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04 Sep 2022, 2:42 am

Any More Rhetorical Questions?

Dancing Singing in 'Wu Wei'
Effortless Ease Always RiSinG

Higher in Autotelic FLoW on A Tight

Rope Evolving in Complexity And Simplicity

Of Effortless Ease Even More WHeRE ALL Focuses

On One Task Now Until a Next One Naturally comes

Out of Time, Distance, Space,

And A 'Matter of Things'

Just FLoWinG WiTHiN

Naked Enough

Eternally Now

Whole Complete
Dancing Singing A Tightrope Now New
Dear Savvy Higher And Higher in Ease
iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE Real
Giving Sharing Caring Healing
With Least Harm For All
A Practice of Heaven
Eternally Now
WiTHiN For
Real Dear FRiEnD...

1. Labor of Work

2. Labor of Play

3. Labor of Love

No Thanks, Now to Number 1;
Did it 33 Years, Hehe, Never Again;

Yep, Starting Early At Age 49, Working
Since 16, Through School Up to 3 Part
Time Jobs at Once, Catching 3 Degrees In Tandem True;

Working Most All Holidays, Nights, For The
Federal Government for 25 Years Getting
Promoted 5 Times at the End of the Last
5 Years; Yep, Retiring Early With A Pain Technically
Worse than Crucifixion (Type-Two Trigeminal Neuralgia) For
66 Months From Wake to Sleep Shut-in With 18 Other Medical Disorders

Working Together in A Synergy of LiFE Threat
As It's True the Pain Worse Than Crucifixion Is
Also Assessed As 'The Suicide Disease' For Real

NO Drug Would Touch; Yes Retiring
Permanently Legally Medically Disabled
at Federal Service Grade NF-4; Sure
Equivalent Military Grade of

0-4 Major in the Marines;

Rarely Ever Took A Day Off, Spent the
Last Year and a Half on Annual Leave
And Sick Leave Accumulating More of
my High 3 Years for 100 Percent Pay Now at Age 62;

(So, Actually, i Haven't Lifted A Finger to Get
Paid For Bucks Ever Since Age 47 For Real)

Numbers 2 and 3. Most Definitely Hurray;
And Of Course A Real Kingdom And or Queendom of

Heaven Within

of Course to Play for Love;

Anyway, Just Like Any Other Day
Eternally Now i For ONE Celebrate A Labor

Love For Real;

HAha, With 'A Little
Help From mY FRiEnDS'...

And Of Course, i Am Stronger Empirically
SPeaKinG STill Leg Pressing up to 1520 Pounds
At my Sweet Old Age in NuMBeRS With 17,123
Miles Of Public Dance And 10.8 MiLLioN Words of

EPiC Longest Long Form Poem in History and or Herstory, "SonG oF mY SoUL," Both in 9 Years Now
Empirically Measurable 13.5 Times Larger Than What the 'Old King James Try' was able to Muster

Deep in Free Verse Poetry NoW in Stream of Consciousness Autotelic Flow Just
Like the Free Dance That Brings Free Song in Moving Meditation too Coming


Deeper iN
A Depth of The Human Story
Within With Poetic Responses to
Folks All Around This Globe in Ways
Oral Tradition in Writing EPiC Poetry Has

Always Been Done Before and NoW in Longest Long Form Poem Way...

Here's THE DEAL, i Did So Much More 'Permanently Disabled' to
Lift Folks Up All Around my Metro Area in Just Plain Old Smiles
That Come From 9 Years of Public Dance; Sure, Empirically Measurable at


(Mostly, Women Of Course,
Par for the Human Course)

Sure hehe, There are Stellar Testimonials True
About my Free Verse Poetic Responses Globally
Too WHere Folks Have the 'Software and Hardware'
in Terms of More Right Hemisphere Intelligences
in Processes of Bigger Picture Views of Existence;
Social-Empathically-Artistically-With Really Finely
Nuancing REAL Spiritual Emotional Intelligences Now too Here's THE DEAL,

One May Move Mountains of Play and Love With Other Humans


Without Making

American Lincoln Frigging Penny...

Sure, it Helps to Be Financially Independent First;
One Does What it Takes Then One Discards The

Chains And

Basically Flies...

Or One
Does Not.

Others than That THere Are Two Ways of Life:

1. Lifting Other Folks Up.

2. Knocking Other Folks Down.

Number Two is A 'TRuMP Highway to Hell' For Real;

And Yes, i Got to Go 'THere' Just Doing Number 1.

(As 'They' Dance And Sing "PiSSinG The
Night Away" in Hell For God Damned Real)

Life Ain't Fair Baby;

It is What it is;

Both in Hell And Heaven
Now, Only A 'Real Fool' Doesn't
Make The Best Out of Now For Real...

Yes, Happiest Labor Day NoW in Terms of Play
And Love; Never A Joke For me NoW For ReaL ETeRNaLLY NeW So...

Peace of Mind Dear Aloha FRiEnD iNDeeD
You Have it All Sunshine on Hawaii Sunrise
And Sunset Beach Tweety Bird Finch Singing
Happy Dogs And SHE Cat Healing Hehe With SMILes

And All the Audience of
Others in Bliss of Happiness
True it is the Warm Furry Creatures

We LoVE iNCluding Humans too HAha

That Make Us Happiest oF ALL

Always FLoWeRinG

Summer Within
Springing Out
of Winter Never
Feeling Fall Now For Real...

Oh September a Signal For me For So Many Days
That Dark Was Closing In Yes Those Hours oF LiGHT

Going Away When Commuting in Heavy Traffic 30 Miles
Both Ways to A Naval Air Station to Work in the Headquarters

Building There Getting Up at Dark to Go To Work At Least Watching
The Sunrise Close to the Beach Where the Navy Station is Still Located

Oh Lord The Long Tired Drive Home Days

Continuing to Get Shorter And Shorter
Every Year Since Schooling Seasonal

Affective Disorder For me
There Was Always a Vague
Dread Dear Miriam About September

to me Falling Moods Getting Darker A Little
Bit of Relief With Christmas LiGHTS in Shortest
Days of December Yet Wait! Bright Colorful Screens
to the Rescue Yet Wait! Dopamine Shots of Smart Phones
Night and Day Yet Wait! Now i Get to Go out in the Sunshine
in the Middle of the Day Bare As Furry Bears Will Be No More

Seasonal Affective
Disorder For me NoW

As the Sun As Designed
By Nature is Enough to Regulate
Emotions And Integrate Senses With A Free
Dance And Song in Autotelic Flow of Course

Shadows on the Barn Late at Night Yet Sunshine
Rising and Staying In Staycation Within Out of DarK

Now i Marry the Night
And Merry The Day

Yet it Was So Hard
When i Was Trapped
in A Cave of a Car and
Work For So Many Years
As September Through December
Darkness Approached So Many Crosses
One May Carry in Life So Many Ones that
May Be Dropped in A Golden Age With A U Shaped
Diagram of Happiness Where Folks Are Happiest When
Young and Old Sadly the First Line Above Has Been Replaced
By College Age Students 40 Percent Functionally Depressed And
60 Percent of College Age Students Functionally Anxious With General

(And Assessed As
So Very
Lonely too)

Anxiety too
Yet It's True With
So Much Instant Gratification
And The Disappearance of Human
Attention Spans to less than 3 Seconds
As Science Shows on Average Yes Less than
Gold Fish Attention For Real It is the Nature of the

Beast of Super Abundance

One Must (May) Find a Way to Still
Tow A 'Cross' And Lift One Self Up Toward

LiGHT That is Generated Within and Not Be So Dependent on Technology
That Aims to Make Human Beings Addicts Without Much Focus to Live at all...

Feeling God's Smile
And God's Laugh
NeW God Yes!
Let's Just Dance Sing
It's A reAlly REAL!



Here’S A Deal Light Shines You Sun Doesn’t
Require Shine From You In Other Words
When A 'JeSuS' is Real No Worship Required

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Karma Comes
Karma Goes



Waves Ocean Whole
Air i BReATHE ENough
Complete Always Sun
Shine Feeling More Give

Humans RiSinG ToGeTHeR Sharing
ThiS Way Wisdom Potential Ever MoRE NoW...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Karma Comes
Karma Goes



Waves Ocean Whole
Air i BReATHE ENough
Complete Always Sun
Shine Feeling More Give

Humans RiSinG ToGeTHeR Sharing
ThiS Way Wisdom Potential Ever MoRE NoW...

“People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway.”

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa A Mighty Cross to Lift; Particularly Since Circa 2015

in the United States

Yet It's True i Love

A Challenge Oh

i STill Do With SMiLes...

It Doesn't Take A 'Rocket Scientist'
(Without the Ability to Build A Rocket
to the Moon That Will Really Lift-Off)
To Understand That People Who Are
Constantly Marginalized and Treated As
Outcasts in Society Are More Likely to Commit Suicide.

Case in Point, Autistic Folks; Yes Baby, As Well As 'LGBQT

Folks too;' Yet of Course When You Are Not Comfortable in the
Body You Are Born in And There is Literally No Escape, Let's Just Use

Common Sense
And Feel of Empathy
IF We Have Enough Cognitive
Empathy and Compassion to Figure

Out What is Obvious As Birds With Feathers who actually Fly.

And For The Folks Here Who Suggest That Emotional Pain isn't
As Hard As Physical Pain, Let's Just Refer Back to the Empathy Above That's REAL;

This is Stuff that Most Grade School Kids Have Figured Out; And True Now they are
More 'Acclimatized' New to 'Different' And the Hope for a Newer World of Love For the

Marginalized in

Society For Real.

Human Ignorance
in All the SHades of
Grey to BLacK Abyss
it comes in is Responsible
For the Most Harming, Raping,
Maiming, Killing oF All of Nature
NoW As 'This CuLTuRaL Pandemic' That Humans
Bring Will Hopefully Find A Remedy Sooner than soon...

Yes! Through Social Justice Baby! For all, Not Just Old Angry Dudes, Etc...

UP! GROW A Damned HeART!
Hey! if the Grinch WiLL Do it!
And Even if Trump Can't, THere

is Still God Damned Grinch Hope Left;

And To Be Clear This isn't Personally
Directed to 'The Audience Specifically here;'

An Analysis, Careful, In Hundreds of Thousands
of Interactions Longitudinally For Decades It is; Gonna
Take More Than 'Gold Fish Attention Spans' to Read
my 'Research Paper', hehe...
It's Starts With An 'S For
Hope' And Ends With an L

for Love;


You Know 'Who'
Perhaps 'Faith'
of 'Oh (ou) You' too.

Dancing Singing in 'Wu Wei'
Effortless Ease Always RiSinG

Higher in Autotelic FLoW on A Tight

Rope Evolving in Complexity And Simplicity

Of Effortless Ease Even More WHeRE ALL Focuses

On One Task Now Until a Next One Naturally comes

Out of Time, Distance, Space,

And A 'Matter of Things'

Just FLoWinG WiTHiN

Naked Enough

Eternally Now

Whole Complete
Dancing Singing A Tightrope Now New
Dear Savvy Higher And Higher in Ease
iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE Real
Giving Sharing Caring Healing
With Least Harm For All
A Practice of Heaven
Eternally Now
WiTHiN For
Real Dear FRiEnD...

Catholic Mass Readings From 9.4.2022
Something About Cults of Personalities
Something About Roman Catholic Expanding
Empires That Depended on Making A Humble
Teacher and Mentor Only Hoping Others Will
Create Greater Works of LoVE iN LiFE Who Believes
The Last Servant Who Leads the Most With Love The
MeeK This Way Will Always LiVE iN Heaven NoW For Real

Indeed Inheriting
This KingQueendom Within

Instead of MaKinG A 'J' Dude
A Frigging Demagogue Then

Listen Folks i've Had Folks
Bow to me With Their Hands
Clasped in Mock Worship Just
For Becoming Famous/Living Legend for A Free
Flowing Public Dance Yes With No Instructions

When You Are Naked Enough Whole Complete

It's Okay If Others Continue to Love Their Family
More Than You And Everyone Else if They Want
to Totally Exclude You From Their World too

Unconditional Love

Doesn't Worry About

It is No Different Than Instructing Folks To Hate Their
Families and to Love 'You' Most True 'Charlie Manson'
Did That And So Does Trump No Real Man/Woman of Love

Does it All
Symptoms of
A DiSeASE That
Has Slaughtered
Countless Human
Beings for Self Centered
Power for 'Little Man and or Woman' Disease
Never Naked Enough Whole Complete With Love Sadly Enough

That Never Requires Any Worship or Fears Any Criticism For Real

As Truth of

in Beauty

is Love's
Breath When
Faith of Hope For Real

iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE
Naked Enough Whole Compete

Never Needing Affirmation From
Anyone to Be Love Free THiS WaY
Anyway Obviously Many Ghost Authors
And Mistake Prone and Intentional Scribe Changers
Contributed to the Pen Name Luke For Whatever it is today

True or
False in
Cult Of Personality Way...

Now to Be Clear, If We Wanna Make
it A Metaphor it may Be Used for the
Difficulty of Trying to Leave A Tradition

To Move into A Place of Love For Everyone
With No

to Give Share Care
Heal For All For Free With Least Harm...

Ya Won't Make 'Poetry 'into An 'Only God'
Human Or Not As For Every EYe THere is
Another Interpretation Still To Come New Now.

Any More Rhetorical Questions?




KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
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05 Sep 2022, 2:23 am

Laser Beam
Of Focus Dear
SavvY iN DeeD
Energies in Synergy
Done WiTH SMiLes...

Dancing Free
Springing Song
Dear Chaymaa
No Longer Shall
Dances Sings...

Hehe Yes! i AM So much Happier
Now That i Gave Up Words For
Dance Now That i've Become
A Flow
i Have
No Idea How i Go Dear Chaymaa As A
SonG NaturAlly CoMes Free New Now...

Hehe Dear Miriam
Only Surfing Negativity
At Places Like Walmart

And FaR AWaY iN
Yes Souls

Grow Colder
i Rise Warmer

FLoWinG Freer

Turning Beats
Around HeART
Beats me SOaRinG Even Freer
ThiS Ocean WHoLE BeLoNGS
To DancE SonG NeW NoW SMiLinG...

LiGHTinG mY Christmas
Tree me Leaving me Up
All Year 'Round New Colors
of Moves MaKinG Holy Dance
New Lights to Decorate my SonG
oF mY
Free iN
FLoW With
SMiLes Dear Chaymaa...

True i Forgot
to Mention my
Irish X-Catholic
Priest Grandaddy
Schooled For A
PHD in Limerick

i’ve Never Had
LeSSoNS ‘Piling
Higher Deeper’
i Just
Do The
Do With SMiles
And Irish EYes...

Yes It’s
True my
Wife Spanks
me Like A Nun

With A Ruler
All 12 Inches Hehe

Or A King Depending

On How one Spells It

Anyway So Goes
The Palms of my Hand

And Face Hehe
Forrest Thick She Says

Definitely ‘Gift’

Hehe i See
You Get
The Grift

mY Little STiLL Rose
Budding FLoWeR;
TRuE LoVE! She'll
Always Clean
Up Yes! After
A 'Stomach Flu!'
Life is Messy, Find
Someone Who is Able
To Handle THorns Without Gloves...

Yawn, as Stereotypes Go, Biden is 'Irish Like
me,' He Has the Potential For an Explosive Temper;

True For me, Not As Far Removed And It Doesn't Get Much More Irish
Than An Irish X-Catholic Priest Grandfather, PHD Schooled in Limerick Hehe,

This "MAGA Republicans Are Existential Threat to Democracy" 'Meme' Wasn't
An Off-The-Cuff Statement By Biden; Carefully And Very Politically Constructed
By His Advisors to Rile Up the Democrats and Some Independents to Get Out and


On the Other Hand,
i Remember Biden
Exploding Several Times
Threatening to Take Trump
Out to A "Proverbial Woodshed" For A Whippin'...

Yawn, 'SoMe Folks' MoVE iN A Way Where Those Kinda Words Aren't Necessary.

Biden Was Never One of my Favorite Democratic Politicians; However, He Was
Perfectly Made For 'His Day' in Politics Getting So Much Done in the Last 9 Months
'Turning the Beat Around' For The So-Called Common Human And Sure i Can And

Will List A Score and (Saving my Sister $300 Dollars Monthly In Subsidies For Obama Care For One Until
She Reaches 65 Now)
More Accomplishments
Birthed in Just the Last
9 Months Yet i've Already
Done it Twice in the Last
Few Weeks; Why Serve Ice
Cream And Steak Again When
So Many Spoiled Americans Can't
Appreciate What They've Been Served to this Point.

Yawn, Obviously, Not All Republicans Are The
Kind of 'Maga Republicans Who are an Existential
Threat to Democracy;' Most All Republicans i Know
Can AND DO See the Rotten Politician Trump is; However as
Long as Their Church Says Vote Trump STiLL They'll Do it Again

As For them
Religion Comes
Before Frigging Common Sense;

For Some of Them, It's A Matter of Ignorance;

You Can't Make The Blind See With Eyes Who Do Not Want to...

Meanwhile, Trump Lost The Senate for the Republicans With His
Despicable Demagogue Actions in 2020; This Year The Loss Potentially

May Be Not only Not Regaining the Senate; Yet the House too; Yawn, DAMNED


This 'Church Made Mouse' is Breaking Down the Republican Party into Stink Stank


As Folks Continue
Sadly to Hold Their
Nose In Support For Trump;

Yawn, Much of the 'Existential
Threat' is the Ilk of The Median
Age 68 That Watches Fox News
And Sits in Breakfast Clubs Like Hardees;

Who Often Need Help Getting Out of Their
80 Thousand Dollar Four Wheel Drives As They
B8tch About Hard Working Students Getting Student Loan Breaks.

i Know These Folks; They Are Nothing to Lose ANY Sleep Over Now

Yet Trump Is Potentially 'Broke Enough' To Lose For The 'R Party' Again.

Oh By The Way, the Truly Conservative Justice Department Likely Has
Plans to Actually Indict Trump For Criminal Offenses; And This Probably
Explains Why Biden's Advisors Felt So Confident Taking a 'Bully Pulpit.'

It Won't Be Long
Before The 'Wicked
Witch of the West' REALLY
Gets Water Of Justice Poured
All Over Him and He Melts Away...

away... away... Just away away in JUSTICE

Then Monkeys (Minions) May Fly Free Again
And Bring A 'Pence Party' BacK iN Vogue of B o R in G...



Do you know when you’ve lost something-like your favorite T-shirt or a set of keys-and while looking for it, you come across something
else you once missed but have long since forgotten? Well whatever it was, there was a point where you decided to stop searching, maybe
because it was no longer required or a new replacement was found. It is almost as if it never existed in the first place until that moment
of rediscovery, a flash of recognition. Everyone has one-an inventory of lost things
waiting to be found. Yearning to be acknowledged for the worth they once held in

your life.

I think this is where I belong-among all your other lost things. A crumpled note at
the bottom of a drawer or an old photograph pressed between the pages of a book.
I hope someday you will find me and remember what I once meant to you.”

Oh What A Lovely Poem You Share Dear “Peace & Truth” About Love Lost
Love Unrequited Love Waiting to Return mY FRiEnD And Sadly When my
First Love Left me Then on A Dance Floor Back in July of 1979 So Fittingly

“After The Love is Gone” Playing By “Earth Wind and Fire” Then in A Slow
Dance And A Slow Burn to Fast Burn When She Said She Was going away

And Never Coming Back Blind-Sided i never Saw it
Coming And While Some Folks Move Through

Lusts And Loves Like Snow Flakes to
Step-on Failing to See Each Unique
Soul Value to Be Now i Was the

Child Most No One Wanted
to Sit Next to At Lunch

In School i Was the
Outcast Then and

Part of no ‘Crowd’

In Middle School As So Many
Odd Children Are Particularly on
The Autism Spectrum mY FRiEnD

So Smart Yet Just Not Getting the Social Part
Anyway for me i Was So Surprised to Have Any
First Love at All And For me After All Those Lonely
Days and Lonely Nights For Such A Lonely Boy Like me Then

Yes That Was Surely The End of my World of Love Then And Honestly
i Shut it Down And Really Didn’t Totally Bring it Back to Even Be Able
to Fully Love mY Wife Until After i Got Out of Hell For 66 Months It’s true

Dear FRiEnD i Lost my Sun Within Yes Warmth of Soul Giving Sharing And
Caring Healing So Fearlessly Easy for Some Folks Yet Yes Just Stone Cold For

Others Particularly in Any Toxic Patriarchy Like the place i Grew Up That Said
Under Threat of Bodily Harm Boys Don’t get to Cry Not Even Frigging SMiLE

Well Guess What the LoVE Returned What Was Once Crucified Away in Lost
Love Came Back After Being Crucified in Pain and Numb For 66 Months

And Ever Since Age 53 Now i Make my Life Journey One to Continue
To Color All my Christmas Tree LiGHTS New Always Up Year Around

More and More and More Until Now i Bring Warmth in Dance
And Song Wherever i Go And Whenever i Meet A New
FRiEnD i Treat them the Same as they Become
Old FRiEnDS too Whether or Not Older
FRiEnDS Retain A Bright Christmas
Tree Warmth For me With New
Colors oF LiGHT as By
God This Modern
World This
Place of
Screens and
Screams So Lost
From Organic Love is
A Place WHere HeART
SPiRiT SoUL May Go Away
And Perhaps Never Return Even until the Last Breath

So Yes You Will Aways BE A Treasure to me For You Are
Another Opportunity to Share LoVE iN Warmth For Free mY FRiEnD

Every Morning i Enjoy the HeART FeLT SPiRiT FeLT SoUL FeLT Poetry
You BRinG i Am Here As Your Loving FRiEnD For as Long as You
Want me Around Usually Folks Get Busy and Drift Away Yet for

me at Least Now it is People First Wherever i Go And it’s True
After Losing the Memory if i Ever Felt A Smile Before in that
Hell For 66 Months i’ve Turned The Beat Around and Yes

Now i am The One Who Fills My Metro Area Everywhere

i Go With SMiLes of Dance Free And Hehe A SonG Deeper for
Those Who Have What it Takes to Understand SouL of Poetry

Sharing Our SoUL in Poetry is a Most Intimate Kind of PuRE LoVE NeW NoW
THeRE iS RiSinG AS LoVE More mY FRiEnD Never A Prisoner Without Wings...

Full Of Surprises

In Accord, With the 'Gospel of Thomas, Verse 37, Giving Power
Back to the Nature of God; Yes, NoW iN Humans Within; Not Unlike
Luke 17:21, for Whatever Scribe or Ghost Author Who Then Gave

Breath to the Verse of the Kingdom of God and Heaven IS Within,

We Could Always Ask the 'Gospel of Thomas' How Jesus Will Return:

Clue: He And Or Her, Won't Be Wearing a Loin Cloth, If Her and or He Returns
As He And Or Her Left As True Back in 'Those Days' of REAL Actual Crucifixions
They Were Totally Naked Like Michelangelo's Sculpture of Jesus Yes Carrying
A Cross When in 2017, the Catholic Church Then Finally Removed A Very Small

Covering For A Penis Even Tinier than that of 'David' As Let's Old Renaissance
Remember; Yes, Back in 'That Day,' Modern Style 'Porn Penis' Was Considered

And 'Animal
Like' Indeed;

Where Of Course, i've Witnessed A YouTube
Comments Section From A 'National Geographic'
YouTube Video of Lion's Having Sex and Oh God Yes
of Course the Ignorance in the 'Comments Room' Made
Fun, By God Yes, of the Relatively 'Small Package' of the Lion;

Apparently, in Blatant Ignorance, Not Remembering F in
Common Sense, Realistically, For What Sharp Jaws
And Teeth might Otherwise Do to 'Family Jewels'
in Even A Feral Cat 'Tussle' For Territory AS Such;

True it's 'Bad Ass Enough,' When Feral Cats Try to Bite 'Nuts' Off AS Such

Yet i Digress; Yes, What's Censored Out of the Roman Catholic Empire

According to the 'Gospel of Thomas Verse 37,' As Linked And Provided Below:

37) His disciples said to him, "When will you be visible to us,
and when shall we behold you?"
He said, "When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
take your garments and put them under your feet like little
children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
Living, and you will not be afraid."

And If Anyone Might Wonder What THAT Storybook Version of
Yeshua, Jesus, Or Whomever Might Feel About Trans-Gendering Humans

Female to Male AS Such,
One Need Look No Further
Than the 'Gospel of Thomas' Verse 114:

114) Simon Peter said to Him, "Let Mary leave us, for women are
not worthy of Life."
Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her
male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you
males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the
Kingdom of Heaven."

Actually i Do Nude Art, i Could Easily Show Ya'll What it
Might Look Like if Jesus Returns at age 62; However,
Even Though it Meets Facebook Community Standards
in Accord With 'Bear Butt' Art, It Doesn't Meet Community

Standards on the 'WrongPlanet;' So i Will Forgo Evidence of That Here, Hehe.

Let's Put it ThiS Way, i've Had my Butt Grabbed By Women in Dance Halls
All the Way From Age 22 Through 60 And By God Even With Clothes on Hehe...

And F No, i'm Fearless Now;
i Ain't Afraid to Do Precisely
What the Gospel of Thomas
Verse 37 Directs Humans to Do;

Yet Do Understand, It's also A Metaphor of Discarding HUMAN TOOLS; Yes,
All the Lies of CuLTuRE, Religion, And Even Written Words of Humans AS Such.

Getting Back to the Balance of Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete; Humans Have

Been Doing This
Ever Since
Of Assisi' And
Long Before that
Without Any 'Gospel
of Thomas Verse 37' at all;

Back to the Nature of the Nature oF All
That is Naked, Enough, Whole, And So Complete, 'GARDEN OF EDEN' STiLL REAL

YET True, By God YES, It's More Than Body Parts and Literal (Tools) Words AS Such...

Anyway, Gotta Get Going Before i'm Late to Catholic Church, Yet Again For Another 'Nicene Creed'...

From 'the Gospel of Thomas' At Least It Appears That The 'J Dude Story' Was Just A Run of the Mill Naturist

In Touch With
Truly Modern Style 'Avatar'
Natively SPiRiTuALLY ThiS Way...

And Other Than That Even 'Carl
Jung' Suggested Balancing the 'Animus And Anima'
For Greatest Human Potentials Now for Real too; God Yes,

in Other Words, Never Mistake my Balancing Grace and Love

For Any Less Will And Strength Than A Lion With Peace and Love;

Real Male Lions Are Truly Atrocious Beasts; Yet May Become Lap Cats too, Hehe,

With 'The Love ("Mary")
of A Mother'; No Matter
if That Nature/Nurture Comes
From/to Male and or Female True...

It’s Nice to Have A Captive
Hehe Particularly Live
Audience to Art to
Whether it is
Poetry Song
Or Dance With
SMiles i Remember
When i Used To Get
Notifications For ‘Decoding
HappYness’ And Yes i Remember
You Asking me Advice on How
To Title it And If You Should
Pursue A Writing Career
Instead of Accounting
Such A Bright Creative
Gem You Surely Still

Are How
About Some
More Colorful
Fall Leaves NoW As
Seasons Change Or
Another Artistic SMile
You So Often Shared With

me True So Many Memories
Anyway as i Remember it all

HAha Even From The Beginning
When You asked me How Much

i Weigh 11 Pounds Ago In 2015
At 233 American Pounds Yes

And You Said Yes One Day
You Would Love to Dance
On The Beach Indeed in
Someways You Made

That Dream Come True

Yet i Should Have known
Better To Put it in Metric

As That Surely Must
Have Sounded Like

A Half Instead
Of only Close to A
Quarter of A Ton And True
Yes Y.O.U. Always Seemed
So Much Taller to me than

A Hair under
Five Foot
Three hehe
So Tiny Indeed
Yet Kinda Tall
Still For India With
SMiles Anyway

Musings like
Fall Leaves to
me So Colorful Indeed
As No We Don’t Have
Much Brown in Florida...

LiGHTinG mY Christmas
Tree me Leaving me Up
All Year 'Round New Colors
of Moves MaKinG Holy Dance
New Lights to Decorate my SonG
oF mY
Free iN
FLoW With
SMiLes Dear Chaymaa...

Laser Beam
Of Focus Dear
SavvY iN DeeD
Energies in Synergy
Done WiTH SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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06 Sep 2022, 1:14 am

Teach The World to Shine
The Sun Already Does
It We Can And Will too
WitH SMiLes Dear Savvy!...

Oh Dear Savvy As An Empath Kinda Person
Like You i Am Sure i Love Being Around
Places of Positive Energy too Yet It's

True i Go to Very Dark Places
too Understanding That

Some Places Are So Dark

That A Small Flame May

Light Up An Entire Home of DarK

It's True iF LiGHT Doesn't Enter Darkest

Places Those Rooms May Never See LiGHT At All


How Blessed to
Feel Heaven Anywhere
And Everywhere in This World

Dear Savvy Even the Strength to
Feel Heaven iN DarK

What A Gift
LiGHT Will
Be When
A Flicker
May Turn into
A Burning St Elmo's
Fire on A Distant Yet Near Island of Love
It Makes me Feel Great Joy Feeling Your
Joy in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Belgium


Labor of Play and Love Dear Shawna Baby
True i Put Work to Rest in Peace Back at age
47 in 2008 took Me 66 Months Out Of Hell to Make

It to LoVE iN Heaven Now Yet it All Worked Out
Finally Always Beginning New Starting Now Works Out As
CHUMBAWAMBA Yes Starting Now Wow Just Wow That Font
Really Got Big Didn’t It With Pissing the
Night Away With Chumbawamba

Yet It Wasn’t So Much the Song
Yet The Creative Effort of the Young
Women On Perhaps An Alabama Farm

Just Having Fun With Creativity At Effortless

Ease Not Really Trying to Win An Academy Award

Just For A Sake of Fun For Real As Randomly i Came
Across the Video on YouTube Looking For the Song

And it Reminded me of the Way You Allow Your Four
Children So Much Creativity Even On the Outside of

A 6 Inch Screen As The Wife of A Southern Baptist
Pastor in Alabama Hehe Also it Reminded me of Not

Too Long Ago When A Young Woman Came

Up to me a Bit Teary Eyed And Said

She Wanted to Thank me For

Inspiring Her and Yes Her
FRiEnDS to Dance Together

Watching Videos of me Free
Dancing in Walmart to Get Through
The Tough Years of High School Years
Before She Returned to Tell me Thank You

As For Them at Least the 9 Years I’ve Been
Dancing In Public Practically seems like A
Huge Part of An Entire Lifetime Hehe

The Thing About Spreading Smiles for
Free Never Making A Stinking Lincoln
Penny These Days Is it is Free And HAha i Am
Still Tussling With the Government into Paying
Up my 100 Percent Retirement Pay Ever Since my
Birthday June 6th As They are 3 Months in Arrears to me Now

And True They Failed to Flag my File To Do it that Should Have
Been Done Ever Since i Started my Early Retirement So Many
Years Ago Oh Lord I Had to Find the Laws of the Nation to Enforce

My Rights to Early Retirement And Now I Have to Remind them to
Pay my Entitled Increase True in This World Ya Gotta Self-Advocate

For Yourself and Never Fully Count on Others to Do Their Job It Seems
Blessed Are Those Who Even Have the Ability to Do it mY FRiEnD

As There Are People In the World Who Really Have Lost the Juice
To Care About What They Are Doing At all ‘Running Up That Hill’

Newer Generations 8 Times More Depressed And Lonely
Than Measures of Last Century Human Empathy Draining

Stranger Things Indeed Running Up That Hill Lord
Knows in That Video i Understand How Hard

A Human Must Continue to Even Breathe

Every Second Running Up that Hill

Out of HeLL ON EartH Within

Glad Your Kids LiVE iN
More Than A Scream
Of Screen May They Always
Wear Wings And Find Love and
Play in the Darkest of Work Worlds Now

So DarK Again Happy Labor of Play and LoVE
Dear Shawna Baby With SMiLes of Dance And Song Free...

'JeSuS,' 'According to Matthew,' 'Begs' to Differ;


If One is To take the Verses Below Literally

It's Gonna Be Very Warm in Churches That/Who
Support The Ilk of Behavior That The "TRumP LiVinG DEAD MeMe" Motivates...

Matthew KJV, Chapter 25, Verses 31 Through 46:

31 When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:

32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?

39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

42 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:

43 I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.

44 Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

45 Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal".

i Already Watch From the Back Pews;

i Already See That And Who Is 'Luke Warm.'

Apparently 'God' Chews 'Chewing Tobacco' And Spits 'Them' out Too;

God No, Yes, If One is Ignorant Enough to Take Metaphors As Literal...

Yawn, 45,000 PLUS Global Denominations and
Every Human Who Interprets The Metaphors
As Pastors and Priests Alike And Different
Take The Bible And Christianity

As Interpretations of Christianity
And The Bible Vastly Different Than Each Other.

i Suppose 'Your Denomination' And 'You,' HAha, Has the One True

Interpretation of a New Testament Written By Roman Greek Writing Ghost Authors
Assigned Pen Names Centuries Later, Along With Copy Scribes Who Made Honest
And Intentional Mistakes Over Centuries Before it Was Bound and Put into Print
All the Way First into the 1400's and the 1300's for Verses of Mix and Match
Scripts Numbered as Such too; The Old Bible is A Chaotic Mess of Contradictions;

Go Ahead and
Read Psalms
Where it Reads
Joyful Shall One Be who
Bashes the Head of a Child With A Stone
Who Is An Opposing Tribal Member's Child DEAD.

It's An Overall Frigging Sick Book Dude Not Worthy of Salt in a Wound.

There Are Some Gems THere Yet Even For A Monkey Typing Long Enough
'He' Might Type a Gem

or Two too,


It's Basically
'Trash' and A Book
That Has Inspired
Much Murder in the World;

As 'Alan Watts' Says And Even 'JeSuS'
if He Could Be Real And Come Back
And Clean 'the Trash Up' Again; More Than Likely

YeS He'd Return Like He Came Before And Sing at
Best the Traditions of the Past Shall Be Burnt At 'Easter'...

And Transform The Entire Burnt Book Sacrifice (JeSuS) into
One Tradition of

Love for All

Yet Wait!
HE ALready

God Damn It

Did That and 'Ignorant Goats'
Are Still Burning in HeLL ON EartH For Real

According to the DEEPER Messages and the DEEPER Stories For
Anyone Who Has the Attention Span And Capacity to Read THE ENTIRE BOOK.

Dude, i've Had Master's
Levels Courses In the
Sociology of Literature;




FOR YOU; Yes, IN 'Secular
Terms' Our Deeper Subconscious
And Right Hemisphere Big Picture
Metaphor Processing Minds for Folks
With the Capacity for Imagination and Creativity

That Sadly Some Humans Are Sadly Lacking In For Real.

There Are Trans And Gay Folks Who Live Happily Ever After
Now in Some Christian Denominations Who See A World of Love For All

And Aren't So Fixated on Which Body Parts Come into Contact Or Being As
'The Spirit of Love' FOR ALL is More Important Than THAT in Materially
Reducing Humans to Body Parts;

Yawn, They Heard A Message
Of Love For All And Aren't
Still Wearing 'Ignorant Diapers
of Exclusion' Just 'Sitting In It' AS Such.

Let me Spell it Out For 'You': Love, Compassion,
And Cognitive Empathy for All; Learn to Walk in the
Shoes of Your Brother And or Sister; Jesus F in Christ

Even Elvis
Understands THaT hehe...

Walk A Mile NoW in Our Loving
Shoes, Etcetera... Etcetera...

And Wake the F Up to Love
Jesus F in Christ ThiS Aint

Rocket Science!

Get Woke! HAheR...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa You Are Always Sharing
Such Inspirational Videos 'Here' is one i Found too
For You
With SMiLes...

SMiles Dear
Cindy Alas
A Lad Perhaps
i Too One Day
May Travel
Farther to
See The World
Than An Avatar
Oh No Yes
Trapped in
A Screen
As Small
As Half
A Foot
Give me Three
Feet To Spiral
Dance And i
Own For
Now With
SMiLes Thanks
Currently Celebrating
It’s A Small Small World
Public Dancing 17,133 Miles
in 9 Years As Such Of
FLoWinG Free
In Walmart
To Send As
An Avatar to
You Too Hehe
With SMiles More...

Ah Yes Discontent And
Anger Must Be Transforming
From DarK To LiGHT Lest Non-Forgiveness

Morphs From Anger to Lasting Hate Festering
As A Real Human Hell Within Dear Chaymaa FRiEnD

Emptying Oneself

oF All the Darkness New

Resurrecting in Forgiveness
Now Even Loving Foes to LEarn

Something New From Them Too With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

It's A Wonderful Life

Every SMiLe We Create For
Others is Another Stepping

Stone Eternally Now Never
Ending A Yellow Brick Golden

Road Of Love
We Create For
Each OTHeR
With SMiLes of Wings

Other than That i Haven't
Really Taken the Effort to
'See' Your 'Avatar Face'

Angelic You Are
Seems You Could

Never Harm Another
Human Only in Service to them

Indeed Proof That Islam Will
BE A Religion of


in You
With SMiLes
iN Loving EYeS of Kindness...

Holy Buffalo Horns
And Moose Antlers
Geysers Blowing
Steam Off
Now i See
Some Advantage
of the Environment
At Least of Why Oh Why
Someone Will Love to LiVE iN

Yellow Stone Park Bared
And Beared

That Liz
Has Recently
Made Infamous too Hehe

SMiLes Dear Cindy You Look So
Relaxed And Happy i Am

For You
Dear FRiEnD...

i'm Sure Hunter
The Dog is Ready
To Shed His Lamp Shade too hehe...

We Had A Cat Who Had to Wear One
of Those Shades For Keeping Him
From Doing Catch Scratch Fever too...

Ah Yes Dear Akshita Nice to See You Back
From my Own Youth it is So Depressing
How Easy Life Will Take Our Imagination
And Creativity Away in An Ocean of Mechanical

That May
Even Devolve
Our HeARTS to
Stone Away From
Even Human Warmth too

A Struggle it May Be to Find
A Free Way Back to A Real 'Yellow
Brick Road' of A Golden Age of

Creativity New!

So Do What You
Can And Will Do
Keep Fresh Wings
Don't Let All Your

Feathers Disappear Hehe...

Ah Yes A Nicest Part About Being Outcast
in Life Early to Late is Not Being Stuck In Other Folks
Values of What Makes A Yellow Brick Golden Road

Oh No It's True A Human Might STiLL Be Born into
A World of Trump Orange And Never Be Able to Escape!

i Color my Path
With A Labor
of Play and

Love The
Hell With Work
i Buried it At Age
47 and Refuse to
Resurrect That CuLTuRaL
Monster for Paper God's AS Such

Fame and Fortune Financially Independent
Government Early Retirement Brings Fame

Oh Lord 9 Years and Still Dancing in Public

More Than 20 Seconds of TiK ToK Fame and
More Than 15 Seconds Timothy O'Leary Size

Indeed Folks Around my Half-A-MiLLioN Folk
Metro Area Still Seek Out A 'POKEMON Dance of
me' Hehe Even in Barnes and Noble Where the Clerk
Just Said Yesterday Have You See the New Videos of You

On YouTube Hehe

my Few Facebook
Peers Left After All the
Disclothed Free of me

Aren't in the Peer Groups
Sharing the 'Famous of me'

Every Now and Then in Public
Still For 9 Years in the Wild the
Audience Comes Up to Remind me
How Famous i Am And Living Legend of

Free Folk
Dance too

All i Had to Do
is Create SMiLes for
Folks For Me at Least

That's the Only Yellow Brick
Road i Want Naked Enough Whole Complete

My Only Suggestion is Do What Sets You Free Fly It's

Do When
We Sprout
Our Child's
And Creativity Free Again
Dear Miriam With SMiLes...

True Though if Your Parent's
Or Uncle Sam isn't Providing
An Allowance Yes Take Care
of That 'Stuff' too of course Hehe...

Ah Yes, Considering my Grandfather Was An X-Catholic Irish Priest
PHD Educated in Limerick Ireland, i Still Have A Latin Catholic Bible; Yes,

Blessed By A Pope; Heirloom From my Grandfather Once Counsel At the Vatican;

God Yes, Eventually Pastoring Parishes in South Africa; Gainesville, Florida;

And Taylor County Florida, Where a 17 Year-Old Spicy Cajun' Young
Woman Woo'ed Him From the Pews; He At 36, So Scandalous Then Yet

'They' Say 'They' Didn't 'Consummate The Marriage' Until my Grandmother Turned 18;
Yes Such A Very 'Good Catholic Boy' my Excommunicated Grandaddy Stayed; Additionally,

Writing A Book Titled "Behind the Dictator's" For How The Catholic Church Supported
The Dictator's of Last Century; Similar to How the Catholic Church i Visit as A Participant
Anthropology Observer Told the Congregation, Words to the Effect That God Directs the


To Vote For Trump;
Wow What Muse for
An EPiC Longest Long
Form Poem i Am Still
Writing at 10.8 MiLLioN Words,
"SonG oF mY SoUL' in Poetic Responses to Folks All Around
the Globe in the Last 9 Years as MY SPECIAL INTEREST HEHE

(Along With 17,133 Miles of Public Dance in 9 Years True too)

FOR REAL; ANYWAY, There are As Many Translations of the Bible;

Both Officially in Terms of OVER 45,000 DENOMINATIONS OF CHRISTIANITY

GLOBE-WIDE; AND ADDITIONALLY, after Poetically Responding to Literally Thousands
of Poems By Hundreds of Poets World-Wide And Listening to All The Interpretations

Others Gave; Plus Personally Interviewing So-Called Christians in my Locality That Once
Held the Record for the Most Churches Per Capita; What i Find Is There Are As Many Interpretations

of Christianity And The Bible and Poems in General As There Are Sets of Human Eyes Among Each

And Every Human

Being; Yawn, The Bible

Is A Book of Very Deep Metaphor;

The Folks Who Will Have The Most Difficulty

of Discerning Any Potential of What it Was Once
Meant to Mean By Original Ghost Authors With
Famous Pen Names Like Luke, Matthew, Mark and
John; Plus All the Scribes Who Made Changes in Mistakes
And Intentional Changes too Across Centuries Until it Was
Printed in A First Bound Book in the 1400's; And Mix and Match
Scripts of Verses Were Numbered as Such in the 1300's; Yes, Discernment

of the Meanings is Dependent on Human Intelligences in Interpreting Deep Metaphor;


THE WAY I WRITE; Predictably, More Literal Thinking More Restricted Left Hemisphere Thinking Folks,
Even With Many College Degrees and Professional Certifications Express Great Difficulty in Interpreting

What i Write; Even Calling it 'Indecipherable' AS Such Like it is me Who Has A LACK OF SOME KIND OF INTELLIGENCE

HEHE, Where Jesus F in Christ, High School Students on the Poetry Circuit Globe-Wide Have no Problem At All;

Yet i Refrain

From 'Ad-Hominem
Attacks' on Others in Their
Deficiencies of Right Brain
Hemisphere Social-Empathic-Artistic-
Real Spiritual Emotional Nuanced Contemplative
Interpretive Intelligences ThiS Way; Our Society is
'Progressively' Now Becoming One More Systemizing
AS Such in Left Brain Hemisphere Ways of Data Download

Consumption of A Materially Reduced Existence FOR REAL;

Deeper Mystical Metaphors in Most All Religious Texts Seek
to Bring Unity of Detail And Bigger Picture Views of Reality Back

to Humanity Yet Sadly in a Modern World That Leans Toward Mechanical

Systemizing Cognition Hehe in a 'Revenge of the Nerds' World That Is Now

Designed By Folks Like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, And the More Geeky Artistic

Bigger Picture View Dudes And or Dudettes like Steve Jobs; Hey! THere is Nothing

Wrong With Systemizing Intelligence, it Got me Through Retiring Early With Financial
Management and Information Technology Skills Working for the Federal Government
For A Quarter of A Century; Yes, Retiring at NF-04 Grade Equivalent to An 0-4 Marine Major;

(Happy Labor Day By The Way; i Gave up Work for Play and Love; A 'Wonderful Life' Now it is)

Yet As Science Shows A Life Restricted to Mechanical Cognition Will Actually Wither Away Our

Yep, i Scored A 45 on the Simon Baron Cohen Autism Quotient AQ Test Before i Resurrected my Right Brain
Hemisphere Intelligences With A Meditating Free Verse Song of Poetry and Flow of Moving Meditation in

Free Dance too;

Voila, my Negative
Symptoms of Autism
Resolved As Far As Balance
of Left and Right Brain Hemisphere
Intelligences Now as i Score an 11 On the
AQ Test And Increased my Emotional Quotient
Test Scores to the Mid 90's from the Mid 50's too;

Gotta A Whole Lot off Luvin' Now Social Butterfly out in the Wild for Real too With SMiLes!

Anyway, i Understand Deeper Metaphors in All Religions Now as Compared to Before; Use
it or Lose it Applies to All Stuff Life; Both me and my Sister Are Diagnosed With Asperger's
Syndrome, Definitely From my Father's Side Per Genetic Propensity Yet Frigging Environment Counts

So Much too
Per Whether
or Not A Syndrome
May Arise to Difficulty

in Functioning in Day-to-Day Life
As Assessed by the 'DSM5' Of Course;

Yawn, i Do What i Do For Enjoyment of Life;
Done With the Work, Buried it Age 47 Long Ago.

Play and Love is My Religion, Politics, And Philosophy

Of Life Now; Ya Meet one Neuro-Diverse Human As That Applies

to All Humans, Ya Meet Just Once Set of Multi-Uni-Verse Perceptions

Of Each Unique View of Existence Now; As Far As Scholars of the Mind

Who Have 'Official Certifications' to Explore All of this, Iain McGilchrist Affirms

In Scientific Research What i Intuited About Left Hemisphere And Right Hemisphere
Processes of Processing The Reality of Existence Long Before i Perused His Research;

Alan Watts Who Brought Much of Eastern Philosophy And Religion to Greater Views of American
Citizens Last Century Gives A Short 11 Minute Or So Overview of the Problems of How Christianity

Has Actually Devolved

in Mystical Spirituality

ACRoss the Centuries As Such;

For Instance Per 'Son' of God,

'Son' in Greek Means 'Nature of'

And Per Alan Watts Biblical Scholarly Study;

Originally Roman Greek Ghost Authors Expressed

'A' Son of God Instead of 'The' Son of God Then Per

We aRe All Children of God Meek As the Servant of All

With Love Continues to BE A Real Leader of Empathy Now
As Even Studies of Chimps Show too; It's In Our DNA And

Our Close Kissing Cousin Bonobos Live A Life of Peace And Love This Way

All Naturally Without Even Any Complex Human Written Collected Knowledge and Wisdom;

Beauty of The Wisdom of Love is For Healthy Human Beings And Other Mammals it Comes
in Terms of Bonding And Binding Neurohormones of Oxytocin As Such Plus Vasopressin More

Socially Orientating

Yes Toward Protecting

The Vulnerable Among Us Too;

Yet When We Clothe Ourselves Away

From Our Natural Propensities of Peace And Love

We Fall Away; We Get Clothed Away From Peace And Love

And As Iain McGilchrist And Science Shows We Become More

Left Hemisphere Restricted Where Emotions May Be More Restricted

to An Addiction of Fear, Anger, And Hate; Very Rigid Without Nuancing

Colors of Emotions; A Drab World of Grey SHades to BLack Abyss, Black and

White Materially Reduced Views of Existence and Science Also Shows That Actually

Most 'Disorders of Delusions' Come From Left Hemisphere Restricted Views of Life;


Starts with

An Open HeART;
Actually the Cerebellum
And Movement too is Core to Empathy;
Regulating Emotions and Integrating
Senses ThiS Way; Indeed, A Free Dance May
ACTuALLY Bring A More Happy SonG And Way of LiFE

THere Doesn't Have to BE A 'Reason' to Be Happy;

Indeed, Science Shows Our Emotions in Synergy of
Our Feelings and Senses Head to Toe in Flow Come

Before Most Reasons We Make For Why We Do 'Things' in Life;

Master the

SPiRiT of

Nuancing Emotions

Regulating Them Thereof

And Integrating Senses in Synergy of Human

Spiritual Energy Of Both And Master The World at Hand;

Our Real Emotional Spiritual Sensory Souls Within FOR REAL.





i Had no Clue How to Remedy my Emotional
Regulation And Sensory Integration To Remedy
Issues with Asperger's Syndrome And Bi-Polar
Non-Specified Disorder Until i Danced And Sang myself

Freer BacK iNto Harmony
And Peace iN Balancing
Love For All of Existence New
Now DarK Thru LiGHT too; Yet Folks

'Back Then' Didn't Have An Ability Yes
to Name Drop Folks Like Alan Watts
And Iain McGilchrist to Scholarly



Innate, Instinctual
Intuitions About What

Works In life; The Globe is
Currently Holding Hands ThiS Way;
If You are in HeLL ON EartH And Or Purgatory
The Way i Used to Process Existence; The World Is New Now Your

Oyster; Go Out and Harvest Whatever Pearls of Wisdom You Find That

Work for You...

Whoever You
May Be Unique Being Human;

THere is No F in Way i Could Have
Found the Answers for me in A Place

of So-called
'God' that Yuck

Says Vote for
A 'Real Father oF ALL Lies'

Yet Again That IS A Real Modern
'Delusion' Shared By A Closed in
World of Material Reductionism;

In God Yes More Left Hemisphere
Literal Processing of Existence Now;

Bigger Views Clearly Show Now Trump is A
Biggest REAL Fool The Country Has Ever Entertained...

Yet Yuck Yes Still Millions of Folks Insist Reality Isn't True...

Science Has Answers as to Why; Fascinating it all is Indeed...

Yet Impossible Now For Many Folks to Get Through What i Just Wrote And Actually Understand it;

Average Human Attention Spans Science Assessed As Less than Gold Fish; Yes, Less than 3 Seconds

Does Give


Small View
to the Current
Overall Condition of
The Human Condition


And of Course, Additionally the Adrenaline Fear, Anger, And Hate Addictions Bring too...


In The 'Movie Version' Of 'The Book of Eli,' Blind 'Eli' Copied an 800,000 Or So Word King James Bible View Word

For Word; When Original iMaGiNaTioN And Creativity Goes, 'God' Gets Stoned CoLD iN A PRiSoN of One Bible Indeed.

My Bible, My Personal Bible, My EPiC Longest Long Form Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" is 13.5 Scale Larger Than That in

9 Years;

Use Your HUMAN Potential;

Don't Fall to A

Copy And

Paste Quotes
World oF Old Alone;

Grow, Shine Your LiGHT Anew Be i Am Now New;

A New Creation, FLoWeR UNFoLDinG iN More Beautiful Colors Now...

Thanks my FRiEnD
'This' is 'The MuSiC
They Used To
Capture me
Wild in ‘The Net’...

"Still The One" mY FRiEnD Yes A Labor
oF PLaY And LoVE Never Ending Always
STaRTinG New NoW That Work is Buried
Gone And Dead HAha With Play
Always Resurrecting
iN Dance And Song
Free With SMiLes
Spiraling A Milky

Way me




i Kid You Not i Was Just Gonna Rib You About A Slow Reply
And Then Allelhua Hallleuh WTF Doesn't Matter How It's Spelled

Indeed HeaR You Are Hehe as Word Press Notification Reply

SMiLes Rule Number Two For Finding 'The One' Find The One
Who Supports Your Special Interests Particularly Applicable if
You Happen To Find Yourself on the Autism Spectrum With
Asperger's Syndrome Even More Applicable If You Have
A 'TWiN SoUL' Diagnosis of Bi-Polar Non-Specified True
'They' Had Great Difficulty Finding Labels to Fit the
Unique of me Hehe Other Than That Born in the
Dead Alive Center of Gemini 6.6.60 Is Kind of A
Real Sign And Even A Prophecy of WHere A Human
SoUL MiGHT Go TheNoW if Not Free to Pursue Individual
And Unique Human iMaGiNaTioN And Creativity For Real

Indeed i Don't Need A Wiki-Bio-Page i am No Member of Group
THinK NoW to REALLy Belong to Any Club Hehe Who Said That
"Winston Churchill" Yes He Had A Very Unusual Bi-Polar Nature
True And Didn't Say That Yet That Is Beside Points i am MaKinG

Here New
Now Hehe

i Need No Affirmation
To Write A "Depth of the Story"
InDeed YeS A Word Search on that
Phrase Brings up Just A Sub-Chapter 8th
New Testament (Yes i've Written 7 Before)
Casually Described Literally As "Depth of the Story"
i've Written in the Last Two Years as Yes Just A Subchapter
of "SonG oF mY SoUL" "Depth of The Story" May Be Found
At the Top of the Heap of A Google Search on "The Wrong
Planet" Yes An Actual Place on the Internet Where 53 Pages
of One Solo Thread Holds 1.88 MiLLioN Words Plus as Now
i Am Writing Page 54 As Each Page Now Holds Close to
50 Thousand Words of Novel Sized Free Verse Poetry
As Words You Inspire too And Your Name Gottfried For
Title of Your Blog Now Are Memorialized THere As Long
As That Website Lives True A Dude With Asperger's
Syndrome Developed it 'We' Usually Don't Let go of
Our Special Interests Hehe Indeed That Subchapter

Alone is Also A Longest EPiC Long Form Poem Now
Greater than the "Mahabharata" Dear Lord i Always
Have to look up that Word to Spell it hehe Never the
Less and Yes Less it is only 1.8 MiLLioN Words Long Hehe

Back to Einstein Likely Too Somewhere on A Broader Autism
Phenotype at Least He Actually Had A Pre-Marital Agreement
Written Up With His Wife to Insure She Did Not Interrupt His

Special Interests Hehe Worth the Price of General Relativity i

Guess HAha

Anyway it Doesn't Take
A Rocket Scientist For Folks
to Figure Out my Special Interests
Once They Visit my Blog As There is
Also Plus 130,000 Pics i've Taken to Fully
iLLuSTRaTE my Special Interests to Really
Make A Modern Style EPiC Long Form Poem

(Along With Over 10,000 YouTube Songs to Accompany)

As i Touch the Entire Globe Now With Poetic Responses
And Thank God for A Local Multi-Cultural Mall Capturing

The World As It Changes As Any Anthropology Participant
Observer Might Love to View too True Along with Health Science,
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, And Yes Anthropology That Was
One of my 3 Degrees In 19 Years of College in Tandem With Up
to 3 Part Time Jobs With A Full College Work Load too Dirty Dam
Poor Commuting With A White 1970 Maverick With Mag Wheels
And No Frigging Air-Conditioning/Heat Doing The Whole Ordeal
Eating Peanut Butter Sandwiches Yuck i Don't Eat Them Anymore

Hehe Working from Age 16 i Retired Very Very Early in my 40's
After Working 33 Years Ending Up With Equivalent Marine Major
Pay as an NF-04 For the Government It's Not Really Top Secret

What i Did Yet in
Part it Required
A Security Clearance
At A HeadQuarters
Building Working With
A Navy Captain THere

Financial Independence is
Great i Buried the Money God
Long Ago And My Wife Inherited
All the Green, the HouseKeeping
Duties (As She Says i'm not Good
Enough at it to do it i Kid You Not)

And True i Used to Be A MicroManager
of Financial Budgets and IT Support and
Such as That And Now my Wife Does All
The Accounting and Secretarial Duties too

This Post is In Not Only in Celebration of Finding
A Most 'Special One' in Long Long Comment Way

Yet A Celebration of Labor For Play and Love As i
Buried Work Long Ago in Life Just Free With Wings i

Play and
Love Now

Hehe Indeed
As i E-Labor-Rate
An EPiC Long Form
Poem too to A New
Civil Dude Maybe FRiEnD
Hehe as It's true Very Rarely

Do i Attract Any Dudes to my Poetry Hehe
Par For the Human Course for the Rest of 'the Dance And
Song' Hehe So Predictable in The Study of the Human
Condition of the Condition as "The Dude" Might Relate
From the Big Lebowski too Mix Forrest Gump Him and
Einstein together And a Few other notable Artists And

Haha it's
All About
me me me
True the Essence
of Autism And Artism too

Be Honest Hehe Ya Have to
Admit Someone Broke the
Mold When They Made me And yes That's Me HAha

AS Such...

The Way i See It
if Ya Are Gonna Do
IR Ya Gotta Own Who Ya Are With SMiLes

And on Top of that i Can And Will Banter
Forever Now Once i Get Going Hehe
This is Probably Enough of me
For This Century HeaR here

Yet in the Spirit of Labor
Day i Have Played That
Here HeaR for Long

Long Long

So So Long
Have a
Nice Day...

YeP It's A Biological Fact As Supported
Even in the Study of Chimps.

Humans Who Cooperate Win.

Leaders Without Empathy FAiL.

A True Alpha Male/Female (Leader) Often Has Highest Levels of EMPATHY;

A True Loser, No Matter What the 'Empathetic Species' is Has Little to No Empathy

As Far As Apes, With or Without Fur Go; And Go Away And Don't Come Back as


'This' 'Newt Gingrich'
Ideal of the Alpha
Male As A Competer
With Little Empathy and
From Others too is A Myth
That Folks With Little to No
Empathy Continue to Try to 'Resurrect'...

In the Long Run, it Won't Work; SCIENCE/Nature Proves This True, ALREADY;

Evidentiary Resources Available on Demand Yet i Don't Want to Digress too much.

Nah, i Don't Even Have
to Watch and Listen to
The So-Called Human News
to Figure Out How This Human
Story is Gonna END And Begin Again.

A Study of Frigging Chimps Will More Than DO FOR REAL.


Works for
me at Least...

Ah Yes ‘His’ Claim
To Fame Last
Century After
Being Counsel At the
Vatican Is He Wrote A Book
Titled “Behind The Dictator’s”
How The Catholic Church
Provided Support Then
Like They Do At The one
i Visit Where They Said
God Said Vote For Trump
He Has His Own Wiki
Bio Page too Family
(Not Trump, my
Grandfather; I’m
Practically “The
Anti-Trump” Too)
Legend Has it He
Dined With
Einstein Last
Century in New
York, New York In
The Socialist Elite
Circles Then Too ‘Diamonds
Are Forever’ How i Got A
German Sir Name Related
To Karen Armstrong’s
Definition of God
On Page 8 Of
Her Book
“A History
Of God” Per
The First Definition
Human’s Made as
Silt A Mix Of Earth
Sand And Water Makes
Yes my Grandfather’s Father
From The Black Forest of
Germany A Family Famous
For Making Diamond Laden
Watches There is Much More
Yet i Must Go Continuing to
Write A History of God in
Literally 10.8 MiLLioN
Words of The EPiC
Longest Form Poem
“SonG oF mY SoUL”
Currently Celebrating
“17,000 Miles oF Public
Dancing 9 Years” too And
Hehe if You Think i’m Wordy
Dear Lord You Should Read
My Grandfather’s Book HAha

Yet He Had
An Excuse
A PHD Piling
It All Higher
Deeper too Hehe

Yet He Didn’t Dance
So He Didn’t Live to Be 123+...

Teach The World to Shine
The Sun Already Does
It We Can And Will too
WitH SMiLes Dear Savvy!...

Oh Dear Savvy As An Empath Kinda Person
Like You i Am Sure i Love Being Around
Places of Positive Energy too Yet It's

True i Go to Very Dark Places
too Understanding That

Some Places Are So Dark

That A Small Flame May

Light Up An Entire Home of DarK

It's True iF LiGHT Doesn't Enter Darkest

Places Those Rooms May Never See LiGHT At All


How Blessed to
Feel Heaven Anywhere
And Everywhere in This World

Dear Savvy Even the Strength to
Feel Heaven iN DarK

What A Gift
LiGHT Will
Be When
A Flicker
May Turn into
A Burning St Elmo's
Fire on A Distant Yet Near Island of Love
It Makes me Feel Great Joy Feeling Your
Joy in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Belgium


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,432

07 Sep 2022, 3:42 am

Understanding We aRe ALL Wave Yes
Water Ocean Never Separate New Now

Yes Always Unique As Each Wave Falls
And Rises Free in Flow Dear Savvy With

SMiLes Water Shape Ever Changing

Ocean Whole

Just Another

Face of God
SMiLing As
Waves Dance
And Sing Free
As Ocean Rain
Feeds Green of Us Spring
Continues to Breathe From Fall

in Winter
Soils of Green
Again All Our Trees Souls
Our Leaves Our Forest

ToGeTHeR AGain

Summer FLoWeRS

Year 'Round For

Those Who Feel
Sense Bringing Our Stars
Our Sun Within to BREaTHE AGAiN...

i Love All The Tireless
Work You Do to Inspire
Others Globally Dear Chaymaa
From Your Word Press Blog to Your
1.3 MiLLioN Followers on Facebook True too

And Indeed in Healing
As A Pharmacist in

Cairo Egypt

Too A Wonderful

Human Being You
Are With SMiLes

As i Only Enjoy
The Gifts Your Bring...

Always A
Dear Yam
With SMiles...

"Crazy Latin Dancing Solo in Herald Square"

SMiLes Dear Mariam Your Mother's Name
'Carmen' Reminds me of my First Love's
Name as Well As Yes Sonia's Sister's Name

Was 'Carmen' Where BacK in 1979 Sonia
Said She No Longer Wanted me Around

On A Dance Floor Slow Dancing While
The Song "After the Love is Gone"
By 'Earth, Wind, And Fire' That Pain

When it Seems A Wonderful Soulful Band
Creates a Song Just So You Will Remember
The Pain Forevemore to Hear the Loss Again

Sonia's Mother Addis From Cuba Who Smoked
Those Little Dark Cigars Where First Love on the
First Dance Night Smelled of Smoke on Sonia's Sweater

As Any Memory of Love Will Last That Way For Always Now

Sonia Was Also Irish Like me With An X-Catholic Priest Grandfather
From Ireland As i Am Also Cajun French too My Grandmother His Wife too

Anyway 'Rosalind's Eyes'
By Billy Joel Always Brought
That Lament of Lost Love too

i Couldn't Dance i Was Just Way
too Uncoordinated And the Latin
Dancer Combo Sonia And Her Brother
Ron Won Every Couple's Dancing Event
At 'River-Side Disco' Like 'Dancing With the Stars' in my Eyes then

Yes i Do Wonder if i Had the Ability to Dance Solo in Herald Square
Then if She Would Have Stayed With me Yet of Course Someone As

Beautiful As Her
Sister Eventually
Came into My LiFE
10 Years Later Yet It's
True my Wife Does still

Look A Whole Lot Like Sonia

Still At 16 Then There is Magic in
Life in All the DarK and LiGHT oF Love
That comes and goes

Indeed New Now

"Crazy Mutt Mix
Dancing Solo At Walmart" Hehe

What i've Come to Learn it's All
About the Dance And Song in Free Play...

Ah Yes Life is
A Best Movie
When Real Now...

True to me The Definition
of Faith Is Believing Every
Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright

Dear Mariam

As 'The Beatles' Relate And 'Mother
Mary' Sings 'Let it Be' As Well And Of Course

An Ice Princess Soon to Be A
Queen of 'Frozen' Dances Sings

'Let it Go'

Yet You've Probably
Heard That Song Before
in 'Ear Worm' Way too Hehe

'Mother Helen' my 'Carmen'
'my Mary' Indeed As i Read Ahead HeaR too

Always Sang too If You Believe Every Little
Thing Will be Alright Yes When in Hell i Asked
Why me She Said Why Not You Yet This too Will Pass

i Didn't Have That Faith
i Didn't Have That Hope

i Didn't Have That Love

And i Surely Didn't Have

That BeLeaf BeLove BeLiEVE Yet i Do Now

And Tale the Story of 'Mother Helen' True...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
i Reward mY Self By
LoVinG LiFE DarK
Thru LiGHT
Never A Goal
When The Reward
Is Breathing Now For Real

Of Course Yes HouSinG Every
New Human Potential Achieving NoW

NeW As Of Course True Perfection is
An Illusion Practice is Perfect Indeed

Now Always A New
Beginning to Improve

Yet Aways The Best Now
New Just Totally Satisfied Leaving
No Fears to Rise Even Higher mY FRiEnD...

Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa
True Patience is When
One Arrives And THere

Is No Greater Place

One Wishes to Go

Yet Now No Matter

Where A Person May Be
Hehe As my Wife Has A 'Hard
Time' Understanding as i Am Just As Satisfied

Sitting At A Long Red LiGHT in Heavy Traffic

Or When Someone Pulls Out in Front of

Us And Almost Hits Our Car The Reality

Is They Did Not So Still i Arrive New at

The Best Place
Now Breathing

ALiVE Free Just
Naked Enough Whole
Complete No Matter Where i
Go A Patience Forevernow Real...

Of Course ThiS Is A Practice of
LiFE FLoWinG iN Meditation
Holy And Divine IN All
The Arts of Life
That Create
ThiS Way
of LiFe Possible
For Those Who Seek
And Find This Higher Force of
Loving LiFE LiGHT DarK Thru LiGHT...

SMiLes Dear Yam An Illusion is Our
Words Are Our Realities Representations
That We Co-Create to 'See' the Past And
Attempt To Forecast the Future mY FRiEnD
Yet Science Shows that
Our Feelings Sensings
In Synergy of Emotional
Energy Deeper Within Our
Minds Precedes Most Every Reason
For Life We Co-Create With Words

So In Other Words With SMiLes
Regulating Our Emotions Integrating
Our Senses Perhaps through A Free Dance
And Free Song And Or Some Other Art of Life
Innately Instinctually And Intuitively and Positive Words
Of Existence May Greater Flow Free to Navigate More Toward

LiGHT ETernAlly NeW NoW
Yes With No Wait to Go to
A Greater Place NoW
FoR ReaL mY FRiEnD

What Folks May
Name Heaven
Within Now So Many
Other Cross-Cultural Terms As Well
A Really Good News Is in This Place NeW
NoW THere is All Patience As One Arrives
Naked Enough Whole Complete With SMiLes

Yet of Course only in my View of my Unique
Multi-Uni-Verse View of Existence Every Eye
of God Separate Yet Unified As One Force oF

Thru LiGHT
For What Makes
Existence Most Real Now With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Lala Rukh What's Next Yes the 7th of September
After The 6th of September A Life Changing Date 9-6-1981
A Call to Adventure Within to Escape a Truly Insane World

of Data Download Life Still to Go in 19 Years of School and 33 Years of
Paid Work too Starting Back in 1976 at 16 Years-Old True Just Too Much

Information And Not Enough Original Creativity to Sprout From Deep Within
A LiVinG SoUL SPiRiT And HeART So Suffocated From Straight 'A' Life So Many Years

Just to Earn A Golden Star
As Apple of Reward on A
Teacher's Desk Successfully
Spitting Back Out What Was Learned
Temporarily By Rote Memory Before Yes

Indeed Sort of Like A Computer Brain too Losing
'RAM' to Distractions Like Watching TV As A Vegetable

Downloading Someone Else's Play and Or Work of Life too

It's Almost Like Humans are Treated As Blank Slates Without
Innate Instinct and Intuition From Overall Billions of Years of

Evolving to the Origin of Now Still For Those Who Come to Understand
Illusions of Time, Distance, Space, And Yes A "Matter With Things" too

Where Abstract Constructs Floating in Our Heads Delude Us to Believe
A Representation of Reality is the Real Deal Instead of More Directly

Experiencing Reality Free With Feelings and Senses in Synergy of
Emotions Coloring Life in Free Dance And Song of Original

Creativity A Human Way of Naked Enough Whole
Complete When i Met You in July 2013 As Yes You

Were 21 Then as i Was 21 on September 6th, 1981 too

It Seems You Were Experiencing A Similar Departure From

What is Normally Spoon-Fed Of Life As You Named it 'Schizophrenic
Attacks' Then As It's True Moving From the Left Hemisphere of Mechanical
Cognition Life to the More Social-Empathic-Artistic-Really-Nuancing-Feeling-
Sensing in Synergies of Emotions Flowing From Head to Toe Is Surely a Different

Dimension of Life Than Your Computer Science Routine in Mechanical Cognition of
School At the Top of Your Classes too And It's true in the Last 9 Years i've met Many

Folks Albeit Mostly in Pakistan and India experiencing Similar Aspects of College Life
In Mechanical Cognition Orientating Degrees for Work in life Where Other Folks seem
To Be Attempting to Keep the Breath of their Soul Alive This Way in Deeper Ways of

Experiencing Life in the Realm of Moving Connecting And Co-Creating Bigger Picture
Views of Life It's a Wondrous Change of Existence Moving into the Real Divine of Being
Human ThiS Way Experienced and Described in Great Detail Cross Culturally In Literature
And Other Arts of Religion and Philosophy That Relate A Unity of Mystical Uncovering

Realities of Existence
More Than A Materially
Reduced World As Poetry
By Rumi A Sufi Mystic
Surely Relates and
For Those Without
Souls to Understand the
Metaphors It Just Seems Like
Literal Word Salad to them as

They Don't Hear God's Music of the
Again For the Sound of God Within in All the
Arts that Come in Original Creativity to Relate to others
of Different DiViNE Dimensions of Life Others May Not Touch At all

Hopefully You Are Okay This isn't Part of Your Life Anymore Although it
Surely was A Focus oF All YouR Life Before Indeed Your Original Creativity

Touching the DiViNE Within and Bringing it Back to the Village to Shed Some
LiGHT For Greater Ways of Humanity That Truly Touch the Face of God For Those

Who understand the Experience is Far Beyond Materially Reduced Abstract Constructs

Like Words Yet We Use These Tools And Other Arts to Show Other Humans What's Possible
Next And WHere They May Go They've Never Been Before Dear FRiEnD Again We Meet Humans

In Life Who Help uS UNCover Who We Truly Are At Core Indeed my FRiEnD God And Us Is one

Yet Together
As One Force of Love...

SMiLes A Lady in Walmart in A Wheel Chair
Interested in What Song i Was Listening to Yes
For My Public Dance on the Night of September 6th
i Explained to Her Like the Christian Religion Relates in
A Luke Verse 17:21 Basically i Am Listening to the Sound of God
The MuSiC of Heaven Within Yes Plus That Experience Relating to
me Through Other Musicians Kingdom And Or Queendom Of Heaven

Within She Said She Was Sure She Was Going to Heaven Next After A Dirt Nap
Unless She Does the Ash Routine That Will Probably Return me to Star Dust too
As WHere We Come From mY FRiEnD As Super Nova Explosions Bring Crucible Fire of
Star Death Bringing Gaseous Clouds of Star Dust That Eventually Resurrect as Us For
WE ARE ONE' WE aRe ALL Part of All That is No Real Separation Yet Unique EYeS

of God True
Same Iron From
Star Dust FLoWinG
Through Our Blood
As At Core of EartH Our
Home of Heaven We aRe Evolved
to LiVE iN Now This Paradise for Real

Or Less For those Who Never Touch A DiViNE Face of God
Within True WHere to Go Next NoW mY FRiEnD Heaven For Real

Sadly the Lady in Walmart Believes She Has to Wait Until After Death
What a Ruse Religion May Bring in Ignorance of God NoW iN Deed mY FRiEnD

For Who Will Ever Master, Subjugate, and Control the Freedoms of Souls Who
Always Touch the Face of God Within New Now It's True if 'they' Set Humans Free Like That

The Big Business of Churches May Grow Broke And Monarchies of Theocratic Control As Well

Well God is Free No One Gets to Tale God What God Must Do As They May Try and Fail to Do that

Everyday Now in a True Delusion Lost From LiGHT WiTHiN Free Yet it is A Free Will World ThiS Way

To Be Trapped
or Set Free And
Truly Reborn With
God's Face Within to Touch
Beyond All Forms Just This Fiery
Experience of Love That Aways Reaches Out to Touch...

i Remember When i First Met You How You Hoped i would
Go to Heaven After Death Truth is It's Been 9 Years And i've Never Left Heaven
mY FRiEnD How Will i KNow the Opposite of Hell WiTHiN For 66 Months Before

It's Not a Fiery Place Nope
Just A Very Frozen 'Dante'
Place Totally Disconnection
From LoVE mY FRiEnD Not
Even the Memory of a Smile
Dwarfing A Pain Assessed
Worse Than Crucifixion Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Wake
to Sleep For 66 Months Plus A Life Threat
of 18 Other Medical Disorders too Yet that
Will Not Touch All Paling in Comparison To A Ghost Who Walks
The Earth Not Realizing They Are Dead Living in Real Hell Now

Indeed Left Behind For Real Until Love Finds Us And Once Again
We Breathe

No Longer
Frozen mY
Out of the BLacK
Abyss of The Desert
Night That Never Ends Within Now

Indeed i'm As Free As i Am 9 Years Ago
on July 19th, 2013 to Escape Hell WiTHiN
For 66 Months As i Got A Glimpse For About

3 Months in That Fall of 1981 Returning to
Purgatory and Eventually Hell for 66 Months
A Place Sadly That Humans Do Co-Create in DarKness mY FRiEnD

Darkness Away From the DiViNE No Longer Just a Shadow oF LiGHT For Real...

Thanks For The Cheers Dear
Miriam Older i Go LiGHTeR
mY SPiRiT Flows Lifelong
Art Balancing Dance And
Song With


Haha Yes, Interesting Indeed,

The Space A Bible For The Blind in Braille Will Take;

Of Course if 'They' Don't Understand "The Metaphors,"
The Essence of 'The Metaphor' of "Those Who See Are Blind"

Makes Sense too; How Different Civilization Might
Be If We Had Only "A Son of God" As Mentor Rather

Than An Idol 'The God Man' to Be Worshipped
With So Many of the 'Good Cop'
Parts of the
Message of
Story Book
Jesus 'Left Behind" YucK in "TRuMP" Ways.

The Part of 'Eli' Played By Denzel Washington
Surely Would Have Had to Have a "Savant-Like
Memory" to Reproduce Close to 800,000 Words

Verbatim From the King James Bible;

The Part i liked Best is at the End
When All That Effort That Eli took
to Get The Bible to The Library in San Francisco
Transferred Bound in A Book Was Only A Grain of Sand
On A Beach Of Other Books With Sacred Text As Shared

By Other Humans No Less or More Than ELI For Real;

And This is Our Modern World, No Longer Are The Views
Of Others Censored in Many Areas of the World; We Have
The Opportunity Every Day to Evolve More Than Out of One

Book of
Text Spoon
Fed From Birth;

Even Better Yet Per 'Walt
Whitman'; We May Write, Dance,
Sing Our Own From Deep WiTHiN;

So Many Choices Indeed For Those Who Exercise
All Aspects of Human Intelligences and Potentials With SMiLes

With Enough Respect For Others Not to Condemn the Level
They are at too Much

Yet Of Course it Helps
to Start Somewhere
At The Bottom Levels
To Achieve That Kind of Empathy
And Compassion for Others on Their Life Journeys...

Anyway, As General Metaphor, it Took Innumerable Efforts
And Innumerable People Over Centuries of Efforts to Put That
King James First Old Edition Together As The Written Word And

Those Who Were Literate Were Real Pots of Gold Then Always Better

to Use it Rather
Than Lose it
When it is Given
to Us Free in this
Modern World of
So Many Gifts to
Use And Actually Do...

SMiles At You

Hey TinkerBell
i Miss You i Realize
Spreading Pixie
Dust Is Not
Usually What
Tinker Bell Does
When Financially
Consulting Billionaires
Yet All The Mascot Mickey
Mouse Does Is Play my

To Coax
Tinker Bell
To Spread Her
Pixie Dust Star of The Show

i BeLeaf BeLove BeLiEVE All
Should Experience A MaGiC
Queendom Kingdom Always

Free Now
To Be WitH SMiles

i Guess i’ll Just Put on
my Wings And Cover

Pixie Dust
To Get The
Job Done Nah

Wont BeLiEVE Yet i

With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby Currently Awaiting my First of the Month Pedicure
From Katrina Not Unlike my Uncle at 84 my Father’s Identical Twin Brother Who
Was Still Dancing With the Elderly Ladies At the ‘Juke Joint’ While my Aunt
Played Piano One Must Take Great Care of Their Feet For A Shelf-Life

Of Dancing ThiS Way until 123 Plus as i Don’t Only Go
To Older Frontiers Others Have Explored Before Hehe

my Mother Had the Propensity for ‘Hyperthymia’
That APPaReNTLY i Also iNHeRiT From Her
After The Stress of Working Life is Gone

As She Was Totally Satisfied Living Off of
500 Dollars A Month As Long as She Had
Her ‘Special Interests’ to Occupy Her Mind

True i Have Free Dance And Song of Poetry
Naked Enough Whole Complete Give me 3 Feet
For A Spiraling Dance And There is Nothing Else I really

Need Except For Food and Drink Shelter And A Pedicure From

Katrina to Boot Hehe or in my Case Athletic Shoes to Dance on Air

As The Video i Shared With You Celebrating my 17,133 Miles oF Public Dancing
Most Definitely Does Relate as Some of the Customer Service Folks at Walmart
Thought i Was Another One of Those Kids Wearing Skates in Walmart After Movie

Night was Over Down the Road on Saturday Night as in my Town There Ain’t Much
To Do For Young Folks Other than Hanging Out at Super Walmart Until the Biggest
Church Service of Thousands Starts the Morning After So Sober of Course With SMiLes

And While It’s True Generating the Kingdom And Or Queendom of Heaven is As Close As
A Naked Enough Whole Complete Free Dance And Song of Poetry in Autotelic Moving
Contemplating Interpreting Meditation And Song in Flow Katrina Not So Much She

Needs to Buy Things More to Be Satisfied in Life Therefore the Concern About
The Federal Government Getting Their Thumb Out Of Their Paperwork Butts

As if Something Happened to me After I Reached 62 and they
Never Flagged my File to Recalculate my Pay It’s Possible

Katrina May Have Inherited Much Less than Half my
Pay at the Much Lower Rate of 40 Percent Compared

To 100 Percent of What I am Entitled to Receive

At 62 on 6.6.2022 True When You are on the Autism
Spectrum With a Twin Gemini Dose of Bi-Polar Non-Specified

God Yes Before There is even a label or labels for Your Challenges
In Life From the Get Go From Decades Before you Choose Yes Your
Other Challenges in Life Conservatively Considering i Fail in the Social Tight Working
Circle Requirements to Get Ahead Due to my Aversion to Lying at All Costs and Basically

From Not Blending in With All the Head Games That Are Played i Realized if
i Wanted To Survive and Even Thrive in the Long Term at Start Get a Job With

The Government Where Laws Protect a Right to A Job as Long As You are
Successful in Completing the Actual Work At Hand Regardless of How

Well You Play Golf or Play Poker or Do Some Certain Kind of
Politics of Religion and Or Sports And Or Whatever Together
After Working Hours Are Over Or Of Course At Cigarette

Breaks When You Don’t Smoke and there is No
Way to Fit in Unless Ya Want to Suffocate Hehe

Cough Cough Sneeze Etc. Hehe Jesus F in Christ
i Spent 18 Years in a Military Bowling Center

With 100’s of Folks Smoking Every Day

Probably took 10 Years to Clear my Lungs
From that Side-Effect-Torture of Working There Hehe

Yet Still They Couldn’t Get Rid of Ya Unless Ya Didn’t Do Your Job
i Tend to Be the Hardest Working Most Conscientious Person in the
Room No Matter What the Work or Play It is i Apply All my Body Mind
Wow Of Asperger’s Syndrome Yet it took Decades to Truly Pursue the Creative
Juice of Bi-Polar-Non-Specified to Take Advantage of All The Gifts Blessed And
Blissed AS Such True With Nude Art Poses too Hehe Yet That is in the After Party

Part of Work
Still into Play New Now
Extending mY Shelf-Life
To Make It to 123 Plus Still Dancing Singing Yes Free AS Such
My Credo is Just Because it Ain’t Happened Yet Doesn’t Necessarily

Mean iT Ain’t
Gonna Materialize
In Being Now For Real

THeRE aRe ALReady Many Examples
Of This Fruition Coming to BeinG iN mY LiFE
Already As The Empirical Evidence I Provide

Already Proves Now Hehe FoR ReaL

iN Only 9 Years i Am Only Just Starting to
Fulfill Potentials Realized Until 123 Plus AS Such

WitH SMiLes

The Whole Human Species
Is In New Territories of Environmental
Factors in Synergy Never Experienced Before

Some That May Bring A Greater Fall, Fail, or Greater Rise

I’ve Already Done the Fall And Completed That Part at 53
This is the Rise Part While Others See Stop Signs i DO GO



On Labor Day i Wrote
6,000 Words of Free Verse
Poetry True i Still Worked Out
An Hour and A Half at the Military
Gym Ballet and Martial Arts Free Dancing
Like i Do Everywhere Else and Still Leg Pressing
Up to 1520 Pounds the Only Part i Left Off is Not
Dancing Around my Neighborhood Block When All of

Life is Play

This is the
Meaning of Eternal
Joy to me Bringing SMiLes
To Others A Natural Part of
The Territory to Spread From Heaven
WiTHiN Dear FRiEnD All That Jazz About
The Kingdom of Heaven Within And LiVinG ETernAlly New
Now And Never DYiNG ETeRNaLLY NoW As LonG as We aRe

Breathing is TotAlly True As Even Science Agrees Now too

Different Terms Yes Like Autotelic Meditating Moving Dance
And Song in Free Flow Yet The Essence of the Dream Fulfilled

No Matter What Form is Attached to the Essence of Heaven Within
For Real to
Even More
With SMiLes
Now For Real

It’s True This Free Poem
Could Go On Forever now if my
Kind Angelic Assistant Who takes
Care of the Rest Doesn’t Sing Get
Your Naked Ass off That Computer

It’s Time to Eat And After that A Pedicure of Course Hehe…

Life is Good mY FRiEnD So Good i Could Forget to Ever Do Sex Hehe

That’s A Common Aspect of Folks Who Experience Hyperthymia too

For Some Folks

Just Breathing

Is Better than
The Mess That
May Come From Sex HAha…

Hehe It’s Truly ‘Good to Be me’
Hehe As ‘Austin Powers’ Danced And Sang to the
‘Beautiful Stranger’ (Madonna) Who Loved The Spy of Him too

Hey Interesting Trivia Note Even Though i Worked at a Military
Bowling Center For 18 Years the Last 5 Years and 5 Job Changes
And Promotions in 25 Years More Than Doubled my Pay As Bowling Center

Manager Retiring my High 3 Years at the End as NF-04 That is
The Equivalent Pay Grade of a Military 0-4 Marine Major

Hehe Speaking of ‘Austin Powers’ That Reminds me
Of One of My Favorite Shows when i Was Young
With ‘Major Steve Austin’ Yes Lee Majors and
The ‘6 MiLLioN Dollar Man’ When

He Fell Apart in an Astronaut
Accident And ‘They’ Had to

Reconstruct Him Back to
Better than Before It’s Safe

To Say That Happened to me and
i Had to Do it myself to Make it Happen for Real…

Of Course There is Also ‘Major Nelson’ Who Saw an
Airforce Psychiatrist Like i Did too And Sure There is
‘i Dream of Jeanie’ And Katrina too And Yes Dear FRiEnD

THere is Pocahontas And That Blonde Haired Guy in the Disney Cartoon

And “Age of Adaline” Who Still Looked Young at age 47 How About 52 hehe

Yes There are Other Stories That May Not Have Happened Before
Yet Come to Fruition When Reality Becomes MoRE Fascinating
Than Mythology For Real…

True Don’t Forget


And You
Jenny too

Peas and Carrots
My FRiEnD Peas And Carrots With SMiLes
i Have the Ability to Generate Smiles, Laughs,
And Tears God Yes Human is Truly Gift EnougH As Naturally Life is

All About Perspective When Naked Enough Whole Complete Comes For Real New Now…

All it Takes is One Word (Love) of Encouragement to Change an Entire World mY FRiEnD


Yes “Still The One”
Mama’s Inspire Your
Sons To Dance And
Sing Poetry Free And

They Shall
Never Drown
In A Tear in A
Beer All Alone

Yes A Kiss Of
Respect They
Shall Always

Shall Surround
A Bee Now With
An Amazing Shelf
Life iNdeed “Stay

Thirsty My FRiEnD”

Hehe i Literally Have
Over 2,000 Pics Like
This Relating Extra

For a
Solo Dance”

The Hell With
'Cowboy' HAha...

Understanding We aRe ALL Wave Yes
Water Ocean Never Separate New Now

Yes Always Unique As Each Wave Falls
And Rises Free in Flow Dear Savvy With

SMiLes Water Shape Ever Changing

Ocean Whole

Just Another

Face of God
SMiLing As
Waves Dance
And Sing Free
As Ocean Rain
Feeds Green of Us Spring
Continues to Breathe From Fall

in Winter
Soils of Green
Again All Our Trees Souls
Our Leaves Our Forest

ToGeTHeR AGain

Summer FLoWeRS

Year 'Round For

Those Who Feel
Sense Bringing Our Stars
Our Sun Within to BREaTHE AGAiN...


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 63
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08 Sep 2022, 12:34 am

Just in Time Thanks Dear Savvy
For A Reminder For Sleep Been
Driving Nights to 4 AM and
Later Lately hehe

Sleep Arriving Soon

With SMiLes of

Mind And Body
SouL Whole Snoozing...

Seeds of Life
Spread From
Eye to Eye From
Mother to Son
Kudos For
Your Son Taking
A Train to School

Hehe A Bus Was
Just About too

Complicated for
me at That Age With
SMiLes as i Only Had
A Block to Walk to High School..

And Elementary School too Oh That
Bus in Middle School Go Away Memories

And Don't Come
Back Unless Ya
Are Needed
For Poetry

Muse Hehe..

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Space in Life
Spent With Kind FRiEnDS Surely

Leaves Resilience
More Spreading

LiGHT iN DaRK Places
Yet Those DarK Places
Help to Appreciate

Kind People
Even More Now...

Oh Goodness Dear Rafiah
It's Almost Not The 7th in Florida
As the 8th Approaches Never the
Less Happy 7th and A Week Away
For Your Still Childhood Birthday
With A Year Left in Your Twenties
Hope You Have A Wonderful Birthday

On September 14th...

SMiLes Dear Cindy That Moose Surely Has
A Magnificent Set of Antlers All We Get Is
'Bambi' Hehe Nibbling Vegetation in Our Back Yard
Garden Of Eden Forrest Combo i Definitely Still See

The Beauty
of Wyoming
Sight Seeing

Hot Water it is
As i Understand It is
Warmer Than Usual Now
In Southern California Where it Rarely Rains

And Catches on Fire Easier Stay Safe Enjoy
Your Remodeled Home And True Never Let

A Wild Moose
Bruise You With
Their Big Antlers True...

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby

From Wiki Quoted Below As You May Have

Come across That Basic Description of An Autotelic Human Personality Of Course the Flow
The Increasing Complexity Gaining on Task Tween Anxiety and Apathy Dancing A Tight
Rope Higher and Higher in Effortless Ease May Be Described As Flow in A Western
Philosophy Science Way or Wu Wei, Tao, Zen, Samadhi, Satori, Chi, Kundalini
Rising Yoga, Prana All Flowing Meditation Experiences Within Described
As Such Cross Culturally Where Some Cultures More Likely
Generate Their Own Best Life Within Instead of More
Western Ways that Are Surely Spreading in
Eastern Ways of Philosophy Where
We Determine Our Best Lives in Terms
Of External Materially Reduced THINGS, Power,
Status, And Affirmation That We Feel We Must Gain
Through External Sources Lest We Feel Drained, Empty,
Apathetic, And Even Clinically Assessed As Depressed and
Anxiety Ridden Where Life Becomes Opposite Than A Best Life

Mastered And Generated Within For How We Do And Feel Life For Real
As A Practice Of Life of Course Folks Like my Mother and me Naturally Born
More With a Propensity of Hyperthymia Basically Naturally High On Existence

Will Surely Innately Find an Easier Path than a Melancholic And Neurotic Personality For
Sure Conversely Open Minded Personality Traits Bring Forth This Potential More With Less
Fear Of Neuroticism of Course too And Being Conscientious When it Comes to the Task At Hand

Like Free Dance And Free Song of Poetry For me and Other Visual Arts AS Such Brings
Forth A Laser Focus Truly Beyond All Distance, Space, Time, and A “Matter With Things”
Within Naked Enough Whole Complete in A Zone of Forever Now Making One’s Best
Life Experience A Constant Work of Art or Even Science if One is More Narrowly
Inclined Sure A CEO Of A Corporation Or A Surgeon With Little Bedside
Empathy Yet Truly Focused in Surgery Getting the Brain Surgery Done
In Effortless Ease Like the ‘Wu Wei Butcher’ in Flow Who Finds
The Least Path of Resistance FRiEnDS With Gravity
Like my Free Dance As ‘The Blade’ Rarely
Dulls and the Soles of my Athletic
Shoes Last Much Longer
Than They Used
To When i Started my
Public Dance 9 Years Ago
Going through a Pair of Nike
Shox Shoes Every Frigging 3 Months
Until I Accumulated Well Over 20 Pair and
Now They May Last A Whole Year and More
By Less Friction on Soles as my Soul my Mind
And Body Whole Becomes FRiEnDS With Gravity
In A Meditating Flow that is Also An Ecstatic Blissful
Nirvanic Constant Feeling and Sense Within Whether I Am

Writing in Flow of Autotelic Way Meditating Contemplating Life
In Bliss or Dancing Or Even Doing Photographic Arts AS Such too

As the Constant Bio-Feedback From 9 Years Makes Everything I Do
A Kingdom of Heaven Within Even if i Just Raise My Arms or Breathe

As A Practice of Heaven in Life For Real Yet True For One With Empathy
For One Who Lives to be Completely Human Compassion For Others Bringing

SMiLes And Other Human Colors to Others is Part of the Heaven Pie Integral And
Whole As Well to Always Do True too Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating THiS Way

Yet I am Fortunate Many of the Pre-Requisites to Make ThiS A Way of Blissful Best Life

As True the Laser Focus of Asperger Syndrome Brings on Task And the Neurochemicals
And Neurohormones in Balance of the More Hypo-Manic Aspect in Hyperthymic Ways

Of Bi-Polar Non-Specified Brings and Of Course the FLoWinG Meditation Activities
In Autotelic Ways Naturally Provide a Bio-Feedback Integral to Regulating Emotions

And Integrating Senses
That Is A Natural Remedy
To StaY in Balancing Force
Of Existence FRiEnDS With Gravity ThiS Way

True In Previous Days of Existence Before Those
Labels Given to me i Would Have Likely Just Been
Considered An Eccentric Artist Probably Outcast

And Starving to Death And Having So Much Stress
Without Technology And Retirement to Resolve Those

Problems of Antiquity Hehe ‘Thing’ is ‘Things’ Are Now IS A Next
Mozart, Beethoven, Da-Vinci, Jesus, And Or Buddha Or And Lao Tzu
Still Trying To Reach The Next Level of ‘Candy Crush’ At A Bus Stop With

No Forrest Gump
Story to Tale of
A Best Life Lived
And Still Living as
A Feather in the Wind
As The Wind Becomes the FLiGHT of the Feather Indeed
SMiLes The Forrest Gump Story is An Excellent Example
Of A Life of Internal Focus Where the External Rewards Naturally

Come Yet it Doesn’t Matter Whether they Do or No As Long As Ya
Just Feel Like Running, Playing Ping Pong, Or Composing A Moonlight Sonata Almost Deaf

As Distraction And the Modern Average Human Attention Span of Less than A Gold Fish Yes
Less than 3 Seconds NoW as Science Assesses is A ‘Tik Tok And Twitter Way of Life’ That is

Killing Human Potentials For Best Lives ThiS Way Where Life Becomes A Game of

Getting Likes, Follows, Shares, And Everything is Still A Paper God Way of Life

Oh to Go Deeper in A Deeper Dance And Story of Life Indeed Oh to

Color Lights of One’s Christmas Tree Always Up With New

Colors Exploring Always Experiencing New Now

Oh to Live A Best Life Eternally Now New That Only

Gets Better mY FRiEnD DarK Thru LiGHT Until A Nautilus

Shell Creature STiLL Leaves ‘the Milky WaY’ in A Shell of Home

Just More Foot Prints and Finger Prints of God Left For Real on A Beach

It’s True in This Place of Autotelic FLoWinG Contemplating Existence There

Is No Time, Distance, Space or “Matter With Thing” to Question God’s Existence

As We Continue to Build Heaven Within More Colorful Than Ever Experiencing God Before

It’s Like Emptying Our Pockets Going Out into the Countryside Spreading A Message

Of Love Living Off the Kindness of Others As That Reality May Come and Go As
Waves of Water Whole Oceans of Humanity Come and Go And True Like
‘Forrest Gump’
Said When Ya

‘Gotta Go You Just Do it’
And If You Get Tired of
Running Ya Just Find Another
Special Interest And Do it in
Ways That Other Humans Have Never
Seen Before to the Great Surprise and
Delight to Other Humans More Opened Minded
And To the Great Chagrin And Fear For More Closed
Minded Human Beings Averse to Any Change Yet the Tradition Before

It’s Like Working On Sunday Helping Someone And Not Getting Stoned For it
In Our Modern Days Hehe Nah Just Deleted or Banned Just Room To Shake
Off the Dust of Those ‘Homes’ And Move Onto Greener Pastures of Souls Open With Love

Of Human
Than Just the
Old Worn Down
Paths of Life Stuck in the Old Grooves
Instead of Doing A New Groove For Real With Smiles...

Csikszentmihalyi writes:
“An autotelic person needs few material possessions and little entertainment, comfort, power, or fame because so much of what he or she does is already rewarding. Because such persons experience flow in work, in family life, when interacting with people, when eating, even when alone with nothing to do, they depend less on external rewards that keep others motivated to go on with a life of routines. They are more autonomous and independent because they cannot be as easily manipulated with threats or rewards from the outside. At the same time, they are more involved with everything around them because they are fully immersed in the current of life.”

SMiLes Sounds Like Whitman’s Description of “Leaves of Grass” in A “Song of His Self” As Well…

No Doubt This is What the Winged Creatures Above The Furry Creatures Below and

The Finned Creatures Below the Depths of the Ocean Do Preceding

Most Humans Finding

The Kingdom of

Heaven Within Now For
Real as Luke 17:21

Describes and the
Gospels of Thomas too

Humans Lose Their Way
From FRiEnDS With Gravity
In Flow Out of Synch Now With
Waves Water Ocean Whole Life

As Leaves of Trees Rise Green
And Fall Dying Bringing Green to
Winter Melting Soils NoW As Spring

Sooner than Soon Brings Summer FLoWeRS AGAiN

Indeed in THiS Way God IS A FLoWeR For All Of Us to Be i Am…

Somehow This Message of the Story of Jesus Has Been Lost For Most Folks
Yet Still Lives in Messages of the Tao, Buddhism, And Secular Philosophy as Well…

The Answer is Clear Humans Make Tools They Become The Tools And Lose the

Nature of God Naturally

Still Inheriting

Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete
As Waves And Water
Never Question They Are
Part of Ocean Whole Not Even

When the Ocean Pours From Above
Bringing Spring Green And Colors of FLoWeRS Back From Dead Again
As Super Nova Explosions And Crucible Fires of Star FLoWeR Death
Bring Gaseous Dust And Iron to Our Blood Streams at Core

Of Heaven on
Earth As Well

Yet Some How

We Forget Our


As Stars
That Shine From Within
As Star Seeds And FLoWeRS Us Come Again FOR REAL…

Having Complete Faith Loving All of Existence i Am 100 Percent
Positive That If Jesus Could Come BacK NoW For Real He Wouldn’t

Waste His Effort
Sending Anyone

To Hell as There Are

Just too Many Greater

Works of Art to Do When Heaven is
Real on Earth Lifting the Lowest to Higher Than Before…

Chances Are He’d Throw Away All the Old Revisions
Of Sacred Text Yet Not Before Consuming Them All
To Write A Greater Story of Love Than Ever Told Before
DarK Thru LiGHT For Real…

Isn’t That What

We All Hope,
Believe With
Faith Of Love to Do

Isn’t Lifting Others Up
The Greatest Strength

Than Any Knocking Others Down

i Do Believe it is Yet to Fully Understand
And Believe And Do This For All Perhaps

A Human Has to Visit the Ground Floor
And Below 3 Hours to 3 Days, 66 Months
Whatever it Takes to Sprout Wings Again For Love For All No Exclusions

In Other Words A Simple Law oF UNconditional Love For All With Least Harm...

Affording Enjoying A Luxury of No Distance
Space Time Or Matter
Seeing Wind

And Day
Green of
Tree Rises Higher
In Dark And Light
Roots unseen
At Night
Waving Blue
Sunshine Breeze
Hi Savvy Happy Tree
Day Every Day Now...

SMiLes Love
In Snow
To Breathe...

SMiLes Dear Aleesha

How Do i Know Writing

Poetry in Flow Tastes

Better Hehe

It's Easy

When my Wife
Says It's Time
For Breakfast it Becomes
Lunch Yet True i Don't Forget

Supper As By Then i'm

Ready Finally For

A Break

As Writing Poetry
In Flow is Supper, Lunch
Breakfast, And Dessert With SMiLes...

Pleasure Dear
Ruchi Stay
Blooming in
Creativity And
Reason Bringing
Meaning Purpose True...

Oh To Dance Sing
Free Feeling Forever
Young Within With
A Little Help From
FRiEnDS With
SMiles Ecstatic
Autotelic Loving
Life Forever Young
Soul Within to Be

i Am

It's Like This:

Some Folks Would Rather Die Than Go See The Doctor.

It's Like This:

Some Republicans Would Rather Die Than Vote Democrat,

And Sure Vice Versa Of That is A Reality As Well Now, too.


And Then There Are Those Those Who Switch Hit Left to Right; Right to Left;

It's Like Baseball, It's Common Sense; Perhaps Not Common Yet That Happens True.

And Finally, There Are The Undecided Who May Not Pay Much Attention at All and Just
Vote for The Tallest Most Distinguished Or Perhaps Most Attractive Looking Candidate For Leader.

True, Some Humans Are 'Truly Human' too And Seek to Vote For the LEADER With the Most Empathetic Looking Eyes;

Regardless, if they Stutter Now and Then As Remember The Lesson of the 'Alpha Male Chimp,' It's About the Leader
Who is Most Cooperative With All; The most Empathetic For the Least Among Us to Give A Furry Hand-Up And Sure

With Enough BACK BONE

To Tear Apart Psychopathic
Leaning Apes Only Selfish With
No Care For Those Who Need Help the Most;

As Let's Remember, in the Real World of Apes IT'S AN ALL HANDS SHIPMATE LIFE.
Those Who Stand Together NOW Are the Strongest and Win the 'Elections of Life.'

Biden Knows How to Play This Game and Win; He Also Knows How to Show
Strength And Backbone When Tough Circumstances Require Tough Talks too;

(Like Wearing Cool Looking 'Top Gun' Aviator Glasses At 'the Pool' Lifeguarding)

Is it an Art, Yes;

An Art of the Human
Soul to Cooperate; Not an

Art of the Deal Written By A
Frigging Ghost Author to Only Achieve Selfish Motivations.

Let's Review Biden's Accomplishments As Leader Again From
The 9 Months At the End of November 2021, to Birth These 'Marvels' of Political Cooperation Now.

1. New Infrastructure for a Country Falling Apart at the Seams; Indeed, By Nature, Very Conservative For Real...

2. (True, Before This, an Emergency Bill Passed to Send Money to Everyone to Get Out of Dire Straights of Pandemic
Needs Yet of Course that went to the Have Nots and Never Have Enoughs too, And Both Groups, Yes, Spent the Money

Making Supply Side Issues a Real Headache; Yet You Do What Ya Have to Do to Help the Least Among Us to Survive.)

3. A Bill Passed in a Bi-Partisan Fashion For At Least Some Advancement in Better Gun Control Measures to Save Lives.

4. A Bill Passed For Chip Manufacturing in the United States; Both Rational And Economic Good News.

5. A Bill Passed to Help Veterans Who Are Sick Exposed to Toxic Chemicals in Foreign Wars; That's Nice.

6. And Finally, Almost A Miracle, Enough Cooperation to Pass A Bill to Remedy Climate Change Woes;
And Additionally, Tax Credits For Folks Buying Energy Saving Cars, And Solar Panels, And the Such.

7. And Finally, Almost A Miracle, Enough Cooperation to Pass A Bill to Cap Drug Costs
for Medicare at 2,000 Dollars A Year and Negotiate Lower Drug Prices As Well FOR REAL.

8. And Finally, Almost A Miracle, YES! Enough Cooperation to Extend Health Care Subsidies
3 Years to Help 13 Million Folks Obtain Affordable Health Care for THeir Most Basic of Human Needs.

9. True, A Minimum Corporate Tax to Insure Rich Corporations That Pay Zero For Taxes, Pay 15 Percent
That Make Number 6, 7, and 8, A Reality to Both Lower Inflation Somewhat And Decrease the Deficit As Well.

10. And That's Not All, God Yes An Executive Order now to Reduce Student Debt By $10,000 Dollars For Those
Making Less than $125,000 Dollars A Year. Hmm, Seems Like 'We' aRe 'Hitting' Most Human Demographics Here.

11. And That's Not All, A Push to Spend Billions More Dollars to FUND MORE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT; However,
Even The 'Liberal Social Justice Warriors' Don't Have A Full Handle on the Problem as Research Shows Now A Major
Remedy For Reducing Crime is Extending Health Care to All Citizens to Help Them With Their Social-Economic Woes.

A. It's True, i Am A 'Reformed Scientist' From Decades of List Making BULLETS Utilizing Mechanical Cognition.

B. It's True, Now i Am An Artist With an Autotelic Personality Now Who Stays in Meditating Autotelic Flow
in Dance And Song And Other Arts too Almost Every Second of Existence Generating my Own Joy Within

With No Need


Biden iS A Winner, Mostly Because He Expresses High Levels
of Human Empathy and Compassion AND COOPERATION; Yes,

REAL HUMAN ALPHA MALE LEADER! Mentor Obama Helped too)






HUMANS ARE more polite, overall;

They Get on 'Political Stage' and

Give Massive Shade

too Where Shade is Deserved Most;

Yes, it is Called Canceling Poisonous
Culture/Behavior That Harms the Most instead of the Least.




Anyway, We Human Beings Now Who Get Out 'in the Wild' and Interact With
Other Mostly Hairless Apes Who May Not Be Furry as me Either, Find That Human




True, We Sing Military Songs in the
Frigging Catholic Church i Visit to
Study There Like the 'Wrong Planet'
As A Participant Anthropology Observer
And Longest EPiC Long Form Free Verse Poetry Writer too.

YOU CAN DRIVE THROUGH THIS AREA and see Perhaps 1 Percent
of Homes Still Supporting 'Trump Won the Last Election Lie' With

Flags That Fly That Way Threatening A Civil War to Insure 'Their LITTLE Dictator' Rises to Power for Real.

That's the 1 Percent or So That Biden is Referring too; Yet It's Also True They are Also Mostly the Median
Age 68 Of Folks Who View Fox News the Demographic Whose Glory Days Playing High School Football

And The Such
On Average at
Least Are Long Gone
As Couch Potatoes Watching
Sports And Usually Not Getting off Their Butts.

Indeed, my Peers, the Folks i Met Dancing Singing
at my 40th Class Reunion Back in 2018; A Sad Sight they

Are As Some Extremes Are too Fighting Now For A
Cause to Reach Some Semblance of 'Glory Days Again.'

True, It's Just A Fantasy They Do MOSTLY Bantering
Back and Forth In Dreams of Faux News and Online as Well too...

Yawn, When Trump
Lost the Last Election;

There Were The Extremes of The
Extremes Nation Wide Who Attacked the Capitol then.

How About All the Median Ages of the Folks Who Watch
Fox News After THAT Did they take It to Streets in Protest Like

The Much Younger Liberal Folks Did in Support of 'Black Lives Matter;'



Biden was Just Motivating His Political Leaning Base to Get Out and Vote.

And Trump Wouldn't Even Give His Supporters The Benefit of A Spit Upon their Face

As It's Easy to See That A Psychopathic Leaning Leader Who Insists That His Supporters Will
Support Him Still If He Shoots Someone in Broad Daylight on 5th Avenue Is Telling them from the Get

Go That Not Only

Are They Fools For Supporting

Him Yet Fools He Despises As Far
Below the Psychopathy of His Personality;

How People Miss the Fact That He Was Rubbing
the Noses of Those He Feels Like Are Dirt Lower


Is Far Beyond

The Empath
of My Personality for Sure.

i See it As Sad And Pitiful;

Surely, Nothing to Write 'Home' and Gloat About;
Yet Truly Necessary For an EPiC Long Form Poem
That Dances And Sings Truths of the Human Condition FOR REAL.

Of Course, This is Just my Opinion Yet i Put Effort in Studying The Whole
Condition As Empirical Measurements Do Definitely Relate too; Yes, i Get Around


And Yes i'm as Familiar
As Real Recorded Folk
Legend of Public Dance And Famous As Such Documented So

As the Frigging Weather Man in my Trump Town Metro Area
During Hurricane Seasons of Cat 6 Dance And Song too, Hehe...

And If You Want the Evidence, i Will Nerd Blast Ya Like You've Never Experienced Before.

That's A Campaign Promise For Any ENFP Personality Who Easily Switch Hits to INTJ like Waves on the Ocean Green...

Honestly, It's Like The Wizard of Oz When the 'Wicked Witch of the West' Gets Water of Justice Thrown Upon Him

By the 'Justice Department of Dorothy;' There Will Be Nothing Left For the Extremes of the Extremes to Attach

Themselves to

And 'Flying Monkeys' (Minions)

Will Once Again Roam Free
No Longer Tethered to the
Wicked Witch of the West All Orange
And Blonde Painted on AS Such for Real...

All the Orange And Blonde Will Melt Away
Into A Puddle All That Will be Left is Pale Grey;

Whether in a Jump Suit of Orange or the Rest of A Life Spent STILL IN DEFEAT.

DeSantis is Just A Little Frat Boy Punk Like Gaetz And The Rest of the Folks With Little Human Syndrome.


THEY Don't Come
Often Yet When they
Do They Leave Skid
Marks on Dirty Underwear
Forever As Long AS HiSToRY
Continues to Tale the DarK Parts of Humanity For Real.


A DarK 'Egregore/MeMe' For Real Just Like the Opposite iN A 'Crowd Source'
of Autotelic Meditating Introspecting Contemplating Interpreting Arts in Flow;

'These' Are Bigger Picture Human Existence Views Mixed With Just A Few Bullets
of Facts and

Figures too...

Sort of Like Big
Yin and Little Yang For Real Hehe...

Just in Time Thanks Dear Savvy
For A Reminder For Sleep Been
Driving Nights to 4 AM and
Later Lately hehe

Sleep Arriving Soon

With SMiLes of

Mind And Body
SouL Whole Snoozing...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,432

09 Sep 2022, 12:46 am

A Beautiful Moonlit
Beach With Diatoms
Glowing in the Waves

Indeed Dear Savvy This Place
Too is A Stairway to Heaven Within

Just Becoming One With Sugar White
Sands Emerald Green Waves Sea Oats
Swaying in the Breeze Sea Gull Wings

Spiraling Sun Transforming
Into A FLoWinG SPiRaLinG

FRiEnDS With Gravity
Balancing Always

Dance And Song Free

NoW As Shores of Heaven
Continue to Expand without
Limit With these Ocean Waves
Free As Water and Air Mix For

Us to Breathe...

Beautiful Dear Xenia As The
Adventures of A Wonderful Life
You Bring to Whippets Eivor And Pearl

Continue On to Support Worthy Causes
Through Sharing Their Stories of Life

How The Loving
SPiRiT Carries
on in Dog Scents
Of Life Carrying On...

Treasures of Earth
Below Breathing
Again Feeling Sensing
Wonderland Being Seeing...

Never Separating
Dog's Breathe
Nature Free to Be...

Ferns And Trees
Moss And Mushrooms
Sharks Do Swim 450
MiLLioN Years Ago

Before Trees

And They Still
Manage Not to
Over Consume

Nature's Existence
in Balance Nature's Law

So Adaptable They Are
Even Some Virgin Births For Real

Amazing Creatures

of the Deep

As Oceans
Bring LiFE to All oF Earth...

SMiLes Dear Xenia Happy You Are
Enjoying Fine Seasonal Weather in

Scotland Hehe We Just Had

A Cold Front Come
Through By Name Only

HAha Yet True at Least We
Get Rain and No California Fires

And Such an Easy Hurricane Summer 'So Far'
At Least Hehe Happy Vacation to You All mY FRiEnD...

It's True Dear Chaymaa
Manure Will Create Lovely

Roses So In ThiS Way i Visit Places
oF LiGHT Like Your Blog Home And

Oh No Some Totally Opposite Places too Hehe

It's True This Makes me A More Resilient
Rose With FLoWeRS

And Also Keeps
Yes my THorns

Sharp As the Lion
Won't Roar He Is
Sorry After He Eats Us With SMiLes...

And Oh Goodness This Makes Your
Blog Home of Positivity Feel Like Purer Heaven True...

SMiles Dear Sohair
As Far As Kindness

Travels Love

Will Return






my FRiEnD
With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa What may Make Hope Seem Distant
And Darkness Closer Than It Really Is, Is The Human Propensity

For Survival to Put All Fears in the Environment Number 1 In Focus

to Survive Where in Our Modern Societies Where In So Much of Media

The Negative is Used to Gain the Focus of So Many Target Audiences

Those Dark Elements of Life That May Have Nothing to Do With The Real World
Where We Live And Actually Breathe May

Color Even An Environment
Full Of Lovely FLoWeRS

Wilted Roses
All With Only
THoRNS Left Indeed

This is the Human Condition
Understanding Our Nature's May
Bring Us Back to FLoWeRS of Our
Realities More Than THorns oF iLLuSoRY

Fears Orchestrated to Gain Our Attention
By Others Through Negative Ways of Viewing Our Worlds...

True We Need More Folks To Lift Us Up Altogether Where
LiGHT Overcomes DarK And JoY oF LiGHT Becomes Rule

Of Lost
Exception For Real...

You Know Dude, If You Just Cut Out All the
'Cr8p' of Insulting Folks Here, i Could Take Something
You Say Here More serious; Yet It's Like Jordan Peterson,

As Soon as He Started His 'Cr8p' He Fell Through the Cracks.

Does It Make You Feel Like A Bigger Man; It's True, i Have a
Lot of Experience in Psychology.

It's transparent now
As Glass And As Far
As Debate and Civil
Discourse Goes the
Lowest of the Lowest Levels of Both

As Per Evidentiary Discourse i've Already Provided;

As Much As You Brag on Your So-Called Intellectual
Prowess, It Seems Like You Would Understand this, already.

If Not, Please Do For Your Good And For Civil Discourse too.

Now Let's Get Back On Topic if We Can Do It Without Making it Personal.

i'd Be Happy To Hear About Your Accomplishments;

i Have Navy Captain FRiEnDS Who Benched Pressed
450 Pounds Into Their 70's, And Squatted 450 Pounds too;


It's A 'Matter' of Where You Come From And Where You Are
Now And How You Inspire Others to Come Out of Hell For Real too.

i Manage to Do It As A Civil Human Being; That's All i am Requiring You to do;

As I've Just about Lost my Patience With You, if You continue to Do it; i Don't Normally

Report Anyone, Yet if You 'Bench Press me'

Enough i Will; i Read 20 Times Faster than
The Average Human Being That Means i Can
And Will Consume This Wrong Planet Website

in Just a Few 'New York Minutes;' It Won't Hurt to
Be a Civil Human Being And If You Do it Chances
Are You Will actually Be More Respected in Life; i Don't

Spend my Life Trying to Impress Dudes; Yet For those

Who Believe They Are Stuck in a Weak Place in Life, My

Life Shows IT's



Now Please, Let's Get Back on Topic, i Have More
Important Love to Do.

Do Be Specific.

Just Exactly What Was Toxic.

Or Even Better Yet Let's Get Back on Topic.

i Have no Problem With my Divine Masculine And
or Divine Feminine, Albeit Women Find me More Attractive it seems.

And i DO Mean Attractive in Terms of Respect And Love and Stuff Like that.

And Yeah, i've Had Some Drunk Dudes Go All Toxic Butthurt With me;
It Wasn't Much of a Problem.

And That Was in REAL
LIFE; Just me Against 3 Dudes, hehe;

Yet Again That's Off Topic, Pleeeeze,
Let Get Back to the Business at hand...

"The best feeling OF happiness is when you’re happy because you’ve
made somebody else happy. Thank you Twin Souls you make me happy."

SMiLes Dear 'Peace & Truth' Comments You Leave on my Blog Are Always
So Kind and Sweet i Copy Them to Keep With my Other Treasured Parts of
Life As It's True Yes

The More We Treasure
Our Experiences Now Yes

The More Colorful Heaven
We Create Becomes to Give

Share Care And Heal All
With Least Harm True

i've Attempted to Leave
Many Comments on the
Reader Version of Your Blog
Posts Before and Today i Left
A Comment on How Lovely i
Felt One of Your Poems to be

Yet Darn the Reader Always comes
Back with a Message That Says there
Was an Unexpected Error in the Reply

Yet Hey You Come Here Now And Then
With Such Kindness And Sweetness to Give Away For Free

Anyway Just Letting You Feel and Sense You Bring Happiness
to me

Hehe keep
Up The Great
Work mY FRiEnD
Peace And Truth Yes
As i'm Sure When Peace
And Truth And Kindness
And Wisdom Are Truly Alive

This Naturally Happens in
Terms of Basic Human Love...

JusT ANoTHeR BooK MarK NoW
And Oh Lord i Am So Far Behind
In Getting All the Other Multi-Media
Already GRoWinG Out to Pasture Hehe...

True Dear FRiEnD
Finding God in A
Grain Of Sand
Holding Up
A Mountain
Of Human
Love With SMiLes...

LeSSoN 437
Yes Finding Beauty in Smallest
Wonders Now Seeing God in A
Moth Instead Of A Bug To Swat...

LoVE iS Like Fire Flies

Always Welcoming New
LiGHT Into Our World

As Life Becomes Magic
And Always New With Wings

Of Fire Flies Free Yet Of Course
i Misspelled Firefly As With Fires Flames
Are Works of Art Always Changing Never The Same

As Love Is Flame This Way in Wonder of Firefly's too

Surprising Us in the Darkness of the Night New

A Creation All of Existence Comes to

Be Coloring This Way With
Neurohormones and
Flooding Us From
Head to Toe Drowning
Us In New Colors of Love
Carrying Us By Current of
Our Souls Capturing Firefly's in Flight

Or Perhaps Diatoms Glowing in Gulf
Waters Full Moon And Stars Reflecting

With SMiLes
On Sugar White Sands

True if You Really Wanna Make
Love Last Forever Put LoVE iNto
A Poem Surely Your Words More
Lovely Than Yes the Quotes of the
Song You Gifted Dear FRiEnD Ruchi

As Love is A Flame Always Changing
Flickering Flaming Bonfiring Forest Firing

All Around A Key Though is Finding Every Way
To Return Love Out of Embers Left in Ashes As True
Falling in LoVE And Staying iN Love the Latter the Challenge

The Before
The Gift
Fall Leaves
Into Green As
December Becomes June Again...

True When Our Pets
And Other Loved Ones
Go Into And Are Healed
From Life Injuries

If We aRe Truly
Human We See
Love is Our Greatest
Treasure to Treasure

Dear Hawaii
FRiEnD Putting
Beats First With SMiLes...

Yeah, JK Rowling Definitely Doesn't Wanna
Continue Down the "Jordan Peterson Rules

For Twitter Etiquette" And Not Expect to Be Publicly
Scathed NoW As A Public Figure By Whoever Wants

to Express Their Side of the Opinion; Particularly,

When Culture is Changing And THAT Culture Tends

To Support Trans Folks Now Where 'They' Had Almost

No Support in my Youth And as A Very Androgynous

Looking Human, The Church Folks Kept Insisting i Was A Girl
Instead of A 'Weak Boy' Who Didn't Deserve to Exist; Yes YOU See i understand

What that Feels Like and Am Happy That the 'Wrong Planet' Provides a Safe
Space for Many Folks Who Actually Do Not Identify With Binary Genders And

It's True in a Tactful Way as Possible if i See Bullying (Even Intellectual Bullying) Here i am

Going to Call it Out As i've Experienced Most Every Kind of Bullying THere Is Except Physical Abuse As Yeah

i Was About a Head Taller Than Most EVERYONE in Middle School And That's Human Nature too; Yes,

'The Small Ones' Are Picked on Most too; Those With All the Other Differences too; and Now it is those

Who Are Insensitive to the Differences in Others Who Are Actually Excoriated on Twitter Like Jordan Peterson

And J.K. Rowling too; However That Can And Will Go too Far too; And Perhaps That is the Metaphor Behind

J.K. Rowling's 1200 Page 'Out of Character' Book Using a New Pen Name Now By Male Name Although

"J.K." May Definitely Meet 'Non-Binary Standards too' As She Chose Not to Gender Her Self With

Those Initials of Course.

It's Like This, it Pleases me Very Much
to Be Able to Go to the Military Gym and
Start Out With Very Graceful Ballet Moves And
Or Tai Chi Moves And Or Martial Arts Moves Free Style

As The Whole Purpose is Gaining Peace From Head to Toe
With No Fear Leaving Only Fearless Chi in Positive Energy for

Explosive Strength and Sure Some of the So-Called 'Macho Types'
Might be tempted to Make Fun of me Behind my Back Yet No Not
at 244 Pounds Now And No Not After i Load the Leg Press Machine

Up to 1520 Pounds And Growl Like Some Kind of Wild Animal to Greater
(With My Arms and Hands Raised to 'the Heavens' With No 'Mechanical Support')
Innervate My Muscle Fibers With A Quick Hit of Adrenaline For Explosive Effort;

No Different Than the Roar A Lion Makes After A Silent 'Chi Pause' Before Ripping the
Throat Out of an Antelope and Having a Bite to Eat on the Savannah; Shock and Awe

And It Rarely Fails
When the New
Elite Military
Dude Comes into
The Gym and Sees How
Well my Process Works;

Their Response is Almost
Always Jaw Slacking in Awe...

And Yes i Have A Video and Photographs

of That Happening When i Was Only Leg
Pressing 810 Pounds Way Back in 2014.

The Key Here is Don't Judge A Book By its Cover

And Don't Judge A Human By The Way They Dance
Or The Way They Sing or The Way They Write Books

In Every Frigging Page As There May be a Surprise Waiting

that No One Is Anticipating Coming And What You May End up With is

A Deer
in the Headlights
With No Where to Go...

J.K. Rowling Expresses the Same 'Trans
Sentiment' One Might find in the Catholic
Church i Visit as An Anthropology Participant
Observer And In Fact From the Folks i've 'Interviewed'
She Does Regarding 'Trans Issues' Yet As Far As Younger

"Harry Potter Generations" No, They Will Take Up For Gay Folks,
Trans Folks, And Other Folks Like Autistic Folks With Differences

As They Are No Longer Ignorant of Different As Different is the Black and
White and the Tween too of the New; People are Going Their Own Way Now to the Chagrin of Older Traditions

Yet As A Person Who Still Studies Humans Per my Three degrees From College In Terms of Anthropology,
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, And Health Science It is Also Tradition That Glues A Society together

So It Doesn't Fall Apart
When Folks Forget About
Voting in A Democracy or

Just Vote For Someone Who
Could Never Win While 'the Dictator'
Who Harnesses the Power of the
Church Tradition Voting Together
Rises Over Someone Who 'THEY' Feel
is Not Good Enough for Their 'Perfect Ideals.'

The Human Condition is Tricky; Handle With Care;

It is An Art in Progress and Never A Science alone
in Terms of Politics, Philosophy, And Religion

As All Hold Hands to Make What is Now;

If Anyone Wants to Know How to

Leg Press 1520 Pounds at

age 62, i Don't Offer Any Lessons;

They All Come From Innate Instinct
And Intuition From Within; The Water, The Air

The Wind
As i Stay
Free With
No Lessons From Before...

Yet Folks Who Mistake My
Grace And Peace For Weakness
At the Gym Get the Shock And Awe Surprise for Free hehe...

It's Like My Peers Who Threatened to Beat me Up For Being A
Boy Who Dared to Smile When Onward Marching Christian Bully
Boys Were Around Both in Middle School Halls and the City Park
Where i became one With Ball and Racket in Zen Play with the Backboard Solo Hehe...

At My 40th Year Class Reunion 'They' Were 'Spent' And i Was and Am Still Just Now Starting With

The Same
Energy that
i Had at Puberty hehe

And additionally With NO FEAR:

True THere Are A Few Lessons
to Be Learned Here for those
Who Value Essence Over Form...

A Beautiful Moonlit
Beach With Diatoms
Glowing in the Waves

Indeed Dear Savvy This Place
Too is A Stairway to Heaven Within

Just Becoming One With Sugar White
Sands Emerald Green Waves Sea Oats
Swaying in the Breeze Sea Gull Wings

Spiraling Sun Transforming
Into A FLoWinG SPiRaLinG

FRiEnDS With Gravity
Balancing Always

Dance And Song Free

NoW As Shores of Heaven
Continue to Expand without
Limit With these Ocean Waves
Free As Water and Air Mix For Us to Breathe...

At The Strike of Midnight on 9.9.2022 Finishing
Writing the Main Body of "17,000 Miles oF Public Dancing 9 Years"
Sure Now the Day After 'Queen Elizabeth the Second' Passes Away on
The 8th of September As After All This is an EPiC Longest Long Form
Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" At 10.8 MiLLioN Words in 9 Years Of 972
MacroVerses As of the Last Completed MacroVerse That Yes Captures
Global Changes As Well As Very Local Adventures True As Now Onto A Quick
Tale of the Tape Abbreviated As "Nether Land Bible" Sub-Chapter of "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Continues on Now At 8,365,815 Words Of Effort in 75 Months of Writing
As Of the Last MacroVerse Titled "SonG oF mY SoUL 9 YearS Old 10.8 MiLLioN
Words" As The Completed 300th MacroVerse of That Endeavor Additionally
The Last MacroVerse Completed Makes the 196th MacroVerse Of "FB Profile
Pic Bible" Moving to 6,762,806 Words As Well Where Those Words May
Be Found in Facebook Profile Pics Series of 20 or So That Illustrate
Around 8,000 Words in Each Description Area of Each Facebook
Profile Pic Yes Very Heavy FB Profile Pics Indeed Hehe as
Yes Public Dance Increases to 17,144 Miles in 9 Years
And While Concluding the Writing Part Now on
9.9.2022 at 12:25 AM It's Gonna Be A While to
Electronically Publish it Now as i Still Have
5 Dance Videos to Publish For It on YouTube
And About 60 More Facebook Profile Pics to Include
Around 8000 Words in Each FB Profile Pic Description Area
Plus Around 100 Or So Other General Pics That Record Cultural
Changes in Malls and Book Stores and Such As Well As The Local
Environment And Weather Where All of This Actually Takes Place too

True i Don't
Leave Much
Out and it is
An All Awake
And Sleep Effort
Even As my Dreams
Ready More Creativity
Coming Out of Slumber
When i Find Some Hours to Sleep Hehe

It's All Just Fumes That Come From a Real
Autotelic Meditation Within in Flow Whatever
The Art of Life i am Laser FoCuSinG on TasK iN Bliss


So Yep
Within Still Coming New...

And With the Harvest Full
Moon on Saturday September
10th i am Surely SoWinG Seeds
And Reaping FRuiTS oF FLoWeRS And THorns
iN Effortless Ease As i BREaTHE LoVE oN Free


FoR ReaL...

Hehe It's Totally Off-Topic
Yet All Day Since Hearing
About 'Dirty Soda' i Still

Can't Get 'Dirty
Dancing' That
'Ear Worm'
Out of the

Way And
That's Okay HAha...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,432

10 Sep 2022, 12:28 am

YeP i SuPPoSE iT All BoiLS DowN
And Up To i’M ALiVE NeW NoW

Patience Indeed Dear
Savvy Sands Of Time
Where Every Grain of
An Hour Glass Is ALWaYS
Now No Matter Up or Down
To Embrace
Now With Ever
New Colors We
Paint Forevermore New...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Hope An Emotion We Generate
Within That Lifts Us Up Higher Than Lower to Make it
Through Challenges of the Day Now Sadly There
Is A Place With No Feelings No Senses No

Emotion of Hope Where the Rose
is Withered away to THorns

Yes Pain Yet Even Further
Away to Numb of HeART
SPiRiT SoUL Places WiTHiN
Yes Metaphors We Co-Create for
This Essence of Reality That Sadly

May Actually Organically Go Away Where
The Essence of Hope Will Not Be Found No
Matter How Hard We Look Until our Emotions Are

Ready to Come Back in Healing Indeed A Cross to Carry
in Life Where if We Endure Enough Chronic to Acute Stress

That Will Literally Tear Down Most Every Bodily System We Have
Until We Get What is Called "General Adaptation System" Just Almost
Total Exhaustion of Resources of What It Means to Be Human From Head to Toe

True One May Work So Hard to
Gain A World of Subsistence
To Eat and Drink And Shelter
One's Loved Ones True Too

Yet What's Left When We
Do Our Best to Earn the
World This Way When
Nothing of Moving Connecting
Co-Creating HeART SPiRiT SoUL
Is Left At All Indeed This Place Without
Hope Without even A Memory of A Feeling
Behind A Smile Ever Existing At All May Be
Described As Hell WiTHiN Although It's Not Hot As
Fire It's Cold As Ice Will Be Numb WiTHiN All that
May Be Left is the Will of Our Reptile Brain to Survive
With Left Hemisphere Brain Logic Left However Without
Emotions Tasks As Simple As Choosing What Color Pair of
Socks May Be Beyond Our Ability to Choose As That Takes
Emotional Intelligence And When We No Longer Value Our Existence
This Way There is No Clear Choice to Make With Any Colors of Life mY

FRiEnD That
Feel Human
This way Yet
Again Thank Goodness
For The Will to Survive
It May Be Numb Yet There
Just Isn't Any Rational Alternative
Than to LiVE Perhaps iN Pain and
Numb What May Feel Like A Thousand
Years in 1 Second Where All Is Time mY FRiEnD

Heaven Within is A Place of Autotelic Flow Effortless
In Ease of Always Increasing Human Potentials Now

True That Requires Feelings And Senses in Synergy
of A Force of Emotional Energy 'A Higher Force'
WiTHiN mY FRiEnD And Of Course With the
Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From Wake
to Sleep No Drug Would Touch As
A Shut-in In my Home For 66 Months
From 2008 to 2013 With Additionally
A Synergy of Life Threat in Another
18 Medical Disorders i've Touched
HeLL And HeaveN ON EartH WiTHiN

True There is A Place of Pure Faith New Now
No Longer Takes Instruction From Outside at All

A Place of Pure Faith of Loving Life Where Hope Is No
Longer Even Necessary As An Emotion As We aRE Arriving
Always Now to A Best Life Possible New Indeed A Place of

BeLeaF BeLoVE BeLieVE iN Peace And Harmony Living Tree
For Real As Leaves We Grow Green Higher As Leaves We
Brown Falling to Soil Souls Sprouting Spring From Winter
Falling Frozen Leaves Green As Grass And Trees Grow Again

Summer FLoWeRinG
Again Now New


From Seeds
That Die And
Leaves That Feed
Our Trees Forest
Soil SoUL Whole mY FRiEnD...

So True DeaR Aloha
FRiEnD Eve of The
“Harvest” MooN
SMiLes Shine Bright...

YeP i SuPPoSE iT All BoiLS DowN
And Up To i’M ALiVE NeW NoW

Sadly, Those Who Fear Dark Most
Are Often Those Who Are Cynical
oF LiGHT oF LoVE Most Now And True

This Is A Ruse Abrahamic Religions
Rule Most With Spank You With A

Stick of Fear of Hell in A Dirt Nap

Lure You In With A Carrot of A

Promise For An Ivory Palace
With Trump Walls of Gold
Pearl Floors of A Materially
Reduced Heaven in A Dirt Nap too

MeaNwhile Sadly Some Folks Live Cowardly iN Fear NoW
MeaNwhile Sadly Some Folks Live Without PeacE LoVE At All NoW

Saddest ParT oF ALL iS When Folks Wait For 'Godot' All THeir LiFE
Die in Darkness And Never Create ThE LiGHT oF HeaVeN Within Just
Free to Give Share Care Heal For All With Least Harm Just Inhaling Peace

ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT iN LoVE

A Real Meditation of Heaven

Within EternAlly Now For Real

It's True It's Creepy It's Concerning
Yet Most oF ALL It's Sad When Folks

Are Convinced That This Isn't Heaven Now
At All And They Never Seek It Find It Now

And Just Die in DarK...

Indeed Now That's One
Definition of HeLL ON EartH

It's Like that Old 'Twilight Zone'
Show of A Book 'To Serve Man'

True It Was/Is Just A 'Cook Book' Recipe
All ALong to Keep Heaven Away from Now
Yes of Course Unless 'They' Read Luke 17:21

Hey, Even the 'Goddess of Victory Nike' Agrees Without Selling Shoes

TRUE THeRE aRe Usually Some Nuggets of REAL Gold Somewhere in 'Adam of Dirt'...

i Watch Them Shuffling By in Walmart With Frowns Left Behind, i Do my Best to Entice
Them With Free Dance in an Autotelic Meditating Free FLoWinG Bliss For Real And Then

If they Ask me
'WHeRE i'M At

i Sing A SonG
Real of Heaven
For Those With 'Eyes

Ears' Naked Enough
Whole Complete to 'See and Hear'...

It's True For All Practical Intents and Purposes i Could
Be A Buddha, A Lao Tzu, Or Even A 'Good Cop Jesus' too

Yet Shall i Claim An Idol Name of Christianity
And A God Robed on A Cross in Suffering
As Idol Statue of Form Nope too Busy


Keeping my Christmas
Tree Up Year 'Round
Dancing And Singing
Colors of Free New Always
Now Reaching Heaven Higher For Real

Sadly It's Seems it's Still Somewhat of
A Exclusive Club Not By Intent Yet Ignorance...

Ignorance, Ignorance, A True Pandemic of 'Sin'...

So Far AWay From Reaching A MarK iN Heaven New Now

Anyway i've Searched
The Globe And to My

Great Joy i Seek
And Find i am Yes

Not the Only One By Far
As THere Are Others True
Far Away From 'Trump Town USA'

And True i Can And Will Name Them
All As Angels With Real Wings of Love;

Sadly Male Versions Don't Come Very
Easy/Often As ReMeMBeR Toxic Patriarchy
is A Nature of A 'Beast of Abrahamic Religions'
With Little Empathy, Compassion, And Love Yes
As Tribal Ones in Deserts With Tribal God's Just A Bit Taller Than Sand...

Yet It's True Each Grain of Sand Still Has Potential to Hold Up A Human

Mountain New Now
Of Peace And Love...

Just Keep in 'Mind' For
A Most Part IT'S STiLL A
'Cook Book' to 'Serve MaN' ON EartH...

Just Boiling in Fear, So Far,
So Far Away From PeacE LoVE ReaL...

Lovely Arts in Painting
Dear Orchard Flower Lillian
Nice to See You on Word Press
Wishing You Great Success in
Your Coming Art Exhibition
With Your Art Partner's
Wonderful Exhibits too
Have A Great Fall
My FRiEnD in New
Colors of Norway Art...

Success Never Truly
Comes if Life Crowds
Out Our Emotional Lives

i've Seen That Happen to
Way too Many Stellar Smart Folks

Schooling Working in Big Cities Abroad

Keep Your HeART SPiRiT SoUL

If You Will Closer Than Any


Driven Success...

Be Careful Not To Become
'The Tool' SaaniaSparkle
Without A HeART Beat

Success Retains
A Loving Breath
That Doesn't Go Away...

Okay That's A Poem So Far
You're Just Going away to School
Harvard Studies Show 40 Percent
of Students With Depression Affecting
The Ability to Function Day-to-Day
And 60 Percent With Anxiety
Severe Enough to Affect
Functioning Day-By-Day

too With

Generation Z Coming
In As The Loneliest
Generation Where
Folks Last Century Were
8 Times Happier Than They Are
Almost Hundred Years Later With


It's Really Kinda Simple
Yet it Seems to Be Almost
Impossible For Folks Who
Have Become More The Tools
We Use Than Human And Still Warm...

It's Love We Remember Most at the End And The
Beginning Basically The Rest is All 'Word Salad' As Such

A Hug Lasts Forever Now...

A Smiles Spreads Forever


i Don't Know You All i Can
And Will Tale is the Story i
See Now That i was Blind to Before...

Success Never Truly
Comes if Life Crowds
Out Our Emotional Lives

i've Seen That Happen to
Way too Many Stellar Smart Folks

Schooling Working in Big Cities Abroad

Keep Your HeART SPiRiT SoUL

If You Will Closer Than Any


Driven Success...

Be Careful Not To Become
'The Tool' SaaniaSparkle
Without A HeART Beat

Success Retains
A Loving Breath
That Doesn't Go Away...

Okay That's A Poem So Far
You're Just Going away to School
Harvard Studies Show 40 Percent
of Students With Depression Affecting
The Ability to Function Day-to-Day
And 60 Percent With Anxiety
Severe Enough to Affect
Functioning Day-By-Day

too With

Generation Z Coming
In As The Loneliest
Generation Where
Folks Last Century Were
8 Times Happier Than They Are
Almost Hundred Years Later With


It's Really Kinda Simple
Yet it Seems to Be Almost
Impossible For Folks Who
Have Become More The Tools
We Use Than Human And Still Warm...

It's Love We Remember Most at the End And The
Beginning Basically The Rest is All 'Word Salad' As Such

A Hug Lasts Forever Now...

A Smiles Spreads Forever


i Don't Know You All i Can
And Will Tale is the Story i
See Now That i was Blind to Before...

Yawn, Trump Rationally Is Probably More of An Existential
Threat to the Republican Party than A Threat to Democracy;

It's Not Hard to See Empirically So With the Fall of The Senate
into The Side of the Democrats That Provided The Ability for
The Democrats to Pass So Much Legislation For the 'Common
Man And Or Woman' As Such With Again the Example of Subsidies
For Obama Care Extended Three Years That Will Save my Sister 300 Dollars
A Month Until She Reaches 65 And Gets Great Medicare For Under 200 Dollars A Month

Perhaps With a Medicare Advantage Plan For A Hundred Or So Dollars More Per Month
Covering Most All A to Z Except For Vision And Dental Care So far; Perhaps One Day That Will Change.

So, 'The Trump Regime' On the Sidelines Continues to Push Candidates That Aren't Worth Enough Salt
For The Politics of Actually Winning And Odds Makers Put the Democrats Still in Control of the Senate

And Even the Rarer Possibility
of Retaining The House in A Mid-Term
Election Same As the Party of the President At Hand;

Sure, We May Thank the Wedge Issue the Democrats Now
Own With the Rights For a Woman For Reproductive Freedoms
And Basic Frigging Health Care Specific to A Woman's Health.

Sure, We May Thank The Obvious Threat That Trump Provides to
Overthrowing Democracy As Well; And While It's True if Trump Were
To Fall ALL The Way Away and DeSaTaNiS Could Win the 2024 Election;

True, We Could Lose More Liberties Yet It Isn't Likely DeSaTaNiS is Ignorant

TO Risk
Going to Jail

As Trump Is Just
Plain Psychopathically
Leaning Sociopathic in
Regard to Full Blown Criminality
Without Even Any Hiding it or Shame.

It's Not Often When 'Human Evil Incarnate'
Takes the Leadership AS Such; However, Ignorance
IN Particularly a Tradition Still Desiring Theocratic Control

of Government Is the Same Ruse That the Roman Empire Used too;

And Of Course Many Other Civilizations That Mixed Placebo and Nocebo
Effects With Traditions of Religion to Master, Subjugate, And Restrict Human
Freedoms For Power, Status, and Material Gains of Those Psychopathic Leaning Leaders;

Of Course God Yes Including
Leaders in Church; Pedophile
Pastors and Priests too the
Psychopathic Leaning Cr8p

Aspect of Humans Still
With Cold Souls as Even
Studies Show the Clergy
Rates in the Top 10 List
of Psychopathic Leaning Traits...

Choose the Leader Fearless in LoVE, Empathy; Yes, Compassion
For the Least of the Group Too in An All Hands Effort For Will And

Strength for
Success that
Comes Best
From A Foundation
of Balancing Graceful
Peace and Love For Real To

Rise or Fall; Yet A Most Dangerous

Pandemic oF ALL Is Human Ignorance
That Harms, Rapes, Maims, And Kills the

Most in Blindness Away From Empathy and Compassion For All...

Listen, i LiVE iN Trump Town USA (One of Many) And i interact With More
Folks Than Most Folks Might Possibly Imagine to Do here; And The Common

Element of This 'Trump

Town' is Blindness;

The Kind of Blindness

That Comes Sadly From

A Religion of Church And
Politics the Same Promising
Faux Carrots and Sticks After Death

to Master, Subjugate, and Control the
Freedoms of the Masses and Sure the
Protestant Congregations too; It's the World's

Longest Lasting 'Big Lie' Although It Doesn't Have to Be

That Way if Folks Worship A 'GOD OF ReaLiTY' More Than Abstract Made-Up Constructs.

Neuroscience Shows the Human 'Condition' isn't Rational At Core; It's Driven Most
By Feeling Sensing Emotions Head to Toe First Most Before We Even Think About

The Reasons For
What We Do in
The Past and
What We May
Do in the Future Now too...

Humans are Basically The Same
Humans We Were 12,000 to 40,000 Years
Ago as Classical Evolution is Slow; We Still
Have the Potential to Be As strong As Orangutans

And We Still Have the Potential to Devolve into Whatever
Horrible Cultures That Have Been Ignorantly Supported Before;

What We Have to Our Advantage Now is Freedom Of Information
Spread Globally More Than Ever Before; Perhaps Ignorance Will Grow Less

or More

This Experiment

Is Still On The Mold

of Change AS Humanity

Has Always Been one of
Constant Cultural Changes,

We Can And Will Make Heaven And
Or HeLL ON EartH Yet As Long As Folks

Believe in the After Life More Than the
Reality of This Life Blind So Many Folks

Will Continue As Victim to Mastery, Subjugation,
And Control of Freedoms From Others Still To Gain

Trump-Like Selfish Power, Status, and Material Gains;

Be A Slave or Be Free Yet For Some it's A Very Difficult Choice

As Again the
Human Condition
Is Far From Rational

And Will Be Molded into
Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell
Depending on All of US Next;

The Greatest Powers Human Beings
Have, The Greatest Curses Human Beings
Have STiLL Are Our Unlimiting iMaGiNaTioNS
And Co-Creativities to Create Hell to HeaveN ON EartH;

Indeed We Need A World
of Humans Who Believe
In This Life More Than

Something in a Dirt
Nap That Smells Like Trump And His Ilk STiLL Now...

True, Trump is An 'Old Testament God' So Many Folks
Still Dream of On Earth Still Finding Joy "Bashing
The Heads of the Children of Opposing Tribes Now"

That STiLL IS...

Other Than That Once Again A
'Trump Town USA' Where the Most
Despicable Yes of Despicable Human
Beings Gaetz as District Representative
Selected at 70 Percent of the Population Here
Where He Reigns Is An Extremely Peaceful Place to LiVE iN

Now This Sleepy Bedroom Community Outside of the Core
of the Metropolitan Pensacola Area And As the 'January 6th
Commission' Continued The Results of that Investigation as

The Top Secret Documents Illegally Hoarded Came to Light

i Watched the Remaining Trump Flags Fall All Through This Area

And Now There Are only A Very Few Left as Trump is That Relative

At Thanksgiving

That Everyone Still
Claims Yet Hides in the Closet;

It's a Sin and Practically A Mortal
Sin In Religious Tradition Overall to
Vote Democrat STiLL Here Now; And You May

Understand That Among those Most Silver Haired
Who Vote in that Remaining Grey Part of Pews Here

They Put So Called God First Above All Else For Whatever
Their God Ruler From the Pulpit Directs Them to Do; Politics

Is Religion Here in Hopes of Bringing an 'Old Testament God' Back to Rule

And True Trump Encompasses 'That Little Man Personality Syndrome' of that God Most

As of Course
The Folks Who
Invented That God
Had the Similar Toxic
Patriarchy As CuLTuRE too...

Hmm, Imagine A Different Kind of
Human Believing 'God' Kinda Creature
Who Empties Their Pockets And Only
Spreads/Does A Message of Peace and Love

It's True It's Possible to Create That God of
Love too If 'They' Don't Clothe IT 'Orange'
As Just Another Old Testament God With A Flag

Flying At the Capitol, Next to A Gallows

That Says 'Jesus Supports

Hanging Democracy'...

(i Still Have A Picture of

Yawn, Most Folks Aren't
Paying Attention in Church
It's what They do to Get A
Free Ticket to Heaven in a Dirt Nap
From A 'Welfare Kinda God,' A Big Daddy AS Such;

SIMILAR One That Told the Little Boys, Boys Don't
Cry And Emotions are For Girls; Meanwhile, no Surprise
Now That Women are Free, Greater Emotional Intelligence
Creates Greater Cognitive Executive Functioning Win For

Common Sense of LoVE iNDeeD


In Short A Problem is Ignorance;

A Solution is to Frigging Wake Up
And Smell the Peace and Love Now
With NO Wait for
HeaveN ON EarTH


Some Will;
Some Will NOT;
Some May Survive;
Others Will Verily THRiVE STiLL New Now...

Peace With No Fear
Brings Love The
Same With SMiLes
Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE
A Practice of Never Ending Life Dear Chaymaa...

The Lessons of Queen Elizabeth
The Second Yes Of Servant
Leadership Empathy And
Compassion A Lesson That Even

Chimps and Particularly
Matriarchal Bonobo Tribes

Provide Free Without Any
Written Down Culture at

All Peace and LoVE Now
Wins Most In Cooperation
Where the Least Counts As
Much in An All Hands Effort

Even though Queen Elizabeth
The Second Wasn't Elected By the
Other Chimps and Bonobos She Still

Rose to Prominence That Only This Kind
of Human Leader Brings Gaining Respect

From Peoples
All Around the
World For Her Humanity Most

The Closest The United States
Has Ever Come is Most Definitely Obama
Sad So Sad When the Rest of the World Sees
The United States As An Orange Symbol For

What So Many

For it
to Fall

It's True One
Day the Old World
May Be A Freest World Again

Unless we Rise As A Country to Inherent
Peace and Love For All With Empathy and
Compassion More Than A Religion And Politics


For Real Yes US
SMiLes Dear Miriam
Thanks For the Inspiration
Today Dear Human With SMiLes...

Sadly Many of The Rulers of the West
In General And The Human Species in
General Haven't Been so Kind to the Folks
In Our Same Species Perhaps That Will Get Better

It Depends A Lot
on the Humans
We Co-Create
In Each Society
More Human That 'Tools'...

SMiLes at Best This is a Letter
to Your SoUL Dear Akshita No
Matter What it is Surely A Best
Effort mY FRiEnD With SMiLes

And Hehe Such Lovely Handwriting
With Somewhat of An Indian Accent
In The Spirals of the Letters All i Have

is Chicken Scratch
Without A Keyboard
i Would Be Mostly Crippled...

PoLiTiCiANS iN 'CoLoRs oF BLacK' of Church
And Or State STaRVinG HeARTS iN iLLuSoRY
Hopes Fears PRoMiSinG CaRRoTS And STicKS

Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Love Carries On New
Only Separated by Time, Distance,
Space, And Matter proves none of
These Are Real Love of FRiEnDS is
Only Far Away as Beyond Infinity
of HeART STRinGS Playing
Dance and Song Spirit
Deep within
Wind For
Two or More
To See And Hear
You are from a Place
Where FRiEnDS mean
More than Material
Things, and Money,
Age, Nationality,
Gender, Sexual
Religion, All
Other Labels Given
To Human Differences
You are From THE ONLY
REAL place that counts
A Place Truly Beyond All
Time, Distance, Space,
And Matter the
Home of
Place oF UNconditional
Love that Gives and Shares
Cares And Heals For All Now
For Free Consuming Others
And the Rest of Nature
(God/Namaste) With
Least Harm For
All how
Gifted i Am
To Hold Your Hand
Beyond All Distance,
Space, Time, And
Matter, the Wind of
Love the FRiEnD
i See and Hear
As ParT
Of my
Eternally Now
New Good Morning
From Ever Breaking
Dawn my Friend who Cares...

SMiLes.. Forever IS A
SMiLe iN Twilight Now
Of A Sunset One FindS ETernAlly
NoW As BreaKinG Dawn Of Soul to Give
For Free to
Be i Am Now...

A Religion For All Or A Religion Of
All Will You Discern Which One Is More Comprehensive As God

A Religion of Loving iT ALL IS A Best Religion oF ALL In This Way
Science Proves This Is True Too Way SmARTeR Than Hell For Now

This' Is No Reason Feeling or Sense to Give Up on Delivering New
A Message of Faith Hope Love And Charity For All Just Do IT NoW

From: Those Who Can And
Will to: Those Who Are Up to A
Challenge of Just DoinG IT NoW FOR REAL

Meh; Most Folks Are CaLLeD WiTHiN
Go Figure iN HuMaN Temples This IS

Ah Yes Dear Jiayali
i Remember Days
Of Academics And
Work Just

All So
Life Consuming

HeHe Perhaps
One Day Like

Me All You
Will Do is
A Golden
Age of

And Sing
With Your
Loved ones With

SMiles Actually
It’s What our Distant
Ancestors Did Foraging

Through the
Day Hehe

These New Fangled
Up Modern Conveniences


Always A Path Toward
Peace And Love Now For
Those Who Truly Breathe
Dear Chaymaa With Wisdom
To Live Thanks Lovely Day to You...

Patience Indeed Dear
Savvy Sands Of Time
Where Every Grain of
An Hour Glass Is ALWaYS
Now No Matter Up or Down
To Embrace
Now With Ever
New Colors We
Paint Forevermore New...

YeP i SuPPoSE iT All BoiLS DowN
And Up To i’M ALiVE NeW NoW

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Gender: Male
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11 Sep 2022, 1:40 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Danced The Day my Father Died
i Danced While My Mother Slowly Passed Away in Grace
of 8 Days Without Food and Drink The Most Natural Way
She Went in Hospice Care As the Doctor Said Most Folks

Usually Go in 3 Days
Yet She Held on For 8 Days
As the Doctor Said She Had
An Unusually Strong HeART

It's True It is the Positive SoUL Energy
Of Love That Keeps Our HeART SPiRiT Strong

She Had Suffered With Cancer For Two Years
That Spread to Bones And Finally to Her Brain
With Bleeding Cancer Before She Only Took A Bayer
Aspirin Now And then Through All Those Two Years
of Pain Just Relating it to Arthritic Pain and Two Days
Before She Went into Hospice She Beat My Sister At

A Scrabble

Game So She Got
to Live From the Beginning
Fully Till the Very End mY FRiEnD

Dance Keeps Me Strong in Flow With Positive
Strength of Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual
Emotional More Right Brain Hemisphere Bigger
Picture Intelligences mY FRiEnD Feeling Sensing the Unity

oF ALL That is And No Separation of Love Is What i Always
Gain By A Meditating Free FLoWinG Contemplating Dance mY FRiEnD

And Haha, When Someone Tries to Shoot 'Poisonous Arrows At me' They
Dissolve in A Pool of Sweat Dance Brings Now Just Like 'The Wicked Witch
Of The West'




Toward the End
of the 'Wizard of Oz'
Movie "Click Click Click"
Fred is Back Home iN LoVE mY FRiEnD...

mY Goodness Dear Hawaii FRiEnD
That's Not Just Breakfast or Brunch
That's A Work of Honu Art How in The

World Could i Eat That Without Feeling
Shame For Destroying A Wonderful And Rare

Work of Art of Course
Yes Like You i 'd Take A
Picture First Sharing Your
Work of Art With the
World And Then Eat
The Entire Work of Art
And Even Burp Yes Hehe

Yet of Course Not Burp it Up

i'm Always in A Great Mood
After Public Dancing All Night

Just Peace and Bliss Just Loving
Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright

Happy Harvest Full Moon To You Dear FRiEnD
Seems Like i Heard Some Lonely Wolves Howling Tonight...

"That’s Not True" i Am Born
With Fused Vertebrae; i Don’t
Even Do Squats Therefore the
1520 Pound Leg Presses With
One Life To Live You Excel
Where You Can And Will
Yes i Consider ‘God’
Less Than A Grain
Of Sand So That’s
Not A Big Deal to me.

People 'Here' Have
Expressed Fear of
Growing Older Than
30; i Lay That Fear

To Rest at 62 Other
Than That Have A
Nice Night Now

If You Can And
Will Currently
Having A Blast
Public Dancing
It’s A Wonderful Life…

Harvesting Full Moonlight
Reaping What is SoWeD

Signaling Winter
Death to Come

As What Is Left Over
Of 'The Dead' Fertilizes
Winter Frozen Soils For

Spring Dreams of Green
to Return With Summer Flower
Glory Once Again Dear Miriam Yes

SMiLes i Am Fortunate At 62 i've Learned
How to Bloom Year 'Round Every Year for the
Last 9 Years How Far Will i Go True Not Planning

On Reaching Any Other Destination Other than New
This Now That is always the Best And Only Now i Co-Create
Within SMiles With A "Little Help From FRiEnDS" Of Course Hehe

Yes Yet September For me Back in the Bowling Center Days After i Spent
A Decade Being the Tennis Boy The Bicycle Boy Then the Running Young
Man Everywhere Around the Metro area Yes Then the Bowling Alley Guy

'The Norm' of The One Who Stayed At The Counter Yes Like 'Ted Danson' for
18 Years Listening to Everyone's Stories of Life With Laser Focus and Rarely

Anything Back Yet a Nod and A Smile That Said They Were the Most Important
Person to Listen to At that Moment of Life Anyway Every September i Made
A Bowling Center Calendar on the Computer And Of Course For One Again

With Seasonal Affective Disorder Ever Since School Days The Feeling of
The Death oF LiGHT Was With me So i Always Made the Background

A Sunset With A Hawk Flying Toward the Horizon i had no Idea then

it Was Possible to LiVE iN Spring Year 'Round then of Course

i Had to Escape From 'The CaVE'

And Come Out into the LiGHT

WiTHiN mY FRiEnd That
Verily Does Color All

Spring No Matter
WHeRe We aRE Eternally
New Now of Course Ya Gotta Escape
'The Cave First' And True In This
One Life Sadly Some Folks Never Do...

As A Hawk Returns More Than 'A Poe Raven' Forevermore Now New...
Yes It's Like A Tradition That Seems Like It Will Last Forever Yet New
i Guess Sort of Like 'A Queen' that Most Folks Find As A 'Norm of Cheers'

Going Away

Never Going away at Least for Now...
Anyway i Escaped Being the Devil Guy
Trapped in Hell For 66 Months And Now
ALL There New Is 9 Years So Far Yes of

Being the Poetry Man Online and the
Dancing Man Offline True A Great
Mix of Divine Feminine Poetry
Introverting As Such And
Super Extroverting Mixing
Masculine Ballet and Martial Arts
Public Dancing for 17,153 MiLeS in 9 Years
Along With All 10.8 MiLLioN Words of "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Oh Lord That Reminds me of All the Play i Still Have to
Do to Publish the Last Finished SonG Celebrating the Public Dance 17,000 Miles

It's True to me at Least it Seems When We aRe ALWaYS Celebrating Now

New All That's Left to Do

New Is Spring Green
Or Perhaps That's Just
What Folks in Florida Experience With SMiLes...
Anyway Just Like The Sun and Moon i Will Return
Here Again tomorrow in What Seems Like a 'New York Minute' New Now...
Hehe As 'That Guy who is Always Commenting On Psychologist Mimi's
Blog Posts' True Hehe i Definitely Get Around As 'The Norm' of The Day

The Guy Who
Just Finds a
Way to Fit in
That No One Ever
Thought Would Before

Again the Beauty of an Outcast's Wings

From the Boy With No Words Until Age 4..

SMiLes i Heard A Whole Lot of Folks Say i'd
Never Amount to Anything Just too Strange i Still Do Hear Yet Rarely

And You Know What i'm Still 'Nobody' And i Love Just Killing 'Time'...

For It's True Folks Still Only Describe me For What i Do With SMiles...

i Never Want a
'Name' That's
How They Even
Trap 'God' And Put
'God' In PriSon and Tell
'God' What "Clothes" 'God' Has to Wear...

Hehe As If One Will Reshape Sails into An Anchor...

Or Trap
Wind in A Jar...

Or Trap
Wind in A Jar...

Or Trap
Wind in A Jar...

As A Crow Crows Thrice...

SMiLes Dear Orchard Daughter Lily Thanks
For Posting More Lovely Art That You and
Your Art Partner Are Exhibiting in Norway

Truly 'The Human Nude' STiLL
Is A Highest Expression of
Art For Those Who Truly
Believe We House the
Spirit of Nature

Free mY

FRiEnD That
Some Folks Term
'God' And Others
See Feel and Sense
With No Words At All Within
Other than Being Art of All That is New Now

Expressing All This Art As Gratitude For Who We Truly Are
A Mind Of A UNiVeRSE A Body Of A UNiVeRSE A SoUL Of A
UNiVERSE Indeed Unique Multi-UNi-Verses We ALL Are Yes

When Loving Free Without Fears

Of Course EXPReSSinG Newly Now
Art of All That is DarK Thru LiGHT

SMiLes Been Doing Some Too For
9 Years Both in Words And Flesh
And Mind And Soul Whole mY

Dancing Singing Free...

MeMories oF LoVE
Are Best Made NoW
When Is ReaL NoW

Make YouR Wishes Dream’s FRuiTioN LuXuRY

oF Science

Most Definitely
An Advantage
Living in A Word
World Reading
20 Times Faster
Than the Average
Word Bear One
Fast Gift
Of Asperger’s
Yet Getting Out
Of my Head.. Yes
And Comfortable
In My Own Skin Taking
All Feelings And Senses
In 20 Times more
Ugh Asperger’s
And Bi-Polar
And Human
A Challenge
To Get All
3 Bears of
Life Just Right...
53 Year Mind And
Body Balance Soul
Navigation to truly
Get Humpty Dumpty
All Together Still Now
Dancing A Tightrope
In Effortless Ease
Riding Waves More...

Reaching For
Moon Stars in Our EYes
Coloring Our Lives All Love More

We Breathe
We Smile
We Are
With So Much More
to CoMe We iMaGiNE Co-CReATE NoW

We aRe Star FLoWeRS SeedS We BReATHE NoW...

HeHe.. i Waited For Years to Hear This Prayer 'In Church'...

No Longer

Do i


For Our Birthright
Stars We aRe NoW...

i thought 'This Comment' And Your
'Other Comment' Referencing me
Was A Light Hearted Way to get
A Point across; Softly, indeed...

True; There is Education
And There is Wisdom
That comes with Years
And Years and Decades
And Practically Almost
Centuries of Experience;
Nothing at all Cryptic
In Your Humor, i Find;
On the Other Hand, Perhaps
It is Because You Are Close to my Age;
It's Worth Noting That Excelling at Metaphors
Does Not Preclude one From a Diagnosis on the
Autism Spectrum; in Fact, in an Increasingly Mechanical
Minded Systemizing World; Ironically, Understanding Metaphors
And Even Creating
Them too;
Those who
Use them the
Same General
Difficulties in Social
Reciprocal Communication
As More Folks Become More Literal than Figurative, Overall;
We Haven't Really Been A Mechanically Oriented Mind Society
Until the Last Several Hundred Years; And on Topic Here, it
Begs The Question, Are Human Beings Still Evolving

this way or Not...

And No; Not
Specific to any
Label of 'Official' Disorder either...

SMiLes Dear Sohair It is Never
Stupid to Love Only Foolish

For Those Who Do Not

Appreciate the Rare

Gift of Love

When It is
Real And True

That Is Who You
Are As Surely i For
One Will Always Stand
By Someone As Rare And

Treasure As You are With SMiLes

Dear FRiEnD Some Folks Step ALL OVeR
me And Take All my Kindness For Granted

And True Some Try to Step on me And that
Part Doesn't Really Hurt It's True the Ones We
Love the Most Who May Hurt Us Most As They No



What We Give

Most As Long As We

Rise to Give Most We

Continue to Breathe

The SMaRTesT

oF All As


RiSeS in Our Inhales
of Peace And Exhales of

LoVE For The Winners of
Love Are Those Who Continue
To Truly Love And Appreciate Love's Rare Gift too...

Feeling Only Sorrow For Those Who Have Lost What's

Most God Real

in Life

Yes the
Ability to
Truly Cherish
And Respect Love's Gift...

And Of Course It is Often the
DarK Days That Make the LiGHT
As Precious As Love Is And Indeed
Those Who Treasure The Real Gold Giving Gift oF LoVE...

'This' Is A Matter of Respecting Those Who Experience
Life Differently Than We Do. In The 'Real World' Folks Usually

Don't Insult Folks Face-to-Face, It's Just Not A 'Real Human Thing' to Do.

Of Course, There's Also The Potential For Accountability; Yes, Beyond Hiding
Behind An Anonymous Avatar on the Internet; Anyone May Be As Foul As They Are

And Get Away With it As Long The Current Ruling Community Standards Allow.

Rowling Suggested That Autistic Folks aren't 'Responsible' Enough to Understand
What Gender Orientation They Are Because of Their Disability. And Yes A Deficiency

In Cognitive Empathy and the Inability to Put Oneself into the Shoes of Others is
Considered A Functional Deficit on the Autism Spectrum Up to Seeing Other Folks

as Just Objects to Manipulate in the Environment in More Severe Cases of Autism.

Of Course, Science Shows Some Autistic Folks Have Very High Functioning Mirror Neurons
And Extremely High Empathy And Sensitivity to the Pain and Pleasure of Others; Others Not so

Much; Some More likely to fit the STEM Major 'Type;'

And Others More Likely to Fit the Eccentric Artist 'Type;'

It's a Spectrum, You've Met One Person on the Autism Spectrum, You've Met JUST one Person.

Gender And Sexual Orientation is Also A Spectrum Where Biology Proves How Complicated

Gender Is As a Spectrum And Of Course Sexual Orientation As Well As Both Are Impacted
By Nature and Nurture too;

Anyway, 'Michael Savage' Was Also
Scathed on Social Media too For Suggesting

That Boys With Autism Were Just Mama's Boys Who Never Became Men.

Of Course Obviously, Michael Savage Had An Ongoing "Napoleon Syndrome" too...

Yet That's Just My Opinion; When You Have 'A Name' And When You Are A Public Figure

You Will Expect to be Publicly Criticized if You make One False Move in the Eyes of Whatever

'Target Audience' Puts the Target On Your Back;

And Sure, Jordan Peterson Learned the Consequences











Younger Generations Have Decided That Folks Who Are
Odd Like Autistic Folks; Folks Who Are Different Like LGBQT

Folks Get to Stay on the Island And Folks Who Give them A Problem
Get A Problem Back too; JK Rowling Didn't Have to Do Anything Wrong

Other than Go Against What 'the Community' Has Decided Are the New Standards Now;

It's Not Surprising That Folks in 'the Community' Are Pushing Back Against Cultural Change
for Community Standards; It's the way It's Always Been Done; More Liberal Social Justice

Folks With A Whole Lot of Empathy Who Are More Open Minded Will Assert The Rights
of Minorities Who Are Oppressed; And Those Who Are More Closed-Minded And So-Called

Conservative More Averse to Change Will Insist that Stuff Stays the Same As Tradition oF Old;

(Social Scientist And Ted-Talk-Dude, Jonathan Haidt's Work For Reference)

Guess WHAT,

Change is the


AS MUCH as some folks

Would And Do Love To Pretend
That's Not Real, it is; Typically YES,

We Progress; Typically, YES, Hehe We Digress;

And Typically We Can And Will Fall BacK in The Cave,
Stagnate, And Rot, Just Sitting in Front of Screens on our Butts...

Really No Progressing At All And As Health Science Shows Shortening Our Lives...


It's A Complicated
Situation Dude; And It's

A Hard Knock Life These Days
For Folks Who Are Not Open Minded
Enough to Deal With the Speed of Cultural Change New Now...

There's Always the Opportunity to Sit in a Cave And Stay Blind-Folded;
True, Some Folks Take that Option too; Not me Baby, i'm Free in the Wild;

And the More Diverse Human Nature is in Colors, The More i Enjoy Studying it all...

Of Course on the Big Five Personality Test i Score 100 Percent Open Minded, And
Close to Zero Percent in Neuroticism, Free As A Bird With Wings; Conscientious
At 100 Percent on Task And 100 Percent Extraverted As the Evidence Does
Show 'TWO" Switch Hitting to 100 Percent Introverted as i Care to Do too;

Forget About IT, When It's Time to Eat in Artistic Flow; my 'Secretary' Keeps me up to date.

And as Far As Agreeable Goes; It Depends on What Environment i am in; Could Go both Ways too.

And True for me, Give me A Zillion Pronouns And I'll Paint Each and Everyone New Yet That's
Me Not You;

And i Surely Don't
Ever Expect Anyone
to be like me even
if they Wanted to or Tried HAha...

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Danced The Day my Father Died
i Danced While My Mother Slowly Passed Away in Grace
of 8 Days Without Food and Drink The Most Natural Way
She Went in Hospice Care As the Doctor Said Most Folks

Usually Go in 3 Days
Yet She Held on For 8 Days
As the Doctor Said She Had
An Unusually Strong HeART

It's True It is the Positive SoUL Energy
Of Love That Keeps Our HeART SPiRiT Strong

She Had Suffered With Cancer For Two Years
That Spread to Bones And Finally to Her Brain
With Bleeding Cancer Before She Only Took A Bayer
Aspirin Now And then Through All Those Two Years
of Pain Just Relating it to Arthritic Pain and Two Days
Before She Went into Hospice She Beat My Sister At

A Scrabble

Game So She Got
to Live From the Beginning
Fully Till the Very End mY FRiEnD

Dance Keeps Me Strong in Flow With Positive
Strength of Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual
Emotional More Right Brain Hemisphere Bigger
Picture Intelligences mY FRiEnD Feeling Sensing the Unity

oF ALL That is And No Separation of Love Is What i Always
Gain By A Meditating Free FLoWinG Contemplating Dance mY FRiEnD

And Haha, When Someone Tries to Shoot 'Poisonous Arrows At me' They
Dissolve in A Pool of Sweat Dance Brings Now Just Like 'The Wicked Witch
Of The West'




Toward the End
of the 'Wizard of Oz'
Movie "Click Click Click"
Fred is Back Home iN LoVE mY FRiEnD...

Catholic Mass Readings From 9.11.2022

Something About Idol Worship Yet Perhaps the
Ignorance That Words Are No More Only Representations
Of Reality Than Golden Idol Calves And Naturally When We

Put Reality in Symbols No Matter Words or Idol Golden Calves
We Lose Essence of Reality Like Folks Who Lose Social-Empathic-
Artistic-Real-Spiritual Emotional Intelligences From Head to Toe and
So Much More Or Perhaps Aren't Born With Them And or Never Develop
Them Fully Either At Least True "ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CReaTinG ForM" A
Title of A New MacroVerse i Am Dancing Singing Free Now Some Folks Are Tied
To the Instruction Books Before Others Dance And Sing A Free New Life From Deep WiTHiN

God Yes Other than that the 'Story of the Prodigal Son' True Just Like 'Peter Pan' Relates There
Are Still Plenty of 'Lost Boys' And 'Captain Hooks' Too And Not to Mention Good Old Reliable

Wendy Poo
And Of Course
Tinker Bell Who
Always Keeps Life
A Mystery Still UNCoVeRinG Too
Sort of Like When Kali And Shiva
Continue to Dance Free Unraveling SonG
Unfolding A NeW MulTi-UNiVeRSE So Very Free Again

Every Eye
Two In Left And Right
View EYes And Perhaps
Only Two Arms Instead of FouR...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 63
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12 Sep 2022, 2:32 am

Stepping Stones of Joy New Now
Every SMiLe We Give Away
RiSinG Higher to Give Even
More Dear Savvy
This For Giving
Thanks Giving
With SMiLes
Real to Sense
And Feel Within
Inside Outside Above
So BeLoW All Around Again...

LiVinG A Moment
Present Inhaling
Peace Exhaling
Giving Sharing Caring
Healing For All
With Least
Harm Every
Breath A NeW
Existence We BReaTHE NoW
Happy Pharmacist Week Yes in
Cairo Dear Chaymaa FRiEnD Keep
Bringing Wisdom Yes to the @Larger
World Of Health
Care too of
Course Yes
With SMiLes New
As Every Week Now
MaY Be A Pharmacy
Week to Heal Even Without Pills...

Oh This is So Important Dear Chaymaa
Emotions Will Carry Us Where
We Really Don't Wanna Go
Until We Whisper
Emotions Under
Mastery of
Feelings And
Integrating Senses
Then We aRe Both
Sails And Anchors Away
Free As Clear BLuE SKeYeS BREaTHE...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Also Find Those Who Are
Suffering And Lift Them Up
They Are Hard to See Often
As They Hide Bringing Others Down
True Some
EYes Pierce
ALL Armor
WitH SMiLes...

Never Givin' Up
Never Givin' Up
True Never Given 'Up'
CLaWeD my Way Out of
HeLL ON EartH Never
Going Back Train
Train Choo Choo
Gonna Keep
Going Just
Never Given Up...
Dear Chaymaa
Retaining SMiLes
All To Give Away For Free...


Thanks Hope
Your Post Gets
More Replies Than
Ever Hehe
And Not
Just me HAha
So i’ll Go Night
Night Now in
Florida And
May Your Blog Post
Gather As Many
Likes Replies
And Follows
As Stars in
Night Skies Brighter
Than Even me HAha With
WinKs More Than 40 i Hope As
Energizer Bunny
Doesn’t Wind
Down Easy
To Snore

Miles And
Miles of SMiles
“Train Train” That’s
A Great Song Not
Sure if It Is Famous
Across The
Big Atlantic
Pond Yet You
Tube Always
Gets Around my
Fellow Baby Boomer
Or Perhaps
X’er Generation
X’er Sounds like Fun too!!...

Dear Miriam
It's Not 2 AM
Yet Past 9/11 Where i Am
At Yet Yet Never the Less
Your Post

About Trains

Is Giving me a
'Blackfoot' Vibe

For 'Train Train'

"Take Me Away From This Town"

Yet Of Course 'Town' May Be A Metaphor

For Any Place and 'That Woman' May Be

Any Noun or Even

Any Verb, Adverb,
Or Adjective too Depends
on How We Play Cards of

Our 'Rorschach' GREaTesT LiFE NeW NoW

For True We May DeSigN OuR Own Card GaMe
FuLL of Meaning and Purpose No Matter What

Card of Life
We Co-Create
Other Than That May We
Never Forget Solemnly of Course...

SMiLes mY FRiEnD
Train Train i’ll
Do my Best Not
To Divert Your
Tracks This
Go Around
Too Much With
SMiLes Mr. Gottfried
Yet Wait! How Can
And Will i Be Sure
Of Your Gender
As Katie For
Katrina is in
The Other Room
Watching Murder
Mysteries Yet Her
Name Still Comes First…

Oh Dear Lord Dear Sohair
Clutter Just Another Noun
For A Verb Distraction So Many

Distractions Cluttering The World
in So Many Ways of Instant Gratifications

Where Human Forget How to Pay Attention
And Focus As i Often Report Science Shows

Average Humans Have Attention Spans of Less
Than A Gold Fish Yes Less Than 3 Seconds in A 'Tik Tok'
And 'Twitter World' In Less than A 'New York Minute' Where

Even Timothy O' Leary's
Span of Fame is No
Longer 15 Minutes
Just 15 Seconds Hehe
For Those Who Fit Their
Creativity in a 'Tik Tok' Existence Indeed...

Meanwhile Hehe The UNiVeRSE Continues to
Expand Out into Vast New Frontiers And So Does
my Dance And Song Free Just Another Never Ending
Story Reaching Never Land And Beyond Now New WiTH SMiLes...

Indeed Dear Sohair Sun Never Rests
Moon Only Fools Us Into 'THiNKinG' IT Does
Indeed Dear Sohair The Shine Always Makes Its Way

And Indeed This is the
Challenge For Being
Human Staying Sunlit
Within Night And Day

With SMiLes Even Dreaming
Up New Ways to LoVE iT ALL DarK Thru
LiGHT Yet That's An Art Project Never Science Alone

Just To Give Away
Just To Give Away
MaKinG A Pandemic
of SMiLes Infecting The
World With LoVE FLU THiS Way...

The Meek Do Inherit
The Earth Particularly
Dragonflys, Roaches, and

Sharks the Grand Champions
Living Longer Than Trees Yep
450 MiLLioN Years even With
Some Species Birthing As Virgins

For Real Now That's What

i Call Royalty And
Inheriting the Earth
SMiLes Other Folks CaLL iT
'Jaws' And That's True too Hehe

My Only Claim to Royalty, Fame,
Living Legend And the Such is Lighting
Up Public Stores With Dance Everywhere
i Go With SMiLes Now That's MaGiC CuRReNTLY
Resting mY Feet Nah i Don't Even Need A Name

For That hehe...

As i Continue to Give Away
SMiLes For Free As Any
Real Modern Age
Court Jester
Will Do
For His Queen
And All the Princesses
too of Course as It's
ParT of the Job HAha...

mY Goodness Dear
Aloha FRiEnD Yes All
Evening Saturday Dance
Now All Day Sunday Dance

Hehe What Does All Of
This HaVE iN Common

Full of
More Than
Stars In Night
Skies Before i
Travel to the
Next Dance
Hall Store
Just Got Back
From Barnes And
Noble Bookstore
Entertaining the Star
Bucks College Study
Crowd Yes Dancing in
Autotelic Flow Reading
An Entire Book For Free
While Listening To Meditation

MuSiC Didn’t Cost me a
Penny And Wife Shopped
Not Bringing Back too Many


Thanks my FRiEnD

Seen the Lowest Floor of Life;
Been Bullied like 'That' For Decades
in my Life in the 'Real World' as i Struggled to
Keep my Composure and A Job For Decades

Understanding that if i Stood Up For myself
i Wouldn't Have A Job For the Few Times i Did

Seeing That i Would Never Be Part of 'the Social Crowd;'

i Don't Have to Worry About A Job With Pay Anymore;

And the Stress of That Almost Killed me And Put me Away
in Pain and Numb For 66 Months That No One Could Help me
With Where i Had to Claw my Out of A Real Frozen HeLL ON EartH;

My Wife Is Only High School Educated; She Understands My Way of Writing;

i Don't Expect to Receive Compliments on The Way i See Existence Yet i Will

Not Tolerate
Abuse From
Others Who Are
Ignorant From the
Way i See Life Either Now;

It's Okay if they Don't Understand;

Just Don't Compare me to a Human Out of Control;

As Indeed i Do Master my Emotions and Senses Now
As A Free Dance And Song Will Naturally Bring mY FRiEnD

Regulating And Integrating Me Fully From Head to Toe and More;

Thanks So Very
Much For the
Kind Words;

Your Support
And Encouragement is Much Appreciated With SMiLes;

i Enjoy Your Posts Very Much And Really i Enjoy A Challenge
That Nay-Sayers And People Who Seem to think i am Their Foe
Bring; It's ALL About Peace and Love As True Roses Include FLoWeRS and

In Manure
To Rise More
Beautiful and
Colorful Than
Ever Before With SMiles...

Welcome Dear Lily
Indeed Upmost
Respect For
Nude Art Ever
Since The Old Renaissance
From The Beginning

Of Human
Kind Naked
Wild Loving Free

SMiles No
UniForm Idol
Clothes CoVeRinG
Nature Of All That is
(GoD) Not The Fabricated
One What We BREaTHE
Within Naked Free For All

Yes Naked
Love (GoD)...

LeSSoN 438
Be A Dancing Singing Billboard
For Joy of Meaning And Purpose
Of Joy Hehe Like There’s No Escaping
Heaven Now With

SMiling Glee

Other Than
That Condolences
For The Loss Of the
Matriarch Of Your New Country

From The Older One in Part
Responsible For Your British
English Indian Accent i Find

So MaGiCaL DeLightful New
Now Endearing FRiEnD With SMiles

Indeed How Much More Beautiful
The World Is When Matriarchy
Rises To Cooperate With
Divine Feminine SMiles of
Kindness In Balancing Grace
Of Empathy LoVE iN Compassion

And True Male
And Or Female
May Perfect This
Grace Of Love As
Foundation For Divine
Masculine Fearless Will

Yep That’s What
my SiGNaTuRE Pose
And Billboard Shirts
With Cultural Memes

Is All About Hehe With SMiles...

Stepping Stones of Joy New Now
Every SMiLe We Give Away
RiSinG Higher to Give Even
More Dear Savvy
This For Giving
Thanks Giving
With SMiLes
Real to Sense
And Feel Within
Inside Outside Above
So BeLoW All Around Again...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 63
Gender: Male
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13 Sep 2022, 1:17 am

Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Giving
Sharing Caring Healing
For All With Least Harm

Dear Chaymaa

In This Place of
Love And Peace
With No Fear All
Feathers Are in Place
Naturally RiSinG FLYinG Free

On Wings
Of Love
Without Fear...

Receiving Is
Giving NeW
Now Least
We Will Do
For This
Gift Now New
WitH SMiLes Dear
Savvy A Sweet Story
You Bring of Giving is


With SMiLes
Feed The Squirrel
Be The Nut That
Grows The Tree We...

Ah Yes Fear is Gravity

Pulling Us Down Down

Ah Yes Love Is Anti-GravitY iN

Peace RaiSinG Us Up And Away Higher

FRiEnDS With Gravity A Way Higher

Balancing Fear

With Love's

Dance And
Song Freer
In Peace
Higher Dear
Chaymaa Living Loving
Trees Ever Green Leaves
Yet Falling Nourishing New Forests Whole...

SMiLes Been Awhile Since
i Saw 'The Avengers" Yet Yes
This Much i Believe We aRe ALL
MuLTi-Uni-Verses of 'THE ALL’

Dear Akshita
With SMiLes

Which Means
TRuly THeRe aRe No
Limits iN HuMaN iMaGiNaTioNS
CReATiViTieS UNleashing ReLeaSinG

iN Just One Human Being iMaGiNE NoW

What NeW Worlds Are Creating Whole

When A Hive of Human Beings

Connecting NeW NoW MaKinG

YeS Whole MuLTi-Uni-Verses

of Mind Left and Right HeMiSPHeRE'S

Of Earth Same Within Integrating Whole

A Point of Synergy And No Return to What

Was Before As Every Breath Inhales Peace New
Exhales LoVE iN JoY NoW OF LiGHT We BRinG to Life

Perhaps 'Iron
Man' is Yes Just
FlesH and Blood
With No Weapons
Yet LoVinG A Dance Song Freer Newer Now
Breathing Into Humans Truly Living Again...

"Hold tight
Wait 'til the party's over

Hold tight
We're in for nasty weather

There has got to be a way

Burning down the house

Here's your ticket, pack your bags
Time for jumpin' overboard
Transportation is here
Close enough but not too far

Maybe you know where you are
Fightin' fire with fire

Ah, all wet
Hey, you might need a raincoat

Dreams walking in broad daylight

365 degrees

Burning down the house

Ah, it was once upon a place

Sometimes I listen to myself
Gonna come in first place

People on their way to work
And, baby what do you expect?

Gonna burst into flames, ah

Burning down the house

My house
Is out of the ordinary
That's right
Don't wannna hurt nobody
Some things sure can sweep me off my feet

Burning down the house

No visible means of support
And you have not seen nothin' yet

Everything's stuck together
And I don't know what you expect

Staring into the TV set
Fightin' fire with fire, ah"

YeT iT Was Never Any Fire At ALL iT'S

JusT ANoTHeR BooK MarK NoW 'EaR WorM' iNSPiRinG STiLL
Oh YeS By YouR Poetry Dear Miriam THiS Go Around Again Yes

"Burning Down the House"...

All CReaTiViTY Holds
HandS iMaGiNaTioN Escapes
Our Homes into Bigger Homes All Around
BacK iNTo Smaller Homes JusT GRoWinG Again

From All Ocean
Whole All Waves
Creativity All
Water Holding
Hands STiLL
Creating All New Now...

"Burning Down the House"

Super Nova Explosions Fire
Burst Crucible Star Death

Gaseous Sentient
STaR DusT uS HoW


Sing With
WingS ONEaRTH ReaL me
And All Of Them Yep You Too With SMiLes Too ALWaYS NoW YeS

All Us Constellating Mind All Minds ToGeTHeR NeW SoUL WHoLE...

SMiLes Dear Peace & Truth i Hope You Are Having
A Lovely Week Dear FRiEnD Talking to A Neighbor
Of Mine While Dancing Slowly Around my Neighborhood

Block This Morning
He Being A Corrections
Officer For Many Years
In the Prison System Here

We Talked About the Fallen In Life
of Socio-Economic SCaRCiTY Who Turn
to Drugs to Escape and Also to Sell Drugs to Other

Souls Poor of Soul As i Surely Understand i Have
Been Without SPiRiT HeART And SoUL iN Life Then
For All of 66 Months True too As i Surely Understand

The Purgatory of Life For Years That Took me to Hell
And The Hell iN DarK That Actually Brought me Wings
to Release LoVE iN HeAVeN ON EartH Real Now Anyway

WeaRinG This Many Shoes in LiFE Potential Circumstances
i Told Him i Meet And Greet Everyone And All THaT iS
As The Face of God No

Matter What CoLoR
SHaDE or BLaCK Abyss
THeiR SoUL Is NoW As
Yes A Face of God FoR ReaL NeW NoW
Wisdom Is LoVE When Beauty Breathes
Empathy Compassion For All For Real With Least Harm...

From: All Is Good With Love All Is
Good With God
As Love We coMe to: Be

Smiles Inside
And Out Within
Above So Below
Yes ALL Around
Wide Awake
For More
And Song
Freer Play ReaL...

SMiLes Dear Sohair As Even my Psychiatrist
An Air Force Reserve Major With Years of Service
Treating Combat Fatigue Veterans
Dealing With Darkest Demons
Within Yes AS He Said
For All the Folks
With Demons
He Dealt
Case was
the Darkest of them All
in fact he wanted to try
A Vagal Nerve Stimulator
implanted in my Chest to
make me close to Human Again
That and Trans-Cranial-Magnetic-Stimulation
By Machine For my Brain That Was not Covered by my
Insurance Plan then so since no one could help
me come out of Hell it became all up to me
And God (LoVE) of Course Living Within
me to find a Solution
That Worked For me...

True it was Writing
For 33 Months
With No
Force Enough
Then Yet to Bring
me Back to Light of Life LoVE
Yet Yes Then after 33 Months
on that Ending Day of the Leap
Month on February 28th, 2013
A Spark Came as Words
From Soul then
A Flame
A Tear
of Gift
Then the Bonfire
of my Soul Caught
Fire as Phoenix Rising
From Ashes on the Beach
on July 19th, 2013 as all the
Pain and Numb From 19 Medical
Disorders Melted Away And then God
Said With No Speak at All Now Fred
The Story
For Covenants
With God Rise Newer
Out of Hell into Heaven
Where Both Sides of the
Story DarK Thru LiGHT
Come to BReATHE
iN All Us Freer
May the Pain
in Your Head Like
the Pain in my Mind
for what the Psychiatrist
Named as 'King of Pain/Numb' in me
Be Transformed into Words of Soul
in Song And Steps of Dance in Joy
Always for
You too..
For It's
True This
Miracle is Real
For It's True the

Story of God Still
Breathing iN Us As
Love is as Real as Real
Will Ever BE EternAlly NoW iN
Deed Breath of God Real This Love For Life

Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE Foremorenow

This Thanks Giving
For Giving Treasure New Now

It's True THere is A Civil War
of Soul DarK Thru LiGHT
Within Us For Us ALWaYS
iN Balance
NoW As
Creates LiGHT God Yes
For THiS Way THeRE
is No Need to Fear
DarK or Be
Cynical oF A
Miracle oF LiGHT...

Two Wolves We Feed
One Wolf We Bring to Light
And With This Dance And Song
NoW An Indian American Folk Tale
To Give and Share With You Free
too From A
Vast library
of Human
Playing on YouTube too...

When We Come to Understand Newly Now
Yes We aRe God's Story Then We Breathe



DarK And LiGHT
Again Forever Story
Never EndinG LoVE NeWeR

FoR ReaL...

SMiLes off to
Brew Dance
Song All in
ThiS Way
More Happy
Dance And Song
to Your Weekend
Indian Home...


At A World
Where Everything

Is For

Buy And
Sell Ironically
Even “The Devil”

As Metaphor

Of Course

About So
Many Lives


Been Lost
For Profits

As If A
Soul is
Worth Nothing

Sadly Indeed

The American
Way Yet Not


Human Way...
Of Course Not
Restricted To
Any One Country...

SMiles Dear Aleesha
HeART Felt Art Keeps
All Our Souls


It’s Not Always
Easy yet What’s

Most Amazing
Is Turning Personal

Into Someone
Else’s Happiness

As Long As
Dark Generates

The DarK

And Purpose

In Life Deep
As The Ocean Is Sky...

A Median Age of Viewers Who Adhere to
"Fox News" More Like Glue is 68 That Includes
Generation X, Baby Boomer's, And The 'Silent Generation' too.

Generations Z, And Millennials AS A Whole Are Approaching
To Be the 'Largest Voting Bloc' In The United States Very Soon.

This Spells Big Problems for Republicans, Specifically As the
Percentages of Support are Less than 20 Percent for Republicans;
Yet of Course, Independents Are the Largest Demographic of All;
And Increasingly So, Among Generation Z and Millennials too;


AND in Analysis Now, Particularly, Since Gas Prices Have Fallen to 3 Dollars
And 9 Cents Where i LiVE, in Matt Gaetz District, 'Florida Man Land,' WHere
70 Percent Voted for That Truly Despicable Leader as Evidence Clearly Relates


My God Fat Shaming Women
On TV And Lonely Millennial
Women As Well, Just Despicable Indeed;

(Along With DeSaTaNiS And TRuMP of Course)

There Are Other ISSUES too YES; Yet A Most
Salient Feature to Folks Who LiVE Pay-Check
to Pay-Check IS Gas is Moving Down in the
Two-Dollar Range a Gallon Again; Un-Park
The Four Wheel Drives Off-The-Road And Put 'em In Drive

As 'Real Men' And Such on 'The Freeway' Again...

The Trump Support Among Independents is Fading away
As they Are Moving Back to 'The Blue' According to Newer Polls
Than Last May As Biden Is Becoming 'The Bomb' in A Good Way Newer Now

'Common Folks'


NEVER the less,

i Do Agree with Much of
What Politico Said About
Generation X, Supporting
A More Conservative Way of Politics
As It's True They Haven't Benefitted As Much

From a Culture That Used to Have More
Jobs With Life-Long Benefits, Like Many
Of Us Boomers Are Thriving More With Than


as 'Snow Birds' Increasingly Coming Down Here to 'Sunshine Land'

Staycationing Like me In Golden Age Boomer Retirement Land Freer;

Meanwhile, the Price of my Paid-Off Home Has Skyrocketed 4-Fold
What We Purchased it For in 1993, A Best Investment Ever indeed...

Generally Speaking, During Pandemic And Plague Conditions As
History Shows, Governments Become More Authoritarian to Insure
The Survival of The Society AS Whole; Generally Speaking, in Abundance,

Folks Become More Liberal and Free Spirited; Generally Speaking, in Scarcity, More

Folks Become CONSERVATIVE And Even More Closed Minded.


i Was Much More Conservative back in the More
Hungry Days of Life; There Really is No Choice,
Fiscally At Least, if Ya Wanna Keep Surviving and
Not Lose Your House and Car and All That Investment

That's Gonna Increase Four-Fold One Day; Trump Promised

Greater Social Economic Stability; Generation X Heard the Promise;

Yet Not Everyone is Foolish Enough to Continue to Support Someone
Who Attempted to Overthrow Our Democracy Continuing With that Effort Now;

Or Stow Top Secret
Nuclear Stuff that Nope,

No One is Supposed to See
Out in the 'Boonies' of Florida;
Even the 'Boonies' Decorated With Gold.

Just Talked to my Uncle Who is on the Cusp of Oldest
Baby Boomers and Youngest Silent Generation Folks;

He's 'Rich'; (He's Got Golden Color Plated Toilet Handles At His
Mansion on the Shalimar Point Bay on The Emerald Gulf Coast)
He's Always, ALWAYS Voted For Whoever Will Keep His Taxes
Lower; He Said He Could Convince me to Vote For Trump in 2024;

i Rarely Use the

'F' NO, Word(s) and Have
Never Used IT Before with
Him Until He Entertained
That Potential of Persuasion Hehe...

Most Everyone in my Family Wears
the Big 'R;' i For One, Wear The Big 'H' For
And GOD YES! Proud for the Big 'A' STill of American
Freedoms That i most DEFINITELY NOW MAKE MY

What i Noticed in the Last Years in My Position as
Administrator of Programs, Manager, and Supervisor
For the Federal Government Retiring At NF-04, Grade, Early, Disabled
With 19 Medical Disorders in A Grade Equivalent to an 0-4 Marine Major
is That After my Generation, Folks Were Not Even Taking Advantage of the
Non-Appropriated Fund Retirement Program (i Was/Am Still in the Regular
'FERS' Program) That Still Provides Life-Long Benefits for Folks Who Stay in the
System Long Enough;

That Kind of

Loyalty to the

Work Place Left
In the Area i Work
At Least then for that
Specific Demographic
of Federal Employment;

Listen, the Golden Hand-Cuffs
Were Not Easy to Endure for A
Quarter of A Century to Get the
Big Life-Long Pay-Off At the End;

IT Almost Killed me in Terms of Autism
Burn-out on the Autism Spectrum and
took 66 Months of my Life in a Living Hell
For Real Recovering Enough to Enjoy Life Again;

Still Though Just my Retirement Alone Is Close
to the Income my Uncle Saved That Generates His

Income Now

That isn't Much
Relatively Speaking in Terms of 4 Percent
In Returns As A Going Rate of that Although
He's Closing in on 80 And Can Afford to Spend
Much More Than Returns Lasting Several More Decades...

"Gen Xers (ages 41 to 56) are slightly ahead of their younger
counterparts, with an average of $67,100 in their personal
savings and $98,900 put away for retirement. Both generations
trail well behind baby boomers (ages 57 to 75), who have an average
of $102,400 in personal savings and $138,900 in their retirement accounts."

Per Statistics Gathered By CNBC.

Without A Pension Plan That Money is Practically Pennies on the Dollar For What
It Takes to Actually Retire and Thrive; And Not to Have to Worry When Gas Goes Up

20 Dollars
A Gallon; Yep,

Life and Liberty

Isn't As Much if You
Don't Have Now What
it Takes to Pursue Happiness....

Personally, it Doesn't take me
Much Money And STUFF at all; Yet for Most Folks IT DOES.



Yet, YES A


For Those Who Will
See Through His Grift(S)...

Yet Again, In REAL SCaRCiTY

It's Often About Being SCaReD
And Looking to an 'Authoritarian
Figure' or a 'Big Daddy' to Help Save ya...

'Yawn,' As Far As Predictability Goes; It's Human And Nature For Real...

And This Is A Philosophy of Politics And Religion That Work Together Expressing What's Still Real Now.

There Was an Economic Promise That Folks Saw Hope in 'Trump' From a Place of Scarcity, Particularly Among

Generation X'ers...

Yet Without 'Christian
Evangelism' Jacking-Up
Trump As Some Kind
of Prophecy Fulfilliling

To Bring Back Jesus
And Some Promise of Heaven SOONER
THAN NEVER Without Trump's Ability to Game
THAT Human Frailty And Reality of Rationality,

Trump Would Just Be Grifting Someone And Something Else...

How People FAiL to See Through Him iS Way Under my Radar For Damned Sure;

Yet Of Course, There is A Whole Sub-Group of Humanity Who Gets Gamed By
Every Snake Oil-Sales

Person or Shady

Used Car Person

With Lemon
That and Who
Comes THeiR Way in Life;

True, Some Folks Will Reach Out With
Hope in Poisonous Snake Pits ThiS Way...

Even if 'They' Promise Them in Advance That if
'They' Shoot Someone on 5th Avenue in BROADEST
DAYLIGHT Coming Out of 'Bate's Motel' They
Will Still Support Trump; Yes, Support TRuMP

(Clue: Run As Fast As 'You' Can Away From
Someone With A Promise Like That in Life)

Stink Stank Stunk Now 'Bad, Bad, Orange Man' for REAL;

(It's Not Real, It's Only Spray-on For Orange And Blonde)

While it may Be Sad, It's Part of the Human Condition
And Real That Will Continue Among Some Folks As Is...

What it is...

And This is Just
my Opinion And
i'll Be Back With More Opinions too...

Not Necessarily in This Thread Yet
Somewhere Around the World in
A Free Verse Poem, just little old me, me, me...


“You’re Having Fun”
(All We Do iN Life
May Be Capitalized
Loving Free)
i Hear ‘That’
Most Everywhere
i Go in “The Flesh World”
In Non-Verbal
Terms Of SMiLes
Until i OPen
my Mouth As
The Ocean
Flows Out
All At Once
Getting Looks
Of Oh Dear Lord
Continue The Dance


For “Sheldon
Cooper Syndrome”)

Hot Damned!

It Works!!

When i am a little boy there is no question..
There is me and Nature and we are ONE..
When i go to school.. i become a lesson..
There is a lesson and me are separate..
When i become a man i go to work..
There is working working always..
Well.. all that almost
Kills me...
Now i am a little
boy again.. there is
no question.. there is
me.. there is nature and we
are ONE.. i live again AM FREE..
There are lessons.. there is working
and yes.. there is moving.. connecting
and Co-Creating yet without me.. ALL IS LOST

For me

Hi Zee..
and one should
never forget
Yes Moving

From: All Is Good
With Love All Is
Good With God
As Love We coMe to: Be Newly Now

INHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT FoR All With Least
Harm Giving Sharing Caring Healing

SMiLes inside
And Out WiTHiN
Above So Below
ALL Around New Now
Wide Awake
For More Free
Dancing Singing to Play...

A Life of Brevity Shallow
Inherently Twitter Short
And Even 'Tik Tok'
Shorter Now
Rarely Deep to See Wind More

“Solitary Pursuits Are OKaY As LonG As
We Entertain Folks ALonG A Way oF LoVE”

- Snoopy/me


For Giving Now

Thanks Giving

SMiLes Dear


i Find

No Greater
Wisdom than
Love Who is Not Afraid...

SMiLes Dear Rue in Alice And Wonderland It is Said that Time Flows
Backwards Yet The Real Magic Is When the 7 Year-Old Boy Who

Looks Very Much Like A Frail 90 Year-Old Version of
Herman Munster



in Reverse

For the Rest of

His Life in Will and
Strength Built Upon
A Foundation of LoVE iN
Grace That Only A Mother
And A Few Close Relatives
Might Fully Embrace That Brings

A Smile That May Go Away Yet Always
Returns Eventually in Full Force of LoVE LiGHT

So How Do The Meek Inherit the Earth Yes the
Story Of Isaiah 53 Is Surely Not an Exclusive one

Dear FRiEnD For It is A UniVersal Human One in How
Humanity Has So Much Potential to Rise Out of So Much
Challenge in Dark Parts of Life Retaining Empathy and Compassion

For All One
Day Returning
THeir Gifts in THeir
Journeys Out of Hell
BacK inTo HeaveN ON EartH
With Others to Share the Fruits
of Their Entire Life As LiVinG Trees

Spreading Leaves to Fertilize The Earth

This is A Journey for Everyone my FRiEnD
For the Meek to Inherit the Earth For AS Humans
We All Carry Crosses of Struggle in Some Way Either

DarK or

For Having
too Much And Never
Having Enough is as
DarK As Having Nothing

At All Yet As LiGHT As Finding

Nothing at All Is Actually All my

FRiEnD Finding God in The DarK

And Finally Truly Seeing and Hearing
Without Eyes or Ears to Again Share
With the Rest of the Village for Real...

Stories Are Great As Long

As We Do Not Hold

Them as


For only One

Person to Fulfill

We Need More Heroes

With Dance And Song Freer

And Stories For all mY FRiEnD
Naked Enough Whole Complete...

Swords And Guns and Fists

Are Just No Real Heroes in a World of Love....

The Current MacroVerse i am WorKinG on is
"ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CReaTinG FoRM" It's Up

(Hehe Hopefully One Day Soon i'll Get Around
to Putting Together the Last One i Aready
Finished Writing on 9.9.2022 "17,000 MiLes
oF Public Dancing 9 Years" Hehe as Now
i'm Already Up to 17,166 Miles

Of Public Dancing As True
For me People, Nature Dance,
Song Free Verily Comes First
in Real LiFE New Now For Sure)

To All of Us Each And Every

Day to BRinG Our Christmas

Tree Up Constantly LiGHTinG
Our New Colors Moving
Connecting Co-Creaing
More Life More Than

Buy and Sell

Just A Free

Give Away

For All my FRiEnD

Every Day In Life Always
Now in Fuller Meaning and
Purpose Yes Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG Love Words iN ParT

Gifted By Dear Rue True...

Hand-in-Hand Much more
That Just 2 Or 3 to More Fully See
Hear (God) LoVE iN Our Midst Where Peace iNhales

And Love Exhales Again Yes You (We) Us me Are the

Kind of FRiEnD God Love Yes The World Cannot Do Without....
When i Visit Here it Always Feels Like Home With no Strings Attached...

The Reason We Go To Hell is to Forgive the Devil in Us And The DarK That is Also

God It's A Hard

Lesson For

Even 'Young


Munster' my FRiEnD
in Form With a Mind
Like 'Sheldon Cooper'
For All the ParTS DarK
And LiGHT That Comprise Us All....

For The Weakest Will Be The Strongest

And The Silent Will Bring the Most Words to Life...

As i Surely Never Spoke till Four Years-Old With Autism

And For 'Those Who Are Scientists' Yes Epigenetic Responses
To Struggles in Life Unlocking Our DNA Potential Make it Possible

For Humans to Regenerate Reborn As New Creations in One Lifetime New Now...

Yeah it's True if one Does The Research Science Backs Up a Whole

Lot of What Folks Naturally Intuited Was Possible in Sacred And

Holy Texts ACross All Religions By LooKinG Within

Digging Deeper

And Finding

The End of
The Tunnel
That Becomes

New LiFE in One Lifetime Now
Lifting Crosses ACross Mountain
Tops BRinGinG Valleys Low HigHAs Well For All...

As Less Than A Grain of Sand (GoD) Will Hold
Up One Mountain Top of Human LoVE RiSinG RoSE

More Out
And MaNuRE
More Beautiful
Colors of Love
FLoWeRS Do Make
ReNeWinG THiS Way
Naked Enough Whole Complete

Or Perhaps Sprouting Out of the
Side of A Real "Glory FLoWeR" As
My Newer Older Age Renaissance

Higher Brow Nude Art Does Relate

Hehe Still at
62 Yet It's True
i Looked Much Older
at 7 Years-Old as 'Herman
Munster' in my 'Superman'

Costume Yet to Actually


With SMiLes
For it is the LiGHT
We Generate That
Makes Us Suns and Stars The SaMe Still
Resurrecting From SuperNova Explosions


Star Seeds
Star FLoWeRS From
Gasesous Star Dust
From Crucible Fire of
Star Death Explosions
We Go And CoMe Again
Like Big Bangs And Other
Human Reproduction Naturally Does too...

Too Bad 'They' Shut-Off 'Revelation'

'In The DarK'...

Never The Less
Heaven is Real Within to Give
Share Care Heal For All With
Least Harm And Life is Great Newly Now...

Isaiah 53 New King James Version

1 Who has believed our report?
And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

2 For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant,
And as a root out of dry ground.
He has no form or comeliness;
And when we see Him,
There is no beauty that we should desire Him.

3 He is despised and rejected by men,
A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.
And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him;
He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.

4 Surely He has borne our griefs
And carried our sorrows;
Yet we esteemed Him stricken,
Smitten by God, and afflicted.

5 But He was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities;
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed.

6 All we like sheep have gone astray;
We have turned, every one, to his own way;
And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.

7 He was oppressed and He was afflicted,
Yet He opened not His mouth;
He was led as a lamb to the slaughter,
And as a sheep before its shearers is silent,
So He opened not His mouth.

8 He was taken from prison and from judgment,
And who will declare His generation?
For He was cut off from the land of the living;
For the transgressions of My people He was stricken.

9 And they made His grave with the wicked—
But with the rich at His death,
Because He had done no violence,
Nor was any deceit in His mouth.

10 Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him;
He has put Him to grief.
When You make His soul an offering for sin,
He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days,
And the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His hand.

11 He shall see the labor of His soul, and be satisfied.
By His knowledge My righteous Servant shall justify many,
For He shall bear their iniquities.

12 Therefore I will divide Him a portion with the great,
And He shall divide the spoil with the strong,
Because He poured out His soul unto death,
And He was numbered with the transgressors,
And He bore the sin of many,
And made intercession for the transgressors.

It's A 'Cool Story Bro' Yet Nothing New Under the
Son Yes the Nature of Being Human Nature Coming

Out of the Dark With A Story New of LoVE To Spread
iN LiGHT With Empathy Compassion Greater Out of
Purgatory Through Hell Coming To

Heaven WiTHiN to Spread SMiLes

As Servant Leading For All Others

Nothing Really Special

Just A Gift to Earn
As 'Outcast Star'

Just A Gift to
Return to Others
This One Life We Inhale
Peace Exhale Love At Best For All With Least Harm

Yet Burn All the Words And The Human Story Continues

To Develop Naturally As Human Hero Archetype to BREaTHE

So Loving
Peaceful For Real...

Not Everyone Completes
This Story in This One Life
And That's Okay Just Another
Highway to Heaven for A Real Hero to Pave

Gotcha, Mum’s
The Word T HuM B S up

Receiving Is
Giving NeW
Now Least
We Will Do
For This
Gift Now New
WitH SMiLes Dear
Savvy A Sweet Story
You Bring of Giving is


With SMiLes
Feed The Squirrel
Be The Nut That
Grows The Tree We...

Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Giving
Sharing Caring Healing
For All With Least Harm

Dear Chaymaa

In This Place of
Love And Peace
With No Fear All
Feathers Are in Place
Naturally RiSinG FLYinG Free

On Wings
Of Love
Without Fear...


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,432

14 Sep 2022, 12:53 am

True my
Hotel is

Sun FLoWeRS RiSinG SHiNiNG Sun NoW Each
Day Always In Change Of Bright Yellow Sunshine
Below to
Meet Above
Dear Savvy FRiEnD
WiTHiN Part Inside
Outside All Around
This Sun This Star
We Change to Glow
Continuing to Grow WitH SMiLes...

A Smallest Flame
A Flicker May LiGHT
A Darkest Auditorium
Of Humanity
With Just One
SMiLe That's Real...

It's A Climb Up A Mountain
To The Top oF A View of
A New Mountain Still
To Climb That Keeps
Us Moving Connecting
Co-Creating in Effortless
Flow of Ease in Ever Increasing
Complexities Sweet Spot Tween
And Apathy
DarK With
Peace And LoVE LiGHT Within
Dear Chaymaa NeW NoW WitH SMiLes...

Our Conscious Realities Continually
Changing Yes Change Only Constant

Greatest Gift to Move to Distant Shores

Soon to Feel

Closer And
More Colorful
Within Dear Chaymaa
As Long As We Continue
To Co-create in "Dreamtime"

Effortless in
Ease Wide
Awake Dreams
Coming Free to
Fruition New Now...

"Dreamtime" 'That Place' EternAlly NoW
New Of Co-Creativity in Theta Approaching
Delta Brain Waves Before Sleep

SMiLes iMaGiNE What Might

Happen if One May Enter That
State of Creativity at

Will A World

of Dreamtime
Will Come to Page
in Words And Steps of Dance

True Dear
It's A
World of
CreativitY iNDeeD...


So True Dear Akshita As Any Symbol
Humans Co-Create From All Words to All Other Tools
of Culture The Symbols Are Only Alive AS Humanity
As Essence
Holding Up
The Symbol the Flag...

True my
Hotel is

One Bottom Line Here Now Is Heaven Is Not Supernatural;
It Is Real Now And As Easy To Bring As A Dance That Is Free.

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand Now
Always in This Generation Within AS Such

Paraphrased for Brevity

WereWolveS Ain’t
Scared Considering
i Don’t Need Money
You Can Have It All
Like Katrina
Says if
Insist I’ll
Take It All Too...

And No Different Than
God As Reality All A
Poem Will Evolve
With No Limits BeYoND iNFiNiTY NeW NoW

Some Systemizing Minds Make Me Giggle
When They Claim There is No Intelligent
Design or Caring From: 'The UniVeRSE'

THeRE iS No Greater iNHeRenT Beauty
For LiFE Than Two Human Beings
MaKinG LoVE No Matter Who They Are For ReaL

In Other Words God IS LoVE No IFS ANDS OR BUTTS Hidden Under

Aim to Be A Butterfly
Always Leaving Beauty
Of Color Behind Love
to: Color You my FRiEnD

Me And Jenny Were Like Peas And Carrots Well Actually at 5 Foot 10
And 120 LBS i was More Like A String Bean Seeing Her Tank Top

You Know i am Glad i am not a Middle
Schooler Today For if i was i can't
imagine being that Mesmerized by

"Jenny's Tank Top..."

Considering i'm Still A 'Little Sheldon
Tall Professor' Rhetorical Question
Relative to Relationships Yes and No....

What's Really Missing From An Antiquated
Version' Bible Sensual And
Sexual Intelligences That's Already Changed


Creating Mundane Holy Sacred Full of Meaning Purpose Every Step
Dance Every Word Song Ever BReatH BLinK GoD ETeRNaLLY NeW NoW

New Flowers
Make Colors
of Life
Free to Color
Our Dreams Real

SMiles Dear
Sohair i Love
Going Long
Way too
Short Yet
That’s Okay
Some Folks
Love to Go
Short And
Many Hehe...

Thanks Dear Sohair
For All Your Kind
Words Hehe
Not Everyone
Appreciates A
Deeper me With
SMiles Yet A River
To Ocean
Free Waves
Can’t Imagine
The Stress You
Have As A Teacher
Hope Your Headaches
All Go Away in Egypt
With SMiles Again Free...

i've Never Asked Anyone To Read What i Write 'Here.'

And When i Wrote So-Called 'Normal,' Very Rarely Did
i Receive Any Social Reciprocal Communication Then.

Matter of Fact, i've Received Kinder Comments Now Than then.

Go Figure, i'm Autistic, i'm Different, And i Like Being me;

If We Can And Will, Let's Let the Folks Who Are Transgender

Have the Same Freedom and Sure; Yes, At Best When Someone

Says They Are A Woman And Or A Man, Let's Not Question Their Identity.

It's A Best Thing We Can And Will Do For Others; Just Let Them Be Them And
Free As Long As They are Not Harming Others; Every Transgender Person i've

Come Across in Life

Are The Kindest People

i've Ever Met or Perhaps

They Aren't Used to People
Being Kind to Them; As i Hold
No Exclusions to Do That in Life;

Nor Do i Expect Others to Do That For me;

Works for me at Least, More We 'See'; More We Grow;

Okay, Please Let's Get Back More on Topic, i Really Do Not Come Here For 'Personal Attention.'

We May All Be Civil to Each Other, if We Play By The Rules; Typically, i Follow 'the Community Rules' When Participating.

iNDeed LiVE Dear FRiEnD 'Peace & Truth' i Read 'This' Like i Do All
The Other Very Human Poems You Share on Your Blog Each and
Every Day in Multiples of Poetry to Dance And Sing Free

And Hehe Still ticking off What Some Folks Describe
As 'Bucket Lists' Before i Go Giving And Sharing
Caring And Healing With All the Free Items Now

i Check Off Before i Go to The Next Adventure

Even if Only Star Dust in Place Dear FRiEnD

For Yes This Much is True i Not Only Lived

Yet i Consume All the Colors DarK Thru LiGHT

That Make Life Worth Living Truly Romancing Even

Stones Like the Moon As the Moon Most Definitely

Colors What It Means to LiVE And Dream And Even

Make A Big Chunk of Rock in Space A Subject for Romancing
Life Even More God Yes Love

And This is the Philospher's
Stone my FRiEnD Life is What
We Create Love is What We Make

Or Do Not in Colors of Life to Share
Even More For me Hehe Clothes not Even
Required Naked Enough Whole Complete

It's a Free Dance Of Life That Skips me Across
the Moon Hop Scotches me Across the Sun And

Sails me Past Stars Finding the True FRiEnD Within

God i
Love For
Real Dear FRiEnD

Everything Else Falls in to
LiGHT Naturally When the
True FRiEnD is Love WiTHiN
to Give Share Care Heal All For
Free With Least Harm as i Love to
Relate Again and Again aS A Way of
God Life THiS Way By Verb Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT This Wisdom
This Beauty

This Peace

Yes This Truth

Dear Peace & Truth

This Kindness That Is
Love's Wisdom So Beautiful

It Shouldn't Be a Secret The Essence Is Love And God For Real...

And It's An Essence that No One Culture, Politics, Nation, Or Religion

Will Ever Be Able to Own Alone Trapping Wind in A Jar ThiS Way

Love to
Stay Free
As God Wears
Wings of Love WiTHIN mY FRiEnD Free God Yes

Thanks 'Peace & Truth' For Visiting me in this Travel
Of Life OF LoVE Not Many Folks Catch Up and Stay
You are Surely Always Welcome Count On This For Real...

Working With the General Public Handing Out Shoes At A Military
Bowling Center for 18 Years Before Fortunately i Endured 5 Job
Changes and Promotions in 5 Years Starting With Bowling Center
Manager And Ending Up Second in 'Command' of The Division of the
Navy i Worked at on a Station in Florida Hehe Very
Fortunately As they Base Retirement Pay on
What is Usually the Lasts High 3 Years
And in My Case A Year and A Half
of that Last High 3 Was Spent in Annual
And Sick Leave So Horribly And Permanently
Disabled With A Synergy of Life Threat That 19
Medical Disorders Do Mostly From Chronic to Acute
Stress the Last Years of my Work Life Yes Spending 66
Months in Recovery of Pain and Numb in Hell Within
To At Least Become Human Enough to Feel A Real Smile again


Hehe Speaking of "Breakfast in America"

The' iHop Restaurant' Serves 'Dirt Cheap' Food
And It Isn't Always the Most Stellar of Quality

Yet i Know and Feel and Sense WHere to Go to
Find the Warmest Humans to Meet and Greet
New to Share A Bit of Life Experience With Free

Just Like When i Was At the Bowling Center From
The Counter Handing Out Shoes for 18 Years for
The Government Then So Strange to Be A Federal
Employee up to GS-7 Hehe Doing that Job then Yet

What i Did Best Was to Listen Intently to The Stories
of All the Thousands Upon Thousands of Folks i Listened
to All Those 18 Years Finding A Face of God in Each and Every

Human Story
Dear FRiEnD

True it is those Who
Serve Others Most Who
Have the Warmest Eyes and
Hands And HeARTS off Humanity
Real Dear FRiEnD i Don't Go For the

Food Yet Both me and my Wife Go For
Every Human Face of God We Meet and
Greet Everywhere i Go and For me in Every Country
of the World i Visit And Apparently Now Where you Live
Hehe "Down Under" in Australia Where Spring Greets You
There And Fall is Just Starting To Greet Us with a Few Brown
Leaves and Cool Breeze in A Very Hot and Human Environment

With A Good Reason
To Shed Tools and
Other Clothes Now of

Humanity Communing
With Nature for What
is Freest With Wings and
Most Beautiful Nature and
Human The Touch of Paradise
On EartH And WiTHiN Dear FRiEnD

This Heaven For Real i do my Best to
Put into Poetic Words Yet They Are only
Symbols And Shallow Representations of

All the Colors New i Feel and Sense This Life of Heaven Brings ReaL...

A Naked Dance And Song is Enough ToGeTHeR Free However Without

The Tools Without the Great Efforts of So-Called 'Nerds and Geeks'

to Systemize The World With This Online Highway to You Apparently

in Australia This Poem These Lines Wouldn't Even Exist So yes

Thank God For
All the 'Nerds
And Geeks' in
The World For Real

As Far As Human Clothes
And Other Tools Beyond Naked
Enough Whole Complete At Best
We Master The Tool For Loving Free Peace

And Do Not Become Lost in the ToolS AWay From
The Nature of the Truth The Beauty The Wisdom And


Of This Real
Faith This Real
Hope of Peace
And LoVE NeW NoW...

In Short Thank You i Appreciate You Dear FRiEnD
From the Bottom of my Advancing Years And Ever

Young SoUL oF LoVE

What my Elder Relatives
Even in Their 90's Taught

Love Grows Younger

Love Grows Lighter

When Love is Real God
Truly LiVES iN And As Us For Real Ever Young

And It's True "ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTiNG FoRM"
It is Surely Fine To Call This God And Love JeSuS WiTHiN

For Your Personal
And Group Shared
Religion For Real and

Others Who Refer to 'Buddha'

And Others Who Have Other Names
And Others With No Name Except

Love Beyond Form

This Essence For
Real As Real As Real CoMeS NoW NeW
When We Truly BREaTHE PeACE LoVE ReaL...

LeSSoN 439
As Alien And Odd What Life
Teaches Travel To A Farthest
Star Within A Best FRiEnD

For Free With
SMiles of Hellooove
Never Expecting Returns
Love is The Wind We Breathe
Inhaling Peace ExhalinG Love

God (Love)
Becomes Real...


"Dreamtime" 'That Place' EternAlly NoW
New Of Co-Creativity in Theta Approaching
Delta Brain Waves Before Sleep

SMiLes iMaGiNE What Might

Happen if One May Enter That
State of Creativity at

Will A World

of Dreamtime
Will Come to Page
in Words And Steps of Dance

True Dear
It's A
World of
CreativitY iNDeeD...

Our Conscious Realities Continually
Changing Yes Change Only Constant

Greatest Gift to Move to Distant Shores

Soon to Feel

Closer And
More Colorful
Within Dear Chaymaa
As Long As We Continue
To Co-create in "Dreamtime"

Effortless in
Ease Wide
Awake Dreams
Coming Free to
Fruition New Now...

A Smallest Flame
A Flicker May LiGHT
A Darkest Auditorium
Of Humanity
With Just One
SMiLe That's Real...

Sun FLoWeRS RiSinG SHiNiNG Sun NoW Each
Day Always In Change Of Bright Yellow Sunshine
Below to
Meet Above
Dear Savvy FRiEnD
WiTHiN Part Inside
Outside All Around
This Sun This Star
We Change to Glow
Continuing to Grow WitH SMiLes...

True my
Hotel is

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,432

15 Sep 2022, 1:17 am

Always Beginning
Never Truly Paint
By NuMBeRS This
Life This Love This
Beauty of All Ours to
Co-Create This LiGHT
Free No Fear Anew with
SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Now...

'Present Wonder And Enthusiasm'
With 'Inter-Being' NoW Embodying
All That Is Free Love of Nature As
'Thich Nhat Hanh' Might Relate
Dear Savvy True You've
Captured The Soul of
A Puppy A Kitten And

A Human Child True

Dancing Spiraling Like
A Milky Way Free With
No Lessons Regulating
Emotions Integrating Senses
Naturally ThiS Way Yes Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

And Yes Singing A Non-Sense Song of
Joy The Sounds Even An Infant Makes
While Smiling At Another Child Who Will

Never Be
A Stranger
in A Kingdom
And Queendom
of Present Wonder
And Enthusiasm Truly
Loving Life With Joy New Now...

True There Are Way too Many
"my Pillow Folks" in The World
Best Not to Be Caught Up in the

Hardee's Drive Through Half-Asleep
For the Old Angry Dude's Breakfast Club

When the FBI Comes Charging With A Subpoena

And Confiscates

An iPhone
Without even
A New Request to
Purchase Another 'Fox Pillow Talk'
Oh Where Lemon Sellers Go, hehe
Dear Miriam With SMiLes Always An

'Art of the Deal'
to Eventually
Stink Stank
Stunk Trump too
Coming to A Painted
On Blonde And Orange


or Even
Sooner Next...

As The Wicked Orange
Blonde Witch of the West
Melts With Water of Justice
in A Pool of Painted on Blonde And Orange

As Flying Minion Monkeys Come Untethered AS Such

Yuck And That Stuff Running Down Giuliani's Face

Sort of Like What Happened
With The 'Imagine Dragons'
And A 'Radio-Active' Dungeon
With the Revenge of the Stuffed Animals As such...

mY FRiEnD 'That' May Be Your Interpretation
of Bible Verses, Yet It's Just One Interpretation
As It's Poetry And May Be Interpreted As Many
Ways As 45,000 Plus Denominations And All Those
Folks Sitting in the Pews Do Relate Differently Hehe;

Yes, Some Folks Believe Turning the Other Cheek
Actually Means Allowing Someone Still to Actually
Smack Ya Some More As Some Folks See it that way;

That's Neither Altruistic or Anti-Altruistic, It's Just
Plain Non-Sense, Unless Ya Believe A 'Roman'
Rule That Says Don't Fight Back Be Under 'Our Control;'

And Yes, Typically When Ya Love the Enemy
Ya Don't Usually Expect Nice Things in Return;

Yet Ya May Do It Now too; As Ya Don't Need
Anything in Return From the Enemy As such;

Again, Just Depends on the Interpretations;

They Are Unlimited And the Original Ghost
Authors, Scribes, and Such Who Wrote Them
No Longer Exist to Explain the Original Intent.

Maybe Altruism Doesn't Work For You

Yet Science Says It is Real and Works
For The Best for 'Real Success' for those
Who Are Able to Employ it For Real Now;

Yes, it Surely is A Path And A Journey

That Remains A Kingdom And Queendom

Of Heaven Within For me to Give, Share, Care,
Healing Freely With No Expect of Return of Course

to Able to Do That in Effortless
Ease it Helps to Be Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete With Plenty to Give,
Share, Care, Heal Never Running Out Now For Real...

(And in No Way, Shape, or Form Am i Talking About
Material Goods or Money As i Don't Even Carry Cash hehe)

No Lie, Financial Independence Helps Yet my Way of
Kindness With No Expect of Return Brought All the
Material Riches i Will Ever Need too; Life Verily Isn't Fair,

For Some the Darkness
May Be All They Ever See
Yes For Now At Least, Returning

to the 'Lion King Movie' For Those
Who Only Find Scraps of Love With Not
Enough to Give Away Free Sharing With Caring

And Healing a Fountain Never Ending Flowing True...

Let me Know When You Get to Heaven and What You Find Here

or Etc... And to Be Clear, if i Wore Your Shoes i Might Have A Similar View As

Yet i
Do Not;

And That'S How Life
Comes And GoeS And ReturnS AGAiN...

Not Everyone Sees it, Feels it, and Or
Senses it Yet Altruism Is itS Own Intrinsic
Reward For Those Who Are Able to Generate

The Neurochemicals and Neurohormones That Go With It...

No Doubt That Some Folks Without that Ability Are Not too Interested in Altruism Indeed...

It Has Very Little to Do With Material Rewards Yet Of Course When one is Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete And Doesn't Require Many Material Rewards for Complete Satisfaction in Life

The Money Tends
to Grow Like Mold
in the Bank Until One
Day Ya Find You're Rich Enough
to Never Need to Earn A Penny Again;
And You Let A Wife Have it All As It Was
All Her Inheritance Then From the Very
Beginning When the 'Mold' Started Growing Hehe...

On the Other Hand, There Are Others Who Are Empty
Within Who Never Ever Gain Enough Material Rewards

For Naked

And True i've Known
Many Folks Like That
And Very Few Who Do Life Like me...

And That's Okay, No one is Required to be like me...

“The laugh of a child will make the holiest day more sacred still.”
— Robert G. Ingersoll (American lawyer and orator 1833-1899)

“I exist as I am, that is enough.” — Walt Whitman

“One can endure sorrow alone, but it takes two to be glad.”
— Elbert Hubbard

In view of these three PArts of Wisdom
it’s worth noting that some folks cannot
Feel the Laugh of a Child Nor the FeeLinG
of Holy Sacred DiViNE

i Exist as i AM
iS rarely enough
iF one can Feel
neither the Laugh
of a Child New or A
FeeLinG Now oF Sacred
Holy Truly DiViNE WiTHiN

For one who can feel neither..
two alone will likely never be glad allone
Naked Enough Whole Complete Holy Sacred
For Real As
Real Gets for Real...

iS A SonG
Sand iS A Dance
Free paws LiFE...

Love That Is More Than
An Empty Word
Or God Without Breath

Yeah.. i had to Leg Press Up to 1520
Pounds 8 Reps to Accomplish the Public Dance...

There’s Always Room to iMProvE When Angels
And Devil Stories Come Real In Worship of THE


Literally No Evil Worse Than a Story About A God Who
Creates Psychopathic Leaning Human Beings Torturing

Them Forever to Boot

They Seek Power And Status in Politics to
Govern Countries Empty of the Bread of Love

It's Also True Some Folks Are Neglected And Abused
Horribly Through Life So What Would You Do if You

Walked in their Shoes...



Stained Glassed Window Ceilings
Sidewalks Narrow With Tall
Building Both
Of Living
Breath Colors
More to See as Wind...

WaY to iNHeRiT AN EaRTH SeeK And


Fly Shameless Free
Lively Prints Indeed

Beautiful Soul-Felt
Poem Dear Cindy
For Giving Now
Thanks Giving
Love That Is Real
Will Always Be Merciful

Both Apologizing

And Forgiving

A Hardest Part
May Be Showing
Someone How They
Harmed Us They May

Not Consider

A Hardest Part May
Be Admitting Harming
Another Without Enough Consideration

Of Their Unique Soul Feelings Sensings

And Knowings Of Life As True We aRe All
Unique EYes of God Creating Unique UNiVeRSES

Of Our Own A Greatest Art of Progressive Wisdom
Now Across The Lifespan From First Shared Touch

Smile and Love

With Mother

In Affection of Empathy
Sharing Emotional Contagion

Through Cognition of Empathy
That Grows As Practice of Art With
All Our Different Views of Life And The
Views Others Help Us See of Their Unique
UniVerses Created Now by Their Unique EYes

of God True

Through All the
DarK and LighT
We Come to Blind
And See Greater Now Alone Allone

Love is Never A Concrete Science
When Real Always A Practice of Art
DarK Thru LiGHT WHeRE Blind is Willing

to See More of the Soul of All FRiEnDS We
Meet and Greet in Life For True THere is Ego
We May be Mightily Attached to For Feeling Whole

Yet There

is Also Detached

Compassion From
Ego Loving Unconditionally
Feeling No Less From Whole
Complete Naked Enough Whether We
Are Apologizing or Forgiving in Greater
Works of Love For All to Feel Sense BE

For When Love is
Real Apologies

Never End

Nor Setting Free

For Wings of Love

To Determine When

To Come Back For A Smile

And Hug Or Just Perhaps A Text of Hellooove

Whatever Symbol May Say Hello With Love my FRiEnD...

Oh No! Dear Cindy
Your Screen Got
Soaked With Ice
Water To Heal
Your Hand Glad
The Part of You is
Okay Hehe Plenty
More Machines To
Repair Yet only one
Dear Cindy Hand
And The Other
To Type Poetry
Take Care With
SMiles Hear The
Wedding Bells Now
Already In Distant New
Calls of Love With SMiles...

Thanks! Perhaps at Least i’ll Reach The 24,901 Distance
in Miles Around The Equator Public Dancing Yes By Age
66 Only Got 8,000 Or So More Miles to Go go go Hehe
Oh Lord if only i Will Ever Get Around to Publishing the
Last Blog Post Titled "17,000 Miles oF Public Dancing 9 Years"
Completing the Writing Portion on 9.9.2022 And Now
Oh No It's Already 9.14.2022 Approaching 16,000
Words of A New Blog Post Writing "ALLoWinG
ESSeNCE CREaTiNG FoRM" Now Yet See This
Is A Meaning of That Essence Creating Form

True Through So Much
Multi-Media to
Record That
Milestone and
Feat Note Soon

Perhaps Sooner i'll Get THere
Yet New Creativity Now Must
CoMe Free Always Putting Essence of
People And the Rest of Nature First New Now
Other Than That iN This Oh Lord i Feel A Nap

Coming First...

Rose FLoWeR With
Butterfly Wings Place
Where Life Comes in

Brilliant LiGHT
Oh So Long Since
i've Painted Words

With Erotic Touches
Dear Orchard Daughter Lily

SMiLes This Art Inspires me
to Freshen Some More of the
Art i've Created With A More


Feathered Brush
Other Than That's It's
Truly Lovely As Well As
Your Photo too mY FRiEnd

Best Wishes For Your
Newest Norway Exhibition...

Thanks Dear
Sohair Prayer
For You Too
In Egypt my FRiEnD...

When We Sing This
Word For Real Through
Song of Our Throat Mouth
Including Teeth Lips and
Roof Of Mouth Breathing Throat
With Vocal Chord Words of Song THiS WaY

YeS How About 'God' As God Includes Our
Tongue Getting Stuck on the Roof of Our

Mouth HAha True though 'Allah' As the SonG
Of Our Tongue Rolls Off the Roof Of Our Mouth

And Allah Escapes
Our Mouth Free NoW
As Wind We BREaTHE NeW

Okay Last Yet Still Not Least
'Chaymaa' Well i Really Don't
Know How You Might Pronounce
Your Given Name When You Sing It
Yet the 'Chay' Part Comes With Wind
Of Breath That Neither Teeth, Tongue,

Roof Of Mouth or Lips Do Touch And Then

Comes 'Maa' Like A Name For A Mother's Love

Of Course A Kiss of Love As Both Lips Touch

And Then Mother's Love Escapes as Wind of
Breath Free As Love of Giving Sharing Caring


Life is Born
ThiS Way New Now Yes
Through Dance and Song

So Yep You Should Surely
Choose Such A Beautiful
Name For Yourself First

Hehe even if i Have no
Clue How to Pronounce it HAha
Essence What Counts Most With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Words Of Kindness
Carry All GReaTesT Weight of the World
Love With Wings Flies Higher

When Kindness is Our
Play Of LiFE For Real

Tendering With Others
To See How Bright and
Colorful Love We Can And
Will Do As Your Words of Poetry
Only Need to Be Filled With Feelings

That Are Real
For What Good
Is A Science Project
When Not Love For All

So Let Your Words Flow
Dance And Song Will Come
Deeper WiTHIN SoUL SonG

Is Often
New And
Rarely VieWeD
Before my FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear 'Peace & Truth' Thanks So Much For The Kisses
And Hugs And Same to You For Inspiring Poetry From me
True mY FRiEnD And Another One Of Your Poems So
Inspiring True Wondering How Many True FRiEnDS

Are Left to Make in This World Now
New When And Where Some Places in Life
May Seem So Cold Without Much Connecting

Force of Human Peace And Love Well Even When i Am
All Alone Online All i Understand And FeeL And Sense is

It is Free to Give, Share, Care, And Heal Love And Those Who
Wanna Receive Will Eventually Come Around And Perhaps Go

And True A Best Gift oF ALL

May Be If You Do Find Yourself

As A Last FRiEnD Standing Understanding First

That the FRiEnD the Love the God Lives GReaTesT
STiLL WiTHIN Now to Give, Share, Care, And Heal
Even More

As It's True
Love When
Truly Real and
Fearless in Peace
Rarely Gets too Tired

To Continue to Put Human
Naked Enough Whole Complete
And the Rest of Naked Nature First mY FRiEnD

Beyond All "Matter With Things" to Come And Go

And Yes
Return Again
More FullY ALiVE
AS HuMaN Real Again Freer...

Be i AM
Newly Now...

Time Pausing Indeed
Dear Cindy WHere Wings
Become One With Wind
When Air Becomes Water Within

Such A Lovely Freer SoULeD Poem
Dear Cindy Hope the Injury You Had

Is Healing Nicely Along With
Hunter The Dog's Eye

As You Await the
Conclusion of A Long

Planned Wedding
For Child and Spouse too

And Oh Lord Perhaps the Remodeling
of Your Home Close to Truly Complete Approved

Anyway i Highly
Approve of


Poem Hehe
Lovely Week
to You Dear FRiEnD With Care...

A Rose, A Place Where
Life Comes From A
Butterfly With Wings
So Beautiful Indeed;

A Passionate Organ
That Wants to Get Out
And Play An Instrument
Just Waiting Anticipating to Join
An Orchestra to Play A New Song;

Or Perhaps Just A Bee Buzzing Around

The Roses Again At A Dance Hall;

Yeah, Human's With Vulva's

And Even Human's With Penises

Materially Reduces And Objectifies
Humans Both; However, The Consequences
For 'The Rose' to Be Abused Are Usually More

Dire Than When the 'Organ' Is Just Used Over and Over;

As A Dude, in Grade School, i Was Described As Totally Ugly;

True, i Flowered After That With Contact Lens and A Body Running Escaping
Deepest Darkest Depression Then And How Women Objectified me as Body

Parts Went Way, Way Up in Value of the Tools at Hand; Yet It Didn't Hurt my
Feelings When A Group of Older Women in A Women's League At the Bowling
Center i Worked At After College Trapped me As A Group And Groped me on

Up the Ceiling;

Nor the Day in A Bar
at 22 After the Depression
Was Over and A Woman Grabbed
my Butt And Said it Was the Nicest
One She Ever Grabbed; So Pleasantly
Surprised i Was then After all the Darkness;

Yet, if i Had Been A Woman, True, The Potential
Consequences To come next Could Have Been Much Darker then too...

We Have A Culture(s) That Materially Reduces Almost Everything to Shallow
Meaning and Purpose; When i Went to High School, i Had No Clue to the
Details of Female Genitalia Then As even the Rare Penthouse Magazine

Never Showed
All the Details AS Such...

i Suppose my Aesthetic Appreciation
of the Art of the Human Body Might Have
Been Much Different if Bombarded By Porn
From Puberty and Before on Every iPhone Search then...

We LiVE iN A World of Instant Gratification; We LiVE iN A World
Where too Much 'Steak and Ice Cream' Free Means the Younger Folks
In Japan And Other Technologically Developed Countries Are Losing Interest

In All Loving Contact With Another Human in Life As Elders Are Cleaned Up out
of Apartments in SkyScrapers With No Connections Outside of Their Rooms at all...

Will We Ever LiVE iN A World
Where We Actually Value All
Of Our Humanity As Works of Art, Again
Like Works of Fertility in Days of Old Where
New Life Meant The Survival of the Village;

i Don't Care, if the Rest of the World Wants to
Do it or Not; What i Can Control and Master is

my View of the Rest of Humanity Now; Some Folks

See Body Parts as Masturbatory Tools Only; and Others See

Works of Art

to Be Treasured

And Honored With

Every Unselfish Pleasure;

i Surely Can Understand How Some
Humans Feel Reduced As Less than
Humans When They Are Referred with
Words Like Human With A Vulva, Or even
Dude With A Penis, as i am Surely More Than What's Between my Legs...
And on Top of That More Dudes Would Enjoy Life More if they Truly


That Emotions
Turn Women
On More Than
Shadowy Predatory Instincts...


Nope, Not All Women; Not All Men, etc; Yet Surely


Anyway, Fall Weather Like A Virgin of September
is Breezing Through Florida This Morning Best Memories
of High School Just A Dream of Holding Hands With A Girl (i Had to Wait
Until After High School) Under A Blanket at A Homecoming Game With A
Cup of Hot

to Share

Where Romance

Colored Life More Blooming than

A Penis or A Vulva Alone Will Ever Do;

It's Like A FRiEnD of Mine Once Shared on
A Facebook Status How Some Old Grey Haired
Poet Who Wasn't Even Singing About Human Relationships

Inspired Her to

'Pull Her Panties Down;'

True, Some Folks Still Don't

Understand Truly More Fully What

"Queen Victoria's" Secret was/is all about...

Indeed, So Many Colors of Life Left Hard, Dead, And Living Cold...

i'll Dance And Sing This Much, i'm Glad i Was Born And Raised to
Love With More Than Body Parts, So Alone So Lonely; And Yes i Have
An Extremely High Libido Yet It is Mastered With A Feather's Touch of Dance And Song in Poetry...

In This Culture(s), Most Folks Have little Clue How to Even Have an Open And Mature Discussion on
Human Sexuality

or Even


It Seems to me at Least, It's the way
We Are Gardened or Not With Love

That's Deeper and Real...

From The New Testament, "Turning the Other Cheek" And
"Loving the Enemy" Is Surely Far Away From 'Anti-Altruistic'

And As Mentioned Often in Discussions From Before, Science
Shows That Humans With The Ability to Give, Share, Care, Heal,
Without Expect of Return, Reap Benefits of Greater Joy For Months on End

As Long As They Continue to 'Color Their Christmas Tree' Within, New Colors
of Lights to Give, Share, Care, And Heal ThiS WaY; And Obviously, Dudes Mostly Are

Ones Who Created the So-Called 'Golden Rules' Cross-Culturally That At Core Suggest
"Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You" Yet Sadly Missing Greater

Human Emotional Intelligences

AN EXTROVERT HEHE; IT Really Fully Doesn't Work;

Same With 'Dating Apps' And Coming into 'Contact'
With Someone Who Enjoys Pain With Their Pleasure More....

People are Alike in Some Ways Yet Much Different in Other Ways Indeed;
Without A Lifelong Art of Developing Cognitive Empathy, It Becomes Increasingly

Difficult to Develop Life Long Relationships That Yes, Actually Last; Yeah, As in the
Case of Most Aphorisms, 'They' Often Materially Reduce, With A Shallow Level of Painting

The Human
Condition Whole;

i Am Fortunate, i Have
A Kind of Human Nature And Nurture
That Doesn't Require Any Affirmation
or Gifts From Others When i Give, Share,
Care, Heal For Free; Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete;

ThiS Way As in my Case at Least, the More i Give, the More i Share,
The More i Care, The More i Heal, the Taller my Christmas Tree Grows

Within With
New Fabulous
Colors oF LiGHT
to Explore Each Day;
Yep, Life-Long Art of Love

Developing the Top of 'The Pyramid
of Universalizing Love For ALL' DarK Thru LiGHT

In Secular Terms of Course, An Autotelic Flow One Generates Practicing
Within Meditating to Be As Happy As They Like As They Continue A Life
of Love Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing For Free; Yep, A REAL KINGDOM





Yep, This Kingdom And Or Queendom
of Heaven Within; Free Play Just to Give,
Care, Share, And Heal As Wings Become Wind Free Love...

Honestly, What Old Sacred Texts are Missing Most, CROSS-CULTURALLY, Is A More Holy,
Sacred, Divine Feminine Touch in Art; Whether That Comes From Whoever May Gift it

For Real New Now...

Yep, It's Already Been
Gifted in Many Other
Works of Art than What
the 'Old Patriarchy' Offers Shallower 'Poorer' Then...

Too Bad, So-Called Jesus, Never Had A Pen or A Fancy, Dancy, Singy, Typewriter
to Use to Actually Impart More Fully What Wisdom He Might Have Gained in Life;

Yet it's True, Usually it takes Longer than 33 Years of Age And Some Folks Rarely Find it at all...

We Don't Live in A Little Dirt Patch in the Middle East Anymore, We Have A Whole Globe of Souls to
Explore New Now...

So in Other Words,
Per Shoe Selling
Cliche; Yep Now,

i 'Just DO It,'

Without Selling
Any Shoes at All;



WHere Tradition
Indeed Becomes Naked
New Now Truer ALL LiT UP...

Yes!! !

Always Do
Your Best
To Truly Live
my FRiEnD Again
All my Pleasure...

Happiest Birthday
All 29 Years to
You Dear Rafiah
8 Years Still


All my Pleasure
Yeah The Reader
Keeps Your Post
Even After You
Delete It Happy
To Connect And
Share An Older
Story With A
Newer Story of
Souls Seeking
Freedom my
FRiEnD i No
Longer Work i
Only Play No
Longer Disturbed
Hehe No Disturbing

me Now
With SMiles...

SMiLes As A Man Broke
Down at age 21 Poor
Struggling Through
my Humanity Then
It Was So Bad i Had
No Choice Yet to Get
Help The Stigma Was
Horrible Then As A Human
Who Didn’t Speak Until 4
On The Autism Spectrum
With Asperger’s Syndrome
Like “Little Sheldon Cooper”
As Stereotype With No Diagnosis
Then Even Available For That
Condition Then
That I Didn’t
Receive Till
Age 47 i Was A
Real Canary in A Coal
Mine Then Smelling A
Culture Gone Insane
Early With No Choice
It Seemed Yet to Stick
With it until it Almost
Killed me At 47 The
Pressures in India To
Excel in Academics and
To Become “A Perfect
Wife” Surely More Extreme
Than What Exists in The
United States Where the
Stigma i Felt in 1981 For
Getting Help is Surely
Relaxed Here as it’s
Truly Become A
Human Pandemic
Of Lost Boys, Girls,
Men, Women, And
So Many Others my
FRiEnD Yes Your Story
Is Very Important i No
Longer Have Any Shame

For All of
What It Takes
iNHaLinG Peace
JoY oF LiGHT Naked
Enough Whole Complete

Always Express Your Creativity
And Everyday Is Your Birthday
ReNeWinG Now With SMiles

Young Dear Soul Isha

SMiles It Appears You
Are Human And Culture
Demands You Put Abstract
Constructs in A Life of Data

To one Day
Earn Money
Of Your Own
And Trade it
In For Material
Goods To Survive Yes
A Bit Separated From
Humanity our Modern
Life Has Come to Be
Tools More Than
Human And i
Hear Your Same
Story From Youth
To Millennials to
Generation X Yep
All The Way From
Z to X Around the
World “The Matter
With Things” The Problem
With Becoming More Our
Tools Covering Nature Yes
And Our NaTuRE ALmost
From Birth Now New to
A Horizon Of only
A Six Inch Screen
Away From Horizons
Of True HeART SPiRiT
SoUL Feeling SenSinG
Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Ways
With Other Human
Beings “Normal”
Now Has Gone
Truly “Insane”
When Humans
Become More Clothes
oF All The Tools They
Wear Than Flesh And
Blood Of Peace And
Love Breathing
Together to Truly
Even Live SMiles i
Earned 3 Degrees in
1983 Spent
33 Years in
The Workforce
Broke Down in College
Burnt Out Like You Express
For 3 Months And After
33 Years Of Paid Work
Mostly As An Information
Technology And Financial
Management Machine Sadly
i Ended Up With A Synergy
In Life Threat of Worst Pain
And Numb of 19 Medical
Disorders From Not
Having The Will
To Say No To All
The Insanity of
Becoming More
Machine Than Human
After 66 Months of
Recovery Shut-In
Hell Without Even
The Memory of What
A SMile Felt Like i Rose
Out of The Ashes into
A New Naked Enough
Whole Complete Creation

Of Free Dance and
Song As my Essence
Of Soul Creates my
Form Now i Threw

Away the
Plan From
Before and
Finally Started
Deep Within To Create
my Own SoUL For Real

And Yes It Started With
Blogging As The Machine

Of me
Soul of
Free Dance
And Song Poetry
With No Rules ‘ALLoWinG
Oh How i Wish i Could Have
Expressed it Like You in

Of Age 21
i Felt A 100 Years
Old At 47 A Thousand
Years Old And Now At
62 No Age Yet Creativity

Now For
Real A Golden
Age Without Metal

Of Course Your Journey
And PathS UNiQue to Take

True For You

Other Than That Your
Story NoW Was Also Mine


Ah 59F Degrees
In Florida Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Paradise Inferno
In Florida Enjoys A Cool
Dry Breeze Morning And
Such A Good Night Sleep
For me
Too As
i Could Use
A Bit of Hibernation
Yet Life is Just too
Much Joy Not To
Do it Half Asleep
Wide Awake Hehe
In Creativity’s
FoRM’ That
Basically Means
In PuRPoSinG Now
New i Dance And Sing
Free YeS A Whole Lot

THiS WaY Particularly
If I Get Some Sleep Hehe

Always Beginning
Never Truly Paint
By NuMBeRS This
Life This Love This
Beauty of All Ours to
Co-Create This LiGHT
Free No Fear Anew with
SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Now...

'Present Wonder And Enthusiasm'
With 'Inter-Being' NoW Embodying
All That Is Free Love of Nature As
'Thich Nhat Hanh' Might Relate
Dear Savvy True You've
Captured The Soul of
A Puppy A Kitten And

A Human Child True

Dancing Spiraling Like
A Milky Way Free With
No Lessons Regulating
Emotions Integrating Senses
Naturally ThiS Way Yes Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

And Yes Singing A Non-Sense Song of
Joy The Sounds Even An Infant Makes
While Smiling At Another Child Who Will

Never Be
A Stranger
in A Kingdom
And Queendom
of Present Wonder
And Enthusiasm Truly
Loving Life With Joy New Now...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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15 Sep 2022, 1:43 am

What do you mean by all of this?


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15 Sep 2022, 2:25 am

Nades wrote:
What do you mean by all of this?

Just A More Right Hemisphere
Way of Processing A Deeper
Story of Life; Folks Around The
Globe And Even Some Folks Here

Have No
At All Understanding It;

Yet It’s Poetry And That
Makes It The Reader’s
View To Interpret; And For

Folks Not Interested in
Pursuing Philosophy,
Politics, And Religion

This Way, It Is
Practically Useless
To Them And That’s
The Way Life Goes Or Changes;

Anyway, it’s Up To You to Determine
That; From The Beginning of It
Edna Had it Figured

Out Then From The
The Native Way Her
Older Filipino Culture
Processes The World,
Before Materially Reduced
More Left Hemisphere Processing
Of The World By Western Ways of

Reduced Culture;

If You Are Looking
For Someone With
A “Proper Pedigree”
To Explain What i’m
Relating Here, i Suggest
The Thorough, Very Detailed

Work Of
Iain McGilchrist;
Anyway, Poetry is A
Medium to Explore Soul
Deeper; A Metaphor That

No Previous
Lesson Plans When Free;

Tearing The Pages out of
The Rule Books, Sprouting


Out of
A Very
Old Pre-Planned
Musty Moldy Cocoon;

In Technical Terms, This is
Long Form Poetry; It Clicks

All The
Wiki Requirements For That too;

Surely, Not Everyone’s English

Cup Of Tea in a Twitter World Now…

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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16 Sep 2022, 3:07 am

Embodying Dance
DeLiVeRinG Song
Free Deeper Now
A Place Heart Soul
Spirit Flows Within New
All of Existence Spirals Yes
And Flows ThiS Way From Yes
Smallest to Largest As Dance
Is Truly No Destination Yet to
Move Connect Co-Create Free
Dear Savvy FRiEnD It's Just
Not Enough to Be an
Avatar on a Screen
Must Get Away
And Spread
my Wings
Yes Arms
And Legs
of Dance
Oldest STill
Newest Ways
Humans Move
Connect And Co-Create Now...

Passion For the
Welfare of the
Indeed Dear
Chaymaa With
SMiLes of Glee
For All to Lift
Up More
SMiLEs Free...

No Ahead or Behind
Truly Now
Gift New
How Deep
We Color Now
How Deep We LiVE
The Present Gift New
Dear Chaymaa Far
From Prisoner
of Illusory
Far Away
From Now So Free...

A Child's Smile for Another
Child Before Speaking
A Child's Song Without
Words Only Sound Making
Tunes Emotionally Regulating
Integrating Senses With A Dance

With No Lessons

Toddlers Will Do
Barely Standing Up

Yet Dancing Singing New
Free For Life Set Free Always Now
True A Child's Life of Heaven Real Sohair

And Eyes of
Children for
Us to Wake Up
To As Loving Free Once More...

Ah Yes Dear Miriam
Embrace Chaos Until
It Becomes Mastery of


As All oF iT
Turns into
Art Beyond
All Reasons Yet

Faith Nature's iMaGiNaTioN
All Your Creativities Set Free...

Ah Yes A Psychopathic Leaning
Mix Far Below A HeART SPiRiT
SoUL Those Who BRinG Who Are
Interested in Winning A 'Reproductive
Game' Yet That's All As All They May Have

Is Empty Within
After That True
Without Even
Any Somatic
Energy to
Keep a Livelihood

Going Vagabonds of
Pleasure Shallow and
Rarely Deep in Deed Dear Yam


Indeed Dear Isha Headphones
Doorway to Our Soul Opening
HeART Strings NoW As MuSiC
Extensions of Our Vocal Chords
That Piano and Guitar And Other
Stringed Instruments Extend True

Percussion of Hammers
Piano Keys Bring HeART
Beats So Very Human Emotionally

Deeper too With SMiLes True THere is
No Limit in iMaGiNaTioN of HeART SPiRiT
SoUL Musicians Bring to Instruments They Play

iN So Many Moving Connecting Co-Creativities

A Doorway to THeiR HeART SPiRiT SoUL They Play
A Doorway For Us to Enter As They Give Share Care

And Heal THiS Way
Songs oF SoUL In All Ways
Arts Impart SPiRiT oF HeART

SMiLes What A Gift YouTube is to
Humankind All Those SoULS STill
Airing Wings of MuSiC They BRinG Free...

It's Neither Church or State Fearless Love That
Gives and Shares Consuming Others And Rest
of Nature With Least Harm A State of SPiRiT HeART SoUL

BeinG NeW NoW

For Real Those Homes Are my FRiEnDS Places Who



Thank Youuu
With Many
Echoes of

LeSSoN 440
If You Wait Long
Enough Some
Stay The Same

When The Weather
In Florida And Toronto
Close To The Fall Equinox
Becomes The Same Like
Day And Night For Real

Have i Told You Lately i Love
You Dear FRiEnD Yes i Do
Still Truly Love You See

Not All
In Life Must Change

As Sunrises Return
On Beaches More
Beautiful Than
Ever Before
To Feel And
Sense As
Same Need
Not Ever Stay The Same...

Again, only 'Your Interpretation;'
One May Enable Their “Abusers,”
Foes, Enemies; Whatever Ya Wanna
Call Your “Abusers” to Allow Them
An Opportunity to Fall on Their own
Swords And Remove Some Scale
Of “Blindness;” Yes, Ignorance to

Become at Least A
Slightly New Creation
To See Greater Truths Of

Life indeed my FRiEnD Essence
Of The “Altruistic Cross” Yet There
Are Much More Clever Ways Of

Doing it Than Giving Your Life
Away At 33 Or So Years And
Not Helping Nearly As Many

People if You Had Stayed
Here And Got The Job
More Fully Done instead
Of Promising To Return

While Folks Still Wait
For Bone Covered
Flesh 2K or So Years

Later For Their Dead
Hero To Return Now;

Sadly, Never Picking Up
“The Ball” And Dancing
Singing Free Their Own
EPiC Hero Journey of Life;

Yep, Where I LiVE iN Just
Another “Trump Meme Town”
i Hear ‘That Sad Failed Story’ Lots…

Other Than That if You Haven’t
Heard, Rationally And Logically
Measuring Reality only is Like

Picking Bones
And Never
Flesh And
Blood of Real

Soul With A Sadly
Very Reduced Limited Existence;
Yes, A Literal Materially Reduced

Some Refuse
To Remove At
The “Right Hand”
Of “Scientism” That
i See At Church As Much
As i Saw it At School And
Yuck Federal Employment AS Such.

Yes, Hehe, Trump is an 'Excellent Example.'

He's Been Used by The Republican Party to Appease 'Their Base;'

And In Being Used Has Received A Whole Lot of Yes's That Anyone
Else Would Have Received No's From Who Weren't Supported By The Republican Base.

So, By Enabling Trump To Do All His DasTurDly Deeds That's Allowed Trump To Come

Very Close to
Falling on His Sword
AS Soon As Sooner than Soon Comes Next;
Yep, Negative Aspect of Living in A 'Yes World;'

Somedays The Best Part of What Some Folks May
Perceive as A Foe May Be Their True Saving Grace;

However, it Appears that Trump is As Incorrigible As
A Repeat Offender; Yet in His Case, Long to Make A Final First Fall...

Just A More Right Hemisphere
Way of Processing A Deeper
Story of Life; Folks Around The
Globe And Even Some Folks Here

Have No
At All Understanding It;

Yet It’s Poetry And That
Makes It The Reader’s
View To Interpret; And For

Folks Not Interested in
Pursuing Philosophy,
Politics, And Religion

This Way, It Is
Practically Useless
To Them And That’s
The Way Life Goes Or Changes;

Anyway, it’s Up To You to Determine
That; From The Beginning of It
Edna Had it Figured

Out Then From The
The Native Way Her
Older Filipino Culture
Processes The World,
Before Materially Reduced
More Left Hemisphere Processing
Of The World By Western Ways of

Reduced Culture;

If You Are Looking
For Someone With
A “Proper Pedigree”
To Explain What i’m
Relating Here, i Suggest
The Thorough, Very Detailed

Work Of
Iain McGilchrist;
Anyway, Poetry is A
Medium to Explore Soul
Deeper; A Metaphor That

No Previous
Lesson Plans When Free;

Tearing The Pages out of
The Rule Books, Sprouting


Out of
A Very
Old Pre-Planned
Musty Moldy Cocoon;

In Technical Terms, This is
Long Form Poetry; It Clicks

All The
Wiki Requirements For That too;

Surely, Not Everyone’s English

Cup Of Tea in a Twitter World Now…

Embodying Dance
DeLiVeRinG Song
Free Deeper Now
A Place Heart Soul
Spirit Flows Within New
All of Existence Spirals Yes
And Flows ThiS Way From Yes
Smallest to Largest As Dance
Is Truly No Destination Yet to
Move Connect Co-Create Free
Dear Savvy FRiEnD It's Just
Not Enough to Be an
Avatar on a Screen
Must Get Away
And Spread
my Wings
Yes Arms
And Legs
of Dance
Oldest STill
Newest Ways
Humans Move
Connect And Co-Create Now...

"17,000 Miles oF Public Dancing 9 Years" Yes Published
On WordPress on September 15th, at 11:50 PM Dear Lord
Took A Few Days to Get This Bi-Monthly Novel Sized
Long Form Poem Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Published Yet Just Like CLoCK Work as i Wasn't
Paying Much Attention to Any Hands
Yet Mine While Typing
As Such Once Again
It's Done While Writing
The Next MacroVerse
FoRM" Already CLoSinG in on 22,000
Words or Perhaps More Who Knows
Yes Hehe as i'm Just Sort of Moving
Connecting Co-Creating in Autotelic Flow For Real
So Really It Doesn't Matter WHere i've Been or WHere

i'm Going

As Here
i Am NeW NoW...



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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17 Sep 2022, 2:27 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Indeed With Glee
Hello to Every Human MuLTiUNiVeRSE

Adding A New Verse to the UNiVeRSE

From Birth With SMiLes All the
Colors STiLL to Come Anew

All the Memories of What
Will Come Still To Create

All the Potential in Every Dance
And Song Free of Arts And Sciences
And More to Change The World Even

if it is only
One SMiLe
Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For Real

At Best Closer to HeART SPiRiT
SoUL Balancing Mind Body THiS Way...

Thanks Wish
You An Entire
Relaxing Weekend
Dear Yam With SMiles...

As the Study of Psychology Shows, What Separates
Villains From Heroes is the Hero Cannot Separate
Themselves From the Empathy of Others And On The
Other Hand, the Villain, Per Modern Example of 'Trump'
As "Poster Boy" Impeached Twice And Potentially Soon

to Be Criminally
Convicted For Crimes
Against Our Democracy;

True, Trump Shows Very Low
to No Levels of Human Empathy
And Particularly Compassion For
Those Who Are Marginalized in Life;

True, the Democrats Severely Bended
Political Correctness in Supporting A 'Trojan
Horse' Of Trump's Hand Picked Candidates As At Core

Truly They Are Harming the Republican Party As Well
As the 'Hand-Picker-Trump' Who Could Have Been As Easily

Chosen as A 'Trojan Horse' to Bring the Republican Party Down
And Indeed Hillary and Her Political Crew Misunderstood the Potential

Support '5th Avenue' Supporters of
Trump Might Step Up to 'the Bat' When
Trump Promised His Supporters Would
Still Support Him, Even If He Shot Someone
on 5th Avenue, in the Middle of the Day in New York.

Well, Well, Well, Oh Dear, Let me Count The WayS iN
Metaphor In How Trump Accomplished That Yet Truly
Most Everyone is Familiar With the 'Falling Star' of Trump;

Almost Biblical
Indeed By Revelation
of Archetypal Villain
As Obama Played
The Opposite Role
Play With A Two-Term Limit...

When You Are Out to Save Democracy
From A Villain, All Cards Are Laid-Out-to-Play
to Win; True, 'Politics' is Just 'Soft-Core War' in the Way

It is Played At the Federal, State, Local, Work, School,
Church, And Even Home Life too; Life is Not For the FAint of HeART
SPiRiT SouL, Unless You Are Not Involved in 'the Game' And Don't Have to

Get Your Hands Dirty to Continue to Climb The Mountain and Not Fall Down...

i Was Sort of a Rule Follower All of my Life too Yet even in Federal Government
Work With So Many Regulations and Rules and Political Correctness As Such We

Even had a Seminar
on The Difference Between
Legal and "Unlegal"; Of Course,

"Unlegal" Is Not a "Dictionary Word;"

It's the Grey Area That You Do to Stay
Out of 'Jail' Yet Still get Things Done By
Breaking 'The Official Way' to Do Life Now;

As 'They' Say; "Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way;"

And True Yes That Involves Some Risk Taking too;

Yet True, It's Life in 'The Big Leagues;' Some Days

You Strike Out and Other Days You Might Just Save

Democracy By Doing Something 'Unlegal' And Being

The Hero, Even if You Must Move Through Some 'Shading;'

It's Truly An 'Art of the Deal;' And It's Not For Folks With 'Weak Tummies....'

i'm Not Comfortable With The Democrats Supporting The 'Unwitting Trump Trojan Horses'
To Bring The Republican Party Down As True i'm Kind of A Rule Maker and Follower too;

Yet A Best Advice

my Boss Ever Gave

me was, "Fred, Why
Don't You Just Break the Rules;"

He Said He Was Just Kidding; Yet He wasn't....

"Ya Gotta Know When to Hold 'em and When to Fold 'em..."

And Indeed That's An 'Art of the Deal' That the Folks on the
'Benches' of Life Don't

always get...

To Do...

Life in the
Big Leagues;

Thank Goodness,
Someone is Willing
to Stick Their Neck-Out

To Save the Frigging Day....

Now to Be Clear (If Possible)

There Are Trump Supporters Still Today
Who Believe They Are Saving The Day By
Changing Democracy into A Theocratic Controlled Government;

As 'They' Say We All Must Live By 'THeir' God's Rules Yet Other Folks

Do Mean it When
They Say Give
me Liberty or Give me Death;

As is the Case When Folks Are Free
to Die And Spread A Pandemic Unmasked
And Unvaccinated And Other Folks Are Free

to Break What is 'Normally' Considered 'Politically Correct'

When it Comes to Saving Democracy; Yawn, That was
the advice the Writers of the 'Bill Maher' Show Gave the
Democrats Long Ago

in Playing
Low Ball
Some Days too...

Note: I'm Not Suggesting
i'd Do What They are Doing
if i Was in their Position; Just
Observing The Overall Human
Condition And Philosophizing
About Politics As it's Become Religion too...

As if That's Ever Changed Through HiSTorY to Date...

Anyway, After 66 Months Recovering From A Life Threat of 19 Medical
Disorders As i Always Played by the Rules at Work Conforming and Never
Thought it Was Possible to Say No; i Saw That Boss Again at a Casino in

Biloxi and He Said,

My God You "No Longer

Move Plastic" Like a Robot;

You Flow Now Like You Don't

Have to Think About the Rules for Dancing in Public Hehe...
Yet i Digress That is the Story of Another 'Real Life Living Legend' HAha...

Oh By The (ThiS) Way, Dumping Human Beings Off A Plane And Not Forewarning
The Authorities That They Are Coming and Will Need Help is WHAT 'THE VILLAIN DOES;'

No Humanity
of Empathy And
Compassion Required;
Not a God Damned Ounce...

Again, What Separates A Real
Hero Leader From A Real
Villain Leader Most Often...

It's True Dear Miriam 'They'
'Say' (Hehe in 'Psychology
Today') Villains And Heroes

Have Something in Common

Yes They Both Break Rules

Yes One Side Ends Up Rising

The Other Side Ends Up Falling

True What They Don't HaVE IN
Common is Empathy That Finds

And Seeks to Lift Others Up First

However It's Not Everyday

That Meek Inherit

Of Love
THiS WaY With SMiLes
For Only Altruistic Giving
Sharing Caring Healing For Real...


Ass to Say Can't THinK Too Hard to Make it Come

Key Continues to Be Keep Blooming Yet Do Not
Weight YouR GLoRY FLoWeR DOwN Too Much

A Best Thing to Do Is To Say i'm Sorry
For Your Challenges i Hope You Are Able
To Soothe Your Stress Yet of Course to Intimate

Feelings to Loved Ones You Totally Trust is A Path
to All of What Emotional Regulation and Sensory Integration

May Bring
in Taming
Stressful Thoughts
And Even Actions too

SMiLes Dear Ruchi i Never
Related Any of my Challenges to
my Mother Growing Up As She
Was Already So Stressed As A Single
Mother Raising Us Alone Often Exhausted

By When Saturday Came Sleeping in till 11 AM

And my Father Was Just Totally Emotionally Aloof from
Us With Rarely Even A Word to Say However What may

Happen When We Close
Ourselves Off is We May
Lose A Key To OPen Our

And Therefore Blogging And Therefore
Your FRiEnDS You've Talked About Before

And True i Understand What it Feels Like Not
to Stress Parents Out By What You May Be Going Through

Yet Also Becoming
So Numb With Pain
All that May Be Left to
Do is Gnash Teeth and
Weep Loud Enough in
A Deep Whine of Why me mY FRiEnD

A Major Issue i Had Was Closing off Emotions
LeSSoN LEaRNeD i Will Always Find A Way to
Express Emotions As They Continue to BREaTHE me Well...

Goodness Doctor Jurisharma What A Harrowing
Health Scare And Challenge Your Husband
Is Still Recovering From This Last Year Nice
to See You Back on Wordpress Yet So Sorry

Your Husband, You, and Your Family Had
to Weather Such A Challenging Life Storm
of Health Always At Your Husband's Bedside

Love is A Greatest Healer oF All
i'm Sure You Are His Lifeline

Through it All mY FRiEnD
Best Wishes to You All As
He Continues His Recovery Now

True We May At Best Always Appreciate
All We Have Particularly Every Inhale of Peace
Exhale of Love This Naked Enough Whole Complete

At Best Again
Spelled With Peace and Love
All Well Being We May Seek And Find Freer...

Hehe Dear Cindy i Won't Take Up too Much of Your Space
Yet True Humans And Other Animals Only Evolved to Focus
On One Task With Enough Loose Attention to See A Predator
Coming on the Horizon
While Keeping

Enough Focus

to Eat the

Wedding Cake HAha

Moral oF A STory Savor
Frosting Appreciate Cake Best...

Thanks Dear
Yam For The Kind
Wishes All Is Wonderful
Here Loving Alive With SMiLes...

True Dear Yam FRiEnD
A Cold Society Is No
True Religion of
Warm Peace
And Love
True Warm
Peace And Love
At Essence God
Worth Loving Living
Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Free Best Protective
CoVeRinG oF GoD iNDeed...

JusT ANoTHeR BooK MarK NoW
HeHe An Active One iNdeed WiTH SMiLes

Will You Come Again Now Understanding
New Love (God) Never Dies God Yes When Love
Truly Real Essence Without Form Yes God For Real

The Issue IS 'The Money Within'

On A Lighter Note of Love For Real
Hi Sweet friend Zee as i grow older
i truly become more independent
and free yet more
Loving And Yes
In Interconnecting
Relationships ALL1
at the sAme NoW
i suppose That/This
is what it means
to be a child
of GOD
Find FamiLY
Give Share
Care Heal
once again
WHere FamiLY
TRuly becomes
Essence oF LoVE (GoD)
And not just a 3 or 4 letter word...

By Inspiring
Poetry Prompts
Thanks For Perfecting

A Practice
Of Inspiration
Poetry FRiEnD
Dear Hemalatha...

Thanks Dear Doc
Always A
my FRiEnD
With Much


To You
With SMiles too...

It's True Dear Aleesha Love
That is Real Is Always More

Than Touch Some Say it is
'The Shape of Water'

True A Blanket

to Cover The

Entire World


Warmth That

Is Shared Within With
Special All Others Filling

All Rooms With Sunshine Bright Feelings

Lighting All The Nights Up With Daylight Trust



BLiSSinGS Soft

When LoVE iS Truly
ReaL IT Only Rises

And Never Falls

Again as


Now That
Are Green
May Only Fall
To Become Brown
To Nourish Soul Soils Fresher

For Even More Green Life Of Love

In Spring As All SeaSoNS Become
One Water Ocean Waves For All to Rise From Fall...

Other Than That Your Poem Definitely Beyond Touch
Indeed With

All my
Dear Sohair
Kindness Treasure
When Giving Now
Echoing New
Yes A SaMe
Dance And
Song Free iN SMiles...

Thanks For the
Beautiful Inspiration
Of Your Words Dear
Sohair FRiEnD
With SMiles...

Ah Yes Dear
Yam As Words
May Become
Shells on The
Beach With No
Sea Life Within As
A Muslim Woman
Fortunately You
May Be
Able To
Skip the
Dating App Life
Of So-Cold Civilization

Of Modernity
With Little
To No Sea Life
In Shells Of Soul...

SMiles Hehe Dear
Ruchi Old As The
Beach i Am Yet
Emerald Green
Waves Sugar
White Sands
Seas Oats in
The Breeze And
Gull Wings Spiraling
Around Sun Retains
Soul of Poetry True
With SMiles All
my Pleasure
Hehe To
Be This Beach...

Love to You As Well
Long Distant Yet
Soul True Poet
With SMiles
Dear Jayani...

SMiles Lovely Poem
Jayani Nice To See
You Back on WordPress...

SMiLes Thank You Dear "Peace & Truth" For Celebrating
Twin Souls in Marriage On the Same Side Always Finding
Each Other And Loving Each Other For Ever As A Communion of Love

Hehe SMiLes Dear FRiEnD For me my Twin Soul Breathes Within Love
This Force i Give Share Care And Heal For Free Oh By the Way Also

Enjoyed Your Post on Unrequited Love a Powerful Muse indeed as
There is A Story of Coral Castle in Florida Where A Man Dedicated
An Altar to His Sweet Sixteen Who He Loved Yet Never Actually

Had any Relationship With in Youth He Actually Ended Up Building
A Coral Castle With 30 Ton Stones And Legend Has it That

Somehow He Used Balloons to Move the Stones As
He Was Only A Hundred Pound Old Man When
He Finished the Coral Castle Yes it's for Real

Hehe You Can Even Google It And Yes

Hehe My Face is Plastered All Over

This Place i am Practically

A Whole Blog of

Facebook With
SMiLes Always Welcome
To Visit me as You Please
mY FRiEnD With SMiLes as i will
Surely Share A Bit of the Twin Soul
of Love Within me With You as i Do
With All mY FRiEnDS And Even ones
Who Might Consider me as Their Foe Hehe

i Am Already Writing Another Blog Post so
i Didn't Notice Your Post Here Until Late
Of Course As i Incorporate All Poetic Letters
to FRiEnDS iN LonG ForM Poem "SonG oF mY
SoUL" This Will Be Part of my New Blog Post
And Will Be Parked Hehe in the Comments Section
of "17,000 Miles oF Public Dancing 9 Years" For that
Blog Post That i Finished Yesterday With SMiLes Goodness

i Haven't Got
Much Sleep
Yet Always
Room For A FRiEnD
With SMiLEs to Still Come and go...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Indeed With Glee
Hello to Every Human MuLTiUNiVeRSE

Adding A New Verse to the UNiVeRSE

From Birth With SMiLes All the
Colors STiLL to Come Anew

All the Memories of What
Will Come Still To Create

All the Potential in Every Dance
And Song Free of Arts And Sciences
And More to Change The World Even

if it is only
One SMiLe
Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For Real

At Best Closer to HeART SPiRiT
SoUL Balancing Mind Body THiS Way..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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