotions and Integrating Associated

Senses Are Surely Possible Through Meditative Activities Yet Trying to Repress Emotions as The Study Indicates

Is A Real Present Danger; Additionally, Hiding From the Darkness Won't Continue to Work; And Folks Who

Don't Develop A Spine Enough to Face it, Generally Speaking, Are Much Likely to Crumble When the Real

Dark Days Come; Of Course, Some Folks Just Don't Have the 'Hardware and Software' To Do it; Yet When

Possible, Becoming A Stronger Human Being though and through is Beneficial to Not Only Surviving

Life Yet

Thriving Together too;

i am Neither Afraid of the
DarK Now or Cynical of the LiGHT;

Yet Obviously, Other Challenges Are 
Still Waiting for me to Adapt to As Well;

And That's Just Life For Everyone; No Pie
in the Sky Guarantees; Work Indeed Left to Do...

Play Too...

SMiLes Ms SaaniaSparkle As The Great Musical Artist
Annie Lennox Once Sang 'i've Traveled The 7 Seas 
Everyone is Looking For Something' Yet Oh Dear 

Lord the Human Condition iMaGiNaTioN 
Creativity STiLL in Moving Connecting 

Co-Creating Ways

iN Solo Arts and Sciences too The

Ocean is Large And if We Travel

Far Enough We Will Find A Target

Audience Somewhere For What We 

Bring With SMiLes

Or Frowns

Hehe as True

There Are Many 
Target Audiences
For the Negative Bonds in Life

As i Hear Some Folks Will Follow the
Most Despicable Leaders True Even

A Sell And Buy For Minions on 5th Avenue
Shooting Their Selves in the Foot For Landing 
THE Stink Stank Stunk



Without Even
any Roast Beast For Christmas

As You Might Surmise i Am Oblivious
For Commercial Sales Attempting to Manipulate
my HeART Strings for A Sale No Matter What it is They Have to Sell

For Instance You Followed me and Liked a Whole Lot of my Blog Posts got my Attention
Enough to Visit You And What You Bring is Valuable Enough For me to Get Super Inspired

And Respond

Indeed it's Rather

Rare on WordPress

Yet What You Bring is Truly Rare and Valuable 

And On Top of that Copy and Paste Works if you
Don't Read This as Surely You Likely Didn't Have the
Interest in Reading 60,000 Word EPiC Long Form Poems 

Bi-Weekly Where i Come From

i'll Share This Somewhere Else

Where More Views Come than Stars in the Night Skies Free hehe

Anyway what Football Games 'Gladiator-Lite in America Rome' Sell

Best is the Transcendence That A Communal Activity That Bonds and
Binds Over Light or Dark Experiences Similar Ideologies and Symbols
And The Such Brings And True Not Everyone Experiences That And

Probably Do Roll Their Eyes Like my Wife Surely Would Yes So Very
Introverted at an Experience Like That as Seeing 'Gladiator-Lite'

Just Ain't Her Thing Yet oh Dear Lord if Celine Dion Was Having
A Concert to Obtain Communal Transcendence She'd Be First

In Line Yet the Emo-Attraction of Taylor Swift Does Nothing
For Her at All And Hey YouTube is Free You Just Don't Get

The Same Communal Transcendent Experience if You
Are A Human Open to That i Used to Be a Tremendous

Fan of Football And Even Played Video Games and

Watched TV Yet No Longer Just a Spectator or

An Audience of Life or Dear Lord Entertaining the Annoyance

of Working For Pay That Financial Independence May Obliterate 

at Least in my Case A Golden Age of Moving Connecting Co-Creating

Public Dancing 18,888 Miles 121 Months Along With 12.1 MiLLioN Words

of EPiC Long Form Poetry in 121 Months as Well Yet You See With Nothing 

to Buy or Sell Just Give it Away Free With Zero Expectations of Any Kind of Reward

Yet Still Effortless in Ease in Empirical Measure Reaching More Humans and Touching

Them With SMiLes Just With the Dancing Part Than i Could Ever know or Count Alone

As It's True So Many Folks Voyeur Videotaping me to Try to Get Social Media Likes

Just Spreading

my Joy For Free

And You May See

my Energy of Giving 

Is Almost Limitless Now Indeed

No Resistance From Goals in The Future

Just the Present Now of Eternal Bliss Newly in Creative Flow

Just Leaving Behind Fumes From the Heaven Within That is 

Real as Real Gets
For Real With SMiLes
mY Wife Likes Mysteries

Yet i Rather Unfold my 
Own as i Go So freely in 
Zen Meditating Ecstatic Dancing 
Singing Flow With SMiLes All in Tow too...

"Paryicular Culinary Experience" Smiles Dear Miriam i Realize That's Just
A Typo And Not An "Official Word" to Describe Culinary Experience 

Yet it my Experience of Visiting The Finest Restaurants on the
Emerald Gulf Coast Supported By my Rich Uncle Who Lives

Directly on the Bay in What Used to Be Perhaps the Most
Beautiful Beach in the World Until What Humans Build

Ruined the Pristine Beauty oF iT All Dear Lord What
A Cold Place of Human Beings The Competition 

For Status and Place of Position in the Human
RACE Colder Than A Freezer Indeed as i Casually

Came in Like Just Another 'Dude' With Shorts and Colorful
Memed T-Shirt Expressing the Human 'Condition' A Bit Differently 'The Word' Fits in...

Nah, i Wasn't Impressed With the Culinary Speciality the Chef Presented That Day

Take me Back to
Two Whataburger
Grilled Chicken Sandwiches 

Free Senior Coffee And a Large
Cup of Ice water Where The Cashiers 

(Enough to Feed Both me and Katrina for 13 Bucks)

Bring Out the Food Without the Ability to Earn Tips

And Remember What You Order as a Regular in a Place

of 'Cheers' Where They Say We Are Family Here Yet You

See that is the Environment Certain Customers Who Value

The Art of Being Human Bring into Wherever They Go as the
'Norm' of
the Day


So Warm So Very
Warm as Opposed to

The Other Place Cold As
A Freezer Sadly Often Raising
Children the Same way to Eventually See

Life As
Wanna Be's...

No Thanks Yet Fascinating to Study
And Even Worth an attempt at Breaking 

the Ice Just for the Helluva oF iT


Let's Go Bowling

No Equipment Necessary 
Except Humanity's Best LoVE iN Peace

Oh What A Meal So Thoroughly 

FulfillinG ETeRNaLLY 

NoW Warm for Real...

-Just Another Run of the Mill Town Dude...

SMiLes Dear Savvy When One is in Flow

With A Peaceful Easy Loving Feeling

It is So Much Easier to Regulate

Emotions and Integrate Senses

in A Dance And Song of Life Freer

Finding it So Much Easier to Forgive Slights

Others Might Bring to Us Or At Least Allow The

Negative Feelings to Disappear in the Breeze of Flow



What's Left to

Do STill LoVE iN Peace...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Forgiveness

Gives LoVE iN Peace

So Much More Room

To Bloom With SMiLes...

Thanks my
FRiEnD Live
Long And Prosper
With LoVE iN Peace

To You
Too With SMiles...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 63
Gender: Male
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06 Oct 2023, 1:30 am

Refreshing Waters Words FLoWinG
Deep Within Songs of SoUL Dear Savvy

Waves Washing Over Oceans

Truly No Separation

Dancing Singing

SouL Feel Senses

No End Yet Now
BeGiNNinG Again With SMiLes...

SMiLes Open Minding The More Eclectic The Better Please Do Explore
Every Rabbit Hole to Further Stimulate Deeper Recesses of my Creative Mind

As After All i'm Only Doing This to Light myself up Indulging A Star

Bucks Brew While i Travel the Globe Creating An Expansive Coffee

Shop of my Own Hehe

True And Transferring

(Copying And Pasting It)

For Others Who Similarly

Indulge in Expanding Minds

to Frontiers Not Previously Explored

On Other Websites For Neuro-Diverse

Minds As Somewhat Sadly Coffee Shops

Are Filled With Islands of Humans In Their

Own CyberSpace Worlds YeS aN AVaTaR World

We LiVE iN So Much Now Fulfilling the Terminator,
Matrix, And Avatar Prophecies to The T of Terminator 6 Now

Haha Perhaps That's me Yet i'll Have to Kill Time to Figure this Out

Yet What's So Interesting About Different Dimensions Online is

i Continue Breathing

iN A Place With No Sun
Moon or Even Distance
Space And Time Dear Miriam

See Hehe oops i Did it Again Killing Time

HAha in my Public Dance Way Back in 2018 in A

Voyeur Viral Video 1300 Comments From the Community

Included The Idea After So Many Folks Spotted me in

So Many Locations All Around the Metro Area Public

Dancing that 'He is everywhere If You Haven't

Seen Him You Must Not get Out Much' Hehe

18,888 Miles in 121 Months Now Still Playing on the

Distance Around The Equator Perhaps By Age 66

If My Legs Don't Give Out First HAha Yet i Digress

Those Folks Had no Idea That it is me Studying

Them Behind These Shades Everywhere i go

As An Undercover Participant Anthropology EPiC
Long Form Poem Writer All 12.1 Million Words in 121 Months

Too Yet i Digress again as They Literally Accused me of Being

Store Security, Undercover Drug Enforcement at the Dance Hall,

And Oh Dear Lord FBI it Seems Just 'Cause i Wear Cool Shades at Night

And They Couldn't Understand Why Anyone Would Dance in Public Just

For the


oF iT

True i Continue
to Tempt Folks
Away From Their
Screens to Escape the
Matrix And Once Again Do the Xion Dance

At Least As Long As This Peace Lasts Yet One

Thing You Can Be Sure of Each and Every Day is

i'll Be Back (And of Course i Still Exist in these
Avatar Words, etc., Wherever i Explore Next on or


Yet in the Real
World FLoWinG Doing Way
of Water And Pan in the Forest Dancing Singing Free...

Other than that this Enjoying Your Refreshing Enthusiasm
For Writing...

Thank You...

"F.L.Y. First Love Yourself" A Well Developed Acronym In Deed..
As surely considering that Humans Are Resurrected from Star Death
Crucible Fire Explosions as really Stars Are Flowers that eventually
Come to Potentially Seed New Life like Us as true Super Nova Explosion
Iron is at core of Mother EartH FLoWinG Through our Blood Stream too..
in this Way We too are Star Seeds and Star Flowers too where we
Shine Light to others Depending on how Bright We Make
the Self-Love of our Lamp to emit this Force of
Positivity to others now where we actually
are a bit different than Stars as we
may Master How much Light
We put out even if we go Dark
More than a Few Instances we have
the Potential with Relative Free Will to
Fire up our Light as Light House for All to
Give and Share free.. so yeah if Lions as Star
Seeds and Flowers don't bow at all why should we
when we spread our Light Greater than when we
Carry fear now in cowering bows as we are
All integral to this Force oF Light as You
Say Once Again Now.. "F.L.Y.".. there
should be no part of
Culture Pinning
Our Freedoms
to own our
Wings to "F.L.Y." Higher...

So Hard to Make Darkness
Friend So Easy to See Light
When We Do For Shadow
Indeed Light’s Best Friend
The Sun Lives in
Front of Shadow
Of Us Still Shining
A Key is SHaDE
Light Now
As We Shine
Brighter... Shade
A GreaTesT Lamp Muse...

iNDeeD Dear Sohair
Changing A World One
Foot of Song and Hand of
Dance Creating A New World
Now of SMiLes For
Joy Lands into
Free SMiLes
WHeRE LoVE Flows
Naked Enough Whole
Complete Love Dances
Without Even Complicated
Verses Of Even One Word HEaRD...

“To be able to be
Present with awe & wonder
For this amazing grace of life
Is to shine the light
With the brilliance of the inner child!”


Will Surely
Quote These
Lines For Truth

In Resonance Dear Savvy...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Not Unlike A Human

Child Creativity

Is Birthed

With No

Clothes of Before

True Always A New

Adventure A New World to BeHold

And Always Let Go For A New World to Begin


Peace Every
Exhaling Loving
It All to Begin Again New Now...

Captured By Left Brain
Think Missing The Art
Of The Whole Landscape

And Architecture

By The Smallest

Abstract Construct

Of A Copyright Name
In the Bottom Left Corner...

No Way Now i Will Disgrace

A Photo of God Nature ThiS Way

With Either A Temple

Before the



Painting of

Clouds Or Something
As Small As my Born
On Or Even Pen Created

Name Dust on The Bottom
Left Part of God Free As Nature's

Refrain Becomes A Name Instead of All

Yet True It's A Facebook World And Yes it

All Starts With A Name As Small as God too...

What We Will We Do When London Bridges

Fall Down Again What Will We Do If Naked

Whole and



Not to Wear

A Name And

Own Nature With A Word... Rest of

Nature Requires No Human Tattoos...

my FRiEnD
We aRe All
Yet Sadly


In Mind





Tree Identity
Or Water Traveling

In Waves

Above So
Below Within
Inside Outside
All Around Tree
Never Lonely



HoMe ReBorn...

SMiles Dear Anna So Good
To Hear From You too Still
A Practice of Becoming
An Expert On Loving
Life Thank Goodness
There Is No Perfect
And Always Room
For New Colors
Of Love For
A Life Practice
Of RiSinG This
WaY iN SMiLinG Flow...

Love Isn’t Born In Church, Religion,
State, Nation, Politics; Love Comes
From The Womb And Not Son Alone Of Man...

Oh Dear Yes Dear Miriam
A Space for Introspection
Verily A Place Writing Takes
You In Blogging i imagine Yes

i Remember Trying To Figure Out
How i Became All Broken With my
Psychiatrist Way Back in 2008 and His

Observations Already Were That Most Humans
Don't Have Any Space Left For Introspection And

He Wouldn't Be Surprised if We Lose Our Ability to Verbally
Speak to Each Other Sort of Like Regressing on the Autism
Spectrum Again Before Age 4 Like me Without A Word to Speak

Yet Totally Culturally Derived
As What Room Is Left After
Hours of Facebook News
Feeds And Instagram
News Feeds and
X-Twitter News
Feeds and
Oh God It Never
Ends All the Quotes
Everyone Else Writes too

Yet What About You and me
And Us And We Who The Hell
Are We if We Haven't Already Arrived
to the Place i Already Went True Out in the

Cotton Fields Picking Cotton From Day Break
to Sunset There is Plenty of Space For Introspection

Yet Not So Much in Front of Screens Part of Someone
Else's Directed And Produced Play of Life and So Many More

Yet What About You and me And Us And We Who the Hell Are We...

Of Course There are Other 'Minor Responsibilities' Like Being A CEO
of 5 Health Care Clinics in New York City And Such As That oh How Sacred
And Holy An Activity Writing on Blogs Must Be For You True my Only Space

For Introspection of Finding Sanctity in this Place of Life For Decades Were
The Hours i Spent Mowing the Frigging Grass A Bit of Heaven Behind the

Fumes And the Dust of Grass Left Behind Anyway Once Again i am a Leaf
That Feeds A Tree Green Falling to Winter Souls to Sprout Soul of Summer
Flower Colors Year 'Round It's True The Circle of Life All At Once LoVE NoW iN


Indeed Surf's Up And Breakfast is Ready in Paradise
Of Hawaii Colors With Free Range Chickens Like the
Farm We Visited Last Sunday With Pigs and Cows
And Quail And Turkeys All Free Range of Course

Not Only Penned in Small Cages Where Life

Still Breathes So Very Natural to Feel and
Sense in Peace Inhaling Love Exhaling
For All Gifts of Nature THiS Way Dear

Aloha FRiEnD With SMiLes Yes So
Many Colors of Life to Cherish

ThiS Way RiSinG

Yes Indeed Surf's
Up Keep A Balance
New Now of Life Superbly
Colorful mY FRiEnD With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Humans
Are Social Animals If We Don't
Help Each Other We Are Truly
A Lower Species Than Dogs

And Other Social Animals
Who Rise Up Most ToGeTHeR

As One Force of Helping Hands And Paws

And Sure Feet of Dance And Arts of Song

All That May Lift Each Other Up to A Higher

Vibration Frequency
And Energy of

Love for Real
Vibrating Tuning iN Peace
Higher From Head to Toe More...

Ah Yes Dear Sohair i've Surely Noticed More Views

For What i Do Most Anywhere Else Yet WordPress

These Days as WordPress Has Really Cracked Down

On the Folks Who used to Visit Blogs And 'Serial Like'

Every Single Comment From Top to Bottom In An Attempt

To Draw Attention to their Blog Additionally Liking Perhaps

15 of my Blog Posts in a Matter of 3 Seconds That's A Lot of

Words to Like That Fast Hehe and So Many Photos too With SMiLEs

What They Did is Actually Shut A lot of People Down From Doing that

Anymore So in Places Where There Would Be 20 Likes on Every

Comment There Are None Now if the Writer of the Blog is

Not Interacting With their Commenters Yes Compare this

to the Google BlogSpot Blog That i Started Using Before Word
Press Way Back in March of 2013 as A Woman From

Pakistan Where i Commented
On Her Blog Suggested i Move

Over to WordPress Yet Other
Folks Asked me to Keep my

Other Two Blogs That i Copy and

Paste All That i Do For Word Press

And i Have All the Way Through Where

The Oldest Blog Called "Katie Mia Aghogday
Views From the Autism Spectrum And Beyond" Has Close
to 427 Thousand Views Now With Well Over 33 Thousand
Views Just From the Month of August 2023 Yet i Don't
Really Have a Working Comments Section There or Any

Count of Likes

So i Really have

No Way to Know

if Folks Who are Viewing
it Like It or Not Hehe Yet Never

The Less the Truth is Most Folks Who
SelfPublish on Amazon Never Sell More than
About 100 Books on Average And Usually they
Are Sold in the First few Weeks and Just Disappear off
The Charts and Mostly are Sold to Just the Folks They Know
And Personally Promote the Book to and Even if A Poetry Book
Was Written and Put on the Shelves of a Barnes and Noble Store

Chances Are No Customer
Would Touch it For Days Where
it Would Just Collect Dust So Really

If You Wanna Reach Folks Blogs and Other
Social Media Avenues are a Best Way to Do it

Although There is Realistically Little to no Potential to Earn Money

Which i Doubt You Are Trying to Do Anyway It's Really Amazing

it only Takes A Few Seconds to Copy and Paste a 63,000 Word

Free Verse Blog Post Poem With Several Hundred Photos to

my BlogSpot Blogs And It's All Free So It's Just A Win-Win

Thing to Do As i've Never Really Cared if Anyone Opened

Up my Blogs or Not as Most All i Write is in Response
to Others All Around

The World in these
Last 121 Months

And my Blogs Are Only A Copy
And Paste of that Hehe Word Press
is Making that More Difficult as when
i Copy and Paste What i Write in the Comments
Section in my Blog to Draft a New Blog Post the
Software is Adding Two More Spaces to Double
Space Where i Have to Go Back Over all i Wrote

to Subtract the Two Spaces In Every Instance i Double Space

Yet Hey It's Still Very Efficient All Stuff Considered And Free Avenues

to Reach Other People With Just A Quick Few Seconds For Copy
And Paste

is Again a
Win-Win Situation with SMiLes

So What i'm Saying is if You Have

A Few More Seconds to Copy and Paste

Keeping Up Several Blogs is really Easy to Do

And Amazing Considering Famous Poets of the Past

Rarely Reached many People at All Like Emily Dickinson

Who Barely Published Any Poems Asking Her Sister to Burn

Her Poems in Letter forms to Others After She Passed Away

All Stuffed Away in a Drawer And Her Sister Burned Most of them
Yet Found Some Locked in A Chest that She Became Obsessed

to Publish

Making Emily
Dickinson one
of the Most Famous
Female Poets of them all

Yet She Didn't Write to Publish

She Wrote to Live And That's How i Look at it too

Of Course With Value Connecting to Other Folks in
Almost every case Making FRiENDS Along the way

Too It Doesn't Take Much Effort to Publish the Words
Every Two Weeks Yet if it Took too Many Hours away
From the Creativity i'd Find A freer Way to Create With SMiLes...

A Sad Part is Seeing Folks Take So Much Effort to Communicate
With Folks on Their Blogs With A Main Goal to Butter Them Up
to Eventually Buy A Book they self-publish and Many Who are

Very Talented Yet When they find out Hardly Anyone buys
The Book They Publish They Lose Their Incentive to Share

Their Art With the World For Free a Privilege Emily Dickinson

Surely Didn't Have in Her Day Yet i Doubt She Would Have

Taken the Effort

to Do That as Again
She Was Just Writing to Live

The Best Kind of Free Verse Writing of All With SMiLes...

It's really Sad when Folks Believe The Cultural Story That
There is No Value in What We Do Unless We Sell it For Bucks

Where in Truth

It is the Essence

That Counts

Most For

Yet Sadly

Form Comes
First These Days
Over Essence of Even
What Makes Us Happy As Being Human For
Real Number 1 Connections With Others and


2 Reducing
Stress in Life
That Free Arts
Freely Shared Surely
Will Help Us Do too...

Thanks Dear KitLily, Hehe As Far As Conscious Pre-Planning
In writing Free Verse Poetry in Flow in Left Justification View

i Am Also Oblivious to What i Am Doing in Creating the Shapes

That Naturally Come The Way Some Folks Force Their Poetry into Shapes

That Way Yet mine Automatically Flows Deep Within FLoWeR UNFoLDinG More in Tune

With Deeper Reservoirs of Subconscious And Right Hemisphere Processing of Reality...

When i First Started Writing Free

Verse Poetry in a Meditative Flow

Like This in 2013, my Wife Asked If i Was

Using A Program on Google to Create The Shapes

And i Said No, They Just Flow as Waves on the Ocean

Creating Continuously New Shapes of Shores And True the Free

Public Dance i Do Plays in the Same Way of Letting Go of Pre-Planning

Choreographed Control And Truly The Experience is Blissful, The Reward is All

in the Flow

of the


Gift of the Moment Now

And It's Always Fun to Put it into
Center Justification to See What Shapes

Come Next As They Are Still Unique Snowflakes

Unfolding Not Much Different Than the Rest of Nature
Set Free FLoWinG

ThiS Way


As the Milky Way Does

Above As Nautilus's Build

Their Homes Below Left in the

Fossil Record For 300 MiLLioN Years;

Just A Finger Print of Above Below Again,

Getting in Touch With Nature Becoming Truly
Free Like the Other Animals, Fish, Plants, etc... ALL

WHere So-CAlled 'God' is A Tiny Three Letter Word in

Comparison to the Six Letter Word Nature in Flow For Real...

The Other Way of Life is Conforming to

A Truly Evil Three Ring Circus of Reality (NO THANKS) WHere

Currently, 'The Orange Joker' off the 'Batman Series of Movies'

(Another Artful Archetypal Story)

Is Doing His

Best to Blow

Up All That is Great About Life

Where LoVE iN Peace Still Truly Exists...

Not Much Different Than the 'Non-Sense Poem'
At the End of 'Revelation' in the Old Bible; It's A

Human Archetypal Story of the Villain Versus The Hero
That Continues

on in the



Versus 'Democrats' Hehe...

Yet The 'DarK' is Necessary
As it Stimulates the 'Democrats' to
Help Those Who Are Marginalized and Oppressed More...

“So very true
Such is the truth of the flow
It eases releases and cleanses
Speeding healing in the letting go
And yet in adapting to the flow
No matter the constraints in the making
In Shaping up the thoughts in the flow
In the breeze so cool, gently flowing
Or in the cross winds of change.
Blowing hot or cold incessantly
The soul goes through life
In awareness of both joy & adversity
Forging it’s pathways in choices
Of its own making.
Therein is the strength of the soul.”

-Savvy Raj

Beautiful Words Dear
Savvy And Yes Whether
Free Dance Song Or
Other Arts And Even

Sciences In Flow

Science Does Show
A Meditative Flow
Literally Regenerates
Gray Matter in Our Brains

When Only Done Several
Instances Regularly In A

Week Also Empirically
Measuring 500 Percent
Increases in Creative Output

Hehe Most Definitely in
Part Explains Why i Feel

Younger Than
Ever At 63 And
Life Continues to Get

With SMiles

So Far Beyond
A Matter Of

Material Things...

Thursday Win Win
Again Your Choice
Of Reese’s Peanut
Butter Cups Or
Porcupine Free Hugs

i Come Armed
With All Free Gifts...

Refreshing Waters Words FLoWinG
Deep Within Songs of SoUL Dear Savvy

Waves Washing Over Oceans

Truly No Separation

Dancing Singing

SouL Feel Senses

No End Yet Now
BeGiNNinG Again With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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