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28 Feb 2021, 11:52 am


Evening Becomes Sunrise Healing

"Evidence or No Evidence From the Bible"

I've Heard That Phrase Before Both Ways

And Indeed According to the Story Jesus

Said It Wasn't He Who Healed As in Effect

As Affect He Was Only 'Placebo' Of Affect

For Faith of the Individual Who Healed Themselves

Through Their Great Faith of Belief That Indeed That Fruition

Of Healing Comes to be; my, my, How Science Agrees With the Jesus

Story Point of View

That Placebo

Works As True

Jesus Is Truly A Sugar

Pill For Many Who Truly Believe

That Works; Yet, You See the Story

Hasn't changed And Science agrees

It is Not the Sugar Pill That Heals Yet

The Great Faith, the Belief of the Person

Who Believes in the Sugar Pill Who Heals Themselves...

For Some the Sugar Pill of the Story of Jesus Works; Really, Really

Works as Science Agrees in Effect of Affect of Real Life Stories now it does;

As Our Minds Will Respond to a Story; Our Faith of Belief in Healing No Different

Than 'the Healer';

'The Doctor' in

Good Bed Side Manner

Who Offers the Patient

The Sugar Pill of Belief in
Faith that Makes the Real Magic
of Placebo Effect Work for them; where
Even in Some Cases, Incurable Assessed
Disease Goes into Remission and stays

That Way

Till Other Natural
Or Accidental Death As Such;

So Yeah, that Story of Jesus is really
Good News; And It's Really True for what
The Faith of a Mustard Seed Will Do as small

As A Sugar Pill or Just Words; Story of A Teacher
Offered in a Book For Humans to Develop Their

Mustard Seeds of Faith; This Loving Belief in Positive
Outcomes in Life With Real Positive Emotional Intent

As Basically the Other 95 Percent of Our Minds, the Subconscious
Part that actually Comes First in All the Decisions We Make in Life

Does all the 'Fore Play Leg Work' to make Relatively Speaking Miracles of
Life Come Real In Action; Yes, it works; Science Proves it does; Why More Folks

Don't Emphasize this Good News of Truth in Light; This way of Healing Through
Faith And Belief of the Mustard Tree Seed Growing into Real Living Trees Now of

Real Miracles this way; Sadly This Good News Is often Lost; And While Some Folks Pray
to themselves; They May Forget The Good Intention of the Jesus Sugar Pill to Reach

Out A Hand

of Positive Affirmation

Of Healing Love to the

Neighbor Who was once

A Stranger or Even Enemy at their side...

How Beautiful this Story of Jesus is; How sad

It is that some folks Only See it with Bended

Knee Never Truly RiSinG as they Otherwise Do

As Evening Becomes Sunrise Healing

As Shadows Become Light Again...

And this is the Power of Story

And this is the Power of Sugar Pills

And This is the Power of Sugar Pills That

Are Mountains of Snow That Warm Hearts Into Love....

As Living



And Fierce Lions
Who Eat Antelopes
Who Eat Grass Die

And Fertilize THE EartH
THE EartH Coloring EartH
FLoWeRS Yet to be Born

As THiS iS How Lions
Become Meek and


THE Earth

As DandeLioN FLoWeRS

Weeds Born More to Color LoVE

Spring is Coming, And The Dandelions

Will Soon Be Blooming In Our Yard And

While the Neighbors May Frown Seeing

The Golden Crowned Weeds Across my

Yard, i Will Leave Them There For A

While to


All of the

Love of Beauty i Bloom

My wife only Sees Weeds She

Is Beautiful i Am Old And Just

A Man Yet i See Flowers And Write

Poetry Inspiring Love Where Young Women

See me as Rainbow instead of 60 Year-old Man...

Evening Becomes Sunrise Healing It is No Lie it is Truth in LiGHT

-Evening Star


Antelope Eats Grass Lion Eats Antelope
Lion Dies Fertilizes THE EartH A FLoWeR
Grows A Meek Lion Inherits THE EartH FLoWeRS

Moon Blanketed In Snow
Clouds Perfectly Above My
Home Indeed The February

Full Snow Moon And True

The Only Place

We Find Perfection

In Life is The Art

We Create Smiles
Hehe Like Your ‘Instagram

Selfie Photos’ Yet You Once
Dedicated A Song About
Meeting A FRiEnD In
Person An Angel Who

Is Perfect I’ve Lost

Count Of The

Moons Ago

Yet i Do

It Was Around Thanks
Giving 27 Months my my
There It Is Your Favorite

Number Again In That
Number Of Months With
You i have Done My Best

To be A Perfect Angel To
Watch Over You in All
Your Lonely Desert

Nights As You Struggled
Looking For Love Sadly In A
Place Where Most Hope Lost

Everyone Married Young
Part Of The Culture And

Religion True Yet Found Hope
In Dating Apps Yet Let Down

As So Many Women Are
Looking For Love Where

There Is None As True
Sexual Gratification Has

Become More Love Than
A Softer Touch That Lasts

Forever Yet You See Now
You Are In Toronto And
The Snow A Place Of That

Perfect Song To Be Free
Where i Hope Soon You

Find The Warm Embrace

That Is Heaven For The
Rest Of Your Life Have i

Enjoyed Bringing Warmth
To Your Lonely The Last

27 Months And Even
Colors To Your Life As

Blogging FRiEnD Since

Summer Of 2015 Yes

At Best This Is All
An Angel Will Do

Yet i Am Only
Human There

Are Some Days
These Wings
Hurt And Even
Seem to Come Off

Yet You Know what
Actually It Feels Better
Being Human Than Angel

For Humans Have
Heaven In Hell Yes
Tears Of Comfort

And Now My
Prayer My



Is To
Have Someone
By A Fire Place
To Wipe Away


From Those Mesmerizing
Eyes Where i Know Your lonely
That Smiles My Sister And Katrina


So Intensely


You Could Make
A Cobra Your Pet Snake

Hehe True in Some
Ways You’ve Tamed

Me This Way As Just
Today One Of My Other
Friends Who Was Lonely
Like You Said She found

Her Heaven

And Said

i Inspired

Her Like

A Rainbow It’s

True You’ve Made

me Into A Rainbow

A Rather Strong One
Exercising These Wings
Almost Every Day A Place
Holder For Warmth until

You Find
Your Lover’s


As Moon

In Warm Snow Flakes

i Don’t Believe This Poem

Needs Any Emojis to Sing

What Color Is Love Snow Moon


Aww.. i Am So Happy to
Hear You Are in Heaven
Dear Astha Will Pray That
You Make That Your Home
Forever Haha Sweet of You
To Say i Am like a Rainbow
To Motivate

You my Wife

Says i Am

Something Hehe

Yet She’s Not Sure
What With Smiles
Stay Love Dear No


To Bloom Keep
CoLoRinG The World...


Sunrise Healing

-Evening Star

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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01 Mar 2021, 1:01 am

Beautiful Snow Dogs Running
For Full Snow Moon February
Scotland Still Invigorating


Day Play….

A World of Sea
Snow And Trees
A World For Dogs
To Play in Winter Breeze…

Lovely Interview Xenia
Keep Creativity FLoWinG
my FRiEnD With Happy



A Way of Nature….

Melting Snow
Soils come
Back to Soul Life
Greens Spring Coming…

Nature Within Inside Outside
Above So Below All Around

Indeed Watching

Over Us As We

Nature Breathes Now…

Sea Reflects
Sky Deeper
Ocean Blues

Another Lovely Interview
Xenia Spring Green Wishes
of Happiness to All You Love


Dogs of Joy

“Nature abhors a vacuum,
but not as much as cats do.”
~~ Lee Entrekin ~~

This Is About the State of Affairs of Cheshire Cat Smiles
If i Don’t Put This MacroVerse At Rest Soon Now Hehe

A 9 MiLLoN Word Celebration May Become Number 10…

Anyway This Cat Don’t Do ‘Twitter Verse”...

i Probably Should have gone ‘that Summer in 2007’ Then
When i Started Getting Cold From Head to Toe in 100 Degree

Temperatures as A Breeze Crossed my Skin In July This is what

Happens When 11 Years of Chronic to Acute Work-Related Stress Gets No
No’s No Good Byes Moving to Greener Meadows Yet Not Me For The Golden

Handcuffs of Federal Employment Almost Easing into that Lifetime Retirement
And Health Benefits No Will Ever Take Away Indeed Golden Handcuffs i Practically

Gave My

Life for

to Keep

Was 66 Months of
my Life Worth it as the

Living Dead yes as Now

No One is Boss yet me and
of course as Always the Wife
‘The Big Boss’ Hehe and that’s Okay too..

It Was Hard Yet i finally Beat ‘the System’

Does the System Care About us the one that
We Are Spoon-Fed to become a Cog in a Machine

From Birth

In A Word

No A Dollar

Bill is No Soul

True There Are Worthy

Jobs to Do Yet Slave is

Not one Wings That Are Free Will Do…

Ah Yes Astha There is No Greater Feeling
Now Than Not Having to Hide Who You

Are Particularly

From One You

Love For How

Does Love Hide

From Who We Are

True It Does When We Hide
How Wonderful It is For Every Breath Enough...

It Was a Hard Decision Yet i Saved Rue For The Last Poet
To Respond to today True Ya Gotta Save the Best for Last hehe…

Particularly when You Best Read the Poem Several Times to Get
All the Juice of Meaning Out of it to Muse Some More Words New

There are Just Some Folks in this World you Get A Soft Spot For
And You Don’t Know Why It’s Just the way it is something about

The way they Move the New And Make the Air Taste Different

True i am

Not Afraid

of New Now Yet

Oh Decision Fatigue

What’s Even Worse Is When

One Is Stuck Between

A Hard Place and

Hell When

Both Are The same
As True my First Psychiatrist
Back in ’08 Said Fred When It’s
Do Or Die And there Is No Do to Do

The Brain Gets Rather Whacky With
As You Say ‘Decision Fatigue’ And Then
If You Are Not Careful Ya May Blow a Fuse

And Not Even Eventually Be Able to Play A
Game of Tic Tac toe as there are some Places

Where No Decisions come at all Like my Wife
Writing Down What i did today then if i Brushed
My Teeth And Ate and Went to Bed i Achieved

A Goal of Breathing At Least that Day Shall

i Stay or Shall i go What’s Really Hard is

When Everything is Going Right for
You Financial Independence
Beautiful Loving Wife

Some Sweet
Cats around
the Home

Loving Sister
Next Door Mother

Still Down the Road to
Visit Nice Weather Yet Still

You Are Saddled With the Do or Die
Disease of the Suicide Disease And there

Is Just No Way out of Hell Do or Die the Same

Anyway now i have no Secrets i am not afraid to breathe

For i understand What it is to Be When The Decision to


is the


One of FaLL

Yet You Do it
as You Can’t Bear
to Harm the Loved ones
Who Stick by Your Side

What that Experience taught
Me is make every breath the best

And Make Every Breath of the Next
Person You Meet And Greet Next

Somehow Better With A Smile

With A Soft Spot of Love that

Is Not Afraid to Give

And Share Free

This Breath

This Life This Gift This

Miracle of Living now
it is enough for me now...

“The Fatted Calf” Is Now the Golden
Idol Statue of Trump At ‘CPAC’ Worth

Noting ‘They’ Aren’t Willing to
‘Sacrifice’ Him As A Presidential

Nominee for 2024 Even When they’ve
Already Admitted He is Practically Responsible

For A Bloody Insurrection to Overturn Democracy
True i Suppose ‘Moloch’ Is Testing them Again Oh

‘The Pagans’

Who Still

Can’t See the

Real Heart Beat of

God Nature This
Precious Breath Now
Sad When Folks Don’t
Believe ‘Nature’ Is Real…

A World Market

Of Souls Free to

Connect to With No

Pay How Much We Learn

This Way How Much More

Whole the World Will Come to be


As One

Force of

Kindness More
Lovely Meeting
Your Friend through
Your Words Here Savvy...

Fascinating Verse Below Savvy Originating in The Ancient Gospel
Of Thomas Buried Away in Egypt And Not Actually Uncovered
And Put into English Print Until 1959 As This Version Escaped
Centuries of Changes Yet i surely Will Relate That The Sign of

All Existence God is “Movement And Repose” The Energy We
Conserve And Spend As Chi Is the State of Being Before the
Lion Roars Thundering Across the Savannah And the Quiet

Before The Strike of Even The Smaller Feral Cat Perfectly Still
In Focus And Concentration For Survival As In Repose Every

Calorie Saved Means Living Another Day And True Within Us
We Have the Ancestral Dance of Move and Repose of as Long
As Existence Has Been Here Friends With Gravity We Become

This Way Smiles i’ve Been Doing a Mix of Free Style Ballet And Public
Martial Arts Dance Now for 14,522 Miles As i Just Got Back from
Hours and Hours of Doing that as my Wife Shopped Ending up

At the Barnes and Noble Book Store Friends With Gravity in Dance
Same Move and Repose as Oceans Shores Come to Be Through
Waves that Go Out and Come in Again as Planets Spiral Stars in

Balance of Gravity too Dancing Reading an Entire Book in Less
Than an Hour Listening to Meditative Music Fully Wide Awake

And at the Gym When i warm Up to Leg Press Still up to 1520
Pounds at 60 Years Old With My Arms Raised to the Ceiling in
Balance Doing that i Warm up With ‘Tai Chi’ that is No Label as

Neither the Song of my Poetry The Ballet or Martial Arts of my
Dance comes with Any Lessons only the Natural Move and Repose Within

Again as the Verse Says Below How We Will Feel God Within How We Will

Dance Free In Flow Where Life Becomes A Meditation to Conserve Energy

And Expend Laser Focus When Necessary for Whatever Life takes Now

50) Jesus said, “If they say to you, ‘Where did you come from?’,
say to them, ‘We came from the light, the place where the light
came into being on its own accord and established [itself] and
became manifest through their image.’ If they say to you, ‘Is it
you?’, say, ‘We are its children, we are the elect of the Living
Father.’ If they ask you, ‘What is the sign of your father in
you?’, say to them, ‘It is movement and repose.'”

It’s true In the Verse Above That Jesus

Is Whole Lot More Like Yoda

Than Any Modern

Day Version


And of Course

He Sounds In this Verse

According to the Story Like

Countless Other Folks Who Have

Attained Enlightenment through the

Ages By Looking Within And Letting
The Move And Repose Happen Now..

For it’s True Faith The Belief In Balance
of Gravity Needs No Words At All to Breathe
This Way in Dance And Song Naturally Coming
From Repose and Move Next As Now Becomes Now...

My Pleasure Astha A
Friend’s Joy A FRiEnD
Will Be So Happy For
Lots of Love
To You Dear
Too With
All Best
And Prayers
With SMiles...

i’ve Pretty Much Included the
‘Tale of the Tape’ in this “SonG oF mY
SoUL 9 MiLLioN WordS Old” MacroVerse
Writing It Now So This Concludes the Effort
On 2.28.2021 Now Just Another 60,000 Word
Plus Shot in Faith of Eyes That See Beyond Eyes at
11:53 PM And This One is gonna take awhile to Put Together
And Electronically Publish Next As Hours Come and Go Go Go go More Now

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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01 Mar 2021, 1:23 pm

Actors, Audiences, Spectators
In Deed from Someone Else's Play;

"That's Way too Smart For FB"
Something My Great Niece, Mother
of Some Great, Great Nieces And Nephews
(Yes, Believe it or Not, Ripley and Horatio, Katrina
Is A Great, Great Aunt And Her Sister is a Great
Grandmother too) Said on Facebook And She's

Not Even Related

to me by Blood,

Although She Does
Have A Degree in

Anthropology, Like

me too... You 'Know' What
'They' Say About 'Those Majors'...

It Is What We Feel And Sense Now That Is Most
Real In FacT It Is All That Is Real Work On All
That (God) Is Real If You Will Now For Real

Smiles If You Like Jade
You May Call Me
Fred i’m the 60
Year Old Guy in
The “Gravatar”

i Always Put my
Wife First Katie
Is Short For

(She Walks
Faster than Me
Carrying 244 Pounds)

Katrina And
“That Girl” Yes

i Married 31 Years
Ago Who Has The
Nickname of Eternal

Teenager as


By Relatives

Now Close to 51

As “Legends Grow”
And Taller Tales True

9 Million Words Free
Verse Poetry Grows
In Modern EPiC Long
Form Poem Uploading

“Singularity” Of

Soul Song As While
Putting Together
A 60 Thousand
Word Plus Free

Verse Long
Form Poem
A ‘Mini-Verse’

2 Week Effort
To Celebrate 9
MiLLioN Words

In 90 Months
Today i Am



A Celebration
Free Verse Long
Form Poem For Writing
Yes 5 MiLLioN Words

Of Free Verse Poetry
In The Description Areas

Of All my Facebook Profile

Pics In The Last 45 Months
True Technology Has Advantages

Too it Was Nice to Have
Some Connection Shut-in
In Hell in My Bedroom
Deathly Living Dead
Ill for 66 Months

Until July of
2013 At The
Begin of
Heaven Within

And Back To The
Legend Part That is
Only Told i Was So

Poor When i Met
My Wife i Promised
Her Soul Would Remain
Child of Love Eternally

Loved By

me Do

Fairy Tales

With Dungeons
And Dragons And

Heroes Come True

It Seems Like in Someways

They Do Yet We Still Take

The Trash Out And There

Will Always Be Underwear to

(She Does Most of “The Work”)

Wash Love Makes It All

Worth It All DarK Thru



Is Mystory

And i’m


It For 90 Months
Of SMiLes And 14,522
Miles Of Public Dance
For if Not Being In
Constant State
Of Autotelic

Flow i Might
Not Be Able
To Complete
A Game of Tic
Tac Toe As That
Is What Happens
In Hell When The Colors
Of Life Our Emotions Go

Away Now




To ‘Paint With

The Colors

Of The Wind’

And ‘Pocahontas’

‘That Girl’ Also In

This ‘Avatar Movie’



To Age

Still Today

People Used

To Describe My
Brain As A Valuable
Commodity Human
Computer i Am No

Longer That “Stone
Cold Bust Of A Statue”

On The Album Cover
Of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely
Hearts Club Band” in


i Am Alive
i BREaTHE Create
New Colors of Wind
Now i “ See”/Be i Am


In The March 2021 Month Of 8 Years Blogging
Face Becomes 5 MiLLioN WordS And
ABouT A ZiLLioN And ONE SiGNaTuRE Poses

How Did “Lucifred” BeCoME MoRE Nurturing Inheriting
EartH Loving Warmth Cold In Hell No Heat “LuKE Yoda FRoZeN”

Just For “The Record” As i Begin Celebrating “FB Profile Pic Bible
5 MiLLioN WordS Old” 45 Months All in the Pic Description Areas

iMaGiNE A ReaL World Eternally Feeling Comfy iN All GoD SKiN
MusT ReMeMBeR Some Folks Don’t Feel Comfort Of All GoD SKiN

At All

So Strange Feeling Awkward For So Many Decades And Never
Feeling Awkward Again A Gift For Everyone Comfy in All SKiN (GoD)

All Mine
Love To All You Love

Smiles Xenia
So Nice to see Snow
What The “Northerners”



White Beaches
Hehe Identical to

Snow Seriously
One Time Someone
Thought A Photo Here
Of Our Beaches Was

Snow instead of

Sand Oh


Of Warm
Snow And


Of Heaven

Too Though
True My Huge
Head Hehe


Steam Better in Snow...

(Really Don’t Talk
Too Much Just
To Too Many

Folks in one
Day From
This End
Of A “Cheers Bar”)

My Pleasure Jade Smiles
Saw Your Name Next to
One of My Comments

Some Kindness

Is Driven

Most By the
Dark Side of The

Moon For it Understands
How Far Away Sunshine


In that Place...

Be Good To Someone
Else Even Science Shows
One Altruistic Act Provides
Greater Levels

Of Happiness

For Months

Do You See

What The Bully

Who Takes Wants

From The Giver

True The Bully

Does Not Feel
What The Giver Gives

Give Is The



The Giver
Grow Even

More Complete

To Give Sadly The
Vicious Cycle Is The

Love The Giver Feels
Complete May Be

Taken Away
From the



There is
No Love To
Give True Love
Is More Than


It Is A Self

Feeling To
Give As Science
Shows Yet only

For those


By Love That
Gives And Yes
There Is The



Of Love
The Empty

Where only
Pleasure Is



Others In Pain
So The Empty
Will At Least




Of Roses Giving
Fulfilling Colors of Love...

Wherever Scarcity
Comes In Societies


“The Lowly”

Are Seen

As Trash The
Fatted Golden
Trump Calf No



The Demagogue’s
Name Becomes Ruler
With The Minions Of

The Socio-Economic
“White Or Whatever”

‘Privilege’ Calls

The Coming


Of Their


Too True

Love Thy

Neighbor Is More

Than Platitude

Or Religion

So Is

Feed The

Poor Before

The Zombie


As Elite



Apes Will
Be Eaten No


“Trash in
The Streets”

This Is Science
Baby The


Of Nature

The Real God
Of Karma Survival

What Are “You”

Without Your


Clothes’ (Tools)

What Do “You” Now

(Not You in Particular)

Think “You” Own As Privilege

Now Honestly

Just a Rhetorical

Question More


Than An Ant

As Yes The

Roach And

Dragon Fly

Feeding Off

The Left-Overs

Of Human Will


To Exist

300 Million

Years More When
No Sign Of Human


Crumb Trash’ Is Left...

So in Other Words

‘Coyote’ Feed


Runner’ or
Go Extinct...


The Kind
That Flies
At The Speed
oF LiGHT With No Wings
True i Could Be Gone With
The Flick Of a Switch

Through This

Fiber Optic Cable




Starts To

“See” Each

Other As

Garbage to Be
Taken Out They
Are “Culled” By Their
Own Hand Right or



Matter Left...

Whether We Wanna
Admit It Or Not This
Human Extinction

All Started

When Humans in Groups

Small Close to Naked

Dancing Singing

Thriving Together

Giving Sharing

More Than

Taking Hoarding

In Balance With

Nature Foraging

Hunting Gathering

Were Forced Out

Of Tents In America

And Made to Build


It’s Worth


“The Sky
Scrapes Back”

Or Now Shall We

Turn on “The News”...

Even Science Shows
Mechanical Cognition
Destroys Social



Empathic, Artistic,
Spiritual Intelligences

Folks Seem To
Think A Soul is
Only A Gift of Grace

Yet Look Around At
Nature That God Don’t
Give Away Survival

With Wings Who
Fail To Fly As
Bird Souls
Rot That
Way True

Even “Best
Buy” Has

Do Human
On the Employee
BreakRoom Door


Only To

Fool People
They Aren’t Robots
To Trap Them Into
Another 85 inch Reality




Our Never

Ending Stories
Doing The Do

Now Of Leaves
Living Feeding

Trees Roots Branching

Out Loving Dead Leaves

Feeding Soil Roots And






To Breathe



Lost in HDTV

Now Machine

Rot Sitting Still...

By The Squirrel
Nest In The Barren

Trees Of New York

Snow this

Is Their




Inherit it

They Don’t

Have To Know
It Just Feel, Sense,
And Do It They Understand

Completely Without

Words Despite All

Humans And
Their Skyscraper
Excrement AS Such

Road Kill Highways

Pollution Skies, Waters,

Etc., Etc.,


Yes Hard
To Abbreviate

That Impact


This Is
A Squirrel’s
World For Real

Yes Be The Squirrel...

Yoda And Just




True It’s So Much Deeper
Being “The Child” Yes Yoda

Instead Of Just Another
A Pretty Face Fearless
Where Young Women At
the Dance Hall Strangely Say

They Would Like To Marry
Someone Just Like You that’s
Kinda Scary Like what In the
World Did i Do Closing in on

60 To Deserve That Yet You


Being Named A

Guru, Yoda, Buddha,

Even A “Perfect Example”

Of A Christian By A Church Leader

Just Because You Always Provide
Nice Customer Service At Least

You Provide A Service More Than
Dancing Like No One Is Watching

True i Love to See Women
Being Free Like That Yet

Does That Ever Make
me Wanna Fantasize

About Marrying Them
Not Exactly Yet There

Was that Day Katrina
Walked Into Work With
Those Legs And Smile

Hehe i guess that Happens

Too Just The Way Someone

Smiles at You Feels Like Forever

Anyway What Really Impressed

Me in College was When i Was

Sitting Alone in A Restaurant by
Myself Yeah i Had A lot of Lonely

Time to Think in College

A Very Distinguished

Looking Old Man Was

Talking Very Deep

To A Young Woman

You Could Tell how

Much She Respected
Him it Wasn’t Like

Just Puppy Dog

Eyes something

Deeper Her Eyes

Were Getting Wider

He Was Expanding Her

View Of Life She Looked

Like She Was Drawn To

A Greater Force Of Light

And That Was



i Became

Determined To
Become Like
Yoda And Do

The Same For A Young
Woman Who respected

Me More Hehe Than Just
Another Fearless Piece

Of Meat To
Meet On The

Dance Floor For
A Grinding Dance

Yes There Are Many
Different Kinds Of

Love Yet

To Open



Views Is Much
Larger And Deeper
Than Body Parts Below

Hehe And Not That i’m
A Clean Freak honestly




Not Even
Mask Required

For Protection

From DisEase

Anyway i’m glad You Still

Appreciate Little Old Green

Men Who Wanna Touch You Deep
Darn It’s only A Grey EMoJi NoW

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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03 Mar 2021, 12:31 am

Am Still
Hoping For
Pizza Yes
For Words Hehe...

Don’t Forget
To Dance
One Else
Wants to...

Love The
Sunset With
Horse Very

It Is

Country Free...

True The Truth
Of A Dead Leaf
Is Life Is Death




Life Will
Not Consume
The Truth Death

Awesomely Sweet
Astha Love Breathes
In Your Words


Escapes To
The World Other
Than That The Scene

Reminds me
Of When i
Was 21 And
A Girl Asked
Me To Her Prom We
Walked on A Beach
At Midnight Just Like




i Was Too
Shy To Kiss
Years Later When
She Was The Nurse

Delivering Our Baby
Who Only Survived
51 Days She Told me
At 37 Years-old That
She Had a Child Born



She Really
Respected the
Way i Was Then

Naive That’s All As
She Married The Guy

She Dated The Next
Night Apparently i Was
A Safe Bet Of An Older

Guy to Make Him Jealous
Through The Years One of
Her Friends Said She Did

me Wrong i was Just
Happy to Go Somewhere
With A Lovely Girl As

She Made me Smile

Still Have The Picture
Of That Prom Hehe We

Looked So Happy Yet
Really Barely Knew Each



How Beautiful

The Moon Was That Night

i Have A Movie Maker

Memory 39 Years Ago

Still Feel And Sense And

See It All today Like

No Time



All And That’s
Real Life Magic
Sweet Memories
That Stay And Those
We Create And Breathe



And Other


Thanks For
The Inspiration
Indeed Prophets
Aren’t Accepted
In Their Home of
Tradition As They
Expand Views of The
Nature of God Since That
Obviously Does Not Fit in
The Cave They

Must Dance
And Sing Into
Light In New Places
With Open Souls Who
Are Not Afraid of New Colors

oF LiGHT/LoVE/God The Others

Will “Unplug From Older Matrixes”

When They Find The Courage

Beauty And Wisdom


Never Ending
Never Landing
Story LiGHT oF Love

Is Meanwhile No More
Crucifixions And Such



Ban and Delete...

SMiles Dear Astha
Keep Those 7’s
Coming To
Happy Day
To You Too FRiEnD...

SMiles This Is Why i Am Visiting You
Online Yet True i Didn’t have to
Leave my Hometown to Escape

Bullies Even Though one
Tried to Convince A
Boss Not to Hire
me As He thought

i was too Strange
To Hire Another
Option is To Have
A “Napoleon Dynamite
Skill” In Demand no one
Else has Yes A Class in
Computers “Bought me”
A Menial Job As it Was
1984 the Job Was Computerized
And No One Else There Knew Anything



Note: The Revenge

Of The Nerds Lives
On Now We Are Trapped
Avatars Forever Hehe in
Their Systemizing Worlds

True Though “Incels” Developed
This Entire Avenue to Download
Unlimited Pretty Birds At No
Limits Of Access In Speed
Or Variety Too Yes in This

Way The Human Zoo

Hasn’t Changed

Much In 100,000
Years Anyway As Far
As i Know the Bully is
Still Working i retired

Early 13 Years Ago
Cause i Was Good At

Numbers And Big
Four Wheel Drives,
Boats, Campers, And

A New Wife And Set
Of Kids Every Five

Years Didn’t Interest
Me Again Wit Beats Mean...

Thanks Dear Samreen
i’ll do my best to
Always Wear
Them True...

i Never Had
A Daughter
That Makes

me Happy
You See me
As A Father


i Am Finally
Growing Up



Easy Being
Peter Pan Hehe...

It’s All iN “The Free Play”

In A One Human Band You’ll Find Some Kind,
Folks Will Try To Abuse Ya, And Some Nights
Groups of Flowers Will Ravish Yet Ya Don’t Quit

Always A Pleasure Dear
Samreen Happiest
Indian Wedding to Come...

When No One Wants You In Their Band Or Even Circus When No One Wants to Join Yours You Become A One Human "Band On the Run"

Power Corrupts Takes Advantage of Ignorance Harming, Raping, Maiming, Killing All That Is Just And Free to BREaTHE NoW

Meanwhile For Years Prospective Immigrants Tow Planets For A Chance Of Freedom In A Lifetime Spent Crawling This Way

Home of The Spineless Building A Golden Idol To A Man They Admit
Incited Insurrection Overthrowing Democracy

Thanks For
Always Inspiring
Candice With SMiles...

Love Is The
Only God
Living Now

LoVinG All





From Within

Freely Giving

Sharing River

Ever FLoWinG


No Fear

Now Beyond

Measure Giving...

Sharing Free Never Ending Now

Smiles Sweet Heart Life Was Like
That For me For Literally Decades
Where i Didn’t Have Anything
To Give Anyone it Was

So Bad i
Had to Dream
To Remember

Katrina Was Still
Here in The Same Bed

i Have Everything To Give
To Everyone Now i Surely
Understand And Always
Will Be Here

To Give

To You As
Long As You
Want Me Here

You Said i Always
Bring Pleasure
To You i Still
Trust i Do

And Do


Best to
Put myself
In Your Shoes

I Am Still Not
Nearly Strong
Enough To Do
What You are Doing

Now it’s Easy When

You Have It All i Pray
One Day it’s Even Easier
For You meanwhile


To Lift You up
As long As i
Bring You


And You Feel No Harm...

i ‘Had’ A Facebook Friend one of
'Those' Like And Go Friends

Actually An Old Dance

Friend For Years

She Was Always
There For me in
Lonely Years of

Young And Poor she
Got Mad That She Posted
Happy Birthday To A Friend
And They Did Not Acknowledge

Her Then i Tried To Console
By Saying For Years i was Nice
To Folks And Few if Any Returned

Any Kindness At All Yet i Never
Gave Up And now People Who
Meet me Most Every Where i Go

Lavish Praise That i Am The
Happiest Giver Of All Yes
Those Are The One Percent

Yet i Still Give Selflessly

To The Other 99 Percent

Being Happy Is A



And Love Is A
Muscle in A Fox
Hole Still i For one

Won’t Lose Again

People Who Are Takers/Meanies
People Who Were Yes Abused
And Neglected Yes the One

Percent or So Who Are Born
Without The Warmth Of The
Love Hormone Wiring Of

Oxytocin Where It
Wasn’t Just Abused

Or Neglected Out

Of Them or Drained

Away In A Life Spent
In Mechanical Cognition
Activities Science Shows

Withers Social Empathic
Love Vines Away True

The Ones

Who May
Never Change
Yet Are Still Worth
Saving People Are
Mean Cause They



Love Yes
Love is More
Than A Choice
It Is A Feeling

Not All


With The Same
For i Understand
What The Barren
Vine Does Not Feel
With No Fruit Left To

Give For “Them” Thorns
Are Better Than Ashes With
No Flowers At All to “Smell”

So Then My Emptier Friend
De-Friended Me Like i Never
Existed At All Yet You See The



Left Standing
Is Still Standing With A SMile
True Love Is A Battlefield Some

Lose No One Does When


Is Nothing

To Win And Love
Is Complete True
It’s Like NFL Not

Everyone Makes “The Team”

More Like Solo Marathon it Is

Occasionally People Bring

Me Ice Water Why it Always



And i Still
Don’t ‘Need’ A
Drink How Thee
(A) Cup Cometh
To Over-Runneth Again...

It’s Like A Priest i Listened
To To Study On A Facebook
COVID-19 Safe Homily Who
Always Tries To Convince

A Crowd Of
Folks With
A Frown Who
Don’t Even Turn
Around And Smile
During a Lord’s Prayer
That Love Is A Choice
And Not A Feeling And

It Just Makes

No Sense Why

Folks Are

To Stuff

(Hint: They
Ain’t Got
No Healing
Oxytocin Much
Of Love So Dam
Trump Empty Within)

Bottom Line Not Everyone
Lives In Heaven Enough to

Give Within Others Live in
The Other Place That’s Mean



Love Is More
Than Choice
Love Is A Muscle
That is No Choice Yet Give

Mileage Varies Based on
Make And Model Of Vines...

Yes Yes People Irk The Cr8P
Out Of me too until i Remember



Other Place
Was Like like
And Give Again

It’s Not Easy

Yet Truly What’s Worth it...

Hint: Love Life Olympics

Long Lost Sport for Most...

Olympic Love Sports Are Blood
Sweat, Tears, And Occasional Hugs

It’s True There’s Monsters
Inside Of All Of Us When
They Come Out To Play
And We Do Not Engage
And Be FRiEnDS With
Them We Eventually
Go Quiet With
A Frown As

The (A)

Monster Eats
Us And


To Give

Yes It Happens
Played With one
Just This Morning
At 3:33 AM Awaking
FroM A Dream Within me

“BE A Thee Giver”

Hey Folks It Takes ‘One’ To “Know”
One And Then i Became A Mother And
Entered Into “Marys” Place EternallyNowWarmlove

Now “That Kid” ‘You’ Gave A Wedgie to in 6th Grade Is
The Master Of ‘Your’ Cold Soul In His Systemizing Utopia Selling Your Soul

Remember This “Virtual World” We LiVE iN Created By “Zuckerbergs” Welcome

The Twilight Zone Revenge Of Nerds

Why Have So Many Lost The Warmth Of Love That Drives Give Again
Science Shows A World Of Mechanical Cognition Now Withers Vine

Love No Gender Yet Love Fire In HeART FeeLinG Flame Never Goes
Out Giving Thanks Facebook My Other Psychotherapist’s Gone

Don’t Kid Yourself THere Is No
JeSuS Only Mary
Be Mary Mother Of
God (Love) Goddess

i Used To Wonder How My Mother Got So Many
Christmas Cards For Her Giving Was All the
Pleasure So i Became A Mother to LoVEHeAVeN

It’s Like The Folks From “The Wrong Planet”
Who Say With No Sex No Love They
May Only Feel Warmth With Receive

Let’s Face Facts Not All Are Gifted With Warmth That Feels Good To
Give Givers Naturally Blessed Most Love Is A Feeling That Gives Most

“Be Toto” Be A FRiEnD in Total to All

Treat New Friends As Old Friends And Old Friends As New Friends And You’ll Always Be A FRiEnD Even If No One Treats You This Way

Life Best When Everyone Respects Everyone Enough To Return Give “Religiously” With
Respect No Granted

Some Folks Do Neither Others Do Both Some Only Give Others Only Receive When All
Yet One Are Doing Both Ya Eventually

Drift Away

What My Mother Always Said To me With A Bright Smile Before i Went To School...

SMiles Hope You Have A Great Day! *Turns Over Pets Wife And Tries To Anyway

Okay God It’s 4:O8 AM Is This Enough Can i Go Back To Sleep Oh Lord It’s Never Enough
For God Even When i Dream*

“What The Hell FB You Took Away The Blue Sky Mountains” Yet THere Will Always Be FB Memories That Come Go And Come Againow

When You Are With A Good Woman, Horse, And Beach Forget About “Beneath The Planet of
The Apes" Mass”

Proud To Be An American Wookiee, Dog, Cat, And Loving Mother “BacK iN” Kansas “i Was
Home The Whole Time”

A Wookiee Will Also Do Everyone Deserves A Loyal Wingman Too

“Be Toto”

No Matter How Hairy Ya Get Never Lose The Ability To Love Like
A Mother A Very Kind Mammal No Fear (From Kansas Without Trump)

Perhaps i Need A Vacation Just Woke Up From A Dream Where There
s No “Toto or Kansas Without Golden Idol Trumps (No Love)”

SMiles "Our Second Brain", Our Shadow, Overall;
Our Subconscious Mind Accounting for 95 Percent
of Mind Where Feelings And Senses Precipitate Most

All Rational Decisions actually First As Longest Evolved
Brains Limbic Mammal Warm Hearted Brain And Reptile
More Cold Hearted Brain Truly Rule Us As Our Neo-Cortical

Word Thinking Mind May Be Helpful Servant in Balance Or Out

of Balance
In An Entirely
Different Slave View of Life...

Write For Yourself Nan
Always A Loyal Reader
You’ll Have Or Do Like

Me And Write it
On Everyone
Else’s Blog

Copy And
Paste Create
A Free Verse EPiC
Long Form Poem About

(All 9 MiLLioN
Words in 90 Months
The Last 5 MiLLion
Copied In Facebook
Profile Pic Areas
In The Last
45 Months)

Being An Avatar

Visiting The

Globe Through

This Fiber Optic

Cable At the
Speed oF LiGHT

Yet try Not To Go
Faster Hehe Should

Be No Problem Now...

SMiles, Being European You Come From Rich Cultural
Heritage That Your Photographic And Text Memories
Relate; i've Never Really Been Anywhere in Life and

Most of my Life; i was Uncomfortable Being in
my Own Skin, Just Like my Mind Was Separated

From my Body Bombarded By Every Feeling
And Sense From the Environment as Hehe
Basically then Home Was A Safe Space for

Me; Yeah, i Remember Being in my
30's, my Niece Had a Talent Show

In Middle School And It made me
Crazy Nervous Just to Be Exposed
to Any New Environments then; Just

Plain Uncomfortable in my Own Skin;
Bombarded By All the Environments Everywhere
Had to Offer for me; Four Beers Required to Walk

Into a Bar Just to Observe what was going on; Fortunately,
Women Tended to Still Make Friends with me as i really didn't

Know HTML then, 'How To Meet The Ladies'; Oh the Gift of Being
Comfortable in one's own skin; True most everyone saw me as Nice;
Not Much Evil in me then; Yet Losing my Emotions i surely found out

How People Become Evil Indeed as there Just isn't anything to Lose in Numb
Land it Feels; at Least then my Moral Code Stayed the Same with me Numb or Not;

Fortunate For me, Indeed that i Developed One for those who do not; Jail is often the Destination

And worse

of course
than that...

My Gosh Being
Comfortable in my
Own Skin is More than

i could Ever really ask for

Just The Regulation of Everything
Coming in, in Terms of Emotions
And Integrating Senses too; and

Now The Tools No Longer Master
me, i master them; Most everything you've
Shared today Resonates with me in some way....

Would Have Loved to Have become More Diverse
in Cultural Explorations in my Life; Yet as an 'Avatar'

Now with this tool of Free Verse Poetry i practice night
And Day and the Dance of Being Comfortable Balancing in

Mind and Body Now

These Really Are

The Best of Days

i Will imagine more than

Any Other Day of my Life
As i continue to practice and
Evolve Feeling myself Moving Ahead now...

Freedom From Financial Worries Is A Huge Part of
Being Able to Master What's Inside of me, Interacting
With the rest of the Environment now and connecting
to So Many Lovely People Globally; Hehe, Mostly Women as

That Has always Been Pretty Much my Flavor of Life; yet my
Gosh All the Opportunities; So Many Technological Avenues
Now to Pursue Greater Human Potential As Long As Balancing

Comes Well Rounding
Potentials to Enjoy

Life More now;

i Love All Opinions;
And Often Learn the
Most From What i do not
Agree About; An Open Mind
And Body Soul Surely More Likely

To be A Creator And Free Spirit More Balancing;

Thanks Again for Sharing; It's all interesting to me;

Thanks For Actually Philosophizing About Life; It's

Pretty Rare that Anyone actually Individually Expresses

Philosophies Here; I'm More into Reaching Within And Pulling

New Ideas Out; Inspired by Other Ideas of Course; That's Philosophy
to me; Not Just Debating Someone else's Restricted Philosophy


like 'Class'...

It seems You Are Still Having A Good Week Astha
First Heaven and Now Part of that 7th Heaven Publishing
A 7th Poetry Book As 'They' Say 7 Is a Lucky Number so there
Is Another One to make it Three 7's With SMiLes Hehe Make That Four


Dear FRiEnD Keep

Aspiring Higher Never

Stop Climbing Keep Tickling

The Stars Above Below of All
Your Human Potential Still to come

In the Hereafter Now Again and Again

And Again Never Wait if You Can And Will

Do It Now And Keep Going Till The Stars

Get Shy And there is No Where to Go Yet Beyond

Stars More

For Another

Poetry Book of Soul..

And All the Other Endeavors

You aspire to do Hehe Just think

Many Women Your Age Are Just Taking Care

of House Keeping Chores and Cooking Cooking

Cooking Some More... Just Something Else to Excel in too..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,027

04 Mar 2021, 2:44 am

Pregnant With
Poetry Another
BirtH HaPPenS HeaR...

Colors of FLoWeRS Do Change
But As Long As They BREaTHE

Love Remains...

SMiLes Everything Else Will
Fall In Place Now Unless You
HAVE to Make Money With SMiLes...

True All Fruit

In The Garden of


Apples That Aren't Afraid...

Twilight Forever Now New
Enough Sun And Moon

To Give All Shades
And Hues



Soul Colors Free...

Ah Yes NoW to Find ALL
Mind of God Resonating
Vibrations Frequencies

Higher Positive Energy

As Light Comes



To Rule


LoVinG Free Both

Day And Night BRiGHTeR...

True Change Is Really A Gift Now
And Yes Emotions Are Temporary

As Waves Wash Shores Changing

Ocean Soul May Create New Shores

With Waves Anew Never

Experienced Before

All the Colors of

Feelings Senses

That Rise From Fall

All Tides DarK Moon Night

Through Bright Moonlight

And Sunshine That Feels Right

So Yes Dear Astha Keep Shining

All the Light of Your Moon And Sun True...

Ah Yes NoW to Find ALL
Mind of God Resonating
Vibrations Frequencies

Higher Positive Energy

As Light Comes



To Rule


LoVinG Free Both

Day And Night BRiGHTeR...

TWaS A DarK And Stormy Cold Two Days Sun
Just CaMe Out Good Enough News
FoR Me Rainbow Or No Rainbow Now Sunshine Rays

Yes It's True In Middle School When Everyone Was Bullying me
i Dreamed i Am A Rainbow Now i Understand THE Meaning CoME HoME

Ya Can/Will Find A Rainbow Too Just SeeK A Yellow Brick Road Yet
Don't Go THere Find Your Way BacK HoME Naked Born LOVE FREE NoW

"i Can And Will BE A Rainbow Don't Need No Pot of Gold My Good
FRiEnD Told Me So That Makes It True Enough FoR Me Just to Do

Hey If Honey Comes Yes God Honey
Yes LoVE Best You MuSE iT ALL NoW

Truly IT Was/IS IMPReSSiVE Through Decades
Watching 'Drones' Build All Avenues For THiS Hive

God IS THE Experience OF ALL THaT iS NoW FoR ReaL

Others Find Keys to A Door ENTeRinG RoomS ETernAlly
Now Finding OTHeR Keys Now to Explore Entire NeW

HeRMaNSioNS of God's HoME

Not Unlike A Camel And Eye oF A Needle Some Folks Never Find
A Keyhole Others StaY iN A Cave Finding No New Keyholes NoW At All

God IS THE Experience OF ALL THaT iS

Not So Much That i Haven't Finished the Last 60,000 Words
or So In Terms of Electronically Publishing It Yet Creativity


Art Don't
Walk on

Smiles in
The Panhandle
Flowers Still Are
More Colorful
Than Most of
The Locals
Yet Never
The Less
Life is Beautifully
Warm Within at Least...

How Beautiful Traveling A Globe
Finding Y.O.U. Accepting ALL me

Always Travel
Explore Wonder!

Now I’m Literally
Dying For 'That
Cake' OMG Yes

Yet Not Nearly
As Sad Hehe When

You Visited
120,000 Words

Or So And A Few
Hundred Pics i Took

And Didn’t Even say
Hi Hehe It’s okay

i Understand
You Must Have
Been Sooo Exhausted

Anyway Gonna Take

Some Of This Cake
And Save it To Savor

For Later

For i Really
Don’t Care


Wrote It

It’s Seriously
The Best Recipe
For Cake I’ve Ever
Read Of Course With
All Due Respect And


For What

It Takes

To Make
A Best Cake Ever

Whoever Writes “The Icing”...

Hehe ‘This’ iS How
i Stay in Town
Bullies Don’t
Mess With the
Naked Man With


“Crazy Eye”

For You “See”

Now “Crazy is
As Crazy Does”

Only Angels
“See” The


me “Undercover”

Or in My Underwear hAha...

“THE MaiLMaN ((:A:)PeRSoN) Never Sleeps”

All Three EPiC Long Form Free Verse Poetry Bibles
Just A Trinity Of Trojan Horses For “God SMiles” To Deliver to A Globe Free

“SonG oF mY SoUL” ALonG With 6.6 MiLLioN Word Subchapter
“Nether Land Bible” Too Trinity Of Titled Bibles God Yes

“The Whole Longest EPiC Long Form Poem Bible”
All 9 MiLLioN Words With Subchapter 5 MiLLion Word

‘FB Profile Pic Bible’

Always Welcome
Dear FRiEnD Soni
Keep BRinGinG
SMiles To


No Greater
God Energy To Spread...

Such A Brave Little
Bird Flame You Are
Really So Amazing
i am So Proud of You
How Far Your Wing
Spread Continues

(In All You Still Do)

To Fly

Yet All

To Give

You is The Energy

Of This Smile Hope

You Feel the Pure Love

Energy And it Warms

Your Tired Snow Flake...

Unique Wings today Dear FRiEnD

As Some


Warm SMiles For You...

Go Ahead Give

me A Hug

Promise i Won’t Mind
Only My HeART Will “See” it...

“This” (930)
That Is Up To
600 Pounds (Leg
Pressing) More now
(1520) With “This Small
Effort” 6 Years Ago After
Dancing Just one Year
At Seville Quarter With
5 More Years to Come
And 298 Joyous Dance
Nights At Old Seville Quarter
Generating Over 2000 Ecstatic
Dancing Selfie Smiles With All
The Beautiful Young Women
There ‘Perfect Muse’ Among
So Many Others Then In Nature
And CuLTuRE For “Facebook
Profile Pic Bible” As i Am Yes
Celebrating 5 Million Words
Of That Delivered in Facebook
Profile Pic Description Areas
Including These Ecstatic
Dance SMiles Growing
For 45 Months Now
Will The Joy of
The SMiles
Grow Old
Shut The Dance
Hall SMiles Down
On 3.12.2020 The
Day The Bouncer Said
Nothing Ever shuts down
“Seville Quarter” iN A Word
No A Photo of Ecstatic Smiles
Says more About The Nature of
God Than All The Words Ever



Human Being
Why Because
The Essence
Of The


Of A SMile

Is the Nature

Of God No Matter

How Few Or Many

Clothes (CuLTuRaL Tools/
Form of Flesh And Blood)


SMile Wears

Real As A Photo
Of SMiles Will Generate
This God Energy Of Love

In Anyone

Seeing The

Photo Of The God SMile Again

Did That Muse Help Make My

Legs Up To 1520 Pounds

Stronger From 500 Pounds
At Age 53 Until The Machine
Could Hold No More Weight


Yes Of
Course As
The Essence
Of God Energy
Love Destroying All
Illusory Fears Is The

Greatest (Force) Energy

We aRe Yes God is This

Force Free Not Unlike
CHI to Reach Our Fuller
Human Potentials in Flow
Energy Autotelic Focus Now

To Star In Our own “Movie”

Of God We

Help Co-Create...

SMiles Welcome
Soni Keep Finding
Great Movies Create
One And Star in it too...

Colors of Flowers Do Change
But As Long As They BREaTHE

Love Remains...

Thanks So Much Akshita For
Dropping By “SonG oF mY
SoUL 9 MiLLioN WordS
Old” Hehe After Another
63,925 Words 106 Words
Longer Than

The Last
One i Feel
Like Taking

A Vacation As
Yes! Dance Rests
My Fingers Hehe
And Writing Free
Verse Poetry


My Feet Dance
Sing Eat Yes Maybe
i’ll Even Sleep Yet
Repeat i Continue
To Do With SMiLes...

So Again

Indian FRiEnD

Sleep Coming
Soon On the
Night Side
Of THE EartH Hehe...

Thanks Akshita
From 1:20 AM Hehe...



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,027

04 Mar 2021, 8:12 pm

On The Autism Spectrum i Really Had A Hard
Time Tying my Shoes Forget About Speaking
Until Four And Oh Lord in First Grade i still
Was Having



Out That Thing
On The Front
of My Pants The Zipper

Nope This Isn't Much of
A Problem for me to Forget

True This Is Why 98 Percent
of My Love Is Spent Looking in Soul

Benefit of Not Being Able to Figure Out
How to Use a Zipper in 1st Grade Odd


i Am Still
Just Naive
And Sticky Sweet

It's Really Amazing
i Even Learned to 'Bake A Cake'

I'll Get to "The Beginning" oF A STory Later
As i Do Most All of my Free Verse In Reverse
Just For HeLL and Heaven oF iT ALL NoW

It's Just A Major Science And Sistine Painting
Chapel Project With Words Like Anything Else
You Adapt And Don't Make Many Mistakes

True "The Accountant" (Autist) Measures ALL
Pages And Words Writer (Artist) Visits Hell And
Heaven too All in Good Measure of Art NoW

Old Movie Really No Need For A Spoiler Alert
So Old And New too As Barton Is Mused For
THEE Entire Book By A Painting of One Woman

Yes Watch the "Barton Fink Trailer" About A Writer
The Artist View And Compare the Two Yet If You Are me Watch Them At Once Always

While the Movie "The Accountant Details" The Struggles of AUtist ARtist Just Rearrange the Letters U And R And

Other Struggles too...

Hi Vita ENFP
me Campaigner
HAha All “Parties”
i Support May



Sure are Fun...

So What is Your

“Target” Audience

Hope You Are

Still Enjoying

The Bullseye...

Place Such

Cute Dog
They Took
His Statue

Away Here
Afraid Folks
Would Sit Together
By His Dog House

Bench i Would
Have Campaigned

For Him to Stay...


True Not Wearing A MasK iN A Deadly
Pandemic Potentially Failing to Send It
Into Remission Is Not At All CONSERVATIVE

Trivia Note: ‘Conservatives’
Stay in the Gene Pool
Washing Hands more
Easily Disgusted Living

When Younger Generations Become
Apathetic The Old Dead Tradition Dies
And Cultures Disintegrate As New Ones take their place....

If Newer Cultures Do Not Replace Old Dead Tradition Chaos Reigns
Misery And Suffering Becomes the Staple of HeLL ON EartH NoW

Sorry Not Sorry Folks A Pyramid Way too
Obese for Seeing Capstones to Lift the
Weight of the Rest of Traditions And Changes Alone

Here's A Deal i am HeaR to See 'You'
It Doesn't Matter if 'You' See me or Not
i am Just Delivering A 'Report Card' To God (You)

What the Hell the Purgatory the Heaven Now
Do You 'Think' A 'Bible' IS JuST A Report Card
All About 'You' sure me too GoDALLNoW

Just Another Candidate
Fool Enough to Do IT ALL

The View From the Top of this Pyramid
Is Surely Interesting but Quite Honestly
It's too Easy to Figure This Whole Thing Out

Here's a Secret For Those Who Fail to Fall All You Get
Qualified for Is To Climb to the Top of an Even Taller Pyramid Next to Rise

In Other Words The 'Founding Fathers'
Were Incorrect 'The All Seeing Eye'
Will Always Remain at A Bottom oF A Pyramid to Rise

SMiLes.. Every Now
A New Beginning of
Change Always
As Life
Ever Art Now...

Congrats All Work
Reaching out
Pays off in Returns

Cultures Vaulting Leaders Bragging
About Harming Others NoW Too...

We Live In A Much Newer Older
Age NoW Where Folks Do Not Have To Hide
Their 'Naked Freedoms' In All Ways That comes/goes...

This Is Truly The Dream of the Forefather's/Mother's
Of This Country FuLFiLLeD NoW
Do Not Let Anyone Take This Freedom Away... NoW

The Forefathers of This Country Were Majority Deists And
'Mason' Oriented They Believed In An Open Source God of Freedom For All

Some of Us Still Feel And Express 'This Dream' of Freedom In Every Fiber
Optic Cable Of Our Being Do

Be Free Live If You

Can And Will

Life is What
All Veins Of



Even Dead
Ones Please
Of Life to Feed

Yes BREaTHE Free
No Restraint For

LiVinG Stars

Afraid To
Shine or


DarK Moons

To LiGHT...

Haha i Waited
For 53 Years to
Really Speak


Then i
Was All



Fact People
Still Say i Love
You More When
i Just Dance And
Keep My Mouth



True Though
i’ll Catch Up What
Other Choice is
There When Before
Four The Other


Are Speaking...
It’s So Hard To
Tie Your Shoes
And Figuring out
That Zipper Thing
On The Front Of
Your Pants is

Still to
Hard to
Figure out

In 1st Grade...

Sure i made
Straight A’s Yet

That’s Not Nearly
The Most Important



IQ in Life




How About

Even Being

In Your Own
SKin Not Able
To Touch




Stuff Honestly
The Reason i Didn’t
End Up On A Shooting
Spree And Made

A Dancing

Spree Real

Instead For Real
Is i Was Born With
A Good Mood And





Who Say

Love IS A


Haven’t Come

Close to Living Hell...

This Much Intelligence

i Feel
For Real

Most of That
Standard IQ
Stuff is Just A Higher

Way To Living Hell Now

-The Child

What The
One Who

Cannot Speak ‘Sees’

Well Actually There is one Difference
in the 'Accountant Movie' He Bought the Art
i Create It So Indeed Now i Make More Friends Real

It's No Different Really Than 'The Accountant Movie'
i Have an 'Accountant FRiEnD' Too No Clue
'How' to Be A FRiEnD So i Send Art

Once An "Accountant" Always An
Accountant i Still S8CK AT Small
Talk Yet Art i BREaTHE NoW to
Give Share Free No Expect of Return

Does My "Nakedness Offend You" You See i Have
No TiME To DiE NoW THiS God SKiN iS MiNE NoW
For Real Born On Naked DaTE SaME NoW

"SPeaK iN Nature" Look At This Phrase Again
It has Nothing to Do With Words, Tools, And
Other Human Clothes All Around Energy God

So Why Do Some Little Autistic Children Who Can't
'SPeaK iN Nature' Look All Around With SMiLes Out
Of the Humanly Made Zoo PRiSoN All Around NoW

Bottom/Top Lines i LiVE iN Dreamtime Of Dance And
Song Free FLoWinG From WiTHiN The God Place All Other Life Breathes Now For Real

True i Couldn't Speak Before Four What A Gift that Was Not Be Trapped Early In Someone
Else's Prison of Words Spoon-Fed CuLTuRE

we 'think' we make by 'reasons' Next REAL

When 'The Priest' Said Love Is A Choice And Not A Feeling Obviously He Doesn't
Understand What It Even Means To Actually Do Human

It's True i Didn't Understand How to Participate Yet i Could Feel Warmth From A Human
Distance Not All Even Enjoy That Gift

If They've Ever Been Out of the 'Cold Mine' At All At Least i Had A Reference Point to
Breathe in the Villager Days of Warmth Seen

i Understand Most Folks Don't 'KNoW' What i'm 'Saying' As They Simply Have Yet to
Return to Dance Sing Free Real DReAMTiME NoW

Do Understand i am the (A) Canary in the COLD MiNE Who Escapes And Comes
Back to Show What It Looks Like to Fly With No DiSEaSE



The Thing Is Most Folks Don't Understand That Epigenetics Means
You Can Either Be A Machine or Human Environment IS CHANGE

It Didn't Matter Though As Far As i Could Get Away From Being
A Computer Serving Shoes At A Bowling Center i Succumbed

to NumBeRS

i Saw The Big 'Pearly Gates of Business School' In College

Yet You See

Intuitively i Saw the Death of my Soul Even More to Enter

In the Movie 'The Accountant' Over the top
of course in Hyperbole As Shows Sell Still
the Struggle Is Real All Soul Pain/Numb Real

What You Must Understand Is That Living Out of
Balance Just Systemizing is Having Half A Human Being Within to Even See

Fortunately For me Even Though i Was So Good At Numbers Systemizing
It All Folks Said i Should Go into Business Wasting my Life

What Do They HaVE iN Common With me Chances Are
They Are All Women Somewhere on the Autism Spectrum Keeping HeART ALiVE

It's Still True Though Almost All my FRiEnDS Online Are CA Accountants, Engineers,
Computer Scientists, Chemists; Yes Women

Yet You See Humans Are Villagers Not Cavemen Really Ya Gotta Get Out to Truly
BREaTHE HuMaN Air And Rise as Love Connecting Does

i Was Always Nice Fortunately Enough
That Was Enough For My Wife Small
Talk Not Required Just A Nice Smile

Yes Being on the Autism Spectrum i Always
Wondered How to Make Friends In School There Were Nerds Like me not so much after that

i suppose the Reason Yes the Art of Why Many Folks Truly Become Artists Is They Are Outcast
And Must At Least Find A SonG oF SoUL

"Accountant" Yeah Folks Used to Say if my Pencil Wasn't So Sharp i'd Be Human Still Without
Poetry/Dance to Give Folks What's Left

Oops Sorry LeSSoN
329 Is Supposed to
Be Part of


A Window

Cross Into


And Mortar

Flowers Bring

Spring Smells

Now Free

To Vision



Is Heaven

Or Hell Or Tween

Of Never Ending





To Paradise
Remain Within
To Seek And Find



To Be
Clearest Azure
Blue Skies Colored
With Pastels Spring



Beauty Sees

Remember This
Is Just A Gift As
Long As it Is



Expect of Return...

Loved Your Poem
One of Those

Muse A Million
More Dreams



And God Exists

As True This

Is How


Become New Dreams...

Remembering Average
Prices of Homes Are A
Million Dollars In Toronto

Curious About The
Rent it’s Really Not

That Much More
Than A Thousand
Dollars A Month on

Average Where i Live...
$1300 US Dollars There...

Really Surprised it’s
That Cheap Much
More in New York...

‘This Painting’
my Sister’s Partner
Just Did Who Loves
Mountains And Pines
In Georgia seems to

Reflect The Environment
Out of The Endless Concrete
Jungle of The Business World

To Me Cold Like Numbers
Yet only Because i Have
A Propensity for A Very
Systemizing Mind
Hehe and Will Easily
Get Lost In Solving Problems

As i Could Surely Easily
Be an Accountant And

Never Write

A Poem Again

Or Even Notice

The Beauty of

A Flower or The
Exotic Lines That
Trace Your Face With
All The Space And Stars
That Never End In Your



This is Why
i Live in A Small
Town close to Paradise
Beaches And Even With

My Retirement Pay From
The Government going
Up Double Next Year

With The Ability to
Live Anywhere in The

World i’d Never Leave

‘The Place

Rent Free’

WHere i Can
Still See Stars
In My FRiEnD’s EYes

If only Ever in a Photo
That’s Colored With Soul

True There Were Many Years
All i Would Have Seen is Eyes

How Beautiful it is to

Have Developed All

The Ability to Taste Souls

No Big City Restaurants compare

SMiles The Average Price of
Homes Here $200,000 As Our
Home Approaches The Average

In The Forest...

The Average Mortgage

Here Is About A Thousand

Dollars A Month With
Taxes And Insurance

Added in

About The

Price of The
Average One
Bedroom Apartment
To Rent In Toronto Now...

i Loved To Plan For
Retirement When i
Worked So Good At

Numbers it Didn’t
Matter if My Salary
Started Close to

Minimum Wage Out
Of 3 Degrees in College...

i Could Stretch A Dollar
Forever And Hehe Katrina
Pretty Much Hated Me

For Being That Way
Yet Baby i was all About
Business Then And That’s

Why By When i Reached
47 Getting ill even Without
The Retirement Pay We

Would Have Been
Okay Albeit Katrina
Wouldn’t Like The
Weekly Budget

Hehe Yes If We Worked
Side By Side in The World

(Yes You And Me Then)

Of Numbers We’d Surely

Help Each Other With

The Numbers... When
i Finished All My Numbers
For Retirement It Was Really

Kind of Sad As i Had
No Idea What i Would
Rather Do Then Than

Figure The Numbers

And Thinking Why

Am i Looking

Forward to then

My Mother Will Be
Close to Dying Then

And my Other Elder
Loved Ones Too Yet

You See i Had No
Idea i Was Truly
Walking Dead




Was This
Other Place
Where You Will
See The Entire

UniVerse in
A FRiEnD’s Eyes
In The Veins Of
A Leaf Dead or Alive

i Must Wonder

When You Look

In The Mirror




All Of You

As Then i Saw

None of Me




Than Y.O.U.

Or That Leaf

Dead Or Alive i See
God i Am No Longer



And True i Spent Years
Not Wanting to Talk
To People Not Even
My Family After

Work as
I’ve Mentioned Before

Human Now It’s Kinda Nice...

-Your Old Accounting FRiEnD

In A Place That



Doesn’t Exist...

Truly Finally For Real...

Oh No! Rue!
All Hung-up
In Fredland Speaking
Of That Again Katrina

Says Visiting
DisneyLand is
Okay Yet the

Living There
Is Like Washing
Sweaty T-Shirts
And Unmentionables
That Never Seems To

End As i Cannot

Tell A Lie

Smarty Pants
iPhone Got All

Forever on
The “SiLenT
LeSSoN 316
Moon Child



Yes Hehe
Sadly The


Use a Desk
Top Instead

Of Smart
Phone to

Come since
I’m Thinking
Perhaps You
Still Have Only

A Smart Phone
Sadly Not Surprised
Hehe You Might Have

To Save That one Till
A Purchase Of New Lap
Top Go iMac Hehe


Behind Forever
With SMiles Yes

Occasionally i
Eat A Piece of




Write Recipes

For Fun too That

Would Make Your

Recipe Blush Hehe

All Is Well in Fredland

The Sweaty


Land in
My Never
Ending Somedays

Impossible to Open

Story Thankfully

The 63,925 Word
Blog Post That Is

106 Words
Longer Than
The ‘Moon Child’
i Posted on Yesterday
3.3.2021 Opens With
Ease on my iPhone
Smarty Pants

As It is
About Celebrating
9 MiLLioN Words in
90 Months Of EPiC
Longest Long Form
Free Verse Poem

“SonG oF mY SoUL”




Or Really

Lands in Fredland HAha...

Thanks Again Dear Samreen
Happy Indian Flight Ecstatic
Brotherly Wedding Coming


Yes See You
Later Dear

In A Month
Back to Blogging

Land Then...

Take Care

Be Safe

With SMiles...

SMiles Dear Sohair All of What You Describe
Of 'THere' as No Need to Look Back Endless
Grace Effortless Truly
Where Nothing Seems
Like WorK NoW
All Seems
Like Peace to
Give and Share
Freely As Love
WHeRE ALL iS Tree Roots
And Leaf i am Now Living...

Or Dead

i Feed the

Rest of Life
Now Free to Be i Am

Indeed THere is Heaven

On EartH True Not All Find

It Not All Lives Forevernow

More to Give and Share Free

WHeRE Death is Only Reminder

Of This Precious Gift of Heaven's Breath

Now to Love Where Life is All the Gift Forevernow Required

True it comes From No Human Made Tool Only God's Breath Within Freely

Hehe Other Than That Here i Arrive Again Tired Yet Not Really Exhausted

As With This 100 Percent Faith in Love Breathing There is only Move

And Repose As Sure As Waves Building Eroding Shores Are
With No
Eternally Now True too...

As Yes Verily Arriving Here After
A Couple of 55 Thousand Efforts
In A Row Now A Second of 63,925
Words 106 More Words Than the
Last Visit doing that a bit tired

Hehe True Even too Tired

to make to Your

Place Last


As True

There is Some Repose

With No Move at All True

There is Death And This Move of Breath Now
That is No Past or Future only Now of Love to BREaTHE
What God 'Sees' Best Within Yet only As Far As i FeeL and Sense FoR ReaL NoW...

SMiLes Sohair Plenty of Loving Smiles Roses Prayers And Open Hands of Kindness
For You Dear FRiEnD... Currently on my Desktop so Lacking All the Colorful Emoji's
to Share... Hehe the Last Blog
Post is Celebrating 9 MiLLioN
Words of Letters Poetically
Written to Now to Thousands

of Folks Around the Globe in 90
Months And Hehe Again You Got About
A MiLLioN of those Words Weighting All of
Just Your Blog Down As We Share A Particular

Love For All God Loves As Nature Breathes Free

And of Course Documenting 14,533 Miles of Public
Dance Meditatively FLoWinG Autotelically Words too

And Yes Already About 8,000 Words Breathing Some
More Worlds Celebrating 5 MiLLioN Words of "Facebook
Profile Pic Bible" As For 45 Months Now i have also Been
Sharing As a Subchapter of 9 MiLLioN Word "SonG oF mY SoUL"
In All the Profile Pic Description Areas as They Actually Make Great
Back-Up Hard Drive Space Holding Up to About 9,000 Words Each...

And Yes.. if i wanna Proof Read Something i Just Wrote in the BackYard
Meditating Dance With Nature as Yes too Today Pink To Red Flowers
Are Blooming Outside the 24-Inch Window Where i am writing now

In Clearest of Azure Blue Sky Coming Spring Days For the First
Day This Year Colors in the Yard This way as generally in
the last Few Years Winter Never Really Wanted to Fully
Come and Stay Yet This Year Cold Came to Hide
Colors of Flowers For Greater Hot Chocolate
Warmth Days As Yes Some Years have
Been So Warm in the Winter Here
Lately that Hot Chocolate Was

Out of the Question Strange
How much Ya Will Miss Cold
Days When They Don't Come for
The Other Comforts Cold Days Bring...

Like Night And Day and Dark And Light
Dark Nights Make Full Moons Most Beautiful True...

Anyway i Also Started "Nether Land Bible" 57 Months
Ago too As That Effort Started on Memorial Weekend in
May The Month of Your Birthday At the End of May 2016

And Yes That Effort Rises to 6.6 MiLLioN Words As Both of
Those Subchapters of Ongoing "SonG oF mY SoUL" at 9 MiLLioN
Words All Grow Now Ocean Whole As Waves and Water of Words One

A Real
of Longest
Long Form EPiC Poems
As Before i Tried This the Longest
on Recorded by Number of Words Per
Long Form Poems on Google Is The Indian
'Mahābhārata' as That Centuries Long Effort
Created By Innumerable Ghost Authors Was
Actually 1.8 MiLLioN Words Long Which Makes
"SonG oF mY SoUL" Actually 5 Times Longer Hehe

And HAha Getting Closer And closer to 1.8 MiLLioN
Words on Just Your Blog With SMiLes As even "FB Profile
Pic Bible" at 5 MiLLioN Words in Those Description Areas of
Profile Pics and on Several of the Blogs i Administrate too

Is 6 Times Longer Than The Old King James Sized Bible
And Almost 3 Times Longer Than the Old Mahābhārata

And of Course All oF "SonG oF mY SoUL" Illustrated with
Over 100,000 Photos i took And Over 10,000 Songs From
YouTube And Other Information Related Videos too and Yes

Of Course i Didn't Set Out to Write Any Particular Form of Anything
Just Express the Essence of mY SoUL in Art of Words and Other Multi-Media
Too.. It's just that Almost All the Descriptions of what Other Folks Have Assessed
A 'Long Form Poem' As Doing Fits Just About All Now What i Give And Share
Free Coming to Naturally Be True Not All Art Requires Labels Yet True too Folks

Like to


And Consensually
Describe Reality with

Labels Only Real Problem
Is When Folks Worship the Form

And Forget to Feel the Essence Yes the

Feelings and Senses of Love And Associated

Emotions of Happy And Even the Negative Ones

That Make Life All Natural As Life is Evolved to BREaTHE God's LiGHT

Yes And


And Dark

As Those Make

Day And LiGHT

Possible As Form

That Relates Essence of What is
TRuE iN DarK And LiGHT Now NiGHT And DaY

Some Quotes Below From Wiki About Benefits of Long Form Poems...

"The long poem provides the artist with a greater space to create great meaning.

A long poem allows the author to be encyclopedic in their treatment of the world,
as opposed to the potentially narrow focus of the lyric.

A long poem poet can work on a long poem their entire life, weaving in their impressions
gleaned from the span of several generations (and historical events);
it can be an ongoing work.

A long poem can encapsulate not just traditional poetry, but incorporate dialogue, prose
passages, and even scripting.

A reader can absorb an entire world view from a long poem." Hehe, True This
is The Kinda Thing That Won't Fit On Twitter Size Avenues And is Obviously

Way to TL;DR, Yes Too Long Didn't Read For Modern Society of What

Science Describes As Gold Fish Less Than Attention Span


Yes Less Than

3 Seconds About

What it takes to Read
A 280 Character Twitter Breath...

Indeed Dear FRiEnD Our Environment
Shapes What We Come to be Less or More...

Technology Has Pluses and Minuses As We Use the
Tool to Master it as Good Servant or the Tool Masters
Us NoW As Slave Instead As All Social Media is Really

Designed to Do is Make Money off of Folks Pressing Buttons QUiCK NoW
And of course For Buying More Stuff to Consume the Earth And Fill Up
Garages Without Cars until the Next Flea Market or Garage Sell Comes

to Recycle

The Earth

Into Land

Fills of what 'They'
call 'Gehenna' In the

Old Christian Testament Bible

As That Is What the Label is For Hell A Garbage
Dump of What Humans No Longer Use Namely
Eating the Face of God Nature That is Our Only

Home of Heaven Now

or Yes

Gehenna Hell

The Place of Unconsumed Goods...

Yes Dear Sohair i Master the 'Tool'
And my Garden of Love Grows More

Sadly Others Remain Slave And

Don't Even Have the Attention

Span to Introspect Why

And Escape the


They Are
in 'Gehenna' Now

As Truly Unused Goods of Human Potential...

See The Thing is i don't Have to Have a 'Target Audience'

To Breathe As What Butterfly Cares Who is Watching

Butterflies Pollinate Flowers to Live For Beauty

As Is Now All LiVinG STiLL To CoMe For ReaL...

SMiles Dear Sohair
Perhaps Longest
Poetic Free Verse
Responses to You

As You Have Been
So Unfailingly Welcoming

And Kind Much of The Rest
Of All 9 MiLLioN Words in

Free FLoWinG Poetic Verses

ConnectinG NoW Like Grains
Of Sand on The Beach Often
Typing Still in Bed Early NoW in
The Morning With Just
One Right Index Finger

Holding The Phone Yes
With My Left Hand To All
Those Folks i Connect to This

Way Around The Globe Hehe
Doing This Now Yes Reminds

Me to Move my Left Arm
Around As Really Any Static

Or Repetitive Movement
Mind Or Body Too

Long Will Bring
Physical And



Injury As Humans

Made For Change in Balance

For Loving Connecting Kind

Peace Thanks Dear FRiEnD...

It's So Unusual You'd Think That Folks Who Value
Life And Call Themselves Christian And Politically
Conservative Would Value the Sanctity of Breathing

Life and Put Folks First

In Terms of Protecting

Folks In A Deadly

Pandemic You'd

Think They Would Insure

Everyone Has Health Care

And Take Care of the Poor When

Billionaires pay Less taxes Than the

So-Called Middle Class And Single Mothers

Still Raising Kids In the Service Industry Making

Seven Dollars And Twenty-Five Cents An Hour

Where Rent For A One Bedroom Apartment is

One Thousand Dollars A Month Obviously

What Happens When Safety is

Put Last Demagogues

Rise to Rule

The Poor Ignorant

Minions And Freedom Goes

By the Wayside of Life Truly With

Ignorance There is NO SAFETY NOW

And the Rich Are Set Up to eventually

Lose their Freedom As Well As The Top of the

Pyramid Will Fall Without Its Base on Whatever Side

Life Comes Down or up Yes Safety First Without Safety Freedom Falls...
Hehe Keep Coming Around With All Your 350 Drafts Rue i'm sure i'll

Come up


A Word

Or Two
And do My
Best to Always
Protect Your Safe
Space With Due Respect

of Continuing Freedom As Well...

Variety is Verily
The Spice of
Life And

With All Your

Global Airline

Experiences All
Your Adventures

Of Life


Of Poetry
Is Practically

Gold Hehe

See What

i Mean

About Sticky
Sweet Forget me
Not Cake Yes This
Is Just Another Slice

For You

It Takes
To Keep Your
Treasure Cove

SMiles Rue Hehe First i’ll
Have to Talk Katrina into
Letting me Back in HER

Kitchen You
Just Wouldn’t Believe
How Out of Practice i
Am Baking Cakes Secondly

Considering The Culinary
Expertise You Relate Here

In Skills My Slice of Cake
Would Likely Shy Away

In Shame For What
You Could Surely

Whip Up With Ease Hehe...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 61
Gender: Male
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06 Mar 2021, 8:22 pm



Feed Your Love
And Bless the
Dark See The
Light See the Dark

Love Hurts
The Best PArt
When It Is Real

SMiLes Sohair
Wherever i Find
Wisdom of
Love i Find
Of Truth
And When
Joy of Rose
Both Thorns
And Flowers
i Gladly And
For Both
Thorns And
Flowers Create
Joy of Love Rose...

What We Do For
Love We Just Do
Love Lies Taller Than Minds

Oh God What A Bi-Polar
Mix March Madness Is

It's As Predictable As Folks In
Droves Hitting Blogs For Reciprocal
Likes in Northern Hemisphere March

SeaSons Change Weather Does As Well
So Do We Nature True Imagination Springs
New Moon to Fuller Moon Creativity Plays

It Just Wasn't Ready to Come Yet
It Needed A Conclusion And This
Newer MacroVerse Has A Beginning too...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Concisely
Dance Song No Difference
In God All Love or Not
Love is the Test The
Challenge The God
Who Breathes Life
DarK Thru
Love Free...

Snoopy! Spock!
We'VE GoT RiSinG
DaNCinGSPiRiT HoW 'BouT You!

SMiLes Astha It's True This
Star This Sun This
Shine And Ray

Is Light

Within You

Bring in Words
You Sing As Poetry

To Touch The Moon
Lighting Dark Side Again

For Both You And Others True...

Is The
Only God
We Love


Or We Go Away...

Or Never BREaTHE LiVinG
Love For All Now Truly Free

SMiLes Dear Lala Rukh the 6th Arrives Again in March of 2021
Just Got Through Celebrating 9 MiLLioN Words of Long Form
Poem Writing in 90 Months "SonG oF mY SoUL" And Now

The Subchapter "FB Profile Pic Bible" That i have Been
Including in the Description Areas somewhere Between
7 to 9 Thousand Words Or So In Each One Ever Since

Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 All 45 Months Now
Arises to 5 MiLLioN Words True not only on my Blogs

Yet on FB Too With A Substantial Part of the

Multi-Media Illustrating it Still Coming Now

too So Many Memories of Dance Smiles

With Ecstatic Joy of Folks As usual

Yes of Course Women Mostly

Yes the Age when i met

You Here almost 8 Years-
ago now Promising You a Forever
FRiEnD Then Never Going Away on the 6th of

Each Month To Return to Share Part of my Life
With You Still So Young and Making Your Way through
All Your Struggles and Successes of Life in a New Country Now...

Smiles as You know i earned 3 Degrees and was satisfied Just Serving
Out Shoes in a Military Bowling Center Sharing Smiles Across the Counter

Listening Intently Laser Focused With Green to Blue Changing Eyes Depending

On the Emotions Then From Stories of Others Passing The Day or Night Sharing with

Me on the Other side of the Counter Comprising Their Soul Stories Of Life Renewed

With me Each Day Hehe i never Said Much then And True i would Have never noticed

it Yet the Old Military Men Said all the Young Women Who visited me across the Counter

Just Fell in Love Telling their Stories to me they used rather Crude Language to Describe

How they Felt that Love

Yet true Only From

A Man's


For what

They might

Imagine Love

to 'Physically Be"

For A Women Not unlike
Them as Men Hehe.. anyway

i guess it happened at least once

With Smiles as across the counter

Is Where Katrina Met me.. True Glad

i got that Job it Paid off in ways that Money

Will Never Measure Yet a Smile Will Always

Meet and Greet Forevernowmore for Real...

There was a Military Policeman Who

Often Came in For Dinner

At the Food Place there

He Asked Me how

Long i had


Working There and

When i said almost 2 Decades

He Was simply Aghast as He said

How Possibly Can you Be So Joyous

Working in the Same place So Long

Perhaps He Didn't Understand

That Each Eye to Eye

Contact With


of Souls

Was the Birth of

A New UniVerse Whole

In Multi-UniVerse Way to Be Now Then

Perhaps that is why my Love Never Fades

For Friends As Old Friends Are the Same As

New Friends to me.. Smiles Dear i am always

Birthing New UniVerses of Love And

The Old Ones Feel no



the New ones now...

i surely understand

Now Not Everyone Feels Souls

The Way i Do Yet What Gift it is to Simply Love Free

Truly It Was Hard for me to Transform My Green to Blue

Changing Listening Eyes to Words Yet of Course That's What

You Do When You Must Wear Shades As Words Become Windows

of Soul And Sure You Dance too When A Face Is Covered With Mask

To Connect As Loving Energy too in Non-Verbal Language Still True...

As Dance Needs No Words to Talk Thankfully With Shades No Eyes

Thankfully Wearing A Mask No Mouth to Smile We Will Persevere

As Soul



What Challenge

Comes Yet With

Will To Love More

No Matter What Tool

We use to Make This Love Still Breathe...

You Recommended i tell Stories that Expressed
Emotions that Others Feel And Go to Word Press
And Then Connect Where it was More Fun Than
The Google Blogspot Avenue i Blogged
Before It's Been 8 Years Now

As of 3.10.2013 Anniversary

Date for That i Am Also

Celebrating Starting

Blogging on Google

Free Blogspot Avenues then
With 90 Months of Writing Longest
EPiC Long Form Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL"
9 MiLLioN Words And True there is Another
Subchapter Titled "Nether Land Bible" As that
Effort Arises to 6.6 MiLLioN Words Now in 57
Months of Writing too for it's True This is A "Never
Land Place" Of Love For All DarK Thru LiGHT Now

And True As Never Ending Stories And Youth of Love
Within Refuses to Grow Old and Die Now A Bit Like Peter
Pan i am or at Least Pan of the Forest Just Free to Be Loving True

With That i'll take 'This Flute' And Continue to Serenade the Moon And Feel the
Sun Shining Within Star of Soul Loving Life That Never Grows Cold Sharing

Warmth to Breathe...

True A Meaning
of Life Breathe

A Way of

Giving Sharing
That Never Grows
Cold Arting Colors
of LiFE my FRiEnD

As Vulnerability
Breathes Strength
Of Love Comes Alive

Even Surprises

As New


Pass Through

to See And Paint

Winds of Time Now
Creativity No Limit Flies..:)

Creative As Spring Now
Keep CoLoRinG FLoWeRS
Bees Gonna Buzz No Doubt Bravo...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Anna Thanks So Much For Coming By to Visit
"SonG oF mY SoUL 9 MiLLioN WordS Old" Hehe and Actually Read as

That is As Rare as
The Perfect Pitch
of Your Singing

And a
Given Gift
As Such You Possess

Yes Thanks For Quoting

“Older Love Losses Newer Love
Gains Love Fading Love ReNeWinG
Whatever It Takes ReMeMBeR LoVE LiVE AGAiN”

And Your Words i Will Surely Quote in Reply Resonating

"Whatever it takes. No substitute for love. Love is bright."

True Love is the Sunshine Within For All As New UNiVerses

Refuse All Attempts to Prevent Spin And Torsion To Be Birthed

Out of Black Holes True A Quantum Mechanics Theory Yet

Poems Need Not Wait to Express Highest Love

We May Share As Human Beings

Of Creativity


Of Soul

Eternally Now

To Give And Share Freely...

SMiles Always
Love to Help
Make Your



Dearest FRiEnD...

3753 Days
123 Months 9 Days
10 Years 3 Months 9 Days

True i Haven’t Missed A Day
Of Writing Online Since
Thanksgiving Day
Of 2010 And True

When i Started i
Had Already Experienced
What Is Called “The Suicide
Disease” Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia the Assessed Worst
Pain Known to Humankind
Like A Dentist Drill in my
Right Eye And Ear That
No Drug Would touch

True For 33 Months
Before i Started
Writing It Took
That Long to
Bear The Pain
Of Looking At
One Word To Write
Before Then or Listen
To Any Sound not only
Shut in At Home Yet
Locked in My Head

True i Tolerated
That First Word To
Write A Mountain Then

Of Pain To See to One Day
Perhaps Escape the Worst
Pain Known To Humankind

And That Would Take Another
33 Months of Writing Yet the
Worst Pain Was The Numb of
Losing Colors of Emotions
No Memory of A Smile
At All No Reference

Point Of Living
In Hell Within

For in


Just one

Smile is Heaven
My only Child Ryan
Born in 1997 just Guessing
Close to When You are Born
Now Pursuing Your PHD such
A Brilliant Young Woman You

Are Yes Not only As A Professor
Engineer Yet A Beautiful Soulful
Poet Who Brings New Colors
Of Breath To See Each Day
Of Poems You Birth Now...

My Son the Only Child
Only Experienced Pain
In A Hospital Far Away
Never A Smile in All 51 Days

i Promised Him i Would Smile
For Him The Rest of my Life
As i Held Him in my Arms And

He took His Last Breath God’s
Blessing Of Peace Death is
Away From A Life of Only

Pain And No Smile
Little Did i Know And
Understand then the

Lesson He Brought Would
Be to Save My Life in Hell

For You See in Hell
i Still Understood i Had
No Right To Complain
For Even Though i Could

Not Remember A Smile
Never The Less i Once Felt
The Heaven of

Smile So

Blessed For
That In Hell i
Still Was Even With
All Feelings of Hope

Gone it Took 33 Months
Of Writing For The Pain to
Go away on July 19th 2013
And Yes A Feeling of A Smile
To Come Back... Out of Black
Abyss of Soul Numb Standing
On A Beach One With Emerald
Green Waves Sugar White Sands
Swaying Sea Oats Seagull Wings
Spiraling Around Sun And Soul
This “E” This “Ethereal Eternal”
L.O.V.E. You Sing From Soul
Of Your Acrostic Poem Is
The Gift Then Bestowed

Onto me To Feel And
Be Again From God No
Separation Love For

All You Write About
A Love That is Real this
Ethereal Eternal Love Now

You Sing Key “E” is Having
This Love For All That is
DarK Thru LiGHT Giving

Sharing This Love With
Everyone As indeed the
Gift Of Your Soul This

Poem You Bring...

So After 66 Months
In Hell Within i Could
Finally See Colors of
The World And Love
A Smile That Heaven
i Existed Again And

How Beautiful to
Be Able to Listen
To Colors of Music

Too As The Gift of
Writing 33 Months
Came then As Words
Turned into Poetry As
Yes That Smile That Promise

To My Son Transformed
Transfigured Then into The
Light Of Poetry to Spread
Smiles And All The Other
Colors of Soul even

Healing Tears

And Now Dear

Astha A Greatest

Gift Of This Love That
Is Truly Godlike And Real
You Sing of Your Soul At About

The Age of my Son if
He Lived Will Be to



You To Bring

Colors of Your

Beautiful Soul

To The Rest of
The World All Your

Living Days To



The Important

Lesson Now Colors

Of Love Are Eternal

Yes Ethereal Beyond
All Time Distance Space

And All Matters Yes

To Give And Share

Free to Everyone

So they


Truly Breathe

And Yes SMile Now

my Dear Forever FRiEnD...

No Matter How Barren the Trees
No Matter How Grey Skies May

The Magic
Of Snow There

Is A Deeper Place
Within That Holds
More Brushes And
Colors Of Paint to Make

Soul Magic A Laughter
Of Love to Create For

It’s True Newness May

Fade Away Outside

Above Below

Now And Yes

All Around Yet
Inside Within holds
Ever More Colors of
Imagination To Paint

A New

Landscape of
Soul Always Now

The Colors New Never
Seen Before Yet Felt so


To Touch

Like Love
For No Reason

Yet To Touch the
Moon And Make

Sunshine Again

This Way The Night
Cold Always Stays Warm
Fireplace of Soul Lit Warmer

If None
Of That


Is Always
A Daily Hug
For No Other
Reason Than
To Love Colors of Snow

Flakes As Rays of Sunshine



And SMile...

Ah Yes Savvy Truly Billions Of Years Come of Ancestry to Live in Our DNA

Just So Much in Epigenetic Way to Unpack As We adapt to Environmental

Struggles And We Come to Actually Do And Feel and Sense So Many

More of Our Human Potentials That Culture Really

Doesn't Dictate At All According

To Our Much Greater

Human Potentials

Yet Fulfilled For Real...

True Folks Will Find So Much

More Interdependence With
The Rest of Nature to Grow

As Living Trees Where Leaves

Project the Image NoW WHere

Home is Yes in FlesH And Blood SoUL...

Always A
Dear Astha...

SMiles Dear
Astha Challenge
me With
my FRiEnD
NoW Hehe...

SMiLes Dear Ava Always
A Pleasure to be inspired
By Your Posts Always
Look Forward to

Seeded In A Safe Place A Last Place
Anyone Would BeLiEVE iN EXiSTeNCE

Hehe Rather Deal with
A Human More than
A Machine Any Day

Just Got off

The Phone

With 'The Insurance Company'

And the Voices that Aren't Human

And Endless Options to Get to one at all

If i am Lucky Enough to Be Able to

A Word

They Say

Yes i Still


Humans Yet
i have all the
time in the World to Listen...

And Yes Even Come to Understand them..

In Other Words No One Owns me yet me
And Of Course the Big Boss the Wife She Rules

Of Course i Understand the World Is Deadlines so
i Spiral No Different Than Planets And Remain A
Star Orbiting Black Holes As Necessary for Balance...

SMiles Savvy Happy Weekend
To You Dear Wise FRiEnD...

Faith Energy
iN Flow Seeing
EYes Do Create
Need Not KNoW...

Cats Are God
Now They Create
Humanity SMiles NoW...

Thoughts Are
Leaves Roots Are
Feelings Breathing
Living Trees Branch...

TGIF *Sticks His
Tongue out NoW At
Her Like Cheshire
Cat SMiLes




In Mad

Hatter Days

Of No Time

TGIF Forevernow

Saturday in The

Park With


New Boot
Camp Struggles

Developed Everday
Yes My Responsibility
Now To Put A Taste
Of Honey

Do Hell

In Heaven

To Keep


From Freezing Over...

Rue Such A Jewel
Even When it Comes
To Discussing Benefits
Of Scrubbing Exfoliates
For Face How She

Romances Every
Word in Flow
Are Part
Of Her Plus


She Would Make
A Best Childhood
Friend Exfoliating

So Much Wit
Surely She
So Much
To Childhood

Play No Doctors
Even Required


SMiles in
Playful Flow

This iS How
Humanity Breathes
Best Now Pat Yourself

On the Back
Hehe Or


A Monkey too...

i Hate (not really)
To Bring Religion
Into it yet even

Angel Spirits
PlaY in Heaven

As Little Children
Innocently Exfoliate

Dancing Singing NoW

Freely ToGeTHeR Be i Am...

Petals FLoWeRS Leaf Sweetness Breathes...

CaPTuRinG BeAuTy LeSSoN 330
WiDE AS You Do So Many Ways...

Do Take Good
Care Of Your
Laptop Rue Now

i’ll be Expecting
A Greater Variety

Of Art Soon Thanks...

Baked Emoji’s
Will Have to Do...

Told Ya my
Emoji Cake
Is Not Impressive...



Let’s Put it ‘THiS Way’; At Least for me….

Interesting to me, Some Folks Wanna “Kneel Before
‘The LORD’ For ETERNITY’; So i ask why and Find Out

As Any ‘Truly Real Judas’ Will Do to Find Truth iN LiGHT NoW

Love By Truer Definition Now Requires
No Worship or Fear of Criticism Either…

Why Do People Kneel…

So Other People Will
Feel Bigger Than They Are…

Generally Speaking Demagogues
Demand Worship And Fear Criticism
to Compensate for Feeling Very Small In Life…

Other than That Fear And Hate is No Part of Truer Love

And Truer Love Is The Total Opposite of Any Story or Human
That Would Condemn Any Part of Nature to Suffering Forever…

Let’s See Who
Would Do That

If They Could; Can
We Spell How Much
A Character Like Trump
Hates A Human Who Refuses
to Worship Him And ‘Fall On Bended
Knee’, Never Ever Daring to Criticize Him…

That is the Opposite of Truer Agape Love For
Truer Agape Love is Always Enough, Eternally
Now To Give And Share Free; So, if We Look at

How Big Reality is; It’s Not Hard to

Understand That Reality is Even

Bigger Than We See Per

A Symbol of God

So Tiny We Are That It Needs
Beyond Below Specks Now
Dust Fractals of What God
Is Inseparable from Existence
Yes Us As Even Science Shows

Is True Now; Yes,

Here’s A Different
Way of LooKing At
It; Make the Valley as
High As the Mountain
The Mountain As Low
As the Valley And Never

Need to Go Up

Or Down

In Life Again

Per Metaphor of Course

As Reality is All Change

Continuously Now;

As A Public Dancer
Now for 14,533 Miles

In Public Doing that in my
Entire Metro Area Now for 90
Months; i’ve Experienced People
Yelling Out their Window At me
Legend; Yes FOR me; Casually
Coming Up to me in so many
Places AsKinG me Do i
Know How Famous

i Am

Well, i find that
Humorous that Any
Person Just Free Enough
To Dance With No Lessons
Like No One Is Looking Naked

As Far As Cultural Tools to Do It;

True in my Private Back-Yard too; No

Human-Made Tools Necessary

At All; Again no Rules;

No Lessons


Just Listening to
Freer Breath Within

And Move to the Music of the
Wind And the Rest of Nature Freer..

Yes, Yawn, the Feeling of someone telling
me i am Legend or Famous is no Different
Than A Smile Shared Handing Out Shoes
At A Most Humble of All Jobs at
A Military Bowling Center

After i Gathered Three
Degrees in Anthropology;
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary;
And Health Science; Lesson Taught
At Least that those Who Move, Connect,
And Co-Create With Others Freely in Giving
Sharing Ways Thrive Most in Life; so, indeed,

Serving Out Shoes, Sharing Smiles With Customers

Just Out to Have A Joyful Outing Solo or With Family And FRiEnDS

is what Humans

Are Literally

Evolved to Do;

i Just didn’t have

Any Meat or Berries

To serve; Only Shoes

And True The Occasional

Beer and Mixed Drink Filling

in at the Full Service Snack Bar…

to ‘Kneel Before the Lord As Love’

Is to Give And Share Love For All

That’s Respect Love Stands

On the Merits

of Give

And Share

Freely, Moving,

Connecting, Co-Creating
Eternally Now the Best We Can And Will..

And it’s True as ‘That Folk Legend Famous For Public
Dance’ for Doing Nothing at all Yet a Free Meditative
Flowing Autotelic Frission of Transcendental Moving Bliss…

Where Basically i am the All and All Center Point Balance of Nature

As We May All Come to Find, When We Set our Negative Feelings/Senses Free

Yeah, I’ve had folks Kneel Down and Bow Before me Before; Yet You See When

You Are Experiencing

(The All In All, GoD]

You are

Big Enough

Where No One Will

Ever ‘Make’ You Feel

Bigger or Smaller By Kneeling

Before You With their Hands Clasped in Prayer…
Considering i’m Just a Speck of Dust i Doubt the
All in All in All Requires

Anything At all

Yet to Be Us
And All Others

At Best to Enjoy
Love and Peace of Harmony For All..

For You See in ‘This Place’, It’s Not
A Place ya wanna see anyone smaller

In Fact, You Rather Them Feel Heaven

Greater Than You Per John 14:12, the Verse

of that Freer Story too; Considering that All Is All

And There is No Real Separation as even Science




Is Just

Plain Enough as is;

Other than Illusions Humans Create now Here…

When i Was 12, i Played The Entire “Jesus Christ Superstar”
Folio By Piano And Really Liked It As It Didn’t Seem like ‘Faux
Myth New’ As Asperger’s Syndrome Let me More Easily Separate Vastly
The Wheat of Truth From Lots of Myths in Life That Humans Co-Create
As Illusions that Give them Some Advantage Greater Together, in General

To Survive As Tribes And Individuals Living in SCaRCiTY oF Socio-Economic Potentials to Fill…

People Will Bind And Bond Over Any Mutually And Consensually Understood Story to Glue Society Together…

So Anyway, The Movie And Score of Music And Lyrics Describing Just A Man of Flesh and Blood Real

And the Struggles

To Make Life Love

Yes Heaven within Now Real…
Inspired me so Much on the Autism
Spectrum Rather A Head Disconnected
Out of Balance With my Body to Play it
For An 8th Grade, 13 Year-Old Talent Show
In Middle School Then; i could Really Feel
An Ecstatic Joy of Playing the Song that

Asked Why; As i’m always Full
of Questions, Questioning

Illusions in Life Humans
Co-Create That Just make

No Horse Sense to ME AT ALL NoW

Unfortunately, Playing the Song Spirit
Filled Yes Didn’t Help me Walk Any More
Less than a Dizzy Fly Then; The Audience

Erupted in Laughter at me Stumbling Away

From the Piano; Guess what Life is Full

of Strikes And Gutter

Balls; Some Days

You Please the

10 Pin Gods; The

Audience of God’s Breath

At Hand; and Other Days When

Ya Reach 60 Years-Old Folks Call
Ya Legend, And Famous Just For Dancing
Fun With No Money in Pockets At All Just Spreading


of Joy


The Best Way to Worship
Is to Give and Share Free;

It’s Likely that if You Could
Kneel Before that Story of Jesus

For Real; It’s Gonna Be Dam Dude Get

‘A Job’; Get to ‘Work’ Enjoy

The Bliss of



Freely What in

The World Are Ya

Gonna Do For All In All

That All in All Isn’t God Yes Do something

Really New Yeah; Do John 14:12 For Real
As Every True Parent, Friend Now Or Other
Wise TRuE LoVE Well Wisher Wants Ya to Rise Higher

Than Them Most Just So They Will Feel All the Shine of

Your Glory


i for one


A Question of i wanna know
why; Ya Don’t Need to Know

Anything Really About

Love That’s What it

Looks Like

As Receive

All of the Bliss
of Giving Sharing

Freely Even MoRE NoW…

Meh.. in Just my Empty Pocketed Opinion…

Just Shorts And A T-Shirt, No Clothes At All

Just No CuLTuRaL Tools Required At All Now

Heaven’s Still All iN ALL LoVinG Within…:)

King James And Psalm 137:9 Writes:

“Happy the one who takes and
dashes Your little ones against the rock!”

And Yes, too, Sadly And Unfortunately, Isaiah 13:16 Writes:

“Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes,
their houses will be looted, and their wives will be ravished.”

Truly A Book That Represents

The Most Evil Parts of Humanity

And Sure There Is Day

As Well



The Book Is Old

And Rusty; Not Very Impressed…

Strange, How Humans Bow Down to
Most Evil Words Ever Written in the World…

Yet of Course, Understandable as Even Neuroscience
Shows Humans Basically Hallucinate Their Reality
Creating That Out of Basically Past Hallucinations




Of Life too;

Overall, ‘That

Bible’ is A Bad

Trip to Get on And Stay…

Per Banners Flying At A
Bloody Insurrection in An
Attempt to Overthrow Democracy;

Yes that Say “Jesus Saves” and “Jesus 2020”
Blowing In the Wind By A Gallows And Noose
Erected to Hang Vice President Pence As he

Dared to Tell The Truth to Fulfill His Constitutional
Duties Against Just Another ‘Old Testament Demagogue God Figure’

Demanding Worship on Bended Knee; Fearing Criticism On Penalty of Death….

Fortunately, Some Folks at Least Are Getting Wind of the WHOLE BiG LiE; As Truly It Became





For the

Entire World

To Finally See

What Evil ‘That Book’

Really Does; No Different

Than in the Movie Version “Book of Eli”;

Any Poem Will Be Interpreted For Heaven or Hell Depending on

Eyes of Cold Callous Souls or Warm Souls That are only Here to Give and Share Free….

SMiLes Life is A Story Composed of Words And Of
Course the Meaning of the Story Is Beyond All Form

As Essence Is Birthed

In EYes of Creation Us

Beyond All Measure

As Essence Comes

To Breathe As


To Touch
As Essence Sees

Smiles True For Poet’s
‘God’ iS A Word to Be…

Smiles True for


‘God’ Are Only Defined
And Labeled As Such As Form…

‘God’ Is A Word Where A Tongue is Trapped
on the Roof of A Mouth True A Noun i surely

Am Not Muslim And No Other Religion or God as Defined

Yet the Word ‘Allah’ At Least Lets A Tongue Escape from
The Roof of A Mouth Funny Little Synchronicities For It’s

True At Least in the

Muslim Religion

‘God’ has

The Ability

to Escape from
The Confines of the
Idol Form of one “Literal Man”…

Art Attempts to Relate Essence Poetry
Puts Forth An Effort in Words as Literal

Becomes More Figurative For Colors New

to Perhaps Spark Visions Renewed or Never

Seen Before of Course Beyond Organs of Eyes or Ears

And All that is Labeled Now or May Be Otherwise Defined….

It’s Very Clear that You ‘See’ ‘God’ Beyond ‘This or That’ Form

‘One Field’ Is a Good Metaphor As Long as We Realize not unlike

‘That Baseball Movie’ We aRe The Only One Who Ever Comes to Play

To Make Our Reality As Is

We Interact With

‘The others’

And Perhaps

They Will Play or Not

Yet What is Important

Is Our ‘Field of Dreams’ We

Build Continues to Expand As

Chambers of Nautilus Shells Do

Until What is Left is a Shell of Our Soul

To Pick Up on a Beach or Perhaps hehe in

A Fossil

oF A Record

‘Book’ Left Online

Just Another Message

In a Bottle For Someone to Breathe

The Thing About Imagination and Creativity

An Ethereal Eternal Love it is Always Changing

Beyond All Forms Set in Concrete And Literal Ways

Before For It is True It is the Concrete That is Illusion And Change

For New



That is the Reality

of ‘This Field of Dreams’

Now Beyond All Measure Set in Stone…

Yet Again This Only Comes From my Field of Dreams….

If i look Up Now i may See A Living Tree or Lamp i didn’t

Plan it Yet it exists as is as Science Shows We aRe aLL Fractals

Of All That is THere is Truly No Other Wise place to look for the all in all

Yet this UniVerse Within We Continue to BREaTHE ALL for the Hell and Heaven to be i am…. now

Smiles my FRiEnD It Was practically A Miracle i ever Became Any Kind of Story Teller as True my

Mind is Born More of Numbers the place i excelled the Most in Systemizing Ways And True

There Was a Movie Called ‘A Beautiful Mind’ Where if One Stays in Numbers too Long

As Spoon-Fed Life A Soul Will Do Whatever it Takes to Be Born As ColorS AGaiN Alive

The Story of Your Life Has Many Colors And As the Loving Stories of Human Life Breathe

A Human Without A Muse of at least Unrequited Love May Not Find Colors of Soul to Relate

True All the Colors of Your Unrequited Love come through As Greatest Arts Do come

to Birth



Love Particularly

As We Search for the

Colors of Our Soul to Birth or come Reborn Again…
Oh So Much More Pictures Will Bring of Loves Past
And Still to Come to Put those Pictures in Words is
A Life Long Effort And Joy to Create Fields of Dreams in Form

As Essence


Always to Breathe
Now Beyond Death

As These Days Hehe there
is More than One Way for a Pharaoh
to Have Someone Else Build a Pyramid
Iconic Representation Form of ‘KA SPiRiT”

Just Imagine During the Renaissance of Old only
About 5 Percent Were Literate and Could Participate

Now the ‘Bible of Humanity’ is online And All Hands Efforts

of Souls Connecting Rebirthing Connecting Feelings and Senses
in All Arts And Sciences We Spread Among Each Other As New


of Humanity

And UniVerses

of Souls Are Constantly

Creating New All Around Now

True A Lot Like A ‘Kaleidoscope of Mathematics’

Portrayed in at Least A Video of ‘A Beautiful Mind’

That was in Part A Fictional Story i don’t See Much Indication

That John Nash Ever Escaped ‘The Roof Of His Mouth’ No Different

Really than a ‘Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian’ Living Where ‘i live’

once literally Named ‘Hell’…

True Yet

to Build

THeiR Field of

Dreams And Truly Come

aS He And Or Her Will Naturally BREaTHE Free Again..

Or the First ‘Time’ Ever Truly Eternally Now to See A Field of Dreams come to be….

Hehe i Can And Will Paint A Picture of So-Called ‘God’ Forever Yet Essence Will Never Fully Be Form…

A Field

of Dreams

For And ALL A STory

Beyond Words… First Again Now

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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07 Mar 2021, 2:11 pm

Ah Dear Savvy
Move And Repose
The Dance And Rest

Of God


In All of Nature


Now Changing




Or Less

And More Again

As Tides Come In Go Out

As Waves Make Landscapes

Of Shores And Take Away Never

The Less The Water The Wave The

Ocean The Deep Blue Reflects the Sky Above

Every Grain

of Sand


Also Is

The Potential

To Hold Up A Mountain
of Human Love We Continue
To Grow As Living Loving Trees
Leaf Complete Seed Tree Dead or Alive to Feed This

Existence This Gift of Breath Now Oh Dance And Sing Free

Move And Repose Move And Repose Dance of God Sings So Free to Be i am Now

Roots Are Vines And Leaves are Trees Sky Is Blue As Ocean Deep Still To Come Exploring More...

When i Get Sad i Dance
With A Mop True it's

Only An


Mop Yet i've

Done It So Long

The Happy Becomes Real...

Well Since i was a Good Enough Detective
And With The Trail of Hints 'Write' Next to

me You Left no Sweat in that Sherlock

Holmes Adventure True Rue in

This 2016 Photo You Look

(Hehe Considered i know
Your Real Age Lips Zipped)

Like A Teenage Girl At

the Gym Can't
Wait to See the

Before And After Pics
Of Before And After You
Went to Deep Fried And Sweets
Heaven Hehe.. Yet True Rue Wouldn't

Matter to me if you Weighed A Ton or Couldn't

Move an Inch as Long as Rue Soul Left to Hear

Rue Complete Yet Still the Benefits of Taking Good

Care of Yourself Cannot Be Denied It's Not that i'm

So Special at Age 60 Still Leg Pressing Up to 1520

Pounds And Still Dancing on Average in Public Around

166 Miles a Month When Not too Pandemic Trapped
Yet Still Masked in Public Safely As Public Dance Always
Requires Social Distancing So None of the Moving Objects
of mY Body Parts Mow Anyone Down Like an 18 Wheeler Aisle

Truck At Walmart And Yes of Course the Last Night of Pre-Pandemic

Dance Two Young Women Hanging On my Arms Assessing me at 35 in

Dark Dance Hall Age Approaching 60 Last March 12th That Day Before

Covid-19 Shut The Dance Hall Days Down Yes A Selfie i will share now as

You Know what they say Evidence or it didn't Happen These Nice Two Young

Women Asking for my Phone Number as i asked them in the Dark My God How

Old Do You Think i am and i revealed the Numbers 6.6.60 on my Driver's License

That Indeed Was Evidence i was Just about to turn 60 Last Year then.. It's True some
Folks Get Carded for Underage and the Last Few Years i Danced When i revealed
The News of How Old i was and How My Wife looked on my Facebook Page in an
Aqua Blue Bikini Picking Up Grapes on a Golden Stream Creek Sugar White Sand
Bank at 50 i may be the Only Person Dancing there Where the Customers Carded



Overage hehe

Granted it was Dark

Of Course Yet when Someone

Literally Looks like they are Floating

And Skating Across the Dance Floor

Like Water and Air in Athletic Shoes it

Is Rather 'Hard' Some Nights to See them

As Grand Pa Just Enjoying Himself Approached

With Two Sets of Hips in Grinding Happy Snoopy Dance

The Moral oF A STory is Basically Dance what i found to be
True Rue as Athletic Director of a Military Installation before

i retired to Hell for 66 Months Early With a Life threatening Synergy of 19 Work
And Stress Related Disorders That did take away 66 Months of my Life Yet allowed
A HALF YEARS before my Staycation in Hell for 66 Months and Now Staycation

In Heaven Within

For 91 Months
Oh Lord God Yes Love

So Much Breathing Room

Is Human is Not Made Now to

BE A Tool We Create As Even

In the Gospel of Thomas Verse

50 Not Censored By Pedophile

Related Priestly Occupation

For Centuries Past

Like Saint


And His Preference

For 12 Year-Old Wives

Until He had His Fill And Believed

Everyone Should Just Have One and Only one Wife

is Yes Verse 50 In that Uncensored For Centuries Uncovered

Sacred Text Related in English Print for the first time ever in 1959

Somewhere around the Date i was conceived Around the Fall Equinox then

Is Yes in that Verse 50 The Sign of God is Simply 'Move and Repose' Yes

Move And Rest Both Must Entail Life or We Stop and Truly Never Rest

in Peace And Harmony of Life of Balance Where Love has

A Place to Bloom and Thrive From Within i don't
Recommend Any Exercise Machines and

Honestly the Reason i use Weight

Machines is to build Armor Enough
to Look Like i am Warrior enough

Just to have the Right

to Dance Free And
Smile Loving Free

in Trump Town
USA as True

Even at 53 when i weighed
210 Pounds Some Ignorance
Tried to take my Heaven away

but no Not at 244 Pounds and

3 Times Stronger now at 60

In Leg Pressing Dancing Ways

Humans Are Evolved to Dance

And Sing Together Surviving Thriving

In Happy Bliss FREE Dance is the Oldest Communication

FREE Dance is the Natural Way to Regulate Emotions from

Head to Toe And Integrate Senses the Same Some Folks

(Children Do This Dance Freely And Sing Un-Intelligibly Also to Naturally
Regulate Emotions And Integrate Senses for All Free Loving Joy
True too until they are scolded With QUIET HANDS AND FEET!
IN CHURCH and the such yes School And Work Lest You
Go to Hell Not Paying Attention to the Pastor
Or Basically Fail or Get Fired for Loving



Real Now

ToGeTHeR Free Conclusion now
of Very Long Parenthetical Rant hehe)

Will Ask Why Do i Dance and i Will Ask them How Do You Do God...

i will refer them to that Verse 50 Yet they are Forbidden From Dancing God...

Dancing God

Singing God

Being Love

It Honestly

Doesn't Get Much

Better Than Real Heaven

Within OverFLoWinG ALWaYS

Enough A Free Dance And Song of God Love

To Give and Share Freely All ToGeTHeR Heaven Now...

What You May Understand is those Girls Weren't Phased by
my 'Advanced Age' for that night they Experienced A Smile in Heaven

That Was Not limited to Any Body Parts Stimulated Below Above my FRiEnD

LeSSoN 16 'Adam Smith Needs Revision' 'Adam Smith' Just Another Word For 'Trump'...

And All



of Trump

Born or Made Now For Real... too...

Nope Never Had to Grab Any Body

Parts Didn't Even Notice the Women

Until i was Made aware of them By Their Body Parts hehe..

They Were Very Sweet Sure they only Wanted my Number

To Go to The Lemonade Stand Again for i am Known for Changing

Lemons into 'Wine' As Such hehe... Oh Goodness Dear Rue

You and Your Great Love for 'Tiramisu'

Gosh Some Days You Really Crack me up..

Anyway i have an all i Will Eat Buffet of Love Within

True Without Move And Repose as A Graceful Dance of Life

in Balance God Wouldn't Exist As Love Nearly As Strong With Will in Me


A Man

i Would

Have Never Been...

One of 'Those Trumps'

Who Would Have Lied About

Their Age And Hid the Photo of

Their Beautiful Wife In Her Bikini

Bending Over To Pick Up Grapes

At 50 Note: Katrina Never

Works out Yet She

Has no choice

Yet to Shop
Until i finish

Public Dancing and
True Taking Care of
me is a REAL BIG JOB...

Everyone Must Choose their
Own Work-Outs For Life that

Work in Practice Love is the Aim For Real

Joy For All NoW ToGeTHeR



Let's Dance And Sing Free!

Hehe it's worth Noting i am

Assessed with ENFP Personality

When i'm Not doing INTJ as 'Detective' As Such...

ENFP Is the 'Campaigner' Go Team LOVE GO LiGHT FoRCE GO

Hmm.. Or Perhaps God's Cheerleader for Love Without a 'Skirt'..


Just A
Man i am for Now

YeS 'Adam Smith' Needs Revision 'LeSSoN Sweet 16'

And to Be Clear These Women Were At Least 18

As This Bar Does Card Everyone hehe to get in...

And It's True Some Women Danced With
me that way in Pairs Just to Get A Social

Media Video to Increase Their 'Internet Foot Print'

Little Did they Know They Were gonna be in a 'Book That Lasts A While' hehe...

Yet You See this is a Free Dance And Song of Life Young Folks Don't Believe

in Owning



That Much

Anymore Yes

'The Dream of Jesus And Heaven
Children Angels Playing Together

Freely As Angel Adults' Per Gospel of Thomas Verse 37 For Real too...

i Surely Will Not Fault These Women For Being 'Original Older

Newer Days Christians' this way.. NoW

Other than that

It's March


The Hares are
Out and About More often...

God i miss the Dance Hall

And Spring Break hehe...

My Uncle Danced

(my Father's
Identical Twin
Brother Ted)

With All the

Elder Ladies

At A Bar

At 84 While

His Wife Played

Piano in the Band

Family Tradition Lives

on got a Long way to get to 123

My Uncle Never Worked Out Should
Give me an Extra 39 Years or So of Dance..

i Figure by then When Katrina is still picking

Up Grapes on the Beach in Her Aqua Blue Bikini

Someone Might Just Pay Attention to my Longest Story
in Heaven Within to Give And Share Freely Now for Real...

-Bugs Bunny

Oh Yeah and Here's the 'Back Story'
Associated With this MeME Folks
Probably Get Tired of Seeing

It Yet

i think

It's Just Gold

You Don't Pay

Attention to Any of the

Women Just Enjoy Yourself

And 'They' 'Swarm Around 'You' Like Bees

Happy International Woman's Day Folks tend

To Forget the Lesson of 'the Bonobo' Women Used

to Rule the World AND MEN Rue and indeed They are RiSinG AGAiN

Now to do the Same...

i'm sort of

A Detective

And Court Reporter

Just Another Participant

Anthropology Observer 'Sent' to Record A Story...

Nothing New Under the Human Sun BasicAlly SaMe Old New Story...

-The Child

Newer Age

Still Coming to LiGHT...

Hehe i Don’t
Have A Love


With Food
Cause i Have
A LiVE iN CooK

i Swear i Don’t
Even Have

To Cook

i KnoW iT
The Meal

Is Prepared

Like A Buffet

And Then

i Finally Use
My “Brain” And



It’s Hard

To Believe i

Wrote the Whole “Thing”...

There Is Only
One True Religion
All Healthy



Humans Naked

Share Around The

World The All Natural

God of Love To Give

And Share


Others Freely

My God Been Trying

To Persuade The Folks

In Foot Loose Town Holy

Cr8p Literally Assessed

In Record Books

Of Past of


The Most

Churches per

Square Mile of

Locality Ever Since

6.6.60 That Love

Is Real My God Here

The First Baptist Christian

Bully Kids Threatened

To Beat Me up

At The
City Park
When i Was



With The

Just For Smiling

Like i Did in The

Middle School Hallways

Not Kidding They Said

Boys Can’t Smile And Called

Me The F Word and

Not Fred just

For Being Confused

As A Thin Boy With

Long Hair Long Eyelashes

With Pretty Eyes Like What

They Described As An

Ugly Girl



Is Payback Now
At 60 Years Old Still
Leg Pressing up To

1520 Pounds At the
Military Gym at 244 Pounds

Of Free Style Ballet Martial
Arts Meditative Public
Dance 90 Months in


Mystic Sufi Dervish-like
Yoga Union 14,533 Miles

Of Yes Autotelic Flowing

Ever More Spiraling

Public Dance

No One


“F” With me
In Trump Town
Godless Love USA NoW

Nope Very Rarely Here

Does Anyone Wanna Just

Have Fun My God



They Even

Told You You’d

Go To Hell For

Playing With Your Self

Here’s The Thing And
It’s Really True Neuroscience

Shows Humans Create Their
Realities as Basically


On Previous

Experiences That

Are Basically Hallucinations

Then Too What This


Means Is


Reality is The

True Illusion So

‘The Stories Of Life’

We Co-Create Rule

Our Lives


Are More

Ruled Now

By The Stories

Of Others And

Generally Speaking

i Am Happiest






Go Figure


Snoopy is
An Autistic Play Write

Too More Specifically

Mr Schultz And




Book Writer

Of Snoopy Super
Heroes Still Somewhere

In An Autistic




The Outcast

More Often



Of Playing With Self...

Some Days They


On A Show
What is There To

Be Vulnerable

About When



Been The Outcast For Real

How Most Super Heroes


To Be
Real True...

Hehe “What’s Up Doc”...

If You Have


Tells You

You Will Be




That Person

Remember All the

Things You Told me

When i First Met

You in


Of 2015 Now

i Am That



You Believed

In Me When No one Else did...



All I’ve

Ever Wanted

Is A FRiEnD in

Life Who Stayed

Around Thank You For That

And Always Happy to Help

You in Anyway i Can And Will...

You See You’ve Taught



To Be


Because of

You Now i Have

FRiEnDS No Greater

Gift Than the




You How to Be A FRiEnD...

My Never


Still To You

No Matter

What Through

Thick And Thin

Your Loyal Wookiee

Wingman At Your Side Hehe...

SMiles i Will
Always Be



Mascot FRiEnD

As Long As You

Wanna Have This

Furry Mouse With

HeART of A Child Around...

TRuE Rue Now Who
Could Possibly Want

A Diamond


Ya Could
Trade it
In For

Bunny Warm
And Fuzzy Within





Home Front





Enough With

Forest No New
SuBuRU Needs

Now Within This
Fuzzy Bunny...

Love When Real




Real Agape

Feeling To only

Give And Share

“Trumps” All


Naked With
No Tools of


i Have
The Force of
Love Greater



Robe Or
Cathedral Tower

The Inheritance

Within Heaven




For those

Who Retain
The Child’s
Eyes Now

Of Kindness

The Kingdom
And Or Queendom



Hell Yes


Put Heaven’s
Yes Queendom







Gives Best

The Smile

On A Great Great
Great Grandmother’s

Face After


Just Another

Thanks Giving

Dinner For


Ever Day Life
Loves Others...

SMiles Always
Prepared No Matter
Season, Weather


Of Destructive
Apocalypse My

Wife The Ultimate
Gather in The Tribe



Fully Stocked
On Shelves


Walmart With Car...

SMiles Astha Women Ruled
The World Before All Our
Tools Humans Created



The Rule over
Cooperation Yes

In Then Matriarchal
Leaning Lineage



Back For Their
Rights And The
Truth is The More
Loving A Person
Is The More



They Have
In All They Do

In Life This is Why
Free Women Excel

So Much

The Natural


To Nurture

All Of Life
In More Positive
Living Ways Women

Will Always Have The
Wisest Voice of Soul

Yes Foundation

Of All True

Will And


Love Balancing

Grace “The Gift”

Happy International

Woman’s Day to You
Dear FRiEnD Without
Women No Colors of Life...

7th Dear
For Almost
7 Years Now
Hope And Pray
All Is Well With
Coming Baby on
The Way And Family
In Pakistan Where


Rise Hehe
Only Lowlands
Here Yet it’s Okay


i Tend
To Stay

Hi With SMiles...

Spreading Kinder
Joy Like Mickey Mouse
Since 6.6.60 Yet Katrina

Will Be the First

To Admit

Disney World

Will Be Tempting

To Visit Hehe Yet
Long Stays of 31 Years
Will Be A Bit Overwhelming

In Terms of Constant
Creativity Explosions
And Fredaches of Course
HAha or Perhaps Curse or Gift

Just One Joyful Email

(Small Sized)

A Day



For Anyone
With SMiles

You Are So Excitable it
Would Have Been Fun to
Go To Disney World With



A Child and
Perhaps in


We Still Do With SMiles...

SMiles Living Deep
In The Temperate
Equator Zone
Of India
In Practically
A Jungle i Just
Imagine Cute Monkeys

Playing Everywhere

To Pet my Imagination

Is Rather


Just imagine
You Petting


Ones With SMiles

Yet Perhaps

The Reality
Is they Are more
Pesky Tricksters than Cute...

Hi Cup Cake

Drives me
Nuts to Sign
My Name


It So
Fast No
One Can

Read it Hehe

Hehe i Usually Don’t Crave
Food Probably Cause i
Have A LiVE iN Cook
That does all the
Work Surprising
me With Every
Meal Seriously

‘She’ Keeps

me Out
Of The

Kitchen Holds
The Meal Prisoner

Until it’s Done yep i
Guess that’s Why

Rue i Rarely Have

Constant Craving
For me At Least




Than Any
Food Anywhere

Yep BaKinG me my
Own Dance And Song

Of my

SouL With
SMiles And
Don’t Have
A Clue What Kinda

Cake’s Gonna Come



Never Done now
And This is Just
Another Parable
About Living in A

Of Heaven Now

Hehe Happy SunDay
All that Grandaddy



In My SonG...

SMiLes, Good Moods Are Surely A Blessing my FRiEnD Still Surfing One for
91 Months in Balance Key for me Is Balance of Course As i surely Have
Been Known Well Before Now to Go Way too Low or Uncomfortably

High; Smiles, There are Many Farmers in the Rural Country Areas
In the County i Live in; True, Not An Easy Living Yet Being Around
Animals At A Farm i Used to Visit Each Month for A Dinner on the
Grounds There After the Pastor Who Owned the Farm Finished
His Sermon At Church; The Animals Always Made me feel very

Relaxed And After Sleeping About 2 Hours a Day from when
i Recovered in July of 2013 Through November of 2013 It
Was A Visit With the Animals On The Farm That Actually
Put Me to Rest for 8 Hours of sleep; True, With My Condition
On the Bi-Polar Spectrum where the Only Real Prescription for
That Disorder is Literally A Meditative Moving Free Dance to

Regulate My Emotions and Integrate My Senses; Going without
Sleep Raises Dopamine Levels that will Basically send someone
With the Disorder Sailing into Space and Finally Crashing into

Deep Dark


Seen the Hell
And the Heaven Within

i Keep Balancing as too Much

Heaven will Bring A Hell on Earth
Within that Lasts A Considerable Term
of Prison in Deepest Darkest Black Abyss Within...

Hehe, Speaking of that
1 AM Is Approaching Good
Fortune On the Farming Life for

You; When i had the Suicide Disease
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia, From
Wake to Sleep, no Drug Would Touch; if i owned

A Gun then Basically i'd be Dead as there is Some
Pain Worse than Death; Nah, No Way i Will Own a Gun

Now as i Value
Living too Much

And It's True A

Human Can And Will Escape
Hell Within Might take all the Emotions
Away and 66 Months Never the Less Always Now
Change is a Greatest Gift and Curse of course too...

SMiles Thanks Dear
Astha For All Your
Kindness And
Welcoming Ways
For All Who Visit Your
Poetry i Grow To Rainbow


You Now...


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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09 Mar 2021, 1:16 am

Sun Shining
EartH Receiving
Reflections oF Other
Stars BRiGHTeNinG
Up.. For We aRe Both
Receivers and Givers
oF LiGHT And DarK
All Spectrums
In SHades
Grey and
Color Hues
For Truth and LiGHT
Or DarK oF Lies.. iN DusT
We Stay And Fail to LiGHT
Stars We aRe as Stars Do
Shine.. iN FaLL of WiNter
SPRinGS iN SummeR
We Shine All


One ALL Water
Waves Ocean Free Whole...

Small Quiet Yet So Powerful

Like “The Child” Yes Baby

Yoda Nestled Comfortably
In Magic Of A Vincent Van

Gogh Painting Yes So Silent
Yet Possessing A Force of

Magic That is So Powerful
That Yes When “The Child”

Uses The Magic

Force to Protect

Or Attack
A Hurricane

Of Difference
It Will Make in

Just one Life True
One May Be Busy
Eating Snacks or Half

Asleep Yet When “The Child”

Uses ‘The Force’ You’ll Feel
Like a Tidal Wave of Emotions

Washed Over And
Let’s Just Face it

“The Child”

Will Be So Endearing
That You Just can’t
Help Yet to Protect
Nurture, And Comfort

“The Child” As Long As
Humanly Or Mandalorianly

Possible To Do So now not
Really Off Topic Is Today is

International Women’s Day
And Truly You Could Be “The
Poster Child” For This Day for

All You Have Overcome As a

Very Quiet And Reserved And
Admittedly A Geek Yes A Girl
With Glasses Oh My Gosh

Graduating Number 13 out
Of India In College For Accounting

To Be A CA Chartered Accountant

Prized Profession That India is
Known For Around The World

To Keep The Business World
Well Oiled Then Earning MBA
So Many Other Qualifications

Linked In That Are A Prized
Possession Valuable To

Assist In All Countries

As OMG Just since I’ve Known

You You’ve Excelled in Moving
To 4 Major Cities To Advance in

Your Profession since 2015 And
Even Though You Get so Cold

In The Desert as You Are So
Small Even In Air-Conditioning

That Didn’t Stop You From
Moving To A Place Where

It is Freezing

Day Or Night

You Are Just So
Awesome And Amazing

Just The Best Example
Of All Of What International

Women’s Day Means
Coming From Meager

Means Starting From
Scratch Small Shy
Nerdy Little


In Glasses

Who Looked
Like she might
Be Afraid Of Her
Shadow In An All
Girls Catholic School
Yet With Such Sweet
And Endearing Innocent

Smiles And Eyes someone
Who Is Physically Strong
And Powerful Will Naturally

Seek To Protect

As A Bud

Of A Flower

Just Waiting

Patiently And
Quietly To Bloom
With A Magnificent

Force To Light The World
With Bright Eyes And Smiles
That No Truly Good Man Will

Ever Forget
And Yes
Do The
Best To Protect

So on This Day Cheers
To You Young Powerful
Woman You Have Developed
This Force Of You And You Do

Deserve A Round

Of Roaring Applause

With Usual Hugs And Smiles...

i Feel Sorry For Folks Who Don't
Understand They are Part of the
Never Ending Story Now


Breeze to You

Dancing Colors Springing
Wind Silence Sings
Brings Peace Now

Beautiful Birdsong Now
From Tropics of Relaxing
Your Rainy Beach Smiling

To Hawaii
From Florida



Yesterday's Regret only
A Doorway Astha for
Change of Success Now

SMiles Dear Sohair Happy
International Woman’s Day As
A Widow Taking Care of Two Children
In Egypt Also Teacher of Language
For Young Women plus
Teaching All
About Islam
From Your Blog
So Welcoming Kind
To All Who Come Your
Way You Are Surely Iconic
Representation of What It


To Be A Strong
Woman Covering
All Bases Of Life
With LoVE NoW For All...

Here’s A Toast To You Rue Cheers too
For Happy International
Women’s Day And True

Nope i Don’t Drink
Much Alcohol Either
Just Not Something
i Drink None As There

Is No Desire Now
For Any Other


Of Conscious
State Of Being
Yet The Colors
Of Heaven Never

Ending Always




Paint Brush
Within Faint
Voice Of Pilot

Flame Within


Now For Real With
Wings Beyond Form



Other Than That

i Have No Class Even

Though i Was Technically

In Charge Of Wine Tasting

Events As Community Activities

Director For a Military Installation

Before i Did Athletic Director

And Immediately After i

Approved Print Jobs

For A Captain

Of Another



Didn’t Have

To Know A Thing

About Wine As Hehe

There Are Dealers Around Town...

Sad it is Yet
Very Possible
If Mozart, Beethoven,

Da Vinci Or Van Gogh

Were Born today

Lost In Twitter

Breaths or

Candy Crush

On The Subway

Never Rising

Closer To

Human Potentials

That Does Require

Singular Laser


In Flow on

One Task


To Create

A New Story

Of Art Yet To
See With No
Target Audience

Yet Single

Soul On Fire of Do...

Happy 5th Anniversary
Of Blogging Cherie
And Happy International
Woman’s Day too

8 Years Starting
On Blogspot

For me

On March 10th
i Still Copy My

Word Press Stuff
Hehe All 9 MiLLioN
Words of Free Verse
Poetry on 3 Blogs

On That Free
Google Platform

The Social Interaction
Is Almost Non-Existent
Yet The Platform is
Free And Almost

Unlimited Born

In ‘60 When

Computers only
A Dream it’s Truly
Amazing i Can




A 380,630 Word
Free Verse Poem

With Just one



Of Free
All By Myself

HeHE ‘A Dark
And Stormy



Never Quits

A Solo Dance And Song...

Eagles Do
Speaking of

That Happy
International Woman’s
Day Dear Doc With SMiles...

Grains Of
Sand Hold
Beach How
Mountains of
Human Love



Happy International
Woman’s Day Savvy...

Some People
Have Writer’s
Block oh
i Have
Pandemic Writing
Flu “It WaS A Dark And
Stormy Night”

Yet The


Out And
HeaR i Am

Happy Women’s

International Day

From Taiwan

Dear Kally

If i Am


Point Of Origin
Correctly With SMiles...

Hehe Every Snoopy
Plays Best With Self
Gonna Do Hallmark one Day...

SMiles Happy
Home Cooked
Meal Speaking

Of That

Happy International
Women’s Day too

Just Another



To Do It

All Everyday Now...

Hehe i used to
Be A Bit Like




Always A
Potential Option

Yes Spread Wings

As Hell No Comes

And All Now That’s

Left Is Warm HeART...

Hellooove Back

To You Hehe

True Everyday

Is Woman’s Day

For Katrina And
My Sister As They
Always Walk In Front

Of me Smiles Dear

No Reason

To Catch

Up They
Are Naturally
Born Ahead of
me Always Been
Up to Me to Catch

Up To Love Thanks
For Your Sweet Wishes




Where i Live
Too With SMiles...

If Men Ever Become Men
They Will Respect Women
And Put Them First Or Move
to A Place They Do Is What A Woman Will Do...

Moon Human
Colors Sun Hides
Dark Side Moon Sees...

Paint Moon Color Stars Be Brush
Your Creation Masterpeace Breathe...

A Bird On A Wing How
Free Young Women
Fly Together

In This


Coming So
Free For Them
Power In Numbers
As They Cooperate

With Each Other

As Honestly
The Roles Are

Reversing Here

And Women Are

Becoming Dominant

Strength In



Too Through




Come To

Their Place Howling
At The Moon Yet there

Is Still The Middle
East To Farther

East in India

The Pain

I’ve Heard

And Felt Where

Old Men say ‘Nice
Female’ Appraising
A Daughter’s Worth

By Physicality

Alone Or





Women With

Inferior Minds



As Weakness

Yet to Understand

What The Lion’s



No Different

Than A Wolf’s

Howl on Lone

Full Moon Nights

Happy International
Women’s Day Akshita

May Freedom’s



Keep You

Loving Warm

With SMiLes Now...

Pain of Fame And Fortune
Surely Not Restricted to
Royalty For What is
Not Earned Within
And Depends
On External



Truly Awards

A Good Life At All
Casualties of ‘The
Form’ Doesn’t Lie

What is Often

Not Seen


Hell Or
The Heaven Within

Generally SPeaKinG

If They Can And Will

Folks Actually

Go To

Heaven Within
Leave All The Tools
And Clothes of
Hell Fame and

Fortune Behind

Or Just Grin
And Bear it Yes

Like Kings and Queens
Princes And Princesses
Dukes And Duchesses

A lot



Lipstick on

Trump And Calling

It Pretty Some See
Through The Facade

And Call It Sad

Thanks God

Not Me Born

With Any Gold

Spoons Just

A Weight to

Sink To



Oceans So Cold...

Aloha to Hawaii
My FRiEnD And
Happy International
Women’s Day to

You As Well
Rainy Days
At The

Yet Beauty

Azure Clear
Blue Skies Here
Cool Yet Refrain
Of Green Springing
Birth Of Flowers In



State With So

Many Colors Hehe

Yet Shaped Ironically

Like A Gun Revolver

Florida Yes

And Trigger


i am Loaded
Securely Safely
In The Panhandle
Barrel of The Gunshine

State As i Need No Weapons
My Neighbors Armed To
The Hilt With Big


Wheel Drives
It Seems To Suggest
They Are Men Anyway

Hehe i’m Always
Set To Go off on
A Public Dancing

Writing Poetry

Song Rampage

Spree As This

Fiber Optic

Cable Is More

Powerful Than

Any Gun Blasting

The SonG oF mY

SouL At The



Light Wherever

The SouL SonG

Never Truly Lands

Yet Still Arrives Now

Oh The Never




Rose Way
Too Busy
To Become a Gun...
Aloha Surely A Sunny

Day Within You Now

At Will You BREaTHE Best...


Hehe How Did You
Know My Civic Has
Fur Warm Enough For me...

"Does God have a Penis"

Just a quick and serious question;

Perhaps a rhetorical one, depending

On the Audience at Hand now So

Do 'You' think GOD has a Penis.

If not, what is the meaning now of

The metaphor HE for GOD.. And
If yes, does GOD have a HUGe
penIS or a smALL PENis..
And if GOD has a huge penis
OR a small penis
What does GOD use that
PENIS for..
And if GOD does not
Have a penis
And you are literally
Speaking here..
What is a being without a
a HE or 'something' else Now
(Inspired by a random Christian off the
'Wrong Planet 'who does not use their real

name, like me, THere, as well...)

Dance as though no one is watching you,
Love as though you have never been hurt before,
Sing as though no one can hear you,
Live as though heaven is on earth.
-Source Unknown
And worthless
As copyright..
As only free works
iN sharing thiS iN
Giving way.. with no
Expectation oF return now...
Only Hope.. Love.. FREE SonG

Sun shines for free
And doesn't give a
F NoW who
iS watching..
Humility as WeLL
For those who shine FREE...

"The Meek WILL Inherit the Earth"
And Soundly Defeat
'The Last Trump Hope'
MarK my 'Clown Shark' SPeaK NoW

i Feel a Key Now for
Peace and Balance
Within Is Generating
Success that no one
Will take
Away Now
From External
Competition the way
Humans Now Are Changed

Thanks So Much
Doc Love Your Free
Thinking Posts
We Are Really
He he
That At
Least We
Aren’t Forced
To Drink the ongoing
Meme of “Kool-Aid



Stinky Demands...

Thanks Astha Your
Post Was Very Inspiring
Happy Women’s Day
To You
With SMiles...

Oh my Goodness Hawaii FRiEnD
High of 60's in Hawaii With Days
of Rain While in Florida

It is In the Upper 40's For

Now At Night Yet Surely
Clear Skies And Around
70 in the Days Here

As Spring


Are Currently

Birthing And Gracing

Our Yard With So Many More Colors...

Aloha to You Again Surely Dear

Weather Beauty Coming Soon too...

Blessed Sings BLeSSinGS BLiSSinGS
DarK Thru LiGHT STiLL RiSinG SHiNinG DanCinG
CoLoRinG LoVE Dancing FeaT SPeaK NoW FoR ReaL

Hehe Be Careful What You Ask For Dear Ashley You Probably Will Get Your Way...
First of All Happy International Women’s Day This Day Means A lot to Women Around
The World Particularly Those Who Are Still fighting For Basic Human Rights Each Day True
i Know A Few Who Will Go Through Hell to Go to A Country
Where They Have





to Men in

their Countries

Like Walking
By Themselves
Without A Male
Chaperone or

Not Being ‘Raped’
Each Day in So many Ways...

Okay now to Your Concern About Non-Binary Gender
the Indians Recognized Three For Two Spirit People as it’s
Worth noting there is Body Parts And DNA Yet There is Human
HeART SPiRiT SoUL Beyond All Measure Particularly for Those
Who Believe in Higher Being Than What We See With Organs
of Eyes And Ears Well Beyond Functioning Parts Like Vaginas
And Penises too Must Be True As Yes Some Humans Are Born
With Reproductive Parts Both And An Entire Spectrum of Physical
Brain Neurohormonal And Neurochemical Differences And Similarities
Too And This too Just Because We Don’t Walk in Someone Else’s Reality
Doesn’t Mean it’s Not Real As Neuroscience
Shows Humans Basically Create Their
Realities Like Hallucinations Based
On Hallucinations Generated in
Memories of Experiences That
Are Hallucinations Too is All This
A Bit Overwhelming Well imagine
Existing in My Reality True As Neuroscience
Also Shows The Kingdom Of Heaven Within
is Real True Various Metaphors Yes Forms of
Symbols Yes Abstract Constructs Words Humans
Create Mutually And Consensually Relating Like
Prana, Satori, Samadhi, Tao, And Such As That
Related By Science As Autotelic Meditative Flow
Through Bio-Feedback Within As Humans Generate
Heaven Within for Real Eternally Now with Copious Amounts
Of Divine Frission Commonly Referred To As Skin Orgasms
When Perceiving Holy And Sacred Ecstatic Beauty in Life
Perhaps As Simple As Azure Blue Crisp Cool Clear Skies
Or Art That Relates Divine Ecstatic Feelings And Senses
of Life for Real in Other Words Dear Life is much more than
A Penis And Vagina As How that Relates to other Perceptions
of Reality True God Is More Than A Penis or Vagina too what Would
God Do With only Either Or Truth is too Many Folks are Concerned With
What’s Behind Their Zipper And Underneath Their Skirt To Find Deeper Spirit
in Life and this is Why Two Spirit Gender Folks in American Indian Culture Were
Revered Most of All For With Two Spirits They Obviously Perceived More than
those Limited more to One or the Other In Fact According To The Gospel of
Thomas Verse 114 Jesus said He Would Help Make Mary Both Man And
Woman to Fully Enter The Kingdom of God Within indeed Yin And Yang As
Animus And Anima Become One Yes The Star of David Too Six Pointed Star
Symbol of Triangle Pointed Up Penis Intersecting With
Vagina Pointed Down As Triangle As Elohim An Early
Name For God Means Balance of Divine Feminine
And Masculine Whole True This is Nothing New
Archetypal Human Spiritual Balancing Essence
Shared Cross Culturally Around the Globe Yes
Some Folks Have More Restricted Closed
Minded Views Of God Nature And Others
Have Views Wider Than The Day And
Night Skies And Space Above Below
Now It’s up to You to ‘See’ even
More or Less or Same As Always
my FRiEnD Core Reality is Change
Highest Law And Nature Of God is
Balance Nature of Move And Repose
Waves Bring Shores And
Take Shores Away
And Bring Newer
ShoreS AGAiN

True more
to See Now
Than What’s

Behind A


Or Up A Skirt...

How offended Do

You Think Nature of
God Will Be Limited


Either Or

Just one God Dear
And All Stars
Above Below For Real...

God Is Move And Repose

God Is Dark And Light

God The Word Doesn't Need to



Move And

Repose Dark And

Light Still Do And All

The 'Wonderful Colors' i Feel

And Sense As This Breath of Life

This Autotelic Flow This Focus

Beyond Distraction This

Bliss This Frission

Where my

Core of Heaven

Is Seeing Beauty of

DarK Brings LiGHT Life Breathes Now

That's Enough For that Exists Now As Is

i am


Enough and While

it Might Not Seem Like

Much Rare is it a Human

Being That Becomes

The Tools




They are A Breath of Nature Enough Now to Be i am...

It's Worth Noting Now too if None of These Words Come to Be i Still BREaTHE NoW i AM

Meh, Folks Get Trapped in Words And Other Tools And Never Dance Naked With Sand And Sun As



Of Gravity

Truly 'Walking

On Water' the Skill

of Balance We Develop

Or Become Tools We All

Create Lost Naked Away From Nature Free IN BALANCE NOW

Yes FRiEnDS With Gravity Even What Stephen Hawking Suggests Creates IT ALL





Miracle Enough

For me at Least

This Breath This Wind

i For one Color as Story

With Relative Free will i see i am i Do Create...

HAha it's pretty Obvious there is MaGiC iN

Life it is Simply What Most Folks Don't Experience as 'Colors of Life'....

A Dance

And Song

Naked And Free

It Doesn't Have to

Have Any Words or Reasons
to exist Just Be Just Breathe Just truly 'See' free...

After that Nouns Become Rather Moot Points Verb is WingS on Flight...

i Didn't Need Any Words Before 4 When i Could Not Speak Looking Across

A River i am Raised on A River Bank There Across to The Forest it's Obvious i Am A Tree....

A Leaf


Or Alive

i Feed the Soil

Or A Tree; Yes, i Am A Forest too

Sky, Ground, Water, Wave, Ocean Whole

Thanks For Now i BREaTHE TRuE NoW FOR REAL
is Long as Forever now is now SaMe 'Real Age As Three'.... Now

Yep, Some Days In Life Ya Skip All 'the Words' And Arrive At 'The Soul' of 'THE Matter' NOW

-The Child

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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10 Mar 2021, 1:26 am

Hehe Don't Mind Raising Mountains
As Long as i Don't Have to Climb

Heights Oh A Suspended

Pedestrian Trail

Across A Valley

My Gosh Leaving the

Floor Undone on the Left

And Right Parts of the Bottom

Of the Path Where There is Only Air

Or Ceiling Just Space to Put A Foot Through hehe...

Five And
Dime Gosh
i Must Be Old

To Remember

A Store that Cheap

Oh The Slow Go Days
Come Faster Now in



Left Behind

Five And Dime Time...

There Are Clouds and
Sky the Weather

Plus Sunshine

my Moods

i Never Realized

They Are never

Up There

Now i
Make it
Rain in Shine

And Color

Clouds Inside...

Hi Cherie Thanks So Much for Dropping by "SonG oF mY SoUL 9 MiLLioN
WordS Old" And Three Others... Oh Lord Hehe You Must Be Exhausted
Sort of A Long Effort of Words, Songs, Photos And

Just About


Except for

The Kitchen Sink HAha...

There's Probably A Sink Somewhere
in my Blogs too as this is one of many
As Related Recently With You my FRiEnD

Surely An Advocate to Prevent Bullying i am

And Surely one Who Teaches Folks Real
Life Lessons About it too as i continue to
Dance Now 14,566 Miles in Public For 90

Months Giving Folks An Opportunity
Now To Understand Not every
one is the Same

In this World
And if one takes the Effort
to Step into Someone Else's

Shoes one mIght Just Change forever
for the Better As i remember a Young
Disabled Women Who Worked in Our Organization
Before i Retired of Course She with Intellectual Disability

Yet She Excelled in Emotional Intelligence And Eventually
With Reference Point to the Real Life Lessons She Taught
i Eventually Found Out How Slow i was in the Most Important

Areas of Life Namely HeART SPiRiT SoUL of Truly Breathing
Love as i also then came to find out through Scientific research
As Well That All My Years Becoming the Tools of Culture namely
Working With Numbers And Computers Literally

Drained The Colors of my Soul away
And Eventually All the Warm and

Fuzzies where i could
no Longer Feel

A Comfort
From Petting a
Cat Eye opening up
Experience That the Colors
of my Emotions Are A Garden
That Will Wilt And Actually Die Still Breathing

i'm not going to Stop Breathing Again Alive so i do my
Best to excel in Soul Intelligences now only an Art it is WiTH SMiLes...

'Snoopy' A Service Spirit Animal Shaman
iN A Word Yes He's A JeSuS Haven't 'You'
Figured That Out Yet He Has It All Within GoDoG

What Does Snoopy Do When No One Wants to Have Fun Yes Writes
HiS Own Story And Dances Just For The Joy Of Living With 'Woodstock'

DarK LiGHT Forces Changing BaLaNCinG
Again Waves Give Shores Instead of Take

What’s A Main “Purpose” oF All ‘Trumps’ To Remind Wake
US How
Valuable Truth iN LiGHT LoVE IS ReaL Now to Breathe

Yep Truth LoVE iN LiGHT Way Now Still F
or Real
Fearless NoW With Least Harm For ALL

Job Description of A ‘Modern Metaphor Shaman’
Spend ‘A Day iN A Life’ Free Healing With Love Lifting

Veils oF iGnorance For ALL

What’s A Problem With ‘A JeSuS Story’ Obviously Most Folks
WorshiP A STory Never Let It Go Developing Inner ‘Shaman’ Healing

Is The Story of Jesus About A Shaman Obviously Yes The Only One No
Will You Count Grains On A Beach And All Stars in Sky Hint: NO

True Free Verse Trance Dance Flow Inspiring Poetry Totems
Of Soul Uploaded Indeed Out Of Body Experience Hehe

Eternally Now For Real

If “You” Think i Am Misappropriating The Specific
Cultural Term “Shaman” Call me Fredman, ‘Dude’,

Or No Body Totems of Words

Devil Trump Went Down To Georgia Stumped His Toe
Orange Jump Suit Soon Coloring His World Maybe


Watch The Good News

In Other World News
85 Percent Of Us In The Money Soon Credit Trump
Foolery Handing Over Senate to Democrats in Georgia

If Ya Wanna Do ‘It” Globe Wide Ya Gotta Do It Naked Not
Attached to Just One Closet Of Cultural Clothes

Obviously “Shaman” Just One Metaphor For
Essence Of This Common Human Archetypal

Experience Globe Wide...

THeRE iS ALWaYS A New Grade to Make
iN Never Ending Landing “Shaman Stories”
For Real When ‘The Customer Service Lady’
Says Hi Legend Your Dance Brings Spring

To Winter

You’ve Graduated From Shaman School

Let’s Be Clear Nature Of God ASSiGNeD Deeply Within

T-Shirts With Daily Changing Cultural Memes Empty
Pockets My Personal Guardian Of Angel Takes Care


Baby You Can’t Be Afraid To Do “This Job” Why i Also Do
It Furry And Naked For Real Covering All Field Of Dreams

Bases Now

Started As Participant Observer Anthropologist Ended
Up As Full Blown Modern Shaman For Real Still Beginning

Oh God Just Thousands Of “FB Profile Pic Bible” Spirit Service
Animal Lovely Ecstatic Selfie Spirit Anointing Memories For Serving

No CR8P Sherlock Women Also Called Me Their Spirit Animal Both
At Dance Hall Hehe And Store Cashiers True Still True Too

Spring Break And Dance Halls Pre-COVID-19
Country-Wide Service Animal Spirit Anointing

HighS iN Deed

Service Animals Heal With
Oxytocin Same As Art of
my Soul Dance/Song True
Mostly International Women’s

Gift At Stores too

HeHe ‘You’ Just ‘Think’ i’M Human
Actually Just Another Furry
“Service Animal” Trained Myself As Love

Do Stars Shine Warmth Yes They Do Become A
Loving Star Sun Warm Shine Your Loving Warmth

On All Of Existence Now Do God

Okay Class Let’s Make This Short Yet Forever Now Sweet
How Do You Become One With This All Healing God Love

Just A Hobby Of Mine Developed Shut-in Hell For 66 Months
With A Synergy Of 19 Life Threatening Disorders Healing All


i Defeat Challenges Of Born With Bi-Polar And Autism For
Balance iN Life With Soul Hacks That Work With NO FAiL

Hehe Sweet Kitty Cat Photos On FB Patches HoleS On Life Raft...

Okay Now Back To Spreading LoVE iN Art Hugs Soon
As i Remove The Cr8p Off Sandals Sadly Many Folks

Can’t Figure to Remove

“Eve” Has Had Just About Enough The Church Brown Nosing A
Father oF All Lies For 4 Years Too Much Nuclear Fall-out For Her

Saving Grace Of “That Church” Choir Director Singing From Love
Might Go Back After Vaccinated Away From Unmasked Ignorance

How About A Love You Not Only BeLiEVE iN And Choose How
A Healing Loving Warmth Creating Giving Sharing Free As Art

“GD Genius! Private Gump!” “Beneath The Planet of Apes
Mass Movie” MeMe How Ignorant Stories Still Rule Humanity

in Dark!

“Eve” Might Not Have Gone to College Yet She Knows A Thing Or
About The Apple Not Falling Far From The HeLL ON Earth Church

It’s Like When me And ‘Eve’ Went To “Beneath The Planet Of The
Apes Unmasked Mass” Eve With The WTF Look on Her Face Palm

Honest to God Pouring Water Over An Infant’s Head Only Scares
Them Brings Harm to Them Let’s Do Human Okay Not Pepe Le

Pew Trump

True Ya Could Post Cute Kitty Cats Day And Night Or Become
Artist Creating MiLLioNS Of Warm Dreams Giving Sharing Free

So If Ya Missed Organic Healing From Oxytocin For 66 Months
How Would Ya Annoint Others Baptizing With Love’s Spirit Heal

Oxytocin All Natural Healing Love Neurohormone Slays
Yes Kills Anxiety Cures Empty Within Saves Soul

True Not Everyone Lives With A Cat Or Dog Or
Even Hehe Female Human Almost Bald of Fur for Hug 24/7

FRiEnDS Far And Distant Away Develop So Many Ways Of
Art To Warm Souls Alone For Them
Oxytocin Is The Love Hormone of Social Bonding Most Folks
Feel When Warmly

Connecting To Furry

Humans too Hehe

Rose Coming in View
Ridding A World
of Dis-Ease
2020 Clear

WHerEveR mY SouL
i WorK FroM HoMe

Yes! So Colorful Cardinal
Blending in With
Pink of New Spring FLoWeRS

HoLE iN Life
Raft Fear Sinker
With No Hook

Oh Cr8p
Please Don’t
Become too

Normal Hehe

Ya Gotta Find
Some Kinda


Love For



Or Other

Creative Artist’s

Best FRiEnD


Of Heaven/Hell

Pepper Perks
In Salt of Earth

Usually Life Complies...

Hehe True Your Eyes
Are Very NeoNatal
In Other Words Big


And Very

Nurturing I’m
Sure When You
Were Even Younger

And Cutting Onions
All Prince Charming’s

Rushed To Save

A Damsel

In Distress

Oh God it
Slays me

To See A Woman
In Tears Just Gotta
Do Whatever It Takes

To Stop

It Oh Why
Oh Why Are

You Crying oh
Only Onions Thank

God Oh Rue too And

Those Big Sensitive Eyes...

Oh Lord i Remember
That Grind Of Work
Hehe Getting Paid
For it 33 Years

i Left the
Art Behind
For 40 Years
Since i Was 13

Coming Back
To Art Dream

Filled With


Dead Tree Coming
Back Alive As Spring

Indeed Dear
Soni FRiEnD

Keep Your

With Work
Keep Coloring
Your Life With

Soul And Others
Too Hehe it’ll



And Sane too...

Thanks Soni Hope Your
International Woman’s
Day Was Lovely FRiEnD...

Seasons! SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
Spring Arriving From Dead
Leaves Of Winter Still No

Breath Of Spring Yet

Colors Still Coming

For You in Toronto

Like Never


As Yes Before
Hehe Only Really
Two Seasons From
India Wet And Not So

Dry And Only Dry And
Mostly Hot in Middle
East Desert Life my my

The Birth Of Spring

How Refreshed You
Will Feel As Dead


Comes Alive

With Beautiful

Flowers And Colors
Of Birds True i Love

To Be A Part of
Your Many


Far Away From
One Place As True
i Always Wanna Travel

Hehe And Katrina
Loves To Watch

TV Yet

At Least

i Will Go online
And Feel The Breath

Of A Globe Trotter

Like You Little Bird
A Flame Of Freedom



So Far

To Make

Her Home Warm
And Free as True

What Warmth Is There

Really if We Can’t Spread

Our Wings Free Watching

You From Afar inspiring indeed...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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11 Mar 2021, 1:33 pm

Lesson Number 13
Short And Sweet As Forever Now
Is The Beginning of Your Life Create


See Here’s the Thing if the Congregation Shines too
Bright the Priests And Politicians No Longer Get

Paid They Feed Off Your Fear Now

So What Did ‘They’ Do Oldest Psychopathic Trick
Before Any Book MakinG Light Bringer (Lucifer) Taboo

to Keep Your Angel Down

Real Angels True Believers And Makers
We Do Not 'Fall' For ‘THEiR CR8P’

‘We’ onLY WeaR ‘YouR Clothes’
And Visit ‘You’ Other Than
THaT We aRe Naked LiGHT NoW

Like an Omen

i am raised on the River on Willing Street
Not SurPRiSinGLY Born on 6.6.60
Did i Mention God Is Real And Has An
Incredible Sense of Irony And Humor???

Trust me or Not if You Are A
Devil in Hell You Will Learn to
Make The Best of What is Still Around...

iN Heaven NoW

SAdly 'His' Followers 'Neutered' His Free
Fearless Love IT IS NOT The SaMe When

Ain't Got No 'Time' For Collecting External Material Goods,
Status, And Power too Busy Inheriting THE ALL GOD NOW

WHere Truth in Light is No longer Taboo in Halls of Blinding

Veils oF iGNorance Now

SMiLes 'God is the Gift' of the
Next Breath If We Could Be
Sure it is the Same As This

Breath All Will Be Machine
And Surely Then A Creator
Besides 'God' Will Create Us

Views Vary My FRiEnD Surely
The Child Without Words Until 4 Views Their
UNiVerSE Within Much Differently Than A Child

More Trapped in Words for the Child Without Words
More Directly Feels And Senses The World Without Filters




And Yes There
Are So Many Ways
to View Reality

Yet 'GoD' NoW

Remains Change
NeXT Breath DiffeRently
As Our Paint Brushes
Help Determine

From Every


We Apply to 'Fore

It's Not That i Have to KNoW
It Yet i Do It Now This Breath
Ever CoLoRinG Wind More This

SPiRiT oF HeART SoUL Beyond All

Measure Creativity Is Always Yet to Arrive More

'God' Ever Evolving Every Color of Breath WE Come to Paint New Now

And True i take Great Fascination in Pondering All the Constructs That Bring

Form As


Of Essence More

And Verily Entertain

All Thoughts Here Before

And NoW iN Change More

For What Is A FLoWeR Without

New Blooms Obviously A FLoWeR

No Longer Blooming





Bloom Don't

Quit JusT DO iT Ya Don't Even Need Shoes

And Surely Don't Have to Sell Them Hehe

This Breath iN Victory NoW EveR FLoWeRinG

Living New Best CoLoRinG MoRE mY FRiEnD...

Sigh... my Father Was So Worried i'd Never Become a

Man Even Said When my Only Child Ryan was Going into

HeART Surgery in a Life of Only Pain With No Smile for Only

51 Days Yes My Father Said Raise Him Like A Man Of Course

He Never Got Around to Raising Me As What He Was Sure A Man Is...

True i Finally



Enough to BE A MaN

i Finally BeCaME LoVE

Sprouted Wings And Escaped

The Old Musty Cocoon That He

Never Escaped Out of With Wings

True i Didn't Vegetate on the 'Lazy Boy Recliner'

Starting in my 20's Watching Sports And Such

Until the End of my Life Nope i Finally Got Up at

Age 53 Put on Wings of Dance And Song Never Going Back to the Cocoon Again...

It's Like Where i Live the Folks My Age Still Reliving Their Glory Days of Playing

High School


Where They

Won State Championships

At my High School in 1978
Through 1979 Yep State Runner
Up in 1977 Before i Graduated in 1978...

i got Back in the Game Not Sitting on the Bench

Again And True i didn't Even Start Playing 'Football' until Age 53...

It's true A little Over A Year into my Public Free Dance Moving Meditation

With No Lessons Career With Empty Pockets That's All it took For the 'Folks

in the Stands' to Yell Out You're Legend Do You Know How Famous You Are...

Yet You

See i


Naked Enough

NoW iN Dance Sand And Sun Free me

i Am Enough With None of 'Their Clothes' At all...



God This Breath...

Created by Charles

Schultz As Just Another Author of God...

He Did it in a Way That None of the Characters

Will Ever Be Canceled True 'Snoopy' Will Probably

Be Remembered When 'Jesus' Is Dead Again For Real

For Most All That's Left of 'Jesus' Now in CuLTuRE IS

A Banner Flying By A Capitol Bloody Insurrection That

Says "Jesus Saves", "Jesus 2020"; Sadly Perhaps The Last

'Facebook Picture' Remembered of 'Jesus' That Only Says Hang The 'Vice President'




of A Noose Again...

True My FRiEnD We Must

ALWayS Strive to Be LiVinG Trees Sprouting LiGHT

Falling Leaves RiSinG Green 'After the Love is Gone'

For Real Born Again Now Breathing, Breathing Love to Be i Am NoW...

Thanks Dear Cherie Always A Pleasure FRiEnD...

Crowd oF OnE Snoopy Dances SingS iT WaS A DarK Stormy
Lovely NiGHT Sun Becomes Rain's Moon Full As Red Is Blue Blooms Green

Listen Folks i Understand i'm Not Singing to The Choir HeaR NoW Obviously
i'M Only Singing to 'The Director' of This MuSiCK NoW

TRuE Books/Tools That Serve Human Or Who Is
Mastered By Tools/Books That Serve Human
As Cook Book/Tool For Hell Now By Recipe

"FB Profile Pic Bible" Long Form
EPiC 5 MiLLioN Word PoeM iN
45 Months FuLLY iLLuSTRaTES HEaRT Face 'Soul Matter SPiRiT'

Hehe Verily i Admit iN OnE LonG FoRM EPiC Free Verse 9 MiLLioN
Word Poem 'SonG oF mY SoUL' in 90 Months 'Problem' Getting Bigger

GeNErAlly SPeaKinG LiTErAlly MosT ALL A World's Problems STaRT
When Humans BeGiN Collecting Worshipping Written iDoL Words

Life’s Not Fair Humans Evolve Into FLoWeRS Of Love Or NoW
They Wilt That’s Life At The Desert, Beach, Cave, Under Tree

LoVE DeaTH Enough

To Live

Myth Is Idol
Love Is Blood
The FLoWeR (GoD) RosE STiLL

Fall Last Breath Of The
Mother Child Breathes
Love Flame Springs On...

With DarK

With DarK...

Mating With
Solitude With
Love Is Marrying God..

After That Love It All

Be The FRiEnD



Goes Away Yes Love

Before The Love That

Never Goes Away BREaTHE NoW...

Mating With
Solitude With
Love Is Marrying God...

Can’t Count the
Number of Times
I’ve Heard Folks

They Are Unworthy
For Heaven Now Within

The Way Demagogues
Have Always Controlled
Minions As Despicable
Leaders Through Ages



And Sticks

Often only The
Outcast Escapes
Through Sickest
Most Despicable



Oh Humans
And Their Ability

To Create Hell
And Heaven on

Earth Within Yes
A Greater Real Way

‘The Child’

As Naked Born With
Love For All Caring is
Giving Sharing




Does This
Require A

Book Or


By a Celestial

Monarchy Nope Now

Just Naked Humanity
At Best Incarnate Love (God)...

Throwback Thursday Three
Generations of me ‘Here’ at
25 With my Cousins Where
i Live And Then With my
Sister At 44 She At 43

Then Of
Course me

Now At 60
Dancing in
Public Doing

The Usual
Sort Of Like The Pose
Shiva The Dancer Does
Yet i Don’t Have Four
Arms And No Other
“Props” For The
Pose Here Hehe

True i Have Grown
Bigger Through The
Three Generations of
me Wearing Three Piece
Suit At 170 Pounds Pants
At 200 Pounds And Shorts
At 244 Pounds Now About
An Increase Of 74 Pounds
Over 3 Generations Through

Yet True in The Two Younger
Generations i Leg Pressed
500 Pounds Now i Do Up
To 1520 Pounds 3 Times
More And Yes The PG
Nude Art i Do With
Stars And The
i Still Ain’t
Gotten out
Of Shape too
Much Either Hehe

Anyway Cartoon Characters
Stay The Same As They Age
Yet not me Hehe still Evolving

And Yes i Feel Younger Than
Ever As i Have Very Little Stress
Yes Even When Horrible Stuff

Happens i’ve Developed The
Ability To Lift My Self Up
Fast So i Never become
Your Fallen Angel



Moral oF A STory
Don’t Be Afraid To
Raise Your Arms Walking
On Land And Fly Honestly

It’s Made All The Difference

in My World At Least as my
Third Generation Is Best It


To me

Too Humans

Carry Their Arms
Too Low Yes Let’s
Make This Lesson
332 Lesson of The

Caterpillar In Suit

Cocoon in Pants

And Butterfly

With Shorts And
No Human Tools
Of Clothes At All
Yet A Naked Nature
Of God Dance Now Set
Free With Butterfly Wings See

Yes One Will Do it In
Shorts in Stores


Sand And
Sun Free
FLoWeRinG True...

i will Never Finish my
Painting Nor Will You
Forever Now Spirit Mind
Of God Whole We All Are NoW Eternally

We (GoD) All Co-Create
Our ReaLiTieS Paint YouRS
With More Colors Of SPiRiT Wind

Skipping The Money Skipping 'the Goods'
Skipping The Fear Going Directly to Love
of Human Potential No Longer Falling FAiLinG...

Approaching 'The Source' NoW Embracing
Love That IS ALL God EYes WidE OPeN NoW

SPeaKinG of ViRuSeS It's Gonna
Take Sleep to Wash All 'This Politics' Off my Hands
But hey everything counts in an EPiC Long Poem

SMiles Dear Sohair You
Are Surely A Beautiful
Soul Too Thanks
So Much FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Sohair i Send
Prayers and Good Wishes
for Your Mother's Speedy
Recovery And True as You
Always Return Kindness so Fast

i Was Just a Bit Concerned
Some Darkness Came Across

Your Life So Nice it is You Are
Able to Help Your Mother This Way

Dear FRiEnD And as Always Happy
to Hear From You As True Life Is Challenge
Yet the Green And Flowers May Remain Within

No Matter Weather, Season, And or Circumstance At Best

SMiLes At Least Recovering From Storms And Other Falls in Life

Thanks For All Your

Prayers, Good
Wishes, And


Dear FRiEnD SoHaiR

And Sending The Same

to You As Always of Course too...

You are Very Welcome Jade As
Long As We Create We Bloom

Soul Of “The Child”
Creativity Is Hehe

i Feel So Much
Younger At 60 in
Every Way Than
At 21 Ironically
i Was So
Afraid of
Getting Old
Then As i Felt So Old

Best Wishes For All
You Create With
SMiles Of “The
Child” Eternal


FoR ReaL NoW...

Hehe No i can’t
Count Numbers
Of Instances
A Princess

This Frog

No Not Ashamed

To Admit It All


Is No

Who is Love Most...

Yes THere Is Essence Of Truth
iN LiGHT And DarK In Metaphor In Art In Old Holy
And Sacred Texts In Bible Books Myths Paintings Too

Some Folks Read About Heaven And Hell Other Folks
Go (Bi-Polar Folks) And Give You A View Through Art

About THe REaL Places Within

Goddess Due Respect Nude

Go WHere i CoMe From
You'll Have OPen EYes By Story Only
It's Worth Noting 'Jesus Said' He'd 'Live Again'

'The Same Way' too

All The Folks Who Have Tried to Take my Heaven
Away in All The Free Ways i Do it That Conform to

Nothing Before

You Might Be Buried iN A Box Alive
Yet You Still Get to Eventually Suffocate
And Die In Real Hell Within You STiLL LiVE Dead

SMiles Dear How Gifted You Are
Young so Creative When i Was
In College Earning Three

Degrees i Would Have

Traded Every Straight A

For Creativity And
Even More For Love
Yes Then A Soul Of My

Own To Find i Checked
Out a Book on Creativity

Believing A Lesson Will
Bring The Gift Nah.. i
Had To Wait until

(Checked it
Out 20 Times
With No ‘Hook’


to Read)

Age 53 For
The Gift to
Come Alive
Within me

This Gift Brings
Colors of Life

Never Felt
And Sensed

Before This Gift
Allows A 60 Year
Old Man Who Still
Leg Presses up to 1520
Pounds At A Military Gym

To Be More Than

Just A Man

A Human

Child With

A Soul of Wings

Moral oF A STory Never Lose
A Treasure Of A Soul Seeing

As Original Creativity Breathes

Life Brings Many


Keep Your
Gift whatever it Takes

It’s True i Can’t Give
Anyone The Gift Yet
i Will Always Inspire

Folks Who Have it to
Keep It Lesson Of

A Lifetime

Waiting to Truly Breathe

This Is What Creativity

Means to Me Air of Love
Wind Finally Seeing to Color...

Difference Between “Trump Hotels” And
my “Many Resorts” Not Unlike “Hotel California”
My Rooms Are Free

Yet Leave Free...

My Pleasure Jade
Your Poetry

Explores Soul
Deep Not often

i Find This on Word Press

It’s A Treasure to
Me And Important

To Explore DarK
As Well As LiGHT

To See How



Breath Free
With SMiles Friend

Your Poetry


For Someone

Like me Who
Has Seen Where
Demons Dare
And Angels
Dare Not Fly

All Relate

As Generally
One Must Explore
Below To See Above...

Yeah It’s True Not Everyone Likes
Poetry Waxing Deeper In Flow
Of Soul Expressing Personal

Philosophy As Naturally
Every Human Views

And To Diverge
From Group Think
Is Painful to The Cohesion
The People of That Glue Seek
To Make Folks Conform In Hopes

Of Shaming Them

To Bring Them

In Control Those

Who Seek To Individually

Grow Philosophically Poetically

In Soul This Way Must Step Out

Of The Conformity of The Tight

Clothes Of What it Means
To Fit in As An Instrument
Of Whatever Group Think

Of Culture

We Find


In For Community
Standards Like Placing
Stars Across Private Parts
For Those Creative And Free
Enough To Do Nude Art Poses
On FB Must Be Kinda Popular

Hehe As I’m Subscribed
To A Black And White


All i Get is
“Barest Of Censored
Nude Art” Humans
When Free Artists
Predictable Indeed

Easily Seen on
FB News Feed For Real

Anyway As i Started Waxing
Poetically In Philosophy to
Evolve my Soul As A Finer
Aging Beast Wine All

Dead inside Before

Debating Old Stuff
Instead of Creating
Philosophy Freely
In Flow of Verse

Oh Boy on A Site
Geared Toward
Only Mechanical

Cognition Yes Replies
Came of You’re Crazy
You’re Talking Word Salad
And What Country Are You

From Well Well Schooled
With 3 Degrees one in
Anthropology i
Knew The

Value Of

Souls Yep Health
Science And Social
Sciences Interdisciplinary

Through The Other Two
Degrees i Didn’t Exactly

Fall Off A Turnip Truck

In The Deep Red State
South so i Persevered

As i Already Had A
Diverse Enough


That Already

Proved i Was Excelling

Beyond A Base Of A

Restricted Cultural

Yes Paradigm

What All “Jonathan

Livingston Seagulls” Do

To Fly Higher Solo They

Finally Allowed me to

Just Be me Still
Insisting Some
i Offered No


Just to be
Ignored even
Then When the

Only Thread i
Created “Depth of
The Story” Still A
Number one Search
Result on Google With
"Quotes" Since A Few Thousand

Views When They Came to reply
At 10,000 Views A couple
Of Months Ago They Asked
When am i Gonna Do

Anything of Value

As what i was

Doing Still

Just Didn’t make
Sense insisting that
Only Bots Were Viewing
Perhaps a Handful of

Humans At Most

Yet oh No The
Nice Administrator

Cleared Their Confusion
As Only Registered Members
Views Counted Now There Are
Close to 44,000 Views Yes More
Since A Few Months Ago Since They



And Now
They Let me
Be Me Free in
Peace To Express

My Own Philosophy
Unique in Free Verse



Is It

Any Wonder

Why There is

So Little truly

Original Creativity

In The World No As

Not Many People

Have What
Snoopy Has

The Same Dance
Of Freedom With

Or Without A



Of Joy

Loving Life within

Indeed The Lesson

Of JeSuS yet not the

Old Testament one the

Newer one Written

By Charles


As God


As A Dog for Real...
Life Is Always A New
Testament For All

Who Escape


Art Of DarK

True Though Humans

Are Generally More

Creative When


For An


“Guitar Men
And Or Women”

Are Experts In Moving Targets...

Hehe Like Many Creative
Folks if i Had A Dime
For Every Time
Me Crazy
Or Famous,
Hero, Legend

i’d Only Have
A Nickel As i




A Full
Glass and
it’s Still A Dime

Hehe Oh Such A Beast

A Fine Old Hairy Wine...

Freedom To Bloom Yet Love
Takes Care LeSSoN 331 Yes

It Seems

This Is Often

A Fork in The

Road As

Love Is

Caring Giving
Sharing And

Freedom Is Wings
To Bloom Higher Seeking
Sun Breathing Beyond Stars

Touched Yesterday New Frontiers

Yet To Be Explored A Way of Life

i Remember Seeing A Robust

Relatively Middle Aged Man

Taking His Wife With

Early onset Dementia

Yes She Was Barely

There Yet With
Kind Eyes And
A Loving Touch
Of Lifelong Love

He Guided Her
Gently To The Chair

To Have Her Hair Colored
The Older Man Around Our
Block With Not Too Many Years

Left carefully Picking His

Crippled Wife Up into

The Wheel Chair To
Take Her Shopping

i Don’t Talk About

It Much Yet
Katrina’s Seizures
Are Becoming Fall

Down More Frequently
i Watch Her Every Move
Yet No Matter Her Danger

In Walking Alone Like Many
Middle Eastern Women She
Loves What Freedom She

Has She Wants To Work in
The Yard Alone She Doesn’t
Want to Have to Be Chaperoned

By A Man while She Shops

For What Does

It Mean

To Be A Bird

With Wings
And Not Be

Able To Fly
You’ve Felt the
Depth Of My Love

As A FRiEnD Yet

Trust me No One
Can imagine my




Depth of
A Husband
And it is This
Way For All



Of Love



Than Freedom
SMiles Dear FRiEnD
As i Get Older i Become

More Like A Man As A Man
Will Put Caring Ahead Of


It’s True

i Wasn’t

Always This
Caring Now
i Truly Am Aging A Finer Wine

May You Find A Man Who Loves
You As Much With Gray Hair

And Broken Teeth

As The “Bombshell”

You Are Now May

You Bring

A Man

To His

Knees To
Break His Wings For You
Shall i Love my FRiEnD


To Well Wish

Her This the Answer is Yes too...

“There is only one thing in life worse
than being talked about, and that is
not being talked about.”

Timely Quote Ashe
By Oscar Wilde Indeed
Considering What It Will Be
Like Shut-in With No Human Connection At All Yes Lonely
People Have Mortality Rates Nearly 50 Percent Higher Obviously
Oscar Wilde Was Outcast For Who He Was And Imprisoned In Hard
Labor For His Sexuality True Understanding The Context
of His Life one Sees The Gravity of the Human Condition
From Being Outcast Isolated With Little to no Connection
in Terms of Being Talked About Poetry isn’t for Shallow Thinkers...

And Humanity

Is For Diversity


The Only

Book The


Were Allowed

To Read is the F in Bible
Oh to Be Born Today And

Free There Are So many Spoiled
Weeds These Days i Mean That

In A

Nicer Poetic Way...

Lesson Number 13
Short And Sweet As Forever Now
Is The Beginning of Your Life Create A FLoWeR!

And Just Like That And This on 3.11.2021 Another
Day After 8 Years of Blogging Continues in Changing Colors


On the

First Day
After 8 Years NoW

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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11 Mar 2021, 10:40 pm

“Anything puzzling, perplexing, beyond us—a code
we aim to crack to win back the illusion of control.”

Indeed Anna Source Code of A Soul All Our Mind
As Yes Neuroscience Shows We Basically Create Our

Realities Based on Hallucinations We-Create with All of
Nature God True too As The Past And The Future Always

Is Now



Colors We Come
To Paint Hidden Perhaps
in 95 Percent of Subconscious

Mind Where What We Are Normally
Aware of is Only A Tip of An Iceberg

The Fin of A Whale RiSinG From The

Depths of All That is Human Potential

Now Collectibles For Fruition still

to Come To BREaTHE in

Arts And Sciences

We Create

In Fruition to Be Smiles

The ‘Beautiful Mind’ Movie Actually

Terrified Me of the Unknown Within

me Yet to Reveal in Threading Sanity

of Hidden Halls Deep… NoW It’s All A Tight

Rope Dance Free.. i Surely Had my 66 Months

of ‘John Nash Hell’ And Beyond As Any Psychosis

Would Be Welcome Over Nothing Just Nothing At All…

Yet Pain And Numb More… And True my Wife Had Her

Days Banging Her Head on the Wall as Not Even me

Could Understand What i Became then Slow

Rise to Surface to Breathe Again my
FRiEnD If there is A Re-Born

Phoenix Rising From

The Ashes

Osiris Put Back Together

By Isis to Birth LiGHT iN Wisdom

Greater Than Dark of the Styx Hades River…
i surely Arrived in A Different Boat than i Started…

Change Change Change This too Shall Pass Both Curse And Gift
When i Was 21 And i Fell off the Face of the Earth There Was no Diagnosis
For Asperger’s Syndrome And My Logic Hid The Bi-Polar Mania That Brought
me to that Point Out of Deep Dark Depression in College after a Break-Up with
A First Love.. i Finally Felt Human Connection Again.. i just Quit School For 3 Months

And That Stream of Consciousness Flow of Feeling Drove me to the Beach in September
of 1981 Walking Just Walking Free ’till Dark Evening Hours Came… First Time Ever
i had Ever Been There And Now i Master

that place of Heaven




Fall too High

Off the Face of the
Earth As the Second
Numb After Those 3 Months
of High Was So Much Worse than
The Year of Grief Before that and then
i Saw the Movie “A Beautiful Mind” Really Terrified
of a Job Change Where i was going in Federal Reduction
of Force That i had never Done before And With Asperger’s
Syndrome then Any Change at all Terrified me of course… Question

Was would

i Handle

It Without

Falling off the
Face of the Earth
Another Job Change
In A Few Months Another
Job Change in About a Year
After That And then the Fall

Was Basically The Destruction of all i was
Body, Heart, Spirit, Mind, And Soul And Then
Somehow With the Help of Closest Family
Members Humpty Dumpty Who Fell

Off A Wall Put His

Egg Back

Together And

Became More Like

Bugs Bunny Mastering

All the Rabbit Holes to Come After that…
Stranger of My SoUL FRiEnD to Thrive…
i See The Depths of Just My Human Soul
And Truly The Impossibility of Anyone

Truly ‘Arm-Chairing’ The

Full Depths of

Where Any

Other Soul

May Go in DarK And or LiGHT

Best We Will Do is Stay Around Patiently
With Arms Reached out for a Lost Human Touch And New one to Come..

SMiLes Dear Anna The Video “Stranger” Just Feather Dusts the Gravity of ‘the Fall’….


Rise Both For Real

For Real As Existence Always
Is What We Create Within this
Breath Of God DarK Thru LiGHT Beyond Both Ways…

SMiLes Anna We Are Taught Everything in School And Work About the
External UNiVeRSE Yet We Only Come Alone to Find the Guide

Of What Guides

Our Inner UNiVeRSE iN Balance

My Mother’s Family Lines Have Suffered

With Great Storms of the Soul And

i Have Seen The Battlefields

And Wars from the
Outside Before in my
Life for what that Holds

In Darkness Terrifying even
From the Outside yet Beyond

Measure of Abyss From Within…

On My Father’s Side Cold Logic of
Asperger’s Spectrum Not Much Emotion
All Orderly And Functions Properly in Synch

Worked Well for the Structure of the Catholic
Church for My X-Grandfather Irish Priest Then
And Law Enforcement for 46 Years in Structure of
Routine for my Father too Never rising to Higher

Levels Than Deputy Sheriff Mostly From
Beginning to End Uniform Life Indeed…

Science Suggests Now That Folks Like me
on the Bi-Polar Part May Be Saved by Higher
Levels of Rational Standard IQ Yes As an
Observer at my Lowest Points i Watched

The Scientist Argue with Chaos in Abyss

what i feared most came true and i barely escaped

at close to 40 Days with Little to no Sleep in the Spring

of 2008 Oh the Pain and the Numb so Many Moving Parts

of Hell Oh the Escape of Logic As it tried so hard to keep A Rational

Fort intact Yet Arrows of Pain and Numb Through my Soul too Many Distractions

As the Abyss of Chaos Had its reign 1 Hour of Sleep the First 35 Days of Cardboard
Sleep With an Alpha Blocker no Sleep for the Last 5 of 40 Somehow with the worst
Pain Known to Humankind plus the Numb of the Memory of Any Smile at all going away

i Survived through
66 Months of Darkness

And Rose Again so Much
Different Than Ever Before…

Finally Finding My Balance The Science
Terms Are Hypo-Frontality that is similar
To the Transient Hypo-Frontality of Flow
Moving Out of the Neo-Cortex More into Our

Subconscious Artistic Social Empathic Spiritual Intelligences

Problem is When there is not Enough Ration to Come Back and

Additionally There is often as most definitely was the case for me

Low Levels of Latent Inhibition Which Meant it was hard for me to Filter

Out Distractions of Feelings And Senses All Around in my Environment…

The Meditation of Writing Free Verse And Meditation of Free Dance Movement

Regulates Emotions and Integrates Senses for me now In Calm River Flow

As the Storms Rarely

Come Now

if i feel

All the Feelings

And Senses coming

on i Just Start A Very Slow

Free Moving Meditation Dance

of Movement And there are no more

Stones Hitting my Pond Making Waves

All is Peaceful And Harmonious and

in the Free Write Even Fumes

of Words And


Enough Shapes of
Ornate Lamps are often
Left Behind and the Such

Where in Flow there is No Preplanning

of Anything Really Going On Just Drifting Down Up

A River in Ease.. Hardly what they taught me in School

And Work Looking Within finally Finding the Operator’s

Manual and Setting myself Free Still Attached to Work

And Cultural Ways of Before Not Likely

That i would have ever

Found comfort

in Well Being

Of Balance ever in my own Skin Whole
Free to Be Without Any Significant Worry A

Journey is Yet the Destination Has Already Arrived

And hasn’t gone away Since July 19th of 2013 Through

Family and Pet Deaths through Turmoil With FRiEnDS and

The Such so Much Easier to Maintain Balance And

Control When the Weight of the Rest

of the World is Not Bearing
Down on Every Feel and

Sense Just a Tsunami

All Around of

Drowning Before
Staying Afloat Well
Enough Lasting 53
Years to Truly Finally Breathe

Free and Yes Understand More of All of
Who i am And Just Plain What to Do to make it all work out okay

With SMiLes Still Working my FRiEnD Happily Dancing This Tight Rope Now...

SMiLes Anna i Surely Will Pray That You Gain An Occupation That Allows
You The Space For Introspection And Balance for A True Sanctity of

Life Now In Peace
And Harmony of
Flow That Suits
How You Come to View Life...

Of Course my View is Colored With
Heaven Now Not All Views Are Obviously

Colored That Way So Much A Gift Every Moment
of This Life is to me beyond all Distance, Space, Time,
And Matter i make Death No Part of Life Forevernow For

Verily So Many People And Other Pet Loved Ones i have Seen
Blessed With Death to Escape Misery and Suffering And the Value
i Saw Experiencing What felt Much Worse than Death and Even Any

Potential Burning in Hell Teachings From the Churches i Have Heard
Threatening through the Course of My Life.. It's All Just Such a Miracle

to me All the Moving Parts of Arts and Sciences of Nature Bringing all
The Gifts And of Course the Curses The World Brings Now Naturally

And through Cultural Tools Humans Make Through Great Artistic
And Scientific Effort Holding Hands Through So Many

Years Yet of course there is the Sad Harming,

Raping, Maiming, And Extinction of
One in Eight Species by the

Hand of Human Tools

Still Coming Soon

That Have Become a Virus
Putting Nature Out of Balance

Are We Responsible Enough for
Heaven On Earth Without Taking So Much
Other Nature Life Away We Sure Better Start If We
Care if Our Species Continues These Opportunities

For Heaven on Earth Out of HeLL ONE EarTH to Come

As Far as After Life goes i already Sense i Live Forevernow...

As Far As Intuition Goes The Mind of God Lives on And So Does Mine

As Part of that Whole One way or the other Shall We Put Our Loved ones in the

Same Form to Restrict What they Might Otherwise Come to Be How Selfish that

Would Be to Make Grandma Old And Never Have another First Kiss of Love Again...

Yet The Rest of Nature Lives Now i Follow Their Lead God as Nature Finds

Balance in me i Find a Kind of Faith in Nature That is beyond all

Material Reductionism True As Life Seems More

A Story Than


Hitting Ponds

How Great A Gift it is

To Even Live How Hard it

May Be to Even Live And Truly Love Free...
Seen too Many Real Life Miracles in Life to
Exclude Whatever Miracle Comes Next

Seen Way too Much Real Life Magic
In Synchronicities the More Creative

i Become the More i Feel a Natural Part
of God's Story Just the Opportunity to
Be Part of the Story Gift Enough for me forevernow for Real..

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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12 Mar 2021, 2:33 pm

SMiLes Jade 8 Years Ago And A Few Days in a First True
Step Back in Stream of Consciousness Flow Yet

To Feel Still All The Colors

That Come In Shells

Where Words

Become Magic

Touch of Soul

Escaping A Trip

To All Pain and Numb
For 66 Months i had one
Facebook FRiEnD Brave

Enough to FRiEnD the Man

With Only A Cat Avatar as A Face...

The Place i could Still Feel A Hint of Warm
in A Cat's Purr Close to Soul as i Will BREaTHE Free then...

Just a Private Message to that one FRiEnD who Recommended

i make it a Blog Post my First one True it helps to have Bystanders to Push us up..

i Wrote About the Beach

of My Youth Being

One With Nature

The Wild and Free

Spirit of the Feral Cat

From the Woods Taken in

With Disease Trapped inside

Forever then and the Domesticated

One Who Never Felt His Call of Wild in Smell...

i Found what i was Missing What Was Taken From me

in 19 Years of School With 33 Years of Paid Work too...

Jack London's 'Call of the Wild' Why Did that Book Bring

Tears to my Eyes as a Child i wasn't A Dog i Was Human

i 'Thought' i Was Not Even A Cat Yet i still had haha

A Lot More Fur than most of my Human Friends

Hehe before Fur Became Unwanted and
Only too Wild that Must Be

And Removed...

Anyway the Connection
of Humans Same With Nature
Whether it Be Walking the Beach
With Only my Foot Prints of God or
Serving A Drunken Crowd of Sailors
At A Menial Job Passing out Rental Shoes

At A Military Bowling Center after Earning Three Degrees

Moving, Connecting, And Co-Creating Eventually i Became A Human
Sadly Computer Machine Instead of Flesh and Blood Touch and After

i Fell Down as a Machine so Cold From Head to Toe So Cold even
in a Summer Breeze of a Hundred Degrees i traveled Back to the Beach
Carrying A Comet Tail of What Followed Behind as All My Cultural Tools as Clothes

True in all my Pain and Numb i Just Wanted to Drown in the Ocean Whole if that is

What it took

To Feel the


Is Nature
Free Moving
Connecting Co-Creating
my Soul and Yes it took

66 Months When the Blood

Finally Stopped and i started to Breathe Again...
Value of Poetry Being Able to Go Back to the Dark
to Appreciate Night Brings Day So Many Avenues

So Many Tools Now Culture Does Provide if We Master
Them All As Servant instead of Slave We CoMe to BReaTHE Not Bleed...

My Backyard
IS A Quiet Garden
So Is My Soul Eden
iN A ‘Drunken’ Crowd

True i’m ‘Adam And Eve And Thomas’
And Katrina Is Just An Innocent Bystander
Witness To “The Whole Naked Clothed Crime”

‘Adam And Eve’ Meet ‘Thomas Paine’ In “The Garden”

Hehe Thomas Paine And William Blake Yang Yin My Brain
In Three Bear Balance Triune Reptile, Limbic, Neo Cortical Trinity As Such

True Most Clothed “Beings” Won’t Get The Simplicity Of The Never
Ending “Depth Of the Story” ‘Naked Verse 37 By Gospel of Thomas’

A Fundamentalist Atheist/Militant Christian HaVE iN Common
Both Afraid To Breathe They’re Naked God For Real NoW

God And Politics Sun Revolving Planets

Yin And Yang of William Blake And
Thomas Paine Naked Or Clothed
Most Days i Wear Shorts And
Long Form Poem “The Rest”

SMiLes my FRiEnD Born With
'Vision' How 'the Naked Child' Becomes
Clothed With CuLTuRaL Tools And Becomes

Those Tools Now More Than Ever Before How
Long Or Is it Possible For 'The Child' To Even Regain

Those Eyes of Vision Again Yes 'Child of Vision' Also A

Song by 'Super Tramp' too as 'They' Sing From Britain Then

'America Breakfast' Below 'Twin Towers' Find Yourself A New Ambition...

Who Are We Question We Do By William Blake

What Do We Next Plan By Thomas Paine

Ask i Sit Behind this Screen

Green Sunshine


Spring Free

Fur And Wings

SquirrelS And Birds

Climb Trees And Fly

As They Please The

Abundance We Provide Free

In Terms of All They Will Eat Sunflower Seeds...

True as A Poet i Might Leave at a Few Lines Yet

Too As Thomas Paine And One Would Hope in

Terms of All the Gospels of Thomas one

Might BRinG iT All to a Table of Plenty

That Explains Where Heaven

Is And How to


To Heaven

For Real Now Forever

In A Lifelong Practice That Works for them...

Thomas Paine True Might not Be Able to See the
Plan the Prophet of this Yet What is already Laid to Waste

Is The Rest of Nature We Over-consume God's Face out

There And Within True As Taking Over Giving And Hoarding

Over Sharing Is Surely A Non-Caring Gift of This God Face of Nature

We All Share or Go Away Now and Next So What is the Answer What is

An Answer


Humans Who no Longer

Desire to Take And Hoard over

Give and Share Freely For How does One

Do this What Plan And Practice Does it take

Ah Yes the Gift Complete This Heaven Within that is Enough

With Water, Food to Eat, Shelter, And Loving Security And Social Roles

Caring Giving Sharing

Loving For Free....

And that's An Art

And that's An Art

Never A Science Complete...

"Part 1, A Play in Lambeth"

Where Thomas Paine Encounters

William Blake And His Wife 'Kate' in

A Naked Garden of Eden That is Their's All Free

So Much of the Human Condition Packed in ONE HOUR

of a Play Appropriately told Both Yin And Yang Naked And Clothed...

How Few 'These Days' Would Ever Get Passed The Beginning of Naked

How Many




Go Back

Yet Hide This

Truth in One Long

Lie of A Living Death

After 'The Apple' of Freedom Plays...

SMiles DarK
TWiLiGHT Breathes
Finer WiNeS Age Free
See No Fear Be Now...

SMiles Would You
Like To Dance

True Though

i Only


Two Arms
Not The Four
Of Shiva Soni

Yet You Can

Ask Around

Town Hehe

My Feet Surely
Sprout Wings ET
Above Terrestrial
Floating On Land

True God Yes The

Yet to Lift Fig
Leaves Of Dark
Is The Greatest
Human Sponsored



That Castes

All Of Nature

Less Harming,
Raping, Maiming

Killing Now Yes Yet

Zombie Apocalypse

Eating Our Own Face

NoW The Nature




US ALL Yes Dance
Soni Dance Free Shiva...

Into LiGHT LiVinG For All...

Love Never
Worship or
Fears Criticism
When True in LiGHT

Yet To Find


Or Religion

Of Love On Earth

In Brick And Mortar

Skyward Temples

Golden Empty


Wall Robes

Where i Live

Yet Within Breathes
Cares Gives Shares Free

Born Naked

This Way

“The Child” Enough...

Oh Lord i Know
The Feeling i Read
20 Times Faster

Than The

Average Human

Haha And Relatively

Speaking Hehe Write

Even More So Many

Days i Have

Had To Fight

The ‘Algorithm

Police’ To Prove

i Am Real





i’ve Been

True You

Can And Will

Grow too Big
To See Yet



A Ban

Or Delete

Is Not An

A Tree Too
Tall To See


From A Smaller Tree...

So Far i’ve Won


Skirmishes to Exist...

Bliss i Have
Best Love





As Bliss Becomes

Stars Above Below...

A Story Is Real Tree in
The Dead Or Alive Leaf
Feeds End Beginning Of Life

How Fair Is life When
A Married 60 Year
Old Man Will
Be Gifted By
Two Sets of
Twenty Something
Grinding Hips ‘Them’
Asking for A Number
In A Dark Bar Without
Noticing Them Until They

Come... Married And Already
All Satisfied As Such

No Matter

How Many

Dew-lit Leaves
Of Grass Serenade

The Moon Only Looking

Up My Wife A Great Great
Aunt At Close To 51 Somehow

Retains Her Starlit


To Light

A Room We Have
No Living Children

Her Sister A Great
Grandmother At 59

So Who

Is More


The Warmth

Of So Many

Children Always

A Thanks Giving

Dinner True


Of the

Artists evolve
Like Fine Wines

There Will Always
Be Some Unrequited

Love To Dine And Never Find

Children or Art Humans



A Way

To Leave

Life Finding
Behind A Wine...

Lament Coloring Stars...

Yet Again Agape



All That

And Travels

To Center Of All

Souls Mind Of God
Stars Above Below Love

Beyond All Space, Distance,
Time, And Matter Grinding



Left Sadly Behind...

And Who Has “Time”

Cooking Thanks




In Warm Comfort Now...

SMiles Not Sure i
Could Bear Now To
BE A Domesticated
Cat Again


What They
See Gift Of

A Feral


From The

Woods Tears

From ‘The Call

Of The Wild’



Paws Of
Loving Wild

CLaWS Teeth

Finally Seeing
Really Breathing
Loving BeinG NoW
GoD(DeSS)in FuR ReaL

Devil’S ADvocate
Nice one indeed

i Bleed

You Are





Fail is Complete

Dear It Is Always

The Love That

Cares, Gives,


Who Lives

To See A SMile Akshita

One That Is For Giving...

That Was Good
You Caught


Spark Again

Hungry What

Only Starving Artists See

Or Those Who




Lights To See God....

LeSSoN 333
Find A FRiEnD




Paint A Canvas in
A Way Never Felt Before...

Sorry hehe i Forgot to

Number The Previous

LeSSoN Oh Lord

Guess i’ll


Be A Bit of
A Perfectionist

Too ‘An Accountant’

Who Leaves No


Without Correction Yet

Painting Stars Breathing...

Boot Camp Gets
Ya Ready For


Gaining The
Hidden Tools
Making Survival

When War Time Bleeds

First “They” Took My
Connecting Eyes With
Shades Then They took

My Smile Away With Masked Pandemic

Disease From

The Beginning

“They” Took

My Words Away

Not to Speak Until

Four Yet “The Child”

With SMiLinG Eyes
And Grinning Love
Outreaches Arms

To All No


With A Dance

Of Open Arms

Love Enough


No Spoken

Words For All

So Shut-in My
Home For 66 Months

Turning Eyes Into
Written Words



Still Remains
Out-Reached Arms
Of Masked Public

Dance Like




Her Blindness

And Deafness

Only Helped


“See” LoVE iN

A Way Most



Blind And

Deaf Yes With
The Loss of A Feeling
Of A SMile For 66 Months

With Effective Loss Of
Use Of Eyes And Ears

Yes There

Are Worse

Places in The World
Than Deaf And Blind
And Shut-in Hell Pain






Of SMiLes
No Longer Shine
Within And Then




Love is
Not A Feeling

More The

Reason Of


Oh What



And Deaf

Still Do not
See With Full

Use of Eyes And
Ears That Bleed

Having No



See Their Injury

Nice Statue By

The Way Too



Head Priest

Can’t See And

Hear The Message

When He is Bowing

To Shells

On The Beach

With No Ocean
Wave or Water




A Grain

Of Sand


Holds Up
oF LiGHT The



Force Of
Feeling SeNSinG

Love That Shines

With No Idols of




Yes A
Dance Will Do...

Empaths First And
Last To Never Give
Up On Non-Empaths



Are Like That

Yes How Love Survives
And Light Defies DarK

Or Denies And Eventually



Of No
Color Moons...

Northern Light’s Nature’s Taste
Of Most Sublime Divine
Beauty Finest Wine

For God To Speak
And Aesthete
To See

Sharing It
With A Beautiful

Soul Heaven’s Precipice
Living Tree In The Forest

What Dreams Will Bleed
So Sweet SMiles My Sister’s

Partner Went Solo into the
Georgia Mountains To Paint

She Never painted Until
Recently Yet She is Like

You Once She Sights
A New Achievement

She Does What
It Takes To


It Happen
Like You Do

For All Your

Anyway Northern
Lights Paint Who You
Are As Perhaps This is

How i Paint You Even
Though A Friend Painted

It To Share With Me just

Reminding That the

Greatest Beauty

In Meaning And

Purpose in Life

Is We All Get to

Create This Moment

Now For Some It Will
Be Northern LiGHTS

In A FRiEnD’s

Eyes For



A Blue Night

Do Send Photos

As You Are Surely only

A Few Hours Away to

Visit This Beauty Come

Late Summer And

Fall Yet

You See There
Have Been Many

Days That You have
Already Helped me

Breathe Theses Lights Within

True Find A FRiEnD Who



Paint A Canvas in
A Way Never Felt Before...

Thanks Dear Summerhilllane
Love to You And
All You Love True



Of Kindness

Of Course Free...

Hehe Summerhillane True i'm Still Now
More Into An Older Age 'Before An Apple'

Now Than 'New Age' too..

True The Oldest Age

Is Still A Newest

Age of Love


Naked And Free

Yes Yes of Course one

Will Do Love Clothed Now

too Love All the Paintings

Of Your Flowers

And People


Things my FRiEnD
Keep Shedding Kindness
There Will Not Be Much if
Any Time For Tears Less Than Joy That Way...

Keep BREaTHinG
The Happy
Dear Rue



And PLeaSinG

To Be You So True...

So True Rue No One You-er Than You Hehe As That Surely Applies To You

And i'm Glad You Happen to Be a FRiEnD in my LiFE Thanks So Much

For Dropping by "SonG oF mY SoUL 9 MiLLioN WordS Old"
Hehe NoW it Truly

Feels More


Now That You

Dropped By And True too
Reading Just one of my 60,000
Words or So Blog Posts Through

And Through Means i Owe You All
350 Finished Drafts and More of What

You Post Now Just To Get Even With You
As You As You Too Yes True As Rue Is too...

Chocolate on the Breath Hehe That Sounds So Sweet

Rue Yes Yes i Cannot Tale A Lie Katrina Still Teases

me on my Pony Keg Days too... And What

i Say With 100 Percent Confidence

Just Wait until i Dance in

Public Teen And Something

Miles i'll Turn it Around Show

You The Photo And Make You Tell

me Where Did the Pony Keg Go HAha

Yeah Smoke and Mirrors It's All Smoke

And Mirrors With SMiLes...

Yes i Surely Will Put Some

Calories Away Takes

Four Meals and

244 American
Pounds to

Fuel Umpteen

Dance Miles When

i Go to Entertain the

Metro Area Just For Fun

i Bet You Are Even Prettier

When You Put on Some Chocolate

Pounds Cherubimly Sweet Indeed With SMiLes..

My My My One of my Girl Friends in my 20's Was

So Very Tall And Weighed 238 Pounds So Much of Her to Love Just So Much Love

And Back Then i Only Weighed 170 Pounds My My How the Life Tides Change Indeed...

A Smile

Is Worth

Every Pound


And More Yes Love
Worth Breathing my FRiEnD

Keep BREaTHinG
The Happy
Dear Rue



And PLeaSinG

To Be You So True...

SMiLes Dear Rafiah Hehe
Nearly Had a HeART Attack
Seeing Your Notification From
Your Blog Since A Year And

One Month Ago

On Valentine's

Day of 2020

True it is HeART
Warming to me

Like Old Days When

You were my Only FRiEnD
Online in Summer of 2014 When
You Friended me on Facebook then

And Said "Sir You Have a Beautiful Heart"

And Then in Just 7 Words You Gained

A LoVinG FRiEnD Forever Still Now...

SMiLES How A Wife Who Keeps Home

And Children Will Wait for Their Husband

To Come Home For Husband Connection

SMiles sure i used to be a
Husband Like that too...

So Tired As All i
could fit in my

Mind Was Work
For Decades Then...

Just Nothing Left for
Anyone Just Enough

Rest to come to do the
Next Day Did i really Live

For Many Years Did i Really Love

For Many Years Oh How the World Will

Take the HeART oF A LoVinG Child Away
To Escape that Rat Race of Machine Cognition

of Putting Castles Together Higher to Breathe Again
Love Free to Become the Sunset Sunrise Twilight Love

Ever More Now Yes This Golden Age to Love Just Nothing Left
Yet to Care to Give and Share More True A River FLoWinG Time

With No fear

Just now Love



i Am

SMiLes Dear
We All Wanna
Go At Best


LoVE Breathes
For All Eternally Now Best

Is Now or then Perhaps a Golden
Age of Love Will Speak to You WHere Heaven

Is For Real Within to Care And Give and Share More

Surely Sooner than Later When A Child of Love Arrives..

True the Love Who is GRoWinG Within You Now For Real Dear FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Time
Doesn't Exist
For me Only Love...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 61
Gender: Male
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13 Mar 2021, 11:59 am

“I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like that. That you wanted to sleep for a thousand years. Or just not exist. Or just not be aware that you do exist. Or something like that. I think wanting that is very morbid, but I want it when I get like this. That’s why I’m trying not to think. I just want it all to stop spinning.”

― Stephen Chbosky

Love the Quote Ava Dear Young Super Smart And Creative

FRiEnD for it’s True Every Person who stays connected

to me in the Entire World Is the Similar Way

Super Smart

And Creative

too Otherwise

Hehe They Would Never

Have What it takes to Endure

All of What my Super Charged

Soul Delivers that Some

Days Modern


Questions is even

Human Hehe.. true
i once used the Google

Search Engine So Fast as my
Autism Spectrum Asperger’s Syndrome
Super Savant Skill is Reading 20 Times
faster than the Average Human that Yes

The Google Algorithm Police For The Search
Engine Put me on Probation Until Testing to See

if i could Possibly Be Really Human oh Yeah i type
up to 130 Words per Minutes When Properly Focused As yes
Playing the Piano For Decades Helps with that too… So What Does

This All Have to Do With Your Very Deep Poetic Quote Above and Having

Problems Getting to Sleep

Yes D O P A M I N E

What All Super

Smart Creative

Folks Have

In High Quantity

Naturally Often They

Have Difficulties Filtering out

All the Feelings And Senses of the

Environment So Much That they may

Turn Inward And Become Quite Introverted

As They Take in So Much it Becomes Almost

Painful to Put Out As So much is always coming

In and this is why Very Smart and Creative People

Become Artists it is a Way to Focus All that Energy

On one Task And Get it all Out As a Way to Express

What is Within that is not too overwhelming among

So Many Folks in the Environment taking all their

Energy in true A Gift Art is to Do in Creativity

For Super Smart And Naturally Creative

Folks As Copious Amounts

of Natural Dopamine

Do Bring

So Much Alert

Just So Much Going

on Upstairs in Our Soul

to the Point it Does not wanna

Come Down on a Soft Pillow And Just
Rest Peacefully Like a Baby Who Is only
Focused on Sleep no Remembering All that

Happened in the History of the World at Once

Environmental Stimulus Overload Indeed to STAY AWAKE…

In General All my FRiEnDS Who Are Super Smart Creative Have challenges

of Super Happy And Super Sad too as where there is an Autism Spectrum

There is kind of a Bi-Polar Spectrum Whether or not one is Diagnosed

Officially With Either One as far as Moods Go that Help us Sleep

Or Emotions Driven by Dopamine And Other Neurochemicals

And Neurohormones That KEEP US AWAKE and JUST

WON’T LET US SLEEP until we get it all out and

That is how i deal with it hehe Writing 100,000

Words of Free Verse Poetry Just like this Each

Day Letters to Folks All Around the Globe

Each Week Every Word goes

into my Facebook Profile

Pic Descriptions and out of 9,000,000
Words in 90 Months on Word Press 5,000,000
Words in the Last 45 Months are on Facebook too

With an Average of About 40 Miles A Week of Public
Dancing Still Now at 60 Years Old Still leg Pressing
up to 1520 Pounds at the Military Gym for all the

Strength it takes to Do that

And do You Know

Why Hehe


So i will be able
to Sleep at Night

Totally Drug Free As True

my Psychiatrist Said i am one of the

Very Few Who Is successful Dealing with

Asperger’s Syndrome and Bi-Polar Disorder

Taking No Drugs Specific to that Condition at all

Just A Prescription For Dancing Moving Meditation

And the Same that a Free Verse Flow of Writing

Poetically Expressing a “SonG oF mY SoUL”

EPiC 9 MiLLioN Word Free Verse Poem

Grows in 90 Months too…

i’ve really Been

Depressed So bad in my
Life as i’ve already related to
You For 66 Months in Hell on
Earth in Pain and Numb i found

A Way to Never Go Back and Be Happy

Within with only Very Brief Periods of

Darkness to Enter the Light i LiVE iN Now

And True Everyday for me is a Dance and

Song on a Tight Rope Now in Ease for

A Human Being Will Do

What Ever

it takes



Fall on the

Bottom Floor Level of Hell Within Again

True Us Super Creative Smart People Must

Stick together as it is also very true very Few

People in the World Will Understand us

Well it can and will Feel and Sense

Very isolating too.. as some

Days Being the




Person in the Room

Makes us more outcast

Than Wanted by anyone at all…

i was selected for a Leadership Class
For my County When i worked for the

Military and true i was more like ‘Sheldon
Cooper’ Then than the Metro Area Dancing
Guy Who Makes Folks Smiles For Miles around

It was a Simulated Society Leadership Class hehe

And the Label i got then was outcast for how odd i was

With a Few other Minority Groups in the Class they listed

4 types of Human Personalities by Color Yellow For what i

Mostly was then Lawyer, Judge, and Jury and Detective too

Hehe all analytical solving Problems then like what you

Do studying Accounting as an Honor Student now
too.. And Then there is Green for the Sales
Person Fast Talking Extrovert and

Then Red for the one like
Cops and Military who


NO YOU Must Follow

ALL the Rules Hehe

Priests And Pastors Probably

Fit in there too saying No No No

to Human Freedoms too.. or you’ll

Got to Jail Even Forever in Hell OH NO!

And Finally There is Blue The Color Reserved

For Artists As Extreme Moods Are the Fuel that

Naturally Create Art What Makes An Artist who they

Come to Be Creating Expressing All the Moods Colors of Life

Now And this is why Many of the Great Arts of the World are

Created by Storms of Human Souls in Sleepless Nights of

Life too

as the


Keeps Churning

Fresh Butter in Our Brains…

For me at least the Answer is Now


you just come down on Your Pillow

As You Moved Another Mountain of Creativity today!

Always Stay Creative Dear FRiEnD AVA it is a Real

Life Saver for Super Creative Smart Folks and

Even if You Become one Day too Big for

Most Folks to See

AS History And



SHoW One

Day ‘They’ Too and

HAha even Technology May Catch up too..

See What Happens when You Catch me in the

Morning Full With Energy And Not at Night Before

i Go to sleep Just About Exhausted with So Many

Miles of Dance And Writing Already Come to Page and Dance Floors

All around Town This is me i am too Big for many to see Yet this is what

i Do

As We

All Do to

Sleep Peacefully

At Night And Haha

Write and Dance

“War and Peace” The Next Day all over

Again for in a way this is How Brand

New UNiVeRSES are Birthed

Every Now for in

This Place

in Dreamtime
Always Awake

In Creativity there is no time Just
Eternal Now Creativity Very Few

Ever Come to Fully Taste And Breathe…

i’ve Seen the Sleepless Nights And Now
i Dream The Days that Never End my FRiEnD

And i know of most all the Places A Human Soul

Will Go So Now

i am Strong


to Lift the Other Souls Up

No Matter Where i go Dear FRiEnD

Mostly it’s True i’ve Been ‘There’ too

A Prize of Walking in Most of the Other Shoes of Life For Real…

Yellow, Green, Blue, And Somedays Red too When i say NO too…

What Almost Killed me was i didn’t Have Enough Red to Survive No is important too…

Now i have

my Devil

In My Right

Pocket and my

Angel Breathes Free in the Left one too

All Red, Blue, Yellow, And Green to SeLL iT all for Free too…

And Here is a Lullaby For You Dear Young Woman FRiEnD Ava so Smart And Creative

Do Know/Feel as Long as i am Your FRiEnD i will Be watching Over You to help you sleep peacefully…

Better Put i will always be Your FRiEnD Whenever you need a Lullaby to Sleep Remember this Song

my Gift

of SouL to You too...

Hehe it appears
i Just Woke
Up Fully


On Your


Blog Post

Ava With SMiLes
And Hugs too Now

SMiLes Ava
Dear FRiEnD


You For
Good Morning
Happy Wishes

i LiVE NoW

iN A Happy
Dream And Even

Get to Sleep Too

This Love




Peaceful NiGHT

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,027

13 Mar 2021, 3:11 pm

In The Panhandle

No Waits

For Walk-ins

With Religious

Fervor For




Should Be
No Problem

Getting Vaccinated

Next Week As 60

Becomes The

New Limit

Where i Live
Ya Gotta Be
Smart And



Now Until

From All the

Human Pandemic
CULTuRaL ‘Sins’






oF Lies


Kills More

Than All What

Combines Crime
The Rest Of Nature
Currently Agrees Now

Barely Even Human Enough...

A Story We All Write And

Play Together

Lone or


Some Dreams

Some Nightmares

Yet Stories of Change

We Continue to all Create




i Choose

Dreams and

Make them Fruition

Now As This is what
iMaGiNaTioN And Creativity
Gifts AS Heaven Within We Make or Not

Perhaps one thing Different About me
is i Write And Play the Story All at Once
Hehe Like When i Got 3 Degrees at Once

In College And Served

Out Shoes For

Fun at a Military

Bowling Center for

Almost 2 Decades Most

Definitely What Might Otherwise

Come From Moving to So Many Big

Cities Cold And Colder of the Business

School Everyone Said i Should Make Externally unto my Soul…


i Returned

With Hell No

And Did it Again

As Serving Bowling In Leagues

Became Solo as a Computer Machine

Now i Write letters Globally And Turn

Them Presently into Dreams


And Always

Now A Free Dance

And Song Indeed

No Longer




Free to

Play Write as i Dance And Sing Free
Always Love to Visit Savvy Each Day of Life’s Play

For True Routine IS A Spice of Life too A Glue We aRe too…

There Will Always Be Poetry And Social Institutions too at

Least for Social Animals in Big Groups Feeding Each Other

With Words And Such (the tools)...

Happy Miles And
Miles And Miles
Of Biking To


Out All


Or Perhaps

Boot Camp

Will Do Dear Doc...

HeHe Yes You
#Earnedit Zoe
Freak Flag Fly!! !...

Yum Looks Like
Cake is Closer
Than Ever
And Cream
Fudge Icing
Death No




No Longer

“Behind the Mask” Other
Than That
Hehe i’m
Insured For Eternal
if Only

iN A



mY SouL
NoW As




A Rich

The Same

Way With SMiles
YeS iN Both Ways









Out And


FRiEnD Ashley...

There Are Still Some Nights
Where "Partying Like it's
1999" IS Just What You Do to Still Live..

'It' Did Not Work the Two Young Women
Assessed me as 35 instead of 39 and not
Even Close to 60 and asked me for my Phone Number...

As i touched Her Head Gently as a Grandpa Figure; Her Hair Not Her
Face.. Yes Keeping in Mind Corona Keeping Safety in Mind too
This Was March 12, 2020 The day Covid-19 Shut-Down
The Last Thursday Night of Dance Hall Days

Lesson 16 "Adam Smith Needs Revision"

According to 'Their' 'Own Good Book' And the Rules
They Proclaim to Enter into the Kingdom of Love Now

Matthew 32-38 Still Blinded
From Light So Many Are Now

Hehe Just Wrote An Entire Sermon On a Mount online
to a Friend About the Difficulties of Sleeping HAha

About 1500 Words or So Always In the

Man in the Moon Mood when

i First Wake Up Although

It's Already Past

Noon Where

Does the Time

Go When Time
Doesn't Exist at all

Well Dear Rue The Subject

Of Tea More the Point of Any

Caffeine No Can Do or Sky Rockets

Of A Man In the Moon Will Soar Far Past

The Sun Where Stars No Longer Even Shine

So Tea i Do Not Do Alcohol Is Just A Downer

And Never An Escape From Heaven Now

The Land of No Caffeine When All

The Food And Drink is

Mixed within

And This is what

You Get When it All Comes

Out on the Page HAha Just Another 'War
And Peace' WHere Day is Harmonious DarK oF LiGHT
With No Drugs Just Wings Spiraling Sun in Ease of Be i Am

Meanwhile Enjoy Your Tea Eat the Sweets and Stay so Very Kind And Nice

True Some Folks Are Born With Golden Spoons Others Turn into Honey and Soothe

So HeaR's



Your Tea

For Your Afternoon Evening

Indian Jungle Smooth Sweet Rue
Nap or Dream Time realized now...

SMiLes Jade All
My Pleasure Keep
Writing Keep



BREaTHE Creativity

All the DarK Thru



And Others Real!...

Buy one Get
One Free my
Hugs ARE ALways
Free For You Dearest FRiEnD...

Yeah i Could Feel
You From Here
Wish i Could

Give You

A Warm Hug

And Make

Okay For You
Always Yet How much
Of A Hug Can You Give

Someone Through A Fiber

Optic Cable When it is

Cold And The

White Gets

Old And

The Sun
Seems Dimmer
Than Before And

The Excitement Of
The New Wears Off

And You Start To Wonder

Where You Are You Don’t
Share a Whole lot of What’s
Going on With You Perhaps
You feel Awkward in Doing
It That’s Okay i’m Wondering

If You Just Picked
Up And Moved
There To Look

For A Job

Once You


That Makes
Me Really Worry
About You Not the
Money As You Are
Way too Smart not
To Be Okay in that

Area Yet not
Able to Drive
Away from

All The


You Have Had
In Your Life Plus

Places That At Least
Are Warm And Sunny
if Not always Green

Oh Dearest FRiEnD

You Deserve

To Be Not only

Free Yet
Warm And
Treasured With
Love For The Gift

You Are SMiLes as Always
i Promise to Give You a Warm
Hug Each Day Even If For
Weeks or Months At A
Time you are too


To return

It as Even

When We

Don’t feel Like
Giving A Hug
It Is Important

That Folks

Still Wanna

Hug us For

No Other Reason

Yet Love Dear For
Whatever the Warmth
Is Worth i Love You Dearly

And You Are Always

In my Prayers

For Warm
Heaven to
Meet You Each
Day Within And


Go Away


Always Here For
You Listening


You Call
For Me or not

Your Sunny
Skies or Grey
Snowy Cold



In My Soul

No Matter What

i Am Here For You With Love...

Happy Saturday!
In Toronto to
You With



Of Birch

Trees Coming

Hope You Are



And All Is Well
In Balance For You
Dear FRiEnD Honestly

You’ve Been Under too Much
Stress For Years i Understand

Well What The Cumulative

Effect Will

Be As


Human We Have

Limits Even When

We Are Skipping

Across The Moon

Jumping Over

The Sun

And Hop
Scotching Beyond

The Stars i Bring
You A Hug Each
Day No Matter


As i Understand Still NoW
There Are Some places
We Will Go Where

We Forget

We Need

A Hug At All

So Here is Just Another one...

Aloha To
You Too With
Happy Weekend

Too hehe

my FRiEnD
From Hawaii

Only one So Far Haha...

Fiber Optics Gift And Curse
Built on the Back Of Those
Seeking To Download Pics
Of Pretty Birds As Many
Varieties Yes Yes Fast
As Possible And
True Copious

Of Cute

Cats Every
Cat Woman’s Greatest
Desire True What Katrina
Uses Her iPhoneXS Most
For That And Shopping too

In Hell Fiber Optic Cable
Big Gift For You might get
To Feel Something At Least
Downloading Pretty Birds

In March of 2013 Nearing
The Last 4 Months out of
66 in Hell i Bought my First
iPhone5 Smart Phone And
OMG TG For Steve Jobs

At That point
Enduring the
Worst Pain Known
To Humankind the
Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia the REAL Suicide
Disease From Wake to Sleep
For 66 Months the Retina
Screen on the iPhone5
Screen Did What
Android And
All Other
Desk Top
Screens Couldn’t
Do Then Eased The
Eye Pain Enough To
Tolerate Colors for
True That’s How
The Pain


Started so
Strange Way

Back in 2007

First Then i

Could only
Stand to Watch
Black And White
TV Colors Hurt
At The Start of
Purgatory even

Before then As Sjogren’s
Syndrome The Autoimmune
Disease Caused From 11 Years
Of Chronic to Acute Fight And
Flight Work Related Stress too
Not only Stopped My Eyes
From making Tears

Yet Attacked The
Nerves in My Feet

In 2006 We Watched
The Movie “Happy
Feet” And i Couldn’t
Bear to Even Touch
The Theater Floor

With my

Feet Oh God There
Was So Much more
To Describe in Hell With
All 19 Mostly Stress Related

Disorders As

Now in Heaven

No More Pain And
Numb And Now is
Forever No Time Where

In Hell A Thousand

Years is One Second
All Time With No Escape

The Thing That Is Perhaps
The Worst Is No one Can

(Other Than No Memory
Of A Feeling of A Smile)

See The



Numb yet

You indeed no
One Gains Sympathy

For The Devil in Hell

Except For The Devil

Even If You Whine



Will Say

Shut-up And
Bear it and The

Doctors Will Tell
You to Go Away

As There

Is Nothing

They Can Do For
You There All The King’s
Men And Women Can’t

Put Humpty

Dumpty Together

Only Humpty Dumpty

Will Do It By Looking

Within And Finding

The Force
Of God

For Real

(Hint: LOVE)

Yep That’s

How The Devil

Becomes A Penguin

In Heaven And Does “Happy
Feet” For Real For 14,588 Miles
Of Public Dance In 90 Months
Writing A 9 MiLLioN Word Long
Form EPiC Free Verse Poem on

(SonG oF mY SoUL)

Word Press

Plus “FB Profile Pic Bible”
Subchapter of That 5 MiLLioN
Words also Included in All
Facebook Profile Pic
Description Areas

That Hold up to
9,000 Words Each
In 45 months of
Doing That Ongoing
Now With Another
Subchapter “Nether
Land Bible” 6.6 MiLLioN
Words in 57 Months Since
Memorial Day Weekend of
2016 So Happy i Was To
Get That iPhone5 As Then
i Could See Nature’s Colors
At Least A little Bit then
Almost Feeling Beauty

Again i Then Copied
At Least A Thousand
Nature Photos Katrina
Took With Her Giant
Digital Camera A Hand
Me Down From My
Nature Photographer
Audubon Society

i Even
Made a
Nature Page
On FB 8 Years
Ago on This Day
3.13.13 That Still
Gets Close to A





And Eventually
Shared My Photos
i Took Blessed With
Use of Sight Fully in
August of 2013 Almost
200,000 Now Just 30,000
Of The Pictures Shared the

First Year through June of
2014 Now Approaching
600,000 Views on FLICKR

And 1.5 MiLLioN Views

Of What i Shared
Through Google Plus
By 2016 indeed my


Once the
Devil Becomes
A Penguin With
“Happy Feet” With
Thousands of Dance
Events And Video Voyeurs
Sharing It All Around The
World For them To Expand
Their Social Media


And True that’s just
The Tip of An Iceberg


Size Where

As Vincent

Price Says

In The Song

“Thriller” Yes

Is Not A Corpse

Rotting In Hell

Alive With The

Stench Of

40,000 Years

Old Soul Dead in
The Dungeon Within

Then Before “Happy

Feet” Rises Again For
Real In “Foot Loose

Town” Where They

Burned Rock And

Roll Records At Church

It’s True this is

No Fictional Myth

Indeed Hell



DO Exist

For Real on Earth

W i T H i N NOW

And Folks Would

Do Better to


One Place

And Staycation
Forever in The

Other In The Place
SHARiNG Compassion

For All
My only


Degree Dear Rue...


Dungeon Dare Rue For
Sweet Dreams
Living i Have A
Degree And Two too...

Yes! Always Be
Colorful! Let Your
Freak Flag Fly High!
Lose All The Fear SMile!...

You Are Very Welcome
Ava And Hehe Speaking
Of Sleep i Am So
Sleepy that i Will

Comment on
Your Post

On Sleepless
Nights When i
Wake up hAha

As My Fingers

Are Going to Sleep...

SMiles my my
Rue i Have A Friend
Who Lived In Mumbai
And Dubai too Yet

Hehe She
Doesn’t Wanna

Go Back She Moved
On To Abu Dhabi And

Now Toronto if i Worked
In That Many Places

In Just A Few

Years Not

Sure i Would know
Where Home Is and

Surely She’ll Likely

One Day Move

To America

Too Oh Lord

How Hard Folks

Go To Catch The

American Dream

Yet True Toronto


In Caring For

Humanity Than
Here Yet Way Too

Cold For
A Dude who
Owns No Long Pants

Bet You Were Surprised
In Your Airline Stewardess Jobs

When You
Stepped into
Snowy Weather

After Living
In Southern
India Tropics

High Temps
Green Year Round

Hehe if Not For
This Fiber Optic
Cable No Get


For Me...

Very Welcome
Doc Love Your
Cat Days Here...

Awww... Rue You Are Such
A Kind Woman With those
Big Sensitive Eyes Your
Husband is So
Lucky To have

You too..
Gourmet Chef
Abilities Can’t Hurt

While it’s True Katrina
Will Never Have to Worry
About Money Taking Care

Of Me In Both Hell for 66 Months
And Heaven Now For Almost
92 Months Requires A Very

Special ADD Degree That So
Far Takes 31 Years To Earn

It’s A Continuing Education
Degree Surprises New
Challenges Rise This

Way Each Day Yes Angel
Devil Divinity Degree “They”

Don’t Hand Those
Very Rare Degrees

Out For Free
Thing Is Most

Folks Think The
Hell Care is Most

Demanding Yet it’s
Not Hot it’s Just So
Very Cold in All Connections

Just Slide A Meal By The
Dungeon Door And Wash

The Beast’s Really only
Uniform of White Underwear
Shut-In The Home other

Than Living
With The Living
Dead Job All Done

Basically Hehe The
Heaven Part Is Surfing

A Tidal Wave With Fredaches...

My my Rue Yet i too like
The Character “Napoleon
Dynamite” Was WAY too Shy
Too to

Dance at

First What i
Did You Might
Do too To Get
All Comfortable With
It As Napoleon Did
Too Is Dance Solo in
Front of The Mirror First

Rue And True After That You
Don’t Have to Pet The Sweet
Furry Monkeys Where You Live

Yet i’m Sure
They Won’t Mind
A Free Dance For

You Yep First Step

In Front of The Mirror
And You Might Become
A Public Dancer Like me
Starting At 53 Oh Lord

All The Free Decades to
Still Come to Get Ready



Solo Hehe

In Front of EVERYONE

Imagine Never Being

Afraid Again HAha


It Works

Now Fear

All Gone


Down With
The Dance

Do Remember

Michael Jackson’s
‘Thriller’ For the

Vincent Price

Of Not “Getting Down”...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,027

13 Mar 2021, 6:51 pm

Faded Pictures

For me Each Travel

In Darkness A Trip

Back to my


Photos Where did that
Unadulterated Joy Go Is

That Joy Is That Happiness on That
Face How is it i was That Then i Am So Called This

Then Without All That Warm And Spontaneous

Wonder in Zest for Life Each Moment A

New Adventure to Realize Strange

It is When Your Favorite

Mentor of Soul

Becomes You

At Less Than

Two-Years Old You

Know... No You Feel Before

The Terrible Two's Hehe Where

All of Life Seems Like Yes Yes Yes

And All of Life May Love You Back even

When You Cry for 'The Child' Gardened With

A Mother's Love of Nurturing So Dear True That's

What that Smile is Trust of Receiving Unconditional

Love And In This Way At Best A Child Becomes A Mother

For All that Exists True And Free Just to Be Alive This Breath Eternally Now This SMiLe..

i practically Waited A 'Thousand Years' in One Second And 66 Months of that too i've Already

Played that Christina Perri Song Here on Your Blog Yet as i Remember 8 Years of Blogging Now

Since 3.10.2013 Continuing Where At the Start of that A Slight Spark of Creativity Suggesting

i Might

Back to

Life With 'The Child'

Smiles of Wonder And

Amazement for All What i Did

Learn is that Smile is a Lost and Found Prize

Within We Will Wait Now More Than A Thousand

Years for Someone to Bring that Heaven Back to

Us Yet Only We Will Refresh A Photo of Heaven

Within to Be

For Real

As 'They'

Say i Am

A SMiLe of Joy

i Am Happy i Give

And Share This Happy Joy

With/For All for i brought my Photo Back to Life

Hehe as i Also Celebrate adding the Last 5 MiLLioN

Words of my EPiC Long Form 9 MiLLioN Free Verse

Poem Just a Collection of Letters Like this Sent

Around the Globe for Those Nice Enough

To Tolerate me and let me Stay

For There Were Many Days

That Folks Just told

me to go away

Yet it Did Not

Stop me from

Creating My Own Face A Smile

Again Yes Adding those 5 MiLLioN

Words to Smiles That Never Existed before

45 Months ago and More in All The Description Areas of

My Facebook Profile Pics Yet Before in Hell For 66 Months

Then i just wanted to Feel A Smile Again That's The Cake the

Heaven Back For Real Every Smile every Veil oF iGNoRaNCE

i Help Add And Lift From Other Folks is simply Icing on the Cake

And True i do well Understand that in some ways those who never


At All


Been Gifted

The Most Indeed

As True i Come from

A Very Very Quiet Place too..

Thank You Psychologist Mimi for

Just Letting me Come Around Each

Day So Many Thousands of Words

Your Creativity Has Added in Letters

to And From the World In Creativity

A Gift We Give With No Replies

Needed at all A Key

Is For Giving



Caring Giving Sharing More...

Keep Doing it i'll Always Call You

FRiEnD Just for Your Giving And Sharing Free..

As Often Writers of Books And Actors of Plays May
Be our only True




They Never

Tell Us to Go Away...

Hehe Other than that i've

Finally Found Ways to Make

FRiEnDS that's the real reason i started this

Hobby Some Folks Just Never Give up and find a way that works..

Even if For Years And Years they are only one Step And one Word Closer..


A Thank

You That's All

And I Hope, Pray, And

Wish All Your Happy and Joy

Comes Back for i do remember

All Your Happy Days of Travel like

They Haven't Passed at all my FRiEnD

i Believe You Are Gonna Have More Fun

in the Future Than Ever Before Why i do

i Believe

This Let's

Just say


Never met

me in the 66 Months Part

of Hell The Devil Has no Choice

Yet Hope even When it's All Gone there's Will...

And With A Post Script Here You See You Don't
Have to Be Loved to Love You Don't Have to Have Someone

Else Give You Light When You Become Love And Light

You Have It All to Give And Share in Caring Ways And Yes

At Best this is A Definition of God Yes LoVE iN CaRNaTE Humans Do



This Potential

Now Don't Waste Your

'Time' Waiting For Someone

Else to Do It For You Be That Real

Person That One Of a Kind and Hope

Never Only One Who Does it For Everyone they Meet...

If 'You' 'Think' i'm Setting A Good Example i am 'the Old Story'

Isn't Real like this

Are Any



Will Do This Now...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !