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18 Aug 2022, 11:16 pm

Within Most Often Planted By the
Love of A Mother Gardening

Love ThiS Way
Indeed The
Petals Come to

Persevering Through LiGHT
And DarK Dear Chaymaa

The Kindness Rose Only
Rises HiGHeR Than Lower

WiTH SMiLes...

Oh Goodness Time
Got Away From me
Today Hehe Dear
FRiEnD Yet
Broad And
Tall As The
Sky Is High With SMiles...

"Quite literally, the term "philosophy" means, "love of wisdom."
In a broad sense, philosophy is an activity people undertake when
they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves,
the world in which they live, and Their relationships to the world

and to each other."

-From the Florida State
University Department of Philosophy

And Indeed in A Perusal of what The FSU
Department of Philosophy Provides it is Largely Limited
To Western Civilization and Is Therefore Very Materially

Reduced in Terms of Reason And Logic

Outside of the Intuition And Arts
That Are Greater Practiced in

The Poetry; Yes, Free

Verse Ways of Eastern

Philosophies, Including
Middle Eastern Philosophies
With Poets Like Rumi As Well;

As Well As Eastern Original Philosophies That Don't Include
Words At All Like Moving Meditation In Autotelic Flow
That Even 'Western Science' Is Coming to Appreciate

In Utility Now More than So-Called 'Woo,'

The Western More Left Brain Hemisphere
Reduced Way of Processing the World Materially
Reducing it as Such Is Indeed Limited to How Reality

More Than A Representation

Of Reality Works for Real;

Those Who Are Restricted
More to Left Hemisphere Restricted
Thinking Processes Are Often Lost
in A Larger World that is Materially Reduced to Abstract
Constructs and Other Human Contrived Tools That

Represent Reality Now

Yet Don't Touch the
Deeper Parts of


And Arts That
Come Free of Pre-Planning.

A Greatest Poverty, Particularly
in the United States, Is A Poverty
Of Understanding FEELING SENSING
INTUITING What Makes the Human Condition
Even Tick Now in Balance Without Frigging Clocks.

Of Course in Measuring Mental HEALTH ISSUES




Yawn, i Studied Philosophy In College too;
Also Comparative Religions; the Most Interesting

Parts of the Class is When the Instructor Spoke From His Soul

Instead of A Book

And Became A
Free Verse Philosopher Then in Front of
The Room; i Was Amazed at His Original

Creative Colorful Soul Touching Depth

Of Wisdom and Am Surely

Fortunate to Share that
Gift For 'Those With Eyes
And Ears to See and Hear'

NoW As It's true i was one
of Few Then in Class Who Could
Relate to His Deeper Wisdom about Life.

More Than Any Other University Teacher, He Changed
the Path of my Life to Truly Eventually Freedom of Soul;

Yet it Verily
Came from
No Dusty Old Book.

And Regarding a Philosophy of Mind in Regard
to Left Hemisphere and Right Hemisphere Processing
of the World, Iain McGilchrist, Oxford Scholar, Psychiatrist,
Researcher, Writer, is Highly Respected in His Field And Currently

IN A Cream of the
Crop in the Philosophy
And Science of How Mind Works.

Of Course, Not Everyone Has what it takes
to Consume His Latest Book on the Western

Philosophy Of

Mind as that Pertains
to "The Matter With Things;"

Yep, 1500 Pages Pushing
600,000 Words, Typically
What i Knock Out in 6 Months of Writing Free Verse Poetry
Of Wisdom That Took Him 10 years of Very Painstaking Research.

i Find Few True Scholars Anymore; Yet He Definitely is one.

For Those Who Are Averse to Reading Long Books; He Offers
A Review of His Research, Chapter by Chapter, on YouTube, Commercial Free;
Currently He is on Volume 12 and About One-Third Of The Way Through His Book.

He Certainly Has Affirmed Much Wisdom i Have Intuited About Life Through His

Scientific Research New Now For Real.

Ya Can And Will Tell A lot about the Soul of Another
Human Being Depending on How They Treat Others
Who Provide Customer Service my Father And His
4th Marriage Were Always Condescending When it

(Other Paternal Relatives Lived Cold Like That too)

Came to Wait Staff
Whenever We Went
Out to Eat it Made me
Cringe With A Sudden Desire

to Soothe the Wait Staff With Words (AND
I DID) of Encouragement for the Great Job They
Were Doing True Tipping iS A Whole Lot More Now

Than the Green Exchange Warming A Soul Has Value True

Keeping in mind They Changed The Rules at My High School
to Allow me and the Daughter of the Dean of Girls to Be Part of
the National Honor Society as Sophomores As That Honor before
That Year Was Restricted to Juniors And Seniors Working Really 33 Years
Overall for Others in A Service Capacity Through Janitor Through University Book
Store Clerk And Even Assisting in Archaeology Through Moral Welfare And Recreation

For the Military
And At Least
Lifting Spirits Here
And There Among Folks
Online Now Ever Since i Was 16

The Greatest Offer of At Least A Wish For
A Tip Received From a Customer i Served Was
Newly Married Living in An Apartment When my

Wife Worked at The Local Newspaper in Her 13 Year
(i Wrote Monthly Bowling Center Newsletters For the
Local Paper too For Years They Were Bland Yes only the
Tournament Scores and High Bowlers for the Month changed)
Stint As (Lois Lane) Hehe before She Did (Wonder Woman Yes
For Real) True She Often Worked 20 Hour-Days And Still Managed
to Help me at the Military Bowling Center Bussing Tables and Such
As That For Free And The Gentleman Bowler There Said If He Could

Then He Would
Buy Us A Home

Now That's A Big
Tip Wish With SMiLes

And It Was the Depth of
Soul Felt the Most by me

Yes It's True The Best Smile
is the One Ya Give Away Now
And Receive the Same as Free

i'm Glad my Father Went away at 3 i Could
Have Been Like Him too Truly Having

No SMiles to Give away for Free Like
My Mother Did So Well Until A World
oF Lies of Religion And Politics took

That Away From Her Kindness

Wins From Beginning

To End of Human

Bibles Starting


Love Who Is
Truly Real and
Just Here For SMiLes...
Meh And Perhaps A LeSSoN
or Two Or MORE hehe about Life...

Typically, Humans Will Use Most
Any AND ALL Devices to Shame Another
Human Who Has Done Something
As DasTurDly as Attempting to OVERTURN





Yet true, At Best Ya
Do Ya Best Not to Let
The Shaming Leak-Out
On Innocent ByStanders AS Such...

Hmm, Tough Days Makes Tough STuff Indeed.

Hmm, i Retired At A Rate (NF-4)
Equivalent to An (O-4) Major in
The Marines; i Suppose That Means

(Hmm, i Get Saluted Still When i Enter
The Navy Station Still to Leg Press up to 1520
Pounds at the Military Gym Through the Gate;

i Was Also Required to Have A Security Clearance
to Handle Sensitive Information/Documents Through

Military Channels Of Communication)

If Only Veterans Who Were Honorably

Discharged Were Able to Vote,

I'd Do This; God Yes, the 'Thing'

Is, i'd Be Honorable Enough Still

Now to Make Sure Folks Who Weren't
in the Military Were Able to Vote too.

Yeah Baby, i Was Just A Federal Civilian,
Yet i Worked Side-by-Side With A Captain
In A HeadQuarters Building At One of the
Largest Navy Installations in the Country;

This Much i Know About Those Who Honorably

Serve(d)/Bled Next to Folks of Different Ethnic Backgrounds,
So Called Colors, Sexual and Gender Orientations, And
Identities; They Would Never Suggest That Those They

Serve Should
Receive Any
Less Freedoms
As A United States Citizen than them.

And Anyone Who Serve(d) With Any Real
Truth And Honor With Integrity in the Military



It's True, There Are Still 'Real Men And Or Women' in this
Country Applicable to Those Who Live With Honor, Courage,

Integrity, And Truth.

The Cheney Lady
And McCain are
One of the Few Left
And Dead in the Republican Party
in the Leadership of What That's Come to Fall.

Anyway, Next Stop For me Today, The Military
Station Aboard, Where Those Who Serve(d) Their
Country With Honor, Courage, Integrity, And Truth

Have Always Given
Me the Upmost
Respect as A Human
Being, No Matter How Different
i Was/Am From the Crowd Aboard.

Considering It's Trump's Standard
Operating Procedure to Lie and Cheat;

Still Doing His Best to Overturn A Representative
Free Democracy By A Big Lie And SCAM; Hell Yes,

Chances Are the Daughters of the Doctor Who Suggested
The Report of Bone Spurs Was A FAKE THEN ARE CORRECT;

THAT'S ENOUGH to Garner Suggestions that Trump Was Likely A Draft


Without Regard
to the Seriousness
of Bone Spurs or Asthma

Not likely We are Gonna
See X-Rays

of Whether
Or Not it is True;

Like Trump's Promise
to Release His Tax Returns, HAha...

Trump is a Despicable Liar and Cheater;

And Also Likely a Criminal Who Will Be Prosecuted
Next; For It's True What Falls Eventually Hits the Ground;

And Or Gets
The Toilet
If It Doesn't
Get Stuck in the Drain...

Meanwhile, 'The River' Continues

to Flow Without BS

In Other
of Course
Where A Representative
Democracy Thrives For Real


That Up In Less than Perfect Union Ways Along the Way

in Terms of my First Cousin Who Got Burned up in a Helicopter
In That Unwarranted War of Vietnam in 1968 With A Procession

Of Other Lies and Cheats For Other Unwarranted Wars Sponsored by
Those Who Sought Power, Material Gains, And Status More than the Frigging

of Independence...

Dying For A Lie is Truly Sad...

Willing to Give Your Life For Freedom
of Your Fellow Citizens is Truly Noble and Altruistic...

It's Sad that my Cousin Was Lied to too; What Comes Around

Goes Around
Indeed in

Colors of
Trump All Around Again...

Several Hundred Thousand or More
Brown Folks Who Died Without Just Cause
in the Middle East Will Surely Relate This Through

Relatives too...

It is What is is

Brave, Free, And True on
Some Days And Not so Much on Others...

Indeed the Human Condition, it is what it is...

And Indeed, in Many Ways Trump is A Microcosm
Of What Our Country Has Become in Decades Past...

Indeed, The Truth
oF Lies Shall

Stare At

Us Directly in Our Face...

The Rights to Life, Liberty, and
the Pursuit of Happiness is A Grand
Declaration of Independence And It's
Not Easy to Make

it Happen For

Everyone; Particularly,

'Dogs' Used For Unwarranted Wars...

True, Some 'Dogs' Are Born With Silver Spoons...

Others Not So Much Who Tell the Truth And
Truly Wanna Do What's More Noble in Life...

People Like The Daughter of Another 'Devil'
Called 'Cheney' and McCain Both Heroes of Truth

in the Dark oF Lies

And Despicable
Acts That Harm
The Most Marginalized
Folks Among Us Used as 'Beasts of Burden'...

It's All Truly A Very Sad Story (The Human one)
that could use some healing all the way around FOR REAL.

In 52 Pages of One Solo Thread "Depth Of The Story" Receives
119K Views Just From Registered Members of the "Wrong Planet"

"Depth of The Story" 8th New Testament Long Form Poem in One
Solo Thread on "The Wrong Planet" 2 Year Anniversary Date 8.19.2022

Additionally "Depth of The Story" A Subchapter Long Form Poem
of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Reaching 1.88 MiLLioN Words in 2 Years

"SonG oF mY SoUL 10.8 MiLLioN WordS Old" 9 Years Anniversary
Date From Birth 8.18.2022 9 Years of Writing on WordPress Now too

Yep A Cat-6 Hurricane oF Poetry is One 6 Scale Larger than the


in 9 Years WHere 1.8 MiLLioN
Words oF Old Becomes 10.8

Within Most Often Planted By the
Love of A Mother Gardening

Love ThiS Way
Indeed The
Petals Come to

Persevering Through LiGHT
And DarK Dear Chaymaa

The Kindness Rose Only
Rises HiGHeR Than Lower WiTH SMiLes...






KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,819

20 Aug 2022, 1:44 am


SMiLes Dear Savvy As Synchronicity Will Have it
the Last Few Words i Wrote on Actually A Place
Online Called 'The Wrong Planet' Before Arriving
Here in the Wee Morning Hours of Florida Saturday

Happy to See You Catching Up With Your Regular Hour
in Routine of Daily Posting With SMiLes too So Anyway my Parting
Words There Were

"Now i Do me

And Let Other Folks Do them too"

So Yes How Do i Do me mY FRiEnd

Well Finding me A iN A Process Far Beyond

Abstract Constructs of Words and Associated

Ideologies That Only Partially Represent Our Realities Within

True They Never Taught in School The Importance of Becoming

Embodying i AM As A Human Being Now Intuiting Existence Feeling
Sensing Yes Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses NeW in A Dance With

No Words At All as to my Great Surprise i Found my SoUL From Head to Toe

Speaking to me in Feelings and Senses Intuiting Existence in Autotelic Flow THiS WaY

Far Beyond Anything i Learned In School Even in Three Degrees
of Anthropology, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, And Health
Science And Yes 33 Years of Work in Tandem With 19 Years of School

Basically A Machine i Became Then Data Downloading
Facts and Figures So Far Away From A Child of Wonder
And Awe Never Separating From Nature Again i Am New Now

Oh Goodness No One Ever Told me my Body From Head to Toe
in Free Dance Will Teach me A Holistic LeSSoN With All of Nature THiS Way

Yet It's True All
Spirals All Flows
As Nature NeW Now

And Yes Dear FRiEnD
THiS HoW i Do Me Now For Real

Yet Again i've Lived So Many Lives
in One Life in So Many Varying Ways
i Have Enough Cognitive Empathy
To Surely Understand i Can't
Necessarily Make Anyone
Understand my Particular
Path Inhaling Peace Exhaling
LoVE THiS WaY iN JoY oF LiGHT Naked Enough Whole Complete
Yes Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All With Least Harm Now

An Art of
LoViNG All
oF LiFE DarK Thru LiGHT...

Ah Yes Dear
Doc Hummingbirds
So Magical Swarming
Around Our
FLoWeRS too...

So Happy To Hear
From You Dear FRiEnD
Thanks For A Surprise of
Purple Flowers i’ve Never
Seen And Yes Beautiful Raindrops
Centered On Falling Toronto Leaves
Back At
me Once
Again Hearing
From You Always
Brings me Great
Joy With SMiles...

Ah heArt a lit one warmer
yes in humid rivers flow
no snow in North Florida
row yet prison goes
up the hill a little
further in brick
story school
to take
freezing heArt
no longer wave
oh ocean blue
eyes i miss you
at 47 Yet i flow
back to me at 62
no signs of speed
limits for me..
i flow
i ride
i play
i pray
edge free
to waves
Ocean Pearl Green
in i's of I! new now...

SMiles Hemalatha
You Deserve All
Applause For

A Poem

So Delightful
All my Pleasure to Read
my Wish is For Someone

To Find
You And
Love You This Way
Making Your Art


For You
With SMiles...

Always Lovely
To Be Inspired
By Your Poetry
Dear Xenia

Thank You...

Hehe THere's
Still Literally
Just No Escape For me


To Your


Be A Better
FRiEnD to Others
SaMe With SMiLes Dear Savvy...


Inspiring Poem
You Write
Thanks Dear
Sohair With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Taking A Next Step Yes
Indeed Hehe as Last Night About 11:30 PM
The CLocK Time Here in Northwest Florida

Patiently Waiting for the Clock Work of Your
Poem to Appear as It Has Nearly Every Night
For the Last Two Years i've Been Visiting You

Each and Every Day Albeit Some Days A Day
Behind i Usually Love to Start And Begin A Daily

Long Form Poem With What You Reliably Bring

SoUL Whole Complete

So It's True the Next Step
i Took is to Look Forward to
Your Poem Even More The Next Day Now

As True Hehe Really You Only Posted
A Few More Hours Away In A Day
And Night Of India With SMiLes

It's True THere is No Time
in Free Poetry Yet How the

Poetry Makes

Us Feel New
NoW With SMiLes
Moves Words Flow...

Oh Dear Lord Dear 'USA Writes'
This is So True, "The Idea to Get
Something is to not to want it anymore!"

Yet There May Be Even A More DeLiGHTFuL Way

As i Will Share Another Quote By 'William Blake' Now

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in
a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an HouR."

Oh Dear Lord Dear 'USA Writes' Truly This is A Secret Of
Heaven On Earth Within New NoW It's True We May Have

A New Home
And A New
Car And A New
Love Every Day
When We Rise iN LoVE
As A Grain of Sand Holding
Up A Mountain of Human Love

Loving Every Part of Existence DarK Thru LiGHT

As Just One Petal of A FLoWeR Properly Loved by

Humans For All of God The FLoWeR Truly Is THoRNS New
As Well For Roses STiLL RiSinG Now From Wilting Seasons

Before mY FRiEnD God Yes
What A Celebration A Rose
Is What A Miracle A Grain of
Sand Is Holding Up A Mountain
of Human Love The You You Come to


Loving Life
More and
More Every
Day Forevernow

And It's True Hehe Not One
to Tell Other Folks What to Do

Hehe if You Don't Wanna Do IT i'LL
ToW A SPiRaLinG Wave of Heaven For Everyone With SMiLes...

It's Always Nice to See You On Word Press No Matter
How Many Days, Months, or Years may Pass a True
FRiEnD is

NoW With SMiLes
Touching Human (GoD) SoUL For Real...

Hehe It's True Dear 'USA Writes'
If You Love Yourself Enough

No One Can or Will
Unlike or Unlove

Your LiFE

With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear 'USA Writes'
It Always Amuses me When
Folks Try to Capture Wind in A Jar

For Their Own Devices Sort Of
Like Folks Who Attempt to
Capture Someone
Else's HeART

Or Demand that
Someone Else Loves

Them As If Wind May
Be Told How to Blow in A Jar With SMiLes

If Part oF ALL is Wild and Free mY FRiEnD
It is Surely God

How Will Human
Ever Hold God
in A Jar

True This
Is Indeed How
Wind Becomes An Idol in A Jar
Or Love The Same Way Distant From God...

SMiLes Dear 'USA Writes'
If We Were All the Same
God Will Surely Get

Bored and Perhaps
Decide Not Even to Survive

True First DarK Then LiGHT

Then US
With SMiLes
Each and Every
Unique Eye of God

What A Treasure it is to
Find Another Pair of God's
Eyes Wherever i Go With SMiLes

Particularly Someone As Kind As You

SMiLes Dear Sohair
Stars Shine As They
Require No Light
From Any

Other Source

Yet to Spread
To the Rest Of LiFE

JusT LiVinG A Way oF LiGHT

WHeRE Giving is The SaMe
As Receiving As Brightest

So Below
When Humans
Sunshine Within mY FRiEnD...

Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa i've Spent So Much of my Life
Towing A Perfectionist Line Always Conforming And Fitting

In Feeling Like All of Life Is A Must Do Or Die Until

A Day After Enduring HeLL ON EartH For 66
Months With All that Pain and Numb Ranging
From the Worst Pain Known to Humankind

Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia through
18 Other Medical Disorders Shut-In
in my Bedroom WHeRE No Drug
Would Touch The Pain And

Numb For Relief
Dear Lord i Felt
Like Such A Fool
Living In A Perfectionist
World When A Life Spent
Without Pain and Numb is Such

A Dream Come to Fruition New Now For Real
Heaven Within i Never Worry About What Step
of DAnce or Word Of Song Comes Next i Am No Longer

A Dam Blocking A River Now i Am The Streams The Rivers The
Bays The Gulfs The Seas The Oceans Whole With Waves What i HaVE iN

Common With All of that
Dear FRiEnD Is Now i Am
Water and Air Surf And Wind

Now i am Nature i Just Spiral And Flow...

The Most Amazing Part of All Is Now When
i Don't Think About What i Do it Comes Out More

Perfect As
A Practice
Of Life As Art
Than Ever Before

Yet It's Still Like So What...

That Was Then This Move of Dance
Word of SonG iS A Whole New Creation STaRTinG NoW...

SMiLes Dear Miriam i Haven't Thought Much About
Columbia South America in my Life Yet What's Great

About Interacting With Folks Around the Globe is
Sharing New Interests And Broadening New Horizons

Hehe At Least As Far As One May Stretch A Smart Phone
or Desk Top Screen And Of Course There is No Limit With

iMaGiNaTioN and Co-Creativities Every Word of Song and
Step of Dance

A New World to

Explore OH NO relating
to One of Your Previous
Posts the First Thing
Advertised About
Is Violent
Crime and
Many Homicides

Yet Never the Less Mother Nature
Will ByPass Human Inclinations DarK Thru
LiGHT Leaving the Gnats and Hives Behind

To Find Paradise
Wherever it Comes
to Be Within With SMiLes...

Gnats Are Pesky Critters They Usually
Come in Dry Weather Here Yet We Are
Still in A Monsoonal Pattern of Rains most
Every Day to Cool Off Climate Change too

As Even More
Rain Changes
Our Climates True

SMiLes A Greatest LeSSoN
of mY Life is To Create my Own
Weather, Seasons, and Geography


Never the Less
May South American
Dreams Remain Soothing to You...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Not too Long Ago i Heard Someone Say
If Not For Humans There will Only Be Atoms Changing

SMiLes Dear Cindy It's True Without Humans There
Will Still Be Wolves Howling At the Moon With

Warmth Of Meeting Up And Greeting
Wolf FRiEnDS Again What's Really

Special în Life No Matter Injuries
Or Scars is Love Survives Also

Starting A First Step of A New
Poem Every Word of the Way

Never Coming to the End Until i Begin

Each Word Again mY FRiEnD A Life STaRTinG


SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
Every Picture You Share
is Worth A Thousand More
Words of Poetry Yet Hehe i Won't

FReDWood You Today With Kind SMiLes...

A Really Great Aspect of Increasing Emotional Intelligence

By Regulating Emotions and Integrating Senses as Both Work

Hand-in-Hand to Become a Master Greater That Colors Our Lives

Within Is Yes

Just That With
Really No Concern
About This or That
Political Or Economic Malady

At Least for Eternally Now And
True in Doing So Becoming Naked
Enough Yes Whole Complete Generating

Happiness Within the Worries Disappear
At Least For Now And Sure it Usually Takes

Financial Independence For Always Now Including
What Some Folks Term As Past and Future Now too...

i Feel Sorry For Men Who Don't Make The Embodiment
of Emotional Regulation And Sensory Integration Their Main

Way of Life As Truly At Least For me i No Longer LiVE iN A World

of Grey SHades
Thru BLack Abyss SouL

With the Kind of Depression
That 40 Percent of College Age
Folks Are Assessed With Impacting
Their Ability to Function in Day-to-Day Life

And 60 Percent of College Age Folks assessed
With Anxiety Severe Enough to Impact Daily Functioning too...

Actually, in this Case Young Women Are Seen As Suffering Most

As It's True What Was Once the Advantage Described in 'The Video'

of How Women Socially Bond Easier than Men Isn't Necessarily A Reality

in This World of
Connecting Online
And Disconnecting the
Most Offline Still As A Virtual Reality

Cold and Alone as Up to 72 Percent
of Generation Z Feels This Way and A Very
High Percentage of Millennials As Well Meanwhile

Trump And His Republican Minions Have Made A Parody

Out of the So-Called Patriarchy Where They Call A Most Conservative
White Christian Male Dominated Organization Like the FBI Nazi's and the Such as that

From Folks Like Senator Scott Another Former 'Idiot Governor' of Florida As Far As Human Soul Goes too

It's True When The
Embodiment of the
Regulation of Emotional
Intelligence And Sensory Integration Falls Apart

So Do Humans; Yes, Overall as A Society True...

Lots Of Economic Prosperity Overall in the United States Still

Yet It's True Money and Stuff Will Never Be Human Enough to Fill and Feel A Human

Soul For Real...

Yawn, Focusing on Emotional And Sensory Intelligences i Naturally Find My Self More Masculine Than
Ever in A Balance With the 'Divine Feminine' of Balance in Grace With Love As A Foundation Enough

For Greatest

WiLL and

to Make me
And So Many of
mY FRiEnDS Happy
on A Day-To-Day Basis
Both Online and Offline too...

Before that i Was Mostly Described
As A Computer Brain and A Stuffed Shirt

Indeed 'Sheldon Cooper' as An Athletic
Director of a Military Installation Truly

Hilarious Hehe

For Everyone

Yet me then...

However, Now i Do me

And Let Other Folks Do them too...

SMiLes Dear Savvy As Synchronicity Will Have it
the Last Few Words i Wrote on Actually A Place
Online Called 'The Wrong Planet' Before Arriving
Here in the Wee Morning Hours of Florida Saturday

Happy to See You Catching Up With Your Regular Hour
in Routine of Daily Posting With SMiLes too So Anyway my Parting
Words There Were

"Now i Do me

And Let Other Folks Do them too"

So Yes How Do i Do me mY FRiEnd

Well Finding me A iN A Process Far Beyond

Abstract Constructs of Words and Associated

Ideologies That Only Partially Represent Our Realities Within

True They Never Taught in School The Importance of Becoming

Embodying i AM As A Human Being Now Intuiting Existence Feeling
Sensing Yes Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses NeW in A Dance With

No Words At All as to my Great Surprise i Found my SoUL From Head to Toe

Speaking to me in Feelings and Senses Intuiting Existence in Autotelic Flow


Far Beyond Anything i Learned In School Even in Three Degrees
of Anthropology, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, And Yes Health
Science And Yes 33 Years of Work in Tandem With 19 Years of School

Basically A Machine i Became Then Data Downloading
Facts and Figures So Far Away From A Child of Wonder
And Awe Never Separating From Nature Again i Am New Now

Oh Goodness No One Ever Told me my Body From Head to Toe
in Free Dance Will Teach me A Holistic LeSSoN With All of Nature THiS Way

Yet It's True All
Spirals All Flows
As Nature NeW Now

And Yes Dear FRiEnD
THiS HoW i Do Me Now For Real

Yet Again i've Lived So Many Lives
in One Life in So Many Varying Ways
i Have Enough Cognitive Empathy
To Surely Understand i Can't
Necessarily Make Anyone
Understand my Particular
Path Inhaling Peace Exhaling
LoVE THiS WaY iN JoY oF LiGHT Naked Enough Whole Complete
Yes Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All With Least Harm Now

An Art of
LoViNG All
oF LiFE DarK Thru LiGHT...


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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21 Aug 2022, 12:50 am

Build A “Field of Dreams” And “He” Will Come Yes This
Means You Woman And Or Man LoVE ReaL NeW NoW

DarK Thru LiGHT SeeN uNSeeN
Holy Sacred All Altar Essence All Be i Am

Coming As Glory FLoWeR LiVinG Dead Then

Coming In Glory to Judge The Living And
The Dead Nope Catholic Empire You Missed

A WHoLE MeaninG

Ah As Synchronicity Will Have it Again
i Just Came From Writing A Line that
Sings The Greatest Achievement of

my Life
For Crown
WeaRinG A
SMile Sharing
And Tears the

Same Indeed Being
Human What A Gift
to Touch Dear Savvy For Real

THiS HeAVeN To Give Away DarK Thru


This Love
That Smiles
And Sheds Tears
of Comfort For Real
This Living Tree RiSinG
Green Leaves Falling For
Comfort of Soils Turning

Green For Summer FLoWeRS And
THoRNS RiSinG NoW From FaLLinG



Roses New
Through SPRinG...

SMiLes Dear Miriam How Inspiring
A Story You Tale of A Mother Who
Passes Away And Scraps of Memories

TaLinG A Story of Love For Her Daughters
PeRuSinG Her Belongings After Death And The

Same Occurring When my Mother PaSSinG Away
Going through Her Things Then in 2017 We Find a

Letter Addressed to me
on my 33rd Birthday on
June 6, 1993 My Goodness

A Letter Delivered After Her
Death to me Among Her Things
24 Years Later From the Date She Wrote it to me...

And Interestingly Enough It Was Like A Prophecy that Came True

Although if i Had Received it on that Date It Would Have Been Hard

For me to
Believe Still
Passing Out
Rental Shoes
At A Military Bowling
Center With Smiles Then

Yet It's True No i've Never
Achieved More in Life Than
A Shared Smile or Tears So i
Do me THiS Way Still With No Shame...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa 10 Years
Ago About A Year Before i Escaped
Pain and Numb of Hell Within Then For
66 Months A Place Totally Disconnected

From Peace And Love And For Those Who
Truly Believe God Is Love A Place Disconnecting

From Love is A Place of Hell Within Just As A Place
Within Connecting With Love For All Giving Sharing
Caring Healing With Least Harm is Heaven Within

ThiS Way Radiating
To All For Free With SMILes

Anyway 9 Years Ago i Went to
'The Other Place' In A Complete Turn-Around Yes
Phoenix RiSing From Ashes "Typical Isaiah 53-Like
Story" And "Archetypal Story of the Joseph Campbell
Hero" And Oldest Still LiVinG Human Story Out of the

DarK iNTo
LiGHT Where
Love Becomes
Compassion For
All Out of Living Death mY FRiEnD

True Sort of Like the "Beauty and the Beast Story" too
Where the Most Masculine Aloof Silent Dude Yes Marries
The Fairest of Them All With Wings of Love A Child is Born

The Aloof Fearless Father Barren of Love That Lasts Leaves

And Then A Son And Or Daughter Of Love is Raised Yet Without

A Fearless Father Living in the Home That Son And or Daughter

Must Become Their Fearless Father Within to Complement the Love Yes

The Gift
Gave to them
Most in Peace
of Loving Grace mY FRiEnD
And This is my Story For the Night at 11:11 PM...

Luke 17:21
"Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there!
for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

SMiLes Dear Rue Just Got Back From A Public Dance
Hehe Challenged to A Dance-Off By Some Young Men
Oh Goodness 44 Years my Junior Sort of Wanted to Warm-Up

Yet What The Heck Went in Cold As Just Another 18-Wheeler all
242 Pounds Floating And Spiraling Through The Shopping Aisles

Like A UFO As
Far As A Dance
Style So Far No
One is Able To Copy
At least Standing Up
Straight Longer Than a Few Seconds

As It is True i Never Get Dizzy Lord
Knows Speaking of UFO's i Could Surely
Be An Astronaut Dealing With 'G-Force' As
Yes Being Great FRiEnDS With GravitY iN Balancing
of Autotelic Flow Generating And Regulating Emotions
Head to Toe Integrating Senses The SaMe Way Ocean Whole

No Part of me
Separate From
The Rest of Existence

This Way All Unity All Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
Giving Sharing Caring Healing Freely For

All With

Least Harm
Oh By The Way
i've Missed You Yet
For me there is No Space
Distance Time or Matter of Things

Between Love And FRiEnDS That Is
Real At Least in Terms of Putting All People

Always First of Course So Much Easier Done
Than A Pursuit of Money and Stuff that Comes
With Making A Living This Days For Most of Course

It's Like This Place Within As It's True i am Giving You
The Answer For WHere Heaven Is in Terms of Living Peace
And Love For Real For Every Beginning Story of Every Breath of

Life Eternally
Now Never
Starting New
Vines and Roots
Spreading Leaves
Green RiSinG And Falling THiS LiVinG Tree
Yes Soils Below Skies Above Same Height
Yes Peace and LoVE ALWayS New mY FRiEnD

It's True After The Dance-Off i Asked The Group of 10 Young
Men From A Small Town Known For Its Christian FunDaMentaLIST
Ways And While At First No One Ever Heard of LUKE 17:21 BY THE

End of 'A Sermon
iN Aisles of Walmart'

(And Yes The SonG oF
mY SoUL Does Carry
To the Mountain Tops
of the Ceiling at Walmart hehe)

All 10 Men Pointed to the
SoUL of the SPiRiT oF THeiR
HeART Clearly Seeing WHeRE Heaven
And the Kingdom of God Lives Within As Peace And Love

i Figured i'd Pass the Same Gift on to You as It's True i Did the
Same for the Waitress At the "i-Hop" And Gave her Some Helpful
Hints About Her Son on the Autism Spectrum So Trapped in a World
of Systemizing Reason Out of Touch With the Right Hemisphere Parts
of Our Minds Responsible for Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual Real Emotional
Intelligences Reaching Out And Touching Others With Dances and Songs of SoUL

That Really Touch
A Narrow Doorway
Sadly in Entry to A Place
Within So Restricted By Our
Modern Civilization That Seeks

Most Everything of Value Externally
Instead of The Human Touch Face-to-Face
And Real What We Inherit Naked, Enough, Whole,
Complete From Birth Yes Two Infants Two Strangers
Sharing A Smile of Love Without Any Words At All or
A Toddler With A Dance With No Lessons at all Just

Naturally Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses as
Kittens and Puppies Do in Play Sadly Increasingly Lost
For the Human Race for Facts And Figures Oiling Machines

To Make Society Work That Sadly Become Us Increasingly Lost
From the Narrow Door Now That is Our Human Nature of Peace And
Love For Each Other So Lost in the Ignorance of Our Nature Within so

Far Beyond All the Words and Other Symbols and Ideologies We Create
Just A Non-Sense Dance Truly Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses

And SMiLes
SHaRinG With
FRiEnDS in No
PreTense of Who is

Higher or Lower on
A Scale of Peace And Love For Real

As Indeed Peace and Love When Real is Naked
Enough Whole Complete Where The Passion to Be
The Best We Can And Will Be in Terms of Living Peace
And LoVinG Soul Naturally Rises to Compassion For All With Least Harm

So We See the Right Profile of Rue'S ETernAlly Lovely Face Mastered by
The Left Hemisphere of Brain THaT Insures No Part of her Recipes are
Out of Place or Without A Number and A Bullet List With Smiles And then

There is the Soft Loving Left Profile of Rue'S ETernAlly Loving Face
Who Is Truly the Master Of Love The Master of Giving Sharing Caring
Healing For Real For All With Least Harm And The EYes Who Look

Into the EYes of Her Art Directly Penetrating Confident And Whole Centering
Complete Indeed Integrating the All of Both Sides Dear Rue in One True You

Yet of Course THiS iS ONly
my View of You CoLoRinG
of Course By All my

Philosophy, Religion,
And Politics oF LiFE With SMiLes

THere is No Part of DarK or LiGHT
THat is Not Integral to the All From

The Grain of Sand That Holds Up
A Mountain of Love That is All One
World of Us At Best mY FRiEnD Yes

Other Than That A Best Advice i Will Give
To Anyone 'These Days' is Practice the Social-Empathic-
Artistic-Spiritual/Emotional-Contemplative-Interpretive Parts
of Existence that is Indeed the Divine Feminine More Right Hemisphere
Way Of Mindful Awareness Processing Reality ToGeTHeR For Real As It's True

Born on the Autism Spectrum Without Words Until age 4 i am Definitely
An EPiTomE of A Canary in A Coal Mine (Mind) of Super Systemizing Ways
Processing Reality Like Code For A Computer Hehe For Real Sadly Without

Much Of A Soul As the Toxic Patriarchy WHere i LiVE took that Potential Away
From me For 40 Years From Ages 13 to 53 my FRiEnD Indeed the Narrow
Door to the Kingdom of Heaven Within for me was Closed for 66 Months as
A Shut-in With Only Pain and Numb From Wake to Sleep No Drug Would Touch

Fully Separated From the Essence of Peace and LoVE mY FRIEND FOR IT IS

OF Hell is when a
Human Being is Totally
Separated From God At least
For We Humans Who Really Believe
God is Love And Are Not Afraid to Affirm
This Peace and Love Without Illusory Fears

in All We Do In Life

in Truth oF LiGHT

That Will Make A Sermon
Like This Flow Not Only Silently

Yet With the Voice of Lightening
Uninterrupted By Thunder Hehe in Walmart...

Anyway i Suppose One Fred-Talk From me may
Last You Another Four Months or So Till Easter Arrives

Again for in mY Book Of Breathing LiFE Easter Never Begins Or Ends


STaRTinG New
Every Holy Move of
Dance Every Sacred Word
of SoNG From Head to Toe New
Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Every Breath Birthing
Just Another Never Ending Peace And Love Story For Real mY FRiEnD..:)

DarK Thru LiGHT SeeN uNSeeN
Holy Sacred All Altar Essence All Be i Am

Coming As Glory FLoWeR LiVinG Dead Then

Coming In Glory to Judge The Living And
The Dead Nope Catholic Empire You Missed

A WHoLE MeaninG

Even 'Jordan Peterson';
Dear And Near to the
Online 'Incel' Population;
That Generally, Speaking, has
the Most Problems with "Feminism";
Recommends, "Marking Your Territory"
With "Lobster Poses"; Been Doing that Way
Before Jordan Ever Developed the Idea;
It's one thing to
Talk about it;
it's entirely
A different
thing to actually
Do It; butt it iS A VEry
Healthy Yoga Pose, indeed,
for a Mix of Divine Feminine
Love And Grace of Breathing
In Balance With Enough Will
And Strength to Literally Leg Press
1520 Pounds at 242 Pounds of Old Dude...
Haha; And Please Don't Make Fun of
the 'Blue Whale I'm Holding'...

Up Dudes;


Fell off the
Side of the
EartH as He
talked the talk;
yet sadly is still
Attempting to Dance the Balance.

Oh Lord Now i have to Figure out WHere the Start the Middle
And the End of this 'Frednata' is to Continue This LonG FoRM PoEM

At this Point i am Sure 'Mr. Mercury'
Will Provide One THeMe SonG For
The Overall 'Frednata' MeMe Poem

Evolution FoCUSES MosT On Ignoring Trivia Outside Of Fitness For LiVinG

i Didn’t Go Back To 'That Place' For Loud Naysayers

i Return For Quiet Ones Who “Hear And See” SO

MUCH More Like me

Like All That i Do Now A New Testament Just Like
You HeHe JusT More EPiC For Real Now

From/FoR Me

Yes Yawn...
Just BeeinG
me i Am NeW NoW
Hmm Oh Ho HuMM ANoTHeR

Build A “Field of Dreams” And “He” Will Come
Yes This Means You Woman And Or Man LoVE ReaL NeW NoW

Ever Since Thanksgiving Day of 2010, Yep, November 25, 2010,
i've Probably Linked More Peer Reviewed Scientific Research Papers

Than Anyone 'Here'; Per Sheer Volume of Posting, Hehe of Course too,
As i Pursued A Great Deal of Research to Remedy The Issues That 'Autism'
And 'Bi-Polar Non-Specified' Gave me in the Previous 50 Years of my Life.

i Was Successful, in Bringing Balance, Joy, Love; And Naked, Enough, Whole,

As That 'Philosophy/Religion/Politics' Relates to Materially Reducing Existence To What May
Only Be Measured Empirically AND EXTERNALLY through Observing And 'Rulers' Big and

Small Enough to Measure Reality As It Stands, Small and Big Enough to See With Empirical

Devices of Measure.

One Such Material Device is
'The Sugar Pill' Used in Modern Medicine
to Determine if 'Medicine' Is More Powerful
Than The Power of Suggestion in Hope, Belief, And Faith
That One is Gonna Get HeaLeD From Whatever Malady They Have in Life.

Guess What, the Placebo effect is More than the Materially Reduced Part (Sugar Pill) That
Science Uses Now to Measure What Medicine Does With or Without the Power of Suggestion
That Brings Healing That Science Internally Within the Human Being Has no Way to Empirically Measure.

Guess What, Hypnosis Works in A Similar Way and Yes Insurance Companies Cover it As a Valuable Therapy
For Both Psychological/Physical Issues in Ridding Oneself of Pain and Even Life-Long Addictions to Cigarettes

That Really

Works as i've Had Several Elder
FRiEnDS Who Were Successful
Kicking the Butt of Cigarette Addiction
Life-Long With Just One Frigging Session of Hypnosis.

Yet Again, Science Doesn't Have A Tool to Empirically Measure
The Process That Happens Within the Human Conscious And Subconscious
Mind that Constitutes around 95 Percent of Our Minds to Make This Healing Work.

However, Again, The Empirical Results of Healing are Clear; And True As Far as the
Placebo Effect, No Matter What the Tool That May Be Used As Far As 'Sugar Pills' Go Works as

Well, in Terms of Little Wafers of Bread And Sips of Wine That Mythically Change Bread into the
Super Hero Body of Jesus and Wine into His Blood Literally So As 30 Percent of Catholics Still Really

Believe it as Well as the Folks in Charge Who Wear Funny Looking Robes And Hats too Up Front Doing
A 'Real Occult Mystical' Ritual as Basically Doctor's With 'Sugar Pills' That In Some Cases Do Bring cases of

So-Called Terminal Disease
into the Files of Unexplained
Remission From Terminal Disease.

It's True, Through the Wonderful and
Fabulous Tools of Science and the 'Scientism
Of Materially Reducing Existence' We Can See Practically
to 'The Beginning of Time of the So-called Big Bang'

Yet Science Still Can't Empirically Measure the
Essence of Our Existence for Real; Yes, How the
Human Subconscious And Conscious Aware Minds

Actually Even Come into
Being As A Full Process Now;

Yet It's True, Without Science
Ever Existing At All in Terms of
A Discrete Measuring Tool Like the Scientific

Method We Exist Hehe as Our Conscious and
Subconscious Minds Have Always Done With or Without


To Describe How
We Even Really Tick
Within to Survive and Thrive.

My Philosophy is Balancing Art and Reason
For What is Typically Described in Farther Away
Eastern Philosophies as Yin and Yang; True the
Overall Philosophy of Balancing Right and Left Brain

Processes of Doing Reality is Nothing New in the Most
Ancient Philosophies That Still Exist on EartH As Far As

How Humans Navigate THeir Life in or out of Balance AS Such.

Yet Guess What, Even Among Very Respected Individuals in the Ivory
Towers of Reason From Quantum Mechanics And Scientists Associated

And The Creme of the Crop of True Scholars Like Iain McGilchrist, Oxford
Scholar in Literature, Psychiatrist, Philosopher of the Mind, Researcher and Writer;

Yes Even Western Civilization at the Top of the Bottom is Finally Coming to A Fine Enough
Balance in Research to Finally Hold Hands With Both Reason and Art of the Human Condition.

i Healed myself First With A Free Autotelic Moving Meditation of Free Dance And Free Song of Poetry
Just Like This And The Reward Was only a 'Sugar Pill' in 'Essence' of Every Move of Dance And Word of Song

in Poetry
in Eternal
Bliss Now For Real

in Balance of Effortless
Ease As 'They' 'Sing' About 'Wu Wei'
And That 'Tao of the Dao' As Well.

It's True Science Has a Term for it
too in Secular Ways of 'Autotelic Meditating Flow';

Which Only means Integrating the Mind and Body
Latitudinally From Head to Toe and Longitudinally
in Left and Brain Processing Ways and Sure in Terms
Of Above and Below of Cerebellum Below and Cerebrum Above too...

As that Relates to the Science That Our Cerebellum Not Only Controls
Movement Yet Enhances our Social Empathic Potentials too as Of Course

That's How i Got Literally A REAL Prescription for Moving Meditation of Dance
Everywhere i Go From my Doctor as It is Used for Emotional Regulation and
Sensory Integration to Heal Disorders/Symptoms Common in Both Autism and

Bi-Polar Disorders
As Well; Voila,

Intuition, All
Instinctual and
Innate Worked for
me to Go Back to A
Day of Free Dance And Song NOW

Same As Our Ancestors Always
Practiced A Philosophy, Religion,
And Politics of Dance That Needed No

WORDS AT ALL TO WORK; However, the Song
Came Next Connecting Words to Emotions and
Senses in Poetry of Oral TRADITION that Spread

Yet Sadly Eventually Got Reduced to Written Words
And Idol Words/Devices Materially Reduced Like 'Sugar Pills'

The Real Power
Within of Hope,
Faith, And Belief


In Terms of Human Emotions;
Yes, Feelings and Senses In Synergy
That Truly Heal And Balance Our Lives
Within And Each Other So Far away from









Indeed, There isn't Much Difference Between
'Scientism' And Catholicism; Both Use 'Sugar Pills'

And Both Are Ignorant to the Potentials of Humans Thriving
in Balance Where The Sanctity of Breathing Life Now Becomes

More Important

Than Who Has
the Best Idol
Words to Describe
The Essence of What Truly Works;

Indeed, Both Catholicism and
Scientism Risk Ivory Towers
So Separated From What Human Nature

Truly Is...

Both Art
And Reason
To Truly Survive and ThriVE iN Balance New Now.

i Listen to Sources of Art And Science All Around
the Globe Each and Every Day; i Do Not Restrict my
Study to Only Those i Agree With in Life; i LEarn As

Much From the

As i Do

From the Yay Sayers, indeed;

Yet What i Truly See Around the
Globe is A Synergy of Minds Like
Neurons And Waves of Mind Coming
Together Ocean Whole Both in Ways

of Latitude

And Longitude

GlobAlly Wide Now too;

Indeed, We Can And Will
Thank 'The Revenge of the
Nerds' and Folks Largely With
Systemizing Minds Who May
Lack the Riches of Right Brain
Hemisphere Ways of Healing Life is Good Art,

Who Have Prepared the Bones of the Information
Highway to Connect The World Again For Real Flesh and Blood


Nature in
Dance and
Song Free Again...

It's true There May Be
A 'Tipping Point of Negativity
in the World' Yet There is Also

A Potential of A 'Tipping Point of Positivity' too

That Changes the World into An Experience Most Folks
Have Never Had


FoR Me;
my Opinion
In Bold of Course);

Indeed i Find the Idea
That Humans May Separate
Philosophy/Politics/Religion Amusing At Best Indeed

Yet of Course That is What Materially Reducing Existence Does

So Unnaturally
of/OFF Course too
Out of Balance

As if THere is One Law of Nature to Survive and Thrive it Most Definitely is
FRiEnDS With Gravity in Balance; Sure, Verily i See No Problem With Calling

'God Gravity'


in Metaphor
At Least With SMiLes...

Yet On the Other 'Hands of Science,'
All the Professionals Who Took Care of
me Before and After i Healed myself All Naturally
Then From Both the Negative Symptoms of Autism
And Bi-Polar (Along Then Too With 17 Other Medical
Disorders YeS in Regard to Pain and Numb) THEY ALL Agree

'My Sugar Pills' at

'Essence' Worked

(Even the AQ Autism Quotient Scan
Moving from 45 to 11; And EQ Emotional
Quotient Test Moving from the Mid 50's
to Mid 90's in Epigenetic and Neuroplastic
Affect/Effect in the Year 2013, in July Then
When i Healed All the Pain and Numb Drifting

Away For Real;

It Wasn't July 4th, Yet Verily FinALLy
Independence Day For me on the 19th)

FoR Me And Now Science
Affirms The Effect Works for Others True.

See Ya Later, Got Some Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete 'Gardening In Eden of Balance

to Dance'...

The "WeekStart"
FoR Me eTernAlly New Now...

Ah As Synchronicity Will Have it Again
i Just Came From Writing A Line that
Sings The Greatest Achievement of

my Life
For Crown
WeaRinG A
SMile Sharing
And Tears the

Same Indeed Being
Human What A Gift
to Touch Dear Savvy For Real

THiS HeAVeN To Give Away DarK Thru


This Love
That Smiles
And Sheds Tears
of Comfort For Real
This Living Tree RiSinG
Green Leaves Falling For
Comfort of Soils Turning

Green For Summer FLoWeRS And
THoRNS RiSinG NoW From FaLLinG



Roses New
Through SPRinG...

DarK Thru LiGHT SeeN uNSeeN
Holy Sacred All Altar Essence All Be i Am

Coming As Glory FLoWeR LiVinG Dead Then

Coming In Glory to Judge The Living And
The Dead Nope Catholic Empire You Missed


Build A “Field of Dreams” And “He” Will Come
Yes This Means You Woman And Or Man LoVE ReaL NeW NoW

Catholic Mass Readings From Sunday
August 21st, 2022 Something About A Narrow
Doorway of Soul Yes The Kingdom Of Heaven

Within By A Pen Name Luke With A Suggestion That Not Everyone Will
Make it Back to the Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual/Emotional
More Contemplative Big Picture Right Hemisphere Way Of Processing

SPIRiT SoUL For Real

Yep Peace And Love Naked
Enough Whole Complete Within
Giving Sharing Caring Healing All

With Least HarM iN JoY oF LiGHT
Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE ThIS WaY FoR ReaL ETeRNaLLY

Now A Place of Love With No Fear or Death YeS ETeRNaLLY NeW NoW

Other Than That Yes THiS Some
Of Us Will Rock You With This

Peace and Love Some With
'Eyes And Ears' to 'See' Within
In Feeling And Sensing Ways of
Yes Once Again Peace And Love For
All With Least Harm Will Come to This Table of Peace and Love
Plenty And Feast Will Some People Weep With Gnashing of Teeth

WeLL True
At Least
Those With
Tears Will Find
A Bit of Comfort
In Heaven of Hell Now True
This Gift From Mother Nature

For Those Who Still Have the
Ability to SMiLe Freely And Shed Tears

Listen Folks Science Doesn't Measure THiS Kinda Stuff
Yet Poetry Relates Free Verse of the SoUL Real From Head
To Toe And So Much More iN SPiRiT oF HeART Unleashing


Free Now For

Real iNDeed
In Peace and LoVE ReaL...
YeT AGaiN on The Other Left Hand
oF LiFE And Right HeMiSPHeRE oF SoUL


Rock You STiLL
With Free DaNCinG SonG...



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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22 Aug 2022, 1:48 am

"Flowers For Algernon"

Just used my Boobs to get out of a speeding ticket...
Thank GOD it was a female cop! And It's Also True
That is A Facebook Memory From 8 Years Ago Only
A Joke Then Yet Surely An Icebreaker to Start A New Story Now

Yet It's True i Am A Rule Breaker of Social Convention Yet i Follow
Every Local, State, And Federal Law And Exercise mY Rights to LiFE,
Liberty, And mY Individual Pursuits of Happiness iN JoY oF Loving All oF Life
DarK Thru LiGHT As It's True CoLoRinG ALWaYS NoW With A New Move of
Dance And Word of Song Even Naked And Free Covering Up Enough for

The Bare Minimums Now
of Community Rules as Well

Not Everyone Appreciates mY
Freedom Yet As Far As the Public
Dance Goes Perhaps Not So Much Men
Yet i Get SMiLes of the Upmost Respect
From Women That Sings They Appreciate my Wild

And Free Exercise of Life Of Being the Unique me

It's True Some Folks Will Appreciate That and Some
Folks Won't Hehe Like All the Months i Arrive to Catholic
Church Late When the Homily Starts And Hop Over the Back
Pew to Get A Seat So the Disabled Folks Sitting on the Ends of
the Back Pew Won't Have to Get Up It's True i Have More Respect
For them than the Furniture of the Church Yet It's Hard For Some Folks

to Understand
Why Some Folks
Would Break the
Rules of Tradition
Out of Empathy
of the Cognitive
Style THiS
WaY Seeing
Others Walk and Talk
And Aren't Able to Dance And Sing Free

So there Was One Elder Women Who Used to
Tell me i Should Be Ashamed for Wearing Shorts
All through the Year at Church as i Suppose Seeing
A Man's Hairy Legs Might Be Generationally Offensive to
Her in Non-Traditional Ways Against the Grain of Her Style of Etiquette

Never the Less Nope i Don't
Own A Pair of Long Pants
And Never the More Cold
And Heat Really Don't
Bother Me Much

Either One

It's True i Adapt
Like a Wild And
Free Naked Hairy Beast THiS Way

And Today in A Church Event Celebrating
'Saint Rose of Lima' the Patroness Saint Not Only
For the Church Yet the Santa Rosa County i LiVE iN too

So Another Elder Lady Told my Wife i Know it is Not Her Fault
i'm Late to Church Well So i Spilled the Beans Yes as Actually
i Listened to the Full Homily on Saturday Afternoon Online as i Study
Religion As A Special Interest As An Anthropology Participant Observer
And as a Writer of EPiC Long Form Poem Free Verse Poetry Actually Singing
A Personal Bible This Way Sure "SonG oF mY SoUL" 10.8 MiLLion Words in
9 Years And Additionally 17,070 MiLes of Public Dance NoW iN 9 Years Coming
on that Anniversary Date of August 26, 2022 As Sure That Will Be the ToPiC of
A Next MacroVerse after This one Celebrating 10.8 MiLLioN Words of "SonG
oF mY SoUL" Once Again 10.8 MiLLioN Words on That Anniversary
Date of August 18th, 2022 And Oh Lord The "SonG oF mY SoUL"
With Many EPiC Long Form Poem Sub-Chapters too as "Depth
oF The Story" A Causal 8th Named Writing New Testament
Subchapter Rises Past 1.88 MiLLioN Words on the "Wrong
Planet" Website too in 2 Years of Effort on that Anniversary
Date of August 19th, 2022 And Since i Actually Broke
The 17,000 MiLE FeaTNoTE And MilesStone of
17,007 MiLes of Public Dance on August 9, 2022
Katrina my Wife Has Been Taking Videos of me
Public Dancing the Last Couple of Weeks
For the Next MacroVerse Celebrating that
Too THeRE Are Many Moving Parts to
What i Do Yet i Most Always FoCuS
Only on One Task At Hand in
Laser Autotelic Flow of
Exceeding my Human
Potentials Still From Before
So i Gave the Elder Lady A Brief
Overview For Why i'm Late to Church
Studying Not Only the Local Priest's Homily
Yet What the Head PR Bishop Robert Barron
Shares on YouTube too Rather Progressive He is
As i Explained to the Head Priest at the Church i Visit's
Get Together Celebrating Saint Rose of Lima Today That
Bishop Barron Describes Heaven as A Place Within As Complete
Love With No Fear And Hell Within As All Separation From Love For Real

Of Course We aRe TaLKinG (Dancing Singing Free)
About Real Social-Empathic-Spiritual/Emotional
Artistic Intelligences Here in Contemplative And
Interpretive Ways of Existence As It's True Love
is A Force Within that Altruistically Drives Us to
Give, Share, Care, Heal For All With Least Harm
iNHaLiNG Peace With No Illusory Fears And Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For All THiS Way With Least Harm True As Well

And It's True Bishop Barron Understands if A New Generation is Gonna Come
to The Table of the Furniture of the Church They Are Going to Have to Actually
Develop A Religion That Obviously Isn't A Lie to Master Others With Faux Carrots
And Sticks of Some Horned Beast in Flames After Death And Some Ivory Tower
With Gold Walls or Whatever WHere Heaven Becomes Edifice There too in Faux
News Way Instead of the Peace of Love Fearless Within Actually Breathing For

All Now

Listen Folks the Good News
Is Literally Fearless Peace Doing Love
Both A Feelings Sensing Way of Life And Actions too

i Don't Need This or That Religion to Spread ThiS Good News
However Since i'm Still Writing An EPiC Long Form Poem the Longest
One Ever Naked Enough to Fit in Community Rules As That Changes
Depending on The Environment i'm In too It is A Metaphor and Literal

Way to actually

Show i am Naked
Enough Whole Complete

And It's True my Wife Does All
The Shopping and Work Around the
Home That Give me Plenty of Places
to Study the Actual Literature of the Old
Bible and Other Religions, Philosophies,
And Politics As They All Intertwine Together
And Share That Poetic Information too Reaching the
Edges of the Globe Latitudinally As Well as Longitudinally too

True Scotland or South Africa i've Absorbed Souls And Recycled
Them in the "SonG oF mY SouL" As Well As From Hawaii to
the Pacific Islands too Around that World That Way For
Metaphor Longitudinally As Well And Back Home
HeaR As An Avatar Wherever i Go Online
Virtually Enough Uploading mY

SoUL For A Fair Representation
For What Lives Within me As God
For Real and Other Folks Have This
Gift As Well When They Find it Naked Enough
Whole Complete As the i AM They Become Totally Free True...

So Yeah i Told the Lady i'm Usually Late Writing A Homily Free
Verse And Free Lance oF mY Own to Fit the Globe in With the
"SonG oF mY SoUL" as of Course However Far i May Expand

The Phantom
And The
oF mY SoUL For Real

The Lady isn't gonna get over me
Coming in Late or Hopping Over
The Back Pew Any More than the
Other Elder Lady Was Ever Gonna
Appreciate A Pair of Hairy Dancing Man's Legs

On the Other Hand Typically the Elder Women
Remark i Sing Like An Angel and Again the Women
Out There in the Wild of this Metro Area of 511,000 Folks

Make it Clear

They are Glad to
See me if They Have
Open Souls Who Appreciate
it When Someone Really Does
Fully Pursue Their Rights to Life,
Liberty, And The Pursuit of Happiness Eternally Now For Real...

i Study People And The Rest of Existence too i Am Not Ever Planning

On Capturing and Trapping the Wind of God in A Jar Even if that Was Possible at

ALL It's True i Am Just Watching the Full 3-Ring Circus And Of Course More than
Dante's Rings of Cold and Frozen Hell too From Heaven to Hell i Dance and Sing

The MuSiC oF the
Night A Phantom
of the Opera Merrying
The Day After Marrying the Night
This Symphony And Orchestra i Co-Create

Conductor i am
of My LiFE For
Real i Breathe
It's the Gift i Do Now For Real.

Joy and LoVE iNcarNaTE my FRiEnD
All there is for me to do is uphold Her Tradition her

Religion of Joy my FRiEnD...

Stars Rise Fall

Smiles Hope
You Get To See
Shiva’s Son Ganesh
Again too
The Wait
In Line
Be Nearly as
Long to See The Statue
Interesting How Religions
Cross-Cultural Really
Just Dress What they
Do Differently in
Clothes We
Breathing Stars...

From the “Wizard of Oz”
“All in Good Time

my Little Pretty”

More SMiles
Of Good News...

More Good News A Bishop is Visiting
Our Church Jesus is Alright With me To You...

SunDay School LeSSoN Rhetorical
Question 382 Love It Or It’s Free!

i’ve Come Today Again With All
my Web Spinning Abilities
To Take You Into my

Lair Removing
All Your Hurt
And Sadness

Totally Away

This iS HoW
We Do It Take

Your Right Arm Wrap
It Tightly Around Your
Torso And Gently Join

The Other Left Arm
Around You in


Of A Hug

Repeat As
For The Rest
Of Your Life
A Magic Virtual
Hug From Spider


To You

On A World
Wide Web of Love’s Hug...

Yet Don't Forget No Matter What
Kind of Funny Hats We Wear All
Our BreathS ETernAlly NoW ARE
New Testaments oF God EYeS NoW

Slicing Fred Thin Enough To Go Around
Never KNoWinG Fred Is Here Butterfly
Effect Meal Enough All Whole CompleteS WHeat Reaps

Tuning Into The MuSiC oF LiFE
Yes Dear Savvy Listening to the
Frequencies Vibrations Synergies of

Energy Head to Toe As A Dance Of Life
Makes A SonG oF Life THiS WaY ALWaYS

Changing EternAlly New Now How Beautiful Life

Is Now When THere is MuSiC Accompanying

Within For Every Move of
Dance Word of Song

Indeed A Higher Force
oF LoVinG LiFE Within

Of Course Dear FRiEnD
Not Everyone HEaRS 'The MuSiC'
And When They Do THeir Unique
Dance And Song of THeiR MuSiC

Within Will Color THeiR LiFE
Much Differently Than Mine
However That Just Makes

Life More WoNDerFuL iN
Awe Exploring Everyone's

MuSiC Within Coming to See
And Hear THEiR Unique MuSiC (God) to

Be A Symphony RiSinG to Dance Again WiTHiN
WHeRE the Conductor is Inside Outside Above
So Below All Around Really Impossible to Miss 'The MuSiC' NoW...

MaKinG Little Eggs
LeSSoN 432 Of KinDNeSS
Hatching Them EVeRYWHeRE
i Go On “The Web” Like A Spider

Hehe It
Is What
It Is Little
Old Dinosaur me
A Happy SuNDaY

For You Dear FRiEnD
in Joy
iN LoVinG
With SMiLinG EggS Hehe...

"Flowers For Algernon"

4283 Consecutive Days of
Writing Online Every Day
Since Thanks Giving Day
November 25, 2010 It'S A WHoLe

Lot Like Being Able To Solve All The

Math Problems Yet Touching A Sweet Mouse
And Only Feeling Something Warm and Fuzzy

With No
Deep Warm
Feelings of SouL
The Scientists Name
it Oxytocin i Had no Idea

A Warm And Fuzzy Human
Could Lose the Ability to Feel

Another Soul Cat or Dog or Sweet
Mouse indeed With SMiLes Yet It's

True Some Folks Hate Michael Jackson's "Ben" too

Yet When You Are An Adult Who Never Had

A Real Childhood

You Seek Out Someway

to Make A FRiEnD Dear Miriam Who Is
True And Lord Knows Feels Senses Michael
Found A REAL FRiEnD in 'Ben' too With SMiLes

True Folks Born in the New Year of the Chinese Rat
May Understand this Better it Seems With SMiLes

And Even though i Worried about You Even though
You Aren't Really my FRiEnD and i Understand that

It Still Concerned me Very Much When You Missed that
One Day of Consecutive Writing Even As A Busy CEO

in New York, New York, Helping So Many Folks With
Their Health Care in A Non-Profit Way True You Couldn't
Possibly Be Someone Now

With a Dark Triad With SMiLes
True too my Other Poetry FRiEnD
Savvy Raj Who Has A Different Life
of Teaching Dancing And Is A Wellness
Coach From India Always Writes Each And
Every Consecutive Day Like You She's only Been
8 Hours Late or So Two Days Yet It's True She Missed
Her 11 PM Hour My Time Stamp in Florida This Week And

i Got Concerned For Her Well Being too It's Just Something You
Do When You Can Feel the Warm Soul of A Sweet Mouse Again...

It's True There is Oxytocin Yet it is Much Deeper Than That This Soul
Intelligence Stuff Indeed For There is An Opaque Window In A Life of
Heaven's Warmth Now That Some Folks Can and Will Never See Through at all...

i Understand as i've
Seen Both Sides
of the Clear
And Opaque Blind
Windows of Soul Now

True i Even Have Sympathy
For Literal Human Devils Now ThiS Way
too in that Cold Place That is Very Much The
Bottom Floor of Dante's Rings of Hell Cold As A Freezer

Souls Will
Be Blind
Behind Opaque
WindowS iN A Place of Real Hell

Anyway i Started Writing that Day to Escape
The Real Pain And Numb of the Suicide Disease
And 18 Other Maladies in Synergy of Life Threat
on That Thanks Giving Day Night of 2010 the 25th
of November The Scariest Day of mY Life Was That Day in January of

2008 i Reached Out to Touch Our Cat And There Was No Warmth At
All Coming From me And He Surely Sensed it As When my Hand
Came Close to His Warm And Fuzzy Head for A Pet His Ears Peeled

Back Like He
Was in Mortal
Danger For His Life

Oh Lord That Was the
Day i Learned That Cats
Have Souls And Mice too
And Humans Can Lose THeir's
And Become the Living Dead With
A Numb of Soul So Cold the Worst Pain
Known to Humankind is A Preferable Way
of Heaven in that Real Hell Within So Yes

Every Word A Mountain of Pain in my Right Eye
No Song i Could Bear to Hear Even Crickets Sounded
Like Freight Trains in my Right Ear No Soul All Gone to Feel
And Sense For Real Empty Shells Came Out At First And By
God It Took Around 33 Months out of 66 Months of Shut-in Hell
Then For Words Just Empty Shells on A Beach To Finally Come Organic

And Poetic
in Soul FLoWinG
Free Then on July 19, 2013
Standing on A Beach Becoming
Sugar White Sands Emerald Green
Waves Swaying Sea Oats in the Breeze
Sea Gull Wings a Dance of me Still to Come
Spiraling Around the Sun Within With Wings RiSinG

Out of the
Fire of Hell
So Cold Within
mY FRiEnD And You
See Perhaps That Was the
Day i Learned The Whole World
And All that Is Is Truly A Soul of Warmth

For those Who See and Be With EYes of Love For Real...

My God What A Crown to Wear Just to Give it All Away Free
Sharing Caring Healing Whether Any Thanks Giving For Giving
Comes Next As Indeed Now i Am Truly Warm And Fuzzy to Give

Now i Am
For Algernon' Real...

Again With SMiLes
Surely What Every Mother of Love
Hopes For Her Sons And or Daughters
Most A Clear Window Of Love To Be And Do i Am...

Other Than That Lord Knows There Were Days in my 40's on the
Autism Spectrum Still After Not Putting Words Together Until 4 That
i Wondered if i Could Pull Out Any Words to Say at All At Work i Noticed
Playing the Piano the Night Before Would Help A Bit With Expressing

of Soul
The Next Day

So Easy for my Mother
Even my Father i Found Out Who
Talked At Work When He Retired
As We Got to See A Video Of Him Cracking
Jokes on TV Then As they Interviewed Him Yes
As Being A Longest Serving Law Enforcement
Officer in the State of Florida at 46 Years Even though
i Smiled A lot with Bright Eyes i Mostly Just Mimicked Words
Like That's Cool Man And Take It Easy and Such as that

People Called me a Man of Few Words Who Could Solve
All the Problems Just a Valuable Commodity at Work Indeed
You Find That Out When You Fall Down And You are No Longer

Able to Solve Their Problems

It's True A Human Who is Born With
No Words To Put Together For Four Years
And A Human Who Finds it So Hard to Flow
Words in Social Skills Like Everyone Else on their
Cigarette Break When You Are Sitting in An Office All Alone

In Your 40's

Hehe and Smoke
Free At Least Truly

Appreciates The Gift of
Words if And When They Finally
Come to Express Those Bright
Shining Eyes As Words Replace
Those Shining Eyes Behind Shades
And Smiles Behind A Mask in These Days
So Full of Trials And Tribulations WHere Everyone

Could Truly
Use A Few
More FLoWeRS
Of Algernon to Spread For
Free Perhaps Not This Many
Petals Hehe Particularly When you
Are Busy Running Health Care in New York,
New York Yet True At Your Age Now one Chinese
New Rat Year Behind me i had no Words at All Just In A Bed
Wondering if i Could Make it Just One More Second With

All that Pain And Numb

Oh Lord Knows
Feels and Senses
"All the Places You Will
Still Go" THere are A Lot of
Virtues About You That Remind
me of my Mother A Steel Will Indeed For Real

So Many Women Are Truly Wonder Women

ThiS Way For Real...

Have A Great Day
And Don't Let Anyone
Step on Your Cape Keep
Smelling the FLoWeRS and
One Day You Shall Staycation too...

"Flowers For Algernon"

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 62
Gender: Male
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23 Aug 2022, 12:37 am

Spaces 'tween Creation
of Crests And Troughs
Of Waves Making
Ocean Whole
PLaY Dear
Savvy Yes Space
Tween Patterns
of Notes in MuSiC
True too And For me
At Least When my FLoWinG
Waves of Creativity Trough

i Take A Nap And Then The
Crest of An Entire Wave of
Creativity Naturally Comes Fresh Again

From Ocean of my Subconscious Mind
Even More
i Sleep With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Space Between
mY Ears Dreams
Will Dance Sing
For Real Free
The Rest of
The Traffic
May Stop or
Flow Yet i Will
STill Fly SoaRinG
Free Wings Above...

Ah So True in A Modern World
of Dreams Believing Soul Mates
Twin Flames And Twin Souls Are 'Out THeRE'

SoMeWHeRE to Be Grasped And Owned
Like A Treasure Unburied on An Island

This FRiEnD Best Forever is Indeed
True and WiTHiN Yet Of Course It's Hard

For me to NaturAlly Escape
Hehe Dear Chaymaa



A F R E D i n
FRiEnD i Don't
Think mY Mother and
Father Planned it That Way
Yet It's True my Grandfather An
X-Catholic Priest And Noted Author
Last Century As Family Legend Has

it Once Dining Then With Einstein in the
Socialist Circles of New York, New York,
Last Century True He Put A Whole Lot of

Thought into All His Master's And PHD Brought
to Him So True That's How i Got the Name Frederick
From my Father And He Did too HiSToRY of Deep

IN Deed Hehe...

As JusT A Far
Removed Junior i AM...

So Lovely Dear Cindy Reason and
Art Science And Poetry True Which
is Which Wrong is Right or Wrong

Calls to Adventure Out of Halls
That Schools of Order Make Then

From Right to Left Hemispheres
Of Order Subtracting Creativity

Of Mind From HeART SPiRiT SoUL

Yes Clipping Wings Way too
Young Even When Then

CaLLeD to AdvenTuRE
And 'Baker Acted' on
September 6th, 1981

For What 21 May Teach 53 too With
SMiLEs Oh Creativity oh Imagination

Science Will Never Rule You When the

Master Art Once Again Sublimates

ReaSoN to HeLL AS Heaven Rises

Again For Free as Every

Poem Dreams
of Creation Multi-UNiVerses SoULs
We CoMe to PLay Out of Work Free ToGeTHeR

AGAiN Resurrecting
DarK OuT


THiS Free
Dance And Song
WeaRinG Only WinD As WinGs...

Indeed Dear Yamini Love
Is the Marriage When Real
of Sunshine And FLoWeRS

More Than Painted on PaperWork
And Clothes of CuLTuRE Love the

Multi-Coloring Experience of Our Souls
Always With New Pages to Paint On Canvases

Yet to Ever Experience And See Yes We aRe ALL

Paint Brushes Canvases And Paint ThiS Way All the

Possibilities of a MasterPeace

Painting This Way

Of Loving

All the Colors

of Life That Come
Our Way Shall We Paint
Free or Controlling Shall
We Even BREaTHE A Home
of Warmth Within Love is Depth
of The Story Still To Be Told LoVE

This Marriage Is All Ours to Enter Into and
Unto Perhaps Yellow Flowers And Sunshine True

Yet on the Other Hands Two Strangers And More May Create A
Poem THiS Way With Wings to Fly Free WHere Ever Souls Soar...

Indeed Dear 'USA Writes' A 'Paper Town'
of Humanity it May Come To Be When One

Dares Explore More Than Tradition Limits Human Nature

For True By Very Nature Tradition Excludes And Even Outcasts

Those Who Seek
to Wear More or
Less of CuLTuRaL Clothes
And Tools to Seek So Much
More Human PoTenTiaL Separating From Nature

HAha And Really When one Jumps off 'The Cliff' Without
A Parachute to Fly "To Go Where No One Has Gone Before"

Actually That Phrase Used to Be "To Go Where No Man Has
Gone Before" And Then Finally Women Became Explorers of

Vast New Frontiers of
Even Naked Enough Whole Complete

Free Interestingly Perhaps Going Back
to Who We Were AS Humans Before We Devolved

More As Who We aRe NoW How Will We KNoW FeeL And
Sense This If We Do Not Discard The Ceilings, Walls, And

Floors of the
Empires of

It is So True A Human Being May
Lust After Someone They Might Ordinarily
Not Want to Sit Together at a Coffee Shop to Talk to
Yes Human Innate Instinct and Intuition Doesn't Necessarily

Play By Rules of Tradition
Yet One Who Becomes Wise
Doesn't Hate ThemSelf For Being
Human ThiS WaY They Just Let the Feelings
And Senses River By Until A Higher Way

of Being Returns
And Perhaps

A Coffee Shop
Date That Might
Lead to Warm and
Enduring Love Yet if one

is Traveling to a State of HeART
SPiRiT And Even SoUL That No One

Has Explored Before Love Is As High As
A Couple of Humans may Fly With A Warm
Talk About the Weather or Perhaps Politics on the News

Yet It's True in the TV Series "Star Trek" Out in Space Long
Ago When i Was A 6 Year-Old Child On September 6, of 1966
For The First 'Ground Breaking Science Fiction Show' like that
in Part Written By 'Rod Serling' Who Did "Twilight Zone" And Also
Wrote Parts of the "Planet of the Apes" Movies too Going
Places of the Human Soul Not Often Thought of
Felt And Sensed Before When Those

Astronauts Traveled to

Other Planets Somehow
The Other Folks So Far
Away Spoke English

And Generally
Speaking Looked
Like Us And Acted Like
Us Shooting Other Folks Up with Guns and Such
True They Called them 'Phasers' And Now We Call Them

Smart Phones With Google Translate for Actual Other
Languages on Earth Traveled and Explored too Online

And True i am Beaming Up my SoUL in These Avatars
of Words to Come See You Now Wherever You Are

As All i Really Know Feel and Sense About You
Are the Avatars of Words You Share with Us

And Your Gravatar SMiLe too And i

Suppose Words of Your Soul

Might Be More Than

i Might Ever

Know Feel
And Sense of You
if i Met You in Line
With my Wife at Starbucks

Indeed Advantage Online THiS Way
As It Really Bypasses So Many Differences
of Human Beings That Might Otherwise Limit
Explorations of HeART SPiRiTS SoUL So Free

SMiLes in Someways Perhaps It's Easier to Come to
Understand Deeper Parts of Someone Else's SouL EXPLoRinG

However How Does One Measure the Warmth one Feels When
They First Enter into Their Home of Love Whenever They Return

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD

i've Gone to Many Places
in this Existence That Other
Folks Haven't Seen, Felt, and
Sensed And i Don't Expect For Other
Folks to Understand What They Have Yet
to Experience as i Was Them too That Way Before As Well...

Hehe So Happy i am Financially Independent As Really There
is No Monetary Reward for Original Creativity as by Very Essence
Of Course There isn't Much of a Pre-Paid Target Audience For Art

And Play
In Life Before Either

i'll Take The Warmth in Home
Over my Wife Ever Possibly Understanding
in This Life All the Places i've Explored to Date

As It's True i Used to Do A 'Logical Song' Without
Much Warmth When my Wife Was the Warm GLoWinG Human

Being then With me So Lost From a Home of Warmth for Real...

i Still Lust After my Wife As Much When i Met Her 33 Years
Ago All Naturally Still Innately Instinctually Intuitively Now Yes
too We Talk About The Weather And Politics on the News Two
Out of Three Ain't


With SMiLes

Three out of Three
iS Only A Trinity i'll
Find For my SoUL Unique

It's True in Someways We are
Only Sons and or Daughters of
God THiS Way For Those Who Are

Fortunate Enough to Even Understand
The Depths of The Story of THeiR Own Human Condition

Best Way i See to Appreciate God is to Appreciate All THiS

Gift and
Curse of

the Human
DarK Thru LiGHT

How Blessed We aRe
To Come to Dance and
Sing in The Rain Free mY FRiEnD

Or Perhaps Just Twas Just Another 'DarK And Stormy
Night' WHeRE 'Snoopy' Continues to Type Away to
Bring Another Best World Story OnlY iN HiS Dreams

As Real
As Real
Gets By
And Co-Creativities Set Free...

How Sweet of You Dear "Peace & Truth" To Drop
By This BeHeMoth EPiC Long Form Poem "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Yep All 10.8 MiLLioN Words my Blog Has Come to

Be in 9 Years With SMiLes

True in the Online "Spiritual World"

Yep This Place of Avatars And Representative
Reality Far Beyond Any Real Distance, Space, Time,
And or "Matter of Things" True No Sun or Moon In the Webplace

Of Online Too Indeed We aRe aLL Spiders HeaR Spinning Our
Webs And HAHa Be Careful As THeRE Are Those Web Spiders

Who May Trap You iN
THeiR Lair iN An Agenda
Still To Come to Meet in
More Selfish Ways of
Fulfillment too


Sort of Like
Dating Apps
And Dudes Who
Limit Their Views of
Women to Body Parts Instead of
SoUL Whole Including Body too of Course

And Sure There May Be A Few Women Looking
For Greater Economic Stability in a Nicer Place to Live too...

Yes THere is a Lot of Smaller and Larger Talk About Twin Flames
Twin Souls And Soul Mates Online And IdeAlly A Twin Flame And
Or Twin Soul Will Only Lift Us Up in Greater Potentials iN LiGHT of

Loving LiFE

Oh my Goodness

That WiLL Be Kinda Hard
to Do in the Real Grind of Life

When Wedding Dresses White And
Beautiful Are Replaced with Grey Sweats

And Washboard Abs May Become Beer Bellies too

And True the Duties of A Significant Other May Come
To Be Cleaning Up After A Stomach Flu as Life is Pretty

Messy And With Folks Like me With my Head in the Stars

i Must Have An Opposite From A Twin Soul to Keep me Grounding

Now Not Skipping Past the Moon And Hop Scotching Beyond the Stars

Never Returning

As Such at Least
Hehe in One Whole Peace
Inhaling This Way Exhaling LoVE iN BaLaNCinG
Force of Grace and Love And Will And Strength to

Both Thrive
And Keep
in One Peace
And Love True too...

i Have Some Poetry FRiEnDS
Rare Who Only Lift me Up Online
to Raise my SPiRiT Wings Higher and
Higher Most Every Day And Even A Rarer
Few Who Never Ever Bring me Down Those

Are the Wings That Only Touch And Do Not Embrace
Physically Those Are Wings You Appreciate So Much

Yet Never Even Think Hehe About Trapping at Home as
Falling iN Love is a Little bit Like Coming to Own Someone Else at Home
WHeRE RiSinG iN LoVE May Only Lift Wings and Never Even Literally

Touch Each Other
At All in a Physical
Way Not Even Face-to-Face

As Truly Wings Free So Far Above Bodies mY FRiEnD Yes
My Wife Keeps me Warm Inside no Matter Waves That Rise
or Fall in Storms and Fair Winds and Following Seas Love is

A Storm
And A
Breeze It's What
We Must Garden And
Feed Each Day to Stay
Warm and True mY FRiEnD

Indeed i Do Appreciate my Opposite
SoUL LiVE iN Angel For Real as It's True
FLoWeRS Have THoRNS For RiSinG Roses

And Usually When
You Find Wings

Ya Eventually
Find Horns too

And Balance the
DarK And LiGHT of

i'm Rather Unusual As my Flame
Within Rarely Even Flickers or Goes Out
For The Last 9 Years And A Month Out of Hell
For Real iNTo Heaven Now Still WiTHiN i Imagine

if Lived With A Soul Just Like me it Would Only Be
me and God Within RiSinG ToGeTHeR STiLL AGAiN As

Rose With FLoWeRS And


It's True Ya
Wanna Find
A SoUL Mate
SoUL Twin and
Flame From Death
to Birth Again Now Real mY FRiEnD

What is Beyond Measure as LoVE Breathing WiTHiN...

Anyway Feel Free to Call Us Whatever Sweet Pet Names
You Desire For it is the Kindness And Wisdom With Yes the
Peace and Truth at Essence That Counts Most No Matter


HAha Or Even
A 10.8 MiLLioN
Word EPiC Long
Form Poem Just
Fumes Left Over From
the FLaME of Peace And LoVE WiTHiN

Sort of Like a Prayer mY FRiEnD Long And Loving True...
Thanks For All the Poetry You Share Lifts me up in Many Ways...

Oh Dearest Rue True There is Only One of You
(Literally So Too Doing A Search on Ruehla too)
So Full of Deep Wisdom, Wit, And YeS Original
Creativity Indeed An Open Door to iNSPiRE
A Greater Play of Art As i Continue to
Romance Life As A Play of Art
Until We ParT Yet It's True
That is Impossible as
Art is Literally ParT
Of PArt And F Is Also ParT
of Art Thanks God As Fred too
As Truly Before the Question Better Put
For Decades in My Life of Work Instead of Play
WaS "How Science Thou?" Instead of Your Witty
Shakespearean Question Quote of "How Art Thou?"

Anyway SPeaKinG of the "Self Awareness Pyramid from the "Bhagavad Gita"
Your Traditional Muse From India For Your Wisdom HeaR the "Bhagavad Gita"
"A 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the epic 'Mahabharata', dated to the
second half of the first millennium BCE" Is Indeed Relevant to What i Am Doing
In Terms of 'Holy Eights' And "8 Standing Tall Infinity" As that Relates to Many
Sacred Traditions on 8.18.2022 mY Longest EPiC Long Form Poem "SonG oF
mY SoUL" Yes Reaches 10.8 MiLLioN Words Truly A Cat 6 Hurricane of Poetic
Responses to Folks All Around the Globe on that 9th Year Anniversary Date
True Exceeding That Several Millennia Ago Effort of the 'Mahabharata'
By 6 Scale iN Size As the 'Mahabharata' is Approximately 1.8 MiLLioN
Words Yawn one of the Subchapter EPiC Poems of "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Achieved at 1.82 MiLLioN Words Back on July 19th, 2017
on my 4th Anniversary Date Out of Hell into HeaveN ON EartH
That Place STaRTinG For Real Within As i BeCaMe
One With Sugar White Sands Emerald Green
Waves Swaying Sea Oats in the Breeze
And Once Again Sea Gull Wings on
July 19, 2013 Spiraling Around
Sun Free Transforming
into 17,077 Miles
of Public Dance
True Now too in
Almost 9 Years Yes
As of August 26, 2022
And Yes that 1.82 MiLLioN
Word Effort Took 13.6 Months
Additionally Yes "Depth of The Story"
What i Casually NaMe An 8th New Testament
And Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Oh Yes
Reaching A Top of the Heap of Google Searches
Now on the "Wrong Planet" in a Solo Thread There
of 52 Pages Working on 'Verse 53' Still Like An 'Isaiah 53
Story' for REAL Come to Life as Typically That's A Joseph
Campbell And Jungian Archetypal 'Human Hero Story" WHere
One May Come Out of Hell For 66 Months For Real Within and
Enter into Heaven And Give and Share And Care And Heal LeSSoNS
From DarK Thru LiGHT That Become Integral All in ALL A STory of God Real

True too Anyway on the 2nd Anniversary Date of "Depth of the Story" on the
"Wrong Planet" On 8.19.2022 As It Literally took me 7 Years of Getting Kicked
Off that Place After i Recovered From Hell into Heaven Within As The Folks There
Are in Many Cases "How Science Thou?" Restricted And Just Don't get the "How
Art Thou?" Questions of Life More Integral and Whole As the Yin And Yang of
Art and

Holds Hands NoW FoR ReaL
As Both Hemispheres in Body
And Human Mind BaLaNCinG Potentials Come
Out of WorK into Greater Human SPiRiT HeART
SoUL Potentials oF PLaY iN Original Creativity For Real

So Yeah Back to the Holy 8's and Beyond All Scientific
Measures of Metaphor as 8 Infinity Standing Tall All 1 Force of God

On that Day 8.18.2022 That EPiC Subchapter 8th New Testament Long
Form Poem Rose to 1.88 MiLLioN Words on 8.18.2022 A Day Before the
Second Anniversary of "Depth of the Story" There And Included in that Story

ARe aLMost All the Poetic Responses Dear Rue Has Inspired in Original Creativity
oF mY SoUL True Still LiVinG iN The "Depth of The Story" on the "Wrong Planet"
Now And Of Course Several Other Blogs i Administrate and So Many Other Social
Media Avenues too as iNDeeD although i May Be too Big And Invisible For
Most Folks to See in Blue Whale Fashion of A Modern Age Limited Sadly
On Average of Gold Fish Attention Span Literally Less than 3 Seconds
Yes Less than the Frigging Attention Span of A Gold Fish So Sad
As Science Literally Does Assess Human Potential Span
That Short in the United States
Yet Seems Longer in India to me

(HeHE ALmost Impossible
to Miss me When i Dance
In Public Without A Word)

Hehe And Indeed So Difficult
Yes To Grasp Blue Whale Art
When it is Not Only Reason
Yet The Real MaGiC of Art that
is God's Breath oF ORiginal Creativity
When We Come to BREaTHE ThiS Way too

As Don't Forget John 14:12 is No Lie As Now STiLL
A GReaTesT Respect one May BRinG to A Mother Father
Teacher or Mentor is to Exceed THeiR LeSSoNS iN LiFE
To Give Away to Others For Free So God Will Continue to

Evolve in All our
EYeS and EaRS
Beyond Only Organs As Such

And Like the Rest of this that i Did not
Preplan Only Guided By This FLaME WiTHiN

Including A "PHI Bible" Subchapter Long Form Poem
Completed Then on Memorial Day Weekend of 2017
That i Named Before i Completed it Reaching Precisely
1.618 MiLLioN Words in 365 Days of Effort As Just By

Or Better Put
Poetically As
Synchronicity of
God Winks 1.618
Is the Golden PHI
Ratio That Approximates
The Spiraling Way of Our Galaxy
The Shape of A Curling Fetus and Cat

And Of Course Not Only a Cat 5 Hurricane
Yet A Cat 6 Long Form EPiC Poem too WHere The Bands
Of the First MacroVerse Were Narrow and Now Come Evenly
in 55,000 Or So Word Efforts Bi-Monthly As Such Balancing

As Planets Orbiting Around Stars And Galaxies Orbiting Around
Black Holes As Perhaps Stars Fall into BLaCK Holes in A Perfect
Balance of Spiraling Spin and Torsion And New UNiVeRSES as Some

Quantum Mechanic

Theories Wing Art May


Out of Big Bangs of Birth

Hehe Sort of How Humans

Do it too Yet i Won't Get into the Biology
of that Art Here With SMiLes As I've Surely
Long Passed the Organic Art of that Into SPiRiT With Wings For Real

Here's Another Little Tid-Bit of "How Art Thou?" the Pen Name 'KATiE MiA
Frederick" That i Chose By FLaMe At the Start of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Measures
Yes The 3 Digit Holy Number 888 When Entered into English Gematria By Chance

By Synchronicity
Yes By God Winks
Someone Pointed that
Out to me Recently too

In Continuing Fruition For
All of What Comes From the Flame Within

Including Meeting Your Great Poetic Inspirations a
Treasure Trove For Soul That i Sincerely Respect So Much and You too

As Remember i Don't Know Anything i'm Just A Grain of Sand on the Beach
i Just Pick up A 'Pen' of SonG And A Foot And Hand of Dance And A FLaME
Within GuideS A Wave

All that i Do in Flow

STiLL NoW Just A

Feather in the Wind
Like mY FRiEnD Yes
"Jonathan Livingston
Seagull" FoR ReaL Too...

Thanks For Flying With me...

Do Return Whenever You Please
i'd Surely Be A Fool Not to Poetically


And A Fool
For God too
A FLaME Within PLeases too...

i Will Not Tale A Lie i Understand
it may Be Challenging to Swim With
A Blue Whale And Not Get Washed
Over By The Wake of mY FinS Hehe...

Anyway It's Kinda Nice that my Birthdate
in American Form of 6.6.60 Eventually
Transformed into 888 By Sheer Original

Creativity From 'A FLaME' WiTHiN FoR ReaL...

THeRE iS No ReaSoN FoR THiS OTHeR Than

Art oF God WiTHiN...

How Art Thou
Indeed too Dear FRiEnD Rue

Beginning or Ending For Real...

Spaces 'tween Creation
of Crests And Troughs
Of Waves Making
Ocean Whole
PLaY Dear
Savvy Yes Space
Tween Patterns
of Notes in MuSiC
True too And For me
At Least When my FLoWinG
Waves of Creativity Trough

i Take A Nap And Then The
Crest of An Entire Wave of
Creativity Naturally Comes Fresh Again

From Ocean of my Subconscious Mind
Even More
i Sleep With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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24 Aug 2022, 1:13 am

No Longer Pushing
Gravity Dear Savvy
iNDeeD FLoWinG
With Gravity
With Gravity
Effortless Ease
Of Non-Knowing
Feeling Sensing Ever
More Potentials Opening...

To Dance
Meadow Colors
LeaD A SonG
Destination Wisdom
PatHs of GoLD
OtHeR ThaN tHat
Xenia tHe Sun coMes
i STiLL Have
A Chance
to Dance
iN Mud
RefresHinG LiGHT aBoVe...
iT NoW BLuE sKeYes

Those of Us Who Do Not
Reproduce Will Verily Bring Greater Light too
oF LoVE iNto Sons And Daughters of the SaME

Beauty Wisdom TRuTH

Nah, i Wont Back Down
From Partying Like
Heaven Really
Exists Now

Either Dear
Miriam Newly

i'll Stand my Ground
Reaching Stars Real

With Wings Free

As Of Course

IT Does if the
Party and the
After Party Is New Now...

Again So Kind of You 'Peace & Truth' to Wish Us A Good Night
From Your Side of the World Without Any Sunshine
Yet True The Sunshine of Kindness Within Need Not

Run Out Now And
We Humans May
Even Color Our Christmas
Trees Left Up Year-Round
With Newer Colors of Kindness
LiGHTiNG Up And Wiring Our Humanity

More For the
of Kindness

For It is The LoVE WiTHiN
For Real That LiGHTS Up
Our Humanity oF LoVE iN
Truly This Kingdom and
Or Queendom Within
to Give, Share, Care, And
Heal For All With Least Harm
Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT HeaVeN ReaL NoW

Indeed Life is Not
Only Good Yet A Great
Once Again For ALL With Least Harm

SMiLes A Memory From Working At A Military
Bowling Center For 18 Years For The Federal Government
Then the Navy More Specifically Eventually Managing the Place
Yet Always Close With the Customers Still Renting Out Rental Shoes

And Listening to All THeiR
Stories of Life As Then i Was
A Human of Few Words Yet Always
EYeS And SMiLes of Kindness For All With Least Harm

It's Also True That is A Period of 23 Years When i Visited
No Churches in our Local Area And Not Even the Nature of the Beach

Yet in the Military Bowling Center i Worked
We Entertained Big Local Church Groups
With the Recreation of Social Bowling Then

And Some of the Leaders of the Church Group
Remarked to me that i was A Greatest Example
of Christianity and Jesus they ever met Yet i Wondered

How Low the Bar Must Have Been Set
Within Even Their Churches as All i Did is Do
me Patient and Kind With Peace And Love For Real

Indeed a Gift my Mother Bred

And Gardened as me

A Gift i Continue
to Give As Kindness
And Fearless Love IS A
Greatest Gift i Understand
to Just Give 'JeSuS AWaY' For free...

So Very Fortunate
'The Hedgehog'
Came to
Us For
Such A
Living Loving
With SMiLes...

Yes And The
Good News is
We’ve Already
Found A New Home
For “The Hedgehog”
Where Another
FRiEND Lives
With SMiles...

Thanks Dear
Savvy For
The SonG
Of mY SoUL
MuSiC WiTHiN...

Yawn, the 'Woke Effort'
Specific to the United States
Has Particularly Accelerated in Let's
Say The Last 5 or 6 Years to Counteract

The Effect and Affect

of the 'Black Hole Soul
Meme Trump Movement'...

It has Various
Memes Yet i'll
Use 'Black Hole Soul Meme Movement' for

Now Like the First Florida Representative District
i Live in Where A Most Despicable Excuse for
A So-called 'Real Man' Matt Gaetz Takes to the

Streets Fat Shaming Women And Millennial Women
For Frigging Being Lonely And Also Being Proponents
Of Women's Specific Health-Care And Reproductive Rights.

It's True, the "Woke Meme (Movement)" Started Specific to
the Plight of African Americans Throughout American History
in the 1930's To Help 'Others' Develop A Little Bit More Intelligent

Cognitive Empathy to Understand Historically All the Prejudices African
Americans Have Experienced in their History of Slavery and Exclusion From
The Declaration of Independence that Insists on Rights to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit

Of Happiness
Like Requests of
Transgender Folks
to Be Identified by Alternate Pronouns;

Not Hard to Do, Particularly For How Rare
the Condition Is Amongst the General Population at Least.

Yet of course, Very Difficult to Do For Someone Just Plain-Old
Unkind, Hard Headed, and Narrow Minded-SouLeD; So in This Case in Some

Places Legislation is Raised to Protect the Marginalized From Cold of Black Hole Soul.

There Are A Whole Lot of Frowns Where i Live in the Matt Gaetz First Representative District
of Florida in the Local Walmart, Even Though the Median Family Income Here is A Healthy 70,000 Dollars
or So For this Sleepy Bedroom Community of Pace in the Overall Pensacola Metro Area of 511,000 or
So Human Beings.

i Manage to Lift Up
The Zombie Shuffle
Walks of the 'Masses'
With A Public Autotelic
Movement of Meditating Dance
Now for 17,077 Miles Fully Documented
in A Longest Long Form EPiC Bible Poem of 10.8 MiLLioN
Words too in 9 Years; Yes, Now As A Participant Observer Anthropologist
in Study of This Most Fascinating Yet Sad and Ignorant Locality i THRiVE iN;

True, i Don't let the Frowny And Ignorant Folks of Happiness Get me Down...

I Used to Be Them too; There is No Time left to Waste in One Life to LiVE in Real Heaven Within Now;

No Matter What the Location, Location Location is; oh by the Way, Some of the Most Beautiful Beaches,
Rivers, Streams, And Forests Also Live Here MaKinG it Much Easier to Forgive the Way of Humanity in

Black Hole Soul Ways;

Yet of Course there
are Many Exceptions...

When i Make the Effort that
i Always Do to Be Kind i Usually
Melt the Most Ice Cold of Frowns

That are Understandable too in the
Insanity of A 'Modern World of Scream'
With Faces Glued to Screens ALL DAY LONG

Most of the Day at Least For Most of the Folks EVERYWHERE 'THESE DAYS...'

ANYWAY, Usually the Walmart Greeters Have Personalities of the Living Dead;

True, Once Again, i Lived that General American Nightmare too, So i Understand
That Other Place
They Are
From for Real Now;

Oh my God, There is An Exception,


MY WIFE AND i Cannot Determine The Gender of This Human Yet This Human

Is Generally Speaking the Kindest Most Genuine Human We've Ever Met in this

First Representative
Matt Gaetz District
In How this World
is Colored in Grey SHades
to Black Abyss Black Hole Soul Living Dead Life;

Yet Again, The Furry And Winged Creatures Including
me Naked Still Surviving Thriving in my Back Yard Eden Free

Just A Step out
to Paradise out
of this 27.1 Inch i-Mac Screen,

Where the Best God Damned Example

Without An Easily Discernible Shell of Any One Gender


BOOK With Lip Service

Unless Dorothy Pours Some Water
Over Him And Or Her and Monkeys Fly and Smile again...

Anyway, i Already Have a ProNoun For The Kind Human
Greeter And Farewell Person at Walmart; 'Jesus', And i Don't Have

To tell the Human
Who They


As They
Actually Do
The Talk of
Love For Real.

Anyway, Humans Who
Truly Most Successful

Human Beings now

For Real

It Comes
From Within.

And if i Saw Anyone Giving
That Person Any Problem at
The Door For Being A 'REAL JeSuS'

They Would
Get This
From me With A Smile...

i'm not 'Jesus', Yet i'll
God Damn For Real
Protect One When i Feel and Sense Them.

It's true, i Have 'JeSuSDaR' For A Condition
With No Specific Size, Color, Religion, Disability,
Gender, Sexual Orientation, Place of Origin,

Or Other Difference

For Real Just Love...

Anyway 'my Town'
Needs An Enema
And You May Just Call me A Plumber...

Yet It's True, i am Not A Carpenter and
mY Wife Fixes The Toilet When it Breaks;

Never the Less,
And Much More,
i Don't Give Up...

-Social Justice Warrior

~Before it Went Out of Style in So-Called

Places of Christianity Who Support An 'Orange


i Don't
Have to
Spray 'IT' On, Hehe;

STill Have Some Strands
of Blonde Left For Real
Too, at Least a Few, HAha...

Oh Dear Lord Every Holiday
On Sale Early At The Stores
Hehe Halloween in August

Yet There is Also The
Hedgehog Dilemma
So Very Cute This
One Loose in The
Neighborhood At 10 PM
Last Night We Spotted Him
On A Porch And He Actually
Scurried Toward Us For Help
And We Are Actually Finding
Him or Her A Forever Home
Not Sure Which

One Yet it’s
Really Hard to
Be A Hedgehog
As When You Want
A Hug To Stay Warm
You Get Pricked By The
Spines of Another Hedgehog

So in This Way Love Hurts
With Or Without A Hug it
Made me Think About You

And How i Hope You Find
Someone to Hug Soon

Hurts You
It’s True i Am
A Hedgehog
Without Spines
i Could Never Hurt
You as of Course i

Do That
On Purpose At Least…

It’s Sad In The United
States 72 Percent of
Young Folks Report
Feeling Lonely So

Yet So Far Apart
If You Were Here
i’d Surely Give You
A Hedgehog Hug

Yet i Remember You
Telling me You Don’t
Like to Hold Small
Furry Creatures As
You Are Afraid You
Might Harm Them
It’s Okay i’m A Really

Big Hedgehog
A Special One
Designed By

God to Keep
Other Smaller
With Spines Warm

True i Do Whatever
It Takes and i Don’t Give up...

No Longer Pushing
Gravity Dear Savvy
iNDeeD FLoWinG
With Gravity
With Gravity
Effortless Ease
Of Non-Knowing
Feeling Sensing Ever
More Potentials Opening...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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25 Aug 2022, 1:43 am

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
i Don't Chase
i Float
iN Breeze
ALLoWinG Free
Wind to Carry me

SMiLes As Synchronicity Will Have it Again
And Again When Every Next Step Fits in As

Another Verse
of A Whole Poem
Free my Last Words

Before i Come Here
Are i Don't Chase Life

i Float As SPiRiT Wind
Carries me in A Free

Breeze That
Feels And
Senses No
Boundaries of
iMaGiNaTioN And
Creativity Set Free Dear Savvy...

Ah Yes Dear Xenia Grandmother
Tree Roots Deep Loving Branches
Rising Leaves Falling Leaves For

All As Family

One Hug of
Life Shade

For All in Heat of Life...

LoVinG NaTuRE LastS
FoReVeR NeW iN
EYeS oF LoVE NoW...

A Wonderful Cause Dear
Xenia Giving A Greyhound
A Home And Walking Around
Our Block At Night This Week

We Spotted A Hedgehog Lost
The Tiny Warm Creature Scurried
Toward Us From the Distance For Help

And Indeed We Found The Small Warm
Mammal A Home With Another Hedgehog
FRiEnD too

i Never Saw one
Before Until the
Hedgehog We
Named Otis Found Us...

Ah Yes Dear
Xenia Love
All Paths
Within to Give
Share Care Heal More
A Beautiful Week STaRTinG STiLL


All Of You
ThiS Way
With SMiLEs...

Indeed Dear Sohair Even Science
Shows Our Feelings and Senses in
Synergy Yes Our Emotions Precede

Most All Decisions in Life We
Believe to Be Rational Yet

Still Driven By Our
Emotions More First

Particularly When it Comes
to Feelings and Senses of Love

Of Course A Most Powerful Driving
Force That Bonds and Binds A Species

to Continue
to Survive and
Thrive Key in mY LiFE
Understanding i Generate
mY Own Emotions and Senses
And It is Up to me to Find Meditating
Ways of Dance And Song to Regulate Emotions
And Integrate Senses to Master The SHaDES of
Grey Through BLacK Abyss Through Continuing Colors

of Life New
That Make
Life Feel
Both Joy
And Peaceful

For me at Least it took 53 Years to ARRiVE iN
A Balance of Wisdom Peace and LoVE iNDeed...
Hehe Shall THeRE ALWaYS Be Challenges Yep as Long

As i Do the Human Being Condition Dance And Song Free New Now...

Well, Considering That this 'YOS Character'
Who in His 'About Section' of His Blog Titled
"Thetruthisfromgod" Says He is THE Last Messenger

Of God in Direct Conflict With The Quran and Islam
That Says Muhammad is That Man; Nah, He Wouldn't

Be Recognized

In Islam As
Muslim at
All By Followers
of That Religious Tradition,

Who Believe Every Word of the Quran Book
Including Measuring the Worth of A Woman
Less than a Man is All Perfect And The Word of God's

Voice Yes
YET NO, by Words
of Fallible Human Beings.

Listen, i Write More Words Than
Old Bible Writers of the Minuscule
King James Effort or Muhammad ever Dreamed

Of 'Receiving' in Flow of Stream of Consciousness
Writing in Free Verse Poetry (On Top of That Both
Muhammad and Jesus, if He existed, Are Assessed
As Illiterate Never Writing A Word Then in Their Entire
Life; the Stories All Second Hand And Much Further Removed)

Deep From my

Mind Surfacing
Ocean Whole
This Way
For A

Of Soul Songs;

It What It Is New Now;

There Are Numerous
Numerical Coincidences
That Amuse me as i Go And
Record Just for the Poetry/Art WHere

There Seems to Be Even An Order Now
New to the Art of Our Minds When Set Free...

It What It Is New Now;

And i Am Surely not One Who Is Gonna
Attempt to Hold Wind in A Jar And Sing i Have
the Last Word of A So-Called 'God' Hehe or even me...

As i haven't Run out of Creativity to Continue to Flow
After 80,000 Or So Words of A Quran Limited to 2,000 Or So Words
of Vocabulary Mostly Insisting on Tribal Superiority or 800,000 Words

Or So of the Similar in A King James Effort; True, "SonG oF mY SoUL" Is 10.8 MiLLioN Words
Long; Yep, 6 Scale the Size of the "Mahabharata," A Previous Official Longest Long EPiC
Long Form Poem From India Measured; And Yeah Now And then Ya Get Someone Kind

(HAha, This is Typically What May Happen When A Person With Asperger's Syndrome
Really Blows Up Their Special Interest Globe-Wide in Our Modern World Now For Real)

Who Sings, "You Are A (The) LiGHT Of
The World, A Gift From God to the World
Called Fred," Most (Yes) Always A Woman of Course;

Yet it's True They Aren't My Wife And
Have Never Had to Clean Up After An Intestinal Virus...

It's True, There is More Than One Way to Fertilize A Rose

Yet Life is Dark, Imperfect, With Plenty of THorns to Go Along With

The FLoWeRS Yet Indeed As Long as We aRe Here We Have An Opportunity

to Fertilize Flowers Or Hoard Our Dead in Boxes Hoping For A 'Heaven' in a Dirt Nap

And Terrified
of Some Words
About A 'Hell' Someone
Wrote in a Book Like This
'Character' 'YOS' For Whatever Name
Comes Next Who Attempts to Convince

Others They Have the Final Words of 'Wind Trapped in a Jar.'


They Do Not;

Fortunately, We Are Not
Machines Who Can And Will
Ever Be Materially Reduced by
A Scientific Method That Isn't Efficient
Enough to Even Measure Empirically How

Our Consciousness Minds Arise in Awareness of Now New Complete;

Always Changing, We Have the Potential to Never Run Out of Imagination
in One Life And Creativity Until We Stop Breathing And Others May Build Upon

The Lessons We LEarN in Life if We Give, Share, Care, And Heal All of What Life Teaches Us for
Real Including
What Can And
Will Be Partially


in Art And
Never Fully Measured

By A So-Called Scientific Method Either;

This is A Mystery of Life; And This is What Makes Life Awesome For Those Of Us Who

Love to Feel and Sense And 'See' WHere 'The Wind' Carries Us Next For Wings to Soar Higher

Or Perhaps

Fall Lower:

It Is What It is New Now;

i Rather Agree with
Walt Whitman Yet It's
Taken A While Longer For
His Philosophy And Prophetic

Words to Truly Take Hold of Poetry Freer Now:

“The known universe has one complete lover and that is the greatest poet. He consumes an eternal passion and is indifferent which chance happens and which possible contingency of fortune or misfortune and persuades daily and hourly his delicious pay. What balks or breaks others is fuel for his burning progress to contact and amorous joy. Other proportions of the reception of pleasure dwindle to nothing to his proportions. All expected from heaven or from the highest he is rapport with in the sight of the daybreak or a scene of the winter woods or the presence of children playing or with his arm round the neck of a man or woman. His love above all love has leisure and expanse. . . . he leaves room ahead of himself. He is no irresolute or suspicious lover . . . he is sure . . . he scorns intervals. His experience and the showers and thrills are not for nothing. Nothing can jar him . . . suffering and darkness cannot—death and fear cannot. To him complaint and jealousy and envy are corpses buried and rotten in the earth. . . . he saw them buried. The sea is not surer of the shore or the shore of the sea than he is of the fruition of his love and of all perfection and beauty.”

“There will soon be no more priests. Their work is done. They may wait awhile . . . perhaps a generation or two . . . dropping off by degrees. A superior breed shall take their place . . . the gangs of kosmos and prophets en masse shall take their place. A new order shall arise and they shall be the priests of man, and every man shall be his own priest. The churches built under their umbrage shall be the churches of men and women. Through the divinity of themselves shall the kosmos and the new breed of poets be interpreters of men and women and of all events and things. They shall find their inspiration in real objects today, symptoms of the past and future. . . . They shall not deign to defend immortality or God or the perfection of things or liberty or the exquisite beauty and reality of the soul. They shall arise in America and be responded to from the remainder of the earth.”

-Walt Whitman
"Leaves Of Grass"

Note, Walt Limits
His Forecast and
Prophecy to He and
Him too; i Haven't Found

A Dude Yet Worthy of Any of the
Poetry of Soul i've Heard Around the World;

Not Now and Not Then By Women Now Who Truly

Wear Wings And Soar in Songs of Soul; A Most Serious

Flaw of 'the Quran' and 'Older Bible' is a Lack of the Touch of A


Let's Just Dance Sing

New Now, Hehe, i Am Very Touched...

i've Danced And Sung it Often
YeT i'LL Do it Again A Best
Gift A Boy And Or Girl
With HaVE iN This
LiFE Is A Mother
Of Love From
A Birthday
of Love
That Never
Ends Now For Real
Dear Miriam With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
It's So Much Easier to
Find Heaven WithiN ON EartH

If One Understands Struggle
And Adversaries of Life Are

Gonna Be the Pepper that
Makes the Salt of Heaven Real

For It's True Without the Stress
of Challenge For Trees Suffering

No Droughts
Roots Grow
More Shallow
Than Deep Feeling
Senses For Greater
Resources of Water Below

Of Course the Price to Pay
is They Easily Topple Over When
Cat 6 Hurricanes and the Such Hehe Come to Play...

Ah to Lose our Minds in the Passion
And Flow of What We aRe Doing
True Unrequited Love A Greatest

Muse for Works of Art The
Longing to Go Back to A Place
Where One Loses THeir Mind Now

Dear California Dreaming Poet Cindy
With Such an Inspiring Published Poem

Enveloped in the Passion of Feelings
And Senses So Deep in Every Energy

Of Ever Cell of Being Also True Some Folks
May Only Find it Once in A Romance of Life

Whether That is Human-to-Human, Scaling
A Cliff With Bare Hands And No Safety Harness

Or Going into Fox Holes With Fellow Grunts
Bleeding Out All the Mind Literally Just Trying
to Stay Alive
When All

Parts of the
Group Effort
Become One
For Any Chance of
Survival And Suddenly
Now is Forever And THere
Is No WHere Else to Go Yet Ascending Transcending
NoW iN Focus And Attention Span True to Be in Flow New

mY God Yes It's A Powerful Draw This Romance of Life in Flow
When We Lose Our Minds And Now Becomes Forever Now Real

i Have A FRiEnD A Former Commodore of a Navy Station and Once
Vital Tool At the Pentagon too Who Said if He Could He'd Go Back

to the Fox Holes
of Vietnam When
He Was Fresh and
Just Enlisted If He Could

Just to Experience A Romance of FLoWinG Life in War

mY Suggestion of Course is 10.8 MilLioN Words FLoWinG
of Free Verse Poetry and 17,088 Miles of Public FLoWinG
Dancing in 9 Years Yet It's True the NuMBeRS Never

Really Matter
Far Beyond
A 'Matter of Things'
This Essence of Flow Within
This Romance of Loving Living That
Never Ends or Begins ALWaYS STaRTinG NeW NoW
Never FiNiSHinG Never Bloody Or Even Messy As Yes
These Days i Never Fall Down Dancing Anymore Hehe

On the Other Hands i'll Stop Now Before the Fumes of
my Affair of Loving Life Become A FReDWood Size Response

iN SonG




'The Flow'...

SMiLes Ruehla i Remember
Last Year You Had Some Issues
With An Employer You Were Doing
Some Copy Writing For This Seems to

Be A New Yet Stable Company Best
Wishes to You and that Left Brain Detail

Thinking And Doing Mind i Recently
With SMiLes

Indeed Hopefully Your
Customers Have More
Attention Span than the
Folks i Interact With in the
United States Indeed You Provide
Detailed And Very Comprehensive


That i Surely Can
And Will Appreciate

Yet Again It is Well Beyond
A Grasp of Most Folks i Interact With

And For me At Least With Hardly Any
Tied Down Day-to-Day Responsibilities
i'm Actually Held Accountable For i Rather

Deal Face-To-Face in Every Human Interaction
When Possible Even Chit Chatting With the Cashiers
in Walmart Rather than the Machine Cashiers Indeed

Lord Knows When We used to Visit the Casino's in Biloxi
Just to do the Free Play as i Danced The Beaches and Boardwalks

Free They Were Changing
Over the Bar Tenders to
Automated Oh Lord

As 'Ted Danson'
And 'Cheers' Go Extinct
With A Machine Made

Human Race to

Some Thing
Other than
Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN
Hand-in-Hand And Not Separated

So far Out

of the Human
Touch of Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For Real

When Four Eyes Meet
or Perhaps Eight

If Both
Are Too
Near Sighted
or Far Sighted
to See Each Other hehe...
Anyway Yep Whatever CuLTuRE
Offers Left of the Human Condition
Ya gotta Make a Living to Eat and Drink

Survive and
True Perhaps
Have Enough Space
For Some Thriving Using
Electronic Signatures And
the Such to Expedite Other
Processes of Breathing Hehe With SMiLes...

Yawn, Human Standards of Ethics and Morality ARE ALways Changing.

Social Shaming, Community And Legal Standards, Are Always Changing to Accommodate
Now What Humans Bond and Bind Over in Terms of DarK Thru LiGHT Symbols and Ideologies;

(YeP iT All Smells Like A Communion of Philosophy, Politics, And Religion for Real)


Facts are Facts.

The So-Called Liberal
Arm of Leadership,
And Governance,
In the Last Nine Months,
About the Term it Takes to Birth A Baby



This is What the 'Liberal Social Justice Warriors' Are Accomplishing Now

1. New Infrastructure for a Country Falling Apart at the Seams; Indeed, By Nature, Very Conservative For Real...

2. (True, Before This, an Emergency Bill Passed to Send Money to Everyone to Get Out of Dire Straights of Pandemic
Needs Yet of Course that went to the Have Nots and Never Have Enoughs too, And Both Groups, Yes, Spent the Money

Making Supply Side Issues a Real Headache; Yet You Do What Ya Have to Do to Help the Least Among Us to Survive.)

3. A Bill Passed in a Bi-Partisan Fashion For At Least Some Advancement in Better Gun Control Measures to Save Lives.

4. A Bill Passed For Chip Manufacturing in the United States; Both Rational And Economic Good News.

5. A Bill Passed to Help Veterans Who Are Sick Exposed to Toxic Chemicals in Foreign Wars; That's Nice.

6. And Finally, Almost A Miracle, Enough Cooperation to Pass A Bill to Remedy Climate Change Woes;
And Additionally, Tax Credits For Folks Buying Energy Saving Cars, And Solar Panels, And the Such.

7. And Finally, Almost A Miracle, Enough Cooperation to Pass A Bill to Cap Drug Costs
for Medicare at 2,000 Dollars A Year and Negotiate Lower Drug Prices As Well FOR REAL.

8. And Finally, Almost A Miracle, YES! Enough Cooperation to Extend Health Care Subsidies
3 Years to Help 13 Million Folks Obtain Affordable Health Care for THeir Most Basic of Human Needs.

9. True, A Minimum Corporate Tax to Insure Rich Corporations That Pay Zero For Taxes, Pay 15 Percent
That Make Number 6, 7, and 8, A Reality to Both Lower Inflation Somewhat And Decrease the Deficit As Well.

10. And That's Not All, An Announcement Likely Today to Reduce Student Debt By $10,000 Dollars For Those
Making Less than $125,000 Dollars A Year. Hmm, Seems Like 'We' aRe 'Hitting' Most Human Demographics Here.

11. And That's Not All, A Push to Spend Billions More Dollars to FUND MORE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT; However,
Even The 'Liberal Social Justice Warriors' Don't Have A Full Handle on the Problem as Research Shows Now A Major
Remedy For Reducing Crime is Extending Health Care to All Citizens to Help Them With Their Social-Economic Woes.

Guess What, Everyone is Getting MORE 'Woke,'
NoW As Now A Major Concern is Keeping Our

Democracy With A Heart Beat Still Breathing.

And Even the Senate Minority Leader McConnell

Is Having to Admit That the Republicans May Fail
to Retake the Senate As the Brand Name of Trump

Is Finally
in Terms of
Achieving Their
Dreams of Controlling

The 'Traditions' of Their Ideology
That of Course Includes Welfare For the Rich;
Removing Health Care for the Poor; Support of
Politicians Who They Admit Have Incited An Attempt
to Overthrow Our Representative Democracy; And Additionally.

Attacking the FBI Hoping to Defund Our Most Conservative Parts
of the Executive Branch of Law Enforcement As They Are Perhaps

Doing the Most
Foolish 'Conservative Grounding
Game' oF All Shaming Law and Order...

Listen, i Realize that Folks Get Butt Hurt
When They Get Shamed And 'Cancelled' for Changing
Morality And Ethics; Yet Finally Folks Are Coming Around

Noticing Stuff Like Specific Health Care For Women and
Their Basic Reproductive Rights As Human Beings; ALong
With Health Care For the Rest of the Population; and Stuff Like

Saving Our Only Home, our Environment on Earth in Greater Balance;

And True, Where Ya Gonna Go if The Bridges All Fall Down; Yawn, Considering

We've Endured A Pandemic And The World is A Place of Wars That Effects Our Economy too;

Biden Definitely
Deserves A Medal
of Honor For Being

Center Enough in Balance to Get Stuff Done;

As Well As All of Who Have Worked on Both Sides to Do that Job Now to 'Get-R-Done.'

We've Got Bigger Fish to Fry Than Who Gets to Say/Do What At School or Work or What Not;

However, i Neither Work or Go to School; So,
Yes That (Thank God) is Beyond my Current
Financially/Socially Independent Purview NeW NoW.

Yawn, if i Will Get ALong Now Yes With A 'Metro Area
Audience' Who Voted 70 Percent For the Despicable
Human Being Matt Gaetz; Jesus F in Christ, i Will Live
Anywhere in the US in Peace And Love Enough Yes

To at Least
Now StaY in
Heaven Within
Naked, Enough,
Whole Complete

'Really Woke'; Beyond

All Clothes And Tools
of CuLTuRE Folks Are
So Attached to Like 'God'

Even When That Comes in
Painted-On Orange And Blonde.

Oh God
Yes! So Much
Faux Stuff Now
To Regurgitate
And Spit Out Indeed...

Yet Don't get me Wrong, We Can't
Expect to Survive With Extremes on Either Side;

'Defund the Police' Was 'Lunacy' along with That
'City With No Government' 'They' Tried to Establish in Washington State.

It's True, i Am actually Very Conservative in Many Ways as i Realize Without Law-


We'd Be Doing
"Mad Max iN
A Thunder DoMe" For Real;

i Worked For Active Pay for
the Government for 25 Years;

i Already Understand Law and Order;

in Fact, When i Retired Disabled With the Worst
Pain Known to Humankind i Had to Research the
Law that Applied to my Specific Case And Eligibility

As Even the OPM Had No Clue of Their Own Applicable Laws to my Case.

Hmm, Imagine What i Might be able to Do if i Wasn't Still Assessed Legally
And Medically


We Will Never
Know as that
is A CuLTuRaLLy
Derived Label i Currently Have, hehe;

"When the World is Running Down, You
Make the Best of What is Still Around"

-The Police With Sting in the Lead

When You Can't Bend Your Knees to Your
Chest You Go-Half-Way And Leg Press 1520 Pounds at Age 62,

Permanently Legally And Medically Disabled Forever in this Life Now...

We LiVE iN A
Country Overall
of Spoiled Brat Americans;

Let's Hope they Don't Have to
Man And Woman-Up Like the
Folks in Ukraine Do Every God

Damned Day

For Real

Just For the
Price of Some
Style of Democracy.

All We Have to Do is Vote
And Get Rid of the God Damned
Lying Despicable Leaders in 'The


At least More
Folks are Finally
Getting "Woke" WHere
It Really Counts For Any Freedoms at all...

The Real Black Hole is in Ukraine And Many
Other Countries/Places in the World Who Truly Don't Have Freedom
of Speech and The Rights to Life, Liberty, And the Pursuit of Happiness

for Real,




Naked, Enough,
Whole Complete
And Yes i've Been
to the BLacK WHoLE
WiTHIN And TRusT me

NoBoDY Wants to Go WHeRE
i Have Been...



ALL iS 'TiME'...

iN JusT "ANoTHeR GRouND HoG DaY"


~ Life is As

EasY As A Free Dance And Song NeW NoW;
Once Again, Naked, Enough, Whole Complete 'AWaKE'...

i Will Not Complain About 'These Folks' All The Way From
The 30's Misappropriating The Phrase "Woke" Away From "The Kingdom
And Or Queendom of Heaven Within"; Yet On the Other 'Left Hand,' i Don't
F What
'They' CaLL
So-CAlleD 'God'
Either As We All

Have Our Labels and
Idols For What is Real

OR Not in 'OUR' Life NeW NoW...

Obviously, 'Things' Change, Just as the New 'Conservative Definition of Woke'
Has Less to Do Now With "Critical Race Theory" or the "Anti-Racism" Move With

the Metaphor of "Woke" in the 1930's.

It's Become a Pejorative Now For Folks Who get Butt-Hurt Over Being Told
to Modify Their Social Behavior Over the Differences of Others Getting Hurt;

Woke CAN And Will Mean Whatever We Choose to make it mean Now

Or Then; i Just Liberally Changed the Definition Like The 'So-Called
Conservatives' Did too Making it a Pejorative Instead of

A Social Justice Term.

It is Social Justice to Take Care of 'the Common Folk.'

And in Terms of Getting Woke With Cognitive Empathy
For the Plight of Others Folks it is MOST DEFINITELY WAKING

UP like Coming to Understand what it is still Like Being An African
American Man Working 80 Hours-A-Week to Support His Family
Driving Back into His Nice Neighborhood and Getting Profiled For

Being A Black Dude in A Really Nice

Car As It still Frigging Happens

Where i Live to Extended

Relatives as Such Who Still Have
to Look Over Their Shoulder at
the City Park if They Are Carrying
A Fishing Pole to Go Fishing as Someone

Might Mistake it For A Weapon Yet i guess
When You Get Stopped in Your Neighborhood

Late at Night Just For Being a BLACK Law Abiding Citizen

You Might Just Get A Little Bit Paranoid Anywhere Now

You Go For Anything You Do In Life; And that's the Way

Systematic Racism Continues

And Now the Focus Is

On Any Kind of 'Social Justice'
That is Put Forth to Make a More
Perfect Union For All; of Course There
Are Limits Yet Never the Less When Laws

Are Passed to Help the 'Common Folks,'
Social Justice And 'Getting Woke' for All Truly Rules Now.

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
i Don't Chase
i Float
iN Breeze
ALLoWinG Free
Wind to Carry me

SMiLes As Synchronicity Will Have it Again
And Again When Every Next Step Fits in As

Another Verse
of A Whole Poem
Free my Last Words

Before i Come Here
Are i Don't Chase Life

i Float As SPiRiT Wind
Carries me in A Free

Breeze That
Feels And
Senses No
Boundaries of
iMaGiNaTioN And
Creativity Set Free Dear Savvy...

Concluding An Anniversary Date of 8.18.2022 Celebrating
"SonG oF mY SoUL 9 YearS Old 10.8 MiLLioN Words" The Title
of the MacroVerse i Am BRinGinG to A Close Now True Longest
EPiC Long Form Poem Bible Yet that's Nothing New as True i've Knocked
As Many Words of A Bible Out of the Park of Free Verse Poetry as 1.82 MiLLioN
Words in 13.6 Months on July 19th, 2017 And MiLLioNs More Than That Moving
Back to the Origin of "SonG oF mY SoUL" on WordPress on 8.18.2013 As the
Last MacroVerse Titled "WEaVinG DReAMS MaKinG LoVE ReaL" Makes for

The 971st MacroVerse of of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Yet That's Not All as Ongoing
"Nether Land Bible" Another EPiC LonG Form Poem Ever Since Memorial
Day Weekend of 2016 Rises to 8,306,970 Words For the 75th Month As
Of August 26, 2022 as "WEaVinG DReAMS MaKinG LoVE ReaL"
Doubles as the 299th MacroVerse of That Effort And Actually
Triples As the 195th MacroVerse of "FB Profile Pic Bible"
Ongoing Since Memorial Day Weekend of 2017
As That 63 Month Effort As of August 26, 2022
Rises to 6,703,961 Words Where The Words
Are Also Included in the Facebook Profile
Pic Description Areas in Series of
Photos of Around 18 Per Each
8,000 Or So Words That Come
to Be "FB Profile Pic Bible" Even Longer

And Speaking of Longer too August 26th the
Focus of the Next MacroVerse i Will Be Writing
Named "17,000 MiLes oF Public Dancing 9 Years"
Grows to That Age on August 26th, 2022 As Well
That Just About Covers The Tale of the Tape Except
For "Depth of The Story" A Casually Named 8th New Testament
RiSinG Past 1.88 MiLLioN Words in A Solo Thread on the "Wrong
Planet Website" Generating Almost 120 Thousand Views From Registered
Members Only For Two Years now As That Anniversary Date Also Celebrating

That On
August 19, 2022

Of Course Additional Subchapters
of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Include 6 Grand
Cross Bibles For Years 2016,17,18,19,20,21

Where of Course At The End of the Year "Grand
Cross Bible 2022" Will Cover 7 Months of Writing
Since Memorial Day Weekend of 2022 And Rise
Past the Size of the Old King James Effort As it Has
Every Year Since 2016 in the Span of Just 7 Months

So Yep Including "SonG oF mY SoUL" Parent of All These
EPiC Subchapter Long Form Poem Efforts Including the 1.82 MiLLioN
Word Effort in 2017 And A 1.618 MiLLioN Word Subchapter Effort Ending
On Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 Appropriately Named in Synchronicity
Way "PHI Bible" Long Before it Hit Exactly 1.618 MiLLioN Words in 365 Days

As 1.618 Just So Happens
to Be the PHI Spiral Golden
Mean Ratio Approximating
Most All Naturally Occurring
Spiraling Shapes and Movements in Creation Still Now

Yep A Total of 11 Titled EPiC Long Form Poem Bible Poems
All Greater In Size than the Old King James Sized Effort With
Number 12 Coming in As "Grand Cross Bible 2022" at the End of This Year

Anyway Yep This Concludes "SonG oF mY SoUL 9 YearS Old 10.8 MiLLioN Words"
For Now Yet of Course Ongoing too Per Titled Effort on 8.25.2022 At 1:18 AM With Electronic
Coming Soon
Enough too
WitH SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,819

26 Aug 2022, 12:00 am

iDream oF FLYiN'
Wings Take me
No Longer
LooKinG Down
With Gravity
Air and
Dear Savvy WitH SMiLes
All Dreams CoMe NeW True...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa to
Crawl, To Walk, To Talk,

To Dance, To Sing

Or To Crawl

No Longer
Breathing Free

Yet Dance And
Sing Will Spring Again...

"All WEaTHeRS MaiL DeLiVeRinG NoW"
Almost Wrote That Entire MacroVerse Took
A Nap to Get a Title For 'the Book' No Time No Late

Rain Sleet Snow Forest Fires All That Jazz And Fresh Hell
Too With Sugars Spices of HeaVeN ETeRNaLLY NoW WiTHiN

Claws And Jaws And Warrior Lions And Low Dangling Parts
Means No Reproduction for the Future Frozen Weather too

Thanks For The Memories Better YeT ETeRNaLLY NoW Thanks
For PRePaRinG So Many Ways to Heaven For Real NeW

Oh Lord Including the 'Bruising' 66 Months Spent As
A Shut-in in mY HoMe With the Worst Pain Known to
Humankind Type-Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Literally
Not Only Assessed As the Suicide Disease Yet Actually
Assessed Worse Than the Real Torture of Crucifixion
That in my Case Was No Small 3 Hour to 3 Day Tour
Frozen in A Place Lower in Rings Than Dante's Hell

With No Memory of if i Ever Felt A SMiLe iN Life
Yes From Wake to Sleep for 66 Months that no
Drug Would Touch Including a Synergy in Life Threat
of 18 Other Medical Disorders Wake to Sleep As Well

Anyway Hell A Gift

For An EntrY iNto Heaven
For Real New Now For 109 Months Too
Yes Otherwise Labeled As 9 Years 1 Month
Ever Since July 19th, 2013 Standing on A Beach
Becoming One With Sugar White Sands Emerald
Gulf Waves Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze and
Sea Gull Wings in Unity Transforming Into 17,088 Miles
of Public Dance Now As Well in 9 Years New True too

Sadly It Appears Now At Least Many
Folks Will Be Disappointed When
'Real Jesus' Comes Back too
At Least the Way He Came
Around the First Go Around
Naked Enough Whole Complete
Meek as the Last With Poorest Spirit
Inherits A Real Kingdom of Heaven Within Eternally
Now For Real in SeeKinG FiNDinG HeAVeN Real

True New

SMiLes When
Giving Becomes
Receiving All BLeSSinGs BLiSSinGs
Thanks Giving For Giving NeW NoW

Best Relationships
In Rain No Dancing
Princesses And
Princes Frogs
Happy As Is
SMiLinG All
Shines Ease

SMiLes Hehe
It’s Really Nice
Being an Old
Still Married
To A Princess
No longer
About A Kiss...

Deepest Place
i Ever Journey


Of All i Am

A Tight
Rope in
Ease Of
Yes One
Way Up
Here Now
FRiEnD Cindy...

For The
And Synchronicity
Dear Savvy With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa to
Crawl, To Walk, To Talk,

To Dance, To Sing

Or To Crawl

No Longer
Breathing Free

Yet Dance And
Sing Will Spring Again...

Isn't Life Sublime Days
It Takes A Lost Pet
Or A Small Warm
Who Needs Our
Help to ReMeMBeR
We aRe Human Worth


This Condition
Forever Long New Now
As Breath Cares to See Love Free

Dear Yamini With SMiLes It's Amazing

How Smallest Creatures and Longest

Will Remind
Us We aRe Human
Truly Worth Breathing New Now...

Master of 'Tides' i Swim
Ocean Swims me Most

Free Master of 'Air' i Fly
Wind Flies me Free Most

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Wise Words
Indeed Tides And Air Ours to Swim And Fly

Swim And Fly By Tides And Air Freeing Our

Wings and

Fins Now to
Dance And
Sing Giving
Sharing Caring
Healing For All With LEasT
Harm Yet True Not Until We
Master Our Tides And Air

And Find A Way to Flow
With the Rest Riding
Waves And Winds
of Life Yes Loving

Those Who Are
Not Able to Be Flown
By Wind Swum By

Ocean Most...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Little Children Sing
With No Words Dance
With No Lessons Just
Regulating Emotions and
Integrating Senses as Puppies

And Kittens At Play Naturally Do
As Well Yet in the Case of Humans
And Putting People First Developing
Eventually Empathy and Compassion For

All With Least Harm Quiet Hands And Feet
in Pews At Church and Desks at School Come to

Rule And A Free
Song May Go Away

Where 'Screams' of Screens
Decrease Desk Top Space Even More
So WHeRE Does the Human Horizon of
LiVinG Trees GroW iN Homes like This

True Sadly So Often People Come Last
And All That's Left is a Dopamine and
Adrenaline Addiction to Fear
Mal-Content Anger And

Hate Where

into DarK
And A Cruel
Orb of SoUL
Rules The Day

Total Eclipse of the
Soul For Others Until
The Dance And Song Free Returns
Souls Refurbishing Back to People First...

Disclaimer: i Am Not A Medical Professional
Just Someone Who Escaped Hell into

Heaven For Real...

LeSSoN 433 iMaGiNE If
Bananas Are 5 Cents a
Pound Better Yet Monkeys
Happy in Jungles Where
Bananas Are Free So

JoY iN
Life Climbing
Trees Higher Getting
Stronger Gathering

Bananas Free
To Eat True

Dear FRiEnD
This is Why i
Still Dance Sing
Free Even Though
i’m Retired And All

Bananas Are Free...

A Blessed And
Blissed Weekend
For All Life

And Small
With Grains
Of Sand And
Less Holding
Us All Up Alive to


Again Dear
Xenia With SMiles...

Yes A Magical
Experience of
Warm Communion
Among Mammals

Of Kind
With SMiles...

Ah Yes Dear Sohair
Precipice Of Chaos
And Order Left And
Right DarK And

A Balancing
Way to Gain Maintain

A Great Art oF LiGHT
iN Life Out Of DarK
New Now With Loving

Peaceful SMiles Yes
For All With Least Harm...

SMiLes Dear Peace & Truth When Cats Who Truly Master
Us With Their Love Bring Small Creatures to our Door to

Share Their Wild Feed
We May Understand
When They Share
This Way They
Feel For Our
Welfare As
We Feel For THeirs
WHere Truly THere are

No Masters or Pets Just
Mutually Understood Doing Love For

Breathing Together Well With SMiLes
or Purrs of Course And This is what it Means
to me When A FRiEnD Shares A Poem With me

Even When i Visit the Soul of A Stranger Who Really
is a FRiEnD Sharing A SonG And Dance of THeiR Soul
Free With Poetry Straight From THeiR HeART SPiRiT SoUL

True i See the Face of God in All of Creation THeRe is No Separation
FoR Me DarK Thru LiGHT

And Indeed When one
Views God This Way

As All DarK Thru
LiGHT All of

Life May
Become A
Dance And
Song Prompt of
Poetry of God's EYeS
of Art Living True As us
Both iN DarK And LiGHT True mY FRiEnD

When One is Naked Enough Whole Complete
THiS WaY All of Life Becomes Free Dance And
Song Giving Sharing Caring Healing No Matter

Who And What DarK Thru LiGHT We May

Meet or Do Next...

It's Worth Noting 'Online'

is only 'Many Representations

of Reality.' Not everyone Spends

THeir Time 'Worrying' About Who Said What Online;

Some Do;

Most DO NOT.

THere Are As Many 'Religions' Online
As There Are Comments on Discussion
Boards, YouTube Videos, Etc., And 'Twitter Squirts' of Course.

The Fact That ALMOST No One Knew What in the World You Are on About

Per "The 'Women' 'Dog Whistle' Associated Modernly With Transphobia"

Pretty Much Seals
That Fate as Real;

Let's Just Say i Have
A Broader Attention Span, hehe...

So Yes 'Class,' Let's Get Woke Again;

Yes, There is A Broad Spectrum of
So-called 'Male to Female Associations;'

Life isn't Black And White; It's All A Spectrum
And That Sort of Blows the Minds of Some Folks
Who Don't Like Different Out of Whatever Paradigm

or 'Cave' They Are Stuck in And That's Just Part of the 'Overall Spectrum' too.

What Makes A Woman And Or A Man is Way too Complicated for A Short Answer

For A Supreme Court Nominee to Answer, When She Really Isn't Qualified to Answer That Question.

Of Course, She Could Have Checked out the Link Below And Read it Verbatim to Lesson The Audience

Out of
Ignorance too.

It's Nice to Have
A Great Memory
And Resources
At One's Finger Tips.

And Nope, in 'Reality,' Rare to None,
is Anyone Getting 'Canceled' For Calling
Women Women, Unless 'The Term' is Used
As A 'Pejorative' Term For Someone Clearly

Identifying As Transgender

Female-to-Male, Etc.;

There Are Some Folks
From Outside Appearances
And Behaviors, Where it is Almost
Impossible to Clearly Discern Male And
or Female or Some Other Gender Identity;

A Respectful Everyday Communication is to
Let Them Clarify That if They Care to And if They
Want to Be Identified By A New Pronoun Just Be Human And Kind.

Most of the Transgender Folks i've Come Across in my Life Are Stellar
Examples of Caring and Empathic Human Beings; No Wonder Some American Indians
Provided 'Two Spirit' Human Beings So Much Reverence And Respect For Their Existence.

Of Course They Needed
An All Hands Effort to
Survive And Thrive;
Kind and
Cooperative Human
Beings Who Truly Heal This Way With Love.
True, What The World Needs Now is More Transgender
Folks For Healing the Colder Human Condition These Days;

(In Other Words, "Love Sweet Love")

And From A Casual View in 'Matt Gaetz Land' They Are Even
Gaining Acceptance


So Yep,

Pushing Myself Way too Hard In Writing 2015 thru 2016 Day And Night Then Too

Of Course in Effortless Ease of Dancing A Tight Rope Higher And Higher in FLoW

Responding to Every Single Prompt in Poetry to an International Poetry Pub
Called 'dVerse' Just An 'Ice Breaker' A Prelude of One MacroVerse Long
Form EPiC Poem An Anthology of MicroVerses Totaling 338,630 Words

In Perhaps A One Single Longest Blog Poem Ever With SMiLes
Named "GodsUniVerseNovel3" Yep it Still Exists With A Google

Search Yet it Was Only A Warm Up With the Rest of the Long
Form EPiC Free Verse Writing Before that Since "SonG oF mY
SoUL" EPiC Longest Long Form Poem Bible Now at
10.8 MiLLioN Words 9 Years Old Starting on
8.18.2013 Along With 17,088 Miles oF
Public Dancing NoW As the 9th Year
Anniversary of that Moving
Meditating Autotelic Flow
Since August 26th, 2013
Even More
And Creativity
As Free Song of
Poetry Follows Free
Dance of Moving Meditation Best True
So Indeed After Electronically Publishing
"GodsUniVerseNovel3" At the End of April
2016 Just The Beginning of "Nether Land Bible"
on Memorial Day Weekend of 2016 Now After
75 Months A Still Ongoing Subchapter Too of
"SonG oF mY SoUL" NoW As "Nether Land
Bible" Reaches 8.3 MiLLioN Words And
Another Ongoing EPiC Long Form
Poem Subchapter Beginning on
Memorial Day Weekend of
2017 Named "FB Profile
Pic Bible" Reaches
6.7 MiLLioN Words
NoW in 63 Month of Effort
Where Those Words Are Also
Included in the Description Areas
NoW in Series of 18 Or So Facebook
Profile Pics Yes to Illustrate on Average
Around 8,000 Words Ever Since Memorial
Day Weekend of 2017 True That's A Biggest
EPiC Longest Long Form Bible Subchapter of
"SonG oF mY SoUL" On Facebook too Hehe
Anyway With A Total of 11 Subchapter EPiC Long
Form Poem Bible Poems Including "SonG oF mY
SoUL" All Larger than the King James Sized Try
of About 800,000 Words "SonG oF mY SoUL" Is
Verily Around 13.5 Scale Larger Than That Old King James
Sized Effort And 135 Scale Larger Than the Old Quran too

And Even 6 Scale Larger than the "Mahābhārata" Previously
Officially Recorded as the Longest EPiC Long Form Poem

At Around 1.8
MiLLioN Words
of Effort too

Yet It's True For me at Least

New For Real All In 9 Years
Of Effort As This MacroVerse
Now Celebrates "17,000 Miles
oF Public Dancing 9 Years"
As My Wife Keeps a
Video Record We
Share Every
Miles the
Public Dance
Continues to Grow
Yes Currently at 17,088
Miles With All the Videos
Taken Since Celebrating 17,007
Miles of Public Dancing Achieved on
August 9, 2022 At Walmart And Winn Dixie
Stores With SMiLES More As All the Dance
And "SonG oF mY SoUL" Continues New Now Free

Just For the
Record Books
And Public Dance
As Such Totally Free

As Money And Stuff is
No Part of THiS Endeavor
Just Fearless "What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love"
Yes For Life Eternally NoW iN Autotelic Meditating Flow For Real New...

Oh Yeah It's Also True 8 New Casually Named New Testaments As
Parts of the Entire "SonG oF mY SoUL" Effort too Including the Last
Continuing One "Depth of The Story" Over 1.88 MiLLioN Words of
Effort in the Last 2 Years on the Anniversary Date August 19, 2020
Of That Effort in A Solo Thread NoW iNto the 53rd Page On the
"Wrong Planet Website" For A Communion of
Philosophy, Politics, And Religion in An
EPiC Longest Long Form Poem There
Generating 120 Thousand Views Just
From the Registered Members of that
Website Also A Top of the Heap Hit on Google Searches
too For the 'General Public' Too as What i Do is Published
On Several Archive Blogs and Many Social Media Avenues too

Typically Video Voyeurs Promote my Ministry of Autotelic Moving
Meditation Without A Word for the Last 9 Years in Countless Social
Media Avenues In This Metro Area of Over Half-A-MiLLioN Folks

Generally Hehe
i Influence More
SMiLes Than Most
Humans Can or Will
Count As Stars in the
Day And Night Skies for
Real Hehe Even with a Telescope It Seems

True A Bit too Big For Most Folks to See Online
In A Twitter World in the Depth of All These Stories
Practically Invisible to Some Folks in This Way Yet

It's All For Love
Sweet Love

to Feel Sense
Give Share Care
Heal iN JoY oF LiGHT
For All With Least Harm

(Helps to Rest my Feet too)

Moving Connecting Co-Creating
This is All Just Fumes of HeAVeN
Within Oh God Yes For Real New Now...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa to
Crawl, To Walk, To Talk,

To Dance, To Sing

Or To Crawl

No Longer
Breathing Free

Yet Dance And
Sing Will Spring Again...

iDream oF FLYiN'
Wings Take me
No Longer
LooKinG Down
With Gravity
Air and
Dear Savvy WitH SMiLes
All Dreams CoMe NeW True...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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27 Aug 2022, 12:26 am

TiME WHeRE GoD CoMeS EXisTinG Real NeW

God Is The Faith The Play The

New Now

Hope THiS iS
mY ReaLiTY LoVE...


SMiLes Dear Savvy Words May Be Labels
For 'Concrete Objects' in Our Environment
Or Deeper and Deeper Metaphors For Feeling
Sensing Life in Synergies of Emotions "Interoception" in
Greater Awareness of Internal Bodily States of Being As

That Does Relate to Our
Feeling Sensing
Mind in Synergy
of Bodily States Within

Enhancing This Ability to Regulate
Emotions and integrate Senses Within

May Come With Activities of Contemplating
Meditation Including Moving Meditation in Free Dance too

Indeed With A Balance of Regulating Emotions And Integrating
Senses in A FLoWinG Meditating Way of Being Words More Naturally

Flow Out of the
Reservoir of Our
Human Potentials
Through Subconscious
Mind and Conscious Awareness Now

In Newer Positive Ways of Interacting With
Our Environments Through Metaphors of Words too

SMiLes of Course Along With This 6th Sense of Interoception
Is Our Proprioception in Greater Sensing Our Environments
On the Outside too In Relation to Greater Sensory Awareness too

That Naturally Comes With A Free FLoWinG Meditating Movement
of Dance too

Of Course With
Lessons Plans
too Like Traditional Tai Chi

Yet For me i Rather Let The Within
Guide me Innately Instinctually Intuitively
In A Play of Life Including Dance And Song Free

As Bio-Feedback Creates A Higher State of Being
Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses Through
Meditating Practices Where More Positive Metaphors Flow

in Words
of Song
Free too With SMiLes

It's Really A Challenge Now to Put
the Internal States of Being into Words

Yet of Course Poetry And Metaphors
That Relate to the Rest of Nature in
Balance Serve An Art Free of This New


God Is The Faith The Play The

New Now

Hope THiS iS
mY ReaLiTY LoVE...

Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa
SPiRiT FLaME Burns
WiTHiN Moves
Stuck in
Quick Sand
Instead Of Moving
to New And More BLeSSinGS
Beautiful Beaches of BLiSSinGS...

"Happiness weaving magic of words made
of intelligence and love my two twin souls
today you make us all happy once again"

SMiLes Dear 'Peace & Truth' What A Stellar Kind
Comment You Bring to Us When Your Day Yes is

Our Night After

Midnight of Course With
SMiLes Inter-Hemisphere
Poetry Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Globe
Wide Indeed

With SMiLes
of Kindness And Wisdom
Love of Peace And Truth too

As Beauty Comes to Visit Once
More in Wings That May Only See LoVE

Oh By The Way All Your Poetry Sharing
Particularly Touching This Morning True too...

A Whole World in Front
Of Us That Only We
May Uniquely
Create to Be
NoW Who We aRe
As i AM STiLL To Be NeW...

Every FLoWeR
Petals Fall
Petals Rise
Every THoRN
CoLoRinG FLoWeRS More...

Every Human A World
Unique Every Dream
A New World to Create...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Ever Step A Success to Dance
Every Word A Success to Sing
Every Dream
Fruition to Bring
With SMiLes of
Course NeW NoW...

First of All Dear Cindy The Desktop Version of Word
Press is acting Whacky on Some Sites Yet Not Others
in this Case the Fill-in the Details Box is Filled in
Yet the Word Press Button to Log-in Won't

Work Anyway Hehe
There is Always the
Work-Around to Copy
And Paste to the Reader so i
Will Try That As it Worked Last
Go Around on my Smart Phone App Yet Today on Another One
of my FRiEnDS Sites it Didn't Work So Who Knows Hehe

Anyway Lovely Poem As Always Nice to See You Get in
Your Remodeled Yet Sadly Still Not Finished Home

Yet i Do BeLiEVE Free Stuff Mainly Unconditional
Love is the Best And When We Built our Home to the
Chagrin of the Real Estate Agent Who Tried to Shame Us
into Getting into Something Bigger than 1333 Square Feet of Heated
Space Under Close to 2000 Square Feet of Total Roof We Firmly Said

No We Spent Decades Building A Better Garden of Eden Outside to Breathe

Staying There For the Rest of Our Life Hehe as It's Been Paid off More than
6 Years Now Replacing An Old 40 Square Foot Window Out of A Great Room
About the Size of 25 Feet by 25 Feet Opening Up the Middle of the Home that
Way From Front to Back of A Garden of Eden Deep in the Forest For Real And

It's True We Don't Have a Half A Million Dollar Home Down the Road With No
Trees or Vegetation With the Same Size or Smaller Great Room With Smaller

Windows to A
Highway Out
Front And
Noise of
Traffic Going bye bye
to Nature Free Breathing
As A REal Garden of Eden
With Houses Does Not So Crowded
Together to Spit on HAha Nature Free Best

With LoVE
oN Top
and Bottom
Within Inside Outside
And All Around True so Free
to Be i Am Dancing Singing That Way too

Okay Now i'll See if Copy and Paste Will Work too HAha...

SMiLes For 66 Months i Dreamed
Of An Off Switch For Life

Dear Miriam True

i Found That Dream

Not to Be An Easy

One to Turn Off

Indeed Life is

Full of
And Dreams Still to Be

True There Are So Many
Off Switches Today Yet Few On...

Ah Yes Dear USA Writes
Love That Complements is
Best With SMiLes Hehe and

Word Press Is Acting A Bit Whacky
Today As Far As Making Comments

The Last One Answering Your Question
On Religion and Faith Didn't Seem to

Wanna take
Nor Did
One On
Your Post
Love' Last
Go 'Round
Yet Others
Did i Suppose
The Gremlins
in the Machine
Are Acting Up With
SMiLes Anyway i Always
Copy And Paste What i
Do For Another Day too hehe...

SMiLes Dear 'USA Writes'
If We WeRE ALL the SaMe
'God' Will Surely Get

Bored and Perhaps
Decide Not Even to Survive

True First DarK Then LiGHT

Then US
With SMiLes
Each and Every
Unique Eye of God

What A Treasure it is to
Find Another Pair of God's
Eyes Wherever i Go With SMiLes

Particularly Someone As Kind As You

(This is a Comment i made to Your
Post Titled 'Self Love' For Some
Reason That Comment Wouldn't
Take on the Desk Top Version of
Your Blog That Day And No Comments
Are Taking Here Now As There is A Widespread
Glitch Currently on Word Press Yet it Works on
the Reader So i am Going to Copy And Paste
This Entire Comment to the Reader Version of Your Blog

on Smart Phone Instead)

Now to Your Question of "What Are my Thoughts Now
on Religion And Faith" Dear USA Writes That Are Difficult to
Express in Any Other Way than Deeper Metaphors of Poetry and
Other Arts so

i Will Start
With This Metaphor in
Free Verse Poetry New

In Arts of What Might
Happen if A Human Being
In Deep Meditating Way
of Contemplating Sat
in A Cave or Under
A Tree or on
A Pristine
Beach or Deep
in A Forest With
Flowers in A Real
Garden of Eden
i Dance And Sing Free

TiME WHeRE GoD CoMeS EXisTinG Real NeW

In Other Words As Far As Faith Goes i Perceive
No Beginning or End No Finishing Only StartinG Love

New Now For All
DarK Thru LiGHT

A Flower Blooming Newer

Wilting Older A Flower Blooming Newer Again

A Seed A Tree A Leaf RiSinG Higher Green
Falling to Soul Soils Feeding New Green of

Spring and FLoWeRS of Summer Coming Again

Petals Falling to Soils Fertilizing Frozen

Winter For Spring Again

So Which Part

is Faith


or Religion

Faith is The Doing
of Existence Faith Needs
no Religion or Books to Exist

Faith Lives Springs New Now to
Rise In Summer FLoWeRS Fall Brings
Winter Gifts Of Death For Spring RiSinG Green Again

Human Animals Co-Create Symbols And Ideologies
As Abstract Constructs Representations of Reality
They make to Bond And Bond Over in Traditional

Ways For Cultures to Survive And Thrive the Best
They Can And Will Indeed The Essence of Tradition
The Glue of Religion That Comes in Many Human Expressions

Of Art
And Reason
Holding Hands ThiS Way

Where Tradition Naturally
Excludes Those Who Do Not
Abide By the Rules At Hand for
Bonding and Binding Cohesion
For the Culture As Whole to Survive and Thrive

And SMiLes in Most Every Case 'The Outcast' the
One Who Believes in More Beneficial Change Termed
As Heroes and Prophets Similar Coming Out of the DarK

To BRinG New LiGHT

These Are The Folks Who
Bring Change to Existing Traditions
of Religion These Are the Folks Who May
Develop Entirely New Different Religions of Tradition
Or Just Build Upon What is Already Created of Traditional

Religions Now

Voila the Many Sects
of Islam Voila the 45,000
Plus Denominations of Christianity

Voila Most Every CuLTuRE Has
A 'Religion' And Or A Sect/Denomination

They Believe is True An Only Valid one too

True Others Not So Much Only Adding Benefits They See New
For Others to Try For A Greater Way of Surviving And Thriving Now

Meanwhile Seeds Become Trees Leaves Fall Spring Rises Green
From Frozen Winter Fertilizing Death For Summer FLoWeRS Meanwhile the

River Flows
From Streams
to Bays to Gulfs
to Seas to Oceans More

True in the Biggest Pictures of
God Human is A Dream on An Horizon

Still FLoWeRinG Evolving Towards Love For all At Best

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD USA Writes i See God As a FLoWeR

Still Unfolding

How Fortunate
Are We to Be Petals
On A Rose Bush With
Thorns And FLoweRS THiS Way

i Do My Best Not to 'Think' too Much
About God And Just Let the Dance And Song
Come Free FLoWinG As Essence of Loving Every Holy
Move Dancing Free Every Sacred Word Singing Free

As Faith in Doing God Free Unfolding Now Real Yes

UNTiL DiViNE Sacred Feeling Sensing Perceiving

TiME WHeRE GoD CoMeS EXisTinG Real NeW

Beyond All Distance
Space Time and

'Matter of Things'

This Force of

Love With

This Pure Faith
oF LoVinG All DarK
Thru LiGHT EternAlly
Now This Dance And Song DiViNE
of God Always Changing New me too

Other than That i've Written 10.8 MiLLioN
Words of mY EPiC Longest Long Form Poem
"SonG oF mY SoUL" in 9 Years Now Yet it is
Only All As TRuE LoVE As This Move of Dance Out of
17,088 Miles of Public Dance in 9 Years too This Word

Of Song
NoW iNHaLinG
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring
Healing For All With Least HarM ETeRNaLLY NoW NeW
SMiLes Dear FRiEnd The Fumes of Before Still Exist in
The Words Written of the SonG oF mY SoUL And All
the Videos Folks Have Taken of mY Public Dance

Yet i Don't Often Look Back On FLoWeRS of the
Past What FLoWeR Has the Time, Distance,
Space, And 'Matter of Things' to Do that Now

When BLooMinG NeW
CoLoRinG Dance And
Song Freer NeWeR NoW
HAha Not me at LeasT Hehe

God Is The Faith The Play The


mY ReaLiTY LoVE...

Hehe Feel
Free to
A Hug New

A Pleasure
You Always
Inspire A
oF mY
With SMiLes...

Indeed People
And Naked
Nature First
Way Of Loving
All DarK Thru
LiGHT Dear
With SMiles...

Wide Awake
Day And Night
Dear Savvy

Sings Free...


TiME WHeRE GoD CoMeS EXisTinG Real NeW

God Is The Faith The Play The

New Now

Hope THiS iS
mY ReaLiTY LoVE...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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28 Aug 2022, 2:48 am

Faith That Makes Loving
Most Beautiful FLoWeRS
Bloom Dear Savvy Trust

In Colors
of Life
Returning to Bloom

And True i Just Took
A Photo of A Beautiful
Flower in Our Garden in
A Pot too Almost Identical

To the One You Share Today

True Faith And Trust Blooms
Most Beauty mY FRiEnD With SMiLes...

Oh my Goodness Dear Chaymaa
Jealousy in A Relationship Is Indeed
Poisonous i Haven't Found a Jealous
Bone in my Wife Yet
With SMiLes Yes It's
True it's Possible to
Find A Real Woman
Who Doesn't Get
Too With SMiLEs...

Indeed Dear Chaymaa
Every Breath We Take
A New Beginning of Life
To Do in Change
At Best Always
LiGHTinG A Way
For Improving Our Day...

Oh Goodness Dear Hawaii FRiEnD So Sad to hear
About Cappuccino Kitty's Fall Breaking His Back Femur
Bone Yet Surely A Beautiful Pastel Purple Sunrise You
Share Before Cappuccino Had His Fall Truly Peaceful
my FRiEnd
And We Will
Surely Keep
Cappuccino in Our Prayers...

How Sweet Dear Peace & Truth
A Gift of Two Hearts For Two Angels
With Fifteen Four Pointed Stars Happy

Saturday to You As It's Surely Evening
In The Other Hemisphere You Abide

Yet True No Distance
Between FRiEnDS

Or the Essence
of Love When

Real With SMiLes
Keep up the Wonderful
Play of the Poetry of Love True...


All Just


Dear Miriam With SMiLes!!...

'The 10th of December is observed as International Human Rights Day worldwide.'
Hehe Dear Rue That's Also My Mother's Birthday Yet of Course That's On Topic
As Every Human Being's Birthday is the Birth Of A Unique New Multi-Verse

Perceiving Reality
Differently Than
Any Human Who Has
Come Before or After and In this
Way of Introverts and Extroverts
In A Simplest Way of Perhaps Understanding

Two Human Beings Under One Roof the "Do
Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto

You" Just Will Not Work Unless One Develops Enough
Cognitive Empathy in Human Rights to Understand Not Everyone's

Definition of Hell or
Heaven And The
'TweeN ON EartH
is the SaMe By
Far By Far By Far

And This is What Freedom Means
And Human Rights to Life, Liberty,
And The Pursuit of Individual And Group Happiness
in Harmony As This Relates to Freedom of Expression
Freedom of Religion Or No Belief in a So-Called God At All

Yes As All Existence is A Spectrum of Diversity That Allows All
Existence to Adapt And Survive With Struggles that Come With

Existence Different Sexual and Gender Orientations Happen For
Balance to Meet Struggles that May Come in the Environment

As Basic As Subsistence to Survive; Yes Food, Drink And Shelter
to Stay Safe And Secure As It's true Not Everyone is Gonna be
As Inclined to Reproduce When Scarcity Comes Mother Nature's

Solution As Science Even Shows is to Produce Offspring Less
Competitive and Less Likely to Reproduce Yet Mother Nature

HaS A Wonderful Solution in Balance Humans Who Assist
Others Cooperating More Than Competing

Who May Have No Desire to Reproduce
At All Yet May Still Have Human Needs

Drives And Desires As Most All Humans Do
And of Course Neuro-Diversity is Just as Important

As True Hehe The Richest Dude in the World is Assessed
With Asperger's Syndrome by His Report Like me too Although

i No Longer Do Information Technology i've Shifted Over to More of
A Right Hemisphere Way of Big Picture Viewing of Existence in Social-
Empathic-Artistic-Real Emotional Spiritual Arts of Life Play Contemplating
Interpreting Both Larger Views and Smaller Views too in Balancing Force

of Existence
in my Unique
Way of Seeing
And Doing the World too

And What About Bi-Polar Non-Specified
For One Who Has Witnessed Both Hell And
Heaven Within on Earth Fortunate Enough to
Stay in the Nicer Place for 9 Years and 1 Month
Constant in A Place of Artistic Flow Always New

True the Sistine Chapel Would Likely Have A Ceiling
Wall Papered Instead of Painted Years on End And
Beginning Again With One Dude With One Special
Interest Focus in Original Creative Flow That He And
Or Her
Won't Let
Go of Course
Our Separation From Each
Other and Even Our Own Bodies
in Small Screen, Medium Screen, And
Big Scream Screen Ways of Life So Far From

Viewing the Horizon of the Human Touch is A Modern
Human Experiment Where We aRe ALL Subjects We aRe
Experimenting on Now Where in the United States the Youngest
Generations are Assessed As The Most Lonely and Depressed With
College Age Students With Depression Serious Enough to Disrupt Every
Day Life Functioning at 40 Percent and Severe Anxiety Disrupting Every
Day Life Functioning at 60 Percent Indeed Young Folks Are Measured As
8 Times More Depressed Than Last Century Before the Information Age

Comes to Make Us
More The Tools We
Create Than the Humans
We aRe Sadly Most Folks Accept
Whatever CuLTuRaL ARTiFaCTS From Birth
They Are Spoon-Fed With No Questions Asked

When Humans No Longer Exercise the
Interoception Intelligence of Relating to
What is Going On Within Their Selves
And the Proprioception of Sensing
And Feeling the Environment
Around Them in Terms
of Emotional
And Sensory
Integration It's More Than
Just Human Rights At Stake

It is Being Human At All As Various
Theatrical Prophecies Come True in
Terms of 'Terminator Machines,' 'Avatars'
For Real As Hehe You Surely Have Never
Met me in Person and Sadly "A Matrix Conundrum"
Where People Are So Plugged in From Birth They May Have

No Idea What
it Even Ever
Meant to Be
Fully Human For the
Rights to Inheritance
of The Condition We
Once Enjoyed in Greater

Balance mY FRiEnD

Yes Naked

Where the Warmth of the
Human Touch in A Free Dance
And Song Around A Moonlit Campfire
Night After a Forage For the Survival of the
Day Means Ascending Transcending all the Worries
of Word Think in A Dance And Song Free iNHaLinG Peace
EXHaLinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For all With Least Harm

ToGeTHeR Free Yes

Indeed mY FRiEnD
A True Golden Age
And Rule is Covered
With Naked Enough Dance
And Song Free Whole Complete

Yet Only my View Now of Course
NeW in Multi-UniVerse Way me Hehe

For It's True i Was Once Plugged
in too Now i Just Understand How
To Unplug And Be Free Still With the

Traditions of 'Rome'

To Fit in Enough

to Dance Sing Hello

Yes! Hope You Are Having
A Wonderful Weekend mY FRiEnD
Now Back to Completing Around Another
Bi-Monthly 60,000 Or So Word MacroVerse
Subchapter of a 10.8 MiLLioN Word Longest
EPiC Long Form Poem Celebrating 9 Years By Title
of the Same "SonG oF mY SoUL" Yet True Putting

People First Always

As Putting Together
All the Parts of the
Puzzle For Publish Hehe

Comes Second to Visiting
Dear Rue And Her View of A
Globe Today in Her Unique Multi-Uni-Verse Way

As i Continue to Write the Next MacroVerse Here
Celebrating 17,088 Miles of Public Dance in 9 Years too

True Some Days i Juggle More than one Task Hehe as
Store Dance Still to Come Later-on After Working-Out Hehe

Yet Indeed
i Understand
i Must Unplug
to Stay Embodied
And Human For Real...

As the Dance Brings the
Song And The Song Rests mY Feet HAha...

SMiLes my Friend visited
Thousands of People
In the World no
Kinder People
Now Than the
People from India
Your Cultures
Real Humans...

SMiLes Sohair Life is both
Good and Fascinating
Never Empty of Love
Never Bored
to Learn
So Much more
each and every Day
Yes my FriEnd Verily Life IS Good
True as Long as We Balance it as
Well as
And Will..
Smiles i'd give
You some Flowers
And Trees but my
Desktop Computer
Doesn't give me that Option hehe...

Stars We Paint Above Below Words

We Create Love Is Real...

Un-Numbered Lesson/Prayer:

Love Never Requires Worship Or
Fears Criticism For This God

This Love Is Free

SMiles Dear Rue Humanity
Evolves Globally in Cooperation
As We Move Connect Co-Create
All Your Contributions
New Much

Now With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
SoUL HeART OPenings
Balancings For Us All To
You Are
A Colleague
To Achieve...

Faith That Makes Loving
Most Beautiful FLoWeRS
Bloom Dear Savvy Trust

In Colors
of Life
Returning to Bloom

And True i Just Took
A Photo of A Beautiful
Flower in Our Garden in
A Pot too Almost Identical

To the One You Share Today

True Faith And Trust Blooms
Most Beauty mY FRiEnD With SMiLes...

Catholic Mass Readings From August 28, 2022
Something About Giving Without Expect of Return
Something About the Last Becomes the First This Way

As True Modern Science Shows That Humans Who Feel,
Sense, And Act Altruistically ThisS Way Thrive A Life Long Way

of Naked
Complete Sort
of Like the Matriarchal
GrandMother of Her Huge
Family Get Together Radiating
The Most Warmth of Human Kind
Loving Joy Delivering the Most Hugs
of Unconditional Love THiS Way For Decades Real

And True You Don't Even Have to Have Children to Be
A Grand Mother This Way True You Don't even Have to Be

A So-Called
Woman to
Wear Wings
That Last ACRoSS
A Life-Span For Real

True You Could Be A "Bus Driver"
Or Someone Who Drives "Mrs Daisy"....

Or Perhaps An "Oracle" off A "Matrix Movie" Who Believes For Real.





KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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29 Aug 2022, 2:45 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy
You Are A SoUL
Leader With No
Ends Always Beginning Means
Never Finishing NoW ALWaYS


Every Day
NoW Without
Fail Excellence

DaNCinG SinGinG SoUL Free
THiS WaY NeW WitH SMiLes...

Hehe Dear Chaymaa

i Do My Best Not To 'Think

i Can' i Rather Believe i Will

And 'Just Keep Doing

IT' iN Victory Never


Always Dancing
Singing Beginning 'A Do i Do'
A Play oF LiFE With Wings Loving Free...

Ah Yes Indeed Dear
Rue Freedom of
Expression in
Fashion And
Style of Dress
or Not Trumps
Outsourcing HeART SPiRiT
SoUL to the 'Machines of Life'

Hehe i Remember When 'They' Outsourced
Our Admin Department to Computers

So Much oF iT At Least STiLL Left
For Us to Do On A Keyboard

New Away From the
Human Touch

of Humanity
Warm And True

Yet Of Course Working
At Home With A Lap-Top
Far Away FroM A Place
of Work And Infectious
Pandemic Disease All
The 'RAge For 'The Machine' Too...

August 28th, 1984, 38 Years Ago i Started
A Government Career Disabled From
It For Long Yet Still Attached to It For
Credit For Retirement Through 6.6.2022 at 62

Still Waiting 3 Months for the 100 Percent Retirement
Opposed to 40 Percent The Federal Government is
in Arrears of Paying-Up So Far hehe Yet of Course

'Their Excuse' Overworked Just Like me Before
my Ship Sunk at Work Soon To Come in Again in Terms

Of Cash
For Real

True Though So Many
Folks No Longer Find
Meaning and Purpose
In Their Jobs That Feels
Human to Them as i Can't
Even Get A Human to Tell
me How Long i Will Have to
Wait for the Government to Pay-Up
Doubt 'They' Will Be So Forgiving if
i Am Late to Pay My Federal Income
Tax Which i Never Owe Now Anyway Hehe

In Other World News Katrina Has Just About
Given Up on the Idea of A New Blue Subaru
SUV Even though it Changed to A Honda
CRV As True They Still Are Rare to None
to Find on A Lot And the New 2023 Model

Is Still No Where to Be Found Although
Promised This Summer too So Much
Stuff is Late These Days Including me

Missing the Homily at Catholic Church
Today Yet Making it for that Tasty Wafer of Bread WiTH SMiLes
And At Least A Few Choir Songs to Sing With Crowds of Angels Above

in me
It's True
i Don't
mY SinGinG SoUL
Angels Within Hehe...

Oh By The Way Amazing
New Styles And Fashions You
Continue to Art of You WiTH SMiLes...

And if i Had to Work And Still Had to Hire
And Fire People (i Never FiRED Anyone)
i Surely Believe You Will Do A Great Job

Hehe and

INDeeD You Do...

Leader of mY Life Breath of mine
ALWaYS NoW Dear Chaymaa Yes
Changing NeW Dancing Singing
LoVinG CHanGE NeW...

Every Move of Dance
Every Word of Song
Ahead We Go When

Love For LiFE Perseveres


On Every Rose
LooKinG FoR HoMe
Dear FRiEnD Finding
HoMe Finally US FoR ReaL...

"i'M A LiVeR"

Only Line i Remember
From "Love Story" Other
Than "Were Do i Begin"
SMiLes Dear Miriam One
of the First Songs i Learned to

Play on the Piano By Sheet Music
in 1972 Hmm WaS A VEry Good Year
i'm Thinking For Chinese Rat New Year's

too Right Behind the 1960 Version of the
Chinese Rat me too the Movie "Love Story"

Released in 1970 With Ali McGraw And Ryan O'Neal

Loving Without Expectation of Return Altruism Without
Reward When Giving Becomes Receiving Regardless

of Rewards External or Not In Return True in this
Case at Least Love Means Never Having To Say

'i Am Sorry'

As The Giving
Is Naturally
Naked Enough
Whole Complete
Generally Speaking
Wearing Wings Makes Less 'Wind'
Shear FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing
Giving Again With No Receiving And No Returns


SMiles Taller Than Before...

i Am LooKinG For the
Song "Eye of the Tiger"
Then i Return NoW And
See The SonG oF YouR
SPiRiT Deep in Soulful EYes
'Until The Tiger Writes'...
Applause Dear Rue Your
Creativity Continues to Spiral Higher...

Here's A Deal EVeNTuaLLy Ya Better
Escape Illusions of Neo-Cortical Time Distance
And Space And Flow Like An OCeaNWHoLE GoDMiND

God Yes Free


Out of
'A Matter
With Things'

Metaphors For Ascending Transcending Autotelic
Flow of Heaven Within Range from Chi to Samadhi
to Prana to Satori to Tao
to Zen to Kundalini

RiSinG DaNCinG Free

And All the Other
Metaphors for

The Higher
'Force' Within

True Like Yoda
And Stars Wars
in Peace and Love Too

Tailoring Yoda Teachings
To the Audience At Hands And
Feet Telling them It Is Martial Arts First...

"Mother Nature" has No Clue Now What
'Fat Wallets' Are only What What We aRe Born-On
Date and Bred to Be Naked Fearless Love or Scared

No 'This' is Martial Arts (True i do NOT have to FIGHT)
Every Art that Expresses Non-Verbal Confidence is Martial Arts

Free Verse Poetry CoMeS From HeART More Honestly Dances Loving Living

Sings SPiRiT SoUL Generally Folks Dancing Singing Truth Peacefully Smile...

Hehe Technology
Has Been Chasing
Me All


NoW iT Is
mY Slave No

Soul Sohair HAha!...

Transgender Folks Are Among the Most Marginalized of Minorities
in the United States As Their Numbers Are Among the Smallest at
Well Under One Percent of the General Population.

So In Other Words, It's Much Easier for Folks to Pretend
They Do Not Exist at All, Versus Other Minorities Pertaining
to Ethnic Minorities Like African Americans And Hispanics; Yes,

This Makes it More of a Necessity For Folks to Learn That Science
Shows Transgender Folks Are A Natural And Real Part of Humanity,

As Well as Other Folks With Different Sexual Orientations As Well;

Just Like Folks Who Have Different Levels of Melanin in their Skin and
Just Like Folks Who Have Functional Disabilities Like Autism As Well.

Some Folks Who Are Diagnosed With A Condition of Autism Like to Be Referred
to As A Person Diagnosed With Autism; Others Feel Like it is Part of Who They Are


Desire to Be Called Autistic.

In my Case, Unless i Point out the Fact
i Have Been Diagnosed With Asperger's Syndrome
By Four Professionals, There is Literally No One i Meet
New Who Would Ever Guess i Have This Diagnosis; As

Typically in Terms of Ability to Adjust to Almost Any Social
Group Or Individual of Difference i'm Able to Blend in Better Now Than
Most Non-Autistic Folks in Terms of Reciprocal Social Communication.

i've Adapted
Seamlessly Now,

to the Point Where
i Would Be A Last Person
Someone Might Guess who is
Diagnosed With Autism; However the

Stereotype is With Reciprocal Social Communication Difficulties;

Ahem, Writing A Longest EPiC Long Form Poem at 10.8 MiLLioN
Words; And The Frequency And Duration of Dance Also Now in
17,101 Miles in Public in 9 Years is Surely Recognizable By Professionals

As still Someone Who Has Restricted Special Interests That Ordinarily Would
Interfere With Social Functioning in the Working World Yet i Don't Have to Do That

And my Wife Deals with it Okay; So Technically Now, for me outside of Having to Work for Pay

It is No Functional Disability for me and A Wonderful Gift to Focus The Way i Am able to Focus on A Special
Interest that Indeed Gains Me Access to Super Kind, Empathic, Intelligent, Creative Folks All Around the Globe

Who Judge me On the
Merits of my Creativity,
Intelligence, And Kindness;

Indeed, A Trifecta For Success
in Being Human In Life; Much More

Human Than When i Restricted my Special
Interests to Information Technology; Financial
Management; And Basically Solving Problems Like
A Machine Noted as A Valuable Commodity At Work

Yet surely

Not the Literal
And Metaphorical
'Life of the Party' Everywhere
i Dance in 'REAL Life' Where Folks
Do A Zombie Shuffle Walk of Life.

It's true, Before, i Didn't Expect Folks to Suggest
i Would be the one to Win the Metro Area Dance
Contest Annually and For the Bouncers to Say the Party Doesn't

Start Until i Arrive for A Biggest Dance Hall Bar Available in A Metro Area of Half-A-Million Folks

Yet it Happened, And There is Enough Empirical Evidence i Provide to Prove it Happened too (CHANGE HAPPENS);

GOD YES, We and Culture And Language Evolves Or We Would Still Be Communicating By Pictographs And Hand
Prints on Cave Walls as the Pinnacle of Human Potentials; True, We Would Still Be in "Plato's Cave," "Narrow-Asleep."

So Yes Again, Let's Get Woke!

If Anyone Here Prefers to
Be Called Person with Autism
Or Autistic Person i Will Easily Comply
With that Out of Humanity and Kindness
And Cognitive Empathy With Compassion.

Yawn, i Don't Meet too Many Folks Identifying as
'Autistic' Out in 'the Wild'; However, Lots of Folks Have
Someone in Their Family; Particularly, Children of course.

Yawn, i Meet even Less Transgender Folks And i Will Admit
i've Never Had A Close Enough Friendship Where Pronouns Have
Even Come Up in Conversation. Yet in the Rare Instance Someone

Might Ask For A Special Pronoun i Have A Good Enough Memory to remember
it, No Different than if they tell me Their Name and i See Them Again. Typically,

i Am Still Not one to Keep A Contact List as i Still Remember Phone Numbers of Friends From School
Some Plus 40 Years Ago too; So True, This is Easy for me. Perhaps it is too Hard for Other Folks Still to

Remember Someone's Name or Special Pronoun And in that Case We have Smart Phones to take Notes With too.

It's Not Gonna Hurt for Us to Become More Familiar With the Cultural And Other Differences
of Folks Around Us, if We Are Open Minded Enough to Do it with the Intellectual and Social

Capacity to Do it;

Not Everyone Has
These Functional Capabilities/
Capacities Or Even A Will To Do It; Typically

The More Humans Are Able to Cooperate Now
With others the Greater Places They Go in Life.

Our Limits are our Limits; Our Will To Excellence is the Door to Greater Potentials Realized.

It's Like me, i Understand my Autism to Be A REAL SUPERPOWER Now i CAN AND WILL EMPIRICALLY MEASURE

Yet again,

i Don't Have
to Be A Slave to
Anyone Else's Direction
For Pay; So that Sets me free

To Exercise the Gifts And Throw Away the Curses
that for me at Least, Were Truly THE INSANITY of
A Literal Machine of Culture Where i Became

More The Tool that i Used to Make a
Living in Special Interest Ways per

Information Technology and
Financial Management Then

Than What i Understand
Now For What it means to
Be A Fully Empathic and Kind Human Being....

Including the Flame Within That Makes my Life Bless and Bliss Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete...

Mileage Varies Depending on Make, Model, Vehicle, Vessel of Being Human; Yes, Nature and Nurture Per Each

Unique Human Being;

Folks Who Are Open
Minded Will be Naturally

More Open to the Differences
of Other Human Beings; Others

Will Still Likely See Disgust at a Statue (Focusing on a very small part)
of David Sculpted By Another Neuro-Diverse Human Being, Michelangelo....

i Take this into Account as Part of Nature too; What We Basically See Are

Open Minded Folks And Less Open Minded Folks And What They Are Open to Tolerate, Accept, And Do

To Sit in the Back of the Room And Let those Who are Marginalized Have a Front of the Class View and Do;

Not Everyone is Cut-Out

to Do this and That Okay too.

It's Nature; There are Many
Functional Disabilities

In life that
Have no

DSM5 Label at all.

LeSSoN 434 More Than A
Statue Liberty A Unique Way
Of Life We Co-Create No Matter
Country Soul Ours to Keep Free

Hey Why
Sculpt A
Statue Hehe
When You
May Do
It in Flesh
And Blood
With SMiles Of Course
Happiest Sunday to Your

With SMiles iN Hugs
Beyond Rainbow Colors...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
You Are A SoUL
Leader With No
Ends Always Beginning Means
Never Finishing NoW ALWaYS


Every Day
Fail Excellence

DaNCinG SinGinG SoUL Free
THiS WaY NeW WitH SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,819

30 Aug 2022, 2:10 am

Key Romancing Life New
BFForever Crush You FinAlly
Slow Dance WitH NoW ETeRNaLLY

FLoWeRS Blooming...

SMiLes Setting God Free
to Write and Pray Within

Re-Arranging Alphabets
As Wings May Come to Play

Breathing More Wind Sings
God Dances Within Free to

Bring A
SMiLe to
One, Two,
Three, And so
Many More Faces

Of A SaMe Dream
Dear Savvy With SMiLes

Blooming FLoWeRS...

Thanks Dear
Savvy For
The Very
Inspiring Story...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa True too
When Folks ATTempT To Knock
Us Down Give


They Are
Truly ASKinG
For A Step Up On
A Ladder Higher to Love

Although It May Be True
THeir Request May Be Blind

YeT HEaR We aRe to Help Them 'See'

More SMiLes
Of Never Giving
Up Wings oF LoVE Free...

i've been listening to really relaxing 432 Hertz
Tranquility Meditative Music for about 30 Minutes
as 'They say the Tune of the UniVerse' Not True
Yet it really Moves me to
Share a Few Words With You
as always i have no idea what
Words Come Next Almost Never
Pre-Plan Them Just the Intuition of the
Spirit Wind i come to See Coloring the
Pages of Your Life when i can and will true
Hoping to Reach Out New And Touch
Deepest Parts of Your Soul Now For
Healing as Any Genuine FRiEnD Will
Love to Do For Loved Ones Same and
Different True You Know i appreciate Your
Introverted Nature i realize there is so much
More to You of what you Feel and Sense
Within that may come to Written Pages
of Your Soul i miss Your Poetry and
Sure the Song of Your Voice too
for At Best that and
Windows of Your
Soul Best relate
Deepest Parts of you to me Yes
my FRiEnD No matter Who Your Soul
is Addressed to i Love to Hear it Dance
And Sing and although i feel the Life of
Your Soul So Warm And TRuE ALways
Looking Forward to the Next Moment
You Light it up to Shine Your Lamp
Unto the World Inhaling Peace
As Your Soul Exhales out Love
In Wind for all to 'See' my FRiEnD
SMiLes my FRiEnD This is a no-reply
Necessary Message just to Give and Share
Care And Heal For JoY iN LiGHT For All With
Least Harm For True This is what i do best just
to Give Share Care Heal for Free Swimming in a
Tranquil Soul
Ocean HeART
Bliss with
SMiLes for
You of Course...

Before A
Eruption Comes
Again Twilight
on Mountain
Tops of
Fruition Delay
Bliss Remains...


Sadly Not All
Waves of HeART So Clear Dance
of Body Language Lies Seeing

Silent Muse Breathing
Not Finishing Waving
HeART Tears Are Green
For They BRinG Loving
Comfort These
Are New Coming
From Green they
Remain CoLoRinG
Through Fall
Winter Green
Until Summer
Springs Fall
Fall Rise
Silent Muse (God) Breathing

Do Understand THeRE Is No Escaping Tale
or Head of Snake Make Best of BREaTHE B.E.G.O.D

Thanks Dear
FRiEnD A Bonus
Butterfly Gift
On Your
My Yard...

TRuE Dance Sing
Let “The Autotelic
Bliss Of Flow” Take
Over Dear Miriam

Free No
Need To
“Think” Effortless
Human Potentials
In Complexity of

Etcetera in Ease

“The Butcher’s Blade”
Stays Sharp Cutting
Meat “Souls” iN “Feat” Of
Ocean Whole Waves
Don’t Wear Down As Much

Yes Be The “Bruce Lee Water”

With SMiles FRiEnDs
With Gravity All
Emotions Senses
Regulating Integrating


New Just Being A “Forrest
Gump Feather” Yes in A

And After
Your Life Is
Over You only

Lived Free

Wind “Sees”

As Nautilus Free
Sea Creatures Leave
Foot Prints


Ways” Spiraling
In Shells For Others
To Find On Beaches

iN Fossil Records 300
MiLLioN Years Ago

Perhaps Above
Below Within
Outer Inner All Around
Place Forever Now Flows
New More As Yes “Anti-Poe

Ravens” Fly as Sea Gulls Now
New Do Forevermore Air to


WitH SMiLes Free NoW...

Thanks 'Your
Post' Just Really
Fit In With my
Spring Through
Summer Garden
Of Eden Meme True
There Are FLoWeRS
To Freshen
“The Place”

Up Too Hehe

Like A Summer’s EVE
my Wife of Course With SMiles...

i Know i Promised
i Wouldn’t Return
Yet i Couldn’t Help
It Since The Garden
Of Eden And The

Meme Arrives
On Your Blog
Too Hehe Doubt
It Not i’ve Already
Made An Art of

My Ass On
Facebook And
my Blog Too in

Fact Poems
Have Been
my ‘Booty’
And Gifts
Have Been
Received AS Such
In Appreciation
Of The
Of my Rear
Anyway You
Can’t Say You
Haven’t Been
If You Visit
my Blog True
All of This

“Tail” A Lie...
No Emoji’s
For Donkey’s
All That’s Left A Stallion

Relate Hehe...

And It’s Worth Noting
With All the Talk of
The “J” Man Here

He Will Return The

Same Way i Kid You
Not it’s in The Catholic
Roman Empire Censored

Version of
The Gospel
Of Thomas
Verse 37


As Cool As
Luke 17:21
And The Way
i Do John 14:12
Naked Too Tim
Tebow Too 'Wimpy'
To Do It Only
Old News
Of John 3:16
On His Forehead
And Bowing

To The
Old Story


Just Hmm HAHa...

i didn't See 'A Religion of Love' in Actual 'Effect' on the
List; it's What Humans Naturally Do; It's Our Natural Religion
That Binds And Bonds Us in Terms of Elemental Basics, Like Oxytocin
in Synergy with all the Other Biological aspects of Our Natural Altruistic
Being; A Religion of Love is impossible to Avoid for those who Share it;
Perhaps, We Would have to Amend the Constitution to 'Legally' Share it;
But there are other Overt Ways of
Doing This; by AcTuAlly Doing IT;
And Yes, i've Studied all these Religions
Around the World in How they Are Put into
Actual Action as a Global Participant Anthropology Observer.
What i've come to find is; it Must be an Individual Effort; As Group
Efforts by Very Nature of Group Effort Exclude those From 'A Real Nation
of Love' that Must come From the 'Meek' Up; Others Have Tried; All in Vain Effort, Overall,
Now, Per How the Religions are Actually Practiced still; Specifically, 'A Religion of Love'...
Go Figure, Now Humans are Still only evolved to Live Peacefully, Loving Unified,
And Comfortably in Groups of 150 to 200, Mostly Naked, Foraging, Dancing Singing Folks.
Bonobos are A Great Example of Love in Action that Actually Works, if not invaded by 'Strangers'...
In other Words, No Matter What Religion was chosen, it would not ultimately work, failing the same way
per Science of Human Numbers; Meanwhile, Here, In the U.S. We Are Free to Love; Sadly, Many People
Do Not
choose that Freedom...

"Religion is Just Superstition"

Science Can't Prove Jesus Existed
Or Muhammad Was A Last Prophet
of God Or That Fortune Cookies Inherently

Bring Good Fortune With Their Future Wisdom Forecasts For Our Lives

Or That Astrology And Numerology Serves Any Meaning and Purpose Yet Woo

Yet It's Also True Placebo Effects Are Real

And 'Sugar Pills' Related For Essence
of Positive Actions and Healing Are

Without Limits...

Additionally, the 'Voodoo
Nocebo Effect' of Negative
Tied into Symbols And Ideologies too;

Yet It's Also True Humans As Neuroscience
Shows Basically Co-Create THeir (Our) Realities
As We Go Based At Essence of What We Hallucinate

of Reality Before;

And What This Means
Is We aRe Open Source
Creatures With iMaGiNaTioNS
And Co-Creativities if We Develop
Human Potentials to Co-Create A WoNDeRFuLL
Great ADvenTurE of Life Full of Meaning and Purpose;

Hmm, i Wonder Who Enjoys Life More;

Someone Who Believes They Are Just

Part of An UnCaRinG UNiVeRSE

That Just Doesn't Give

A CR8P About What
Happens to Us Now;

or Perhaps Those of Us

Who Understand We Truly Do

Resurrect From Gaseous Star Dust

of Super Nova Explosions Iron Flowing

in Our Blood Streams Still Atoms From More

Than One Star System As Well True Now New And

Yes Same At Core of Our Earthly Home So Abundant

in Potential to Breathe Either Hell, Purgatory, And or Heaven

of What Human Beings Co-Create New Now;

William Blake Sings it Well too:

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour."

SMiLes, We Humans Have the Potential
to See Heaven in A 'Number 1' WHeRE

'1' Is No Longer A Loneliest Number in the World;

True, As We Continue to Find Holy Sacred Loving Meaning

And Purpose in All Existence DarK Thru LiGHT DiViNE


Truly Feeling
And Sensing Gifts Within

DiViNE True When All Parts

Become 'Number 1'

For Whatever Metaphor We May
Co-Create in Meaning and Purpose
oF Our DiViNE Sacred Holy Feelings SeNSinGS WiTHiN;

Nope, We Don't Have to Ever Reach 'NuMBeR 1' And Go Stale as

THere Are As Many Heavens 'Left' For Art We continue to Co-Create


As A Number
1 Is As Great

As Thou Art Co-Creates;

Typically, in Religions Cross
CuLTuRaLLY, 1, Is Used As Metaphor For 'God;'

It's True, Science Can't Prove 'THE NuMBeR 1' Exists
Without Humans Either...

Never The Less,
In Most Cases
We Have 10 Fingers
And 10 Toes, Two Arms,
Two Legs, Two Hemispheres

of Mind And Globe; Yes, A Wonderful Ability
to Move, Connect, And Co-Create Together New

Now Whatever Symbols And Ideologies We Co-Create
to Bond and Bind Over For Love to Keep Us ToGeTHeR

True Deeper Parts of Life are Best Studied And Related

More Holistically Than Materially Reduced

By Folks Like William
Blake Who Don't Reduce

All of God to Only Number 1,

Or A Three Letter Word of Course Two;
Sure, in Some Cases Father, Son, And Holy

3 in 1 Two
3 in 1 Two
When Ya Understand
What That Means Do Pray Tale...

Every Human Story Waiting For
A New PAge of Breath to Be, Do, And 'See'...

At Least to me Reality; All oF iT iS Greater Than Any Fiction Sold...

Just Naked Enough Whole Complete BLoWinG FLoWinG AS A Wind Dancing Singing Free...

And True, i Find Holy, Sacred, Divine, Feeling, Sensing, Meaning and Purpose in Every Single


And Letter

of the Alphabet

i Use; It's True i've
Developed This Potential
For Heaven Within and Leave

No Parts Out DarK Thru LiGHT CoLoRinG New mY LiVinG Christmas Tree
LiGHTS KeePinG iT Up NoW Sacred, Holy, And DiViNE to Co-Create For Real WiTHiN;

True, So Far Beyond Scientific Measure iT Ain't Worth Trying to


It's What We Feel
Sense And Experience
of LiFE NeW Now; Yes Hell, Purgatory,

And Or Heaven Within That is Most Real;

Rest oF iT iS Basically DReSSinG For Word Salad And The Such of Human-Made Tools;

Yep, Particularly, A Scientific 5 Step Method ATTeMPTinG to CLotHE A REAL Human Soul...

"76. 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. What meaneth this, o prophet? Thou knowest not; nor shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it. But remember, o chose none, to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven; to look forth upon men, to tell them this glad word."

-"Book of the Law"

FLoWeRS Blooming...

SMiLes Setting God Free
to Write and Pray Within

Re-Arranging Alphabets
As Wings May Come to Play

Breathing More Wind Sings
God Dances Within Free to

Bring A
SMiLe to
One, Two,
Three, And so
Many More Faces

Of A SaMe Dream
Dear Savvy With SMiLes

Blooming FLoWeRS...

Key Romancing Life New
BFForever Crush You FinAlly
Slow Dance WitH (GoD) NoW ETeRNaLLY

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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31 Aug 2022, 2:34 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Even 'Mindless'
Creative Doodling
Will Open Up New Pathways

to Creativity For Our Human Potentials

It's True i Doodle in A Spiral With my

Feet iN A Free
Dance ThiS Way

Opening Up New
Pathways to Song Freer too With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Cindy You Look
As Young And Energetic in SPiRiT
Hanging On to Your LiVinG LoVinG Redwood

Tree As Any Woman i Surely Feel Now New and
Sense From The Distance of Your Photographic

Art And Your Poetry Newly Published of Course

About Being One With A LiVinG Tree

Roots Deep Branches Reaching

Upward Leaves Greening

SoUL Again SPiRiT RiSinG
As Falling Leaves iN HeART

Once Again Fertilize Soul

Soils For SPRinG With SMiLes

Oh Lord i've Been Planting Baby FRedWoods

All Night and Day Long Soon to Grow Even
Taller With SMiLes Hehe As All the Leaves Join Hands Sooner

Than Soon
WitH SMiLes NeW NoW...

SMiLes Dear Yamini Your Poetry Story Free Verse About
Two Girls Nervously Brushing Hands Joking They'd Rather
Date A Girl Reminds me of the Stories my Grandfather an
X-Catholic Priest From Ireland Told Who Worked As A Counsel
For the Vatican Used to 'Tale' About His Days Spent in the Seminary

Before Becoming A Priest
Hehe, He Actually Wrote a
Book "Titled Soul of A Priest,"
And Many Others Like "Out of the Labyrinth,"
And "Behind the Dictators" Per the Role the Catholic
Church Played in Supporting Dictators From Last Century

Sort of Like The Support They Have Provided to Trump Through
All Of His Horrible Deeds He Has Done to Our Beloved Democracy in the

United States Anyway He Died Before i Was Born in 1960 At Only 55 From
Cancer in 1950 Yet He Left Books Behind to Get to Know Him And He Was
Also An Editor of A Magazine For 10 Years Called the 'Converted Catholic'

Then in New York City Hehe
Family Legend Has it He
Dined With Einstein in the
'Socialist Circles' Last Century

And True Yes He Does Have His
Own Wiki Bio-Page to Some Claim
to Fame More Than 60 Years After He Passed Away

Yet Back to the Topic of Your Poetic Story What He Noticed
in the Seminary is Widespread Homosexual Behavior Under
The Cover of Sheets At Night And Even Studies Now Within the Catholic

Church Show that Up to 58 Percent of Catholic Priests are of Homosexual
Orientation Sadly They Are Required to Closet Who They Are As Human Beings

And Even More Sadly and Ironic is According to Modern Science This is Likely
The Reason They Sought to Help Others With Their Spirituality in Life And Of
Course to Have Some Excuse Not to Be Interested in Getting Married to
Women As That Used to Be a Big Deal for a Man to Stay Single Not

So Much Anymore
as Humans Continue
to Evolve Anyway Science
Shows Humans Are more Likely
To Be Prone to Be Born Homosexual
By Hormones Present in Stressful Pregnancies
in the Womb as Mother Nature Does in the Rest of
the Animal Kingdom When Population Stresses Occur

In The Case of Humans They Are Born More Likely To Cooperate and
Assist Other Members of Their Species As a Stressful Environment
is Related in A Mother's Womb Flooded By Hormones Changing a

Child Developing And What Happens May Be A Child Who Assists
in Cooperation More Than One Who Competes to Reproduce True Nature

iS A Whole Lot
Smarter than
What Culture
Decides Humans
Are or Are Not There is

No Fooling Mother Nature
When the Closet Becomes
The Reality Between The Sheets
in Catholic Seminaries And The Such For Real...

It Is Truly Sad When CuLTuRE is So Warped That
A Human Being is Prevented From Experiencing a
Lifelong Affection of Love in A Home and in a Same Bed

of Loving Comfort

How Horrible
Humans Will
Be to Other Human
Beings and Even their
Selves for the Lies Spoon-Fed
By CuLTuRE Put in a PRiSoN

Without the Love So Many Folks
Who Are Accepted Come to Realize in Life For Real...

Of Course my Grandfather A Converted Catholic to
Protestant Would Have Suggested Then Like my Mother
Who Actually Converted to Catholicism Ironically From Being
Protestant to Raise Us in that Church Yes Both of them Would

Have Suggested Than Hindus And Muslims Would Burn in Hell
Forever if they Didn't Accept Jesus Christ as Their Only Lord And Savior

Not Unlike the Two
Girls on the Beach
Or the Homosexual
Priests They Would Not
Accept i Clashed with mY Mother
on What i Felt Was A Most Horrible
Sin and Evil to Suggest A Fate Like that
For Humans Who Were Surely More Overall
Loving and Accepting of Other Human Beings than
Such A Closed in Small Religion Such as that

Hehe i Didn't Have an Opportunity

to Clash With my Grandfather

Yet There Are Still Plenty
of Human Beings Led Astray
in the United States Just Spoon
Fed Lies From Birth The Same Way...

Fortunately Some of Us Have Been Able
to Evolve Past the Sins Of Our Mother's and
Grandfather's And Such Just Out of Ignorance mY FRiEnD

If God is Not For All Human Beings God is Not Love or Even 'Really

NoW in my
Estimation Yes
of Humanity Even
With A Potential for
A Greater Love Than
A Smaller Fabricated God Might Bring...

Surely my Experience in the Poetry World
Listening to the Souls of Hindus and Muslims
And The Love They Bring Unconditionally Only

Makes my
Beliefs more
Secure That
Love is For Everyone mY FRiEnD

And God too if God is Really Love and Not Just a Lie and Ruse
to Subjugate, Master, And Control The Freedoms of Other Humans...

Indeed Yam True
Gift to
Be Fully
Human Dear FRiEnD...

Feeling Mutual
Dear Yam You
Are A True
Human to me...

A Mind of Many Minds Humans
Body And Whole Mind Soul Possess
to Navigate
And Integrate
In Terms of Emotions
And Senses For Real Dear
Yam And True Lust Core to
Basic Survival Affection Core

to Love That Binds
And Bonds Across the
Life Span as Spouses
May Become Lifelong FRiEnDS
ThiS WaY With SMiLes Most All Our

Reasons For What We Do Fall in Second
Place As Of Course it is Our Great Drive
To Survive and Affection That Bonds Love

Life Long
That Raises
A Child of Love
By A Village From
A Beginning to Thrive
Again With SMiLes Sadly

Parts of Humanity Regarding
Our Nature And The Rest of Nature

Left Out As Increasingly Humans Become
The Machines They Create Instead of Nature

That Creates Still To Survive And Truly THRiVE LoVE

For All
Harm And SMiLEs...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Creativity Always New
No Time No Distance
No Space or Even

Matter With
Things Creativity
Dances Sings Free

To BREaTHE AGAiN For Real...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa my my Celebrating
17,000 MiLes oF Public Dancing in 9 Years

Wife Taking Videos Yet There Was "SonG of
mY SoUL 9 YearS Old 10.8 MiLLioN Words" to


First Dancing All Evening in Flow More Videos
Taken For The Celebration of 9 Years of Dance

Again The Song Becomes

Words on A Page of

As Dance
Brings Ecstatic
Flow of Even More

Creativity ALiVE iN Words

mY mY Busy You Are With Four
Inspirational Posts Primed i am to
Enjoy What You Bring to A Table of Flow WitH SMiLes...

Anyway Be A While Before i Get This Next MacroVerse Published
And The Dance
Already Rises
to 17,123 MiLes

As Dance and Song
Won't Wait Until After
Celebrating Life As Indeed
At Essence This is What Free Dance And Song Does...

Without Forgiveness A Soul
Slowly Rots With Mal-Content,
Anger, And All Stuff Associated

With Hate
Springs LoVE Free Now

Fountain Never Ending New...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa i Let
Dance Bring Song Before

i Attempt to Understand
What my SoUL BRingS

to Life
Songs of SoUL...

Giving is A Fountain
That Never Ends
As Long As
A Fountain
Is Nourishing
With LoVE ReaL
Dear Chaymaa WiTH SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Sohair At Best Words Are Guideposts
For How We Feel And Sense The World and
Metaphors That Relate How We Do

Successfully Relate to All of the
World Around Us Regulating Emotions
Integrating Senses A Song of Poetry Will

Definitely Moderate Our Within However For me

Without a Dance To Spring the Song i May Be Left

More Out oF A River
of Flow WHeRE ALL
The MaGiC of SoUL Begins

Dance And Song Again With SMiLes...

Yawn, Typically Folks Are Much Nicer to Each Other Face-to-Face Than
Electronic Media, So Far Removed From the Benefits of Human Warmth and Also

The Danger of Two Folks Getting Angry, Eventually Moving into Fisticuffs Next;

Particularly, Where Two Men Stand, No Matter What Their Proficiencies in Fighting May

Be As It's True, i Do LiVE iN "Stand Your Ground Trump Town USA, Panhandle of Florida,"

Where the Local Sheriff Got on TV And Gave the Advice to Shoot A Criminal Breaking Into Our

(They Even Offer
Target Practice
Classes as Well
As He Promoted That too)

Homes to Save the
Taxpayer's Money

For Having to Work on
Rehabilitating The Citizens
Who Run Afoul of the Laws of the Land
In Terms of Breaking Entries of Homes AS Such.

i've Watched 'The Locals in Action' as An 'Undercover
Public Dancer' Per Do, in the Last 9 Years And Have Learned

Much About the Local Populace For Being in Action With them
And Communicating Very Closely; Particularly, in Some Cases of
Grinding Dances 'offered-UP' Free to me in the Largest Dance Hall in
the Metro Area of Over Half-A-Million (6 Years, 298 Weekly Events) Folks to my Great Surprise Returning

To The Dance Hall From the Mid-Eighties to the Year of Our Lord, 2014, When Obama Directed The Country.

True, Back in those 80's Days, The Young Women Never Fully 'Assaulted' my Private Parts With Hips As a Stranger,

Who i Never Met Before; Yes, "Back in Those Days," i Spent Much of my Life as A Wall-Flower; Yet i Digress as Basically

Men Asked Women to Dance, and "Back in Those Days," i Was rather Shy and it Took Close to a 'Six-Pack' to even go in.

It's True in the Mid-Eighties, the Prospect of A Transgender Person Greeting Folks At the Walmart Door Was A Big Zero.

It's True Today, the Reality is Here, and Watching Folks Interact With this Kind Young Person, Who i Silently Give a Nickname of 'Jesus,' Until the Person Fully Identifies to me What Their Gender is, Plus Whatever Pronoun they Might
Enjoy to Be Called By to Satisfy Their Personal Gender Identity of Life; It's Worth Noting That In Artistic Endeavors Jesus is

(It's Not Likely Gonna Happen)

Presented aRtistically Yes
With An R Maybe U as
A Very Androgynous
Human Being With A
Beard and A 'Flaming HeART'
of Kindness Radiating All Around His Being For Others.

The Metaphorical Aspect of THiS 'FLaMinG HeART' is Why
The Transgender Person Gets That Silent Nickname from me...

Anyway, As Face-to-Face Interactions Go As the Kindest Walmart
Greeter Says Goodbye to the Locals As i Watch Their Interactions
Behind my Shades as Part of my 'Under-Cover-Get-Up-Per-Do,' They

Reciprocate the FLaME of Kindness Back to the Walmart Transgender Greeter

And By the Distance the Greeter Can No Longer Hear and View them, They Snicker Together;

Not Much Different Than the Folks Together At the Southern-Baptist-First Sunday-After-Church-Dinner on the
Southern Baptist Pastor's Farm Grounds as Typically Gossip is A Hot-Topic of Most all the Interactions There when

Others are Not Present.

It's Not Like 'Here' Where
Someone Who READS FAST
Can/Does Consume Large Chunks
of the Forum As An Anthropology
Participant Observer too to Gather
Muse for A Longest 9 Year, 10.8 MiLLioN
Word EPiC Long Form Poem Special Interest True.

Anyway, Honestly, i'd Rather LiVE iN This Small Trump Town USA
Than A Big City, Yuck, Like Seattle Where Some Really Ignorant Folks
Thought They Could LiVE Without Law-In-Order Provided by 'the State.'

This is A Most Peaceful Place i Can And Will Imagine and the Frigging Folks Around
Here, at Least Face-to-Face, Just Don't Bring up Politics and Religion As That's 'Normal Human Etiquette;'

On The Other Hand, i'm More Likely To Do it As i Don't Always Follow 'Normal Human Etiquette' in this Local
Community; However, i'm Always Kind Without Fail And Generally Speaking Ya Don't Mess With the Martial Artist

(i Have the Ability to Put Them to Sleep too With Long Fred-Talk Monologues As Well THeRE too)

Who Public
And Also Leg
Presses up to 1520 Pounds;

No Matter How Graceful A Bull
Manages Not to Break China in A Walmart Store Hehe;

i Have a Kind of Privilege in Life Most Folks Don't Even Have A NaMe for heHe...

Yet i Do Get Around, i Do Connect With Hundreds of Folks Each Week Still And True, On Average,
Before Covid-19 Shut-Down the Metro Biggest Dance Hall on 3.12.2020, i Connected With Literally
Over A Thousand Folks, at Least Non-Verbally, Weekly, Taking Notes Totally Sober as Such, WIDE AWAKE.

THERE were Folks of All Kinds of 'Orientations' and 'Identities' there and Everyone Typically Treated Each Other

As Humans Just Dancing The Night Away Getting Drunk, Until the Next Day of Work or School on Friday Reminded

Them What
They Did the
Night Before, Hehe...

Oh to be Young, Oh To Be
Open Minded Enough to Get
Along with Folks Who Are Different than Us...

These Were Newer Generations; i Watched the Millennials
Exit the Dance Hall and Generation Z Above 18 Enter the Place.

This Much i'll Dance Sing, Times Are A Changing And This Ain't Gonna
Be An 'Okay Boomer World' Much Longer; As the Silent Generation, Generally
Speaking Are Dying-off in Church Pews Locally And the Youngest Generation Left

is Typically Us Boomers Who Relatively Speaking Now Look Like Youngsters at Church

For As Far As One My Look Gray Hair is Mostly What is Left in the Pews; Culture Changes, It's the Only Constant;

Ya Either Catch Up to What's

New Or Ya Fall Behind and

Are No Longer

Part of 'the
Groove;' Let's

Just Say Through Practice;
A Whole Lot of Practice; i'm
Able to Fit and Get Along Fine in Every Damned
Crowd and Yes the Blessed Ones of Kindness too...

i'll Take This Place Beyond A Big City, So-called Liberal
Place, Any Day of the Week Just Because This is Literally A Safest Place
to Exist

And Express
my Own Unique
Way of Being Without
Even Missing A Dance Step
or A Song of a Word, No Matter Where i go...

In Fact, 'The Wrong Planet' Has Been one of the
Most Challenging Places to be me FREE Who i Really Am; Much Thornier than Any Place in 'Real-Life'

Yet of Course i Come From Hell For Real For 66 Months, it Still Feels Like A Rose Garden Here to me...

Meh, if it was Face-to-Face,
Doubt it Would be Anymore
Challenge Than Trump Town

IN 'REAL-LiFE,' i LOVE Conservative Folks, They are Some of the Nicest Folks i know...

i Realize They Gossip About me Behind my Back And i Give 'em A Whole
Lot of Reason to Do

That too, hehe...

i Realize That's
One of Their Favorite
Past Times to DO; if Not me,
Anyway, Their So-Called Best FRiEnDS...

This is Just The Human Condition Like the
Rest of Existence, Thorns And Flowers Make Roses

Either Wilting

or Rising;

In Practice,

i Perfect 'The
Art of the Rise;' i Suggest
Others Enjoy HeaveN ON
EartH As Well, if They Can
And Will; And 'Just Do LOVE iT ALL For Real Now'...

Have A Nice Day; It's What Most of Us Do in 'Trump Town USA;'

Are These Folks Gonna Start a Civil War Out of the Three Thousand
Strong Local

And All
the Others too,

F No,

They Gonna
Praise Jesus

Until a Dirt Nap
Promise oF A Place of Heaven.

Indeed, Jesus is still Saving Our Country ThiS Way;

Do Not Doubt The Force of the 'J Man' Among the Median
Age of 'Fox News Watchers,' Per 68 Years-Old, my Peers For Real;

Jesus, The MaGiC Password, If Ya Will Quote Bible Verses

There Ain't No Argument Ya Can't Get Out of Here, Hehe...

'When in Rome', Ya Thrive By STill Blending in on the Sly...

'Listen' Folks, 'Get Woke'; The Real World Ain't TV And The Interwebz

At Least
Not For
Real Now

in Trump
Town USA...

People Vote, They Go To Work,
They Go to Church, They Go Home

And Still 'Go to Sleep;'

After The Church Ladies
Watch the "Magic Mike XXL"
Movie They Promise to Get
Hot With Their Husbands
At the End of the Movie,

Literally Yelling it From
The Places They Sit, Oh God

YeS! i Witnessed that
With my Wife And
Her Female
Relatives too;

It's the Tradition
of the Tradition;

THere is Literally
No Escape for
Church Goin' Folks HeaR...

This IS A Least Scary Place to
LiVE oF ALL, Even if You Happen
to BE A Trangender Greeter At Walmart...

i'm From the 60's, 6.6.60, Here, WHere i Was Threatened
to Be Beat Up in the Early 70's, if i Smiled As A Boy 'They'
Said Looked Like a Girl at the City Park Playing Tennis,
And in Middle School Halls too Just Happy to Be Alive....

i Am Happy to Report that in 'Trump Town USA' Today
'They' Let People Who
Are Happy to Be Alive

Exist Now.

Thanks God
For Newer Generations

As the Anger and Hate Dies A Slow Dance Death...

Gotta Go, Gas is $3.39 A Gallon Here, School Loans Still Are Expensive, And
The Taco Tuesday Special at the Mexican Restaurant is Only $5.99 After 5 PM...

It's No Wonder Biden's Approval Ratings (Not Here) Have 'Sky-Rocketed,' 6 Points to 44, Hehe...

LeSSoN 435 LiVE Far
Enough Away From Civilization
To Be Close Enough To Nature
Yes “Play Naked As Nature”
Yet Don’t Get Cold When
Fall Leaves
You Hehe
i Realize That’s Probably
Not Funny For Someone
Naturally Covered Like
A Hairy Bear To Dance
And Sing To Someone
Not So Fur Endowed

YeT Ain’t Existence
All About Balance
As You Come
Closer to
Your Third

Winter To Move
South of The
Border Of
With SMiles
No Matter WHere
You Go i Remain

To Dance And

Sing Go Girl Go
And One Day

When You
All Your
Hehe i Will
Just Dance
And Sing

i Told
You So
Your Dreams
Will Come True
If You Just

With Believe

Maybe i’ll Give
You A Bear Hug
Too If Fall Leaves

Till Never
Ending Spring Within...

Pyramid of Civil Discourse:

(6 Levels)

"1. Refuting the Central Point: explicitly refutes the central point.
2. Refutation: finds the mistake explains why it's mistaken using quotes.
3. Counterargument: contradicts and then backs it up with reasoning and/or supporting evidence.
4. Responding to Tone: criticizes the tone of the writing without addressing the substance of the argument.
5. Ad Hominem: attacks the characteristics or authority of the writer without addressing the substance of the argument.
6. Name-calling: sounds something like, "You are an idiot.""

Note: Donald J. Trump Usually Falls at Levels 5 and 6 of This Pyramid. It's Not a 'Good Look' For Civil Discourse;

Yet It's True, He is A 'Perfect' Poster-Boy To Illustrate This Issue with Social Discourse on 'the Net.'

Perhaps it Would Be Helpful to Have This As A 'Sticky Note' for the PPR Forum on the "Wrong Planet,"

Where We Explain it to Folks Like Mature And Civil Adults.

Pro Tip: Stay on Top oF "All the Pyramids."




True Yet Without
Falling no Rising

HeaR Let me SPeLL iT OuT For
YoU iN All DuE MoDeRaTioN oF CouRSE

We aRe Water We aRe Rain We aRe
Clouds Ocean Waves At
Best We No Longer
We Float
On Land
As Water
Swims uS AGAiN
As Air We Come To
Be and Breathe With
Ease Water Waves Ocean Whole Us
Thank You Prajakta Tranquil Waves
Water of Ocean Whole Poetry You
BRinG ETeRNaLLY New Now To See
Wind And Waves ALLOnELoVENoWUS

What Color What Time What Space
Matter Distance Do Thorns And
Flowers Come
That Fall
And Rise
A Rose of
Love Dancing
Singing More Than
A Dance And Song Before
Life Is Poetry Love is Dance
And Song Relating Fall And
Rise of
Come Now Alive Nature ALL
Wind Sees Water Breathes New
Ease of Tranquility Souls To Be
Smiles As Always Thanks For
Your Inspiring Words Friend Lillian
Orchard Daughter 'Orkidèdatter' too...

SMiLes My Maternal Grandmother Surely Amazing in Tenacity of Surviving
Quitting School in 9th Grade to Replace All the Homemaker and Cotton
Farm Duties of Her Mother Passing away from Breast Cancer..
Helping Her Father to Raise Her Two Sisters Who Ended
Up Getting College Educations While my Grandmother
Spent Her School Years in the Fields Picking
Cotton All Day then Manually of Course
Without Any Machines eventually
Raising 3 Daughters of Her own
As A Divorced Woman Yes First Woman
to Wear Slacks in Town Selling Car Parts
in the Service Department as the Men went
to World War 2 Then Yep Funny the things You
Remember about Your Loved ones i remember
The Strength of Her Hands Riddled by Arthritis
By Days I came into Her Life as she reached 60
Years-Old after Her Tenure yes likely doing 20 Miles
A Day in 12 Hour Shifts 7 Days A Week Waitressing
Walking to Work Close to a Decade Raising 3 Girls
True Naturally She Taught me Never Ever to See Women
As WeaK iN FacT She Taught me that Verily Women
Are Stronger than the Men i knew then like my
Father who Just called it quits and ran away
to Pursue his Dreams of Money for a Wife
Who Would Make Him Some who
Didn't Wanna Stay at Home
Raising Children As My
Loving Mother Supported
My Grandmother as she
Got Worn-out Physically
From Life at close to 60 Years-Old
As My Grandmother Reaching Her 60's
Losing her Sight She Started Painting Lovely
Oil Paintings as Visual Art of Memories after Her
Father Died at 95 Years-Old 2 Houses Down from
Ours A little Tin House His Yet On the Main Street
of DownTown Indeed the road then i was Raised
on is Still Named Willing Street as Her House
Was Torn Down And Now Before Covid-19 Yes
County Festivals held On the Grounds i Grew
Up On Now a City Park for those Festivals
Anyway of Course my Grandmother
Took Care of Her Father too
in His Later Years as my
Mother Financially
Supported Her
Mother and My
Sister Did the Same
for My Mother in Her Later years too..
Just Another Story of Love Yes Just the Human
Condition Based on Love STiLL at Least WHere the
Real 'Steel Magnolia' Women lived on the River then...
oh yeah Speaking of the Beach the Navarre Oriole one on
the Peninsula Yes My Grandmother's Father First Settled
The Beach on the Bay-Side taking the Ferry to Pensacola
to Work Leaving the Women to Fend for themselves while
he was gone Frontier at the Beach as Family Legend Has
it He helped name the Oriole Beach And He was Captain
of His Debate Team in College and Passed the 'Bar' on His
own to at least Be a Qualified Lawyer Yet i don't think he ever
Used the Lawyer Skills for Actual Pay as he Spent Much of his
Life as a Carpenter and my Grandmother's only Husband spent
His Days Homeless Creative And a Fiddler on the Side of the Road
Indeed they
to Tell thing
about 'Twitter Life'
is there is no room
For any Life Stories
Anymore Just Spits
And Sputters of Breaths
Mostly for Follows and Likes
Whereas in those Days the only
Reward in Story Telling was to enrich
Someone Else's Soul for what is learned to Carry on..
Smiles i am so happy i have more attention span than
A Gold Fish for that is surely all i had for telling Stories for Decades
As in all Stuff
Life use it or
lose it applies
in fact as in all Stuff
Existence Dance, Sing or Fall...

“We are beautiful
As dancing dewdrops
Of consciousness
Hand in hand
Hearts as one
All connected
As flowing streams
In the river of time”

SMiLes Savvy
I’m Speechless
All i Will Relate
Is Your Words
Relate How i See
Lovely Indeed
Pleasure to See...

So Very

There is Nothing Liberal Or Open Minded
About Accept Our Quarterback Is the Best

And Only One Or You Burn Forever

Gospel of Thomas As Recovered From the Dead Sea Scrolls

37) His disciples said to him, "When will you be visible to us,
and when shall we behold you?"
He said, "When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
take your garments and put them under your feet like little
children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
Living, and you will not be afraid."

Just Another Way of Dancing
Singing Luke 17:21 And Most
Other More Mystical Unifying
Versions of Religions The Only
Place We Will Ever Find God is

Within As Within is the Only Place We Truly Exist

Eternally Now
Why Not Make
Heaven Out of What
We Never Will LiViNG Escape

Or Do Hell The Irony of Living New Now

Putting Off Heaven Until After Death...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Even 'Mindless'
Creative Doodling
Will Open Up New Pathways

to Creativity For Our Human Potentials

It's True i Doodle in A Spiral With my

Feet iN A Free
Dance ThiS Way

Opening Up New
Pathways to Song Freer too With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Gender: Male
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01 Sep 2022, 12:41 am

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Frogs Hop On Lilly Pads
Making Ponds More Wild

Toad Audacious Nature Comes Alive Free

Eagles Soar Above With Wings That Know

No Lilly

Pad Restrictions

Yet How High is High
Enough A Frog A Toad And An
Eagle Don't Even Have to Ask With SMiLes...

Change A GReaTesT
Gift Every New Inhale
For Peace Exhaling LoVE ReaL

Even Greater
As All of Life

DarK Thru LiGHT Now New
Becomes A Prompt For Ever Bliss...

Art A New Frontier
Leaving Reasons
Behind For Less
Than A Colorful World

Goodness Dear Savvy Indeed
You Describe An Aspect of
American Culture That
Starts Early
Chairs for Those
Who Are Different
To Have A Seat to Sit
Together to Even Eat

True my Wife Spit on By the
Folks From the Biggest Church
As She Was Poor and Required
Free Lunch Passes to Eat Exclusion Hurt

Her So Bad She Refused to Eat At School

As It's True Starvation is Equivalent to Exclusion

For A Social Animal

Like A Human Being

When Real As We aRE Born to Be
And True They Spit on me too The
Same Folks From that Big Church for
Being A Boy Who Dared to Smile in A Town
Where if A Boy Dared to Smile They Would Be
Threatened With Bodily Harm Literally As they told

me Boys
Are Not
to Smile in this Town

Yet of Course That Was in the Early 70's
to The Chagrin of Those Folks Who Have
Grown Older in Their 60's Like me People

Who Are Different This Way Are Greater Accepted
By Younger Generations Now And Sadly This Makes the
Other People Older Sadly Even Angrier in Some Cases too

Love Wins Eventually Fear and Hate Grows Old And Goes Away...
Yet It's Never Too Late While Breathing to Let Love Be The Champion

oF A Life for Real...

SMiLes Oh Lord It's Been Such A
Rainy Month of August in Florida
i Didn't Expect An

Apology Hehe

When The Sun
Returned to SMile Again
Dear Miriam With Even More SMiLes

And Now It's 100 Plus Heat Index Degrees Again
Yes Looking Forward to the Bliss of Clouds Again...

SMiles Dear Hawaii
FRiEnD Good To Hear
Kitty is Already
Walking After Breaking
His Back Leg Femur Will
Say Prayers
He Regains
His Appetite
my FRiEnD
SMiLes Take Care...

Oh Dear Lord Aloha FRiEnD Sorry for Misgendering
Capucinno Kitty Hehe Don't know
what i was thinking when i Called
Her A He With SMiLes As You
Clearly Identified Her As A She
Yes So Happy To See Her Already
Walking Thanks For Sharing A Video

of Her Recovering
From Her Fall And
Hehe Perhaps A Video
of me Celebrating 17,000 Miles And 9 Years
of Public Dancing Will Bring A Smile too HAha...

"Hello you two magical woven fabric souls.
yes both of our twin souls make me truly happy.

Blessing the Twin Souls"

Oh Dear 'Peace & Truth' You Sing The Most
Kind And Stellar Poetic Musings in Appreciation

For What We Do And Hehe True Mostly What i Do
Creating A Place of Love For Real on my Blog to Give

Freely Named
"SonG oF mY SoUL"
All 10.8 MiLLioN Words
And Hehe 130,000 Photos
Or So i Mostly Take to Fully Illustrate
it my Sister A Record Breaking Bird Nerd
in my Local Area Takes the Star-Lit Pics of the Birds of Course

And True There Are Around 10,000 YouTube Songs to Go ALong

i Must Say CuLTuRE At Large Just Wasn't Doing it for me, Overall,

So in Art i Create My Own SoUL HeART SPiRiT And World of LoVE ReaL

And As i See Many Christian Related Postings of Your Poems Indeed i For

One Believe This is the Good News of the Story of Jesus We aRe to Create

Our Worlds of LoVE Per the Kingdom And Or Queendom of LoVE WiTHIN

As Even Luke 17:21 Relates and Even the Gospel of Thomas Verse 37

Dances Sings Strip off All Our Old Clothes of CuLTuRE ReTuRN to

The Nature of God WiTHIN GLoWinG With LoVE Tread on

These CuLTuRaL Clothes Without Shame Indeed

Create Our Own Worlds oF LoVE NeW to
Give, Share, Care, Heal For All iN JoY oF LiGHT

With Least Harm Now Which of Course Requires A Lifetime
of Increasing Cognitive Empathy For Others and Compassion As

Lord Knows Feels Senses my Introverted Angelic Wife's Notion of Heaven

Within is Much Different Than the Extrovert of me As She is Way too

Afraid Still to Remove Her Clothes in Front of the World And Tread on

Them Without Shame As Being Naked is As Natural to me As Wearing Wings Free

Yes Wild
And Free
too as i was
Born Rather Fuzzy
And Still Have The Fur of A Bear
As my Middle Name Arthur Relates Bear King Strong
And my Name Frederick in German Means Peaceful
Ruler too Yet It's True It's Enough WorK iN mY LiFE
JusT to Rule A Unique And Rather Fredenstein Mind

SPiRiT SoUL And HeART of me Yep took 53 Whole Years
to Set Myself Naked Enough Whole Complete Free Yet From

WHere i have Been in Lowest Pain and Numb of Soul True
At the Very Bottom of the Pyramid of Existence That Still Holds

Up All this Love
At the Wisdom
Eye of Beauty
Wisdom Courage And Kindness For Real

i Realize That Some Folks LiVE iN The Other
Place Still And Have No Clue How To Come in A Place

Like Heaven Within that i For one Experience my FLaVoR ETeRNaLLY NoW

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD We LiVE iN A '47 And A Half Minute World' True i Saw the
Signs in McDonald's When my Wife Was Hungry And We Ventured In There as She
Wanted A Frappe That She Said wasn't Worth Buying or the Cardboard Tasting
McDonald's Thin Burger Either for Over 3 Bucks Without Even Any Vegetation

Under the Bun
Hehe It's True They
Have Signs Everywhere
in the Totally Empty Place
We Visited on Sunday Afternoon

That Say Time Limit to Eat 47 And A Half
Minutes is All You Get And This is what Happens

When We Become Materially Reduced And Put Frigging
Time Limits Hehe on How Long Folks Use the Wi-Fi For Free

At McDonald's

HAha Well

We Have the Ability
to Vote We Won't Ever
Go Back to a Materially
Reduced Place that has Signs
Everywhere With All the New
Benefits Begging Folks to Work

There With 47 And A Half Minute
Restrictions on the Customers Who Visit

It's the Thought that Counts i Just Wanted
To Leave As Fast As i Could And Never Go Back

And This is Why i Constantly Go my Own Way Naked Enough Whole
Complete Dancing Singing Free Killing Time LiVinG ETeRNaLLY Now for

in my

World 47 And A Half
Minutes is No Part of
my Reality Not Even A CLock
Until my Angel Relates Get My
Naked Ass Off This Computer or
We Will Be Late to Church or Another

Important Date She Has on Her Calendar
in Her Angelic Collateral Duties of Secretary and Accountant too Hehe

God is As Real As A World of Love We Co-Create Sadly Folks Worship

The Form of Jesus As Idol God And Never even Try to Make Heaven Real

As Love
on Earth
WiTHiN Now New

SMiLes Folks Even
Go on Bended Knee
To Worship a Statue of
Buddha too No Matter How
Hard He Attempted to Be Invisible
Only With A Lesson of Balance And Compassion Behind To Do

It's True Dear FRiEnD Many Folks Worship 'The Chicken' And
Never Hatch New Eggs of LoVE iN John 14:12 Ways For Those Who Truly Believe...

SMiLes, i Suppose one Could Stay in 'A Cave' Like 'Muhammad' Was Reported to Do
Silently Meditating Without Any Lessons Ascending the Neo-Cortex And Immersing

(i Don't Name A Deeper Force Within Any 2nd-Hand Used-Angel Like 'Gabriel')

Oneself Deeper into the Right Hemisphere Processes of Mind Greater Related
to Social-Empathic-Artistic-Real-Spiritual-Emotional-More Nuanced And Complex

Ways Of Processing Reality and Even Come to Find A Poetic Spark Driven into Words

As A SonG oF SoUL Deeper From the Subconscious Mind So Alien to Left Brain Restricted

Processes of Monkey
Chatter Word Think Now
of Mind Mostly Immersed
in Worry Over Past and Future
Skipping the only Real Reality the
Present Gift of Now as True Humans

Do Focus Mostly on Fears Both Real And
Illusory As Let's Face the Facts We aRe Evolved
To Escape From Predator and Capture Prey With

Enough Focus to Detail A Left Brain Hemisphere Process usually
Brings With Big Enough Right Hemisphere Views to Escape Predators

Further Out on the Horizon

True Now Our Materially

Reduced Worlds Particularly
Spoon-Fed From Birth in Screens
Now About the Size of Half-A-Foot

Are Truly Materially Reducing Humankind
Into the Machines We Create That Were Supposed

to Make Life Greater to Survive and Appreciate to Thrive;

Obviously, considering College Age Folks Are Assessed at
40 Percent Depressed Enough to Impact Life Functioning

And 60 Percent as Such For Severe Anxiety as Well, in the U.S.

Well We ReALLy Aren't Evolving

At All Becoming the

Tools We Create

Too Afraid to Die
Too Depressed To Live

So What's A Solution, Voila, 'Embodiment'
Back to Our Instinctual Inherent Intuitive Ways
of Human Nature Socially Empathically Artistically
Beyond Reason and 'Monkey Chatter Mind 'of Endless Worry Words,

Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses Really Getting In Touch With This Real
Spiritual Aspect of Life That Drives Us to Move, Connect, And Co-Create With Other

Humans In Really
Stellar Productivity
in Greater Human Potentials
Realizing Them Now For Real too...

So 'How Do You Embody'; Nah, Silent Meditation
Isn't For me Focusing on Just Breathing Will Bore Someone

Like me to Death And True Scaling Cliffs With my Bare Hands
to Enter into this Present State of Laser Focus in Detail and Bigger Views of life
Yes This Autotelic Flow This Samadhi Contemplating In Meditation of Climbing
Higher and Higher Tween the Sweet Spot of Anxiety and Apathy is Really Not A

Rational Way to Do it;

For me at Least i Find This
Autotelic Flow and A Poetic
Voice of Deep Within Rising More
As SonG oF mY SoUL From A Meditating
Contemplating FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing
Flow of Public Dance Yep All 17,123 Miles in 9 Years
Now All Around my Metro Area That Indeed Provides the
Autotelic Flow to Inspire a SonG oF mY SoUL in A Longest EPiC

Long Form Poem too all 10.8 MiLLioN Words in 9 Years too That i Rarely Have to Pre-Plan
at All Just Comes From the Deeper Voice Within of my Human Potential Unleashing Releasing
Yes in Autotelic Flow Every Word Sacred Song Every Move of Dance Holy And DiViNE in Essence Eternally Now

oF Feeling Sensing Life

And For Anyone Who Believes
This Experience is Woo Go Ask Famous

Atheist Sam Harris and He Will Explain the
Similar is Available at a Concert Where the Musicians
Are Experiencing A Higher Flow of Creativity and Relating

(Or A Frigging Southern Baptist Singing FOR REAL TOO)

It Back With the Instruments of Their Craft for the Audience to Enjoy too

True the Way i Did it High School was With the Pink Floyd 'Animals' Album at
Around 2 AM Hehe A Night Before i Would Be Asleep At School All Day Long

Yet the Experience
Was Sublime
And Creativity

Really No Different
than 'Muhammad in A Cave'
or 'Buddha Under A Tree' or

'Jesus' if He Could Really Be Real
40 Days In A Desert too For me
66 Months a Shut-In as Enough
Pain will take All the Illusory Fears
And Lies of CuLTuRE Totally Away
As Buddha is Likely Only A Second
Hand too And Further Removed Story of the
Hero Archetype Who Escapes "Plato's CaVE" iN DarK

And Comes into LiGHT of A NeW Existence Eternally Now
New of Deeper Human Potentials Realized to Share With the Village

Who Have Not Escaped the Cave Yet As 'Neo' Said in that Fictional Story

the "Matrix" too Getting Unplugged From the Machine of Culture FLoWinG

Again and Enjoying the Eternal Now In Unity With All of Nature Yep as 'They' Dance

And Sing Cross CuLTuRaLLY
in Many Metaphors the

Essence of 'Being One

With God' Just Being

Incarnate of the Energy in Form

That Makes All of Existence Possible
That the Other Animals Likely Enjoy Much
More Than Humans In Basic Animal Homeostasis

After the Hunt For Life Bringing Subsistence Rests As

Every Calorie Saved Means a Greater Chance At Life FRiEnDS

With Gravity ThiS Way As A Lion's Every Move of Meditation Naturally

Does As Grace When the Drought Comes And the Antelope Herds Thin

When The Lion May Starve And Fall to the Ground Feeding the Grass

That May Feed the Offspring

of the Antelopes

The Lion

Once Ate...

This Experience of Being
One With 'God' This Experience
of Having A Voice of Nature Wild And Free

ThiS Way Is Just What We May Come to ReMeMBeR

To Be And Do When We Set Ourselves Free Re-Born
ThiS Way to Once Again Breathe the Creativity of the Child

We Still are

of Nature
Whole for

Real, Yawn Been
Putting 'Theism' in
the Nature of Realism
Ever Since the day i am Born on 6.6.60...

Some of Us BecoMe Reborn And BREaTHE Freer THiS Way
In A Relative Bliss of Life And Others Still Stare at an 'Opaque

Window' Having No Idea Life Will Be As Good AS Heaven On Earth


No Longer
'Sheep' on
An 'Animal
Farm' of Human Beings Indeed...

This Experience is Real And Science Shows
it to Be So; If You Are Looking For The Kingdom
of Heaven Anywhere Yet Within Just Like 'Luke 17:21'

Says Chances
Are You Will
Never Find Your
Own Dance/SonG
oF YouR SoUL oF UNiTY Real...

Hey It Took me 53 Years to Do It;

Yet That Ain't Half Bad As Even the Comic
Book Hero "Hell Boy" Took 53 Years to Rise to More

Of His Human Potential

Out of Hell to Be A Real

Hero Archetype as Well

So Many Stories

So Many


Come Real Again
For the Human Condition OR NOT


AS FAR AS i Know FEEL And SENSE Life isn't
Fair Until it is...

NoW All iN Change...

SMiLes my FRiEnD i
Believe if We all see
God AllOne We Will
Respect and Love All
Humans and the Rest
Of Nature LoVinG LiVinG
In Unity
In Peace
And Harmony
i have A Dream
i See This now
For there are
Others Globe
Wide Verily
Who see
This Wind
Before me.
To you
From India...

After The Deacon Parroted Fox Trump
News In Church He Wasn’t Around For Me to Tell Him...

Obviously They Have No Idea How To Get to The Kingdom of
Heaven Within Otherwise They Wouldn’t Spread The Lie iT’S in An Ash Nap

LeSSoN 294: Be The One Angel A Stranger Meets Inspire Them To Be That One

Thanks Again
Dear Chaymaa
For All Your

Always A Pleasure
Dear Sohair
Stay Blessed
With Bliss
Of Kindness
With SMiles...

Love Is The Force
The Wings We
Give A Way
From Within
Much Too
Great To Be
To Homes
Cars And
Only Body
Parts my FRiEnD
Yamini How Great Thou

Art (GoD)
Of LoVE Real True
Is When Really Real

Genuine Poetry Most
Often Comes From
Loss Of Soul Or
Thanks Giving
Of Found Soul
As The For Giving
Becomes A Way of
Life True i Do Know
Some Poetic Souls
In Terms Of Human
Right Hemisphere
Ways Of Social-Empathic-
Artistic-Spiritual Real Pro-Social
Complex Emotional Social
Justice Feeling Life Who
Turned MAGA Q-Anon
Restricted Addiction
To All Stuff Anger
And Hate Typical
Of Material Left
Brain Hemisphere
Black And White More
Delusional Material Reduced
Ways of Processing The
World Stellar Oxford
English Literature
Scholar, Psychiatrist,
And Modern Researcher
Of How our Hemispheres
Process The World Differently
Far Beyond The Myths Attributed

to “Scientism”

That Often Over-Reduces
The Human Condition
In Material Reducing
Ways Yes Iain McGilchrist,
Crème of The Crop in

Researching This

Subject 10 Years
Writing “The Matter
With Things” A Most
Comprehensive 1500
Page Book on This Modern
Beast of The Overall Restricted
Left Hemisphere Materially
Reducing Way of Western
Civilizations Is Worth An
Effort For Further
Education on
The Current
Condition of
Modern Humanity
That is Overall Far
From Balanced And Truly “Sane”
If You Don’t Have The Patience
To Read A 1500 Page Book
Dear Nan He is Summarizing
It On His YouTube Channel
Commercial Free in
13 Volumes As a
Person With
College Degrees
In Anthropology,
Social Sciences
And Health Science,
As A Triple Major Earned
At University i Find It Fascinating
Yet Basic Hardware And Software
And A Mind Still Exploring Typically
A Pre-requisite Considering
Your Past PHD Experience
As A Psychologist and
Author of The Human
Condition Indeed
You May Find
Iain McGilchrist’s
Study of The Human
Mind Eye Opening
And More ‘Wide Awake’...

"17,000 Miles oF Public Dancing 1" Celebrating This Milestone
And 'Featnote' in Walmart on August 30, 2022 Yet
Actually Meeting the Milestone on August 9th 2022
At 17,007 MiLes Now Measuring 17,123 Miles on This
Date As the 9th Anniversary of This Effort Also Came
on August 26, 2022 And i Was Busy Celebrating
10.8 MiLLioN Words of An EPiC Longest Long
Form Poem Named "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Coming to 9 Years of Writing That on
August 18th 2022, Oh Lord That's Not
All Celebrating "Depth of The Story" Yes
Another Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL"
As Another EPiC Long Form Poem on the "Wrong
Planet" Website in A Solo Thread of 52 Pages There
On That Day August 19, 2022 RiSinG to 1.88 MiLLioN Words
of EPiC Long Form Poem in 2 Years of Writing What i Casually
Yes Do Call an 8th New Testament too as True it Ain't the First

One by Long
By Long By Long
So Why Dance This Long
In Public in A Moving Meditative Autotelic
Contemplating Flow of Dance And Song

Well Yes The Ecstatic Trance Aspect Of It
Does Skyrocket iMaGiNaTioN And Creativity
During And Long After The Dance Ends Making
Just Another Beginning of "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Never Really Ending Hehe JusT ALWayS Really
StartinG ETeRNaLLY Now New All Blissful As Heaven

Within for Real
Some Folks Scale
Mountains Without
Safety Harnesses With
Their Bare Hands to Achieve
This Autotelic Flow Within i Just

Dance And Sing Free
Not Unlike 'Forrest
Gump' And His

'Fictional Runs'

i Just Do it New
Cause it Feels
Good Eternally
NoW It's Kinda
Like 'Good News'
That Just Never Ends Now For Real...

Bottom Lines i BREaTHE LiVE LoViNG LiFE Real Now

And Yes at 244 Pounds Like An 18 Wheeler Here Floating
On Terrestrial Land at age 62 Since 6.6.60 i Ain't Scared....

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Frogs Hop On Lilly Pads
Making Ponds More Wild

Toad Audacious Nature Comes Alive Free

Eagles Soar Above With Wings That Know

No Lilly

Pad Restrictions

Yet How High is High
Enough A Frog A Toad And An
Eagle Don't Even Have to Ask With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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02 Sep 2022, 12:19 am


SMiLes Dear
Savvy When
i Leave All 'The
Thinking' Behind
Dancing FRee aLL

That's Left to Do
Is Sing Free Wings

Accommodating FLiGHT


Oh Lord Dear Chaymaa
So Many Decades
An 'Audience of
A TV' And Now

i Only Write Direct
Produce and Play

mY Own Story No
Longer Someone
Else's Play At


Or Work WitH SMiLes...

How Does the Monkey Climb So High Dear Chaymaa
On Tree Branches Yes Perhaps Only Falling At Death

How Does the Eagle Soar The Same Way During Life




Where Every Climb of
Life FLiGHT oF WinG iS

A Play oF LiFE NeW NoW
Like No Other Dream For Real...

"She said "A good day ain't got no rain"
She said "A bad day's when I lie in bed
And I think of things that might have been"

"Slip slidin' away
Slip slidin' away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you're slip slidin' away"

As Quoted From Paul Simon For
The Same Name in the Lyrics of
"Slip Slidin' Away" True Your
Magic Words of Creativity
Bring This Song to me

Dear Miriam

i Remember Being 25 in
A Dance Hall Drinking the Night
Away Lamenting A Quarter of A Century
is Gone i Must Be Getting Old True At 21

Really Feeling Severe Depression Farther Away
From Sad into the Numb i Didn't Know Any Better

i 'Thought' This is What It's Like to Get Old Then As
It's True i Didn't Have the Energy to Run at College
In A Health Science Class i Asked The Counselor What

Might Be
Wrong And
She Asked How is
my Heart And All i Could
Think of Is Yes it is Still Ticking

And Then of Course at 47 i Lost the Memory
if i Ever Felt a Smile of Life At All Just All Pain
And Numb Nothing Left Every Second A Thousand
Years too Numb to Die too Numb to Live Only Wondering
Will i make

it the Next
Second Lifetimes
Long in 66 Months
of Forever DarK Then

i Think Now i Feel Now
Now i Sense Forevermore
A Smile Just Be Cause i Can And Will

Do What Was Literally
Impossible to Do for
66 Months As
A Seed That Dies
Must Wait to Become
A Tree With Green Leaves
A Flower With Blooms Again

And Now There is No Room For Laments
As Long As i Can And Will Carry A SMiLe Forevernow

How Blessed to Go to Hell For Real How Blissed to Tale

A Story
of Heaven
For ReaL ON EartH

too Yet it is Not A Palace
Lined With Trump Golden
Walls and Pearl Floors It's Just

A SMiLe It's Just A F iN SMiLe

Enough to Appreciate This Gift
of Breath Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE NeW NoW


A Miracle

Of A SMiLe That is Real
Funny How DarK Becomes LiGHT

That Just
Go Away

Other than that it made
me Happy to See You Finally
Get Your Vacation in August

i Hope You Too Staycation One Day As Well...

SMiles Dear Savvy
FRiEnD So Much
Of The LiGHT Of
Me Now
In The DarK
i Suppose it’s
Like Big Bangs
Birthing New UNiVerses
Super Nova Explosions
Crucible Fire of Star Death
Creating Gaseous Dust
Iron FLoWinG In Our
Blood Streams
And At
Of Earth
Our only Home
We Evolve on Yet
Still Star Seeds And
FLoWeRS We Continue
To Bloom From Dying

A Stellar Path
Out Of DarK inTo
LiGHT Neither Fearing

Or Cynical
Star Children
We aRe With
Cosmic Wings
STill Flying Toward

Our LiGHT...

LooK At It THiS WaY If Ya
Can And Will JusT ANoTHeR Animal
And Human in "National Geographic"

Once Met A Lion In A Zoo
Belying The Fact That i WaS iN
The Real Zoo Not Comfortable in my
Own Naked SKiN And Fur Embodying me
Nature God i AM

Typically, There Are Two Ways of Human Power:

1. Lifting Other Folks Up.

2. Bringing Other Folks Down.

Of Course, Folks Who Look and Act Different
And Find Themselves Also in A Scant Minority

Are Commonly Cannon Fodder For Folks Who Do

Number 2, to Bring Them Down Yet True Social Justice to The Rescue.

Typically More Liberal and Open Minded Folks Less Averse to Change and
The Differences in How Humans Look And Act in All the Beyond Rainbow Colors,
SHaDeS of Grey, and DarK Nights of the SoUL That May Last Years in BLacK Abyss

And All the
Tween of
The Human
Condition; Yes,

Typically 'These Folks'
Are More Concerned With
Social Justice When they 'See,' 'Hear,'
Feel and Sense "Number Two Folks"

Trying to Bring The Different And Minorities Down
To Scale Some Illusory Sense And Feel of Bringing Themselves

Up by Putting
Other Folks
Down More
Speaking IT's Easier to Do
This than Actually Lifting Other
Folks Up As That Takes More Effort in Kindness...

Yawn, oh the Forces of DarK and LiGHT And The Human
Condition; Some Folks Lift Others Up and Other Folks Bring

Other Folks Down.

September 1st, 2022 of
the Year of Whatever Lord

is the Date That A Billion Dollar
Amazon Series of the "Lord of the Rings" Returns;

It's Also the Release Date of A Sony PlayStation New
Game by the Same "Lord of the Rings" Name and Additionally,

September 1, 1978, 44 Years Ago is the Release Date of the
Great Styx Album "Pieces of Eight" That Includes the Famous
Song "Lords Of the Ring," A Play On Words Yet Just Another Archetypal

Human Condition, "Depth of The Story" that Relates The Never Ending

Push and Pull of the Forces of DarK And LiGHT iN LiFE That Makes What

Still Currently
Is of Course Surely

Not Limited to Human Nature;

The Yin and Yang And All that Jazz;
Art and Reason And Of Course Human

Beings With More Liberal Open Minds Who
Are Less Averse to Different And Change; Yes,

More Like Sails on a Boat to Explore New Lands;

As Opposed to the Anchor of Conservative that Enjoys
Same More And Less Change, Promoting Tradition over

Newer Ways

of Doing Human Existence New Now...

Sadly, Media both online and offline is Driven By the
Propensity of Human Beings to Pay Attention to the
Negative Aspects of Life Associated With Fear, Anger, And Hate Most;

Focusing On Presenting Material That Presses These Negative Buttons of Dopamine and Adrenaline
the Most; Yes, Highly Addicted Some Folks Become to the Emotions of Fear, Anger, and Hate indeed

That Often

Lives to
Bring Other
Folks Down

in Illusory Efforts
to Raise What is Lower A Bit Higher in Life...

mY Human Super Power is Lifting Other Humans
Up By Simple Human Behavior of Experiencing SMiLes
Amongst A Metro Area of Over 500,000 Folks After Being

A Shut-in In 'Middle Earth' As Such in the DarK of Pain and
Numb iN A Dungeon For 66 Months; So How in the World Will A Hunch Back
of Notre Dame And a Phantom of the Opera for Real Do This in Modern Days

More Than Fiction
And Myth; the Answer
is Dance Free, Dance Free,
And Dance Free Some More
Until a First Step Makes 17,123
Miles in 9 Years Now All Around A Metro Area Free.

So What's My Super Power in Life that i Never Receive a Single Cent for

Now Instead of Being Shut-in, in my Bedroom For 66 Months; Yes Every Place

i Go Now i Am Recognized As 'the Dude' who Brings Smiles for Free Wherever
He Goes in A Free Dance For No Other Reason than He Feels Like Experiencing Bliss...


The Smiles
Are Just Icing
on the Cake of
Autotelic Flow;


There Are Much Better
'Things' in Life Like Bliss to Do
Lifting Folks Up in SMiLes, Instead of Bringing

the Different Among us in Minorities Sadly Down...

It's A Lowest Level of the Pyramid of Humanity Indeed

If 'You' Really Wanna Be Strong Lift Someone Up today;

Just a Smile
FOR A Stranger

Or Even A FRiEnD For Real...

Indeed, There Are Black Holes

And There Are Stellar Places to Live too;

Kindness is the Fountain of Youth and Yes
i Have Empirical Evidence to Prove What it does for real...

It Takes Effort; Every Holy Move And Every Sacred Word For Real...

Yet It'S A Whole

Lot Better than

Living in a BLacK Hole

As i've Done that too for 66 Months
And Surely Have A Perspective of Heaven

And Hell And The Tween of that too...

Hey, i Used to Be the Kid Who Didn't Speak Until 4.

Hey, i Used to Be the Kid Who the Local Big Church Folks
Spit on For Daring to Smile in A Town Where Boys Were
Threatened for Doing That; Taunted for Being Androgynous too.

Hey, i Used to Be the Kid Who Folks Said Was Too Weak to Deserve to Exist.

That's Not me Any More Be Cause i Decided to Lift Folks Up Even At the Bottom of 'the Pyramid' myself.

And Then i Got Strong; And Then i Got Stronger; And Now i Do Stuff Some Folks Don't Even Realize is Possible.

i Don't Believe i am
Particularly Special;

i've Just Always Tried A Little Harder and Never Give up...

i Didn't Come to this F iN Planet With a Cape; i Had to Stitch
Every F iN Thread

in Blood

And Tears;

And if This REAL STORY Doesn't Inspire
"You;" YES, it Will iNSPiRE Someone Else


The Secret
of All mY Success;

Eternal Power Now;

Just A F iN SMiLe;
All the SMiLes For Real, still spreading...

And Yes, Yes, of Course it Helps to Start
The Whole Endeavor Financially Independent;
Hell Through Heaven to Give it All Away for Free...

Soul my Prayer
For You to See

September Harvest At
Hand Palm Fruit Feeds
Squirrels Fermenting

Into Wine
On Grass

For Little
Furry Creatures

Too Nature
Ever Changing
my Favorite Movie

To Watch And Be Part
Of Whole Enough Complete


Now Here


Day TWiLiGHT Stays

Sadly So Many Buying Life Never Earning Life
Naked Enough Whole Complete Eternally Now

Mystical Religion Breathing

God Within

Perhaps 'She' Will
Build A Bigger Field of
Dreams Coming Back
Outside A Mirror in Real

Soul my Prayer
For You to See

SMiles Dear HiMaLi
i Remember That
Jain Phrase Asking
Forgiveness For Any
And All Transgressions
Towards All Living Beings
And The Rest Of Nature True

It Is In The Understanding
Of Human Nature All The
Highs And Lows Lusts
Passions Fears Angers
And Hates That We

All Fall
Too That
Sets Us Together
Best As Without
In A Human
So Challenging

Love Will Die Without
Breath iNHaLinG Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN All
The LiGHT And DarK
Of Our FRiEnDShip

i See
And Mine

Too In Clouds
Above With
Rays of Sun...

LeSSoN 436 iMaGiNE
A World WHere Every
Young Man’s Special
Interest is Free Dance
And Poetry in Song Instead

Of Playing Violent Video
Games From Young Yep
Bet It Would Be A Better

World For Women Too


SMiLes Dear
Savvy When
i Leave All 'The
Thinking' Behind
Dancing FRee aLL

That's Left to Do
Is Sing Free Wings

Accommodating FLiGHT



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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03 Sep 2022, 1:01 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy FRiEnD it Was Always Difficult
to Make FRiEnDS on the Autism Spectrum Particularly
All the Days Words Just Wouldn't Come Even At Work

Yet Playing the Piano
The Night Before Helped
A Little Bit a Right Hemisphere
Of Social-Empathic-Artistic-Real
Emotional Nuancing Spiritual Intelligence

to Give, Share, Care, And Heal Like the Other
'Real Humans Beings' Did So Trapped in a Left Hemisphere
Reducing The Parts of Reality to Only Labels Just A Representation

of Reality Until
Shells of Words
Gain Soul of Poetry

Until Dance Gains Wings
Of Feet No Longer Needing
Lessons to Flow Winds Free
FRiEnDS With Gravity Indeed

And True Now i Have FRiEnDS
Yet the Work of Poetry of Song
And Dance Never Ends As Now it is

Play and No Work At All i am No Longer
A Boy and A Man With Just Half A Soul

Now Both Hemispheres
Hold Hands in this Dance
And Song of LiFE Free No

Longer Do i Have to Wish
Upon A Star as Now Like that
Movie A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
i Am A Real Boy And Man This Gift of Being Whole...

It's True Before i Was at the Bottom of the Ocean
Waiting Forever Now For A Statue to Return Back to Life...

i Haven't Done Anything
Illegal Hehe Dear Miriam
Yet i Surely Don't LiVE A Life
Ever Planning
On Running for
Any Political Office

Not Even A Team of 'Group Think'
Yet i Will Visit All Teams Seamlessly
Enough i Guess With Chameleon Colors At Best

And Goodness Knows Feels Senses What Super Abundance

YouTube Brings for my Card Catalog Within of Lyrics and Music

By The Tons Just
So Much Muse Now
For Art the Creativity
With iMaGiNaTioN Just

Will Not Possibly Run out
At Least ALiVE NoW WiTH SMiLES Breathing

A World of Abundance We LiVE iN Super Way
Unless We Get Trapped at the 'Bus Stop' Playing
'Candy Crush' With No Real 'Forrest Gump' Story to Share

Hehe in
New York
Again WitH SMiLes...

ALWaYS A Pleasure
Dear Cindy Thanks
For All Your
With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa No Big Surprise
Losing my Mind to A Flow of Dance

Once Again
Mind and
Body SoUL
WHoLe Yes
Naked Enough Whole Complete
Ready For A New Original Song of Life to

With SMiLes...

SMiles Dear Yam Truly it
Is The Depth of Our Stories
That Create Us Being Human
SMiles i TReaSuRE ALL Human
Stories Yours
Always Muse
For A Deeper
SouL Story True...

SMiles Dear Cindy
All Places Great to
Live Coloring With
Seeds of Love
Still Flowering
my FRiEnD
With SMiles...

Yes my Wife Remarked
The Colors of my Shirt
Reflected The Super
Abundance of
Fruits And
Vegetables At
Walmart hehe We
Have A Table in Our
Kitchen Full of Those
Colors too i Never Get
Dizzy Anymore Hehe i’m
Practically Qualified to

Off into
Outer Space
And Yes Within i
Do Dancing FRiEnDS
With Gravity Dear Hawaii

With SMiles
Fruit Filled...

SMiles Thanks For
The Kind Wishes
Sunra Nice Meeting
You on The dVerse


"Reach beyond knowing" So True
Dear Savvy When After Sleep

Births Words
of Poetry

Before When

The Dance Becomes
The Dancer The Song
Becomes the Singer Yes

The Wind Becomes the
Birds And Flight Becomes

Our Souls FRiEnDS With Gravity

You Know i Have Asperger's Syndrome
on the Autism Spectrum Little Imagination
Original For Decades For Creativity For Decades

Yes 5.3 Decades Uncomfortable in my Own Skin
Out of Sorts Except Walking Beside Another

Human Yes my Wife anywhere

In Public to Feel More

Comfortable in

my Own Skin

Well That's All Changed
Now Since 53 With 17,123
Miles of Public Dance and
10.8 MiLLioN Words of Free
Verse Poetry Yet if Anyone

Asks me How i Do it or
Where i Learned

it i will only

Say if i knew how

i would have No way

of Doing it as the Original

Creativity Would Be Dead With
Anyway Preplanning of Reasons

As Words Come into Existence As
Steps Do Free too When Dance And
Song Follows Gravity Free in Balance

FRiEnDS With Gravity Wings Now New

Are Inherent

in Flight

of Soul on Earth

Hehe, People have often
Asked me whatever it is
i'm on they want some
of it when i Dance All i Will

Have to Say in the Case of Free
Verse Poetry too i am The Dance And Song

i've 'Lost The Other Part of my
Mind' Unless i Choose to Use it Now

True it comes in Handy Whenever
There Are Rules to Enforce Again...

One i Missed And Came Back to

Cusp of Nightmare And Dream Falling In LoVE RiSinG
Greater Sun Reflecting Moon Twilight Magic Forevernow

Starlit Summer
Dreams Musing
December Memories

For Spring Again

SMiLes i Drop By dVerse
Now And Then Seeing What's

New And Possibly MuSinG
For Free Verse Poetry Again

i Have No Idea Who You
Are Yet Your Poetry

Out of the List
An Only One to
Pollinate A Flower of me today

to Dance And Sing HeaR With SMiLes...

If That's Your Real Name What A Poetic

Of Sun
And Rain

Indeed What Drives
Most Beautiful Poetry
Space Tween Clouds and Sun...

SMiles Thanks
For Your Kind
Words Dear
Just Blessed
And Really Blissed
A Child’s SMile Remains...

Raising Butterflies
Spinning Web Dreams
Birthing Lives Before

More Than
Surviving Now New

As Bees Bring Abundance
Of Honey Home Free What's

Left After The Hive
Indeed Building

Love More
Beautiful Poem
Dear Cindy Have
A Wonderful Weekend
in Wyoming Oh Why Oh
Why Do Folks LiVE iN Wyoming Hehe

True HAha Yet i Guess That is From
A Political Perspective Of Course

Environment is Always Forgiving
of Human Short Comings One May


With SMiLes...

Truly HAha an
Example of Where i LiVE
NoW NeW too Bees And Butterflies
WiLL ALWaYS FinD SoMeWHeRe Lovely to Land...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa i Went to School Close to the Top 19 Years And 3 Degrees i Didn't Win...
SMiLes Dear Chaymaa i Went to Work 33 Years Part of the Way Through School too And Even

Retiring At Higher Grade Levels of Pay
For The Federal Government Early
Disabled After 25 Years of Work
At An NF-4 Level Equivalent
to A Major in the Marines

i Still Didn't Win Yes
Next Destination Hell
For 66 Months as my Problem
Was i Went to School i Went to Work
i Truly Failed IT All As i No Longer Played
With The Eyes of my 4 Year-Old Child me

Before i Even Learned to Talk At Age 4 Then
For It's True Before i Could Speak At 4 then at age 3
Without Words in Our Down Town Shot-Gun-Old-Home Living
on the River With my Grandmother Then After my Father Left
my Mother to Take Care of Us Solo Then LooKinG ACross the

River at Age
3 Before i Could
Speak at 4 Through
Intuition All Innate and
Instinctual Well Beyond Words
i Felt i Sensed Looking across the River

i Am the Tree the Leaf That Feeds the Forest
Soils for the Forest to Grow Even Deeper as me

So Who is me
All that is All that
Ever Was These EYes
This Temple of God Free FLoWinG River Free

Now All i Do is Play All i Do is Win mY FRiEnD
For Now my Currency is Living Life my Pay Rate
Is Loving Life And my Pay Grade is Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing


All for Free
With Least Harm

Indeed Now i am the
Leaf of the Tree of the
Forest Both RiSinG Green
And Falling to Soils to Sprout New Green
Souls of Summer FLoWeRS Petals Falling
to Winter Frozen Soils Always Greening

Within this

Way No Matter
What Season Now
or Weather i CoMe NeW
to Play i Come to Love it All

True i Never WorK NoW Not At All
All That's Left to Do is Win LoVE NeW


Breath This LoVE LiFE
This Free Play For Real i Win...

SMiLes Dear Ruchi Love is A Butterfly
We Set Free Around the World to Pollinate

All Flowers Desiring to Grow More Colorful Now New

Yet Hehe i am aN EXTroverted Butterfly Fearless too

i Visit Wilting Flowers
The Same As Beautiful
Flowers Always Colorful in Blooms

It's True Hehe i am A Butterfly Who Loves
A Challenge While i've Saved Up Enough Honey
in my Hive As A Bee For my Queen i Love to Travel Further

Even Days When i Come
Back With No Honey For

my Queen At All
Hehe She's too Busy
Floating in Honey to
Even Notice Besides there
Are Unlimited Channels on
Satellite And So Many Murder Mysteries to Watch

i Don't Like Murder Mysteries i Love to Pollinate Flowers
So Much More Even Wilting Ones too For It's True i Used

to Be a Stink
Bug too Before
i Came to my Caterpillar
Legs and Escaped my Cocoon
To Sprout Wings Again True A
Stink Bug Carries A Smell of Negativity
From A World That Brings Bug Legs So Low
to Just a Shuffling Walk Yet Then Caterpillar
Legs Come So Many You Stumble Over too And

Then You Just

Get so Tired
So Full of Pain
And Numb All that's
Left is a Cocoon And Let's
Hope Not An Underground
Place For 17 Years Like a Locust
Who Only Rises For a Few Moments
to Reproduce And Dies True AS Human

An Open SoUL HeART
And SPiRiT May Breathe
in Art And Instead of

Reproducing Little
Locust Bugs Yes

A Poem May Last
As Long As Server
Robots Bring it to Life Hehe

Anyway Glad to Come into Your Flowery
Blog Home Today Dear Ruchi i've Already
Seen You in Your Blue Dress Obviously You Are a Colorful Flower Still...

Always Dear
A Dance
A Song Free
Thanks With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Yam in the Christian Movie "The Ten Commandments"

Moses Who You Relate to in Your Muslim Religion As A Prophet of God

Went Out into the Desert For Forty Days to Find That There Are Experiences

in Life Worse than Death
Similar to the Forty Day
Desert Experience
Related in the
Christian Story
Of Jesus too Yet Back
to Moses He Was Famished
Totally Famished Finding A Mirage
of A Well of Water to Come True Then

A Herder of Sheep A Patriarch and His
Lovely Daughters With A Well of Water
on the Edge of the Desert Paradise For Real

So His Daughters Exclaimed With Glee "A Man
A Real Man" in Words of that Affect of Women Who
Didn't Often Come into Contact With Men Fully Covered
As Muslim Women Often Are And then the Patriarch Offered

One of His Daughters to Him they Would Have A 'Dance-Off' Belly-Dance
As Such to Win the Soul of Moses Yet Moses Looked Right Past them

And Saw the Older Daughter More Responsible And Weathered For Taking
Care of the Sheep As A Female Herder She Was And Moses Chose This Woman

Over the Virgin Daughters Dancing in Glee to Be the One He Chose True
to THeir Chagrin
Of Them He Chose
The Older Weathered
Woman to Withstand
Surely What Would Come Next in Life
All The Challenges Continuing to Come out
of DarK BRinGinG the LiGHT He Learned in DarK
Back to His People the Jews as He learned He was
Not From the More Noble Kingly and Queenly Anointed Egyptian Pharaoh
Life True He Also Said (in the Movie) If A God Exists That God Must Be A God

For All Peoples At Least in the Movie As True that's Not Specifically In the Book
or the Words that Pharaoh Gave to His Soldiers "So Let it Be Written So Let it Be Done"

Indeed Dear FRiEnD This is A Common Archetypal Story of Humans Who Go into the
DarK Find The LiGHT And Return it to the Others Who May Still LiVE iN 'Plato's
Cave' Ignorant of What LiGHT Will Come When Freed in Human Beings Out

Of DarK For Real
True Joseph Campbell
(And Carl Jung As Well)
A Modern Man Who Studied
The Literature And Other Arts of
Humans Through Antiquity Through New Now

Found This Common Human Pattern WHere Our
Lives Are Not Random Bits of Chaos in a Non-Meaningful
And Purposeless Soup in How People Who Materially Reduce
Their Worlds 'See' it and Forget to Put Their Stories Back Together Again

Finding Themselves as 'Humpty Dumpty,' 'the Egg All Broken into So Many
Pieces' Where An "Egyptian Goddess Isis" Must Find A Way to Put "Osiris" Back together

Again to Escape
from the Underworld
of Desert Away From A
Dark adversary Named
'Set' Then mY FRiEnD With Some 'Horus Wisdom'

Indeed God is Larger than Words And So Is Love That
Perseveres Against All Odds mY FRiEnD So Many Disney
Movies Have told the Same Story of Humanity in 'Beauty
And The Beast' Ways too As A Most Feminine Woman May
Try to Melt the Heart of the Most Masculine 'Bad Boy' As 'They' Sing today

And Then that Man May Leave The Wife's Fair SKiN Radiating Love And A Child of
Love May Be Raised by Her Yet the Son and or Daughter May Have to Find THeir
Way Through Dark to Kill The Demons of the Father Who Had No Breath of Love
Within Yet to Win the Fearless Spirit to Become Their Father Not Afraid of the DarK

And Their
Mother Within
Never Cynical
Again of the LiGHT oF LoVE
For Real Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All

With Least
Harm Dear
FRiEnD With
No Division of Nation,
Religion or Label of Human
Being Seeing Clearly That Love
is Without Form Alone Love is the

Essence The Real God Who Still Breathes WiTHiN
Again to Give, Share, Care, Heal iN JoY oF LoVE For All

Now It's True You Are Pursuing Your Master's of Literature
If You Were A Computer Science Major or Business Major
This Might Be More Difficult to Soul Feel Understand as Science
Ironically Shows When We Immerse our Selves in Mechanical Cognition

Activities Like the Business, Computer, And Engineering World Brings
That Withers Away Our More Right Hemisphere Bigger Story Picture Views
into Materially Reducing Our Worlds Within in Systemizing Mechanical Cognition
Ways True Our Right Hemisphere is More the Place A Process of God Overall Exists
to Be And Do in Ways of Social-Empathic-Artistic-Real-Spiritual-Deeper Emotional
Feeling Sensing Ways of Processing our Worlds More in Colors Than Black and White

Materially Reduced Life

And Surely i Have Experienced
This Difficulty mY FRiEnD Born on
the Autism Spectrum With a Super
Systemizing Orderly Mind to Solve
All The Analytical Problems Perceived
As More of a Valuable Commodity Than Even Human Being At Work...

It Wasn't Always that Way A Few Sparks of Creativity at 13 and 18 Yet Snuffed
Out By a World So Cold and Machine-Like Indeed Dear FRiEnD True the Only

Way out for me Was Longer Than A 40 Day Stay in a Desert And Darker Than the
Pain of A Crucifixion on a Cross for A 3 Hour to 3 Day Tour of that my Hell was the
Worst Pain Known to Humankind From Wake to Sleep Yep Assessed As The Suicide
Disease Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia That No Drug Would Touch From Wake to
Sleep For an Entire Stay in Hell for 66 Months for This Disease that is Assessed as
Literally A Torture Worse than Crucifixion indeed Plus a Synergy of 18 Other Life
Threats in Synergy Of Medical Conditions too True my Wife Stayed at my Side
Through The Whole Ordeal in Hell Yet You See i Didn't Choose the Girl Who Had

All the

Pretty Dresses
And the Silver
Slippers Nope i Chose
the Girl Who only Had
Cinderella's Hand-me-downs
Before She Became A Princess

Having to Climb 40 Foot Trees
At Play As Her 'Wonder Woman'
Story Starting At Age 8 Looking
Over Homes of the Have's With
Food And Drink Fortunate Enough
At Most to Find Moist Fruit With
A Home With No Electricity No
Food or Drink in one of the So-called
Richest Countries in the World then the U.S.

True She Had to Walk to School Then
Each Day in Freezing Rain Without an
Umbrella As They Were too Poor to Buy
One of those for Her as they Lived Barely less
than a Mile From School Just Missing the Mile Or More
to Hitch a School Bus For Free And No She Didn't Have an

Evil Stepmother Yet One of Her Earliest Memories Was of Her
Stepfather With A Knife Over Her Standing By Her Bed True A Thief
Broke in their Poor Home and got in Bed With Her and Her Sister too

Yet He got Afraid and Ran Away Probably All Doped Up on Drugs of that day

Did She Come From Nobility No She Only Exists Because Her Mother Who Had
Six Kids Strayed With a Pacific Islander Sailor off A Navy Ship Docked For Liberty
in Town While Her Husband in the Army Was Off in Another Country Serving those

Days SMiLes As Legend And Story Might Have it Even Fairy Tales too in Practice
at Least So Poor When i Met Her Working at a Menial Paying Job Even After Graduating
From College With 3 Degrees All i Could Promise Her With if She Married me is She Would

Be Loved

So Much She Would
Still Look Young Now at
Age 52 Well as Far As Pictures
Go on my Blog it is Plain to See
Hehe That that Much of the Legend
That i am Writing Now Actually Came True

You Know Dear FRiEnD the Way Fairy Tales Work
For Real is Like the Nautilus Sea Creature Who Builds
A Shell A Home That Looks Just Like Our Milky Way Whole
Spiraling As Most All of Life Naturally Does Even at the Sub-Particle
Level of Atomic Thinking Scientists too So Thing is at Essence the Nautilus

Sea Creature Never Pre-Plans the Shape of the Milky Way As Its Home The

Nautilus Just Lives
Every Day Never
Aware That
The Nautilus
is Building God's Home Again

We All House God mY FRiEnD And
We Build God for Real too Best Indeed
With this Sacred And Holy Force of Fearless Love

So Now We Still Find the Nautilus Shell's On the Beach And
In Fossilized Imprints in Stone of 300 Million Years Ago or So True

Just Evidence my FRiEnD Just More Evidence mY FRiEnD That God
Existed And Still Builds Our Homes today Within Some of Us Are Aware
oF it And Some of Us are Not Yet it Doesn't Matter As the Nautilus continues

To Build the Home
of God NoW As That is
Just What Creativity Set Free
Does on Wings of Bird or Fur
of Climbing Furry Creatures As the
Meek Ant Aerates Soul for When the Lion
Dies And Feeds The Soils of the Savannah
Grasses for the Antelope to Eat Yes the Offspring
of the Antelopes the Lion Who Gave His Life for The

Antelope At
Death Who Once
Ate The Antelope to Live too

There is No Light Without Dark
There is No Life Without Death
There is Truly No Need to Fear the
DarK or Be Cynical oF LiFE LiGHT When We
Are Truly Naked Enough Whole Complete Fearless LoVE Dear

FRiEnD and Honestly Yes Some Days We Have to 'Literally
Lose Our Minds' Like a Child Babbling A Non-Sense Song
Without Words And Dancing Spiraling Like the Milky-Way

Without Lessons
To Feel and Sense
ThiS UNiTY of God
At Essence When We
Become ReBorn With the
EYes of an Imaginative And Creative Child Again

If i can and will give you these EYes it's a Much greater
Gift than Any Wife or Husband Will Give a Spouse it is a

Gift of A FRiEnD Now
Who Has Seen Heaven
And Hell And Just Wants
Others to See Heaven Now New mY FRiEnD

And It's True After 33 Years THere is No way
i Can And Will 'Make' my Wife See Heaven the Way
i Do Yet She Loves And That in my EYes is Enough For all of us mY FRiEnD

It's True Fairy Tales Don't Come True For Everyone it Often Takes More Sweat,
Tears, And Blood Than Some Folks Are Willing to Expend in Life How Blessed

The Poor of Spirit Are When
Young Who are Spit on Like i was
For Being A Boy Brave Enough to Smile
Where Boys Were Threatened With Bodily
Harm to Do that in the Town i Was Raised in then

How Blessed Are the Poor of Spirit Like Her When Young Who
Are Spit on By the Same People in the Church Who Spit on
me For Her Being Poor Requiring Free Lunch Cards at School

How Blessed Are the Meek Who Have Seen Hell And Escaped
And Only Want to Lift Others Out of the Other Place Before They Get There

too in Real Life

In Real Life Eternally New Now

It's True There is a Lot of Truth
in the Quran And the Christian Bible too

There is Also A Lot of DarK in Both Books too

Yet That's Reality mY FRiEnD It's True No LiGHT Without DarK

if Not Both Places Expressed in Both Books by Metaphor at Least

Not Very Honest Stories of Night And Day Would They Teach What

my Life Teaches me is There Are Real Adversaries in Life to Overcome
The Christian Bible Calls the Adversary By Metaphor a Devil This Way Indeed

There is Living Death to Escape From Out of DarK into LiGHT That is Truly
Resurrection in One Life Reborn Out of DarK into LiGHT For Real True And

It is also True it took me 53 Years of Life to Figure This out for myself Enduring
Many Years of Purgatory through Hell For Real and Existing in Heaven on Earth
For Real Within for 9 years and 1 Month Now too Yep 109 Months on the Other
Side of 66 Months of Hell For ReaL ON EartH Now All that's Left to Do is Tale a

Story that is REAL
before i pass away
And someone else tales
Their Story That is real too

It's What Humans Used to do Hehe
Before Twitter and Gold Fish Attention
Spans Less than 3 Seconds Came Along
For Humans in A World of Distraction as
Science Shows For Real too Indeed Dear

FRiEnD in THiS Way
i Am an Antique New Now
From the Past Realistically

Too Big to See For Most
Folks Unless Perhaps they
Are Pursuing a Master's Degree
in Literature Like You Yes Dear FRiEnD Yam

i am Practically Invisible For Most Folks to See
All 10.8 MiLLioN Words Now in the "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Now my Entire Blog one EPiC Long Form Poem 13.5 Times
Larger Than the Old Christian Bible for Real Written in 9 Years Now

Yet it is true Hehe i am impossible to Miss All 244 Pounds Dancing in
my Ministry of Moving Meditation Flowing Dance All Around my Metro
Area for 17,123 Miles Now in the Same 9 Years of Writing "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Spiraling No Different Really Overall That Sufi Mystic Dervish Dancers too From

Your Overall
Religion too
Islam Indeed

True i Do it Unclothed
Naked Enough Whole Complete
too it's Sort of A Tradition of How
It's Always Been Done my FRiEnd
By Metaphor too of Shedding the Clothes
of CuLTuRE And Starting Anew From Our Inheritance
of God WiTHiN all the Gifts Through Antiquity And Before
Etched Deep in Our DNA Through the Ages of Where it All Began

And Continues
to Only Start New Now
in All Our Never Ending
Stories For Real mY FRiEnD

Hehe i Already Know What the Limit
of A Word Press Comment is About 9,000 Words
Same as A Post on Facebook too So True There are Limits
in Word Press Comments and Facebook Posts too Yet Not for

A Never Ending
Story and Fairy
Tale That Is Real mY FRiEnD
All Our Stories Holding Hands For Real
One Blanket of Life We aRe All Under One
Blanket of Life We All Are As Well God Indeed For
Real mY FRiEnD


Real Now
In this Most
Beautiful Gift of Change
That Brings Night And Day For Real...

Thanks Dear FRiEnD
i Danced Watching
my Mother
Pass Away
For Eight Days
With No Food or
Drink As That is
The Hospice
Care She
Chose to Go
Away As Natural
As Possible The
Dance Kept my
HeART Open
Loving Strong
Same As When
my Father Passed
Away Too What A
Gift it is Still to Find
Life in Death As Dance
And Song FLoWinG

Souls iN
A Golden
Age of Love
Without Numbers
Now Still Breathing
Dancing Singing
my Mother’s

Love Free

Dear FRiEnD...

"When you feel alone in a ‘friendly’ crowd"
Dance Free
"When you feel small among the proud"
Dance Free
"When you feel silenced in an echo too loud"
Dance Free
"When you feel unseen, enveloped in a shroud"
Dance Free
"When you feel your tears forming a misty cloud"
Dance Free
"When you feel your back is bent and head is bowed"
Dance Free
Dance Free… "before you feel trapped and ploughed
Rise up and" Dance Free

Then Sing in Flow Free

Thanks For Your Inspiring
Words Quoted Dear Yamini

SMiLes Dear Yamini Currently
Celebrating 17,123 Miles of
Public Dance in 9 Years
Surpassing the

17,000 Mile Mark
on August 9th, 2022
Making 17,007 Miles
That Day in Walmart With SMiLes

Indeed A Free Dance is A Moving Meditation
That Regulates Human Emotions and Integrates
Human Senses As Our Feelings And Senses in Synergy
of Emotions Flow From Head to Toe and The Fact is We

Own Our Emotions
And Senses And Are
Free to Regulate and
Integrate Them From Head
to Toe in A Free Dance Song Flow That Costs
Not even a Lincoln Penny In United States Dollars Hehe

How Much Weight Does Dance HaVE iN Existence Well the
Smallest Sub-Particles and Below Are Shown to Do A Spiraling

Dance And Our Milky Way too With SMiLes As Above So Below
Within Inside Outside and All Around Dear FRiEnD With SMiLes

So Why Do We Sit Still Glued to Horizons of 6-Inch Screens When Our
Worlds Are Falling Apart So Why Don't We Dance Sing Flow And Put Our Worlds

Back Together For Free As Stars as Galaxies Spiral Around Black Holes ThiS Way

It's True 'They' Glue Us to Desks in School And Data Download Information into
Our Heads Before Long We Become Words More Than A Poetic Song of A Child
With A Non-Sense Song Babbling Only Bringing Joy Regulating Emotions that


As It's True
Little Children
Naturally Spiral
Around Like the Milky
Way too Until They Are
Told Quiet Hands And Feet
in Church As They Are Told
Sit Still Glued to Your Desk Then
An HDTV Then A Desk-Top Screen

And NoW A So-Called Smart Phone Screen
Half-A-Foot Of The Size of the Horizon We Used
To Scan For a Flesh and Blood FRiEnD Or Big Enough

Picture Seeing to Avoid A Predator the Six Inch Screen Has

Become As We Take the World Apart in 6-Inch 'Screams' of Screen

And Forget to Put the

World Back Together Again

iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing For
All Free With Least Harm mY FRiEnD Coming to Understand

That 'God' Is Only A Free Dance And Free Song Away of the Child

Again Free in
A Non-Sense SonG oF JoY
And A Dance of Our Milky Way

Within Free

Again as 'God' New
BREaTHES Free Us Now

Yet Of Course This is Only
mY Dream of Fruition only
my Multi-Uni-Verse of Existence

Each Unique Set of EYeS ANoTHeR
Dream Another Breath of 'God's FRuiTioN'...

SMiLes Dear Savvy FRiEnD it Was Always Difficult
to Make FRiEnDS on the Autism Spectrum Particularly
All the Days Words Just Wouldn't Come Even At Work

Yet Playing the Piano
The Night Before Helped
A Little Bit a Right Hemisphere
Of Social-Empathic-Artistic-Real
Emotional Nuancing Spiritual Intelligence

to Give, Share, Care, And Heal Like the Other
'Real Humans Beings' Did So Trapped in a Left Hemisphere
Reducing The Parts of Reality to Only Labels Just A Representation

of Reality Until
Shells of Words
Gain Soul of Poetry

Until Dance Gains Wings
Of Feet No Longer Needing
Lessons to Flow Winds Free
FRiEnDS With Gravity Indeed

And True Now i Have FRiEnDS
Yet the Work of Poetry of Song
And Dance Never Ends As Now it is

Play and No Work At All i am No Longer
A Boy and A Man With Just Half A Soul

Now Both Hemispheres
Hold Hands in this Dance
And Song of LiFE Free No

Longer Do i Have to Wish
Upon A Star as Now Like that
Movie A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
i Am A Real Boy And Man This Gift of Being Whole...

It's True Before i Was at the Bottom of the Ocean
Waiting Forever Now For A Statue to Return Back to Life...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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