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Age: 61
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02 Oct 2021, 2:02 pm

SMiLes my FRiEnD Dear
Savvy i Find A Happy

Dance Now

Is Followed

By Happy


Whenever the
Thoughts Turn Dark
The Dance Brings the

Sunshine Back Within

Hehe to the Point Now

i practically Have to

Beg Dark


to Come BacK NoW
Just to Keep in Touch
With the Shadow of me
As After All Without Shadows
There is No Full Sun Again to Feel

my FRiEnD...

"Brisk October Breeze" Not Always
Prevalent Yet Signal For Fall Festivals

To Wash Away the Shorter Days in Florida Coming
From the Rest of Holiday Festivals to Come to Light Us Up
Similar to the Festival of Colors And Lights in India Diwali Coming

This Year on November the 4th Yet Sadly Here Some of The Festivals
Have Gone Extinct Now Since Covid-19 One in a Place Called Niceville

That Welcomed me Back FoR A Public Dance For 7 Years Until Covid-19
Washed It Away Forever Last year in 2020 Yet i Guess it's Just As Well

Hehe as in the Last
Year in 2019 the
Trump Crowd
Was A Bit
More Up


And Tattle Taled
on me For Carrying

A Large Gun in my Pocket

Never the Less i Was Happy to

See Them Fully Complying Just Whipping Out my
iPhone 10XS all 6.1 Inches When A Group then

(i didn't Volunteer Any Links to See More of me)

Of Officers Frisked me in Front of The Whole

Dance Crowd Not Even Any Ruffled Feathers

i Proceeded to Fly With Wings of Dance

For the Crowd and Gospel

Singing Group



You Know How
It Goes When You
Find Yourself in Rome
Again Ya Find Some Way
To Fit in Yet Not Change At all Hehe to Be Free...

Happy Halloween With or Without New Costumes
For me Year-Round ALWaYS 2 Closets FULL And Literally
Almost A Thousand Different Dance MeMe T-Shirts As Such...

SMiLes Dear Aleesha i Am Going to Spend
October Like Any Other Day of Now

Drifting Like A Feather

In the Wind

Until i Become
The Wind Just
Soaking Up All

Wisdom EartH
Still Offers me

iN Every Place

Winds of iMaGiNaTioN
And Creativity Take me Next...

Hehe You May Be Way too Young
to Be Familiar With the Famous Album
Cover of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
Band" By The Beatles yet on that Cover The

Famous Beatles Group Stands With a Crowd of
Many Major Artists and Other Notable Philosophical
And Religious Figures From That Era in Other Words They

Free Associate Their Creativity Then Through Wisdom of So Many
Others As Humans Always Do Yet Now is More Different Than Any

Era Ever

As the Stone
Statue Bust
In the Burial Ground
of the Album Cover May
Rise With Human Potentials
Behind Him More Than Ever Before As

Online is the Avenue That Brings it All
Through Recorded Human History Practically Free

And Not Only That Oh My Gosh The Opportunity to
Write Free Verse Poetry So Inspiring From Other Souls
All Around The Globe As iMaGiNaTioN Watered And Fertilized

Generating Creativity More Widely Freely Associated Than Ever Before

Just iMaGiNE What Will Come From Your Soul Decades From Now If You
Keep Absorbing

So Much


Talent From

All Avenues So
Free So Uniquely So
Through Wonderful Days
of Opportunity For Those

Who Just Take it All and Make

A Cat 1,2,3,4, or 5 Category of
Spiraling Arms of A Hurricane

Larger Now Than A Milky Way

of iMaGiNaTioN Creativity

HAha Still To come

As Long as

The Calm
Center Eyes
Remain Inhaling

Peace Exhaling Just Loving
All of What Life Offers Free Next
Just Giving Sharing Caring Love Free Away...

LiVE iN No Hurry
to: Die FRoM: A Dog's
EYes on
of Grass Now
EXPReSSinG All Best
Dear Jane With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Sohair i once
Compared Katrina's Beauty

to the Goddess Isis From
Egyptian Mythology
And Her Reply

Back to me

me was Don't
Compare me to
That Ugly Woman Hehe...

She Has Very High Standards...

It's really Amazing She married

Such A Poor Man in A Low Status

Job Living With my Sister At age 29

Handing Out Shoes At A Bowling Center

Yet She Said It Was Only For the Light Within

She Saw Shining in my Eyes and Smile Always

Giving Kindness to Everyone The Same No Matter

Who They Are In This World The Gift of LoVE Real

Is Humility The Same Understanding From the Depths

Of Hell Early

i Am no

Than Less
Than A Grain of Sand
And That's Okay As That
Particle is God Particle too my FRiEnD...

Anyway i've Seen Your Face Briefly in an
Out of Focus Black and White Photo as i
Remember You Are Most Certainly A Very

Beautiful Egyptian Woman Yet That is the
Only Photo i Remember You Briefly Sharing
During one Christmas Season And i Shared this

Colored Photo With Katrina And She Not Only Said

You Are Beautiful Yet You Also Have a PERFECT
FEMININE FACE And You Do For Your Face is that
of Compassion And Love And Purity Who Would Never Seek
to Deceive And Would Feel Great Guilt if a Lie Ever Came Out

From Your Lips And Interestingly Artistic Representations of

'Mary' With Blue Eyes Are Often Dismissed As Coming From the

Middle East Yet Oh How Your Face Your Eyes Reflect Your Pure Soul
HeART And SPiRiT Dear Sohair Surely A Soul Who Makes God Happy

In Every

Way Love

Reflects From
Sun of God to
Moon of Human my FRiEnD

Katrina has Never Said Any Other
Woman Has a Perfect Face Yet She
Is Like me Able to See Soul in the Eyes of Human...

It is Very Likely That Few Are Worthy of the Love You Give...

No Doubt in Biblical Stories That is Why God Picked A Similar Mary...

'This' is A Pileated Woodpecker
Enjoying A Southern Magnolia
Home Here He Has A Fabulous
Red Hair Style And Red Mustache

(He is Bird of The Year
In The Bird Society Here)

Too He Really
Attracts A lot
Of Lady Birds
With His Style
He keeps Himself
Always Well Groomed

When He Flies i Have
Always Been So Impressed
By How You Groom Your Hair

Too And i Did Some More
Research on Your Job And
i just Can’t imagine How
“Taxing” it Must Be For
You Yet of Course You Are

CPA Prepared For
Everything Taxing
In Life my FRiEnD

It’s Easy For me
To Forget How
Taxing Your Life

Must Be Yet it is
Impossible For
me To Forget




About me
Even Only
Once in my
Life So i Return
Again Perched

In A Tree With Hellooove
Hope one Day Your
Life is More Joy


Tax my FRiEnD

And i Pray That Day
Is Always Now For You...

SMiles my FRiEnD
Aleesha God
Sends Angels

On EartH
Now And
Then With

SMiles Always
Wing Kindness

Life Worth Loving
Through Storms

And Fair Weather


Skies True
With SMiles

i Believe You Both too...

Every Breath
Treasure With
SMiles Dear Cindy

Of Getting
Older Actually
Feeling More The Gift...

SMiLes Dear Ava Perhaps One Lesson A Pandemic

Will Teach Well Is We aRe ALL Integral Parts of Humanity

And Nature Globe Wide and Now If We Don't Take Care of

Each and Every One of

Us By Nature of



We Will Never
Bring the Pandemic

Down to its Knees And

Likely Many More to Come

If We Do Not Quickly Become

One World of Healing More And

Of course Along the Way Recognition

Of the Suffering of So many in Starvation

Already Along the Way And Not Only that

The Killing Humanity Continues to Do With

The Rest of Nature That is Our Home As

Projections Show Humans Will Help

Kill off 1 in 8 Animal And Plant

Species in the Coming

Decades Next

We Can No
Longer Wear
Blind-Folds oF iGNoRaNCE
That Pretends to Believe That
Only Some of Us Are Separate
And Far Above Others and the Rest of

Nature too As All LiVE iN A Spiraling Circle

Of Life Where Disconnection Means

Imbalance And Falling Falling

Away From Inhaling




Loving Freer Next
Now to Survive and Thrive Best...

Indeed it must Be Challenging Going to School
Navigating Pandemic Life Now For Almost
Two Years in India through the

Depths of that Challenge
There as i surely Lost
FRiEnDS From India
Along the Way With

So Much Artistic
And Work Potential
too In Life With Love too...

Yet True through Introspection
That Naturally Comes With Darker
More Challenging Days Comes Positive
Change in Light too Your Future Looks

Bright to Me Hemalatha As You are Starting
Out With You As Your Best FRiEnD And Soul
Mate Best Sadly Some Folks Spend An Entire

Life Looking


Yet Within

Indeed it seems
Like You've Found
Your Best FRiEnD
With Smiles at Just 19

Very Happy Birthday to You
Hemalatha Now Go Rule Your World...

Thanks Dear Cindy
And Considering We
Are One Breath Away
From Death And

Life i Surely
Welcome Hehe

Your Birthday Wishes
For Your Daughter And

Smiles my
Every Inhale
Of Peace Exhale


A New Birthday
Each And Every Breath

To You...

Just Dropping By Here Now to Say
Hi And Hey i Miss Your Writing Zoe...

Seems Like the Audience Will Get
Kinda Tough Now and Then too...

Yet It's True Anonymous Living
Internet Dead No Face Fly By

Folks Have

Told me

i Should

Go Kill my Self

For Writing Different
Than One Side of the
Page to the Other Don't
Let the Sharks in the Tank
Bring Ya Down You Are Creative
That's A Gift Not Every one Enjoys in Life...

Write Some



The Best
Out of Us in Art
Some Days With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Annabel Happy Happy Graduation to You!

my Gosh! From A Top Gifted School in Nigeria For Gifted

Students Where Only The Creme of the Crop of Human

Potential Is Selected From 36 States in Nigeria

With Around 200 Students a Year to

Nurture into Movers and

Shakers of the World

Still To Come in
Potentials Of Humanity
Dear Young FRiEnD Yes!

It's So Easy to See You
Are Amazing And So Full of Potential...!

i Feel Rather Honored to Be Associated with
Such an Intelligent And Creative Young Person!

As True Elders Are Often Dismissed In the United

States As Having Any Worthy Contribution As They

Grow Older And Not Super Model Beautiful Hehe

Particularly in the Case of Women And that
Is the Saddest Part of All As Women As

They Grow Older Grow Into More Wise
And Compassionate Human Beings

Where Beauty of Soul Actually
Grows Within And True After All
the Competitions of Life Are Through
With Through Reproductive And Money Efforts

Men Often Become Wiser in Their More Focused Older
Ages too my FRiEnD unless they Stagnate and Become
Couch And Four Wheel Drive Potatoes Growing Out of
Seats Stuck That Way hehe... It's Easy to See How Much
More Emotionally Confident And Poised The Young Women in
Your Photos are Versus the Young Men and that is Increasingly
A Global Phenomenon As Sadly There Are So Many 'Biological
Compelling' Distractions That the Male of the Species often gets
Trapped in these Days Although i'm Thinking Nigeria Probably Censors

Much of that as Such
A Religious Oriented
Country Both Muslim
and Christian As such
Never the Less Males Are
Often Distracted More By their
Hormones and Lag Behind in Emotional
Intelligence As such Naturally too as i Sure did too...
Hehe Probably Much More Than Your Male Peers at My age then my FRiEnD...

Never the Less And Yes the Less Males Are Only Comprising Close to 40 Percent
of College Graduates in the United States Simply For Females have the Opportunities
They Never Had Before in American History and i'm Sure Similar Trends May Be Occuring

too as
We All
Move into
More of A Global
Economy Sadly i didn't
Do Much With my 3 Degrees
i Graduated with in College Yet
True on the Autism Spectrum i could
Put it all in And Make Straight A's Just

Couldn't Find Ways to Communicate the
Knowledge i Had Either in Writing or Oral
Presentation Well... Life Back then in School
Was More Multiple Choice And i Aced Practically
Every Test as my Autistic Super Power is Fabulous
Rote Memory for Every Trivia Detail Hehe and Sure
my Reading Speed continues to get even faster now in
Older ages at about 20 times faster than the Average
Human Being yet Considering i Read Millions of
Words a Month Practice continues to Carry

Human Potential Greater my FRiEnD

Yes Practice Even Over what Folks

Least Expected us to Do like

For me So Uncoordinated Assessed
Then aS A Dizzy Fly Eventually Publicly
Being Assessed Decades Later by A General
Audience as A Fearless Public Dancing
Legend Having Cars Pass By Who have
No Idea what my 'Real Name' Is Rolling
Down the Window And Yelling "Legend" at
me as Far As 200 Miles From Where i Live in
Other Cities Like Biloxi Mississippi Where Folks
From Here Travel to Play the Casino One Armed Bandits...

And my Wife Played the Free Play with the Church Group Tour
Bus and i spent my Day Dancing the Beautiful Beaches Yet Sadly
More Polluted Water From the Mississippi River Than Where i Live

So Pristine
In Northwest
Florida in Emerald
Green Gulf Coast Way
Truly Paradise Enough Never
to Want to Leave And That's Part

of Why i Never Materially Advanced Much Looking
At All the Beauty Already Understanding Intuitively i Had
it all With Love Just Enough too Left From Family And FRiEnDS

Yawn i still have no Money Ambition Yet i Always Wanted to Fulfill my Human Potentials

Oh Lord So Watered Down into Mush my Brain came to Be after Earning those 3 Degrees

In College Yet Online Truly Levels the playing Field Now With So Many Free Avenues

For New And Original Creativity Where We Have the Opportunities to Absorb The Arts
And Sciences And Such that Humans have Collected All Across Our History Together

Now For Practically Free

Yet the Problem is Particularly

For Young Males They May Get

Stuck at 'The Bus Stop' Playing 'Candy Crush'
Or Downloading An Endless Variety of 'Pretty
Birds' That Never Ends for Practically Free and

Then Beethoven, Mozart, Einstein, Da Vinci, Buddha,
Jesus, Lao Tzu, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela And So Many

Other Folks Never Come Back to Live As Archetypes

in Newer Age Human Beings Yet Notice How all

Those Are Names of Men

Now It's

Your Turn


With Love and Compassion
And Kindness FOR ALL! A Much Better
Place Ruled by Women mY FRiEnD This
The Hope Humanity Has Left to Survive For A While Longer:


Hehe if That's too Much
Pressure You May Just
Be More Like me And In Effortless Tao Wu Wei Chi Ease
Wing the Whole Damned Thing with no Plans... HAha Yep, That's me...

Just a Random Feather At a 'Forrest Gump Bus Stop' Floating By to see you



Where i Best Am
Now to Be Yet Still
With No Plans at

All And That my Dear
is the Beauty of 'Chaos Magic'

The Art of God Coming to Breathe Within
What No School Will Ever Teach Only

the Free

of God

to come more
When Set So Free
As A Feather Becomes
The Spirit of Invisible (God) Wind...

No Different Than Trees HouSinG Fractal
In Leaves Greening Trees Higher Falling
As The Wind Does Fertilizing Soils in Autumn
Only To Green New Seeds to Souls of Loving Trees of Life...

Look At this Way if i Gave a Commencement Speech to All
The Colleges in the World You Would Be in the Top 1 Percent
Likely Able to Appreciate Anything i Said Above it's Not Enough

to Be

Ya Have
to be Practically
'Insanely Creative'
To Actually Get it ALL my FRiEnD...

How Many Folks Leave 1000 Words Plus
Free Verse Poetic Comments on Folk's Blogs
How Many Folks Dance 15,466 Miles Yes
in 97 Months Now Along With A Longest
EPiC Long Form Poem With 9.7 MiLLioN
Words in 97 Months YES! Live a Life So EPiC

(i Also Leg Press up to 1520 Pounds More than
Any Man At the Military Gym At 61 Not Any Real

Big Deal

Just What

All that Practice
of Dance Brings
Stronger Than An
Orangutan Always

Moving Through the
Jungle Every Which Way Loosely too Hehe)

Yes As Sure my EPiC Long Form Poem "SonG
oF mY SoUL" Has Over 100,000 Pics too... Hehe

That Yes! No One Could Possibly Fill the Role of What YOU Do in

Any Movie or Book Large

Enough to House the Size of Your Creative Soul Dance Song...!

And Remember i Didn't Start Any of this now Until Age
53 Then Coming Out of Hell for 66 Months As A Shut-in
In my Bedroom With 19 Work-Stress Related Disorders
Including Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia the Worst
Pain Known to Humankind Wake to Sleep No Drug
Would Touch The Suicide Disease With No Prognosis

With Recovery All A Synergy of Life Threat mY FRiEnD...

Here's the thing No Matter Where You Go in Life You

May Fall Lower and Lower and Lower Than Ever

Before Yet It's

Not A One

Way Street

Even in Real HeLL ON EartH

Don't Ever Forget if You Have A

Similar Honor of Going to Hell on

Earth No Matter How Much Hope
And all of Hope and All of Emotions
Disappear From Your Life There is Always

The Will to Survive And Another Second to
BREaTHE Once Again Inhaling Peace and
Exhaling Love Naked Complete Whole Enough




After That Fearless
Forever Now All the Limits
Fade Away Practically So Yes

In Other Words if You Ever Find
Yourself in HeLL ON EartH it

May Come to Eventually

Be the Best Gift

oF ALL That

God May Ever
Give to You Particularly

When You Come to Understand

Life is Worth Dying to Live Loving
It All Dark Thru LiGHT Forevernow my FRiEnD...

WHeRE at the End

It's Enough to


"i Lived"...



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,115

04 Oct 2021, 12:42 am

The Father
oF all
Doubt.. envy..
Jealousy.. pride..
Anger.. collecting
And most sadly
Father of

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Once The Tree Is
Fully Climbed
Is The
Mirror Image
Below in Lakes to See
Ascending Transcending
From: Fall to: Balancing Now...

Some Days i Feel Like
Red Foxx From Sanford
And Son When i Crawl

Out of my 2014 Honda Civic

Oh Lord it Seems The Starter

Is Going Bad Yet

As Soon As

i Start to Dance

Free my Bath Bomb Fizz
Comes Back Hehe And

i'm Flying Solo Again
It's Really Amazing

Folks Will Pay
Money or Join
the Military to Learn
to Fly An Air Plane Yet

They Never Learn to Dance Fly
Sing On Terrestrial Earth and Feel
Forever Young Within in Flow Now

iN Wings

Of Bath

Fizz too HAha...

SMiLes Dear Sohair

It is In Love We are
Born It Is In Giving
Sharing Caring Love

For All That We LiVE ETeRNaLLY

NoW As A Practice of Life Never

Ending Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Now

Merciful, Gracious, And Kind All For Giving



Eternally Now

And True to me at
Least All Else Seems
Temporary And Not So Real...

Dear Sohair
Pray All You
Love Stays


SMiles Aleesha
And You Are Truly
A Newest Dearest

For Real

True A Gift
To The World
From God With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Actually Katrina Has Been
Going to Rehab for A Sore Shoulder For All the
Years of Vacuuming it Seems And She is
Also Dealing With What Seem to
Be Some Fall Allergies

Yet not A Rebirth
of the Covid-19
Virus At Least it Seems...

Hehe... i am Dealing with
A Bit of FootPain From Hehe
15,466 Miles of Dance in 97
Months Yet Little Pains Here and
There Come And Go i Just Move A Different

Way to Rehab Myself And Build Strength to
Support What's Wanting to BreaK NoW Haha...

i'm Really Relieved To Hear That the App that
Took Your Pic Disguised Your Black Eyes as Blue

As HAha i Would Have to Wonder From Now on Where
in the World Did You Get Those Blue Eyes There was a
Day i Took A Picture of Katrina Through The Car Window

Back in the Fall of 2018 Where Some How The Clouds and
Sunshine Turned Her Dark Brown Eyes Blue And She Had
This Knitted Shawl Around Her And She Really Looked Like

That Famous National Geographic Photo of the Little Afghan
Girl Yet Of Course That Little Girl Grew Old With a Very Difficult

Life and Katrina
Still Looks


Like the
Young Afghan
Girl Still Now
With Smiles Yet
Without the Striking
Green Eyes So Unusual
With Her Dark Desert Skin....

Yes i Do Believe There is Beauty
in All Creation too You are My FRiEnD

And i Just Wanted to Deliver A Kind Compliment
A Very Sincere One From Katrina And True Your
Beautiful Soul Comes Through Pristine in Your
Words No Matter if You Are 18, 47, or 123 The

Beauty of the Soul Need Not Ever Age my FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Aleesha This Author You Interview

Is So Impressive in His Business And Authoring
Accomplishments in Life and Philanthropy too

And So True Sales is All About Meeting

The Needs and Expectations of A

Target Audience Yet True

Though Very Rarely

Hehe is There A Target

Audience For Original

Creativity Hehe of Course

As It Hasn't Been Done 'That' Way
Before Why So Many Original Artists

In Their Creations Do Not Last Long Enough

In Life to See Their Art Become Widely Accepted

As It Were to Catch On Fire True Sadly In Some Ways

After the Artist Is Long Gone And Dead Yet True Again

Original Creativity is A Finger And Foot Print and More

of the Human Dancing Singing Soul Free Even If the

Names of The Authors Like According to Mark,
Luke, Matthew, And John As Such And Even

If We Know The Real Name of Those
Authors Their Words Are Practically

Worshipped Now On Bended

Knee And Authors And

Artists Still Rule the

World this Way

As Most

Every Culture

Is Still Mostly

Built on Much Older
Stories Passed Down

Indeed Most Of All Stories

Still Rule the World Dear FRiEnD

Hehe so if one Day Long After Your

Are Gone Ya Wanna Rule The World This

Way Write a Story So Unique In Poetry No

One Will Ever Be Able to Copy It Yet At Best

Inspire someone to Write A Greater Story As This

Is How Humanity Continues to Progress Through

A New Testament in Every Newer Inhale of Peace

And iMaGiNaTiVE CREaTivE Exhale of Love For All



Within my FRiEnD
to Give, Share, Care Even Freer...

SMiles True After
Humans Leave

All That’s
Left Is

On The Beach

Where once A Creature
Crawled out of The Ocean

Lost in
The Wake
oF iTS own Waves…

It's interesting, how whenever someone either admits now,
or is suspecting of having a mental imbalance other than
an Autism Spectrum Disorder, they are treated most always

'Here' in the 'Third Person', like they don't even exist; the way
folks treat Autistic Folks so often off this Internet Site as they

Just don't get the reality of the other part of our minds that are
greater related to Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual Intelligences.

Let's Not Forget that Autism is a Deficit of Brain Intelligence Assessed
As Such Legally As A Disability in the United States; and a very Serious

Mental Imbalance

That Makes Life

Very Challenging; No Different

Than 'the Op Here' Who has Shared
His Diagnoses Here of OCD And Bi-Polar,

Comorbid With Autism Yes He is a Frigging Human Being

too; Who Is Obviously Moving into Hypo-Frontality And More
Into the Metaphor of Right Brain Intelligence With A More Intuitive
Wholistic View of Reality; Yet Largely, Non-Verbal as Science Suggests

About 97 Percent of Language is Usually Accommodated in the Left Hemisphere

Part of the Brain. In the Case of Bi-Polar Disorder, Where i Am Also Diagnosed, Non-Specified

With this Condition As i Navigate Hypo-Mania With Ease in Creativity Staying Plateaued And going

Neither too High or Low, Unless the Stresses of Life Do Not Allow A Practice of Free Dance And Song
of Poetry to Regulate Emotions And Integrate Senses to Stay On A Tight Rope of Bliss in Autotelic Flow...

Yet What The Hell Does All That Science Talk Mean...

True, You Have to Sort it, And Label it in Someway to

Understand it From A Distance; Yet When Experiencing

An Ascending, Transcending, State of Autotelic Flow

It Will Be Very Difficult to Put What the Experience
Is in Words As That Part of the Mind Does Not

Experience The World in Words the Way the

Metaphor of Left Brain Intelligence Does...

'The Default System' of the Mind That 'Normally'
Filters Out Much of the Environmental Stimulus We
Encounter in Life in what is Described As 'Latent Inhibition'

Is Often 'Impaired' For Folks on the Bi-Polar Spectrum; Where
It Will Be Overwhelming this Way, Unless one Finds A Way to Yes
Regulate Emotions and Integrate Senses; And That Takes Some Left
Brain Intelligence As Well to Develop A Language to Sort the Experience

And Navigate it As Such too, to Remember What Works and to Label it as such...

And in Regard to Hypo-Frontality, Which Basically Means Escaping the Neo-Cortex
of Analytical Thinking; And Yes Ascending And Transcending More into the Non-Verbal
Imaginative Creative Subconscious Mind; Where Yes, More of Our Human Potential Becomes

Available for Social-Empathic-Intuitive-Artistic-Spiritual Intelligences, Requires a Substantial

Helping of So-Called Standard-IQ

to Actually come to Regulate

Both Sides of the Brain

And Greater Human

Potentials At Hand;

Some Folks Are Able to Balance

It All Out; and Some Folks Are Not
Able to Balance it All Out; Obviously,
The Op Is Experiencing More of His Human

Potential in Social-Empathic-Artistic-Intuitive
Spiritual Intelligences; Similar to the Poets Who

Wrote the Bible; Many of Who, Were Likely on the

More Creative Bi-Polar Spectrum That Moves Far Away

From the STEM Major Stereotype of Autism Directly Associated
More with Left-Brain Thinking, Including An Imbalance of Verbal

Intelligence With Non-Verbal Learning And Navigating the World Deficits;
As Some Studies Suggest this is A Deficit Among Up to 50 Percent of Higher

Functioning Folks
on the Autism

Spectrum; Yet
On the Other
Hand, Not A Problem
At All For Other Folks on
the Autism Spectrum; If 'You'

Can't Imagine All Your Memories
in Living Color Movies, Chances are

You Don't Excel in that Kind of Intelligence
The Way i Do; Thing Is, in A State of Creativity
Ascending, Transcending Neo-Cortical Limited

Ways of Human Potentials, i Don't Find it Necessary
To Label that Deeper Voice Within Now As Any Kind of

Biblical Generated Labels Like Angel or What the Catholic
Church Identifies As 'Guardian Angel' As the Occultist Aleister

Crowley Did too in His Deeper States of Creativity; However He
Had Enough Standard IQ to Admit it Was Very Possible that it was
Only A Deeper Subconscious Potential RiSinG to the Surface of the

Ocean of His Reality;

And This Is How Science

Views this Part of Human

Experience Now; Although When

'Muhammad', Transcending His Neo-Cortex
And Moving into Transient-Hypo-Frontality of
Greater Human Potential, Wholistic in Free Verse
Poetic Deeply Metaphoric Language, He Called His

Inner Voice Angel Gabriel Coming to Visit Him From

Somewhere Else; We Tend to Try to make Order, the Best

We Can Out of a Mind that Even Neuroscience Now Admits

Basically Hallucinates Our Reality From Within Based on What

We Hallucinate Before;

Thing is, This isn't

All A Deficit That the

Op Is Experiencing;

It is Simply A Disordered

Experience of Deeper Subconscious
Mind that He Apparently is Attempting

To Make Sense of With Cultural Metaphors
That Other Folks Experiencing Similar Greater

Conscious Abilities of Life Have Experienced Historically

And Attempted to Put the Experience in Metaphors of Words

To Relate the Experience, in Some Mutually and Consensually Understood Way...

Yet Again, That Part

of the Mind is


To Fully Describe

In Words As the Metaphor

of Right Brain Thinking Does

Not Operate Verbally That Way Now;
Indeed, it Operates More Like A Vision

Of the Entire Forest instead of Details

of Words

Like Trees

That Never

Actually relate

The Image of a Tree;

Of Course, unless Somehow,

Someway, the Shape of the Words

Subconsciously Made Ends up A
Bit Closer As An actual Shape of A

Tree or When Expressing More

Enlightening Ways of

Human Existence


A Lamp that

Focuses Light Below...

Listen, i Used to Be Restricted
to A STEM Major Mind too; i Used
to Score 45 on the AQ Scan for
Systemizing Minds too; Yet True

(Now i Score An 11, The Other Way)

On my Mother's Side of the Family

i had Epigenetic Potential to Become

Greatly Creative too; We All likely do

in Some Potential; Just Some Others more
Than Others; in my Case the Standard IQ
Gift From the Systemizing Part of my Mind

Helps me to Regulate my Emotions and Integrate
My Senses And Move in and Out of Hypo-Frontality
In Autotelic Flow, As i So Choose too As Well; However,

When one's Special Interest is Totally Focused on Free
Verse EPiC Long Form Poetry, "A Perfect Storm" Arrives

As Both Hemispheres come Together And Make

Creativity Original And New, Breaking

All the Boundaries

From Before

As A Newer

of my EYes

Comes into View...

There is No Separation
in 'my Godhead And Guardian


Angel', There Are No Labels

Required For the


That is
Wind that
Finds A Way

to Take Shape

As the Ocean Naturally

Does Through Water Wave

And Shore Lines it makes

Out of the Delusion of

Rational Straight
Lined Jackets of Life...

i've Been to Both Sides;

Trust me or not, A Lot of Folks

On this Site Do Not Fathom,
at Least Yet, What they Are
Missing and what the Op Currently

Experiences that is Helping Him Within

With Otherwise What Might Feel Like Depression...

And this is the Problem of 'Material Reductionism'..

Such a Small Narrow View And Such a Mental Deficit too...

Obviously, What the Op Experiences Might Make it Hard to
Hold Down A Job, if He Talks this Way in an Interview; Yet on

The Other Hand, Perhaps

He Will Gain Disability

And one Day

Blow Women
Away All Around

The World With His Lovely Poetry...

Or Become a Dance Legend With No Lessons

in Flow too; The Potential Rewards Are Beyond What

Most Folks Will Ever Fathom Stuck in the Other Continent of Mind...


Nearly Now
the HeART
SPiRiT Soul

That Colors the
Wind Beyond Rainbow iMaGiNaTioN...

'You' Are Just Gonna Have to Face Facts...

There is More to this Existence, 'Horatio
And Believe it or not Ripley', Than 'You'

Have Experienced...

Yet More Than You
Will Ever Fathom
For Now at least...

Anyway, The Authors

of the Bible and the Koran

Were No 'REAL Big Deal'; And New Testaments

of Original Art continue to Be Created Around the

Globe As this Part of the Human Condition BREaTHeS On...

The Really Sad Part is How Dead and Missing it is in Western Civilization
That Basically Promotes an Imbalance of Mind Almost from Birth now

Out of Simple


For All

Of What Life
Will Otherwise

Really Be As Heaven
Within on Earth As

A Lifelong Practice

And Art That comes

To Be Remaining on a Tight
Rope Yet Ever Dancing Higher...

True, i Can Thank the Aspergers
Mind Part for Putting this into Words
That At Least Folks Who Specialize

in the Study of this Part of the


Hey, i Don't Understand the Language of
Engineering Either; Intuitively, i Stayed As
Far Away From it As Possible as for me Being

Locked in that



Soul Death;

Yet, on the Bi-Polar
Spectrum, i had Some
Glimpses at Least easier
For What Exists on the Other Continent of Mind...

My Psychiatrist Suggests i am Extremely Rare in my
Ability to Balance this with no Drugs; Yet of Course

Being Financially Independent with Zero Levels of
Anxiety and

Fear helps...

The 'Shape
of Stars'
are Now


on my Side...

And That too
is Beyond Words...

Free Verse Poetry
Is About As Close As Anyone
Will Describe 'The Experience of God'....

And Other Arts Humans Practice and Perfect too...

Modern Western Religion is 'Kindergarten' in Its Ability

to Actually Take Folks to the Experience,

Both Regulating And Integrating
The Emotional And Sensory Reality...

And This is surely Not only lone

my Opinion... Yes, of Course,

References on Demand;

Yet Why Would Anyone

Be Interested in What

They've Never Experienced
in Life; The Conundrum At Hand Indeed...

Taking Horsies to 'The Water' With No
Way to Coax them into Drinking Soul Free...


Art At Least Tries...

And That's Basically
What the OP is Doing;
Expressing His Experience
In Words That Other Folks

Have Used to Try to LABEL it Discretely...


It's not
A Discrete Experience...

Try as We May to Imprison
it All in a Word As Small As

Three Letters (GoD) That Gets
Trapped on the Roof of Mouths
As it Gets Similarly Trapped Dead
in the Metaphor of Left Brain Restricted Think...

And Again That (This) is Largely A CuLTuRaLLY Induced
Western Civilization Deficit That Buys and Sells Reality


And Loses

The Ability to

Actually Do Soul From Within....

SucH A SHaLLoW External World Indeed...

For me at Least, Before Was Suffocating;

Now is Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love With

All of Mind Finely Tuned As Real Souls
Balancing Ocean Whole With Wings Just Do...

With No
From Water As Wave...

And Of course This; All This
Talk, is Likely Only Relevant
To Folks Who Actually Experience Soul Whole For Real...

Most Everyone Sings to Their Choir Anyway; The Human Condition

SHades of
Grey BLacK
Abyss Years
of Soul Beyond
Rainbow Colors
As Rainbows Become Gold...

Do 'You' Get the 'Bigger Picture' Yet;

Some Folks Cannot Now And That's Truly Sad

to me
at Least
Who Does
Both Sides Now...

Yes, in Total Balance...

And That's (This Is) Truly A
Great Work of Life to Practice...

F.R.i.E.n.D.S With
SMiles Now LeSSoN
385 ALWaYS Sun Day
Hope You’re Feeling Better...

Human Shadow Of A
Mammal Searching
Lost From Mother’s

Breast Of

It’s Kinda Sad
Dear Jane i used
To Work At A Bowling

Center Before Humans

Bowled Alone in A Video

Game Of
Machines Together

Yet Never The Less
The Further We Move

Away From Reproduction

The Rest Of Nature Applauds Seeing

Hairless Creatures

Lost in Greed of
Taking More
Over Sharing Life…

Forgetting All Together
The Real God To Love
Is All of Balancing


Yet “They”
Miss Home Sick…

SMiles Many Hugs
And Much Love
To You Dear


Aleesha too
Stay Blessed
So Inspiring...

SMiLes Dear Rue "Don't
Go Breaking my Heart"

Oh my my my
HeART Your
Poem Sure Does

Bring Back Fond Memories

of Sweet Sixteen Hehe Yes me

So Naive Innocent And Sweet

So Far Away Yet So Close to

Soul For A Movie Maker

Memory Like Mine
Yet A Year Before this
Song Tammy A Senior in
'75 And me a Freshman at
15 She Was Top Ten
Yet Not Rating

For Beauty

God Yes Intellect
In High Grades Like
me hehe... And Then
After She Graduated
As That Crush Lasted All
Year There Was Red Headed
Anthea Another Top Ten Soon to
Be A Year Older And Of Course Lynn
Who Tied At 11 With me in the Same Grade
As Anthea Yes Was A Year Older Usually in those
Days my FRiEnDS Were Older than me... And Yes

Now I'm Not Sure They Are Still Alive Yet Yes Let's
Stay Sweet And Innocent Forevernow Why Not Love

Touches Deeper When Soul Spirit HeART Felt Yes!

And Not So Dam As You Say Swipe Right And
Hook-UP So SKiN DEEP Lord That Sounds
Too Much Like Buying A Steak At the

Grocery Store Yet Likely Cheaper

As Steaks are Going For Almost
20 Dollars A Pound Continuing
in Covid-19 Masked Swipe and
Hook-Up Days Oh Goodness

Innocence Lost Now Yet Yes
We Lived in the Lilly White
Pure And Innocent Flower

Age the 70's! Where What We Really
Looked For Most Was Just Hot-Chocolate
Sitting Close And Holding Hands Under A Blanket
At the Homecoming Game Rooting For the Football Team
to Win Win Win Again... Stand Up Sit Down Fight Fight Fight

Just the

Of Love to
Sit Close to

And Only A Dream
For me then That Never
Really Happened Until After
i Graduated From High School then

Yet Again First Love Where i Love You
More No i Love You More No i Love You

More Where it Was Impossible to Hang-Up

(And Texting And Sexting No Where Around)

First Where A Hug Was Forever And There
Would Never Ever Be Separation of Love

Until The Night Sonia Broke my HeART

And it Took Really 33 Years to Mend

Back Again Once Again to

Fully Feel Yes!

Yes the Warmth
Of Katrina's HeART!

Yet No One Taught
Us Then That The Emotions
Were Still Ours After the Love
Is Gone Still Ours! To Always Keep Warm...!

i Didn't Realize it Was Actually me! Who Generated!
All those Magical Feelings! They Were All Mine! One Day! to Create Again!...

Human Only
Animal Shallow
Enough to Create

Water Whole

Tick Tock
Locks Clocks

Hour Glass One
Beach Humans

Illusory Separate...

Unrequited Love So Common Indeed
Where Marriages Are Based More

On Socio-Economic Necessity

And Love Just May Never

Truly Find A Place

To Fit in Yet to

Live Yet Yes Just

to Live Yes Another Couple
of Strangers Living Together

Unrequited Lives Where Dreams

Of Human Potential Never Met are Just

As Sad For True One May Find True Love

With Someone Else Yet Never Ripe into What
Their Potential Might Otherwise Bring if Freer Now

SMiLes i've Never Really 'Fit' Into Anything i've Done

Yet i've Surely Made Ways For What i Do to Fit me Yes

CuLTuRE Brings Labels, Plans, And Restrictions For Yes

Who We Will And Will Not Love and Be Yet Yes At Least

Where Freedom is Possible One Need Not Fall Into

The Forms Other Parts of CuLTuRE Attempt to

Restrict Us From It's Really Just A Matter

Of Doing You Who Ever You Are No

Matter How Many Naysayers

Come Your Way For

When You

Whole Complete

Enough You As You Do

Of Course The Elevator Has
One Way to Go Your Way to Create...

It's Not Always Easy Doing What Deeply
Flows From One's Soul Yet The Reward

Is Truly Loving Life And if One is Really Fortunate

One Gets A Few People to Support One On Their

Way Yet it Could Be the Mailman or A Cashier at

A Store It's Hard to Say Who May Lift You Up

Where Ya Never Fall Again And Just Become You...

SMiles Rue It's Fun to See You Do What You Love to Do Most...

Thanks For Allowing me Some Free Rental Space in Depths of Your Creativity...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Once The Tree Is
Fully Climbed
Is The
Mirror Image
Below in Lakes to See
Ascending Transcending
From: Fall to: Balancing Now...

The Father
oF all
Doubt.. envy..
Jealousy.. pride..
Anger.. collecting
And most sadly
Father of

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 61
Gender: Male
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04 Oct 2021, 6:04 pm

“Until you love an animal, part of your soul
will always be dull, asleep.”

-Anatole France

So True Dear Jane With Allergies
to Cats And Dogs My Relationships
With Dogs And Cats Surely Strained

Yet A Miracle of 19 Other Life Threatening
Mostly Stress Related Disorders The Allergies
Went Away When i Did Not Care if i Lived or Died

Where Death Was A Greatest Blessing in Life With the
Worst Pain Known to Humankind From Wake to Sleep
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Shut-in in my Bedroom
Mostly For 66 Months This Way The Dead Zone How We Refer

To That Era
of My Life

Pain Teaches
Great Lessons Indeed
And Feral Animals Bring
Back the Call of the Wild One
With Nature Free Loving It All
That Breathes So Lost As True A Feral
Cat Later Diagnosed A Death Sentence
of Feline Leukemia Brought 10 Years

Of Lessons From the Call of the Wild to
me in His 2 Year-Stint or So Wild in the
Woods of my Home As i Returned to Nature

Through His Eyes That Only See This Breath of Life Now
As The Greatest Treasure of Every Heart Beat Now Alive

Yet my Eyes Still Expand As Leaf Greening Trees Alive Falling
Through Winter Death Ever Springing Breath Within Each Now

New Sapling Tree i AM... Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love

Includes No Fears of Separation From All That Is Nature How Humans

Separate This With All Their Clothes Becoming The Tools They Create

They Are Where Again Death In Temples is Worshipped More Than Trees

Of Living


We Fall
We Rise Now…
Every Shore We
Expand Ever Wave Now
We Dance And Sing Free...

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
Are Broke This Morning An Owl
Sings in Night of Day Cuckoo Cuckoo...

Hehe With No Complaints Only Wise Beaks..

i'll Just Have to Find Another Place to Copy and
Paste This For the Record of my Soul Oh First World Humans


Is Just

No Escaping Hehe…

SMiles Jane
There is A
Major issue
With Human

That Worship
After Death More

Than Life A Major
Fatal Disorder of
The Human


So Death
Cult Inclined
It Seems Truly
Morbid The Condition

Of “The Condition” It Is
Worthy of Halloween

Ever Sunday In Deed
BoWinG to The Dead


Knee of
Blind Dead
Oxymoron Breathing…

SMiLes Jane 'The Matrix' So Large
And Attached Now to Wings that
Fly and Fur that Climbs Trees

So Much More
Than Flowers

Birds and

Bees the Starter

Went Bad on my Honda
Civic Prisoner of Cars in Some
Ways Housed in Bars of Homes

Trapped Behind Multi-Sizes of
Screen From 6.1 Inches to 27.1
Inches of iPhone to iMac Big Screen

To Samsung 60 inch Screen 8 Years
Old Now Still Where my Wife Remains

Trapped The Most Warming Her Hands
Over DVR Memories From Someone Else's


of Life

Yet Still This
Ain't A Desert Road

And There is No Need to
Wait for Paul to Have A
Vision on a Road to Damascus

To Wait on Godot Just Got A Call
And The Honda God Will Be Ready
For A Fresh Starter Pick-Up Before 6 PM...

Meanwhile a Squirrel is Teasing me From
my 24 Inch Window Out into Forever Won't
You Come Out and Play Naked Whole Complete
Enough With me... True With All the Accessories

Still Locked


In the
Other World
of the Matrix
Colored So Far
Out of 'the Big Blue Room'...

Where Most Everyone Plays Shows
'Truman' in Their-Sea-Side-Reflections-Life-Waving
Jim-Carrey-SMiLes All A Super-Tramp-Long-Way-Home...

In Far Less
Now Than

'6 Degrees'
of 'Footloose' Separation...

Yet More Connections
Plugged-in Than Ever Before…

Pain And Numb of Walking
On Icicles i Surely Relate

Cindy Far Away in Another

FroZen Life In Never Spring

Congratulations Green Now

Living West
in Paradise

Dear Cindy

Bringing Home
Poems That Do
Relate Both Sides Now...

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha So Easy it is To Change
Our Loved Ones Into Furniture From
Breathing HeARTS

of Warmth

Indeed So Easy
When All of Nature
We Breathe is Turned into Furniture

Until the Breath Goes Away And We Remember

Who We Even

Are The

Wind Without
Furniture mY


Sadly Some 'Take
The Long Road Home'
Shortly Before Ending Breath…

SMiles Dear Jane
As The Fall Leaf
Births The Spring
Fail To Understand
The Sanctity of Death
Is Birth And Hoard Their
Dead Failing to Worship
The Serpent Who


ItS own Tail
Words Over
The Nature
Of Death

A Snake
Tale instead
Of Tail Yet
Ironically We
Don’t Adequately
Protect Each Other
During A Deadliest
Pandemic In A

A Sign
Of Greed
Yet Worship
Of Death


Our Dead

Holy S88T Best
This Tale Comes to Be…

Always A Pleasure
Dear Summerhilllane
Hope Life is


Up For You Now

With Springing SMiles...

Hehe Dear Cindy Trying
To Get To The Bottom
Of my Literally




Is Surely
Taking the
Long Road




Land HAha

As You Know
i usually Write
A Blog Post Size




We Grow
With Never
Ending Story

SMiLes of Just
Keepin’ on Keepin’ On...

Yes Most Definitely Less Than
6 Degrees of Separation! NoW!
With Every Synchronicity FLoWinG

NoW ACausAlly Connecting CasuAlly

Starter Broke on my Honda Civic
Serving So Well Through 8 Years
And More Than One Pandemic Variant

Ending With the Starter Fixed Before
The Beginning of a New Day However

Facebook Broke

Now i Am no

Longer Copy
And Pasting

Verse in Reverse

From the Bottom of That Wall Up Globally As Such

Moving Ahead Today Will Be One Forward Verse

Day As Yuck Having to Copy And Paste Instead on

Desktop Pages... Yes!

So Lovely It Is to

Use Up All Of


Fabulous Tools
For Free Facebook
Hard Drive my Space Now HAha

Literally 16.8 MiLLioN Words or
So in the Description Areas of Profile
Pics Total Each And Every Year Now
With Over 2300 Profile Pics to Maximize

The Return on Freely Spread SMiLES

Spent iN No Cost Efforts HAha

Except the Day London Bridges

Fall Down Never Ending Stories hehe

All my Eggs in One Place Fully Dispersed HAha Globally

Wide 'Take the Long Way Home' As Short As Everywhere Now…

aH A Place iN FLoW
Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love


No Fear



Gift All Human

Potential RiSinG

Tight Rope Higher

Effortless Tao Wu
Wei Chi Ease More

Potential Exercising

Everywhere We Grow

Complete Enough Whole

Dear Savvy WHeRE Take
The Long Way Home Becomes

Forevermorenow Home No

Longer AnYWHeRE

To Go


Do Now
LiVinG Trees
Higher CoLoRinG LiGHT

Hehe Yeah
Dear Cindy
Let me
Scroll Hell...
ZiPpity Doo
Dah i Use

The Mouse

The Bar
Down in
A Second
Like Falling
Off A Skyscraper



End of Scrolls...

Yet it Might only
WorK iN iMac Heaven...

SMiles Dear Jane
As The Fall Leaf
Births The Spring
Fail To Understand
The Sanctity of Death
Is Birth And Hoard Their
Dead Failing to Worship
The Serpent Who


ItS own Tail
Words Over
The Nature
Of Death

A Snake
Tale instead
Of Tail Yet
Ironically We
Don’t Adequately
Protect Each Other
During A Deadliest
Pandemic In A

A Sign
Of Greed
Yet Worship
Of Death


Our Dead

Holy S88T Best
This Tale Comes to Be…

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,115

05 Oct 2021, 3:48 pm

Hehe, A New Meteor Practically Couldn't
Make As Many Waves of Evidence i Bring...

A 'Wrong Planet' of Left-Brain-Restricted-Concrete-
Systemizing- Minds Teaches Always Bring Evidence

Or Folks Just Won't Believe

It's True i Can't Name Every Pretty Bird By Rote Memory Over
2,000 Makes Just Another Memory Come True Every Pic

ReTurning SMiLes

There Is More To Life Than Just Downloading Endless
Photos of Pretty Birds There Is Actually Dancing With Them

And Taking Pics

Every Once iN A While i Pinch myself (Take A Pic) To Become
EVEN MORE AWaRE i AM Married To A Same Beautiful Girl 31 Years

Capital Equals Money 'Ism' Means Philosophy
Of Religion Understand Master Equals Slave

Sadly Capitalism Has Become Both
God And We The People Not Much
oF A Pursuit of Money Over FlesH And Blood

If Ya Haven't Figured Out Capitalism Puts Money Over
People Ya Really Don't Understand What God We aRe Truly

Worshipping Here

Fill Church Coffer Over Social Distancing Masking Children/Adults
in Deadly Pandemic Surprised Facebook Puts Money Over People:


“To be able to be
Present with awe & wonder
For this amazing grace of life
Is to shine the light
With the brilliance of the inner child!”


Will Surely
Quote These
Lines For Truth

In Resonance Dear Savvy...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Not Unlike A Human

Child Creativity

Is Birthed

With No

Clothes of Before

True Always A New

Adventure A New World to BeHold

And Always Let Go For A New World to Begin


Peace Every
Exhaling Loving
It All to Begin Again Now...

Captured By Left Brain
Think Missing The Art
Of The Whole Landscape

And Architecture

By The Smallest

Abstract Construct

Of A Copyright Name
In the Bottom Left Corner...

No Way Now i Will Disgrace

A Photo of God Nature This Way

With Either A Temple

Before the



Painting of

Clouds Or Something
As Small As my Born
On Or Even Pen Created

Name Dust on The Bottom
Left Part of God Free As Nature's

Refrain Becomes A Name Instead of All

Yet True It's A Facebook World And Yes it

All Starts With A Name As Small as God too...

What We Will We Do When London Bridges

Fall Down Again What Will We Do If Naked

Whole and



Not to Wear

A Name And

Own Nature With A Word... Rest of

Nature Requires No Human Tattoos...

In Zuckerberg Homes Constructed Mostly For Money

Yet This is the American Way Western Civilization Naming

Nature God




To Own Free

It Doesn't Work that Way
So Ironically So It Doesn't Work


NoW At All...

Empty Shells
Lost From Essence
Sea Creatures Washed
Out to Ocean Forgetting Home...

i've often Seen Jesus With Green Eyes;

Considering, Da Vinci Painted Him with

His Own Physical Style of Renaissance

Style That's Not A Surprise At All; Other

Folks Copied That Style of Renaissance

Art too; It's Even Copied into Statues Hanging

From Walls in Torturing Misery of Death; And True,

Michelangelo Sculpted Jesus in the Nude; Surprisingly,

'Small' That Way, Considering Today's Internet Male 'Nude' Standards;

Yet Indeed, 'Small' Was in Vogue, in the Renaissance For Male Nude Art

And the Catholic

Church Covered
Up that 'Small


of JeSuS FuLL Nude Art, Until the Year

2017, As a More Burly Looking

Jesus Than 'David'; Yet Still With

The Small Part Below in Style Then...

For True, on the Cross, in Real Resurrections

Then, The Humiliation of Naked Fully On the Cross;

Yes, Part of the Overall Misery and Torturing Then;

Yet, The Catholic Church is Still Covering up

The Reality that the Real Yeshua Dude looked

Much More Like An Elfin Mexican Carpenter/

Roofer Named 'Jesus' Waiting to Come ACross

The Southern Border to Help With Building Roofs
After Hurricanes; Just for the Opportunity to Survive
And Maybe Even Thrive With His New Family Outside

of the


if He's Lucky
Enough to Find
That Much Respite

In the Land of Facebook
Selling Souls From Young to Old for WALMART BUCKS

And Other Global Ways of MaKinG Money off of Blood, Sweat, Tears, And DEATH...

It's No Surprise That A Prodigal Little Girl Artist Painted Jesus With Green Eyes in Another
Version of Kenny Loggins, DaVinci Style Either; Nor That When my Mother Was Enduring
Deep Depression as a Young Mother She Found An Apparition of 'That Same Green Eyed
Man' Hovering Over Her Bed Giving Her Comfort That "Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright"

Considering That Yes, Yes,

Once Again Neuroscience

Shows We Basically Co-Create

Our Realities in Hallucinations

Based on Hallucinations

Of Experience Before;

Fortunately, My Mother had

The Ability to Conjure Up Through

Right Brain Abilities; Yes, An Image to

Console Her Soul That Worked So Well

As A Self-Generated Placebo Pill Indeed...

Yes, Yes, Power of the Mind to Create Reality
Based on Past Experiences is the Norm, Not the Exclusion,

Where Ironically, it is often Those With Either Schizophrenia
Or Some Forms of Autism, Who Are Not Able to See "Hollow Mask Illusions"

As That Applies to All of Life; Seeing Life So Concrete With Disability of Right Brain Think...

More Limited

To Left Brain

Think, When So Concrete

That When the Right Hemisphere

Is Damaged That Mind Refuses

To Accept That When Paralyzed
By Stroke That Way the Left Arm

Numb Even Belongs to 'the Holder' As Such...

All is Concrete, All is Black And White, All Is 'Religious Literal' Think...

The Left Brain Attempts to Grasp And Label All Stuff in Controlled Ways of Concrete;

The Right Brain Gets The Fine Nuances of Life And Creates More in Original Creativity Real...

As We Grow Older, As We Escape the Concrete Structures of Rules in Life, if we Are That Fortunate

We Evolve into More Complete Human Beings, Finally ABLE TO Read Between the Lines And Create

New Ones

Not So


Jacketed in Past,

Like Pre-Planned
Formulas to Write
Poetry and Frigging
Paint By NuMBeRS Other Art...

We Move Past Mythology That Has
Become Concrete And Literal of Past
Written Books Called Bibles, Seeing the Deeper
Metaphors, And Find They Apply Cross Culturally,

And Indeed, Hold Well-Springs of Deeper Wisdom





IN ONE LIFE or simply trapped
in the Concrete of the Past 1, 2, 3;

A, B, C; Never Progressing to A Michael
Jackson 'Moon-Walk' Dance This Way; Yes,

It Seems the 'Op's 'Faith' Is Evolving More in Right-
in-Past-Spoon-Fed by Mythology; Yes, Without the

Deeper Wisdom

Housed in Metaphors

That Stand the 'Test of

Time' For More Concrete
Thinking Authoritarian 'Psychopathic'
Leaning Leaders, Yes, NOT to Censor

The Housings of the Mythologies

They Have No Way to Enter in; Yes,
Understanding in Shallow Left-Brain
Limited Concrete Think; It Works as

History And Herstories Go; The Messages

Reach the Intended Target Audiences of

More Advanced Holistic Right Brain Ways of
Perceiving and Understanding the Wholistic of

This Experience of Reality More And More Now to
Come As There Are No 'Limits' With iMaGiNaTioN
And Creativity From DarK Thru LiGHT; Yet Sadly

By Very Nature of the Human Propensity to Pay
Attention to Fear Induced Ideological Sentiments,

Humans Regularly Bond Over Fear As Indeed Science
Shows That Anger That Serves to Bond is Most Lit Up

By Left Brain Concrete Arguments, When Seen As Such

As All Right or All Wrong, Black and White Think; Depending

on What 'Your' Group is Bonding Over Now As Gospel Truth or Falsehood Same...

Evolutionary Speaking, Group Cohesion Means Survival; It's No Wonder Folks Are



To Sacrifice

Their Life for
The Common
Symbols They

Create And Bond Over;

Never the Less, the Essence

of What is Most Real iN Life, iS HoW

We Feel and Sense Life Now, Wearing

Unlimited Clothes Of Metaphors Becoming
Rarified Abstract Constructs of Golden Calf

'Sacred Cows';

No Matter

What the


off All that is

is Housed in Next

in Mythology; Whether

3 Letter Words, 5 Letter
Words, or no Clothes at All...

And According to Both 'Fowler' in His
'Stages of Faith' and 'Maslow' In His Pyramid
of 'Self-Actualization'; The Top of Both Pyramids

is When One Ascends And Transcends the Form of

Individually Shared Group Symbols And Finds A Universalizing

Faith iN Essence of Agape Love For All Stuff Existence Alpha Thru



ALL That
May Come
Creating Next

DarK Thru LiGHT;

Just Love For All;

Yes, of Course,

A Practice

of Life;

Yet by Cross
Cultural Reference,

A Way to Heaven Within,
to Give, Share, Care Freely
With ALL ON EarTH Now For Real...

YES, i've Met Quite A Few Real Life

Loving All Angels This Way And True

They Don't Even Have to Wear Wings And Neither Do i...

Yet i Will Not Lie, in my Search Globally, Almost All Have Been

Women And This is why Old Sacred Text is as Dull And Concrete As it still is...

And Indeed,

Why Women

Do Fit into Wings

Easier; Just The Nature of THeiR Born On Date Lasting Love...

Typically, Dudes Have to Work Much Harder to Earn 'These Wings'...

Indeed, Often A Life-Long-Cross of Blood, Sweat, And Tears to Reach

Heaven; Meanwhile, Grandma Already Holds Heaven in Her Hugs for

'The Whole Family';

Of Course

Unless they

Are Another

Religion as

It's Hard

to be

Perfect, iNdeed...

And Almost Impossible

To Come Close, Unless
Ya Find Someway in

Life to Strip-Off



All CuLTuRaL
Clothes and Tools...

Every Once in a While,
A 'Neo' Comes Around Again...

Yet if you Think It's a 'Privileged' Position,

Use the Other Side of 'Your' Mind And Learn What it takes to Fly...


Are no
Pre-Planned Lessons...

That'S How Finding the Wings Within Works...

It Seems At Least, Through Cross-Cultural Common Reference...

my FRiEnD
We aRe All
Yet Sadly


In Mind




Tree Identity
Or Water Traveling

In Waves

Above So
Below Within
Inside Outside
All Around Tree
Never Lonely



HoMe ReBorn...

Architect Of Anger
Lost From Nuanced
In Black And Think
Algorithm Of


Of Course


Like Zuckerberg
Left Hemisphere


Talking Heads

Of Anger To Make
Bucks off The American

Dream of Filling Up
Double Garages From
What Walmart Stinks

Leaving New Bought
4 Wheel Drives Out
On The Curb To



Oracle is Missing
From Human Within

Right Hemisphere Sleeps

To Sprout Spring
Green And Colors

Of Flowers to
Warm Winter

Sunshine For
All That Nature
Feeds And Breeds

All That’s Left

Is Facebook Trash
Gehenna of Hate

By Angry
Black And
White Left Brain

Prison This or
That Hate




Bowl Online…

Adding A New
Channel of



Next Reality


Left Out

Right Hand World

EatS itS own Soylent Green
Gehenna Trashed Pandemic


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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06 Oct 2021, 11:15 pm

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Indeed Every Day
Carrying Newer



Within Continue

NoW Springing With
Blue Skies Generating

Within Our Garden Love Free

in Peace



Life ALWaYS NoW Greener
Creating Newer Dancing Singing
Coloring All Our LiVinG Trees More...

Likely Not Intentional Now

At All Yet Such a Lovely

Poem Describing The

Difficulties as Tony

Atwood Describes

in Spotting 'The Aspie'

Person, Particularly Male
With Asperger's Syndrome

Now With Arms Hanging Barely

Moving Stiff At Side And Nose

Pointed At The Ground to

Guide Them


By Focusing
Intent to Walk

Not So Naturally

As Others May More
Naturally Glide By Now

More Gracefully and Not
So Hesitant Looking With
Anxieties And Fears For Even

Being Comfortable in One's Own Skin...

Such A High Mountain to Climb in Life

Yes Now At Even A Most Basic Human
Ability to Become Comfortable in One's own SKiN...

True No Closer Kin Than Comfortable at Ease in One's own SKiN...

Hehe, my Grand

Adventure of

Life A Public Dance
To Become Finally

Comfortable in my

Own Skin Now

After 15,477 Miles

i Finally Move Like

A Graceful Lion At Ease
Conserving Every Calorie

Naturally Evolved to Survive

In Days Of Scarcity of Environment True...

Lord Knows it took About 3 Years in '17 to Look

Anywhere Close to Fully Graceful Now

i Just Have it Altogether Left and
Right Brain in Balance

With Mind

And Body

Whole Balancing

Set Freer With Anima

And Animus of Foundation

B A L A N C iN G NoW

iN Divine Feminine Grace

Of Love Peacefully Inhaling
Exhaling Love More Making No Fear
Reality in Strength of Will More Than Ever Before...

True i am No Broken Clay Doll of Nature Now Anymore...

Oh i Love Onions Sautéed
i'll pass the Tip of Adding
Salt to prevent them From
Boiling Over in the Pan to my Wife...

Hehe, the Only Place i See New Recipes

is on Word Press Passing them on to my

Wife as She Will Not Allow Me to Get in her
Domain of Kitchen Yet She is Constantly Watching

Cooking Shows
And Taking


And Making

New Kinds of Meals As

i Surely Don't Mind Always

Being Her Guinea Pig Yes

Experimental Subject to

Try Her New Found

Cuisines on


Aarushi Hehe as
She's Always Welcome
To Explore Them on me...

SMiLes Dear Cindy FoCuSinG on TasK iN Flow

Every Step A Work of Art in Dance Every

Word A Work of Art in Song

Living in Autotelic

Flow Generating

Our Own Bliss

Within Through the

Emotions Regulating

And Senses Integrating A

Free Dance And Song Naturally

From Bio-Feedback to Create A Life

of Balance in Nirvana Ever Giving Sharing

Caring More And Of Course These Are All

Metaphors For




Of LiFE DarK Thru LiGHT NoW
Tree of Life GRoWinG Ever
Taller in Potential Lights
From Lamps Shining
For Others Ever


Peace Exhaling
Love For All mY FRiEnD NoW...

And When Someone Asks You
Who You Are Just Dance Sing Nature i Am With
SMiLes All That is FLoWinG From Peace And



i AM...

Or Write Another
Poem That is Nothing At
All Like Mine Yet Still The
SaMe UniVerse You of Course...

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
Seasons Years Decades

Lifetimes All These

Words HaVE iN

Common Really

Is Experiencing Now
Seasons and Weathers
Within We May Master Most
Then The Weather And Time
And Even Matter, Distance, And

Space Becomes Eternally Now How
We Feel and Sense As We Become the
River the Water Waves and Ocean Same

No Separation All Is Flow Lord Knows There

Is no Knowing Here Just Endless Forever Flow

Dear Hemalatha Actually When Your Name Doesn't

Matter AnyMore When All the Labels and Categories

of Dark and Light Disappear TWiLiGHT of Balance is

Left Forever More now

You Are the



No Longer
Any Part of
Separation Now

True The Acne Marks
This Way Are Just Grains
Of Sand On The Beach

That Lift the Love of

Your Life Up Just

Balancing All that is...

Basically Our Left Hemisphere
of Mind Wants to Label All that is
Concretely And Fixed And The Right
Hemisphere of Mind Is Already Our Ocean my FRiEnD...

Religions and Philosophies in India Tend to Support this
Way of Being More Than the West Yet of Course as You
May Realize the East is Becoming The West More Materially
And Concretely Organized into Things Lost From the UniVerse Within...

There is No
Real Reason

For Being

Other than

Being Unless

Trapped in Idols
Of Only Symbols
For Essence of Loving Living my FRiEnD..

Just Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love No NumBeRS

Or Even Letters or Words Required Just Being Now i Am For Real...

Generally Speaking Folks In India These Days Are Excelling in Computer
Science, Engineering, Accounting and Other Business Degrees my FRiEnD

Which are Precisely all Human Abstract Constructs That Have Little to Do

With How the


Being is

Evolved to

LiVE iN More
of A Right Brain
Dominated Way of Life

in Balancing With Left Brain

So Now Humanity is Truly
Deviating Out of Balance And What

The Result of that is, Is A Loss of Our Humanity
At Best in Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Intelligences
to Give, Share, Care, Freely All ToGeTHeR NoW As our

Ancestors Surely Practiced as a Way of Life And 'The East'

Still Does


More Concrete
Labeled Materially
Reduced West Now...

Where Basically Money
And Stuff is the Material God of Humanity

And The Real Treasures Within to Give
Share And Care Freely Fade Away As You

Dance and Sing in Free Verse Poetry in Flow Here...

SMiLes "Miss dimple dot com" Nice to See
Your Familiar Yet Changing Words And

Views of Poetry on WordPress Again

And This Is What's Wonderful About

Poetry As We Seek And Find The

Deeper Places Of Our

Existence Within
We Express Them

In Deep Archetypal

Metaphors That Are Both
Human, Unique And Common

Not Much Different Really than
Tarot Card Readings Similarly

Where Each Person Reading Your
Soul Will Come to Meanings of Metaphors

As That Relates Deep Within Their Soul So

By Scale These

Are Among

The Greatest


Of Humanity
In Connecting This
Way and Relating Our

Unique And Common Views Too
Anyway My View of Your Words Now

Is Like Most Folks We Spend Our Life

Off and On SeeKinG Deep Within For the

Soul Mate That is Our Best FRiEnD Self Yes

The Person We See Relating to the Rest of our

Experience of Reality When We Close Our Eyes

Or the Lights Go

Out and

We Feel

And Sense

Our Way Around
Differently Seeking
And Finding in the Pain,
Numb Thru Joy Parts of Life True
And False too So the Search For
You Continues it Seems to me As

This is a Life Long Practice we Might
As Well Excel in For Greatest Success as

in Living We Are the One We Be Best Be FRiEnDS

With to Both Survive and Thrive With Others Or All Alone Allone...

Friedrich Nietzsche, the Philosopher,

According to His Personal History as
Related By Biographers and His Own

Words; He Experienced Deepest of Life's
Abyss in Dark Nights of Soul; And It's True,

We Wire Ourselves More Toward Darkness Or

Light in Feeling Sensing Ways; Mostly Through Our Experiences

And Actions In Emotional And Sensory Experiences; And Secondly,

Through Our Thoughts That Are Mostly Worded By Labels We Create in

Our Left Brain Hemisphere as Such as Science Suggests Around 97 Percent;

And Science Suggests our Conscious Minds Are Only About 5 to 10 Percent

of our Total Minds, Added In With the Ocean Scale of Our Subconscious Mind;

Holder of All

Our Experiences

Of Life Now too

Rising to the Surface;

Or Repressed Emotions

And Senses Hidden Away in Fear...

Sadly, Friedrich Nietzsche Was A Master

Of Words Who Admitted The Importance of

Dance to Set the Soul Free; However, Yes, Through

His Light and Dark, Sadly He Ended up In His Demise
in the BLack Abyss of the Soul; Yet in Doing So, He described
The Depths of Human Experience That Not Many Humans Relate;

And in Doing So, There Was Really No Choice Yet to Stare in the Abyss to do it...

So in this Way,

He sort of


His Life for Others...

As The Abyss is What
Ya Wanna Discard to Move Out of 'Gehenna'...

Verily, as that Relates to All Stuff DarK in Life...

We aRe The Same Humans Who Committed the

Atrocities of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union; And

Sure the Same Humans Who Attempted to Overthrow

Democracy in the United States Last Year too; Capable

of Great Dreams and Nightmares, Most All of Us Are;

Better to
Focus on
the Dreams
Like Social
Support and

Infrastructure, Before

More of 'London Bridges',
In the United States at least, falls down...

To Bring Back it Back to Politics, the Republican
Party, in its Actions At least, Has Become the 'Abyss' of Our Country...

Yet AS HiStory SHows, Sadly Some Folks Stuck in Misery Loves Company

And Suffering, And More, Bond and Bind Over Gehenna This Way on Earth As Usual...

A Problem is, When 'The Black Hole' Become too Large And Galaxies Like 'Rome' Fall

Into it as Metaphor




Force, No Longer
FRiEnDS With 'Gravity'...

It's A Bit of 'Black And White Thinking' to Direct
Folks Not to Use YouTube As A Source of Information

As It is Open Source; And It Most Definitely is a Source of Quackery...

However, When it Comes to Finding A Video to Trouble-Shoot An Appliance

Or Car Problem; It at Least May Point one in a way Not to be Bamboozled at a Car
or Appliance Repair

Place Either...

Other than that

As The Other Suggestion
Applies; Just Research the

Qualifications of The Person
Presenting the Information; And Check

Out Some of their Other Videos to Make
Sure they Are not Wearing Tin Foil Hats;

(If you Have the Tools to Discern that)

Hehe, And Speaking of Tin Foil Hats; About

20 Years Ago, If Anyone Suggested That Using
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation For Depression

to Stimulate Brains, While Wearing A Magnetic Stimulator Helmet On

One's Head Works; They Would Surely Be Accused of Quackery then

By More 'Black And White Left Brain Labeling Either Or Way Thinkers';

Yet That 'Old Woo' is Approved

To Be Used at 'John Hopkins' Now too...

Ya Gotta Keep Up With the Research to Find

Out What 'You' Thought Was Woo Decades Ago

May Be 'CHANGING Gospel Truth of Science Now'; Same as Using

Something As Simple As Movement Therapy to Treat the

Symptoms of Autism in Children, Which it is Medically Approved

And that explains

Why i 'Literally'

Have a

For Dance to Both

Regulate my Emotions
And Integrate my Senses;

This Way i Get A Free Pass

For that 'Stim' in Case

i Choose to Always

Do it in Public

As A Work of

Unique Human

Art Expression too..

Sure for 15,477 Miles
in Public in 97 Months Now;


Yes, Expressing Human
Emotions And Senses

Non-Verbally; Bingo!

One Way to Remedy
Yes! A Non-Verbal

Learning Disorder

too; Such Common
Sense Involved and

Still Naturally Evolved

When use it or lose

it applies to all

Stuff Existence;

Some Folks Dance;
Some Folks Do Not;

Those Who Do Generally

Rule the Social Circles as Such...

Anyway, Doctor's Don't
Make Jokes When they

Give out Prescriptions to Folks...

By The Way, Poetry And Song Will Treat
Stuttering As Even The President of the

United States Admitted Himself When it Gets His Emotions in Synch

With His Speak

in Flow And Cognitive Executive Functioning Works like a 'Charm'...

True, We Need the Left Brain
Think of Categorizing,
Labeling, And


Stuff in Our Environment;

Yet We Also Need the Imagination
of the Right Brain That Sees More

Nuances and Colors in Life Than Black and White...

True, i am a Color TV Version of the Black and White TV, i used to be too....

Other Good News About That Old Woo That is Now Scientifically Assessed As Valid:

A Body in Balance Brings A Mind in Balance, Brings Peace And More Room To Express Love

Where There may
Be Literally

No Place
For Fear,
A Source of
Most Stress,
Human Weakness

And Eventually Disorder and Disease

As True Moving Out of Balance Is a Disorder
Inherent to Any Animal Condition on Earth...

Yet We Tend to Get Stuck in Our Heads in
Front of Screens And Lose Our Humanity More
Than Ever This Way; Other than that Imagine

Living Life Without

Fear; It's Kinda Easy

To See Just by the

Way A Person Moves

In Balance or Not; Not Different

Really than Planets Orbiting Stars;

The Rule of Nature is Balance; Do Rise or Fall...

And This is A REAL SECRET OF DNA; Sadly Lost
IN PLAIN SIGHT AND DO For Folks Who Have lost their common feelings
and senses about the Human Condition Fully Moving From Head to toe


Force of Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love

And if that Sounds Like

Yoga And Tai Chi in Moving Meditation, it is too

And Effective, the Same Way According to Science Now...

It's Just that the Only Education i Need to do it is The Reality of Balancing

That's Easy Enough to Feel/Sense in The Free Dance in Autotelic Flow
As one No Longer Feels So 'Drugged'

Down By 'Gravity'

As Gravity


Our FRiEnD instead...

Body Balancing Mind

Balancing True Now in

Synch And Considering Stephen
Hawking, Suggested Gravity
Is All Ya Need to Begin a
UniVerse From Nothing,

It's a Mighty


Ally to Have;

Yes, The Force of
Gravity is my Ally...


me For Real...

And NO, Dance Does not
Work to Cure Covid-19;

Yet Obviously, it Reduces
Stress and Overall Helps

The Autoimmune System to Function better...

So in Other Words, It is Correlated With Preventing Disorder, In General...

As Folks Continue to Couch Potato Exist in Front of Screens That Would

Put Our More Ancient, Primitively Advanced Ancestors (Like Bonobos

Living in Peace and
Love All Naturally

In Balancing Force
of Nature Now)

in A State

of Aghast,

if They Saw

Us Doing Something

As Foolish as That; Yet,

People Accept 'Woo' Still Every Day as Good...
Hahahahaha and a way to 'Make a Living'; Nope, it don't work that way...

At Least Not A Healthy Well Being Way of Life, More Resistant to Disorder and Premature Death...

Trivia Note: the Left Brain, Experiences the Emotion of Anger Most And When its Preconceived Black

And White Notions are


Generally, the
'Heaven Emotions'

Are in the Right Hemisphere;

As this Relates to the Earth too...

Yet That is Getting All Mixed up now too...

As The Love of Stuff and Money is Spreading
Outside of REAL ORGANIC Human Soul Expressing Balance Within...

Note: i Have

Zero Qualifications;

As i Autodidact my Way Still to MUCH SUCCESS
That is Empirically Measured Through and Through in Case-Study Evidence

As This Is Usually The Way New Frontiers of Science Start First From RIGHT




Among Other Names...

Dude, You May Need to Further Your Education a bit, it seems...




And Yep Tai Chi Moving Meditation Works too And Is also no Woo-woo as that Relates
to Falun Gong That Sadly Has Become a Right Wing Part of Anti-Science And Anti-Evolution

too; In Other Words, Again, It's NOT All Black and White; Ya Have to Learn to Sift through

the Chaff to Find

The Wheat that works...

It's Like the Christian Bible; it's

Full of Bull Stuff With A Few Jewels of Inhaling Peace And Exhaling Love too...

Yet Nope; It Ain't all Black and White, Good or Evil As One Will Find Literal

Thinking Atheists

And Christians

Who Demand

It is only

One Way All

Right or Wrong;

Surely Happens on
This Website a lot
as one would 'Naturally' Expect too...

There is Also Black and White Thinking Ignorance too...

That is Every Bit As Harmful in Society As So-Called Woo too...

As Actually

Black and
White Thinking
Is Ironically An
Expression of Deepest Concrete 'Woo'...



Haha, Acupuncture;
And Tai Chi AS THAT
RELATES TO Falun Gong Works;

You Included Both
in Clause (5) for
For Other Esoteric
woo-woo bullsnot;

Just Correcting Your

Incorrect Statement;

As Much as that may

Upset Your Literal Thinking...

You Were Wrong As Much as that may
Hurt Your 'Left Brain Ego' to Admit It too; HeHe...

Never the Less, i don't Mind Correcting Misleading information...

And If Smart Folks Understand my Way of Writing in High School;

Apparently Your 'Smart

Credentials' Do Not
Provide That Potential...

From What i've Seen So Far...

i Try to Be Humble as i Naturally Am...

Words Are Used in Meaning As Metaphor

Differently, Depending on the Context of

What The Intent of the Message Is...

On A Website Where the

Very Nature of 'the

Condition' Lends

Problems for Some Folks

Understanding Metaphor this way;

The Simple Solution is to Clarify And Validate Communication;

Instead of Being too Dam Lazy to Learn Something New in Life Now...

Or Even More Ignorantly, Suggest that Something Doesn't Make Sense, Just Because

'You' Don't Understand it...

That's No Way to Enhance One's Human Potentials in Life... One Will Expect to See A Lot

of Clarification and Validation in Communication

On Sites for Folks On the Autism

Spectrum, if The Discussion is

Civil And Patient Enough; And

Wanting to Further Human Potential, Overall;

And Yes, it Seems Some Folks Intentionally Act
Obtuse, Just to try to prove they are correct; Yet,
My Issue is not Problems With Metaphors; So Perhaps,

They Really Don't Understand, All Literal And Restricted As Such.

Never the Less,

At Least,

Don't Put the
Blame on Someone
Who Doesn't Have 'the Issue'...

PHILOSOPHY Without using Very DEEP Metaphors;

Unless Ya wanna discuss it in Shallow Ways; That Takes
Away the Whole Greater Meanings And Purposes... Yes,



Will Be

And Some Folks Like to Insist
That There is No Mystical Deeper

More Holistic Parts Whole of Religion to Discuss Either;

Hehe, Yet that's What Philosophy is For, to See Another View...

To See



For What


And Reality Even Is...

Elementary Dear Watson;

Yet Very Complex And Deep Dear 'Sherlock' too...

i Enjoy Being Challenged By People i Do Not Understand

And i Wish Those Folks Would Come Along More Often too..

On This Site They Occasionally Do; When They Do, i Rejoice

And Literally Thinking Folks Do Come in Handy in Many Ways too...

Like Repairing My Car By The Manual; And Perhaps Heart Surgery, if i ever Need that too..

Yet This isn't A Car Repair Shop or A Hospital; It Is A Forum For Discussing More Metaphorical Existence Stuff;

And If Some Folks Want to Limit It to Car Repair Mentality Only; More Power to THEM too; As They so Will too...

not me...

You Are Very
Dear FRiEnD...

i Get to put
First… It Used
To Be Last When
i Worked… For Pay…


i understand that too…

Working For Only
Love is Practically

Heaven on Earth…

Rare It is that
Folks Get to DO

‘These Days’…

Midweek Cheers
Of Pawsitivity
With SMiles...

Nature Is Always Unique And
Changing And Those Are Truly
Huge Rodents And Cute the
Capybara Enjoying A



Ofuru too

And Now HAha

i'm In Really Bigger Trouble
As Now my Wife Wants One

Too That Means A Bigger Home True...

Yet False HAha As We aRe Staying WHeRE

We aRe in the Home That is All Paid-Off Hehe...

The Ofuru Certainly Looks Soothing Though Yet

HAha i Don't Waste Many Minutes in the Shower

Just Takes Minutes Away From Free Dancing
Singing Poetry With SMiLes... Yet My Wife's

Shoulder Has Been Sore Currently

In Rehab So Yeah

She Wants

To Take
A Lasting
Soothing Dip
In Your Dream Tub too
Panda Is Smiling For Those
Treats And The Snow Monkeys
In the Hot Springs in Japan Are
Surely Relaxing too in Ease of Balancing
SMiLes Aloha FRiEnD As Always Thanks
For Sharing Your Paradise Island With Us All...

Another Covid-19 Pandemic Flavored Year

Has Almost Come And Gone Since You
Published Your Last Blog Post Lala

Rukh At the End of January 2021...

New Horizons Still Developing And

Sadly Sunsets on What i Used to Do Before

The Pandemic Including Casino Beach Trips

Where i Danced The Beaches Publicly And
Katrina Did the Free Play on the One Armed

Bandits Sponsored By the Church Tour Bus

Yet That Ended in 2018 As The Folks Putting Together

The 5-Year Social Event Once A Month Just Got Tired of Doing it...

And Yes Big Metro Dance Hall Dancing Every Thursday Night With

All the College Folks Quite An Achievement Doing it Full Speed Ahead
Still Improving in Public Dance 3 Months Shy of Age 60 When That

Super Fun Activity

Was Erased By

Covid-19 And

Lord Knows When it
Will Be Safe Again as

Safety isn't the Name of
The Game in my Locality As

Ignorance Harms, Rapes, Maims,
Kills Most Is Even Mostly the Game

Yes Even The Catholic Church Plays...

And Then There Were First Sunday Farm Events

With the Southern Baptist Folks Having Lunch on the Greens

Yes The First off Every Month; Yet Even in Elder More Vulnerable

Status Many Refuse Vaccinations And Of Course to Go Protected Masked too..

Like the Dance

Hall No Telling

If and When

it Will

Actually Be
Safe to Participate in...

And Yes One Fall Festival We
Participated Big With For Decades
In Niceville City Went Away Canceled Forever too...

And the One Remaining Was Just too Sardine Packed
And Ignorantly Unvaccinated and Unmasked to Rationally
Participate in With Human Common Sense to Protect the
Sanctity of Breathing Life At All Costs of Sacrifice Now True....

And Besides my Wife is So Much More Introverted And i am
So Much More Extroverted too Staying At Home She Likes So Much...

Yet It's True So Many Folks More Started Writing Soul-Felt Poetry on WordPress

As One Will Naturally Expect to Get Out Negative Emotions in Dark Days And Hope

And Pray For Rebirths of Newer Human Potentials too... i Never Really Participated

Fully in the Back and Forth Writing on the Word Press Reader Until the Last Year...


in Absorbing
Fresh Souls

of Others For Real Still Now....

Hope You Are Doing Well Safe

Productive And Fully Loved my FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Thanks for
The Kind Concern
For Katrina No


Injury Yet Perhaps
The Repetitive


Of Supporting
my Weight of
The World


31 Years
And Really 32
Since We Started
Living Together
On September 21st
Of 1989 Married
5 Months


On February
21st 1990
That Way
Like Folks
Born Close
To Christmas
She Gets Valentine’s

Of Her
On Our
Perhaps The




To Make
Sense And
Pain In The
Somewhere Else
Hehe Fredache


For me...

SMiLes Dear Rafiah... Happy
7th Early in Pakistan And
Happy First Month Birthday
Of Your Bundle of Joy
Haleema And Best

Prayers and Wishes
All Your Loved Ones
And You Remain
Safe, Well, And
Loved Most of All True...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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07 Oct 2021, 7:27 pm

Dear Xenia New

EYes God Sees Be

Indeed Fall Leaves
Hold Winter's Dream

New Birthing From Autumn
Soils Brown Hope Leaves
Entire Trees Enclosed
in Dead Leaves
Comes True


Soon New
Sapling Green
Trees in Spring

CoLoRinG FLoWeRS For All...
All Painting Dog EYes Smelling...

Oh Goodness Dear Savvy
Indeed What A Left Brain

Trap of Concrete Labels

Attached to All We

Do Will Do to

Trap Us in

The Past Always

Grasping for THINGS

Yet Never Setting A More

Creative iMaGiNaTiVE New

Way of Viewing Existence Whole

Yes in Soshin Way As You So Eloquently

Intimate A Zen Art of Beginner's Mind

Fresh Now to Imagine and Create A

New Wonder of the World in

Awe For This Gift of

Life We Give
Share Care

And Relate

to Others So
Freely This way

For More Open Minded
Bodied Soul Folks At Least to
Smile With Opening Up New

Potentials Each and Every Day

Writing Poems Yet to Be Written

Now By You And All Your Expanding

New Practicing Fresh Beginner's Art of Original

Creativity Yes Inhaling Peace Exhaling Free Love More...

Oh The Synchronicity is Just too Much And
Enough Whole Naked Complete Yes A Day
For Benefits of Beginner's Mind A Philosophy

of Zen Now Real Too...

As We Rebirth

Always Now A

New Creation

Not So


in Dogma

Before Yet Truly

More Like A Dog or Wolf

Mammal Not So Trapped in

A Huge Neo-Cortex Freer to

Discard Past And Future Operating

From Forevermore Now A Brand New

Day to Create

Our Own




Fresh NoW As
A Flower Blooming
FLoWinG Originally
NoW As Petals Flourish
And Spread Sublimely To a New
Place of Awe And Wonderland Now...

Oh Lord i Remember Finally Ending A Quarter
of A Century Career At Basically A Same Place
of Employment And All The Dogma of Those
Years Attached to Those Old Chapters of
my Life Holding On to Yesterday's Stories


Now It is if THere is No Past
or Future At All Indeed


i Am

BLooMinG Newly Whole
Creating Anew Sunshine

Day Now


Dear Xenia New

EYes God Sees Be

Indeed Fall Leaves
Hold Winter's Dream

New Birthing From Autumn
Soils Brown Hope Leaves
Entire Trees Enclosed
in Dead Leaves
Comes True


Soon New
Sapling Green
Trees in Spring

CoLoRinG FLoWeRS For All...
All Painting Dog EYes Smelling...

Generally Speaking, in Any So-Called 'Spiritual
Practice of Healing', if There is Any Need Expressed

For Affirmation, Praise, And Worship By those Teaching

The Practice; or if the Goals Associated Are In Obtaining

Excess Material And Money Goods, One May Be Assured

That The Person or Group Establishing the So-Called

Spiritual Practice Has Not Humanly Evolved Back to

Our Ancient Still




Intuitive Real
Organic Spiritual

Practice of Being Naked,
Whole, Enough, Complete

As Is Without Any Additives to

Go Along With That Other Than

Food, Shelter, And Love One Another

Through the Forage of the Day in

Communion of Both

Surviving and


It's NOT

Rocket Science;




Away From THAT in All Natural Right Brain

Leaning Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual

Intelligences; Typically, if Someone Always Expresses

Some Semblance of Anger Trying To Win Some Kind of

Argumentative Competition to Replace Some Neurohormones

And Neurochemicals That Are Reflective of their Otherwise

Empty Void Within; They Are More Likely, According to

Science, to Be More Stuck in Their Head As that

Relates to Restrictive Left Brain Literal

Think; In Case one Wonders Why

Militant Atheists

And Christian

Evangelical Fundamentalists

At Essence Are So Similar; Just

Wearing Different Cultural Ideologies

of Competition to Prove They Are Right

And Feel A Little Bit Bigger Inside or Feel

Something, Anything At All; However,

Left Brain Think Restricted

Will Also Typically

Be Satisfied

if The World is Falling
Down Around them as

Long as Their More Selfish
Concrete Needs are met in Life;

Like Competition in A Monopoly Game...

Buy 'This Property' to Feel a Little Bit Bigger;

Totally Missing the Reality That All those Feelings

And Senses Missing Within as an Autotelic Cooperative

Practice of Life in Flow Are Essentially Free And Truly Helpful to Humanity....

And Yes, If One Attains that

Through The Science And

Business Field And

Other More Left

Brain Orientated Fields

As Long As the Spirit

Of Humanity Cooperating;

Yes, Love And Empathy and Compassion Does Not Go Missing

Where People, Groups, And Societies Fall into a Cultural Black Hole Sun Abyss...

Anyway, 'the Video', Sticks With What Works too, Tai-Chi; And What is Obviously A Placebo

Effect in Effect of Loving Belief That Does Work too; And Actually is Shown Now to Put

Some Disorders, Life Threatening, into Remission; As Well As the Opposite

Negative Belief Nocebo effect that Will Effect Worsening Illness and

Even Potential Premature Death; Sugar Pills Vary, And Are Not Limited

to Literal Sugar Pills; As a Wafer of Bread in Church Named 'Jesus' Works

In A Similar Way For Those Effected As Such; Science Doesn't Understand How

This Works; Yet it Does Work in A Holistic Manner of Synergy With

The Conscious and Subconscious Process of Our Humanity,

Far Beyond Our Limited Conscious Awareness And Far

Beyond Again What Science Can Measure Now,

Even in How the Process of Our

Conscious Mind And Body

Integrated in Flow

Becomes A Reality


Within Beyond What is Typically

Understood As Concrete Reason...

Folks Explore it; And Chances Are When they

Find More Answers, They Will Be As Stupefied to

Find Out That Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation,

Wearing 'Magnetic Helmets' Helps to Remedy

Depression That No Other Therapy

Will Help; And Therapies

That Are As Common

Sense And Intuitive Feeling

As Dance Remedies Issues with

Non-Verbal Social Communication

As Dance is Humanity's Most Long Lasting

Ancestral Way of Social Reciprocal Communication...

Yet of Course, if it is Relegated to Only Places That Serve

Alcohol, it Becomes Just Another Form of Tainted Humanity

Looking For A Quick Fix for What They've Forgotten to Do in Process;



And Sing

Their Humanity

Free Together Again,

Naked, Enough, Whole,

And Complete in


And Creativity

Becoming A Whole

Force of Nature in Balance,

Both Surviving and Thriving Again;

And Of Course, it Would Be Foolish to Give

Up Our Technological Advancements That only

Enhance our Humanity in Cooperation too; For it is

True, How Will We Hold Hands Naked, Enough, And Complete

With Folks Around the Globe For Answers; We Do Need Online as that is

Typically too Far to Public Dance; As It's Taken me 97 Months Now Just to

Do A Bit Over the Distance of Half-Way Around the Globe at 15,488 Miles...


i'm Still

On My Way;

As If you Count The

Mileage Online i've Done

Fitting Myself through this

Fiber Optic Cable to Connect to Other

Folks Around the Globe in Free Verse Poetry,
9.7 MiLLioN Words in 97 Months too; Deep

With Soul, i've Surely Gone Virtually Far Past

The Moon, Still on my Way to Other Stars For Now...

We Still Have A Lot to Measure; Do We Need to? Not


if You've



to the Place

Of Inhaling Peace,
Exhaling Love; Naked,
Whole, Compete, Enough;
Giving, Sharing, Caring in
Cooperation With All of Nature

With Least Harm Now; Yet i Ain't

Selling Any Thing or Have Any Goal

to Accomplish'; 'They Will Know Us




And That's All...

As We Name it

We Become Lost,

Sadly Worshipping

The Forms of Idols,

Rather Than Actually

Doing the Essence of
Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love For All Now...

Love is Not Free, When it is For Sell; And

Sadly, Life is On Sale Now And Folks Are Still 'Buying' 'That Used Car Deal'...

How THIS Became A Secret Of DNA IS It is Lost in the Symbols We Create And
The Forms of Tools

We Become...

So Lost,

Far Away

From Our

Basic Cooperating Humanity...

You Could See That in 'the Group

Video' of Asians Practicing Tai Chi
Together Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love...

Sadly, It's Also Used for Political/Commercial Purposes, Instead, to Dominate Others...

No Different Really, Still Now, Than The Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian Way



And Sell too,

For Power And Status

of Clothes Lost Again

From Naked, Whole, Complete

Enough; Imagine Trump Naked

With None of His Riches; It's Very Sad Indeed,

As He is Like the Rest of Us; Our Nature Covered Up Hidden

Away in the Clothes, the Tools We Create Wear and Become;


Wild Free
At Best in Balance of Cooperation...

Naked, Whole, Complete Enough;

How Many Folks IN Life Have Ever

Felt Naked, Whole, Complete Enough,

Just Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love in A Wild
And Free Dance And Song of Life; People at the

Dance Hall Used to Say They Wished They Could Come

to The Level i Am At, As Far As Fearless Loving Balance;

i Simply


Just Dance
Free And

Let The Dance

Become Your Wings of Balance;

Fearless, Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Love, Requiring Not A Single Word, Too,

Or Stitch of Clothing; However, A Thousand

Naked Young Humans Dancing Together Will

Be A Bit Overwhelming, Even 6 Somewhat Clothed Women,

for me at least, Trapping me in A Dance Circle of A Frolicking Frenzy...

Yes, We

Do Need

Cultural Clothes and
Tools too; Like Comfortable Fitting Shoes...

That Part About Covid-19 is Truly Difficult too; Shutting
Our Flesh And Blood Connecting Dances Down; Yes, Truly Sad...


A Solo Dance

Everywhere one Goes;

Even A Solo Song Works too, Well Enough;

Yes, for Naked, Whole, Compete Enough Now;

FRiEnDS Always Count too; No Matter How

Far Ya Dance
Sing Now to

Find 'em True...

We Need to Label
Stuff in Life With Left
Brain Think And Grasp
What We Need to Survive
in the Environment; Yet

We Do need to



And Exhale
Love For All
in Balance if

We Plan on Hanging

Around Some More Generations Longer...

This Shouldn't Be Any Secret of DNA; When
It Is, Sadly, We LiVE iN True Humane 'Clothed Insanity'..

CAN YOU SPELL NO? i Describe Philosophy in FLoWinG Free

Verse Poetry; That's Nothing New; Humans Have Been
Expressing Philosophy This Way For Thousands of Years; And

This is A Philosophy Forum, Not A Restrictive Engineering

Class Or A Science Class

As Much as You Might

Like to Be 'Promoted'

(i Realize you Do

Not AS Human





Concrete Thought)

To A Teacher

in The Realm

OF Spirituality



All Reason;

It Doesn't


Way; And It
Never Will;

And Even


Shows i
Am Correct now;

In Short: No, NOPE,

That's Not HoW A River Flows...

Dude, This Is About Life, Not About Living Death...

If i Ever Come to Your Engineering World And

Work For You, Then You May Slave me in Your

Very Small World, As Expressed Here Restricted
to Very Literal Concrete

Thought... And Often

Narrow Black And White

Views of A Huge Otherwise

Colorful Reality Now;

Yet of Course,

i Am Financially
Independent And
Well Beyond the Reality

Most Folks Face Living

Trapped in Worlds of Smaller Reality...

In Other Words, i am Free; And Your Opinions

Of How You Would Otherwise like to Slave me; Are of No use;

And Just
A Waste
Of Your
Attempts to

House Folks

In Your Restricted Reality...

However, Hehe, They Do Make
Excellent Dark Muse For Free

Verse Poetry; And You Serve A Useful

Purpose here to Dispel Some False Information;

That Otherwise i Might Feel Compelled to Do, If You

Did Not Inhabit the 'Wrong Planet' Serving This Utility;

Indeed, i See You

As A Valuable


Similar to The Way

Folks Viewed me Working

With Information Technology,

Financial Management, And Editing

And Approving Technical Information

For Print in a Very Large Military Installation;

Working in Headquarters With The Captain of that Installation...

In Short Again;

Way too Predictable

And Boring For me Now;

You Like to Follow A Very

Narrow Sidewalk of Life;

i Choose not to; It Amuses

me That You Think Someone

like You Could Possibly 'CHANGE'

Someone Like me; Hehe, i Already
Did the Miracle myself; As True my

Mind Used to Be Horribly Restricted

In Left Brain Systemizing Think as i also
Scored A 45 on the AQ Scan That scores THAT



Narrow Potential...

Stay Where You are,
As You So Choose; Yet,

i Will Never Go Back to LiVE iN
Prison of Restricted Left Brain
Think; i'll Visit You Here; Yet That is all...

Dear Xenia New

EYes God Sees Be

Indeed Fall Leaves
Hold Winter's Dream

New Birthing From Autumn
Soils Brown Hope Leaves
Entire Trees Enclosed
in Dead Leaves
Comes True


Soon New
Sapling Green
Trees in Spring

CoLoRinG FLoWeRS For All...
All Painting Dog EYes Smelling...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Gender: Male
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09 Oct 2021, 1:24 am

i Always Feel
Peace When
i Come to
Savvy’s Place
Each Day Is That
Whole Complete Enough

To Begin the Ending of A New Day:

Yes it is my FRiEnD Keep Spreading


Be With Us...

Moon SonG.. Widow's Breath..
Black Hair Girl.. SonG Gone Lost..
Sweet Life Lives.. Lips So Smooth..
Hair Illuminating.. Full Moon Lit...

Black Hair Girl.. SonG Gone Lost..
Picks Up Pieces.. Love Before..
Scattered Here 'Bout.. Alone...

Sweet Life Lives.. Lips So Smooth..
Ample Shoulders.. Strong And True..
SonG Love Lasts.. Moonlight Hips...

Hair Illuminating.. Full Moon Lit..
SMiLes Arise.. New Born Love..
Phoenix Shines.. Her First Breath...

From An Extended Family Village Then
Where The Entire Village Raises the Child

to Nomads in Japan

Where Clean-Up

Crews Take

Care of

The Remains

of Elder's With

No FlesH and Blood
Connections in Tall
Skyscraper Apartments

And Considering That A Quarter
of Millennials are Assessed with

Not Even Any FlesH And Blood

Acquaintances in Life BEFORE

COVID-19 i'm Glad to Hear You

Have At Least One Real And True

FRiEnD in New York City Who Is Really Real...

The Way Humanity Lives Now is Far From So-Called

Normal Even For The So-Called Folks Following 'The Rules'...

"My blog is the second closest thing to happiness for me.
It gives me the space to express myself freely and comfortably."

SMiLes Dear Annabel; If Someone Had Told Writers Just 50 Years
Ago They Would Have An Opportunity to Interact With Unlimited Writers

All Around the Globe As Fast As Information Moves Through A Fiber Optic
Cable Yes Practically Always Now They Would Be likely So Thrilled At the

Opportunity to Connect And Co-Create With Other Folks They Might Not

Even Worry About Making Likes, Follows, Shares And Some

Possibility of Making Money From an Opportunity

So Far Out of Reach then

And Now We

Have Free Global
Platforms to Do this
Practically All of Human
Arts, Music, And Knowledge

Through All of Human History At

Our Finger Tips Yes Practically Free Now

Too For Those Who Do Not Live in Countries

Censored or Malnourished in Technology This Way

As A Recent Poll In the United States Suggests Over

Here Your 'Generation Z' at Rates of 80 Percent have

A Goal In Life To Gain Fame And Fortune in Social

Media Life Yet it is Also True Lots of Folks Wanna

Be NFL Stars, Movie Stars, And Famous Singers

too; Yet Their Reality is it is About One Percent

of 80 Percent And Less Who Actually Rise to

This Level of Serving Enough of A Target

Audience For What They Want

To actually Do In This Life...

So First of All it's

Easy to See

if You
Wanna Have
The Freedom of Expression
To Do You And Not What Folks
Politically Correctly Expect You to
Do to Satisfy Their Target Audience

Means You Realistically Like the Other
79.9 Percent or so now of the 80 Percent

Might Not Get the 800,000 Yearly Views

And 400,000 Hits On Ads Required

to Even Break Even As A Fellow

Blogger Recently Researched that

As i've Been Blogging 8.5 Years Now

Seeing Folks with 20,000 Followers; Selling

Books They Self-Published; And Other Stuff online

And i Have Yet to Hear Anyone Report They Are Making
Any Real Money Doing it And That's Not Surprising As
i Don't Usually Connect With Who is Politically Correct

As What i Do is As Far Out of the Box of What might
Be Considered Pleasing A Large Target Audience that

A Human Will Possibly Do in a World Where Science

Assesses the Average Attention Span of Humans of
Less than 3 Seconds; Yes, Less Than A Literal Gold Fish

For Real my FRiEnD; That Doesn't Leave Room To Read

Many Close to 60,000 World Novel Size Poems Published

Every Two Weeks With Close to 300 Photos either my FRiEnD

Yet On the Other Hand if i did my Best to Please Some kind of

Target Audience My Blog Posts Wouldn't Exceed Much more than
500 Words With Maybe one Photo That Would Have to Appeal to What

A Target Audience Sees As Politically Correct For them; In Other Words

No Room to Express my Personal Truths to Cater to What Other Folks Want...

You've Freely Discussed Some Very Controversial Opinions Here and Sadly

Folks Don't Have Really Thick Skin these days... Say A Word that Offends them

And they May Leave Forever Even if it may Be a So-Called Identified FRiEnD Now

On the Other Hand, It's A Big Ocean And Even Folks As Strange And Far Out of

The Box As me Have Found FRiEnDS Who Always Reciprocate Kindness Close

To A Decade Now Without Fail and Some of those Folks Express Diametrically

Opposing Opinions Than i Do And Surely Do Not Approve of All i Do Either

Yet What Makes Them Different Like Me is Their Faith is Strong

Enough in What they

Believe to Withstand

The Test of All

Other Humanly

Expressed Faiths

As Indeed my Most
Reliable FRiEnD is
An Extremely Devout

Muslim Who Closely
Follows Sharia Law

Yet it Doesn't Stop

Two Very Different Views

of Seeing the World From Being Close FRiEnDS

That is what i See As A Greatest Achievement in

Life Being A True FRiEnD Like This With Backbone For Their Own Faith in Life...
Other than That Your Choice Yes Do You Or Do What Other Folks Expect You To Do...
Considering The Rarity of Anyone Actually Making a Living off Writing i Suggest Do You...

SMiLes Dear Ava All Great

Inspirational Quotes And

Of Course my Favorite is "It
Takes Nothing To Join The Crowd.
It Takes Everything to Stand Alone."

Yet it Also Takes Away Autonomy of

Individual Freedoms To Always Please

The Crowd Too As in Essence This is

How Folks Make Money In Life And Stay

in A Job And Stay in School And Even

Keep FRiEnDS too As

Life Will Be

So Sensitive

To Step out

of Line Now

And Be An Individual

to Lose Work, School,

And FRiEnDS if the Action

Is too Far From The Norm

iN Heard of Herd my FRiEnD

Yet of Course it's A Big, Bigger

World And A Lot of Technology

to Help Us Live if Almost Everyone

Turns Away From Us For It is True

The Rules Have Changed A Lot And

Many More Folks Are Finding Freedoms

They Never Found Before As True it is Easier

To Keep A Child's EYes of Wonder And Awe for the New

As For me At Least it Costs Everything to Lose my Freedom
to Dance Sing My Individual Truths in Light i Need no Affirmation

Worship And

Surely No


to Fulfill

This Human Potential Now...

Wow, Cindy, Teaching Eastern Philosophy
Arts of Mind And Body Balancing Since
1979 That's Truly Impressive my

FRiEnD And So Very Helpful

As Western Civilization is Such
A Left Brain Restrictive Systemizing

Way of Labeling Concrete Stuff in Detail

Ways of Deadlines Where A Right Hemisphere

of Life is More Social, Empathic, Understanding
Artistic Spiritually Seeing More With Feelings and
Senses this

Way Over

Just Concrete
Ways of Instruction
Colored Life Paint By
Number Portraits and

Poetry By Science That
Fails to Flow Free Deep
Within From Right Brain
Hemisphere Way of Life

Where We aRE ALWaYS

A Beginner At this Art of Life

Seeing Reality through More the
Awe and Wonder of A Child in A Brand
New Day Where Colors of Flowers Always

Feel and Sense Different Deep Within as We

May Express A Song And Dance of Life Freely

Through Poetry With No Rules Either My FRiEnD

Anyway Your Positive Vibrations, Frequencies, Energies

Of Your Spirit Ring Through All Your Moving Meditation Ways

And Dancing Singing Words Free of Poetry too my FRiEnD

Yes Keep


With FRiEnDS
This Never Ending
ALWaYS Beginning
Never Landing Story
Of Life Freshly STaRTiNG ALWaYS NoW...

SMiles Dear
Xenia SeaSons


Caring Freely...

Well, According to James Earl Jones Playing A 'Mythical

Lion King', Never the Less, He is Scientifically Correct...

The Lion Eats The Antelope; The Lion Falls to the

Grasses Dead; The Antelope's Offspring Eats the Grass

The Lion Fertilizes;


of Life Complete...

Indeed, Nature God is
A Snake That Consumes
ItS Own Tail by Metaphor
AS Humans Become Sadly
Consumed, Imprisoned by

The Tales of Stories they
Imagine And Create As Well...

Nothing Unethical About
Eating Each Other Unless

We Don't Give Back When We Die;

As Far AS Humanity Goes; THere

Is More Than Dying And Fertilizing

The Grass Than Dying And Doing That too like Writing Stories...

It Is No Less Ethical to Eat A Plant That is Domesticated for

Food Than Another Animal That is Domesticated For Food;

To Be Clear, It's Against the Law to Eat Human Animals;

And It's Also Usually Naturally Taboo to do that too;

We Have Canine Teeth; Obviously, We Evolve to Eat

Meat; If We Wanna Lie about That We Can And Will;

Yet Lying

is not


Cup of Tea...

Or my 'Sacred
Cow' As Such; However,

i Regularly Visit A Free Range

Farm of Domesticated Animals

Who Would Likely Suffer Much More

in Life in the Wild No Longer Bred to Survive

in the Wild Than All the Love and Compassion They Are

Given For Years on the Farm They Roam in Free Range...

They Have a Much Easier Life Than Wild Boars Do And

That's For Damned Sure...

Like Humans too;

There is Always

A Price for


Most Humans Have

Totally Forgotten 'the

Call of the Wild' too;

Nope, Let's Not Forget

We Have Domesticated

Ourselves the Same as the

Animals We Eat; And We Even Have

Cults That Believe in Mythical Traditions

That Change Wafers of Bread and Wine into

A Literal Flesh and Blood Dead Man Crucified
As the Story Goes Thousands of Years ago...

Yikes; That Folks Believe in And Actually Eat...

i Eat the Wafer of Bread too; Just to get
Up in Church And Stretch my Legs; Yes,

i am no Fool; i realize it's just Bread...

We Are A Strange Species, Indeed...

Some of US For Damned Sure Now;

Meanwhile, the Cows

Are Enjoying


Shade Under

Trees With Free Food;

And We Still Have to Work
For it All Closed Up in Cave-Life All Day WITH NO WINDOWS AT ALL...

True, Let's Talk About the Ethical Treatment of Humanity too; hehe...

And Don't Even Try to pin me for one Down in Any Shallow Label Like Left or Right...


Successfully Do it...

Temple Grandin Has
Done Much to Provide
A Nicer Ending Story for
The Domesticated Animals
We Eat; Yet if You Ask Her Now

We aRe Human, We Eat Animals
Of Other Species to Survive; And

Honestly, my Dentist Said i Have the
Second Largest Canine Teeth on the Chart....

i Also Make A Very Feral Sound When i Work
Out; A Mix Between A Lion and Gorilla; And

Well Seasoned Neighbors Have Noted i Have
the Loudest Sneeze They've Ever Heard in Life;

True, Our Next Neighbor Heard one of them
All Closed in With the Air Conditioner on When

i Was on the Other Side of the Neighborhood Block..

You Will Also Never Pin Down Whether i am Domesticated

Or Feral Anymore Either; i Have Plenty of Art for Assessment on that too hehe...

Yet it's Safe to Say i have Regained A More Powerful Strength in Leg Pressing
Than an Orangutan At 1520 Pounds at age 61; It Surely Drops the Jaws of

Elite Military

Folks 4 Decades
my Junior at the Military Gym When they

(They'd Kick me out of 'Planet Fitness', if
They Heard Sounds of A Lion/Gorilla From me, hehe)

See me Really Do #Beast and The Call of the
Wild; Indeed, Science Shows Humans are not
too Far Removed From Feral to Regain Our Potentials this way...

i Eat Meat, i Eat Meat, i Eat Meat, Voraciously Like A Wild Animal;

Yet i Could Never Personally Kill An Animal; Unless There Was No
Other Choice Yet to Eat...

i Tried to Kill
A Mouse once

And Yes, Even

A Roach; it Didn't

Work Out Well; My Wife is
the Terminator of the Household...

Like i said, in My World, There is No Left or Right;
They Are Just 'Labels', No Different Than 'my Other Names'...

One of the Nicest Parts of Occasionally
Visiting An Internet Site for the NeuroDiverse

That Caters to Folks With Extreme and Narrow

Focused Interests is You Will Learn About Stuff

You Likely Never Heard of; If You Are Open Minded

Enough to Get Out of Your Own Head, Which is Also

A Recognized Challenge of Asperger's Syndrome and

Part of Why We Get


on Narrow

Niches of Life Interest Here...

"The General Strike on October 15th"
Demanding Many Similar Changes of
The more Progressive Arm of the Democrat Party

In A Quick Research on Google Indicates It is Not Well

Organized And Limited to Social Media Where there

Are Unlimited Distractions to Get Attention for it;

Practically No National
Media Coverage;

Whereas, A Similar
Strike in France Is
Expected to Actually
Disrupt The Machinery of the Country There...

However, The Progressive Arm of the Democrat
Party is Already Mostly Doing this too; So Yes, indeed,

It is rather A 'Redundant' More Silent Effort That Surely
Won't Measure up to What A Part of a Major Political Party
is Already Doing; However, it is Worth Noting That During the

Pandemic Darkness Folks Have Turned More Inward; Shut-Down
From Employment; Shut-Down In their Home; And Masked Away
From Face to Face Expression of Communication in Public At least...

In Doing So, Many Folks Have Already Gone on Strike From What They Did
Before And Have Moved on to Another More Meaningful, Purposeful Way of Employment;

Taking a Break Perhaps in Extended Family Avenues; Or Just Retiring Early And Or Downsizing

NoW As A Best Way To Defeat The Rigors and Insanity of Living With Capitalism is Simply

Not to Buy...

Not To Consume...

Not to Harm, Rape,
Maim, And Kill the

Rest of Living Nature


We Depend on to Eat,
Drink, And Even BREaTHE NoW For Real...

My Mother Went on Strike From Capitalism
Early On And Survived Well on 500 Dollars
A Month as She Learned Early on Poor in Money That
Happiness Generated Within is All that's Real That

You Will


to Stay Now;

It's Easier not
Buying So Much
if you Have Adapted
To the Insanity of the
'American Way of Over Consuming
The Rest of Nature'; It's Also A Worth

While Endeavor to Save Our Only Home
For Others to Survive and THRiVE iN Consuming Less...

The Face of Capitalism, Cold and Callous, Is Perhaps Best Expressed

By the Sprayed on Orange Trump Face and Sprayed on Hair Of Rudy Giuliani...

Folks Have Seen That Faux Orange Face Peeled off to White; And Yes That Faux Hair

Color Running
Down the


Liar's Face

of Money is God

And Riches of Material

Goods to Buy is King and Queen
And Fool's Gold to Buy of Life...

The Younger Folks have Been
Watching the Old White
Angry Folk's Clown

Show and


Decided to No Longer

Serve Their Steak for Sunday

Dinner After Church; Matter of
Fact, the Most Popular Place for
Steaks Here Ran out of Mashed Potatoes

Last Sunday As they couldn't Find Enough
Slaves at Cheap Enough Pay to Mash the Frigging Potatoes...

Another Popular Hamburger Sports Bar Closed Down for the

Same Reason; Folks Are No Longer Buying the Clown Show;

Not Only Has Trump Killed 'Jesus' in the last Nails Hammered

to his Hands and
Feet Again


to Overturn

Democracy on
January 6th, 2021, With
Name Flying on Banners

High With Gallows
to Hang the Vice
President in Chants
of 'Hang Mike Pence'
For Refusing to Overturn

The Most Secure Assessed
Election This Century by
Trump's Own Officials; Then

Acknowledging The Reality
of Trump's Responsibility
of Inciting An Insurrection

By Way of Both Senate
Majority Republican
Leader and House
Minority Republican

Leader too; Until they
Lost Their Spine Again
And Sold Their Soul Again
For Power and Status to Stay in Political office...

You Might Be Able to Fool An Old Dog With The Same Tricks...

Yet no More Treat of Trick; Younger Folks Are Clearly Seeing How Foolish Now This Clown Show is

And As Usual Younger Folks Are Adapting to the Change Easier As the Older Ones Pass Away...

And Some of the

Other Folks



Said F it,
I'm Out of Here...

For You See, If No One
Wants to Mash the Potatoes

You Just Do it At Home and Consume less...

However, Ya Better Take Care of Ya Health

As There is No forcing Folks to Work in Health
Care Once the Fully Ignorant Have Cr8PPed on Them Enough...

Or Ironically, the Same Foolish Folks in Health Care Who Refuse

to Get

And Just Get Fired...

It's A New Brave World

If So, i Suggest Everyone

Gather And Grows Some Nuts...

Meanwhile, me and 'Eve' Are Living With The Squirrels
And the Chipmunks in Our Own Forest Garden of Eden
Backyard, House and Car All Paid off With No Loans

Living on the Government Dole of Early Retirement

Practically Naked, Whole, Complete And Enough

All We Really Serve to Do Is Prove that at

Least in One Small Sliver on Earth

There Was/IS Actually A Place

Where Folks Lived/Live

Both in



And On The Outside

too; Sure Above, So Below,
Within, Inside Outside, And All Around...

As Sages of the Ages Have Similarly Related
From A Balance of Inhaling Peace and Exhaling
Love From Both The Wisdom Eye of Love and Peace

Clearly Still Touching Yuck, the Bottom of the Pyramid too...

True, There is No Heaven Without Occasionally Visiting Hell too...

The Value of the Whole Pyramid From Top to Bottom, indeed;

It's Not Just a matter

of What Your


Will Do For You;

It's How You Beat

The Frigging System

And Make Heaven ReaL ON Earth...

If You Do; You Will Simply Be Fulfilling

Your Right to Life and Liberty and the Pursuit

of Happiness And Truly Become one Now With
'The Land of the Truly Brave And Loving Free'

No Matter


You Land
on Temporarily For Now...

A Mother Deer And Baby Doe
Yes Just Passed By in 'Eden'

Here Outside

my Window

To Forevernow...

It's True, it's Enough,
Naked, Whole And Complete;
Plus We've Got a Little Bit of
A Cold Front in Respite From Florida Heat...

Yet the Secret to True Life Success is Generating
Your Own Seasons and Weather Within With A


From FRiEnDS
And All You
Need is Love

And The Same Wife
Who Cooks Better Than
The Local Empty Mashed-Up-Potato-Place...

Yes, Yes, i Realize it Helps to be Financially Independent too...

If You Played Your Cards Correctly And Are a Little Bit Lucky;

It's True
Every Little
Thing is Alright
And Okay Now As A 'Boomer' too...

With All You Need is Love And Again
A Same Wife As A Best Cook; Jesus F in

Christ the Beatles Were Practically Modern Prophets

For Those of US WHO Actually Listened to Their Bible
Messages from the 60's...

-i Am the Walrus

The Only One...

And Yes, i am Still on
Strike From The Consumer
Driven Culture of Capitalism
Since 2008 of Not Earning A

God Damned Penny...

My Wife Not So Much; OtherWise

i'd Definitely Be More Than
A Millionaire hehe...

In Deed


Still AM...

Similar to
What my
Mother Did too...

"Social democracy is a government system that has similar values to socialism,
but within a capitalist framework. The ideology, named from democracy where
people have a say in government actions, supports a competitive economy with
money while also helping people whose jobs don't pay a lot."

It's Worth Noting That "Social Democracy" Is Neither Socialism or Communism.

It Addresses Social Welfare Within A Capitalist Framework as Identified

Above by Common Definition. A Common Scare Tactic Folks Use

Is Identifying it For What IT IS NOT; Thereby, Scaring

Folks Thinking That Masses Will Be Killed

Like They Were in So-Called

Communist Regimes

Last Century.

Capitalism Is No Longer
Working As The Jobs Have Become
More Automated And Or Empty of Human
Meaning And Purpose; If We Do Not Adapt

And Create Better Ways for Humans to Survive
And Thrive, We All Get to Fall as A Failed Society Next....

Someone is Gonna

Have to Pay

The Price For
Change; in Fact,
Everyone Already Is...

As We Are Still in the Midst
of A Deadly Pandemic That Didn't
Nearly Have to Be This Deadly if Folks
Could Get Their Heads Out of Their Butts and
Cooperate With Each Other ENOUGH To Frigging Save each others lives...

If We Can't Even Do That; Chances Are The Country Will Not Be Viable For Many More Decades to come...

The Last 5 Years, Does Not Bode Well for What The Coming Decades Will Bring Without Dramatic Change...

i Lived in a World Here, Where A Medical Issue Like my Wife Had or Just A Change of Job Meant No

Insurance Coverage; That Much Has Been Repaired for The Common Folk, i Used to Be, Before

Attaining Financial Independence...

Without Social Welfare,


Will Die Here

In This Country

Along With The

Country; There is

No Doubt About That At all...

We Are A Country of Humans; Not Machines...
And Increasingly, We Are Becoming Machines
Without Enough Frigging Empathy to Wanna Help
'The Common Human' Even Frigging Take Their

Next Breath...


A Society

On Life Support
of Soul; THERE IS No Doubt
Now About That Reality NOW in the US...


Will Eventually Make Change More Possible
Next As They Aren't Nearly As Sucked Up in Myths...

They Understand At Least How to Do a Search Online For New
Information; if They Didn't, They Wouldn't Be able to Even Make it Through School...

i've met Some Young Folks Still in High School, Recently, Who Present Wisdom Far Beyond What


See 'Here';

At Least,
Wisdom With
Some Level of 'Soul'...

And to Be Clear, they
Are Not From the United States;

Sadly That's Almost A No Brainer, 'These Days'...

"Sanction" Is Part of the Jargon of Politics; 'Religiously'
Yes Used Both 'For' And 'Against' in Diametrically Opposing

Semantics of 'Similar Syntax' in Language As NewsCasters Typically

Use Political Jargon as Obviously that goes with the

Territory of Journalism and Politics...

Guess What, Politics

Is a Muddy

Place, So We Get

To Have Muddy Language

to Describe it; Otherwise We

Would Be 'Wrong' In Appropriately
Describing the Muddiness of Human Politics...

Thereby, Language is Ever Changing, Depending
On the Field of Study One Is Currently Perusing Now....

Like Writing Free Verse Poetry Here to Explore the Depth

Of Mystical Religion Philosophically; And Amusingly Someone






PLAIN ENGLISH, if any words at

all; Yes, to Describe Almost Ineffable Experiences of Life...

Let's Take this Well Know Phrase From the Christian Bible, in the New King James Bible Per Luke

17:21: "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

Now What the Hell or Heaven Does the Kingdom of God (Heaven) Within Mean, When Kingdoms are

Usually "Lo Here, or Lo There" in The External Environment, Where Actual Human Kings Are in Charge....

Oh! So it's: "Allegory" As Defined as "A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden
meaning, typically a moral or political one." Obviously, There is No Way to Describe An Experience

Most Folks Don't

Have in Life



Plain English;

However, If You wanna

Use Commonly Defined English

Words That Apply Cross-Culturally

to this Allegory, Two Words Will Suffice

For Those Who Understand the Definition

of Autotelic as That Pertains to Generating Our Own
Greater Feelings and Senses in Life Through A Bio-Feedback

of Meditative Flow in Life; Whether That Comes Now From Rock

Climbing With No Safety Harnesses, Intense Combat, or "No Time

To Die" in a Frigging 'Bond Movie' Where the "Hero" is in a Constant

Death Defying Flow, Overcoming Almost Impossible Odds to Survive

Continually As An Exaggeration of What Might Be Possible in Autotelic Flow;

Yet of Course,


And Unrealistic,

Yet Our Mirror Neurons

if Finely Tuned Enough Experience

The Flow of the Fiction At Hand;

Yet On the Other Hand, one will
Achieve this Kingdom of Heaven

Within By A Contemplative, Meditative
Flow of Writing Free Verse Poetry in
Autotelic Ways of Complete
Fearless Nirvana

And Bliss; All 9.7
Million Words Through
97 Months; Just Pure Heaven Generated Within
With Fumes Left Behind For Folks Who Have the
Ability to Smell Heaven, Another Allegory of Course;

Similar in Experience as A Contemplative Free Style Ballet
And Martial Arts Public Dance for 15,488 Miles of Pure
Fearless Bliss and Nirvana in 97 Months too as

Science Shows in this State of Conscious
Mindful Awareness, Expanding Creativity
Increases up to 500 Percent if one just
Does this Heaven Within, Meditative
Contemplative Autotelic Flow, Yes

Practice of Life, Just 30 Minutes
or So, 3 Times A Week; Imagine

What Would Happen if Someone

Did This Flow Almost Continually Now All
WaKinG Hours; Yes, Bingo! "No Time To Die"...

Rhetorical Question, only For me of Course Now;

And as Bruce Lee Relates, Yes, "Fear Is For Others"...

It's Basically A Safe Way of Doing "Enter the Dragon"

And Every Fictional Bond Movie And Real Combat Scene to Date;

And Of Course Climbing Mountain Top Rocks With No Safety Harness For Real...

Anyway, i Have

Yet to Come

ACross A


Christian in my

Local Area Who has

Any Clue What Their

So-Called Holy and Sacred

Text Means; While it is Actually

Experienced as Buddhist And Other

Eastern Religions Attain This Kingdom

Of Heaven (God) Within; And Of Course, the Rest
Of The Animal Kingdom That Requires A Daily Flow

Of Focus So They Do Not Lose Focus And Get Eaten

By Predator or Miss Capturing Prey And Frigging Starve to Death...

Yes, Surprisingly,

The Kingdom

Of Heaven



Is Here


to Save our

Frigging Lives From Starvation...

Now Instant Gratification May

Be Found at Walmart And

Meanwhile Humans,

Most of Them At

Least Never


to the
of Heaven Within...

And True i Have Mastered
The All in All Within; my Internal
And External UNiVeRSE i Co-Create

With Minimal Levels Required of

Blood, Sweat, And Tears; However,

There is No Escaping a Taste

of Hell in Heaven,

Unless Ya Wanna

Lose The Great Feelings Senses

Along with the Not So Great Feelings Senses too...

Humans Are Evolved For Intermittent Gratification,

Still Through Struggle And Epigenetic Unpacking

Ancestral Inherited Advantages or Disadvantages,

Depending on How Challenge is Accommodated

In Life and Adapted to, Either Success or Failure...

We aRe Born;

We Die; Life

Is Fair That Way;

However, Some of

Us LiVE iN A Way

At Least Where

Now is Eternal

in Autotelic Flow

And There is Literally

"No Time to Die" As Long
As We aRe Breathing This Way Now...

i Know Retired Captains in the Military

Who Say They Would Go Back to Combat

In Vietnam To Experience This Flow of no

Fear Again; i Try to Broaden THeir Horizons

And Help Them Find A Safer Easier Way

to Dance A Tight

Rope at Almost

Any Age

Higher and

Higher, Relatively Safely

For Those Who Gain Enough Mastering

of the All In All Within That Simply Means

An Autotelic Flow With No Fear; Yes of

Course, 'Easier' for me to Say than

For Most Folks to Actually

Do; And The Rare

Ones Who Do

May Do it in a

Totally Different Way;

Where They Still Have

No Context For the

Metaphors and


i Use for

What is Hidden

In the Experience
of Most Folk's Lives...

In Experience as Far As Specific

Jargon, Metaphors, And Allegories Go,

Yes, The Google Search Engine is Your Friend

If You Wanna Evolve to A New Human Co-Creation;

If Not, Obviously You Will Go in Your Own Direction,
Influenced by

Others by



of Life;

Up or


That's Life...Now...

And to Be Clear, i've

Incorporated Several
Areas of Study Within

The Jargon i am Using

To Describe This Sadly

Rather Rare Experience, overall,

Now of Being Human In Much Greater Potentials...

This Makes it that Much More Difficult to Understand

Yet as Some Folks Have Even Related Here; Well Worth it to Understand

For those Who Have the Focus and Potential in Abilities to Understand it now...

No Different At Essence

At Least than

'The Writings of

Rumi'; Many Folks

Here Might Call it

'Word Salad'; Others

A Path to Experiencing
Heaven Within; Mileage Does
Vary Depending on Make, Model,
Vehicle, And Vessel of Human Boat;

Some Folks Are Anchored in Safe Harbors...

Other Folks Sail the Great Unknown Without

Fear to Come to Master the All in All Within

in Greater Ways of Achieving Human Potential...

True, Some Folks Sink and or Swim Doing it too...

This Makes a Balance of Anchors And Sails Necessary

For Every Human Boat's Longest Journey in Well Being...

If Language Was Set in Stone, All Concrete And Literal,

We Would Have Never Moved Past Our Potential to Trace Hand
Prints on Cave Walls...

i Don't Do Cave...

Some Folks Do...

While i Continue

To Newly Color my Way Outside 'the Cave'...

And This is the Beauty of Language; It is

Subject to Change To Describe A Greater
Human Potential


To Come...

or Return Now

Again By Way

Of Human

Inheritance for
Greater Ways of Breathing Now...

This Ain't Twitter Barely Breathing...

As Remember, Humans Do Evolve
And Devolve in One Lifetime NOW too...

THere is Nothing Stopping Us From
Going to Hell or Heaven NOW Yet US...

for me...

You see, IF 'You' Can And Will
i can't possibly Lose By Doing This
As There is "No Time to Die" Now

By Simply


This Now...

TotAlly in
Autotelic Flow

Like Nike the
Goddess of



Still Relates:

"Just Do It";

And if You
Are Financially

(No Longer
Subject to
The King
G o D
of Money)


THere is No Fear

Of Selling Fewer Shoes...

MaKinG The Whole Experience
That Much More Delicious With NO FEAR...

Of Course 'You' Will Have to Make Your Way
Now Toward Naked, Whole, Complete, Enough

And Not Worry About Silly Real Ignorant Fools
Who Do Not, Or Will Not Even Try to Understand

WHere You Breathe in Heaven For Real Now
That's Only to THeir

IF They



Out of 'THeiR Cave'...

Ah, A Fuller More Stellar
Beauty of Semantics Sublimely Revealing

Yes, Still to Kingdom Come Within More Now...

Love is For
Everyone All
Give it All Away...

In Peaceful


Of Strength Freely
In Will Dear Annabel

Sharing Caring SMiLes...

SMiles Dear Annabel
The Strongest And
Smartest People
Both Listen to
And Express
Opposing Views
As Tactfully As


And Remain
FRiEnDS like

Road Runner

And Wile E. Coyote

After The Show

Is Over

Inhales And
Loving Exhales

In Life Communion All...

“No Time to Die” This Life…Now

Moon SonG.. Widow's Breath..
Black Hair Girl.. SonG Gone Lost..
Sweet Life Lives.. Lips So Smooth..
Hair Illuminating.. Full Moon Lit...

Black Hair Girl.. SonG Gone Lost..
Picks Up Pieces.. Love Before..
Scattered Here 'Bout.. Alone...

Sweet Life Lives.. Lips So Smooth..
Ample Shoulders.. Strong And True..
SonG Love Lasts.. Moonlight Hips...

Hair Illuminating.. Full Moon Lit..
SMiLes Arise.. New Born Love..
Phoenix Shines.. Her First Breath...

i Always Feel
Peace When
i Come to
Savvy’s Place
Each Day Is That
Whole Complete Enough

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Gender: Male
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11 Oct 2021, 12:09 am

DUST in the wind.

dust in the WIND...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Two Ways of LooKinG

At the World That May Become

EvenTuALLY One Mind Undivided

As Trees Connect

Beyond Our

EYes For

How Minds

Of Forest Unite

Dance And Sing

All the Spirits of
The Leaves Holding
Trees And Every Smell of
Forest For Little Furry Creatures to Breathe...

“To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
A robin redbreast in a cage
Puts all heaven in a rage.
A dove-house filled with doves and pigeons
Shudders hell through all its regions.”

-William Blake

SMiLes Dear Annabel

William Blake Who Is World Renown
Among Many 'Group Think' Parts of The World Now

Died A Pauper And Was Largely Mocked By Folks
Not Able to Understand The Depths of His Mind and

Metaphors While He Lived For How True it is Greatest

Human Imagination And Creativity is Located Somewhere

in the Precipice of

Heaven and



Souls Ever Reaching

More To Be Loved or

To Forget About the Same...

Breath of Original Art Rarely has
Close Good Bedfellow FRiEnDS...

Yet New Art's Echo May Return Evermore

Far Longer As Ravens Rise and Doves Fall

KiSSinG Each Other Way up Down RiSinG Again...

Challenge of the cold
Piercing winds change..
Humans travel North
Escape desert South...

Piercing winds change..
Humans adapt..
Grow stronger...

Humans travel North
Culture grows smarter..
Humans change Yes...

Escape desert South..
New World Nomads..
New IsRaEL Live Free...

Culture erasing imagination creativity..
Humans losing humanity slowly..
Torturing death in life from birth..
Rising alive.. dreams fruition...

Humans losing humanity slowly..
Drifting away.. childhood suffocates..
Childhood slows.. adults die living...

Torturing death in Life from birth..
Spoon feeding culture
Large plate from birth...

Arising alive.. dreams fruition..
Spark inside.. coming now..
iMagination’s creativity.. Phoenix SPRinGs...

Yes Sohair You
Are Tired From
Work And me
Play hehe..

Seems i
Have The
Job of A Child
Haha Katrina


A Two

Colors of Water

Fish Dancing

For No Reason Yet

Swimming to the Top

of the


of the

Again Now
Still to Come
Vibrant For All iNDeeD
Dear Savvy With SMiLes...


A Step
Ahead to

As LonG As
We Keep On
Dancing Singing

Through All DarK LiGHT

'TWaS A Dark And Stormy
Night' It's Not About Publishing...

of A Dog
Who Jumped For Joy

Landing in Heaven

Falling Down Getting Up

Overcoming All Other
London Bridges Falling Down...

Windows to

Soul Bi-Focal
Glasses Yes

Seeing Those


Away SPiRiT

Near in HeART...

"Result: 3973 days
It is 3973 days from the start date to the end date, end date included.
Or 10 years, 10 months, 16 days including the end date.
Or 130 months, 16 days including the end date."

SMiLes Dear Aleesha T Yes
The Number of Consecutive
Mental Health Days i Have

Taken Writing Online
With Smiles Since

Thanks Giving

Day of 2010


That First Day
Was To Escape Somehow
The Worst Pain Known to
Humankind Type-Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia And A Life Threatening
Synergy of 18 Other Mostly Work-
Stress-Related-Disorders Over
A Span of 11 Years From

Chronic to Acute
Fight or Flight
Stress At
Work my

FRiEnD as i Honestly

Didn't think i would Make
it Past 47 Years of Age
And i almost Did Not

Yet 'HeaR' i Am

Talking to my New
FRiEnD Aleesha T
From Around the World
Online That All Started With
A Mountain of Pain That it took
To Write 1 Word online Back on
Thanks Giving Day of 2010 One Step

In Front of the Next For the Human Who

Walked A Mountain of Pain First to Dance Again

One Word Finally Bringing A SMiLe Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love Again on July 19, 2013 Then With Colors of Life Again...

Lovely Message You Bring of Rest For Mental Health Dear Aleesha

It's True the Turtle Who Develops A Very Hard Shell Keeping A Soft

Side of Love Need Not Rush Until the End of Life As Every Day

And Now

Is For

A Slow

Pace of Breath

Never ending Love For All...

SMiles Dear Sohair
A Bit Tired After
Traveling to
Our “Rich
Home on The
Beach And Being
Surprised By A

There Yet
Still Went

In Public

And Then
Hehe Practically
Passed out after
A Few Words of


Home All is
Well Same to

You Dear
FRiEnD Sohair...

According to Einstein, Imagination
Is A Greater Tool Than Knowledge
As Human Imagination Circles All Of Our Existence...

It's True, Greatest Scientists Leave No Possibilities Unconsidered...

In Other Words, There Are No Periods at the End of Sentences, only Ellipses...

It's True, Greatest Scientists Imagine Hypotheses, No One Else Touches...

Greatest Artists Exclude No Source of MUSE DarK Through LiGHT

As Free

For All of
Is A Never Ending
Palette of Colors

to Paint And
Write What

Has Never
Inhaled Peace
And Exhaled Love Before...

Including, All of Humanity to Date
And to Come As LonG As We BREaTHE OuR Species...

And More Specifically, A Greatest Martial Artist Never

Lifts A Fist to Strike Someone, And Never Strikes An Object

As That is Trauma to the Gift of their Existence; And in Doing

So, They Move in A Way of Loving Strength in Will Of Grace And Balance

Where Only A Greatest

Fool Would Not Perceive

They Are Fearless And

Impossible to Predict

What They Are


of Doing Next...

Which Means, They May
Live an Entire Life Without

Even Being Challenged This Way;

And While 'Our Resident Engineer'

Relates Processes Underlying

Healing Effects Of Tai Chi-Like
Related Contemplative Autotelic Moving Meditation in Flow
May Not Be Enhanced By Any Kind of 'DNA Radio Secret';

Never The Less, Science Shows That Meditation, in General,

Will Be 23 Percent More Effective than Opiates in Healing Pain;

And That Studies of Meditating Brains actually dissected relate

The Brain Health at 25, of that of a 50 Year-Old Human Being...

And Additionally, Generating Gray Matter in Our Brains; So

Basically, At Least in Part, Along with the Stress

Reducing Benefits, Enhancing Our Auto
Immune Systems too; Meditation is A

Fountain of Youth; And as

Discussed Earlier

if Scientist's Closed Down

Their Minds to the Potential of Magnetic

Healing Therapy, Lives Would Have Been Lost

To Severe Suicidal Depression, Where Trans-Cranial-Magnetic Stimulation,

Yes TMS, Is all that Works for Some Folks For Respite From Horrible Suicidal

Depression; And in Other Good News, 'Normally Illegal Hallucinogenic Drugs' Are Currently Being

Studied for The Same Kind of Life Saving Effects; As Both of these Therapies are a Hell of a Lot more


Than Jolting

Otherwise Hopeless

Cases of Suicidal Depression

With ECT, Electroshock Convulsive Therapy...

Material Reductionism And The Scientific

Method Is Useful; Yet Yes, Without Human

Imagination And Therapies That Come to Fruition

That Smaller Minded Folks Refuse to even entertain as Possible...

Humans Die...

Humans Die...

A Greatest Ignorance

Is Not Bringing the Once

Thought Impossible into Existence

And Actually USinG IT Effectively to Save Lives...

i LITERALLY Saved My Life of Pain And Numb With A

Offered No Prognosis for Recovery From
As A Shut-in in my Bedroom for 66 Months...

Yes, i Saved my Life With An Autotelic

Flow of Contemplative Writing

Meditative Free Verse Poetry; Yes,

A Writing Practice From Wake to Sleep
And An Additional Therapy of Moving
Meditation, Not Unlike Tai-Chi, Everywhere
i Go in Public Now For 15,488 Miles, Along
With 9.7 MiLLioN Words of that Free Verse Poetry For 97 Months...


TO HeLL ON EaRTH; It Wasn't Until Years Later of Research,

Until i found Out The Therapies Had already been Researched to work...

All My Psychiatrist Could Offer is Drugs that Did Not Work...

All my Rheumatologist Could Offer is Pain Drugs That

Did Not Work; He Gave Up on me and Just said

Go Away; In Fact, Both of those Individuals

Reminded me Very Much of Our More

Closed Minded 'Resident

Engineer' Here;

And Of Course,

At First, i offered
myself no Chance for
Recovery Either, Listening

to the 'Advice' of my Attending

Closed Minded Physician too When
He Put Down in Writing i Had no Chance For Recovery...

True, i Used to be a Fool This Way too; That Psychiatrist,

When He Saw the Effects of How Moving Meditation Healed

me, Quit His Private Practice, INSPIRED BY HIS PATIENT, me;



So Not Only Did i Heal myself;

i Helped to Heal the



Life too Through

What Worked for me...

Anyway, Fast Forward From age

53 to Age 61 Now; Empirically Measured

At 3 Times Stronger in Leg Strength From

500 Pounds at the Beginning, 8 Years Ago,

Through 1520 Pounds, Now at 61 Years of Age,

Still Adding Weight to What i What i Warm-up
With at 1380 Pounds, Anywhere From 12 to 18
Reps For Over 100 Seconds of Extremely Slow Reps...

My Dancing Skills in Moving Meditation Are Still Improving

And my Free Verse Meditation of Writing Poetry is Lauded More

Than Ever of course off the 'Wrong Planet' as One Would Expect...

Yet That Doesn't Even Matter;

None of the Measurable Irrefutable

Empirical Effects of the Cure For my Illnesses;

All that Matters to me is i REALLY LiVE iN Heaven Now;

And i Lived in Hell Before; That's Worth More

Money; And More College Degrees; And

More i am Right And You Are

Wrong than


in my

Existence Now;

i have the ability

to Prove it works;

Most Folks Do Not;

IS EVERY WAY still to come i Prove the Effects As Irrefutable...

i Don't Live Satisfied With Only Complete Sentences.

i Bring the Otherwise impossible to Fruition in
Ellipses With Even More Potential to come...

Who is the Victor; The One In The
Wheel Chair Who Believed the Doctor;

Or The One Who Still Walks at Age 123...

Hopefully, 'the Engineer; Will Be Around
to See More Results of my Human Experiment...

For You See
i Already


Nothing to Lose
And Everything is Already Mine...
This Eternal Inhale of Peace And Exhale of Love Now...

Consider this Your SunDay School Lesson, 'Engineer', if 'You Wish'...


A Star...

i Already See That

You Believe in 'REAL Magic'

As You've Expressed A Belief

in the Story Book Character of

Jesus As a Real Live Flesh And Blood

Human Being Who Spoke the Words

Attributed By Other Authors Including One

Dude Who Fell Down On His Head And Said He Saw Visions

to Relate the Story About A Little Brown Dude From Nazareth;

Yet You See i am a Scientist too;

The Placebo Effect Does

Work For those

With the

Power of Belief;

Yet it Does not Work

For those Who Do Not Have
That Power of Belief; Indeed,

Jesus is a Mighty Sugar Pill Who

Works in A Similar Way too; i Will NOT

Deny The Science of Trademark Jesus in this way...

Hope You Enjoyed the Second Part of
'Your' SunDay School Lesson Hehe..


Who Just


'John 14:12'


-Or Forrest Gump For Real

And at this Point You Are

Surely Welcome to Suggest
You 'Turned Away' And Didn't



Life Ironic
With Smiles...

It's All A Clown
SHow of Imagination
Still Coming to Fruition...

Be A Most EPiC Clown, We Do Thrive...


And Get

'Left Behind', Hehe...

SMiles Wishing
All Your Life


Of Hellooove
Dear FRiEnD...

Happy Sunrises At The
Beach And Visits With
Richest Relatives Who

Live There And

Hehe A Surprise
Family Reunion i Was

Not Expecting

Happy SunDay
With SMiles of SunShine...

SMILes Dear Sohair When Moving
Gains Wings A Spiraling Dance

Will Set Us Free

When Words

Describing Things
Spring Wings Emotions
Senses Flow Naturally ALWaYS NoW

Again Never Ending Always Beginning

Never Finishing Always Starting A Spiraling
Dance Brings Poetry Back Home to HeART SPIRiT SoUL

Free Giving

Freely Even More Now
For All With Least Harm...

Ah Yes.. aeidola We Are Spoon-Fed
CuLTuRaL Rules and Roles From

Birth Yet They Are Only
A Story Subject to

The One We Begin
And End to Write
Act Play Next Yes

The Illusion Always
Is the Story We aRe Told

Is The Only Story Possible For
Us Yes Perhaps Them Yet Not Us

When Free
With Wings

No Longer

To Them With SMiLes...







Secrets of my DNA Still Revealing...

In 'Plain' Sight For Those Who Have 'It'...

Oh the tree..
Oh the desert..
Oh the cave..
Oh the Beach...

Oh the desert..
a place of Jesus
to escape Religion...

Oh the cave..
a place of Muhammad
to escape Christianity...

Oh the beach..
i come back full circle..
i am A Tree wITh Forrest...

Buddha Gump too...

Yes.. my friend.. Zee.. beautiful words
of children who have not yet
forgotten how to live..
and i suppose
it is possible
to stay
that way
with freedom of
imagination and
creativity of us in a play
of life where we are the Directors
Producers and Actors of Now Scene...

Hi Maria.. i think the whole
purpose of life.. is for us
to become our own
Ministers of Truth
and Light..
and as
older if
plays True..
this Light becomes
brighter as God's Truth
Manifest in us as Children oF LiGHT...

A Pleasure
Thanks For
The Inspiration

Dear Yam...

Life Giving Rain

Winter Spring Trees

Love Giving FLoWeRS

Resurrecting Sweet Blooms

SMiLes Dear Yam God Yes



EYes Do
HumanE LiGHT...

i Suppose there is some Good News And That
is that The Most 'Backward State' in Appropriating
the Most Ignorant Policies in Government During A

Pandemic; Namely DeSaTaNiS And His Insistence

That A Pandemic Have A Best Petri Dish

State to Propagate in

By Not Allowing

Children to Be
Protected And Mask
Mandated in Schools...




Course Means That Many Places have Already Succumbed

to the Reality of Having to Pay their Workers up to 15 Dollars
An Hour or So Now to Both Entice Folks to Apply And Retain Employees

too With Even Some Retail Places Providing College Education Benefits Like Target...

Where i Live Again, It's More of An Employee's Market Now More Than Ever Before...

And It's True Some Folks are extending Their Childhoods, Even Married, And Yes

Literally Playing Video Games Day And Night Together At Their Parent's Residence

As There is No Law That Says they either have to go to School or Go To Work; As

Much as that might

Butt Hurt Folks

Who Think

They Have A Right

to Tell them How to Live
Their Life As Long as Their
Rich Boomer Parents are Okay With it all...

Leaving Them Enough Inheritance, if they Don't
Squander it At Least, Just to be another one of the Rich

Folks Who Do Not Work in Society; Yes There Are Many

Huge Homes in this Area With Many Cars of Offspring in
The Road in Front of the Homes...

Yet Hey, They Have 5 Bedrooms

And 3 Baths that


Used; Land of the

Wealthy and Fortunate

Enough to Get it all Free...

Thing is YES Some of those
Folks Have Mental Illnesses With
A Life Devoid of Meaning and Purpose...

Video Games Will Only Do So Much to Satisfy that Human Need...

There Are No Real Free Rides in Life; We Are Just Another Mammal
Social Species Evolved for Intermittent Gratification Where Not Struggling

Enough May

Be As Painful

Or More Numb

Than Struggling A Whole Lot...
First World Human Problems Indeed...

i Haven't Worked FoR A Penny Since 2008...

Yet Yes, i've Worked Productively More as
An Artist in Dance And Song Nearly Every
Waking Hour AND More to Bring Free Joy to Others


My Whole Community And Globally As Well Online;

Where if i was Only Paid Minimum Wage at 10 Dollars

An Hour for What i Do For 16 Hours, 7 Days A Week; Let's

Do the Math, Yep Close to 60,000 Dollars A Year; Yet You See

For me at Least

Taking the Time

And Effort to Manage
That Much More Money

Wouldn't Be Worth A few

Seconds of Doing What i Love to Do;

Considering, i for one Already Have more

Money that i'll ever Spend in this Lifetime Now...

My Wife is a Different Story, Yet Her 'Allowance' is Ample Indeed Hehe...

It's Not So Much That i Hate Money; it Would Just Be An Annoyance to Make
Any More to Waste
my Precious

With the Numbers...

And to Fill Out Damn
Tax Returns That Actually
Require Thought to Do Hehe...

i Haven't Paid Federal Income Taxes
Since 2008 Now Either... Like i Said

Pay All the Loans Off and Beat The System
As You Take Advantage of the Laws as they Stand...

And if You Wanna have meaning and purpose in life EACH DAY

Bring Hundreds of Smiles to Folks Everywhere You Go FOR FREE

And Make Sure You Go to Places That Folks Totally Ignore

You or Do Their Best to try to Bring You Down as Again

No Heaven


A Taste
of Yucky Hell Either...

i Come here And Folks
Try to Intimate i am Nuts...

i Go to Other Places and Young
Woman Copy My Comments and
Dedicate Entire Blog Posts to me...

Links of Course on Demand And True
There are Over 2,000 Photos of the Most
Beautiful and Smartest College Girls in my
Area Ecstatically Smiling with me in Nights

Of Freest Dance

They'll Never


And Again

i Did IT/ Do IT All my
Way And Empty Pocketed

As the First Thing i Did when
i Retired is Pour All that Yucky
Stuff in my Wife's Purse And All

(Everything Else Around the Home Too as
She Insists She is the Best And i am No Good at
It; So i Simply Reply Yes Dear Have it Your way)

the part that doesn't require any effort...

See How this works?

Do It Your Own

Way if You

Can Beat
The System
And Make Heaven
On Earth Your Life For Real too...

And Remember, i Started out at
Three Dollars And Sixty-Nine Cents
Serving Shoes At A Military Bowling
Center After Three College Degrees in '84

Working Starting at 16, my Way Through
A Triple Major Then of 3 Degrees
Working 3 Part Time Jobs With A
Full School Workload too; My Peers

Called me 'Superman'; At Least the

(They Did at Work too Through the

Last 4 Promotions in the Last 5 Years)

Younger And Older Women of Course As Usual;

Yet i Was No Fool, Just A Person Who
Had IQ Off The Charts And the Social

IQ of Less
Than Folks

With Standard
IQ of 70 or So

For What it took

to Both Be Happy
And Make Other Folks Happy For Free..

It Didn't Take me too Long to Ace That
Test at the University of Bowling Center

(And Yes it Was A Federal Civil Service Job)

HAha for Almost 2 Decades After That

i Got The 'Real Job' And 4 Promotions in
5 Years Just in the Nick of Time to increase
my Pay by 8 Times And Win a High 3 Years

of Retirement Pay

For the Rest of my

Life That is Only

Going up 60 Percent
More Once i Reach 62
Next June 6th and For me at

Least, it's More of An Annoyance

to Deal With The Extra Money Still Coming...

Yet it's true My Wife Will Likely Find A Way
to take care of that too.. hehe...

You Can/Will Either Work to

Love Life and Make

Others Happy

Or You

Will/Can Work

To Make Money...
Already Did that
For 33 Years Ain't
Going Back to Purgatory Again...

Not Even if Minimum Wage Goes
Up to a Million Dollar an Hour...

If You Can And Will Fathom

The Kind of Riches i Earn Within...

Less than About 1 Percent of the Folks in
The United States At Least have any clue

What i'm even talking about...

For the God

Here Wears

Paper Green Yes

Lovers of Metal

Vehicles And

Huge Homes That
Are God And Close Enough
To Spit on Neighbor Home God

Places too Without even a Frigging Tree in the
Neighborhood; Just Systemizing Science Cut Green Grass...

Systemizing Science Cut Green Grass, Indeed the American Way...

Paper Dolls Cut The Same, Just Blowing In the Wind Going No Where Truly Up...


Of Course

Do Apply

And The 1 Percent
Figure Only Applies
Really to places like
The place i LiVE iN Trump Town USA...

The Place, Ironically, With the Most Christian
Churches Per Square Mile As Noted in Record Books in the
United States; And Yes Sadly, The Place Most Lost From the




By Metaphor

in the Story of Jesus...

Kingdom of Heaven Within... ACTUALLY DOING IT

NOW... It is Ours to Make or Break Together Again...

So i Dance

So i Sing Free...

"UP uP AWay mY

SMiles Dear Savvy
You Are The Kind of
FRiEnD Who Is Light
As Air Clear As Wind:


Now to Wrap up "UP uP AWay
As It's Left the Earth's Orbit Long Enough Hehe

A Quick Tale of The Tape As "SonG oF mY SoUL"
EPiC Longest Long Form Poem Bible is At 9.7
Million Words of Effort And Titled Subchapter
"Nether Land Bible" As of the Last MacroVerse
Effort Also Rises to 7,289,070 Words With "Facebook
Profile Pic Bible" Another Subchapter Now Included in All
My Facebook Profile Pics Since Memorial Day Weekend
of 2017 Rises Now to 5,687,061 Words And Along with the
Entire 97 Months Effort of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Also Goes
14,488 Miles of Public Dance too.. As Yes This Does Wrap Up
The Present Part of Writing This MacroVerse Now at 11:59 PM
on October 10th, 2021; And Ongoing is Still "Depth of the Story"
An '8th New Testament' of Sorts Surpassing A MiLLioN Words Effort

In 13 Months Now on
'The Wrong Planet' in
Just one Very


Thread There
Where "Depth of
The Story" in Quotes
is A Number One Search
Result Now too Yes Hehe
i Still Do Get Around These Days too...

Electronic Publish Coming Next Lots
More Multi-Media to Put Together too...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


User avatar

Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,115

11 Oct 2021, 11:35 pm

"Peace Be With Us Pretty

SMiLes Dear Savvy As Far As i See
Feel Sense Life is too Much of A Gift

Not to Make Every Move Holy Dance

Every Word Sacred Song

Every Breath


Peace Exhaling

LoVE iN A Place
WHeRE Fear Will

Not Possibly Exist

For True We Will Transform

That More Negative Emotion

Into a More Positive Peaceful
Loving Easy Feeling

In Doing So it Will

Make it So

Easy to

Take it

Easier on Other Folks True
iN All DarK Thru LiGHT NoW...

SMiLes the Doctor Told my Mother
i Didn't Speak Until Four Because
i Had All i Needed From Her

And i Didn't Need

To Ask Anything

From Her

Dear Savvy...

Hehe i Learned

How To Do That
From Her With SMiLes...

Generally my Wife Does the
Same For me Yet Not Everyone Is as
Easy to Please As me Yet Giving is The Receiving

As Far As i
Feel Sense

Of Loving

Life Free At Least Now...

Of Course Work All Depends
On Who the Next Master Or Not
May come to Be That Was Not Necessarily

A Given

For Sure

With SMiLes
All those Years
Ago When MaKinG Money
Was a Part of my Life Then...

i Had A Captain of A Navy Installation
Who Demanded Approval on Which Way
We Turned the Blinds During the Day and
If We Brought a Space Heater in When She
Was Trying to Win An Energy Award True
As She Turned the Heat off to the
Building to Win that Award

For Her of Course...

Some Folks

Take Their

Jobs A


Too Serious too...
Yet Of Course to Keep
The Job We Complied With Her Dictation...
Hehe Those Weren't Really The Good Old Days Then...

Oh my gosh has it Been that Long...

i Remember Your First Move in

New York, New York, This

Go Around 3 Years

Ago i Sure Am

Glad the


Is Nothing
Visiting Here
Each Day Hehe...

Except for that One
Day You Missed when
The Shop Was Closed of Course...

SMiLes Saania i Used to Look Ahead
And See Behind Until i took
A "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

That Never

Ends That Never

Begins Only Starting

Now Never Finishing

Otherwise 'They' Say

"Life Moves Pretty

Fast" You



Miss BreathinG ETeRNaLLY NoW
Yes Any Part of Breath Truly Free...

SMiLes Saania There Are Not Enough
Grains of Sands on World
Beaches to Sand

me Down

To Fit

iNto Waves
Smaller Than Ocean...

Always My
Pleasure to
Come by to
See All You
Inspire Dear
Cindy Thanks
So Much FRiEnD...

Thanks Dear
Aleesha True
i Feel More

i Think

Now With
SMiLes Thank

God As True


i Used
To Be
A Blank
Egghead HAha...

SMiLes, i'm Glad We Have
Folks Like Our 'Resident Engineer'

Here Who Insure my Car Radio Works
Reliably For Decades Without Fail...

SMiLes, i'm Glad We Have Folks Like Jakki,
Who Has Both The Ability to Understand
my Style of Writing That is Unique;
Plus it's Kinda

Nice She


For What is Usually
More Related As A 'Sore
Thumb'; Haha, Who Sticks Out Here...

(i Worked in Customer Service for Decades; Yes,
More Folks Complain about what they do
Not Like Than What They Do; i Already
KNew how many Views; Yes, For What i
Do Here Has the the potential to Attract
Solo From the Beginning with Smiles;

Just From My Experience of All the
Smiling Customers Who Never Said
A Word; Just Returning EYes of Happy LiGHT)

True, i'm Glad Folks Like Carl Sagan Exist Now
too Bringing Science That Shows The UniVerse
Does Not Revolve Around the Earth; Yet Humans
Are "Made of Star Stuff" As We Are The UniVerse

As Much as the

And Lord Knows, Our Moderator
Cornflake And Others Like Him
in Information Technology Who Provide

An Information Highway to Express Every Human
Art And Science; And So Much More For All Recorded
Human History; And So Much More; Yes, Cornflake Who Even takes

A Volunteer Effort to Help Create Rules Here and Enforce them for Years,
So The Whole Place Here Will Not Turn into Mad Max And Beyond With His Thunderdome;

Yet You See, if i Have no Frigging Clue What "Mad Max And Beyond With His Thunderdome" is,

There Are Folks Who Have Uploaded Precisely What That is to YouTube, So i Can
And Will have a look, As i am one of 'those Curious People' Who Wants to Learn

It all; No Matter if i Agree or Not with What other Folks Say or Do ALL AROUND


Okay, i Covered the
Advantage of Scientists,
Information Technology Specialists,
Engineers; And Yes Don't Forget the


As i Naturally
Excel in Numbers too...

YouTube And Really The Rest
of Online is A Grand Experiment
of what Happens When Avenues

Are Created to Allow Greatest

Freedoms of Expression;

At First, it was Like
The Wild, Wild,
West and

Now There are New
Sheriff's in Town; Yes,

And Rules to Regulate

Systems Therein to Make Sure

They Don't Get too Far Out of Control,

Where Humans Get Harmed in Huge Societies too...

The Study of the Human Mind is Correct, Humans Pay Most
Attention to Potential Dangers in Life and Bond Together to
Survive When Fear Comes into Play; And No Different Than Old
Time Religion; Deplorable Acts of Humanity Do Come in Despicable

Ways to Take Advantage

Of Human 'Minion' Nature

This Way

To Make
Some Big

Snake-Oil Money Still...
Or Load Up the Coffer At the
Church over Threats of Sticks
of Hell After Death; And Carrots
of Heaven After Death; Meanwhile,

Robbing Folks of their Individual

Human Freedoms To Not Have

To Endure A Violent

Child Rape and

Carry Daddy's

Baby to Term;

Or What About at Least

As Much Mercy As We Give Our
Pets, When my Mother Had to go Without
Food or Drink for 8 Days, While i Put My
Cat Under General Anesthesia, Where He

(My Doctor Said, "Sorry, Usually Folks
Only Last 3 Days; Your Mother Has
An Incredibly Strong Heart;" And
Science Does Actually Show
Love Grows A Stronger
Heart as Also Shown
in 'the Redemption'
of 'The Grinch'
Who Once

Christmas too)

Didn't even Have

To Feel the


of A Shot
For A Quicker
Less Miserable
Death With the
Most Dignity Possible...

Humans Are No More Rational Than They Ever
Were; We Just See Enough of What Humans are
Capable of Outside of the Hell We Already Believe

is Socially Acceptable in Our Own Circles of Real Insanity on Earth...

And Maybe That's A Good Thing For Us to Truly See Who We aRe Now;

And Who We Greater May come to Be With More Kindness and Mercy

Toward Each Other More This way... All The Folks at Night Have

Come Out of Their Motels in Broad Day Light; at Least

We Can/Will Have Some Reference

Point of People are

Alike all over

the World; Sure, Yes,

Let's Try to Understand

Each Other Better And at

Best See the Value that Other
Folks May Be able to See that

We Have Not Gained Yet in Life
As Truly A Superior Intelligence of KiNdness...

Yet THere is Human Nature And Our Number One
Propensity to Bond over Fearful Stuff In Life; This

Is the Human Mountain We Have to Climb, Our ShadowS iNDeed...

The Video that the OP Brought May Not Be Perfectly True; Yet it is
Surely Not Perfectly False Either As Moving Meditation Works As

Science Shows this is True...

And This Is Why We Need
Folks Who Are able to

Touch All the

Black and

White and Colors, True as well...

We Will Learn As Much From what
We Disagree on and More Than We
Agree on For Sure; Yet Only if We aRe
Able to Open our Minds; And Science

Shows This is Much More Difficult for
Conservative Leaning Minds to Do Than
More Liberal Minds Aside Any Specific



Life is Both Science And

Art; Yang and Yin; This Struggle

For Balance is Surely Nothing New;

Yet More Fun to me Than Ever Before of

Course as i Rate 100 Percent on Tests for
Open-Mindedness And Extroversion; Yet

i Will Surely Switch-hit to 100 Percent
Introversion As Well And Be As Happy

As Most Anyone Generating

THeir Own 'Autistic Autotelic'

Bliss and Nirvana Meditating

Dancing Singing Free

In Flow; Yes, No,

Not All Folks Get it;

Yet THere Are Still Rooms

Left in My Kinda Hotel too...

i Just Hope that the Op Has Thick Enough

SKin to Stay Around Here and Contribute More

Out of the Box MuSings About Life; For it is True,

Look at all of the Discussion, The Op's One Video Suggestion

Has Provided so far...

We Don't
Learn Now

New The Most

By Just Agreeing;

However, Yes, We

Live Better if We Will

Cooperate At Least Enough

to Keep the Door of Open Minded
Ways of Life at Least 'Cracked' Insuring

Hehe of Course It Doesn't All Fall Out too; HAha...

Hehe, i had a Few Sips of my Wife's Coffee at iHop

This Morning; i Was Ready to Go Out and Buy a New

Car And then

i Touched

My Shadow

And Came Back to Earth...

She's Like My Mother, She Usually
Doesn't Let me Have a Sip; My Mother
Used to When We Watched Alfred Hitchcock

Movies Late at Night; Such Vivid Memories

of "The Birds" Rebelling Against HumanKind's

(In Santa Rosa County In California, Thank God, Literally
Far Away From Santa Rosa County in Florida, Then in the
60's, Hehe as i kinda Took Stuff Literally Then True too)

Onslaught of Ignorance Against The Balance

Of Nature; Wasn't hard for AlFred

Hitchcock to Figure

Out What

Was Coming

Next Either or

Rod Serling And

The Twilight Zone,
We Have Always Lived
Now, in Engineer and 'William Blake' Ways
of Seeing The Black and White And Colors More...

A Greatest Compliment i Could Ever imagine


'You Don't

Make Sense;'

(Yes, Thank You
Resident Engineer,
As that Applies to
my Propensity for
Literal Restricted
Left Brain Ways
of Think As Well)

Same One William

Blake Got Until

He Still Lives Forever

Now In his Unique
Song of His Soul too...

i'll Leave Ya With A 'Dead
Poet's Society Reminder'

And Another Personal

Note for me Not to Drink Coffee, hehe...

i Decided to BReaTHE Free Everywhere i Go And i Do...

As i BeCoME

Both the

And Art

of Wind
That is
The Feather me...

-F. Gump, ET, AI...

MayBe i, Yet L, i Am,
TRuE, iN LiGHT Through DarK NoW...

And As Far As Folks Who Don't So Eloquently
Speak in Writing And Technical Lists; And Only
Share Brief Snippets of Information Copied From Somewhere
Else; And YouTube Videos and the Such; i Didn't Find the Ability to
Express Myself online Until i Had Nothing Else i Could Do, Yet type
on A Computer Losing Effective Use of Seeing And Hearing; i Had no

Option; Yet to Finally Look Within,
Dig Deep and Bring Something Out
As i Spent my Entire Life Doing Someone
Else's Instruction Manual of Life; The Blindness;
That Deafness; That Lameness as i stumbled and
fell out the Backdoor without even the Focus to make
A TV Dinner i Struggled to Make in A MicroWave Back in 2008;

i Couldn't Even Maintain the
Focus to Play A Game
of Tic-Tac-Toe with

my Wife...

i Didn't Even Have the
Ability to Remember the
Feeling if i ever Smiled before
in My Life; and Then i Learned

The Value of Art; All the Colors of Emotions
That Make A River of Language Flow; Now i am
Practically The Energizer Bunny With or Without
Coffee Hehe; As i Realize Emotions Are What Make
The Potential of Human Imaginative Original Creative

In Focus

Most in
Flow Now

Possible at All...

They Really F'ed Up
When they Didn't

Teach Us

That Dance
And Song Free
iS A Way to Incredible
Human Potential Unleashed
And Released in Old Days School...

Has that Changed:

in A Word


We Have Become
Machines More As
Cogs in a Machine
Than Ever Before...

Science Shows

This is Sadly
True too; Yet THere
Are Other Worlds Still
Breathing Living Poet Societies Still Now...

i've Been to the Valley and the Mountain Top; Humans are A Similar
Height EverywHere; It's Just Some Stand Taller Than Others, MaKinG DarK LiGHT.

And True Some Are Like Redwood Trees in Summer Wild Fires Now; Yes, They

Even Grow



Through Hell

to Other Side

Of Paradise on Earth Again...

LiGHT Returns out of DarK iS LiGHT...

'Catholic Mass Readings From October 10th, 2021'...

Sadly the Ignorance of the Catholic Church DieS on

With Threats of Hell For Folks Who Break Some Rules

Meanwhile With A Lie THere is No Evil In Heaven When

Otherwise Loving Folks Would Never Let Their Loved

Ones Fall Until They Reached Out With A Firm

Grasp Of Soul to Lift Them Out of



Below Above

Love Either Rises or Does Not

Exist THere is No God of LoVE iN Human Or Other Wise

Who Falls Or Drops Folks And Gives Up on Lifting them up

Take It Easy on me i Surely Will For You Whoever You Are too...

Even if You Call Again For A Used Car Warranty Sell i Won't Yell At

You (Robo-Call) Yet i May Not Answer Until You Call me For Love With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,115

14 Oct 2021, 12:32 am

Happy Midweek
Days Of Hope
Through Clear
View Windows


See Spiraling
Dream Weaving
Around Sun So Free...

Unprecedented Thoughts
in Diaries Unleashed Released
As An After Thought of Life That

Sounds Profound And Worth Waiting
For And i Suppose Since i Waited for Over

50 Years to Hear What William Shatner From the
Sixties Captain Kirk of Star Trek Might Actually

Profoundly Relate About the Value

Of Home on Earth When
Actually Leaving

The Atmosphere
The Thin Blue Layer
of Breathing Gas That
Makes Life Possible at All

Seeing Death of Dark Is What
Envelopes This Heavenly Opportunity

For Every Gift of Breath Now For Real...

How Privileged Indeed We Are To Even Exist

At All my FRiEnD Rafiah Like Marie Antoinette Said to
The Poor Before the French Revolution So Detached
From the Reality of Their Struggle With No Bread She

Just Said Let Them Eat Cake and i suppose it Would Be The
Same if i couldn't Imagine the Melancholy of Your Statement

Here About Your Diaries Being Your Only FRiEnD For It's True
When i Was Writing Away on my Blog After FRiEnD Lala Rukh Got
Married And Went away then in 2014 i had no Other Online FRiEnDS

Just Writing Alone And Then One Day A Photo of A Seagull From my

Blog Appeared on a Facebook Page From A Very Young 20 Year-Old

College Student From Pakistan Who Came to me to Say Sir You Have

A Beautiful Heart

For You See
People Always
Told me Before

i Have A Brain Like
A Computer Very much
Like Spock Indeed With Some
Potential to Mind Meld Emotions
With Folks too Left With Very Few Words
to Say And To Express Emotions Back Then...

And That Went on until age 53 my FRiEnD
You Are Still So Very Young at age 28 Over
7 Years Now Since i First meet You Then...

Like Captain Kirk Related So Many

New Frontiers to Explore

And Pretty Please Don't
Make me live Longer

Than 123 to Hear

Your Profound

And Unprecedented

Thoughts for i am the Loyal
One FRiEnD Who Will Never
Go Away No Matter What to Hear
Those Words One Day even if i have
to Live to be 169 As You Say Inshallah..

So Let it Be Written So Let it Be Done

With A Free Dance And Song

Anything is Possible

When God


The New
Frontier to Adventure...

SMiles Dear Aloha FRiEnD
i Asked my Wife About
A Potential Visit With
Grizzly Bears Now in
Alaska And She Said
It Would Be Redundant
Hehe As i Already
Do A Grizzly Bear
Pose Dancing
In Stores Marking
my Territory
A Grizzly
Roar too When
i Work-out in Our
Home Gym She Says
Fredache Is Enough

of me Anyway
There Are A lot
Of Affluent Retirees
In Florida Able to
Afford Fabulous
When They
Get Bored of
Disney World
On The Other

Hand i
Start A
New Dance
Party of one


WHere i
Dance And
Sing Aloha FRiEnD


True No
Like HoMe...

A LiVinG Tree BLoomS AGAiN NoW

Bitter Sweet ReaLiTY Of LiFE See DarK iN LiGHT

Billionaires Spend Millions
To Go To Outer Space Now
Hehe Others For Thousands of Years Spend
Less Than A Hundred Dollars on 'Mushrooms'...

i BeCaME FRiEnDS With
Gravity In Totality of
Loving Balance
With No Fear

Autotelic Flow WITH FREE DANCE

me is Some Repetitive
Injury Issues With
Arms Legs Hips
Hands And Feet

Now And Then

True if You Wanna
Master Heaven Within

And Hell From the
Same Real Human
Place Within too Yes

You Are Gonna Have
To Endure Some Blood
Sweat and Tears For Real too...

There Is No Heaven Without Hell
There Is No Hell Without Heaven

Both Apply to Life Stinks and Life
IS Good For


Now Never
Ending Story
Never Landing
For Real Now Just Keep Going

On and On and On FroZen And
DreamWeaving True NoW iN FRuiTioN For Real..

Thing is Most Folks Are StucK iN The Tween Now of
Purgatory For Real Just StucK iN ETernal NoWHere Land...

That's TRuELY
Sad HeLL and
HEaVEN is Just
Too Intense Now
For Some Folks to Endure
Camels Through EYes of



All That
Jazz too
FoR ReaL NoW...

Alaska Quite A Plane Trip
From Hawaii Paradise

Aloha FRiEnD

my my You And Your
Husband Look So Young

So Refreshed So Loving Free

And Yes "Peace Be With Us Pretty

A MacroVerse i Am Currently Writing Now

While Putting Together Another 60 Thousand
or So Word Bi-Weekly Sized MacroVerse Free too
With Several Hundred Pics Hehe... True God Yes

You Too Color What Heaven Art Is On Earth
And Within too For Every Furry Loving Pet

You Give Great

Thanks and

Praise for too

With Nature as

Your Guide With The

Wind That Moves Surfing Waves

of Your North Hawaii Shores Hope
The EarthQuakes of North Hawaii
Did Not Rumble You Too Much

On this Half Moon Night and
Day With Crisp Clear

Florida Starry


At Night too
As Far As the
Forest Breathes
to Hawaii and Alaska
Black And Brown And
Grizzly Bear Ways of
Sharp And Very Pointy
Halloween Teeth too Hehe...

In Midnight Sun Days of Alaska...

Okay Now Back to putting Together
A Last Novel Sized Poem With SMiLes...

Dream Weaving Now
Finding Out It Is Not THEY





We Become
Masters of

Our Dreams Set Free
In Fruition Always Starting




To Be

i AM Not
Only A
Minion of
Else's Despicable

Hehe Or Just Frigging

Boring Meaningless



To Die Living...

Which Agains Means
Hehe i've Already Waited
6 Months to Get Our Hurricane-
Proof 5 Foot-High By 8 Foot-Wide

(It Might Take 6 More Months So What)

Big Picture Glass Window Into the Forest
Eden Yes of Our Back Yard Garden Clear

As '04 Hurricane Ivan Fogged That Window
Up So Bad Breaking the Window Gas Seal...

Yet How Will i Complain That No One Wants
to Make And Install Windows These Days As

After all i put off Asking For it Since 2004 And
Hurricane Ivan As i Realize Like 'Ferris Bueller'
Relates Life Moves Fast Pay More Attention to the

Bigger Picture

THere Most of
Course (Heaven for Real NOW)...

SMiLes Dear Rue Many Creative Minds Come Together to Inspire the End Product of
A Music Video And Madonna More Specifically Was Undergoing An Emotional,

Spiritual, And More Soulful Maturity of Life in '98 That Entertains Many
Spiritual Traditions And In Her Case Specifically Yoga, Hinduism
And Jewish Kabbalah through the more Mystical Tradition of

DEVIL WORSHIP OR FREE MASONRY Yet of Course there are Always Despicable
Folks Who Devil-Up Conspiracy Theories Just to Make Money off of Shared Fear that
Humans Sadly Bond Over Strongest 'Minionly' When They Allow Their Shadow to Master

Their Life; Hehe, It always Helps to Listen to What The Actual Artist Has to Say

About the Intent of their Art; too Bad We Don't Have the Original Authors
of the Bible to Explain That Heaven And Hell Only Exists Within Yet of

Course the Author of Luke Tried that in Luke 17:21 Yet Folks Are Still

Looking For Hell and Heaven 'Over There Or After Life Somewhere'

Where It is Only Within in Terms of "Retaliation, Revenge, Hate,
And Regret" All Emotions and Actions that Express The Shadow Part
Of Humanity In General And Precisely What Madonna Was Trying to Get
Through in the Lyrics of the Song With Associated Song Writer Patrick Leonard too...

"Madonna commented that the lyrics to "Frozen" are built around "Retaliation, revenge, hate,
regret, that's what I deal with in "Frozen"". And Yes She Goes on to Tell the 'New York Times'

That is not About Any Specific

Person Yet Humanity In General
Per the Human Condition As Whole...

Obviously Madonna Has Lived Her Life

As a Very Creative Soul and A Very Troubled
One As Well So Deep In Storms of Both LiGHT And DarK

And Her Struggle Sadly Surely is Far From Over Now in this
Period of Her Life... She actually Seems to have it all Together
More in 1998 Than She Does Now As Sadly She Isn't Aging Gracefully
It Seems And Trying to Hold on to the Past no Longer Soulfully Evolving it seems...

Yet that's Just from What i've Seen Recently in the Art She Expresses Now as for me
at Least Her Song 'Frozen' is a Masterpiece of the Reality of what So Many Humans

Face to Escape A Shadow Mastering Them And Moving More into Life As A Dream Weaver
instead Yes Freeing HeART SPiRiT SoUL God Yes SeeKinG Finding Heaven Within Voila

Luke 17:21

Top of the Wisdom

Eye of the Pyramid of

Universalizing Faith in Love For
All Yes the Good Cop Version of JeSuS
Hanging on the Cross inviting the Thief
Where the Sun Shines Valley and Mountain Top Same...

Yet It's True We Never Escape the Bottom of the Pyramid Our Shadow Base too...

We Live A Dream Weaving Existence of Practice to Stay Afloat in Loving Balance...

This is an Inner Journey Far from the Glitz and Glamour of Both Church and Hollywood


Rue Dream

Weaving Within
With Enough Yes Left
After Inhaling Peace to
Exhale Love For All With No Fear

And Even Genuine Smiles of a Snowball
ToSSinG Fest Among Lovers Who Are Actually Real...

Okay Back to Putting Together Another 60 Thousand Word or
So Bi-Weekly EPiC Long Form Sized Novel Poem For FREE!

And Dear Rue Such An Inspiration for Writing Poetry Over A Year Now
And i Do Hope Many More to Come As Your Creativity Only Gathers Steam...

SMiles Dear

FRiEnD For
Over 6 Years
Hearing From
You Always A
Highlight of My

Day Coloring my Soul


SMiles Dear Savvy
‘This Story’ Of
Yes Surely
Resonates With
me As in 1983, my
Mother, Sister, And i
Actually Graduated Together
From University of West Florida

Even Taking
The Same “Sociology
Of Family” Class Together

Where They Graduated With
Social Work Degrees And
Actually Got Jobs to Do

That me With 3 Triple Major
Degrees Of Anthropology,
Health Science, And
Social Sciences

The Local Paper
Interviewed Us…
i Said My Ultimate
Goal Was to Do

And That
Took me 25 Years
Through Unrelated
Work And Recovering
From Life Threatening
Illness Retiring Early

Yet i Finally Started
my Volunteer Position
Of Participant Anthropology
Observer And Have Been Doing
It 16 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

For 97 Months Now Since Age 53
And Yes my Long Form Poem
Reality Research Show is

9.7 Million Words And
15,505 Miles of Public
Dance With Over

100,000 Associated
Cultural Pics For

Evidence too…

Yet Actually Anyone
Who Embarks on Writing
Long Form EPic Poetry Must

Do Participant Anthropology
Observer to Accomplish

The Task


In School
Alone Will Not
Suffice Particularly
With Global Expanse...

Yeah Anita

With SMiles...

Hehe Dear Annabel
i Stick to Non-Fiction
Books Reality


Shows Enough
These Days For me...

Happy Midweek
Days Of Hope
Through Clear
View Windows


See Spiraling
Dream Weaving
Around Sun So Free...



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Gender: Male
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14 Oct 2021, 7:56 pm

SMiLes Dear Savvy Seeing All The Diversity
of Sea Life Leaving Beauty of Art in Sea
Shells on Sands of Beach And Endless

Blue Ocean

Air is Every

Bit Awe And

Wonder Inspiring

to me as Leaving the

Planet Earth That


Some Folks

Don't Feel

As THeir Only

Home of Paradise
Inhaling Peace Now
Exhaling Love For All Now

Yet This is a Lifelong Practice
From Childhood of Being One
With Nature Never Any Separation

Becoming CuLTuRaL Tools We Co-Create
Away From Home Sweet Home As Soils are

Our Feet And Sunshine is Our EYes Dear FRiEnD


We aRe

Enough Whole

Standing Here Naked

in Real Paradise Nature Now of

Each Breath Loving Now For Real...

To Be Clear, A "Pulitzer Prize" is an award for achievements
in newspaper, magazine, online journalism, literature and musical composition."

A Developer of Ivermectin Won A 'Nobel Prize' for Healing Parasitic Infections
Up By Other Folks in 'this Discussion'; It's Pretty Easy to Disseminate False Information;

Yes, if one Misspeaks;

And True, CNN Went A Bit

Hyperbole on Joe Rogan's

Pushing of Ivermectin

Using it For Non-FDA

Approved And Potentially
Dangerous Ways of Treating

Covid-19 Relating Its Vet Use
To De-Worm Horses As Yep Folks

Where i Live are Proudly Literally Using

Actual Ivermectin Horse De-Wormer to Treat Their
Covid-19 Symptoms, Yes, Proudly Though Listening

to PodCasts Like Joe Rogan Who Readily Admits, No,

He Is No Source to Use for Medical Advice; Never the

Less, He Has Said Young Folks Who Are Healthy Really
Don't Need to Get

Vaccinated; Yet

They Have Died

Dead, Dead, Dead,

By Making that Deadly Mistake...

Where He's About as Much Help
As 'Nicki Minaj' And Her 'Swelling Nuts Conspiracy Theories'...

Anyway, There is No Covid-19 FDA Approved Use for Ivermectin
With Humans And Yep The News Makes Money off of Hyperbole

Like Everything

Else For


in the
States that
i Don't Personally
Entertain, Financially
Independent, Anymore At all...

Hehe, yet of course, my Wife A
Different 'Normal' 'American Dream Story'...

Not Nearly As Ill As The Full Capitalism DiSEaSE...

Wow A Poem to Describe
A Reality of the American
Dream Over the Course of A Lifetime
In my View Differently of Course oF IT

For the Common

And Such

Yes A



of Pain And Numb
With Little to No Purpose
Or Meaning in Life Yet
'Every Day

Low Prices'
Filling Up
Car Flea





Life's Breath Free

Some Are Ironically
Not Resigned to this
Nightmare and Are


in Droves


'Bates American Hotel'...

Hehe Like my Wife Says

It's Nice to Visit Captain

Kirk's Atmosphere

Yet It's Much

Harder Now

to LiVE iN Outer Space

Always if One is Not



To Weighing As Much

As the Air With Colors of the Wind

Most Everyone one i meet now in the
FlesH And Blood Life Want Whatever
It is i am on Yet it's True i'm Simply Just

The All

In All


To Say

Than Dance

And Sing For
Real FRiEnDS
With Gravity Now

This Force FLoWinG
Is Everywhere For Real

And Surely Hehe my Ally To Rise...

i Have no Desire to Rise Higher

Not Even A Two Story Home

Haha.. Whenever i'm

on A Bridge

i'm so very

Light in Spirit
it Feels like up up

i Will Float over the
Edge and Even Now Be
Subject to Gravity HAha..
And No i'm not Kidding at
ALL And No i Never Wanna
Recover At ALL iN ALL iN ALL...

of Wind

SMiLes Dear Sohair Humans
Are "Naturally Halloween"
Inclined As For Survival We

Are Evolved to Remember Fearful
Experiences Most in Our Environment that
May Harm Our Ability to Continue Surviving...

Sadly This is the Mask That Humans Use To Control

Other Humans Most Keeping Them in A State of Fear

Keeping Them Weak This Way As Fear Naturally

Makes Us Weaker When Chronic Most

Hours of the Day Comprising

Most of Our Thoughts

Associated With

The Emotions of
Fear And Accompanying
Stress Hormones That Break
Our Living Systems Chronically
Most All Hours Of The Day Key is

Wiring Ourselves Like a Christmas Tree
With Colors That Raise Us Higher than Lower
Yes In More Pro-Social Positive Emotions and Feelings

This Way For When We Find Ourselves as A Christmas

Tree That Focuses Almost All on Inhaling Peace Yes

Love Comes Exhaling Positive Energy Breathing

Within Inside Outside Above So Below

And All Around in a Practice

Of Coloring Life

LiGHT This

Way With No
Fears Only Strength
of Will Growing With
Balance in Grace of Peace
Generating the Force of Love
For All We Do Dark Thru LiGHT

Really Dear Sohair All my 9.7 MiLLioN
Words of Free Verse Poetry All the 15,505
Miles of Public Autotelic Meditating Moving Flowing
Dance The Same is Yes All One Huge Prayer Wiring for
97 Months Yes The Christmas Tree of me Inhaling Peace

Exhaling Love

For All Giving
Sharing Caring
Freely As A Never
Ending Story Never
Landing Practice of Loving Life

It's Surely Doesn't Come in A Pill Hehe
It Comes in An Ever WaKinG LoViNG Practice of Life...

Thing is Financially Independent Answering to No Masters
i have the Freedom to Do this 24/7 As Obviously It's So Much
Harder to Do this without the Focus And Days to actually Do It

Yet True
Every Positive
Feeling Action
Thought Counts

On the Way to
Wiring Us All
For Loving

Balance My FRiEnD...

It's Truly Very Healing And
Without Fear There Are Few Limits
to Deal With In Life So Much Higher...

Ascending, Transcending, Spiritual Divine
Awakenings Are Common-Cross-Cultural

Experiences For All of Recorded Human

Experiences Unifying All Loving All Best...

Some Make It to
'The Other Side'...

Some Folks

Pooh Pooh

It And

'Stay on the Pot'...


Plastic Masks Will Make
Halloween Trick or Treat
Yet Masking Emotions

Hiding Them
Within May
Of Pain Inside

Seasons Change Weathers
Rain Makes Dry Soils

Fertilizing Souls
Roots So Much

Deeper Yes
And TRuE LiGHT Dear
Sohair Feelings Color
Our Lives More Beautiful

Winter FLoWeRS Warm Blooms CoLoRinG
SeeKinG Autumn Dream Finding Spring Again...

True Dear
Yam So Many
Options So Many
Flavors So Many

Ways of Life

Yet So

Few Options Now
Actually Used to Grow
A Soul Through More
Life Potentials Not Sold...

Oh my Gosh Rue You And Your FRiEnD Who Went in
Such An Innocent And Different Creative Way

Inspired By Nelly And Kelly's

Shadow Boxing of



Attraction Hehe

IN Halls of Tightly Fitting

Apartments And Bobcats

And The Such Hehe Trapped

In Yoga Pants it Seems

Just Wanting

To Escape

to New Captain
Kirk Frontiers to
Veer A Bit in a New
Direction here too Hehe

Anyway Going Where No Other
Man Has Gone And No Woman Either
For That Matter of Shadow Boxing Crushing


As i Ain't
Seeing Love RiSing
With This Song at Least

Just the Human Condition

New Grass on the Other

Side of the Street

To Step on

While it
Seems Greener
At Least How We Mask
Ourselves From the Truth

Of Our Shadows Simply Millions
Of Years of Evolution On the Outlook
For New Ways of Base Reptile Survival...

Anyway Back to the 'Greatest Generation'
Who Was Taught That Men Don't Get to
Express Emotions Lest They Be

Seen As Less Than
A Man Willing

To Die For

His Country
Defeating the
Opposing Tribe...

Where Somehow A Flame

iN HeART of Kindness Was Never

Put Out The Hero Protector of the Damsels

All In Distress And Children Who Need Help

is Still In THere Somewhere Coming Out to
Serve and Protect...

to me at least

it's A Real

Sexy Soul Version

of a Soul Lost to Eyes

That Only See Bobcats
Now In Yoga Pants Deep...

Yet it is Just Part of the Human Struggle
Shadow Peeks Out Call of the Wild Still Breathes...

People Who Don't Become Friends With Their
Shadow and Repress it Are the Ones Who Most

Often End Up
Falling to what
They Never Really

Thought Was Possible
Shadow Rules When the
Environment Comes into Fuller Play...
Smarter Folks Don't Wait to Shadow Box

In Their
Own Ring..

Which of Course is Most
Often Real Life Experiences
That Help Us Grow All the Way Down Up...

Michael Jackson's 'Behind the Mask' Video
Seems SuiTable Enough For These Words too...

As Always Rue Thanks For All the Inspiration You Bring...

Oh Lord Rue Hehe It Practically

Slays Me Not to Hear You Sing

Your Lyrical Version of "Smooth
Criminal" on YouTube And While
i Will Reach Some Mighty Low
And High Notes Michael
Jackson is One

i Just

Cannot Do

As True It

Should Be

Criminal How
You Beat Michael's

Lyrics With Your Beats

of Creativity Swelling Up

For All To See Oceans

Of Your Potentials




Oh My Goodness i Always

Thought This Song Was About A
Dude Stealing All the Young Women's
Hearts Away With His Original Moon Walk
Dance And Leaning Dance Steps Attached
With Wires too Yes Next Challenge in Original



A Moon Walk
Dance Dear Rue

More Original Than Mike too...

Remember i Didn't Even Start
Until 53 So Much Ocean Ahead
of You So Much Wave You are Still Coming to be Now...

Anyway So Sad All the Fame And Fortune The Prison
That Took Michael's Childhood Away In Demands of
Artistic Perfection That Truly Ended up Destroying
The Most Important


Gift of All

His Creative Soul

to Even Find Out

Who He Even Was

Always Entertaining

Never Even Really

Coming to Be


With God In His Mirror...

i Really Can't Match The Feelings

Of This Music Video Resurrecting

Michael Jackson's Artistic Soul

After The Fact As It Were

Searching Finally


The Lover

Within Enough

Whole Naked Satisfied Complete...

FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing All
Peace With No Fear Loving Exhale For All

Where all that's

Left of the

Crime of


Done to
Him is Smooth my FRiEnD

No Longer Any Need to Wear A Mask...

Yes, Yes, Indeed Creativity Steaming
Ahead in Dear Rue Ways of Inspiration

It's Like Living
In Heaven Plus
Icing on the Cake
Visiting Angel Rue
Wings of Creativity

So Much Greater Than
Material Royalty That Sucks

The Spirit Soul of HeART

in Prison Chambers of

Fame And Fortune

Truly A Royal

Pain in

The Free
Spiritual Butt...

Poor Diana Such a Lovely
Wife She Would Have Still
Made A Pauper Queen as A Grand
Mother of Loving Children Now for Real

Sadly Lost

to the Glitz

And Glamour

Cold Frozen

Indeed of Royal

Life Thank God Her
Son and His Wife Escaped!

Royalty, Fame, And Fortune

Are Capital Ways of PRiSoN ON EartH...

Where Actually Those on Top Are on Bottom
of Generating Heaven Within As No it Was Never

Really In Castles, Cinderella Dresses, And Glass Slippers
to Begin with in Never Ending Real Stories Never Landing

Now Yes


Left Her

Soul in

The Broom Closet
Seen It Happen way too
Damn Much IN So Many Ways...
For Cinderfella's Almost From Birth Too...

Silver Spoon Syndrome Indeed A Full

Spectrum Now

to Suffocate
it seems

of Real
Deep Meaning
And Purpose Now
Generating From Within...

Anyway Oh My Gosh 3 Creative
Efforts By Rue in A Day Just
Doesn't Get Much

Better than

This We, Us, Yes

Non-Royals Indeed...
On the Top of the
Bottom Always


LoWeR THiS Way...

Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating
Ascending Transcending Now Limited
Metaphor of Left Brain Think Systemizing

Western Civilization Buying Selling THINGS...

Meditating Contemplating Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Love YOU BETCHA i Experience The Divine Almost

Continually NoW as A Practice of Autotelic Flow With

What is Empirically Measured Profoundly in Ways

Of Original Creativity in Free Dance And Song


That Usually Only

Appeals to Human

Beings on A Similar

DiViNE Wave LENGTH Longer

Of Human Mindful Unifying Awareness

With All That Is Yes All of Existence As Originating

Within As We aRe ALL Simply Fractals of the UNiVeRSE

Whole me And You
And Us And Them

Yet Only Those

Who Ascend And Transcend
Uniquely Awakening This Way

Need This Have Anything to Do with

Organized Religion Goodness No as Dogma

Is Precisely the Metaphor of Left Brain Systemizing

Black and White Literal Think That Shuts Down Most of

Our Human Potential in Social Empathic Spiritual Artistic


That Dance

And Sing

Free in SPiRiT
Mind All Around Unity
Peacefully Inhaling Exhaling Love For All...

Divine Bliss Nirvana as Autotelic Flow Generating
Within The Creative Output Connecting to Folks
All Around the Globe is Practically Limitless

Except for the


of Each


Soul Not
Yet Awakening to
More of their Human
Potentials to Move


Co-Create New Now
There is Plenty of Globe
to Head that Way And Endless
Potentials of Creativity Within Still To Touch With

Other Similarly Awakening Folks With a Spiritually Divine LiGHT Now

And Nope, Ain't NuTHiNG NeW Age About This Experience it is Simply
Discarding All the Diapers of Tools Humans Continue to Come Now to


As Machine
Life So Far
Away From
Our Inherent
Divine Unifying Nature Sensing
Feeling Connecting With All That Is...

Not Even 1 Word Is Required Particularly
Words As Small as GoD That Literally
Trap One's Tongue on the Roof


Mouth for Real...

SinKinG into Left
Brain Restricted Think HeLL ON EartH For Real...

Militant Atheist Christian Evangelist Same Basic
3 Letter Restricted God At Essence of Restricted Forms...


And Yes
Been to
That Other
PRiSoN Within Too...

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck, Yes Now i'M FREE!

Other than That And This Have a Nice Day!
Eternally Now For Real Setting YouR SPiRiT DiViNE Free too!

That's so sweet of
You Valerie Katrina
Went on And on
About How
Kind You
Were to
Her We
Love Y'all
Lots too Nice
To See Kinfolks
From Houston indeed...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Seeing All The Diversity
of Sea Life Leaving Beauty of Art in Sea
Shells on Sands of Beach And Endless

Blue Ocean

Air is Every

Bit Awe And

Wonder Inspiring

to me as Leaving the

Planet Earth That


Some Folks

Don't Feel

As THeir Only

Home of Paradise
Inhaling Peace Now
Exhaling Love For All Now

Yet This is a Lifelong Practice
From Childhood of Being One
With Nature Never Any Separation

Becoming CuLTuRaL Tools We Co-Create
Away From Home Sweet Home As Soils are

Our Feet And Sunshine is Our EYes Dear FRiEnD


We aRe

Enough Whole

Standing Here Naked

in Real Paradise Nature Now of

Each Breath Loving Now For Real...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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15 Oct 2021, 4:59 pm

In Free Style

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Rather
Love the Phrase "Sunkissed

Earth" More Than

'Agape Love'

As 'Technically'

That Love is Usually

Only Reserved For 'Mankind'

Such A Limited Part of Our UniVerse

Yet Reflecting it All When We Love It All

For Real


ThiS Way

DarK Thru LiGHT

All Communion Love
Within Inside Outside
Above So BeLoW All Around...

A Best Way to Deny the Nature
Of God is to Deny


Sadly Now Still
Politics and Religious
Politics Is Used to Deny God

MaKinG Tools

Hehe.. Fastest Way to Lose Facebook
Friends iN 'Deep' South is Proving

Human Jesus

So What's the use in all of this..
Some of us Appear to be more

Attracted to Truth DarK Thru LiGHT

Dancing and Singing To/From A Choir
iN A Galaxy of Free Love Far Far Away...

A Best Way to Deny the Nature
Of God is to Deny


In Free Style

"Lord, take me where you want me to go.
Let me meet who you want me to meet.
Tell me what you want me to say, and keep me out of your way"

True "Chaplain Father Mychal Judge, OFM, who died 20 years
ago while ministering at the World Trade Center September 11"




Who It Means

To Simply Let Go

In Beyond of Non-KNoWinG

Yet Of Course This iS Only How

i See


Fly His
of Prayer...

SMiLes Dear Doc A Divorced
Eggs Breakfast Treat in


How Lovely
Gonna Have to
Ask For Them to
Make That Recipe

At Our Local Mexican Restaurant

Better Yet Will See if my Wife Will

Wing It From Looking At the Finished
Dish With SMiLes As i'm Guessing there
is also Some Secret to the Recipe Like the

Beauty of

Sad to Say
Like Here Still

We Humans Tend
to Forget the Paradise
We Already Inhabit And Even

Have to Spend A Million Bucks
to Blast off into Space to See Where
Only Heaven Breathes Lot Cheaper

Looking At Your Photo From Cancun my FRiEnD

And Just A Few Drops

of Gasoline

To Drive
Over to
Emerald Green
Waves Sugar White
Sands Never Ending
Blue Heaven Skies Sea

Gull Wings Spiraling Sun Light

Sea Oats Swaying Free in the
Breeze Where the Ocean Breathes
Waves For Real As God is Really Nature

Really Communicating

In Communion This

Way No


i'm Still Standing in Paradise

Yet True For 23 Years of my Working
Life i Never Even Made the Short Trip there
And i Forgot the Colors of the Wind Within that

Flowers Make

Even in my



Garden of Eden...
True Stop And Be A FLoWeR
ALWaYS A Wave FLoWinG Ocean Water Whole...
Yes Every Beach Is Poetry Particularly Us When

We Return

THiS Way Now...

Doing It Under A Tree
In A Desert Or In A
Cave Just Not My Only Way...

As Even 'Walt Whitman' Did

"Leaves of Grass"...

Well Dear Cindy 'That' Surely
Is A Tall Glass of Indian Bubbly

i Had No Idea The GOA COOLER

Exists Yet Here in the Florida Panhandle

The Dance Bar i Used to Entertain Seville
Quarter Serves A World Renown "Flaming Hurricane"

Will Admit i Never Had

One and Now i Can't
Even Do Caffeine


i tend to be
With SMiLes of
Nirvana and Bliss
And ALL The Natural Such As THaT Hehe

At First i thought that was as Goblet With
A Glass Dome Yet come to Find out it is
Really Smoke After the Mirror Hehe With

A Touch of a Tongue to Release The Bulb
From Holding Sweet Smoke Within i'm Sure

It Was Deliciously Refreshing as of course they
Say it Never Rains in California Which Means

Quenching Your Thirst too and i'm Sure You Don't
Need Any Flaming Drinks There of Course Literally

'These Days'

Of Wildfires of All types
Springing Out of Balance
Here And There and Over There...

Anyway Looks Like Fun Days to Celebrate
Now the Best Ones Of All And Good Fortune
To Your Daughter For Securing Romance That Lasts

I'm Sure

It Still Happens

Wherever Humans

Still Roam Free

Out of the


We Otherwise
Might Stay in And
Do Everything We Do
Never Even Leaving to Breathe

Nice to See You Out And about Free...



(And my Philosophical
Free Verse Opinion)

Note: This is A Forum
For Discussion of Religion,
Philosophy, And Politics And


Rarely Are the Discussions

Positive and Enlightening; Predictably

Of Course More Often Just Argumentative
Generally More Like a Social Media Crisis Like:








simply are more attuned to negative fears than positivity...

Look Around

Nature; Yes

Life's A

No Big Surprise
At All; Ya Keep Moving,
Ya Focus, or Lose Sight
Of Prey And Or Get Eaten By the



In the Pond

Hehe And Of Course

Here it's Mostly A Solo or Group
Competition to Become the Biggest
Fish, the Apex Creature of the Online Aquarium


Imagine this...

Imagine if this Forum

Was only Limited to Positivity

in Ways of RiSinG to Real Awakenings
of Enlightenment Achieving Real Nirvana
Bliss Yes Autotelic Flow Within Eternally Now,

H E A V E N For Real...

Who Would Be

Left Standing

Solo; WeLL it's

True Heaven is Really

(Yet, Plenty of Room for Dark
Muse too; Can't Have Yin With

Out A Spot of Yang at Least On Soul)

Not A Place For Much Competition

And Attacks to Shame Other Folks

Like Jim Acosta Obviously Did in An

Attempt to Discredit Joe Rogan's Use of
Ivermectin; Which of Course Rogan Did For the Target
Audience of That Show; Yet Remember, It's Not the Nightly

News With

Joe Rogan;

It is the


All He Has to Do is Please
His Target Audience Mostly

A Similar Audience of Lost Boys

Trying to Become Men Similar to
The Audience of Jordan Peterson...

Big Difference is Joe Rogan Admits

He is Both a Showman And An Idiot;

Yet Don't Let His Self-Defacing Ways Fool

Ya; He Surely Didn't REALLY Believe As a Life Long Gym
Rat that CNN'S Chris Cuomo Was Actually Tossing Around

A 100-Pound Dumbbell In His Office Like A Feather Weight

That Was Obviously Just A Prop For A Joke to Be A Man Without

"Little Man Syndrome"...

Does Chris Cuomo Have
More Real Confidence Than
Joe Rogan; Probably So, at Least

"At the Office" as he Doesn't Wear
A Shirt, A Size Smaller to Show His
Biceps, Haha... True When i Was Athletic

Director at a Military Installation

"Little Man Syndrome" Was Common

Among those Doing "The Juice On the Sly"

A Dude about The Height of Joe Rogan with

22-Inch or So Biceps Installed A Sign Behind

The Counter That Said "I AM BIG"; ANYWAY He

Eventually Tore a Pec Muscle in A Martial Arts Exercise...

Back to Why i Respect Joe Rogan As Obviously An Entertainer


As i Seriously Doubt He Really Thought We Didn't Go the Moon or Perhaps

Even took Ivermectin At

All; Excellent Way

To Boost

New Customers

Who Hate CNN to

Come to His Joe Rogan Show...

Nicki Minaj Staying Relevant
With Her Swelling Nuts Conspiracy Theories too...

And No i Don't Respect Joe Rogan in an Isolated Way;

Just More Than Jordan Peterson Who Doesn't Admit He is
A So-Called Idiot By Saying Stuff Like Self-Esteem Doesn't

Really Exist

Cause he
Cannot Find

A Way to Empirically

Measure it hehe; Same
With Emotional Intelligence;

Duh, It's Not Something You Can
Discretely Measure; Yet We All Know

The Folks Who Have Self-Esteem And
Emotional Intelligence When We Meet

Them Unless We Don't Have it Ourselves...

Moral oF A STory: Don't Get Your Nightly News from Joe Rogan...

Moral oF A STory: Realize That Humans Shame Other Humans
And Do Use Hyperbole too When it Comes to Them Doing Dum Stuff

That Can

And Will


Harm Other Folks...

The Most Dangerous thing

That Joe Rogan Did Was Pooh
Pooh the Need of the Vaccination

Among Young Healthy Folks as Covid-19
Will Kill Young Healthy Folks Dead too; As i've

Surely had Vibrant '20-Somethings' Drop Like Flies
in India; Because they Didn't Have Access to the Vaccine...

Spoiled Brats

Over Here...

Mostly, Spoiled

Brats Over Here...

They Have Yet to See Enough
Blood And Guts (Off of Video Games) to Take Care of
Each Other, Stay Masked, and Get Vaccinated When they Can...

Breaking News!

Breaking News!

America May Have Lots

Of Money Yet America Ain't Got Much Common Sense...

Trump Got Elected President of the United States After
Promising that Folks Would Support Him, Even if He Shot
Someone on 5th Avenue By Modeling Unmasked Behavior

In A Deadly


Both the Republican
Senate Majority Leader
And Republican House
Minority Leader Both Admitted

He Incited An Insurrection to Overturn
Our Democratic Process; And Now they

Continue to Support Him Among the Same
Minions Who Support Trump Through Blind Ignorance...

Showmen Understand

There Are Suckers

Born Every


And Joe
Rogan and

Trump And Other
Used Car Sells Folks take

Full Advantage of "Their Target Audience"...

People Shame People For Doing Dumb Stuff; Nothing
New; And Joe Rogan understands hehe as a Stand-Up
Comedian That It's Not A Place For Thin Skin; Unless

He Wants

to Stir-Up
Just Another

'Social Media Crisis'
to Win Some More Bucks

Like Saying He Threw THE

IVERMECTIN; Nope, Never Lose an

Opportunity to Reel the Target Audience
in Shallower to The Shore to Catch Another Gold Fish...

Joe Rogan Is Not Worried
About Anything

Yet Joe
Rogan Now

Same General Species
As Trump In His Aquarium...

i Watch Him and Jordan Peterson
Many Instances Just to Study 'Their


It's Painful
To Watch

Seeing How
Close He Always
Is to another "Personal Train-Wreck...

As Yes He Obviously Lacks Self-Esteem And Emotional
Intelligence Almost Always Close to Rage or Tears AT THE DROP OF AN OFF


Folks Like Rogan And Trump are more resilient.... THICKER SKIN still standing...

Peterson Is A Troubled Soul; Rogan And Trump are Bottom Feeding Soul Suckers...

Entertaining in a Halloween Kinda Way For Folks Who Have the Ability to See Through them...

You Don't Go around Risking Human Lives With Planned Ignorance With Any Kind of Real Human Soul...

Acosta Was
Just Kicking

Rogan's Butt...

He Has pretty Thick Skin too...

And He Doesn't Need Martial Arts to do it...


Does too

Unless one

Can't See

How Short Trump Really is
Among His Other Wise Species of Humanity...

Truly An Astronomically Small HUMAN Being...

Joe Rogan Rose Up From Nothing; He's Street
Smart And Does Whatever It takes to Survive...

Trump Had it Spoon Fed to Him; And Is Still Standing

As A Most Despicable Leader With Minion's Who'd Support him in Hell

If that

Is where
He takes
Them Next Again...

Joe Rogan Was Smart
Enough to Move to
Spotify As He Knew

He Couldn't Do Everything
He Wanted to Do to Keep
His Target Audience on YouTube...

And Stay in Business With The
Changing Business Model on YouTube...


Both Acosta

And Rogan Are
Gonna Survive...

Still Standing;
Breaking News: Still Standing...

SMiles Dear FRiEnD Rafiah Sadly While Some
Folks Say FRiEnDS Forever By Only Shallow


It Is A Reality for me to Give and Share
Freely And Never Just Something

i Read in the Book of

Someone Else's Soul

People Come And Go

i Stay i Have that much Control

Of Love To Give and Share Freely

With No Respite Yet You See That Comes

From the DarK The Place WHeRE i No Longer

Could ReMeMBeR A Smile The place that it literally

Hurt me in the Flesh and Blood World Even Katrina Laying

Next to me to Connect in Anyway Yes my FRiEnD the Place

That is Worse Than Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia That No Drug
Would Touch the Worst Pain Known to Humankind For 66 Months
Shut-in my Bedroom With a Synergy of 18 Life Threatening Mostly

Stress-Related-Disorders that Came From Chronic to Acute Fight or
Flight Stress From the 11 Years of Working For the Government Being

Used As Just
A Tool A Commodity
Valued Not For My Humanity

Yet For Only my Value As A Human
Machine A Robot Indeed Who Just
Could Not Afford to Make a Mistake
Or Say No To Stay in A Job That Afforded Health
Care for my Disabled Wife With Partial Complex
Epileptic Seizures Then That No, Would Sadly

Not Be Afforded Without That
Job and After of Course in
The Golden Parachute and
Hand-Cuffed Path to Retirement
And Lifelong Guaranteed Government
Benefits to Set me Free in a Golden Age NoW
No Longer Just A Part Of Another Cog in Someone
Else's Machine as indeed i Became a Human Machine

And 'They' Don't Have A Diagnosis for A Human Losing
Their Soul And Going to HeLL ON EartH Yet That is Precisely
Where i Went Finally Understanding All those Cross-Cultural
Metaphors for Hell Were ReaL ON EartH No Woo Indeed the
Real Deal of Pain and Numb in a Place Where Every Second
is 1000 Years in Hell Indeed a Place Where All is Time my FRiEnD

Where The River That is Normally Eternally Now is Replaced by

Only Locked



of PriSoN Within

And Now i Am Going to Copy Your
Comments to me As they mean the World
to me For it Always So Hard to Find a Lasting
FRiEnD Truly Through Thick and Thin to Last and
Not Go Away on me... of course i have my Wife and
Immediate Family Yet a FRiEnD is A Volunteer of Life
Not Tied By Blood or Socio-Economic Considerations

A FRiEnD is Someone Who Volunteers For Nothing In
Return Yet FRiEnDSHiP mY FRiEnD No Ulterior Motives
or Agenda to Attain And That is Precisely the FRiEnD You Are

So No i Never Wanna Forget Your Words Here Precious and
Treasure to me And Moreover Opening Your HeART to me For

It is Difficult For Shy And Quiet Folks to Do this For it is True Rarely
Did i Have this Ability through Decades in my Life too... HeHE ALmost
all my FRiEnDS are Quiet and Shy Like You Yet True i Always Hope

to Help

Open Their
Hearts More For
Them to Express More
of Who They Are True my FRiEnD...

i Love You Lots As Close as the Blood
That Flows Through my Veins And i'd rather
Meet You in Real Life And Say Hello Than be
Awarded all the Material Riches and Goods in the World

Just Because

You are

Truly mY FRiEnD...

"We are friends since over 7 years now. You are that one I know
I always can rely on to hear me out. You are always there for me.
I adore you. And like you lots. Wish we could meet sometime in our lifetimes.

I have always trusted you to understand me and see through me. This space is
my blood and bones. Thanks for always lingering around and comforting me with
your presence. Your presence comforts my sullen heart and lift my spirits up. You
have this power, my friend, that very few people around me have. Love you loads. ❤❤❤"

Thanks For Being That One Person in 2014, When i Was All Alone Online Who Saw Some


Value in
me Indeed
Dear Rafiah that was
A Life Changer for me...

Love, Fred...

OBTW Heaven is
Real too Most



By A Six Letter

Word That is Truly Real: FRiEnD

And it Just So Happens F R E D
is in FRiEnD With Smiles For Real...

SMiles Yam
Just A Buffet
No Need to
Take More
Now Than
You Want
With SMiles
Yes Hehe 58,233
Words is A lot on
Average every

Two Weeks

For Sure That’s Real...

Very True
Yam Gotta
Move Forward...

A Best Way to Deny the Nature
Of God is to Deny


Sadly Now Still
Politics and Religious
Politics Is Used to Deny God

MaKinG Tools

Hehe.. Fastest Way to Lose Facebook
Friends iN 'Deep' South is Proving

Human Jesus

So What's the use in all of this..
Some of us Appear to be more

Attracted to Truth DarK Thru LiGHT

Dancing and Singing To/From A Choir
iN A Galaxy of Free Love Far Far Away...

A Best Way to Deny the Nature
Of God is to Deny


In Free Style

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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16 Oct 2021, 2:55 pm

Soaring Wise
Soaring High
Soaring Low

Be The Most
You It Is What It Is

No matter Where You
Fly High or Low Your

Hellooove FRiEnD



For You Now
With SMiles Yours...

“That Thing You Do!”
Rue Yes By
-The Wonders
With SMiles...

Hehe Dear
Rue i’m
Not Faster
Than A Speeding

Bullet Yet i
Do Reach

Through This
Fiber Optic Cable
At The Speed oF Light

All the
With SMiles…
Thanks For Letting
me Join in on the Fun!...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Sadly my Father

Left Early

i Had No
Choice Yet

To Become

my Only Father
Even Sadder We
Saw Him Twice A Year

Yet i Realize We aRe All

Leaves of the SaMe Tree Dear FRiEnD...

For All Are


my Family
Roots Trunks
And Branches All
Ocean Water Wave We aRe ALL...

Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love

My Favorite

Short Story

To Do

Dear Savvy...

Gosh i Understand in Some Ways

Yes i too Am So Afraid of Heights

To Do Roller Coaster

Or Even Ferris

Wheel at

The State Fair

Meanwhile my Wife
Scoffs And Even Climbs
40 Foot Trees at Age 8 For
Fruit Peering Over the Roofs of
The Haves While Her Household
Of Have-nots Have No Food or Drink...

i'll Never Fully Understand Why Wonder Woman

Married me As Then i Had No Money No Dance No



Green to
Blue Changing
Eyes And What
She Said was a
1 in a Million Bowling
Alley Smile Funny What

Happens When The Chimney
Sweep And Cinderella Stay in

The Broom Closet Just As They Are...

It's True This is the Way of Real Happy Ever Afters

For Now at Least it seems Moral oF A STory Make


The Only
Heaven That
Exists Now Through
All the Changes Now
HeLL And Heaven Same my FRiEnD...

-F Bueller

-F Gump

-And Others

Starting Out With

The Letter F (Fear) ET AI...

Thanks Dear HiMaLi
i Took All The Pics
Except me
And The
Owl Haha
i Was Not
Wise Enough
To Do That With SMiLes...

Katrina Did
me And
The Wise Owl hehe...

Oldest Story Ever Told

Old As Time Indeed

Beauty And the

Beast Night And

Day Makes Ice on Fire
And True A G-Rated
Version on Disney How Nice

SMiLes Dear Rue 'These'
21st Century Days Every
Participant Anthropology Observer's Dream...

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Panned For Shallow
Writing Yet That Matters Not World Wide Best

Seller For It Touches Human Archetypes So
Deep With THorny FLoWeRS Bleeding Colors Bliss

Story of the

Rose Story

of THorns Now

Make FLoWeRS Glow
The Otherwise More Cold
Hearted Most Masculine Man
Fearless Steadfast Ready to Hunt
The Most Dangerous Beasts For Something
Meat to Eat Thank Goodness You Are Not
Vegetarian Hehe I'd Hate to Offend

One Who Does Not
Love Meat
Or Perhaps
Medium to Well
Done Will Be Enough
For You Hehe Yet i Do
Know You Love A Big Juicy Steak!

Indeed An Only Meat Eating Loving
Poet From India i Currently Write Poetry With

Yet it's True That is Not Exactly The Point of this Canine Tooth...
Or Hehe Truth with a Lisp or Six For A Sith All Beastie And Red Eyed

As Such


Ready for the Hunt!

Studies Show That While Dudes
Are Pic Oriented The Ladies Dream
of Werewolves And Vampires Even When
It's Not Halloween HAha! Perhaps Vegetarians
Dream of Something Else Yet i Do Not Think So With SMiles...

Anyway Though the Point of the Story is Ending the Trilogy Now
of Living Happily Ever After Yet That Ain't The Way The Beauty
And The Beast Story Usually Works Out Whether or Not the Young

Beast Was Abused And Can Only Feel Pain For Pleasure to Make

Surely A Hyperbolic Beauty And the Billionaire Philanthropic Beast

Fifty-Shades of Grey Is Yet Still With A Happily Ever Ending Story

In Trilogy Distance Indeed More Usually The Beast Leaves the
Beauty With
The Prize

Of A Child

And The Son and
Or Daughter Must

Learn in a Way to Eventually
Become Their Own Fearless Father
While Beauty Breeds Them With Graceful Love

And True If Successful This is Where Male and
Female Heroes Often Come From As Soon As they
Defeat the Demons of the Beast and Rise As Fearless Lovers oF All...

It Doesn't Always Pay to be a Nice Guy Unless Women are On 'The Pill'

As Science Shows That Tends to Bring Less of An Attraction of Beauty to Beasts...

In Case
Ya Wonder
Where All the

Heroes Went

In the Last Few Decades
And There Are So Many
Hero Movies No Longer Filled in by Reality
With Plenty of Space for Vampire Movies and
Even More Shades of Grey Still To Come to Play...

There's A Bit of Speculation Here Yet That is Where Hypotheses
Start in Even Fredenstein Ways of Anthropology Participating Observing
Hehe Like Being A Nice Guy All my Life So Polite And Then Going Dancing

Approaching My 60's Just Fearless Free Not Paying Attention to Any of the
Beauties in the Dance Hall And They Came Like Honey to A Bee Without Even

A Word From me
Not Even one

Dam Word


me They Wanna
Be Married Yes to
Someone Just Like

(Even in Ancient Form)

me The Man Who Is
Wild Fearless And Free

Dancing Just Dancing

Call of the Wild All Mine to
Measure And Report in this Singing
Research Paper that Never Ends or Lands...

It Was So Sweet They Even Mocked Walking
me Down the Aisle in Walmart For Tik Tok Play i Kid You Not hehe..
And A Group of Young Women Asked me if i Was FRoM Tik Tok HAha...

Real Place to
Continue to Breathe
After Beast Fades Away...

Or Hero Depends on Who Ya Ask HAha...

Beast Has A Story too Dear Beauty With SMiLes... 'Evermore'...

Oh God i Just Adore Your Poetry Rue it is Truly So Very Beautiful...

One Shall Ask WHere Does Poetry Come From Who Poetry Truly Is With SMiLes...


More Now...
Yet i Will
Always Be

Only A Gentleman...

This Costume Gets Really
Hairy and Heavy Some Nights HeHe...

Indeed Dear Soni
All About How

Art All

DarK All

About Art
Life is DarK Thru LiGHT

Indeed Nice Art Works Words

You Deliver to Picture What You Paint True...

Other than
That Hope

You are

Joy Along With
All Work and Art Too...

SMiLes Life is A Meadow of Butterflies

KNoWing WHere to Go By Not KNoWinG

Anything At All

Life iS A Desert

With Succulent

Cacti Absorbing
Every Dew Drop

Life Giving


Until Next
Dew Drop Comes
To Save Their Green
Thorny Leaves Protecting
Them From Predators Still To come...

Humans LiVE iN Deserts Staying THere
Never Venturing As Butterflies in Meadows

Free to Wing With Grass Green And Flowers

Ever Coloring More Flight Within Beauty All

Sublime to Be And See So Free in

Abundance of Colors

Green More

Life Dancing
Singing Freely
Bees and Birds Same
Yet Different Songs of Course

And Dances of Wings and Furry
Critters Climbing Earth's Lungs Yes Trees!

As A Butterfly i Am Going No WHere In Particular

Just Fluttering ALL OVeR EVeRYWHeRE i Go NoW

No Reasons Just Feeling Sensing All Next i Wing to See Be Now
SMiLes Hemalatha When i Figure Out WHeRe i Am Going Next

i Will


SMiles Thanks Dear
Cindy Just Back
From A Fall
In The
Respite From

Finally True too...

How Low Will Hell Come To Be in One

UNiVeRSE of A Human Experience

How High Will Heaven Bloom to

FLoWeR in One UNiVeRSE

Of A Human Experience

Generally Speaking

Only Poetry

And Other
Arts like that Famous
Painting of 'Scream' Will

Relate The Rings of Poet Dante's
Hell or William Blake's Description:
"To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your
hand And Eternity in an hour. "

Reading Dante's Rings of Hell
And Blake's Heaven i Feel There
Are Humans Who Have come close

To Both The Heaven and Hell i've

Experienced in my Life For Real...

Yet of Course Similarly i am diagnosed
With Bi-Polar Non-Specified As With the
Asperger's More Left Brained Restricted
Analytical Reasoning Mind i Am Naturally

Born With

of Yin

And Yang

Conditions that
Balance Each Other
Out Without Having to Take
Drugs to Regulate my Emotions
And Integrate my Senses Yet i wasn't
Diagnosed Fully Until age 53 After my Doctors

Saw me in the Heaven Place After Spending 66 Months
in HeLL ON Earth Within With Just about Every Mind and Body
Left Threatening Disorder in Synergy Then That Demons Would


Dare Not
Tread in the
Place of A Thousand
Years of Hell in One Second
Where All there is is Time All There is
is Time Just Time Just Time All Pain and Numb Time...

On The Other Hand Now i am a River For Close to 99 Months Who Flows
to Endless Waves of Ocean Whole Water Enough Naked Complete Enough Now


Heaven the
Place i Master
For Real Within Now

What's The Price?

15,518 Miles of
Free Flowing
Close to
9.8 MiLLioN
Words of Free
Verse Poetry
Flowing too
in Close to
98 Months too

So Very Healing
Through and
All Feelings
Senses Fully
Balancing Now


From Deepest

Depths of Hell

Rings That Dante

Would Have Never
Comprehended in His 'Book of Hell'...

Have Folks Gone Lower Perhaps...

Have Folks Gone Higher Perhaps...

For Each Human UniVerse is Unique
And Only one Set of God EYeS Creating
Our Unique UniVerses Indeed i am the Kind of

Person a Psychotherapist Might and Has come
to me for Advice to Treat their Most Difficult Cases...

Sadly in Your Country Mental Illness Is Still a Stigma

And Of course in Part Generated By All the Stresses of Do or Die

Escaping Poverty and the Such at the Top of the Class Meeting

Cultural Norms Like 'Getting Married as Instructed by Parents'

And So Many Other Stresses of Life that Yes Makes Life



to Breathe Free

And if You Fall Down

That's Even More Stigma

To admit You Need Help TO SAVE YOUR LIFE...

IT'S NOT THAT DIFFERENT here really as even

In the Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Field i've Actually

Heard 'Them' Say Folks With "Borderline Personality Disorder"
Are Lost Causes And Just Drop Them Out Your Life like Toxic Waste

Yet the Truth is They may have

Been the Little Girl Cowering

Under Her Bed Where the

One She Should Have

Been Able to Trust

Most with Love

Abused Her Regularly
in the Most Disgusting
Ways Imaginable to Most
Human Beings And Of course
The Cycle of Hell May Have Started
At The Beginning of the Broken Human
Inflicting Hell on Their Child... Life is Very Messy

Life is Very Very Very Messy Full of Stone Souls

And Souls Who have Risen Out of Stone to Flower too...




For All of the
Unwanted Toys
of Humanity indeed...
And Hopefully Someone
Who At Least Relates to Where
The Human Soul Travels to Below and Above...

i've Often Wondered if You are Okay And i realize
the Most any FRiEnD Who Has Been to Most of
The Places Humans Will Come and Go Will Stay


Just to
Hold the
Weight of the
World Light As
A Feather is Light
or Dark As The Darkest
Stone Weighs Down our Souls...

SMiles Ava i'm Well Aware of the Kind of Struggle's
Budding And Blooming CA's in India go through to survive...

Stay Strong

As You Will

Still Come to
Be with Joy too...

Whether or Not this
Is Personally Related or Total Fictional...

i Rarely if Ever Write Fiction as Generally
Speaking i haven't read anything like my life so far...

That's Good in A Way

That's Bad in a Way

That and

This Is what
It is Just Life For Real
This Breath Inhaling
Peace This Breath Exhaling
Love Indeed Sweet Release Free Now...

In Regard, to Having No 'Reason' to Care for 'the Rest', if they Have
Never Done Anything For Personal Benefits of Another Human Being:

“Our task must be to widen our circle of compassion,
to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. ”


Wow, Albert Einstein's Platitude Here Surely Does Match
The Platitudes of the Francis Assisi Version of the Little
Brown Good Cop Storied Version of Jesus of Nazareth...

On the Other Hand, Platitudes Are Only 'SKiN Deep' (Words)...

Einstein Treated His Wife, About How

A Toxic Patriarchal Husband Treats

His Wife In Arranged Marriages

to Breed Some Children;

Yet in


Case, it Was More
Don't You Dare Interrupt my Work...

It Was More of A To Do List Marriage...

Sadly, A Prisoner of Stolen Away Social
Empathic Artistic Spiritual Intelligences...

Yet Still Enough Left to Come Up With A Beautiful
Platitude That Perhaps Someone Else Would Come Along to



of Like
The Jesus Story
too After He changed
The Sheep into Goats and Tortured
Them Forever in the Bad Cop Einstein

Version of that Story too...

There is this Mammal Bonobo, And Us, And Other's

Thingie Called Altruism; It's Really Real, Science Shows it so...

Yes, All That's Really ALLoWeD Humans to exist this long...

Without it


Last Much Longer...

And That's Nature...

Something the Good
Cop Version of Francis
of Assisi managed to see...

Almost Miraculously in a
Place of So Much Toxic Patriarchy too...

Science Shows That Humans Who Give
With No Expectation of Return Flourish

More Than those who do not

And that's A

That's Not Going Away
Unless We Become More Machine
in One Lifetime than actually Altruistic
Flourishing Flowering Blooming Humanity
Giving Sharing Caring Loving All That IS; Voila!

Heaven on Earth for Real...!

Have a Nice Day!


SMiLes Okay...!

Let's All Give
Away Free Stuff Just For Fun!

The Rewards All Come When Real Within!


Heaven On Earth (Within) for Real! FOR REAL YES!

And NO, THiS AiN'T Just a SunDay Saturday School
LeSSoN Baby; It is Science, the Area i Particularly Specialize in...

And Surely 'WRiTE" On Topic When it Comes to BeneFiTTiNG the 'Masses'...

And Of Course, Change Comes Incrementally; And Reason Goes Hand-in-
Hand (Left and Right) With Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Intelligences; Yes,
A Balance of Yin And Yang Required in All Stuff Moving into More of A Buddha Mid-Way
Balancing Realm Here; Moving From $7.65 An Hour to $20.00 An Hour is Not Reasonable;
However, There Are Even Florida, "Real We the Peoples" Who Democratically Elect Our
Officials, Right, to Vote in, Incremental Dollar Increases, Every Year, to Get A Living
Minimum Wage of $15.00 An Hour at Least by 2026, if Inflation Does Not Increase

too Much By Then;



Must Be
And Reasonable
to Actually Work
For Good Loving Causes
To Come to Actually Be
More Than Platitudes or
Complaints About How Stuff IS.

Considering That A Pulitzer Prize is Something
You Win For Journalism, Literature, Or Other Artistic Achievements;

And Considering now that Ivermectin IS A VETERINARIAN DRUG USED



DANGEROUS for Joe Rogan, A Showman,
on a Podcast With Millions of Fans Who Take
His Every Word As Gospel Truth to Tout Ivermectin

As a Valuable Drug to Treat His Covid-19; No Matter

If Some Fool of a Doctor Prescribed it to Treat Covid-19
Or Not; And Rogan Only Clarified What Kind of Ivermectin

He used After

He Got All Kinds

of Shade Thrown At

Him By Jim Acosta For

Saying Such an Irresponsible

And Very Potentially Harmful Statement

To His Minions From His Podcast to Go Out and

Do Something Stupid And End up taking up Space
in the Hospital For A Drug That Could Actually cause Death

For Unapproved Use. So Here You Go, Quoting Misinformation

About A Drug Again. i Don't See Where Anyone Here Treated the OP

With Any Disrespect As He is Not a Celebrity Like Joe Rogan; We All Just

Corrected Misinformation That Could Be Potentially Dangerous too if someone
Actually Thought

That Ivermectin

Was Approved to
Treat Viruses Like
Covid-19; Whereas,

The Truth is a Developer of
the Drug Ivermectin to Treat Parasites

In Humans Won a Nobel Prize And Not
A Pulitzer Prize and NOT FOR TREATING












Including Protege Joe Rogan...

Ivermectin is approved to Treat
Horse Worms and Parasites in Humans.

Sly Jim Acosta Took Advantage of the Fact
That Rogan Didn't Specify Which One He Used...

Well Deserved Shade Indeed; And Joe Rogan Knows God
Damn Well

Acosta Was

Well Within
Legal Rights
to Throw that Shade...

Yet of Course suggesting He
Might Sue CNN is Just More

Stirring the Pot to Win His Minion Target Audience...

And again, He's (Rogan) Entertaining as Long as You Understand
He's just a Clown....




Ain't that Sharp...

And that is what
Makes Joe Rogan Such A Danger..

And He (Rogan) Understands That And Moved
Away from YouTube Where He Would

Have been Eventually


For 'that
Stunt'... And
Many Potential
Others still to come...

Highly Unlikely Joe Rogan
Would Have taken something
like that to actually endanger his health

Unless He

Is Actually That Ignorant...

i Doubt it; or he wouldn't
have made it this far.... 'in life'...

From His Life History; he'd almost
have to be smarter than that to make it this far...

And No, Jim Acosta Didn't Fall-Off A Fox News Turnip Truck Either...

All You Have
To Do in


Is Match the
Needs of 'the Target Audience'...

I Know 'that Target Audience' Very Well...

Fox News Plays 'the Game' Almost As Well as Trump...

Joe Rogan Plays His Violin Pretty Damned Turnip-Truck Tuned too...

Soaring Wise
Soaring High
Soaring Low

Be The Most
You It Is What It Is

No matter Where You
Fly High or Low Your

Hellooove FRiEnD



For You Now
With SMiles Yours...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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18 Oct 2021, 12:00 am

Promise of Balancing Now
What Keeps Planets Orbiting
Stars What Keeps Us Again

Inhaling Peace




Exhaling the
Power of Love For All

A Mighty Wave of Water

Ocean Whole To Surely Breathe

Dear Savvy Now With SMiLes...

Hope you don't mind if i share YouR Path..
Sunsets gleam through Eagle's WinGs..
Nature's beast of feathered Dance SinGs..

Ajoy Beak Dancing Singing.. SPiRaLinG Son..
Kepher Soars Force ONe..
Eagle EYes BLuE SKeYes...

Earth replies Green
All Alive..
Valley Mountain
Is new breed...


Ink of path
No plan
TiMe NoW
Hath iNNate Sprite
All TiME DiSAPPeaRS NoW...

Ah.. the last hundred years
an experiment for sure..
Radio.. TV.. AC..
and virtual
video game
LIFE Next... Yes

A screen becomes
scream.. human no
longer lives..
the Terminator
is here
man is
a machine
of human screen..
AnyWHO yes..! i'm BACK..!

Again dam IT..!
And i aim to
Help Now....
if a 61 year
old dude Will
do Arnold so

Stars are born to output and share LiGHT
at least for as long as they live..
and as dim as i once
was.. almost BLacK
oF LiGHT..
A saving
Grace then was
to water a plant
to make
grow made
my life still
a star no
matter how
DarK the candle
i felt iN BLacK
Hole SouL
then.. and
oh.. the saviors of the world..
and a story i love to tale a little
different as parables do.. when free
and not imprisoned by books.. pages..
paragraphs.. lines or words of print
of yesternows.. bound
by past authority
that no
longer should
exist.. for free..
so.. anyway.. sorry iF
you've already heard it yet
it will be different anyway..
hehe.. as free WiLL Be
when unleashed
and released
as being
StarLiGHT oF eYes
within.. a dusty road..
a little boy with no words..
disabled from birth without
the ability to speak.. yet a lover
of growth.. in shape of trees...
a sapling brought home
by loving mother
then.. placed
on a counter
by a lamp that shines..
the boys sees green and
wants to see more.. so he
nurtures this PLANeT
the ability
to speak...
water he does..
fertilizing Love..
Sunshine hope
iN eYes of Loving
Kind.. fertile ground
outside.. dig a hole
to comfort roots..
spend time
and effort
caring Love
and the Tree rises
broad and STRoNG..
and soon provides shade
for the front porch home..
Sidewalks come.. yet Tree
STill BRanches out.. Flowers
come more beautiful than before..
Students from the local school who
study trees are amazed by the beauty
of this tree.. photos are taken.. shared..
and the boy's eYes shine to see what his
LoVE iNspires.. Tree no longer needs boy
to grow strong now.. and the little
boy becomes ill and his life
goes dark..
Years later..
a shy young man iS
walking this sidewalk
of the boy’s home.. and
a most beautiful dark haired
girl approaches him.. with smiling
face.. the Boy's EYeS LiGHT up yet what
to say.. ah.. the center piece of conversation
iS standing TAll and FLoWeRinG more beautiful
iT seems than ever before on this March Spring
day.. a spark of instant Love is in the air..
and that begins a Love that
will last ’till death again Life
Yes the shy boy becomes
confident with the Love of
his wife.. joins the Military..
and even rises to the ranks
of politics then.. Love grows
and fearless Lives..
the boy is
now a
Strong man..
and makes a decision
as a leader of the world
that prevents World War III…
Life on the PlanT NoW iS saved..
So who is the savior.. the boy..
the man.. the girl.. the Loving
wife.. the parents.. the schools
providing education.. The Tree
or the little disabled boy
and all the
from around the
world.. well the truth
iS aLL they are.. as THeRe
is no i.. me yet us and we
oF Life..
Moral oF A STory
NoW.. Water A Tree
Of Life and See wHere
YES iN Ocean
EYes SeT Free...

SMiLes The Two People i Will Trust With my
Life Are my Wife and Sister That's Enough

to Practically Forgive Anyone And
Everyone Else For Any Broken

Promise That May Come

Pay It Forward is my

Way For True

i've Already

Had my Life
Given Back to me
And That's Enough

Mercy me to Forgive it
All Again No Matter What...

No Need for me to Imagine Love...

A Free Dance And Song Will Do Like
Giving A Tune Away in Church And Watching
The Elder Lady even more Elderly than me Turn

Around Like She Was Jolted By Mother's Angelic

Voice Coming Out of me So Deep And Resonate As

The Ocean Breathes

Shells Forevermore

It's all about Touching
someone's Soul after


Deep to



That's Real Within
to Give Share Care Freely Now
WHere Thank Giving Means For Giving Now...

Then the Old Retired Teacher At Barnes And Noble
Asked me What Kind of Tai-Chi i Was Dancing Listening
to Meditative Music Reading A Book Long on the Mystical
Aspects of of Buddhism i told Him i had no Wu Wei Autotelic Flow

Idea in Non-KNoWinG

What i Am



The Promise
of the River that
Pours into the Ocean
Wave Water Being Whole Now

I keep my Promises That's All Totally What
We Will Ever Be Able to Truly Fully Control For Now...

SMiLes Dear Annabel i Like Your Books
And the Open Style of Writing them
on the Watt Pad Application You

Use Oh Yes Saving Saving
Saving Money When i Was
Young i Had So Many

Plans of Saving
Money Money
Money So Very

Many Budget Books
to Just Try To Stay A
Bit Over the Surface of
The Ocean Without Sinking
Too Deep And The Only Way
to Do it is to not Spend Spend

Spend Our Way into Debt First Debt
in 1985 for my First Purchased Color TV
Last Debt Paid Off House and Car in 2016

And Oh Boy Getting My Full Federal Retirement
Pay Next June at 62 My Wife Has Her Eye on A
Blue Outlook That Means Suburu Hehe and Huge

Car Loan Where i Don't Wanna Go Back to that Place
Again No Matter How Much Money i Make Just Wanna


To Be

Loan Free...
i Hate Outlook's
Anyway They Look
Like Forty Thousand
Dollar Station Wagons to me hehe
Will Stick With my 2014 Blue Honda Civic..
They Are Like Roaches They Hang Around Long...

Hehe Indeed
my Fudge

SMiLes i Just Had Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Before i came here Aarushi i Implored my
Wife for Some Kind of Fudge Additive

Yet She Said i'd
Have to Settle
For the Vanilla
Bean So i Said
What i Always Do
to Survive hehe Yes Dear...

Other Than That All Seasons
Winter Fall Summer Spring Always
Dance And Song Free For me Just
Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Practically Always Now...

Anyway i'll Show My Wife Your Recipe in Hopes that
She Will At Least Break Out Some Fudge for the Vanilla Bean Tomorrow...

You Are Very Welcome. i'm Glad it helped you a bit...

That One Small Post i made on Autism Burn-out
Has Surely Got a Lot of Mileage over the Last
8.5 Years on That Archive Blog of Mine And
Really is More Relevant Than ever, overall,
As Burn-Out in the General Population Has
Been Assessed as 42 Percent of This Recent
Wave of Resignations, Across The Country; Even
Before Covid-19 Made the Whole Situation Worse...

i Sure Wish i had some idea what was going on with
me, before i had to endure what i did. Everything is okay now;

Particularly since i'm retired; Would Not Wanna Go Back to almost any Job...

For Pay at Least...

SMiLes Dear Rafiah Your Sentiments Sound

Very Much Like my Mother for A Story She Told

Us About When She Was a Young Mother
She Never Really Showed us Any Toils
And Troubles She Was Going Through

Raising Us She Never Broke Any Promises
She never Told Any Lies Yet i Do Remember Seeing

Her Diaries With Perfect Cursive Writing Filling The Pages
Hehe i Was Most Impressed By The Beauty of the Writing Skills

As my Hand Writing Still Looks Like Chicken Scratch and i Never
Even Sign my Name Twice the Same Way Hehe Unless i have to
Voting By Mail as they Once Insisted i Wasn't the Same Person HAha...

Anyway my Mother Said it was so Hard she had to wash Diapers by
Hand She Had Worked Before And Never realized How All Her World

Would Be Encompassed By taking Care of Two Children Yet That Wasn't
All as my Father Was Most Interested in Pursuing Monetary and Material
Riches in this World So He Insisted That She Go To Work And Take Care

Of Us too And He Never Lifted a Finger to Help Her Not Even Saying Any
Words At All When He Got Off From Work He Was so Good Looking She Said

When She First Saw Him Whoever Was Married to His Green Eyes Jet Dark
Black Hair And Stubbled Beard in the Woods As A Beverage Agent Capturing
Moonshiners Folks Who Make Booze And Selling it Illegally Yes the Man Coming
Into the Courthouse to Finish His Paperwork Where She Worked As a Clerk Yes
Whoever Was Married to that Man Who Was the Best Looking Man She Ever
Saw Must Be the Luckiest Woman in the World Hmm... Love At First Sight as

They Say


Have to Make
Any Sense at All
Deep Deep From
Within Attraction to
Bear A Child Finally
at age 26 As She Felt
Like She Was Getting So Old
in those Days Not to be Married
And Have a Child So She Said Yes

on the Second Date to His Request For
Her to Marry Him on the First Date So True
The Young Woman Who Won the Best Figure
in High School For 11th and 12th Grade Had a Similar
Appeal to Him Plus He Was 28 Kinda Old For A Dude
Not to Be Married With Kids Back in 1959 in the United States too...

Anyway She Was Really Depressed As After they Got Married It Was Like
He Wasn't There At All As Far As what Was Inside of Him i Must Say Knowing
Him Until the Day He Dropped Dead At age 81 i Still Wonder What Was Inside
Him He Never Let Any of it out for us to See Yet My Uncle told Us About Stories
When He was a Cop too in 46 Years of Law Enforcement Chairs Broke Against
His Back in Bar Arrests So many Things We Never Saw my Uncle Told Us After
my Father Died Plus i Got Real Quiet in my Marriage too as my Job Got Real Stressful too...

Anyway Times Two What My Mother Did Have And What She Did Develop to Survive is an

Folks Call Jesus the Portrait of a Green Eyed Man Sort of Effete With A Beard And A Big Glowing
Heart Comes to Be As A Savior of Love in All of Humankind Indeed So With Her Great Belief

She had A Vision of That Green Eyed Bearded Man of Compassion Hovering Over Her
Bed One Night Telling Her Sort of like 'The Beatles' Who Said All You Need Is Love in this

Life That Helen, My Mother's Name That Means Bringer of Light, Yes That Man With
Green Eyes Said Helen, Don't You Worry Everything is Gonna Be All Right And From

That Day On She Never Lost That Belief Even When i Lived in Hell for 66 Months
She Told Me This Too Shall Pass And Again Every Thing Will Be All Right it took

66 Months Yet Her
Belief Came True for
me too Even When i Couldn't
See Any Hope Out of HELL Yet Interestingly

i Had a Similar Very Lucid Semi-Waking-
Sleeping Dream of A Fiery Red Headed Woman
With Green Eyes Hovering Over my Bed At the Beginning
of my Hell However She Didn't Say Anything Except There

Is More to this

Life Than You
Understand Fred
With those Glowing
Green Eyes from Heaven my FRiEnD
And Again She Didn't Say A Thing Yet
my Soul Was Still Trying to Escape From
Within to Make it Back to the Divine Eyes
of the Child Who Only Has Hope And Love to
See in the Mother's Eyes of Promise, Trust,
And Loyalty That never Gives up on the Child

And If We all Come to See All of Existence this
Way there Will Surely Be the Truth in Light That
More Stuff in Life Will Work Out in Light Than Dark my FRiEnD...

Anyway Every Little Thing is Gonna Be All Right As Peace Inhales and Love Exhales my
FRiEnD... Some Nights My Eyes Are Green Some Days my Eyes are Blue All Days i Keep
my Promises True in Trust And Loyalty And That Gift i only Credit my Mother's Brown Eyes...

God my
FRiEnD Divine
Deep From Within FOR REAL..
EVEN in the depths of hell where even demons fear to tread my FRiEnD...


Power of Love

Does Bring LiGHT out of DarK...

SMiles Dear Rue
i had so Much
Fun Writing
You So Much
More Fun Than




Thank You
Dearest HiMaLi
i took The Beach
Photos While i Was
Dancing in
Deep Sand
Shoes on
Spinning Around
Hehe Like A Portable
Carnival Ride With SMiles
Yes Warm Hugs Thinking



Happy With the Pics
In Multiples of Sevens...

Catholic Mass Readings From
October 17th, 2021 telling All About
How the Last Is First And The One Who
Serves All Is First In Heaven Now to Give Share
Freely For All Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Yet Somehow

That Guy Was Cursed
As King Of All Disappearing
Into Nothing Until His MeSSaGE ReMeMBeRinG Again Done Now

Anyway 10.18.2021 Now Marks 9.8 MiLLioN Words of "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Longest EPiC Long Form Bible Poem With 15,533 Miles of Public
Dance in the Same 98 Months Yes This Power of Love Kingdom of Heaven Within NoW...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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18 Oct 2021, 6:31 pm


Nothing Unusual,

Business As Usual...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy How Concisely Precisely
And Poetically You Describe Faith True As The

Force Within i 'See' With No

Name That



Words And Eyes
And Ears of Only

Organs My FRiEnD...

When i Was Small i Am
Told Faith Means Believing
What Other Folks Say Without
Questioning Whatever Those in
Authority Say to Be THEIR TRUTH

Then i Looked



Grace Yes

Indeed Now Free
This Force This Faith

Within Breathes

Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love

DarK Thru



MiNE ReaL NoW...

Oh my Goodness This is So True Taking the Sidewalks
Created By Ancient Civilizations Before i took A one Way

Ride to Foot and Back Pain

And Draining All Potential

Human Creativity this

Way as Yes Science

Shows That Even Doodling
Spiraling Lines on a Page Will

Almost Immediately Increase Human Potential

For Creativity Yes Outside of the Box Sidewalk

Life Copies and Pastes One Way Life Over and

Over And Over Again Erasing Our Playful

Nature to Dance Butterfly Wings

In Meadows

Free to see

So Many new

Colors As Beyond
A Rainbow Becomes Real Us
Coloring Life New Every Dance And Song Now...

SMiLes Missdimpledotcom
i Suppose it is Better For
HeART to Belong Within

Than Not At All

Even if Leaves

No Longer

Fall off

Branches to Rise
For New Living Trees
Connecting Forest Soul Spirits...

SMiLes Dear Yam
i Suppose A Woman's
Touch Will Do Greater

Deeds In
Life to Open

Tied Down Tight Now
In Knots Made of Silk

However Those Knots Tied
In Silk May Also Belong to Another

Way of Breathing

in Prison

of Soul

Spirit No
Longer Returning...

Birthdays continue Now Every Inhale of Peace Less or More
Every Exhale of Love More or Less SMiLes Dear Rafiah

Reborn We Breathe

Always Now Never

Really Same


Is A Prescription
of Life Neither Bought
Or Sold Just is Happy

Less Or More

Birthday Now
For Wind to Breathe
For Feather to See Union
Coloring Wind Our Reality

to Be i Am...

SubAtomic Quantum Particles SPiRaL
Vibrating Higher Frequency SonG NoW

Simply Taking a Walk in Nature Finding Peace
And Harmony
This Gift of Life More

"like little (Yes Adults Naked)
children and tread on them (Clothes), then [will you see] 'the Son' of the
Living One (Yes, You 'Nature of' God NaTuRE ALL), and you will not be afraid"

Human Once A Creature Who Wore the Clothes of
God Yes SKin FlesH And Blood Hearing Seeing

Feeling Sensing Deeper

Every Leaf Every Wind

Falling Rising

Brown to Green

No Mistaking Winter

Birthing Spring Summer Flowers

Resurrecting All Around Fall

Life Dies Rises All There

Is Is This Breath Now

Why Divide

God Into

Words When Nature

Breathes Within This Way

Heart Beats Vocal Chords Meet

Dancing Singing Freely Frequencies

Vibrations Dancing Singing DarK Thru

LiGHT Makes Life Waves Swim Water

Through Ocean Whole No Separation At

All Why More Than One Language of Nature

Pray Tell

What Spirit

Dances Sings

Soul Leaf Tree Roots

Deeper Than Just SKin

oF EarTH FlesH And Blood Breathes
Blue Skies Smile Sunshine Humans



Is Born

Never Die

God Is Born Never Die Love
Spirit Dances Sings Soul Leaf
Roots Deeper Than Just SKin
oF EarTH FlesH And Blood Breathes




Is Born

Never Die LiVE Now

SMiLes Dear Rue Not So Surprised
Maynard James Keenan Not So Pleased
With a Church Life Dictating That His Mother's
Aneurysm Was Caused By Not Living 'Right' After All

A Head Deacon Warned if He did not Get to the Hospital
With Only The Authority He Was Given my Child Who Was Thought
To Be Dying Would Remain In Limbo Somewhere Between Heaven

And Hell

The Child's
Eternal Soul
All Left Up

to this One Man's
Discretion of Authority...

Yet of Course That Wasn't All as my
Own Mother Asserted That i Was Likely
My Grandfather Reincarnated When i Actually
Really Went to HeLL ON EartH For 66 Months
As Punishment For my Grandfather Priest Leaving the

Catholic Church Including Making My Life Possible At all...

Oh Lord That And No Mandates for Social Distancing And Masks
in ChurcH A Deadliest Pandemic at the Peak of Childhood Vulnerability
Was Yes Sadly So Close to All the Child Abuse Globally Hidden Undercover

Of Bishop Cardinal

And Pope Orders

For Years Centuries

Likely From the Very Start

Such An Evil Business When

God Wears Clothes And Loses Love For Real

As Buildings House No Cornerstone of Love to Breathe...

Anyway Singing Sunday At Church A Lovely Elderly Lady

Turned Around and told me i Had a Beautiful Voice Yet it wasn't

Mine to Think About At all Like Your Poetry it Just Flowed From Faith

Within A Source

With No Words

Yet Pure Faith

Of Love's Energy

That Heart Beat That

Vocal Chord in Synch With this
God Named Love Beyond All
Names Essence of Faith Breathing Indeed
Within Yawn As the Story Goes if Jesus Could
Forgive God FoRSaKinG HiM Three Times Sure
i Will Forgive The Same Church too Who Believes God Forsakes...

And Tortures The Enemy Forever As Never FRiEnD That's Not my Style

That's Not my

Faith i Do Love

Full Stop

And Roar

Now and

Then Just For the

Hell of Yang to Keep Yin Warm Hehe...

Never Trust Any Sacred or Holy Text Without
Humor For Without Humor There is No God to Explain All of this...
Anyway Thanks For Turning me onto 'Tool' Never Heard of the Band
Yet Will Surely Relate Turning to Art to Deal With The World'S iGNoRaNCE



This way

Covering God's SKiN Free Us
Heavy Metal The Beat The Struggle
Is Great When One is Making Gorilla
And Lion And Other Bear Sounds Working Out...
True it Appeals to Base Reptile Emotions that
Move us Out of Fear Through Anger Releasing All

Shadows Free...

Where Love
Gets to Expand And

BREaTHE Freer my FRiEnD
Leaving the Shadow At the Gym
HAha and in Other Activities of Life

Freeing Other Parts too...

Just to Play A Higher

Chord in Frequency

Vibrations of SPiRiT
RiSinG HeART Beats SoUL More...

The Problem Is; And The Problem That Makes Non-Mainstream News Streams on the Internet Potentially
More Dangerous Is, They Often Exist in an Echo Chamber; And It's True, the Target Audiences of Mainstream

Media Often Stick like Glue on One Source For Whoever They May Identify With Most;
Both Personality Wise and Ideologies of Course too; What i Like to See is Someone

Not Afraid to Stand-Up to Their Peers They Interact with When it Comes to Spreading
What is Less Than What Stands Up to Truth or Makes Sense in Life. 'This Particular

Youtube Avenue' Called 'Rebel Wisdom' Seems to Be More Sincere in that Effort
As they Stood Firm When Brett Weinstein, Part of Their Old So-Called 'Dark
Web', Went Rogue in Echo Chambers over Ivermectin And Indeed Spread

Dangerous and Spinning Information on Effectiveness of the Drug
That Was Not Reliably Scientifically Shown to Be Effective; So, If You

Like, Give These Less Echo Chambered Views A Spin; And to Be Clear,

Joe Rogan Entertains Views Obviously other than His; Case in Point,
Sanja Gupta of Course; Yet Rogan Seems to Be A Bit too Much into Magical
Thinking And Even Paranoia As Far As Any Effective Skeptic Might Be taken Serious...

Anyway, He's Entertaining...

That Much

i'll Give Him;

Will i Believe What He Says;

Not Much More Than World
Wide Wrestling is Really Real Either

Or Chris Cuomo actually Tosses around
100 Pound Dumb-Bells Over His Head For Real;

Problem Here is, We Are Dealing as a Nation
With iS A Deadliest Pandemic in this Country's
History that Has killed Over 700,000 Folks Dead;
While That Might Be Easier to Dismiss, Not Seeing All
The Blood And Guts Spread Around A World Trade Center
Blown Up; As Rogan Has Spread Conspiracy Theories About that too;

The Bottom Line is, Over 700,000 Folks Are Dead And Spreading Fallacious
Information is Deadly Indeed When it Comes to Touting A Drug Shown to Be Potentially


More Effectively

Used And Mostly Used
Indeed in the United States
For De-Worming Horses Indeed...

It is not a Lie to Say it Does that; And
Yes it would Have Been More Appropriate
To Ask Joe Rogan Which Kind of Drug He
Took, Human Or Horse Farm Variety; However,

Opinion Shows on News Shows Do Throw Shade
Commonly That Aren't Always All True or False;

Some are Practically Parodies too; You Are Much Less
Likely to Hear These Opinions, When it comes to the actual
Reporting of the Daily News By Folks Like Wolf Blitzer on CNN And

Chris Wallace
on The Fox News
Version of Mainstream Media too...

Fox News, overall, is Much Farther Away
From Spreading Reliable News than CNN;

Fox New's Continuing Opinions that Support Trump,
Who Both the Republican Senate Majority Leader and
Republican House Minority Leader at the Dates of the
Incidence Actually Admitted Trump Was Responsible in
Part for Inciting An Insurrection Against Our Democratic Process

Is surely Proof

of that Now;

Of Course, Along
With Those Spineless
Republican Leader Men And Or Women Who Now Again Support
A Most Despicable Leader Yes This Country Has Ever Witnessed...

Thing is, i Don't Live in An Echo Chamber; i Don't Work For Money;

i Rule All the Hours of my Day, Which Gives me An Opportunity to Listen to MORE VIEWS...

Reading 20 Times Faster Than the Average Human, Being One of my 'Personal Autistic Super Powers';
And Typing 130 Words or So A Minute Around the Globe in Thousands of Words A Day, When Properly Now
Focused As
A Lifelong

Pianist too;

Does Actually

Give me

An Advantage

'Normal' Folks Don't have, hehe...

'Your' Words, Not Mine. i Clearly Said CNN
Could Have Done the Job More appropriately
By Getting Clarification from Rogan First
By Asking What Kind of Ivermectin, Farm
Source or Human Source He Was Using;

It Would Have Helped Safety A Bit, to Begin With
At Least, if Rogan had clarified that First with his
Often Naive and Ignorant Target Audience Same;

The Video i Added Does
Criticize All News Avenues
More Appropriately Now than

Just Black and White Thinking
That Says Mainstream Media Bad

And Other Stuff Private Citizens Do on the Web Good....

Of Course, in Criticizing Both, Echo Chambers Tend

To Even Delete

Or Ban Information

They Don't Agree With;

Perhaps, the Most Egregious Source
of Disinformation And Indeed Echo
Chambers for Both Ignorance And Unsafe
Practices During this Covid-19 Challenge Has Been

'The Frigging Church', A Sacred Cow That Most All
Mainstream News Sources in the United States, At Least, Are Afraid

to Criticize
For How The Church
Support Sacred Cows

That Are Truly 'Evil' Like Trump too...

'The Church is A Major Part of Both Target Audiences

And Often Taboo to Touch...

Hehe, i'm Not Afraid to See more than Black and White Think...

In Other Words, Crowd Think Indeed; And Yes, If One Has to Think
About it Deeper than Black and White, Some Folks Will Have to Work Harder at it...

And Maybe

Even Take

Some Kind of
Alternative Therapy to Deal With 'That Headache' too..
Hehe, Dance And Song Freely Like this works for me...

Life's Not

Black and White... 'That Way'...

Continue A Fantasy if You Like...

Otherwise Provide Some Evidence

For Your Truth

If You

Can And Will

Other than Conjecture...

And YouTube Conspiracy Theories...

Or Don't And Just Continue Repeating the Same Things...

This is Life When Every YouTube Source Becomes Priest And Church...


Echo Echo...

Or Convince
me if You Have
Some Reliable Source
As Even Your Source Admitted too...

CNN Did Nothing Illegal And Just Threw Some Shade At Rogan...

It's What Monkeys Do At the Zoo When Clothed Humans Invade too...

A Huge Difference:

Fox News Backs Up
A Leader Who Tried to

Overthrow Democracy still....

A Huge Difference:

CNN Does Not.

CNN: For the MOST Important 'Win' Now...

For It's True, if America Goes Down, Say
Hello Australia Even More to China too...

Or Whatever


Comes Next FOR REAL...

Ahem, AT&T Owns CNN.

CNN Actually Exposed

AT&T's Financial Support of OAN...

It's Just Goes to Show CNN Has Some 'Nuts'... too...

If You Have Another
Source That

CNN Directed
The Support, Please Provide...

APParently Not Very Much
Brown Nosing AT&T

Since CNN Exposed

AT&T's Support
of OAN; It Surely

Didn't Do Anything to Help 'The Brand'...

There is No Evidence That AT&T Supports
Trump Directly; As Far as the Evidence Goes they
Were Just looking to Add Another Conservative

Channel to Make Some Bucks..

Go Figure...

They All

A PLACE i will ever wanna Hang around...

Capitalism Births Trump; So Yeah It's Really
All Correlated; Yet as 'They' Say Correlation

Make Causation...

Capitalism: A Consumer
CuLTuRE Eating The Only
Home We Have Away Out of Balance

Is an Ultimate Human CULTuRaL PaNDeMiC of the Earth Now...

Trump is Just A Symptom oF iT; THeRE, The Correlation is Strong...



Force Eating
The Face of


Nature A

Real Zombie

Apocalypse to

Watch Considering

We aRe the SaMe Face of Nature..

With No F in Escape, No Matter How
Many Billionaires Pop Champagne Bottles

Lifting Up For 10 Minutes for an Escape into Dark...

And No, i Don't Have Any REAL Answers NoW Except

Watching IT Safely For Now FroM A Distance... *Eve Pass the Popcorn Please*...

It's What Ya Do At the End of the Old 'Matrix Movies in Zion' Rave Dances True... too...

Let's Hope

Part 4 Has

Some More
Helpful Hints, hehe...

What Will We Do Yet Laugh
Like the NeWesT Oldest Version of the 'Joker'...

Considering That Mood Disorders, like Bi-Polar, are Correlated Higher, with
Higher Levels of Intelligence by Four-Fold, And in Poets By 30-Fold, Chances

Are, Without Folks With Expansive Abilities, Both Intellectually And Creatively,
As If THere iS A Difference Hehe; Other than STEM Majors Versus Those in the
Arts; Yes, Human Intelligence And Creativity is the Same, If Everyone Fits the

So-called Norm, An Unholy Boring World We Will ALL Surely Live Now Without
A Touch of Divinity That A Touch of So-called Modernly Assessed 'Madness' Brings

Yes "Divine Madness"...

It's An Historical Condition

As Long As Humans Have Been
Collecting Both Arti-Facts of Yes
Facts And Arts The Same Differently All Through the Years...

Without it There Would Likely Not be Nearly as Many Words of
Holy And Sacred Texts In Religion That Express More Mystical
Arts of Life Divinely Inspired, Expressed; And God Yes actually

All Naturally Felt From Head to Toe And So Much More Within
Inside, Outside, Above, So Below Just All Around One With All Of Nature

Moving, Connecting,
Co-Creating in Bliss and
Nirvana, Heaven Within to
Give and Share, Caring Freely

More Now than ever before Yet

As You May See Without a Lot of Practice

One Might Get Lost Somewhere on 'the Bus Trip';
Or Never Even Get On the Bus; Like If Modern Myths
of Jesus, Buddha, F. Gump; And Other Real Folks Like Beethoven
And Mozart And SO MANY OTHERS Get Stuck at the Bus Stop Playing
An Endless Game of 'Candy Crush' Never Pursuing Creative Acts of Life

That Generate An Autotelic Joy of Bliss and Nirvana Within; Yes,
'Class' Again the REAL KINGDOM OF HEAVEN WITHIN that comes

in Divine Experiences

Real of so-called 'Divine

Madness', Where We Get 'Moonlit

Sonatas' Instead of Only Elevators that
Go to the Top of Skyscrapers that Never

Even come close to touching Human Divine
Creativity Within to Express, to Give, to Share Freely;

To Experience All the Divine Nirvana and Bliss Within as

Yes Time Out of Time, Where There is No Time to Die Now;
Yes, Only Living in Creative Bliss Now For God Feels Senses Real...

How Will We Measure

Creative Bliss/Nirvana; Shall

It Be Ecstatic Smiles Generating

This in a Free Autotelic Bliss of FLoW iN Moving

Meditation, Dancing Singing Bringing This Experience

to Others Surrounding the Act of Creativity;

How Will We Empirically Measure this For

(Famous Atheist Sam Harris Relates, Yes too)

The Naysayers in the Crowd Who Might Say Someone
Like me Who Used to LiVE iN HeLL ON Earth Shut-in, in
my Bedroom With A Synergy of Life Threat with 19 Mostly
Chronic to Acute Work-Stress-Related-Disorders Coming From
11 Years of That Finally Burned-Out in 'General Adaptation Syndrome'; Yes,
Total Human Exhaustion in Every Bodily System For 66 Months From Head to Toe

In Disorder

of Living At All;

Yes, The Naysayers Might
Say i am Experiencing 'Delusions
Of Grandeur' When i Say i Commonly Hear
The General Public Dance Audience Bring
Feedback that i am Famous, And Living Legend Same

When 'They' Don't even Know my Born on Date Name...

When I've Never Made A Penny off of Public Dancing Free
15,533 Miles in 98 Months or Writing 9.8 MiLLioN Words of
Free Verse Poetry in 98 Months too That Might Be Hard to Believe

Unless i Didn't Do it here as just one small measure of a Million
Words in 13 Months of What i Do Whole in Other Places of "Depth
of the Story", 34 Pages on a Discussion Board That Hold That Much
Autistic, Artistic Solo Free Verse Poetry; And True, While the Legend and Famous
Thingie might be hard to believe, i include Over 2000 of those Selfie Ecstatic
Smiles Reaching 60 Years-Old with the Most Lovely College Age Students in

(And of Course a Viral Video With 1300 Comments, With Those Specific Comments too)

The Northwest Florida Area for Real And of Course Nationally in Spring Breaks in My
Tourist Area Locality for 6 Years of Doing that too until Covid-19 Shut-it Down, 3 Months
before i Turned 60, Back on March 12, 2020; Yet the Public Dance in Stores Continues Uninterrupted
And Appropriately Masked and Hehe, Sadly Social Distanced So Much More Than At the Big Metro Area Dance Hall...

So How Will Divine All Natural Human Experiences of Bliss And Nirvana Be Measured Empirically This Way; No
Way Greater Still Than Human Beings Involved in Ascending, Transcending, Experiencing Ecstatic Flow in Free Dance/Song; Oldest Way Humans

Touch the

Face of the

Divine, if Ya Wanna
CaLL IT God Within
With Each Other Free...

So i'll Leave Ya with two
Articles of Art-i-Facts for what
The Ancient and Modern Divine
Experience of Humankind Looks Like As
The Divine Ascendent Transcendent Dance

Plays Across Lit Up Eyes And Smiles That Shine
Forevernow as the Participants Will Likely Remember

Those Moments of Peak Experiences of Flow in Life For
As Long as They Live...

Or At Least

As Long

As the Evidence
The Photos Relate
A Same Servant oF LiGHT

BRinGeR of SMiles And EYes

That Light Up The Night Brighter Than the Full Moon, Indeed

True Sunshine Faces; Stars in EYes, This Breath, This Life, This Divine
Experience of Dance And Song NoW That Will Be Life For Those Who Find



That Will

only Be


By them and Never Ever
if they Pooh Pooh the Possibilities

They've Never Felt and Sensed in Life;

For It's True, my Experience of Life is
For All Practical Intents and Purpose Super Natural For 'Them'...

For Beyond What They Experience in the Nature of Life That is Theirs...

And to Be Clear, Not Everyone in Autotelic Ascending Transcending Flow Can And Will Regulate And Integrate
Emotions And Senses like i Do As True it took All those Holy Steps of Dance And Sacred Words of Song in Poetry to


It's Really Not that Much; 5 Miles of Dance A Day, 3,333 Or So Words, on Average, Everyday; Yet Here's the Autistic/

Artistic Deal too; You

Persevere; You (me)

Never Quit; You Keep

Going as Practice is what
Brings A Synergy Towards
Never Ending Perfection indeed...

Perfection of the Divine Feelings and
Senses of Life; Best Expressing, Best Giving,
Best Sharing Freely Indeed Servant For All As the
Giver Already Has it All to Give As Master of Within...

Living in Balance, Feather As The Wind, Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love For All Yes FRiEnDS With Gravity (GoD) ALL...

And As Far As the Poetry Goes, For those With An Expansive
Enough Conscious Ability to Interpret it, and Understand it the
Way i Originally Creatively Do it; Plenty of Links For How Others See the
Reality of That Bliss and Nirvana That Comes Associated in Autotelic Flow

With Song Of Poetry
Same As Moves of


It's One Thing
to Talk About the Divine;

It's Surely Another Heaven to Actually Do it Now;

While One May Describe How They Do it iN A ReaLiTY SHow of the Divine iN Deed...

Yet of Course, as Usual, Historically So, Only for Those to See and Hear, Who Have Developed Eyes and Ears to See it;

Far Beyond Only the Organs Attached to Our Face As Far As Divine Mind Unleashed and Released Will See and Hear Now.

The Nice Thing About Technology is if Someone Scoffs About My Description of this Real Experience of Life; Or Like Say
Someone Questions Whether or Not i am doing Some Kind of Tai-Chi At Barnes And Noble As i Listen to Meditative
Music And Dance, This Way Reading A Book every Sunday Afternoon Complete This Way in 1 Hour as Collaterally
Haha, As Usual, i Entertain A Full Star Bucks Cafe of College Students Studying What they Are Studying

And of Course

A Novelty of
me they will
Likely Never

See Again in Their Life;

True, if They Want The Proof

It Practically Never Ends; All i Have
To DO is Whip Out the 6.1 Inch i-Phone XS Out of my Shorts



Some Folks Don't
Like Change;

Other Folks


Change Reality Now;

Like Steve Jobs Related,

Some of Us Are Just 'Crazy
Enough' to actually Get the 'Jobs' Done...

True, We All Prepare A Way Like This; Unless
We aRe Somewhere Stuck at A 'Bus Stop' Dying Living...

Oh, How The EYe of the Needle Is Smaller Than Ever Before;

Riders Lost From 'The Elephant' Within...

Which is Just A Metaphor, For All Of Our Subconscious
Abilities in Epigenetic Effect, So Lost in 'The Crowd Think'...

SubAtomic Quantum Particles SPiRaL
Vibrating Higher Frequency SonG NoW

Simply Taking a Walk in Nature Finding Peace
And Harmony
This Gift of Life More

"like little (Yes Adults Naked)
children and tread on them (Clothes), then [will you see] the Son of the
Living One (Yes, You Nature of God NaTuRE ALL), and you will not be afraid"


Nothing Unusual,

Business As Usual..:)



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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20 Oct 2021, 12:50 am

"And Then There Were None"

EYes And SMiLes of iMaGiNaTioN

Indeed Written ACross the Face

Of Agatha Christie Dear Savvy

Happy Birthday to Her Soul

Still Breathing In Her Art

So Many


Coloring For
Others Coming
From Within New
And Never Traveled
Creativities in Mysteries

Verily For All Who Enjoy to Pursue
For It's True We May Be A Spectator
An Audience Member of Almost Unlimited

Other Souls of Creativity We Consume And
Then Perhaps to Write Our Own Stories Never Perused Before...

Including Every New Dance Step And Song Word Coming to Fruition



Even Us...
A Grand Adventure
iMaGiNaTioN And Creativity
Is Our Lives' Greatest Mysteries
Stories Evolving Novel Still Now...

It's Like A Song in Stereo With

One Ear Bud in It's Like A Song

With Only One Note And No Empty

Space Between The Next Note As the

Empty Space

Is What


Of Melody Most

Shall We Predict the
Next Note or Let the

Nothingness Just Flow

Into Somethingness

my FRiEnD i Surely

Hope i Never


As The Feelings
The Senses Are So
Pure With No Words At
All Just Harmony And Melody
Breathing Again the Feather The Wind...

Oh Good Lord Hawaii Aloha FRiEnD

What Can't You Do Hehe From Surfing

To Building Elegant Beach Homes

To Fine Cuisine Worthy

Of 5 Star Restaurant

Status in

Most Elegant
Tourist Restaurants
In Hawaii Too And So Sweet
Panda Australlian Shepherd

Watch Dog of Surf Gliding on
His Own Surfboard in Calm
Ocean Spreading Rainbows

And Sweet Tropical Sounding
Birds Light And Airy Winged of Nature Free
Happy Full Hunter Moon to You Dear FRiEnD
Keep Spreading Sunshine of Paradise in All Your Do...

“You’re not allowed to get old or die”

SMiLes Dear Cindy Same Instruction

to My Wife So Far So Good At 51 too

Such A Lovely Poem And Tribute to Your

True FRiEnD Worth Every

Word Dear

New FRiEnD
My Motto is Treat

New FRiEnDS As Old
FRiEnDS Treat Old FRiEnDS

As New FRiEnDS And Live Like

This is the One And Only Breath For i

Too Have Faced That Last Breath in Life

Thrice Surely Changing The Current of My

Life to This Present Gift Evermore Now Living Real

For Inhaling
Peace Now

Exhaling Love
Naked Complete
Enough Giving Sharing
Caring Freely Ever more

This Breath This Love This
Life Worth Dying For Always Now
Gratitude For This Gift Always Worthwhile Now

Here Nope i Need Not Blast Off to Find Where

Heaven Is in a Warm Embrace in A Smile

WHere Words Change into SMiLinG

EYes Beyond Age Same As

A SMiLe Who

Sees the

Face of

Love Within
mY FRiEnD For ALL..
What i Learned When my
Mother Passed Away i Still Am
Her Love Every Loving Breath of Mine Still Hers...

And For my Only Child Ryan Who Never Smiled Only
Living in Pain for 51 Days i Carry A Smile For Him The

Now The
Wind mY Love...

Indeed This Way
He Never Dies or
Even Says Bye Bye Either...

For the Smiles Others Carry on
of Mine His Hers THeirs Ours True too...


City of Scars Scares
Some Folks Numbly
Painfully Feel Within

As Their Only
Home to Escape

Sweet Respite

Letting Go

of the

As SCars BRing
LiGHT out of DarK True too...

"Self-confidence, loving with extreme passion what I do,
learning from my mistakes, and never give up"

Wonderful Virtues Dear Doc Staying on
The Journey Now Success in Life Indeed
Ongoing Never Ending As Long As You Are


This Way

Now You Truly Live

How Precious it is to
Really BREaTHE LoViNG What
You Do Free to Be All Of You Are As You...

Congratulations in Your 40 Year Journey in
The Medical Field As Surgeon And Doctor too!

Hehe i Can't Imagine having that responsibility for Sure


For Doing
It At All


For 40 Years my FRiEnD...
My Doctor Said today She is
So Disheartened How the Local
Community Keeps the Number of
Vibrant Youth Who Have Died from
Covid-19 Out of the News to Motivate
Younger Folks to Get Vaccinated Really

A Hard Job to Do When Folks Are Holding Healing Progress Back...

THere is A Much More Effective 'General Strike' Than What
Was Haphazardly Planned ACross Social Media For October 15;




Additionally, Got Breaks During Shut-Downs
And the Such During the Pandemic for HUMAN INTROSPECTION



Yes MCC, And The History Yes of

Loyalty to Jobs Like A Village that

Raises the Child Foraging Through
The Day Connecting Through Drum Beats
of Moonlit Campfire Dances Really Being Part

Of the Whole Human Picture; Yes Moving, Connecting,

Co-Creating; Inhaling Peace More, Exhaling Love More For All


IT'S A BRAVE NEW WORLD BABY; People Don't Usually Join Secure Jobs Now With Life Long Benefits
That Generate Life-Long Loyalty to A Job in Guaranteed Benefits, While Working And Retiring too...

Now We Have Obama Care; It's Portable, No Longer Part of the Golden Hand-Cuffs of One Job...

The Other More Secure Golden Hand-Cuff Jobs Have Been Privately Contracted Out...

Gig Jobs are the Name

of the Jobs of the Younger

Generations Just to Make Money

On The Fly; No Loyalty to 'The Village

of Foraging', Either Employee or

Employer Same

IN Both Directions...

And What About 'Soma' In this
"Brave World" Now; It's More than

Opiates; it is Behavioral Addictions Brightly

Lit Screens With All You Can Eat and Drink Porn
24/7, Particularly 'Indigenous' To Male Variety in Taste;

A Quick Highest Dopamine Hit For Every Screen Take Free...

And All the Other Freely Available Accessible Colors that Make

A 6 Inch Screen, A Virtual 72 Virgin's in Heaven on Earth And yes Again

All the Other Brightly

Lit Colors

of 'Dopamine

Stimulation Soma'

Free to Give And Share

Virtually As Avatars Machine

Bits and Bytes Humans Come to 'Almost Breathe'...

And this is Just A Simplified Version of All the Factors

That Makes it So Much Easier to Surf A Tidal Wave of Resignations...

Stay At Home With Your Affluent Baby-Boomer

Parents; Baby-Boomer Parents Retiring

Early; Do You Really Need

A New Car And Bigger

Home; Lord Knows

Just A Decision Of No to That
Precludes A Need for a Second Job...

A Socio-Economic System of Capitalism
Requires Both Workers and Consumers...

The System is Currently Failing As Is
In Many Ways; So Many Jobs Aren't Even

Close to What Humans Are Evolved to Do
Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating in Flesh and Blood Non-Avatar Way true...

Machines May Only Need Oil; Yet, Humans Break Down As Clearly Relating







VALUABLE TO You; Yet hey

it's Already A Ghosting

World Even For



And Any
Real God ThiS Way too

Like Nature What Was the
Name of that Force Outside...

The World is Changing And

Capitalism is on Fire Again Burning the Whole Game Down...

Meanwhile, More Folks Are Doing What it Takes to Both Survive
And Stay

Really Treat
Humans As Less
Than Human And You
Get Less Humans to Lend Their Services...

Meanwhile, Some Corporations Are Stepping
Up in Pay and Benefits to Employees As They


They Just
Can't Take


Slave Labor Conditions
For Pay For Granted Any More....

The Other Businesses Will Fade
Away fade away... away... Turn of the Lights...

If You Can't Get More Ya Learn to Survive
And Thrive on Less


Does Work

For The Individual This Way most...
As It's No Longer Really Even A Society
As A Society Takes Care of Everyone Best...

Ahem, Jim Acosta
Was The One Who
Made the Statement About
Rogan Partaking of the Ivermectin;
Honestly, Mostly Used on the Farm
As A Horse De-Wormer in the United

States as One of the Local Repair Shop's
Owners Proudly Admitted He took some Horse
De-Wormer as He Has Horses on His Farm too...

Of Course, Unvaccinated, the Delta Virus Tore a Whole
in the Repair Shop Among All the Employees, Forcing A
Shut-Down; Yes, The Financial Cost, Ouch, of Not Getting Vaccinated too...

Wouldn't Surprise me, if 'The Joe Rogan Show' Motivated Him to do the Horse De-Worming

Version Of Ivermectin
And Yes That's

A Whole Point

of Joe Rogan's

Ignorance; He Left it Up

To His Common Turnip-Trump-Truck Audience

in Ignorance To Decide What to Do Next on their
Own, likely Depending Some, in Part, if they really
Had Their own Horse Farm and Ready Supply too...

Anyway, It's Easy to See that Gupta is More of A Perfectionist
in Details, Black And White, Than Larger Vision Thinking Seeing Bigger Pictures

Nuanced As Such; Where Typically So-Called Neuro-Typical Folks, Go 'Grayer', if
There really is such a thing (Neuro-Typical), which there is not, by the way, to be more Pedantic too

As Sanja Would Typically Do too, As More of A Pedantic Kinda Guy, By A Strict Book of Semantics too...

Anyway, Sanja Gupta is a Straight-Up Guy; Shouldn't Be Hard to Figure Out, if One Is Proficient at Reading Human Souls...

Yes, Don Lemon Has Lived A Life With Enough Bullies For Being Different that He has a Bit of A Chip on His Shoulder

And Tends to

Be A Bit too Elite

In Tone When it comes
To Turnip-Trump-Truck-Minion-Ignorance...

He's Singing to the Choir Baby. Acosta Is Singing

To the Choir Baby too; Meeting What the Target Audience

Wants to Hear Most; Same As They Do Over at Fox News too...


Is the Kind
of Straight-up
Guy Ya Turn to,

If You Do Not have
The Ability to Read Between
the CuLTuRaL Lines For How

Life Really Works in the Really Big Show of Anything Goes...

Both the Source of Who 'The Op' Presented, And Yes Even
Joe Rogan, Both Laud Sanja Gupta As a Great Credit to the Human Species...

i Do too...

He Simply Related what i did...
it Wasn't Appropriate to Use

The Wrong Term; However, Technically,
Ivermectin Is Used As A Horse De-Wormer

Most in the United States Approved, And the Reality is CNN Was Trying to Make

Rogan Look Like He Just Fell Off the Trump-Turnip-Minion-Truck oF IGnorance

You Know

'The Bleachy Orange Guy Meme'

Most Everyone With Common Sense has Already

Had A Face Palm Forest Thick Over Trump's Stunt(S) too...

Yet Again, Lemon, Cuomo, And Acosta Are Here to Please
The Church Choir of CNN, No Different Than Jesse Watters,
That Judge Lady Who Looks Like She Sucks Lemons all Day;

And the Rest of the Clown Crew of Hannity And Tuck Tuck too on Fox News...

It's One thing to Shade Someone For Promoting A Non-Approved Drug, Potentially Dangerous
to Treat a Deadly

Pandemic Yet Yes,

It Surely Is Another

Thing to Promote

A President Once again

As the Facts Relate that the

Senate Majority Republican Leader

And House Minority Republican Leader

Both Admitted That Trump Was in Part
Responsible for a Deadly Insurrection to
Overthrow the Democratic Process in the United States...

That's the Kinda

Thing That Make

Countries Go Away

From Being Free; That's the
Kinda Thing that Should Teach
Folks to Change the Fox Channel, if They Have Any Common Sense at all...

Go Figure, The Trump-Turnip-Minion-Truck is Still Loaded Full of That... Yes...

And No, i Don't Change the Channel on Fox News; i'm Just Curious, How Un-Patriotic

The So-Called News
Will Fall...




They Better Get Up
And Realize When the
Ship Sinks They Go Down
Too Not Much Different than
the Ignorance Unvaccinated of the

Repair Shop;

Yet that was
Just Temporary, Not a Permanent
Loss of the Right to Life, Liberty, And

The Pursuit of Happiness

And Oh Yeah

Justice For All too...

For Now Let's Just Work
On Not Turning the Country
Over to Demagogue Rule, Again, Pretty Please...

Of Course, i'm Just a Watcher; Already Did my 'TiMe'...

Any Questions Class On What God Wears As Beach
Rhetorical of Course Without Words Wild Loving Naked Free Play

Now Beach Enough

Naked Sea Gull Wings Touching God’s Complete Naked Face Beach

Feather Is Spirit Wind

A Most Vibrant Smiling Huggable ALiVE FULL Figured Woman in A
Sliver oF A Bikini Playing Closest to Naked Beach Joy Finest Human Art

Yes Yes “Class” The Reason 98% of Men And 74% of Women


Porn is They Enjoy Being Human Unless Ya Believe Lies

Bonobos Don’t Enjoy Oral Sex Cause They Are Evil Like
Humans Empathically They Are Blessed With Feeling

Everyone Else’s Ecstasy

Priest of A Church is Fixated on Porn in Hell Ignoring

Social Distancing in Peaks of Deadliest Pandemics on Earth

Cover This Truth iN LiGHT With DarK All Ya Like Never The
Less Born Naked Free With God’s Wild Loving Breath i Am NoW

i iLLusTratE WHaT iT iS To LiVE iN THiS NaKeD Beach Abundance
Often iN Art to SHoW WHeRE God Breathes Loving Naked Wild Free

Yet of Course Raised on A Close to Naked Beach of Human Connections
God Is LoVE iN Naked Abundance HeaR NoW Free Loving Wild Real

Don’t Have to Lift Up in Space of
DarK For 10 Minutes To See
Heaven Is EartH iN LiGHT BeLoW

When two or my people come
ToGeTHeR 'i am' THeRe so why is it
So Hard for everyone to agree 'God is Love'.

Stars are Born Both Flowers and Seeds
Just waiting to explode/die so folks like you WiLL
ARisE NeXT OuT oF Crucible FiRE of Star DeatH too...
And if You Manage
YoU too WiLL
And Seed of Life NoW
Love too as TrUELiGHT...

Sun FloWers and Seeds
We Be As LoVELiGHT NoW...

Emotions Move all Reasons in Life.

LoVE LiGHT iS Truth.

Hmm… Hehe Rue Still
Doesn’t Tell me
Rare Medium

Or Well Done

Yet True Rue
Rarely Makes
A Mistake in Her Arts

Most Impressive You’ve
Actually Tasted All The
Flavors of The World And

Felt All The Peoples As A
Jet Setting Flight Attendant

For Years Lord Knows As Close
As i Got Was Epcot Center At

Disney World in 1995

Wanted to Go
Back Pinching
Pennies i Became

A Portable Disney
Wild Mr Toad Ride
Instead Hehe Mickey Mouse
Indeed With Words Escaping

Movies too

With New SMiles

Everything Else And
Perhaps TMI You Already

Know About me

As Mickey


Shy No
More Yet
Katrina Still iS Hehe...

Celebrating 99 Months of HeaVeN
Within Since July 19th, 2013 on
October 19th, 2021 Now With

66 Months Before that
Of Course Shut-in

In 'The Other Place'

For Real, For Real, For Real
Now The Greater Place yet
DarK Still Makes LiGHT No Separations...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !