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20 Oct 2021, 6:33 pm


Dear Savvy

Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Living

Trees We aRe Providing Now

Unique Shade CoLOuRs oF LiGHT

From DarK For Whoever

And All Now That

We Cover With





From These Roots
Arts And Sciences
Healing World Breathing Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love Leaves Even More...
Seeds FLoWerS Yes Stars We aRe Ever Shining Now More...

So You Made LoVE iNTo A Word
You Hung Love On A Cross
And Now You Don't Do Love WTF...

SinGinG Free
A Tight Rope
H i G H e R NoW
in Non-KNoWinG Balancing
FRiEnDS With Gravity too
Wu Wei Tao Autotelic iN Flow

Simply Nirvana Bliss Heaven Within


Now For Real

Yes This

LiVinG Tree
Star Flowers Seeds
Above Sunshine Same
Below All Around For Real
Generating Within iNside Outside Giving
Sharing Caring Freely For All Least Harm Now

SMiLes When 'Purposeful Hostility' Rises to The Very Top
And Spreads ITs Leaves of Living Tree Death As The

Bottom of the

Rotting Tree

Is Fed by the Top

Only A Symptom of

A Much Larger Human

Disease The Disease of Empathy

The Disease of Compassion The Disease

of When The Tree Of Love

Within Is No Longer

Colored With


of Kindness

For All to Give
And Share Free in Cooperation

More Than Competition Giving More
Than Taking Sharing More Than Hoarding

This Living Tree With Roots of Love For All GRoWinG

Ocean Whole


These Drops

These Tears of Love

Spreading Now For Ocean
Whole Humanity Cooperating
Foraging Together Where All Hands
Are Required to Support the Village Survival

Making the Child the Ultimate Prize For All
To Survive As Every Hand Offers a Diversity
of Humanity to Lend A Helping Hand to Rise

This Sapling Tree Up of Love Again to Breathe
Yet You See For Most of the Decades of my Life

i Had no Words to Describe This Human Breath of Life
This Love For 'They' Told me Boys Aren't Allowed to Smile
in this So-Called Trump Christian Jesus Town Even Then in '71

That Was 50 Years Ago This is 2021 in 2019 Thru Even Now Flags High
Are Flown That Say F Your Feelings We Don't Care Trump is Our Ruler of



The Great
Orange Messiah
Still Supported By
78 Percent of Republicans
For Kingdom of Demagogic
Rule to Come Again Almost

Like A Creed of Fiery Hell coming
Down to Visit Enemies As Promised
Every Sunday In ALL ItS Orange Lit Glory

Okay That's a Poem That's A Metaphor For
A Dragon of Orange Unleashed Yet Just A
Symptom of A Societal Disease Lacking Emotional Intelligence

A Society That Teaches Every Reward And Award in Life is a Material

Accomplishment to Be Made Whether Grade, Money, or Stuff in Competition

So WHere
is Love

So Where

Is Love

In All the Taking
Hoarding Greedy
Ways of Competition

For All External Rewards And Awards of Breath

Love Got Lost Somewhere in Words Love Got Lost
Somewhere in Tools We Have Become Yes Clothes

Visiting my Psychiatrist Last Week i related A Memory from 2008

of the First Psychiatrist i Visited Then With A Life Threat Synergy
of 19 Disorders Many Not Diagnosed All Ones That Were Invisible
to the Naked Eye Just a Slender Tall Healthy Looking Man As My

Psychiatrist the First one Assessed me then Until he Tried to Have
A Look Within He told me A Foreign Piece of Advice that Commonly

Dudes might Not Have any Idea that exists in Trump Towns USA and that

Is Use Something Else Other than Adrenaline (Hint: Colorful Emotions) What Comes
From Seeing Life As Fear in Flight or Fight As in Hostility Purposefully Towards the

World to Motivate One to Breathe the Next Second Indeed... For It's True there

Are Many Wired without the Healthy Oxytocin Abilities to Warm Themselves
Within And Connect This Way in Cooperation Over Reptile Brain Restrictions



of Dueling

Snakes for
Survival Basically
Crawling on the Ground
On the Bottom of the All
Seeing Eye Pyramid of Love
For All of Existence in Cooperation
of Balance At the very Top That Sadly
Has Been Replaced by the Very Bottom of Trump

at the Top

Yet again


A Symptom
of the Syndrome

A Society that Values

Things Over Emotional

Intelligence that Moves
Connects and Co-Creates

With the Power of Love As the
Guiding Force Higher Than Basic

Tribal Fight or Flight Instincts for Desert
Wars of Scarcity to Obtain Basic Subsistence
And Reproductive Resources That Indeed look

More like Raping And Pillaging The Rest of Existence now

The Vengeance

of Fear and


or the

The Victory

That Inhales
Peace Exhaling

Love Are Both As Close Within

When My Newest Psychiatrist Asked
For Advice for How to Remove His Children
From Screens i Simply Said Let Them Dance
Naked in a Private Enough Back Yard Becoming
Sand And Sun And Leaves of Grass Generating


Light Within Becoming Naked Whole Complete Enough

to Once Again Enjoy Giving Sharing Caring Moving Connecting


And this

Is the Problem

People Have Lost Their

Ability to Generate Sunlight Within

And Now All That's Love is An Invisible

Sun Within And A Rotten Orange Ruler

Doing ITs Best to Rise again only A Reflection of the Human DiSEaSE

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Drugs Ain't Gonna Cure the Need
for A Naked Dance...

However That

Would Just




Worthy of Slaughter

Again By 'Onward

Christian Soldiers'

Or Whatever they

Call Humans Without
Emotional/Sensory Intelligences today...

Which Simply Means Regulating Emotions
Integrating Senses And Shining Our Own Stars Within

Together Again...

Yet Again

It's All Just

A Platitude

And An Earth
Wind And Fire
Song Reminding
Us We aRe Stars
Without A Naked
Dance Enough Complete
Whole Enough Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

With All For Real Now Balancing Force FRiEnD'S

With Gravity




This Power
of Peace Generating

Love Just This Naked Dance
Becoming Sand And Sun Leaves
of Grass Water Waves Ocean Whole...

Other than that thanks for allowing me
to rent this free space in New York, New
York, Not Everyone Seems to Be Afraid of



Savages' these days
Or Stars Disguised
With Human Clothes...




iT iS ALWayS NoW


Dear Savvy

Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Living

Trees We aRe Providing Now

Unique Shade CoLOuRs oF LiGHT

From DarK For Whoever

And All Now That

We Cover With





From These Roots
Arts And Sciences
Healing World Breathing Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love Leaves Even More...
Seeds FLoWerS Yes Stars We aRe Ever Shining Now More...

SMiles Dear Hawaii
Aloha FRiEnD Thanks

Again Hehe in An
All One May Eat


Of Art
i Aim To Provide
A Variety Enough

To Bring At Least
One SMile to All
HAha For

Those Who
May Endure
A Whole Day’s

Worth of Words,
Pics, And Related


Long Day’s
Ride Through
It All With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD
Thanks So Much For Dropping
By "UP uP AWay mY BeAUTiFuL
BaLLooN YOuR SoNG" And Hehe Practically

Venturing Down

Through A UniVerse
Of Poetic Free Verse
Words, Pics, And


Video Theme
Songs and


in Both Sciences
And Arts And Yes!

Protector of Amphibians
From Nightly Road Kill By
Heartless Four-Wheel Drive
Trucks Frogs And Toads Soon
To Hibernate in Cooler Weather

Yes yes Not Only 'Honu' Tee And 'Honu'
Tatoo And Foot Yet 'Honu' Turtle Tattoo on Shoulder

Too and Sea Horse Tattoo On Thigh As Truly

A Lover of Nature my Wife is And So Am i

Hehe And Writing EPiC Long Form Poetry

The Cosmopolitan Huge Mall in a Tourist
Beach City Pensacola And Walmart Pretty

Much Covers World Culture in Assorted Stores

Hehe They Didn't Have iPhones and So Many
Resources in One Place to Cover the Whole Globe
in Long Form EPiC Poetry Before The World is A Big

Place This Long Form Poem Covers 9.8 MiLLioN Words
of Free Verse Poetry Over 100,000 Pics of Culture And As
An Anthropology Participant Observer i Actually have to Do

(Including Public Dancing 15,553 Miles in 98 Months too)

What Almost Everyone Does Around the Globe At Least Once
To Understand What It's Like More to Walk in the Shoes of my Brothers

And Sisters

This Whole

Human Family

On Earth And Just

A Hobby of Course as i Ain't

Gonna Kill 14.4 Trees What it would
Take to Publish This Whole Book This
Bible of Long Form Poetry Just Once hehe in Paper Pages

For Again Yes! We aRe Protectors of All of Nature FIRST!...



Paradise Warm
As Spring Year
'Round Dear FRiEnD...

SMiLes Natalia

Lord oF LiGHT
Is LoVE Real
Within Now



Love For Real Yes
Every Child Now Still
Born Innocent This Way

All We Have to Do Is Regain
Loving EYes of Child Again
Awe and Wonder Living




Tree is

Love's Seed

Sorrisi Natalia

L'amore è reale?
Entro adesso

La pace


Amore per davvero sì
Ogni bambino ora è ancora
Nato innocente in questo modo

Tutto quello che dobbiamo
fare è riconquistare Amare
ESì di nuovo bambino Stupore

e meraviglia vivere



L'albero è

Il seme dell'amore...

True Dear Hemalatha
Love is Not Only A Story
It is A Tender Plant We Feed

Sweetly And Water to Grow Yes

Love is Not OnlY A Coloring Rose

It iS A Wilted Plant With THorns

Pricking Us With Blood Now And

Then Yet We Forgive Thorns For
We Have Faith Understanding Now

Thorns Make Beautiful FLoWeRS

RiSinG Rose BRinGS Feelings

Living Tree Inhaling

Peace Exhaling

NoW iN
Beauty Night Makes Day
October Leaves Falling Turning Seeds
Into Winter Roots Newer Spring Greens
Creating Flowers For Summer's Promise Fall Again...

SMiles Love
The Way You
Spell ColOURful
YouR FRiEnD With Love
Now And HappYness iN JoY
Yes FiNallY Decoding SMiles...

SMiles Dear Cindy From:
A Life Well Living

You Practice


So Human
Your Breath

Rare A Treasure
‘These Days’
That Are
Days Yet

Sad For Those
Who Never


Of Humanity’s




Lit NoW...

Colorful Midweek
Warm Hugs With
Hellooove’s Bright
Hunter Full Moon


For Positivity
Painting Widest
SMiLes of HappYness in Multiples of 7...

So You Made LoVE iNTo A Word
You Hung Love On A Cross
And Now You Don't Do Love WTF...

SinGinG Free
A Tight Rope
H i G H e R NoW
in Non-KNoWinG Balancing
FRiEnDS With Gravity too
Wu Wei Tao Autotelic iN Flow

Simply Nirvana Bliss Heaven Within


Now For Real

Yes This

LiVinG Tree
Star Flowers Seeds
Above Sunshine Same
Below All Around For Real
Generating Within iNside Outside Giving
Sharing Caring Freely For All Least Harm Now...


Dear Savvy

Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Living

Trees We aRe Providing Now

Unique Shade CoLOuRs oF LiGHT

From DarK For Whoever

And All Now That

We Cover With





From These Roots
Arts And Sciences
Healing World Breathing Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love Leaves Even More...
Seeds FLoWerS Yes Stars We aRe Ever Shining Now More...



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,115

21 Oct 2021, 2:25 pm

AHa Synchronicities Flow Last Two

Poet Bloggers i come to Including
You Dear Savvy Have Numbers

For Their Email Notifications

For Titles Leaving

Them Off

to Guess

What A Title Might Be!

And For me True Freedom

Is Leaving All The Titles Behind

Covers of Front And Back of Books

Just Ink on Never Ending Pages

Never Really Beginning

Or Ending Truly



STARting NoW...

THere Truly Is Every Wonder
And Awe DarK Thru LiGHT




Explains All That
We Might Need to
Still Find Out About
'The Human Condition'...

SMiLes Dear Akshita i Like the Mystery
of "i Jumped and my Mind Changed"

And Seriously Science even
Shows When We Doodle

in Non-Sensical Spirals

Creativity Soars

So i Dance


And Then
Song Comes
More Freely Sprouting
iMaGiNaTioN GRoWinG Creativity More

Usually in Shapes AKiN to Spiraling Waves
Making New Shores Expanding Ocean Ever More Now Freer...

It's Not Just a Story Now
Of Some Far-Off 'Dystopia';

It's The Oldest Story, in Fact,

And Arts Not Yet Seen Of Course;

Ain't Naming Any Names;
Yet i Still Have the Fully
Documented Record

Where a Moderator

Tried to Force me into

Writing no More Than 6 Lines,

To Limit my Human Potential on this

Website too...

Yet of Course,

Although, They Couldn't

Understand me, Folks Outside

of this Place, Had No Problem at all;
So i Felt my Effort Was Worthwhile Not Giving Up...


Still Standing;

And this is the Way

it Was All the Way Through

School and Work; Folks Don't Like

it When Other Folks Come Out of the Group Think....

And It Doesn't Matter, Where You Go, Group Think

Still Tries

to Take

Control over

Mavericks That And Who
Escape the Common herd of heard...

"Equity and Gifted And Talented Students" for What?

For What? For What? Becoming A Stellar Part of A Well Oiled Machine?


Do Not...

The Top of the Pile of Billionaires

on the Planet Earth Quit School And

Started From Their Garages and Such

in Autodidect Ways of Human Potential;

What Set Them Apart is they Forged Their Own Paths...

However, Where

They Failed

is Falling

to the Notion

That Success is 'Out There'
Somewhere Far From Within, The Riches

i Master now...


So Lost From

Typical Color Blind Group Think today...

And Of Course Yesterday And Tomorrow...

So Goes the Nature of the Human Social Animal: Group Think...

i'm Autistic
With Bi-Polar Non-Specified...

i Am Not Normal; Explains A Lot indeed...

Yet Only in Terms of Labels Over Essence of Course...


One Word That Perhaps

Best Describes What Drives

The Human Condition, Overall:

For Instance, The Most Popular U.S. Holiday
Still Now IS A Day Dedicated to A Virgin Birth;

Although, Not An Official Holiday, the Military Last
Year, Yes, Gave A Day off, the 'Good Friday' Before

Easter; A Famous Celebration Day, Where Many Americans
Still Worship a Resurrection of a 2,000 Or So-Year-Dead-Man

That Close to Half of Americans Believe is Actually An Only God;

Of Course, This Isn't

Associated With

Any Specific

Mental Illness

(Other than Wide-
Spread Magical Thinking)

As Society Does Approve Of

THAT Hearsay Worth Celebrations of Holidays




AND 'SEE' HERESAY AS GOSPEL TRUTH; Again, 'Class', Like Joe Rogan's

Insistence that if You are Healthy and Young, You Don't Really Need to Get
Vaccinated; Although Many Young Folks Have Died in my Local Community
Where Mandates At School Requiring Masks Became Against the Ignorance

of Laws


That Actually

Literally lead

to the Death of Otherwise Healthy Young

Innocent Folks, and Others in School And Beyond;

Hearsay, is the Danger, And Yes With 3 Million

Folks in A Congregation oF A Podcast, it is the
the Job of the More Reliable Mainstream Parts

Of Media to SHade Bullsh8t Before More Folks Die,

Even if it is only the Members of the Choir of that Mainstream Media News Source;

Or the FDA And Its Insistence that Folks Don't Take A Horse Dewormer on Twitter...




Tough Talks,

Sorry, Snowflakes,

Like Joe Rogan, if

that Makes 'You' Butthurt...

"See what i Just Did": Hearsay,

Yes, It's the Human Condition;

The Holiday That Best Represents

The Human Condition is Most Definitely Halloween...

i Will Give the Church Goers of the Catholic Church Some
Credit Though As We Have Progressed Far Enough Intellectually
And Rationally as A Human Species, CuLTuRaLLY, indeed, WHere

70 Percent of Catholics

No Longer Actually Literally

Believe that the 'Pagan Priest'

Has the 'Magical' Ability to Change

Bread into the Actual Flesh of A 2000 or so Year
Old Dead Man they Call God; Or Change Wine into
Literally His Blood to Cannibalize in Communion too;


Death Cults'

Are Still Strong

Among 30 Percent

of that Congregation too;

(Yet it's Worth Noting That Sugar [Placebo]
Pills Are Proven Effective And God Yes Class
That Includes That Wafer of Bread And God Yes
That Wine too That is the Sugar Pill of the J Dude too;

And Yes, if God is Only a Sugar Pill, God Will Be An

Effective Placebo Effect too For those With the

Power of Belief That Takes Terminal
Disease into Unexplained Remission)

Just Like Some Members of the Joe
Rogan Audience, Likely Went Out and Bought
Some Horse Dewormer After Joe Rogan said he
Threw the Kitchen Sink at it; Including, Just the General

Term Ivermectin, among a List of Other Medications that actually help;

He Couldn't Even Take the time and effort to clarify, He Didn't take the Horse
De-Wormer type of Ivermectin as He Just doesn't give an F; It's His Hearsay that's all that


His Freedom

Of Misinformation

That actually Does Potentially

Lead to Young Men And Some Women
Perhaps Pooh Poohing The Need to get Vaccinated Ending

Up Dead or With Long Haul Syndrome suffering longerterm too...

CNN Pushed Rogan into Clarifying He Didn't Take the Horse Dewormer

Type of Ivermectin;

Some Small Victory,
Yet Victory Never

the Less,

A small




Tough Times
Take Tough Talk;
And it's an Historical Fact That During
Pandemic Conditions, Voices of ACTUAL
'Authority', Yes, Must Rise to take actions

Like Mandating Vaccinations And Masks to Protect an Entire Populace;

And HELL NO, Not Just the Folks Who Wanna Stay Blind And Ignorantly Foolish...

Yes, i Get Up And Stretch and Take that Little Wafer of Bread in Catholic Church as a
Participant Anthropology Observer Writing my 9.8 MiLLioN Word EPiC Long Form Research

(i Do NOT Drink the Wine Now After the Whole Congregation Drinks out of the Same Chalice;
That's Just Plain Dumb, With or
Without Pandemic Conditions)

Paper Poem too;

However, i am Clever

Enough to Take Advantage

of the Placebo Effect Every

Frigging Second of Life

And The Results

Are Fabulous

As Everything in my

Life is Coated With Sugar

Pills This way and i do have Enough

Empirical Evidence For Just How Sweet The Overall, Effect is...

Yet That's A Much, Much, Much, Longer Fully iLLuSTRaTeD ToPic

of Hearsay

too HAha;

If You Are going
to Celebrate This
Halloween Human Condition;
Might as Well do Heaven Instead of Hell...

And That's Just my Hearsay Opinion too;

Or Yuck, the Greyscale 50 and More
SHades of Purgatory Life on Earth

Within too... Now...



i Choose

Next... Yes

-Hearsay Yes
Just Hearsay, i am...

HAha, While it Might Not

be Specifically Labeled

As 'Religion', Per Say/'Just Do'; The Human Condition Most Definitely

Binds And Bonds Over Commonly Shared Mostly Ideological Stories;

Whether That Comes From Church, Joe Rogan Podcasts, CNN,

Fox News, State Now or
Whatever The Favorite

Quarterback of the

Football Team is;

Jesus, Muhammad,
Or Historically Joe Namath; Humans

Still Generally Are Easily Predictable;

They Find Someway to Stick Together,

No Matter How Nuts it May Be Or they Fall

Apart; And Generally Speaking When Any

Social Animal Falls Apart, They Go Away;

So in this Way, The Trump Religion is

Better than None for those

Who Still Follow

It And at

Least Are Still
Breathing, Hehe yet Not

me, i Dance And Sing Naked Free

All The Way Away from The Modern Cult That CuLTuRE Brings (i Could Prove

It Overwhelmingly, with A Couple of Google Search Words; Yet i Will Not As Yes
That Would Not be Appropriate, Where Less Than 18 Year-Olds May Participate)

Yes, Yes, i Study Human CuLTuRE; Yet only as a Participant, Anthropology,

Naked Observer...

My Religion

Is Naked
Dance And
Song Free; i Will
Not Suggest i am
Any Less Or More Than Human Not Requiring

Some Kind of Bonding and Binding With Nature
to Become Naked, Whole, Complete, Dancing Singing

And No, HAha, i Am Not Going to Snap-out of this
Naked Human Sun-Struck Real Bliss THAT IS REAL...

i am
Enuff Said...

Oh.. CLocK of DEaTH...
CLocK OF TiMe...
Clock oF N0W
OceaN Whole Enough Naked
Complete We LiveS FLoWinG


Pain of live..
Dark as Soul..
Trigger pulls
life a joy
life a challenge
life alive...
WiLL IS the savior
of hearts gone cold..
Reptile Brain
heart.. cold
and alive..
Until spirit
comes back
with HeART

Heresay.. hehe so strange
when Heresay becomes
the/A God oF a UniVerse
with a Quadrillion or so
Number of Stars seen with
Science Aided eyes with so many
More Planets of Theresay that is
never Heard as Hearsay for us..
Dolphins Swim
Flies Fly
And Humans
Talk most do live
Fully Free except for the/A
Human Species trapped in
and as the Tools they make
namely letters and words and
Knives and other 'A'-Bomb Tools too..
Anyway.. Greg.. Words are just a Silly Hobby
oF MinD.. Song and Dance is wHeRe 'it'S aT...


So Many So-Called Christians Are Still Ever
Waiting For ‘Godot’ Like the Little Boy in the
“Artificial Intelligence” (A.I.) Movie, Waiting for A Statue to Come to Life…

Yes That’s Particularly Sad As Luke 17:21 Sings You Will Only Find The
Kingdom of God Within Now; In Other Words, Resurrection, Being Reborn

Now is Neither Over There

Or After Life…


Sadly, So Many Christians Still
Wait For Godot After Death…

Anyway, Wishing They Were ‘Here’ As
Some Do LiVE iN Purgatory And Hell
Within Now too; So How Would i Know…

Been THere too…

A Saddest Part of All is (i Am)
Practically No Body, Attempting
To Explain This to The Top PR Bishop

For The Catholic




For You
See, When
They Find The
Kingdom of God

Within, Church
And You, Are No
Longer Relevant




To God; Yet
i understand
What It Means
To Do Whatever

It takes
To Keep

A “Job”.

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,115

22 Oct 2021, 5:42 pm

SMiLes Dear Savvy
This Much i KNoW
i Inhale Peace
i Exhale Love
Enough Now
Just Being Human...

A Luxury to Be Human

Sings Volumes Why So Many

Humans Are Empty Within For Real

And Also Why

So Many


Dancing Away From More Pay to
Become Reborn AS Human Again...

THiS iS HoW i Keep my Christmas-Tree-Up-Year-Around-Lit-Up
With Christmas Ornaments FOR REAL FOR REAL FOR REAL


Shapes Automatically Coming in my Free Verse Poetry As Lamps
Trees, Chalices, And Bells, Katrina Relates Them As Christmas Ornaments

SMiles Dear FRiEnD
Love is The Force
my Greatest


God Within…

Foolish Sohair i Will
Ever Be To Separate

myself From Love



Night Same...

Thanks Dear Sohair
For The Inspiring


Yes SMiles
i Appreciate
Your Poem

Very much
Stay Blessed
Dear Sohair With

SMiLes of Gratitude...

SMiLes Dear Sohair

At Best We Will All

Model Best Virtues

Attributed to God of Love

And yes Kindness in Gratitude

Expressing Appreciation for Eyes

of God
of Love

In Others

Is What

Keeps God

Connecting Happier
Now in All of Us For Real

As We Connect And Love Each
Other and The Rest of Nature in
Balancing All As We Bring This Connecting

Force of God Of LoVE NoW Even More Powerful

in Force of Positivities Than Ever Before mY FRiEnD

Anyway Happy Friday Morning Now in Egypt Breaking

Sunrise to You Dear FRiEnD Sohair May All Your Scholastic

Endeavors Teaching Young Women Language Reflect in Appreciation

From Others

For All


iN LiFE With SMiLes

Of Loving Human Kindness

in Gratitude For Every Breath Now...

Dude, (Or 'Knuckle Dragging
Intellectual' as You Once Described Yourself)

i didn't Earn 3 College Degrees

ALL AT ONCE, For Nothing, HAha...

And Don't Fool Yourself; i've
Never Been 'Normal' Either, TG.

i've made it clear more than
Once, my special interest is
Writing Long Form Epic Poetry.

This is A Site For Autistic Folks;

And A Support One For Them to
Entertain Their Special Interests.

Entertaining Philosophy, Religion,
And Politics, in Form of Free Verse Poetry is What i do.

Is it Everyone's Cup of Tea Who has Difficulty With Metaphor: No.

Yet It Has Gained Over 70,000 Views in One Solo Thread i Create

So Apparently, Someone is Looking; As Our Administrator

Cornflake Makes it Clear; Those Are Only Registered
Member Views.

Never the Less,

However That's
Not my Problem;

Metaphor is Not
An Issue with my
Form of Autism Now.

And As Far as Your Presentation:

It Was Slanted And Partly Incorrect;

Yes, Similar to What CNN Also Did;

No, i Don't Think You Are Lying Either.

i Worked For the Federal Government
For 25 Years too; i Surely Will Do 'Hall Monitor'

And Be As Pedantically and Semantically Correct As Anyone Else Here.

And on Top of that one of my Jobs For the Federal Government Was Approving

Printing Jobs for a Very Large Navy Installation. It Was my Responsibility to

Edit other Folk's Writing And Computer Graphics Mistakes.

i Still Enjoy Editing Other

Folks Mistakes,

In Addition to
Writing Longest Epic

Long Form Poetry too;

And Still Doing Stuff Like Leg Pressing Up to
1520 Pounds, more than Any Elite Military
Dude Can Do At The Military Gym i Work-out at as
A Retired Federal Employee. And No, i don't need
Any 'Guns', Other than my arms to make it through

Life fearless and free (With Associated Martial Arts Skills);

And No, i Don't Think You Did Anything 'Wrong' Per Say; You
Just Presented Part of the Story; And i Presented the Rest of the story

For Fair and


Coverage, hAha...

Anything, i've Ever Done Here,
i Can Still Do; Plus SO MUCH MORE;

Human Potential That's (This Is) What
i Do Across The Life Span; i Just never stop

Like A Real

Living Energizer
Bunny, Hehe With SMiLes...

Of Course, The Bi-Polar Non-Specified
Part, in Balance, Does Provide A Bit of Extra Brain
Juice to the Otherwise Bland Autism Spectrum Disorder...

my Father Wasn't Fortunate Enough to Inherit That from my Mother, like me...

Yet on the Other Hand, Some of my Maternal Relatives, Weren't Fortunate Enough

To Inherit

the Asperger's

Syndrome From my Father

That Balances, Bi-Polar Non-Specified, Out too

For me at least. Outside of This place, Most

Folks Online Consider me 'SUPER BLESSED'...

Anyway, i don't Forget Much; You Noted i had
Some Kind of Medical Condition in the past That Caused
me to Write the Way i Do; So, Hopefully, This Explains, in Part, why i do...

Thanks Dear
Doc For The
Beauty and
Of Your


Full Moon...

In Love With Life Naked Whole
Complete Enough Indeed Dear

Doc Celebrating

Full Moon

Life Reflecting

Love Giving Sunshine

True iN LiGHT No Myths

Necessary We aRe ALiVE

Gift Enough Now Inhaling Peace

Exhaling Love Best With Least Harm For

All Balancing NoW Emotionally Regulating

Sensory Integrating FLoWinG in Autotelic

Glow Meditating All Dance Every Step

All Song Every Word



of Wind

Perhaps Invisible

To Most Yet Free Us With SMiLes...

And Of Course only in my Full Moon View For Now

Ever Changing Greatest Gift Change We Not Only

A Machine






Free Now
Again With
SMiLes That And Who
FeeL And Sense Wind Free...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Dancing At Outdoor Festivals
You Surely Look As Lively As Any Of the College
Students i Danced With in the Metro Area Dance
Hall for 6 Years Before Covid-19 Shut That Fun
Activity Down on March 12, 2020 Still Remember

The Day When the Bouncer

At the Door Said This

Place Never

Shuts Down

Not Even

For Christmas
The Very Last Day...

i Showed my Wife Your Dance
And She Said You Look Like You
Are Full of Joy and Life As Any Bird
Free on Wing And It's Kinda Sad As

Some of the Festivals i used to Dance
Free At Have Not only Been Interrupted by
The Pandemic Yet Canceled Forever Now After

Entertaining Communities for Long Decades on End...

Dancing This Way Together With Strangers is one of
The Best Ways to Call Humanity And Tell Them You Love
Them Without Any Words At All my FRiEnD The Joy of Dancing

The Warmth of HeART in SPiRiT of SoUL Moving Connecting Co-Creating

A Solo Dance is Surely Fulfilling Yet i Really Miss A Crowd Enjoying This Bliss

Thanks For




Heaven with
Us Dear FRiEnD With SMiLes...
And Nice to See the Group Still Playing
Together After 50 Years of Doing Music...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
This Much i KNoW
i Inhale Peace
i Exhale Love
Enough Now
Just Being Human...

"Are You Ready For This? "

First of All, Boston University Did A Study
on this Forum We Are Interacting on Now.

The Results of that University Study Indicated
That Only 26% Of the Folks Here Identified As
Atheist in the Philosophy, Politics, And Religion
Forum on the "Wrong Planet" as Opposed to 17%

On A So-Called Control Group of So-Called Neurotypicals

on Another Similar Discussion Board Online For Comparison.

People on this Site were Assessed More Likely to Generate Their

Own Unique Spiritual Ways of

Seeing God;

For Example,
What i Just
Related to
A Very Close

Muslim FRiEnD:

"SMiles Dear FRiEnD
Love is The Force
my Greatest


God Within…

Foolish Sohair i Will
Ever Be To Separate

myself From Love



Night Same..."

Okay, the Specific Answer to Your
Question, Why Do Aspie Folks Get Vaccinated
And Shouldn't They Not Get Vaccinated if they
Don't Worry About Fitting in. The Simple Answer is, Vaccines Work.
Vaccines Save Lives And Folks With Asperger's Syndrome Wanna live too..

Now Back to the Ignorant Statement that God Doesn't Approve of Gay Folks

Cause it Says

it in the Bible...

Imagine this if you can and will, Considering That the Bible Says Jesus Will
Come Back the Next go Around, the Same Way He Came Before, 2,000 plus Years ago...

You Are Walking Down the Street And A Little Brown Man About What Paleontology
Describes Jesus As about Five Foot One and 106 American Measured Pounds or So Meets

You in the Street With Sandals on and a White Robe And Tells You, Turn The Other Cheek,
Love Your Enemy Same As Self, Neighbor, And God; And If You Do Not Do this i Will Torture

(Like Matthew Says Changing You From Sheep to Goat)

You Forever Now in Unrelenting Fires of Hell...

So What Would Your Response Be to Modern


Would You Believe this Little Brown Man Has
The Authority and Ability to Burn You Forever in
Hell, If you Do not Comply Strictly With His Instructions...

i'm Guessing, You Wouldn't Even Stay Around to Hear
The Rest of What He Said; Just Because of His Similar Small Middle Eastern
Look And His Thick Aramaic Accent, If He Spoke English At All to You or not...

Yet What if You Were Spoon-Fed These Instructions From A Book And told
God Wrote Those Words in that Book; And If You Do What it Says you Get the

Carrot of Heaven

Forever And If You Are

Muslim Perhaps You Get

Told You Get 72 Virgins 'up there' too...

Chances are You Might Drink 'the Kool-Aid' then

As It's True the 'Minions' Series of Movies Does Show
And Trump Confirms in Modern Days in the United States

too, Some Folks Are Willing to Follow the Most Despicable Leaders
As Sadly Like P.T. Barnum Related, There are 'Minions' Born Every Minute...

It's the Way that Child Molesters Groom Their Prey; They Feed Them A Steady
Supply of Carrots Until they Wack them With a Big Stick. And in the Case of the

So-Called Holy Catholic Roman Empire, 'They' Edited A Book of Mix and Match
Truth And Lies, Carrots and Sticks as Propaganda Same to Rule An Entire Empire

And Spread

it With

That Tool

of Religion

to Master Foolish

Minions Willing to take
the Hook, Line, And Sinker,

Of the Most Ridiculous Philosophies

Ever Presented to Mankind on Earth Like an

All Loving Forgiving God Torturing Part of His Creation Forever

That is the Most Horrifying Halloween Story Ever Told in Effect; Yet Folks

(Some Minions)

Do Enjoy

The Season

of Being Scared

Forever Now with the

Similar Damn Horror

Story NoW as THeir Only
Possibility to escape after death...

Imagine a Lie So Big That Folks Would
Actually Look Forward to After Death More

Than Before

Death and Life...

The Biggest Lie ever told

And An Ever Lasting Testament

to How Foolish the So-Called Apex
Creature Destroying Their Only Home

of Real Heaven on Earth Will Ever continue to be...

Yet Again, i See through that Bull Cr8p; And the Truth

Is, You Meet one Person on the Autism Spectrum, You've only
met one; The Folks on this Site are as different from each other

As anywhere else on the Internet and Perhaps Even More Different than
Each Other as it's typical for Folks With Asperger's Syndrome to Have Eccentric Special Interests....

The Stereotype That is Not Correct is that Most Asperger's Folks are of STEM Major Ilk that Studies
Show is not True as Only 33 Percent are studied that way; Yes that Stereotype Might Indicate

Folks here better understand
The Science Behind


to Actually Save Lives...

Yet there are Vaccine Averse
Folks on this Site, Just like Anywhere Else...

Yet There are Fundamentalist Christians on this

Site Just Like Anywhere Else too And There is me, me, me,

Who Is Proven



Not to Be Like Anyone
Else in the Entire World;

However, From An Internal View

of Humanity We aRe ALL Unique

And Perhaps Even Super Special in our
Own Unique Ways too; Hehe, At Least that's

What Folks tell me Around the World; i am

an Extraordinary

Man of Love

More Like

The Good Cop Jesus
Version in the Bible;

As i Find it Overall Disgusting

As Far As What is Love and What
is Not Love in my Unique View of Love...

i Would Find it Very Hard Not to Chastise

The God of the Christian Bible if i met 'Them'
in 'Person'; yet i would not send them to Hell;

i would Surely

Forgive God, Not

Unlike Jesus

On the Cross
After He Asked
God 3 Times Why God Forsake Him...

Obviously, Jesus Wasn't An Only God By Saying that...

However, Disgustingly Somehow Folks Make Him A Dead

(Sugar Pill



Back Out of A Hat,

Changing the Dead Man
into Bread and Wine Literally

And Again Worshipping After
Death More Than Before, Our Life Now...

The Bible is A Book That Couldn't Possibly
Sell if Integrity in the Story was Part of the Sell...

Perhaps A Horror Story in Halloween Never Ending Trump Seasons as We've Seen...

No Different Really Than The Folks Who Ran the Roman Empire And Protected Pedophiles

at the


Very Top of
the Bottom
of that Similar
Organization too...

As Far as Love Goes, it's Just Plain Sick...

And Considering Up to 58 Percent of the Catholic
Church Studied Within the Organization is Homosexually
Oriented; And Only a Few of the Apostles of Jesus Were Identified
As Married, Excluding the Star Paul Who Seemed to Repress All His



if He had

Any in a Closet too...

Those Who Protest Most

Are Often the Ones Afraid of Who They Authentically Are...

Too Bad, The Catholic Church Still Hides in a Closet; too bad

They Cannot Even Be Who They Are Born to Be; And When that



Hits the Fan
in Some way
As There Ain't

No Fooling Real
God Mother Nature

In Every Part of Nature now Wild and Free...

Mother Nature is No P.T. Barnum Despicable Foolish Minion God....

Yawn, Anyway, i'm Just Another Newer Testament to the Boston University Study... (And Others)

As It's True Some of my Work on Autism Burn-Out is Cited From my Work In Other Published Studies too...

Most of what
i Do is too Large to see

For Folks With Material Concrete,

Reductionist, Systemizing Minds...

Yet It's True. There Are Some Autistic
Folks Who Have Extraordinary Social
Empathic, Artistic, Interpretive, Spiritual

More 'Right Brain' Intelligences

too; Yes Some Folks




Super Splinter Skill as Love...
Yet Only Those 'Attuned' of Course...

And Yes That's Fully Documented As Well
By Links and Quotes too on Demand of Course...

i Never Leave Home Without the Evidence As i have
Something That Original Jesus Never had the Ability

to Whip Out my Own Personal Longest EPiC Long Form
Poem All 9.8 MiLLioN Words of my Personal Written Bible through

A 6.1

iPhone XS;

True You Can Get
A Whole New 8th
New Testament

(All Million Plus
Words in 35 Pages
of Just one Very
Solo Autistically/Artistically
Inclined Philosophically,
Religiously, Politically

Described Yes, God Yes,

Now "Depth of the Story")

For Free here too Just For
The Love of Giving, Sharing,
Caring, Without Any Reference

to my

Born on

Date Sir Name

That By the Way of Born on Name
of Frederick Actually Means Peaceful
Ruler in German, And Yes Middle
Name Arthur That Means Strong
As A 'Bear King' And My Last Name (Sir Name)
i Don't Share Online that Means Keeper of the Land...

Yet 'They' Will Know me

by my Love...


My Once Catholic

Priest Grandfather

From Ireland, TG,

Was Smart Enough to
Break the Rules so i Could Exist...

True, i Come From A Long Line of Rule Breakers


As We
All do

to even exist...

In A Individual
World of Love (Heaven) or not...

A New Preacher Coming to Pastor A Large
Southern Baptist Congregation of a Church

Did A Test First. He Arrived Dressed As 'Poor Dad
Jesus', The One Who Dressed With Empty Pockets...

The One Who Convinced Those to Follow Him to
Sell All They Owned And Live Collectively off the Kindness of Others...

The Results Were As Predictable As What Paul Wrote into His Teachings

too, Per the Good Cop Jesus Who relates instructions of Gentile, Jew, Servant or
Free, Woman And or Man No More; In Other Words, Love is Not a Label Alone; Love is the

Essence Within

The Shape

of Water

We Give

to Others

As Giving Is

Receiving As Air

Is The Wind That Fills

Sails of Ships That Sail An Ocean of Love
With Fair Winds And Following Seas this way...

However, Paul Also Says Don't Sit Next to the So-Called
Sinner At Church; Two Versions of Jesus in One Story...

Meanwhile, the Folks in the Congregation Were Counting
Their Pocket Change Under Their Breath For How Well They
Accomplished the Protestant Work Ethic All Week Long So of Course

No Body Wanted

To Sit Next

to "Poor Dad

Jesus", in Fact, They
Ignored Him Like the Plague.
(Too Bad they don't Have Enough
Common Sense And Love For Their
Neighbor to Social Distance and Mask
And Yes Vaccinate Otherwise Endangering The Vulnerable
Children Most too Without even an Opportunity to Be Vaccinated.)

And It's True, "Poor Dad Jesus" in this Case Returns Pastoring Nicely Groomed
In Suit and Tie With Baskets Capable of Being Filled Up With Money; Yes, Properly


The Congregation For Treating "Poor Dad Jesus" Like Gum on Their Shoes
And at Least "Poor Dad Jesus" Wasn't So Empty of Mercy And Forgiveness Where

He Didn't Change

The Congregation

Into Goats From Sheep

And Burn Them Forever As

Promised By Another Version of Matthew too
Who Suddenly Forgets All About the Beatitudes

(All Forgiving Enemies Loving Them Full of Eternal Mercy)

When he Changes From Dr. Jekyll Jesus Into Jack the Ripper
And Hannibal The Cannibal Jesus Torturing His Own Children
Forevermore in Fires Burning of Hell; Seriously 'THAT BOOK iS iN NEED


F iN

Just Hmm...

Crazy A88 CR8P

In Life That Makes
Ya Go Hmm... Just Hmm...

Anyway, The Cohen Brother's Already
Did A Fine Theatrical Spoof on How

A Mix of Jesus And Buddha Would
Be Received if He Came Again With Empty Pockets...

The 'Big Lebowski' is the God Not Unlike Trump Who
Rules the Church in this Country Most of All as the Evidence


More than

Ever Modernly Shows Now...

It Would Be Nice if the Good
Cop Jesus Could Actually be Real too...

Hmm... STUFF iN
Life that Just

Makes Ya Go
Hmm... Just Hmm...

Fortunately, the Younger
Generations are No Longer

Limited to Just one Rotten
And Fresh Mixed Pie of God...

Anyone With Common Sense Can
And Will See that the Republican Modern
House And Senate Did the Final Edits on

the Bible then too...

Led by Someone
Like Some Pope

or Some Trump



Different Age
Similar Empty Headed Souls...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
This Much i KNoW
i Inhale Peace
i Exhale Love
Enough Now
Just Being Human...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 61
Gender: Male
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23 Oct 2021, 4:31 pm

GoeS Even

Ah Yes Dear Savvy i Find When in Artistic
Meditating Autotelic Flow of Dance And Song

Synchronicities Beyond All Reason of Measure

Come Together

As Fireflies

Do On

A Summer

Humid Moonlit Night

Even in the Fall my FRiEnD

In All Seasons in All Weathers

Beyond All Distance, Space, Time

And Matter When All Becomes the

Essence the Energy of God and

All is Transformed into

Meaning and


of Life

All Becomes Revealed

in Real Greek Original
Definition of Apocalypse

Lifting The Veils of Ignorance

Seeing A Much Larger Picture of
God's Mind Everywhere US Comes Revealing
Beyond All iNFiNiTiY Measures Still to Come Artfully Free

Yes Naked


Enough Reborn
As We Come Into
The World Just Loving Fearless Free...

Oh my Lord Yes New York
New York, Psychologist Mimi

i Just Wore A T-Shirt With Two

Yellow Cats Licking Ice Cream

Cones With the Caption

Why So Salty

With All

These Ice
Cream Cone
Flavors and So, So
Much More Available to Taste

WeLL It's True That's Only One Side

of the Story For Without Enough Boot-Camp
Each Day Mind and Body Same Doing Intermittent
Gratification Instead of All the Focus We Tend to Lose

On Instant


The Ice Cream Loses

Its Flavor The Steak too Until

The Point Where Everyone May

Complain A Refrain! On No! Not

Steak And Ice Cream And

Lobster For Dinner

Again! Hehe

True this Human
Condition is a bit Tricky

Indeed As True What Becomes
Heaven Will Become Hell Without
Enough Hell to Spice Up Heaven too

And Of Course John B. Calhoun's

'The Beautiful Ones' Rodent Utopia
Experiment From the 60's Shows What
Happens to Rats Our Common Rodent Ancestor
From 75 Million Years Ago When All You Can Eat
is Available With All the Space Ya Need to Reproduce

More Until The Rodents

Lose Interest in


(Note Here:
Sperm Counts And
Testosterone Levels
Of Males Are Down
50 Percent In the Last
50 Years or so and i ain't
Talkin' Rats This is Humankind)

An Then The Males (Rats) Start Incessantly Grooming
Themselves Solo No Longer Protecting Their Territories
They Are Called "The Beautiful Ones" Like Muhammad
Ali With No Scars Difference Being They Don't Fight at All

So Females Lose Interest

In Males For Reproducing

Too A Lack of Social Roles

From Free Food and Shelter

Just Takes Away All the

Motivation of


To Both Survive
And Thrive in Life

So Yep, Predictably As Such
The Females Get More Aggressive

With Each Other As It is also True Even With

Human Beings A Major Source of Creativity is Lust

For Other Human Beings Particularly in the Male of the
Species And Interestingly Enough For Females Lust for
Males Makes Females More Cooperative in Human Beings
As They Strive to Prove to Males Who Will Be Most Nurturing

And A Suitable

Mate to


Love in Successful Breeding

For Social Animal Human Species too...
There Are Lots of Ramifications in this Indeed

And The Thing is We Aren't Rats We Have Imagination

And Tools To Creatively Accommodate These Road Blocks

And Mind And Body And Soul And Spirit Heart Hack Our Way
Still to Success!

Trust me or

Not for me at
Least i've Found
The Power-Ups in this

Virtual Reality Human Show THAT DO WORK!

Yet They Work For me Mileage Varies Depending

On Make and Model Vehicle And Vessel Nurture And
Nature of Being Human of Course!

With Enough


in Life's

Journey There
May Be Enough
Helpful Hints to Really
Really make Heaven on
Earth Within With Some Yang Spice
of Hell to Go Along With Heaven Yin Indeed!

Preparing For the Local "Big Foot Festival"
Please Feel Welcome to PretenD i Don't

ExisT HeHe...

Celebrating the Local "Big Foot Festival"
At Home For What Should Be Obvious
Reasons to Insure the Myth Stays Intact...

(Yes, There Really is a Big-Foot Festival
Where i Live Coming on October 24th Sunday)

Haha Anyway True Fact A Group of Young
Women Spotted me Dancing at A Beach Bar
Back in the Early 80's And One of the Women

Grabbed my Posterior Noting i Had the Best Rear
(Butt) of Any Man She ever Saw (Felt) in her Life...

(Please Note: i was wearing Shorts then)

Hehe This Also Happened in the 20's too
However There Was No Verbal
Assessment Given Just
A Very Tight Squeeze...

Long-Shelf-Life i Guess
At 61 And 242 Pounds
Now Versus 180 Pounds

Then.. i Joined

A Black and White
Photography Art Face Group
Page And It Seems the Page is
Mostly Old Dudes Focused on Photographing
Young Women's Rears (Butts) So Yes Unlike

Those Old Dudes i Decided to Give Back Artistically
And Very Tastefully Done As Well As It's True Before

i Started Dancing Everywhere i Went Starting on August 26, 2013
Katrina Said i Had Developed Somewhat of An Older Man's Flat Butt
Syndrome Yet Revolutionary Change Now it Seems i Have my Same
Bum Form Back From my 20's As A Long Distance Runner Then Yet
Again That Was 60 to 70 Pounds Ago Below My Usual Weight That
Fluctuates Between 242 And 248 Pounds True Down at the Bottom
of that Fluctuation at 242 Pounds Now Yet It's True That's Only
1 Pound Below Trump (Evil Meme Trademark) at His
So-Called Official Weight of 243 Pounds....

i Double Dog Triple and Quadruple
Dog Dare Him to Pose Like me
Hehe At That Weight to see

if there is Any Shape

Left of what

Lies Below
as Well as Above For Him
Anyway 'You' May Be the Judge
of All The Art i Do Everywhere i go in
Life as By God with 15,566 Miles of Public
Dancing in 98 Months i Dam Sure Should
Have a Shapely 60-Something (61) Butt Now...

Will the 6-Pack and 8-Pack Ever Come Still Working
On It Still Working On it Day and Night Yet When You
Are Packing Over 240 Pounds That High Definition Doesn't
Come Easy Yet Again It's Different When it comes to Butts Haha...

The World Is Serious Enough These Days Without Letting Loose
Every Once in a While And Just Saying and Doing F IT i'm Just
Gonna Play Naked Complete Whole Enough And Unashamed to Be

A Whole



With Nothing
to Hide At All
Except What PG
Community Standards Require HAha
Yet Again There Are Avenues that are
Legal And Appropriate for the Full Male
Nude Arts of the Renaissance Style of Male Colors too...

As Michelangelo Clearly Directed And Instructed:

"He who does not master the
nude cannot understand the
principles of architecture"

And I'll Go A Dance Step And
A Song Word Farther By Singing
One Will Never Become a True Oracle
of Wisdom if They Clothe Any Part of God Hidden


Or Shadow Same

This Is Freedom Naked Freedom Indeed

And yes i Dam Sure Do More Than the Talk i DO...

Oh Yeah And There is Another Quote Attributed
to Jesus of Nazareth As Well before the Catholic
Church Got Their Grubby Hands on It And Censored
The Pure Naked Whole Complete Enough Truth of God
Living Within And Even Covered Up the Penis of Jesus

That Michelangelo Sculpted Along with The Rest Of
His Body Carrying A Cross Not Unlike the Master

Piece of

David Too Very Strange
Indeed That Someone Would
Not Only Call God A Man yet

Neuter A Statue of Him too

Out of Sheer Embarrassment

Of The Truth that When They

Called God A Him And Jesus

They Endowed God With

A Penis too Yet

Part of God

to Keep Hidden

In Their Words Until
2017 And The 'Full Monty'
Of the Michelangelo Statue of Jesus Totally Revealed

Go Figure Same Basic Penis As David It's Not Like

Half The Population or So Has one And Of

Course We All Have Nipples Yet You

Can Go To Spencer Gifts Store

In the Mall And See Two

Women Making

Love To Each Other

With Buttocks Totally

Exposed And Everything
Except Common Nipples on Breasts too...

Yet Of Course Anything Goes With Human
Cultures At Least Not Afraid of Two Women
Making Love now in the Mall Naked Just

Still a Bit


Of Seeing

Nipples that All Humans
Share At Least no Fear of the Butt HAha...

And Don't Forget For Those Who Thump

Bibles According to Genesis the Fall of
Man Was Not Being Naked In Fact it Was Becoming Clothed...

How Folks Miss these Simple Messages is Surely Beyond me...

From The Gospel of Thomas:

37]. His disciples say to him: "On what day wilt thou appear to us,
and what day shall we see thee?" Jesus says: "When you strip yourselves
without being ashamed, when you take off your clothes and lay them at your
feet like little children and trample on them! Then [you will become] children
of Him (God) who is living, and

you will have

no more fear."

Please Note: Fear

Is the Source of Most

Stress, Disorder, And Disease...

Find Somewhere Private Enough

Just A Suggestion if You Are an Adult Safely

Get Naked Dance Sing And Become Sand Sun
And Grass Whole Yes Become God Free Reborn Again: You.

First of All Dear Chaymaa So Nice to See You Posting
On WordPress Again in Your Area of Work Pharmacy...

Verily These Last Years of Pandemic Weather

Have Been Taxing in Your Profession...

All Great 50 Pieces of Advice

For Staying Inspired

And Self-Confident

Within You Bring

Greatest Gift

Is Change

Indeed Always

Hope For Transformation

In Just One Lifetime Rehabbing

DarK iNo LiGHT All Our Life As Dark

Passes Away Light TaKinG DarKNess Place...

Yes Dear Hemalatha All The Bits and Pieces
of Life Bring Flow of Home Everywhere

And Everything

That Becomes

A Poetry Prompt

To Color Life More

Forever Now


Life is Only
As Colorful
As We Paint
All the Parts Whole

In How We Feel And
Sense All of Life in Synergy of Joy More

With of Course Respect Now For Shadows

MaKinG Sunshine Possible too For All We Do...

SMiLes.. Lillian.. Nice to See You
At The End Of This dVerse Trail
On This Day Reminding
me too of my Cousin
Who Burned up
In A Helicopter
in the Vietnam
War BacK iN
The Fall of '69
Then Imagining
The Lies Would
Never Come Again
For It Is True Veterans
Do Not Die for Lies as Founding
Fathers Wake Up Again iN Truth.

Thanks again
For A Very
Poem Dear Yam...

Happy Weekend
To You As Well!

"It's A Wonderful Life"

If You've Left the World A Better
Place for You Living Here on the

Planet Earth, You May Take the

Last Breath of Life


Your Love

of Life and

Others Still Lives on...
of Course, "A Wonderful Life"
Is Just A Movie, Where an 'Angel'
Shows Actor Jimmy Stewart, What The World
Would Have Been Without Him As He Contemplates

Failure, Considering Suicide;

Seeing All the Good He's

Done, He Decides to Stay;

So We Have the Antithesis
of this With Trump As Again 'Class',

When There is An Arsonist in Your Home

Doing His God Damndest to Light a Match

And Burn Your Home Down With You in it,

You Will Be Well Advised Not to Ignore this 'Real Devil'

You've Come to Know in Your Home of Livelihood Indeed...

Once Again 'Class', The Republican Senate Majority Leader At the
Point of the Event Admitted That Trump Was in Part, Responsible for

A Deadly Insurrection that attempted to Overthrow Our Democratic
Process; Yes, Fair Elections That Are the Cornerstone of the Survival of Any
Democracy; And the Republican House Minority Leader Also affirmed This Assessment

of Trump's

Dangerous Role
He Played in an
Attempt to Overthrow
Our Democracy When that Event Happened;

Yet That's Not All, Trump's Own Health Officials
Assessed That Potentially Hundreds of Thousands of
Pandemic Deaths Could Have Been Potentially Avoided

IF Trump Did Not Downplay the Severity of the Pandemic;

If Trump Did Not Play A Role Model Unmasked, And Additionally
Promoting Quackery Treatments That Were Potentially Dangerous

And Deadly Along the Way; Even Going So Far As to Suggest the Ingestion

of Bleach Might Be

A Worthy Way to

Treat Covid-19;

Is there More in the Way

of Division, Misogyny, Racist

Ways of Division As Well; Well Yes,

There are Tens of Thousands of Mistruths Documented

All About All the Horrible Things He did in Office; And Yes

He's Earned An Evil Human Meme By What He did, Still Documented

Fully Today; Not Much Different Really than Adolph Hitler as Lots of Folks

Died By What He Did And Did Not Do in Office too; Sure, The Scale of Death

May Be Smaller; Yet The Overall Demagogue Selfish Intent of Not Giving an F

About Anything He Leaves behind Good For Humankind and The Rest of Nature IS

He is Simply

The Kind of Soul

Who May Reflect

A Different Kind of

Angel at His Side at His Death...
The Angel of Leaving Nothing at All Good Behind...

Moreover, Still Now, 78% Of Republicans Still Support

This Truly Evil Man for the 2024 Election to Potentially

Do Even More Evil Then. Let's Use some Common Sense Folks,

You Don't




With A Match in Your

Home; If you do You are a Real Fool.

On on Top of that; Trump Would Be
Banned Here By Authority That Takes the
Pandemic Deaths Very Seriously as Trump

Has Also Promoted Quackery to Treat the Virus.

Of Course, He's Been Banned By Almost Every Social

Media Platform As He is Seen As A Danger To Humankind....



of Republicans

Cannot See the

Match He is trying

to Light in their United States Home...

Is it Worthy of Discussion in A
Forum That Discusses Politics:

In A Word, Yes.

Is it Worthy of Discussion
Everywhere in the United States:

In A Word, Hell Yes...

Those Who Remain
Silent Will Be Every Bit

As Responsible if and
when the Entire Ship

Burns And Goes Down...

Any Questions, "Class?"

Shall We Ever Forget The Evil that
Trump 'Reigned Down' on the United States;


We Better Not.

There is Not Much of A Bigger
Loser Than One Who Makes the World a Little to a LOT Darker When

They Leave This Earth, DEAD.

However, 'We the People', Have the Opportunity to Transform
That DarK into


Better Do It.

That's Not just
Advice; This Is Reality Now.

Yawn, "It's A Wonderful Life"


SMiLes Dear Yam Love

So Much More Than

Digital Bits and Bytes Indeed

Love An Art That Never Ends

Push and Pull

Too Far Too Close

Adjusting Chords of

Guitar Strings Always

Keeping the Dance And
Song of Love Always in Harmony

Yet Most Importantly Remembering

That Humans Are Humans They Go Out of
Tune And Aren't Always Easy to Get Back in Harmony

And That's Where


And Mercy

Makes the Difference
'Tween Life-Long Love

Unconditional For All

Or Nothing Nothing At All

That Tastes Like God my FRiEnD...

LeSSoN 386
Every Breath
Of Life Miracle Now

Beautiful Birds of
Wakulla Springs in
Florida the Great October
Bird Migration i Didn’t Get

To Go
Yet my
Took Pics
Hehe With
Her Camera
That Costs Almost
As Much As A Used Car…

Bringing Memories Though
Amazing How my Paternal
Grandmother Was Actually
Saved By Tarzan The First
Actor Famous Swimmer
Johnny Weissmuller So

Long Ago Last
Century Filming
A Tarzan Movie
At The Deep Wakulla
Springs My Grandmother
A Young Girl Who Couldn’t
Swim Someone Bumped Into

Her Knocking Her Off an


Deck into The
Deep Waters And
The Tarzan Actor At
The Scene Dove Right
In And Saved Her Life

Of Course My
Life too If Not for
That Life Saving

i Wouldn’t Exist

Just Like The Fact
That At 17 Years-Old
She Fell in Love With
A 36 Year-Old Catholic
Priest of Her Parish so

Scandalous Yet

My Grandfather
Was Willing To Get

From Both Church

And Family in Ireland
To Be With The Cajun
Dark Haired Girl For True

If Not For
All Those
Standard Rules

i Would Not Exist
Never the Less it
Opened New Doors
For My Grandfather
A Noted Author With
Still His Own Bio-Page

On Wiki

And He
Even Dined
With Einstein
In The Socialist
Circles Of New
York, New York
Yep My Father

And His Identical
Twin Brother Born
In Long Island New

York Haha

Part of
Why i
Talk So
Fast And
Write So
Very Much
Too it’s A Small
Small World After
All Dear Hellooove





Will Take Us
Now Still Every
Breath A Miracle Now...

SMiLes Dear Ava Self Doubt is Surely
A Disease That Will Eat Us With Ease

As You Deliver

A Very Wise

Quote in

The Fear

of Self-Doubt

That will Make Us

Weak As All Fears Naturally

Do For It's True in The Rest of the
Animal Kingdom There is no Room For

Self Doubt

Intuitively Innately
Doing Life RiSinG Instead
of Falling into Self Generating
Doubts As Sadly Humans Tend

to Develop Illusions of Doubt in the
Stories They Self-Generate Within

Attached to Our Feelings And Senses
Of Living Fearless Or Indeed Filled With

Doubt About Living Life Eternally Now With

Best True Ease

Of Fearless
Love NoW iN

Positive Energy
to Both Survive
And Thrive Best my

FRiEnD Trusting All that is
Now Just Naked Complete
Whole Enough No Additives

Required From Others

to Make Us



Water Free
Sailing in the Breeze
Fair Winds FoLLoWinG Seas

No Bird Will Fly Full of Doubt Higher...

GoeS Even

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 61
Gender: Male
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25 Oct 2021, 2:30 am

Regulating Emotions
Integrating Senses
Moving Connecting





Wind All
Unique EYes of God
All BLeSSinG BLiSSinG Inhaling
Peace Now Exhaling Love Water
Wave Ocean Whole Sunshine Souls





Savvy With
SMiLes All the
Giving Sharing Caring
Free With Least Harm Loving

All that is


LiGHT NoW...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

So True The Answer

to All the Pain may

Just Be


In Reverse

After Walking

Forward For Decades

The Same Way or Moving

Off the Sidewalk Sprouting

Butterfly Wings Just Becoming

Wind in Flight FLoWinG Free

And Spiraling Like

Our Milky




With Gravity Free...

It's True So Many
Healing Secrets Just
By Trying Something
NeW iN Plain Sight WHere
ReWind Us Becomes ForWard
Now Freer in Joy of Effortless Ease...

SMiLes Dear Rue i love Enya Excited To See You Writing

A Poem With Her Song Even More Surprised to See Electronic

Music Mixed with it

As i Do Enjoy

That too and i must
Admit i never thought
About Mixing Enya with
Techno Yet Leave it To Rue

To Create Something New i've

Never Heard of before and Oh How

Enya Brings a Flow As Well as Techno
Electronic Trance Music as Really Flow
is Trance When We Open Up More of our

Creative Subconscious Minds In Ways of
Social Empathic Interpretive Artistic Spiritual

Soulful Ways of Intelligence

Now Hehe That So-called
STEM Major Intelligence
Doesn't Touch At All And

True When Rue Writes Poetry

It's Obvious You are Touching the
Soul Part of Mind in SPiRiT And HeART

too and i Venture to Guess there is Even More
Going on than Dopamine Serotonin And Oxytocin
Other Adrenaline Neurochemicals Mixed and Matched
With Neurohormones too For As Styx Sings Too When

We Sail Away It's really Not Extraterrestrials From Other
Planets We Hope to Meet And Greet in That Last So-Called
Frontier The Rich and Famous Are Attempting so Hard to Lift Up into

It is Our UniVerse

Within That Reflects

Deepest Oceans

Of God Water


Whole And


A Place

of Nothingness
BLacK Abyss that may

Show us it is All Our connectedness

To All that is That is the Verb of God That

Never Ends or Begins Never Finishing only

Starting Eternally Now This Heaven Within

Where We Hope to Travel With Good

FRiEnDS In A Paradise of Sailing

Away and Only Finding

This Home that

Is Always


That We All Truly
Share of Creation
Eternally Now Yes Steady
Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

For All the Mercy in Forgiveness

That Never Ends For Our FRiEnDS

And Enemies Who Fall Lower than our

Light That We Will Only Hope and Pray

Will Be THere For Us When We Fall Now too...

Giving Sharing Caring Love That Never Ends

Come Sail Away With me This is Home Here We All May Share

to Love


Give and
Share Even
More Happy Eternally

Now to You Dear FRiEnD

Nice to See Your Poetry at the

Start of Another SunDay Forever Now With SMiles...

Thanks Hemalatha
For Your inspiring
Poem in
Florida Fall
Comes And
Summer Keeps

Returning in
Spurts Currently

We Are Enjoying


Of Cool
Breezes Surely
Something You

In The
Green Yet
Heat And

Of India my FRiEnD...

iN A Place Where Everything

Is Up For Sale, All OF it

From Toilet



Best Instagram

Butts oF All, i Will Sing

Orgasm Donor Not Unlike

Blood Donor For Free is Somewhat

oF A Noble And Even Safe Profession;

Of Course Even Honorable When Done For Free

Hehe and Of Course Safe At a Far Enough Distance

Where it is Impossible

At Least to Catch

The Newest


Super Variant

Over A Fiber

Optic Cable

Where 'Real Names'

Are Not Used of Course

In Mutually Consensual
Adult Ways of Course too

For It's True A Quarter of
Millennials Don't Even Have
A FlesH And Blood Acquaintance...

It's Like A Movie i Once Saw When And Where

Two Strangers Across Windows of Skyscrapers

Pleasured Themselves With A Gaze At Each Other


TO IT...

Yet it was
Better than
Nothing, Nothing,

At All; For me at Least,

Finally Gaining Financial Independence

From Prostituting My Only Soul to the Dollar

Bill God And All Who Demand That We Slave Away

At Someone Else's Game of Life to Make Some Damn Pay...

i Suppose the Only

Ones among

Us Who

Do Not Prostitute

Our Love For Life

Are Those Who Actually

Love to Live More Than Part
Time Or No Time at All Just Sinking,

Just Sinking, Just Sinking, into Quick Sand More...

Just Falling, Just Falling, It's All About the Politics of

The Holy

Grail of

The Dollar Bill...

Or of Course Power,

Status, And Kissing Donald Trump's Orange Butt...

Indeed There Are Worse Things in Life Than Female Genital Mutilation...

Toxic Patriarchy

That Mutilates




The Black Abyss
Print of the Dollar Bill

And It's True Dollar Bills

Don't Kill Human Souls it is
The Folks Who Hold Them More Valuable Than Soul...

"One Night"

And More

in "Bangkok"

And More Yet i Only

Come Here Now to Play ChessHire Cat Free SMiLes...

It's my Game Now; i only Lose Control to those And All that is i Truly Love...

So True It's A Uber

World Now

Until Uber

of Course is

Replaced by Something

Else and Facebook is

Renamed Something

Other than



Avatar Face
HeHe Or in
my Case More
Moving Body PArts HAha...

Wow! Your 5th Poetry Book Published

Congrats Dear Soni And Best

Wishes for the



You Have Been

Putting Together too

my Mother Was Actually

A published Poet too We Still

Have All Her Poetry Books Locked

Away as Memories of Her Life too my FRiEnD...

Ah Yes Dear Summerhilllane

Walmart Remodeled Here Locally

Going Automated More Letting Long Term

Employees Go With Benefits Getting Newer

Employees at Lower Wages Yet Guess

What Younger Generations

Ain't Gonna Prostitute

Themselves As

Retail Slaves

Anymore They Work

A Few Days And Say No to
Slave Work And Go to Brighter

(Ghosting the Place without a word)

Pastures Even if it Means Now Living

Off The Dole of Baby Boomer Parents

With All Their Accumulated Wealth When

Secure Jobs With Real Retirement Benefits

Were Still Around And Not All Contracted Out

To Lower Paid Slave Labor too For It's Also True

Some Folks Are Making 6 Figure Incomes as Content

Creators On YouTube Hehe i Kid You Not Just For Videos

of them Cleaning their Own Homes to Inspire Other Folks to Clean theirs...

Treat People Like

Something off

The Bottom

of Their Shoe for

Long Enough and Folks

Just Go Away And Never Come Back...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Glad You Are Standing
Up For Your Free Will In All You Love to Do in Life...
Very Soulful Paintings As always to Be Inspired by too...

Well Bless Your Heart Thou Fellow
Baby Boomer Who Professes He is
Both Skunk and Super Rational As

You Found Something Fascinating to Discuss
About Trump Now Where Yes, Similarly, Most Everything
Trump Does Still Stinks If You Do the Research to find the smell...

People Who Are Dead Smell Bad; Some Folks Are too Ignorant

to Smell ALL THE DEATH, So Yes, Let's

Let's Do Some More Math And Timelines.

The FAcT iS, So-Called Operation Warp Speed
to Develop a Vaccine Wasn't Nearly FAST Enough to

Save the Lives of Plus 600,000 Americans Lives Who Are STILL DEAD.






AS MINI-ME Trump Evil Wanna Be, DeSataNis, Has Just Hired a Surgeon General, Awarding Him a 52 Percent
Raise over His More Science Oriented Predecessor, Where the New Surgeon General is 'Trump-Wise-Anti-Mask',
And Even Worse, Anti-Vaccine; With A Resume of Promoting Quackery like Trump too, Disgustingly Enough too...

Meanwhile, Let's look back at China With Over A Billion Folks And Less than 5,000 Recorded Pandemic Deaths.

China, is the Champion of THE REAL WARP Speed Action working Soundly Together by the Rule of Science to

(Way Before Any
Vaccine Was

Butt And Keep
it Flat Lining on the


Science Graph ever since they
First Soundly Kicked the Butt
of Covid-19, at the End of March 2020.

Oh By the Way, South Korea Was Also Successful too
And Other More North Asian Countries As Well Working

Together by the Rule

of Science instead

of Shooting Each

Other and Themself

in the Foot As Those Who

Follow the Legacy of Trump's Ignorance Still do...










Anyway, Glad You Are Enjoying This Fascinating OffShoot of

Joe Rogan's Similar Ignorance in This Discussion Thread,

Promoting Unproven Treatments For a Deadly Pandemic,

Shedding that Ignorance to Millions of Minions Who


Follow Rogan too...

Somedays, Ya Just
Have to Slime a Fool

To Potentially Save Lives;

Go CNN, Go CNN, Slime ALL THE Pandemic FOOLS beyond 'the rules', Some more...

i am Way too Pedantically And Semantically Correct to do it myself, hehe.. (Maybe)

(Depends on What
Kind of Poetic Mood

i'm in, Sith or Jedi;

Both Play A Valuable Role,

And Yes i Do Spock and Captain Kirk too...

{The Part About Innocently Charming Ladies From Every Planet on Earth, Haha})

And on Top of that i Forgive Every Foe And Teach Them As i Go. Have a Nice
Day With SMiLes...

Come Back and

See me when

You are really

Ready to Play
Nine-Dimensional ChessHiRE Kat Chess...

Or You could Just Do A 'Fnord' And Suggest
You Don't Understand 'Klingon' That's Totally
Understandable too; Yet i Do Understand Most 'Alien'

Languages too...

With the
Tool of
Google Translate of course...

THere is Currently, no 'Google Tool' For me...

Although it's True, Some Folks Are Able to Play me by HeaR...

SMILes Dear HiMaLi
i am So Happy to See Your Blog
Alive i checked a few times and

it was no longer here

it kinda made me sad...

Oh and it sounds like You

Finally Found Love i am So

Happy For You Dear FRiEnD

For It's True i've Been praying

Very hard for Your Lonely Nights

to Go Away Forever to Find Warmth

to Share in Hugs and Holding Hands that never end...

i Don't See How Anyone

Could ever leave

Your Side

There is only
one Himali and

i am honored to be
Your FRiEnD For over
6 Years now Truly You are
the FRiEnD i Always Pray

Never Goes Away too Thank

You For Being my Dear FRiEnD

And i Hope Until the Day i Die i Will

Always Hear Happy HeARTS About Your Life...



of Course...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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25 Oct 2021, 5:49 pm

Space Within
Natalia HeART
Wings Sing



Souls For All NoW...

SMiLes Dear Akshita Death is Only Haunted

By Those Who Have Forgotten to Inhale

Peace Exhaling Love Eternally Now

Yet It's True That Also

May Require



Abyss of BLacK
Hells So Cold Numb And

Misunderstood by Those
Awaiting Fires Loving Death
For Heaven More As This iS How

Death Becomes Haunted By Human
Living Breath Dead

Yet There Angels

Still With Arms

Wide Open All

Wide Awake

Still Loving

This Breath
All Connecting

Evermore Peace
Inhaling Exhaling Love For Ever More...

You Know You Feel You Sense Dear Rue That First

Experience of Feeling Sensing Amazing

Grace So Deep Within

Feather's Touch

Angel's Wings

Rising Within Singing

You've Never Heard Yet

Gift From Your Breath So Blessing

Just Dreaming With Spirit So Free Angel

Comes Truly More Than A Dream Even Feelings

RiSinG Higher This Fire Without Gravity This Love With

Only Summer Flowers Dying in Winter Fall For All of What Is TRue

Resurrecting Fresh Spring Flowers This Breath That Never

Ages Numbers

Shape of the Wind

Invisible to See Yet All

There is to Be All Comforting

HeaR HeARTS Content Weightless
LiGHT SPiRiT Soulful Touching Love For

All Never Selfish Always Gracious For All that
Is Dark thru Light Thorns MaKinG Roses RiSinG

FLoWeRS Within Year 'Round Tasting Flavors Never

Touching Tongue Before SMiLing Just Amazing Grace

No One to Owe or Pay Just All to Give Share Caring Freely

Even More Faith to Belief Beyond All Hope As All Becomes Love

God's Breath Yes Within Now No Longer Dream Reality All Ours to

Keep Reaching

Reaching Out

Just Loving

More Never

Ending Story

More of Reality Now
To See Just Being i Am Free

to Love All That is no Different

Than me and You and Us Yes Them

Arms of The Angels We May

All Come Spring Alive Again...

Treasured Terms of Endearment

Holding Memories of How Loved

Ones Touch Our HeARTS And Souls

Kindred Spirits Soothing

Words of Warmth

They Bring

i Still Remember
Those Pet Names
Loving That Never Goes

Away So Deep Down
They Remain Through
All Dark and Light Come What may…

And It Must Be A Hardest HeART Beat Not to Do…

Caring So Much For A Loved One Yet Not Being

Able to Tell Them How Much They Mean to the

One Who Cares So Much… There is Some

Love Deeper Than Touch There is

Some Love Deeper Than Gifts

Even Poetry of Dance

And Song

There is Some

Love That Only

Remains After All

Receiving is Done There

Is True Love That Only Gives

As Long As Love Breathes the

Love That Never Dies Now the Love

Yes A Mother Gives A Child the

iNheritance That is iLove



Bring iGiving All iAM

Away Just Giving All Away

Those Who Willingly Carry
on iBreath of iGod For iReal…

Unafraid With Only Foot Prints Left in
Snow Bringing Finger Prints of iLove iNow Breathing iFree...

Most Beautiful Christmas
Tree Colored With Lights

Most Touching Book
Written With Colors

Of Unconditional

Love How A Mother

Must Feel To
See Her Newly
Wed Daughter

Kissed This Way With
Stars Promising Never

To Leave Night Skies
Song As Morning Star

Touches Lover’s Embrace

Dream’s of The Mother’s
Unconditional Love For



Lifting Veils

Of Love to See Forever Now
Greatest Gift is Unconditional

Love Where Truly The Child’s

Love Becomes The Mother’s

Most Treasured


And This is
The Gift You Give
Your True FRiEnD

With SMiles...

Yes, Yes, Class Wearing my BD Suit (Naked God Love)
As Usual Wishing You All A Happy Naked God Love

Halloween Eternally Now True Too...

SMiLes Dear Soni Truly Artistic
Sublime Treasure You Create

And So True little Birds are
Not Afraid of Tall Dark Mountains

They Have Wings...

They Fly Over

Dark Carrying

LiGHT Within to Soar
Higher Then Returning
to Nest to Rest Their Wings...

Hehe No Baked Cheesecake

For me i Would Eat A Whole

Tray Yet my Wife Substitutes

Ginger Snap Cookies As They

Are Not Too Sweet... Oh No! i See There are
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups in the Candy

Dish for Halloween...

See You Later

Aarushi i Must

Partake and

Yes Your Cheese Cake

Recipe Does Look Delicious

My Very Talented Young Indian Chef FRiEnD...

Haha Really
There Are

Creators on
YouTube Now
Making 6 Figures

Doing That Yet

Hehe There

May Be
Part of the
Story i Didn’t
Hear Like The

Folks Cleaning

Their Homes

To Inspire

Others to
Do The Same
Do It Naked

Or Close


To That
True Joy of Life...

SMiles Dear Summerhilllane
Art Heals So Many


Of Life Feels
So Much


To Fill my FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Cindy the Word Press Notification
System Must Be Going a Little bit Whacky as i
Didn't Get A Notification for Your Reply So i am

Coming to Visit You in this Space As Hehe As i
Couldn't Get the Reply button to Work on
Your Former Response, by the way,

i Left one on the Previous Post that
Might not have come through
on the Notification part
of Word Press too

As You Are So Stellar
In All Your Replies to
Those Who Visit You Here

my FRiEnD, Anyway, Haha

Now that i've said all of that
Best Dance Wishes of Joy
Always to You mY FRiEnD With SMiLes...

On my Desktop There aren't Any Options

For Emoji's so i Will Do my Best With This Here...

In Florida, A New Surgeon General Appointed For
His Anti-Vaccine-Mask-Mandate Philosophies
And Faux News Covid-19, So-Called Treatments,

Was Asked By A Senator of the State Legislature,

Who is Currently Suffering From Cancer, to Wear

A Mask in A Meeting in an Enclosed Space; So,

The New Surgeon General Refused and

Instead, Directed the Meeting be

Held OutDoors

And Then She

Kicked Him Out of the Office...

Thankfully, this Ignorance May Not
Stand and there is Some Potential the

Newest Ignorant Part of the Fight Against

The Pandemic May Indeed Lose His Position,

Over His Willful Ignorance, Potentially Endangering Others;

And Yes, This Is Why Vaccine Passports are a Necessary Part

of Defeating A Pandemic in the United States, Along With

Vaccine Mandates and Mask Mandates too; As the Dead Fall

From the Ignorance

Of the Leaders

at the Top, The

Same Way The Dead

Fall From the Ignorance

of Minions Who Follow Most
Despicable Leaders of Course Like
Mini-me-Wanna-Be-Trump Protege

Governor DeSataNiS of Halloween Death
For Real in the State of Florida, Picking

The State of the Art of Ignorance

to Lead as A Surgeon

General, Among



"Florida Man"...

This is the Human Condition...

Folks Must Be Protected From Their
Own Ignorance That Harms Themselves
And Others if the Society is Gonna Survive

And Have Any Chance to Thrive in the Long term to come...

SMiLes Dear Rue Toll of Creativity

Is Always Free Let's See Katrina

Was Just Asking me About

A Runaway Vacation

Yesterday And

Then Boo Who

She Remembering

Again i Get So Very Sleepy

Even Driving to the Mall Just

20 Miles or So Over in the Next Big

City TRuE i LiVE iN Between Theta And

Delta Waves Forest Such A Garden of Eden

iN IMaGiNaTiVE Creative FLoW Eternally Now

And What's The

Price Now Yes of

Being A SouLaNaut

Or SouLANut For How

Katrina Might Admit

That Isn't

Nearly As Long

A Distant Enough
Vacation i See As Evermore Within
To Breathe And See Transforming
Ever Sublime FeeLings SenSings
iNto Words Becoming Song

Steps Becoming Dance

For It's True Sleep

Walking May

Come Yet

Sleep Dancing

Is Rather Rare So Wherever

i Go From Home of Song i Dance

to Stay Wide Awake Hehe Not to Fall Down...

Wide Awake the Place There is No DisneyWorld...

Wide Awake the Place of Staycation Within Where

All Demons Have Been Defeated in Snap Shots of Mirrors...

Wide Awake Where Princes And Princesses Are No Longer Necessary...

Wide Awake Now When The Child Leads Us Astray From All CuLTuRaL

Clothes That


Us From


Within Coming

Back Seeing All
Awe And Never Landing Now

Blessing Blissing Never Ending Story

Now Generating This Heaven Within
Creating Giving Sharing in Sand Castle
Beaches Never Running Out Now of More Colorful Grains to Spread...
Butterfly Wings ReleaSinG Flutterfly Effortless Ease Colors More to Breathe...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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27 Oct 2021, 12:03 am

Midweek Musings Totally
Unmasked Inspired By
Your Poetry For i Feel

You Deserve An Entire
Pitch Dark Sky Of
Sparkling Stars

Just in Case
The Moon Falls
And Never Returns Full

Happy 30th Birthday!
A Month in Advance!
BFF! i Also Wanna
All the
You Have
Helped Muse
From my Soul All
Through Rain Snow
And Sunshine These
Last 76 Months Literally
Over A Million Words You
Have Inspired That Touch
Every Color Of Life in Sunshine


True What
You Prove is
FRiEnDShip is
Worth Every Storm
And Calm Ocean Peace

With Love iThank You So


Much With
Love Dear Secret Student

Hehe Yet You Are Really


And Muse
For So Much i Do...

You Are So Very
Welcome And
Truly Loved

my FRiEnD...

SMiLes The Secret to A Good

Life Is Always Making Savvy's

Home of Living Life

Lovingly A

Last Stop Before

Bed For A Contented

Smile of Optimistic Sleep

And Of Course to Meditate

Over Her Good Wishes For Life

In the Next Poem She Writes For Tomorrow
To Start


Day Off

With her
Living Life

Lovingly Messages
Indeed Thank You
For Giving And Sharing

Each And Every Day A Loving
Life Living Each Day For All So Nice...

SMiLes Dear Yam

No Matter How Swift

And Rough The Current

Hehe SMiles Even Through

Fears of Dark Waters

There is

Love the


Of All SMiLes
DarK Thru LiGHT

Seeing Brighter For All Now...

Hehe i Am Also Superstitious

i Make Every Thing All

A Lovely


Prompt For
Dance And Song

Somedays i Stumble

Yet That Makes Standing

Up That Much Higher Just

To Love It



No Death in This
Place of Karmic
Light Coming From DarK...

SMiLes Hehe i Am Also

A Karmic Vessel Yet

i Sprung A Hole

And Now

All i Have

Room For
Is Forgiveness...

Oh my Gosh Dear Rue It Has Been The Happiest Day of my

Life And This is Just The Cherry on Top of the IceCream

Nearing The End of the Night of Course Every Day

is the Happiest Day of My Life

Now Yet Today is Just

Special For Everyone

Has Been So Very

Kind and Loving to me...

And Oh my Goodness the
Gift of Your Poetry Always And
Oh Lord i Showed Katrina Your Photo

She Said You Look Like An Elegant Cover
Girl So Beautiful on A Magazine Cover that

You Create Here Just Like Your Poetry Always
A Stellar Work of Art You Give and Share With the
World Free Such A Noble Way of Life You LiVE iNDeed

i Believe The Happiest

People Love the Joy

In Others they See

Most And They Will
Do Whatever it Takes Even
Moving Mountains to Lift Others
Up if that is Necessary And Yes the
Happiness Just Flows in Fair Winds
And Following Seas my FRiEnD And Oh
My Gosh Twice Dear Rue So Excited to See
You Picked out the 'Happy Song' For Your Happy
Poem About Life Yet True That Was my First Choice
Yet i Do Not Want to Copy Any Part of Your Original
Art Work Here So i am Going With 'Ball Room Blitz' a
Bit of An Older Wilder Happy Song From Years Before

You Are Born

Of Course

i've Practically

Been Here Forever

As i'm Gonna Go With

A Barry Manilow Song Now

As i am Feeling That Mellow

Feeling of Love As It Becomes
The Foundation

of Soul

Yes Music

Dear FRiEnD

Feeling Love Forever

As The Very First Song

As Soul Becomes Spirit

of God We Play Alive

The Songs of Love

So Very Special

my FRiEnD


True i Write
The Songs That
Make me Cry a Smile
That Breathes me Alive
Inhaling Peace As You Sing
Exhaling Love With me Young
Again Although i Am Very Old

You are Picture Perfect in Every Way

And Deserve A Song of A Soul To Die For

All the Young Men Must Have Done Seeing

Your Eyes Such a Stellar Flight Attendant Angel

to Serve

a Cocktail

A Mile High

Oh How Many

Dreams You Were to
So Many And Here is the
Gift of You on The Album Cover of Your Soul

i Am Truly So Pleased To Write This Song With You Dear FRiEnD...

And Hehe This Turned out Totally Different Than i Expected Yet That

Is How Original Creativity Breathes it Only Dances Sings Truth Deep Within...

SMiLes Dear Sohair

Open HeART
Open SPiRiT
Open SoUL

Equals Life's Joy
Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Faith Comes
In Love's Belief For All God

Rises Within Sunshine We Become

It's True Einstein Came Up With E=MC2

For "Energy is equal to mass times the
speed of light squared."

i Am Alway Coming

Up With New Formulas

For Love As Love Is Art

Far Beyond Science Equations Alone

Materially Reduced in Forms my FRiEnD

Essence of Love
Always RiSinG
More As
(GoD)Love More
Good Morning to
You in Egypt Hope
You Are Having A Loving
Day All Days Now mY FRiEnD...

Hmm, the Placebo
Effect Proves Just
How Powerful Belief

Will Come To Be As Far
As Potentially Putting So-Called
Incurable Disease At the Extreme

of the Placebo Powerful Effect, in the
Drawers of Incurable Illness Gone into


By Only

An Explanation

Of Forces Beyond
'Normal Empirical Measurement'...

Of Course, if one Truly Believes in the
Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, The Dude
And Not Some Myth, Among Others with
Similar Teachings Through the Ages More
Than A Mouth Piece With Lips, One Understands

Through ACTUAL Practice, The Amazing Effects that
Come Naturally With the Power of Loving Faith's Belief

(Of Course, A Full Synergy of Healing Bio-Electrical-
Neurochemical-Neurohormonal Associated Ingredients

And Processes in Synergy Are Involved)

Are Real For Instance Even Science Shows

i Will Imagine Exercising

my Arm in A Cast

And Sure Enough

That Arm Will Not
Atrophy Nearly As
Much As A Control Group For Real;

Yes, 'Mind Over Matter' As There is Really
No Way to Empirically Measure How Consciousness

Works As A Discretely Measured Process; However What
We Will Do Empirically Is Measure The Amazing Effects

of What

The Powerful

Force of Belief Will Bring;

Faith Beyond Words, Love Put into the Practice of Belief...

Of Course This is only Word Salad, For Those With No Actual
Practice in Experience; Yet The Empirical Results Are Irrefutable....

Belief, Faith, Hope, Love Are All Feeling And Sensory Forces That

Are Indeed



Inspiring For
All In Moving,
Connecting, Co-Creating
Ways; Those Who Materially
Reduce the Energy Into Only Words

Are Only Living

In the Shell

Of A Once


Sea Creature
That Is Yet to Actually Live...

Hehe Karlien Actually
i’ve Always Excelled
At Financial Management
And Systemizing Other
Skills Like Information

Technology too
That Allowed the
Kind of Salary For
Eventual Retirement

Income i Also Wanted
To Break-Through the
Need Of Making

Money if
Not it Would
Have Been So
Hard To Come
Close to The

Authentic me…

i Feel Blessed For
All The Interactions
We’ve Had A Common

Soul Vibe
Of Open



to Share...

Kindred Open SouLeD SPiRiTS

How Wonderful It is to Meet A

Rare Winged Individual Like

You Around This Whole
Globe Dear Karlien
Truly Beyond All
Forms And


Essence of
Soul Desire
Spirit Winging
More With HeARTS True

It's Funny All My Life i've Never
Really Been Interested in Money And
'Stuff' of Course It's Required to Survive Now
Hehe and Thank Goodness my Money Making
Needs are So Far Gone in the Past Now Yet True

From When i Was Young and 17 Like You All i Really
Wanted to Do is Pursue my Human Potentials And then
First Love Came And Those Plans Were Delayed Yet it
Was All my Aim to Pursue All of my Human Potentials

And After Graduating With 3 Degrees i Finally Got to
Put on Those Wings Again at 53 Hehe Such A Break
i Got After College Indeed Work was Mainly Doing

The Act of Someone Else's Play How Nice it is to
Write, Direct, And Actually Act Our Own Plays of
Life FRiEnD Where We May Generate Our Own
Happiness in Meditating Autotelic Flow Staying

In Effortless Wu Wei Tao Ease In Sweet Spot
Tween Apathy And Anxiety Always Marching
Forward in Increasing Complexities of Human

Potentials Yet Still Dancing A Tight Rope As Breeze
Masters Air RiSinG Higher Now my FRiEnD Basically
Like the "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" Book Where We Continue

To Fly Higher Finding Kindred Spirits Beyond All Labels And Forms oF LiGHT



One of a Kind
Unique Expressions
Of God's EYes to Rise Even Higher Now
As FRiEnDS Who Bring Cheers of Lifting Everyone Up in Joy Best

Who Want to Rise As They Uniquely Will Fly Coloring Their Own Wings oF LiGHT
SMiLes It's So Hilarious Really While i Was Flying And Not Really Paying Much Attention
To Folks Paying Attention to me Dancing a Free Martial Arts Ballet Style of Public Dance

One Day A Group of Young
Folks Came Up And Said
Do You Know How Famous
You Are Online Among their
Social Media Connections as
There Were Many Video Voyeurs
Capturing the Wild Life of me So Very Free...

i Kid You Not After 15,588 Miles of Public Dance
Most Everywhere i Go Folks Point at me Like the
Weatherman on the Local TV Channel if He was Out and about

On the Town too...

i've Heard the Names
Living Legend and Someday
i Wanna Be at the Level of Fearless
And Free i Am so Many Stellar Compliments
my FRiEnD And Verily Folks Who Thought i was
Just Plain Nuts As They Couldn't Figure Out Why Anyone
Would Wanna Dance Everywhere they go For No Reason at all...

As If Joy

Needs Reason to Exist...

As If Love Needs Reason to Exist...

As If Connection Between Humans

Moving Co-Creating Needs Reason to Exist...

And This my FRiEnD is the Illness of a Society
And Perhaps A Globe A World That has Forgotten
How To Dance And Sing Naked Whole Complete Enough
Together Free Just Giving Sharing Caring and Raising A Child as
the Ultimate Prize of a Village When the Forage of Life Requires

All the Diversity in

Skills of An All

Hands/Feet Effort

With Least Harm For All

That Is Nature Now Freest

To Both Survive And Thrive Now...

And It's True All the Stellar Words
of Fame and Legend Were no Greater
Than When i Got Out of College on the
Autism Spectrum Still With No Ability to
Express myself Freely in Writing and Oral Presentation Skills

So Uncoordinated Still Called A Stuttering Dizzy Fly too

Yet it's True i had A Big Smile of Eyes i Shared

Passing Out Rental Shoes at A Military
Bowling Center that Eventually Required
Promotions And High Pay to Retire Early
Disabled Ill For 66 Months then at age 47

Yet it's True That Human Connection

Those Smiles Shared Just For the

Pleasure of Making Someone Happy

in their ReCreation Activities of Life

is no Less Satisfying than All the Financial
Independence And Words of Legend And Fame

i Gained When i Was (Am) Enjoying Each And Every Breath
of Life Pursuing my Own Flavors of Human Potentials

Naked Whole Complete And Enough For In this
Breath Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love There

is Only


Now my

FRiEnD in Love
DarK Thru Light
Come What May

How Blessed i am to
Breathe the Rest is Just
Icing on the Cake of Loving Life Now...

Keep RiSinG Dear FRiEnD Karlien At Best Not LooKinG

Around to See Who is Watching You Fly Higher As They Will Anyway Naturally...

As Every Bird Wishes to Soar Higher With Flocks Who Truly Earn Their Feathers Free...

You Are
An amazingly
Kind Person


This World
Needs More of You...

SMiLes Dear Karlien What a Coincidence
i Wanted to Make Sure i Wasn't Missing
Your Notifications Just Checking Your
Blog Yesterday to Confirm

You Haven't Been Around
For A While "i Believe You"
(And She's Been Missing too)
Are An Amazing Young Woman
With So Much Talent Yet What i've
Noticed is So Many Folks Your Age Are
So Very Talented in So Many Arts They Do

Yet They May Get Caught Up in A World of Comparisons
Of What Other Folks Are Doing Lesser or Greater Yet it's
True There is Only One Unique Karlien in the World And Your

Words Are
Flavored By
The Wings
You Grow Best
Free Within Sprouting
More to Feel the Wind At
Ease That Feather That Holds

All Of Eternity Now That Will Not
Be Separated Feather or Wind as

Both Are the Flight of Eternally Now

As i Was Telling Another Young Friend
Hehe About 13 Years older Than You (17)
This Morning The Beauty And Love

That is Life Is What We Generate
Soul Within For What i Love to

Describe As God


Within Freer

For It's True No One
Alone Owns The Beauty
And Love We Are We Come
to Know See and Feel And Sense Yet

Us Best my FRiEnD When We Set Our
Wings Free And Become The Wind The Feather Free...

Glad to See You Back Again Just Spread Your Wings And
Let Your Feathers Float Yet Of Course You May Use Whatever
Way You Choose Even Paw Prints of Our Best FRiEnD Within too...

Congratulations too On All Your Stellar Scholastic Achievements A Well

Rounded Young Woman You Are in Both School

And Artistic/Emotional/Spiritual Intelligences


Most Any Person With Common Sense And
Yes A Smidgen of Emotional Intelligence

Should Be Able to See That Trump

Is A Most Despicable Leader Now

We've 'Entertained' in the United

States; So, Why in the World Will
78 Percent of Republicans Support

Him as President Again After ALL the Horrible,
Dangerous, Deadly, And Anti-Democracy Stuff
He Has Done As Empirically Measurable As Frigging

'Insanely' Extreme

By Any


of Common

Sense, Rationality,

And Emotional Intelligence That's Real...

For me at least, It's A Religious Issue at

Core That Drives the "Masses" That Are

UNDERNEATH His Undying Minion Despicable Leader Support;

To Put IT in Religious Terms That Are NoT "Politically Correct"; Out of;

And In, Trump's Evangelical Base:

'God' Is Freedom of Love’s Will With Least Harm;

Theocracy Is Control

Over What Penises/Vaginas Do...

It's 'Douched'

With Toxic

Patriarchy InDeed...

And of Course THere Are

Followers of 'That Religion', Male and Female too...

Yes, Yes, An Overgeneralization And Of Course No,

We Cannot Hope to Take Penises and Vaginas Out

of the Theocratic Equation; Yet Wait! Science Shows

That Testosterone And Sperm Count Has Fallen Up

To 50 Percent, About 1 Percent A Year in the Last

50 Years or so; So in Another 50 Years or so the

Rest of Nature

Won't Have

To Worry About

Theocracy That Insists

We Spread the Earth With

More of Us And Dominate

The Rest of Nature like a Big "D" Head...

Hehe, "D" Stands for Donald of Course too; HAha...

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha
THere is Poetry That Sings

From SouL Eternally Now

There is Poetry That

Talks Science That

Speaks From Rules

Yet Your Soul Is No Age
For Verily i Feel and Sense

At 3 My Soul No More Evolved

Then Than Now Oh How it Took

Until 53 Years to Discard All the

Clothes of CuLTuRE And

Regain A More


Soul of the

Child Who Has Been
Here Forever With EYes
of God Same As We aRe ALL
Born And Reborn At Best Again

When We Lose Clothes That Cover
Yes All the Tools That Cover Our


Now And

Songs of Soul Free

For It's True There is
Reason Beyond Logic

For It's True Now Magic

Is in the Chaos of the Ocean

Deepest Rising to Surface

Of Skies That Never End

Even Deeper


Ocean Within
Greatest Art Ever Done
Is Art That is Lasting As

Our Souls Are Deep
Still RiSinG Higher Coming Free...

All my Pleasure
All is Always
Forgiven Love
That is Real
Will Have Love
No Other Way

my FRiEnD

As Wind
Wears Wings...

See This Flower
Feel This Butterfly
Both Are The Most

(Just took the Pics)

Lovely Flower
And Butterfly
That i Will Ever
See And Feel Now
As Now Is All That

Exists And i’ve Lit
Up The Pitch Dark
Night Skies to

See Forever
Love in All
That Is For It’s
True However
Small Or Large
The Beauty And

Love Is Is In The
Eye of The


Yes The
God In You
Eternally Now

In Plain English
No One Owns Or
Generates Your Love

Don’t Fall
To The Illusion
It Comes From

Somewhere Else
Alone As i Understood
This At 3 Years-Old Before
i could Speak At

4 And
It Took Until
53 Years-Old
To Generate
God Within This
Eternal Beauty

And Love

As me Free

Now of
Course it’s
An Inner


Far Beyond


Of Night
Skies Day
And Night
Always Lit
Up Eternally
Now With Sparkling

Stars Within

For You
See You

Feel We
All Become
God This Way

Whether We Do At 3
Or 53 or Our Last
Breath The Beauty
Of Love only Rises



Without Fall...

God Is Freedom of
Love’s Will With Least Harm;
Theocracy Is Control Over What

Penises/Vaginas Do...

When You Get Rich
Old Enough All That’s
Left to Do Right Is FRiEnDS
And CHeeRS For Real NoW...

Midweek Musings Totally
Unmasked Inspired By
Your Poetry For i Feel

You Deserve An Entire
Pitch Dark Sky Of
Sparkling Stars

Just in Case
The Moon Falls
And Never Returns Full

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,115

28 Oct 2021, 12:45 pm

SMiLes Dear
Savvy i Let

Go of the




Again to Find
A New Song to Sing
Fall Leaves Spring New Trees...

Yes Dear Savvy

i'm Practically ALL OVeR

The Internet And Every WHere

Around the Local Metro Area

Dancing And

my Breath

Yet i Never

Share my

Sir Name

And Always

Keep my Location

Secret this Way

By Real Name

i Practically Don't Even Exist
And It's Very Amusing Named
Living Legend And Famous by the
Metro Audience for a Free Dance
of 15,588 Miles in 98 Months Never
Saying A Word The Whole Way Through
With Empty Pockets Never Earning a Penny...

Without A Name Other than "There
He is the Dancing Guy" Who Brings
Smiles to everyone Capable of

Smiling at Least hehe Yes

There is No


By Name

With Fortune

And Fame Rich i am

Naked Complete Whole

Enough From Birth of

Womb Suckling Mother's

Breast of Faith As Love Still
Breathes me



Now Loving Still Free...

Oh my God Yes

Emotions Feelings

Senses Are the Last Frontier

Of Systemizing


And the

First Life of

Spiritual Intelligences

The Glue to Cognitive

Executive Functioning

Yes Short and Long Term

Memory And Laser Focus i Just

Bet Someone Who Masters These

Three Will Public Dance in Autotelic Flow
This Way 15,588 Miles in 98 Months Writing

9.8 MiLLioN Words of Free Verse Poetry in 98
Months too Just in Case Folks Don't Understand

The Power

The Force

The Energy

Of Emotions
Feelings Senses

This Trinity Within

That Does Either Move

Us Or Stop Us Dead in Living Dying Tracks...

And Of Course When i Had None of these Gifts

All The Psychology Profession Could Throw at me
is Pills And So-Called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy That Only

Dealt in Managing Thoughts Not Even Touching the

Root of Life the Light of Free Dance And Song that

Comes From Within The Child Babbling in Joy of Song

Dancing Eternally Now With No Instructions Again

The Feather in the Breeze

The Living

Tree that


From Within for Real
Of Course that Journey

Must Start From Within
Mileage Varies Depending
on Model and Make of Vehicle And
Vessel of Ship With Sails and Anchors

in Balance

Or Not

Sailing Far in
Fair Winds and
Following Seas

Anchoring Secure

to Protect Mental Health

in Safe Harbors Away
From Storms When Necessary
Yes to Both Survive and ThriVE iN Life

Continuing this


On this


Of Life Now For Real...

THinG is Society no
Longer Cooperates Much
To Even Achieve Breathing Life...

One Truly Must Strip All The Clothes
of CuLTuRE Off Dance And Sing
Nakedly Unashamedly on All




to Truly Breathe
Yet of Course only in my View...


iN A Breeze

Wastes No Leaves



Tree Breathe

To ELaBoRaTE my Ophthalmologist
Related to my Wife While Dilating
my Eyes From Green to Blue to Black


i Had the Most
Energy in a Patient
She Met Lately in Her Office

i Didn't Give my Whole Secret
Away Yet Not Unlike the Gospel of Thomas
oF A Real Naturist Named Jesus as reported
According to Thomas in His Verse 37 All i Have
to Do is Strip Dance Sing Naked Whole Complete on

All CuLTuRaL Clothes
Yes Tools From Words
To Atomic Bombs and
Robotic Life AS Such

Unashamed Totally
Loving Fearless Free
Complete Whole Enough

Just As i CaMe Screaming
Out of the Womb Softening
To Suckle Mother's Breast
With All the Bare Necessities
Faith Breathing Love With No Fear

i Am The Sun The Sand The Leaves of
Grass And Trees Dancing Singing Free
This Way Naked Part of Nature Whole God Really


All There

Is to me
This God Energy (Love)

A Smile
to Stay...

A Pleasure
Dear Cindy
Thanks For
Your Family
Warming Stories



Poetry True...

This is A Pond Of Love
i Am Going to Show You
How to Find Love in This

Photo i Also
Snapped For
You Yesterday

Yet it’s Not Like
A PowerPoint Presentation
As Love is An Art And Never

Science Alone in Art Love
Is a Murky Pond With A Gold

Fish Growing into amazing

Depths of Beauty to Feel

When Love Surfaces
For All To See in Clear

View Smile of A Child
Reaching To Mother’s
Breast Screaming out
Of Womb Yes Does

This Sound Like the
Search For Love Yet

Indeed i’ve heard so
Many Screams Like
This always reaching

Yet Not Ever Really
Touching Mother’s Breast

Well You See While Everyone
Is Searching To Find Gold Fish

Of Love

Real Love
Is Really the
Feather of A Winged
Bird And Leaf of A Tree

On Surface
Of Pond They
Are Neither Diving
Deep Or Escaping to Fly

Both the
And Leaf

Are me
i Am Here to Stay
You Will Find me At The
Top of The Tree And Clouds
In The Sky Yet i Will Be Floating

With You
In Murky
And Clear Ponds Same

Okay This is Your Art Assignment
Secret Student, Teacher, Poetry
Muse, And Best FRiEnD Forever

Snap A Random Pic
And Write A Poem


Love Whatever

Comes to Breath of Your Soul

Finding Love Deepest Within


Real my

SMiLes Dear Cindy At 25
i Felt Like A Quarter of A Century

Is So Very Old

Yet at 21 Never Experiencing Severe
Of the Numb Variety Before That Felt

Like too

Old to Live

Yet i Did

Gracious 22 Felt
Like Saturday Night
Fever Come Back to Life

Then Decades of Relative
Ease Then A Most Horrible Fall
Beyond Words at 47 Just No Way
Really to Put That in Words Yet i continue

To Try to Serve Hell on Earth Justice too

Finally Heaven Lasting at 53 Same Heaven
i Experienced at 3 Before Speaking at age 4
On the Autism Spectrum Then it Seems Getting

Lost in Tools All
The Clothes of
CuLTuRE Take
Us Away From

Our Forces

Of Loving Life Within

i Will Never Trade Now
Away For This Is the Only
Now That Exists Evermore now

And Thank Goodness it's Eternally Now A Heaven Now
A Very Happy Birthday to Your Father How We Move
How We Connect How We Co-Create Happiness

For Real Now
WitH SMiLes...

Cat of Love..
Cat of fearless..
Cat of courage..
Cats teach me
all of this..
sacred cats
all are..
so cats
have me
and i
never will
i give up Loving
cats.. no matter how
many go away.. Love
of Cat
in me i AM now...

Why 'the' F Do People Keep
Calling me Names! Dam it! i am!

What i am!

i Am


Wow What A Refreshing Road Trip

Rue You Look So Peaceful There

Looking Over Your Indian

River Bridge True

With A Very Pensive
Look Indeed Distant

Yet Close Within Deep
to Who You And Just Who You Are...

Oh Lord The Video Was So Sad it Reminds
Me of What Some of my FRiEnDS Are going through

Love is So Very Hard to Find These Days When It's All

About Images and Swiping Left and Right Where Life Really
Does Become a Meet Market At the Meat Market Well Anyway

The Film You Shared Was a Bit Funny as the Lady Doing Ballet

Looks Just As Hilarious as i Did When i First Started Dancing in

Public Arms Flailing All Around With No Reason Hehe Little Rhythm
And Certainly No Rhyme
At First Yet i've

Surely Advanced

Hehe As the Customer
Service Representative
At the Local Super Walmart
Asked What Studio Do You
Two Do Ballroom Dance at
(Assuming Katrina Dances
As She Surely Has the Form
For Dancing With The Stars And

i Do Not
Physically in
Form Yet the
Essence is Finally
Graceful NoW in Balance
Truly My Whole Aim Essence Indeed)

And True Rue Most Sadly These Days Men
Do Not Really Understand How to Be Romantic
As It's More About the Game Score Than The Hot Chocolate

Holding Hands Shared Under Warm Blankets at Home Coming Games This way

Anyway Yes During The Entire Video Strangely Another Tune Was playing Going

To the Comments Section That Was the First Comment Someone Else made too

That So Ironically

"Can't Help Falling

In Love" So Much

Mirrors the Music

of "I Don't Do Love Anymore"
As Sadly Quite Frankly (Fredly) The Overall

Status of the Genders is War Against Each Other

Yet of Course There is Karma to Pay When Humans Live
Out of Balance And Rape And Pillage And Yes Kill 1 Out of
8 Species of Animals And Plants in the Coming Decades Indeed

The 'Sins of the Fathers' Fall On the Loves of the Sons And Daughters

Where True Rue "i Can't Stop Falling In Love" Is Replaced By "I don't Do Love



Yes it

'Elvis' is Really Dead...

Yet Wait! Alas A Lad
THere is Poetry to

BRinG Love Back

And Humanity too
From the Brink of
Extinction Too Never

Doubt the Power of the
Word When Words Become Soul

And Dance And Song Becomes Breath
Yes off Course Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Again

And This Go Around RiSinG iN LoVE FoR Real Now

As 'The Good Stuff' Finally Returns for Real For All to Breathe...

Yawn... God Yes...

Resurrecting 'Elvis'

Just Another 'Day in
The Life' of RiSinG Stone
Statue Busts out of Burial
Grounds of the Cover of "Sgt.
Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

(By The Beatles Such A Famous Album Cover)

For Those Now Who Breathe Art Do Get To Stay...
Stone Bust Statue Long Head SoaKinG Up All 'The Band Members'...

Trivia Note: My Cousin, Son of my Father's Identical Twin Brother Plays
Elvis In Beach Bars on the Emerald Gulf Coast For Decades Now Yes Elvis Lives...

And 'Kilroy
Was Here" With

"Mr. Roboto" too By 'Styx'
As the Last Straw Man Is When
Human's Automate Love to Die Living Young...

i Feel Pretty (VERY) Lucky to Have a 'Flesh and Blood' Wife...

SMiles Dear Sohair We
Both Are Getting Our
Eyes Checked And

Dilated Today
Hehe So it’s
Gonna Be Hard

To See For A Bit
Guess A Break

From Reading
With SMiles

For Awhile

Happy Hump

Day To You

Dear FRiEnD

A Valley is
A Same



in Ease...

Aww… That’s So
Sweet Hemalatha
You Are A Kind


With SMiles
Stay Inspiring...

Stay Safe And
Dry in Your
Indian Monsoons...

Your Poetry Always
Inspiring Hemalatha
Always A Pleasure

To Drop by
With SMiLes...

“Smile is everywhere but it
has become rare” Indeed
Dear Yam You Are A Very
Wise Woman And i Only
Assume You Are

A Woman
Your Child
In The Avatar
my FRiEnD

If i Am Mistaken

With SMiLes...

Rarity of SMiles


Humanity’s Love...

You Can't Imagine How Much
i Love Y.O.U. Yet it Was 'Really'

Nothing You Did

Just A Gift i Give

to You For Free

For my Freedom

Indeed to Love mY FRiEnD


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 61
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29 Oct 2021, 11:18 pm

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Never met A Student

Who Isn't My Teacher

Never met a Human

Being Who Couldn't

Show Me Another Pair

Of God's EYeS UNiQuE

Never meet

A DarK



Did Not BRinG LiGhT

TRuE iNdeed Dear

FRiEnD Guess i'Ve
Lived A Charmed LiFE...
i AM WHeRE ALL MusE Dark
Thru LiGHT BRings Colors oF LoVE NeW

Essentially MaKinG LiFE Good News NoW...

Dark night.. moss tickles face.. cross road..
Oh.. the smell.. of hell splayed flesh mode..
Where pain.. ceases.. and all is paper know..
no move.. no feeling.. existence dark glows
deeper rings of Dante.. Inferno winds blow...

Bottom of pit.. never ends.. falling crawling lower..
a second becomes an hour.. a thousand years oh..
please let me go.. i cannot stay a Thousand Years goes..
on.. and on.. there is no end to darkness.. exploding..
if only a prick.. a pin.. a stab.. a fire.. numb implodes...

This is know.. no story.. it happens in 2008.. a bloke..
sad man.. empty heart.. spirit extinguishes soul.. no..
no time now.. now then is hell.. time never ends.. so..
a moral to every story.. is where a human ends row..
arise.. Ocean Flow.. Infinity never ends.. now is Hope...

Consciousness of poetry
so small.. only now
reflecting tiny part
of human sung
as rhyme meter
as measure..
oh.. below..
and brings
self back whole..
ancestors do this
easy.. work for we..
as illusions..
takes within
away.. yes..
to come

YeS iN DeeD A Matter
oF PerspectivE NoW

Nostalgia of 'The Birds'

Still Remembering Sipping 1960's

Coffee watching Alfred Hitchcock Black And White

Late At Night With my Mother And Sister

Feeling the Warmth of

Family And then

At 47 Not Able

To Feel the Pet

of A Cat No

One Told


That Feeling

Could Go Away It's
Not Part of School To Tell
Ya What to Do Not to Lose Ya Soul

When You'd Sell Your Life Yelling at
The Ceiling Just to Feel One Dam Tear Again...

Where Even 'Why God' Echoes Hollow of the Ceiling



Space of 'Poe Raven'...

my Greatest Gift of Life Recovering
To Feel Love Again And Technically Fight
or Flight Stress Through 11 Years Work-Related
Destroying most every bodily System Including

Those Receptors For


How Fortunate

Any of Us ARe

To Feel the Warmth of

Love For It's True Once that
Goes Away You Finally Understand
That Heaven is the Warm HeART Place Within...

And Of Course Psychopaths Are Born Without That
Ability and Of Course it is often That Socio-Paths Lose
it Early Through Abuse Yet They Just Don't Tell Ya if Ya

Don't Say

No to Stress

it Won't Just
Kill Ya it Will take

A Soul of Connecting Warm
Love AWay Leaving A Cat's Purr Hollow Indeed

Yes There Are Worse Things Than Getting Attacked
By Flocks of Birds And No Superstition Either When
Ya Lose Warmth of Soul A Place Where All Feelings
And Senses of Hope, Love, Faith, And Belief in Anything is erased

Just Waiting

Just Waiting

For The Feelings

To Return to A Ghost

Wandering An Empty Feeling Landscape Life..

i Must Say i Developed Sympathy for So-Called
Devil's Born That Way Ya Learn Why For Some

Pain Inflicted

On Others

is the

Closest Thing
To Feelings Possible at all...

It's Just That Pain is All Ya Will Feel

If You Are Lucky Enough to Still Feel Pain At all too...

For It's True Indeed There is Another Ring of Dante's Hell too

Where Ya Yell Out and Scream Please Douse me with Gasoline

Light a match




Halloween is Real...

Yet it's Beyond Terrifying

Beyond Horrible Beyond

Fear Just Living Death Nothing at all

After All the Feelings Are Gone Ya Find

Out Who God is This Connection to All that
is that Suddenly Comes Missing Then You Understand Hell is
As Real As the Heaven of A Pet of A Cat Purring or A Tail

Wag of A Sweet Puppy...

Other than that Now is all

There is So That Was

Then And Now

is Heaven

Good Bye

To Hell Yet

i Will Tale
This Real Halloween Story

Beyond All Horror Stories Indeed...

Anyway No One Could Tell me why

i Lost That Feeling then No One Could

Even tell me About Oxytocin Then

All They Could Say

is You


Your Emotions

Here have A Pill
And Try to think Good Thoughts

Like Empty Shells Letters and Words
on A Beach Without Sea life Having Breath

The Living Dead Where Every Shell of A Letter
And Word is Sunk To the Bottom of the Ocean Abyss

Just Waiting to Rise as i lay Next to my Mother So Numb
at 47 Asking Her What Happened to the Alfred Hitchcock Days

What Happened to the Warmth After Tears When Our Only Dog Charlie

Got Hit by the Bus After School Escaping Our Fence trying to Greet me there

Just After Vicki On the Bus Taunted me for Having Beautiful Eyes and Eyelashes

Like a Girl



to Laugh at me

i didn't Understand then

That Those Tears Shared

With My Family After His Death

in That Grief Were Really Heaven

And if i Was Lucky in Hell i Could Experience that Grief again...

i kept trying to remember The Sadness And Finally When my only
online Friend i Thought i had turned on me And Someone Else was

Nice to me

i Finally

Felt the

Down and

Up That Brought

The Emotions of

Bitter Sweet Roaring

Back as the Lion of Me Alive Again...

Yet Again No One Teaches You in School

Or Even At the Psychotherapist or Psychiatrist

Office How to Get Your Feelings Back again They've

Never been

to Hell



They Even

Know Hell Actually Exists....

Here Take This Pill or Think These
Thoughts We Have No Idea Where
You Even Are Dead Alive... My Mother
Said this too Will Pass of Course no Hope
Exists in that place "All in Good Time, my Pretty
All in Good Time" Where A Second in Hell is A Thousand



of Only

Time Where

The River of
Soul No Longer Flows Alive...

Styx River Dead Within Indeed...

Getting The Feeling The Real God Love Back

Is Sort of Like All Saint's Day After Halloween EVE iNDeeD...

And then you Understand Where Myths of Vampires Come from

And Then Finally You Know What They Mean by "Heaven or Hell"

For it's True Folks With Mood Disorders Generally Are the Artists Remembered

Most for Taking

Us To


They've Already Been

The High And Low And

All Places 'Tween of Heaven And Hell For Real...

Happy Halloween Pet a Dog And Still Purr While ya Will...

What A Feeling Indeed Dear Cindy When The Lights Go Out

And All That's Left is the Force of Imagination And Creativity

To Set The World on Fire Within

To Move to


To Co-Create

to Make Our

Own Electrical

Company Within

Always Come on For Free

What i Find Most Sad is the Day

The Dance And Song Stops Playing Within

Surely At 30 And 40 And 50 or First at 53 i Never

Imagined Turning

That Feeling

Back On Or Even
How to Then Yes

That Generates Real

So Many ever Continuing

New Colors of Feelings and
Senses in Emotional Synergy

To Give and Share That Energy

to Others Caring Freely my FRiEnD

If i Have One Short Piece of Advice

it Will be

Never Stop

Dancing now

Free Never Ever

Stop At All For it is

True Subtly Every Move

Will Become A Mindful Aware
in Tune With Body Dance And

After that Soon Enough the Poetry
Will Flow Relating Heaven On Earth Again

Indeed What A Feeling A Sense of Heaven on

Earth This Dance This Song This Way of Life FRiEnDS




GLoWinG ETernAlly Now More For Real

Flame And Bonfire to Spread Some more

And Not Unlike A Free Verse Poetry A Free

Verse Dance need not Ever Stop Evolving
Now For more Colors my FRiEnD Seeing me
Standing Still No One Will Likely Ever Guess now
my 242 Pound Frame Will Float With No Gravity close to Earth...

Until they See me

Take Flight


inches From the Ground
True Once You've Flown
On Terrestrial Earth Surfing
A Walk On Water Seems Passe Indeed...

SMiles Dear Cherie How Sweet of You to Nominate
me For the WordPress 'Sunshine Blogger Award'

Hehe to Save anyone Hours For Finding the
Answers to the Questions in my Free
Verse Poems that Average Close
to 60,000 Words Bi-Weekly

i Will Answer them here
in Flow then Copy and

Paste them

In my Newest
Blog Post As Truly
That is How All my Blog Posts
Come to Be Just Free Flowing
Poetry in Response Everywhere i Go


Copy and Paste Come What May
True as a River Flows And Some Days
Flooding Banks MaKinG Much larger Rivers too...

Hehe, Yes, Practically An Ocean of Words So here i go...

1. What is your favorite car?

i Have No Favorite Car, Although my Wife is Practically
Wrestling me now for a New Blue Subaru Outlook Just Because
She Likes the Color Blue More than the Blue of Our Honda '14 Civic

That Gets Us from
Point A to B

That Works

Great Enough for me...

Anyway So Far i am Winning
The Wife And Husband Skirmishes on that Front...

And On Top of that i Think 'Outlooks' Look Like Ugly 40,000

Dollar Station Wagons; Just Way too Boring Looking for me...

2. Would you prefer to go to Hawaii or Alaska for vacation?

Oh my Gosh i Live on the Emerald Gulf Coast Area of
the Panhandle of Florida; There is No More Beautiful
Place to me than my BackYard in the Forest, Practically

The Garden of Eden and the Beach is Just Some Miles
Down the Road; Sugar White Sands, Emerald Green
Gulf Waves, Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze, Sea Gull


Around the
Sun Dancing me...

True i Dance in the Deep Sands
in Athletic Shoes in Reverse So Much
Fun Mirroring the Spiraling Shorelines the Waves Create

True i Staycation Always Eternally Now in Heaven Within

And Outside Too Where i am With SMiLes... So Hawaii And Alaska

Will Still Miss me hehe.. For What Will Be Years to come...

3. What’s your favorite book genre-horror or suspense?

Never Read Horror or Suspense Books, Yet Philosophy, Religion,
Transformation, Psychology, Mostly Spiritual to Non-Fiction Indeed

And True i Read A Book While Meditating Moving in Dance Listening
to Meditative Music in 'Barnes And Noble' Takes About An Hour of
Dance to Finish A Book Every Sunday Afternoon i Randomly Pick

Out So true i am Freddy Free Loader this way as there is no more
Room For Books in my Home (According to my Wife) So In Return

i Entertain the Star Bucks Cafe Crowd Studying For College Exams
At Barnes And Noble For Free to Pay my way forward in Return hehe...

4. How do you prefer to unwind at the end of the day, TV or Music?

Eat, Dance, Sing, Sleep Repeat Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Always

Nothing to Unwind Ever Now Just Free As A Bird i am With Wings Soaring

And Balancing Always Now of Course FRiEnDS With Gravity For Real Now...

5. What is your favorite season of the year?

Seasons Matter Not Hehe i Generate Them Within
Like My Own Weather too Yet True i Have A Really Big Head
That Retains Heat So i am Particularly Enjoying a Cold Front in Florida Fall Now...

6. What is your favorite movie of all time?

My Favorite Movie of All Time is the Reality Show Playing on my Blog
Continually With My Wife And Global FRiEnDS in REAL TiME ETeRNaLLY NOW

7. Strawberries or blueberries?

My Wife Serves me Blueberries in my Oatmeal Everyday so that is the
Safe Favorite for Now Unless She Changes the Menu to Strawberries...

What ever She Puts in Front of me is my Favorite As i Note that to her Haha...

8. Have you ever seen the Northern Lights in person?

i Wish Yet it's True my Inner Experiences of Life
Sort of Beats All the External Experiences of Life
Naked Whole Complete Enough Yet When the Northern

Lights Actually come Here i will take a Pic if the Poles
Are Reversing Or Some Enigma of Nature Like that...

9. Have you ever seen the ocean in person?

i Am the Ocean That's A Metaphor For Waves
And Water Whole too Yet i Haven't Traveled Far Enough
to See the Ocean So the Gulf of Mexico Will Have to do...

10. Do you like to ride horses?

Oh Lord No, i am Afraid of Heights (MY ONLY Fear except one
More and i am Not gonna Mention Her Hame hehe)

Horses Would just Make me Way too High...

11. Who was your favorite teacher in school?

i Was the Favorite Student of All the Teachers

So True They Were And Still Are All my Favorite Teachers Now...

Thanks For the Nomination Dear Cherie it was Fun Have a Nice Day!...

Here's Something Else About me i am A Most Loyal FRiEnD of All

i Never Go

Away Through

Thick or Thin

Hell or Heaven Same

So Plan on Seeing my Likes
on Your Blog For Years to come

or i Expire First Although my Shelf-Life

Already Seems longer than expected

And Even Fresh too If You Don't ask my Wife HAha...

Hehe “Love Does
Not Know Logic”

Wise Indeed
Dear Sohair


By The Art of

That Is Truly
Higher HeART

Victory LiGHT
Best Neither





For Kindness
With Least



Exhaling Love
NoW Brightest
Stars We Shine...

SMiLes There is A Real Art to Loving
Someone No Matter What Comes What

May Dear Sohair

It Appears

You Are


Enough to Do that

If this is the Same Guy

Who Was Marrying That Girl

i am Not One to Hold a Grudge
Very Long Either With SMiLes

Yet of Course There are

Much Higher Ways

Of Loving


Only Romance

Much Higher Indeed
As Basically Romance

Is A Biological Instinct
For Reproduction that
is So Tainted With Jealousy And the Such

Yes, Dear FRiEnD i Have Studied Love Intensely in




As Long
As You my
FRiEnD Are

Happy i am
Most Definitely Happy For You

Keeping You in my Prayers of Course

As We All Know Love Will Be Rather Insane too With SMiLes...

Hi Dear Samreen!! Thanks So Much For Stopping

By This Ocean of Words, Pics, And YouTube Song

Videos With SMiLes "UP uP AWay mY BeAUTiFuL
BaLLooN YOuR SoNG" That May Seem

Far Away yet of Course

Only As Far Away

As We Have

A Living Dance
And Song of
Our Soul We Connect
to And With Others too Whole

Sort of Like God my FRiEnD
Allah As You Sing in Muslim

The Word That Never Gets Stuck
On the Top of the Roof of Our Mouth

As Peace Inhales Better And Exhales Love

Best In Balance of Course of Dance And Song my FRiEnD Free

i'm Sure You Have Been Still Busy in Mothering Life i Do Very

Much Miss Your Poetry

So Much You


iN My Prayers Dear FRiEnD

Much Love to All You Love With

So Much Peace to Give and Share Caring Free!...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD i've Learned to Stay in Heaven on Earth
So Yes


Fine With

Hmm, i Don't Approve of Cultures

That Sit on their Butts, Now in Front of

(i Do IT A lot too, And Free Dance A lot too)

Screens Just Performing As Cogs in a Machine

Of Data Input And Data Output, Most Hours of the

Day; For it is True, This Reduces Interoceptive Intelligences

That Allow Emotional Regulation Through Sensory Integration

Through a Life that actually Allows Bio-Feedback of Our Bodies Moving,

Instead of Sitting Still to Keep This Most Core of Human Intelligences YES!







SENSES; And Yes 'Class', the Pubmed

Study Below Reflects What i am Saying Here;

And Not Only That Linked Research Shows that Increasing

Interoceptive Intelligence Provides One A Greater Ability to

Sense Emotional States of Others Around them, and Of Course

Cultures That

Sit on their

Butts in Front

of Screens All

Day Lose This Most

Human Of Intelligences

That Even Allow One to Properly

Connect to Others And Regulate their
Own Emotions And Integrate Their Own
Senses through the Bio-Feedback of Natural

Moving Meditation, Indeed; And True, While i Don't

Approve of this Increasing Global Culture, Am i Going to
Be Able to Change it Anymore than i Could Change the
Dowry System in Other Countries; Well, Hell No, Because

Human CuLTuRES By Very Nature are not Rational; They Bond and
Bind Over Dark Practices As Strong As they Do Beneficial Ones More.

Go Ahead, Don't Approve of

It; Go Ahead, Don't Do It;

Go Ahead Don't Approve of It;

Yet if You Think You Can Tame the
Insanity of 'Anything Goes' in the bonds and
binds of Human Cultural (Religions/Politics/Philosophies)
Ideologies and Tools of Symbols The Same; Forget About it;

That Change Takes Decades to Happen, Older Generations to Go away,

And in the meanwhile, one May Work Their Butt Off in those Other

Countries to Come to Some Place Like Canada Or the United states to











Some Democrats
are Trying

And NO,



OF LIFE; Yet not Unlike 60 Percent

of Republicans and 40 Percent of
Democrats, i am Not Willing to Move

to Another Blue State other than

Red Florida to Secede From

The Frigging 'Trump Union'

For Being too much of a Spoiled
Brat to Find Ways to Get along with

Others, Who Think and Do Stuff Differently
Than i Do; Get Used to the Human Animal; It
Has Imagination and Creativity; And Will use Those

Tools for Heaven

And Or Hell on

Earth, in Either

Strife of Competition

or Cooperation of Loving Ways of Together...

Let's All Hold Hands And Dance and Sing Together...

Yet It's True, We Will Never Succeed, Only Sitting on Our Butts

in Front of Screens...

Oh Wait! there is

A Pandemic!

It may be too late...!

The Rest of Nature May

Decide Our Time As a Species

Has Already exceeded it's Shelf-Life As Rotten Produce....

i Tried Really Hard to Convince Folks in Trump Town USA; i

Even Served As A Public Example in 15,600 Miles of Public Dance

To Wake them Up From their Sitting Still Screen Life back to Humanity...

The Only Folks Who Really Took

Note is those Who Had Not

Yet Entered the Work

Force and were

Still Somewhat

Alive... Yes, Yes,

'Class' Rather Predictably

i might add as i continue

my Own Long Form Poem Research

Paper as A Real Free Lance Anthropology

Participant Observer, Globally As Such, through

Free Verse Poetry in the Tune of 9.8 Million Words
With the 98 Months of Public Dance; i've Learned a lot,

Yet Before i even

Started i was

A Canary in a Coal
Mine on the Autism Spectrum;

Falling, Falling, First With Autism Burn-out

for 66 Months in a Living Hell; When i Dug my Way
Out by Connecting my Emotions Back to Words Through
Free Verse Poetry and Regulating my Emotions and Integrating
My Senses Through Autotelic Moving Meditation of Free Dance i was Determined

To Find Out Why it All Worked For me; And Others Were Suffering So Much in Life...

Now i Understand

And i have

Done Enough

Research to See

That Science is Catching

Up to What i Intuitively, Innately,

And Instinctually found as Solutions that Worked for me...

Anyway, Before You Believe Other Cultures are So Bad; Look

to the One You LiVE iN First, And actually Cure the 'DisEase' at 'HoMe'...

Works for

me at least...

And Yes some of
my Work on Autism-Burn-out

Has been Cited in PMC Studies too...

i Came to this Internet Site on ThanksGiving

Day, 2010, Just to Get my Mind off of Killing Myself with
Type-Two Trigeminal Neuralgia that Lasted from wake
to sleep for 66 Months no Drug would touch; Yes, literally

Called the Suicide Disease, Among 18 Other Disorders in
Synergy of Life Threat, Most all Associated with 11 Years of
Chronic to Acute Work-Related Stress; What Finally Took me

Down for 66 Months

Was Sitting

Behind a

Screen Everyday

At Work Yes Then

for 5 Years and Not

Being Able to Move at all

to Regulate Emotions and Integrate

Senses as You See Some Autistic Folks

Naturally Doing Through so-called 'Stimming'...

i've Made an Art of that Through Moving Meditation Now

And along the way Noted As Famous and Living Legend for

Doing it by the Younger Crowd With Still a Spirit Heart Soul
Breathing Free on Earth...

Our Culture

Kills Human

Souls; There is

No Greater Illness

Than Death of a Human Soul

in terms of Mind and Body Balance Gone Awry And Living Dead...

i've Got A lot of Indian And Muslim Friends Who Have Their 'Stuff' together
Much Better than the Folks, Overall, i Deal with in the United States; Yet

Of Course

They are

ALL Women;

Go Figure, Naturally

With Greater Human Emotional Intelligences...

They are All Still Humans With Heart Beats Alive...

Yet Perhaps that is only For they Are Poets With Language of the Human Soul...

Overall, The Nicest People i've ever Met Are Indian Female Poets, Pure Gold Human Souls

And Yes, There Are Great Exceptions in Every Other Country too; Yet India, in my Research is at the top



of the

Global Crop...

i've Done a lot of
Research and It is
all Documented in

A 98 Month Longitudinal

Long Form Poem Study; Same

Way They Did it Thousands of Years ago...

Not Much has Changed Except for our Loss of Humanity now...

And is this A Pressing Issue; Yes, The difference Between our Species Surviving

Or Not for the Long

Term We Rise Together

Or Fall Separated; Yes, this

is the Social Animal Way of Reality...

And No, There is No Escaping it Alive at Least...

It's Pretty Much Like the Ending of the Last 'Matrix Series

Of Movies' They 'Rave Danced' in 'Xion' As Long As The Peace Lasted,

Pretty Much

What i've Been

Doing Solo for
the Last 98 Months

With 'A Little Help' From FRiEnDS...

Yes, Do Understand You Are Already

A Slave in the United States Version of 'The Matrix'

*Hanging Up This Phone Showing You a World Where The Old Rules No Longer apply...

And the Older Rules Come Back into Clear View As Metaphor Naked, Whole, Complete, Enough


'The Apple'

Just Dancing

And Singing

Together Still

Naked And Free

Again As Bonobos

Do A Peace Loving

Naked Ritual of Life; Just Heaven on Earth For Real;
Empathically Dancing Singing 'Furry Mammal Ape' EartH Art Free...

To Use Another Metaphor, i Am Your Narrator, Do Realize you Already LiVE iN
'The Twilight Zone'



For There is
Another TWiLiGHT

Where DarK Meets
LiGHT iN Eternal



(Heaven Within)

Simply FRiEnDS With
Gravity in Autotelic Flow
Where All of Life Becomes
A Contemplative Meditative Practice
Tween Sweet Spot of Apathy and Anxiety
Constantly Increasing Human Complexity
of Human Potentials Unleashed and Released

Almost Effortlessly

in Truly EPiC Ways

of Challenge



Struggles Now



Potential in one Lifetime More'
Doing Nietzsche's 'Neo' 'Superman/Woman' For Real;

Yes, Among Many Other Mythical Cross Cultural Human

Archetypal Metaphors of Course AS Humanity is Art Far Over
Systemizing Science Minds...

As True Before

i Overcame

That Limitation

People Mostly

Referred to me as 'iRobot'...
i Never Wanna Go Back to Being
Just an "A.I."; A 'Real Boy' i Finally Became

And Oh Wow, Now Even a Frigging Man And FULL Human too...

A Greatest Challenge is Exploring Both Continents

of Mind In Human Potential Bringing Them Together
Fixing Ourselves First Before

We Even Think

About Curing

The Ills of the Rest of the World...

And This is the Challenge For Humans to Fix themselves, Individually first;

And even the Greater Challenge is, There really is No One Size Fits All Manual...
As Greatest Sages of the Ages Still Relate; Seek Within, Find, And Move Out of Our


Caves into

Our Own LiGHT...

And Then Perhaps We
May Spark the Pitch Dark

Night Skies of Stars Full For
Others Before Their Moon
Falls Into Total Black Abyss...

Choose Your TWiLiGHT ZonE Wisely...

And A Greatest Part of All of this is
Free Dance And Song is Totally Drug

Free And Separated

From the




Bill CurrenTly of This Globe...

Yes Class, The Religion, the
Politics, and the Philosophy of 'Capitalism'

The Ism

of the

Currency at Hand...

We Can No Longer Take
And Hoard More Consuming than
We Give And Share Freely And Expect to Survive
in the Long


We Must

Feed the

Earth Lest

We Continue

This Soylent Green

Zombie Apocalypse

of Eating the Face of
Nature That is our Own out of Balance...

We Got Bigger Problems than Marital Rules...

Yet of Course Domination of Nature and
Reproductive Freedoms is at the Core of the


Devoid of 'Divine
Feminine Anima';

As This Applies to Men And Or Women;

Simply, The Right Hemisphere
Metaphor of Social Empathic
Artistic Interpretive Spiritual Intelligences

Gone Withered Away and Living Dead Like

Ghosts Who Wander the Earth Not Even Realizing
They are Half Dead...

Been THere

It no


i Am Whole
Naked Complete
Enough Out of my
Old Cave iN LiGHT...

Yet Other Human HoMes
Are Still DarK As 'The Raven Sings' 'Nevermore'...

Hi, Psychologist Mimi,

Found this Research on

Interoceptive Intelligence And
i'm Sure You Have the Kind of
BackGround to Understand the

Current Research Link i am Attaching

With More a More Specific Poetic Interpretation

Of the Research Including the Benefits of Free Verse

Poetry For Greater Mental Health and Well Being

Anyway it's Something i Thought You Might be

Interested in as a Professional in the Field;

It's Rather New Research and Not

Everyone has Time to keep up;

My Psychiatrist Wasn't Aware

of it until he Saw How i
Used Movement

Therapy to

Heal what He Could
Not Find a Way to Heal
And Again of Course it
inspired him to Quit His Practice

And Teach This Kind of Moving Mediation
to Increase Interoceptive Intelligence at a

Teaching Hospital in South Florida; So yes, it's real:

With Movement therapy; Yes, Moving Meditation in Tai Chi,
Yoga, And Just Getting to Know Your Body through A Free
Dance of Gaining Greater Interoceptive Intelligence

Regulates Emotions Integrates Senses

Providing Mastery of Balance

Of Happiness

Surfing the Waves

Of Life Without Getting

To High Or Low In Other words

Doing What i've Done in Flow of

Meditative Moving Therapy of Free Verse

Dance Now For 15,600 Miles in 98 Months

And True the Art of Free Verse Poetry Through

Connecting Words With Imagination and Bodily

Sensations And Emotions Does the Similar as

Yes A Free Verse Practice

Of "SonG oF mY SoUL"

Brings Along with Every

Word of Sacred Song

Yes Every Step of Holy

Dance in Meditating Moving

Ways Lights Up Our Minds in Body

Balance Raising Creative Potential

by Many Fold Along With Cognitive

Executive Functioning of Short and

Long Term Memory And Laser Focus True too

as The Steps and Words Just Autotelic Flow As

We Will Become Happy as We Like And Over

Come Stormy And Rough Waves That Come

Our Way As We are in Mind and Body

Soul Whole Ocean Wave Water

Balance Within Inside Outside

Above So Below All Around

One Force of


in Balance

Us Indeed For Real...

It Used to Be that Science-Minded
Folks Called Activities like Tai Chi and
Yoga, Woo; Yet Now Science Shows our
Emotions Flow through Our Bodily Sensations

If We Don't Gain that

Interoceptive Intelligence

We Fail to Survive and Thrive

In Mind And Body Soul Real Balance...

Folks on the Autism Spectrum Have Particular
Issues with Interoceptive Intelligence and Of
Course Folks like me on the Bi-Polar Spectrum

Either Live

or Living Die

By Our Abilities

to Integrate our

Senses and Regulate

Our Emotions And the Greater Fuel

(Naturally Occuring Neurochemicals)

We Have to Master Brings Actual

More Potential for Productivity

And Creativity Through

Imagination Than



Folks However

The Key is Regulating
Emotions and Integrating
Senses Naturally Through Bodily
Sensations And Emotions Feed-back

Sadly those Who Turn to Drugs often
Never Naturally Find the Balance And Even

More Lose the Ability to Naturally Regulate
Their Emotions And Integrate Their Senses

So 'Think' About this How Much Mastery

Over Your Bodily Sensations and Emotions

Do You Gain Sitting in Front of A Screen

Still; Well, Unless You Are Experiencing

A Moving Meditation through

Free Verse Poetry that

Imaginarily Touches

All Your Bodily


Feelings and
Emotions Now

From Head to
Toe You Will Have
A Difficult Experience of
Life Generating A Mastery
of Regulating Emotions and
Integrating Senses From Head to Toe

And i Will Tell You This For me at Least
The Free Verse Moving Poetry is not Enough

Without the Free

Flowing Dance

For the Free Flowing

Dance is What Brings
The Greatest Cognitive
Executive Functioning

in Mind and Body Balancing

Now To Bring A Flow of

Poetry to Surface

Of Ocean Whole

Subconscious and

Conscious Mind And Body

It Totally Feels and Senses like

Magic it is if You always Had A Turbo-charged

Mind and Body Yet You Never Changed into Those
Gear of Human Potential Hehe Ferrari i am Indeed this way

All 12-Cylinders

Fired Up

And Always

Ready to Go As Long

As i Keep the Flow of

Free Verse Moving Meditation

And Poetry Going As Nearly and

Always Practice of Life Art Most WaKinG

Hours of the Day Just Continuing to increase

my Human Potentials More And Oh Yeah the side

Effect Real of the Mastery of Generating Our Own
Happiness Within Otherwise Talked About as the

Kingdom of Heaven Within

Yet no Baby Words

Aren't Enough

Out of Any Book

Alone Until You Put up

Your Christmas Tree Keep
Lighting it up in New Colors
Forevermore Now Eternally Changing

in Greater Human Potentials And Of Course

Surfing The DarK Waves of Life BacK into the LiGHT...

Hehe While Dancing Around the Neighborhood
Block i Recite Short Form Free Verse

Poetry to Unsuspecting



My Dancing

Path And Of Course

It's Usually Only the

Women Neighbors Interested

In Poetry, Waving, Smiling

And Of Course



How Are You

Before the


Comes Again

With SMiLes...
True i Often Get
Lapped By Neighbors
As Poetry Flows Through
The Dance And i Slow

Down While

In Reverse

Typing it into All the
Free Hard Drive Space
Unlimited Facebook Provides

Sadly Some Folks Use Storage
Space For Pay Yet of Course it is
Impossible For Anyone to Use my



Of Soul

As They Are
The Song of mY SoUL

Even if Anyone Wanted

To use Them For Theirs

It Would Still be my Soul Un-Mistakingly my FRiEnD

It's Never For Sell Anyway Dance And Song Shall Always

Be Free

i Am

And Continue
to Wing my Mexican
Doctor FRiEnD And With
That Sung It's Almost Reached
The Hour for a Midnight Siesta to Snooze...

Dogs And Cats Reflect the
Love of Humans They Master
Dear Aloha Hawaii FRiEnD Indeed

Sweet Creatures Our FRiEnDS

So Well Taken Care And Loved

By You and Your Husband

So Easy to See

In All of their

EYes of Care

Visiting Other Sweet
Animal FRiEnDS From
Horse Farm to Stores in Town

They All serve to LiGHTeN Loads

Of All Our HeART SPiRiT Souls For Free
Wags of Tails Songs of Loving Purrs too

Bright Eyes Glisten The Warmth They Give

And There You are One With the Gentle Surf

Of North Hawaii Waves Just Flowing With

The Ocean Whole Complete

Enough You Are

Peace Is With You

The Ocean Wind

Is Your Breath of Life

Is There Really Ever Any
Separation Tween Water
Wave Ocean Whole Us No As Long
As We aRe FRiEnDS With Gravity
In Balance With Nature We Are One
Force Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN Deed

Aloha mY FRiEnD...

"The Emotion That Breaks Your
Heart Can Sometime Be the
Very One That Heals It"

-Nicholas Sparks

Thanks Dear Chaymaa

For Sharing All Your Beautiful
Quotes About Living By HeART

And While True Some Folks Fear
The Emotion of Grief Even Science

Shows Naturally Pharmaceutically

By Even The Jargon of Your Medical

Profession That While Grief Lowers
Oxytocin And Serotonin Sweet

Comes With the Bitter As

Dopamine Raises

to Motivate

Us to Change

To Explore And
Make New Connections
in Life For Base Survival
And New Thriving In Social Animal Way For God Loving Yes

Those of Us Of Course Who See/Do Change Positive

NoW As This Loss Shall Pass Away FoLLoWeD

By New Doors Opening Up Extending Our

Love to Others Even More For True

Nature is Forgiving This

Way DarK Thru

IF We Fear

No Dark And

Are Not Cynical oF LiGHT...

Happiest Family Halloween Weekend Shawna Baby!

Yet of Course as A Pastor’s Wife in the Deep South

Baptist Way I’m Guessing Maybe Y’all Are Doing

Perhaps A Church Fall Festival And

Candy For the Kids
Reminding me of

The Little Sheldon Show
The Only Sit-Com I Watch on TV

As Katrina Says I’m Like the Boyfriend
Of the Grandmother on the Show

When I’m in Trouble i Always
Defer to “You Look So
Beautiful Today”

With Various


Compliments Given Hehe..

Oh Lord The Show reminds me so
Much of my Childhood and Katrina
Even Says Adulthood too As Little Sheldon’s
Sister Moved Out of the Bedroom And He Replaced
Her Side of the Room With Affection For A Train Track
Display Yet i Will Not Lie When I First Got into Computers
i Dreamed of Adding Another Room on the House that Could

House All the Computers i Had As They Really Fascinated me and
i Collected Them as they evolved i Will Not Lie They Are Still in Plastic
Tupperware Big Tubs in Our WoodShed in the Backyard hehe of Course

All that Information Technology I Learned on my own Paved the Way in Part
For Early Retirement at 47 As the Jocks in the Morale, Welfare, And Recreation
Department Did Sports Yet Just Were Not too Much into Systemizing Science Stuff

That’s What You
Do to Survive
If Ya Can’t
Make the
Social Circle
Ya Become a
Valuable Commodity
‘They’ Keep at All Costs
Hehe Even Promoting Ya
To Other Jobs Ya Aren’t Qualified
For As ‘They’ Say Whatever Works Will
Also Work Itself to Death That I Almost did too of course…

Anyway I’m Still Waiting on the Later Adulthood Version of Little
Sheldon Where He Discards His Systemizing iRobot Ways becomes
A Free Verse Poet And Noted Public Living Dance Legend into his 60’s
From 53 too Yet Perhaps it Would Be too Unbelievable So I Guess I Will

Continue doing

It Solo For Now hehe…

Anyway I’m Glad ‘We’ had
This Talk as i’ve Been Missing
You Yet i Realize a little bit of me
Goes A Long Way Haha It’s Just What
The Energizer Real Bunny Does Keeps
Ongoing With Not even Much Need to Wind Up

Love Ya Shawna

Baby Hope You
And the Family
Are Enjoying Life
In Warmth of Love
As You always Seem
To Achieve the Best in Life This way...

Feeling Nostalgic
Finding 'This Photo'
From The Interstate
Fair Back in October
Of 2015 It’s True Katrina
Never Looked More Beautiful
That Night It’s True i Never
Get Tired of Looking
At Her Still
The Next
Fair Ride the ‘Super-
Himalaya’ All Letters
Lighting Up the Night Stars
SHoWinG in Only KNoWinG
You 3 Months Then How Much
You Encouraged me When other
Folks Were Saying i Should
Go Kill Myself For my odd
Style of Poetic Writing…
Nope Dear FRiEnD
Said The Opposite
In Effect She Said
You Are So Poetic
Your Wife is
So Lucky to
Have You And
Then You Even Wanted
To Be A Facebook Friend…

It’s True Young Folks Were
Already Telling me i Was
Famous On Social Media
For Public Dance Yet that
Wasn’t The ‘Song
Of my Soul’ That
FRiEnD Could
See Yes She
Could See my
Soul And You early on
A Part of My Soul At
Home every Single
Time i Saw the Name
FRiEnD come in A
Notification My
Night Skies All
Lit up With
Your Name
Just Like This
And Yes i Took
'This Photo' Then
Feeling The Magical
Way You Made me Feel…

i Had No Idea How
Beautiful You Were
Then the Avatar Pic
You Chose Did No
Full Justice For
How Beautiful

You Are Yet You
See it is How People
Make Us Feel That Make
Them Beauty Beyond Form

It Didn’t
Matter How
Old or If You
Only had 2 Teeth
Left You Made Me
Feel Like The Stars
In The Pitch Black

Night Sky…

i Can’t imagine
How Someone You
Actually Loved in
Person Would Feel…

Am i Surprised Your
Love Came Back to

You in A
Word No

And All i Will
Sing is the other
Guys Must not

Of Had
A Soul
To Leave

You Behind…

Forever You changed

The Direction of my
Life You Helped me
Become All i could

Be i Always Wanna
Return the Favor As
Long ago You Did

Enough For me…

i wanted You to
Feel Loved in
Every Way



At Least
Once in Your

Life and i Am
Glad You Already

Felt That Way Before…

Multiples of 7 is Just

my Way

And Multiples
Of 7 x Infinity

For Someone

Who Lit Up

All my Night Stars for
me Like i Sang There
Is Some Love And

Beauty Hard
To Describe

i Keep Trying

my Awesome
Beautiful BFF FRiEnD...

Rivers Alive Free
Coming Going



With Free Verse
Poetry Breathing
Dear FRiEnD Xenia
Congrats on Your
Award winning Poem

Sensing to See

Breathing Your
Words Come to Be...

Green Fall
Memory Spring


Flowers See
Still Come to Breathe

StairWay to Light

Dark's Respite

Summer Breeze...

Poet's Breath
Avenues STaRTinG
SoUL BEaTS New Life...

Forest Winds
Free CLoCK
Hands Free...

Hope Fall's
Sun Winter
Feeding Spring Green
Summer FLoWeR'S Return

We Continue Now

Alive We BREaTHE NeW
Through It All SeASoNS
Weathers Generating Within...

Bottom of
Our Trees
Root Tops Spread


Below Above...

October When
Florida And
And Greets in
Comfort's Cool Breeze...

So Many Trees Dear
Xenia So Many

Ways to

Root New Tree Life
SMiLes Keep Planting my FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Never met A Student

Who Isn't My Teacher

Never met a Human

Being Who Couldn't

Show Me Another Pair

Of God's EYeS UNiQuE

Never meet

A DarK



Did Not BRinG LiGhT

TRuE iNdeed Dear

FRiEnD Guess i'Ve
Lived A Charmed LiFE...
i AM WHeRE ALL MusE Dark
Thru LiGHT BRings Color oF LoVE NeW

Essentially MaKinG LiFE Good News NoW...

Quick Tale of the Tape as Longest EPiC Long Form Bible Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL"
With Completed Last MacroVerse "UP uP AWay mY BeAUTiFuL BaLLooN YOuR SoNG"

Makes the 954th MacroVerse of that 9.8 MiLLioN Word Effort in 98 Months As "Nether Land

Bible" Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Reaches 7,347,303 Words With that Last MacroVerse
Doubling As the 282nd MacroVerse in 65 Months Of Effort Since Memorial Day Weekend of
2016 And Finally A 3rd Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Ongoing too, "FB Profile
Pic Bible" Reaches 5,745,294 Words With That Last Completed MacroVerse
Tripling as the 179th MacroVerse of that 53 Month Endeavor Ever Since
Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 Where Those Words Are Also
Included in Series of Facebook Profile Pic Description
Areas to the Tune of Around 8,000 to 9,000 Words
on Average With of Course 15,600 Miles of Public
Dance Now in 98 Months All Ongoing Dances And Songs Moving On Free Now
Oh Yes And "Depth of the Story" Continues on the "Wrong Planet Website"
Over a Million Words in One Very Autistic Artistic Philosophy, Politics, And
Religion Solo Thread Expressing it all In Free Verse Poetry Over 71,000 Views
From the Registered Only Members There As Tallied Up Most Folks Say No one

Reads What i Write Yet True Numbers Don't Lie There is Someone Looking Now

And Yes This Brings "Peace Be With Us Pretty PLeasE LoVE LiVE HEaVeN NoW"

To An Eternal Beginning With Conclusion Yes Ever Starting Never Ending Never Finishing

Now Yet of Course Words Come And Go And Love Remains This Way Free to BReATHE
Concluding the Writing of this MacroVerse At 11:06 PM on October 29th, 2021 Now to
Add All the Remaining Multi-Media And Put it all Together For Free Electronic Publish

Of Course i'm
A One Man


Form Poem
Bible SHow

So i Get to Write,
Direct, Photograph, Act,
Produce The Whole Dam
Heavenly Play Experience Hehe
For Nothing At All Except Heaven Within Now Giving Sharing Caring
Free Now With a "Little Help" YeS A 'Whole Lotta Luvin' From FRiEnDS...

And Yes of Course
DoinG iT With Least
Harm for All Always Now

The Trick And Treat Indeed
Truly The MaGiC oF A Whole SHoW

Catholic Mass Readings A Bit Late
Here to the Show From Sunday 10.24.2021
Just For the Record Books As 'They' Also Say too...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 61
Gender: Male
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30 Oct 2021, 3:07 pm

"i've Got MuSiC (GoD) iN me"

Didn't Take Long to Come
Up With A New Title Hehe...

(Thanks for the Help 'Kiki Dee')

One of my Favorite
Photos is A Leaf
On A Tree
It's me That
Seems to Cover
The Circle of Life For Real
Dear Savvy FRiEnD of Nature...

Trying To Imagine
What it Would Be
Like Standing

Next to You
Surely You
Would Reach
my Shoulders

Hehe Moreover
Offering A Halloween
Weekend SMile To You

Hoping You Are
Making it Okay

my FRiEnD
If You
Have Any
Tears You Are

Welcome to
Wipe them On

My Shoulder
Haha if You
Can Reach Up


SMiles Again...

SMiles Dear Cindy
Currently Putting
Together My Latest

Blog Poem

Not Unlike
Lego Pieces

Of A Skyscraper
With Mix-Match

Puzzle Pieces

That Somehow
All Fit in Akin to
Playing Nine

With A ChessHire
Cat SMile Honestly
Ready for A Store
Dance this
If i Even
To Finishing
Another Bi-Weekly
60,000 Or So Word
Novel Sized Blog




Dance Seem
So Easy After that Hehe
Yet i Believe in Going
Some Extra Miles/Words

Just For Fun!!

Keep The Music
Through Your Veins

As You

Reach The

Now With Dance

And Song Free True!

“Purpilicious” Had to Ask the All Seeing Eye of
Google Yet Before I Looked it Up That Sounds
Like a Name You Might Play At A Halloween Party

As “Pinkilicious” (Brings Up a Lot of Vivid
Memories of Experiences too hehe, Just
From the Word of Course for me) Would

Say Ya Just Gotta

Be Yourself

And Not Worry About

What Anyone Thinks of the

Different of You And True That’s

Where So Much Art Comes From too

Mostly People Who Don’t Fit in And Create

Their Own Life to Live in a World of Their Own

Anyway i am An Eternal Halloween Child Every Costume
T-Shirt I Wear Every Day Makes me a Whole New Creation
To Feel Sense Dance Sing I Take ‘Own’ The Meme it Becomes

Mine to Create Uniquely And Special Whatever Way i Wanna Do

It i Kid You Not i Even Dressed Up as Big Foot And Made A Pose in the

Reflection of Our Great Room Outside Window All I Had to Do is Dress Down

To the Furry of me a Natural i am and there was Actually A ‘Big Foot Festival’

Here So I decided to Bring the Hairy Creature Back to Life at 61 and Since they

Had Big-Foot in the News Paper Laying In A Sexy Bear Rug Spread Sure i did my

Own Very Tasteful

PG Rated of Course

Pose Foot Propped

Up on the Arm of my

Lawn Chair As All that Dance

Has Made me Somewhat Limber

In Ways that Ballerina Looking Katrina

Can’t Even Stretch Into Hehe… Anyway i Posted
It on Facebook and Am Putting it in my Last Finished
Blog Post Poem that is Gonna Be About Heaven on Earth as Usual

As it’s Really Nice to Just Be Big Foot Naked Whole Complete
Enough Without a Worry What Any Human Thinks About me

As They Don’t

Think i Exist

Anyway Haha i would
Share it With You Yet
You Told me about Your
Husband Preacher’s Collection
Of Guns So That Might Not Be
A Good Idea in Case He ever decides
To Go on a Hunting Expedition for Bigfoot Hehe..

Anyway It’s Really the Halloween Life Year ‘Round

Just Being Big Foot In My Backyard Garden of Eden

Relaxing Dancing Singing Sun And Sand Leaves of Grass Whole

Just Inhaling



Love For All With

Least Harm is it Any Wonder

No One Really Notices That Big
Foot Exists Anymore Not Really

Yet That’s the Way I Like it

Famous and Living

Legend Again

Naked Whole


No One Knows

My Real Name

(Not a Penny In my Pockets
Considering Big-Foot Has None
According to the Gospel of Thomas
Verse 37 Of Course too my Version

Of Big Foot

Is Literate of Course too Hehe)

Yet Big Foot Knows Who i Really Am…
SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby The Weekend
Never Ends Here And As Katrina Says it’s
Nice to Visit Disney World Yet it’s Harder to
Live With Mickey Mouse As Minnie Mouse

Kinda Gets Worn-Out from All the Excitement

She is Currently Nursing A Chronic Shoulder Injury
Probably From Overuse of Taking Care of A Two-Year-Old

The Other Costume

She Says I Wear


At Home HAha

Anyway That’s One way
To Get Free Massages Everyday
From me and Therapy At the Rehab Clinic
Twice A Week For Lord Knows How Long to come…

i Am Always Rehabbing Something in the 15,600 Miles
of Public Dance ongoing for 98 months Currently it is
a bit of Plantar Fasciitis in my Left Foot Yet Dancing
In Reverse Rehabs that Nicely Never Had to Go to the
Doctor For Any Of my Small Overuse Injuries For Big

Foot Knows How to Heal

Himself Just Move

In the Opposite

Direction of Hurt


Body Part it is Slowly
First Building Up Strength
Gradually to Good as New

Of course i Never really Have to
Think About it as it is All Really
Big Foot Innate Instinct And Intuition

As Its True in the Wild it is Physician
Heal Thyself Honestly We Could Use
More Big Foot Naked Whole Complete
Enough Intelligence in this World Just

Getting Back

To Nature

And Really

Feeling the

All Call of God Wild
And Loving Living Totally Free…

Hehe the Weekend Just Never Ends…

Of Course We Will Be Shopping and Dancing
At Walmart, The Mall, And The Bookstore, Eating
At Sonny’s Barbecue, Going to Church if Anyone
Ever Wants to Hunt me Down on the Weekend

(The Usual 52 Week A Year Routine)

It Won’t Be too Hard to Find me Yet it’s

True I Don’t Wear my Big Foot

Costume Out in


Just Because

You Only Get to
Wear it in the Garden of
Eden Thank God We Have
One of Those in Our Backyard hehe…

SMiLes Shawna Baby i’ll Come Back to
Be Your Thanks Giving Turkey Next

If Katrina Doesn’t

Roast me Before
That hehe

Love You


-Big-Foot F

One of my Favorite
Photos is A Leaf

On A Tree



It's me That
Seems to Cover
The Circle of Life For Real

Dear Savvy FRiEnD of Nature...

How Shall We Point A Telescope Toward

Balance How Shall We Make Night

Skies Cold And Dark All Lit Up

How Shall We Warm

The Fall Winter

Storm Night

Surely Inhaling

Peace Exhaling Love

For All Just Emptying out

The Snow And Rain And Replacing

It All With Sunshine Waves for All As

Ocean Sings Same With Water Whole

Or Perhaps
Hehe i am


The Other
End of A Telescope
As Always it is what it is...
And i Am What i Am Just
A Leaf of Grass As Whitman
Sings My Whole Back Yard
A Dream That Was Always Real Now...

SMiLes Dear Ava i've Had Close FRiEnDS From
India for Over 6 Years Now Yet i've Never Tasted

An Indian Dish Yet At Least As Far As i Know...
There Used to Be an Indian Restaurant

Here That i Always Wanted to Visit Yet
my Wife Always Steered me to the

Chinese Buffet Right Next to it...

Sadly it Seemed it Closed
And 'They' Bulldozed The

Whole Restaurant Down Yes
Really Surprising They Haven't
Replaced it as There Are Many

Indian Folks i Come into Contact With
At The Local Mall Anyway i am Always

Interested in Tasting New Foreign Dishes

And The Desserts You Showcase Are Really

Much Different than Ours As Yours Are More Healthy

And Ours are Sugar And Chocolate and the Such Truly

Decadently Layered in Ways of Instant Gratification i Try

to Stay Away from too Much Instant Gratification i Believe it Makes

Us Weak i've Always

Been Interested

More in Bootcamp

And Particularly Giving
With No Expect of Return

It Makes the Love Muscle Stronger

Being Sweet When All We may Encounter

Is Sour in Life Where Yes Instant Gratification may

Spoil Us to the Point We Do Not Have the Strength

Within to Generate Our Own Happiness And Have the

Strength to Lift Others Up as they Continue to Fall and

We Stay Above Surface Level of the Ocean of Love For All


of Course Now...

Thanks For Your
Kind Words Chaymaa



Balance All
Around Inhaling

Peace Exhaling

Love With Least

Harm For All my FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear
Xenia Happy
Weekend To
You All Bringing


To Green

Blooming Life...

Pleasure Breeze
Fall Cool
Dreams Waking...

SMiles Dear
Xenia Fall Spring
Green to You...

SMiles Dear Cindy
A Continuing Youth
Full Weekend Dance

To You
As Well
my California

Dreaming FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear Aloha FRiEnD
Eyes Of Our FRiEnDly
Other Animals


Into Nature

Free Far
From All
The Prison
Walls Humans
Abstractly Construct

As Idols For What’s
Real Nature’s Living Touch...

Trying To Imagine
What it Would Be
Like Standing

Next to You
Surely You
Would Reach
my Shoulders

Hehe Moreover
Offering A Halloween
Weekend SMile To You

Hoping You Are
Making it Okay

my FRiEnD
If You
Have Any
Tears You Are

Welcome to
Wipe them On

My Shoulder
Haha if You
Can Reach Up


SMiles Again...

One of my Favorite
Photos is A Leaf
On A Tree
It's me That
Seems to Cover
The Circle of Life For Real
Dear Savvy FRiEnD of Nature...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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31 Oct 2021, 10:10 am

SMiles Dear
Savvy i Find
Loving Those
Who Choose to

Be our

Foes Makes
Loving Those
Who Love Us
So Much Easier

To Appreciate
Have Gratitude
For And Not Take

For Granted For
How Will We Continue

To Enjoy Sweet Fruit
Never Tasting Sour


Enough Whole
Complete To See

Dark Makes LiGHT...

"Can't Stop THE MuSiC"...

Thanks For the
Halloween Poem
Dear Soni


True Sadly

We’ve Been


The Dark
Part of Real

Ever Since

2016 The Evil
Great Orange
Pumpkin Returned

And Like A Festering

Sore Infects

The Whole
Country Like
Another Pandemic

Without Any

The Veils
Original Greek


Of Apocalypse

i Am Not Afraid
i Will Make HaLLoWeeN


Even if
i Am
As A Ghost

Yes A Holy Ghost!!

Never Ever TaKinG my

Christmas Tree Down

Yes! Always Lighting

Up New Colors to Feel

The MuSiC Fresh Within

Happy Diwali to

You in

On November 4th!


No Longer
To one North
Pole Dance SMiling...

Trying Now to Come Up
With Some Fear Other
Than Heights Family

All That Is in

Pain Really
Hurts An

Must Dance
And Sing
To Survive

Their Pain


Any Person

i Love

Yes Hating
Someone We

Love is Halloween
Hell Only Respite


For Whatever


Such A Halloween
Christmas Love

Giving Force

The Great

Come Back to Life...

Thanks Giving

For Giving

Happy Holiday
SeaSon To Take

Off Masks That Hurt...

Poetry Will Travel
To Heaven iS Hell

Tween Eternal









Of Hate And



Touches LiGHT

Such Beautiful


Yes.. human beings..
are burdened with a mind
that worries instead of a way of life...

Ah.. the cat who hugs the midnight grass
And rolls in the daylight sand.. is the inheritor of the Earth..

Every now.. of every now.. of every now.. and all the cat’s animal.. plant..
and other friends... Life is lovely when one truly lives.. LIFE IS UGLY

When one worries…

In fact.. it can be heaven for those who understand it is...
In fact.. it can be hell for those who understand it is…

Life is funny.. Living is great! to CELEBRATE!

The best thing about coming to terms
with one's weaknesses and strengths
and really really accepting themSELF
and not hiding
TO LIVE.. and for a 'REAL
PERSON'.. there is no jealousy..
only happiness for the joy of
others.. and accomplishments
as well.. and there iS a further
step of the potentiality of
one Tribe.. where
all accomplishments
are seen as one
AND that is where
the genius
the boy
who creates
FB does shine..
There are Drones..
There are Queens..
and there is US
WHO can And
Yet i am a
Queen WHO
and i
am A DRonE too
THAT makes me WE...

i see flying birds in your pupils..
yet i am a student of Art..
And to me the hint of
disclothsure tales
you accept yourself
and that is the
real beauty
of selfies...

SMiles Dear
Savvy i Find
Loving Those
Who Choose to

Be our

Foes Makes
Loving Those
Who Love Us
So Much Easier

To Appreciate
Have Gratitude
For And Not Take

For Granted For
How Will We Continue

To Enjoy Sweet Fruit
Never Tasting Sour


Enough Whole
Complete To See

Dark Makes LiGHT...

Can’t Help Myself
Like You Said
It’s What A


Does Peering
Out of What Seems
Like Might Be Your

Dark Skies
Some Halloween
LiGHT of SMiles On

You i Just Keep
Doing it Rain,
Snow, or Sunshine

SMiles Shine or
They Fade Away

So i Just Keep
Doing It Rain,
Snow, Or Sunshine

Same i Keep Faith
Moon one


Light Back
To SMiLes

Just Can’t
The MuSiC...

It’s A Tradition...

Aha, So You Do Dance i Rarely Forget A Word
i Remember Sharing The Michael Jackson Thriller
Video And You Suggesting You Are too Shy to Dance

Of Course There is Nothing i Know of Rue Can't Really
Do Your Smooth Ballroom Dance Moves With Your Friend Surprise me

Of Course Not As i Showed the Video of You Dancing to Katrina She Said

Hey She Looks Like Her When She Had Hair Somewhere Close to the Length

of Yours Truly

So Cute And

Adorable Katrina

Calls It Too And Your
Friend is Buoyant With
Positive Energy too Such
A Delightful Dancing Pair of
FRiEnDS You Make Spreading
Some Sunshine Here too As i heard

A Notification for this At Super Walmart
Solo Dancing to Kiki Dee's Song "I've Got
The Music in Me" And it Made me Smile So

Much All Your Positive Energy is Just So Contagious
Rue You Remind me of my "Charlie's Angels" A Trio of
Super Smart College Girls Who Befriended me at the Metro
Dance Hall For Years Where Us Four Danced For Hours on End

Without A Care or Word in the World i Miss Dancing With People So Much
Yes Solo is Okay Yet it's Sort of Like i'm Missing Family Now After Dancing

Every Thursday Night For 6 Years So Many Memories i am So Glad i Took over
2000 Photos in Dancing Selfie Fun No One Ever Expected A Pandemic Would

Take the Dance Away... Smiles if i Had to Come Back in Another lifetime And i Had
To Be A Girl You
Are A FRiEnD

i Would


Love to Have

All the Fun Artful
Things We Could Do

It's True me and Katrina

Are Friends too That's the Only
Way Any Relationship Lasts Forever indeed...

Anyway Katrina Broke Out into Solo Dance Over
An Applebee's Restaurant Advertisement Dance
And Song on TV It Was So Very Cute And Adorable
too As She Copied The Dance Moves i Wanted to Capture
it on Video Yet Sadly She Wouldn't Let me Thank Goodness

i Have

An Almost


Memory For Just
About Every Sense
And Feeling too capturing
Your Positivity Forever too Here mY FRiEnD...

Katrina Said She And All Her Sister's And Her
Mother Used to Dance the Same Way You and
Your FRiEnD Did On Your Video So Many Nights

They Were So Poor Yet You Don't Need Any Dollar
Bills For Cheap Thrills With Dance As Sia Sings So True too

In A World So Full of Strife And Negativity You are Surely A Delight!

And Of Course Your Friend too Like my Charlie's Angels Said Let's
Frolic the Night



Such A

Surprising Free Gift

It's Amazing How Much
Money Folks Spend And
Never Come Close to Pure Joy Like This...

And How They Chase What They Will Only Find Within...

Still Searching Still Searching Still Searching Keep Dancing Singing
You Always


As A
Making So
Many More for Others True...

Sigh...The World Needs More Rue's...

Yet i met a Rue in this Life How Wonderful This is..:)

Dogs and cats are Kings and Queens
of human Love that last from birth to death..
When a cat or dog sees a human they see
a caring being or a non-caring being and
respond in kind or caution..
Dogs and cats see no
age.. no gender
when Love
is giving
and sure
in subsistence
ways.. and that is
how Loving children
see their elders before
culture teaches Love is
only skin deep.. i choose
to be pet instead of modern
human.. no restrictions to
the Love
of Pets
i am paying
attention to the
last line.. my friend..
i see the other meaning.. perhaps...

Human.. a being
to connect.. Nature
a beauty.. but no
humans without
human with
humans.. no ability
to connect.. lonely now
nature with or without
the moon's light
no light..

i suppose the
most endeaRinG
PArt of poetry
is it is
a soul
that cannot
be ravaged
by the
so now
that PArt
of her now
lives again
in your eyes
of poetry that
remember the
GReaTEST lights

SMiles Dear
Savvy i Find
Loving Those
Who Choose to

Be our

Foes Makes
Loving Those
Who Love Us
So Much Easier

To Appreciate
Have Gratitude
For And Not Take

For Granted For
How Will We Continue

To Enjoy Sweet Fruit
Never Tasting Sour


Enough Whole
Complete To See

Dark Makes LiGHT...

"Can't Stop THE MuSiC"...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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01 Nov 2021, 5:43 pm

Such A Valuable Message And More Importantly

Action Dear Cindy As You Set the Example

As i Love To Sing Moving, Connecting,

Co-Creating i Always Put Moving

First As Even Science

Shows When We

Move We Regulate
Our Emotions Integrate

Our Senses And My Goodness
We Even Become More Empathic

In Reading The States of Emotions

of Other Human Beings Near us

Too A Dance Truly Free Sets

A Stage for Even a Freer

Song Next

And Of

Course With

Balance Comes Peace

And The Social Empathic

Connections That Make Art

A Life We Co-Create With Love For

All and Of Course More Sensitive to
the Pleasures and Pains Others Experience

Bringing More Inspiration in Least Harm For All We Do...

SMiles Rue Technology
Provides Free FLoWinG
Fountains Of

Resources in
Arts And


Like Never

Before Now

To Expand
Human Creativity
And Productivity

In Free Association

Yet Double Edged

Sword Though

As Any Budding
Mozart And


May Get
By A Never
Ending Game
Of “Candy Crush”

At “The Bus Stop”

And Never


A Creative
Key On A
Piano Yes


All Other


On Continuing
Creativity on
Task Is


Of The Process
Where Even Prescribed
Lessons And Target


May Destroy

All Human


i See You

Fast Keep
Going FRiEnD

Make The Rest
Of Your Life



More Beautiful
FLoWeRS Never

Seen Before
As Of Course

You Already

Do With


For i Have
Already Sampled
The Globe my FRiEnD

The New Advantage

oF An Age

Of Human


Never Seen or
Measured Before

Oh What True

MaGiC and

MuSiC It

Is to


Haha Dear Rue People
aRe ALways AsKinG
me How i Stay So

Happy And At
The Dance Hall
i Kid You Not

Folks Actually
Begged me

To Sell It To Them
They Probably Didn’t

Understand The
Free Moves Of
Holy Dance
And Sacred
Words of



my Blood
Into Wine


my Veins
And Sadly
The Last



Ever Understand

That Metaphor For
Autotelic Meditative
Contemplative Flow

Would Be The

High Priest

At The

Church i Visit
Yet It Is The Same
Old Archetypal Human
Stories Only Names Truly

Do Change

The Good News
is One May Find These
More Mystical Interpretations

In Almost Every

Religion For

Those With

The Actual Experience...

It’s TRue THere Are Some Folks Who Love
As Much As A ‘Good Cop JeSuS’ And More
As Directed By “John 14:12” Truly No Myth

Oh SMiLes Dear Cindy

Yes Only If Dorothy Didn't Land

On the Good Witch of the South, Locasta,

In Her Tornado Spun Kansas Farm House

How Differently Oz Would Have

Turned Out if the Original

Owner of Those

Red Shoes Had

Hung Around

Just a Bit Longer

To Change Oz

With the Help of

Glinda Who Was Actually

The Real Good Witch of the

South As Locasta Was Really

The Good Witch of the North

Oh True How Movies



Plots of Books

So What's my Point

True It's Up to Us to Write

Direct Produce And Act A New

Play to Save the Real Good Witch
of the North Locasta With A Little Help
From Glinda of Course As Locasta Doesn't

Understand the Power of those Red Ruby
Slippers To Take Us All to A Home oF LiGHT

And Love too Key is Rehabbing the Wicked
Witch of the West And East As it Doesn't Matter

If they Go Away There Will Always Be New Wicked
Witches to Replace the Old Ones Unless the Flying Monkeys


First Root Cause

Of Course in All Human
Monkey Business Gone Awry

Hope You Enjoyed my New Version

of this Halloween Oz Story Good Endings

Are My Specialties Escaping Darkest Abyss of Oz True...

Oh And As Always Thank You So Very Much For Inspiring

This Story...

Thanks Dear Cindy Hehe
And i Made A Typo into
The Story Again


Into the Wicked
Witch of The North
Where Again In The
Original Book Both
Glinda The Witch From
The South And Locasta
The Witch From The
North Were Good

Witches in
The Original
Book With The
East And West
Witches Wicked

Yes without
A Balance Of
And Liberal or
Whatever Metaphor
We Wanna Use For
North And South


Of Polarity

All Of Existence

Will Spin Out Of
Control Even At The

Start If There Was Not
Just One Small Part
Of Matter More



None of This
Will Exist So

The Pendulum
Continues To

Swing For




As We Good
Witches Continue

To Exhale Love To
Help Those More
Conflicted in Strife
Than Us Yet See How
Dark Makes Light


my Imperfection

The Second Part

Of This Story Will

Not Exist The



Muse Indeed
As Villains Create

Dorothy’s Greater

Dear Cindy Poet FRiEnD...

Thanks Dear
Cindy Thanks
So Much Let’s

All Keep

The Balance

Of Existence


Ease To Eternally Breathe

NoW iNhaling


Exhaling Love
True iN LiGHT

Out Of DarK...

“ETernal Halloween Child”
Thought You Might
Resonate With
That Phrase
Dear Shawna
Baby Second Choice
After Big Foot Dressing
Up As Alien Santa Claus
For Halloween Had Fun
With it At Catholic Church
The Kids Were Dressed Up
As Saints For All Saint’s
Day on Halloween
Instead i Feel A Bit
Sad For Them Not Being Able
To Make FRiEnDS With DarK
As After All Tears Of Grief

Make Comfort

And All of That
Struggle At Best
Inspires To Open
New Doors of Love
Bitter Sweet Candy
Indeed as Grief Raises
Dopamine to Move Us
And Oxytocin


Is Reduced Until
We Open New Doors
Of Love To Thrive On…

Anyway i Asked The
Priest Which Saint i
Came As He Didn’t Believe

Saint Nick Could
Travel From Other

Stars Yet My God
Even i Will Travel
Now Practically At

The Speed oF LiGHT
Thru This Fiber Optic
Cable in Alabama

To Greet You
Or The South

Pole Just About
As Quick As Long
As They Have Wi-Fi

Hehe Anyway Yes i
Told Him i’m Returning

Early To Annihilate

Black Friday

And Bring


Love Back

Eternally Now
Got The Second
Part Figured Out
The First Part

Is A Real
Pain In The Green
Butt And i Ain’t

Made of Money

Yet ET Understands

How to Dress



To Phone
HoMe For All…

All The True Heroes
Return Naked Even

“The Terminator”

When He Promised
“I’ll Be Back Too”…

All The Greatest

Super Heroes

Return Naked

Lord Knows

Even Batman
And Superman

Made An



Man Panties

And Hose

i Guess Just
To Get “The Ladies”

To Watch All The Blood And Gore

Yet All The Greatest Real Super
Heroes are Naked Dancers
And Singers

Of Poetry




Modern “David”…

Happy Halloween


Santa ET…

Even Katy
Perry’s ET

Naked Inside
A Machine Too

Bursting Out

Of A Mechanical

HeART Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love
Eternally Now



Into LiGHT oF LoVE…

Hope You Liked

my Halloween

Christmas Story
For Real Never
Gonna Take
my Tree Down
Always Creating

New Colors Kingdom

Come Now For Real

“Can’t Stop The MuSiC”

Even A Thousand


Online Someone

Has to Pick

The Ball up

And Do It

That’s What The
Knights of Columbus
Official And


At Church

Told me Yes His Wife
Even Saved me A Seat
At Church Coming

In Late

(30 Minutes Caught
Most Of The Homily)

Yet Better Than Never

Thank God For Every Woman

And Shawna Baby True too...

SMiLes What 61 Years Of Life Has Taught

Me Most is What's Most Real Is What We Co-Create

In Feelings Senses Yes Emotions of Life Moving


Once Again


It Used to Be That

Someone Had to Find A Target

Audience A Middle Man And An

Avenue of Financial Support To Write,
Direct, Produce, And Actually Act A Play to Give

And Share Away in Moving Connecting Co-Creating

Truly Caring Ways of Life to Express Art Uniquely

In Whatever Way Tickles

THeir Fancies

Or Nightmares

Same Bringing

Dreams to Fruition Now

So What's More Real the

Feelings Senses in the Theater or

The Feelings Senses One Experiences in Real TiMe

Now Writing, Directing, Producing, Acting An Entire

Play That No One These Days May Take Away

True Success Is

in How The



Senses Life

For Real Bringing

Dreams to Fruition

Whatever Fancies Their

Ways of Enjoying Heaven Thru Hell

For It is True The Journey Up is Farther From Hell to Appreciate

The Trick Is RiSinG Higher Without Falling Lower And That Is What

Actually Creating Art Now Does Best When Watching Other Shows





We All Get

To Generate
Our Own Colors
More and Or SHades

of Grey Thru BLacK Abyss
And Rainbow Colors Even More Than Seen Before...

Reality Shows Are For Those Yet to Create Their Own of Course

And Truly This Explains All the Love of Shows of DarK Like the

Old Trump Reality Show That Just Never Wants to Go Away As





Seeking Someone
Else's Show Still Exists...

That Other Show He did
Was Only Practice for the
Next one With the Similar Target

Audience Now Seeking External Success

Yet to Find Seeking it Within And Yes Doing it is Most Real...

Hehe it Really All Reminds me of A Song Called 'Havana' Dedicated to

Dreamers' too...

And True The Cuban
American Singer is a
Fire Spitting Dam Image of

My First Love Back in '78
And Yes She had A Mama
Just Like This She Smoked

Little Cuban Cigars My First

Memory of Love the Smell of
The Cigar Smoke on Her Sweater
And Of Course the Smell of Babe Perfume

She And Her Brother Won All the Dancing
Contests At the River Side Disco Haha they

Made fun of my Stiff As a Board Dancing Style

And It's True i Still Can't Really Move my Hips Hehe

So i Spiral Instead Like the Milky Way Anyway it was
Almost Like Earth, Wind, And Fire Wrote "After The Love
Is Gone" Just For me Playing When We were on the Dance
Floor Totally Blind Sided By Her Good Bye Yet What i Learned

Is It Wasn't Her Who Gave me all those Bitter Sweet Emotions
As i Won't Lie When Two of Her Family Homes Mysteriously Burned
Down to the Ground There Was that Part of Love that isn't Love at All

That Wanted

Her to Feel

The Pain i did

i've Learned A lot About

Love Since Then Understanding

That Was Only my Feelings That

Really Had Nothing to Do with her at all...

For Many Years i had Distant Dreams of

Cuban Skies Yet They were Only Mine

So Now i've

Up And

my Own
Heaven on
Earth True i Follow

(i Write my Own Story)

No Other Bible of Love...

Naked, Whole, Complete

Enough it Makes me Free to Give
And Share Caring Truly Sincere Now...

Hehe Dear Savvy i Finished

Writing A Blog Post on

(60,000 Words or so
in a Two-Week Effort)

October 29, And Hehe

i Am Already Many

Thousands of Words

Into the Next One As What

i Find is Every Muse of Inspiration

Is A Once in a Lifetime UniVerse Event

That Is Not Worth the Wait of Mechanical


No Matter

How Big

A Skyscraper

Poem There Still

Is to Build So Perhaps

Today Or Tomorrow

There is No Day

No Now

To Put

off Spontaneity
in Creation As Every

Birth of Creativity

is A Once in a Lifetime

Opportunity to Create As

Every Color FLoWeR New mY FRiEnD...

And On Top of that most Every Word i Create
in a Blog Post is Simply a Word Mused From
Others Inspired in Spontaneity Truly Live my FRiEnD

So It is Just A Copy And Paste Globally As Such For Real

i Play the Piano too Yet to me it's No Fun to Play Alone...

However i Still Never Really Play For a Target Audience my

FRiEnD Where The Term Artistic And Autistic is Strangely Mixed...

As Indeed

We aRe ALL

Truly Spontaneous

Creations in Every

Breath of Peace

And Exhale Of Love We Do Giving Sharing Caring
Free Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating my FRiEnD...

Thanks Rue i’m
Often Pensive too

Guess That
Comes With
my Really Big
Forehead too…

Say A Prayer For
Wonder Woman
Wife She is Dealing
With Some Unremitting
Shoulder Pain With

For That And
Lord Knows Gonna
Have to Get A Crown
From Halloween

Chomping Down
And Chipping

A Molar


Guess i
Should Feel
Royal By Now
Got A Crown From
A Birthday Dinner This

Year Chomping
On A Fried Oyster
Shell too Yep

Fall Apart”

Yet As Long
As We Have Love

We Keep The

Gift Indeed

Year Round my FRiEnD

True Royals Indeed...

SMiles Dear Rue Ever Day
Is A Happiest Day Showering All
Of Existence

With Love That

Day Was Just

One of Those


The Rain

Came Back

to me For It is
True When We Love
It All We Really Can’t
Expect The Same Return

From Others in
Investment As it is
The Giving Alone
Fulfilling The


Of Making
Ever Day

A Happy one my
FRiEnD For Real

Flavored With Love
Exhaling With All

The Wonderful

To inhale

Thank You
With SMiles...

It’s Your FRiEnD Fred.
Just took 'This Selfie'.
Both me And Katrina
Saw Someone Who
Looked Just Like You

In The Mall. i Hope
You Are Doing Okay.

i Sense You Might Be

Sad And Sometimes
You Like to Be Alone
When You Are Sad.

We Are Different
That Way Yet That’s
Okay. i Put That Sweet
Note You Wrote About
The North Star in My
Reference notes For

Blogging. i read it When
i miss You Remembering
You really Do Always Want
me to Be Some Part of
Your Life Journey; That

Makes me Happy. my
Inclination when You
Are Sad Or Stressed
Is to be there for You…

Again i Understand your
Need For alone space.
Wish i could Contact
You Now for A Warm
Perhaps One
Day Soon i Hope…
Anyway i Will resume
My Bi-Weekly Well-Wishes
To You. It Does mean A lot
To me When You Acknowledge
Them in Some small way Yet

No Need to Respond
To This Just Wanted
To Make Sure You Felt
Loved, Appreciated,
And Beautiful in

Your Difficult

Days. Love, Fred…

This is My Halloween
Shirt i Wanted to Show

You Hehe i Dressed

Up As Alien Santa

Claus i Do Believe in

You With Smiles

And Thank
You For Remembering
me too Dearest FRiEnD



Can’t Stop The MuSiC “That’s The Way i Like It”

Anyway Gotta Go Katrina is Getting Mad i Ain’t Eating my Restaurant Served “Food”…

Typical High Priests Don’t Understand Parables Or Feel And Sense Who “i Am”

Anyway When The Priest Said i Must Be Some Foreign Saint i
Reminded Him i Am Dressed As “Saint Nick”

For Halloween

So Far “They” Only See me As Body Parts Perhaps
One Day One Body All DarK Thru LiGHT For Real i Am

i Explained i’m From A North And South Pole Farther Away
Conquering Black Friday To Bring Real Christmas Love Back

The Priest Had All The Kid’s Dressed Up As Saint’s Forgetting
About The Necessity In Balance to Be FRiEnD’S With God’s DarK ParT

So i Went to Church Dressed Up As Alien Santa Claus Yes Green With
The Word “Believe” For Halloween...

SMiles Hehe i’m Always
Writing the Next
Blog Poem While
Putting the Last
One together
After i Finish
Writing it So

Maybe By
No Later

All Saint’s
Day For Publish
And 8 To 16 Thousand
Words into The Next

One And All i
Do Is A Copy
And Paste
Of What i
Am Inspired
To Write Globally
In Free Verse Poetry

From Everywhere
i Visit Next it’s Fun
As Every Word

i write
In Flow
Is A Creative
Surprise Rarely
Planning Any of
It including the


Shapes after
i Basically Write
Dance Sing Them By
Feeling The MuSiC
Of The Dance And


With “Eyes
Closed” Emptying

my Soul Free
Inspired by All
The Souls i

Meet And
Greet Dear

FRiEnD Cindy

It’s Really A Heavenly
Experience i Name


MuSiC Within God

Among Other Metaphors...

SMiLes Dear Rue,

"The known universe has one complete lover and that is the greatest poet. (She) consumes an eternal passion and is indifferent which chance happens and which possible contingency of fortune or misfortune and persuades daily and hourly (Her) delicious pay. What balks or breaks others is fuel for (Her) burning progress to contact and amorous joy. Other proportions of the reception of pleasure dwindle to nothing to (Her) proportions. All expected from heaven or from the highest (She) is rapport with in the sight of the daybreak or a scene of the winter woods or the presence of children playing or with (Her) arm round the neck of a man or woman. (Her) love above all love has leisure and expanse. . . . (She) leaves room ahead of (Herself). (She) is no irresolute or suspicious lover . . . (She) is sure . . . (She) scorns intervals. (Her) experience and the showers and thrills are not for nothing. Nothing can jar (Her) . . . suffering and darkness cannot—death and fear cannot. To (Her) complaint and jealousy and envy are corpses buried and rotten in the earth. . . . (She) saw them buried. The sea is not surer of the shore or the shore of the sea than (She) is of the fruition of (Her) love and of all perfection and beauty."

-Walt Whitman

~Preface From
Leaves of Grass....

And Yes Sure Now me:

To Love Every Leaf of Tree
Particularly Uniquely Now Every

Green That Talls All Trees Greater Now

Every Brown Breeze Captures And Sends

To Fall Soils Wintering Green Springing New Life

i AM The Romancer of the Leaf Yet Not one Who Brings Summer

Roses As Gifts For i am The Living Thorn the Protector of the Living




Living Beauty
of The Rose Breathing Now

SMiLes Perhaps if i Really Had

Goals or Aims i'd Be Still At Home

Putting Together A New Novel Size
Poem 60,000 or So Words as i Failed

To Build that Skyscraper By Halloween

And Perhaps i Won't Make All Saint's Day

Either Yet So What it is only another Bi-Weekly

Exercise Only Leaves in The Spirit Wind to Fall Wherever

A Message In A Bottle in An Ocean Online Will Take My Soul MuSiC Yesterday

Now Again my FRiEnD For It is True the Most Fortunate of Us Come to realize

That Our Heaven is

Ours to Create Now

We Need Not Wait on this

or that Lover or Thing to Bring

Heaven to Us For True The Artist

Who Seeks No Specific Target Audience

May Color Their Soul Free For Others to Sip

Ignore or Spit-Out if that is Not Their Flavor of Bliss

To Feel and Sense of this Forevernow i Will Always Love

The Leaf Either Green or Brown i Will Love The Rose Either

Thorn or Flower For i Understand Night Makes Day And Twilight

Now Lives in my
Eyes Forevermore

as i am the Leaf Green

And Brown i am the Rose

Thorn and Flower And i do

Believe You Too Understand

The Secret of Heaven on

Earth is ours to


And Give

Away For Free

For This is the Greatest

Love The Love Who Gives my FRiEnD

There is the Attraction of Lust that is Possessive

Owning Jealous And Even Murderous in Rage There is

The Attachment That May Be So Strong That Monogamous

Lovers Never Leave Their Home Yet i am the Leaf of The Tree

i am The Thorn of the Rose

i AM The FLoWeR



Within i am

The Giver of Beauty

i Live Free Loving


i AM

Living Rose

And So Are You

We Are Truly Good FRiEnDS...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,115

03 Nov 2021, 6:56 pm

A "Dead Poet's Society" Lives For NoW
No Zombie Apocalypse Silent Never NoW

Don't Just Be Part oF AN Audience
Be A 'Leading Woman And Or Man'
Yes Just Be And Do Lead You NoW

One of the Saddest Parts of November 3rd, 2021 is
When Eve Gets Chilled in the Garden of Eden And Must
Wear Gray Sweats to Stay Warm Meanwhile at 61 i AM
Every Bit As Warm As When i Was 16 And If You Don't

Me heHe

Ask Eve

Yet Please

Don't Interrupt

Her When She is

CooKinG Burgers on the Grill
And Of Course i Will Be TasteFully ArtFully
(Depending On Who Ya Ask) iLLuSTRaTinG
This Too Coming to A Theatre Sooner Than Soon
Honestly Folks It's Long Past Due to Return to 'The

Garden of Eden

Now' Don't Let

Anyone Fool Ya

The Naked Complete

Enough Human Truth Never Truly

Went Away Only Lost in Clothes of

Words AS Such...

And Other Tools

Sadly Humans

Have Become

As 'Terminator'
'Avatar' And 'Matrix' Machines
Remember Now 'He' Came Back
Naked And That's The Way 'sHe'
We All Return Free to EartH NoW At Least
That's The Way i Like IT i've Got MuSiC (GoD) iN me...

Yes Dear Savvy Finding

The Sweet Spot

of In Between

For Light And

Dark Makes

Twilight Never

Ending Now When We Find

Peace Inhaling Love Exhaling For All

Never Ending Potentials As Long As

We Bring Yin And Yang Together
Our MuSiC Within to Play

mY FRiEnD So Free




Water Waves Ocean

Whole The MuSiC iS
All Of Symphony Orchestra Whole to Play
And Color Even More My FRiEnD No Limits Indeed...

Ah So much Well Being Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Australian Shepherd Panda
Doggie Yoga to Rehab Aging Joints

And Yes Soothing Sauna Outdoors
For Workaholic Husband Plus

An Elevator For Beloved
Panda Who Has
Difficulty Going

UpStairs my FRiEnD

And Then One With Hawaii
Waves Peaceful Beach Outside

Makes Peaceful Beach Within Waves
Water Ocean Whole my FRiEnD Yes Be the Wave

As We Approach the New Moon Tomorrow And Of
Course Cats Love the Smell of their Pet Humans Great
Comfort Furry Friendship Brings With Fancy Human Shoe Smells

Hehe Lovely
Paradise You
Share With
And Kindness
FRiEnDS With
All of Nature Such a
BLeSSinG BLiSSinG Indeed Dear FRiEnD...
Hehe i Used to Be A Workaholic NoW i AM A Playaholic...

SMiLes Dear Little Chef

Wonderful Desert You Make

Here and How Do i Celebrate

Diwali that i am Very Familiar

With Same Ways i Celebrate

Christmas i Light the
Tree that is me

New Colors


Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love For All

Now And i Never Take my Tree
Down i Keep it GRoWinG Live This way

In Effortless Ease of Meditative Autotelic

Flow More




Day Keep

Making Life More
FlavOuRful my FRiEnD...

Midweek Helloove’s To You…

Showering Some November
Virtual Birthday Gifts To
You Ideally i’d Have 30
For Each Year of

Life Yet Let’s
Start With A Portable
Heater Providing A Written
Guarantee of Pure Warmth

Could come in Handy Already
Dropping Close To Freezing
Where You Live Secondly i
Want You To Have the
Last Page of This
“Big Panda Tiny
Dragon” Book Every
Page is A Book of
Wisdom unto Itself
So Really Any Page
Is A Complete Gift…

“Are We Nearly There Yet?”
Asked Little Dragon.

Big Panda Smiled.
“I Hope Not.”

Happy Diwali To
You in Advance

It’s Always Fun

You With

Sunshine my FRiEnD...

SMiles Most
Every Poet i Know
Is Shy And Quiet

Hehe Except

me My FRiEnD Yam

i Used To Be Known
As The Quiet one too...

SMiles Dear Yam
Love Your Poetry
It is Surely
For me to
Write Poetry
Keep Inspiring
my FRiEnD Key
To Happiness MaKinG

Every Part
LiGHT A Poetry

Prompt Loving It

All Verily God Will
Be Pleased In Us

This Way of Love...

i Already Have Enough Money
To Last the Rest of my Life;

Yes, It's Called Retirement

And Considering i've Never

Been Stronger, Smarter,

More Loved, Creative

And Happier in my Life

Than Now At this Present Moment

And it Keeps Going that Way Every Day Greater

Now There is No Way i Will Go To Any Age Yet Now...

And Surely Not For an Extra Million Dollars Now as it

Would Only

Be An Extra


to Deal With;

Let Someone

Have it That Wants it More than me...

Of Course i Found the Science Assessed

No Longer Secret of the Fountain of Youth;

Continuous Autotelic Meditative Flow in Free Dance And
Song From Wake To Sleep That Yes Science Shows Regenerates

Our Body From Head to toe; And Sure i Have Irrefutable Proof

Of Everything i am Saying Here; And So What if No One Believes

You Can't Be Stronger, More Loved, Smarter, More Creative, and Happier

At 61 than Any Other Age; If You Don't Do it that's Only Your Loss, Not Mine...

Anyway, Hope You Find Lasting Heaven on Earth Within, Inside, Outside, Above, So Below

And All Around

too With SMiLes...

Greatest Part Is it
is No Myth in a Book

And Some Place Over
THere After Death

Or Only When

One is


by the NuMBeRS...

Have a Nice Day, Typically

Those Who Only Wish For Money

And Youth Don't Find it Now, if they Don't actually Do 'Heaven' (Love) Now...

Seen Way too Many Case Studies Like that Including me before 53 Years-Old

In the


Places' too...
Sure, Purgatory
And HeLL ON EartH

And A MiLLioN Plus Other

Metaphors For the Reality of Life Now...

And Technically, It's True, i Couldn't Earn

Nearly the Lifelong Interest off A Million Dollars

For Subsistence that Retirement Brings; 'These Days'

Younger Folks Are So Short-Sighted That Most of the Young
Folks Entering the Work-Force Before i Retired Turned it Down...

It Wasn't Easy Attaining it; In Fact, the Stress of it Almost Killed me;

Yet i'm

FLYiN' Free Now...

And Plus, i Have Additional

Money i Saved in the Bank

Without Even Any Retirement for A Very
Rainy Day That Did Come that Would Have Lasted Decades too...

How Did i Do it; Keep the Same Wife, Same Car, Same Home; And Don't

Waste Money; Folks Waste Amazing Amounts of Money on Practically

(No Living Children;
Big Difference too)

Nothing of Value...

Yet You See i Only

See Love As Value;

That's What i AM Raised
On the Most That's What
i EvenTuaLLy BeCaME...NoW


THere Are

Some Prayers With Legs...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Empathy In So Many Ways is An Amazing

Gift That Love Brings Yet All Parts of Life Are PArt DarK And LiGHT

As Sadly Empathy

Often Excludes

Too When

Love is Not Unconditional

And What Binds and Bonds

May be DarK Instead oF Light

There is the Social Emotional Contagion
of Empathy That Bonds and Binds Particularly

In Ways of Neurohormones of Oxytocin And
Mirror Neurons That Accept Culturally Approved

Practices Spoon-Fed From Birth Yet Cognitive

Empathy is a Life Long Practice of

Understanding Differences

Both in Unique


And Group Think
of Empathy Among

Divides of Yes Cultural Differences too

To See What We Give And Share Now and

What We Take and Hoard That Divides Us too

Yet Ironically Bonds Us Against those Who are


And In Need

True Empathy is
An Art of Mind And Soul

Empathy is An ever Painting

Art Where the Masterpiece of Love

Is No Limit Yet our Ability to Understand
Differences And Appreciate Love With Least Harm to Do For All...

Shall We Ever Be Perfect Unconditionally in Our Ability to Love Only if Humans Are

Machines And All the Same Not Even Human Indeed AS Human As Part of Nature is Change...

A Painting

That is

Never Truly

Finishing Ending

Or Even Beginning

Always STartInG New Now mY FRiEnD...

So Much Room Now For Patience, Mercy,
And Forgiveness Indeed at Better of Course...

For Those Who Regularly

Bleed And Feel Pain

Their Empathy For

Others Develops More

In Sympathy and Compassion

This Way True Blood For Life

Both Flesh And Love This Way

And Hehe i Guess this Clears

Up Which Gender Yam

Is Very Wise


Of Course in Poetry
Labels Don't Matter

Comes Thru Unencumbered
By Limitations That Life Otherwise Makes...

As They Say Listen to Body Pains
For Moving Change Connecting

Co-Creating Water Waves Ocean

More As They Do Listen to Dreams
Lest We Lose Soul

Now Deepest

Parts Within


Springing Fall
From Winter BREaTHE

Summer Again Shining Within...

SMiLes Dear Rue Have You Ever Looked

Directly in the Eye of Someone Who Has

Gone to Hell And Returned to Heaven

Indeed the Look is Quite

Pensive Even

Piercing Some

Will Dance And Sing too

Although my Eyes of Green to
Blue Are Part of What Katrina said
Drew Her to me Shining in Happiness
And Of Course Attraction then to her...

And She Even Jokes With me i Wore the
Shades to the Dance Hall as a Method of
Birth Control Haha Yet Really Have You Ever

Looked in the Eyes of Someone Who Has Been

to Hell and Returned to Heaven There is A Great Forgiveness

In Those Who Have Seen Stone Cold Hell For That is Where The

Greatest Forgiveness Comes From Not Only Forgiving the Devil Yet

Living the Darkness Within And coming to Forgive the Nature of God that

Sent You There For No Other Reason Than Loving And Trying too Hard to Please

Everyone Just to Survive And Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy and Fed my FRiEnD...

Isaiah 53 are my Favorite Verses Written

in the Bible Yet They were not only

Written for me They are
Written for the Little 9-Year
Old Girl That A Muslim Version
of Loving God Supports The Sell

of Her Soul to a 70 Year-Old Man

Just So Her Family Does Not Starve to Death

Indeed i Watched that Happen on TV in 'Real Time'

Yesterday No Laws to Protect that Little Girl From the
Devil on Earth No Laws to Protect Her From the Religion
in Her Homeland Taking Her Straight to Hell then Shall we

Condemn The Quran for All of this Partly We Can and Will for
it is Not Clear Enough For Others to Twist it for the Devil's Benefit
on Earth this way so How About the Power of the Catholic Church
Historically Who Decided By Power of Authority What Verses Got to Stay
or Go in the Bible As it Stands Today With A Voice of that Same Authority Now...

Same Power and Authority Protecting the Same Devil's On Earth Molesting Little
9 Year-Old Boys Taking Their Soul Away The Same as that 70 Year-Old Greedy
In Lust Man From Afghanistan How About the Adulterer in Church How would

Jesus Forgiving the Thief
Beside Him Promising
Him Paradise Now

See the Church
Goer Who Refuses
to Sit By or Eat With
The Adulterer or Other

Sinner in Church as Paul
Professes or What About Matthew
the Beatitudes Are Surely Angelic

Yet What Kind of God As Man

Changes Those Who Are Not Nice
Enough to Feed The Poor Yes Changing

Those Ignorant of Love From Sheep to
Goats And Burns them forever With No
More Mercy or Forgiveness to Give to
The Creation of God THAT is Not the Jesus i See

in me my FRiEnD Yet it is true if that is the Jesus Others

See in them i can only Forgive them for They Have not Seen the

Hell i Have Been And Done True They Know not What i Have Seen

And Been in this Life i surely cannot Hold them responsible for Not


The Sacrament

of Hell Directly From

God to Forgive Not Just One

Part of God Yet All God in Me

DarK Thru LiGHT And Even More

In Others Who Have Experienced Hell
And Heaven in Ways i never Have too mY FRiEnD...

Forgiveness Comes with Love Yet the Fact is Love that
is Not Unconditional is often Selective and Selfish Jesus

Went to Hell

And Came

Back a New Man

Reborn too Not All Escape this

Way Yet Some Do Return This Way my FRiEnD..

What i Love About You Most as a FRiEnD is You Show
No Anger when We Disagree You Show No Threats of Sending
me Away Forever You Simply Tolerate our Differences and we Move

On to Share Our Experiences of Life Both DarK Thru LiGHT for it's

True i've had so-called 30 year Christian FRiEnDS Delete me and Block
Me From Facebook for Suggesting it wasn't a Good Idea for Trump to Tout
The Potential Effectiveness of Bleach to Treat Covid-19 and even more Sadly

30 Year FRiEnDS to Do the same when i Only Suggested they Forgive Their
FRiEnD for Not Telling them Thank You For A Birthday Wish on Facebook

For i truly Believe

in that Part of

the Version that

Fortunately the Catholic
Church Historically Left in the
Bible Still and True There are Good
Things Left in the Quran and All Other
Religions too Yet we Must Understand

That Books Don't Get Edited From Hands Above

Yes Human as All Humans Are Fallible and Subject

to Mistakes Particularly Selfish ones When Power is Part

of the Human Play... And You Know my FRiEnD What's Most

Sad of All is We Expect Some Days for Our FRiEnDS to Support all
We Do in Life (Not you Perhaps Yet many Folks Do) We Don't Expect

That From Strangers or Even Enemies So This Makes it Ironically easier

to Forgive them as the Mistakes they Do Or Disagreements May Not Hurt Us

Nearly as Much

Some Days the Real

Gift From Above is Forgiving

A FRiEnD And Moreover A Lover too...

One of the Best Feelings of the Distance From Hell
Now to Heaven is When one of my Dearest FRiEnDS

Sent me So Close to Hell As That is simply The Place
of Soul They were Evolved to Be Then and Yes as Loving
And Forgiving And Full Of Mercy i am it felt like someone

Twisting a
Knife in

my Gut

Yet The Trip
To Heaven Was Truly

Stellar When the Words
Melted Out of my Mouth

All that i Have Left to do now is Forgive You mY FRiEnD
Forgiveness is What Builds Mountains of Love my FRiEnD

Forgiveness is What Makes Humans Mountains of Love my FRiEnD

May We ALWaYS Enjoy the View from the Valley to the Mountain Top Same..

As Both Goats and Sheep Will Lay Down in Pastures of Peace Inhaling this

Way Exhaling

Love with

No Fear

Ever of Eternal

Condemnation for

Enduring this Human
Condition DarK Thru
LiGHT All Naturally Gifted
This Way By A God Worth
Forgiving For this Gift of Breath Now...

Where Truly We Become Love and
Not Just a Four Or Three Letter Word of Lesser...

Unconditional Love is a Life Long Practice of Understanding
ALL THE DIFFERENCES OF OTHERS Both Within And Cultural too
As those Two Are So Very Hard to separate my FRiEnD Honestly

We Practically

Have to Go

To Hell

to Separate

Ourselves from Culture

And When We Do We May

Return to Truly See One Body of Love For All
This Body of God That Includes the All in all For Real mY FRiEnD..

Okay, Got A Skyscraper to Build of a Poem Yet the Look From the
Top of Rue's Poetry Always Comes First Before Building Skyscrapers to me...

i Don't Give

i Don't Sincerely Mean
Ever Either my FRiEnD...

Generous they are for
i Count BLeSSinGS As They Come And Go...

And it's true i Don't Discriminate Tween DarK And LiGHT Muse...

LeSSoN From Hell My FRiEnD God's Greatest Bitter Sweet Sacrament to me...

'Custard Apple'

Is Just



To See
'The Whole
Face of God' Within...

i haven't picked Theme Songs
For the Last Two Poetic Responses
Here Yet i'm Sure They'll Come Before A 'Soulscraper Poem' is Built...

Oh Dear Rue to Count Our Blessings is a Prayer
Oh Dear Rue to Put Our Blessings in A Poem is



Hehe or
Hard to Understand

The Way i Do it Some Days

Yet Rue is the Soul of the Poet

When i come Her Way She Feels

The Chords and Strings of my Soul MuSiC

We Surely Resonate This Way in Choirs of


Soul FRiEnDS

For How it Sounds
When i Harmonize With
The Choir Director From
The Very Back of the Church

Those Are Just Metaphors Yet
The Elder Ladies Do Turn Around
From the Pews Ahead of me So Surprised

To Hear A Voice from Above Come From What
Otherwise Looks Like Someone Who Would Enforce Laws...

True the Profession i Have Most often have Been Confused for by
Looks as Soon as i got Nearly Superman Strong Looking and for
Some Reason Folks Think my SHades Are More For Undercover

Than Previous Disability in the Worst Pain Known to Humankind as
Street Lights at 3 am were as Painful as Looking at the Sun at 12 Noon...

And Sure Even if i had my eyes closed and ears closed no matter the day
or now forevermore then where a second Lasted a Thousand Years of Hell...

Yet of Course Losing the Feeling/Memory of a Smile Losing All Emotions That Was

The Real Flavor of Hell

Just No Connection to
The Rest of Existence

(God) At All Just a Life
of Never Ending Pain and

Numb Such A Gift that is...

i Could Never Sing Like that
Before i Went to Hell i could
Never Dance Like i Do Before
i Went to Hell and There Was no
Poetry Changing All My Words this way
From Soul the Greatest Gift of 'Custard Apple'

So Ironically

May be the

Gates of


Both Entered
And Stayed And
Returned to Dance And Sing Again Now...

Next Stop/Go Forgiveness my FRiEnD...

And i Surely Put All my BLeSSinGS
DarK Thru LiGHT in Poetry too For
There Are no NuMBeRS iN Heaven
Now Although i Do Make All Those Symbols

Holy Sacred

And Divine

With the Rest

of All that is God
DarK Thru LiGHT As

Yes As We Dance And Sing
This Inhale of Peace This Exhale
of Love This Gift This Breath NoW mY FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear Samreen
You Are So Kind When
You Do Blog So

Many Kind
Come in Return

To You Understandably
Taking Time Away From

Your Family Too

When i Worked
There Was Surely
No Time For Online
And Even Sadder

Really Family or
FRiEnDS Either

Just Nothing

Left of
my Soul
Breath At The
End of The Day

Now i Breathe
A Different Creation
Room For All Yet


Rare Does Anyone
Really Understand
me Enough To Hang

Around Too

Giving me
More Space

To Create Yes Family
First A Necessary
Creed For Any Mother

To Garden the
World Raising
Loving Children

And Other Family
Members too Haha
My Wife Doesn’t Have

Space for online


Just Taking

Care of me
That is All
Her Choice How

Blessed We All
Are To Be Nurtured

This Way Truly my
Well Spring of Love
For Others Unconditionally

Comes From

All The Women

Who Have

Gardened me
With Love Sadly

my Father Had No
Garden Tools Coming

From Law A Enforcement
Career Yes Bless Those

Who Fill
In The

As The
Human Creature indeed...

Yes Blessed This Way...

Thanks So
Much Have
Fun to You
Too Still


SMiles Dear Cindy A
Wonderful Teaching
Service You

So Full
Of Moving LiGHT...

SMiLes Dear Yam Thanks So Much Now For Dropping By
"Peace Be With Us Pretty PLeasE LoVE LiVE HEaVeN NoW"

Took me Awhile to Get This One Published Just So Much
Creativity to Do Now As Creativity in the Present Gift

Just Won't


my FRiEnD

BLeSSinGS to
You And All You Love...

Always A Pleasure
my Wise Poetic



Poems of Life...

A "Dead Poet's Society" Lives For NoW
No Zombie Apocalypse Silent Never NoW

Don't Just Be Part oF AN Audience
Be A 'Leading Woman And Or Man
Yes Just Be And Do Lead You NoW...



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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04 Nov 2021, 11:46 pm

Yes, Yes, 'Class' A Metaphor Too
Tools Are The Clothes We Make
And Become Separated From
Naked God NaTuRE ALL Or Not

If Ya Wanna Cover Up God Naked
Nature iN/As You Do And BeCoME Tools
We Create Your Freedom Or PRiSoN True

As Ya WiLL NoW

Why “Free Verse Nude Poetry” For Human
By Essence And Form Work of God Poetic
Art For Real Head To Toe More to CoME ALL Free

The Pendulum Continues to Swing

From the Extremes of Defunding Police

To the Maximum Extreme of An Insurrection

Against Democracy By the Former Republican President

Incited As Such as Admitted By the Former Senate Republican Majority

Leader And The House Republican Minority Leader too Until they Came



A Spine

To Protect

Democracy From

Its Greatest Detractor,

The Trump Presidency of Course Yet

Do We Need Anchors and Sails For Boats;

Sure, 'Normally', 'Conservative' Will Protect Life

in A Pandemic; Normally, Conservative Surely When

It Comes to Children's Lives; Yet It's Very True the So-Called

'Right' Is Not

Always Conservative

Like Spending 1.5 Trillion

Dollars Mostly for the Welfare

of Corporations as Both Republican

And Democratic Legislation Has Done Before...

So As the Pendulum Swings the United States Uses

40 Percent of the Human Resources of the Earth with

4 Percent of the Globe's Human Population Champion of

Pandemic Deaths By Magnitude Greatest Numbers Fool Compared

to China with

Less than

5 Thousand

Deaths Kicking

Pandemic Butt Back

in March of 2020, Soundly,

By Wearing Masks, Social Distancing,

Along With Appropriate Shut-Downs, And

Contact Tracing too; Indeed, Very Conservative

Measures to Save Human Lives and Get Their Economy
Back And Running As Soon as Possible; Yes, Through Very



Rule; Verdict,

AS History Shows

"Empires" That Grow Richest

Take and Hoard the Most Resources

At Apex Are Often Closest to "London

Bridges Falling Down;" Not Much Different

Than Population Pressures in the Wild Using

Too Many Resources For 'Herds'; Well Guess What

Nature Will Take Care of the Imbalance; AND NATURE IS; The Real

Back Lash That We Should Be Truly Concerned About is From

The Big Boss

As We Continue

To Eat Our Own Face

That Is Nature Out of Balance;

Zombie Apocalypse For Real...

It's True We Cannot Eat Money

Or Even Do Without Bees if We Expect

Freshman Coming into High School to Graduate

With Honors



As Usual Humans

Are Their Worst Enemy

As Far As Culture, Instant Gratification,
Greed, Hoarding, And Taking From the Rest
of Nature Not Returning the Same in Balance;


London Bridges Falling Down
London Bridges Falling Down;

Yes, London Bridges Falling

Down; Pass the Popcorn

'Eve' Perhaps

We'll Have

A Few Decades

Left Before 'They'

Take Away 'the Garden'

Again And Fall; London Bridges Falling Down...

Good News, it's Not too Late to Dance And Sing
Naked Whole Complete Enough hehe As Long as One




As Long as

The Country

Has Its Doors Open For Now...

No, i Really Don't Have Any Answers...

It's Not my Responsibility to Fix Any
Problems Anymore...

Yet i Vote For the

Land of the Brave

Home of the Free;

i Don't Work For Money

Anymore; Just Not My Religion

of Capitalism As Ism Anymore...

Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit
of Happiness, i CuRReNTLY Own...

SMiles Dear Samreen
Kindness Is Vibration
Of Love One May
Feel The
By SMiles
In Communion
Lovely Day Life
Will Always Be
This Way

Now my
FRiEnD Love
To All You Love

Thanks For the SMiles...

Haha 'That'
Won’t Work
Either Cindy

i Emptied my
Pockets into

Her Purse
When i Retired
Making Her The
Accountant Yes

And Purchasing

Agent too i’ll Just
Have to Beg Her

A Bit

For A
Spicy Indian
Dish For Diwali
Will Just Hone
In my Empty




Persuasion hehe...

Thanks Dear Cindy i
Passed That Indian
Dish Request on to
My Wife too

Spicy For
Her too

Guess i’ll
Have to Learn
More Than Oatmeal

To Do It one Day
When She Lets
me in The Empire

Hehe That
Is Her Kitchen...

Aloha to Your
New Moon Too
Nice We Will
Share The


The World

With SMiLes
And Stars LiGHTinG

The Moonless


Yet Still Here...

SMiLes Dear Cindy i've Had Great FRiEnDS From India

Over 6 Years Now Sadly i've Never Tasted An Indian

Dish Before (As Far As i Know)

Yet my



Share LiGHT

From Diwali

Year 'Round

So Honest So FRiEnDLY

So Full of Truth And LiGHT

They Are Wearing Angelic

Wings And So Very

Smart too

With SMiLes...

Hmm.. i Haven't
Had Any Male Indian
FRiEnDS Who Have

Hung around too Long

Yet of Course That Applies

to the Rest of the World i Guess

i Just Have my Mother's HeART, SPiRiT

And SoUL Hehe Wearing my Father's Fearless SKiN

That Was the

Really Hard

Part of

my DiWaLi


Test TaKinG
53 Years to Overcome

That Shadow of Fear Indeed...
Bless You iN Diwali LiGHT Dear Cindy FRiEnD...

For It's true Even in America Some Folks Wear Wings too...

SMiLes Dear
We aRe
So Very

Yet The


Of God Escapes
All Difference And
Flies Highest With



For Giving
Thanks Giving

Wings Of Love
Don’t Worry

Too Much

The Insanity

Of Love


Comes Back Again

To RiSE Balancing

HAha Imagine

If Falling

In Love



Would Get
Done HAha...

Yes No TRuE Love
Without Truth

Of Integrity

iN LiGHT my


How Blessed
i Feel And Sense
To Hold No


In DarK
Within i
Am Only
A Human
Of Love Seeing
my Shadows iN LiGHT





For You Are
Enough Whole
Yet i Won’t Say
Naked Hehe As

That Is Not A
Cultural or

Way For You
Hehe Or


For That

Matter Fully

Too Essence



Truth iN LiGHT
Loves Most my FRiEnD...

SMiles cabrogal

i Feel Life is An

Art That Some

Pretend to Be a Science

Always Changing NoW ETernAlly Is

i Ride the Wave of Change

in Autotelic Meditating Flow

of Dance

And Song

Eternally Now

Does this Way of Life

Need This or That Term

No Not Really When one is

Naked Whole Complete Enough

Eternally Now Just Feeling And Sensing

All of Existence This Way As These Words

Are Only

of my

Personal Dance
And Song of Bliss and
Nirvana Yes Heaven Within Now

FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing Now

So How Long Will it Last in Waves of

Water Ocean Whole Now Approaching

100 Months in 15 Days From Diwali

of November



oF LiGHT out

of DarK Yet

i Still Marry

The Night to Kiss the Day

For You See This is An Ever

Changing Wave oF LiGHT mY FRiEnD

Out of Dark

As Dark

to Kiss LiGHT

Within What i am Now Changing...

And It's True The Way i Experience

Life is As Natural As Real Gets However

From my Past Experience Those Who Do Not

Experience Reality the Way i Do Would Feel
And Sense What i Experience Commonly as



or Super

Normal Indeed

The View is Different

On this Side Really

Not That Common

Yet Common



NoW iN Deed...

Again These Words

Only Fumes From Heaven in my View...
HaHa Only Word Salad to Many Yet

The DReSSinG

Still Tastes Good

Enough Whole


Enough For me...

How Do Ya Describe Heaven

Within to Someone Who

Has Never Come to

A Similar


Ya Don't

Really Ya Wait

For them to Experience

Heaven For them to Dance

Sing Oh Yeah Now

i Get


Since i
Also Arrive
Eternally Now...

At Least through the
Poetry of Many Religions

i Smell The Fumes i Taste

The Heaven They Leave




Star Dust True...

Meanwhile Folks Worship

Authors of Other Worlds Within...

Better to Actually Arrive STaYinG ETernAlly Now...

Cosmic Imbalances

As That Applies to all

Of Nature Indeed is THere

A Price for a Country With 4 Percent

of the Globe's Population For Using

40 Percent of All Human Resources

Does that Same

Greed Lead

to Global

Totals of Most
Pandemic Death

So What Happens to
Empires That Rise to

New Levels of Greed

Never Seen Before

in Taking






The Pendulum

Is Coming Down

What Rises Falls

London Bridges Falling Down

London Bridges Falling Down

London Bridges Falling Down

Dance Sing As LonG as

This Peace Lasts

i Will Do in

Avatar, Matrix,
And Terminator

Naked Whole
Complete Enough Ways

The Garden of Eden is still

SMiLing And Free Yet of Course

Hehe There Will Always Be Conflicts

With Adam And Eve And All Night That Makes

(With New Moons In Between Full Moons Now)

Day for Without The Pendulum of Just a Little
Bit More Matter Than Anti-Matter None of This Exists Now...

Really THere's

Left to

Do Yet


The Night

Marry It


The Day
Oh! Merry Night!...

FRiEnDS With Gravity

Just Floating Away

All Worries


to Become More
Proficient RiSinG From DarK

Yet of Course How Does One Really

Do this When Someone Else is Pulling All the Strings...


Wide and





Chords of Strings Free...

SMiLes Dear Sohair i Feel Your Pain Deeply

And You Are Surely Not the Only one for

i Feel the Pain of Most Everyone

Who Either Can't Find True
Love That is Real Or By

God Don't Even Know

How Inundated By
Instant Gratification

Some Not Wired From Love
At All From Birth mY FRiEnD

For Humans as Evolved Are Born
to Nurture Each Other Man And or Woman

Yes And Of Course There Are Hunters and
Gathers Among Foragers Both my FRiEnD

Yet if We Lose The Ability to Bond Deeper

Than Instant Gratification We Simply Lose

As This is not What We aRe Evolved to Do

We Are Evolved To Survive Then Thrive

Not the Other Way Around The

Waves High and Low

As Water


Ocean Whole This
DarK Makes

LiGHT Enduring
This Way Within my
FRiEnD And Not Just This or That
Score of a Game With No Life in the
Shells that Scatter The Beach OF LoVE...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Katrina Was Just Lamenting
This Morning That She Isn't As Smart And Educated
As So Many Other Women i've Come to Be FRiEnDS
With in this World Yet i Told Her That Her Intelligence

Of Nurturing Love

Is Most Prized to

me Beyond Any

Short Spurt of

Gratification Here or There...

She Lives to Take Care of me

How Rare that is these Days

Not because Anyone Tells

Her She Has to Do Life

This Way This

is Enough

to Make Her Feel
Whole Complete Enough

Same as my Mother Who Never
Wanted to Go to Work When Her
Children Were Small to Be Raised
With Love my Father Left Her for That

Part of Her Humanity as He Valued Money
Beyond All Other Goods of Life And Love

And This How

I CoME to
Be mY

From the Love

of the Mother

Who Valued

Her Children

As Highest Value

of the Village to

Feed and Water With Love
And This is an Entire Illness

of Human Global Cultures today

The Child Has Lost Favor As the Real Prize

And Life of the Village to Kingdom Come For Love Now

i Have No Idea About Your Personal Life Yet Indeed i Do

Know the Men of this Generation And Yes Others

And Sadly Now In Many

Cases CuLTuRE

Has Not Done

Its Duty to Raise
Them as the Prize to Love...

Abundance Is Love That is Giving

Any Other Kind of Love is Falling Over RiSinG mY FRiEnD

Best Wishes to You and the Rest of the World With Similar




As For me
i'll Stick with
The Older Village
Tradition Sadly i Didn't
Have the Opportunity to
Raise Any Children Yet Yes

It's true my FRiEnD Increasingly

This World is Not One For Children of Love...

For It's True The Child of Love Who Is Real Never Dies Alive...

Meanwhile it's An Empty Left and Right Swipe World of Love

One Where Men More Often Keep Score and Women Are

Not Even



of A Game

of True Love...
Yet of Course
Increasingly Women
Are Keeping Score too
my FRiEnD Yes And True

Increasingly Younger

Folks Have Given Up

Totally on Love That's Real...

It's a Life Long Practice Hard

to Catch Up on What One is Not even Wired to Do From Birth...

i Suppose i Shall Just Count my Blessings in Poetry Dance
And Song Now
With A Prayer



For Most

Everyone Else

SMiLes my FRiEnD

i know folks Who Believe

That Only Sex is Love Sadly

About Half of the Women i've

Known in Life Were Abused By the
One They Should Have Been Able to Trust the Most

Human Nature Will Be So Cruel As in Most Every

one of those

Cases That's

All they Came

to Feel and

Sense of Love too...

For It's True the Responsibility
To Wire Children to Even Have an
Ability to Love Nurturing Comes From Young

And Is a Life Long Practice to Continue my FRiEnD...

Typically Falling in Love is A Breeding Instinct Particularly
For Men More Reliably RiSinG in LoVE Stays And Never Goes Away...

And i Do Understand

Just How Blessed

And Blissed

i Am to

Be Able to
Love All of
Existence DarK
Thru LiGHT This Way
And No it Wasn't Always

This Way For me Either About
As Far Away As One Will Get From Love That is God True too...

It Helps to See Heaven Clearer From the Perspective of Hell indeed my FRiEnD...

Always A
Dear FRiEnD
Yam Stay
Through Your
Words of Poetry



SMiLes Dear Sohair The Way We Treat

Women Will Be The Rise or Fall of

Every Empire And

Sadly Those

Who LiVE iN
Scarcity Are the
Ones Who Most often
Abuse the Nurturing Force
Greatest of Life For All Yes

The Mother

Yes The Sister

Yes The Wife The

FRiEnD The One Who
Is Loyal From the Beginning

Till the End Never Really Finishing

Only Starting A Never EnDinG LoVE

That's Real the Love That Nurtures the

Love that Gardens the Love That Fertilizes


For Real

For Humanity

To Fall or Rise mY FRiEnD
For As 'They' 'Rape' the Daughters
'THeir' Sons Will Fall Even Farther
As Whole Societies Grow Barren Now

Or Living

Dead Love Must

Be Cherished More
Than Lip Service Alone mY FRiEnD...

i Hear You Yam


Leads to More

Vengeance And Fear
Those Who Are Complete
Naked Whole And Enough

May Move With a Grace Impervious
to Slight Where Hurt Rarely Comes to Feel

Where Emotions Are Regulated Senses are

Integrated Within Yes As a Lion Moves on the
Savannah my FRiEnD With No Faux Clothes Required

to Understand
The Lion is
And Enough
As This is Truly the
Way the Meek Inherit The

Earth Yes Naked Whole Complete
And Enough For it is What We Don't
Have We Feel We Need That Leads to

So Much Weakness And Fear For Others to
Bring Us Down Lower Than We Already Are

A Smallest Man in the World is Donald Trump
And In this Case it Would Be Totally Obvious to

Everyone in the

World if He Was
Faced With the Reality
of All Who He Really

Is Naked Incomplete
Never Enough Whole And Complete

And i Just Use Him as An Example A
Meme That Most Everyone is Aware of

For Those Who Are Also Never Naked
Enough Whole and Complete Who Worship
Him as an Idol For What They Do Not Have Either

my FRiEnD We aRe ALL Most Born With the Propensity
to LoVE iN Grace Whole Complete Enough Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Foraging The Day Surviving Thriving the Night as
The MuSiC of God Flows Through our Veins Drum Beats of
Campfires Lighting Up New Moon Nights Together Indeed

We Stand

Taller Naked
Whole Complete
Enough Holding Hands
Finally Free This Way
With God Shedding
All of Our

With No Shame

No Fear No Need to Raise
Up What is Already Whole
Complete Enough Naked

As EYes of God Will Dance Sing Free ToGeTHeR
The MuSiC (GoD) Within This Love For All mY FRiEnD...

Yes, Yes, 'Class' A Metaphor Too
Tools Are The Clothes We Make
And Become Separated From
Naked God NaTuRE ALL Or Not

If Ya Wanna Cover Up God Naked
Nature iN/As You Do And BeCoME Tools
We Create Your Freedom Or PRiSoN True

As Ya WiLL NoW

Why “Free Verse Nude Poetry” For Human
By Essence And Form Work of God Poetic
Art For Real Head To Toe More to CoME ALL Free

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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05 Nov 2021, 5:57 pm

Living Tree
Leaf Is Wind

River No Need to
KNoW WHeRE It’s Going ALWaYS
Arriving Now No TiMe Distance
Space Matter FLoWinG FreeLY

Gravity’s FRiEnD...

Marry the Night

Merry the Day

Dear Savvy


DarK Thru LiGHT

ThiS Way Yet


Will Color

Weather And Seasons

Within More Beautifully

As Clear Sky Roses in

Stormy Seas

of Hail

Finding Shelter

Of Love Wherever

We Go Hail Will Not
Penetrate Roofs of
Our Souls Low or High mY FRiEnD...

Love Your Poem Cindy As You Surely Describe
What Life's Like in Flow of Creative Meditating

Of Course Endless

Metaphors to

Describe the


Some Are So Fortunate

To Seek and Find And Actually

Do When Chaos Becomes Magic

And Science Drifts into The Background

Of What Really

Seems Like

The Real


Hehe my FRiEnD

Yet of Course Order
Has Its Place For Those
Afraid of the Magic Art of
Chaos That is Creativity

Keep Shining Bright

my FRiEnD


Your Colors

Now For New

Rainbows You Bring

And i am Really Looking
Forward to the Other Poems
too i Intuit Some More Cream of
The Crop of Creativity Still Free Coming
Hehe Let's See if i Will Ever Break A String
of Writing Over 13 MiLLioN Words Since Thanks
Giving Day 2010 So Much Pain in A Mountain of
One Word Yet indeed to Eventually Escape the Worst
Pain Known to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
And Another 18 Assorted in Synergy of Life Threat Disorders


True Writing All
That Separated me
From Life or Death for
The Actual Assessed Suicide
Disease then to Escape With Each Numb
Word Again A Valley of Pain too mY FRiEnD

Result: 3999 days
It is 3999 days from the
start date to the end date, end date included.
Or 10 years, 11 months, 12 days including the end date.
Or 131 months, 12 days including the end date. So Indeed

(Thank God For Online Date Counters hehe)

Dear FRiEnD Tomorrow

November 6th 2021 my
4,000 Consecutive Day
To Celebrate Writing Online
Every Day Through HeLL And Heaven

(Even Through A Couple of Months with
What The Doctor Eventually Assessed
As COVID-19 Yes Jan-March of 2020
Yet Even With Coughing Up Blood
That Didn't Come Close to the
Suicide Disease Before my

FRiEnD A Migraine Heaven too)

Same And It's True Once Ya Master

A Skill in Hell Ya Never End it Verily Now in Heaven For Sure

Life Willing of Course my FRiEnD i Would Have Never Known
This Day if Not Celebrating Your Achievement With You mY FRiEnD

Today Yes!

So Thanks!

So Very Much!

Hehe Now THere

Is No Other Vacation

In Heaven for me Yes!
With SmileS onLY Bliss!
Staycation Now For Real...!

Of Course Giving NiGHT Credit For Day...

Oh Lord Dear Summerhilllane

Relationships of Lustful/Romantic

Attraction Are Surely Not Equal

to Long



Where Let's Face it Now
(As You Are Old Enough to see)
God Knows Yes After All The Waves
Calm On the Lake Just Rippling
Away the Reality of Does He
or She Snore Really Sets in

Of Course that is Just
One Example
Of A Zillion

Other Little
And Huge Things
mY FRiEnD For Romance

Does Not Necessarily Make

Good Bed Fellow Friends Happily

Ever After Indeed For the Blood Rush

Eventually Abates and Now What's Left

Of that

With SMiLes

True Not Much to
Master Debate HeaR

Our Freedom Does DeePenD
On Who We Live With Indeed

(If THere is No Real FRiEnDS It Ends)

The Best Thing About my Wife oF All
Is She Supports All of the Free Fred Yet Will

Anyone Else Likely Do That Well That's How Ya
Train Each Other Over 32 Years of Being Together

For True That's About How LonG it Takes For Someone
To Truly Be Comfortable With All of Who i AM Lord Knows
Feels And Senses Hehe it took me 53 Whole Years to Do it Solo...

People Who Truly

Get Along Are

Not Made

in Castles

With Prince And

Princess Clothing my FRiEnD

It's More Like A Hazy Pond With
Frogs Where the Leafs of Trees Stay
Floating And Feathers of Birds Do the Same

Anyway Love Your Paintings Particularly the
White Wooden Adirondack Chair by the Pond

For True A Pond Will Teach Us Much In Hazy
Green Waters of Muck it Takes to See Through

to Relax

On Lilly



of Longest
Term Relationships

my FRiEnD It's True

HAha THere is Only
So Much of me that
Any 'Normal Human'
Will Take Thank God

For Dancing And Writing

Otherwise A Really Horrible
'Fredache' For the Wife For Sure With SMiLes...
She Came Up With That Term for me Indeed Hehe...

It's Kinda Sad on Both of my Sides of Family Marriages
Lasting the 'Whole Term' There Were only a Very Few

Out of Many

Tries my


And This

Is Even More

So With A World
of Instant Gratification
And Pills And The Such
to Fix it All Now With No Wait...

That's Not Life And Those Who
Expect it to be that way Must Work (A WHoLE LoT)
A Bit Harder to Survive and Definitely to THRiVE iN Balance...

Meanwhile Folks Fall In Love Forever After A Few Texts After
A Left and Right Swipe to Buy Someone At the Meet/Meat Market Online...

It's Like Groceries

Served to US

By Car

Except This
Isn't Something
We Only Consume my
FRiEnD For Humans Are Breathing Change...

It's Not So Much Will We Get Along With that
Person's Every Annoyance It is Will Be Be Able

To Adapt A Few Years Down The Road Where They
Are Not Even Recognizable Inside or Out of Who They




A Work

Of Art A Never
Ending Painting
Masterpiece at
Best With Dark
And Colorful Fibers
of Canvas Changing Same Balancing
Keep Painting Dear FRiEnD Summerhilllane
Keep Painting As the Painting Never Ends Alive...

As Even Story Books Tale THere Are Days 'Adam And Eve'
Have Difficulties in A FoResT Garden of Eden EVeN For Real Now...

Living Tree
Leaf Is Wind

River No Need to
KNoW WHeRE It’s Going ALWaYS
Arriving Now No TiMe Distance
Space Matter FLoWinG FreeLY

Gravity’s FRiEnD...

SMiLes Not Unlike Katrina

You Are More Beautiful

Than When You Were

18 of Course That Comes

From Evolving Soul Dear Rue

The Glow That Spirit Brings When

Heart Becomes More Regulating and

Senses Follow Integrating as Well Pensive


And Also


of A World That

Wants to Claw Its Way

In Perhaps the Flames

Of Hell Perhaps A Look

Of Forgiveness for All

Still To come my
FRiEnD Yet

Very Much
Reflective of my
Other Indian FRiEnD

Navigating A Landscape

of No Suitors Really Worth

Her Attention Reaching Age 30 Now
Independent Living in 5 Huge Cities
Now MaKinG Her Own Way Where

All She Needs Is A Laptop And
Her Education to Rule Her World

With Skills that Will Gain
A Job Anywhere in the

World Where
Her Services

Are Allowed...

i Found Love Successfully

Early Enough at 29 Yet that

Kind of Valuable Skill to Make it in
A World of Money i Held onto By the
SKiN of my Teeth For Years Upon Years...

There Are Different Kinds of Strengths i am

Amazed More By What Women Do Now Than i Ever Did Before...

For You See Emotional Intelligence is What Truly Makes A Human Whole

No Matter


or ToGeTHeR mY FRiEnD

Indeed That is the Difference
Most Women Share More

LooKinG Through An
Opaque Window
Young That's The
Gift i Sought Most
Then And Now i Hold
Close As I Surely Have
Enough Strength to Kill A Human

With One

Martial Arts


Yet i am
So Much More

Than That my FRiEnD Now

i Finally Am What's Truly Divine Within...

Shall We Spell Out the Word Or Leave

It Blank As Like The Other 3 Letter

Word the Four Letter



Now the SamE...

SMiLes i Have A Functional Disability That

Precludes What Is Often A Natural Human

Propensity to Lie Yes This Disability is Often

Associated With Asperger's Syndrome Indeed

What This Means Is Yes i Have

Plenty to Dance Sing There is

Nothing to Hide

ThiS Way

For me

No Secrets At

All, Yes All In Clear

View for All to See What

This Also Means is the Rare

Few Friends i Do Have True

Are The Gold of Rainbows

With Nothing


In View TRuE LiGHT
Too How WonderFuLL

It is to Have a Mother, Wife,
And Sister This True too For

It is Real Gold That Suffices
Truth of LoVE Real iN LiGHT

Integrity Spells Trust And Faith Honor

All DarK Thru LiGHT Does This Mean

i am Some Kind of Perfect Saint Hell

No i Just Tell the Truth DarK Thru LiGHT of Heaven And
Hell And The Tween For Real Hiding Nothing Real i For One See...

iDeALLy, Philosophy Is Not
About MaKinG Money;

Therefore, Philosophy

Is Free Hence


A Need

to Go on Strike Now

Aphorisms Never

i Feel, i Sense,

i AM


'See' What i Mean
Or Shall We 'Count



-YeS He He

And It's True in my
Style of Philosophy
i Move And Am Not Stuck 'Upstairs' Alone in Words;

In Fact, Every Move is Holy Grail, i Feel And Sense Real

Just Nirvana



And Bliss

Just Autotelic

Meditative Contemplative

Flow Whether Holy Dance or
Sacred Song FoR ReaL NoW


i Never

Go on Strike NoW;

However, i Do Strike
Often, Each Key of Sacred Song;
Piano Or Plastic; Ebony or Ivory

Matters Not...

i "Just Do
It" in Nike
Goddess of
Victory Style

Never A Need

to Sell Shoes Now Yet
Of Course They Do Wear Out
By HeART Beats of my Dance For Real...

Yet It's True Like Cutting Meat So Perfectly
in Practice With Wu Wei Tao Blade As i Dance

Smoother This Way FRiEnDS With Gravity on Walmart's
Renovated Smoother Finished Floor my Shoes Last Longer

As The Soles

of my Nike

Shox Shoes

Become The Gravity

of my Soul, FRiEnDS With All of Gravity Balancing

As Planets Revolve Around Stars; It's True i Rarely Drop From my Soul Skies...

As Monkeys Rarely Fall From Trees or Birds From Skies Practice of Life They Do

Questions Asked...

So Much THere is to
Be Sought And Found Within
All Innately, Instinctually, Intuitively, Yes Philosophically
For Real NoW iN Virtually Effortless More Complex Flow...

MaKinG Money,

Strikes, And

All Other

(Besides Innate
Fears of Heights
And Loud Noises)

Fears Are For Others


And Bruce Lee too

i Am Air And Water
As Air Flies me And Water Swims me...

Yet i am Afraid of Heights And Way too
Inherently Valuable to Fall From Trees...

No Matter

How Hairy

And Strong i am

MaKinG Gorilla Sounds

Leg Pressing Up to 1520 Pounds too at 61;

So Yes Indeed, What Has Has Your Philosophy
Done for You Lately,

my FRiEnD;

Are There

Any Empirical


You Will Provide As Well;

Like 9.8 MiLLioN Words of
Free Verse Poetry in 98 Months
Along With 15,642 Miles of Public
Dance With Thousands of the Most
Beautiful Smiles All Around my Metro Area Like (Love)

That Song "Close to me," "FoLLoWinG ME ALL Around



'The Carpenters';

Pray Do 'Tale',

Or Are


Still on Strike too?

Of Course THiS iS ONly

A Rhetorical Question, i ALreadY KNoW...

You See, Of Course, 'This OP' Is a Parody
That Philosophy Has No Productive Value

That Will Be Empirically Measured in Output

of Objective Value;

(i've Got A Really Great Memory, Remember

The Op

Professing That in Words of Effect, Years Ago)

So Yes, Now i Prove This Parody OP And That Previous Op
Irrefutably Incorrect, Unless the OP Denies HiS Own Parody...

i Do Mine You Do YourS

Do As Y'ALL WiLL iT's Essence
First And Ten FoR ME AT LeasT

We Create Heaven or HeLL ON EartH NoW
As LonG As We Punt the Ball SoMeWHeRE
Else We Lose Our Potential For Greater

GaME Change Now

And i Do More Than 'That American
Indian Version' too As i Create Every
Move Holy Dance Every Word Sacred

SonG As i Will DO NoW

As You Walk Upon the Earth
Treat Each Step As A Prayer
-Black Elk ~ It's True i Do More
Than The Christian Version of God

On The Other Hand There Are
Some ”Father’s” And Unrelated
70 Year-Old Men in Afghanistan
Who Make Hell For Small Child Daughters

On Earth
Their Souls
To Death With
Human Body Parts
Lost From Soul (Love) Integrity…

While Naming
it Sacred God
Blessed The



For Children… A Place…
Real Devil’s of Religion


There is No God Of
Love That Molests
His And Or Her Disobedient
Children With Fire Forever

An All Loving All Forgiving Merciful
God Does Not Torture Enemies Forever

FULL STOP Unless He’s ‘Trump’

Yes i Believe in The Beatitudes Attributed
To JeSuS Hell No Not The Burning Your Enemy

Forever Added In By

“Child Molesters”

Yes ‘That’ Was Then
7 Years Ago And 810
Pounds Leg Pressing

Now It is Up to 1520
Pounds Warming Up
With 1380 Pounds And
Yes i Also Have A Video
Of me Practicing Very
Slowly With 1340

Pounds Yes 100
Seconds And 12
Reps True i Can
Only Do 1520 Pounds
Eight Reps With This

Range of
Motion That
Does Not Dangerously
Bring The Weight to my

Chest Hehe That And 15,642
Miles Of Public Dance in 98
Months Now Is What Created
“That Shapely Renaissance
Butt Pose” at 61 Now For What my

Wife Once

Called A More
Flat Butt At 190
Pounds When
We Got Married
Now 32 Years Later
And 242 Pounds Of
More Earth Shaped Butt

Is A Work
OF Art Pose…

Yes Like They
Did in The Renaissance
Days Yet Tastefully Done
To Meet Today’s Ironically
More Prudish


Some Parts
Of Nature That

Sadly Folks Fear…

And That’s Okay
Some of my Best
FRiEnDS in the Whole
World Cover Themselves
From Head to Toe Abhorring
Nude Art Yet They Are Still

My FRiEnDS And
Haven’t Defriended
me on Facebook Like
Close Relatives Or Other
30 Year FRiEnDS For


They Forgive
Someone Not
Thanking Them
For A Birthday
Wish or It Wasn’t
Such A Good Idea
For Trump To Suggest
Ingesting Bleach As A
Potential Pandemic Treatment

It’s One Thing To

Talk The Christian

Talk it’s Another Thing

To Lift A Cross As Light

As A Cotton Mask to

Save Over 100,000

Lives it’s True

i Wear the

Skin of
Verse 37
And Move A
Mountain of
9.8 MiLLioN
Words of John 14:12
Effort of Public Free Verse
Poetry in 98 Months Along

With 15,642 Miles Of
Clothed and Naked
Public Dance Artfully
Done and At Least
The Sweet Gym Assistant
Who Helped with The Video

Production of This
One Rep of 12 At 810
Pounds 7 Years Ago to

On Video it
Was Holy Sh8t
Then Hehe With SMiles...

And Yes i Still Leg Press the Weight
With Hands Raised to "the Heaven's"
And No i Don't Lift More than 1520 Pounds
As That is All The Weight the Machine Will Hold...

Sadly It Doesn't

Seem Like it

Was Designed

For me Technology

Is Doing a Fair Job
Keeping Up with the
Rest of my Creativity
For those Who Have

Fastest Computers
And Internet Speed of Course...

When i Set Out to Do 'John 14:12' i Wasn't
Just Giving it 'Lip Service' Either Yes Either Do

Or Do Not...


is No


-Yoda And me too...

Marry the Night

Merry the Day

Dear Savvy


DarK Thru LiGHT

ThiS Way Yet


Will Color

Weather And Seasons

Within More Beautifully

As Clear Sky Roses in

Stormy Seas

of Hail

Finding Shelter

Of Love Wherever

We Go Hail Will Not
Penetrate Roofs of
Our Souls Low or High

mY FRiEnD...

Living Tree
Leaf Is Wind

River No Need to
KNoW WHeRE It’s Going ALWaYS
Arriving Now No TiMe Distance
Space Matter FLoWinG FreeLY Gravity’s FRiEnD

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,115

06 Nov 2021, 4:19 pm

Red, White, And Pink
Colors of Flowers
And SMiLes For You

Am Happy to Be Still
Connecting to You Today
In Colors of Life and Love...

"Power of Love
Sharing Hope
Peace Trust Joy"

Inhaling Peace

Exhaling Love

You Capture The

Feeling of Faith

When We Truly Sense

Faith is Real All the Ingredients

Held In A HeART of Water That

Fountain Flows Ocean Whole

Waves Indeed We Give

Souls Spiriting





Dear FRiEnD

Savvy For When i Come

HeaR to Find A Poem That

Begins And Ends Another Day

of Writing So Many Poems Inspiring

From Other Souls The Theme Just All

Always Fits in Yes Linked In With No

Reasons At All Yet the Stars

That LiVE Within

That Move An

Entire Galaxy

of Humans Connecting

With This Force of All that

Is Beyond Names And All Reason

Yes Indeed To STarT Again With the Power of Love...
Never Really Finishing Beginning Or Ending At All Just Now...

SMiLes Dear Ava It's 11:11 PM

And 3999 Days Makes Consecutive

Ones Writing Online Since Thanks Giving

Day of 2010 Approaching 4000 Days on




Now As This Word

Now Is Forever Now

No Different Than the

First one of 13 MiLLioN

Words Now Since November 25, 2010 Then

NoW A Breath of Peace Inhaling Exhaling Love

For Real Forever

NoW iNDeeD



All Human

Abstract Construct

Illusions of TiMe Established

By Deadlines That No Longer Spiral

Free As the Milky Way And Every Planet

Human Becomes When Dancing Singing This Way

Freer SMiLes
And True



me And How

Anyone Else

May Create New

As Only Eternally Now...

As Expected The Pendulum Swing

After the So-Called 'Backlash

of 2021' And Virginia's



Demise Just Enough

Spark to Put A Fire Under the

Butt of Democrats in the House

to Vote and Pass the Infrastructure

1.2 Trillion Dollar Build-Back Bill

Along With Better Than Expected
Job Numbers and Lower Unemployment
And Another Treatment Drug for Covid-19
That Actually is Assessed To Work All that's

Left to Do For Mid-Term Steam Is to pass
the Other Family and Middle Class Friendly


Plan of

1.9 Trillion
Dollars or So too

Then At Least Not Unlike

Obama Care and the 800 Dollars

of Benefits my Sister Gets A Month
For Her Early Retirement Opportunity
For Health Care for Her Bronze Obama Plan

The Legacy of Biden Will Be He Actually Got
Something Done for the 'Average Common Human' Done

too That Previous Administrations

Haven't Been Able to do

With Infrastructure of

This Magnitude

For A Whole Generation

And True More To Come to
Make the Middle Class Happier

Come Mid-Terms too of Course

Unless the Real Evil Attempting to
Overturn our Democratic Process Sullied

Tries Hard enough to Overturn Another Election for Real...

What Days Will Measure Eternal Time

Or Eternal now So What Will November

6th Measure Sure Another 6th As Promised

to Connect to Someone Who Once Named me

A Forever FRiEnD Lala Rukh This FRiEnDShip

For 100 Months Now And The 6th of November

Also Measures 100 Times 40 Days Reaching

The Bottom Pit of Hell Back in

2008 The Spring

Falling of That

Year my


An Extra Ring

Of Dante's Hell Each
And Every Day Asking God
Will the Pain and Numb Be More
Tomorrow as If Now Had Another Second
Less Forever in Hell True Just an Hour of Sleep
for the First 35 Of 40 With the Help of a Powerful
Alpha Blocker So Card Board Shallow in Piece of
Paper Existence Then With Words Few Left only
Shells on the Beach With No Sea Life to Feel the




The Ocean
of God Whole

Where Ya Dream

of Drowning Just to
Be Part of that Ocean Again

Then the Last 5 Days of 40 Came
Where Nothing Helped to Put Me Down
Out of that Misery of the Worst Pain Known to
Humankind From Wake to Sleep And 18 Other
Medical Disorders Mostly Stress Related From
11 Years of Chronic to Acute Work A Day Forever Life

So 40 Days of Hell Came And Went Only Part of 66 Months
Of Hell Whole And 33 Months into that Experience of Not Being
Able to Effectively Use my Eyes And Ears Through the Worst Pain
No Drug Trigeminal Neuralgia Would Be Touched With Yes the Other Added
Ingredients of 18 Other Medical Disorders too.. i Found The Strength Through One
Word A Mountain of Pain to Start Writing One Word on Thanks Giving Day of 2010

To Somehow

Escape that

Suicide Disease
Pain and Numb
No Drug would
Take Away only
Sleep Indeed mY FRiEnD

True i tried to Put myself
Out of my Misery on the 40th

Day Yet i was Loved too Much to
Go Away As You've Heard the Story
Before i Finally Agreed to Go to the
Hospital And They Found Something
Strong Enough to Put me Down That i Relied
On Through the Duration of that 66 Months
To Escape Hell in Sleep At All.. So What's the

Significance of 100 Times 40 The Number of Days
i've Been Consecutively Writing Online As Of Today
November 6, 2021 Yes 4000 Days All Including Today
Since Thanks Giving Day of 2010 mY FRiEnD Yet the

Life Saving Measure

For Real All Started

With One Word on

A Screen Turned Down
to Almost Dark to Sit in Front
of A Few Inches as my Prescription
Sun Glasses Multiplied the Pain With
That Extra Supplied Tool of Focus Then

SMiles 40 Times 100 Makes 4000 Days
And Over 13 MiLLioN Words Total Writing
Online Never Missing A Day For 4000 Days

And When i Met You Here Back in July of 2013
Recovering Out of HeLL ON EartH Within On the
19th of that Month Standing on A Beach One With
Emerald Green Waves Spiraling Sea Oats Sugar White
Sand Below Love Within Inside Outside Below Yes Above

Just Every

Around mY FRiEnD
Seagull Wings me
Spiraling Around Sun

It Was Just The Beginning

of Another Chapter "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Starting on 8.18.2013 Now
9.8 MiLLioN Words in 98 Months
Along with 15,642 Miles of Public Dance

Yet It's True The Origin of my EPiC Longest
Long Form Poem is Still Those 40 Days Without
Sleep in the Spring of 2008 Then Where There Wasn't
Even A Memory of A SMiLe Emotions Gone Just Piece

Of Paper


iN HeLL ON Earth
Then Within mY FRiEnD

4000 Days That Will Always

Be Escaping 40 Days in The Pit of Hell

Whatever Works Does Work Indeed my FRiEnD

Hope All Is Well And Loving For You As You BREaTHE Freely...

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha How Beautiful
And Deeply You Express The Loss of
Human Soul And The Struggle

To Regain That Peace
Inhaling Love Exhaling

For All Yes The Smile

of the Little Child Reaching

Up to the Nurturing Trust and
Faith of the Mother Integral to

Belonging to All that is Nature

Ours to Share And Give Freely

To Each Other too Caring So Much
Yet the Smile of the Child Will Be Taken Away
For Mechanical Cognition Actually Does that

As We Become the Jobs the Tools We Use

More Than US!

Creatures With

Feeling And Filling Soul

Mind And Body Whole No Longer

Stuck Up THere With Addictions
That Never

Feel and

Fill As
HeART Carrying
SPiRiT to SoUL
For All to Move
Connect And Co-Create Now

With SMiLes With SMiLes Warm
And True Never Feeling Separate
Now Again From Souls Whole Complete Enough Now...

That Gesture
Of Connection
Made my Day
Beautiful Even

More So The Expression
Of Your Happiness And Peace

Glad You Are Finding Balance
It All Brings A Soul Felt Lasting

Tear to
My Eye
What FRiEnDS
Are Made of
Never Giving
Up Through
Fair Fall Sky
Leaves And Deepest

Snows Of Winter
You Will Always
Find Warmth From me...

You Look Very
Peaceful And
Happy Yes
Make Every
Day Now
A New Year
This Way my

i've Got MuSiC (GoD) iN me

It’s All in The Lighting

And Colors of Flowers

my FRiEnD EYes Who

See Beauty in

Your Soul

True too

Every Brand

You Do Becoming

New A Delight to Behold

A Tradition to Keep Seeing

my FRiEnD Pushing Toward

30 Years A Milestone More of Maturity

of Soul And True Today November 6th, 2021

my 4000th Consecutive Day Writing Online Since Thanks
Giving Day of 2010 For Over 13 MiLLioN Words And Yes

True Those First Words that Day A Mountain of Pain And
Numb to Escape the Real Medically Assessed Suicide

Disease Then Yes Only Empty Shells Those Words

Scattered on the Beach of my Lost Soul Just

Waiting For the Sea Creature Alive
of my Soul Then to Make A Shell of

Words Living BREaTHE Love Again

So Yes Now i Am Still Standing

With Birthday
And White



of Pink

And SMiLes For You
For i Did Survive And
Am Happy to Be Still
Connecting to You Today
In Colors of Life and Love

That Never End NoW ETernAlly
So Ocean Water Wave Whole my FRiEnD

No Longer


From Life

The Greatest
Brand of All Is Love For All…

SMiLes Other Than That Happy

Weekend Still Counting Down
21 Days 3 Weeks Until Your

Birthday Still to Celebrate

Now And Every

Day Now

of Your
Treasured Life…

SMiles Dear
Cindy Surely
Look Forward
To Your Submitted
Poem For The Contest

Yet Love
All Of Your
Poetry of
Soul Equally
True And Authentic

my FRiEnD
For Poetry
Is The Kiss
Of All Our
Souls DarK


And Dance
Helps This
Icing Happen
For The Whole Soul Cake!

Happy Birthday to
Your Husband Too


SMiles Dear Summerhilllane
Wishing You All Wings
Of Love That Are Real...

Thanks Dear Savvy Hope
Your Weekend Is Beautiful...

Oh Lord, It Seems, Apparently Not Everyone 'Here'
Understands the 'American/Life Political System';

Or Is Even Aware of What is Currently Going on; Yes,

November 5th, A Landmark Day Passing an Infrastructure

Improvement Bill Not Seen of this Magnitude in Generations

With Almost A Guarantee Now that A Bill Will Be Passed for
Close to Two Trillion Dollars That Will Actually Help Folks in

Need and Not
Restricted to
the Trump/
Welfare Way
of Giving Tax
Payer Money Away...

Yes, What This Means is Help For Housing,
Expanded Health Care Benefits for Millions,
Extension of the Subsidies for Obama Care

For 5 Years that Will Surely Help my Sister
to Make Her Way to Medicare Age With
Thousands of Dollars of Benefits This

Way, Along With Elder Care at Home,
Along With Kindergarten For Small
Children, Along With Child Care

Benefits, Along with YES Help in Saving
The Climate Sooner in Greater Balance too;

Yes, No, Perhaps Family Leave Won't Make

It All the Way; Yet Perhaps Yes, Even that Miracle
Might Happen too; Meanwhile, New Jobs Higher than
Expected As Reported, and Unemployment Numbers Going

Down, a New Treatment That actually works For Covid19, And

Many Other Benefits That Come From An Old And Wise Enough

Politician Who Knows That Compromise Takes Effort and Months
of Enduring Never Ending Blood, Sweat, And Tears; True, We Live

in a Very Polarized

Country; Yet There Has

Never Been a Greater Day

For Someone Who Actually

Understands How Government
And 'Politics/Life' Works with 40 Years
of Actual Experience; Perhaps No Slick

Used Car TRuMP Salesman In Oratorial Skills

or The 'Orange Guy' Who Sells You Circus Tickets

to See that Hidden Thing Lurking in the Muck;

Yet Never the Less

When You Make

Things Happen

And Help those Truly

In Need, You Are Truly Appreciated
For Years to Come as those Who Receive Obama
Care Still Praise Those Who Helped add Years to their Life...

Meanwhile, Trump And Cohorts Are Trying Their God Damndest

To Destroy the Very Process That Allows Any of this to Happen at all...

Yes, Democracy;

This REAL Republic NoW

That the Founding Fathers

Understood How Hard it is to
Create and Maintain; Making a List

of Checks and Balances to Insure Our

Boat Has Both Anchors of Conservation

And Sails of Liberal Freedoms to Make it Through

Fair Winds And Following Seas; And Yes to Return
to Anchor Safely In Harbor

When Storms Come too...

Well, Guess What, We've Been Through

A Hell of a Storm For almost Two Years

Now; One Dude Played Politics to Get His way;

The Other One Mastered Politics For 'We The Common
Human Beings' to Finally Get A Piece of Rich American Pie too...

i Don't Have to

Love a Leader

To See When Tough

Decisions Have to Be Made

And Compromise too; He Gets

The Job Ultimately Done Now Through

All the Blood, Sweat, And Tears That Do
Come With The Casualty of Wars That 'Politics/Life' And Democracy

Takes And Makes to Keep A Boat Afloat Working With Anchors And Sails True...

Yes, Like Coming January Mandatory Vaccines or Constant Medical Checks to See if
Employees in Businesses with More than 100 Employees Are Covid-19 Positive...


i Wasn't Expecting
A Quick and Easy

Fix! No! i Wasn't Expecting

Any Roses Without Plenty of

Thorns; This is More than the

Human Condition; This is the Reality

of Nature; Ya Tooth and Claw Your Way Up

or Ya



And Your

Boat Sinks

With the Rest of Your Crew...

This isn't A Video Game; This is Reality;

Some Days All You Throw is Gutterballs;

Other Nights You Knock All 10 Pins Down and Score 300...

So far 'Biden' is

The 'Winning League'...

At Least for the Rest of His Bowling Team...

OBTW, i Was a Military Bowling Center Manager
For Many Years, And Never Learned to Bowl;

Yet Here's the thing, i Understood what
it took to Resolve Customer Service Issues;

Prized for that Skill Along with the IT Skills
i Learned Through Experience Carrying me through
Many Promotions For Jobs i Wasn't Even Really Qualified

For; Years After that Even Athletic Director of A Military Installation
For my Financial Management And Information Technology Skills

As the Last Kid
Picked on Sports

Teams; Thing is,

You Do What you

Have to Do to Survive or

You Do Not; And Before the
Stress of Doing So Much Stuff
i Was never Really Qualified Took me Down;

i Took A Million Dollars of End of the Year Government
Money That i Could Have Bought One Item or Furnished

A New Gym Fully That Folks Would Enjoy For Many Years to Come...

So i Spent All Hours of that Last Day of the Fiscal Year Arranging

For that to Come True Picking Every Piece of Equipment And Making

That Happen in One Day with the Nautilus Corporation And After 13 Years
Now That Equipment Has Helped me Gain 3 Times the Strength of Most Military

Folks Who Work-out Now at 61 Years

of Age; so Why Not Them; It's all About

Effort And Never Giving Up; It's All About

Effort And Never Giving Up; That Much Biden

is Good at Doing, Come Hell or High Water; That Dude
made a Difference Yesterday for We the People and not Just Him....

Meanwhile, Thousands Upon Thousands of People Have Been Enjoying
That Close to Million Dollars of Equipment That i used my Autistic Super
Power of Laser Focus to Make Good Use of Every Second of that one Day in '07...

It's True,

All it takes

is one day to

Make A Difference;

And That is What Happened
Yesterday That may Change

The Whole Course of American

History Still to come, if We Are That Fortunate
to Keep Our Democracy Whole Enough to Still Exist...

They Are Folks Who Whine; And There Are Folks Who
Keep Their Nose to the Grindstone till CHANGE HAPPENS NOW.

Corporate Taxes Will Also Go Up to a Minimum of 15% of those
Who Were Not Paying Their Fair Share Way of Taxes with the
Next Bill Likely Passing With that Provision in it too; Sadly

The Op Here

Didn't see

The Bigger Picture;

Wanted to 'Do Away'

With Biden, Before the

Old Man Proved Experience
is More Important than 'Glitz'...

Is it Perfect; Don't Fool Yourself;

Nothing Worth Keeping or Doing IS.

Is Change Possible to Improve the way


THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER NOW; Yet not if We Don't Put One Foot Forward of the Other First...

Yeah, It's True Before i Could Leg Press up to 1520 Pounds Now And Public Dance for 15,642 Months
And Write an EPiC Longest Long Form Poem of 9.8 Million Words in 98 Months; Yes, Before i Came to
This Website on Thanks Giving Day of 2010 And Wrote online 4,000 Consecutive Days Including Today

November 6th, 2021;

i Couldn't Even Muster
The Focus to Make A TV
Dinner Back in 2008; i Couldn't

Even Hardly Stand Up Without Passing Out;

And It's True, There Was A Day in the Pit of Hell
And Numb i Couldn't Even Pull Another Word out of my

Head; Well

There Has

Been 13 Million

Plus Words Now

Starting on this
Wrong Planet on
Thanks Giving Day
2010 Online Now Every Day
Since then; Yes Through Hell

And High Water and Enduring

What the Doctor Assessed as
2 Months of Covid-19 Coughing
Up Blood in the First Part of 2020....

Life isn't Easy; And If You Give Up Life isn't anything at all...

Ya Gotta Keep Pushing Ahead, God Yes, i Whined A whole Lot From Wake to
Sleep for the First two Years with Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia the Suicide
Disease NO Drug Would Touch; Assessed as the Worst Pain Known to Humankind
And With 18 Other Mostly Stress Associated Disorders Then in Synergy of Life
Threat; Yes, Generally From What is Commonly Understood and Researched

By Scientific Studies
Now as Autism Burnout;
Perhaps the OP Here was

Experiencing Part of What i did then too...

From 11 Years of Chronic to Acute Fight or Flight
Stress At Work Leading to my Downfall in 2008...

Sure, i Hated the World then too; i couldn't give up
Those Golden Handcuffs of Federal Employment, So
Close to Life Long Benefits Then to Keep Health Care for

my Wife Who Couldn't Otherwise Be Affordably Insured then

With Her Partial Complex Epilepsy Disorder; i Surely Felt Greater
That Because of Obama And yes Nancy Pelosi Then too; They Made
The Political Sacrifice For 'We the People' Then my Sister Was Headed
Down the Same Path With Asperger's Syndrome in Decades of Stress at Work too...

Obama and Pelosi
And Associates

May Have even

Saved Her Life

With Obama care;

And Indeed Biden And

Pelosi May Extend Her Health Care
Benefits until Medicare Age Indeed...

We Are Human Beings; We Aren't Money

or Things; When We Do Stuff That Helps

Our Well Being Overall as a Team We Survive And Even Thrive;

Yet Again, When We Give Up And Only Whine; We Do Nothing at all...

Life Lesson

For me at
Least and the

Others in this
Life Who Fall Down

Now Or Get Knocked

Down And Get Back Up;

Like Writing on this Internet
Site a Place i wasn't Welcome
As Soon as i Recovered to Pursue

All my Human Potential; i Had already
Stood Through Hell; Ha! Do Ya really
Think Standing Up Now in Heaven is Hard

No Matter

What No


What Everything

Over Hell is Icing Now...

Just Don't Give UP; Just Don't Give UP

For When We All Do; We Surely All Lose too...

"Finally A Big House!" Yes i Am FeeLinG iT Now

SMiles Dear Rue There is A Song "Isn't It Ironic"

"Don't You Think" "Like A Free Ride Yet

You Are All Ready There"

That Kinda Fits in Here
Yet Is More About Love
And Typically How Love Works

Out Not Exactly What Ya Dreamed

Of As Only As Real As Us Humans

Paint The Sunsets That Fade in Sunrises

That Don't End Twilight At Night Just Please

Let the Peace Last

A Little Longer

Like That Space

On A Sunday Afternoon

After You Finally Get Relaxed

And Have to Get Anxious The Next

F in Yes Fred in Minute to Start Another

Week Of Never Ending 33 Years of Work Plus 19 Years

Of School Until You Finally Retire And Become Financially

Independent Falling In Hell Where Love and the Feeling of Smile

Doesn't Exist

At All Yet

Some of Us

Just Pick Ourselves

Up Off the Basement

Floor And Get Used to Falling

Lower Carrying Whatever Smile

We Will Find Until Red, Red, Wine

Comes to Play As the FRiEnD Within

Yes Love That Is Truly Ours That Never Goes Away

Only Worth Giving And Sharing Caring Away After That

For We Learn

It's Never


to Master

The Peace of
Inhale That Love Exhales for
All For Then The Bride And Groom
Are Always Ours to Give Away to Others Free

i'm Out of Order With Theme Songs Writing Your

Last Song Before This First One And isn't It Ironic

Now i Forgot to Include A Theme Song For the Last

One First So i'll Just Go With This First One Last With SMiLes..

And This is the True Beauty of Poetry Just Getting All the DarK
And Light Out Howling to the Moon Until it Becomes Full And Everything

Is Just All Right

Yet That's Another

Song By 'Starbuck'

(Moonlight Feels Right)

Hehe Without An S Thank God

As i Can't Really Afford to Lift to Outer-space With Starbucks

As Isn't Ironic i Know What Place That Space Doesn't Bring Next...

Anyway This Today is my 4,000th Day Writing Online In Consecutive

Days All Through Hell and Heaven Since Thanks Giving Day of 2010

And Isn't It Ironic Hell Is Heaven After All Hope is Gone and Love Rises For Real...

Within Where

It only

Got Lost

To Finally

Find for Real

And Really Really

Never Goes Away in Our Space Within...

A Big House Indeed No Floors No Windows

No Ceilings Not Even a Stitch of Clothing

Just God Is Love FOR ALL...

Ah So True Rue A Best FRiEnD Forever

Is A True Wine That Warms Our

Blood Yes Veins of Comfort

Play That

Only Stay

And Care And Just
Give More Wine as
Graceful as Love Grows

Older Stronger And Even More Real
to Give And Share And SMiLes i am
Wondering if that is You Singing That
Song "Can't Help Falling in Love" Or

If it is Your FRiEnD

Never the Less

The Happiness of

Your FRiEnDShip

With That Special

One Surely Radiates
Through i Am Surely
Happy For The Warmth You Two Are...
Hehe And Nah.. No Alcohol At All For
Me Not Even Any Caffeine One Only
Dulls Heaven For me And the Other Shoots me

Past The Stars As Coffee Beans Become Rocket

Fuel Hehe Indeed And What More Could i
Do With A Glass of Wine Dance Naked Nah

Wouldn't Need A Glass of Wine For That Either
For i am Free Naked Wings Whole Complete

Enough With SMiLes...

Red, White, And Pink
Colors of Flowers
And SMiLes For You

Am Happy to Be Still
Connecting to You Today
In Colors of Life and Love...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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