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Age: 61
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08 Dec 2021, 2:29 am

“SonG oF mY SoUL 10 MiLLioN WordS Old”
CeLeBRaTinG This Featnote 100 Months 12.18.2021

Some People Have the Most Amazing Ways to

Teach You All About Love Nothing Better
Than MaKinG Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards Of Love
Yawn It’s Basically All
i Do In A Greatest Mood

Happiest 7th Dear
Rafiah Praying For
All The BLeSSinGS
For All You Love Dear...

SMiles Dear
Xenia Wishing
All You Love
Happiest Days
BLeSSinG Bliss...

SMiLes True ‘These
Kinda Folks’
Exist too Yet
i Have No
Place To
Fall Valley
Height of
i Love
RiSinG NoW
With SMiLes...

Child's Hope
Our Hope Love..
WitH A SMiLe
Need To KNoW..
For NoW aS ReaL..
AnYWaY aS Usual
Hellooove FRiEnD
From Your Current
Work Place in
Love Lives
iN EYes oF
A Child Born as LoVE..
Or Reborn aS ofTen HaPPeNs
Later iN Life iF A 'World' Takes

THat Love away....

Free Whenever
However Wherever
This Comes
No Instruction
Or Critique
Will Ever
Prints Of
Your Soul
No Name
Wings Free
How To
Dance And
Beautiful iNDeeD
You Uniquely
Learns Free
Through Wings...

HaHa Heaven for
Me is Nothing Yet
A Naked Sand And
Sun Spiraling Dance
In Flow of Complexity
Ever More Sweet Spot
‘Tween Boredom
And Anxiety
On A Tight
Rope Heaven
Is A Finger
Is The
For all
Of who We
Are Then
i Sing
A Sand
Dance of Sun
Complete Eternally
Now Welcoming
Change DarK
Thru Light
What is is
Now Surely
My Heaven
Close to
What my
Wife Will
See as Hell so Far
Away From Her
TV Yet She still
Now A
Best Destination
in whatever Brings
A Smile.. Nope.. No
Callouses on Her Feet...
i require DarK As Well
So i
Not Fly
Away and
Never Come Back....

Holiday Hellooove Cheers
Returning Again Dear
FRiEnD Currently
Giving 11 Years
For Giving 2010-2021”
All 58 Thousand Words
That Of Course Will Not
Be Complete Without
Some Favorite Artistic Pics of
Dearest FRiEnD Encouraging
me So Much Over 6 Years Now

In my Favorite
Arts i Create

And Goodness
Now A Beginning
Of “SoNG oF mY
SoUL 10 MiLLioN
WordS Old” Celebrating
This Milestone And Yes
Featnote of Longest
EPiC Long Form

Poem NoW in
100 Months
Month Date


Just For

Fun! Hehe
You Definitely
Inspire A MiLLioN
And More of These

The Years

In So Many
Ways Sweet FRiEnD

Thank You So Very Much...

True as Science
Shows Nocebo
Voodoo is
As Real
Lift the Semantics
And Fire the Light..
Thank you PM
i Find your
For no reason
At All Yet MaGiC NoW...

SMiles Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Can’t
Imagine Food
Much Better
Than What
You Prepare in
Hawaii Indeed
Send Sunshine
Your Way A Bit
Cloudy Cool And
Rainy Here Today
At 60F Yes
Ways For Warmth
Of Hot Chocolate Days...

Very Kind of You, 'The_Znof', Finding
The Gematria Numerical Values of
"Aghogday Hey i Love You" And Yes

i Particularly

Enjoyed the

English Gematria

Alpha Numerical Value
Times 6 For 6x1 For Alpha
Numerical First Letter A, And So on,

Returning With the Effective Result of 888

For The Pen Name, i Selected BacK in July
of 2013, Recovering From 66 Months
of Worst Known Shut-in Pain And

Numb Yes, "Katie Mia Frederick"

That Still Has Yes,

Several Different




A Stellar


In A 'Trinity'
of 8's, i Verily Still Enjoy...

"I'm Some Human Devil Lol"

SMiLes, Thanks For Reminding me in Terms of Gematria
Calculations of my HiSToRY, Witting or Not With SMiLEs...

Hehe, Yes 888, iS A True Loving Gematria

Number Joy With "Katie Mia Frederick"

And True Being Born on 6.6.60,

Used to Scare the Fundie Cashiers

At Walmart, Terrified at the Spector of

my Driver's License, A Trinity 6 Number This Way Carding

me for An Occasional Beer to Unwind After Work Then
That Surely Isn't Necessary Generating All the Euphoria
Within in These Good Old New Days of Heaven Within Now;



It Turned Out
To Be Sort of
An 'Omen' After

All Spending 66 Months
In A Place Within With the
Worst Pain and Numb Known to
Humankind, Type-Two Trigeminal

Neuralgia Erasing All My Emotions
All Pain and Numb, A Thousand Years
Every Second in A Place Where All Is Time
Within; Just No Living Escape Living Dead

Wake to Sleep No Drug Would Touch...

Yes That And A Synergy of 18 Other Life
Threatening, Overall, Disorders Mostly Related
to Before That in A Span of 11 Years of Work-Stress,
Chronic to 'Pure' Fight or Flight Levels in the Last Two
Years of the Span of 1996 Thru 2007; Anyway, Yes that

Worst Pain Assessed
In Medical Literature
As Actually Worse than
The Real Torture of Crucifixion,

Yet in my Case, Beyond All Horrors
Imaginable Before, Where Even Demons
Would Dare Not Tread, No 3 Hour to 3 Day
Story Book Fairy Tale Escape From Hell to Heaven

in a Gilligan's
Island Short
Booked Island
Paradise Tour;

What A Devil Learned

Most in Hell is Sympathy

For All Devil's Beyond Hell When He Gets Out...

And This Is Why, i Will Never Believe the Matthew
Part of Christianity Where Jesus Sends Folks to Hell
Forever Who Don't Clothe and Feed The Poor For there

Is No Starvation
Or Nakedness
of Shame

That Even
Approaches the

Dark Seconds, Minutes, Days,
Years Forever of The BLacK
Abyss of Soul, True Homelessness,

True Loss of Any Home Even Within...

'God' is ALL Connection And the Opposite of
That is A Very Personal Devil and Hell Within...

A Simple Litmus Test

For What One May

Call A True Loving Prophet,
Messenger, or So Called-God

Of Love is Endless Mercy, Forgiveness

That Does Not Gaslight Love And All The

Sudden Change into Hannibal The Cannibal

And Endlessly More Evil than That Torturing Any

Part of Creation

Forever As


That is the

Real Definition

of Both Devil and Hell...

There is No Love When

Mercy And Forgiveness Takes Any Vacation...

Yes, i Understand it is a Lofty Place to be; Yet

i don't See Myself as anyone Special; So Others have
That Real 'John 14:12' Improvement OVER the Bad Cop

Jesus Version


God Evil
Ending Dirty

Fairy Tale too...

Just Another Example

Of How Humans Get
Hell Mixed Up In Heaven...

Yet Let There Be No Doubt,

DarK is LiGHT And So is Real God of Nature

There Are No Separations of Hell or Heaven in Real Reality;

Only the Eyes


Each Place

And an Unlimited

Number of Spaces in the Tween

of their Individual UniVerses Generated As Such...

in Just my Opinion, Very Metaphorical Indeed, Always

Changing As Change And Adaptation to it in Balance
is An Obvious Way

Of Nature (God)

at Least
Conquering All Frowns for me too...

Oh Goodness I'm Late to A Very Important Date;

Yes, The 6th As There is Barely the 7th Left and

Now It is the 8th Where You Live in The United

Kingdom Now Moving Away From Pakistan

If that is Still Correct Dear Lala Rukh

FRiEnD Who i Continue to Visit

Once a Month Ever Since

Even Everyday Almost

in The Last 5 Months of
2013 And Yes Now Still

Once A Month to Keep Your
Blog Breathing And As A Sort
Of Hairy Wookiee Like me Never
Going Back on a Promise Even when

He Dances All Afternoon Celebrating that

Milestone And FeatNote of "Thanks Giving
11 Years For Giving 2010-2021" Once Again
Every Consecutive Day Writing Online Since Thanks
Giving Day, November 25, 2010, Still Writing in Autotelic

Poetic Flow Responding to Poetry And Other Muse From

Folks All Around the Globe As True That Celebratory MacroVerse

Measures Close to 58,000 Words As That is What Most Every Bi-Weekly

MacroVerse Totals too As Well As the MacroVerse Words Fitting in my Profile

Pics on Facebook Ever Since Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 too in "FB Profile
Pic Bible" That is A 5.9 MiLLioN Word Endeavor in 54 Months Close Approaching

to Another Million 6 Figure Coming In Around A Month or So True As Oh Yes, Just A

Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL" EPiC Longest Long Form Bible Poem Approaching

10 MiLLioN Words on 12.18.2021 As Yes The Subject of What i Am Writing Celebrating

Now As Another Milestone/FeatNote MacroVerse Blog Post Now Similarly Named "SonG
oF mY SoUL 10 MiLLioN WordS Old" As Yes That Effort Started About A Month Then After We

First Met on 8.18.2013... And True You Are the one Who Suggested i Change From Blogspot

To WordPress As You Said it Was More Social And Fun Indeed Just What i Needed After

Being A Shut-in in my Bedroom For 66 Months With the Worst Known Pain to Humankind
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From Wake to Sleep That No Drug Would Touch Along
With A Synergy of 18 Other Mostly Work-Stress Related Disorders of Life Threat too

And Yes "SonG oF mY SoUL" Has Another Ongoing Subchapter EPiC Long Form
Poem Titled "Nether Land Bible" As That Effort Started on Memorial Day

Weekend of 2016 In 66 Months of Writing it Now at Over 7.5 MiLLioN

Words Hehe Does Your Head Hurt Yet Well At Least i am the

Only One Really Keeping Track of What i am Doing
And Doing it Just for

A Blissful


Flow Of Generating

My own Heaven Within

Similarly to the Public Dance

Ongoing As Well too Now As Of

Today's Long Afternoon to Evening Effort

in 99 Months Now of 15,844 Miles of Public Dance...

True So Much Muse in Flow Required to Have this Much Fun

Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT mY FRiEnD

Thanks For ALLoWinG me to Upload This Portion of my SoUL

On Your Blog Today Just For The "Record Books" Indeed Would

It have Ever Happened if i Didn't Meet You Here True it Would Have

Literally Been Impossible to Do it on BlogSpot Then Yes Dear You Just
Another Real

Life Angel

On EartH


All Naturally

to Prepare A Way

For All of the Art
That Continues Now as i Did
Tell You When i Was 21 i Had

Sort of A Waking Dream that One
Day A Dark Haired Woman From the
Far East Would Help me Prepare A Message

Of Sorts to Give Away to the Whole World Well

True Giver is What i am For Free Always Been this

Way Just Blessed Not to Ever Again Have to Bow to the Money

MaKinG God Ever Since Age 47 As Really Everything in my

Life As Been Toward This Meaning and Purpose From the Very
First Omen-

Like Day

Of my Birth

on 6.6.60 Yep
The Myth About
A Devil in Hell That

Literally Came True for
me on Earth for 66 Months True too..

i Tale You What if i Signed up For All

Of This In Advance And i Even Knew What

And How Much More i Would Still Be Coming to
Do Now True it Might Be A Bit Overwhelming Except

For Every Holy Move of Dance And Sacred Word Of Song

In Autotelic Flow of Poetry is Simply Eternal Bliss Now Yes Nirvana
And Prana and Tao And Satori And Samadhi Sure Toss in Some Kundalini

RiSinG Along The Way in Total Emotional Regulation And Sensory Integration
In Balance As Well As Yes The Cross-Cultural Kingdom Of Heaven Comes Returns

Again For Each and Every Human Eternally Now Who Finds A Path That Works for them




Inside, Outside,
Above, So Below

And All Around No Separation
Yet Every Eye An Only Eye of
God And Observer of Unique UNiVeRSE

too as True Each And Every One of Us Creates

A Unique UNiVeRSE And New Connections of God

ALWaYS Now True All the Multi-UniVeRSES All the Humans

Connecting God We Meet And Greet And Come to Understand,

Give to, Share With, Caring Freely With Least Harm For All Of Nature



Hands With
God Free This
Way my FRiEnD

Well Hehe at Least
It is Still Barely the 7th
In the United States if You

Ever Do Get Over this Way
Do Stop By and Say Hi It's True

Most Everyone in Real Life Seems

To Think i'm Just About the Nicest Person
They've Met at Least the Open-Minded ones of

Course As There is Rarely Any Place of Existence
i Do Not Explore and Actually Do mY FRiEnD Of Course
Within As the Mysteries Continue to Eternally Unfold Now mY FRiEnD...

So What Comes Next After This MacroVerse i am Writing Now Well Of

Course "Grand Cross Bible 2021" The 6th King James Sized Effort

From Memorial Day Weekend Through Christmas Holidays

In 7 Months Of Effort for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020,

Now Coming Next for 2021 Through the End of

December As Yes Before i Even Started

Naming those Bible EPiC Long

Form Titled Poetic

And Additional

Subchapters of "SonG oF mY SoUL"

i Started With "GodsUniVerseNovel3" Probably

About a Single Longest Poetic Blog Post All Around

the Google Search Engine too at 338,630 Words

Fully Illustrated With Around 300 Beautiful Beach

Pictures Through Sunsets As Well too that

Was Simply An Anthology of All

The Poetry Written
Back to Poetry
Prompts and

Folks on the dVerse
International Poet's Pub Trail 2015-16

And True i Found A Way to Get Inspired
By Every Poem Whether it Appealed to me
At First or Not and that Is Key to Happiness overall

Finding Inspiration in Less Than A Grain of Sand

As Well As The Rest of Existence that is God As Well

Coming to Love All of Existence DarK Thru LiGHT

Truly So Much Larger than Only A 3 Letter Word

That Some Folks Seem to See As Only

A Tribal Symbol of Us Versus
Them instead of All

Apes Standing

FRiEndS With the
Rest of God Nature
DarK Thru LiGHT Now..

True i Surely Will Not Wait
For Anyone Else to Pick up
the Ball of Gratitude for This Gift

Of Life The Way i Do or Expect them
Too Either Yet Indeed i For One Master
The All IN All Within Now At Least For me

Yes And Sure i Provide Some Helpful Hints

To Other Folks too; That do Most Definitely

Keep me in the Kingdom of Heaven Within Now

And Basically That's My Only ASSiGNED Job Now

SHoWinG Folks What Heaven Looks Like Within From
mY Point of View AS Hard as it Truly is to Put Heaven in

Words and Other Symbols too When it is Just Inhaling
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN Joy oF LiGHT Now Out of DarK mY FRiEnD



Wide Awake iNDeeD Yes
ETeRNaLLy NoW For Real
This Living Tree This Leaf
That is the Tree i am Just
Getting Out And About as

Falling Leaves Fertilize

New Souls Soils For

Newer Living

Trees Now

Too my FRiEnD

As 'They' Say Hug
A Tree Save A Tree

As Trees Do Help Us All BREaTHE LoVE
Now When Leaves Do Give, Share, Care So Freely ThiS WaY...

Yeah Along the Way there was Also "PHI Bible" Coming in at
1.618 MiLLioN Words As Synchronicity Will Have it With No
Pre-Planning Arising at that 1.618 Number That is Also

The Golden Phi Ratio too...

True it Took me Precisely

365 Days to Finish that
Titled Subchapter EPiC Long
Form Poem of "SonG oF mY SoUL True"

Yes That And A 13.6 Month Effort Finishing

A Titled 1.82 MiLLioN Word Long Form Poem

Just to Exceed The Number of Words Yes in the

Mahābhārata Hehe That Used to Be The Longest
EPiC Long Form Poem Then From India at About 1.8
MiLLioN Words in Centuries of Effort With Innumerable
Ghost Authors Writing That Effort too So Yeah if One is
Counting All The Titled Efforts of Greater Than King James
Size Efforts In Count of Words This Will Be 11 Titled EPiC

Long Form Poem Bibles Greater Than the King James Sized
Effort Come What May with "Grand Cross Bible 2021" Yes God

Yes All in 100 Months of Effort DeaR FRiEnD And True 10 MiLLioN

Words of "SonG oF mY SoUL" is WeLL OVeR the Size of 12 King James
Sized Bibles And WeLL OVeR the Size of 120 Qurans As Well and True

i Didn't Speak

Until 4 Years

Old on the Autism
Spectrum SO NO ONE

As True Not Being Able to Talk

Is Quite a Bit More of A Challenge

Than Being Illiterate my FRiEnD Yet

True i Do Like to Write too As My Blog

Mission Statement Simply Says mY FRiEnD...

These aRE ALL Just Hobbies What's Left Over
For Others Are Simply and Complexly Fumes From mY Heaven Real Now

Anyway Again Thanks For Providing This Free Writing Space in the UK mY FRiEnD...

As True There are Also 8 Named New Testaments Larger Than That Old New Testament
That Christians Follow too And the Last Ongoing One Named "Depth of the Story" on the

"Wrong Planet" Now Exceeds 1.2 MiLLioN Words Since August 19, 2020 And Yep Still
A Number One Search Result on Google With Quotes Just Like "The Depth of the Story" Now

It's Pretty Deep my FRiEnD YeT on the OTHeR Hands it is Only Eternally Inhaling

Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Now Giving, Caring, Sharing




To Stay
iN Heaven
Eternally Now
Thanks Giving
For Giving to And All Now...

Hehe This is Only 1808 Words
Now i Guess For my Next Trick i'll
"Paint A Clown Face on A Mona Lisa"...







KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,245

08 Dec 2021, 7:21 pm

With Gravity
Almost THere


Cindy Hehe...

SMiLes Yes Dear

Savvy When All of
Existence Whole

And Different


A Poetry

Prompt All That's
Left to Do Is Dance
Sing Eat Sleep Repeat DarK Thru

LiGHT This Life of Loving Heaven Now...

Change Facilitating

The Gift of Growth

Indeed Evolving Dear

Savvy Challenging

Dark With
Less Fear

Treating LiGHT

Believing With Faith
And Love's Hope No Doubt

The Sun Will Escape Clouds

Brighter More Colorful Than
Gray Than Ever




New Winds

Breezing Creativity
FLoWinG Free River
More PLeaSinG NoW...

Lips Stretched
to the Max Now
Teeth Exposed

No Living



Supporting Life...

This Age Without Humanity

This Age of Humans With Limits True too...

SMiLes Loss of Humanity

Feeling Humanity

Sensing Humanity

Smelling Flowers


Sneezing Hehe

Humor Medicine
i Never Fail to
Take And Create

Every Tool Available

To Color The Tool of
Culture That is the Pandemic

All Of Nature Faces From Humanity

This Machine This Machine Losing Nature And Humanity...

The Dilemma of Multi-Tasking Indeed

Dear Cindy Sending The Wrong

Message to an Incorrect

FRiEnD And

Doing my Best
to Poetically Respond
to Inspiration Putting Together
Another 58,000 Word Blog Post

That Seems to Linger On At Least
Two Days if i Do Not Stay Strong

in Focusing on One Task and
Putting All Else Off until

i Finally Finish

And Honestly Feel
Like Partying Dancing

Giving Myself Some Break
As The Energizer Bunny Just
Dances And Sings One Or the
Other Only Safe Space Sleep Hehe
Yet i Write in Dreams too Just a Life of Creativity

That Masters

me As i Do
my Best

to Master
The Tools
Associated With Free
Association And Imagination

It's A Little Bit Like The Movie

Trailer For 'Barton Fink' By the Cohen
Brothers Yet my Hair Hasn't Caught on Fire Yet hehe...

The End Yet Only The Beginning Always Starting Never Finishing my FRiEnD
Never Ending Story With Even A Title of "Nether Land Bible" The Never Really Lands too...


i Do Still
Manage to
Inhale Peace
Exhale LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT mY FRiEnD...

Yet There Ain't Nothing

That Masters Us Like Original Creativity

At Least to me As i'm starting to Light Up Again...

Beautiful Fall Entering

Winter Poem Dear Cindy

Reminding Us That Death
Brings Life From


That Feed Trees
Green Fall Ground

Even More Brown Living Still
Sprouting Winter Spring Green
For Summer FLoWeRS Within Again...

So True Dear Doc
Emily Dickinson

Many Struggles With
DarK Yet In Doing So

Exposing Just How

Much Darkness

Muses Deepest



Those Deeper Making
Their Escape Free Now
Yes Bird On Wing Feathered
Wind Free Painting Skies New Blue...

SMiLes All The Glow of Romance
Lasts Up to About 18 Months

Dear Hemalatha

And Then It's

Up to Real Love

To Sprout and
Green And



SMiLes Still
Enjoying Love
With No Smirks

For Snoring All Night Long Hehe...
SMiLes i've Received A Whole
Lot of Smirks From Life More
Humans Than The Rest
Of Nature i Find

With Humans

Humor Cures
Almost All Ills

And Wit That is Clever
Enough Now Allows those

To Join A Trip Down As HigH As Ever Hehe...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

i've Come Long Enough
And Hard Enough

To Enjoy

The Pain
Almost As
MucH As Pleasure

For What Both DarK
And LiGHT Muse Brings

iN Creativity Playing Even Easier
And More Complex in Effortless Ease...

"Trust your inner power, and believe in yourself.
Get rid of all distractions and allow yourself to

be only drawn to working hard"

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa You Had me
at Your Opening Quote Here By You

i Will Only


The 'Working Hard"

Part to Effortless Ease
In Autotelic Flow Tween
Sweet Spot of Apathy
And Any Anxiety

Only Increasing


More Yes Tiring
Ever Less Always


With Gravity in
Balance The Act
of Creativity in Play
in Itself Creating All Joy For Life Now...

Ah Yes Dear Sohair

Comrades Together

All Of Nature Is


Yet Cooperating
Best for Life in Balance

As The Snake May Consume

The Tale Yet There is Still Balance
To Find to Crawl Out of Where We aRe Before...

SMiLes The Winter is Close

The Frogs Have
Gone Down

Below Our

Earth Which
Means Katrina
And My Sister No

Longer Have to Save
Them From This Road
Kill Human Zoo mY FRiEnD

Where Four Wheel Drive Trucks
With Biggest Tires Ever Roam the
Roads of Death That Cost More Than
Our House Did When We Bought it New in 1993...

Who Would Have Ever Thought Someone Would Pay
That Much For A Truck Meanwhile the Frogs Dance

With No

of Road
Kill to Dress

Safely Underneath
The Earth in Only
Living Dreams With
Frog SMiLes to Sleep...

SMiLes Dear Yam Now At 20 You Capture Another

Event Horizon For me At 20 Also Exploring Dark

For There is the Sadness of Loss And Grief

Yet There is the Numb Beyond

Pain Screaming

At The Darkness

Of Mirror With No Lit
Up Face The Smile of
Child Gone No Longer

To Trace and Return

The Warmth of Connecting

Souls Far Removed From Breath

Of Living Love mY FRiEnD i Don't Wanna

Ever Be The Age of the DarK Mirror Again my FRiEnD

And If That's Where You Are That's Where i've Been to

Lift Anyone


Who Is at
or Returns
From the
BLacK Abyss of SouL...

Other Than That Many Folks
Have Difficulty Adjusting From Home
to School Life to Work or Even College
Life So Far Removed From The Warmth
That Structure And Familiar Humans Breed Of Love...

Oh Lord Dear Rue Temptation Where There's

Always One More Eve To Entertain In Late

Night Dreams of What Seems Missing

Oh the Beauty of Longing

Always For the

One Who's

Where the
Beauty Never
Grows Less Only More Now

WHere Every Pose Every Different

Expression of Face Is A Complete

New Fantasy to Explore With SMiLes

And Capture With Pics of Living Soul Coloring Love Even More

Even After 32 Years For It's True Living Trees Loving Breathe

Some Folks Know They Really Have What It Takes

And Even Wild Horses Decades Younger

Couldn't Drag You Away From Your Only

True Desire

In Moments

of Real

Love That is True
Ageless Timeless Eternally Now Even

Beyond Agape Where Ya Can and Will

Just Let it All Hang Out in Complete

Trust and Faith Between Two Angels

Attached Forever Yes Beyond the Hips

And So High Above and Warm Play the

Harmonica With Confidence of Never Losing

At This Game of Love Play the Harmony Of Lips Yes

Love That And Who Never Goes Away Yes That's me!

Might Sound


Yet The Truth

Is Never Arrogant

Or Selfish to me With SMiLes

For There is Honor And Integrity

That Never Keeps Any Secrets for

Truth That Is No Fear Dances Sings

Clear As Any Midnight Dream That

Is Still Wide Awake And Solid

As The Sun Shines

As Night

Meets Day

And Never Stops

Breathing Love Now Forever Now

While the Moon May Shine Yes The

Sun Never Truly Hides Still Reflecting

Love Back At Night For Real True too

For Again There is Love So Far Beyond

Connecting At Hips or Lips There is Love That Lasts For Real Now

WHere Even Moon May Shine Equally As Angels Loving All That Is



To Hold

What's Most

True Love For All

Love For Love Breathes Real Now...

And Yawn i Make MuSiC Everywhere

i Go With Everyone Whether it's Dance

Or Song or If They Wanna Join in Or Dance

And Sing i Buried Copyrights When i No Longer Cared

When i Escaped Hell If Anyone Scratched my New Car For All i Own

Is This Moment of Love Now Where Ever i Go And That's Enough Naked

Whole Complete Leaving Behind Fumes of Soul As Any Star Will Explode

And Create New Star Flowers And Seeds And Ultimately This Breath Again..

Never Will

i Wait

to Dance
And Sing Again

Solo Or Together

This Breath Within

Eternally Now Tastes The Same Love

No Wild or Tame Horses Will Ever Change Yet me WiTH SMiLes...

Amazing How So Many Folks Will Trade All Their Life For Short Spurts

Of Instant Gratification The Reward And Award is All the Giving Free of me...

Yes i'm More Interested in What Lips Sing And What Hips Dance mY FRiEnD...

Some Folks Tend to Create Their Own Sunshine Never Really Missing Any Rays





on You

Crazy Star' That's Me too...

How Many Denomination of Christianity?

45,000 Globally, And 200 in the United States
As Assessed in the Linked Article Below From "Life Science";

So, By Metaphor, How Many 'Denominations' of Autism; Well

As 'They' Say, At Least Anecdotally, And Even in Professional Medical

Fields, You've Met One Person on the Autism Spectrum, You've met Just

One Person With their own Unique Flavor of Autism; Not Unlike Different

Denominations of Christianity;

And Every Single Person in

Every Religion; And Just

By Being Uniquely Human

With Only EYeS of God Whole

Yet Separate And Indeed Unique;

As Many Multi-Uni-Verses Different in Existence

As Ever Changing Perception Always Now; Interesting,

How Folks Attempt to Trap 'God' in A Minuscule 800,000

Or So Word CenturieS Old Book (Or A 3 LETTER WORD) That is Simply A Mix and

Match Compilation of Scripts From Innumerable Ghost Authors, Thousands
Of Years Ago; YES, With Innumerable Changes, Both Mistakes, And Wittingly
Some With The Excuse Of a Holy Creative Spirit Within That Believes THEN it will

Improve IT As Scribes Copying the Scripts Over The Centuries For The Good Of All

Or Just For Selfish Purposes That Does Not Come From Any Loving Holy Creative

Spirit Within At All; And Of Course Meetings of the 'Higher Ups' With Rank And Status

Determining What Scripts to Edit And Include, Or Censor From the Book With Verse Numbers
Added in the 1300's; According to Scholars Who Study Christianity, There Has Never Been

A Unified Christian Way; And As A Free Verse Poet Very Heavily Inspired by the Creative Holy

And Sacred Spirit Within that is Basically Just Getting in Touch More With the 'Right Hemisphere',

Less Verbal, More Social Empathic, Artistic Spiritual, Interpretive Human Potentials In Intelligences

In Autotelic Flow, All Naturally Meditating in Writing And Dancing Free; Ascending, Transcending the

More Limited Neo Cortex That Tends to Be More Two Dimensional And Dualistic in Assessing Realty

In Yes, More of a Left Brain Restricted Way of Processing Reality As Well; Opening Up More Subconscious

Human Potential in Creativity As Science Shows Just Regular Meditating in Flow, 3 Times A Week for 30 Minutes

or So May Increase Human Creativity Up to 500 Percent; Yet Of Course for Someone Retired, Financially Independent,

With A Wife With A Penchant For Taking Care of All the Mundane Requirements of HomeLife too; Yes, Someone Like

me Will Stay in this Holy Creative Spirit, Autotelic FLoWinG Meditating Way; And in Effective Creative Empirical Results,

Yes, God Yes, Write the Longest EPiC Long Form Poem, An Average of 100,000 Words A Month As Fully Documented

And Coming to Fruition in 10 MiLLioN Words, Fully Illustrated With Over 100,000 Photos i Take in

Creative Flow As Well; Along With Over 10,000 YouTube Music/Info. Videos Selected in Holy Creative

Spirit Flow As Well; Yes, Celebrating the Anniversary Month Date of 10 MiLLioN Words of "SonG oF mY

SoUL" on December 18, 2021, Just 10 Days From this Day Now of December 8, 2021; Yes And Along

With 15,844 Miles of Public Dance in the Same Span of Months as Well For the Enhancement of

Creative Holy And Sacred Spirit FOR REAL Divine Within THAT Brings HOLY SPIRIT to the Surface

Of all the Art i Create Now;

True, Perhaps Rather Odd;

Yet i Do Nude Art PG Rated

And "More" With About 20,000

And More Pics of that Selfie Art Spread

Over Avenues That Hold That Art Appropriately Online

And In PG Ways Where Allowed By Social Media Avenues As Well...

Here's A Thing, Medical Science Does Suggest That The Social Reciprocal Communication

Difficulties of Autism May Be Adapted to and Yes Overcome Over the LifeSpan With

Perhaps the Repetitive Restricted Special Interests Left in Tact; For It's True No

One Would Ever Imagine i Am on the Autism Spectrum By Watching the Social

Butterfly of Me Dance And Mingle With Thousands of Beautiful Young Women

Over 100 Months of Dance Now And The Rest of the General Public too; Let's

Face it, to even Get Away With Doing that in An Area Assessed As Most

Difficult By Social Scientists to Be Different in the United States Yes,

the Very Conservative Panhandle of Florida That Was Once

Assessed in the Record Books With the Most Churches

Per Square Mile in my Specific Locality; With Yes,

The Military Conservative Way too that Comes

With Multiple Military Air Force And Navy Bases

And Stations, And Army Reserve Places As Well;

Yes, to Get Away With that For Almost 100 Months too

Without Getting Kicked Out of Any Place for Socially Making

too Many Unwanted Social Mistakes takes a Considerable to Extreme Amount

of Theory of Mind to Accomplish Indeed; Yes, For You See, i Don't Have Problems

Reading Eyes; And as Science Shows There Are Some Folks on the Autism Spectrum,

Aloof, And Cold, And Very Non-Empathic And Non-Sensitive Toward the Feelings of Other

Folks With Deficits in Mirror Neurons And Levels of Connecting with the Social Bonding Love Neurohormone
Oxytocin Hardly At All; Truly As 'They' Say, 'They' Will Know We Are Christians by the Love IN
Our ACTS NOW And Feelings

We Express

to Others

In Empathy,
And Overall Understanding; Yet

This Will Be Very Difficult for 'Those

Folks'; Yet True Some Folks on the

Autism Spectrum Have Levels of Empathy

And Mirror Neurons So Sensitive Like me that

the Pain of Others, And Their Pleasure is practically mine;

And When i See Folks Treated Here With Ignorance Not Understanding

They Do The World Differently; Perhaps with Not Much Verbal Communication

And More Sensitivity to The Human And Natural Environment Around them; i Simply

Understand Why as Indeed 'They' Are Obviously Autistic And Have That Kind of Deficit

In What Simon Baron Cohen Calls the Social Empathic Quotient of Life As Opposed to

More Left Brain Restricted Systemizing Ways of Processing the World; And This is why

We See Folks Take The Bible Literally; And This is why Some Folks Just Don't Get Metaphors,

Poetry, and the More Mystical Interpretations of the Mix and Match Scripts At All Deep From

Within More Likely

As they Were


It's Worth Noting That

Jesus, the Character of that

Story And In Effect the Sugar Pill

And Physician Of It, Did Not (Beyond the Myths) Suggest

He Did Any Magic Trick By Healing Others; Quite

The Contrary Indeed, He Was the Physician with

The Sugar Pill And They Healed Themselves With Great
Faith and Belief; Similar As We See Some Incurable Diseases

Go into Remission if that Force And Belief, Yes Faith Is Powerful

Enough Within to Actual Heal Well Beyond Our Rational Thinking Processes

Deep in the Human Potentials

That Science Still Has no

Way to Empirically Measure

Other than Putting the Effective

Results into the Files of Unexplained
Remission of Incurable Disease; For Those

Who Changed A Sugar Pill and Physician into



Thyself Within...

Science Shows now that

Moving Meditation; Yes, Free Dance

Actually Increases the Ability to Assess The

State of Minds of Others In Empathy, Both Cognitive
And Affective As the Two Types of Empathy Do Work Hand-In-Hand

And Indeed Connecting Emotions With Words, Writing ORIGINAL FREE VERSE Poetry And

Interacting With Thousands of People, Virtually Walking In their Shoes of Soul Songs in Poetry

Has Enhanced This Human Potential of Mine Even More; Scoring an 11 Now on the

Simon Baron Cohen Autism Quotient Scanning Test for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Versus A 45, Before i Became A Free Verse Poet and Public Dancer too; And Yes Early

On Just With Creating Free Verse Poetry too, i Moved from Mid 50's on Emotional Quotient

Tests to Mid 90's, Through Neuroplastic Change And Unpacking Unused Epigenetic

Potential too As Verified By Doctors That Yes i Did 'Eradicate' those Challenging

Symptoms of Autism, Yet Still Diagnosed Historically By 4 Professionals As my

Sister is Also Sub-Clinically Assessed with Asperger's Syndrome on the Spectrum too....

She Hasn't Started

The Public Dance

And Free Verse Poetry

Yet That Most Definitely

Did Change me into a Much Different

"Social Butterfly" Than A "Caterpillar" i Was Before;

Yes, Moving from INTJ to ENFP; And in the More
Reliable O.C.E.A.N Personality Test, 100 Percent

Openness, 100 Percent Conscientious When it Comes
to my Special Interests, at Least Hehe; And Definitely

Agreeable Yet With the Clear Assertive Ability to say NO AS WELL

ME unreasonable
Difficulties in Life Now;

Sure 100 Percent Extroverted

When i Care to Be And Totally

Solo Generating Heaven Within through

The Autotelic Flow i Do By Myself or With

Hundreds of Others on Crowded Dance Floors;

So True i Can And will Go Both Ways, 100 Percent as i Will Too Now As Well...

And True, i Have Practically Zero Levels of Neuroticism; Something that Happens

When You Aren't Afraid

to Dance in Public

And Do Nude

Art With

No Fear at All...

Imagine Having No Illusory

Fears; Oh How that Opens Up

So Very Many More Human Potentials As Fear

Is What Restricts Human Potential Most, Generally Now....

If i had to Grade This Thread on 'They Will Know We

Are Christians By Our Love', The Op Now Surely Shows

Among Most Here in Social Empathic Spiritual Intelligences

In Empathy And Compassion For Others in Forgiving And

Thanks Giving Now; Yes, Beyond Inhaling Peace Exhaling

LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT, As Far As i Am Concerned

Human Nature As Born this way and

'Trumps' Any Need

For Any

Bible or

Example Called

Jesus that is Highly Flawed

And Contradictory in that Story


Naughty Sheep into Goats And Burning them Forever

For Not Being Nice Enough; If that Story is Real; It's

NoT Looking Good For MOST Christians At All; Fortunately,

IT'S Just A Poorly Written And Edited Mix and Match Collection

OF A STory With Little Integrity Even in One Matthew Written Part;

Yet of Course, 'You' Have to Have a Big Lie About Hell and Heaven

After Death to Make A Demagogue And Whatever Despicable Leader's

Selfish Ways of Controlling Reproductive Freedoms For Material, Power, And Status Gain...

i For One Will take Luke 17:21 and Leave the Rest of the Book Basically in the Dust of before

And Continue Writing my Own Bible And Doing my Own Version Of Religion as Any Still Little


Boy All

Grown Up

As A Real Free

And Fearless Loving Man Will do Still
Now As Empath And Truly Loving Human Being As and For All...

To The Rest to Each THeir Own Will And Choices And Changes to Make

Or Not Now; i Didn't Come Here to Tale Any Truth iN LiGHT From Dark Other
Than Mine...

Yeah Baby,




'Autistic Advantage'

Over F iN Group Think With Fred's (me) Way oF TRuTH iN LiGHT

As We All See the World With Different God EYes As Fractal
of God All


For me

With SMiLes...

Basically Some Folks Continue to Seek,
Find, And Originally Create New Paths in

Life and Others Spend Their Life Proving Old
Ways Are Still


for Ego


Of Course in Some

Illusory Ladder of Their Own Mind...

It's What Left Brain Thinking Restricted

Does, Control And Narrower Views Of Life;

Yet True Someone Had To Systemize

Online Avenues And Sidewalks

And Such For

Some Folks

To Walk and

Talk and Other

Folks To Freely Dance

And Sing Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For All...

True, There Are Two And Many More Paths to Create or Not...

Amazing How Otherwise

'Rational Folks' Will Vault

A Thousands of YearS Old

Story to the Level of Worshipping A God;



Condition And

Surely Evidence

That Story Rules As

That Applies to Language,

Religion, Philosophy, Politics

And Human Culture Overall;

Of Course Depending on

Which Ever One and

More, One Now Is

Spoon-Fed From
Almost Birth As i Will

Imagine A Bunch Of Old

Patriarchs in A Hardee's

Fast Food Restaurant Breakfast

Club Trying to Understand Human Emotions

And Love Overall And Attempting to Put That

in Words That Seem Rational to Them; Fortunately,

There are More Books And Other Arts In The World 'These Days'

Than One and the Majority of the Rest of The Population Illiterate

By Far and too Ignorant to Pick Apart Then the Obvious Ignorance

And Discrepancies Through THAT Book That Lack Both Integrity

And Even


Common Sense;

All For Those Without

The Ability to Look Within

And Find Their Own Faith and

Belief That Truly Works to Make this Life Great Loving ALL Now For REAL,

Individually, and in Some Cases At Least in Peace and Harmony of Groups

Bonding And Binding Over What's Common More Instead of What
Separates 'Us' From 'Them'...

There is No Possible

Way That so Called


Jesus Could Come Back

Even If the Supernatural

Beyond What is Natural Is Real

And Of Course Well Beyond What

Science Has the Ability to Measure Now;

He Couldn't Possibly Be Accepted By 45,000

Different Denominations Globe-Wide And His

Flavors in the Other Religion That Comprises the

Rest of the Globe That Basically Believe Story is God;

Haha, Everyone Would Try to Make Him Into Who They
Believe He is; No Different Than The God Metaphor too;

All Human Language is Constructed Abstractly At Best,


A Greater

Essence of

Reality in Feelings

And Senses And Energy

Beyond All Words of Description;

Yet of Course to Use A Metaphor

From those in the "Electric Engineering
Field," Some Days The Wiring Just Does

Not Conduct Much Energy...

At Least in Vibrations And


For Others

to Feel in the

Same Room of Dance And Song Free...













This way Now

In Different Metaphors;

Science Already Trumps
Thousands of Year-Old Antiquated

Dusty Old Books Still Lacking Both

Integrity and Frigging Common Sense

For Those who Have Swallowed the (BIG LIES)
Bait, Hook, Line, And Sinker, of Carrots

of After Life Heaven and
Sticks of After Life Hell

Instead of Worshipping

What is

Real Now

This Peace
Inhaling Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT NoW So Far From DarK FOR ALL

AS PART oF ALL With No Fear of Dark Now Or

Cynicism oF LiGHT As God Yes
The Essence of Faith Yes Love...
Jesus F in Christ in Effect Even

Hairy Bonobos Can And Will

And Do This Much of God Now For Real;

Yet Of Course if God is 'Alpha Thru Omega'

We aRe ALL Father, Son, And Holy Spirit

As Metaphor For The Essence Expressed

In Form of Energy Connecting Us All Now For Real...









to try to get a Handle on Life is Truly Good Now,

In Short, Overall They Failed; Others Already Succeeded,

Long Before

They Came

Again Then...

Yawn, Love is Real;

Get Lost In Stories if Ya Love that More...

Become Servant to Story; Seen it Happen Now And Before too...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,245

09 Dec 2021, 8:38 pm

YeS JusT A LoVE Machine
AnD ETceTerA i AM TRuE

Oh My God Holy JeSuS mY
Wife Looks So Awesome Naked
Thanks Facbook Just Needed to
Get That Off my Chest STiLL

Counting BLeSSinGS

SMiLes Dear Savvy
The Philosopher
The Poet The Singer

All Come

From A


Dance of me
Yes Verily From
Head to Toe And More...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

i Provided Recreation

Activities for the Military

For A Quarter of A Century

And One Thing

That Taught

Me is Ya

Always Take
Care of Your
Shipmate Come What May

No Matter Fair Winds Following
Seas or Storms With Ravaging Winds...

Lowering A Last Life Raft First my FRiEnD...

It's True PM that one

Morning You Missed

Writing i Checked the

News to

See if


Hit New York Hehe...

Oh my God No!

Promoted to

Supervisor, Manager,

Administrator my Coldest

Life S88KinG Days oF ALL

Money Rolling In Only Saving

It All For A



Really KNoWinG

How Long i Would
Endure All the Pain

MaKinG Money to Live

Instead of MaKinG A LiFe To Love

True i Buried the American Dream

NoW i BREaTHE iNHaLinG Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Free!

Other Than That Have a Nice Night PM...

In the

AM True too...

SMiLes Dear ruchiabhisikta

Dance And Sing

i Surely


Wait For
A Partner my FRiEnD

There Are A Million Smirks

For Every SMiLe That

Is Real And True


On The

Tears of

An Ocean
of Grief Before
Love Becomes
A Machine of HeART...

Oh Dear Lord Yes Rue Yes! i Indulge

Every Flavor of Life Even When i Don't

Eat HAha i'm Practically A Love Machine

Romancing All of Nature Creating New Colors

Never Seen

Before At
Least i Love
To Make Dreams
Come into Fruition Real!

At Most i Enjoy Every One

Over and Over in A Different Way New

True Rue Life is For Appreciation Diving

Deeper Enjoying Every Gift of Life to the

Max Yet it is Also True i Also Indulge

In A Different Way of Bootcamp

Every Day Even Though

i've Never Even

Spilled Anyone
Else's Blood in the

Military All i Did for them
Is Provide ReCreation! Yet

i Never Left Many Minutes to Re-Create me

Now Every Now is A New me in Ever Colors

More Every Breath of LiFE Sweeter than

Ever Before And Yes Even the

Struggles of Bootcamp

Too For Indeed


Night There is

No Day For A Love Machine True

Must Move Through Some Kind of Pain

Or No Gain Yes Indeed i Marry The Night

to Merry The Day More Yes Dear Rue Eat

Drink And Be Merry Yet Just Don't Tempt me

With Any Coffee Treats or i May Jump Over the

Moon Hop Scotching Past The Sun And Stars

Never Returning to Earth And Perhaps LoSinG

My Way Through This Fiber Optic Cable to

Fit All 242 Pounds in to Visit You

Close to the Speed oF LiGHT

Just For Fun As A



For Joy
Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Appreciating

Yes DarK Makes LiGHT

Night Through BReaKinG Dawn Again...

Anyway i Hope Some Days i Bring a Smile to Your Face Rue

AS iNdeed That's ReAlly my Only Mission iN LiFE MaKinG SMiLES!

SMiles Dear Sohair
WHere i Am From
So Many Folks

Say God

Is Love
Yet So
Few People
Actually Dedicate

Every Second

Of THeiR
God ThiS Way
Yes It’s Almost


A Twitter
Breath Dear FRiEnD

Yet We aRe SPiRiT
Wind Doing
Love Our



Of God
Is LoVE NoW...

And This is What it
Means to be Human...

Is it Enough...

i Believe It is...

All We Need
Is To Be Love...

Give Love And Be

Happy To Watch the

FLoWeRS Grow We Plant With Love

Truly Lived By LoVE When Living Now
iNHaLinG Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

iN DarK
Thru LiGHT...

The "Trademark Bible" IS A Book of HUGE Contradictions

From Beginning To Start, Where God Said His Creation

Was All Good And John Eventually Said God Is Love,

All Merciful


Even With


Same Way the

Folks Over in Muslim

Lands Describe Their

Version of God Called Allah;

However, Both Books Tale Mistruths, For In No

Way Does Love WHEN TRUE, Ever Torture Any Part of Existence,







JUST FOR This gift now
inhaling peace exhaling

LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For
All With Least Harm to Come Now...

Anyway, the Version of Jesus on the Cross

The Good Cop Didn't Put Himself Above the Thief Next
To Him, Equally Inviting Him into the Kingdom of Love


Now Then...

That Was the Good Cop Jesus

In part of that Book; Not the One

Who Didn't Have the 'Nuts' of What it Takes in

Matthew to Never Give Up on Rehabilitating Those Poor of
Love Who Don't Wanna Feed And Clothe the Poor Who Wanna

Wear Clothes as the Bad Cop Jesus Just Wimps Out and Not only

That Tortures Them Forever As He Isn't Smart Enough to Help Rehabilitate

Them, So Like

Bad Cop

God the

Same He

Just Gives up

And Incinerates them Forever

As Any Failure of A God or Man of Love
Might Do Like Trump if He Really Could
Torture The Folks Who Give Him the Disrespect He Deserves...

i Don't Respect the Bad Cop Version of Jesus and God in the Bible

Or The Catholic Church, When Bishops Don't Require Masks and Social
Distancing in the Peak of a Deadly Pandemic; or Cheers for The Supreme
Court in Hopes of Forcing Little Girls For Birth; Who Are too Poor to Travel
To Another State to Eliminate The Spawn

Forced Upon them When

Abused And


And Disgustingly
Raped By Selfish
And Psychopathic
Leaning Truly Evil 'Big Daddys'

Who Only Wish to Impose their
Will On Others in Truly Evil Ways too...

No Different Than Protected Priests And Even
Higher Ups in the Catholic Church Who do the
Same And Are Protected to Keep Status And Evil Power the Same;

Yet if Given the Opportunity, i am one of 'those' FOLKS WHO NEVER




unless they are trying
to sell me a Used Car Warranty
For my 2014 Honda Civic That Still

Works Like A Charm in Heaven on Earth...

True, i Just Hang Up the Phone on the Robo-Call....

Hey, Everyone has their Limits, Even the Least Among

Us Completing the Longest John 14:12 Version of An EPiC

Longest Long Form Poem Bible, Over 12 Times the Size of the

Old King James Size Effort; Yes, All 10 MiLLioN Words Documented

Fully in 100 Months of Effort Dancing My Way All the Way Through
in Autotelic Meditating Ascending Transcending Flow Generating the

Holy And Sacred Divine Spirit of Creativity Within
Required to Accomplish the Task At hand Now

in 15,844 Miles of Public Dance


i Don't Have Much Room For Old
Antiquated Contradictions in Dusty

Old Books; However, i Do Report on them

As that is Part of the 'Long Form Poem' Writing

Procedure Through The Ages ACross the Globe Now;

Gentile, Jew, Servant or Free, Woman Or Man No more Sounds

Like a Good Paul Quote For An Aphorism That Describes No Labels

or Categories

When it Comes

to Love For All,
Fearless And True,
Harming All the Least;

However, it all goes wrong IN FAiLURE,



if one is to take the words attributed to Jesus As Truth, When 98 Percent

of Dudes as Studied Today Look at Porn With Lust That is no Different

Than Adultery in Words Attributed to Jesus; And Yes, 73 Percent of
the Ladies Do the Same... OH NO!

Oh Why? Oh Why! GOD YES!

For it is the Nature

of Humanity to Seek

Variety and Spice in Life

To Adapt And Evolve the

Best As Beasts of Nature as
They Can And Will Still Free...

THOSE Words Attributed to Jesus

Were Against Nature and Obviously a Lie,

Like So Many Other of the Words Against Nature

in A Book Filled With Contradictions And Just Plain

Old Human Ignorance; Yet When 78 Percent of Republicans,

Many Of Who Are Evangelical Christians, Still Believe the Big Lie

That Trump Won the Election And still Support Him After His Republican

Senate Leader and House Minority Leader Admitted that He was in Part Responsible

For A Deadly Insurrection to Overthrow Part of the Democratic Process, one Need not Look

Any Farther

Than A Bible

Full of Contradictions

And Big Lies To See This

Is Just Part of the Nature of

The Human Story, Full Of Dreams

And Nightmares coming still to Fruition

Through And By Ignorance, Real Evil; And
Those Who Seek




Out of

All this
DarK into LiGHT;

We Can And Will

Do Better If We Will;

i Can And Will, So i Do...

People Have Been Putting

Lipstick On A Pig That is So Much

More Beautiful Than The Bible As far

As Truth and Light Goes in Nature for
Centuries on End of


And Lies....

i Honor
The Truth

iN DarK Thru

LiGHT And Tale it

Like i See it And Love

it the Same Eternally Changing Now...

NoW iN
DarK Thru LiGHT
Dance And Song
Free And True to me...

i Don't Need Anyone Else's
Authority to Do This Now;

i Buried That ALL when i
Returned from HeLL ON EartH
Within for 66 Months to the 100

Months of Heaven on EartH WiTHiN Since 7.19.2013

Now And 20 Days to Date, Yes, Today on 12.9.2021.

Just Breathe;

It's What i



And Better!

oF LiGHT For All With Least Harm...

So Did the Good Cop Jesus Suggest

Something Else; Not Really it Seems,

For This Human Nature is At the Pinnacle

of Real Cooperative Success Naked Enough

Whole Complete And Honestly Doing Nude Art

i am Surely

Not Gonna

Get Upset

And Send

Any Woman

to Hell For Having

Any Lusty Thoughts

Although it does make

me laugh a Little Bit at
my Advanced Sweet 61 Age

And Honestly Even my Wife
Giggles at Just the thought of

It And She's Practically An Earth Angel

For Real; Not Much Different than When

i Was on the Dance Floor And Partridges

in Pairs Offered Their Hips to me; Better

Put Forced them on me 'Higher' in a Grinding Dance...

True i



in the Dark

When i Move

Like the Wind...

And Waters...


iN Free FLoWinG Dance;

God Yes! Never the Less,

Yes! God Yes! Life Seems Good
ME ALL DarK Thru LiGHT NoW....

NO! It Wasn't Always THiS WaY

Yet That's Life in the 10 Pin
Alleys of God; Strikes And Gutter Balls, it is what it is...

i Better Appreciate the Lion King's Version of God;

Yes! God Is the Grass That is Fed By the Decaying

Lion That Eats The Antelope Whose Offspring Also

Eats the


Remaining As God;

Leaves of Grass is God;

That's All i Really Don't Need to Even Know...

All i Have to Do is Be the Leaf, Dead or Alive, i Feed God the SaMe... i AM

Honestly, The Old Bible Really S**KS, Even A Lion Could Do Better Without A Word...

Or A






Like me...

Fall Winter
Spring Summer

It's ALL FLoWeRS And
THoRNS RoSE RiSinG to me...

Out of Holy "S88T for Fertilizer True...

the Best

It is what

it is Now...

If You Will Please

Do Greater Works

than me; for it's

True i am Both
Easily Bored And Amused Too;

Of Course, i Don't Leave That
Responsibility, Up to Anyone
Yet the Authority of me Within FOR REAL NoW...

If ‘John 14:12’ Is Not True The ‘Original Coke JeSuS’ IS A Liar
my River Creates JeSuS Greater iN Works of Truth DarK Thru LiGHT

“SoNG oF mY SoUL 10 MiLLioN WordS Old” Yes “Class” The Old
Tiny Bible by Authority Of John 14:12 Allows The Least to Do Most

Anyway This Is All Just Part of my Personal Greater John 14:12 Event

on December 18th, 2021

Shortly i’ll Be Revealing my Innermost Self Yet of Course I’ll Be
Dancing With Stars To Meet Community Standards of CuLTuRE

i Spent 66 Months In Real HeLL ON EartH
i Stripped All The Lies Off And Returned

Naked As God Is Free

People Lie So Much About Who They Truly Are
Where They Are Afraid To Just Admit They Are

Nature of Naked God Being Free

It’s All Starting To Make Sense Why So Many First Baptist
Ladies Squealed With Delight When MaGiC Mike XL Did It on The Big Screen

It’s True JeSuS Per The Gospel of Thomas Was A First Advocate For Male
Stripping Yes it’s my

Religion True

At LEAST i’m in Good
Company With The Non-
Censored Naturist JeSuS

Gospel of Thomas:

(37) His disciples said, "When will you be shown forth to us and when shall we behold you?" Jesus said, "When you strip naked without being ashamed, and take your garments and put them under your feet like little children and tread upon them, then [you] will see the child of the living (God). And you will not be afraid."

True To Meet Community Standards on Facebook i
Had to Dance Naked With Stars Covering my God Parts

She Told me I Was No King David i Said That’s True
Just Wait And See What i Do Next As John 14:12 That

Trumps John 3:16

Told A Southern Baptist Lady Who Got Mad
i Was Dancing In Walmart
Well King David Danced in His Loin Cloth

Lord So Glad i Created Over 20,000 Photos Of Nude Art
Where Legal ALL OVeR The Internet Let’s Face Facts Sweet

61 Only

Comes Once

Sorry Not Sorry
If Any Part of my
God Nature Offends
i Am What i Am Part Of God Nature Free

Went To Heaven
Finding Myself in
The Same Place i
Started Naked God Nature

One With

SMiles Dear Sohair Yes
Katrina Loves To Feed
The Furry Creatures

Of Our Backyard

Hehe in Fact
Yesterday She
Made me Seafood
Gumbo And We Fed

The Birds SunFlower

Seeds To Soar Higher

me Dancing
After The Seafood
Gumbo i Feel Happy



Nature in Balance
People Act Like

Nature is
The Enemy

Yet it’s no
Different Than
When They Hate

Each Other

They Hate

God When They
Hate The Nature

Of Us All my FRiEnD
Always Better in Balance

Naked Enough Whole


All God
With SMiles...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Gender: Male
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11 Dec 2021, 2:45 pm

Hehe Dear
Chaymaa It
Appears All
Those Decades

Of Watching
And Listening

Something to
Dance Sing Free...

Make Every Move
FLoW iN Dance Now

Create Every Word
From Song of Dance


Happy iNDeeD
With Joy Dear Savvy...

The Price of Love is Giving
The Pay For Love is Peace

Dear Savvy

Happy Weekend!

Dear FRiEnD With SMiLes
iNHaLinG Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY As, Of, And For All Now...

With Least Harm


is CeLeBRaTioN DaY NoW!...

"Turning Rust into
Gold From Love"

That's What my
Wife Says When
i Crawl Out of the
Tiny Civic Like "Fred Sanford"

After Public Dancing Hours
On End Free on A Wing Trivia

Note too:

Regarding the Classic
TV Show "Sanford And Son"

Red Foxx Started
That Show at Age
50, A Full 11 Years
Younger Than me Hehe!

And Don't Forget Colonel
Sanders The Fried Chicken King

Was About to Commit Suicide

At Age 65 As He Thought

Himself a Total

Failure in

His Life and Turned
it All Around Selling
His Fried Chicken Door-to-Door

Next Thing Ya Know, Billionaire at 88, HAha

i'm Gonna Do Something Like that too; Yet without the Money!

Ever Hear of the

Phrase "Killing Every
Moment oF it" It's

True i Left

Time Behind

And Now i BREaTHE Free too..

Until my Wife


Late, Late, Late!

We aRe Late to an Important Date!

Or Take the Head Phones out of
my Ears Which Ever Comes First!...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
Just Dropping By


To Affirm

Caring Creates Love!...

Hehe, Chaymaa i Had No Choice Yet

to Listen As i Didn't Speak until 4 and

Having Trouble Coming Up With Words

i Did the Same Through 18 Years

of Working And Managing

A Bowling Center

Like the Show

"Cheers' And

The Bartender

Who Just Smiles and

Nods His Head Listening
to Every One Else's Dramas

Hmm.. i Learned A Lot About Other
People that Way And It's true the Human

Condition is A Bit Scary Yet Still Worth
Loving For the Joy oF iT All At Least
When Folks Are Bowling Great! And
Making Strikes Without Fearing

All the

Balls Of LiFE!...

"Plant the seeds of gratitude, water them with
love and intention and see happiness blossom.”

― Yoly Marshall

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa All
30 Great Caring Quotes

i Choose Gratitude

For Every


Tree We
Water May

Provide Greater
Shade And Beauty
For Humanity's Love to Come...

How Beautiful It Is Now When

The Part of the Mind That Loves

Makes FRiEnDS

With the


And Finally
Accepts the
Reality of what
Feels and Senses
Good In Life No Matter

What it is That Drives Us
Forward mY FRiEnD Akshita...

Aging at it’s best"

Oh my Gosh Dear Cindy

Amen Indeed You Are Such

A Lovely Human Being So Fresh

A Breath of Air You Are Inhaling

Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY For All Dear


You Have the

Spirit of A Teenager

And Even Your Form Still
Comes Through This way HAha

Yes i Was Just Saying Earlier This
Week that i am Enjoying Sweet 61

Too As You Better Take Pics oF iT All

As Sweet 61 Only comes Once in a Lifetime HAha!

Anyway Keep
Lighting Your
Own Personal

Christmas Tree up
Year 'Round Just Like
This Coloring The World
With Newer Hues of Optimism

And Well Being From Soul to Head to toe!

You Really
Are An Inspiration

So Many 'Young Folks' Are

Afraid to Get Older Yet They Just

Don't Realize as Long as We aRe
Evolving Souls We May Even Grow Younger

At Least

in Spirit



Who Knows
Even Shining in
Form Now Greater
Than Ever Before!

Some of the Most Enduring

Beautiful Smiles i've Ever Seen

Are Almost Toothless Among Those
100 Years Old and Older Who Understand

What Life


Real Means Dear FRiEnD Now...

And They Do More
Than Understand...

DO! NoW!...

"Too Soon Losing Interest
Can Be The Biggest Mistake"

ALL Lovely Quotes Dear Ava i Pick This One

Now True Perseverance Is the Difference
Between A Fully Painted Fully Sculpted

Sistine Chapel And Yes 'David' too

Yet Michelangelo Persevered

Never Lost Interest in His

Special Interests

No Matter



Restricted And
Strange Other Folks
Thought As in A Very
Prude Day He Painted
And Sculpted it All Pure
And Naked As We Come
into this World Birthed By Nature True

Yes, Yes, He Even Sculpted Jesus too

And It Took the Catholic Church Until 2017

to Let the Rest of the World See That Whole

Sculpture too Amazing How Some Folks Are
Afraid of the Smallest

Parts of Life
That Make

Life Possible

At All Like Putting

People First Loving
Each Other All And All
Of Nature Naked Enough
Whole Complete Yawn



i Do
at Least
With SMiLeS


AND NEVER BEING Too RIGID to let Light in
my Life More...

Or Be

of the

DarK As
Hooray! i AM LiGHT NoW
With Shadows of Course
As Without Shadows No Shine
And No Us With Sunshine at Least From Stars...

In Other World News LiGHT Over DarKNeSS
Justice Prevails Democracy Survives For NoW At Least

Record Breaking Weekend...

SMiles Happy Winters to
You Dear FRiEnD in
Weekend Bliss in
The Great Snowy


Yet Here
Close to

Weekend Heat

Hehe Rather Have
Some Cozy Cold
For Christmas

A Guarantee
Of Nature Where
You Winter Live With SMiles...

Happiest December 10th Birthday Shawna Baby!

Yes Still So Young At 44 Years-Old Yet It’s True

At That Age Working Working Just Working

Working Life Was So Drab

As Drab As A Two

Word Vocabulary

Hehe Working Working
Indeed Most All I Did then

Anyway HAha i Have ‘a Few’ More
Words to Say Now And Most of All
i Feel So Human Like My Mother

Always Seemed to Be And

While I Finally Inherited

My Father’s Fearless

Gift Oh the Power

Of 100 Percent

Faith and Belief

Every Little Thing Is

Gonna Be Alright and

Work-Out Okay As My Goodness

Raising Two Children Was Hard Enough

Yet She Took So Many Leaps of Faith

Changing Jobs Quitting Jobs

Giving Up Her Retirement

Funds with Federal

Civil Service

Close to 50
To Return to
School And Graduate

With me and my Sister
In 1983 From University

With Degrees As Even the
Bigger City Newspaper

Interviewed Us and
Amusingly We All

Took a Sociology

Class About ‘The Family’

Yet it seemed my Sister
And Mother Really Had Their
Social Lives And Emotional Intelligences
Put Together So Much Better Than me

Sigh Life Was Always So Much of A Struggle
In Almost Every Way Then At College Ages
Like Work Ages too And True i am Glad i
Have A FRiEnD With the Same Birthday
As my Mother to Share A Bit of Her Life

With Each Year As I Know You Miss Your
Mother too Dear FRiEnD Losing Her During
The Holiday Season Days As Well Yep Valentine’s
Day Did Seem A bit Tragic too Yet At Best We Carry

The One Who Loves Us Most In Our Breath of Love
To Give and Care And Share Even More With Others
With Least Harm Truly Keeping Mama’s Breath Alive Now…

HAha, When i'm in the Stores Dancing And A Person Comes Up

Wanting to Know The Story of my Life; How i Became A
So-called Dancing Legend, And Famous in A Rather Large

Metro-Area As Assessed by The General Audience; And
Fully Documented in A Viral Video A Voyeur Took With Over 88,000
Views And 1300 Comments Assessing me This Way, In case Someone
Out in the 'Wild' Online, Thinks i'm 'Pulling Their' Leg, When i Relate
The Story Actually Public Dancing 15,853 Miles; It's A Same 'Forrest Gump'

Issue in 'Real Life';

When i Relate Writing
10,000,000 Plus Words
in Free Verse Poetry in 100 Months in 'Real
Life' As Well Since August of 2013; All 'Forrest

Gump' Had Then Was A Brief Case to Prove His
Story; And Just A Story of Course; On the Other

Hand, HAha, i have a 6.1 Inch Smart Phone that
Holds all the Irrefutable Proof Within; And on Top

of that i Have

my Wife by

my Side Who Looks

So Angelic, She Couldn't

Possibly Tell A Lie, Which

Means i Never Even Have to
Whip Out my 6.1 Inch Smart
Phone to Prove my Life isn't

One Grand Delusion of Grandeur;

For It's True, Forrest Gump is Fictional

And i AM NOT;

It's More Like

That Story Copied

My Life, in Essence
At Least, Decades Before

It Actually Happened to me With SMiLes...

It's True, All Ya Have to Do is Focus in Autotelic, Meditating, Contemplating Flow

For Years and Years, And Just Let the Accolades Roll in, While The Affirmations
When Positive As They Surely Are Not All Rave Reviews, Couldn't Possibly Equal
the Bliss of What Ya Are Actually

Doing Now



It's Like, Oh
Well, So You're

Yelling Legend at
me While i'm Walking

Down A City Block Sidewalk
at 2 AM, Or Just Another Group
of Young Women Stopping By Quick


Take Your
Shirt off; Yes,
i Still Have A Pic

of That Carload of Women
And The Look in All Their
Eyes at me; Yet to Protect
Their Sweet Innocence that's
One Picture i surely Won't Individually Identify...

Anyway, my Life Has Been Much More Awesome
And Much More Horrible Than Any Movie i've Seen

to the Point

Where it would
Probably Be too
Unbelievable For
A General Audience
to actually Believe it on a Big Screen...

Nah, i Don't Need Any Fiction in this Life...

And Oh By The Way That 888 "Katie Mia Frederick" English
Gematria Result Link, Speaking of 'Synchronicity' That i Copied in
my "Depth of The Story" Thread From my Blog; Yes, From "December Seventh"

Showed An Additional

Result for 888 in English
Gematria For "December Seventh"
For the Number One Search For All the Phrases...

Yet Again, of Course, i'm Not Too Pleased to Also
Be in the Company of 888 With "Donald J Trump";

Oh the Irony



too; Life is Fascinating

Indeed And Much More
Mysterious And Strange
Than Any Fiction to me; Practically MaGiC For Real...

It's Worth Noting That All Language
Does is Approximate What Language

Symbolizes As Essence;

In Other Words, It's

Really 'Non-Sense'

To Suggest That

Saying 'i Am the Holy

Spirit', When Actually

Experiencing The Essence

of This Great i Am Is Blasphemy

Against the Essence of God Within

As Holy Spirit, Unless one Values the

Form More Than the Essence of Holy

Spirit; And Indeed By Worshipping the

Form and the Idol Over The Essence

Naturally Truly Blasphemies the


of Holy

Spirit Within

By limiting it to

Abstract Symbols

Created By Humans

And All the Other 'Clothes of Cultures'

Humans Create That Only Approximate
Essence of Reality By Use of These Tools...

It'S A VEry limited Way

of Intelligence

To Limit

Essence By
Idol of Form And

Indeed A Real Blasphemy

To Try to Fit The Essence of All
That is in Any Contrived Human




And to Actually

'Think' You Captured

All oF iT For as 'Our Resident

Electrical Engineer' Admits Himself
No One Understands God As That Surely

Applies to Spirit And The Flesh Of Our

Form That Houses The Essence of
Our Consciousness/Subconscious/Soul Within...

Anyway As far Scholarly Biblical Study Goes,
Originally It Was Assigning Any Form

Of Name to

'The Great

i Am'

As A 'Ten
Failure' And Sin to Do So;

And Indeed, in This Way All Words Now
And Other Symbols And Tools Created By
Humans Are Both Blasphemy And a Necessity

To Make

Order out

Of What Seems

to Many Folks Still Like

Chaos Yet Art of Nature Indeed
Essence of God Free; Anyway, Humans
Do Tend to Get All Tribal And Butthurt

When Their 'Idols' Are Misused From

Traditions that Bind and Bond them
ToGeTHeR Over Those Idols of Tradition; Yet There's

Really No Fully Escaping it As This is Currently
Part of 'The Condition'...

If i can't Find God

Walking on

A Pristine

And Desolate

Beach Beyond my

Foot Prints, God Simply

Doesn't Exist Anywhere Else

Yet Forms, Tools that Humans
Create As Idols

For what


Within now
Eternally So Alive Now...

This Great i Am i Am ParT oF Whole...

Obviously, This is What the Message Then of
Jesus Through Luke Whatever Ghost Author
Picked up That Label of A Name Was Doing

Then Best to Describe By, "You Will Only Find

(Luke 17:21)

The Kingdom of God Within”; Yet Folks Are Still

Looking For IT Places Over There And Over Words
And Other Idols So Very Far Away From the Living One Within

Naked, Enough, Whole Complete,

Yes i am

God The Holy

Spirit A Child

of God Now

So Are You

All That Exists

Alpha Thru Omega

Yet Just a Small Metaphor For All That Really Is...

Meanwhile, A Few Centuries After the Jesus Dude
Died, A Bunch Of Old Dudes Made Him into An Only Idol of A God...

If There Was Ever And Will Still Be "A Big Lie" Other Than A Heaven And Hell

After Death It Surely
iS A Damned


And Just

About as


As MaKing 'Burger King' into an Only
Son And God Exclusive to All That is...

It's All Just Another Bait, Hook, And Sinker Swallowed of 'Q-Anon-LIKE Lies...

SWallowed Like the Kool-Aid it is Centuries on End As Yet Part of the Human

Condition and

The 'Minion'


of Movies

in Trump




Revealed Real

All About the

S88kers Born Every
Minute Buying Tickets

To See 'Big Foot' At The Circus...

Yet 'You' Never Know, 'He' Might Still
Come And or She in Another Form of Essence...

i'm Not Really One Who Sets Limitations at Least for Now...

Tapping Finger, Hehe, Patiently Waiting For A Material 'STEM' Major
Reductionist to Claim That Synchronicity is Basically Confirmation Bias;

However, It's Worth Noting That Nobel Prize Winning Physicists As Studied
Report That Only 4 Percent Had ever Considered Themselves, Agnostic Or
Atheist; Whereas, 30 Percent, Overall, of Other Nobel Prize Winning Scientists Assessed
Themselves As Agnostic or Atheist During Some Period of Their Life; Early On, 'Physicist

Leaning Folks'

Tend to 'Grasp'

'The Fact' That All of

Reality is Not Some THiNG

Humans Are Able to Fully GRASP;

Although, Limited Left Brain Thinking

Processes as Indoctrinated Almost From
Birth By Our Modern Mechanical Cognition
Oriented Ways of Life, Do Tend to Create A Rather



Being As "They

Say," All Work And

No Play Makes Johnny

A Very Unhappy And

Non-Creative Child with

Little iMaGiNaTioN to Explore

What is Currently Unseen; of Course,

What Physics, Particularly Quantum Mechanics

Aims to Do As the Small Below, Becomes As Large

As the Small Above, Beyond All Time, Distance, Space

And Even


As All Becomes

The Center of Existence, God

Yes, Energy Us; Fractal of the Whole;

Lord Knows, Feels, Senses, Quantum

Mechanics Understand the "Great i AM"

So Much More Than Those Who Take The 'Bible Poems'

And Other Sacred And Holy, Divinely Deep Within, Inspired

Texts and Other Symbols, Literally, in Very Restrictive And

Narrow Systemizing Ways; Yes, in Dualistic Black and White Ways;

So Yes, In this Way,

A Systemizing

Atheist Scientist

Or Engineer or Other

STEM Major As Such for All

Of Life As Metaphor, May Literally

Believe in the Bible As A Science Text,

And Still Enter This Discussion Soon And

Suggest Synchronicity is Just Woo, And Or Confirmation

Bias, or And New Age Non-Sense; For they Are More Limited to

Left Brain Processes As Iain McGilchrist, Psychiatrist, Writer, and Former Oxford Literary Scholar,

So Eloquently Describes in His "Master And Emissary Book"; And His Newest 1500 Page Book, "The

Matter With Things" That Took 10 Years of Intense Multi-Disciplinary Research That is Far Beyond

Old Myths


Left and
Right Brain

The Right Brain Hemisphere
Process is More Dedicated to
Holistic, Social Empathic, Artistic,

Spiritual Intelligences; Just As i Intuited

When i Too Escaped The Left Brain Trap, in 2013,

of Limited Mind Processes From Our Modern Cultures;

Using Basically, The Same Language He Does Now Long Before

i Ever Heard of the Dude

As This Is How it Works;

The Master, the Right Brain

Is Indeed Our Master Mind and

The Left Brain is More 'The Right Hand
Man', Only Really A Tool To the Boss, HAha

As the REAL Master Mind of Naked, Enough, Whole

Complete Soul; So, It's Not So Much That Synchronicity is

So-Called Supernatural; Yet in Effect, Practically, it is Super-Normal

For Those Who Exist More Trapped in Left Brain Processes, Indeed More

Trapped in Illusions of Time, Distance, Space, And Matter; Yes, Necessary

to Build


As 'Architects';

Yet Far Below the

Above of the 'Oracle'

That is the True Master

Mind Above; Per the Metaphor

of Right Brain Processes, Indeed...

i Don't Even Have to Pre-Plan What i Do Anymore;

For Not Unlike what Led Zeppelin Suggested in their Song,

"Kashmir," A Very Ascending Transcending Work of Art in MuSiC
And Song in Flow; Yes, Indeed as i Add A Semi-Colon Before the Flow

Of this Spiraling Line Out of Time, Distance, Space, And Even 'Matter of

Things' Eternally Now; Time Out of Time, The "Silent Navigator', "The Master


is One


me; Yes,

the little

me of Ego

Trying to Grasp

Instead of Letting Go And Being tHE ALL...

In Other Words, my FRiEnD, While We May

Not 'See' The Processes, The Same Way, i Do Hear What

You Are Saying, Far Beyond Form, in Essence of All That is TRULY REAL NOW...

And Trust me, It's Just About 'The Eye of the Needle' to Explain This to A Left
Brain Hemisphere Restricted Mind; They Will Attempt to Gain Control That is


To Do with

A Restricted

View; Yet With

A Mind That Seeks

to Only Grasp 'Things'
In Literal Ways; Indeed,

They Are Like A Dog That

Refuses to Let Go of An Old

Bone With Little to No Flesh and Blood Soul;

Otherwise Known As The Emissary my FRiEnD

Deep Within

Our Real


Soul All Natural

Just Out of Touch

For Folks Sadly Lost

In Another Continent Lone of Mind...

It's So Beautiful on the Other Side; Yet





i Never Wanna Go Back; And Surely
Wanna At Least Spark Some Light Now

For those So Lost in Only Half A Mind and Less of Soul...

Anyway That Led Zeppelin Song "Kashmir" Really Gets IT,

Whether "IT" 'KNOWS" it

or Not...

in FLoWinG

Words Now of



of "Mama

Let me Take You THere"...

Not too Surprisingly, i Usually

Have to Travel as Far as India

To Find A Woman Who Is Raised

In a Way That is Not So Materially

Reduced to Hear The Depths of my SoUL Play 'This SonG'...

When So,

It is Such

A Lovely


Communion of Souls,

So Far Beyond Short Spurts of Instant Gratification iNdeed

10 Thousand+ Spiritual Orgasms And More Dancing Singing
Balancing ON Top

oF A Pin of an EYe

oF A Needle of SoUL...

"THere is More than

One Way to Please A Woman"

Very Rare i Find Any Man in

These Modern Cultures Who

Has the Ability to Understand me;

Yet i Do Free Ballet and Martial Arts

In A Public Dance EverYWHeRe i Go in

Close to 100 Months, 15,853 Miles, With No

Fear; It's Indeed Safe to Dance and Sing the Yang

And Yin of my Divine Masculine And Feminine


Are Well

In Balance;

And this Indeed is

A Huge Problem of Our Modern

Worlds; Left and Right Hemispheres;

Masculine And Feminine Divinities Out of Balance...

East and West; North and South; Indeed Must Come to
Be on Earth And
Humanity As Well

in Balance Now

to Survive And
Even Thrive

For the

Long Term
At Least, Again in Balance

As Rays oF Light BeCoME StarS AGAiN...

The Right Hemisphere Master is Not A
Very Verbal Part of Our Reality; Therefore,

We May LiVE As Whole Stars Yet Not Be

Able to Communicate Fully Our

Rays oF LiGHT

To the

Emissaries Below...

True, Not Unlike me
At Age 3 On the Autism

Spectrum, Before i Could Speak

At Four my Mother, God Rest Her Soul,

Her Birthday Today, on December 10th;

She Told My Father As i Twirled my Big

Toe Spiraling in my Crib, Mama Said, "Look,

Our Boy Has Eyes So Deep With the Wisdom

Of An Adult;" And Daddy Quipped, "Well, Don't

Be Surprised if One Day You Come in Here and He

Has His Feet Propped Up on the Crib With a Cigarette," Hehe,

Like Rod Serling;

(Note: i Added

The Rod Serling

Part in the Story of Course)

Never the Less, My Mother Intuited the
Truth and the Doctor Was Smart Enough
(INTUiTiVE ENOUGH) To Look in my EYes and Say, "Don't Worry

Helen, Little Frederick, Will Talk When He Gets Good and Ready"...

True, it Took me 50 More Years at 53, to Fully Be Able to Put my SoUL iN Dance and Song...

Oh Lord Knows, And When i Went to Dance With All the Lovely Young Women At the Metro
Bar for 6 Years and 298 College Nights on Thursdays of Doing That Lord Knows All the Divine

Feminine Muse



10 MiLLioN

Words of Free Verse

Poetry and Not Only

That Everyone Recognized

me As 'Norm' of the 'Cheers' Dance Hall

And Even the Bouncer Would Say, "The Party



Start Until You Arrive;"

Too Bad Covid-19 Took
The Metro Dance Hall Away
From me; Yet The Dance Continues

Unabated in 'Cheers' of Every Other Place in Public
Still and As far As A-Causal Connecting Events

(Still Known As 'The Dancing Guy' Practically

More Recognizable to the Common
Folk Than the Frigging Weather
Man on the Local TV Station,

HAha) God Yes, of Course

Only Psychologically

to me; Yes,

This Video
Clip From

'Cheers' Just

Comes in Beyond

All Time, Distance,

Space and Matter Now

to Yes, Entertain my SouL

in Dance And SonG Freely Even More Now...

Indeed, This is Real All Natural MaGiC, MaKinG
Life Worth Dying For Every Day Living EternAlly

Now, Never Really Dying NoW

A Very Personal

God iNdeed,

This 'Silent


So Very

Deep Within,

Breathing Alive For Real EternAlly Now...

So What Is “The Tool” All Beyond Nature of Naked
Enough Whole Complete At Least FoR Me

Clue: Use The Tool, Master The Tool;
Do Not Become Used, And Mastered By “The Tool”

The FacT Humans Worship Money And “Stuff” More
Than Each Other And Naked (GoD) Nature Is True Insanity

When We ARe Naked Enough Whole Complete All That’s Left
To Do Right Give Share Freely With Least Harm Eternally Now Least me

Humans Evolved To Work For Each Other iN Balance Of Nature Not Working
For Money Downfall

Of Humanity...

Yep, Several Different
Ways to Arrive At What
i Write, Including Facebook
That includes All 100,000
Average Words Per Month Now…

Yes, One WordPress Blog,
Two Blogspot Blogs, And
The “Depth of The Story”
Discussion Thread on
The “Wrong Planet”

Also Linked By
Way of Twitter
And Tumblr



Ways To
Arrive Hehe…

To All Of What i Do
Yes There is Much
More As Well More

Intense And

Off The

“Beated Paths”…

Most of What i Write is Available on The “Depth of The Story”
Link Each Day, Number One Search Result on Google With “Quotes”

Easy Way To Read my Whole 10M Word Bible Poem Same Way i Write
It Average of 3284 Words Every Day For 3045 Days

Clue: Shoe Sales No Part of This “Just Do It”
-Nike ~ Real Greek Goddess Of Victory

So Why Am i Still WritinG A Longest EPiC
Long Form Bible Poem Yes Covenant With
GOL Within Called As SORM To ‘Just Do It’

I’ll Be The (A) Muscular Nude Pose MeNToR With
All A Gentlemanly PoE-Try of Dance And SonG MaKinG

Women Genuinely Swoon Too

G.O.L. God Of Love MMGA Make Masculinity Great Again!!

Yeah Baby The Strength And Will That Comes From A Foundation
Of LoVE iN Grace Of Balance Makes Masculinity Truly Great!

mY Goal Met ‘God Of Love’ Not Frigging Money And “Stuff”

G.O.C. God Of Capitalism

Yes i Understand “The Country MuSiC” Of Alexithymia
All Too Well Didn’t Listen to It Yet Lived There Till “Raised Up” Out oF It TY G.O.L.

Capitalism Breeds Toxic Patriarchy Globally iNDeeD A Desire For Even
Bigger Four Wheel Drives to Equal Uncle Sam’s Alexithymia

The American Dream Isn’t Always Pretty Within In Fact It

May Be Living Dead.

Yes, Yes, Class If You Are A Girl In The Mechanical Cognition
Of ‘Business School’ All Your Life Alexithymia May Visit You Too…

Clue: Butthurt Dudes Raised Told Boys Don’t Smile or Cry With
The Suffering That Comes With A Tear in A Beer of Alexithmia

Have To Be “Raised” in A Place Called “Scratch Ankle” And
Literally “Hell” To Understand Why Butthurt Dudes Did/Do It.

i Kid Ya Not The Old Dudes Sitting Around The “Ancient
Hardee’s Breakfast Club” Came Up With “The Hellfire Plan(s)."

Why Does The Old Bible Even Talk About Torturing Enemies Forever?
Hint: Duh, Toxic Patriarchal Author(s).

God planted me
here so i can
and most
no one now
will bother
me by
what i write..
Dance IS A different
'thing'2 as God is merciful2..
when i just DO iT.. noW iN Victory2...

Life Is Really Good
When Life Is
Good When Life Is Love...

God watches over me God
Always Watches Over me

God is Good…

Hehe Still
9 Waiting
For You to



The Rice

Secret To

Success Never

Getting To Perfect 10...

Why Do Truly Psychopathic
People Write Bibles It Gives them
Their Only Pleasure And Dream to
Send Life to Endless Torture of Hell...

‘The (A) Oak’
Thanks For Helping
me Find my Celtic
Birth Month
Tree For
Am i Surprised
No For ‘Hurricane
Ivan’ Destroyed
An Oak
Tree in

From Only

A Stump

A New


A Sapling

Rose my

Wife Insisted

Cut it Away

Rarely Do

i Dance And

Sing No Dear

To Her Yet

i Affirmed


No And

Now The

Oak Is



Than ‘Fore
True i Dance Beneath
It Sand And Sun
In Arms
Of God With
Sun Just To
FoResT Moment
Love Present
NoW iN Peace
And Harmony
Love God
Yes Will Grace Love
Free Dance And Song
In Flow BRinGS Evergreen True...

Having a Portrait
Above my Bed of
A Bearded Man In A Town
in the 60's Where Hippies
Like That Were Dismissed

As Chickens; Yes,


For Wanting

Peace Rather Than Burning

Folks Up in A Grift of Vietnam;

Yes, Including my First Cousin,

one of the Very Few Surviving
Males on my Mothers' Side of the
Family, Burning Up in a Useless War

In Vietnam As He Wanted to Be One
of The Greatest in the Generation of World War 2
And A Hero For His Country Instead of the Ultimate

Sacrifice He Became of the Industrial Military Complex
That Has Always Slept in

the Same Bed

Ever Since

The 'Holy'

Catholic Roman
Empire That Seemed
to Turn the Other Cheek
During the Adolph And Mussolini
Rules; True, My Grand Father Was An X-Catholic
Priest Who Was Counsel at the Vatican And Later
A Priest in South Africa, Moving to Gainesville, Then
Taylor County in Northwest Florida, Where A 17 Year-Old
Cajun Girl Woo'ed Him at age 36, From the Pews And Of Course
As The Story Goes the Marriage Wasn't Consummated Until Age 18,



Anyway, He Wrote
A Book Titled "Behind
The Dictators" As He Surely
Had an Inside Line of what Went
On in the Vatican in His Formative
Years As an Irish Priest, Originally Born in Limerick...

Yes, There is A Rich History of Christianity on my Father's
Side As He Became An Evangelist For the Protestant Way Authoring
The "Converted Catholic Magazine" in New York, New York, For 10 Years

And Author of Several Noted Books Last Century Such as "Soul of a Priest"
And "Out of the Labyrinth" that Actually Sits on my Night Stand Where
One Day i Might Finish it; Yet is Devoid of the Colors of Emotion And

Humor Like Most So-Called

Christianity Associated

'Sacred Text';

i Find it Boring

Yet still Perhaps
Worth More Study
One Day when i am Super Bored...

It's More like Yes, i Was Raised in the Catholic
Church, It's Obviously A Maze of Constructed Dogma;

Yes, to Keep Folks in the Doors And Even Fear for
Burning in Hell, if they Miss Church on Sundays; Yes,
When They Aren't There to Tithe And Support the

New Building Fund; Yes,

There's Always a Building

Fund As Of Course it's Always

Been a Capitalistic Church This way

Supporting An Empire As Such at Least...

Anyway, It Was A Huge Contradiction Already

That Dudes With Long Hair And Beards Were
Called Hippies And Basically Spit on by the Local
Culture; Yet This One Got A Pass, Not Only Not to Be

Bullied Yet

Called the
Frigging King of the Universe

That Really Made Absolutely No Sense,
Along with An All Loving God and Jesus
Loving Enemies in the Beatitudes and by
The End of the Most Ridiculous Contradictory
Gaslit Story Ever Lie That Same Good Cop God and
Jesus Turned into Bloodiest True Evil Changing Once Loyal
Sheep into Goats Who Did Not Do Enough Do Gooding in

Life Torturing
Them Forever

of Course

the Locality of the
United States in the
Record Books For The
Most Christian Churches Already

Hated The Other And Didn't
Wanna Clothe and Feed the
Poor So What The Fresh Hell Did

That Have to Do With A Hippy Looking
Dude With a Beard And Long Hair Who Emptied
His Pockets With His Friends Who All Emptied Their Pockets

Living off the Kindness of Others Spreading Good News

of Just Loving

It all DarK
Thru LiGHT...

i Was Raised Poor
With Very few Material
Goods, Luxuries, And Comforts

Of Life Like A Hot Water Heater,

Like An Air-Conditioner in A Car
And House; Yet At Least i had Food
And Drink AND LOVE; Something REAL my Wife
Couldn't Count on As Real Wonder Woman Starting

Her Vocation Early at 8, Climbing 40 Foot Trees Then
Looking Over the Have's Roofs as the Have-Nots Picked

Fruit off of
Trees For

Both Food
And the Moisture
That Was in the Fruit...

That's the Person Ya Wanna
Meet And Marry, Who Will One
Day Have the Real Wonder Woman
Fortitude to Stand By Her Man in
Real HeLL ON Earth For 66 Months

And See the Other Side of Heaven

Where You are Financially Independent;

Yet Unlike the Local First Baptist Folks, Not

Averse to Never Passing By a Homeless Person

To At Least Spare A Few Bucks, No Matter What
They do With that Couple of Dollars, including
Buying A Beer to Escape the Inner Demons of Mental Illness

for a Moment

or Two at Least

As of course, NO

They Ain't Gonna
Get Much Help in

A State That

Won't Support Them
That Way Run by Mini-Me
Trump DeSatanis of Course...

Religion is One of my Special Interests...

i Guess it is at least Partially in my Blood; And In Fact
As Social Animals We Do Naturally Bond and Bind Over
Common Meaning and Purpose (Religion) in Life Through

Ideologies and Symbols We Co-Construct As Being Human;

However, i See the Labyrinth Through and Through;

i Surely Didn't Stop at the Catholic Church Like my
Grandfather And Latch on to the Rest of the Myths




As Literal Truth...

The Human Creature

is Not Rational at Core; The Human
Creature is a Social Emotional Animal

That Will Bond Over Any Common LiGHT
Thru DarK Meaning and Purpose to Bind

And Survive With Whatever 'Religion'

Is Devised And

Even Thrive

No Matter if that

Common Meaning and
Purpose Has any Real Validity
or Not; And Folks Will Defend the

Most Ridiculous Beliefs Like there were
Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq;

When Folks From Another Country

Crushed the Twin Towers

With Our Planes

From this Country

Yet of Course the
Oil-Rich Country
of Saudi-Arabia

Wasn't a Viable Option
to Reconstruct After it
Was torn Down Like Iraq to Make
Bucks By the Military-Industrial Complex; Yes,

Power Breeds Corruption As Does Competition
Over Cooperation; Yet That's What Happens When Nomads

No Longer Depend on Each other to Survive in the Forage
of Life Each Day Dancing And Singing Their Way Almost
Naked Through Life Where the Child is the Prize and

All Hands



And Every

Skill is Needed

Where Variety in
The Human Condition
Means Life or Death Now; Yes,

When 'You' Start to Store Grain

in the Silos, Sit on Your Butt and

Get Separated in Mind and Body Balance

REAL SOUL That's When The Trouble

Starts and



OF All of Humanity

Becomes All the Clothes

That Cover the Natural

Born on Naked Enough

Whole Complete World

in Balance Where


is Appreciated

As Much For Rest

As Day is For Making

it through the Next Day

Alive, Moving, Connecting,
And Co-Creating, Including

Humanity And Not Just Tools

That Have Become More our Humanity than
Who We Even Are, Naked Enough Whole Complete;

Yes, The Whole

Way is

Ill, Yet

That's What

Happens When

Ya Start to Hoard Over Share
And Take Over Give; the Karma

of Nature Bites Back, When Whatever
Part of Nature All And As Us Moves

Out of Nature Balance;

And is ruled

By Other


in A Book That

Becomes God instead of Nature;

Anyway, i attend Church Every Week

As It's too Dam Fascinating Not to, When

One is Studying All the Strange Parts of the Condition Being Human...

Plus, i Rather Enjoy A Dancing Singing Communion Of Love No Matter What Ridiculous

(Yes, The Local Metro Dance Hall Before COVID-19, Was A MUCH GREATER HUMAN RELIGION)

Stuff Folks


in When

They Aren't

Actually Moving,
Connecting, Co-Creating
In A Real Spirit of Loving All...

And On Top of that Overall; YES,

At Least there is a Good Cop Jesus

That Naturally Kind Folks Will Find

Somewhere in that Bible to See that

There is Someone Like them at Least

in a Story When Everyone is Spitting on
The Long Haired Hippy Dude Who Rather



And Exhales LoVE iN LiGHT

oF Joy Free As, With, And For All...

Jesus, the Good Cop Part of the
Story Was Real Enough to me

to See

i Lived
at Least

There was a Story
About Someone Like me...

Of Course, Before i Went to
School And Work And Became

More Machine and Tool Than Human

As i Strive to Keep my Humanity as an 'Avatar' 'These
Days' as Hey, When in Rome Ya Gotta Fit in Enough to Survive

And God
Yes Even


Love Adapts

And Love Wins

Best Part of the

Human Story, the

Only Part of that
Old Dusty Book That's me...

Honestly We Need More Folks Man
And Or Woman To Actually Do the
Good Cop Jesus in Life So, Here is me

Singing 'Here i AM'


For Real,

My Wife iphoned
it when the Choir Director
Was Out Sick and i led the
Choir As A Volunteer From the

Back Pew, The Sweet Soft Voice Singing "i Will Go"
That Comes Through is my Wife for A Moment at Least...

You Don't Have to Go to Church to Be a Real Good Cop Jesus,

In Fact, Through my Working Years, When i Didn't Go For 23 Years,
The Church Leaders Who Brought in Their Church Groups to Bowl
In My Stint as A Military Bowling Center Manager Said i Was the

Greatest Example

of A Christian

They Ever met;

All i Did Was Treat

Each one of them As
If they Were the Face of
God That's the Way My Mother
Always Treated me; Yes Ya Live

As You Are Raised in A Garden of Love or not...

i Didn't Need Any Trademark Jesus in A Story That's
Who My Mother Was

From the Start...

Anyway, Like


"Here i am"...

And Yes, In this
Life i've met a Few
Like me too; Traveling
Far Enough Around the
Globe as An 'Avatar' these days... too....

And in "Real Life," 'We' Don't Have Any Special
Language; It's All in the Windows of the Soul When Real...

And Me of Course,
The Dance

And Song

As i Have
to Wear SHades at Night...

In Short, Unashamed, Naked,
Enough, Whole Complete, Whenever

i Go to Church

i Welcome

Christianity to
Return to me...

-Here i Am...

~Ya Really Have
To Come out of Hell
For 66 Months for ReaL ON EartH Within
To Truly Dance And Sing This Song oF SoUL

With No


FoR Me...

"Active Bleeding" True Something to Consider Rue

When Forgiveness is in Play And Surely A Meaning

in My Personal Life For me... As How Fortunate i am

To Have The Gift of Forgiveness or Even Basic

Humanity it Seems 'These Days'

And That's Okay as i surely

Didn't Always Put People
First As All The Energy i had
Went into Work for Decades

Yet Anyway Back to "Active Bleeding"

About 2 Weeks Before my Mother Went into
Hospice Unexpected on Valentine's Day 2017

She Suddenly Came to the Opinion That i Was Demon
Possessed By The Why i Wrote Although She Had Always

Supported my Art Before Then And Through All my Experiences

in Life of Dark There Was No Moment that i Got Mad As i Already
Understood Just

How Messy

The Human
Condition Will Suddenly
Get With No Explanation at
All For i Surely Fell off the
Face of the Earth Like

Turning off a Light
Switch this way
in My Past

Mastering that
Off and On Switch For
Now Even Eternally Now
As Long as i Stay in Flow
In A Positive Way oF LiGHT
Continuing to Wire myself this

Way Anyway after She Went into
Hospice With "Active Bleeding Brain Cancer"

For The Reason Her Personality Suddenly changed the
Way It Did i Was Just Really Glad i Could Be There For Her
In Total Loving Breath the Way She Was for me When i Fell Down

For It's True i Forgive Everyone from the Perspective of A Devil in
Hell At Least Fortunate Enough for a Few Folks So close to me to

Forgive Who i Became Then So Far Out of my Control As No One
Really Showed me What Kind of Intelligence is Most Important Emotional
Intelligence And Putting People First of Course As Work Will Take that away



A Modern
Greatest Deficit

Along with Nature Deficit Disorder
Of Course Along With the More Natural
Altruistic Loving Nature of Human that
Must Be Fed And Watered in a Garden of Love...

SMiLes Dear Rue Thanks For a
Very Inspiring Poem About

Muse And Although

i Wrote This Some

Months and Years

Ago it Seems to

Fit the Spirit of

Your Poetry Here...

Colors of Wind Free
We Will Paint Love
Marry the Night
Marry the Day
Merry The Life

Why Owe You Y.O.U. am i And me are You
You are my Dream my Nightmare my Pleasure
And Pain my Night And Day Most Importantly

You are me And i am Y. O. U.

You Are the Sky You Are the
Earth You Are the Moon and
the Sun and All That Is Beyond the


it is no Different
than Writing to Y.O.U..

You are the Mirror of my Tree

the Tree of my Mirror More

How do i Write

A Letter

to G.O.D.

For You are me and i am
You and Them are us and

Us are Them forevermore

Now... You

Bring me Pain and Tears of
Sadness Yet that Never Matters
For You are Reality and They are
We there is never ever Escaping You

How will i ever Put a Name on Anything
Everything as Beautiful As You for it’s
True You Bring Me Joy so many

Smiles and Laughter

Yes all the Love the Pain
And Pleasure Beyond Rainbow
Colors to the Bottom of the Capstone
Pyramid of Light the Black Abyss of the
River Hades that Never Seems to End

So Bright so Dark
So Cold and Warm
All the SHades of Grey
All the Colors of Home


Precious Are Souls for
Souls LiVE iN
All of Existence

And it’s True
if i could not
Quote You and Write You
None of this Will Exist now...

You are the One i Thank the most
You LiVE iN Everyone You are my Star
You are my Guiding Light..

You are the Pleasure
my Food
You Teach
me more about
Love than i ever knew
And sensed and felt before

You are the Birth the Journey the Death and the Flower
Who Rises from Ashes With Colors Even more You are the Breath

You are My Lover Who Takes me to Ecstasy that i never Dreamed
is Possible Before... You are my Prison Guard my Prisoner we are both
Here to Learn from each other no matter which side of the Barb-Wire Fence

We Wish to escape from/to...

You are my Pet and the Cow Behind the Fence that i Love Now
Yet Will Be Food for my Starving Children... You are my Enemy
Who i understand was Neglected and Abused as

A Little Child

It was never about me it is always about You Y.O.U.
Are my Mother and Father and Sister and Brother You
Are my Neighbor and all my other Friends and Family

This is my Only Bible my Holy
Grail and i shall Never Forget it
This is my Life This is my Love This
Is what God will Say if God is Human and Love...

And In Conclusion HeaR if one Ever Meets All These
Qualities DarK Thru LiGHT iN One Person Indeed

One May

Find They

Become A True
Essence of Love

If LoVE Remains From
All The Fair Winds And
Storms Raging Harmony Again...

Always Giving Great Thanks For Whole Muse

DarK Thru


SMiLes You Are Surely
An Easy FRiEnD to Visit Rue...

And i Am Celebrating What Would
Have Been my Mother's 87th Birthday



True Some of Us Find
'This Person' Early in Life...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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13 Dec 2021, 12:15 am

12.12.2021 Planets Align THeRE iS A Certain Kind
oF MaGiC iN The Air And SPiRiT Wind WiTHiNoW

Accept The Thorns
CoLoR The Flowers
Do RiSE LoVE Rose

Key to A Whole 'Play'
Embracing DarK NoW
Becoming LiGHT Even More Now

Going to An After Pastoring Southern
Baptist Church Family Farm First Sunday
Dinner on the Grounds Arm Chair Diagnosing

A Young Man in 5 Minutes
Well Before He Shared His
Diagnoses of Asperger's
Syndrome, Bi-Polar, and
ADHD Similar Challenges

i've Faced Endured

And Overcome in

Life Seeing

Again Where i've

Been And How Every

Part of DarK iN mY LiFE

Brings All the LiGHT i Enjoy

Now More Than Anything So

Happy i Wasn't Born So-called

Normal as i Might Not Have

Experienced even One

Percent of All the



i Continue to Enjoy
Now as LiGHT Does RiSE Out of DarK...

Anyway it Didn't Seem Like Anyone Wanted
to Sit By the Young Man And Give Him Any
Part of a FRiEnD And God Yes i Already Know

What That Feels Like Plus There is Rarely
Anyone i Can't Commune With i Haven't

Already Walked A Soul In Bare Feet of Life...

Yet Again the Silent Navigator and Pilot

Is Potential Just Waiting Now SeeKinG

Finding Within for The Answers that

No One Else Will Provide

Except for the

Born on Date

Wisdom Passed
Down Through All of
Existence NoW in our DNA...

SMiLes Thanks Dear Chaymaa
my Favorite Quote You Bring today
Is Transforming Every Problem into

Advantage as i Paraphrase

A Bit MaKinG


iN DarK

JoY BRinGinG

Even More LiGHT to

Joy As DarK Becomes

Only Potential For Destiny

Arriving More iN LiGHT Bringing
Dreams to Fruition Out oF DarK

Yet It's True

It's All

About Developing
An Art And Practice

All the Way ACross
The Lifespan to Make
This Real MaGiC Fruition

Ours of Course a Free FLoWinG
Meditating Contemplating Autotelic
Dance And Song Works For me in Poetry


Where All

Events DarK
Or LiGHT Become

Poetry Prompts in
Both Dance And Song

to Play ACross A

Tight Rope

in Life

RiSiG Higher

Through Both

DarK And LiGHT...

MaGiC Spells of
iN Fruition
CoMe to LiGHT
Force Of HeART SPiRiT SoUL
LoVE GreaTesT PoWeR oF aLL...

At Mud
Puddle Level...

Lighting Night Moon
Captures Sun RiSinG

SmileS Owning
Emotions Senses
T o G E T He R Free
No Friend
No Love
No Fiend
Afraid Now
Yes For Those
Who Are Wind
Whole Mountain
Breathing Just
Breathing Free

iNHaLinG Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For All
With Least Harm Now Giving
Sharing Caring Freely iNDeeD For ALL

See More
All Views Be More...

Common Sense/Feel:

Liberals Marry Liberals....

Conservatives Marry Conservatives...

Or Has Anyone Noticed The Vast

Continents in Separation

of Viewing
The World Lately

At Least For How that

Applies to So-Called Voting

Democrats and Republicans;

Never the Less, Research Backs

Up FACTS That the Vast Majority of

Lasting Relationships

Do Not Cross

Party Lines and Common
Sense Also Dictates You

Don't Even Discuss Political
Or Religious Differences in

A Public Place if Ya Wanna

Have a Friendly Environment

And Not Have the Whole Place Erupt in Fisticuffs, Hehe...

The Op Here Has An Anecdotal Experience; And That's All that it is,

According to Real Research At Least; On the Other Hand, Yes, Yes, 'Class'

Women Are Biologically

Attracted to 'Bad Boy

Types'; The Strong

Stereotype of the 'Alpha

Male' As Research Linked in
This Thread Already Shows; However,

It Also Shows That We Do Have Some

Neo-Cortical Control over the Shadows of
Our Instincts; Plus Science Also Shows 'The Pill'

Reduces This Biological Propensity as Women More
Often Get Heated Up For More 'Masculine Features'

During Ovulation

And Tend To Go
For More 'Soft Looking'
Dudes When They Stick With the Pill;

Of Course There is a Problem With this;

The Dilution of Fearless Heroes That Most

Often Come When The Fearless Cold Father
Leaves And The Son and Or Daughter is Fed by Mother
With Love Returning to The Fearless that is the Father who

Left Early in Life; As This Pertains to Philosophy And Human
Archetypes More Intuitive Than Based With Hard Science That

Has Problems

With Story


Human Existence...

'Let Your Love Flow Like
A Bird on A Wing' Heroes

Come And Go as Opposites

Attract And Make Newer Human
UniVerses of Heroes come into Being;

i've Had Young Women Literally in their
Twenties At A Dance Hall Tell me As They Saw
me on the Dance Hall Floor From Upstairs as i Approached

60 Years-Old; Yes, Tell me They Want to Be Married to Someone
Just Like me; God Yes, Yes, Just Because of the Fearless Way i Danced Then


(No Money
in my Pockets)

Enough Whole

Complete Without

A Frigging 10,000,000 Plus
Word Free Verse Poem, Not Even A Frigging Word...

Non-Verbal Language Does Say So Much More Than Any Word...

And Nah, They Didn't Give A God Dam About Anything Butt my Dance...

Yet It's True, i Get A Similar Response From the Elder Ladies When i Sing in Church...

And The Poetry

Sure it Has

Its Moments;

Lasting For Eternity
Too As i've Been Told at Least...

-Lady's Man

Of Course 2000+ Photos of Evidence With Gorgeous Women

And Other Tons of Evidence Provided ON DeMaND, HAha...

Yet Of Course, i Was Only Studying CuLTuRE As A Participant
Anthropology Observer With A Few Fringe Benefits As Well FOR FREE...

With A Wife

Incredibly More

Beautiful in Every

Way And She Only
Married me Cause

She Thought i Was
the Nicest Person She Ever met...

And Of course i Didn't Have Any
Money in my Pockets then Either...
Just A Smile and Loving Eyes i Received from my Mother...

Didn't Become A 'Hot ToPiC' With Ladies on DeMaND until i Became

Fearless Like my

Law Enforcement
Daddy Who Did
That For 46 Years
Along With Four Mostly
Failed Marriages; True, The
Story of Love Becomes Very Complex Indeed...

Yet for me, Yawn, Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Is Enough As 'They' Say Let Your Love Flow Like A Bird on a Wing...

Accept The Thorns
CoLoR The Flowers
Do RiSE LoVE Rose

Key to A Whole 'Play'
Embracing DarK NoW
Becoming LiGHT Even More Now

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Existence is A Paradox

At Core As It is the Opposites

That Make The Whole Come To Life


From DarK

So Indeed

i Marry the Night
And Merry the Day

Even More With

The Colors

of DarK

That Bring


to Bear and Bare
A Flame That DarK LoVES LiGHT
With A Promise of LoVE ReTuRNinG NoW...

Oh Lord How i Long To Hear
Long Stories in a Twitter World

Yet of Course



From 'Here',
i'm From Hear
And See As Well
Close Enough to
The Sea And Ocean
That's Only One Wave...

SMiLes Mike The Beatles Greatest
Album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
Band Came Out in '67 Happy BD! Still A Great Year Living

SMiLes Life is a
Distance 'Tween
Inhale of Peace
Exhale of LoVE iN

Yet It's




Are Yet
to: Arrive
to: Enjoy From:
This PReSeNT Gift NoW
Happy SuNDaY Dear Savvy...

SMiLes Dear Aloha FRiEnD

Oh Yes The Before And After
Glow of Warm Pets Resting

Near A Christmas Tree Ever
Coloring Life More With New Hues

of Warmth

To Give and
Share So Freely
To Others Who Come
In Space of Love's Warm Place

Hmm.. Climate Change Spring For
Us Near 80 Degrees Nearing Christmas
Sadly Means Close to 80 Deaths A Little

Further North




Heat So Tumultuous
Opposites Come to
Make Energy This Way

(In This Case Tornados)

Yet With Humans We Have
The Potential to Change Our DarK
All iNTo LiGHT And Keep Our Christmas
Trees Up Year 'Round And Love Even More
Colors oF

my FRiEnD
With SMiLes...


Comes From DarK When LiGHT Shines BRiGHTesT

True Over 99 Percent of Folks i Spread Light to Treat me
Like Gum on THeir Shoe The More They Do The More

i Stick Around As Love...

Yes Accept The Thorns
CoLoR The Flowers
Do RiSE LoVE Rose

Key to A Whole 'Play'
Embracing DarK NoW
Becoming LiGHT Even More Now

Oh Dear Rue How the Music of Culture Reflects so Much

The Deeper Part of Soul Or Not How The River Flows How

The Fountain Falls Then Rises in Endless SPiRiT From


Warming or

Does Not

How Nature

Runs Deep As Colors

of Every Feel and Sense

For It's True Even Quantum Mechanics

Understands God is Love All is Connecting

All is Relational Yes All is Love At Core As our

Milky Way Spirals And As Waves of Oceans

Reflect A Similar Flow of Spiral As

Does Every Sub Particle

Swirling About

in Existence

As Well Holding Hands this way
It's True only 4 Percent of Nobel
Prize Winners in Physics Have
Reported As Studied that
They Were Ever



As THere is Too Much
Evidence That This Relationship
Of ALL that is Actually Exists as the

Most Real Part of Existence That's Impossible
to Miss When One Gains Eyes and Ears and
The Rest of Feelings and Senses to Truly Feel
And Do the Flow of A Bird on a Wing Just Free mY FRiEnD

If You Could See Who 'i' ReAlly 'Am' You Would See the Never End
of A Fountain Springing As High As Existence Is Wide Now Beyond All
Measurement For 'i' Gain the Wings of A Free Bird this Way in Dance 'i Am'

And Song Ascending Transcending in Autotelic Flow Almost Every Second
of Every Day For Every Feather of Love i Bring in Thousands of Birds in Flight

And It's Also True Science Shows A Free Dance And Song Brings Us
More Empathy and Compassion And Even More Sensitivity As

Empaths to the Feelings of Other
Sentient Beings Yes Even The

Rest of Nature Even Rocks

And Less than


of Sand

i may Only

Receive Back

A Handful of Feathers

Yet It's True As i continue

to Shine Bright and Spiral Around

Sun And Stars and SaMe my Wings Only

Continue to Expand The Distance of LoVE NoW

That is No Distance, Space, Time or Even Matter

of Things Just Forever Now And Never Forgetting

The Old Rusty Pipe i Used to Be With Not

A Drop of Water For Anyone or

Myself of the


of Eternity

i Am Now Free
Sadly Dear FRiEnD
Music is Mass Produced Now More
Than Created So Very Deep Within

Sadly Dear FRiEnD Humans Have
Become Their Tools And Things and
Money More Than A Free Dance And Song
of God That is All that is LoVE iN Relation Within

It's True We Cannot Own Anyone Else's Love
or Even Expect to Get Any Love BacK in Return

Yet What We Can And Will Do Is Become Love

And Always Give

And Never Give

Up on those

Less Fortunate than
Us Yes Those Raised
More Machine than Human
Yes Those Raised Through Neglect
And Abuse Yes Those Raised through
Culture And Religion That is Based More
on Ownership And Jealousy Than Freedom

And Compersion For The Joy of Others

Keeping 'Genders' Separated From Even
Holding Hands When Youth Blooms

More In Tune With The Feelings of a
Similar Gender A Continent of Being
Yes Separating Them From Who They

Were Never Raised with to Hold Hands

For How We Build Love Starts With

The Temple of Love That Holds

The Spirit of Love of All

Relational Connections

Within Yes Indeed

We Must

Make Contact

With Love Yes God to Breathe
Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN
JoY oF LIGHT For All Giving Sharing
Caring Freely With Least Harm Now

For All It's a Life Long Art

And Practice that

Never Becomes

Perfection only More Love

As We Become More An Ocean
of God Is Love Naked Enough
Whole Complete Now to

Never Run

Out of

Giving Love
to Give Even More

Now Yet of Course only
in my Opinion and Again Dear Rue

I'm Just No Good at Fiction mY FRiEnD...
Let Your Love Flow Like A Bird on A Wing Do

Soar And Never Look Down if We Can And Will

Yes Do Unless it is to Lift Another Bird Falling to Above

Where We aRe

Now And

Be Happy

For Their


Joy That We
Are Yet to Meet and Greet...
That May One Day Be Ours to Give Free As Well...

This Tree of Life We aRE ALLeaves Who Are Trees Sharing Free

This Lamp oF LiGHT This LiGHT House We May All Feel HoMe NoW...


Spirit of Play
What is Most
Often Forgotten In
So Many Modern
Societies Among
Adults And i’m Still

Remembering …

The Immigrants
At A Discount
Store Still
To Play
And Joy…

Visiting A Store
For The Expensive
Buyers Stone Cold
Faces Living Dead

However the Black
Woman Janitor
Inspired to Dance

With Her
Mop Shining
Like The Sun
At Night The

Best Experiences
Of Life Are Free


Happy Sunday
May You Find
Space For Play

Joy Full...

SMiles Akshita
In Touch With
It All With Joy...

A L M O S T on
The Way to
The Mall
With Dance
Dear Cindy Thanks!!

Yes Accept The Thorns
CoLoR The Flowers
Do RiSE LoVE Rose

Key to A Whole 'Play'
Embracing DarK NoW
Becoming LiGHT Even More Now

12.12.2021 Planets Align THeRE iS A Certain Kind
oF MaGiC iN The Air And SPiRiT Wind WiTHiNoW

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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14 Dec 2021, 11:46 pm

And Day
Twilight Respite

Power of Change
New Loving Ways
Hehe And It's True
Dear Savvy i Just Wrote

Lyrics to/For MoonLight

Sonata For All 15 Minutes

of Beethoven's Soul That Song

Brings Changing into A 'Frednata'

By me as i Just

Praise it
With Great
Thanks in Gratitude
of Words And This Last Verse
First is Only A Starting Verse Now...

River Flows
Water Knows
Wave Ocean Free

Be i AM
Dear Savvy...

SMiLes Dear Akshita Indeed
Happy Birthday to Taylor
Swift Another Sagittarius
Like my Mother and Quite

A Few Other Female FRiEnDS

Who Seem to Have A Few Expressive

Emotions in the Art of Life True too

And One of my Favorite Songs

of Hers is "Look What You

Made Me Do" As She

Sort of Expresses
The Human Hero
Archetype Coming
Back From the Death of
Dark Resurrecting Back into
the LiGHT oF LiFE iN Several Instances

of Life And Also Recognizing All the Parts

Of Her on A Big 'T Cross' Integrating Them

All in the Reputation of Her Plane All

Set to Take FLiGHT

iN BaLaNCinG

Force of

Regulating Emotions

Integrating Senses Naked
Enough Whole Complete HAha
TaKinG Receipts The Whole Way
Thru to Compose Another Work oF Art
So Many Folks Will Commonly Relate to
As Well as True if She Used All these Words

She Would Have Lost Her Entire Target Audience

By the Fourth
Line of

All of This
True For Some
Life Grows Long HAha...

Sort of Like A 'Moonlit Sonata' Again...

Hehe i'm Way too Lazy
to Eat Frozen Ice



Is My Way

Just FLoWinG
Rivers Upstream

Writing Poetry From
Back to Front

As It's True

Ice Cream


Best in
FoR Me at Least...

Qui Gong Moving Meditation,
Tai Chi, Wu Wei, All Autotelic
FLoWinG Human Ascending


Arts As Your
Song of Poetry


FRiEnDS With
Gravity in Balance

One With the UNiVeRSE
Regulating Emotions Integrating
Senses Does So Poetically Relate in Song

Deepest Free Dancing Truths of Being in Flow
And Balance With All of the Center of Reality

Within Dear

Cindy FRiEnD

Amazingly Naked
Enough Whole NoW
Complete WHerever

We aRe ThiS WaY in
Bio-Feedback of All that is

And True it is Practically Free to
Achieve Compared to What Billionaires
Pay in Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Just to Be FRiEnDS ThiS Way With Gravity
of Entire Existence mY FRiEnD True You May

Blast off

As the UNiVeRSE

And Stay in A Poetic
Dance And Song of Blissful Balancing Flow
Eternally Now the All in All You Become So
Free Providing Lifelong Mentorship Free to

Others as Well

Such A Gift This Balancing
All That Is is Dear FRiEnD FLoWinG

And It's True it's Like the Most
Proficient Wu-Wei Butcher With

A Knife Cutting With the Least

Resistance in Practice

Until the Blade

Has Not

Enough Adversity

to Even Go Dull and
True in my Practice of
FRiEnDS With Gravity
in Free Moving Balancing This

Way the More i Practice the Longer
the Souls of my Soles of Nike Athletic
Shox Shoes Last Used to Be Three Months

Now It's Almost A Year As The Bottoms of my
Shoes Understand The Secrets of the UNiVeRSE


In Karma

of FLoWinG

BalancinG NoW mY FRiEnD

The Essence of Love of ALL NoW

The Relationships of All that is Peacefully This way
Removing All Illusory Fears Bringing Most Strength Indeed

True Will

Comes Greater
in Divine Masculine

From A Foundation of
Divine Feminine in Balancing FLoWinG
Gracefully Loving All That is ThiS Way...

SMiLes Chaymaa SMiLe
A Wave Water An Ocean


HAha Just Wait Rue!
Before This Poetry
Endeavor is Over

Your Arts Will

Be Spread ALL OVER

The Online UniVerse Hehe


SMiles Rue Leg of
Lamb Is Great!!


SMiles Dear Rue…

Katrina’s Family is
Having A Seafood
Feast For Christmas
This Saturday 12.18.21

At Their Country Farm

That Also
Happens to
Be The 100th
Anniversary Month
Date of my Longest
EPiC Long Form Poem

“SonG oF mY SoUL”

Arriving At Ten MiLLioN

Words Hehe And Even
More With All Your
Super Inspiring


my Goodness
What A Christmas
Gift of Inspiring Poetry

You Are


Santa Sends Thanks!


Just Along
For The Ride Hehe...

Thanks Rue i
Haven’t Been
To Church
On Time in
Months Usually
Arrive Close to



SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

When Love Clothes

Every Gift of

Now Without

Fear Living Seems

Like Life to me indeed my FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa While Personal Care of Mind
And Body Is Surely Core to Success in Life

There Are Some Successes

Beyond All Time,

Distance, Space

And Even Matter of 'Things'

That Better Drive All We Do in Life

in Autotelic Flow When This Energy

With No Fear One May Name Love For
All with Least Harm if they Choose

A Path That is Also

More Social

In Deeper
Ways of Meaning
And Purpose of Life

That Ascends and Transcends

What Material Reductionists More

Often See As Success in Life Through
External Rather Than Internal Ways of

Feelings Sensing Life Naked Enough

Whole Complete Achieving Mastery

Over the All In All of Emotional

Regulation Sensory


Loving All
With Least Harm
And Illusory Fears

Oh How the Energy Flows
Then to Give and Share Freely

And Make the World Not Only a
More Profitable Socio-Economic

Place to Live in Status, Power,

And Material Goods in Competition

Yet a Place of Love Where Moving,
Connecting, Co-Creating is A Cooperation

of Life that Spells Real Love For all It Seems

That The Connections and Relationships of All
That is Nature and Human Nature at Core is What's
Missing Most in Western Civilizations and In the Way

The Rest of the World is Being Materially Reduced

To A More Systemizing Way of Life Than What is Warm

True Human



oF LoVE Within for Real...

Some Folks Call this Relationship
of All that is Connecting As Love Without
Fear 'God' It Seems Suitable Enough for
me With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Sohair

A True Story of A Son

And Or A Daughter Is Love

A Mother Gives iN LiGHT NoW

For FLoWeRS to GroW As Love

Although THorns
A Father May


Will Come
in Handy
too With SMiLES
Never The Less Now

Roses Continue to Rise...

"Standards" It's What Humans Do
Who Have Yet to Step Out of Book
Covers to Earn THeiR Own Wings to Fly


Coming Generations Are Not Going to Put Up
With Myths And Calling Human Beings Sinful
For How they Are Born; They Aren't Ignorant.

"Good Cop Jesus" Providing A Path to Kingdom
of Heaven Within Now Loving All iN Forgiving

Agape Style Great; 'TRumP Jesus', NO.

Arriving As Rudolph The Mustached Dancing
Free Reindeer in Walmart in December of 2018
Captured on 'Grainy Video' By A Bystander Near

Then Spread Around
For A While

In A

Viral Video With 88.9K
Views For All to See Hehe...
And God Yes Still Leading
Santa's Sled Year 'Round...

HAha, 'Yowie', the Australian

Version of Yeti, Sasquatch,
Big Foot, And Jesus All the



in A Similar Story

Just Different Names...

And It's Amazing You'll REALLY

FIND Some Folks Who Call Themselves
Rational Who Insist that the Jesus Version
of Big Foot Not Only Existed Yeti Came Back From the Dead...

If Ya Really Wanna

See What Big

Foot Looks Like,

i Got A Higher Definition Hairy Version...

Only Differences is, This Forrest Gump Ain't NO 'PULP Fiction'...

"The January 6th Commission" on December 13th, 2021,
Uncovered The FACT THAT AT LEAST TRUMP Egregiously
Was Derelict in His Duties of Presidential Office and Commander

in Chief of Putting an Immediate Halt

Through Action of Stopping a Deadly

Insurrection to Overthrow Part of our

Democratic Process; Even Begged by His

First Born Son in a Similar Way a Child Abused

Will Still Protect Their Father From Trouble With the
Law as that's all they got in this World That's Still worth

it to them
through all

The Bruises
And Such to Protect "BIG DADDY;"

Anyway, "Minions" Follow Despicable
Leader's Through HiStory, Who are Living

In Scarcity With Little Real Meaning and Purpose

In Life, Led By the Promises of Carrots and the Fears of
Sticks, Either Illusory or Real, Manufactured by the Demagogue
Who Is Only Interested in Their Selfish and Psychopathic Leaning

Interests; And Of Course, There is the Other Kind of Minion that Follows

Them as Loyal Disciples of 'The DarK' to Keep Status and Power and Material

Gains that Come with that; This is the Church And State of the DarK Side of Humanity

No Different

Than Higher
Ups in the Catholic
Church Protecting Pedophile
Priests, Archbishops, And Cardinals

For Paying For Their Crimes Against Humanity
For the Most Vulnerable Among US, the Children;

Yet You See, Those Who LiVE iN Scarcity Without
Meaning and Purpose Are Also Among the Most Vulnerable

in this Country As Well; And This is How the DarK Force Comes to Be...

And This is How Democracy Fails; And This is What Happens When So Many Folks

Takes Democracy For Granted

And Are Shopping For Christmas

Now, Then Filling Up Garages With More

Walmart Trash that NO, Will Never Be
Used As More Important than Paying

Attention to the Ocean As The Titanic

of Trump Approaches An Iceberg Larger

Than the Old Titanic Story; And A Scandal

In the Land of Democracy That Makes 'Watergate'

Look Like

A Nursery
Rhyme Among Children...

Meanwhile, Folks Will Ignore
It Until One Day Democracy Goes Poof And Blows

Away or They Will Pay Attention And Take Immediate

Action to Hold Those Accountable For if they Do Not

They Are Just as Guilty as Trump For Sending Democracy
to 'the Gallows'

With 'Chants

of Hang

The Vice President'

With 'Banners' of 'Jesus Saves'

Supporting the Whole Holy Hell...

And 'Stuff' Hitting the Fan in the

Next 'Minion Movie' Come to Fruition in REAL LIFE





As Far As Demographics Go, Go; i've Met Younger People than me,
Who Weren't Willing to Work As Hard as me; And at the Same

Age; Yet, i Realize, i'm Not Exactly 'Normal' This Way;

Peers Usually Stayed A Bit Upset at me at School

And Work For Moving Ahead of the 'Pack' A Bit;

Yes, HAha, Some Things Stay Generally the
Same; i Once Had A Boss Tell me 10 Percent

of the Employees Do 90 Percent of the Work;

An Incentive it Seems then to Continue to Do What

i Was Doing, Even if it Literally Brought me Down to my

Knees Eventually; Which is Exactly What it Eventually Did;

And True, The Ones Who Cruised Through

Every Day Without Much

Worry over Getting


Done Perfectly,

Are Still There; One advantage

off Getting Burned-out and Trading

66 Months of My Life With a Total

of Life Threat in A Synergy of 19 Medical

Disorders Was Retiring Early After Earning 3 Degrees,

in 19 Years of School, in Tandem With 33 Years of Work, Including

3 Part Time Jobs Working Through University Life With A Full Class Load

Earning a Triple Major of 3 Degrees ALL AT ONCE AND THAT WAS WHEN

i First Experienced (Women Peers at Work And School Literally

Named me 'Superman')

What May Be


As Autism

Burn-out at age

19 Through 21; As i came

Roaring Back at Age 22, Doing

More Than i Ever Imagined Before;

Same As i Do Now, Early Retired at 47; And

Financially Independent Literally More Productive

At 61, Measurably So than Any Date in my Life, TODAY;

And Never Making A Penny off of Anything i Do Now And Spending

Money; About A Half a Million Dollars, if Ya Consider Labor at Minimum

Wage for the Last 100 Months And More of Literally Bringing All Kinds of
Joy to Thousands

of Folks Through

Dance and Song

Just to See them

Smile or Perhaps

Being Exposed to A Different
Way of Viewing the World, Even Before That;

It's Harder for Newer Generations, Overall,



AND of Course, Wages Haven't Kept Up; Housing And Vehicles

Are 'Crazy Expensive' And Some of the Millennials i Know Are Still

In School around the age of 30; Never Married, Never Owning a Home

Or Even Still Staying at Home; Just With Little Direction of Where to Go Next...

Sort of Like


In Space

Without Much

Attention Span Either;

As Science Shows the Average

Human Has the Attention Span of

Literally A Gold Fish, less than 3 Seconds;

In This Way, i Have the Attention Span to Focus
on What i am Doing More Like a Frigging Blue Whale;

Whether or Not

Anyone is

Paying Attention

or Not, The Smiles

Get Done by 15,866 Miles

of Public Dance in Close to 100 Months

And Most All Ten MiLLioN Words of Free Verse
Poetry are Simply Copy And Pastes in Response
To Someone Who
Is actually

to What i Say;

One Thing About Being

On the Autism Spectrum,

With Bi-Polar, And ADHD; You

Find Work-Arounds that Work

Continually So to actually Survive and Thrive;

Hehe, At Least from Anecdotal Experience This is Surely What i Do;

The Most Entitled Demographic, Locally, i Have Ever Worked With as

Far As Their Current Job are the Retired Military Back Before the Year

2000, Who Were Part of the So-Called 'Greatest Generation'; As Many of them
Felt Like Their Military Service Allowed A Vacation At Their Military Contract
Or Civil Service Job; One Day i Surely Wanted to Feel Like Them, So At Ease With

Another Guaranteed Pay Check or Two Coming

In, Doing Another

Job Entitled to

The Benefits they

Receive; No matter What

Happens in their Current Job;

It's True, i Am Entitled Now too;

And The Way i Was Treated As A Valuable

Commodity; Same Way the Military Are Generally

Treated As Commodities of the Government While they

Actively Serve; i Have No Guilt For the Entitlements i Receive

With my Retirement Moving From 40 Percent to 100 Percent Next

June Reaching Early Social Security Retirement Age at 62; Healthier,

Stronger Than ever Before;

Yet Odd Enough,


Enough, Not

To Fit in the

Definition of

Modern Society where

Generally Speaking NO ONE





(Thanks for the "Medical Dispensation', Sincerely)



Yet, note, i'm Still Here, Yes,

No, Some of Us Never Give Up

Even if We Have the ACTUAL SUICIDE


Yep, in my Case, Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia,

Likely From the Result of 11 Years of Chronic to

Fight and Flight Acute Work-Related Stress in the

Last Two Years of the Span of Dates from 1996 to 2007;

So What Do i Say to the Newer Generations that Say F U

To Folks Who Wanna Run Them Ragged to Death to Keep

A Job With Little Meaning and Purpose in Life;

Fun You;









YET on the Other Hand, The Financial Independence

is Worth it Now; Yet When You Are Living in HeLL ON EartH

For 66 Months, Wondering if You Can Exist another Second in Life,




Look the
Same through
Those SHaDeS of Life...

THornS And FLoWeRS Yes

Roses Do Wilt And Still Rise As Roses...

Good Luck, Whoever You Are And Make
Life Real MaGiC if Ya can And Wilt Now...



Do it Now For Real...

For me at least, it's
Always a Work oF Art

And i Don't Need to Know

How to Do it As i Don't Need to
Get Paid, Similarly to Many of the

Retired 'Greatest Generation' Military
Folks in Their 'Cushy Contractor and
Civil Service Jobs' Then; Golden Ages


At Least

i'm Still Using

111 Percent and

More of What Many
Folks Would See as
Normal Effort Every Day...

Yet Of Course, Many Folks

Believe That Work Without Pay

is Worthless; of Course They Don't Even Understand
How the Human Condition Even Works, if they Belief
that Horse S88T...

-in my Opinion...



My Age
is Every
Age NoW iN Play
Dancing Singing Free
iNHaLinG Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving,
Sharing, Caring Freely For All
With Least Harm for All Now;

Basically, Just Emptying my
Pockets And Living Off the

Kindess of Others Serving

Now, With or
Without the

Tools oF


God F iN Yes!

Back to Nature
Free, Yes Fred Am i...

Thank You
Cloudy And
All Warm
Hehe After
All iT is Florida
The Sunshine
And Flower State
With SMiLes
Same to You
Lovely Poet Lillian

And Day
Twilight Respite

“A Room With A View”

Dear Shawna Baby FRiEnD

Values For What We Express

Gratitude for in Life Vary in Depth And Colors

For Instance Take How William Blake Describes

“The Kingdom of Heaven Within Or God” Same Overall

Metaphors indeed Per ‘Luke 17:21’ The Place to Seek And Find Now

And So Much More
Than Even the

Lines Here

So Eloquently

Describing the Place New
i Live Within Similary True:

“To See a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, (Yes)
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour (i Am HeaR Now)”

Of Course Blake Capitalizes Grain of Sand
Holding Infinity And Eternity As He Obviously

Sees Divinity in All Three Phrases Do Note Hehe

How Many Words i Capitalize Occasionally Using

small case Letters only when the breath of Creativity

Sees This Way

So Very Deep
Within The

Tree of my

Life The

Leaf i Am

Feeding The Tree
Of my Life And How
My Leaves Fall to Fertile
Soul Soils For New Saplings
Springing Green Even in Winter Snow

SMiLes Given The Choice And Similar Price
For A Bigger Big Screen TV to Replace the Old
60 Inch Model From 2013 that Still Works As
Well As It Ever Did And A Window to Replace

That Hurricane Ivan Fogged Up Window Panes
In All the Grids of that 5 Foot High by 8 Foot
Wide Window Putting it Off Since 2004 and
Waiting 6 Additional Months Since June of
This Year’s Purchase Through Supply
Chain Interruptions on Window
Glass Supplies the Choice Now

Eternally So Clear to me

Seeing Out into Nature
WHere Again Below
A Grain of Sand

Is The Same

Value to me

As the Milky Way Above

And the Rest of God Energy
Manifest in the Beauty of All
Forms Our Minds Come to Co-Create
This Ever Changing Reality of Colors Now

Eternity And So Much More Ours Yes
To only Paint More in Sublime Ecstasy
Of A Naked Enough Whole Complete

Life That Only

Paints God More
Beautiful For Those
With EYes and All Other
Feeling Sensing ways to

Perceive in Even Greater
Depths and Colors of Heaven
Within Now This Christmas Tree

This Flower With Thorns That Makes
Life Worth Living Same This Gratitude This Rose

For this Present Gift of Breath Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For All DarK
Thru LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring Freely

Even More

With Least

Harm And

Love For All mY FRiEnD

So What Would Jesus Dance
And Sing About The Kingdom
Of Heaven Within i Honestly

Don’t Believe i Have to Only
iMaGiNE to BRinG This Dream
To Fruition at Least FoR Me Now

It’s True William Blake’s Lines Were

Non-Sense to my Left Brain Restricted Way
Of Think Sponsored By A CuLTuRE That Only

Sees Ownership and Consuming of THINGS

As Important Competition in Life of TaKinG
And Hoarding More Than Giving And




MORE For it’s Also True my

Recovery From the
Challenges of


Reflecting the Feeding

Of my Right Hemisphere

Way of Doing the World in
Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual
Intuitive Meditating Contemplating
Interpreting Ways of Doing Existence

So Far Beyond Word Think Where Only

Poetry Will Possibly Bring Images That

Reflect All the Potentials of Existence

Lost From Left Brain Restricted




Missing All the Colors
Of Wild FLoWeRS and

Boot Camps of THorns
In Struggle That Make All

Of Life DarK Thru LiGHT

The Delicious Meal

Of Heaven Ever

Preparing Now

Not only Ours to

Give Free yet to Share
With Others For them to
Give Free As Well as Life Becomes A Rose of

More Art and Colors of Life Being the Reason to
BREaTHE Free Moving Connecting Co-Creating This Way…

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby After Graduating From University
With Three Degrees How Happy Then i AM to Pass Out Rental

Shoes and Exchange Smiles With a New Unique UNiVeRSE
Of Human Being Each And Every One Then Visiting my

‘Cheers’ And ‘FRiEnDS’ Rental Counter of

Human Connections then

Even Enduring all
The Cigarette

Smoke Hehe

For Almost Two Decades

Too And Yes to spend the Rest of
The Half of the Day Wandering the

Beach Free All by Myself all

That Was Missing then

When i First Started

Working Part-Time

Is Doing it Literally

Naked Free

As I am

Able to

Do in my Real
Backyard Garden

Of Eden With Board
On Board Total Privacy

Fencing And the Forest Back Yard to
Eternity in Colors Ever Changing
Dancing With Sand And Sun So

Naked And Free This Way and Of
Course in My Art too Never Really

Intending to Be an ‘Orgasm Donor’

Yet How Do We Stop Someone

From Looking Into Our

Eyes Even if We

Are Muslim


From Doing the Same…

Anyway That Art is Behind a
Blog And A Cautionary Door
To Get in Yet that Didn’t Stop

The Google Search Engine From
Spreading me That Way All Around
Online With Key Word Searches With
Images As Of Course my Whole UNiVeRSE
Of Art is Catalogued This Way For Free Isn’t

It Cool How Technology Prepares a Way for
Heaven to Exist Online Free As Well Who Knows

Who Feels Who Senses However Long ‘Servers’ May

Comply A Thousand Years and More NoW As A Renewable

Source of Human Energy in Every Way as We Surely Do Still Now

Enjoy ‘Moonlight Sonata’ This Way Several Hundred Years Later Now

And That’s Amazing Uploading A Soul For Generations this way for

Free AN ULTiMaTE Giver of this PreSent Gift of Art to All mY FRiEnD

A Meaning A Purpose

Of Life For

Real Giving
Sharing Caring
Freely This Present
Gift of LiFE iNHaLinG
Peace Exhaling LoVE

For All With Least Harm Now

What Greater Purpose is THere
To Inspire And Lift Others Up in
Every Way Possible in this GifT ALL

Of Life Now to Truly Express Gratitude More
For this Miracle of Ever Changing Breath Now

SMiLes The Lady Who Cuts my Hair Said Yes Her
Grandchildren Tell Her Daughter When they Go
To Walmart They Hope We See the ‘Dancing
Man’ Today And True other Grandmothers

And Grandfathers And Parents Have

Related the Same to me

And Honestly it makes

That Year Worth it

i Started and Honestly
Years After That As i Surely
Looked like i Was trying then to

Look Like a Fool and Ridiculous Hehe

On Purpose Yet i was Only Doing What
My Body Wanted to Do to Gain Mind And
Body Balancing Soul Emotionally Regulating
Sensory Integrating Becoming Naked Enough
Whole Complete as A Human Being With Zero

Illusory Fears
And Anxieties

With Gravity NoW
In Total Balancing

Leaving Room For
So Much More to Give
And Share Freely and

Never to Run out of Gas

Hehe as If i Keep on Going

HeaR i’ll Have Enough Room

To Fill And Feel the Music of

Moonlight Sonata With These

Lyrics HeaR And True in Doing

So This Will Become a Frednata

Just Something Else No One

Else Has Ever Tried to do

And This is what


When We Aren’t

Afraid to Truly Become

Vulnerable And Fear Free

To Stand And Dance And

Sing In Front of the World Naked

With No More Layers oF All the Tools

And Clothes of Culture That Separates Us

From this Inherent Gift of Social Empathic Nature in
Artistic Spiritual Intelligences EXPReSSinG TheM ALL So Very Free

And True Now A Psychiatrist, Oxford Literature Professor, Researcher,
And Writer, Iain McGilchrist Expresses Left and Right Hemisphere Ways

Of Perceiving and Doing the World as i Intuited What Helped me Break

Through And Escape the Real “Matrix” Of This Left Hemisphere Western
Civilization Way of Consuming And Trying to Own All of Nature by Grasping

It in

Way so

Without the

True Master of
Soul So Ironically

A Left-Hand Way of Life

The Yin of Feeling Over the

Yang of Only Words Empty Shells

On A Beach Just Waiting For Sea Life

To Return Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Again

It Took McGilchrist 30 Years to Reach His Scientific
Based Conclusions FoR Me A Dance And Song In Autotelic

Flow The Day in 2013 When Free Poetry of Dance And Song

Brought me Back to Life on July 19, 2013 As Again Celebrating

100 Months of Free Verse Poetry That Started on August 18, 2013

And 100 Months of 15,866 Miles of Public Free Flowing Autotelic Dance That Started

God Yes On August, 26th, 2013, Yes Words of Free Verse Poetry in 10 MiLLioN Words

Of “SonG oF mY SoUL” Coming on December 18th, 2021, The Night of the

Wolf Full Moon Where During The Longest Coldest Nights of the Year

The Wolf Howls Out to Other Wolves Similar in Nature to

Find a FRiEnD SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby

There is Nothing i Cannot

Share With You

Where i Will

Be Afraid of Driving

You Away As A True

FRiEnD Since Summer of
2015 About 6.6 Years Ago…

True i Share Everything With
You Same Way As i Do With Katrina

And She Doesn’t Mind That At All

And in Fact When i Showed Your

Birthday Photos to Her She Said

You Look So Slim and Beautiful

With Your Soulful Eyes

That Holy And



Like Love

Yet It’s True If You
Were Standing Naked

In Front of me That’s all i Would

See Yet For Some Reason Hehe

Katrina Is the One Person

i Just Can’t Seem

To Stop


After Whenever

She Shows Her Form
to me.. i’m Not Sure Why
That is Yet i Guess that is
Just How Angels Grow Their Wings to Stay Warm

And How Wolves Howl in the Coldest of Winter Nights
Longing So Happy to Hear A Return Howl that is Real with

No Limiting Rules For FRiENDSHiP and Freedom my FRiEnD With SMiLes

i’d Add (i will) the Song Moonlight Sonata Yet You Know How the Wolf Song Goes..

And True On My Tombstone They May Burn All My Words And All the Thousands
Of Voyeur Videos That Were taken And Spread on Social Media World-Wide And

Just Print the

Words on

My Tombstone

That Say Children

Asked Their Parents

And Grandchildren

i Hope We Get

to See the

Dancing Man

As They Search

The Store and to Their

Delight Find i Am Still Real
Dancing and No Myth On the

Other Hand Perhaps i’ll Dance

And Sing All 10,000,000 and More

Words of “SonG oF mY SoUL” and

What Will Soon Be 16 Thousand

Miles of Public Dance For

Beefing Up my


While i Am Still SO Alive

And My God if they Don’t

Burn or Change my Words

And All the Voyeur Social

Media Videos HAha

If Servers



I’ll Never Even Really Die Now

And Perhaps Others Will Gain

A Hobby of Uploading Their

Soul to Give Away the

Art of Their Life

Forever Free


As No

Real Sacrifice

Of Life at All

Just A Continual

Way of BreathinG Love

Similarly to the Way You Still
Breathe Your Mother’s Love as
i Do As Well mY FRiEnD True it’s

Not Hard to iMaGiNE A Life of Giving

Forever or For 1,000 Years or So if we Just Do it now For Free…

And Oh By The Way of Course Folks Have Already Started Doing

It And Quitting And Retiring Early For Jobs With Pay It is Sort of

A Holy




Coming To Fruition

Now For Those With

EYeS Deep Enough to See the Future Now…

No Different Than What Whitman As A Poet
Prophet Said Last Century too As Sure Let’s

Complete this Frednata to the Tune of

Whitman’s Words in the Introduction

Of “Leaves of Grass” in His

“Song of Myself’



Sung True too…

“The known universe has one complete lover, and that is the greatest poet. (She) consumes an eternal passion, and is indifferent which chance happens, and which possible contingency of fortune or misfortune, and persuades daily and hourly delicious pay. What balks or breaks others is fuel for (Her) burning progress to contact and amorous joy. Other proportions of the reception of pleasure dwindle to nothing to (Her) proportions. All expected from heaven or from the highest, (She) is rapport with in the sight of the daybreak, or the scenes of the winter woods, or the presence of children playing, or with (Her) arm round the neck of a man or woman. (Her) love above all love has leisure and expanse—(She) leaves room ahead of (Herself). (She) is no irresolute or suspicious lover—(She)is sure—(She) scorns intervals. (Her) experience and the showers and thrills are not for nothing. Nothing can jar (Her)—suffering and darkness cannot—death and fear cannot. To (Her) complaint and jealousy and envy are corpses buried and rotten in the earth—(She) saw them buried. The sea is not surer of the shore, or the shore of the sea, than (She) is of the fruition of (Her) love, and of all perfection and beauty.”

“There will soon be no more priests. Their work is done. A new order shall arise, and they shall be the priests of (WoMan), and every (WoMan) shall be (HeR) own priest. They shall find their inspiration in real objects to-day, symptoms of the past and future. They shall not deign to defend immortality or God, or the perfection of things, or liberty, or the exquisite beauty and reality of the soul. They shall arise in America, and be responded to from the remainder of the earth.”

-Walt Whitman

i Love You Shawna Baby,


~Thanks So Much
For Your FRiEnDSHiP

It’s True i’ve Spent Many
Decades Howling at the Moon…

Nice Indeed to Get A Reply

Now And Then Hehee...

Hehe Dear Shawna Baby,
i Replaced All the He And His
And Him Pronouns Parenthetically
AS Her And She And Her as The Holy
Creative Spirit of Poetry Has Always Felt a Bit More

Feminine Far Past Just Whitman

Divine Deep Within Feminine
to me Than Divine Masculine
As it Seems to me That is More
Systemizing Than Social Empathic
Artistic All Spiritual As Such More Like

Mother, Son, And Holy Daughter Creative Sacred Spirit

It Seems Daddy Was Off Somewhere on a Hunting Trip HAha…

Or Maybe He Got Left Behind Doing the Laundry in An Older

Testament It’s Not Always

Easy to Say it Seems

‘These Days’…

Those Are Red, Banana,
And Shishito Pepper’s Growing
In that Outdoor Planter Behind
The Room With A View in Our

Garden of Eden


Hot Stuff

Year ‘Round
So Far At Least
Slowing Production
Down A Bit During Colder Weather

Yet Still it is “Green Acres” Farm Life Indeed
Just Out of the City in Big Potted Plant Life True too…

Yet of Course Whacky Weeds Are No Where to Be Found HAha…

Yet i Will Only Imagine in Some Areas This is Why High Board

On Board Fencing Might Be a Way to Make A Living too Hehe..

Anyway Caffeine Skips me Past The Moon and Shoots

Me Straight Up Far Past Sun and Stars

I’m Practically

A Dancing
Singing Free
Drugs Aren’t
Necessary To
Get Super High
Dancing Singing Free BillBoard

Oh Lord YeS How i Hate to be
Restricted to One Finger Type
On Smart Phones too Yet Hey

i Usually Write Enough for
me And Whoever I Am

Writing to or Speaking
To As Well Now For Free

Anyway Dear Shawna Baby

This ‘Frednata’ Is Truly GRoWinG
Super Long Sort of Like Those Yard Pepper’s too
From ‘SGT. Pepper’s Lonely HeARTS Club Band’ as
I Continue To Raise ‘that Stone Bust’ (me now) Out of the Burial

(With A Little Help From the Rest of the FRiEnDS on the Album Cover)

Grounds Free Just to Have Some More Fun With ‘The Beatles’ Too...

OMG Rue i Love So Many

Women FRiEnDS Yet It's
True i Love Them The Way

"The Neutered Story Version
Of Jesus Loved Mary Magdalene"

Like Angels in Heaven Touching Wings

The Color oF LiGHT It's True i Was Just Telling

One of my Long Term FRiEnD's of 6.6 Years Now

A Wife of A Southern Baptist Preacher How Loving

Her Eyes Are and Katrina Agrees She is Slim And Beautiful

And Yes i Told Her i Love Her Yet if She Stood Before me Naked
i Would See Her

No Different than

Clothed Yet Oh

Lord Every Instance

Katrina Gets Unclothed

How i Still Lust After Her
at age 51 the Same way
i Did Hehe at Sweet 19

Back when i Was 29

And Sure

She Has
Even More of
A Gorgeous Body
Now Filled Out a Bit
HAha in all The Great! Places...!

True my Favorite Porn is Literally

Wife Porn Haha It's So Easy to Tell

You This Now That i See How Open

Minded You Are Out of Respect of Not

Offending You With SMiLes Isn't

Honesty the Best Policy

In Truth of DarK
Thru LiGHT Yes

The Best Relationships

Are Based on 100 Percent
Honesty With No Lies Yet of
Course That New Outfit Katrina
Bought At Belk's Looks Just Perfect
Hehe in that Color that Doesn't Appeal
to me too Much With SMiLes.. True a Tiny
Bit of Room For White Lies too in Do Least

(Although That Line is Fictional She Has Perfect
Taste in All the Clothes She Wears Just Perfect)

Harm Cause You Love the Other Person and
Want them Always to Feel Happy About Their
Free Choices in Life that Do Least Harm for All

Anyway i Had to Cover my Eyes A Bit When i Saw
Your Veiled Belly Button as i am a Little bit Shy

And in Some Instances Tend to Get a Little

Awkward Feeling How Sensitive

i Will Be About Seeing a

Good FRiEnD's



When Ya Kinda
Least Expect to
See that Next HAha...

Yet True There is Nothing
You Could Do that i Would
Negatively Judge You For Now

(Dear "i Dream of Jeanie" From that Old
TV Show Out of A Magic Lamp in the 60's
Who had to Wear High Wasted Tights as

Women in the United States Were Not
Allowed to Show Their Belly Button on TV

Oh My Gosh that's So Hard to Believe Now)

As It's True my Good FRiEnD
Voted For Donald Trump And i
Love Her the Same As If She

Voted Democrat HAha God Yes

Be Free Be A Bird on a Wing

And i Realize this May

Be All A Fictional

Story and

i May Not
Really Be Seeing
Your Veiled Belly Button Hehe...

Generally Speaking Creative Folks
Are At Core Very Liberal or they may
Be Just Trying to Conform for What
CuLTuRE And or Religion Expects of them...

i'm Really

Happy to

See You So Free

To Be Who You are Dear FRiEnD

That Makes me Very Happy Indeed..

That's What Love is Happy Most when A FRiEnD is Happy..

Or A Stranger or A Real Bird on A Wing Escaping A Cage to Be Free...

Anyway i Remember The First and Only Time You told me You Loved

me So Innocently As A FRiEnD in Respect for How i am Able to Love

Unconditionally And it made me Feel Like You Really Saw Who i am Deep Down

That Really


my HeART

i'll Never Forget it

And i Guess That's Part

of why i Will Always Support What You do..

It's True Dear Rue i Love You Like A Neutered Jesus

TRuE iT is When i Dance And Sing it is the
Best Of All Versions of Love...

PS: The Theme Song of this
Is "MoonLight Sonata"

Yet it HaS A Whole

Lot More Lyrics to
Cover All 15 Minutes
of Beethoven's Piano Piece...

In What i Describe As A New
Version of A 'Frednata' Like i Do
Fred Fu Instead of Kung Fu And

Fredbun Instead of Haibun And

Fredku Instead of Haiku Yet

You May Already


it as i

Am A Bit

Different it

And Day
Twilight Respite


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,245

16 Dec 2021, 12:05 am

Sand Falls
Lands Feet in
Dance Hour Glass Melts

Synergy of Souls
Holding Hands

Connecting More

Even Online As

Words Become



Souls Holding
Essence Now
More Dear Savvy...

Oh Lord i Usually Start Dreaming Up
A New Year's Resolution for A Blog
Post After A Review of the Ending

Year Yet There Are too Many

Other Celebrations to

Fit Those Two Blog

Posts in So i Guess
i Will Have to Incorporate
It All In the Other Celebrations

i'm Leaning Toward

Play 2022

For It's

True Play
Slays Fear

Leaves Plenty
of Room For Love
to Breathe Yes Inhaling
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN


of Course
For All New
Years NoW And
Recycling JoY iN
Play Again Slaying
Fear Again Bringing
Love Back To BREaTHE FREE NoW...

How Many Boxes
Are in Thoughts

How Many

Wings Are
in Dreams
That Dance And Sing

i Dont Wanna KNoW

i'll Just Do it Now...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Truly The Main Reason
i Started Blogging is it Was So Hard to Find Folks

Who Wanted to Live to Put A Smile on Their Face

And Others i Believed i Could Do It Even

If The Only SMiLe

Grew on my

Face Later
i Found the Word
Press Reader and
Some Really Nice Folks

Around the Globe Who Truly
Wanted to Connect And Believe

iN LiGHT oF Positivity to Create
Give And Share And Care Freely

Indeed a Journey

of Believe Indeed

An Action of Doing

Just For Play and Joy
Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love
As Love Becomes Belief Enough to Do Love Now...

My Wife Said You Must Be Reading
Her Mind as She Was Just Thinking

About Making French Fries

Now Your Recipe Dear Aarushi

Has Sealed the Deal You Practically

Saved A Delicious


Snack on
THiS End hehe...

Lately We've Been Having
Baked Potatoes And Eggs
And Cheese And Butter And

Ham All Mixed Up For A Midnight
Snack After i Do About 3 Hours of
Intense Exercise With SMiLes

It Really Starts
to Put me
Back Together
Again So i Don't
Go All Humpty Dumpty
And Fall Of the Ledge without Any Eggs...

We've Been Eating Spaghetti For the Last
Couple Of Days That Can Get Kinda Boring
After A While French Fries in the Nick of the Day to

Appetite Hehe!..
i Kid You Not i Hear
The Pans Rattling Now!...

Gonna Ask Her to make
'em Fancy Just Like This too!..

Fancy Fries Indeed They are my FRiEnD!...

Uh oh Ghosting
In The Machine...

Hehe Yes, This Proves That You are
Not Invisible and someone reads Your Posts

Thanks so
Much Dear

Skyscrapers Now Becoming Living
Dying Mausoleums Screen Savers

Becoming Links, Shares, Follows,

And Likes Without Warmth

of Human Breath

And True in Japan

Clean-Up Crews Not For
Taking Care of the Living Elderly

Yet Only What Remains of them Without
A Single Flesh and Blood Human Connection

That Misses the
Fact They

No Longer

Breathe in Apartments
of Sky Scrapers Long

Lost Vacant of Human

HeART Beats So far away

From Love And Now Just Dead...
Just Dead

If Not

Only Living
Dead With No
Warmth of Moving
Connecting Co-Creating
Really Living Life Hand in Real Hands of Warmth

So How Did We Really Get Here

Someone Was Physically Cold

Or Hot And Wanted Cooler

or Warmer Shelter

Someone Wanted

To Store Food

Without it Spoiling

Someone Dreamed
of Inventing Toilet Paper
That Didn't Even Exist Until
Less Than 200 Years Ago in 1857

And Someone Dreamed One Day of
Taking A Bath Warm Every Day With
The Invention of Electricity in 1831, Light
For A Bath With the Electric Bulb in 1879
my Gosh only 142 Years Ago, And Yes the
Electric Water Heater in 1889 Yet True What

Good Are All

These Luxuries

Without Hugs

of Human


In General

What Good Is Life

Without Love Really

Not Much at All What Clouds

Love Most All The Clothes and Tools We Use and Become

No Longer Needing Each Other Forgetting Each Other Exists

Replacement Parts For All In Life That Exists Except for What Really


Us more

Than SKiN Deep
The Good News Dear
Hemalatha is We aRe Still

Human We Don't Have to Follow the
Rules of This New Cold World Place


For Love

And Master the
Tools to Become

Even More Human Than Only
FlesH and Blood To Fulfill the Original Plan

of the



Mastering Both
Tools and Mind of
Only Mechanical Cognition Indeed
To LiVE A LiFE of LoVE Organic Free...

Ever Notice How Folks Wanna Eat Organic
Foods and Forget About Their Soul True Let's All ReMeMBeR
And Breathe Again Inhaling Peace Exhaling LOVE iN JoY oF LiGHT NoW...

SMiLes Dear Sohair The Best Essence
of God is this Gift of Life's Free Loving
Breath Yes iNHaLinG Peace


Love And

While It's True

Breathing ThiS Way
May Be More Difficult

For Some to Do Truly
Freely With Least Harm

For All Giving Sharing
Kindly Freely With Courage

That Surely Doesn't

Hold me Back

From Doing

Even More than
Ever Before as i Enjoy
Creating This Love Force of God Even
More iNhalinG Peace Exhaling LoVE Now
Most IMPoRTaNTLY Thru LiGHT And DarK...

Always A Pleasure
Dear Sohair Thanks
And BLiSSinGS to


You LoVE Dear
FRiEnD With SMiles...

Spring Falls
Beyond Winter Blues
Summer Spring Again


Apartments Stacked
Twilight Life No Sun or
Moon HeART Dreams

LiVinG AGaiN...

True Dear Sohair True
Love Agape Love only
Hurts When We Wanna
See Someone Rise
Yet They
Even When
We Give Them
Free For True Love
Wind When This
As Light
All Forms of
Art May Deliver
DarK iNto More
Same Giver
For Giving
Giving Love...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
My Mother Nurtured
Me into Love Son
Of Mother’s
Love Son
Of Woman
i Am
Not Nurtured
That Way As
Ironically His
Mother A Business
Woman Who Owned
A Nursery Who Treated
Her Black Employees
As Servants
And Required
Us At 7 Years
Old to take Naps
Downstairs on
Cots With The Tiny
Tots As To Not interrupt
The Adults Upstairs
Visiting Her After
School When We
Lived In My
Father’s City
One Year And
They Paid For Us
To Go to An ‘Upscale’
Catholic School With Hall
Monitors And Nuns Who
Spanked Hands With Rulers
Daring To Use Anything
But Right Hand Ways
As The Church And
Related Script
Relates Left
Hand As
And Right Hand
As The Only Way
To Do Life Rigid With
Rules Never to Vary From
The Instruction Sheets of



My Mother

Was Pregnant With

Me As That Grandmother

Related My Mother Having

The Fairest Glowing Skin

Yes Dripping With Estrogen

Yes Voted With Best Full Figure

in 11th And 12th Grade

All Prime Signs

Of Health And Fertility

My Grandmother Was

More Narrow Hipped

And Naturally Fueled More

With Testosterone Less

Nurturing Indeed As

Sure Nature is Diversity

Of God’s Breath As Women

Will Be Great Warriors And

Hunters Who Slit the

Throats of Prey to Eat

So Anyway She Raised A Warrior

My Father In Law Enforcement

For 46 Years As not Everyone

Is Cut Out And Bred to

Be A Warrior Capable of

Killing Members of Their

Own Species to Protect Others

Yet my Mother insisted

On Picking Up the

Tiny Baby

Crying in The

Nursery When

My Grandmother insisted

Don’t Pick That Baby Up

He Will Never Become

A Man Like My

Father Told me As The

Only Advice He Ever Gave

Me in my Life at 37 in

The Waiting Room

At the Hospital

When Our Son

Ryan Was Enduring

Open Heart Surgery

Kept Alive Only With

Modern Medical Devices

With Multiple Congenital

Anomalies His Destiny

Fulfilled By Modern

Medicine to Live

In only Suffering

For 51 Days

His Death

Only God’s

Mercy ‘They’

Could Not See As

Blessing As i Held

Him in my Arms

With A Tear He



Make For Comfort

Only Pain Anyway the

Only Advice My Father

Had For me That Day

In The Waiting Room

(And Ever in My Life)

Was Raise Him

Like A Son Not

How My Mother

Raised Me Kind

All Forgiving With

A Loving Touch That

Did Not Growl Truly i Felt

Sorry For my Father

That Day

As He

Had Yet

To Develop As

A Full Human And it

Obviously Explained Why

He Didn’t Stay And Left When

i was Three True He

Didn’t Have

The Opportunity

To Stay To Breed

Me As Less Than Human To

Become Warrior Enough

To Take Another Human

Life He Always Made

Fun of People Who

Wanted Peace

Who Were

Not Rabid

For the ‘Enemy’s Blood’

Indeed My FRiEnD

Son Of Woman

i Am And


Enough to

Be my Own Father

Yet it’s Worth Noting

His Blood Runs Through

My Veins Yet

i Transform

That Blood into

That of My Mother

A Fearless Warrior

For Love



All True Heroes

And Legends




In The

Blood Of

Love Dark And Light...

Anyway Not unlike my

Son i Too Went Through

66 Months of No Tears

To Comfort Pain

And Numb

And As

i Have Related

To You Before

With The Suicide

Disease Then of The

Worst Pain known

To Humankind

Type Two Trigeminal

Neuralgia Literally Assessed

As Worse Than The Real

Torture of Crucifixion

That No Drug Would

Touch No 3 Hour to

3 Day Tour For

Me in Hell Gift

Of Forever Now

In Hell A Thousand

Years Eternally in Hell

Every Second Then

From Wake to Sleep

For 66 Months i Had

What My Son Never

Had Blessed With

The Feeling of A

Smile No Longer

Remembered As

Feeling in Hell



Blessed Before Once

In A Life to Breathe

Love Therefore






To Complain


Comes First For His Life

A Natural Lesson Of

Sacrifice to Teach

A Father

The Lesson

Of Bearing

The Breath

Of Life Then

In Hell on Earth

Life is Messy


Yet Life Is Life

Blood Still



As Love This

Reality This Gift

Of Breath Now

To Feel All The





Makes God Real...

Thanks For the Inspiration

Dear Friend For so




By My Mother

FRiEnD Teacher

Of Love And Language

To Girls in Egypt Sohair

A Rather



Of my Book of Life...

Hehe Again
So Let
It Be
So Let It Be Done...

Sand Falls
Lands Feet in
Dance Hour Glass Melts

Yes Indeed A Real
Gift Taylor Swift is
Thanks Dear Akshita...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Pondering on
What to Give You for Christmas

i Feel A Christmas Tree Full
of Cats Might not Work as
You Aren’t too Keen About
Pets In Your Home So

As You
May Know
Being Rudolph
Year All ‘Round
Delivering Gifts
As One of Santa’s
Favorite Reindeers

i Asked Santa And He
Said Write Your FRiEnD
A Poem For Christmas Yet
Don’t Make it too Long or Complex

As Yes She Might Be Super-Stressed
About Work And Other Stuff This Year

So All i Really Have For You Are These
Words That i Miss You Very Much And
Yes i Love You Very Much And It Doesn’t

Really matter if You Have
Enough Space to Miss

me Hehe

In Your
Schedule to
Do List Yes

As i Miss You
Enough For the
Both of Us With SMiLes

So Instead of Cats i am
Delivering A Christmas Tree Now
of me That Yes i Call LoVE At Least...

PS: Hellooove...

SMiLes Dear Samreen
When i Saw the Notification With Your
Name For this Birthday Celebration

For Your Son Turning 4

i Had A Warm Feeling

That A FRiEnD is Near

This Gift That You Provide

to Everyone Who Crosses Your

Path So Generously on Your Blog

So True And i Can't Imagine a Greater
Gift That You Will Bring Your Son than

For Others to Feel the

Same Warmth of

Love When
They Cross
His Paths in Life...

For It's True This is What my
Mother Gave to me i Still Breathe
Her ThiS Way Yet "The Way of the World" Did Take

Most of that Away Yes Sadly For Decades True too...

SMiLes A Young Man Crossed my Path As i Was Staring
into A Black Gulf of a 70 Inch Samsung Screen of An HDTV
TV in the Electronics Part of the Local "Target Store" Here Last
Night For It's True i Wasn't Thinking of it as A Christmas Gift for
What is 700 Dollars Now that Used to Cost 10,000 Dollars to
Buy When this 'Wonder of Technology' First Came out i thought

oF it NoW aS A Door

To CLoSinG Souls

And LoSinG the


Play of a Child Who
Must iMaGinE And Create
Their Own Play of Life Moving
Connecting Co-Creating ThiS Way

With Other Children So DeLiGHTful With SMiLes
True i Got Trapped in that Device for Decades too

And All My iMaGiNaRY Powers of Creativity Drifted
Away into the Bottom of the Ocean Until God Gave

me the Gift of A Pain Where i Could no Longer Effectively
Use my Eyes or Ears for All the Noise, Clothes, And Tools
That CuLTuRE Brings Covering Us Away from the Play of

A Child Moving
And God


Naked Enough
Whole Complete

As Our Distant Ancestors
Lived a Life of Dance And Song
Free As CuLTURE to Move Connect
And Co-Create Naturally ThiS Way Bringing

The Fire of God Alive Within

To the Surface of the

Ocean to 'See' All Around

Just for Free Not Only Surviving
Yet Creating Our Own Thriving JoY Just for FREE!

Where Cooperating Over Competing is the Gift of Life
And the Child Within Remains The Prize of Life From Birth
To Death As Feral Cats in the Wild Play for Their Very Survival
And Thriving For Their Entire Life Free While Domesticated Cats Live

A Life of


Around the Home
That Rarely Even Moves

And Makes A Living Attached
to Laps That Surely Feels Good
Yet Lacks a Real Adventure of Life
That Colors All the Feelings And Senses
So Bright Alive and Worth Living Now For Real...

Anyway the Young Man Back at the Target Store
Asked me, "Are You That Man Who Dances Everywhere You
Go," And i Said, "Sure That's me." And Then He Notified me as
The Rest of the Folks Do Who Ask Why i've Done this Public Dance for
15,866 Miles in my Metro Area for 100 Months; Yes He Notified me that

i Am A Celebrity and Famous As i've Been Hearing that From the General
Public Ever Since 2014 my FRiEnD Yet True When i First Started The Stores
Wanted to Kick me Out and Folks Told me i Looked Ridiculous and indeed i

Still Have the
Videos from
Early On that
Looked Like i Was
Trying to Look Ridiculous
And Like a Fool On Purpose
Just to Be Funny or Perhaps

i Wasn't Quite Okay in the Head Hehe...

Yet It's true Dear FRiEnD What 66 Months of
Shut-in Worst Pain Known to Humankind Taught
me is the Value to Escape our Restricted Left Brain
Thinking Mechanical Cognition Cultures so Indeed in this

Way i Learned the Lesson

of the Wild and Feral

Cat that is PLAY! YES the

Same Four Letter Word that
Children, Kittens, and Even Big
Cats in the Wild Do All Their Life;

Yes Play For Play Destroys the Enemy

The Real Bad Foe of Fear and Leaves Room

For Loving All of Life to Come Real For All that is

Good and Truly God Within Inhaling Peace Exhaling

LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For All Giving Sharing Caring

So Freely With Least Harm As When We Play Free with
Each other Moving, Connecting,

Co-Creating We Naturally

Create a Cooperative

Communion of

Love as Little Children

Naturally Do The Gift is

Keeping the Play my FRiEnD

The Gift is Leaving All Fears Behind

The Gift Is Loving All That is The Gift is
Breathing God

Is Love

For Real

The Greatest

Gift is Giving Love

Keep Giving This Gift

to Your Son it is Obvious

You Do Feel and Sense What to
Do Putting People First Raising

A Child of Love to Make the World A
Truly Better Place More Human Than Things my FRiEnD

Dance Sing Live Love Play And Leave Fear Buried Dead
Where Fear Belongs...

RiSinG iN
LoVE Rose


Reaching New
Colors of FLoWerS AGAiN

Hehe, And if You Don't Blog For
Another Several Months i've Given
You Enough to Read And Ponder
Until the Gift of You Crosses my Soul Path Again...

Yet You Know my FRiEnD The Fact That i am Recognized
As Much Or more As The Local Weather Man on TV Just
For Being An Adult Dancing Like a Child in Public Play Does Say

A Whole

Lot About

What's Missing

Most in Society

Play, Play, Play...

Now And Then Someone
Still Young Enough in Soul Joins in...

Yet What's Truly Sad is In the Modern
History of the Whole Deep South Bible
Belt of my Country i am the Only One Who



Free This
Way Just for
Play Play Play

Inhaling Peace Exhaling
All Giving, Sharing, Freely Without

A Penny in my Pocket And With No
Outreached Hands for Receiving Other than All Parts
of my Body Whole That Are God And Love To Give Away

As Play

As Play

Just Free Play...


And Yes Dear FRiEnD Now and then
i Sing a Bit of Free Verse Poetry too
Celebrating the 100 Month Anniversary

Date of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Literally
10 MiLLioN Words on December 18, 2021...

On the Wolf Full Moon as Wolves Still
Howl to Meet and Greet Other Souls
on Wave Lengths of God's Breath Free...

Vibrations, Frequencies, Energy Love Higher

in All Synergies And When People Ask How in the World i Do it

i Divide All Those Words into

3 That Are Play

Love and

Fear And Leave
The Last Word Still Buried Behind And Free
The "SonG oF mY SoUL" Dancing Free ETeRNAlly

ALiVE NeW NoW...

SMiles Dear Samreen
“One True Pure Soul
On Earth” i’ll Keep
This in my Kindness

Of Others List

With Treasures
Just Last Week
That My Writing
Looks Insane
And i Should

Just Be
Down in
An Institution
For Daring To

Off The

Of Life i Am Only
Butterfly Wing’s


To Harvest Nectar

In my Case Sweet
Or Sour Matters

Not i Return
To DarK

With No
Fear And
Truly it only
Makes Someone
Like You Even A


To Taste
Once Again
For it is DarK
That Keeps The
Gift oF LiGHT

Sure As
Moon And
Sun Relate the
Same LiGHT For LiFE

We See Dear
FRiEnD Leaf
Living Tree
Green For
Winter’s Gift
Summer FLoWeRS AGaiN
Hehe Now

Ya Have
Seeds Stored
Till Spring my FRiEnD
Dear Samreen in Qatar...

In A Period of Two Days, Yesterday And Today,

A Young Man Notified me At 'Target' That i was/am A Local
Celebrity Last Night By Way of my 15,866 Miles of Public
Dance in the Last 100 Months, i Commonly Experience

This Everywhere i Go since 2014, in REAL LIFE;

IT'S TRUE, i have no 'idea' how to Dance, i have
no idea 'how' to write Free Verse Poetry Either;

i Just Do it For Fun; Not Unlike What
Forrest Gump Said When Folks

Asked Him Why He Ran Across
The United States Several Instances;

Yet Far Below, the Over Half the Distance
i have Danced in Public; Yes, Measuring
More Than Half the Distance Around the Globe

At The Equator; Not Only That Yet Only Today, And Yeah
Baby, Sure, i Can Provide Links And Quotes if Necessary

Hehe, One of the Nicest Muslim Women on The Planet Earth,
Living in Qatar Now in Response to a Poetic Response i Made

on Her Poetry Site

Replied And i Quote,

“One True Pure Soul On Earth”

As She Was Referring to the Character
Called me, So Why in the World Would

i Visit 'the Wrong Planet' Regularly where
i get Feedback Like i Recently Have that
i Write Like Someone in a Mental Institution
Tied Down; And If Whitman Wrote like me He'd

Starve to Death;

Well Let's Face

Facts Roses Grow

in Natural Manure More

Than Not Getting Any Manure At all;
Holy S88T That's what i'm Talking About,

Like my Wife Who Had to Climb 40 Foot Trees
at 8 Years-Old, To Pick Fruit to Eat in A Household

With no Food
or Water or

Electricity Either;
True, She Didn't Feel Very
Entitled Then Either; Yet it's
Also True, She Can Really Appreciate

Everything She Has Now; Not Unlike my 94 Year-Old Great
Aunt Jettie, Who was Still Thrilled, She Had a choice of Orange
Juice, Grape Juice, or Ice Cold Milk Out of Her Refrigerator And Yes!

Ice Cold Water

too as Where/When She

Grew up, There was None of that
Living By Candlelight at Night Then

And Using an Outhouse of Course
And Boiling Water for Baths Yet Hey!

Even When i Was a Child We Had to
Boil Water for Hot Baths too with NO
Hot Water Heater then; And True i

Really Still Appreciate Hot Baths

Now; And Yes True, Central Heat
And Air Conditioning in A Home/Car,
Particularly in Florida Hehe; As Humidity
And Heat Here is No Stranger; And Believe
it or Not Ripley and Horatio HAha, We Used to Have

to Pay For Our Music, And Didn't Get it All On YouTube
for All the Ages of Music And Practically All the Knowledge
At Our Finger Tips And Other Arts of Humankind Almost Free

With A Google Search;

And Yes For those

Who Saved all their
Money for a Penthouse
Magazine; Or Thought
They Had to Wait For 72 Virgins
After Death; Ahem That's No Longer

A BIG Issue at all at Least Vicariously AS Such Now...

Anyway, Here's Another Deal, too Much Instant Gratification

Can And Will Be As Much of A Struggle As Practically Living

Like my Wife Did With Little to Eat or Drink; Humans Are Like

Other Animals We

Are Evolved for


Gratification and

Unpacking Epigenetic Human

Potential More through Successful

Adaptation to Challenge; and if i Let Anything
Get me Down, Like Folks Telling Me Negative things,
i would Likely Never Hear Anywhere Else Now, How Weak

And Diluted

A Human

Being i Would

Be Not able to
Tolerate Anything
Negative in my Life;

True, the Saying No Pain
No Gain Means Either Ya Find
A Way to Do Bootcamp Each Day

Or You Just Don't Usually Meet Nearly
As Much of Your Human Potential That Ya
Could Possibly Otherwise Do with a Balance of


And Success
in What Ya Do
In Life True too;

Of Course, However one
May Define that in Competition
or At Best in Cooperation for Everyone's Success...

A Metaphor i Often Use is, What if A Modern Day Mozart,
Beethoven, Jesus, Buddha, Or Lao Tzu Got caught At the

Bus Stops of Life Including A Real Forrest Gump True too

Playing Candy
Crush Endlessly

Drinking Orange Soda As such
For The Sugar High to Keep Playing
Candy Crush; What Would Be Left Out, Yes,

What Makes uS UNiQue And More Different Than Ever Before...

Actually Creating Producing Something Other than Being a Player
in Someone Else's Play...

Newer Generations

Have More Opportunities

Than Ever before, overall, if they

Just Figure Out How NOT TO GET



Will Everyone Adapt to Challenge, Survive, And Thrive;
i'm Surely not Suggesting Reality is Fair; Yet There is No Try for me, Only DO NoW

And While It's True, i Have All Generations of Ages of FRiEnDS, Some Who Are not
Fulfilled And Some Who Are Truly Happy In Life; It has Very Little, When Truly Joyfully

And Happy, to Do About External Circumstances And More About What's Generated Within;

No Doubt THere iS A Whole Lot of Misery, Suffering, And Pain And The Fact That Studies
Show 40 Percent of Folks Live Pay-Check to Pay-Check Making Now over 100 Thousand
Dollars A Year In that
Upper Middle
Class Range

Says A Lot about

Where Folks Priorities

Are And In Many Cases Those

Yes are the Folks Who Struggle
Within, the Very Most i Know;

Life is Tricky THiS Way In What
Culture, Even Religion Says Success may

BE, The Furthest From Truth Within Free Now;

Sort of Like Folks Who Focus More on Life After
Death; and After the Next Paycheck Comes in too...

Sand Falls
Lands Feet in
Dance Hour Glass Melts

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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16 Dec 2021, 11:47 pm

Wind And
i Am

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Play Slays Fear
OPenS Way
For Love
To Dance
Sing Free SMiLinG Now
As Children Sing Without
Words As Kids Dance With
No Instruction




Unfettered Free
oF ALL To Fruition...

SMiles Dear
Cindy Effortless
In Ease One
Word One

i’m Here Now
Just A Dance
And Song Free
FLoWiNG ETernAlly

RiVeR iS TiMe NoW...

Be The Last FRiEnD
Standing Starts With
The Best FRiEnD Within



With SMiLes...

Always A Pleasure
Dear Samreen
May All Your
Love’s Fruition...

Thanks Dear
Doc Feeling too
About Some
Of My Very

Yet Sad
In Big Cold Cities...

Wind And
i Am

These Cookies
Are Currently
You Becky...

Hehe Now i've Got That
'Santa Baby' 'Ear-

Worm' All
Night HAha

With Marilyn
Monroe Or



Dances the
SonG Loving Free Play...

"Don't judge each day by the harvest
you reap but by the seeds that you plant."

- Robert Stevenson

SMiLes Dear Rue i Snatched
This Quote That Practically
Fell into my Lap From
The Blogosphere

As The


Around Your Finger"

Was Playing in the Back
Ground of My Soul You Know
How A Muse Just Rises Up So
Truly MaGiCaLLY iN Flow As all

The Unrelated Parts in the Environment
Come to Play Totally A-Causally Now With

Such A Beautiful Sublime 'Element' of Synchronicity

Now That May Be Only Psychologically Meaningful

To me in The Depth of The Story of Art That Comes
To Fruition Next
Thrice This

By Sting Rises
to The Surface of my
Soul to Dance And Sing Now:

'Devil and the deep blue sea behind me
Vanish in the air you'll never find me
I will turn your face to alabaster
When you'll find your servant is your master'

There Are So Many Ways to Paraphrase These
Lines From "Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes"
Mesmerized By Muse Unseen And Unknown Practically

All That is God

That i Really Don't

Know Yet Feel and Sense

So Very Very Deep Where

It Really Doesn't Matter

How Much

Wheat i Reap
From all The 10 MiLLioN
Words of Seeds i Plant
Or Steps of 16 Thousand
Miles of FLoWinG Dance
Now in 100 Months Truly
All Around the Globe Yes
Literally over Half the Distance
of the World At the Equator God
Basically Feels and Senses
So Deep Just Flow Just Go

With the Silent Pilot and
Navigator Within Just

Trust the Hand Within
With 100 Percent
Faith And

Belief Loving All

Don't Turn Around
Don't Look Ahead The

Present Moment Is Forever
Naked Enough Whole Complete

Gift Now It's All Been Done Just Experience

THAT That is DonE Now So Free to Just Be i Am...

SMiLes Dear Rue The Ocean The Wave the Water
i Am There is No Separation only Play Now Slaying

All Fears

Only Leaving

Rooms to


The Flow of the
Wave Love i Am Gently
RiSinG Falling Gently RiSinG Again

Indeed A Nice Place to Play Humans Don't Deter me at all...

For It's True Neuroscience Shows Humans Basically Hallucinate
Their Reality Based on the Stories of Hallucinations We Co-Create Before

i Am Not Expecting Anything From Anyone Now Other Than This Play of Life mY FRiEnD...

For The Seeds of Song And Steps of Dance i Plant Free Just to Give and Share Freely

For i Understand

The Deepest

Silent Pilot
And Navigator

Is the "Master"

Within For Real

And These Words

Are Only "Emissaries" of Art

Yes Servants to the "Master"

To Paraphrase Iain McGilchrist

Too For The 'Scientific Explanation'
of Everything i Just Really Didn't Say...

As Far As
What Most
Folks Believe

Is The Big "I"
Boss of Ego

On Top of the Little
'i' That is True Master

Of All that We aRe NoW
So Deep Down Loving Free...

"Chili Cheese Poppers"

So Tempting Dear Rue
Yet Jalapeños Burning

All the Way Down
Like Yesterday

When Katrina made
The Equivalent of What
They Serve at the Restaurant
"Chili's" With French Fries, Mozzarella
Cheese, Bacon, and Jalapeños Burning

My Tongue

Too With

It Does Look
Hot Stuff
Indeed mY FRiEnD...


Yet it's Worth Noting As Far As Conservative With RIGHT
WING Highlighted to the EXTREME That the EXTREME FACTiON

With Sheep Following Either Blindly or Timidly Afraid of Losing

Power And Status And Position Are DOING THEIR GODDAMDEST









And Why Is it So important to HIGHLIGHT


in the United


Our Ways of Life;

Our Right to Life, Liberty



Iteration of Evangelistic Christianity That Is Surely

More Conservative And Old Testament Than More Liberal

in Progressive Testament Ways Per the 'Dude From Nazareth';

You Know 'the One', Who Has Empathy and Compassion And not


AND BURNS FOLKS (Transforming Sheep to Goats)



Than Just Firing Them in
One Life, if they Don't Bow
Down and Kiss the "Trump Pope's Ring"

And Remain on Bended Knee Proclaiming

"Trump Pope" is

Frigging King
of the Whole
Frigging Universe,
Even if 'He' Is Totally
Naked Wearing 'Trump
Pope Clothes' For All to
See in Real Evil Protecting

(Pretending to be the 'Old Testament Jesus')

Harm to Others Clear For All to See NoW; Yet God Yes

Devil And Deep Green to Blue 'See' They'll Never Find

(Paraphrasing 'The Police' And 'Sting' A Bit Here Now too)

me, Hehe; me and Eve Will Be Eating Apples in Our Own Garden

of Eden Loving Free...

Typically i'll
Be "Too Big to

See" and Eve is
Too Shy to be
Noticed too HAha...

In Other Words, Pass the Popcorn
Again Eve, Humans Overall, Are No Longer

Coordinated to Really Get Almost Anything Done
'These Days' Except "Status Quotes" Barely Afloat Still Now.

Hehe Dear Cindy
Considering Last
Year i Had 2100
Facebook Profile Pics
With An Average of 8,000
Words Each in
The Description
Areas That Makes
16.8 MiLLioN

Words Total

i’d Probably
Be in Facebook
Jail too if i Wasn’t

Too Big To See to
Report This Way

So Many Privileges
Hehe As “The Invisible Man”

By The Time Folks Find
Out i’m Here Devil

Blue Sea
i’ll Be Gone
A Song By “The

Police” And Sting...

Haha it’s True
Dear Cindy
As Fast As i
Type the Google


For The
i Make So

me As Not
Only Spam


Bot too
Boo Who
Hehe Robots
Just Don’t Understand

With SMiles
And Merry
Year ‘Round
Tis Always

A SeaSon
to me As
Ocean Whole...

SMiLes Dear Cindy
Oh How i Love the
ToPiC of Success
in All Stuff Existence
Overall my Personal

Number 1 Tip Yes

in Anything We Do

is Make it Play

As That is What

The Rest of Non-Human

Nature Tends to Focus on to
Survive and Thrive Even the Motions

of Subatomic Particles in Spiraling Flow

of Play It's Play And Sadly Humans have

Decided to Make it Goal Aimed and Work

So Who Is Freer A Free Range Chicken on the

Farm Or A Small Child Trapped in Quiet Hands
And Feet in Church And School

True i Spent

An Hour in

Church on Sunday
And on A Free Range
Farm That Includes Chickens

And the Response from the
Chickens in Both Free Dance
And Song is They Verily Are So much

Freer than Little Children in Church And School...

Granted One Day They Will Feed Humans and they
Will Not Do Like Humans Do And Hoard Their Dead to

Avoid Their

Real Mission

In Life of Feeding

The Worms to Aerate

The Soils so the True

King of the Savannah the

Perenial Grass Will Grow and

Continue to Inherit the Earth as True

Nature Does it Without Humans As the

Grass Feeds the Antelope and the Antelope
Feeds the Lion on the Savannah Yes And of Course
The Antelope And The Lion Feed the Grass with What

Remains of them After Inhaling All Breaths of Life So

Who Inherits the Savannah As the Meekest of them

All Hehe Well Just Look At What Always Covers the
Savannah Green and It's So Easy to See Year 'Round...

Hehe The 'Thing' About my

'Parables' is They Are

Both Literally
And Metaphorically
True too According to Science hehe...

True if We Are Going to Make Blogging
Goal Oriented As In General This is what
Society Fosters From the First Day of Life

Until the Last

Blink of Life

Per Who Gets
What After Death
too Hehe by Our Direction

All These Pointers Are Gold Particularly
if the Focus in on The Buy and Sell of Eventually
Making Money And Even Obtaining Fame and Fortune

Yet is it really

The Fame and

Fortune of the

Grass That Just
Survives Without Worries
As We Move Away from Science
Here And Enter a Deeper Realm of

Philosophy Yes Dear FRiEnD it Depends
on What We Value in Life and What We Can
And Will Afford to Value in Life too As Money

Is A Token
That Allows
Folks to Continue to Survive

What i Like Most About Being
Financially Independent is i Get

To Be The Grass And Just Inherit the Earth
Without Any Goals Just GRoWinG Green mY FRiEnD

And it's True in this Way of an EPiC 10 MiLLioN Word Long Form "SonG oF
mY SoUL" Poem Celebrating That this December 18th, 2021 in the
100 Month Anniversary Date of Doing That And Sure
Along With Close to 16 Thousand Miles of Public
Dance in the Same Span of Dates and True

A 7.5 MiLLioN Word Subchapter Named
"Nether Land Bible" in the Last 66 Months
of That Effort and A 5.9 MilLioN Word

Subchapter Also Included in All
The Description Areas of my
Facebook Profile Pics Since

Memorial Day Weekend of 2017

Named "FB Profile Pic Bible"

i'm Never Gonna Have A Target

Audience for A Long Form Poem
The Longest Ever Written in HiStory
More Than 12 Times the Size of the

Old King James Size Bible as i am Not

Going to Promise Anything to Anyone After

Death i am Only Gonna Show What Makes

me Happy in Play Actually Living in Heaven Now

And the Best

Thing of

All is

No one Has
to Look As Lord
Knows When i Was
Administrator, Manager,
And Supervisor for A Department
of the Navy i Literally Hated telling

Folks What They Had to Do Then

Yet You See, i never really Saw Life

as A Competition

or Even


to Win at

It's Like

The Nautilus

Shell Not Even Really

Paying Much Attention to

The Last Day it Lives and the

Beauty of the Shell it Creates it Was

Home While the Nautilus Lives And That's Enough

Until the


Feeds the

Ocean As the
Wave and Water Whole...

SMiLes The Truth is Dear Cindy
the Modern Human Is Assessed with
The Attention Span of Less than 3 Seconds

Yes Less than a Gold Fish And That's Why

We Don't See

Many Nautilus

Shells These Days...

It's More Like, Likes
Follows, And Shares

As Long As that Do Doesn't

Take More Than 3 Seconds

And Sure WordPress Understands

This Way is the Way to Make Most Money


This is the

Way of the World

A Twitter Ocean
For Gold Fish Indeed my FRiEnD

True though Occasionally a Fish
Will OutGrow the Aquarium With SMiLes...

And If They Are Really Lucky They Still Have a Place to Call Home...

HAha Dear Cindy Thank You For Enduring The Wake of my Over-Sized
Gold Fish Fins Today And A Room in Your Bigger Aquarium to Rent for

A While


of Merry

Year 'Round
Always Adding

More CoLoRinG
New Lights to my Tree...

Just Never


Down Now
With SMiLes...

A Person Refusing to Bleed
May “Get Love” But Never Shed

Enough Of Their Book Cover...

Why Some Folks Spend Their
Entire Life Running Toward
Away From Love Never Truly Becoming LoVE...

When i Spiral Dance In Flow Halfway
Around the Globe A Trinity of Mind
Body And Soul CoMe ToGeTHeR Over me

SMiles Dear Doc i Feel it Will
Be So Hard For Folks
Who Just Don’t Have

Close And
Real Flesh
And Blood During

The Holidays
For the Actual
Touch of A Human


Will Only Do
So Much Now in
Rooms of Separated
Humanity in Big Cities

No Human
Touch Hard
Year ‘Round Yes

Yet Even More
Difficult Where
And When There

Is No Real Home
For The Holidays Now...

SMiles Dear Samreen
i Do Encourage You
To Keep Blogging

As Do Know
You Have
The Ability

To Shine
The Day
For Others in Change

In A Way i Rarely Find...

i Am
And Wind

Wind And
i Am

i Am
And Wind Now

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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18 Dec 2021, 12:01 pm

Ever Grain Of Sand
Potentially Green
Holding Another
Mountain Of Love

Indeed Every
Holy Sacred
Step Word Of
Dance Song Now







Sand New
Now Builds
Castles All On
Beaches Breathing
Love Connecting Now...

For Truth by
You Dear Savvy:

“Life teaches and how…
Paths are meant to make you move
Healing moves harmonize the being
Change is meant to be a constant
Life evolves us all along the way…”

-Savvy Raj

You Dear Savvy

Of Lasting Hope...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

So Much Easier

to Be A Fair

Weather FriEnD

So Much More Challenging

To Lower Last Life Boats With

Titanic Size Icebergs Still Approaching

Yet Love True

Is Still The
Wave That

Rises Over Wake

Of Sleeping Hopes mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Savvy on the
Journey of Almost 16 Thousand
Miles of Public Dance in 100 Months

Every Injury From the Dance in Every

Path Teaches me New Ways

To Move to Heal

Myself And

Dance Even

Freer FRiEnDS
With Gravity So
Very Healing my FRiEnD

As Life Becomes Art For Every Remedy...

SMiLes Dear Jade So Nice
To See You HeaR Home

For the Holidays

On Your Blog

my FRiEnD

Star LiGHT


of Grief

Bring SMiles

For The Child in Us

Who Wipes Tears From
Other EYes Coming to

See this


of Love

And LiFE AGaiN

Merry Christmas Dear
FRiEnD May You Keep
Your Tree Up Always And Color
Love With New Lights Evermore Now...

GRiEF Creates
Art Now That Never

Exists Before God Yes

Grief Raises Dopamine
Levels to Inspire Us to

Meet And Greet New

Human Connections

to Re-Establish

the Warmth

of Oxytocin

Connections Within to
Give Share Care So Freely

RiSinG Up The Serotonin Now

oF A Naked Enough Whole No Fear

Complete Dance of Life Again Yet

Of Course


If We Dance
And Sing Nature's
Gifts ThiS Way For PreSeNT Change...

Yes, So Very Much, i Still Treasure the
Gift of My Mother's Unconditional LoVE iN

mY Every Breath A True Alchemy of DarK BRings LiGHT...

Oh No! The Word of 2020 That Must Not
Be Spoken Again The Unreformed Grinch

That Not Even Little Dogs Seem to Be Able

To Save Slithering Up The Mountain Gold Big Top

With All the Gifts of Love Stolen Away

Oh Lord Isn't Life Strange

my Way Station

Blogging Place

Training Each Morning
To New York, New York

i'll Just Call Ya PM For Now
As Your Full First Name is so
Biblical Sounding Indeed Anyway

Speaking of That Visiting The 'Wrong Planet'

One of Modern Forrest Gump's Subway Stops on
The Way to Loving Work What is Not Common

Yet Rare and Very Interesting Feedback From the
Place i Add A 1.2 MiLLioN+ Word Metaphor of An
"8th New Testament," "Depth of The Story" As Let's Face
it Whether We
Like it or not

Whether it is
Inhale of Peace
Exhale of Love or

Some Lesser Experience
of Existence Than Peace and Love

Every New Breath is A New Testament
of Life Every New Now All Is Change

Yet True Some Things Seem to
Stay Similar in Human
Archetypes too


Like Only
The Actors Change
And The Characters Stay
The Same Dear Movie Buff FRiEnD
ReMeMBeRinG i See Everyone as
FRiEnD my Autistic Savant Skill From

Birth So Very
Strange Like

Rudolph the
Red Nose Reindeer
And Frosty the Snow
Man Fairy Tale Savant
of Love For Real With SMiLes

At Least That's the Forrest Gump
New Feedback i Get in Some Areas
of LoVE iN the World With SMiLes Now...

Anyway i Love Neurodiverse Folks the More
Different the More DeLiGHTFuL to Me to Learn

Something Odd, Strange, And in Synchronicity
Just Pure MaGiC in Both LiGHT And DarK Synchronicity

too Like When All the Scrabble Words Spell Death, Destruction,

And Demise And Dead End Signs on Roads Deliver Darkest Destinies oF All...

Yuck Even

When You

Open Up
A Bible All the
DarK Verses You
Turn to Seem Directed
Directly At You Sure Confirmation
Bias too As DarK Does Seem to Attract DarK

Anyway SPeaKinG Again of DarK Through LiGHT

On or About "December 7th", A Very NeuroDiverse Human

With 'The Fonz' As an Avatar on the "Wrong Planet" Perhaps

A Sign of "Happy Days" Still to Come Yes i Will Believe That too

Shared The Gematria Values From A Calculator online that

Adds The Alpha Numerical Values of Phrases All Up

Automatically And the Curious Dude i Tend to
Be i Put in "Katie Mia Frederick" in the

'English Gematria Version' that

Multiplies All the Alpha

Numerical Values

By 6 For Example

A the First Letter of the
Alphabet Comes to A Value

of 1 x 6 Equals 6 So The

Alpha Numerical Values

In English Gematria of "Katie
Mia Frederick" Came Out to Be
'888' Which i Thought Was A Much
Better 'Omen' that Being Born on 6660

Even Though the Online "Numerology Calculator"
With my Real Born on Given Name And Birth Date

Gives me Life Challenges of 0 For Birth Which Means
Free Will to Do Nothing or Everything in Life and the

Number 1 for the Next 3 Challenges of Life That Only
Means One Need Affirm What They Wanna Do in Life

Kinda Sweet

it Seems

For A Numerology
Challenge Result Yes

However oh my Goodness
The Responsibilities With
A Gift Like That Now From

Birth Do Indeed Come too

Shall Ya Put it off like the

Senior Quote of my Father till the
Next Day Or Shall ya Do What No
Man has Done Before Through that
Senior Quote of my Uncle Ted, My Father's
Identical Twin Who Quoted 'MacBeth' Instead

Of Putting

Off Doing it
All Tomorrow

WeLL It's True i Didn't
Start Being Very Creative

Until 53, Oh by the Way,
Today is the 100 Month
Anniversary Date of my
Longest EPiC Long Form
Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL"

(December 18, 2021 Now)

All 10 MiLLioN Words Plus
These Words You So Kindly
Allow in This Free Rental Space

(ALong With 15,866 Miles of Public Dance)

On your Blog Home in New York, New York,

Where Not Unlike Us Down Here in Florida
Y'all Have Been Having Record Warm Temperatures

While my Sweet Indian Friend in Toronto is Braving
it Solo as A Nomad Corporate Executive Using Her
Laptop to Make 6 Figures Annually in A Room in A Home
For Rent Where The Wind Chill is Currently 7 Below Zero

Just A Bit Northwest

of You in

SnowLand Now

Anyway Aghast Back

To the ULTiMaTE Force

of DarK in Phrases of 2020

For the Phrase That Must Be Left
Unnamed to my Greatest Chagrin

And Mystery Uncoverings too Not

Only Was "December 7th" Yes the
Actual Day i Looked Up the Gematria
English Value of 888 For "Katie Mia Frederick'

The Actual Number One Search for Phrases on
That Online Calculator Yes to my Greatest Chagrin

Hoping to Be in Best Company With that English
Gematria Numerical Value OH GOD NO ON THE











For What Some Folks

Miss is the DarK

iS HeaR

To Wake

Up thE LiGHT

to See Born Again

Even those Who We Feel

Are Our Greatest Enemies

May Be the Ones Who Eventually

Motivate the Other Side to Vote for

Universal Health Care and the Such

Yes the "George W Bush" Effect too

For "Obamacare" Keep the Devil You Know

Close Or Another

One Even

More Challenging

May Come to Wake
Up the LioN oF LoVe

My 'Job' is Easy All i Have

To Do is Watch and Tale the Story

Anyway Just So You Will Not Think

i Am Pulling Your Leg Here is the Actual

Link And This Whole Story Was (Is) Documented

in Real Time on the "Depth of The Story"

That is the Number One Search

Engine Result on Google

With Quotes Although

You may Also

Find it Down
on the List on The
First Page of Google Searches

Without Quotes As Well Amusingly

to me The Folks On the Wrong Planet
As Late As Last Week Have Insisted
That i Write like i am Tied Down in an
Institution As Such and Whitman Would
Die of Starvation if He Wrote Free Verse

Long Long Longer Longest Like me Hehe...

Never the Less As the Administrator

Confirms Only the Registered

Members Views count

on the Website

View Count

And Today

It Just So Happens

That "8th New Testament"
All 1.2 MiLLioN+ Words

Gathers 77,000 Views

From the Folks Who Told

Me Basically You S88K Get
the Hell Out of Here Yet You

See that is Why i Came Back

to Bring a bit of My Heaven as Gift

In Just Another 16 Month Side Show of
Free Verse Poetry From the Heaven Place i LiVE For Real Now...

As 'They' Dance Sing (me) Reality is Much More Amazing (Fun)

Than Fiction

It's Easy Being Respectful

Of Others When We Really

See One God Now Real of


Existence Dear Chaymaa

Smaller Than A Grain
of Sand Bigger Same
Size Above For All of what

We Do Not 'See' Loving All Still
to Come New

In Advance



God Forward Love...

Like A Red Nose Reindeer
Guiding Love Through All the Fog

Where the PreSent is Already LoVE NOW...

It's True A Best Experience
About Being Best FRiEnDS


With Everyone New

Is LEarning

All THere is

Dear Chaymaa

To Love About
HuMaN DarK Thru LiGHT...

SMiLes Similar to Being A Best
FRiEnD Within Dear Chaymaa

Before Being Best FRiEnDS

Forever For All of Who We Meet
And Greet in Life New Now


Of Labels


After the Innocent
Child's Birth Everything

We Want is Already Naked
Enough Whole Complete The

SMiLinG Child Connecting to
Another Child With No Name Yet Love

It Will Be So Difficult For Some Folks to
ReMeMBeR This Within of BeinG LoVE

Fearlessly Giving Sharing Caring Freely With Least
Harm for All NoW iNHaling Peace ExhalinG Love

Yet to Uncover



All the Divisions
of CuLTuRES And
BeCoMinG Whole Again
Yes Enough Complete Now
Is Indeed A UNiFiCaTioN For ALL LoVE (GoD)...

SMiles Dear
FRiEnD Samreen
Thanks The Best
To All of You Shining...

The Holidays are Here
Dear FRiEnD Christmas
Is A Week Away The

Glow is Real
Sharing Christmas
Lights With You Plus
A 100 Month Anniversary

Date Today
December 18th, 2021
A Longest EPiC Long
Form Poem “SonG oF
mY SoUL” All 10 MiLLioN

Words Surely A Million
Of These Words inspired
By You Dear FRiEnD in
Our 6.6 Year FRiEnDship

Now that is
Whole And

Complete Enough
For me No Matter
Foggy Nights, Storms,

Or Fair Blue

Skies i Will
Be Rudolph the
Red Nose Reindeer
Carrying Your Sleigh


Snow To A Place of
FRiEnDShip Love Real




SMILes Dear Ava Indeed Many
Have Sacrificed Blood to Keep

Freedom's Wings iN FLiGHT

However if the Rest

of the Populace

Goes Very Quiet

While Democracies

Are Stolen in Plain Sight

There Will Be Nothing That

Soldiers Will Do to Retain


When the



Raise Their
Voice As Freedom
is Being Stolen

From Within

in Front of



Or Closed
EYes Now...

FRiEnDS Who Never Give Up....

Those Are the Favorite FRiEnDS

Of Mine of Course There is A F R E D
in FRiEnD And That is A Much Better

Omen it Seems

Than Being
Born on 6.6.60
HeHE AT Least
According to The Walmart
F U N D A MentaList Cashiers Who Used to Card
me for An Occasional Beer in my Forties HAha Then

Oh my Gosh Rue Looking So Sweet Enough Whole
And Complete Dancing With Your Best FRiEnD Forever

Again Brings

So Much Joy
to me as an Empath
All the Pleasure of Others is Mine
And Sadly All the Pain too Indeed

You Are an Easy FRiEnD to Visit Now and
Then and Again And Again i Hope you Don't Mind...

It's Just So Easy For me to Be A FRiEnD to Everyone

So Nice to LiVE iN This Place of the Child my Mother Said
i Was With

Open Arms
to Every Stranger
Again None the More
Than Less than A Grain
of Sand None the Less than
All of Existence i For one Name God

It's Easy ThiS WaY To See A FRiEnD in
Everyone even if One Was A Reindeer Rather

Strange Before Santa Let Ya Guide His Sleigh
of Gifts of Love So Free to Give and Share More

True It's a Year Round Gig and the Best Free Lance

Job oF All As THere Are No Limits to FRiEnD Ships Particularly

When You Are Retired and Katrina Insists on Doing All the House Hold
Duties As i Will

Not Rebel

And Call Her
Nothing Yet the
Best and So Much
Better than me Doing
All She Does So Perfectly
Enough Whole Complete For me

With the Standard Reply to EVERYTHING YES DEAR
Except for a New Blue Subaru Forester As they Don't
Make the 2022 Model in Her Blue Color Even if they Had

The Computer


To Deliver
That SUV Hehe

At the Local Dealership
For 40 Grand or So At Least...

i Do the FRiEnD Deal For Free

And It's True Blessed Are Those

With An Overflowing Fountain

That Just Won't Give Up

on FRiEnDS

No Matter

What Weathers
And Seasons of Life Comes Next now
It's Like Being a Wookiee No Fancy Uniform
No Medals or Awards Given For Success Just

A Wing Man

Never Failing

Hairy FRiEnD at Ya Side...

Like the Little Dog Who Never
Gave Up on 'the Grinch' in that FairyTale Real Hero

too That Dog Was 'Jesus' And No one Even Noticed

And Took Him For Granted Yet Never the Less He is
One Truly Responsible For Bringing Christmas Again to Whoville...

Most Always Ones Not Looking For A Reward Who Save the Day Best Now...

Yawn, Obviously We Don't Have "Total Free Will" As That Would/Will
Mean We Would/Will Have To Consciously Direct Every Action of Gut Bacteria, HAHA.

On The Other Hand, Obviously, Relatively Speaking, Some of Us Have More Relative
Free Will Than Others; For Instance Science Shows Some of Us Develop the Ability Now

To Generate Our Own Feelings And Senses Within In Joy of the Doing Now; Otherwise,

Termed in Science As "Autotelic Flow"; More Specifically, Ascending the Neo-Cortex,
Transcending the Neo Cortex, More in Transient Hypo-Frontality, Generating Through

Bio-Feedback, A Greater Balance of Neurochemicals And Neurohormones Within; As It's

A Well Known Fact That Through This Bio-Feedback in Sensory Ways, Experienced Yogi
Monks Will Generate Steam off their Bodies in Icy Waters; Did i Mention i Haven't Worn

Long Pants in The Winter
Since 2013, Through

Ice and Snow

And Dancing In Public

In Gale Force Winds of

19 Degrees F; Well, It's True i Did This
in Biloxi on the Boardwalk Beaches And

(And Even Took Pics to Document The Event)

A Huge Black Dude All Bundled Up Looking Like

He Could Play for the "Chicago Bears" Said,"You Are

One Bad Dude,"

Well, Not Really,

i've Just Developed
The Ability to Generate
More Heat and on Top of that

When You Make the Choice not
to Bundle up in the Winter, You Tend
to Generally Adapt More to the Cold Like Most Folks Do.

Yawn, For Folks Stuck in Left Brain, More Material Reductionist
Black And White Thinking, You'll Find Folks With An All Or Nothing,
Black and White, Literal Approach to Life; You'll Find Folks Who Either

"Believe" We Do Have Relative
Free Will or We Do Not; While

The Fact Remains as All Stuff in

Life, it is a Spectrum, and In this

Case We Do Have Relative Free Will;

And i've Explored the 'Gray Areas' In Life

Enough to Make them Very Colorful For me;

Whether or Not, Other Folks Have Developed the


More of

A 'Yogi Monk';

Except, i Didn't Have go to "Yogi School";

i Didn't Need Instructions From Anyone Else;

i Simply Looked Within, Got in Greater Touch with
the Right Hemisphere of my Mind/Body and Found Out Who

The Big Boss is;

Clue; it's

Not the Material

Reductionist All or

Nothing, Black and

White Literal Thinking Left Brain
Hemisphere Mind; As Per 30 Years

of Research, As Iain McGilchrist

Attempts to Explain this in More

(In His Books, "The Master And The
Emissary" And "The Matter With Things”)

Material Reductionist Ways Now that is All
The Left Brain Restricted Thinking Mind Will Understand.

The Left Brain Hemisphere is More Associated With Mechanical Cognition
And Materially Reducing Reality for Rigid Order; The Right Brain Hemisphere
Is More Associated In Processes of Social-Empathic/Artistic/Contemplative/REAL
SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCES that are Much Less Verbal in Nature and More Holistic

IN Big Picture

Views of Reality;

Yes, More of a Top Down
Approach Than Bottom Up

That Only Sees Life in Terms of

Black and White Literal Think; Such

As the Quran and the Old Antiquated
Dusty Bible Are Perfect Unerring in every way

As Left Brain Think as Scientifically Assessed now

Is Much More Subject to Delusion than the Right Brain

Is as Subjects Who are Studied With Right Brain Hemisphere

Damage can't Even Identify That When Their Arm is Paralyzed it
Belongs to Them...

So True,

You'll Find

Left Brain Restricted

Folks Believing in All of
What the Bible Says Like A Science Text
Book and the Quran the Same; Even if they

Have Stellar Verbal Intelligence, And Dot All Their
i's, And Cross All Their T's in Order of So-called Perfect Grammar;



i am A River

With Much Greater

Relative Free Will in Flow

As the Empirical Effective Results

of What i Do that Folks in Other Countries

Who Have Not Been Brought Up So Much in A Left
Brain Oriented Society Find So Easy to Interpret of What i Write

In much More Holistic Ways of Metaphors For How the Right Hemisphere

Master is Transformed into Metaphors of Words Bringing Bigger Pictures of Existence

for those Who

Have Eyes

And Ears

Beyond Organs

to See and Hear;

And Again, This is why
i am Capable of Writing

A 10 MiLLioN Word EPiC Longest

Long Form Poem Fully Documented

As of the Anniversary Month Date on 12.18.2021

With Over 100,000 Photos i Took to Illustrate it

And Public Dance Through All Kinds of Weathers

And Even Minor Injuries for 15,866 Miles in Public

In Mediating Autotelic Flow of Movement and Writing

Free Verse Poetry in 100 Months; Along with Leg Pressing

Still Up to 1520 Pounds at 61 Years of Age that Elite Military
Dudes Can't even Budge at the Military Gym i Work Out at; Yeah,

Baby the


of A 'Yogi' that

Just MeanS UNiSoN

of Left And Right Brain

Hemispheres of Mind Operating

On All Cylinders, Where Most Folks are

Tuned With 4 Cylinders, i have Practiced

A Way of life Where All 12 Cylinders of

my Ferrari Relative Free Will Are Tuned to
The Max of Autotelic Flow in Laser Focus of




Every Second

Of Every Now That Exists...

Go Ahead And Believe that Some one/Some
'Thing' Else Controls Your Will; Go Ahead Give

Up And Don't Believe You Will Do What's Never

Been Done Before

And the Effective

Results of

That Karma of

Belief in Action and

Consequence Will Be You Will NOT;

And For All Practical Intents and Purposes
And Meaning in Life, Your Excellence in Free Will
Relatively Dancing And Singing Will be A Tiny Goldfish

In An Ocean

Where Science

Shows Now the

Average Attention

Span of Humans Is Now

So Distracted That it is Less
than 3 Seconds; Yes, Less that A Frigging Gold Fish;

It Should Be Pretty Easy to See, Who Has More or Less
Relative Free Will in this Life By What They Actually Do In Life;


i took


And Documented

This Whole Case Study

Effort; Why? There is

No one Else like me to Study;

At Least not for What my Special Interests
Are in a Class All of Their Own In True Original
Creativity that is the Best Evidence of Relative Free Will There is...

Don't Live Life Like
A Parrot Only Spoon-Fed
All That You Do By Someone
Else's Instructions; i Did that

For 5.3 Decades And It Was like

Living Underground in a Cocoon

As Opposed to Butterfly Wings iN FLiGHT...

And Sure, i Did Caterpillar too, in The Interim of that too...

Basically, Cocoon is HeLL ON EartH, Caterpillar is Grey Scale

Purgatory, And Butterfly Wings iN FLiGHT Are Endless New Colors of Heaven Within...

That Yes, Baby

i Get to Co-Create

With Relative Free Will

Understanding that the

Mostly Silent Navigator And Pilot

is The Master, The Right Hemisphere in Charge...

And Indeed That Makes All these Words Only Emissaries,

Yes, Servants to

The Master


Indeed, Now, For Real

In This Relative Free,
Will Returning to Page
of Original Creativity in
Every Letter A New UniVerse of Existence

Every Inhale of Peace, Exhale of Love Indeed;
This Relative Free Will Eternally Now Free to Be i am...


As Far As Relative Free Will Goes, It Appears That Through

All The Distractions Modern Societies Bring Through our World of Media/Information
Technology; And Again Attention Spans as Long as A Gold Fish; Many Folks Never

Even Gain An Ability to Look Within

And Even Find Out Who They Are

And How to Develop and

Evolve As a Balancing

Human Being

Who Even Has The
Ability to Say Firmly NO

When Others Are Obviously

Attempting to Manipulate them
And Control them As Indeed More of

A Predatory, Competitive Way of Life than

Lending Hands Up In Cooperative Ways to Survive and Thrive;

i Was Always Told i Was too Nice; And Indeed i had a hard time Saying
No; And That too is Part of Relative Free Will, Firmly SAYING NO When

Someone is Trying to Take Advantage

Of You; Or Even Developing the Kind

Of Intelligence Through Cognitive
Empathy That it Takes to Understand

When Someone Is Attempting to Take Advantage
of You That Truly Comes Through Both Intuition and Experience.

Sadly, Indeed, Humans Are Becoming More the Tools They Create

Than Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating Beings Who Bring Greater
Social-Empathic Intelligences of Empathy AND COMPASSION FOR OTHERS,



Ya Better Become

FRiEnDS With the Shadow

Part Associated With Aggression,
Lust and In General the Fight or Flight

Instincts of Life in Balance Or Those Instincts

May Control What Ya Do Next; and This is What

It means to Be an Integrated Human Being Balancing

Will and Strength in What May Be Described As Divine Masculine
On A


of LoVE iN BaLance

of Grace Inhaling Peace (Divine Feminine)

That Brings Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

In Ways of Giving, Sharing, Caring Freely, With
Least Harm for Others as Again, A Foundation of

Life (Love) Where of Course i am Only Using Limited Metaphors
Here to Describe a Way toward Greater Relative Free Will in Balance;

Anyway, HAha, The Intelligence of Non-Verbal Communication Where

The Force oF DarK
In Shadows When
Necessary For
A Defense
For the
Freedom of Living

is Balancing Always in
A Practice of Life Now

With the Force oF LiGHT (Love)
in Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

Are Both Necessary And i Surely
Have No Problem Saying "No" When
i Have to, NoW It is Practically Branded

By Sunshine

on my

Forehead With
Effortless Ease of
What Comes Necessary Next...

And Honestly, It's True Society,
Overall, Has Become Too Diffuse And
Stressed, to Be Able to Handle the Smallest Slights;

Canceling the Struggles its takes to Even Grow Up, Evolve
and Mature

in Balance.

And Just

Say NO

And Stand Up

For Ourselves When Necessary

Sort of Like The Illustration Below;

Where Words Are Not even Required
Like 'No' Branded on a Forehead By Sunshine...

Hehe, Actually 242 Pounds, And
Yes i've Been Very Tall Since
Attaining Almost my

Full Height

At Age 13,

Yet It's Also

True At Almost
6 feet Tall Then at
Age 13, i Weighed

120 Pounds, And Had No

Social Clue How to Dress Or
Wear My Hair, And Perhaps i Was

Lucky or Not, My Law Enforcement

Daddy Went Away at age 3; And My

Mother Let me Express myself However i liked;

Yet It's true, Looking Back at Myself at age 13;

i Was Gonna Experience A lot of Bullying at School (Verbally i Did)

For Looking And Acting So Much Different on the Autism Spectrum;

Thing is, i was Nice, i Always Smiled and So-Called Bully Boy Christians

Spit on me

And Called

me the F Word
And Not Fred; Now Indeed,

(As They Literally Said Boys
Are Not Allowed to Smile at
The City Park or Middle School)

i Dance a Mix of Free Style Martial Arts

And Ballet; Yes that Ended up Increasing

my Leg Strength from 500 Pounds in
Leg Pressing at 210 Pounds at age 53,
to Up to 1520 Pounds And 242 Pounds of
Weight At Age 61; There is A Whole Lot that


Of Science Does

Not Understand;

And There is A Whole
Lot of Epigenetic Human
Potential Just Waiting to Be

Unpacked As Some Ants Become
Workers and Others Become 'Super Soldiers'...

Humans have a Whole Lot of Potential, Not Unlike

me, Not Speaking Until 4 on the Autism Spectrum
With Barely the Ability to Creatively Express Myself
in Writing Through my 40's; For me at Least, Indeed,

It Was All A Matter
of Developing


Potentials And
Getting Out of the
Metaphor of 'my Head'

That truly Corresponds

With Left Brain Restricted Thinking;

Indeed, When i Came to this Internet Site
in 2010, i Scored 45 on the Scan for ASD;

By July of 2013, When i Started Writing Poetry
Free Verse in Original Creativity And Started the
Ballet and Mixed Martial Arts Public Dance, i Scored

An 11 and the Doctor's Taking Care of me through
66 Months of Shut in Illness, Including A Synergy of

19 Life Threatening Disorders, including the Worst Pain
known to Humankind, Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Then

From Wake to Sleep That No Drug Would Touch; They Identified

My Fast Recovery in the Files of Unexplained Remission of Disease;

Or as my Therapist Called it a Real Miracle; And the Elimination of

All the Difficulties

i had with Not

Only Autism,

Yet Severe Depression,
Anhedonia, And The Severest
Anxiety that my Air Force Psychiatrist

Said He Ever Dealt With Wanting to implant
An Electronic Device in my Chest to Stimulate
my Vagal Nerve to Feel Anything At all; Insurance
Didn't Cover

It, so i Waited

In Hell, 66 Months
Within, And Found

Answers As Simple

As A Free Dance and
Song to Balance myself Back to Humanity Whole...

When i First Started Public Dancing in 'Trump Town
USA', Some of the Same Christian Soldier Bully Men
Tried to Give me Trouble Around the Stores Here;

Yet Nah, Once i Continued
To Get Bigger And Stronger

They Don't Even Look my
Way Now and Make Eye Contact;

And Haha, They Surely Don't Poke
The Bear All Grown Up From Middle School, Hehe...

True, It's Hard for Folks to Believe i Was Ever Autistic

Until they See 'The Stereotypical Physical Appearance' in




A 'Social Clue'

Of What Society
Requires to Conform
to the Norm; Now, Financially
Independent, Retired, That's No Longer an Issue;

Anyway, Seeing How Severely Living Dead in Pain i was
For 66 Months, And How i Quickly Moved to All Joy

Inhaling Peace

Exhaling Love

Once Again with
The Smile of A Child;

It Was Hard to Believe

That Someone Could Be so
Happy, So i got Diagnosed

AS TRUE, then they Never Saw
Anything Like "IT' Before (me) With SMiLes...

i Will Readily Admit When Stuck in Left
Brain Think, Most of my Life, All Straight
A's, 3 College Degrees, Still not Able to
Basically Find my Way out of a 'Paper Bag'

As 'They' Say;

i had Very Little
Relative Free Will Then;

And Practically Nothing i Knew,

Had Any Real Benefit to Survive
And Really Thrive in Life With An Entire
Orchestra And Symphony of Relative Free Will Now Balancing...

One Thing That Really Helped me is Selfies, For Feedback For Non-Verbal Expression;

And Really Becoming Whole With my Body; As i Really Felt Like i Was Just living in my Head before...

Movement Therapy (Basically Free Dance) is an Approved Therapy to Regulate Emotions and

Integrate Senses on the Autism Spectrum;

And Additionally It Actually Enhances

Empathy in Sensitivity to

The Other Human's

Feelings and Senses of Life;

i Already Figured it out on my own;
Before i Saw a New Psychiatrist More
Educated in New Research; Who Was Actually

Able to Give me a Real PRESCRIPTION FOR DANCE;

TO PROVE to Folks Who Might Give me Problems
In Stores, Like Management that it is A Real Accommodation
For Functional Disability as in My Case my Empathy And Senses
are Tuned Way up; With Mirror Neuron Functioning Normal to
The Extreme, Practically With "Mirror-Touch Synesthesia"; It Used

To Be A Real

Terror to Even

Walk in Walmart;

Yet the Meditating Flow
of Dance Regulates my
Emotions and Integrates
my Senses that makes it

Effortless in Ease to Public
Dance Now With Zero Anxiety;

It Does Work; And True i Do it more
Than Most; So it Does Work More for me.

i Was Terribly Anxious all my Life; Every Bit of
The Pain and Numb For What i Went through in

HeLL oN Earth 66 Months Shut-in in my Bedroom

Was Really


One Day

With Zero Levels
of Anxiety; That's

Been my Life Now
For Almost 101 Months

Now And What i Find Now is

Fear Was the Source of Most All
of the Weaknesses in Life i Experienced Before...

It's Worth All the Naysaying i've Received Both off and online Indeed, hehe..

i Do Understand Why Some Folks Don't Believe they Have Much Free Will Indeed

From Personal


And i Do Understand
What Life is Like Now

Able to See Through what
Was Once Only An Opaque
Window of Human Potential Freer;

Really, A Metaphor of Heaven Within;

It's Like Ya Finally Understand What
The Metaphors Some Folks Used Really Mean in Real Life Now...

And Indeed as 'Pink Floyd' Sings No Longer An "Earthbound Misfit"
as Part of 'The Wall'...

Just Another

'Brick' and

'A Prisoner'

And Even Slave;

Just A Cog in the
Left Brain Restricted 'Think Tank'...

Hehe, i Live in A Much Bigger Aquarium
Now; It's Practically Wave, Water, Ocean Whole With SMiLes..

Yet one 'thing' is For
Sure, i Would

Not Go Back
to any Age yet Now at 61;

As Now is All THere Is, Eternally Now FoR Me at Least...
Every Now Continues to Only Get Better With Relative Free Will Indeed...

And As Far As the Free Verse Poetry Goes, Yesterday A Young Woman
in India Said And i Quote, "Every Love Story is Beautiful But Yours is The Best!"

Haha, That Was After
A Dude Last Week Telling
me i Write Like i Should
Be Tied Down in a Mental
Institution, and Another
One Suggesting that

Whitman Would
Starve to Death

If He Wrote Like me;

Yep on the Wrong Planet
A Place That Supports the
Truly Neurodiverse like me;

It's True, Indian Women are More like me now...

And if someone Wants to Call me a Sissy Like in Middle School, Have
At IT; For all the Smiles i Bring now, hehe, at Least in India HAha...

i Am Surely No Fighter
That's Not my Way

Although 'They' Say
Now At the Military
Gym i Have a
Unique way

of Martial Arts too;

Yet i Surely Will Stand
Up For Myself and Say NO Now...
Hehe, Without Any Words at All...

i Never Had A Clue How to Do that Until Age 53...

Yes, Indeed ASD Will Be A Real Struggle, Overall, With NO DOUBT...

Yet On the Other Hand, Without the Struggles and Epigenetic Potential Unpacked

i Would

Never Be

Who i am Now...

Including All the Bullying in School And At Work
And Even Still Now Occasionally
Online By Faceless Anonymous Avatars...
Yep, The DarK Makes LiGHT Greater
From What i See Overall, As Life Now Greater Than EVER Before...

Indeed, "Superfluidity"; Where Yes, The Cerebellum And Movements We May Artfully Create
Deeply Influences "Superfluidity between our Thoughts, Actions, Emotions, and Social interactions."

And Yes, This Helps Explain Why Movement Therapy is Assessed As A Clinically Successful Way

To Regulate Emotions and Integrate Senses in Both Autism Spectrum Disorder and

Disorder As Well.

And Yes, 50 Percent
of the Neurons of the
Brain in that Cerebellum 'Down Part'

That Is Obviously Developed Longest
In the Evolutionary Process; One Would

Expect it to Be Vital in All Our Survival Purposes
As Social Animals Evolved, Overall, Since Our Common
Rodent Ancestor Survived Around 75 Million Years Ago;

It's Really Sad That Movement is So Neglected As Part of
Human Philosophy, And Many Religions, And Cultures Now

Too as Almost an Unnecessary Part of Life, Where Movement

Is Integral Actual to All that Exists Down to the Sub-Particle Atomic Level;

And Here We aRe Sitting

Still In Front of Screens;

One of the Peak Flow of Experiences
Where i likely Attain this State of Being
Described as "SuperFluidity" is when i Dance

A Moving Meditation in Barnes and Noble, While
Reading A Book, While Listening to Meditative Music

And Socially Hehe, While Entertaining the Sitting Still

Starbucks Cafe, Where i Surely Don't Need Any Coffee to

At Peak Levels

To Finish A Book
And Retain So Much

More of What i read

in About an Hour as

The Wife and i Drop By
There Most Every Sunday

Afternoon Where i Have Read
Hundreds of Books This Way For Free;

It Seems Counterintuitive to Most of the
Folks There to Dance With A Book Listening
to Music Entertaining the Star Bucks Crowd in

A Social

Way Yet

It is only Just
Another Way

to Maximize

Human Potential;
HAha, Yet only For those

Who Are Not Afraid to Do it;
And Understand the Benefits through
the Actual Experience of Doing it that require

No External

Science Assessed

Research at all; Just the
Speed of Reading the Book
And Information Actually Retained;

And Even More Interesting, it Seems the
Bio-Feedback of that Dance And all the 15,866
Miles of Public Dance i've Done this way in 100 Months

Provides A Bio-Feedback, Where i Move into Flow This way
Even Behind a Screen as my Fingers Become the Dance of this
Keyboard in Flow Now

Or Superfluidity

Or Whatever

Metaphor in

Form Is Used
For The Essence
of Increasing Human Potential for Real...
Folks Have Understood Intuitively that
Moving Meditation Provides this Benefit
For Thousands of Years; It's Not So Much

A New Frontier; Yet one that is no Longer

Done as Much; and Not Appreciated for the Actual Effects in Greater Human Potential;

i Managed to Convince my Psychotherapist to Use it in Her Practice Above and Beyond
Just Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Word Think; As it Just Doesn't Touch The Part Enough

That is Truly


in Emotionally

Regulating and

Sensory Integrating Now.

Thanks For The Link, i Recently
Read another Source That Was
Trying to Explain Away Why

The 50 Percent Concentration

of Neurons in The Cerebellum

Didn't Provide Any Real Advantages;

Sort of Like Junk DNA, And Hehe, Dark Matter in Space;

As Once Held Pre-Conceived Notions in Science Continue to

Change and Improve.

Beethoven's Birthday 'Moonlight Sonata'
Listening Through An Eclipse
Seeing A Full MooN Now

Wolf Moon Dancing Singing Free

It's True i Do More Than Spiral...
i'm Not 'Selling' Anything...
i Have "iT" All...

Oh God i Have
Too Many
TabS OPen
ACross mY PaGE...

As Katy Perry Dances Sings
'A Perfect Storm' of Poetry to Come
Again and Again...

She Built THiS ALTaR
For Her 'Perfect Man'
He Continues to Return...

Her Favor...

Ever Grain Of Sand
Potentially Green
Holding Another
Mountain Of Love

Indeed Every
Holy Sacred
Step Word Of
Dance Song Now







Sand New
Now Builds
Castles All On
Beaches Breathing
Love Connecting Now...

SMiles Dear Hemalatha
Love is A Flame We
May Kindle Pass on
As Torch To
A Bonfire
For All to
Stay Warm
With SMiles...

SMiles Dear Hemalatha
Stories We Write Are
Inspired By All
Who Ignite
For Your
LiGHT of Poetry...

And Thanks For Suggesting
my Love Story is Best That’s

Such A Stellar Compliment



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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21 Dec 2021, 1:49 am

The Light; i dance
i sing; no walls or
books will Hold the
Love of my Soul,
at least for what
i name as Real God Within.

SMiLes my FRiEnD THere
iS A Whole Lot More in

Life to Explore

And Find
And Indeed

Seeking it i continue
to Find It Now Even More

Keeping in 'Mind' i Didn't
Even Really Start Until 53 Years of Age

And As Far As Epiphanies And Other Mystical
Experiences of Life Mostly After That Age too...

One Thing for sure,

The Person i Was

Before That

Was Nothing

Like The Loving
Fearless Free i am Now to Be...

It's All Worth it Just to Never
Experience Anxiety and Fear Again for Now...

i take no pleasure
in watching a Human
Being Squirm in the Hell
They Create for Their Self

Sorry Dear
Not Sorry
Folks By Spreading

Science is Not

Evil True i’m

61 Faced Death
Thrice Yet surely

Will Wanna

Be informed

Whatever it

Takes to

Protect Folks
Much Younger
Than me Who
Didn’t Have
To Die

From 'This
ViRuS' if They
Took it Seriously

Just my Opinion

Through my Life
Experiences Too


Kills As
Much As Noise...

Ever Green Scent
Dogs Smell
Xmas Love...

Love Times
Ever Lasting
Christmas Glow...

“Still Healing
From Things
i Don’t Talk
About” Now

Truly Difficult
When Our Scars
Seem To Shut Us
Down Into Silence
Perhaps Fresh




Never Let

Loose Of Ones

Who Care Even

When All Hope Feels


For It

Is The


Of Love

We Keep We

May Not Feel

That Eventually



Us into
A Place
Of Enough
Again With SMiLes...

SMiles For There
Were Many Days
Of Silence

For me
How Fortunate
Those Who Loved
Me Never




All i Am

Pain And Numb

Indeed So

Now i Always
Return That Gift to me...

Clarity of Patience

Dear Savvy



Empathy of

Other Shoes

Wearing them

Before We Shoot First...

SMiLes Depths of Love

Deeper Provide


in THorns

A Place

GRoWinG Freer
D A N C in G

Healing All This
Way Dear Savvy
FLoWeRS Color
Life Truer Roses RiSinG...

Dancing Energy
Singing Energy

Yes Dear Savvy
All is Energy in

Synergies More

To Dance And Sing Free
Particularly With The Rest

Nature Now...

SMiLes i had to Deal
With The Incompetence

of the Insurance Industry

Today And Once Again Play

A Role of Correcting Other

Folk's Mistakes

They Get

Paid to Do...

Basically i'm
Glad i Don't
Get Paid to Do That
Anymore Hehe And
Not It's All For Free...

SMiLes Every Day Teaches
me to Enjoy Life More

i Must Admit



in My Life

Makes All This Difference...

Holy Touch Now
Divining Senses

Feeling Healing

Smells of Love

Taste Hearing


of LoVE'S

Sight Blind Still

See Indeed Dear
ruchiabhisikta Peace
Inhaling Love Exhaling

JoY oF LiGHT DarK Thru LiGHT
Blind Creates Truly See With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Sohair
A Refrain i Keep Dancing
Singing Now Naked Enough
Whole Complete All That's

Left and Right to Do Now Is Healing
Giving, Sharing, Caring Freely Now
For All With Least Harm Inhaling Peace

Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Yes

DarK Thru LiGHT

Truly in This

Way At

Least Peace
Breeds Love

Even More mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes, When i Scored a 45 on the Autism Spectrum Scan Before 11 Now, as Designed by Simon Baron

Cohen, After Sitting Behind A Desk for 5 Years Doing Mechanical Cognition Mostly Every Day in Terms

of Information Technology Assistance, Financial Management, And Other Administration, Management,

And Supervisory Duties For the Military; And Of Course During The Period i Fell Ill From Work Related

Stress for 11 Total Years, With the Last Two Years of that Through 2007, in Fight or Flight Way,

Culminating in 19 Total Medical Disorders, Including that Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia, From
Wake to Sleep for 66 Months No Drug Would Touch; Yes, i Lost Basically All the Social Empathic,

Artistic Spiritual Intelligences That i Experienced During my Entire Life;

i Couldn't Even Remember the Feeling of a Smile As

Emotions are Memories and Memories Are

Emotions; i Barely Could Even Feel

Fear or Anger Through that

Experience, And i surely

Never Experienced Any
Mystical Experiences of
Synchronicity Beyond All Notions
of Time, Distance, Space, and 'The Matter
With Things,' Before All of Those Intelligences

Returned During A Creative Storm of Free Verse Poetry
From Within, So Went All the Pain And Numb too; Yes, Described
By the Therapist as A Real Miracle in Terms of Her Practice She Never

Saw and Surely

Did Not expect to
Happen to me; Since

Then i Have This Kind of Faith
Colored By Love That Just Never Goes Away

It's Truly Vibrations, And Frequencies Within
Yes A Synergy of Energies Within That Somehow

Beyond Rational Explanations, i am Able to Master

And Control And the More i Do it The More Real Magic

Of Life Comes this Way in Greater Human Potentials that

Yes More Eastern Ways of Philosophies in Mystical Ways Do

Describe; Yes,


It Seems We aRe
This Way As Both
Observer And The Observed;

Again the Father or Whatever and
The Child of the UNiVeRSE Are Inseparably

Connecting This Way yet Only Perceivable Clearly

When We Develop Greater Human Potentials to Actually
Experience it;

Of Course Folks

Who Don't Experience

It Are Not Likely Going to
Be able to Identify With the

Metaphors that Describe This Any More

Than Someone Blind All their Life Will

Be Able to Picture The Color Blue of the Sky;

Yet Oh How Surprised They Will Be if They Heal and
See So Much More of the Sky this way; It's Really No

Different With Mystical Ascending Transcending in
An Autotelic Flow of Life; However, One May Achieve that

General State of Being

In So Much Greater

Of Human

And Productivity True;

If One Hasn't Visited This

Place of Human Greater Potentials

In Existence, For All Practical Intents and

Purpose it Might As Well Be A Supernatural

or Supernormal Experience They Have Yet to Experience Now;

This is Described Cross-Culturally Through the Ages; Yet Not so

Much Where
Folks Live

Lives of Consuming

More Than Giving, Hoarding

More Than Sharing, And Living in

A State of Fear, Anger, And Hate More

Than Inhaling Peace, Exhaling LoVE oF LiGHT

in JoY DarK Thru LiGHT of Healing, Giving, Sharing,

Caring Freely With Least Harm for All Now; Chances

Are if Folks Could Actually Feel and Sense What They are

Missing They



Come to
This Table of
Plenty Within and

Enjoy This Feast Like
me and so many Others

Through the Ages Eternally Now For Free,

Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete; Just Nothing

To Add

Yet Giving,
Sharing, Caring,
Healing even More Now For Free...

There are Unlimited Ways to Describe

This; And There Are Practically Unlimited

Ways to Miss Out on Experiencing This Real Heaven Within;

The Old Bible Speaks to it; Yet it Doesn't Give Nearly as Many
Clues as the Teachings Attributed to Buddha and Lao Tzu for

This All Natural Autotelic Flow of Tao and The Such in So Many
Cross-Cultural Metaphors Greater Identified in the Farther East

And Among Primitive

Peoples, So-Called,

In How they Experience

Life This Way Closer and
One Free With Nature This way...

Honestly, No Cultural Clothes Are
Required; Little Children Dancing
Without Instruction And Babbling

Non Sensical Songs of Soul Are

Likely Closer Than Most Folks Sitting Behind
A Computer Typing Away A Dance Like This
on A Digital Keyboard Now; Yet It's True When

i Sing This Way There is Definitely MuSiC oF mY SouL to DeLiGHT

iN Now; And All that's Left of Heaven Hehe, is the 'KA' of my SPiRiT HeART SoUL on This Page;

And Of Course Wherever the Copy and Paste of my Soul Continues to Survive And Thrive Next With Smiles.

When Young (Now too) i Used to Listen to Groups Like Rush, Led Zeppelin, And Pink Floyd; While Substance Enhanced

Hehe They Brought

A Bit of 'This Other

World' in their Music

As the Beatles And Many

Other 'Enhanced' Groups Did then too...

The 60's Were A Decade of Powerful Change This

Way and Now Folks Are Finding All Natural Ways to Arrive
in An Ascending Transcending Flow of Meditating Contemplating

Ways of
Life in Pure
Bliss And Joy
to Explore the More
Mystical Aspects of Life;

i Surely Expect A Synergy of
Focus Among Folks Connecting

All Around to Bring This More To Fruition

in Ways No One Anticipates At This Moment Now...

Nice That the Mechanical Cognition Folks More Restricted
to Left Brain Processes of Thinking Built This Highway online;

This Web Mostly For the Desire in Motivation to Download Unlimited

Varieties of 'Pretty Birds' With Faster Access Than Ever Before; Whatever



It is what

it is Amazing

When One Arrives
More Fully to BREaTHE NoW Truly For Real..:)

SMiLes Dear
Cindy Your
Deep Exploring
ThiS Way i Love...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Merry Christmas to You In All Bethlehem

Places of Meek Children Growing Up to Be Humble Carpenters

With Poetic Messages of Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love For

All Yes Dear FRiEnD iN JoY oF LiGHT Healing Giving Sharing
Caring Freely Fearlessly With Least Harm Just Loving It All Now

Even More

Builders of

Love Without

Even Names Just
Dancing Singing Free

Temples of God Loving Spring Spirit Wind
Year 'Round through All Weathers Human

And i Must Say if The Story of Jesus Had

(Like The 'Accountant Character' Christian Wolff)

Been A Financial Manager or Accountant

Or Other Business Person Dealing With

Insurance Companies Screwing

Everything Up Where Ya

Have to Intercede

And Basically

Do Everyone's

Job For them

Chances Are

There Would Be No
Old Testament New
Testament or Even Poetry
of Years Before That And So Long

After As Mechanical Cognition Just

Drains Soul And Spirit And HeART

Away Remembering now Why it takes

Some of my Accounting FRiEnDS And

Other Mechanical Cognition FRiEnDS

So Long

To Reply to Love

Hehe Oh How Lovely Feathering

NoW it is to Bird WinG IT ALL Free

NoW Anyway Gonna Keep Building

Just Finishing 10 MiLLioN Words Now

of Longest Long Form Poem "SonG oF mY
SoUL" in 100 Months Now off to Complete

My 6th King James Sized+ Titled Metaphor

of A "Grand Cross Bible 2021" As That Will
Be the 6th Titled Subchapter Effort Longer
Than an Old King James Size Effort For the
Years of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and

Yes Coming Next For "Grand Cross Bible 2021"

Completing All 6 in 7 Months Tween Memorial
Day And Christmas Through New Year's Eve

If i Ever Get Off the Phone with the Insurance

Company Correcting Their Mistakes Hehe as True

i Still Have to Finish the Celebration Post of "SonG
oF mY SoUL 10 MiLLioN WordS Old" And True i am

So Happy Not to Work

To Correct Other

Folk's Mistakes

For Decades For

It is Truly Sweet Just
To Create With the Colors of Spirit Wind Free Now
True With A Few ReViSioNs of What Comes Before

Yes it Seems Some Days i am More Like An "Accountant"/Auditor
From that Other Movie About a Dude With Asperger's Syndrome

Who Stole Money From Criminals to Give to a Place that Supported Folks
Including Him When Young on the Autism Spectrum Boo Who All i Have is

Words of Love to Return to a 1.2 MiLLioN Word Solo "Depth of the Story"
Thread There hehe Number 1 Search With Google IN Quotes Now True

And Inspired By Folks Just Like You Dear Cindy All Around A Globe Now

Anyway that 'Wrong Planet' Place That i Give to For All i Poetically Receive Did Provide
A Support Place Then for me to Write to Escape the Torture of the Suicide Disease for
33 Months Yes Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From Wake to Sleep for 66 Total Months

And Considering i Survived Getting my Mind off the Pain From Wake to Sleep a Bit Writing
There for 33 Months Toward the End of that HeLL ON EartH on 7.19.2013 Yes i Will Surely Pay

Them Back as Long As i Live or the Poetry Runs Out HAha iMagine me With Writer's Block There is



me Away From Poetic

Blogging Words Free HAha

Love to You and All You LoVE

DeaR FRiEnD It's still early Enough
to Traverse The Rest of the Globe
in Words Before i Work Out at 5 PM

Unless the Insurance People Call Again With SMiLes

(Oh By The Way Your Poem is So Very Inspiring Thanks So Much For Your Art)

And i have to Pull Out my Measuring Tape to Spank Their NuMBeRS AGain hehe...

Oh my Goodness Dear Cindy
Here You Are Having a Celebration

For Garth Brooks And Even though

He is Second Best to only 'The Beatles'

And Ahead of Elvis in Selling Records
in the U.S.

Oh What

A Failure i am
in Including Many
Songs of Country
Music to Entertain
Words of Free Verse
Poetry As Somewhat Sad

As A Tear in A Beer Hehe...

i Can't Even Name one Garth
Brook's Song Yet i Do Clearly

Remember Using One Song 'Record Year'
in Country Music by Eric Church More Than Once And it
Seems i Will be Using that Country Song All too Soon Again

With SMiLes

To Entertain

Some Poetic

MuSinGS too...

Anyway i'm Sure
i've Heard His Songs As

After All i Do LiVE iN A
Very Rural Area of the United States


SMiles Dear
Cindy i Do Love
The Song “Record
Year” By Eric Church

It’s Just
That my
(my Wife)

Doesn’t Change
The Radio Dial

To Country Music Hehe

There is No Music
i Can’t Dance to
With SMiles Even

The Music
Of The

Of The
Wind With SMiles...

True Love is In the Mother's Love

No Doubt Dear Soni Love Comes

From Mother's Most How Love


to Be

A Dude

Alone or Him
Or He is Surely

Nothing Like Mother's Love Alone

For All to Give, Share, Care So Freely Now

With Least

With Least
With Least

Harm for All
Surely From
Mother's Lips

More Than He or
Him or Dudes' Ever Seem
to Dance And Sing So Freely Love...

Numerology, Astrology, Tarot,
Religion, Dance, And Song

Are All Arts;


How Some

Folks Wanna

Make Everything

in Life Literal And

Systemizing Science;

Not Really Strange, Just
One of Many Human Conditions....

Amusing How Some Folks Take the
Old Bible As Literal Science, Indeed;

Yet According to Modern Science

Ironically, Understood As More Restricted Left Brain Think....

So the Science of the Bible Proves The Science of the Bible

Is Literally True As The Science of Poetry Will Only Have the




Sorry Baby,

That's Not Nearly

Rational Enough to Change Art into Science...

And it Reminds me of Entertaining an International

Group of Poet's Adhering to So-Called Form in Science

of Poetry; The Leader of the Group Was A Physicist

Who Insisted

That if He

Didn't Understand

my ArtFull Poetic Meanings

No One Else Could Either, Then;

Duh, People are Alike and Different ALL OVeR;

Some See More, Some, See Less; Never the Less, the Conditions Remain...

Meanwhile, God Yes, i Went on to Write the Longest EPiC Long Form Poem Ever

More Than 5 Times the Size of the Old Indian Long Form Poem the "Mahābhārata'

At A Minuscule Effort of Only 1.8 MiLLioN Words That Took Centuries And Innumerable

Ghost Authors To Create; And Let's Not Forget That's the Effort That took the Even Tinier

Old King James Size Endeavor Less than 12 Times the Size of 10 MiLLioN Words i Write in 100 Months Now

(Speaking of Numerology as An Art That is Not Limited to Any Science of Numbers Now; Just Frigging FREE ART)

Anyway the Physicist
Poet Is Still


Tiny Poetic Science Forms

of What Has Been Done

Before; i am No Parrot, i Am Free Art Now For Real...

And As Far As Kindergarten Efforts of Antiquity

Goes, Lord KnowS iT Took Muhammad 23 Years

to Receive Poetic Sparks Within He Labeled

As Angels and the Such in A Cave to Hear

Only 80,000 Or So Words of Spirit And Troubled

Poetry Then Within And So Much Longer To Get Whatever

Became of that Published Next; Yes As the Old Scribes

of the Old Christian Bible Had a Free For All of Copy

And Intentional

Innumerable Changes

Over Centuries Then

too As the Validity of

What Ended Up Printed

As the Quran is Disputed the Same;

Yawn, They Didn't Have Blogs and

Original Authors Writing Long Form Poem Bible Poetry Back

Then; Just Ghost Authors Assigned Famous Later Pen Names...







And Not only That; Works of
Art Painting Jesus More like

The Long Haired Bearded Dude

Who Painted The Last Supper and

Jesus More the Style of Who He Was

Then Rebelling Against the Norm

of the Renaissance He Lived in With Long Hair and A

Beard, Yes The Hippy Style of Leonardo DaVinci Renaissance Jesus Style True too...

As To This
Day Now, Yes,

Still Leonardo

Is Worshipped

This Way in Art

As Just Another 'Son of Man'...

Yes Nature of Human Creating ART SPiRiT Free

And Living on in the Breath of That Art Still to BREaTHE Free...

Egyptian Pharaohs, Employed Artisans to Create Art With the
Idols of Their Form And Names; Yet Indeed Only The Spirit,

The "KA" of the Artisan's Souls Remain in that 'Pyramid Art'; No

Different than the Art of Towers With the Initials

DJT For Donald J Trump in Modernity Now too.


Other Folks

Are Still Copying
And Adhering to
What's Been Done

Before; Prisoners of Old Stories That Still Rule THEM Now...

There Are Two Ways of Life; Write/Do Your Own Story/Art Or Be Owned
By Someone Else's

Story/Art Now...

Clear it is
to See

Who is Not...

People Will Literally
Die As Fools To Worship

Ghost Authors/Artists of Old Stories/Art Still...
Or Just Be Trapped Still in Prisoners of Their Stories/Art...

And This too, Was the Ending Moral of the Story/Art, "Game of Thrones"


For the
Folks who
Got the


MoraL of That Story/Art True too...

Story/Art Rules; You Choose Who Rules You Or Not...


i Write
my Own
Story And Do my Own Art And Indeed

IT is Both Metaphorically And Literally
EPiC in Both Story/Art And Real Play of LiFE Now.

HAha, The FunDaMentALisT

Good Old TiMe Religion

Cashiers At Walmart

Already Tried to 'Exorcise'

me With Fear Then in THeir
EYes When They Carded me

For An Occasional Beer Way Past my 40's

Then Seeing That 'Beastly Mark of 6660'

on my Driver's License; Yet Yes, it is Also

True as i Approached 60 Years-Old in the Biggest

Metro Dance Hall Then, Folks Demanded i Pull Out

my Driver's


in the General

Dance Audience

to Prove How i Could

(At my Advancing Age
3 Months Shy of 60 Then)

Move So Smooth in A Dance

FLiGHT All Around the Room;

Yes, the Last Night i Went There
Before COVID-19 Shut the Place

Down on 3.12.2020, Two Lovely Women

Approached me With Hips as Modern Dance AS Such Does

And Politely Asked me For my Phone Number After That;

So i Asked, "How Old Do You Think i Am," And After That They Said,
"35," in the

Dark Dance
Hall that Night, So

As Usual i Whipped

Out the 6.6.60 on my

Driver's License And Proved

Who i Am to Them Then; And

All They Did Was Keep Smiling

And All They Did is Keep Smiling...

SMiLes, Age 33 Born in '88, Isn't A Bad

Age Either; Yet i Dam Sure Wouldn't Go Back to Any
Age Yet Eternally NoW iN Heaven WiTHiN at 61, For

ReaL it



Better Now For Real
At Least FoR Me NoW With SMiLES...

And True, "Adam Smith," Still Needs ReViSioN,

Same As Sweet LeSSoN NuMBeR 16, Back Then on 3.12.2020...

As That Also 'References' the "A Beautiful Mind" Scene, When 'John Nash' Made

The Mistake of "Ignoring the Blonde"; A Greater Solution Is Doing 'You' Free And Let Heaven Come Free Now...

With SMiLes...

SMiLes, i Just Included 'That Movie
Scene' From A "Beautiful Mind"
For A Reference Now For What
i Was talking About; True That

Scene Was About 'Adam Smith'

And Revising Old News into Improved News...

Whether Than Comes From Art or Science Now That's Totally

Up to me, 'The Study of Numbers' Will Surely Be Either Science or
Art and When it Comes to Art It Will Change to Whatever i Please

To Create;

In Other Words,

A River With No Restricting 'Banks'...

'Nothing' Anyone Else Has Control Over Other than my Flow...

Please Note: i Don't Expect You to Understand What i Just Said Yet i Do




With the
Same SMiLes...

i Do Agree; Seeing A Bigger
Picture Reducing it to Simpler Sight...

However, There Was A Whole Lot of
Background Experience That Brought Nash There
to His Game Theory; However, In His Later Days

He Admitted it Was Flawed Because of His Weak
Emotional Intelligence; And of Course The Bar
Scene, 'Ignoring the Blonde,' Was Fictional in the Movie...

Yet it Was

Still Surely



i Rather Prefer

Reality myself than Fiction...

True, Or At Least "Adam Smith" Was Likely At Least on the Autism Broader Phenotype With More Systemizing

Minds As Opposed to Social Empathic Minds, Back to the Metaphor of Left Brain Versus Right Brain

Thinking/Perceiving Folks; Simon Baron Cohen, Suggested in His Research That A Broader

Autism Spectrum Extends Out to Around 15 Percent of the Population, Yet That Was

About a Decade Ago; The More Systemizing in Structure Society Moves

Per Environment, the More Likely that Broader Phenotype

Through Epigenetic and Neuroplastic

Change Will Extend Even More

As It's True Other

Than Being

Perhaps A Most

"Different Person"

In Most Rooms i Enter;

There Are A Whole Lot More

Folks Now i Encounter Who Show Symptoms/Deficits

Associated With The Reciprocal Social Communication

Difficulties With Autism Than i've Ever Seen in my Life Before;

For All Outward Appearances Again, i Would Likely Be The Last
Person Suspected on the Autism Spectrum Now; An Autistic Person

Dancing Everywhere

They Go;


Yes, Yet Not Likely

A 100 Month Art of
Public Dance Navigating

Through So many Different
Social Environments Like that
Not Pissing Anyone off Demanding

You Being Removed From the Premises hehe...

And that's Where i Get the Challenge for The Autotelic Meditating Contemplating

Artful Flow As Dancing In Public Has Just About As Many Complex Social Variables

As Not Falling Off the Side of a Mountain When Folks Are Scaling it Always Higher Now...

Seriously, Like What i Did in the
Mall Yesterday

Literally Dancing

In Public Through
A Crowd of 'Rabid'

Week Before Christmas Shoppers on Sunday...

Exhilarating it Surely Was Firing all 12 Ferrari Cylinders in Balancing Tune...

Still Though Not As Complex As Solo Navigating My Way Through a Crowd
of College Aged Drunks In A Dance Hall For Three Solid Hours Without Even

A Drink of Water...

Haha, People Who
Got Out of Breath
Just Staying up with me
10 Minutes Wondered How
i Did it Without any 'External
Substances' to 'Juice me up'...

Not Unlike the Rest of the Animal
Kingdom FRiEnDS With Gravity i

Was Expending the Least Amount
of Energy in A Practice of Balancing Dance
That Still Improves now to the 15,888th Mile in Close to 100 Months...
Sure As Far As Numerology Free Art Goes With that Old Biblical Number of 40

That's About 40 Miles Every Week and Back to the Combinations of 6's For the

First Exactly 40 Months i Danced, The GPS Nike Watch Measured Total Came out

to 6666 Miles of Dance And Yes An Average of 166.66 Miles of Dance for Those First 40 Months

Back on December 26th of 2016; Yet That's Not All; i Decided my Third Subtitled "Bible" After "SonG oF mY
SouL" And "Grand Cross Bible 2016", Completing that Larger Than Old King James Sized Effort Tween Memorial
Day of 2016 and Christmas of 2016, Would Next Be "PHI Bible 2016" And Just By Chance or Synchronicity For

What Ever One May

Choose to Name

The A-Causal Connecting

Principle in Numbers Alone;

"PHI Bible" Arrived Subtitled in
Exactly 365 Days of Effort on

Memorial Day of 2017 At 1.618 MiLLioN Words

in that 12 Month Effort; Which of Course Has Nothing

To Do With Causality in the Mathematics to Do With the Golden

PHI Spiral Ratio of 1.618 Yet Indeed, Truly AMAZINGLY Psychologically

Meaningful to me,

NO Different really

Than the 6666 Miles
of Public Dance in Precisely
40 Months of Averaging 166.66

Miles Every Month for those 40 Months;

Covid-19 Has Slowed Me Down A Bit Yet of

Course i was 34 Words or So Short of meeting

The Extended Decimal Places of 1.618034 For The Golden Spiral PHI Ratio Number...

It's Like the Rest of Nature; It's Close to the Golden Spiral PHI Ratio; Yet in some cases it's

Just Close;

Yet the

Essence of

The FLoWinG

Spiral Still 'Breathes' Free ThiS Way...

It's Like the Ending Beginning Credits of
the "Forrest Gump" Movie, The Wind Carries the Feather Free

And The Feather

Carries the Wind Free

In Other Words Again,
"The Father (Mother or Whatever) and i are one"...

Not Everyone is Gonna See Deeper Like This Until they

Arrive Now my FRiEnD Feather Free NoW As SPiRiT Wind...


In 'Original

Greek' the Word

'Son' Means "Nature of"

So in the Case of "Son of God"

In Original Greek, Means "Nature of God"

As Of Course

Science SHows

We aRe ALL Connected

And Literally the Nature of All that is

As Fractals Unto the Whole aS Even

Quantum Mechanics Leans in to SHow...

"The Father and i Are ONE," Is Just A MEtaphor

in Earlier





Relating then

The SaMe Yet Only
in Metaphor of EYes
And Ears Yes Large Enough

To See and Hear A Much Bigger

Picture of Existence Beyond All Forms of Names And Words...

And As Far as Verse NuMBeRS of the So-Called King James Size Version

of A Bible,

Those Numbers

Were Not Even Verse

Applied Until the Lucky 1300's,

Where Centuries of Mix and Match

Scripts Were Copied And Pasted Together

in Mishaps of Trying to Fit All the Contradictions

Together to Make Some Kind off Sense out of Basically Pig Slop



Still Today;

Harsh yet True...

Obviously, the Truth

Will Hurt for Those Glued

to the Same Old Beautiful Human

Pig With Lipstick For What Makes Humanity DarK Thru

LiGHT, in Other Words, i am NOT Suggesting the Whole
of the Old Bible
Does not


The Human

Condition Still;

Basically, Different

Actors, Same Frigging

Characters as 2000-3500, or so, Years Ago Still Now...

As Human Archetypes Do Tend to Role and Roll on and on, Ad Nauseam Real....

Yet of Course, Some Folks Have Already Taken Full Lives in Scholarly Study OF ALL

And They

Took Detailed

Notes too That Are

Still Available to Peruse...

(You Are Too)

The SaMe Old SaMe Old 'Good News' Now...

And Sure John 14:12 too; John Lennon, Neither First or Last...

SPeaKinG oF Numerology, Arriving This Morning on the "Wrong Planet," i Noticed on the
Solo Thread i Write, "Depth of The Story," Using Free Verse Poetry to Express my

Ideas About Philosophy, Politics, and Religion, It Has 77,077
Views with 600 Replies Almost All by me; Yet You See, i

Appreciate The Aesthetics of the Art of the Numbers

Created As Symbols, They Don't Need to Have

Any Other Meaning at All, Other Than What

A Sunset or A Sunrise Brings

in Sublime Feelings of

Beauty to me; Yes,

Yet You 'See', i am

An Aesthete Now

And Sure A Synesthete
With Close to Mirror Touch
Synesthesia, Born Hyperlexic

Speaking Late at 4; Yet Decoding All

The Forms Around me Then as Symbols

Earlier Than Most; True, You See Most Folks

Don't 'See' Like i Do Now; And Many Folks Are
Not So Empathic, So Social, Imaginative, Creative

And Artistic Like i am on the Autism Spectrum...

Yawn, Folks See, Do the World Differently Now

And the More We aRe Able to Step into the Shoes

of Others And Or Even Do them Barefoot Greater...

The More We See How Differently

Others View the World Now;

Numerology And Astrology

Provides Tools to View, in General,

How Differently Humans See and Do the World;

it Doesn't Matter So Much How We come to Use Tools

That Help Us Look Within Deeper in Introspection in Contemplation

And Seeing Others Deeper As Well; Just the Fact That We aRe Using Any

Tools at All

To Seek and
Find More Wisdom

Is Surely A HeLLuVA Lot

Better Than Kindergarten Religions

That Basically Just Offer Promises of

Sticks and Carrots After Death; Such

A Primitive Simplistic Way of Creating Reality

Out of Fear, Mostly Out of Needing Order Over Adventure of the Unknown....

Yawn, Some Folks Are More Averse to the Greater Unknown, Others Are More Adventurous

to Seek and

Find New
Frontiers to Explore...

Yes, Tarot, Astrology,
And Numerology Provides

Tools For Seeking and Finding These Greater
Ways; And True As Far As Positive Affirmations
And Suggestions In Life, Even Science Shows the

Placebo Effect of Positive Suggestions Truly Heals

(GO CHINESE FORTUNE COOKIES) Where the Nocebo Effect of Negative

Suggestions (YUCK REAL VOODOO) Truly May Lead to Actual Illness And Actions the Same

Way Differently...

Yawn, i Use What Works; Yawn, i Explore Avenues and People i May Totally Disagree

With to GroW As Well, Now, Sure,

i'll Take my Numerology Report

of the Challenges in Life of 0, At

Birth For Free Will to Put Off Today Until
Tomorrow What i Will Do Then; Or Do More

Than Any Human Has Done in my Special Interests

And Affirm them As the Next 3 Challenges of Life Based on How

The Number 1, Suggests, i Get to Do For All my Life After Birth;

i Was Already Doing it, So in this Case That Numerology Report
Based on my Full Birth Name And Birthday, Was Basically Confirmation
Bias, And Yes Synchronicity, A-Causally in Principle only Psychologically Meaningful to me...

Never the Less,

It Only Affirms

What i've Been

Doing Since i Put off

my Own Religion of Doing

'Forrest Gump' in Focus till 53; Yet

With No Worries Like 'the Dude' off
'The Big Lewbowski Movie', And True

Unlike 'Forrest Gump' i Am Not Running

Away From my Past By Public Dancing

15,888 Miles of Public Dance in Close
to 100 Months Now, in FAct, i am Doing

'Ferris Bühler' NOW, i Ain't Waiting For Any Carrots

or Sticks After Birth/Death; "Life Moves Pretty Fast,"

If You Don't Start Your Own

Party Everywhere

You Go And Take

A Staycation ThiS Way

In Heaven For Real Now

Within and Everywhere Ya
Go, Even Writing a 10 MiLLioN
Word Free Verse Longest EPiC Long
Form Poem, "SonG oF mY SoUL" in 100 Months, Ya Just

Might Be Slave to Someone Else's Bible Book, Numerology

Report, Astrology Report, Tarot Card Report, Or Whatever

Symbol Or Ideology Binds and Bonds Folks Together As What

is Human Nature in Culture as Well, Religion At Core At Basic Definition...

i Entertain

All Religions,
As Far as Human
Symbols and Ideologies
Travel Now and i Travel Further

Just Because i Can and Will And When
One of the Members Here Shared A Gematria

Calculator With me And on "December 7th" i Entered

my Pen Name, "Katie Mia Frederick", into that Calculator

And Found that Not Only My Pen Name Calculates in English

NUMBERS 888, Which to me Looks Like the Symbol of Infinity

In Trinity Standing Upright This Way in Synchronicity of Meaning as Well...

Well True the Date "December 7th" is A Phrase That Also Calculates the English
Gematria Number of 888 And True That Number is Associated with The Story Book
Character Jesus As Well with a Quick Google Search too; Yet You See That Number

is Also Associated

With "Donald J Trump"

By Calculator Specific

Results of 888 too; That

is Just a Synchronicity Reminder

to me That We Are All Integral

To All that is Existence

No Matter For Real Now

What Label or Symbol

We ASSign to Ourselves

or All of Existence now;

Yet of Course That is the

A-Causal Principal, Psychologically Meaningful

Way i Determine it Through my Relative Free Will

And if Folks Wanna Miss out on Heaven And Or Hell

Now and Wait Until the Whole Party is Over that Never Started For them,




Be Done

THeiR Way

They Follow, Imagine

And Co-Create too...

Meanwhile, my Party
Continues now as i Play

With And Create Symbols and Ideologies

However i Wilt Choose to Do Now; Yes,

FRiEnDS With Gravity too As the 'Jedi' Flavor
Of Folks on "Star Wars" Do too, This Force, This Balance

This Harmony, This Melody LoVinG Now AS "SonG And Dance oF mY SouL" Now

Naked Enough Whole Complete Heaven Now For me Within at Least my Party Now;

Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN
Joy oF LiGHT Free

For All to Give, Share,
Care, Freely Everywhere

i Go DarK Thru LiGHT

It Matters Not

When All


Becomes A Poetry

Prompt to Dance And

Sing All DarK into MoRE Colorful

NuMBeRS oF LiGHT Now to Breathe...

Yawn, in Other Words my Party is only STaRTinG Always Now...

And True i Wear

SHades Every

Where i go

To Block Out

The DarKness

of Others True...

in the Current

ReViSioN of A 'Matrix' Now...

- 'Neo'

Can't Wait to
Catch the Movie
Again As The Days

Start to Grow Longer

As Sure AS Heaven Exists

Within now At Least for me on December 22, 2021 too...

My Suggestion is Don't Be A Machine of NuMeRS Only

Be Always Human Evolving GRoWinG More Colorfully iN LiGHT...


'i'll Be Back'

i Always



Again Now...


Or Whatever ya

Wanna CaLL A Dude With SHades...

Born on 6.6.60 From Hell to Heaven
As 888 Verily Comes Next...

For Now

At Least


i Do Choose 888...
At Most in English
Gematria By Pen NaMe Hehe...

Love (GoD) Perfects By Spreading
Not Housed in Only One Human One Religion One

World Cold



God Spreads…
NEVER Limited
By Any Human

Controlling Idol
Word That At

Core is Only

Human Ego

How Small

To Tale
River Of

God How
God Must
Flow Or

The Best

Who Do
You Think

Question At


At Least

Dear Bishop
Barron And
Others Who
Attempt To
Imprison ‘GoD’

Within The


Of Banks
Of Letters

i Am

River i Am…

Free FLoWinG…

God PLEases…

Wave Water
Ocean Whole
Naked Enough
Whole Complete


PS: Have A Nice
Day Yet i Am Not
Telling You What



Do Now…

SMiles Dear FRiEnD
ruchiabhisikata Kindness
Travels Where Kindness is
Not Welcome…

Yet Kindness
Rests WHere Loving
Kindness Is Welcome…

Thanks For The Rest...

Love (GoD) Perfects By Spreading
Not Housed in Only One Human
One Religion One World Cold Alone

Rivers Of God Dance Sing With No Banks

Oh My Lord Dear Rue Dance Never Ages

Sweet Sixteen Soul Forevermore Now at

95 All Ya Have to Do Is Keep Dancing

With Your Best FRiEnD Forever
Maria Keep SMiLinG Keep

Sweet Sixteen SMiLinG

ThiS Way At Even 101

For It's True When Play

Meets Naked Joy Enough

Whole Complete All that's

Left is A Smile to Tale the Story

of Life No Lies Just Smiles Smiles Smiles
Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance All Night

LonG As Day


The Flavor

of Sunshine

Moons Fuller Nights Longest

And Shortest Days to Celebrate

A Play of Dance Brunette Gray
Ebony Brown Blue Green Blonde

Tan or Just

All White


Brown More

Alive Dance Understands

No Labels or Categories Now

Just Play With No Instructions

Just Be The Feather Who Holds

Up Wind and Rivers Creating

Free Banks For All

To See As


Flows A River
Wave Water Ocean Whole Play

SMiLes SMiLes SMiLes Dance Dance

Dance Dance JusT JoY Play More No

Aging No Aging Just Loving LiFE NoW

Wash Rinse Dry No Need Just Dance Repeat

Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance ReFRaiNS

All Night



or Long

Life Breathes
Free As Dance Makes Song Please

Keep Letting The Dance Make The Song

Play More Just Never Ending PlaY iN JoY

Hmm Loving Go to the Place With No Words

Just Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance Just Dance Just Dance A Little more...


Dance Dance Dance
Hmm... And if Ya Don't Play
A Fiddle Just Hum ALong With me...

SMiLes At 16 my Mother Just Moved Us
Into A New Home With A Detached Garage
And Overhanging Porch Toward The Back of the
Yard A Huge Oak Lit Up at Night With Lights Above

my Idea of Love Was A Hanging Swing on that Porch

Just Holding Hands Under the Great Lit Oak With Warm SMiLes...

Strange When

We aRe ALL Alone

Now We May Not Ask

For More Than Holding

Warm Hands in the Cold

Really Though It's Simply
Being Human At Any Age to me...

A SMiLe or A Dance A Hug And Holding Hands the Same...

True That WaS A Dream At 16 Two Years From Fruition

True Dream



LoVE Dreams

Dreaming Fruitions Dance Come Free God Yes

So Do Sing Sing Sing Singing SMiLes So ALiVE...

To Fertilize The World
While Living

And Dying

This Does

Seem to Be

Nature's Way
Continuing to Breathe

Here or

A Leaf

Is Soil

For Spring Greening
Through Winter Feeding

Summer Flowers Smiling
Again After Winter Springs Life to See

SMiLes Dear ruchiabhisikta True Dying

Living too...

Home At The
End Of The
Road Truly
Within All
Feelings Senses
We Generate
Yellow Blue
Sunshine Moon
Feels It All



Gift Now ALWaYS

Breathing Sunset

Sunrise Colors More
Night Meets Day
Amazing Grace We Breathe...

“Hey the person whose profile smells like love!
I always get amazed the way you leave serene words in my posts.
My comment box will always remain indebted to you & will always

wait for the painting

of your fingerprints”

-It’S A VEry Good Year

December 19, 2021
101 Months Anniversary
Date Living In Heaven
Within On EartH

Escaping HeLL ON EartH
Within For 66 Months
Prior to The Date of
July 19, 2021, Anyway
It’s Safe to Dance And
Sing Gifts Keep

Rolling in The

Art of

LoVE in
Life Free

Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG Love

As Karma

iN Deed


Return oF LiGHT




Of DarK NoW...

SMiles Dear ruchiabhisikata
That is surely one

Of The Kindest
Poetic Replies
i’ve Ever Received

In Return i
Make This
Promise God
Willing Of Nature

Within me

You Will Always
Receive A Poetic
Reply From me

To The Inspiration
Of The Words Your

Soul Brings…

An Exercise
Of Truly Living

A Life of Free Dance
And Song my FRiEnD...

Basically, Alex Jones is A 'Christian
Evangelist', Yelling ON A Street Corner


Through A Bull Horn as 'A Routine.'

Some Folks FALL For

IT; Most

Folks Do NOT.

Note: Trump is
Also A 'Christian
Evangelist'. Conclusion:
'THAT Christian Evangelist' Has






It's really Sad to Watch People

Live A Life of Fear, Anger and Hate.

It's Even Sadder When

They Lead Folks

Down that


Path to NoWHeRE
Except DarK NoW.

Typically, Folks Who Follow that
Way of Life, Already Live With Emptiness
Within, in Some Kind of SCaRCiTY that

May Only Be Filled Up Temporarily Now

With the Addiction of Anger and Hate that
Is Just As Real As The Addiction to Drugs;

Where Ya Get the Noradrenaline and Dopamine
Fix to accommodate Low Levels of Serotonin and Oxytocin;

In Case, Anyone Wants to Know Where The Conspiracy Theories
About A 'God' oF All Love And Forgiveness And Mercy Gets HIS



Threatening to
Torture Folks
Forever; Same

Alex Jones
And Trump
Sentiment for
The Unfortunate


Yawn, Meanwhile
i'm Gonna Dance
And Sing, Just For the
Hell oF IT and Replace
'Them' And 'That' With Heaven Now.

And Typically, When Someone Suggests

That God Hates Anyone, They Are Not Speaking

of A God of All Loving Forgiving Mercy; They are


oF AN Angry God

of Fear and Hate;

Where They Project

Their Own Fear, Anger,
And Hate Through an 'Idol
God' That is Really 'A Devil' Within
That (Who) Needs Feeding of Fear,

Anger, And Hate to Feel Anything at all in Life...

It Also Makes

Small People

Feel Bigger Than
Nothing Within Now.

It's Not Really Funny; It's Just
Sad And Proves 'Life's Not Fair, My Little FRiEnD'

As Trump and Alex Jones' Comrade 'Scar' Related
on the 'Lion King Movie' And Don't Forget A Real

'King' Serves,

Gives Shares
Without Fear

For All with

Least Harm; Yes

Hope and Love

For the 'Lesser';

NOT Fear, Anger,

And Hate to Bring the Lesser Down Even More...

Anyway, 'The Lion King' Is One Fairy Tale of A Movie

WRaPPinG Most

of this Archetypal Human Story UP For/Against What Separates

A Villain

From a Hero.

A Hero Shows
Great Empathy For
All; Great Love, Forgiveness;
Great Mercy, Great Compassion




Basically, There Are Two kinds of Christians;
Those Who Live by All Love, Mercy,
Forgiveness, Compassion For ALL

And the Majority of Other
Christians Who Make the Most 'NOISE'.

'Pro Love Tip': Don't Do Trump And Alex Jones Style 'Christian.'

And to Be Clear, i Distance Myself from 'the Word'; For It is has Now
Become the


of Both
And Alex Jones;
Basically the Same 'Villain' And Real Foe AGAINST Love.

This is Clear, When Any Well Meaning Other
Wise Innocent Person Attributes

Christianity to
Alex Jones or Trump.

As All those Like 'Them'
Continue to Slaughter

Lambs for the Silence of the 'Sheep'...

So Ironically, Sadly, Changing them
into 'Matthew Goats' on Earth Now

In A Real Self-Fulfilling

Living Hell of Fear,
Anger, And Hate Now...

My Suggestion is

'Don't Drink the Kool Aid';

However, i Have Friends with
Advanced Collegiate Degrees Who Can't
Find Their Way Out of This DarK Labyrinth on Earth...


'Life Ain't Fair

my Little FRiEnD'

As 'Scar'

Yes, Trump And
Alex Jones Relate
From the 'Lion King Movie' Still...

"They Will Know We aRe Christians
By Our Love;" i Live in the Locality that
Once Held the Record Book Title for the

Most Churches Per Square Mile; Rarely

Have i Met Anyone Here Who Lives by a
Philosophy of Loving All...

Other Countries,


Yes; Particularly,

Indian Women;

And Some Muslim Women too....

Men, Not So Much; Particularly the
Ones Who are Taught Boys Don't Get to Smile
And Cry and If You See One Do it, Spit on them

And Call them 'Gay';

For We Wouldn't

Wanna Confuse

Them With Anything Associated With Love...

Ever See A Lion Walk Across The Savannah;
Very Gracefully Indeed, For in the Wild Kingdom

Balance and Peace At Rest When There is no Fight
or Flight Means Conserving Every Precious Calorie for Survival...

WHO 'DANCE' gracefully meekly as Last is First THiS WAY...

Sadly, Many Humans

Have too Much to Eat
And Are Gagging on Fear, Anger, And Hate Now...

Alex Jones and Trump Are Indeed 'the IDOL' For ALL OF WHAT THAT 'SCAR' MEANS.

When i Saw 'This Title', i Thought For Sure it Was A Parody; Sadly in a way i'm Not Surprised it's not...

Dont Dismiss

The Power of the
DarK Force; 'That Dude'
Who Was Just Laughing

At Alex Jones, And All those

Sitting Pretty in Feathered Nests
Who Were Just Laughing at Trump

Indeed made




Of Course, the 'Minion Series of Movies' Already Posed the Question
of Why Do Some Folks Follow the 'Most Despicable Leaders' and Indeed,


Science Answers
the Question for the
Power of What the

Addiction to
Fear, Anger, and Hate Brings,
Filling Up Empty Wells with No Bottom...

Okay, i've Provided What That Looks Like, now Let me

Show Ya All What it looks like When Love Comes into the Room of a Stranger;

'Hey! the person whose profile smells like love! I always get amazed the way you
leave serene words in my posts. My comment box will always remain indebted
to you & will always wait for the painting of your fingerprints :heart:'


It's True, i Rarely Receive 'Feedback' Like that When i Spread Love in My Locality

With the Most Christian Churches Once in the Record Books; However, when

i Dance in Public Freely, i Do Get Welcomes From Groups of Women Like Last

Night Who


Please Dance
For Us to Brighten Our Night..

i received That Sweetest Comment
Above While Typing this Essay

For the Difference

of What Makes

A Hero and A Villain;

Again, You Will Know A 'Real Lion King' By Their Love...

Anything Less, is Indeed Frigging Gaslit Faux Love News...

Trump and Alex
Jones are As

Far Away

From Love As Living HeLL ON EartH;

And Please Do Note, This Is All Just my Opinion;

And The Author of the OP Here; Yes, Seems Every
Bit As Nice as My Mother Who Followed Alex Jones Style Radio too...

There Was no Way to Get Through to Her; No Different than my Previous
FRiEnDS, Who Insisted i Supported The Sacrifice of Babies by Voting Democrat...

It's the Human


There is No
Escaping it;

Or Just Going to
India or Somewhere else like that to visit...

Yet Of Course, Some of the Male Indians i've met
Who Are More Subject to 'The Toxic Patriarchy'

That is More Specific to the Addiction of Fear, Anger, And Hate;

Ain't Much Different than Toxic Patriarchy, the Face of Trump, Jones,
And 'the Old Testament God' That Still Lives in Matthew's Version of
Burning Enemies Forever Either...

You'll Find it Everywhere

Ya Find the Addiction of
Fear, Hate, and Anger,

It's Just Part

of the

Human Condition...

And a Part of Nature
That is the Real God
Including DarK Makes LiGHT...

Where Both 'Scar' and the 'Lion King'
Serve a Purpose for the Whole Circle (Spiral) of Existence...

Love And Kindness
Never Gives Up On
A FRiEnD Hope You
Are Feeling Better

With A Nice
Week Ahead
For Christmas Joy...

Fall BRinGS Spring
Winter LamentS NoW
Summer DarK BRinGS
Light.. Day Turns Into Night
Mornings Bring Promise of Most
Beautiful Sunsets After Sunrises to Compete
For Beauty Those at Greatest Peace And Harmony
We Echo
It All
DarK Thru LiGHT
PReSenT GifT NoW…

Isn’t It True NoW All
Tools We Become
From Words
To Guns
Us Away
From Nature
We aRe Born
To See
Free in
Oh What
All Human
Clothes SKin




Out Of

Nature Ease
Please Seeing
Breathing Free...

Just Downsizing

Smiles Dear it Seems
You Were Nervous
That it’s True
Some Folks
For Naturally
Dudes See Damsels
In Distress
As A
To Protect
And Cherish
A Forgotten
Art indeed
Just Nature
All Experiences...

Good Fortune to
You i’ll Still Be
Playing As A
New Year’s

In 2022
Dear Cherie...

Thanks Dear
Sohair For
Dropping By
A Very Long
“Thanks Giving
11 Years For Giving
Blog Post
Writing “SonG
oF mY SoUL
10 MiLLioN
WordS Old”
Date of 100
Months Effort On
December 18, 2021,
Hehe, True The Giving
Just Never Ends ALWaYS
STarTinG NeW NoW...

Hehe, Cortney, my
Sister Marie is Currently
In The Lead For
“The Great Bird
Year” 2021 in

With Over
200 Species,
Photos of
Most, Including
Rare Ones With
A Camera With
Lens The Size of
A Telescope Long...




Out Of

Nature Ease
Please Seeing
Breathing Free...


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,245

21 Dec 2021, 5:36 pm

Indeed Dear Xenia Every
Poetry Breath of Yours
Is A Poetry Prompt For

me Through All These

Years And No Finer Muse
to me Than the Shortest Rainy
Cold Day of the Year So far Here...

Winter Solstice GLoWinG NoW

As The UPS Man Said Where Are
Your Long Pants When it is 48 Degrees
F Dancing Around The Block Hehe Yet

It's True Dance
And Song Knows

No Seasons Now
And Weathers Other

Than Dancing Singing
Springing Within Year 'Round
Warming me Up Enough Where i
Haven't Worn Long Pants Since the
Winter of 2013 So Long Ago So Long Ago




Legs Then
Still Flying
NoW As Feathers
And Dust Floats Wind Bare...
Hehe Or Bear Depending on Who One Asks...

Merry Christmas Happy New Year Always Now to You All
For Play As True #Play2022 is Already my Resolution in Play...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Make Every Foot Print

Enough to Give
And Share Free

With SMiLes
Whether Dance
Or Song Arriving Now...

Be the Leaf

Be the Tree

Be The Wind
Carrying the Leaf

Free in A Breeze of
Dance That Never Ends

Healing From
Head to Toe



And So
Much More
For All to Come
To Dance And Sing Free
Dear Sohair With SMiLes of Love...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
Indeed Both Free Dance
And Song Where All Of Life

Now May Become a Poetry

Prompt of Healing

is So Soothing Dear

FRiEnD And Invigorating
True too All Emotions May

Regulate This Way And Senses
Integrating Just Balancing All

Naked Enough Whole Complete

Our Gift From

God Dancing
Singing So Free...

SMiles Dear Samreen
Thanks So Much For
The Christmas Wishes

You And Your Family
Remain In My

For Love
To Touch
You In Every
Way Through
Shortest Days
And Longest Nights
In Many New Years

Now To You
All my FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Every Loving
Mother For Every Loving

Child Is the

Future of


Love or Not

Love's Breath
Wins All That's Life...

Merry Christmas Dear
FRiEnD Happy Holidays

As This Shortest Day Remains Now
Love Marrying the Night Merrying the Day

For A New

Year of

Love Again For All
DarK RiSinG LiGHT Returns...


mY Soul iS A Tree… Writing (Dancing Singing
Free Verse Poetry) Grows More Rings WiTHiN
Tree GroWinG Leaves
BRanchinG OuT All

Leaves Dust

in the Wind

SaMe RiSinG
Falling With Wind Free

Feather Touch Life Surrenders Freer
FRiEnDS With Gravity BREaTHE Peace Balancing Now

JusT LoVinG

IT All

So Much More NoW

Old Anxieties Remembering
Those Who Have
Come and Gone
With Yuletide
In Sunset
Dreams once
Close.. Blessings
Of Loved One’s Stay
When Christmas Spirit Lost...
Brave of Love Holding On ‘till Ice
A Hug
To Souls
With Now no
Yuletide Spring..
Forgiveness for
Being Human
DarK Thru

“That’s okay”... i’m
Just A Mad Scientist
In A Doctor Strange
Way Literally
Online Born
From ‘The
Yes An
Talk Yet not
Really To Each
Other You Are
Obviously just
For Examination
Hehe.. So Breathe
Deep And Exhale
You Are Okay





For Every
Year A Star
From: DarK NoW to:
Lights BLacKesT
Year ‘Round
Within This Heaven
Now Human Living
Eternally More Now
Ever Green LoVinG
BreatheS NoW
Uniquely Sublimely
Connecting Living
Flakes Of Freer Love...

SMILes Dear Annabel You Sound
Alive And Surviving Yearning

To Thrive Naked
Enough Whole


Yet That is
The Direction i Take

Yours May Be Clothed
Never Enough Empty
Within Far From Complete

For It's True This is the Longest

Night of the Year and Shortest Day of the

Year Yet it is Still the Brightest day to me As

i Choose to Create it This Way From Within

Yet it is True How Hard it Would

Be To Do Without

All the Privileges

i Enjoy in Life Earned

Yet Real Never the Less
Blessed in Bliss This Way

From So Many Variables that
Both Fell and Rose my Ways Now

Like Being Seeded in an Area of the
World With the Most Beautiful Beaches

Bays, Rivers, Streams, And Forests Thriving

Green In Colors of Flowers Even More Year 'Round

Yet It's Also True How Difficult it Was For my Ancestors

To Travel This Far Though Toils And Troubles Unknown

to Me Just To Breathe This Fresh Air in my Own Garden

Of Eden Modest Home

With Windows

And Doors

To Forevermore

Forest of Green

With Colors Never
Ending of Flowers Blooming Now...

Yet You See Dear as i've Told the Story
Differently Before Before 53 for 66 Months
This Place is Living HeLL ON EartH FoR me

Then the Ocean Gulf A Place i Desired Most to Just
Drown in So Far Away From Naked Enough Whole
Complete to Hang From A Tree So Far in the Forest
Where my Life Would Serve Some Purpose And Yes No

One Who Loved me Would Find me Feeding the Vultures

There As The Antelope And the Lion Feed the Savannah this

Way Not Far Away Really From Nigeria Where You Live It's True

Dear Friend We aRe All Made to Be Food For Leaves of Grass It's

True Dear FRiEnD It's True We aRe All Leaves of Trees Feeding the

Forest and Trees Both Living And Dying Falling to Holy and Sacred Soils

This Way

From the
Breeze of the
Wind That Carries

Our Spirit to Green
Spring Again in New Sapling

Leaving Trees Yet Indeed We

Hoard Our Dead and Fail to Feed Our

Children We aRe Night And Day DarK

And LiGHT too Yet It's Also True the Sun

Still Leads The Way From Night to Day

Three Days it Shall Idle on the Horizon

And Then it Will Rise Again in A New Year of Hope

And Best in Love Returning From Us Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love As i Feel and Sense it Dear FriEnd

As Present

Gift Naked
Enough Now

Whole Complete...

So What's the MoraL oF A STory

BREaTHE Dear FRiEnD This Present Breath Now

To the Best of Your Ability And Give Share that
Breath Best of Love to All You Meet and Greet

in Existence

of What
May Be

This Present
Gift to You Now...

Merry Christmas My
FRiEnD And A Very Happy
New Year to You in Nigeria With LoVE...

Learn From The Sun It Gets Knocked Down
Every Year Day And Night And Always
Returns Marry The Night Merry The Day

Trust or the Lack Thereof Dear PM

Perhaps A Greatest Roadblock to

Anyone Making a #Play2022 New Year's

Resolution So Where Does Trust Start FoR Me

At Least Naked Enough Whole Complete First

A Practice of Life

That Modern

Culture of

Grabbing And Owning
Things Externally Surely

Doesn't Foster Among Quiet Hands
And Feet of Children Moving Through

Church And School And How That Holds

Hands So Silently With State And The Affairs

of Our Country These Days Holding On to Any

Semblance With A Thread or Falling the Same Way

For Instance John McCain A Man A Real Hero Who

Endured So

Many Years

As A Prisoner

of War Protecting

Those He Led From
Additional Harm And His

Decision While Slowly Dying

To Buck the System of Power
Status Seeking Material Gains Over

The Natural Social Animal Direction

of Putting People And Their Basic Needs

of Survival And Thriving First So John McCain
In this Instance of What May Described As a Truly

Real Man Saved Health Care for Millions of Folks Standing

Against the Fire of the Dragon That Already Provided 1.4 Trillion
Dollars for Corporate Welfare During the Tenure of the Evil that
Shall Not Be Named at Least in this Essay on DarK And LiGHT

And Trust And Play on this Shortest Day And Longest Night

of the Year True We May Have to Be Patient For Three Days

And Even Very Very Anxious in Centuries Past And

More When the Sun Idled At the Horizon

3 Days After The Shortest Day of

The Year on the Promise

To Return To A New

Year oF LiGHT
Again No Different

Really Than Night Makes Day

And Day Makes Night And Speaking

of the DarK the Pendulum Now Sways

The Other Way in Shortest Days of DarK

Among the Democratic Party Regime That

Sprinkles Pepper in With the Salt of the Earth

As Joseph Manchin III, Drives Away in His Maserati

After Blaming His Decision Not to Provide Tax Credits

For Children on Addicts in His Poorest State of Virginia

in the United States As Far As Children With Needs Who

Do Need that Child Tax Credit the Most in the United States Now

A Grave Day


of What
Will Not Be
Spelled As Trust

iN A Human Condition
That When Not in Balance

Becomes A Villain Instead of A Real

Hero Leaving the Most Vulnerable Behind to Stay

So How is Generation X the Future Responding to Their

Wise Elders Like This In Charge of Our Government


(Parody of Deep State Government Feathered Drones)










Yes, Man's Best Friend is More For Giving

Prized in Thanks Giving For Giving This Way

Yet Back to the First Prize of Naked Enough
Whole Complete This Much We Will Do With

Practices in Life that Work That Do Make it so

Much Easier

to Both



And Have
Thanks Giving
Everyday Now For this Gift
of Life Present Now Indeed the

Sun Returns in Human Form Now
And Essence This True in Trust As Well...

And Joe Munchkin the Flying Monkey
Returns in His Maserati Back to the


of the


Witch of the

West However

It's Worth Noting

'He' Will Melt With
Enough Water of Love
Sprinkled Upon 'His' Fiery Head..

This Next Part Uses Invisible Ink
Again As i Continue to Dance Sing Returning
Naked Enough Whole Complete as "The" (A) 'Anti-TRumP'...

*Oops, Oops, Typo...

Generation Z Hehe...

And Perhaps

X Too

With SMiLes...

And Some
Y Sprinkled in

Let's Hope too in The Middle

NoW iN Millennial Style As Well...

Sadly i'll Leave The Boomers Out
Most of Them At Least too HAha...

Learn From The Sun It Gets Knocked Down
Every Year Day And Night And Always Returns

Marry The Night
Merry The Day

SMiles Dear Chaymaa
It’s The Shortest Day
Of The Year Yet Poetry
Of Song And Dance
Directs ThE LiGHT

With SMiLes...

12212021 Look At The LiGHT It
May Be The Shortest Day Cold Rainy
Yet It’s Florida’s PaNHaNDLE! WHeRE SPRinG Returns XMAS!

Still Coming...

SMiles Dear PM
Happy Shortest
Day of the Year
Yet Poetry Grows
LiGHT Free in
And DarK
Free on Longest
Days Truly Mastering
All in
All Within
This Stay...

The Light; i dance
i sing; no walls or
books will Hold the
Love of my Soul,
at least for what
i name as Real God Within.

OMG And This Almost Concludes
"SonG oF mY SoUL 10 MiLLioN WordS Old"
Yet Wait First A Quick Tale of the Tape Before
i Begin The Next EPiC Long Form MacroVerse
"Grand Cross Bible 2021" That Comprises 7 Months
Of Effort Since Memorial Day Weekend Ending May 2021
God Yes Greater In Size Than the Old King James Try And

Just One of Six Grand Cross Bibles That Began in 2016,
Then 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, All Greater In Size Than
The Old King James Sized Try in Just 7 Months Again
'Tween Memorial Day Weekend Through Christmas
And New Year's Eve Celebrating A Coming Year
New Resolution of #Play2022 As Well Yet
Too Many Celebrations to Add A Macro
Verse titled That Or A MacroVerse
For A Review Specifically
Titled for 2021 As i've
Done that too For

Every Year Since 2013
For True Coming After "Grand
Cross Bible 2021" Will Be A Celebration
of "16,000 Miles of Public Dancing" in 100
Months Then too In the Beginning of January 2022

And Lord Knows The Celebrations Just Keep Coming

As After That Will Be A Celebration of "Facebook Profile
Pic Bible" RiSinG to 6 MiLLioN WordS Old in 56 Months of Effort
Where God Yes Those Words Are Also Included in the Description
Areas of my Facebook Profile Pics in Series of Photos That iLLuSTRaTE
A Dancing Singing Bible on Facebook In Real TiME NOW True Yet

Now EPiC Longest Long Form Poem Bible "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Also Arises to 10 MiLLioN Words in 100 Months of Effort Per the
Last Completed MacroVerse too Number 957 Yes "Thanks Giving
11 Years For Giving 2010-2021" That Also Doubles As the 285th
MacroVerse of "Nether Land Bible" RiSinG Now to 7,519,757
Words in 66 Months of Writing Almost 67 Coming on
December 26th And Finally That "Thank Giving Post"
Triples as the 182nd MacroVerse, 5,916,748 Words
"Facebook Profile Pic Bible" in 54 Months
of Effort Almost 55 Months Also on
December 26th As the Facebook
Profile Pic Description Areas
Keep Getting Filled Up
Ever Since Memorial
Day Weekend of 2017...
"Depth of The Story" Named
in Metaphor As An "8th New
Testament" As Yes there Are
7 Other Titled Subchapter "New
Testaments" Titled in "SonG oF mY SoUL"
EPiC Longest Long Form Poem Bible Now too
As Let's Remember Basically Every Breath We Take
Is Both a New UNiVeRSE oF Life And New Testament of Life True

Anyway Depth of the Story is Still RiSinG Past 1.2 MiLLioN Words
Also In A Solo Thread on the 'Wrong Planet' Website Since 8.19.2020
16 Months Now With Over 77 Thousand Views From the Actual Registered
Members of that Website Now Where The Total Public Dance Miles Now
Closing in on 100 Months is Currently at 15,906 Miles of Dance Just 94
More Miles To Go And Sure i Write Erotic Poetry too Yet that 114,652
Fully Illustrated 6 Volume Novel Has Been A Bit in the Freezer
Hehe Ever Since Covid-19 Came to Play With the World and
Close the Dance Floor Down And Such as That There Are

New Arts
to Try And
Do And sure

More Bucket List
Items to Check off Before
i Explore The Next Great Adventure to Do...

With That Said Catholic Mass Readings From
December 19th, 2021 my 101th Month Anniversary
Date in Heaven on Earth Ever Since Escaping 66 Months
of HeLL ON EartH on July 19, 2013 Standing On A Beach
Becoming One With Sugar White Sands Emerald Green
Gulf Waves Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze Sea
Gull Wings me too Spiraling Around the Sun

Are Ya Getting A
Bigger Holistic
More Right Brain
Pic of What i am Saying

Now Yes One With the Force
of All One With The Father and
or Mother Just One With All That is God Now for Real
Separation is the Illusion CuLTuRaL Clothes of Tools
Bring As We Become More Our Tools We Create As

Than the
Great i Am

oF ALL Now For Real
Yes As Some Folks Metaphor
in A Tiny Word Called God that
Sadly gets Stuck on the Roof of the
Mouth of Some Folks Imprisoned Only

In Idols of
Words and
The Such As That

Anyway As Far As Mary's

God Do Know, Feel, Sense

That You Truly Are the Ones

All the Ones Who Birth The Face
of God AS HuMaN Still Now With only

Really A "Little Help" From Dudes That Way Haha
It's Gonna Be A While to Get this one Published
i'm Way Behind on the Multi-Media to Illustrate

It All Next Yet at Least i am Finishing the Writing
of this Now With A Tribute to All the Mary's Who

Birth the
Face of

Human NoW As
God All That is Too..

If Ya Wanna Keep God
Trapped in Tools of Words
Imprisoned That Way And
in Only Dudes Sure Have it Your
Way in Relative Free Will Yet Just
Remember All Swallows All Smaller Gods Whole As All That Is...

"You Know", the Metaphor of Alpha Thru Omega 'i Am' Only Bigger

Than that too as All That is True

It's DarK Tonight And Long

Yet The Sun is Returning

Now Back to Longer Days

And Shorter Nights

As The Spiral


And DarK

Continues Its
Balancing Dance And Song New Now
Ever Changing Every Breath A New
UNiVerSE Ours to Play With Now...

Concluding This Writing on December 21st
The Winter Solstice of 2021, Yes, 12.21.2021

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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22 Dec 2021, 5:08 pm

SMiLes Dear Sohair
The Nile Welcomes All

The Same As The Nile Stays

In Flow Away From All Distractions

And Verily Issues From the Past With

SMiLes Indeed

The Nile

Is A River

We May All Strive
For to Maintain
Inhaling Peace


Exhaling LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT For
All Healing Giving
Sharing Caring Freely

YeS AGAiN With All With Least
Harm Yes Nile Flows in Loving Focus Free Now...

SMiles Dear
Xenia Many
More Poetry
Years of
Your Way
Joy Year ‘Round
Now For You All
SmellinG LoVE’S Prints...

Dear Xenia


Spring in Winter
Christmas SMiling...

SMiles Dear
Xenia The Sun
Is Out And


Is Returning
To Christmas
In Florida’s PaNHandle
Now So Very Green Changing...

THorns Bring More
Beautiful FLoWeRS
of Roses

Bring Deeper
Roots For Stronger Trees

Nautilus Shells and Galaxies
Start With Narrow Spirals Expanding

Out As Existence Continues to Spiral These

Ways Through LiGHT And DarK to Grow Our

Living Trees

Taller and
Stronger As

Valleys Make

Mountains Same

Height in Appreciating

Taller Tree Tops And Deeper
Roots Same Yet Changing

Different of Course

The More Miles

i Public Dance

The More i Find
Balancing FRiEnDS

With Gravity Dear Savvy

Not Unlike Writing in Flow FRiEnDS
With Gravity Exists in All Dimensions

When Balancing Comes Now To Inhale
Peace Exhale Love Deeper For All Indeed...

Dancing Singing Poetry IS A Map To Hope, Faith,
Belief, Joy, Happiness, And Overall Love (“Why Is
He Dancing Singing Grand Cross Bible 2021?")


Dancing Singing Now

Sadly This is Rarely

Just A Rhetorical

Question For Play 'These Days'...

Well You Know Dear PM Back Then

The Grinch Tried to Cancel Christmas

According to A Fairy Tale At Least Hehe

So Perhaps there is a Chance That Joe Munchkin

Will Not Fly Back as A Monkey to Kiss the Butt of

The Wicked Witch of the West too Yet It's True

With or Without


Even With

The Grinch And
Associated Comrades

True the Kids in Whoville
In West Virginia Could Sure

Use Some Fresh Clothes in those
Mountain Cabins for the New Year too...

Yawn No One is Gonna Cancel Christmas

For me As my Tree Stays Up Year 'Round With

More Colors Than Ever Before New too As Yes
i Am Currently Starting A "Grand Cross Bible 2021"

Yes It's Just A Metaphor As "In the Beginning" When
Most Folks Were

Illiterate Books Were

Held in High Reverence

When All Books Were

Termed Bibles then
in Some Locations
of This Big Blue Green
And Brown Orb As Such
We Spiral Around in Galaxies
On Just Orbiting A Healthy Star Still...
Hehe, Yet of Course All of Nature Real
Moves Even When We Sit Still and Slow
Twitch Fibered Muscles Are Constantly Firing
Now to Keep Us Sitting Up Straight in Balance

It's Worth Noting That is a Rather
Ergonomic Injury Potential thing
To Do As Those Tiny Movements
Are Repetitive Indeed So Yes As

That Principle Applies to All Stuff
Existence Within, Inside, Outside,

Above, So Below And All Around

The Rule of Nature is Balance For Change

So in This Way in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019,
2020, And Now 2021 God Yes i Dance And

Sing A New "Grand Cross Bible" Every Year
For Six As A Tradition of Change in Balance

Too, Yes From Memorial Day Through New Year's
Eve For 7 Months Out of Each Year Now Through
All those Years i Write A "Grand Cross Bible" Greater
in Size than the 'King James' Effort Always Changing Always

Evolving Just Like

my Soul SPiRiTinG
HeART Free Now As

It's True Whatever Stagnates

in Life Moves into Imbalance and

Causes Problems With Our Health
And Well Being and May Harm the Balance

of the Rest of Nature Adapting to Constant Change Now True...

In This Way Every Christmas Bible of my Life is Always Different Now

In Fact For Us All, Truly Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love or Less in

Life is A New UniVeRSE

A New Testament

to Adapt

And Change

And Evolve Greater to

Light Up New Colors of
All Our Christmas Trees

Or Not Or Not Or Not

As Some Folks

Are Rather

Averse Now to

Change Yet It's True too
Boats Need Sails to Explore
New Seas for Subsistence With
Fair Winds and Following Seas Ahead

Yet Storms Do Come So Boats Do Need

Anchors In Old Harbors to Stay Afloat And True too

Humans Do Bond and Bind Over Common Symbols

And Ideologies too As Tradition Does Naturally Exclude

Others Who Don't Play By Those Rules and Stay on the
Same Sheet of Choir Music in Church Now True too Yet

It is Also Possible to Write Our New Testaments And

New Bibles, Direct And Produce Our Evolving Soul

Play of Life And Still Visit The Traditions And

Sort of Be A Visitor Like the Reformed

Grinch And Even Perhaps

Play Their Reindeer

Games Enough

Not to Get

Exposed With

Our Red Noses GLoWinG

HAha So What's the Meaning

And Purpose of All of These Words

Just Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

May All You Love Prosper And Thrive With Their
Relative Free Will in Tow Or Airing Out New Sails of Adventure mY FRiEnD...

Anyway i Still Have "SonG oF mY SoUL 10 MiLLioN WordS Old" To Put Together

As That Longest EPiC Long Form Bible Poem Holds This 11th Titled Subchapter

Long Form Bible Larger Than the Old King James Size Effort in 100 Months too

As True All Those Words in 100 Months in Free Verse Spirited Play is Indeed

More Than 12 Times Greater in Size than That Old King James Size

Effort unlike 'The Book of Eli' Dear Movie Buff, i Didn't Go

The Route of Copy Cat Like 'Denzel Washington'

Playing the Part of 'Eli' on that Movie
Then It's True i Continue the

Race With my Best

Life Only Now

And Like My Mother's

'Prophecy' in A Letter We

Found In Her Home After

She Passed Away in '17 That She

Never Sent to me Post Marked Dated

By Her on my 33rd Birthday in 1993, As

She Said After My Life Is Over

A Grand Story it Will Tell Yet

Of Course, i Suppose It's Poetic

Justice As When i Was 33, i Didn't

Have Much of A Creative
Bone in my Soul It's True

That Didn't Come Until

Blooming Much Later

At Age 53 And the Next

10 MiLLioN Words Yes

Funny Now How Life





Souls Grow Evolving

Yet i Love Old Traditions too...
Yes i Used to Be A Very Black
And Thinker Then Who Had so
Much Trouble Bending to What
i Didn't Agree with; Hehe Now i Change

All the Metaphors to Love And it Mostly All

Works Out DarK Thru LiGHT True That's Colorful

Feeling Sensing Almost Wearing Shades That Are
Rose Colored HAha...

With No Know...



With SMiLes

"Life Moves Pretty Fast"

Yep, Yes, We Gotta Make it the
Best Party We Can Loving Will At
Least According to "Ferris Bueller's"

Religion and Basically In A Way Mine too
With the Focus of "Forrest Gump" For No
Particular Reason Except For Feeling Like
Dancing More Than Half the Distance around the
Globe too for Close to 16,000 Miles in 100 Months...

Yet Without Any Real Worries Like 'The Dude' off "The
"Big Lebowski" Movie too And When it Comes to 'Terminators'

i Refuse to Be A Machine Doing the SaMe Old SaMe Old 'Thing'

Yet an "Avatar" i Will Be Squeezing All 242 Pounds in this Fiber Optic

Cable Close to The Speed oF LiGHT And LoVE Even Faster Than

Dancing Around the Equator Distance of the World hAha.. And

As Far As "Neo" Goes i do the Green Pill And "Whitman"

As "Leaves of Grass" Fed By Leaves of Living Tree me

Feeding Both Trees of Forests Whole And New

Sapling Green Trees RiSinG Out of

Holy Falling Leaves iN



Green Sprouting Soils
Through All Winter Snows
And Spring NoW on Christmas
Day in the Panhandle of Florida True too

As Summer FLoWeRS Still Remain Here

in My Own Garden of Eden Staycationing Eternally Now

Gratitude Yes it is Why i Never Stop Doing Newer Testaments of Breath Now...

SMiLes Dear Aloha FRiEnD There is the Sweetest Little Yellow and White Tuxedo
Kitty Who Greets Us Walking Around the Neighborhood Block Each Night As

The Frogs Do Still Come Out As They May When Temperatures Rise Back
to Spring on Christmas Morning; As Here, Hehe, 4 Seasons in a Week
in December Spring of Panhandle Florida In Winter is No Big Surprise

As Even Air-Conditioners Have Been Turned on, on Christmas
Days Before; Yet Anyway, The Little Sweet Kitty Laments

A Desire for Us to Have Another Kitty FRiEnD in Our Home
As Yes, It's Been Almost 3 Years Now Since Our Last

Cat Passed Away True And if Ya Keep Putting

It off As Far As Anything in Life Goes

In Use It or Lose It Ya Just May
Never Find It At All Again or Yes
Even A First Date Now mY FRiEnD...

Until 2008, i Couldn't Bear Pets in the Home
Because of Severe Allergies as i Believe i've Told
You Before, For When 19 Life Threatening Synergy
of Illnesses Came Then Including the Worst Pain Known
to Humankind, the Suicide Disease, Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia For 66 Months From Wake to Sleep That No Drug

Would Touch; Most All of these Disorders Related then to 11 Years
of Work Related Stress Yes Ranging From Chronic to Acute Fight or Flight
the Last 2 Years of That 'Term' of Life Basically In Prison of the "Matrix" of What
Society Brings, Strangely the Allergies Went Away And What Our Cat FRiEnDS

Taught me Best is A Return to the Call of the Wild in Balance of Loving Nature Then
And Now too; Particularly , "Yellow Boy," A Feral Cat From our Back Woods Feeding

Him in A Dry Spell As He Came Whining Under Our Shed Begging For Food And True

in Return As He Became a Lap Cat Of Love Transformed From A Dangerous Competitive

Killer From the Woods He Showed me What Is Truly Important in A Continuing Play for Life's Existence
Free Without All the Illusory Human Issues We 'Think' We Have For So Many of the Clothes of CuLTuraL

Tools We Wear/Become That May Otherwise Be Discarded to Inhale Peace Exhale Love As Our Social Animal

Other Friends at Home Do Teach So Well my FRiEnD in the Spirit of this Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

A Very Merry Christmas
And Happy Holidays

to All You LoVE iN
Life mY FRiEnD

SMiLes it's

A World for

Playing Life Loving Free

Now Fearlessly in Kindness Oh What A Cat or Dog
Will Teach A Human How to BREaTHE Free Again...

SMiles Dear Chaymaa
All Your Quotes So Valuable

to Personal Growth What i Do
my Best to Do is Make Every Life

Experience A Poetry Prompt for
Both Dance And Song For More

Gratitude For this Breath
of Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love


And The More i Do
This the More i Find i
Grow As A Soul Ever
More Coloring my

HeART And SPiRiT to SPRead...

Really, Who Has the Years, Months, Days,
Hours, Minutes, Seconds Required NoW iN
FoCuS to Actually Understand Anyone At All (me)

The More Ya Understand Folks Now The More It Is
Realistically Impossible For Them to Disappoint Ya in

Whatever They Do Now

SMiLes Dear Akshita Oh How

There is Connecting Moving

Co-CreatinG As Long As We

Dance And Sing A New Song




From Ice And
Concrete Before

Just to Flow Alive

Free Where Hands Touch
ReNeWinG Bird's Wings, Smiles

Yes, "W I N T E R" Hehe.. Got A

Top "T, I, E, R" Result in 'Katie Mia Frederick'

Out of the 'Winter' Letters Required to Join in

From my Pen Name Related to All my Letters

Yet No, i Don't Join In on Any of The 'Reindeer

Games' in 'Poetry Prompts' Online as Invariably

i Will Just Be too Strange/Different For Anyone Who



Total Freedom
in this Life With SMiLes...

Rather Make All of Life a

Poetry Prompt For Dance

And Song Free And Just Do Every
Event of Life Moving, Connecting,

Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Freely

Co-Creating this way in Autotelic Flow
With Rarely Any Rules...

HAha Other than
Death and


Taxes that
Generally Speaking
on the Federal Level

i've Avoided Paying for
13 Years Without Even
Breaking Any Rules Hehe...

For It's True Ya Have to
Know The Rules to Beat

A System With No Wings...

As Today 12.22.21 is the Opening

Date for the Matrix Movie Part 4

Per Title, "Matrix Resurrections"...

i Am surely Not Going to Join Any
'Matrix Party' Verily i'll Just Do 'Neo' Allone...

Writing Poetry In Reverse Like the 'White
Knight' Feeding the Right Hemisphere of my

Brain as The 'Dormouse' Suggests

Hehe in the 'Matrix Resurrections'

Movie Trailer Singing it Well
Along With 'Grace Slick'
And 'White Rabbit' too

As Far As What to Do
Removing Ourselves
From Concrete Ice

Souls In


to Flow
As A River
Free Once Again...

With No Banks to Restrict...

-Fred or 'Alice' or 'White Knight'
or 'Dormouse' Or Even "Neo", Nope,

~All The Names Really Don't MatteR aT All...

Fear of Loud Sounds for the Lion Roars And Will Eat us

Wings to
Fly or Fall

SMiles For me
It Is Mostly
i Do Life



A Lost...
Cause For Them...

Merry Christmas
Marianna to All
You Love With
SMiles of THorns



RiSinG Again...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Wherever You
Are This Moment i Will Love to Arrive

Now Just Like Santa Claus to Give

You A Warm Hot Chocolate Hug

And Mug of Cheers to Make

Every Little

Thing Alright

With You Just
Sunshine and Spring

in Your Eyes SMiLing

i’m Knocking Softly On

Your Door Hehe

Don’t Wanna

Get Burnt

Coming Down
Your Chimney Where
it is So Very Cold and Snowy
For Christmas Eve And Day For You

Anyway Promise i’ll Be Visiting on
Christmas Morning…

And Many More too

As Long As You


Santa in Your Home...




KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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24 Dec 2021, 4:17 pm

FLoWeRinG NoW For
Christmas iN Deed in
Metaphor Ever Green

Thank You Shawna B.
Keep the Jingle
Bells A Ringing With
SMiLes Now Of
Joy Love Breathes
Hehe.. one Day
i’m gonna OPen
Up a “FredMarK”
Greeting Card
Company... Wait!
Already Do it For Free! heHe...

SMiLes Yet Again
Rue i Follow
This Path Late
At 53 You Early
At Thirty Something
As Assessed Not
By Youthful Beauty
Still Yet The Story
I’ve Listened
To of Your
Life You
Are Still
So Young And
Talented Truly Gifted
With Poetry of The


So Young

You Will Go

So Much Farther

Than Me on

Your Path
If You Just
Keep Traveling
Once You Arrive
Long After
i Pass Away



Fred And
Do Feel And
You Are
Now Just

This Magical




You Always
Within to See Love...

Lovely Canadian
Christmas Views
Merry Love
To All


Love And


SMiles Rue
i Just
Cards Year

‘Round Hmm

JeSuS Will Choose

Reply Only

Is if
Comes Back
Today As Promised

Same Way He
Came Last
Go ‘Round
In The
New Testament

Excluding No
One From
Of Love
Who Would
Open Their
To Him

Full Well
All He
Is Heaven
Now For All

Okay Rue Busy
Completing My
Christmas Merry
Card Back


ANSWeRinG Now...

"The MaGiC" Finally Returns
Indeed 'The Child Of LoVE' RiSinG AGAiN...

SMiLes Dear

Savvy Gratitude

Is the Give of Love

Thanks Giving

For Giving

All We Do
mY FRiEnD Now

Gratitude No End or
Beginning No Finish
ALWaYS Starting Now



This Gratitude
Tree This Loving
Forest iNDeeD For All mY FRiEnD...

Happy HoLiDaY LoVE to All You LoVE ALWaYS NoW...

And Thank You For Your Wondrous Every Day Poetry of 'Living



my Dear FRiEnD
With So Many SMiLes...

i KNoW NoThing PM,

i Am Wave

i Am Water

i Am Ocean

i Am Particle

i Am Wave

i Am Field i Am
BeLieve i Am BeLeaf

i Am BeLove i Am Forrest

Whole And Sure 'A Real
Forrest Gump' Too Hehe...

Or So


i BeLeaf

i BeLove i Do...

me Just Another
River Flows No Fear Now
No Banks Will Hold This Will oF Love...

Repeat This 'Prayer' Three Instances

And Perhaps You Will Click Your Heals

Dear Alice or Dorothy And Return Home to Y.O.U. too...


OBTW Merry
Christmas God Yes

Happy New Year SMiLes

NoW And All That Jazz Yes

Every Day Every NoW iNDeed
Just LiGHTiNG Newer Colors on LiVinG LoVinG Trees...

And Thank You For All Your Inspiring Every Day Words...

SMiLes PM, i Wanna See the 'Matrix

Movie' Today in A Way It's Looking

iN A MaGiC Mirror Too

Yes LooKinG Deep

Within Finding

All the Gifts

of Our Inheritance

Our Ancestry At Our
Very Finger Tips In Other
Words The Gift of Unpacking
Epigenetic Potential With Enough
Struggle to Make Change Real For
Positive Adapting to the DarK oF

Live Transforming
Our Selves NoW into

A Much Newer Enigma

Mirror Creation indeed

So What's Possible is the Sky
The Limit or The Ground or Is

Above Below And All Around

Within Inside Outside



SaMe Distance

B A L A N C in G

Center Point FRiEnDS NoW
With Gravity For All that Exists

Shall i Try the Blue Pill or Red

Hell No i've Already Tried

iT i'll Grow My Own

Life With

The Green Pill
i Create And Skip

Right Left Over the

Left and Right Hemispheres

of Mind in Union of one Believe

one BeLeaf one BeLove One Living

Tree To Spread My Leaf to Forest Whole
Ocean Water Wave SaMe Indeed Just

So Many Trinities Particle Wave

Field True too

Like my



And All of Existence True
Merry Eve of Eternal Loving LiFE iNDeeD
Dreams Come to Fruition We Do Create New

As Mirror Changes Our Creation Now For Real...

PS: Gotta Proof-Read And Add the Multi-Media
to A 57,710 Word Long Form Poem MacroVerse

Celebrating 10,000,000 Words of EPiC LonG Form
Poem Longest "SonG of mY SouL" to Make the 12:15 PM

SHoWinG of the "Matrix Resurrections" First Movie of Any

Movie i Will See Since Before Pandemic Days Came

If i Don't Make it on Christmas Eve

THere is Always


Day Still to Come
NoW ALLwayS A Trinity
of Plans A, B, C i Do Hehe...

Santa Day


Dear Doc

As Long
As We

To Give
Love With
No Wrappings
To Hide Love

Still Through
North Pole Cold

Or Pandemics
In Deep Snow


To MelT HeHe...

Greatest Gift

Is A Mother

Who Gives Life
And Gardens
Love The

Child oF LiGHT
Dear Chaymaa…

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

Life is the Fruition
of The Dream


Some Lose
The Life of the Dream...

Indeed Dear
The Rebirth
Of Love When
Give up on
Us is The
Return of
Love When
We Do Same


Else Lost
We Refuse to Lose

Happiness Two G's

Dear Chaymaa

Makes God

Giving mY FRiEnD
That Comes Naturally With L...

SMiles Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Our Cat
Yellow Boy
Survived In
Our Home For
Almost 10 Years With
Feline Leukemia Out

Of The Woods

We Refused to
Make A Choice
To End His Life
When The Vet
Told Us As The
Only Choice To
Protect Other Cats
Keeping Him Inside

We Could Feel in
The Holiday
Season of
2018 He Was
Passing Away
Amazingly At the
Bar i Danced At
As i Felt That
Way i Took A
Random Picture
Of A Burning Torch
In Fire Of A Fountain
That Shaped The Figure
Of A Yellow To Orange

Fired Cat

As if


my Eyes
i Still Honor
His Memory

With That

Of Fire

Love Will
Do Extend the

Life of Most

All to Life
Is Good As
Our Cat And

Don’t Really Pass
Away Like Others
We Love As We


THeiR Love

As “Saint
Elmo’s Fire’s
Myth” Real

“Elmo” Another
Name For Bringer
oF LiGHT Meaning

Of my Mother’s Name
Helen Who Went To
Her Death Bed on
Valentine’s Day
In Hospice in
2017 She Lasted
8 Long Days Without
Food Or Water For
The Long Good Bye
With Undetected
Cancer Through
Bones Through
Breast Through
Brain Two Years
Prior Losing 80
Pounds Only
Taking A Bayer
Aspirin Calling
The Pain Arthritis

She Beat My Sister
At Scrabble Several
Days Prior to Her

Death Bed As
Her Brain Was
Bleeding The

Doctor Said
Usually People
Last 3 Days Without
Food Or Water And
Attributed Her 8 Days
To An Unusually


Of Love
Builds Indeed

As Her Love Still
Breathes me As
Yellow Boy Does

Too In The Love
i Heal, Give, Share
Care Freely No Different

Than An Ever Blessing
Of A SMiLe my Child
Ryan Never Had in
Only A Life of Pain

For 51 Days
His Blessing
Death His


Beat in
my Arms

In 1997

He Never
i Dance i Sing

i Give Away to

All i BeLieve
i BeLeaf

i BeLove

Part of All
Our Living
Tree Bleeding
And Breathing
LoVE iNto The


Of God
Water Wave
Ocean SaMe

Merry Christmas
Dear Hawaii FRiEnD...

Thanks Dear
Savvy Happy
Spirit In HoLiDaY
To You
With SMiles...

Hi Himali.. Since You Love
Santa i'm Sure Merry Christmas
As Birth oF LoVE and LiGHT And
New Years ALWaYS LoVE MoRE
As NoW iS ALWaYs iN OrDeR For
ArT so this is mY CHrisTMaS
Card to: You
From me
And Yes
PS.. too..
HelloooVE HiMaLi
WiTH aS LoVE to: YoU SoMe MoRE...

The Mortal Sin The Fear The Hate Against
Eternal LovE NoW iN ForGiveness


Bottom Top Line

Empaths Do
'This' As
in Quiet Breeze
Yes They Hear Your
Soul in Silent Nights of Days...

It’s Worth Noting At Least to me that i Wrote
‘This’ With one Finger On A SMarT Phone For
Real That’s All ‘David’ Needs to DeFeaT AGain

NoW One LooK iN
EYes Enough For me
For i Am Higher to See
Freely Breathing
Hehe i Only
Come Here
For the
Of Your
To Be
This is only
Poetry For 2021
Vision Longest
Nights Deserve
Champagne of Eyes
As Always Thanks
Art You Are
Happy Holidays
Do Remain
A Gift
Present 2022...

To Efficiently
Flow Reaching
Human Potentials
In More
Sense What
You Take
Your Eye
Off The
Pay No
To The
You Starve
And Die Whereas
In Our Modern
World Facing
That Most
Have to
Deal With
To Survive Slave
To The Work And
School World
The Starvation
And Death is
Rise With
Comes To
Happy Holidays
To You And
Love Kally...

Lights Continue
To New Color
THiS Way
With SMiLes...

Lovemas Even Better Really Sad A Priest Says
Us CatholicS iN Mass As If Them Are Not Love Is God Now

Repeat After Me Or Do Not Religion Will Never Be Love As
Tradition By Definition Means Us Not Them Excluding Love

Or What They Do As Them

Not A New Story Why JeSuS, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Etc., Escape
Church And State Freeing God Nature All NoW Within NoW LoVE

Echoes of Snow My Ancestors From the Black Forest
Of Germany as I remember Playing a Little SnowBoarding
Game As In Florida Snow is So Rare; Yet, i'm Sure i would
Feel the Ancestral Memories of Deep Frozen Winters
If I lived Somewhere Farther North by Far
From Florida Now; Smiles, I haven't
Worn Long Pants since 2013;
So i tolerate Cold Naturally Well;
And Polar Bears Were my Favorite
Stuffed Animal From Childhood For True
i Found Love in That Stuffed Toy that would
Never Go Away as My Father Did at 3 for i am
Sure There are Many Folks Who Have Stuffed Animal
Parents This Way as Surrogates And Of Course Stuffed Pillow
Lovers Through
Life as
Lovers Fade Away
Yet We Still Find Ways
To Generate the Warmth Within
Yes the Christmas Sprit Year 'Round At
Best We Create Within to Warm Ourselves
Surely With More To Give to Others this way too...
Love Within
Warmth Indeed
Smiles Lillian From Norway
As i Know a Lillian From Boston too...
Oh the Magic of Northern Lights And
Snow Aglow With Sublime Memories
When Ice Becomes Warm Within
Yes Merry Love to You
Year Around
You Always
Find Ways to
Generate Sunshine
Of Love to Feel and Give and Share More...

Our Family From Ireland "Who Black Sheeped"
My Catholic Priest Grandaddy When He Left The
Church Basically In Part So i Could Exist Now Breaking
Those Rules Hehe, Got In touch With Us to Visit Them For
A Family Reunion in 2017 Yet My Mother Passing Away Excluded

That Option From Coming to Fruition

They Asked For Photos to

Include in the Ritzy

Occasion As Apparently

Our Relatives in Ireland

From Limerick Where my
Grandfather Was Born Are
A Bit Ritzy in Material Accomplishments

Like Some Other Members Living in Mansions
on my Father's Side of the Family Anyway All

They Had to Say is it is So Strange (UNAPPROVED) That

i am in Shades At Night Even Though i Wear them From

Recovering From the Worst Suicide Pain
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Assessed

As the Worst Pain Known to Humankind

in My Case in my Right Eye And Ear Like

Wake to Sleep Shut-in my Bedroom

For 66 Months As if Wearing

SHades at Night Is the

Strangest Thing

i've overcome in Life
AS NO Drug Would Touch
The Suicide Disease For me...



It's True Some of Us Materially Reduce
The World to Details We Can't Look Past

i'm Sure my Penis Would Offend Them
iN my 'David Art' too Yet We Didn't Share
That Art With Them As It's Rather Exclusively

Linked And Truly "Grey Popoun" At Essense of
Renaissance Art At Least All Fancy Dancy too..

It's True Some of Us Can't See PAST the
Trees For the Forest of Beauty All God

Some of Us Reduce God to Words

And Insist God Only Comes And
Returns to Earth With A Penis

To Hell With Vaginas they

Only Deliver Sons of Love

Huh Well NO it Depends

On How Those Sons are

Gardened for Love or

To Erase the Aversion to
Killing Someone of our Same
Species in Desert Tribal Wars

By Removing the Smiles and
Cries of the Young Boys From

ALLMost Birth From Big Daddy's

Fierce Dead Faced Glare So

What's Left Over

Anger For

And 'Left Brain'
Hemisphere Restricted



The Different Among
Us Until the Whole Nature Picture Free Loving All
of God All Of Nature Returns to Life Balancing Again

Left and Right Right And Left One Whole God Now We

Yes Some of Us Come Free Some of Us Go Lost This is Life...

Hehe, Dear Savvy
Amused by the

Illustration Here

of in General

A 'Sharp Pencil'

Left Brain Metaphor

As Opposed to A More
Colorful Crayon of the Right Hemisphere

As Mechanical Cognition
Vies For Superiority

In Left Brain

May even
Grow Angry
When Control
No Longer Seems
Its DoMain Yes Dominating

The World With Words Too mY FRiEnD

Overall Our Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual
Intelligences in Big Right Brain Picture Playing Now

True it is Often A Balancing Force of
Liberation Within That Leads to Both

Sharp Pencil Fine Lining And Crayon
Brushes Painting the World Newer In Colors True

When Art And Reason Becomes Chaos MaGiC Real Indeed...



Out of Order
So Very Uniquely...

Hehe We
Don’t Have
A Chimney


So He’ll
Have to Knock
(Rudolph We Trust)...

We Had Frost on
Our Roof Thursday
Dear Cindy
Yes Below
Yet 76F on
Tap For
Not A Place
For Frosty A
Snowman To
Thrive Never
The Less Rudolph

Yes So
Free Hehe
Nose to See...

"It's A Wonderful Life"


Indeed As the Old
Jimmy Stewart Christmas
Story Relates Do Count our


BLeSSinGS For Those We Move,
Connect, And Co-Create With in

Life As We Go or
We May


of Moving

And Be Left With
A Question is Life

Worth Living At All

For It's True It's Really

Not Without Love as Billionaires

Surely Pad the Pocket Books As
Those With Fame and Fortune

Surely Pad the Pocket Books

of Their Psychotherapists too

With A Question of 'Why me?"

Love is Free

So Why Do We
Attempt to Sell and
Buy Things so Much So
Far Away from the Fins
That Swim the Fish the
Wings That Fly the Bird
And the Hands That Climb
The Monkey So Far Above in Trees

For Indeed We Tend to Forget We aRe Believe

As True That Word Originates From BeLeaf and

Even Further From BeLove So Very Close to HeARTS

Who Dance And Sing This SPiRiT oF LoVE Moving Connecting
Co-Creating SoUL So Fearlessly Free Now Just A Dance And Song of Life

Just This



This Naked Living
Tree Enough Whole
Complete to Heal, to Give,
to Share, Inhaling Peace,
Exhaling LoVE iN LiGHT
of Joy For All With Least

Harm Every Leaf of Love that
Feeds The Tree Every Leaf of

Love That Feeds Holy and Sacred

Soul Soils Where Sapling Green Trees

Survive Fertilizing ThiS WaY Through
Deepest Winter Snows As Roots of Living

Trees Grow Even Deeper As Love This Way

Summer FLoWeRS Returning in Flow Leaves

Falling off Living Trees to Winter Spring Love Free For All Again...

It's True Dear FRiEnD

i Relish in DeLiGHT

For Every Smile

of Love i Am

So Fortunate
To Able to Give
Away And True too

i Often Copy and Paste
The SMiLes and Just Put
The "SonG oF mY SoUL" Now
on Repeat to Play Again my FRiEnD
Or Dance Or However Love May Move
Connect And Co-Create in Love's Great Breath...
As my Christmas Tree Up Year 'Round Just Continues
to Add New Colors oF LiGHT Merry Christmas Dear FRiEnD Cindy


This Now is
'A Wonderful Life'
Nice to Share With
Leaves of Trees Forest Enough
Whole Love Complete Like You With SMiLes
Hehe Yet Ya Don't Have to Do it 'Naked Free'

of Course

That's Just
My Thing HAha...

As All i Am is Leaf...

SMiLes Dear Okidedatter
Orchard Daughter Lillian as

You So Eloquently

Brand A Name

For Your Poetry
Book on Sale on

Amazon Yes Such

A Sublimely Beautiful
Video You Produce With
Hints of the Poetry You Create

Indeed So Deep As the 'Moon

Kills the Day' As You Say Dear

FRiEnD Through Sunsets

And Sunrises With




To Rise From Fall Again

From Norway Northern Lights

As The Sun Idles on the Horizon

Today One More Day As Surely A

Promise of the Sun at Least RiSinG Comes Again
As Always Thanks For Your Inspiring Soul Free to Delight


So Deep

As Oceans

Swim Love

From Shallow
Clear Waters of Love Above...

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha

Love iS A Whole Ocean

We aRe Fish What

Happens When

Fish Are Separated
Now From An Ocean

They Surely Don't
Drown They Slowly Suffocate

What Makes Love An Ocean Now

What Makes Fish Able to Breathe

This Water And Never Suffocate

They Swim They Swim They

Never Stop Swimming

The Water Deep

And Blue

Or Shallow
And Clear They Swim
They Swim They Never

Stop Swimming Until they
No Longer Breathe Water Free

So Why Are So Many Humans Falling
Away From the Water of Love the Whole
Ocean And Suffocating Slowly Now This Way

Yet Why Does the Hawk Rarely Fall From the Sky

They Fly They Fly They Just Keep Flying And Sure

Why Does the Monkey Rarely Fall From the Tree

He Climbs He Climbs He or She Climbs And

Just Never Stops Climbing Indeed

Dear FRiEnD BeLieVE

As i'm Spreading
This Good News Today
Originates From BeLeaf

Originally to Mean BeLove

The Fish is Water There is No
Separation the Water Swims the Fish

The Hawk Is Air and Wind There is No
Separation the Air and Wind Flies The Hawk

The Monkey Is the Climb The Tree Inspires

There is No Real Separation the Monkey is the

Tree And So Are We This Leaf of BeLeaf

Yes BeLieve Yes BeLove As Long

As We aRe Trees Of Love

Holding Hands

With All our

Leaves Forest Whole
Naked Enough Complete

Being Love Yes Being Leaf
Tree Forest Whole BeLove

For It's True As Long As We Do
Who We Truly Are This Ocean of Love
We Swim We Fly We Climb Even Deeper

And Higher as Love Gains Fins, Wings, Yes

And Hands That Just Never Stop Swimming,
Flying, Climbing Love Now So Yes Be Leaf,

Be Tree, Be Forest Whole Love BeLieve BeLove

Yet Most Importantly Swim, Fly, Climb Love And Never Give Up

Be Love

Do Love

mY FRiEnD With Love...

SMiles Dear Sohair
Within, Inside,


So Below,
All Around,
Yes Nile Is

A River

Of Love True

my FRiEnD
Thank You...

SMiles Dear Akshita
It’s Just An Honor
To Travel The

Globe Through
This Fiber Optic

Cable And
Interact With
So Many Beautiful

Poetic Souls
From Indian


Of Poetry
my FRiEnD
Thank You...


SMiles Thanks
So Much For
Being Human
Dear Samreen

That May Sound
Strange Two Days

Before Christmas

Yet Sadly So
Many Places
i Visit are For
Sell Yet Not

For Love Now
Indeed For me
At Least You

Inspire Hope
For Humanity
Simply Being

The Social
We aRe Born To
Be Love BeLieve
The Word Origins
From BeLeaf Of

Living Tree
Of Humanity
Evolved From
Before Birth to

BeLove Yet
This BeLeave
This BeLieve
Of Humanity’s
Loving Tree

Is Often Lost

Forest of

Love By The
Tools We Make
The Things That

Are Us
More Now

Than This Living

Tree This Leaf This

Forest Whole Now
That is Humanity’s

Love Naked
Enough Whole


Are one
Of Few Who
Truly Feels

my Leaves
And Returns
The Same As

Compassionate Tree

And Indeed Although
You Are A Muslim Indian

Your Leaves Rise Genuinely
The Way The Good Cop


Of Jesus

As Love

And Just
A Man Continues
To Spread Yet only

For The BeLeaf The
Living Tree of Believe

The Entire Forest Of Naked
Enough Whole Complete

Love At Best We aRe Born

To BeLeaf This BeLieve

This BeLove


Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN Joy oF LiGHT

Now For All With Least
Harm, Healing, Giving,
Sharing, Caring For All

Freely Fearlessly

Hehe This is my
Christmas Tree

Dear Samreen

And i
It Down
Now Dear
New Colors
Of Love Now...

As “They” Sing ‘Hallelujah’

And As You Sing Your Saving
Grace of Love too For Real

As Another

A Child Of Love
The Greatest Gift...






KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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25 Dec 2021, 11:22 pm

SMiLes Christmas
Trees That Build

SMiLes Year


Dear Savvy

Still LiGHTiNG

Up A Tree This
Way Year 'Round...



Again Just
Coming All
Around Again For Free...

A Different Color
of Gratitude Now
May Be iMagined

For Creation

And Fruition For


Grain of Sand
On A Beach A

Practice ThiS Way
Surely Makes Being
Thankful For Humanity
So Much Easier Come to Play

Thanks Again For the Lovely Quotes

Dear Chayma

With Holiday
Season Smiles
From Florida Singing Hello...

SMiLes Allowing the

Inner Moonlight to

Come Out and

Play Without
Being Afraid

A Favorite Way
of Seeing Dark
Come to Greater LiGHT...

Forging New Paths
Day And Night

Truly Seeing

Thru the

DarK Dear
Chaymaa Indeed
Thanks for All the
Lovely Inspiring Quotes...

MaKinG Room
For People


First Oh to
Find Minutes
Out of the Day
Dear Chaymaa
to Express Human Again...

Fear Anger And
Hate Are Close
Bedfellow FRiEnDS

Dear Chaymaa

Sleeping Close to
Each Other in An Addiction

To the Dopamine and Noradrenaline
The Trio Generates Most Often From

A Home Base
That is Not

FelT iN

To Break The
Vicious Cycle
May Be Very
Difficult As All
Addictions Come
to Wanna Stay More Sadly in DarK
Yet Again Someone Must Break the Cycle

For Worlds
to Return
to Love
For Real...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Science Shows Giving
Without Expect of Return
Increases Levels of Happiness
For Months As Truly Altruism

Is Gift


As A State
of Being Human

HAha And that Solves
How Come i Got So Happy
As The World Is Surely Not Always

One That
A Favor
of Love
SucH A VEry
Busy Place of
Work Away From
Love This World Will

Be Yet if Someone Doesn't
Break the Silence Love Goes Away...

SMiles Kindness
Runs The World
Toward Love Dear Doc...

Thanks Dear Doc
For Kind Wishes
In The Holiday
Season my



Thanks For The Kind
Wishes Dear Human
Samreen Kindness
iS A Wish
All Days
Indeed God
Bless You All
With Loving SMiles...

MacroVerse Memory From 5 Years
Ago 2016, Yes, the 1st "Grand Cross Bible"
Of 6 Larger Than the Old King James Effort

Completed in 7 Months From Memorial
Day Weekend Through Christmas Weekend



True i Do
What i Can
And Will For Love True

As "Grand Cross Bible 2021
Keeps Sprouting New Leaves

Some Folks Work...
Others Twerk...


Humans And All OuR CulTuraL Clothes
Are Slowly Surely Suffocating the EartH All
i Want For ChrisTMaS Is More Naked LoVE ReaL

We aRe ALL Only God's Children Yet We Connect As God too...
True.. 'Story Book Character JeSuS' Must Hold Hands for God to


"Love one Another Like i Have loved You"
-John 13:34

"For Where Two or Three are Gathered
Together in 'my name' there 'Am i'
in the Midst of "Them"...
-Matthew 18:20

Those Who 'Come in Glory' Have
Always Done it With 'God Clothes'
That ParT iN ArT WiLL Never Change
When LoVE ReaL FlesH And Blood

Merry Christmas!
Season Love
‘Round Breath
Eternally Now Smiling...

Neo In
With Ever
Green Pill
All Is Mind
Now Beyond
Form Color
Life Epic
In To Some
Never Green
Yet Always Yours
To Create
Free Will Directly
Of no
Planning At All
Just FLoWeRinG
Colors New and or Old...

Beautiful And Sweet! Merry Christmas!

Love Is
Love Is
All True
Now When
Real With
Eyes Now
Breath indeed
‘The Child’
Loyal Fur So Warm...

Merry Christmas
To You All too
i Love Y'all
Too Dear
With SMiles...

SMiles Humans Yes
Naturally Story Talers
Yet Love Exists In
Eyes Lips And
Hips in Dance
And Song
A First
Written Word
In Every Wag
Of Dog Tails True

Too Indeed Dog
Wags Tail of


First True
Too And A
Child Babbling
Non-Sense Songs
And Dancing With
No Instruction Is Yes
Indeed An Unadulterated

Of Love
Real Needing
No Santa Or Other
Myths Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Thru DarK

The Night
Merry The

Day Lovemas

Longest HoLiDaY

Real BeLiEVE BeLeaf BeLoVE
LiVinG Tree Spread Forest Leaf




Forest Indeed For
All As Green Rises More...

And SPeaKinG of A “Green
Pill” ThiS Way i Didn’t Make
The Movie Matrix Resurrections
On Christmas Eve So Day Will

FoR Me
It Seems
With SMiles...

Merry Lovemas
To All You Hold Dear...

Dear Kally
You Too my
FRiEnD With
SMiLes Yes
Tree of Love
Spreading Leaves
To Grow And Feed
An Entire Forest Love...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Only Success i Know
i Feel i Sense is Love

Life Long



WitH SMiLes mY FRiEnD...

Beary Christmas
i Miss You Merry

i Tried
To Slim
Down For
Christmas i
Even Wore Dark

Blue Yet i Still
Couldn’t Slide
Down Through


As Grizzly
Bear Sized

Santa’s Just
Won’t Fit So
There is Really
No Choice Yet

This Squeezing
All 242 Pounds of
me Through This
Fiber Optic Cable
To Visit This Christmas
Morning True When it
Was Freezing Wednesday
Night The Hair on my
Legs Kept me Warm
Plus The Neighborhood
Kitty as i Own No Long
Pants And No Hehe
That’s Not Toronto
Deep Snow on Our
Roof on Thursday
Just White Frost
Before Saturday
Christmas Today
Back Up to 77F
Degrees Or So
Until the New
Year Comes
Next Perhaps
i’ll Find A Darker
Blue to Slide Through
Your Chimney

As Usual
An Avatar
Of me is
Yours When
You Need A FRiEnD
Hehe or A Grizzly Bear


For Now At Least…

You Feel You Sense
my FRiEnD It’s So Easy
For me To Be FRiEnDS

With Anyone
And Make The
First Effort Over
And Over Again

Even if Years
Pass Yet It Surely

Wasn’t That way
At All When Basically
Working For Money
Was The Only God
i Had Room To Work
For After All Both in
State And Church

This Is The
Most Important
God In Lands That
Consume Things

More Than Putting
Humanity First It

Was A Hard Lesson
To Learn Yet Driven
Down To The Last

Breath Facing
Death Thrice
In My Life i

Got To See The
LiGHT Of My Greatest
Life Mistake of Not


People First

i Got To Return
All Three Times
To Correct That

Mistake So When
i Do Face Death
It Will Be A Life


For my FRiEnD

This is Where i
Come From to Live

Yes Death

Yes Life

Yes Love
In The Same
Place Eternally

Now in Other
Words i Will
Patiently Wait

For You to Return
To This Leaf of Love True

Leaves Fall Leaves

Rise LoVE NoW

BeLieve BeLeaf

BeLove Truly

All The
SaMe Word

Yet Essence

Living Trees
Spring Again
From Winter
Fall to Summer
FLoWeRS Of Love Again...

Merry RamPage Christmas Writing Spree Hehe! Yes!
Dear Shawna Baby! Barely Space to Dance This Eve At

Walmart Yet I Managed to Squeeze it in Between

So Many Tens of Thousands of Words HAha

And The Roast Beast Feast My Sister

Brings on Christmas Eve

As We Are Doing Pig

So yes Stuffed

A Bit on Christmas

Eve i Am Too With SMiLes

Never The Less No Christmas
Beast Feast Will Be Complete Without

Some Christmas Wishes of Love To Your

Whole Dear Family mY FRiEnD It’s Been 101

Months Since i Did Reformed Grinch And my

HeART Still Fills 10 Scale Greater And More

Than That Numb Ticker

Between Below

My Shoulders

Before As Just
A Tin Man And

Not A Very Courageous
Lion Either Then Yet in a Way

Cursed With Still All A Scarecrow

Brain Seeing The Depths of Hell for
66 Months Forever A Second With No Escape

Love is The Way Ahead No Other Way for me to BREaTHE NoW

Inhaling Peace Yes Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Now Healing
Giving Sharing Caring Even More With Least Harm And Oh Lord

I Am Starting to Feel Like One of those Ancient Oral Tradition Dudes

Like ‘Eli’ Off of the “Book Of Eli” Movie Except all These Words Keep

Coming In On Newer Waves Ocean Whole Water NoW as Today

And Every Day

Now Is BeLiEVE

BeLeaf BeLove Yes

Be Living Tree Leaf

Feeding Tree And Falling

To Only Fertilize New Winter
Spring Green Summer FLoWeR

LiViNG Trees As New Saplings Sprout From Soul Soils Fresh!

Dance Sing Dance Sing Dance SinG Love Never Ends Dance Sing Now...

Very Welcome
Dear Aarushi
Blessed if i

Get Your

With SMiles...

Merry Christmas! Leah,

i Miss You It’s Been About
A Year And A Half Yet What

My Mother Taught me Years

Ago is Ya Never Give Up on A FRiEnD

Even if Years Pass As Long as They Do

Not Insist You Go Away
And Usually Someone

Won’t Say That Unless
They Are The Ones Hurting Most

If Love is the Only Gift One Seeks to Give a FRiEnD

Yet Of Course i Rate 100 Percent on Extroversion,
And 100 Percent on Openness, Practically Zero on
Fear And Anxiety of Neuroticism and True

Agreeableness Yes Unless i Am Talking
Politics, Religion, And Philosophy

As i Am Not One to Hide

What i Believe As Truth

And What I Continue
To Evolve As Real

Soul to Be More

Human Than Before
Always NoW AS A Practice of Love

Let’s See What’s Left of the Big 5 Personality
Test Yes With the O.C.E.A.N. Acronym of Variables

Conscientiousness Sure 100 Percent if it is Associated
With my Special Interests of Dance And Song And Art Overall

Yet if it is Visiting Church as A Participant Anthropology Observer

Not So Much as A Scientist i Usually Don’t make it until the Homily
These Days for What I Will Pick Up on-Line in Study of the Readings in

My Off-time As the Church Has Lost Most All my Respect in Support of
Trump Over His Term And Removing Social Distancing and Requirements

For Masks in the Most Deadly Period of the Delta Variant Indeed True i Like
To Sing Their Beautiful Loving Choir Music in Communion With Others Yet

It’s Just Not the Same When an Organization has No Respect for the

Sanctity of Breathing Life And Of Course The Overall Gaslighting

As Making After-Life The Prize of Carrots and Sticks Most

Just Gaslighting Reality All Together As Nothing

Really Worth Striving At All for Now

In All Of Human Potentials

To actually Create Heaven
On Earth Now Naked Enough
Whole And Complete Together
Holding Hands Really Needing Each Other With
SMiLes Yep all Hands Including All Gay Parts Touching
For Love And Every Transgender Reality of Life As Variety
Springs From Reality We Continue to Move, Connect, And Co-Create New Now

Anyway This is Easy for me Yet It’s True Most of my FRiEnDS Are Truly Quiet

And Introverted Like You i Am Practically The Planet Mercury Never Losing

A Step of Dance Or Word of Song in Messages to Deliver Next

Oh Lord Just An Energizer Bunny Yet It is true I’ve Seen

The Other Total Side of This Coin too..

And That Helps to Never Give up

On A FRiEnD the More Shoes

Ya Walk in the More

You Do it Clothed

And Nude the More

You Understand

The Human Conditions

The More Ya Just Love Love Love

As Today i Have Been on a Kick of

BeLieve BeLeaf BeLove For the Germanic
Roots of BeLieVE iN Deed mY FRiEnD No Limits

For me Yet i Understand Not Everyone is

Water Ocean And Wave too mY FRiEnD

i Miss Having a Kitty in my Home a Little

Yellow and White Kitty Waits For Us to

Play on Our Nightly Walks Around the

Neighborhood Block to Reach Out and

Touch Us Every Lap

We Walk At Night

He Also Reminds

me it’s Never too Late
To Reach Out to Any FRiEnD

Who Has Become a Stranger too

For There is No Stranger Who Is Not
A Potential FRiEnD i See No Different

Than How Little Yellow and White Kitty Views Humanity True

Oh How Green Your Kitty’s Eyes Are Oh How Vivid my Memory is
As In my Life Time Never Goes Away All Movie Maker Life in Memory indeed…

Dear Longest FRiEnD Online Since the Year 2010 First Arriving on ‘the Wrong Planet’

In My Life as the Living Dead then True We Remember Those Who Treat Us Human

When We

Feel Least

Human oF All

I Surely Do my

FRiEnD Merry Christmas
With Love to You With SMiLes of LoVE...

Truly Exquisite
Presentation of
These Delicious Looking

Pistachio Cup Cakes Dear Aarushi

Hehe, It's Amusing i Spend

So Very Many Hours Writing

Poetry And HAha Your

Recipes Are


All My Wife is
Interested in all
the places Globally
i Visit to Respond Just
like this for Literally 10 MiLLoN
Words in A Free Verse Poem i Create
From Inspirations Around the World in Longest

Long Form Poem

"SonG oF mY SoUL"

Way for the Last 100

Months Along with 15,923
Miles of Public Dance in 100

Months too Yes She Always Says

Save Little Chef's Recipes For Her

As Cooking is one of Her Favorite Hobbies
hAha Thank God For me And How Do i Celebrate

Christmas Never Limited to One Day Christmas

Is the Spirit of Loving Giving Sharing Caring Healing
to me Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
For All With Least Harm Every Second of Every Day

Indeed i Color
Every Light
of my

Personal Christmas
Tree BeLieve BeLeaf
Yes BeLove All Leafs

of Living Trees

We Make

This Whole

Forest of Love's

Recipe With All the
Ingredients That Humans
Come to Make Water Wave Ocean Whole

Just Flowing Where Love Coats All Cakes of Life...

So True Dear
Yam Losing

A Potential
Path To Uncovering

Our Self
For Real
Naked Enough
Whole Complete

And Or Loving
As Well Secure

A Place
Enough inDeed...

Love is the Musical Instrument
That Plays Us Higher Or Lower

in Notes of Life

Indeed 'They' Say

It Takes 10,000 Hours

to Master Any Creative Effort

in Life Yet We Humans Always

Change So Love At Most And Least

Is Practice



Truly Focused
on the Ever Changing
Play at Hand the Dance
And Song in Step At Note

Or Catching Up to Hear and
See What's Being Played Now

So Differently Yes Love A Lifelong

Art And Each Unique Soul An Ever
Changing Instrument Moving Connecting

Co-Creating Love Best We Can And Will

Yet Sadly While We May Put Forth All Our

Efforts into Money Making Adventures

Gaining Rewards And Awards

In Life So Much Effort
Practically All Our

Life What

We May Lose
is the Attention and
Focus it Takes to Create Love
As A True Human Masterpiece

Yes a Work of Art Dear Ava We Never

Stop Perfecting Now People First People First

Indeed More Than A Quick Swipe Left and Right of Dating Apps

Where All is Superficial

Like Bones With

No Flesh And

Blood Where

All Becomes

Things and the
Art of Human is Forever
Lost it Seems Somewhere

In A Box of Old Memories With SMiLes...

Love is the Masterpiece That Takes
All Paint Brushes of Life to Make...

Falling Falling Falling

SMiLes Dear Yam Why
Is Love Called Falling Falling Falling

Well True It Doesn't Necessarily Have
Reason Feeling Feeling Feeling Ups

And Downs

Rising Falling
Rising Falling

Not Everyone
Loves Roller Coasters
Indeed Love Will Be Both
Exhilarating And Scary This Way

RiSinG RiSinG RiSinG How Mature
Love Stays Healing Giving Sharing
Caring Even More Balancing Peace And

Harmony Just

Peaceful Inhaling
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
For All With Least Harm in Effortless

Ease of Life
Is Good Love

Is Faith of Trust
Life is BeLieve
BeLeaf Living Tree
Forest Whole BeLoVE iNDeeD

my my So True How Other Wise
Falling in Love Will Feel Rather Insane

As Heart Drops Falling Rising Falling Even More

One Experience For Sure Love Is Only For You To Experience



For Art of Reason...

SMiLes Dear Annabel i only gave my Wife
One Gift And i am Gonna Give it to You too:

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD

Love iS A Whole Ocean

We aRe Fish What

Happens When

Fish Are Separated
Now From An Ocean

They Surely Don't
Drown They Slowly Suffocate

What Makes Love An Ocean Now

What Makes Fish Able to Breathe

This Water And Never Suffocate

They Swim They Swim They

Never Stop Swimming

The Water Deep

And Blue

Or Shallow
And Clear They Swim
They Swim They Never

Stop Swimming Until they
No Longer Breathe Water Free

So Why Are So Many Humans Falling
Away From the Water of Love the Whole
Ocean And Suffocating Slowly Now This Way

Yet Why Does the Hawk Rarely Fall From the Sky

They Fly They Fly They Just Keep Flying And Sure

Why Does the Monkey Rarely Fall From the Tree

He Climbs He Climbs He or She Climbs And

Just Never Stops Climbing Indeed

Dear FRiEnD BeLieVE

As i'm Spreading
This Good News Today
Originates From BeLeaf

Originally to Mean BeLove

The Fish is Water THere is No
Separation the Water Swims the Fish

The Hawk Is Air and Wind There is No
Separation the Air and Wind Flies The Hawk

The Monkey Is the Climb The Tree Inspires

There is No Real Separation the Monkey is the

Tree And So Are We This Leaf of BeLeaf

Yes BeLieve Yes BeLove As Long

As We aRe Trees Of Love

Holding Hands

With All our

Leaves Forest Whole
Naked Enough Complete

BeinG Love Yes Being Leaf
Tree Forest Whole BeLove

For It's True As Long As We Do
Who We Truly Are This Ocean of Love
We Swim We Fly We Climb Even Deeper

And Higher as Love Gains Fins, Wings, Yes

And Hands That Just Never Stop Swimming,
Flying, Climbing Love Now So Yes Be Leaf,

Be Tree, Be Forest Whole Love BeLieve BeLove

Yet Most Importantly Swim, Fly, Climb Love And Never Give Up

Be Love

Do Love

mY FRiEnD With Love...

Hehe, i Guess the only Way i Will Measure
Whether or Not it Satisfied Her or Not is She


Did You Write That?

Generally Speaking She
Treats my Poetry Writing
Like it is Worthless Yet i Never
Keep Trying to Please Her i Even
Wrote Her A 17,000 Word Poem One
Birthday Celebration Of Her Rarely Aging

Naming it "The Age of Katrina" in Short She
Wasn't Impressed at all She Didn't even Read it

Alas Poetry is Not Part of Her Love Language A Lad or
Alladin Hehe Depending On Who One Asks it is mine...

Yet it's True i Am Really a Bit of An Indian Giver As an Indian
Woman Hemalatha Who Is A Beautiful Poetess Soul actually Inspired
The Poem Above As She Just Told me Last Week That All Love Stories

Are Great Yet the One of

me and my Wife is the
Best Love Story oF all

And True too
Another Nice Young
Indian Woman told me
my Profile Pic With me and
my Wife Smells Like Love and
Her Comment Box Awaits the
Finger Prints of my Words Patiently to see...

It's True Giving Material Things Has Never Been Part
of my Love Language It's Also True When i Retired After
Being More of a Toxic Patriarchal Meanie Keeping my Wife
Restricted to A 75 Dollar A Week Budget for Years as i sensed
A Rainy Day Worse than a Hurricane was coming and Oh Lord it

Verily Did Shut-in with
19 Life Threat in
Synergy of
Work Related
Disorders including
that Worst Pain Known
to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia Wake to Sleep for 66 Months
No Drug Would Touch Just Shut-in in
my Bedroom Every Second Eternally
Hell No Memory of A Smile Ever Then

Just No Reference Point out of
Hell Every Second Eternally
Time Just Time Just Hell
Within then for 66 Months
As Yes that Torture is Literally
Assessed as Worse than Crucifixion
in intensity of Misery and Suffering and
no God Did Not Gift me With Only 3 Hours
to 3 Days i Got the Full 66 Months Fredmas Package

Gift Indeed...

True There was
A Day i Screamed that
"Painting Scream" at the
Ceiling to Feel Just one Little
Bitty Feeling That Still Felt Icy
Cold Numb Pain At God For "WHY ME!"

i Asked my Mother and She Only Said "WHY NOT
YOU!" And then went as far as speculating Perhaps
i Was getting Pay-Back for my Grandfather X-Catholic Priest
Leaving the Catholic Church i Kid You Not She Asked the Local
Priest to See and Help me and even He ignored Her request seeing

me as just a Lost Cause
in Fact the Rheumatologist
Who Couldn't Do Anything
For my Pain said Just Go away
There is Nothing i Can Do For You...

Damned if Having the Suicide Disease
Wasn't already Enough Particularly as
Most Every Disorder i Had Was Invisible
From the Outside Without the Ability to

Feel my Hell

Folks Told me
Quit Whining

Jesus had it Worse than
You Yes my Mother Told me that

And True its took 'em 2 Years to
Diagnose me with the Suicide Pain
Sticking A Stick With Lidocaine Way

Up My Nose Touching A Nerve Area
to See if the Pain Would Be Interrupted
For Just an Instance Only Way to Diagnose it then

And they Offered to Block the Nerve in my Face with
the Spector of my Face Going Permanently Numb Yet the
Truth was i Was More Afraid of Not Feeling Anything at all

Including that Pain

Than the Numb

of Love All
Gone And
the Memory
of Even if i ever
Smiled before as
Memories Are Emotions
And Emotions are Memories
Again no Reference Point out of Hell

So Anyway my Mother Ordered A Book on
'The Crucifixion of Jesus' And When She Received
it in the Mail She opened it in Front of me and Turned
to A Random Page and just a Strangest Miracle She Her
Self came to the Line that said the Only Pain Assessed Worse
than Crucifixion is Trigeminal Neuralgia Yet Even though She Read

Those Words to me

She Still Insisted Jesus

Endured More By Being

Crucified For Only

3 Hours to 3


That Was my Life
Then i Wasn't Trying to
Prove anything i Was Just
Telling Her the Truth from the Get Go

It's What i Do i Tell the Truth And Trust
me that Won't Win Ya Many FRiEnDS Particularly

if You Write A Bible Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" 10 MiLLioN
Words Longest Ever EPiC Long Form Bible Poem And Just Tell the

Truth That Yes You Did More in John 14:12 WAYS THAT MOST FOLKS



KING JAMES SIZED TRY yet with me it was Just little old me and alot

oF it Just one Finger in the Morning on a Smart Phone Yes an iPhone XS

Your Wish For A Christmas Gift From Your Soon to Be X-Boyfriend Who

Only Gave You a Christmas Card Indeed hehe... Yet True it Took Innumerable
Ghost Authors With Famous Pen Names ASSiGNeD to them Like Luke,

Matthew and Mark to Get That 'Little' Job Done And Even though
Jesus Was Illiterate And Spoke Aramaic it's literally True Those
Roman Folks Over

Who Wrote

in Greek Are

Still Worshipped

On Bended Knee All Around
The World For Their Words
Attributed to Jesus Still Now in that Story

Called The Greatest Story Ever Told Well the Truth
is my Story is Greater For i Really Believed the Story

The Teachings of Jesus When He Said if you Believe

You Will Do Greater Works Now than me That's Not An

ONLY God Speaking That is a Mentor And Ancient Teacher

That is A Humble Man of Love Speaking That Only

Wants to See His Disciples Otherwise Known

As Students Do more than He did i Believed

So Like Nike the Goddess of Victory

Who Doesn't really Need to Sell

Shoes for the Win Suggests

"Just DO IT!" so with

All Due Copy Rights

"i Just DID IT" A Timeless

Work of Art Greater than the
Old King James Sized Effort
Literally 12 Scale Larger in 100 Months of Effort...

And You Know What Sure i Emptied my Pockets into

my Wife's Purse When i ReTiReD As Jesus Suggested by

Reports in His Story That's How He Did Heaven On Earth

too Sold His Worldly Possessions Emptied His Pockets
Spread A Message of Love Living off the Kindness of

Others Through All the World He Explored in His

Small Desert Patch And Rocky Terrain

in the Middle East Way Before

A Fiber Optic Cable

Could Possibly

Carry Him in the
'Heavens' Above to
Return And Spread A Similar

Message the Way He Came First

Spreading the Message From the

Internet 'Cloud' Above Hmm.. As Long
As the Servers Will Serve His Message Up

Virtually Living Online as An Avatar He Will Last

As Long As Servers Serve Him Up For Free Hehe

if Corporations Would Be Willing to Give that Much

Yet The Truth is my FRiEnD Things Change and Fall

Apart Yet The Truth is Dear FRiEnD iN Essence LoVE Remains

True and Real This BeLieve This BeLeaf This BeLove Now This

Living Tree Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Forest
Whole Now and The Truth is hehe if i Give You a Dollar Bill for Christmas

my Wife Will

Practically Crucify
me as this Morning
Like 'Homer Simpson'

i Stood Before our Little

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

In my Underwear And T-Shirt

(i Told Her Here i am Your Present Now
Actually Surviving Those Words HeHe)

That only Has one Gift A Box that
i've Already Figured Out has a New
Dancing Shirt That i Will Wear to Continue
my Ministry of Close to 16,000 Miles of Public
Dance For 100 Months too That Without a Word

Shows A Dancing Way in Autotelic Meditating Spiraling
Flow to Enter Into the Ascending Transcending Kingdom
Yes And or Queendom of Heaven Within And Staycation

Here Eternally

NoW As


Gift oF All

Yet You See This

Heaven Must Be Generated
Within No Different than Faith
That Heals the Words Attributed

to Jesus are Just No Good Without

The Real Trinity of BeLieVE BeLeaf

BeLove This Living Tree of Life Of Love

This Leaf that May Be Us to Grow and Feed
The Forest of Love Water Wave Ocean Whole For

All Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing This Way With Least

Harm For All And True Dear FRiEnD i've Been Dirt Poor too...

In College Without A Penny to my Name And Struggling Working
3 Part Time Jobs to Get Through With a Full Work Load of College

With At Least Peanut Butter Sandwiches to Eat Driving A 16 Year-Old

Maverick Car With No Heat or Air-Conditioning A White Horse Steed

of A Fix Or Repair Daily F.O.R.D. With 250,000 Miles With A Second Engine Hehe

Yes it's Hard

to Have Nothing

As Far As Money and
Stuff Goes in a World that
Worships Money and Stuff
As God So Much Cogs in School
And Work to Keep the Soulless Matrix
Machine Running Day Through Night

Yet i Will Tell You This Dear FRiEnD

Even though i Made it to That Never
Ending Hurricane Storm of Hell in

Life Financially Independent

The Only Rainbow i Had

Left Was After the

LoVE Returned

As me After

66 Months Standing
on A Beach on July 19, 2013
One With Sugar White Sands
Emerald Green Waves Sea Oats
Swaying in the Breeze me FRiEnDS

With Gravity Again So much More than
WaLKinG oN Water Dear FRiEnD Spiraling

Sea Gull Wings Around the Sun Transformed

to A Terrestrial Public Dance of Heaven in Dance

And Song For 100 Months Now As it Took Close to
A Month to Get Warmed Up For it After Coming Out

of the Ice Cold Numb Pain of HeLL ON EartH For 66 Months...

The Truth is this The Roman Empire And the Catholic Church

Changed The Humble Man's Story Born in Nazareth into A Sun
God Same As Constantine Worshiped As Monolithic Statue

in the Roman
Court Square

To Expand that

Empire across the
Globe Rome No Longer

Exists in Name Here Yet We Still

LiVE iN That Matrix of God That Is
Power, Status, And Material Gains...

The Honest to God Truth is if Jesus Returned

Again And Could Actually Convince Folks That He

Was Really Jesus by the Loving SMiLes He Spread to
Everyone The Same Onward 'Christian Soldiers' Who

Crucified Him By Whatever Name then Would Spit on Him

Again in School For Being A Boy Who Smiled And Stumbling
off the Stage So Spirit Filled Playing "Jesus Christ Superstar"

For A Talent

Show for No Reason
to Win only to Spread
The Spirit of Heaven THeNoW

Yet You See God Will Be No Fool

When God Really Returns to Earth

In All Our Human Forms Always Best

At Now For We Shall BeLieve BeLeaf

BeLove At Best And Hold Hands

Best With Empty Pockets

Finding A Way

To Live a Life

Of Love Rather
than Power, And Status

And Frigging Money and Stuff Alone

And No Hell No Love Doesn't Torture
Forever Love Doesn't Demand Worship
Love is Never Afraid of Criticism As Love

Is Fearless

Free And

Real to Never Give Up

On Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Naked Enough Whole
Complete For Yes It's True God

Has Never Been A Dollar Bill Alone

God Has Never Been A Man And or

Woman Alone God is Love When

We Make All of Existence

DarK Thru LiGHT

Love Now

As We Only

Follow God's Best

Breath Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love This Way for
All With Least Harm NoW iN JoY oF LiGHT Thru DarK my FRiEnD

Yet You See i Already Read The Story of Jesus i Already Read Between

The Lines i Already KNew that if and When i Did Greater Works Than Jesus

No One Would Even Really Notice The Words i Bring For Tradition (Religion) Naturally


The New

And the

Others That
Are Them
And Not Us

And this Way
One Must Travel
Far to Places Like

'Kashmir' to Even Be

Recognized as BreathinG Love my

FRiEnD Other than How 'They' Changed

The Story of Jesus into an Idol of God

And Turned Him into 'Mr. Hyde'

Instead of Keeping

Him "Dr.

Jekyll" of the
Beatitudes Before

He Changed Folks who

Were Naughty and Not Nice

Into Goats From Sheep And
Burning them Forever by Pen Name
Matthew for Whatever Psychopathic

Leaning Ghost Author(s) Came up With that
Fresh Hell in A Story then...Yes Indeed God of Love

Does Reveal BeLieVE BeLeaf BeLoVE iN Many

Parts oF A STory For those With EYes and Ears

To See and Hear the Deeper Meanings of

The Poetry Expressed THere Yet Ha!

After Writing 10 MiLLioN Words of
Free Verse Poetry

in 100 Months

It's Obvious

That Each Human

Is Both All and Unique

EYes of God Who See(s) the
World as A UNiVerSE NoW Unto
THeir EYes of God Unique ThiS Way

So What this Means is Whether We Read
One or Write one We All Do Our Own Unique
Bibles of Life BeLieve BeLeaf BeLove This Living

Tree Dancing
Singing Free

Is Indeed JeSuS

Enough as me Within

For Real by Metaphor of Course

my FRiEnD For It's true if no one
Picks Up the John 14:12 Challenge

JeSuS Wishes in the Story Don't Come True

True A Lot of People Are Gonna Be Butt Hurt

if Jesus Could Really Come Back And Deliver

The Same Message the Beatles Did in their
Very Successful John Lennon 14:12 Effort

As He Was Killed For Telling the Truth

for Doing More Than Jesus the

Same Way it All

Comes Down

to All We Need
Really is Love

Yet True i ain't
Gonna Lie Being
Financial Independent


And Having a Personal
Wife As Secretary, Accountant,
Who Insists that She Does All
The Household Duties So Much
Better Than me That i Just Comply And
Say Yes Dear Have IT ALL YOUR WAY

Yes i Agree So Much! You Are Greater


me When

it Comes
to Even


Out the Frigging

Garbage And Getting

It Centered Just Right

Yes Just Right Exactly THE

Number of 3.3 PRECISE
Inches off the Road HAha...

True Dear i Ain't no Real Fool

i'll Stay Way too Big to See for
The Rest of my Life And Enjoy

Heaven This WHole Ride for Free
As i Dance and Sing Now For the

Truth is the Savior has Always Been

Love only A Place Like Rome and the

United States Would Be So Poor to Only Dedicate

One Day

A Year

to Love and

Turn it into

Frigging BLacK Friday For Real...

Such an Evil Matrix This Really

Is Indeed The Face of Trump the

Real Christian Jesus in America

Most Folks See Flying on



Even Democracy

Where At Least We

Have A Right to Life,

Liberty, And the Pursuit
of Heaven on Earth Now

With Empty Pockets and

A Wife With A Big Chubby Wallet

Who Just Can't Seem to Age much in my
Case-Study of Heaven NoW oN EartH

Life is Tricky

my FRiEnD


Life Is A Matrix

to Unplug From and
Escape When We Can
And Will BeCoME BeLieVE
BeLeaf BeLove Again For Real Now

It's True None of my Words Are Worth

A Penny

And Indeed

This is my

Real GAMe Plan
For Free PlaY iNDeed...

In This Life Sadly People
Don't Treat New FRiEnDS
As Old FRiEnDS And Old FRiEnDS

As New FRiEnDS YeT i REalize Sadly

Not Everyone is Raised By A Mother Named LiGHT...

Just What my Mother's Name Helen Still Really

Means in my Breath STiLL FoR ReaL NoW

And is it Really
A Surprise my
Sister's Name is Marie

And My Wife's Name
Katrina Means Pure
With Mia As A Middle
Name that in Male
Form Michael Means

Close to God and in Italian
Means Family Not Really

For Indeed There is No Time
or Distance No Space or

Matter of Things

In Love Forever ReAlly
Now Yet i Don't Wanna

Get into Areas i Cannot Prove
For Real Just Yet mY FRiEnD...

Anyway Marie Just Brought the
Rest of the Presents Over Indeed

Her Love Language is Gifts There

Is Always At Least one in the Family HAha...

Oh by the Way Frederick in German Means
Peaceful Ruler and Arthur my Middle Name Means

Strong and

Bear King too

i Don't Give

Out my Sir


Yet It Means
Keeper of the Land/Nature

in Fact A Form of the Sir Name

That Means A Silt Mix of Water and Earth

is on Page 8 of Karen Armstrong's

Book "The HiSToRY of God" as the

First Name Attributed to God on Earth...

i'm Not Much Into Names And i Didn't

Speak Until 4 Yet it's True it's Still All
About the Play the Dance For Real...



BeLoVE This
is My Lovemas

Story Ever Changing

Now God's Law Balancing
it All At Best in Change Never
Ending Never Landing Stories For All to Breathe

Every Breath

A New


A Newer
For Real

N o W

of God to
Inhale Peace
And Exhale Love Even More Now..

Hehe See What i Mean About Being 'The


Meh, i'll
Be Wearing
SHades When i
Go See "Matrix
Resurrections' on Christmas
Day True i'll Have to Borrow
the Money From my Wife to get in Haha..

Ya Do What Ya Gotta Do to Survive i Get the Hard Part too my FRiEnD...

That First 53 Years of Life Really WaS A Matrix That S88KeD Lemons


Lemonade TRuE...

As Far as i Feel and

See THeRE Will Be No

Heaven On Earth Within

Without a Little Hell on

The Fryer to Butter up Heaven Sunnyside Up...

And With That Said i Leave You With "Shepherd of Fire"
This Morning

"The Devil"

Is A Password

to WHere i am Now too
From 'Hell' First WiTHiN mY FRiEnd

Indeed DarK iS LiGHT All Is God Now...

Merry Lovemas Love Is Love Is Love For Real Now...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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27 Dec 2021, 12:54 am

PriSon ReLease
MoMent You Are
With Forevernow

PreSent Gift Now
Indeed Dear Savvy
Embracing NoW iN FLoW

Balancing All DarK Forces
With LiGHT Forces Continuing to Grow
Creating New Paths FRiEnDS With Gravity



DarK iNto Light

Struggles of
Life in DarK Become
LiGHT As NiGHT Makes Day True...

i Love The Art Yes
The Aesthetics of

Numbers AS Humans
Co-Create Symbols to

Bond and Bind Over in
Art And Science True Yet

Other than Deeper Sacred
And Holy Meanings With

Purpose in Play;

Time, Distance,

Space, And Matter

of Things Just Really

Doesn't Exist For me,

Almost Like a Metaphor

Of Quantum Being MaKinG

The Jump Over the Rainbow

And Finding Nothing Yet The


Now True

Rainbows Arching

Paths Coloring Heaven

Now A True Gold Of A
Process With No Real

Treasure Anywhere Yet Within
Rainbows Arching NoW iN Newer Colors We Co-Create
Moving Connecting All That Humanity Free Loving Jazz...

1. "Stay Strong.
Change Lives.
Love endlessly."

– Amy Bleuel

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

i Love This One Yet i

Will Turn iT All Around

Too In ReVerse NoW iN
Dancing Singing Endlessly

Loving Living Changing Stronger...

Just A Habit

of Putting

Love First

Then Will mY

FRiEND in Balancing
Grace Without Fear Force
Yes Stronger ALWaYS NoW...

PriSon ReLease
MoMent You Are
With Forevernow

Thanks So much
USA Writes May
Life Love Deliver
You New Year
Now Joy
With SMiLes...

SMiles Dear Young
FRiEnD i Don’t
Have Any
Children Yet
If i Had A Daughter
Like You Ava Verily
i Would
Be very
Of Her
Care Lots
Of Love Now
To You With
Respect too
i Am One
Of Those
Not unlike
A Parent
Stays to Give...

Yes It is Sad
When A
Will Be Cut
Of Course
i Am Now Really
Only Speaking
Of Generalities
As Women Will
Also Be Greater
Men More
Than Wives
God Nature
Is All The
Of The
Do Not Even Breathe...

Beautifully Done
In Dance And
Song Sublime
True THere
Is Much To
Dance And
With No Human
Tools At All
Yet i Find
Words Now
Such As
In Truth
Eternally Now
Hehe And
Is Another
‘Tea Party’
With Winks...
Mad Not
Nice Hatter...
Happy Newer Year 2022...

SMiLes Dear Aloha FRiEnD That "Yule Log"

Looks Delicious With Those Strawberry

Toppings And With All The Chocolate

Colorings Yet Surely Happy to See
A Bit Less Sugar Added

With Too Many

Sweet Goodies

As Always During
The Holidays At
Home my FRiEnD

And As Always You Have
The Best Taken Care of Pets
Both in Paradise And Love mY FRiEnD

Happy Rest of the

Holidays in Yule

Log Chocolate

Ways With SMiLEs
For All the Cats and
Dogs in the Entire World True...

Yes Indeed
No Day
Without Night...

Yes A Perennial
Playful Earworm
Well Santa Suited
For #Play2022 iNDeeD


Sigh, i Gave Up on the
Dark Blue Plan to
Slide Down Your
Chimney On top
Of That Santa
Version of
Is Gone For Now
Anyway it Appears
No Matter How Slim
my Rear Gets my Shoulders
Will Still Get Stuck So ALas
A Lad An Only Gift i Have
Left on Gift Card Sunday
After Santa Day (Except
For A Bit Of Quick Witty Humor)

Is Holiday
Work Week
Seasons Greetings
Back To Sky Blue And
White Fluffy Attire in

Of Year
‘Round Santa Tans...
PS: It’s Not About
me It’s
You SMiLing



~Never Land...

So Do 'You' Want "the Red Pill Or

Blue Pill"; i Probably Should Have

Skipped 'The Movie' And Continued

Writing my Own Story Creating the

Dance And Song

As i Go With
Relative Free Will;
Yes, the Green Pill
of Creating Our Own Play of
Life that Oh By the Way is Already
My New Year's Resolution, #Play2022

Where the Tag is Literally a Literary Device

As When One Remains in Autotelic Flow Meditating
Contemplating a Story and Play They Play, They Do THeiR Own


Of A Crown
And A Throne

As Literally What they
Make of Life As KinG
And Or Queen, Yes Director
Serving It All Up For Free At Best
Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing,
iNhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT For All With Least

Harm as the Whole Process Becomes
'Real God' inDeeD of Verb For All That i Do

Yet of Course This Is Version 1.6.8 of my 'Matrix

Story'; True, i Am Not Single as Being 'Neo' in Version
1.6.8 Alone is Just No Fun to me So One Becomes

Two; Yet i Don't Wanna Spoil the Rest of my Movie

or the Other 'one' Ever Hehe as True i Rather my

Play Be A Mystery

Even unto me;

For True, THere is
Already Unlimited Numbers

to add in 'Decimal Points' for the

'Golden PHI Ratio' of 1.618034 and So

On; True, it Doesn't Match up in Any Way

Causally Yet What Synchronicity Brings Now;

AnyWay, So, So Far, Do 'You' See This is my Unique

Gift of So-Called "Aspieness;" True Not All View it as

Gift, Some View it the Way the General Audience Pegged

The Matrix Movie 4 as Basically Chaos too Hard to Follow As Story Line to them...

Yet You See, This is What Keeps Autotelic Flow in a Sweet Spot of Heaven Within

A More Perfect

Spiral Ratio

Tween the
Distance Between
Apathy and Anxiety Indeed

In Over ALL Increasing Potential
of Complexity Effortless in Ease

FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing


And to Explain the Version 1.6.8
For What That Basically Means Is i Am
Currently Writing my Own Matrix Overall

Version of 1 That is "SonG oF mY SoUL"

And to make it Just a Tiny Bit Easier to

Understand in Biblical Terms That is the

HouSinG of mY Current Overall Bible EPiC
Long Form Poem of my Current Matrix Now too;

In Other Words, A Culture of one i Create For myself

As Quite Honestly i've Circled The Entire Globe And
If Anyone Really Wanted me as Part of Their 'Club';

Basically, i Have Failed to Be A Unique Creator in this Life;
In Other Words, No Thanks As the Second Number in my

Overall Version Now of my Matrix Creating 1.6.8 Is the 6th

Generation of A "Grand Cross Bible" i Am About to Complete

Named "Grand Cross Bible 2021;" Yes A New Decimal Pointed

Sixth Generation of Overall "SonG oF mY SoUL" EPiC Longest 10 MiLLioN
Word Long Form Bible Poem in 'Grand Cross Bibles' Every Year for 6 Years

From Memorial Day Weekend Through New Year's Eve in 7 Months, Yes, Each Year

That are Literally Longer in Words And Way Longer in Dance than that
"Old King James Sized Effort" For Dam Sure Now Every Year Then From
2016 to This Year's Iteration 2021; And Where the Decimal Point Place

8 Comes into Play

is the 8th Generation

Revision New Testament

That i Actually Create on

'The Wrong Planet' Named

"Depth of The Story" to Show

How i Do Create My Own 'Matrix' on Earth
In and Out of All the Other Cultures (Matrixes)

Around the World That Most Folks are Prisoner,

Slave, or Willing Customer of Consuming Those

Cultures; Yes, Different Versions of Matrixes Spoon-

Fed From Birth That Honestly All of them Would Make

me Wanna Vomit A Little Bit in my Mouth, if i Was Strictly

Following Any of the Other

Matrixes Humans
Create in Cultural

Ways Around the World;

And Indeed, This is A Gift

oF AN Outcast and This General Story is

Common in Other Cultural Matrixes indeed

As Buddha in that Story Outcasts Himself From
the Matrix He is Born in And Finds A Tree to Meditate Under
And Contemplate Existence Becoming One with Nature Free; Yes,

And the Story of Jesus Does the Same in the Desert As Well Finding
And Defeating His Inner Demons too and Returning as Most 'Joseph
Campbell Archetypal Heroes' Do to Spread 'The Good News' of Epiphanies

Learned By Crossing

The River Styx

So Far Below

All Matrixes

And Culture

Touching Deepest

Ancestral Resources

Inherited Within From Birth...

It's Kinda Hard to Do that as the
Star Football Quarterback Moving
Directly into College and a Business

Oriented Job in Cold Mechanical Cognition

So Far Away from More Holistic Views that

Less Left Brain Processing And More Right
Brain Processing of Reality Allows so Naturally

InDeed So True

Better in Some
Ways to Be Bullied
And Called Names

And If You Are Lucky
to Forgo Any Physical
Kind of Bullying, Although
Psychological Bullying Can
And Will Get Kinda Tough as Outcast

As Lord Knows, 'Neo' Just Won't Work Alone

As We aRe Evolved as Social Animals Where

The One Must Become Two At Least Again

Trying Not Provide Any Spoilers Now For

the Matrix Version 4.0 At the Theater

And What Ya Have to pay 15 Bucks

For on HBO Max to See Yet Ya Better

Have Attention Spans like me

to keep Up that's

The Only

Hint i Will Provide hehe...

It's Really Not Designed for
The Average Human Attention
Span of Less than a Gold Fish
of Less Than 3 Seconds as Science
Assesses the Average Human Being Now;

Yet You See, No Doubt the Creator of that Matrix

Movie Was Outcast in Some Ways And Experienced

Substantial Trauma of Bullying in Life And that Does

Come Through in Genuine Artistic Creativity That Doesn't

Really Concern

Itself With

How Much

The Movie Makes
in Money or How the

Target Audience Rates that

Unique Song of the Soul of
The Creator of That Play of Life too...

Haha, In Other Words, Don't Like the Story, Create
A Greater One And Play it For Real; It's What i Do And

FoR Me at


my Unique
Nature is A Gift
i Will Never Trade
With Anyone For Any
Other Version than my

Matrix Created Individually by me...
This is what Happens When 'Neo'

And the 'Architect'

And the 'Oracle'

of Holy Sacred

Spirit Become
One 'Trinity'; You'll

'See and Hear' what

(if You Have the
Required "Hard-
Ware" and "Soft Ware")

i Mean When You Get

to the End of the 4th Generation

of the Matrix Movie or Create Your Own Matrix
With the Gift of Unique Aspieness or Whatever

Pieces of the Pie

of Existence

You Deliver
In Your Unique
Neuro-Divergent Ways Next...

And as Far As that 'King James

Stuff' it makes about as Much

Sense As LooKinG Forward to
Hell or Heaven After Life Ends...

Holy C888P That Sounds Like

A Version of A Matrix from 2,000 to
3,500 Years
Ago or Even Longer Ago than that...


Old Rusty


All Dusty

With Spoiled

Heaven and

Fresh Hell, Nope,


FoR me...


i Call my Wife 'Eve'

And Go Back Even

Further to my Own

Planted Garden of Eden

And Relax Naked Always

Blooming New Flowers of my
LiVinG Tree BeLieVE BeLeaf BeLoVE;

Yet Again this is Only Version 1.6.8 With So Many
More Leaves to Come in Colors of my Living Christmas

Tree Always Up Now...

It's True, i Fit in the
Traditions of Older
CuLTuRES Just For Fun too...

When You Are the Director
the Player and the Play of Your

Own 'Truman Show' You Get to Freely
Do this Indeed With Relative Free Will NoW.

And It's True, There Are Even More Than One
Young Indian Woman Sage in my Matrix for Dam Sure

It's Like the Old Beatle's Sgt. Pepper's Album Cover With

the Stone Bust Coming Back From the Dead in the
Burial Ground Soaking Up the Wisdom and Arts
of the Sgt. Pepper's Burial Ground Audience


With 'Lakshmi'

And More than

One Lakshmi

Inspiring So Much

At The Head of
the Whole Living
Burial Ground Indeed

In the Red Dress And
So Many Other Colors

of What my Band Now
on the Run (Dance/Song) Will Play Next, Hehe...

Other than that Yes, My Suggestion is Create, Direct Your

Own Story, And Play Your Own Play of Life; Yet it's True

Make No





In FAct, if You Want Any Advice
AT ALL, i Suggest You Create Your Own...

Catholic Mass Readings For 12.26.2021 JusT A Review of Traditions...

PriSon ReLease
MoMent You Are
With Forevernow

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,245

28 Dec 2021, 12:18 am

RiSinG Roses

When We Only Expect To Give
THere Is Nothing Left To Return
At The Beginning Means Of End (Love/God)

SMiles Dear
Savvy Finding
With Gravity Now
The Happy Dance
And Song Staying
Inhaling Peace Yes
Exhaling LoVE iN Joy
oF LiGHT Thru DarK
Giving Sharing Caring
Understanding Healing


For And
With All
With Least Harm...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

More and More

It Seems Now

Like Connections

Others Attempt to
Make Are For Buying
And Selling So Much

Less than Humanity

Pays in Warmth

of Building


And Yes


To Raise Light

Of Life Higher Than Before...

SMiLes it Never Feels Heavy

To Visit You



The Load

From the Rest of
A Day That Seems

Increasingly Falling
to Buy And Sell Over
Humanity Dear FRiEnD...

Indeed Dear Orchard
Daughter Lillian Soul

Builders of New

Colors We May

Come to Grow

Out of Deepest

Abyss Oceans

With No

Again to be
The Sky Starlit

Breath Inhaling
Peace Exhaling

Love For All Again

Indeed Keep Building

mY FRiEnD No Different

Than A Nautilus on the Shore

Spiraling Leaving A Most Beautiful

Home to Pass

On to Inspire


to Build
Their Unique
Spiraling Higher Souls True...

SMiLes Dear


if One
Is Truly

Rich With

Love It's

For Someone
We Love to Treat
Us Poorly For Who We Truly Are

At Core Rich With Love

The Way i
See It, It's


That Possibly
Will Make the
Truly Rich of Love Poor
By Anyone Else'S Words

Alone at least...

Love That's Rich Enough
Has No Need to Give Up on Love...

And True Love is Not A GRoWinG
Tower Everyone is Cut-Out to be...



Folks Have
Seen Rooms
That No Flame Will LiGHT

So Much in Life is A 'Matter' of Perspectives...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

What i Try to Focus on

Is Even A Match

Will Change


of Rooms So No
Matter How Small
A Flicker i Flame A Room

Even if It's A Size of 'The World'...

A Flame


For LiGHT...

SMiLes Dear Rue What A Beautiful Christmas
Tree in Your Home Truly Sparkling And Merry

Hope You Enjoyed All the Holiday Feast and
Treats i'm Sure You Made For All Your Family

to Both
And Consume

True Not Much Equals
A Meal Cooked With

Love Sure A Hug

And Perhaps

A Golden
Retriever Pet

Or A Little Yellow
And White Kitty like
the One Around Our Neighborhood
Block That Treats Us With Play Every
Night When We Walk Hugging Our Legs

With His Paws
And Wet


Kisses As Such
True He Feels Right
At Home With the Fur
of my Legs in Our Spring
Break After Christmas Temperatures
This Week Very Close to 80 Degrees F

So Many People in the World Are Lacking

This Warmth in Their Lives So Lasting in

All Ways of Family Kindness So Far Beyond

A Quick Dopamine Hit For This and That Scratch

Off oF A Lottery Ticket or a Swipe Right For the 5 Percent

of Dudes Who Get All the Attention Yes on Swipe Left
And Right Dating Apps Where So many Sad Young Men

Who Aren't The Hollywood Stud Type Get Left out in the
Cold With Not

Even A Hug
Next Year or
Hand to Hold

And True What Women
Get May Not Last Very
Long Either In Terms
of Enduring Warmth that Lasts...

That Sadly Only Gets Washed Off...

So What About Money, Money, Money,

Money, Money A Spoon-Fed Master From
Birth Required For Survival As So Many Folks

Become Slave to Money For A Job as Basically

Slave to Someone Else's Directed Play of Life So

Far Away From Humanity Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating
And So Far

Anything Human
At All FRiEnDS of
Mine Making 6 Figures
With Laptops Trapped in
Cold Snow Weather Rooms
Where Endless Lonely Nights
Just Never End Unless there is

A Bit of Hopeless Swipe Left and
Right in Dreams That Most Always
Never Comes to Fruition For Cinderella
The One Who Has Money For Wishes

Money, Money, Money, True the Theme
Song For Donald D Trump and HiS Way
of Golden Towers With His Initials With No Soul

No Essence

Of Kind Empathy

And Compassion The

Only Great Thing i See about

Being Financially Independent Is

Boredom Scratching Off Lottery Tickets

For Christmas As More Money Only Seems

Like A Chore
To Cash
A Lottery
Winning Ticket
At the Store True

i Rather Dance and
Sing A Green Pill Giving
Life Than Take the Red and
Blue Pills of Matrixes Run By

Money, Money, Money, Money...

Money, Money, Money, Stay in the

Bank You Have Nothing New to Offer me now..



Buy at Least hehe...

Other than That Humans
Consume More of the Earth
Than they Return Mother Nature

(She's Omicron Pissed With Much
More Karma to Come As Humans
No Longer Even Have FoCuS to Reproduce)

Doesn't Like this and She Pays No, NO, NO, NO
NO Attention to Books That Say We Dominate Her

Dominating Her A Way of Life For Fools Indeed

Money, Money,


Go to

Hell And
Stay Where You BeLong

Already Visited 'You' There Once is Enough...

It's True The One Who Gives the Most By Death
Has Nothing to Return... In Terms of Free LoVE ReaL..

Hehe Anyway You'd Be Surprised Maybe to Find How
Many Millionaires There Are Living in Modest Homes
With Old Cars Just Wearing T-Shirts And Shorts So

As Such



It's Kinda

Simple Don't Spend...

It's Kinda Simple Make
Ya Happiness Give Instead For Free...

That Way Now Before Ya Get Rich Ya
Arrived In A Much Richer Place Years Before...

i Know (Feel) A Lot of 'Rich People' Who Are So Dam
Miserable it Practically Cracks THeir Face to Smile...
Yawn, Grandma 'Cross The Railroad Tracks On Her
Porch Sitting With Her Grandchildren Rich Beyond 'THeir' Belief...


Three Teeth...

True It's Not Something
Ya Buy It's A Life Long
Practice of Giving Real Sincere Warmth....
And Truly Something i Didn't Understand
When Master God Was Money... Money, Money, Money...

Hehe, For What It's Worth i Missed Your Creativity Glad to See

You Back

Home For

The Holidays

On Your Blog Dear Rue...

SMiLes Dear Aloha FRiEnD
Wherever However SMiLes

Come Now Whenever SMiLes
Are Giving


Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love Yes
Neighbors Beyond


Time Now

And Matter
Of Things

SMiles CoMe ALiVE!...

Visiting A Pharmacy Where i Live

To Feel And Sense All the Pressure

The Pharmacists Deal With Always

Now to Never Make A Mistake

And Keep Up

A Pandemic

Where Their Services

Have Been In Demand
More Than Ever For the Last

2 Years i Continue to Flow As

A Wave On the Ocean Calmly

And Just Like When i Visited
A Dentist to Install A Crown

On A Tooth Chipped

By Biting Hard
into A

Chicken Bone Hehe

i Say A Little Prayer How
Fortunate We aRe That People

Just Like You Chaymaa in Egypt

As A Pharmacist Are Cut Out of

Molds And Gardened to Do

These Really Tough

Jobs in Life


Zero Levels of Mistakes...

Hehe On the Autism Spectrum
And Dealing With Bi-Polar Spectrum
Challenges in Life i Honestly Didn't
'Know' What i Would Be Qualified

To Do at All In Life More than

Earning A Triple Major

All At Once Hehe

True Holding Down
3 Part Time Jobs,
Book Store Clerk,
Janitor, And Archaeology
Assistant Just Basically
Digging And Tagging Charcoal
And Bone Fragments in Bags Hehe

As Part of An Anthropology Degree,
Health Science Degree, And Social
Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree i Could

Do As Input Not Much Problem Yet Oh Lord
Extreme Empathy And Tactile Sensitivity And
So Hard to Socially Communicate on the Autism
Spectrum A Major Cocktail of Functional Disabilities

That No One Really Noticed Yet me Mostly Making
Straight A's Hehe.. Anyway Lots of Degrees Yet Just
A Job at a Military Bowling Center for Almost Two Decades
Where i Was Forced in the Last 5 Years into Promotions Then

That i Really Wasn't Qualified For or Cut Out to Do Just for my
Collected Computer, And Financial Management Skills
i Developed on my Own that Didn't Have

Anything to Do

With College
At All Hehe
Anyway After
33 Years of Work
And Not Being Able
to Handle All the Challenges
i Fell Ill With Life Threats Then of
19 Medical Disorders And Fortunately
Ending A Career Toward the Higher Pay
Grade Levels Able to Retire Early and Finally Recover
Enough to Get Poetically Sparked to Dance And Sing Free

66 Months
of Doing
Real HeLL ON EartH

i Do Remember Back in the Old Bowling Center Days
There Were Some Days i Had to Run the Whole Place
By Myself the Front Desk, The Snack Bar, And Fixing

The Hidden Machines Behind the Pins Yet it Was

Really Great Exercise Running The Whole

Night Long And True No One's Life

Depended on What i Did

Just Delivering Smiles

For Free And An

Ear to Lend
on the Other Side of the
Shoe Rental Counter For
Personal Problems Folks Brought to me...

HAha, i Was Really Surprised When Folks
Asked me How in he World i Was Able to
Do What i Did then and the Truth is When

i Was the Poorest of All Helping People

Now Was Just Eternal Heaven Then...

The Perfect Year Now is when We

Bring A Smile to Someone's Face

Whether Some Rental Shoes

For Recreational Bowling,

A Crown For A New

Tooth, Or A Medication

to Indeed Save Even More
Than A Tooth and A Life Now For Real...

i Think it is Amazing You Are Able to Do
That and Create Such an Inspiring Blog too

Just So Very Amazing Indeed Thanks For All You Do...

‘Thing' is Dude,

You Don't Seem

to Fully Understand,

There Are Experiences










UNTIL THEN, YOU Don't Know, Feel, and
Sense Enough About the Human Condition Now.






CONDITION; Indeed, Ethics and

Taking Others So Easy to


Worse than Death;

And Of Course the

Same Applies to Euthanasia

And Hoarding Dead Bodies Instead of Feeding 'The Worms'...

A Religion, Politics, And Philosophy of Ignorance Brings Most Harm too...

It's All Relative

Baby From

WHere We
BREaTHE Heaven
Or Hell Now And
the Purgatory In Between...

Perhaps, If You Experienced the
Worst Pain Known to Humankind
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia

From Wake to Sleep For 66 Months
That No Drug Will Touch Actually

Assessed As Worse than the So-called

Pain of Crucifixion For Real; You Could

Understand How Far The Rings of Dante's Hell

Go Alive



Deader than
Dead Alive Now...

i Don't Expect You

To; Yet Trust me or not, Your View is Limited;


i Do Understand

Now You Don't 'See'
What Some Other Folks Do...

i Surely Wouldn't "Change You

Into A Goat From A Sheep And

Burn You Forever" For What You Are Not Able to See...

-'See' What i mean?

i Didn't Relate Any Stats At All; Just

One Extreme Circumstance That Does

Happen; It's The Same With Mental States

of Being; Whether it is Violent Father Rape or A Mistake

in A Drunken One Night Stand; Rape or Not,

Some Women Aren't Cut Out

to Carry A Child to term;

And the Same Applies Until

You Become One of Those Women

And Become Pregnant And Are Not Able to
Afford to Go Somewhere to Save Your Mental
Health and Life, You Are Still Not Understanding the

Depth of Human

HeLL on EartH; However,

It Works the Other Way too;

Let's See How Many of The Suited-

Up Folks at the First Baptist Church Supporting

The New Law Will Stand Around And Not Take Their

16 Year-Old Daughters to Another State For an Abortion

To Save Face For Perhaps A Mixed Marriage or Such as that...

And to Be Clear Many Underage Girls Are Forced into
Abortions to Save First Baptist Face When they Really

Wanna Have Their Mixed Babies Or However they

Escape From Their Wombs...

Seen It Happen,

Just For Plain Old

Saving Face; i've Seen

It Happen, When the Daughter

Who Was Told that Abstinence is the

Only Way that Works, Terrified, Hid A

Pregnancy From Her Deacon Father Until the Day She

Had the Child In the Woods, Who Died, Who Otherwise

Might Have lived, if Afforded Prenatal Care; of Course in Most

Every Case, Ignorance And Lack of Empathy And Compassion

Disguised As Morality and Ethics Rules Among the Ignorant Cold Hearted;

And Meanwhile, The Family Dog

Brought Some Body

Parts of that

Child Born

Dead Back Up
to the Home For

Ignorance to make

its Presents for 'Christmas Known';

The Deacon Father Had Plenty of Money;

He Bought my Old Camaro in Cash For His Daughter;

All Crisp Hundred Dollar Bills; All 8,000 Dollars Back

in 2008; Sadly, He had Not Enough Common Sense

Then For How Human Nature Even REALLY Works;

So His


Paid the

Price of

Ignorance and

Indeed the Potential

For a Living Grand-Child Instead of Dead...

Life is Messy Baby; You Can't Make it Black
And White Ethics and Morality, No Matter How

Restricted 'Left-Brained in Think' You May Think it is....

Ya Have to Develop The Kind of Holistic Empathy And Compassion

That Sees Farther than Your Own 'Knows'; True, Not Easy for Everyone to do...

Takes Practice...



Indeed; This All Comes

Down to Empathy And

Compassion for the Needs

And Requirements to Survive and

Thrive For Other Human Beings who
Are Different than Us; Go Figure that's

An Intelligence Not All Practice and it

Shows in Most All Areas of Life Today More;

Folks Who Just Aren't Interested in Walking

in the Shoes of Others With All Variables

Of Life Experiences Different From them....

The Majority of Texans As Polled Don't Agree
With the Texas Law; This is a Democracy; This is

A Nation With a Declaration of Independence that

Supports Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

For All In Individual Ways With Least Harm; That isn't Limited to

Just Non-Breathing Life, indeed; However, In Reality, Many of the So-Called

Folks Who Wanna Tell Women What to Do With Their Uterus Don't Give

A Flying

F For

That Child

Who Might

Use a Tax Credit

To Get Some Clothes

Now to Wear A Little Bit

Later in Life in West Virginia

Or Wherever Cold Ignorant Hearts Don't Care...

It's All Disgusting to me; Yet it's Just my Opinion.

We Do LiVE iN A Democracy, So Far At Least Still Now;

i Don't Get my Way

And Neither Do You;

When the Democracy

Works the Majority Does;

In This Case, the Majority of
Texans Do Not Support the Law;

And In Many Cases, Laws are Becoming
Twisted to Support the Desires of the

Ignorant Cold Hearted Minority...

We Get the

We Create;

A More Perfect

Union or Big Show

Circus Top of Cold Hearted Ignorance...

Yawn, Just Watching From A
Garden of Eden for Real; 'Eve'
Please Pass the Popcorn again;

As i Told You

Before We aRe ALL

God Over Here; And

True We Can And Will

Color God For Love With All
With Least Harm or Keep the 'Old Testament God' 'In Office' for real...

The One that Supports Dashing the Opposing Tribe's BREATHING Children's
Heads Against Stones
and the such

of Human


at Love...

Or Just Eliminate

Masking and Social

Distancing During the
Peak of A Deadly Variant

Like They Did at the Church

Where i Visit and Let the Breathing Bodies Free Fall at 'Cause',

Looking Forward to Carrots And or Sticks After Death this way...




Do Yet

That Still
Attempt to
How Human We Really Are...

Meanwhile, i Watch, and Eat the Free Popcorn, And Tell A Real Story;

Yes, It's Kind of a 'Complicated Situation, Lots of Ins and Outs' Now;

'Lots of Strands Man'; Lots of Threads to 'Keep in Old Duder's Head'...

Give You Credit

For Making Some

Room For the Most

Horrible of Circumstances...

Thing is my FRiEnD While

You May Not Be Able to

'See' The Reality,

There Are


Worse Circumstances Now

Than That That No one Can

See Yet the Young Woman

Enduring the Mental Illness

That She Did Not Ask to Have

Either and Just Part of Her Life

And Not Yours or Mine; It's Hard

to Walk in the Shoes of

Others and This
Is Why We Have
A Democracy and

A Jury of 12 Peers and

Not Just You or me;

The Human Condition
Is Very Very Messy and

Some Days Folks Who Insist

They are the Most Rational of All
Are Obviously Living in Another World
They Are Not Able to See in How that Applies to All of Us...

Lots of


That's An Art
And Never Now

A Science Alone...

Lots of Folks Where i Live
See it Similar to You So Yes,

Let ALL The Votes Be Tallied Fairly Indeed at Best...

Wishing Upon A Star i Call HoME NoW

Some Days A Song Applies to All of
Everyone We May Come to See in Life

A Distant Rueful Feeling Seeking to Find

SMiLes PM, All i Wanted For Christmas
And the New Year Is to Play

It's Always An Adventure

They Never Told me at

School or Work

All i Do is Dance
And Sing Free And the
Flow Brings the Heaven Now

Within And the Party is the Fumes
Some Others Feel From A Party of

one Little


me Hehe

Interestingly As
Algorithms Bring
Different Opinions on
YouTube Sciences And Arts to
Create A Better Life i Listened

(Hehe, Ya Don't Get to Watch When
Ya Are Driving Just Listen, Just Listen)

to A Dude Who is Worth 400 MiLLioN
Dollars Selling Some Kind of Nutritional
Deal to Lose Weight And His Ultimate Goal

Is to Create
A Bigger Better
Disney World Yes

He Also Mentioned
He Only Has Two
Real Connections of

FRiEnDS in Life His Wife
And Sister No Family For Him

Anyway i Have no Desire for Any
More Money or Even to Visit Disney
World as i am Able to Regulate And

Integrate the Whole Actual Feeling and
Sensing Experience Within From a Totally

Free Naked




Whole Complete
One With Grains of
Sand Spiraling Around
The Sun Below So Above

As 'Blake' Described it this way:

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your
hand And Eternity in an hour."

Actually It's Just A Description
For me For How i Feel and

Sense Reality When i

Dance And Sing

So Free in

Autotelic Flow

EVeRYWHeRE Every Inhale
of Peace Exhale of Love Now

IS A Brand New World And

A New UNiVeRSE of Moves Dancing Words
Singing That BREaTHE me NeW So Very Free...

When We Travel When We Go to New And Exciting

Places That Stimulate All the Organic Happy Juices of Life

We Open Up Our Souls to New Environments SPiRiTinG OuR


Fly 'Thing'

is It All


From Within
Whether We Travel

Out THere or Travel

From Within hehe And It's

True After All Is Said and Done i'm Just A Cheap Skate...

With Or Without An Ice Rink i Glide FRiEnDS With Gravity Now

Bet There Are Plenty of Places to Do that in Your Alaska And
Iceland Dream too...

i Guess to Do it

my Way

One Just

Has to

Have 'The Nuts'

Yes The Crazy Enough

to Do Life Naked Dancing Singing Totally Free

WHeRE Ever i AM Now Staycation HoMe Adventure New...

It's Probably An "Asperger's Thingie" too My Sister's Special

Interest is 'Birding' And She Currently is in the Lead for the "Great
Bird Year" in our County for E-Bird, Two More Species And She Gets

The All Time Record in Our County So Far; She Used to Collect

Buttons and Matchbox Cars, Mountains of them indeed

Every Variety on Earth Yet the Photos She takes

of Birds Are Unmatched for All the Bird

Art i've Seen with Her Camera with

(Where the Birds Fly In From on my Blog)

A Lens Yes the Size of A Telescope Haha

i've Had Many Special Interests too i used

to Know Everything About So Many things

And With Close to a Photographic Memory
In Movie Making Ways Every Feeling and

Sense is Mine

To Pull Up

Time out of Time

Forevernow Real...

My Current Special Interest

is Heaven Within And For 101

Months Now Heaven Stays and

Never Really Goes Away

There Are So many

Ways to Do

Life i Just
Don't See

Many Limits
At All Anymore
And i've Never Felt
More Alive and Happy

Now It's True Chances are
i'm at least in the Lead in my
County For Heaven Within

And That's Kinda Sad
Considering this

County had
the Record for
the Most Churches
Per Square Mile For it's
True When Ya Live WHeRE i Do
Now Ya Only Wish Others Could Visit...

i've Never Visited A Church Here Where

Anyone Comes Close to Heaven Now

It’s Something You Sense When

Another Person is in Your

Presence Oh How


Yet Allone

Heaven Really is Yes

In a Way Heaven is Hell ThiS way

too Isn't Life Ironic Indeed Having it
All Still Having Nothing to Really Share...

Some Days Now i Come Close Yet Even
Smallest of Distances Will Be So Painful in

Heaven True...


is Really

No Choice

Now Yet to
Stay with
An Invitation
to Visit that Never Ends Now...

Yet It's True Only 'They' Will
Come to Their 'Field of Dreams' For Real Now...

Still Building Mine That's An Only Way Ya get to Stay Now...

It's So Strange How FRiEnDS Who Insist They Are Close

To Us May Be the Farthest Away And How Strangers May

Open up

The Truest
Parts of Us

to Dance And Sing Free

And This is What i Love

About Blogging


Who BRinG

Out The Best
in me WHeRE i
Become A Better FRiEnD to me...

Ya Have to Be Kinda Gentle With
Ya Self in Heaven in Deed And Particularly
Handle People Who Don't Come Carefully With Love...

And Indeed


How Ya Stay...

RiSinG Roses

When We Only Expect To Give
THere Is Nothing Left To Return
At The Beginning Means Of End (Love/God)

SMiles Dear
Savvy Finding
With Gravity Now
The Happy Dance
And Song Staying
Inhaling Peace Yes
Exhaling LoVE iN Joy
oF LiGHT Thru DarK
Giving Sharing Caring
Understanding Healing


For And
With All
With Least Harm...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !