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18 Sep 2022, 3:55 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Hell Verily is A Place of Only Time
True Total Disconnection From All That is Away From
All Feelings Senses Paper Thin Existence the Living Dead For

Real Without
A Breath of
God Within
it Seems of
Love At All For
Life Just Another
Thousand Years in One Second
oF ALL Time in Pain and Numb

Alternately in The Other Place
The Hour Glass The Grain of Sand

And Up And Down is A Same Place As
FRiEnDS With GravitY iN LoVE With LiFE
DarK Thru LiGHT Forevermorenow Sea

Gull Wings

Spiraling around
Sun Transforming
Dance into Free Song

So Much Different

From A 'Poe
Raven And



Dear FRiEnD

A CLocK With Only Hands
Void oF ALL HeART SPiRiT SoUL For Real

A Most Salient Part is None oF iT is Myth it is All Real Now
One Human May Be Living iN Hell and the Other iN Heaven

In Two Totally Different Places in the Same Home And Room
And Yes Bed too Where A Hug is As Far Away AS God Breathes For Real
No Matter How Much Others Try to Love The Living Dead ON EartH mY FRiEnD...

How Blessed How
Blissed to Understand
The Reality of Both Places
And The Empathy and Compassion

That Comes From the First Bleeding Over into the Second

With Sweat And Tears That Equal Blood of Love to Give Away Free...

Indeed Dear Shreya Through All the Years
Life is An Ocean With Waves Continuously Changing

Yet Indeed There is Water That Stays the Same Albeit With
Perhaps More or Less of 'The Salt of Life' As That Relates to

iMaGiNaTioN CReaTiViTY And Wings of Love Set Free to BREaTHE iNHaling

Peace ExhalinG Love

For this Present Gift of

Life As Waves Continue to

Create New Shores Some Days

Expanding Other Days Receding

What Remains is Change Yet Kindness

Is One Part of Life We May Control We May Master

to Give When We Come to See All of LiFE DarK Thru

LiGHT A FRiEnD Worth Keeping Within Again Just to

Give Share Care Heal

And Give Away for Free
Yet True it Often Takes that
Gift of the Child's Eyes All the
School And The Work to Return

to a Place That Only Plays A LiGHT oF LoVE Free
Nice to See You Returning For A Visit on WordPress
Best Wishes For All You Do May THere Always Be A SMile With Love...

So Truly Gut Wrenching This Poem About Your
Mother's Passing Dear Miriam As It's True When

No One is on A Child's Side it is often A Mother Who
Is the Only one Left Standing By Your Side And i Surely

Experienced That More Than Once in my Life Most of All i Wanted

to Be the Strong One At The End When She Needed me as i Fell More Than
Once And Toward Her Very End Just Another 66 Months She Was Forced to

Hold the World up For
me When i Didn't Wanna
Be Here at All With A Pain
And Numb most Human Beings
Don't Understand Exists Yet Again

When i Asked her Why me Yet Again When

i Asked her Why Me When Again i Asked her

Why me She Said Why Not You Yet She Also Said
This Too Will Pass As True She Saw the Dark too

When She Didn't Think She Could Handle Raising Two
Children With A Husband Who Ended Up Being A Silent
Force of No Emotional Support At All Yet As She Felt She was

Grasping Toward Her Last Straw She Related A Vision of A Man
With the Greenest Eyes She Ever Saw Without a Word From Then

On She Gained The Faith That Every Little Thing is Gonna Work Out Okay

It's True at my Lowest Point i Had A Similar Vivid Half Waking Dream in
Hell And Pain and Numb
From the Beginning Of Hell
A Woman With Fiery Red Hair
And The Greenest Eyes Ever Hovering
Over my Bed With Just The Faintest of What
Was Left Over Possible For Hope for me and True

it Didn't Make me Feel Like Every Little Thing is Gonna
Be Alright Yet It Did Surpass What My Mechanical Cognition
Only Logical Brain All Left Hemisphere Reduced Mind Saw As Possible

Before in my Existence

Anyway Recovering i Was Strong For my
Mother Then As She Went Without Food
or Drink in Hospice for Those Lasts 8 Days
to Go the way She Wanted to Go as Natural as
Possible She Got to LiVE Her Whole Life and the
Last Two Years with No More than A Bayer Aspirin
For Cancer that Spread from Breast to Bones to Brain
Bleeding Defeating my Sister in a Game of Scrabble two

Days Before Her
Hospice Death Bed

And as i've Related Before Here too
When She Passed Away i Realized Her
Flame Her HeART Her SPiRiT Her SoUL
Of Unconditional Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Love Was the Torch she Passed on to
me only to Spread Some More And Then i Understood

Why Some Folks Need "Jesus" So Much As They May have Not
Had the Female Version With Brown Eyes And The Fairest Skin
of them All As My Father's Mother Related About Her Glowing Fair Skin

Some Humans Are Born
to Love And Never Give it Up

Some Humans Are Born to that
Gift And Carry A True Torch Meek
And Humble of True Royalty to Give Love Away For Free...

i Am Verily Sure You Continue to Carry Your Mother'S UNique Torch...

My, my, 'This Thread' on 'Sexual Objectification of Women And Why It's Oppressive'
Brings Back A Lot of Memories; Particularly, At A Dance Hall Where i Spent Most
Every Thursday Night For 6 Years Until Covid-19 Shut The Place Down then on

March 12, 2020; Yep, i Remember The Last Day As the Bouncer At The Door
That Day Said Nothing Closes this Place Down; Neither Thanks Giving
Day or Christmas Day; Not Even Christmas Eve Hehe; Anyway Those

298 Weeks i Spent Taking Close and Precise Notes on How
Human Nature And 'The Mating Game' Has Changed So

Much; And While It's True at the Southern Baptist
Sunday Dinners on the Pastor's Farm An Older

Woman Will Always Modestly Close Her Shirt While Bending
Over; This JusT Ain't Always A Way it is in Newer Generations;

Namely Z and the Millennials, The College Crowd And Slightly Above
In Those Years of 2014 Thru 2020; Indeed, So Very Much Changed Since

The 80's of Front-to-Front Slow Dancing And Actual Kissing on the Dance Floor;

True, Yep It's a Lot More Like Bonobo Greetings Back to Front Often Initiated By

The Young Adult Crowd of Women There And in Some Cases Quite Aggressively
As Well Yet What's Most Common is They Don't Tend to Ask Permission to Get Very

Close in Grinding Dances With the Most Private of Public Parts; True Even if You Are An Otherwise

Happily Married Dude All Solo on the Dance Floor in a Way It's Truly Like Clothed 'Rape' Yet Not

in the Sense That

They Would Ever
Expect The

Behavior From
Back to Front As
An Affront AS Such;

True, i Never Complained
And my Wife Just Thought it Was
Hilarious as She Doesn't Have A Jealous Bone In Her Body

And She Knows Feels and Senses Who i am Through and Through

Loyal to the Point of Responding, No i Won't Come to Your After
Party When 5 Young Women Asked me to Party After the Dance

Or on the Very Last Dance Night Two Young Women Approached
me With Their Rears to my Front And Asked me For my Phone Number;

i Responded, Do You Have Any Idea How Old i am And Yes it was Kinda
Dark and They Said 35; So i Whipped out my Driver's License And Proved
to them that i was Born on 6.6.60 Just 3 Months Away Then From Age 60
on March 12, 2020; And Then i Showed 'em Pics of my Beautiful Wife Who

In Her Early
50's Now Just

Never Seems to
Age in Her Bikini
on my Facebook Page;

They Just Smiled and
Giggled and Took a Selfie
With me That i Still Have As
A Record of That Night as A
Participant Anthropology Observer AS Such...

A Key Here is Women Mostly Came In Groups and Felt Safe
That Way; And Indeed, Even Though There Was Some Clothed
Sowing and Reaping of Oats AS Such on the Dance Floor They

Most All Went Home Protected With Each Other on the Sidewalks
Back to Their Car Through the City Blocks in DownTown Pensacola, Florida;

Very Rarely When One Gets One of These 'Hit and Run' Grinding Dances is there
even Any Real interest to Catch Much Front-to-Front Eye Contact AS Such It's Just

(my Wife Said Wearing Shades to Cover my Light Green to Blue Changing Eyes hehe
Might be one Potential Birth Control Method of Not Piercing Windows of Souls AS Such)

Adult Play; Yep,

Sort of Like A
Bonobo Hand
Shake Below

in A Grinding Way;

And It's True Never in a Zillion
Years Would i Approach Any Stranger
of A Woman i Didn't Know And Take the
Liberty of Grinding All Up on Their Private Parts...

Yet It's So Strange Now to Them That Seemed Less Intimate

Than Face to Face Contact or Even A Hello my Name is 'Jane Doe'...

Everyone Gets Along For the Most Part on that Dance Floor All Those
6 Years i Studied it; And God Yes, There Was Plenty of Sexual Objectification

Going On Yet For the Most Part it Surely Wasn't Oppressive; Other than the Dudes

Who Asked me to Get in Their Group And Surround One of the Women Solo on the

Floor to Sort of Try to Force Them Into A Dance And That Seemed Very Oppressive to me

Although i Didn't Feel Oppressed At All From All the Free Standing "Lap Dances" AS Such;

i Can't Possibly Put
Myself in A Woman's

Shoes As It's Actually Not an
Experience i Ever Expected to Have
in Life; It's Sort of like the Movie 'Animal

House' And A Young Man Was Looking at a Playboy
Magazine And A 'Bunny' From A Parade Flew in Through

His Window And

He Said, 'Thank You God.'

For A Dude, When 6 or So Women
Surround Ya For An Ecstatic Dance

It's Just Doesn't Scare Ya Nearly as Much
As A Dude As A Woman Surrounded By 6 Dudes

Doing Exactly the Same Thing; Safety in Numbers, Safety in Numbers;

i Always Went Solo and Left Solo With A Few Pics to Record the Experience

For my Longitudinal Ongoing Poetic Research Paper on the Changing Condition of Humanity.

The Sexual Objectification of Women is Systemic, Particularly Since 'i Dream of Jeannie' Got to
Show Her Belly Button And 'Lucy And Desi' Didn't Have 'Twin Beds' in Their Bedroom; Back then

the Only Playboy Magazine
Around Was Yes the Panty
And Bra Section of the Sears
And Roebucks Catalog Hehe;
Yes in Red Hot Puberty You May Use

All Available Resources When All Is Hidden;

It is the Taboo That Makes the Most 'Stimulation'

And When it's Just A 'Bonobo Handshake' on the Dance Floor;

Interestingly, Younger Folks May Lose Interest in Even 'Doing it'...

Steak And Ice Cream;

Steak And Ice Cream;

Humans Are not Evolved
to Live With Constant Instant
Gratification; If Ya Wanna Really

Enjoy Life Dance Through the Fire of Less too...

Yet Again for me, A Poem From Someone May

Be More Intoxicating Than Any 'Bikini' Imaginable Yet

That's an Acquired Taste of 'Fine Wine' That Not All Develop...

i Tried to Explain to the Dudes Who Wanted me to 'Gang Up' and
Surround the Solo Women That if You Really Wanna Touch a Woman
in the Deepest Places Possible practice Becoming A Poet And Color the

Greatest Organ of all Human iMaGiNaTioN and Creativity Hand-in-Hand

Then There Are No Limits As Far As Size, Shape, And Color For A Poem May
Stand Tall For All Time When Time Goes Away And The Feelings Are Remembered Forevermore now...

And Other than that i Pretty Much Proved to them, if You Want Attention From Women, Do Your Own
Solo Dance Naked Enough Whole Complete As there is Nothing Much More Attractive to A Woman Than A Dude

Who is Totally
Fearless Yes to be
Newly Creative And Free...

(i Never took a Penny in that
Place; Never Offered to Buy a
Woman A Drink And Turned
Down Many Offers from the
Same as Alcohol Would Only
Dilute the Autotelic Flow and
Ecstatic Bliss of the Free Dance)

Anyway, the Notes i Took Those
6 Years Proved That Point Irrefutably So in Photographs, All 2000 and More;

And Remember, i Was the One Before Who was too Out of Sorts to Go into Walmart
And Walk by Myself Without my Wife at my Side as i Was Just That Uncomfortable in my own skin...

And Why? Always Attached to A Screen What's Left to become Embodied in A Free Dance And Song...

'They' Don't Usually Explain that in School/Work; A Danger of Becoming More the Tools We Use than Embodied
Fully Human For Real.... (Although There Were Some Warning Signs in the Engineering Classrooms
And Computer Labs to Get Out And Do Human too; i don't See those Warning Signs Anymore Now)

Truly, We LiVE iN An
Increasingly Smaller

Objectified World;

True About A Half
A Foot or So of
A Smart Phone World...

Thing is it's Like Being A Frog
in A Slow Boil; You May Forget Where You Are;
It's too Late, and Bang Bang Your Life is Spent...

BY A Woman on A Dance Hall Than Never Escape A Screen and Be Just the Tools i Use...

When i Was Shut-in And Sick for 66 Months i had no other Choice; Sadly We AS Humans
May Objectify Our Worlds Becoming Tools and Just LiVE iN A Representative Reality of What's

Even really real
More Fully

The Irony is
We May
And Oppress
Ourselves and Do
That Even in Sexual Ways
too Devoid of Humanity True...

i'm Old; 62, Gives me Perspective
From Before That Some Folks Likely
Don't Have at all Now; i See it When

Young Folks Glued on their Phones in
Customer Service Places Don't Even Look

Up to Acknowledge other Human Beings;

As That Becomes a New Customer Service Standard in So Many ways;

So Very Objective And Oppressive to All of What it Even Means to Be Human...

Modern Human Beings Currently Have Big Problems Materially Reducing Reality
As That Moves From Focusing on Female Body Parts to Body Parts on Screens AS Such...

How May We Measure the Potential Modern Consequences of this; True, Harvard studies
Showing 40 Percent of College Age Folks With Life Limiting Depression; And 60 Percent
of the Same With Life Limiting Severe Anxiety; When NDD Nature Deficit Disorder Comes
As A Modern Malady For Real Particularly As That Applies to Our Human Nature of Being
More Fully Embodied Regulating Emotions and Integrating Senses Generating our Own Joy Within;

Oh How We Become
Victims of Our Own
Oppression Transforming
Into the 'Porn oF ALL' The Tools We
Use That Sadly Have Become The Restricted Reality We Breathe...

Yes, When it Comes to Sexuality, Objectifying, And Oppressing Women
We've Got New Systematic Issues of Actually Systemizing Reality and Our

Own Human

Nature Out of
The Business
of Even Being
Flesh And Blood
Fully Embodied Where
'Someone Comes A Knocking'

Wanting to Come Back Home Within...

Ask Yourself Who That Someone Is; Hint: You, whoever you may be Now...

At the End of 19 Years of School, 3 Degrees at the Top of my Class in Part
in Tandem With 33 Years of Work For Pay What i Found Is i Was Mostly Ignorant

In the Most Important

of Human Intelligences

Innate, Instinctual, Intuitive Humanity;

Obvious being on the Autism Spectrum
Made me a 'Canary in A Coal Mine' that Way;

Yet It's True, it Surely is Not Just Limited to the
Autism Spectrum Now; As Honestly As Far as the
Stereotypes Go Now i'm the least Autistic Person i Know in the

'Real World' Except For Very Long Monologues Regarding my
Special Interests:
Being Human;

More Particularly,
Dancing Singing
Free IN JoY of Being i Am...

Oh A Beauty of Everyone Being Uniquely me
Oh A Beauty of Being Part of All That Is New
Oh A Beauty of Seeing All Parts Now Naked
To Be Beautiful
Indeed Dear Chaymaa
Is to Be the Unique Them
Us We You And me With SMiLes

ToGeTHeR Naked
Enough Whole

As Waves
Make Water
Ocean Whole SMiLes

Ocean Falling From
Skies Watering Waves
Of Us So CoLoRFuLLY NeW SuRPRiSinG...

We Systemize Life Now For
Order out of Chaos Truth Gold
Standard yet as Neuroscience
Shows We All Hallucinate
Our current Reality Based
On Past ExperienceS How
Easy We May Fall to
Matrix order of
Lies fed from
Birth the light
Or dark alternatively
We Will generate
Within Escaping
Matrix oF Lies
The Emperor’s
ClotheS in Deed
A Challenge for most...

A Day With no Electronic
Devices Air Conditioning
Only Fireplaces Real Living
Rooms Then And Yes Front
Porches WHeRE FRiEnDS
And Lovers Rule
Art of Flesh And
Blood Social
As the Mainstay
And LifeBread New
Of Human Loving
Giving Sharing
Caring Healling
For Each Other
New Now How Far
Away From or to Each
Other We All Have
Come Will Life
Giving Shaing
Caring Healing
Revive Our Breath
In SYMBoLS of Text...


Into Doors CLoSinG
Opening Opening...

Nature Works
Best Dancing
All In
Of Loving
Life Giving
Sharing Caring
Healing Freely...

Life is A 'Rorschach Test' Dear Sohair
At Best We Inhale Peace And Exhale

Love And Filter Our


Through That
Lens Moving
And Co-Creating
With Others Giving
Sharing Caring Healing Freely
With No Restraints Yet Again Life
is A Rorschach Test Dear Sohair

Where Some Filter Life Through
Soul Lens Who BREaTHE Life Inhaling
Fear Exhaling Hate Instead of Peace And Love...

Our Minds Co-Create Our Realities Based on Past Experiences
As This iS A Way Humans Adapt to Changing Environments

And At Least Survive Tooth and Nail And at Best Thrive For

All that is Good With Peace and Love ToGeTHeR Naked

Enough Whole Complete Yet It is Also True Our Environments

Old or New May Be Those of SCaRCiTiES WHere THere is Little

Water or Food or Even Reproductive Mates

Or Even Shelter From The Harsh

Weather Elements of the

Environment True

When Humans

LiVE iN Areas of SCaRCiTieS

They Become More Tribal Against
Those They Compete Against For Resources
to the Point That They Will Shed Empathy and
Compassion Aside And Harm And Rape And Maim

And Kill to Gain the Resources They Need to Survive

And of Course Religion Is Used As Means of Bonds and
Binds to Achieve The End Result of Survival As Humans Will Hold

Hands in Fear And Hate Or In Abundance of Balance NoW As Environments

Come Inhaling Peace ExhalinG Love NaTuRaLLY Birthing Loving Religions

Becoming A Tool For Peace and love For Bonding And Binding THiS Way

Or Fear and Hate As All Words Are Only Approximations Yes Forms/Metaphors for
The Essence Words Attempt to Mutually And Consensually in Understanding

Relate Yet As Is The Case With

Poetry There is Always

More Than One
View Now Each
And Every Word
And All the Words
That Come ToGeTHeR NoW Old And NeW

That Will Be Viewed as a Rorschach Test NoW
As Well Perhaps Taken Out of Context Completely

For What Was Intended Yes By The Original Authors

of the Words For It's True In The United States 'the Word
Jesus' Was Used At A Deadly Insurrection Against the Democratic
Process on January 6th, 2021, Yes The Bonds And Binds of Religion
Associated With Jesus Hung On Banners Flying in the Wind Where

A Gallows Was Constructed With Chants By The So-called 'Christian
Crowd' to Hang the Vice President For Not Helping to OverThrow

Democracy The Fact is This Will Happen With All Religions

For Those Who Experience Life Inhaling Fear and

Exhaling Hate It is Human Nature We Filter

Our Experiences Creating Mind

And Actions Associated

With Thoughts

And Symbols
We Co-Create WHere
Those Symbols NoW Will
Be Viewed Totally Different

From Fear Hate Through Peace and Love
Whatever Rains Most From Each Human Soul...

We Have Met The Beast And The Beast Is Us...

We May Not Blame Words For What Lives or

Dies As Soul Within Closer to Peace

And Love or Further Away

to the Hell of

Fear And Hate

i For one Choose

Heaven With SMiles

Dear Sohair Yet i am

Only Human And LiVE iN
Abundance Put me in Dry Rocky
Mountains With Not Enough to Eat
And Drink With Little Shelter

And Very Little Love if

Any at All to touch

And i Too Will

Change Like Any Other
Human to Survive It is the
Beast it is Human Nature Still Now

Both Shadows And Sunshine my FRiEnD

As We Nurture Love From Childhood As We

Feed And CLoTHE All With Shelter As We Provide

Avenues For Humans to Fulfill Human Potential

That is Still Associated With Peace and Love

In All Colors of Human Meaning and Purpose

We Don't Only Survive We Thrive Sadly

Nature isn't Fair Yes Some Folks

LiVE iN Heaven on EartH This
Way At This Very Moment

Or Hell


They may
Be As Close

to Each Other

As Sleeping in
The Same Bed

Differently That Way my
FRiEnD May Peace and
Love Become Greater Ways
May Peace and Love Become
The Way Yet Only When We All

Lift Each Other Up Higher As

Thunder Will Precede the

Lightening of Love



And Hate
And The Ignorance
That No Longer 'Sees'
Peace and Love to Be i Am

We Are

They Are

Us as Them
For Real LoVE NoW
Living Trees Shedding
Leaves of Peace Now and
Love For All to Come To Breathe...

Echoes of Thunder
Shall i Return or
Stay Away It’s
Not Complicated
Really it Rains it Rains
i Still Pray You Are Okay...

NoW iNTo
Doors CloSinG
Opening Opening

Rain Always Cares
Enough to Fall Again

After Thunder Invites Its Return...

Yet Rain Always Falls on itS own...

Ocean Reclaims Its Healing Touch...

Last First Humans Who Love iT (GoD) All....

Oh Dear Lord Dear Cindy i’m
Entirely Too Sweet For Frosting
Yet As Katrina Tells The
Waitresses When They
Try Their Best to
Persuade me
iNTo Dessert
She Says Oh No
He’s As Hyperactive
As A Two-Year-Old You
Overload Him on Sugar
And You Take Him Home
And Deal

With Him

He Goes
To Sleep Hehe
Yep Should Be
Criminal For Someone
As Old as me To Have

So Much
Sweet Energy HAha
You Are Very Sweet
And Energetic too

Dear FRiEnD Wedding
Bells Coming So Very Soon
Do Dance Sing So Verily Free...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Hell Verily is A Place of Only Time
True Total Disconnection From All That is Away From
All Feelings Senses Paper Thin Existence the Living Dead For

Real Without
A Breath of
God Within
it Seems of
Love At All For
Life Just Another
Thousand Years in One Second
oF ALL Time in Pain and Numb

Alternately in The Other Place
The Hour Glass The Grain of Sand

And Up And Down is A Same Place As
FRiEnDS With GravitY iN LoVE With LiFE
DarK Thru LiGHT Forevermorenow Sea

Gull Wings

Spiraling around
Sun Transforming
Dance into Free Song

So Much Different

From A 'Poe
Raven And



Dear FRiEnD

A CLocK With Only Hands
Void oF ALL HeART SPiRiT SoUL For Real

A Most Salient Part is None oF iT is Myth it is All Real Now
One Human May Be Living iN Hell and the Other iN Heaven

In Two Totally Different Places in the Same Home And Room
And Yes Bed too Where A Hug is As Far Away AS God Breathes For Real
No Matter How Much Others Try to Love The Living Dead ON EartH mY FRiEnD...

How Blessed How
Blissed to Understand
The Reality of Both Places
And The Empathy and Compassion

That Comes From the First Bleeding Over into the Second

With Sweat And Tears That Equal Blood of Love to Give Away Free...

Catholic Mass Readings From September 18th 2021 As My Own
Personal Version of An EPiC Longest Long Form Poem Bible Celebrates
A 109th Month Anniversary Date And 10.9 MiLLioN Words To Go Along

With Those Dates Yes "SonG oF mY SoUL" Shores STiLL EXPaNDinG

So What About the Mass Readings

You Can't Expect to Serve ONLY Materially

To MoVE iNTO More of Our
Social Empathic Artistic Real
Spiritual Feeling Sensing
Emotional Way of Right
Hemisphere Mind of Life
FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing
Mind and Body Whole Soul Truly
Surviving And Thriving NoW iN Heaven
WiTHiN For Those Who Make A SoUL

As Part
of All That
is God Love
For All DarK
Thru LiGHT New
Now Constantly Changing
Creating As Every Wave of
Water Makes Ocean Whole Skies

Rain Down to make us Green FLoWeRinG AGAiN

iNDeeD All oF Existence is Real And God Love THiS WaY
MaGiC Miracle Women and Or Men We All Are THiS Way For Real

Particularly if We Become Essence of LoVE ALLoWinG ESSeNCE

of Love Giving
Sharing Caring
Healing In All We
Do Coming Out of
the DarK iN Even Newer
Colors NoW oF LiGHT to Paint
Our Christmas TREE ALWaYS UP WiTHiN...

Other than that it's About 3:33 AM if i Don't Get
Some Sleep i'll Likely Be Late For the Homily
Given By Someone Else At Least Hehe and A Nicene

Creed AGAiN
Yet It's True
i Never Take a
Day Off Particularly
For Play of LoVE iN LiGHT With More Colors at Least...




KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 63
Gender: Male
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19 Sep 2022, 2:08 am

A Long Way HoMe
No Longer Yes FRiEnDS
With GravitY iN Free FLoWinG
All Above All Below New Now
All WiTHiN Inside Outside Yes
All Around 'Interbeing' We aRe
i Am
Dear Savvy
Balancing New Now
Change Ever More Being i Am...

Hehe i
Have to Go
See “The Movie”
Be “The One”
No One
Will Play
Be Wind
Air Water
Ever Beginning
Change Be Nature...

Peace Brings Fearless Love
As i Love To Dance And Sing
So Over And Over Again in Breath
Dear Chaymaa Inhaling Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All With Least Harm

WHere A Long
Way Home New Is

As Close NoW As Moving
Connecting And Co-Creating
All ToGeTHeR Dancing Singing
Freely Naked Enough Whole Complete...

Oh Dear Lord It's Five O' Clock
SoMeWHeRe WHeRe TiME And
Sleep Practically Don'T EXisT HeHe

In The Space Tween Breath And No
Breath i Spent A Day And Night in that
Place HeART Beat No Longer Synching With Blood

Pressure So Much More Just All Worn Out Yet Yes It's

True No Matter What We Do Dust in the Wind Continues

To Float on the Long Way Home Best We May Do Is Be the Wind

And Set Ourselves Free As Dust Doesn't Look Back it Only Becomes

The Wind and

Always Free

At Least Eternally
Now Dear Miriam As

We May Become Wind too
Wings And Eternal Now in FLiGHT

True Dust Eventually Settles Down

Yet there is Always the Possibility

That A Random Soup May Be

Stirred into Star Lit
Nights And Days

That Never
End Again
At Least
Eternally Now
With SMiLes Do
Find This Place Do
BREaTHE Do Be Wind New
Let Your Dust Be Free to Wind Again Now
On the Long Way Home Always Beginning New...

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha Nice
To Hear Deep Soul of Your Poetry
All the Colors SHades of Grey to
BLacK Abyss That May Come to Life

Always Better Than Repressing the
Darkness So Far Away From Light As

Shadows EXPReSSinG Art May Tempt
Sunshine Within to Come Exposed Free

Once Again to BREaTHE Truly You've
Captured A Soul Lost Finding In This Poem

And Surely With Empathy And Compassion
Whether it is Us or Not
As Subject of the Poem

We Will Feel the Pain
And Extend A Hand
of Comfort Where

Warmth May
Be Tempted to
Return on the Long Way Home to Love
Again or Perhaps For The First Ever Warmth WiTHiN...
Anyway Nice to See You On Word Press Again Dear Young
Indian Poet FRiEnD With SMiLes Let Your LiGHT Shine Free...

SMiles For
All You
Dear Savvy...

You Too my
FRiEnD Spring
A Tune of
Life With
No Ending
Now “The Long
Way Home” Hehe
Like A “SuperTramp”...

Naked Enough Whole Complete GLoRY FLoWeR
RoDeO iN The GaRDeN oF EdeN FoR ReaL Bees Do It Too

iNKinG Blood Words CoMe
Organic DaNCinG SinGinG
Balancing MinD

SMiLes Ms. Hugs Thanks
For Always Accepting the
Alien of me And Feel too i
Will Always Do For You too...

As Long
Souls Dancing
To OPen
THiS WaY iN Art...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Beautiful
Song And i Do Agree

God is Like the

Wind There

Is no Imprisoning

The Wind in Any
Made Human Jar...
And While We
Don't See the
Wind We Verily
Do FeeL it Surrounding All...

Hehe i've Literally
Made A Lifelong
Art of Relaxing
Now Hehe Need
i Dance And Sing More
Every Move Holy Dance
Every Word Sacred Song

Hehe it Matters Not it
All Feels Great So i Do
It All With No Haste Just
Waves on the Ocean Gently
Falling Rising Nothing New Under
The Sun Other Than Ocean Naked Enough
Whole Complete me Just Water And Air As True i Shine

ThiS Way WiTHiN No Matter Weather or SeASoNS It's Always
FiVE O'-Clock Getting Off-Time When i Truly LiVE And BREaTHE
LiFE iN Effortless FLoWinG Ease Just Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE For

Another Great
Work of Read Hehe...

LeSSoN 441
A Place Where Real
Royalty Comes From
Empathy Compassion Loves

True i Don’t Feel Real Princes
And Princesses Are Only Born into Royalty

All the Empathy Compassion Loving Takes Real
Life Practice And Experience True i Might Be Only
A Frog And You Might Only Turn me into Prince Charming

With Only Words
Of Kindness and
Not Even A Kiss Hehe
Yet SMiles Will Surely Shine
On A Crown For Real As Toads Turn
Into Princes When Real Indian Princesses
Who Come From Not Much Wealth Yes Do Provide
A Rising Shine of SMiLes For FRiEnDS ThiS Way

True Just A Frog Getting Raised in a Shot-Gun Three
Room Home on the River Front Bank Down Town my Grandmother
Living There Us Living There too in Breakfast In America the Long
Way Home of The River Front Child Who Could Not Speak until 4

And my Grandmother Born on September 13th, 1903 First Woman to
Wear Slacks Selling Auto Parts At A Dealership During World War 2
And Yes Walking to Work As A Waitress in the Decade of Her 50’s
Waitressing 12 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week For That Decade of
Her Life to Continue to make a living After Raising 3 Girls As
A Divorced Mother And Sadly Her Mother Dying From Breast
Cancer She Had to Quit School to Help Her Father Raise
Her Two Sisters on Her Father’s Farm As After Working
A Decade Waitressing All Worn Out Delivering Breakfast,
Lunch, And Dinner to America in Our Small Town then

True my Mother Helped to Support Her Then As She
Became a Divorced Mother and We all Lived on the
River Front By The Train Trestle Echoes of The Train
Whistle And Freight Trains Shaking Our Home on
Concrete Blocks to the Core of Stability Then

True A Distant Echo of A Train Whistle is like
A Faint Echo of A Hellooove And A SMiLe Still
to Inspire As my FRiEnDS Then in College Feasted
on French Fries in Burger King i Wasn’t even Royal
Enough to Afford French Fries Yet my Grandmother Always
Had Breakfast In America Served At Our Home at Lunch During
Junior College Years As A Warmest Place to Find New Waitress
FRiEnDS Is Anywhere Breakfast in America is Served And True We
Tip Ever Single one As if my Grandmother Still Works As Waitress

With Customer
Service With a Smile

It’s True Every Waitress is
A Princess and And Every Short
Order Cook Hehe is A Prince or
A Princess to Serve Breakfast in America

Taking the Long Way Back Home to Love
Where Truest Royalty is Always From Love For Real

Hehe i Wrote Something Like This Early This Morning
And My iPhone Crashed as i Ran Out of Storage Space
Hehe No Surprise with all that i do on that THING HAha

Anyway i Decided to Make it into Almost A Life Story As
True At Best We All Have a Story of Life That Glues Us All ToGeTHeR


Oh Dear Lord It's Five O' Clock
SoMeWHeRe WHeRe TiME And
Sleep Practically Don'T EXisT HeHe

Peace Brings Fearless Love
As i Love To Dance And Sing
So Over And Over Again in Breath
Dear Chaymaa Inhaling Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All With Least Harm

WHere A Long
Way Home New Is

As Close NoW As Moving
Connecting And Co-Creating
All ToGeTHeR Dancing Singing
Freely Naked Enough Whole Complete...

Hehe i
Have to Go
See “The Movie”
Be “The One”
No One
Will Play
Be Wind
Air Water
Ever Beginning
Change Be Nature...

A Long Way HoMe
No Longer Yes FRiEnDS
With GravitY iN Free FLoWinG
All Above All Below New Now
All WiTHiN Inside Outside Yes
All Around 'Interbeing' We aRe
i Am
Dear Savvy
Balancing New Now
Change Ever More Being i Am...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,431

20 Sep 2022, 1:09 am

Love is The Flow
The River That
Flows Upward
True in Peace
Dear Savvy
Balancing SoUL
HeART No Longer Fears
SPiRiT Up or Down With SMiLes...

All Wonderful Quotes For Growth
Dear Chaymaa i'll Just Add If THere
Is No Mountain to Climb i Will Build One

It'S How We Stay in Sunshine
And Sleep Tight

Hehe True Before
i Go To Sleep i am

So Tired i Can Hardly

Move my Feet So True

i Have no Problem Falling Asleep

And When i Wake Up Another Mountain

i Build
To Continue
CLiMBinG As Sunshine Again...

Good Vibrations Frequencies oF UNiVeRSaL Energies
LoVinG CoMinG

iNCaRNaTE ENeRGY CREaTiNG FoRM Yep 'God' All of Us After
That IT May GeT aLL Fuzzy HeHe Like 'Big Foot' Or Whatever i AM too HAha

ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTinG FoRM Reality Is We aRe Essence Of ReaLiTY
Incarnate Energy Creating Form True iN A Way That's Good News

Ah Yes Dear Miriam Always A Trade-Off of Safety Versus Freedoms
For Societies to Continue to Potentially Exist and Flourish too

Even Where i Live It's Not Quite the 'Andy Griffith Show'
With 'Leave it to Beaver Neighborhoods' Where Children

Like me Felt Free to Ride Our Bicycles All Around Town
As there Wasn't Any Scary Halloween Internet Channel

To Warn About What is Happening on the Other Side
of the Country As Such in Pockets Here and There of

Real Present And Danger Yet Still the Chances
Like Getting Hit By Lightening in So Many

Instances of the Struggle For Feeling
Safe and Exercising our Rights to

Ride Our Bicycles Still All

Around Town Even As
Adults Now As Truly
Not A Great Idea

With Folks Driving
Big Hunks of Metal
Operating Smart Phones
Instead of Their Minds and
Bodies All Embodied YES ( F O C U S NoW ) For
Real ON What they Are Frigging Really Doing

Yet It's True Most People Don't Worry About The
Overall Dangers of Driving Being A Worst Possible
Danger Any Of Us Do in Life and True Sitting A Lot
'They' Warn is Like Smoking A Pack of Cigarettes

As the Whole Damned Society At Least Ain't Going
Up in Smoke Like That Now With Tail Pipes of Carbon Monoxide
Back in my 'Forrest Gump Running Days' on the Highways After
i No Longer Am the 'Highway Bicycle Man' Back Then SMiles i've

Never Felt And Sensed Safer in my Entire Faith in Life What i Pay Most
Attention to Now is Driving as i Realize That is Still the Most Dangerous

Part of my Life

Yet of Course

i'm a Numbers

Guy And My Wife 'Paid
The Price' With the Family
Budget Hehe Until i Retired
And She Inherited it All And Now i Just Play...

She Loves the Control of the Money to Hell
With That Now for me at Least Hehe There Are

So Many Paths to HeLL ON EartH That Are Illusory
And Actually Plain Silly Yet So Very Sad So Very True iN DarK

And NO DOUBT i'm STiLL LEarning And no Doubt Change is An Only Truth...

Wonderful Metaphors of Sunflowers
For the 'Circle of Life' That Always
Includes Death Brings Life As True

Even At Core of Crucible Star Death Fire

As Super Nova Explosions Create Gaseous Star
Dust That Includes Iron That Still Flows Through

Our Bloodstreams and at Core of Earth Dear Akshita

What This Means is Every Star is Both a Seed and FLoWeR

That Brings Death and Life Same As We Do If We Don't Hoard our
Dead in Boxes
Or Burn Away
What Normally
Feeds the Little
Worms that Aerate
The Soils That Make
Grounds Suitable to Grow
Life to Feed Us Next For Real
Fortunately The Other Animals
Don't Really Have to 'Know' Their
Place in Life As Real Faces of God From
Below A Grain of Sand That Holds up a Potential

Mountain of Human Love Too And It's True This
Metaphor is Applicable to Sleep and Wake Day And Night
Yes DarK Brings LiGHT As Star Flowers and Seeds We aRe This
Way As Natural Sunshine Replaces Grief in Terms of Dopamine
of Creativity Rising Inspiring Us to Seek Out New Sources of Love

To Regenerate A Neurohormone of Bonding Binding Loving Warmth
Once Again Coming From Within Gluing All of Society Together Who

Participate in Bonds and Binds Over Common Symbols and Ideologies

Hehe Like Funeral Rites And Ceremonies too So in a Way That is Part

of the Circle of Life too It's Just That Humans Have Cultures That

May Bring us Hell to Heaven on Earth Within For Real Yes too

Anyway Star Flowers and Seeds We aRe at Best We Naturally

Generate Warmth Sunshine of Love As Our Mammalian

Gift of High Potential Levels of Oxytocin

the Neurohormone Brings Oh Yeah

Vasopressin That Inspires

Us From Within

To Protect Others too
Typically Women Generate
More Oxytocin More Nurturing
At Breast to Feed Young As Such
Like All Mammals And Males More
of the Vasopressin in Humans Particularly
to Protect Loved Ones this way Key is Developing

Both For All Of Existence Realizing DarK Brings LiGHT

Truly Having This Faith in the Nature oF All That is Our Existence New Now
Our Culture Makes So Many Distractions some folks never gain the ability
to Simply Inhale Peace Exhale Love in Fact Some Folks Live in a State of

Constant Flight
or Fight Anxiety
And Stress Oh Poverty

Of Truly Innately Instinctually
Intuitively Understanding Yes

Our Nature Now and the Rest
Of Nature Yes NDD 'Nature Deficit
Disorder' Particularly A 'First World
Problem' Forgetting We aRe Literally
The Energy of Existence At Essence
Bringing Form Incarnate as Us SaMe

As the Rest of Nature of Course Yes

When We Lose Fuller Free Dance And Song
of the Feelings And Senses Free Within We May

Actually Experience a Living Death As Star Flowers
And Seeds All the Way Until Our Last BLink And We Fade
Away As Star Dust Literally Burning Away Like That or Until
The Boxes that Hold Us Degrade and Bones Remain ThiS Way

Until They too Become the Last ReMeMBeRinG of Our Star FLoWeRS

And Seeds THiS Way Until Our Star Dies and is Resurrecting Back
Again As the Circle oF All Existence Stellar Does As We Do Within

While Living
As Our Challenge
Is Always to Overcome
DarK With LiGHT However

Without DarK No LiGHT Without
NiGHT No DaY Without Death No Life

So the Circle of Life Continues This Present
Gift New Now With SMiLes of Love And Protecting
Each Other From Harm At Best For Real Oh How Sweet
it is That Humans May Develop The Actual Ability to Regulate
Our Emotions Integrate Our Senses Through Practices of Moving
Meditation of Free Dance And Song Of Poetry And Yes Through
That Bio-Feedback BRing A Will to Agency to Create Our Own

Sunshine Within
to Give Share
Care Heal
the Rest of
Nature Inhaling
Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For Real
So Hello Dear Star FLoWeR Seed
Have a Wonderful Life At Best YouR Way...
Other than That Thanks For the 'Sunshine' of Your Poem...

Oh Signs New God Dance
Sing Free Butterfly Winds
Effect Affect NoW GoD
iNto LiGHT...

Oh eyes of beauty
you look so deep
Oh eyes of beauty
you look so long
Oh eyes of beauty
you always give
care share heal
Oh eyes of beauty
Light's TRUE Love
Oh eyes of beauty
iNHaLinG Peace
only belong
to the one
and no
one no
no one
will take
that away
Live as i after i
That i onLY LoVES...

Studying Archaeology at the
University as part of my
Anthropology Degree
Along With Degrees
in Social Sciences
And Health Science
Way BacK in '83
And Spending
a Summer
as an actual
Digging and Lab
Bagging Research
Associate in Archaeology
and by the way Hellooove
HiMaLi it surely ended up being
a whole lot different than 'Indiana
Jones' versus really great finds
Of Antiquity as you share 'Lothal
in India in this photo presentation'
as HiMaLi Peacefully too in Fun
Pictured along as tour guide with
the ancient
and for
all to see
and it's interesting
really how connected
the human race is in browner
skin of the furthest nomad reach
for greater fertile areas for subsistence
and population growth as India is such a
tropical and fertile place where there is plenty
of water available to drink priority number
one particularly when it is
not polluted and
it's not
so much
that India
is outpacing
Population yet the abundance
of the fertile area gave the peoples
of India a head start in population way
Back then of course with areas in China too..
Truly the most Ancient of Civilizations as humans
who live in abundance do tend to thrive more than
those who are afraid to move out of the cave in harsher
areas of scarcity as A Garden of Eden is always left right
to be found..
that in every
which way and
loose it comes
in human freedoms now too
Namaste at they say too for
when one lives in abundance HiMaLi..
God is in Abundance thru all of Nature True...


SMiLes Ms. Hugs hehe..
i Remember what it
Was like to Work
For Pay hehe
You Welcome
me Into Your Blog
Home hAha That
Is Always Gift Enough
For me to just Be Free
And Yuck no longer
Work For Green
Leaves of
Free Much
Better For
And Yes As me...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
A Mask Without tears
May indeed Be More
Painful than Life Giving
Tears of Mercy
For Our
in Darkness
Life Brings
The River
of Soul
in this way
For Those Who
See For Giving
Thanks Giving
Within Most mY FRiEnD...

Thanks i Really Love
Reading Through Your
Comments It’s So much
more Than The Typical
Grind of Serial Likes
And Follows Now on
WordPress Lacking
A Town Square of
Humanity Really
Touching Each
Other Interacting
Yep The Essence
Of That And This
Heaven Below
Kudos Keep Up
Your Great
Art Of Life
How Great
Thou Art
With SMiles...

It’s A Huge
Best of
Wishes to You...

Oops i Made That
Last Comment Last
Instead Of First HeaR...

Ah Yes That is
What “They” Say
They Feel me like
Free Drugs When
i Dance Sing Free
A Real Blast From
6.6.60 True Many
Of Us Come From
Big Bangs That Way
The Doc Said i Was
Conceived on Or About
The 21st Of September
Around The Fall Equinox
Of 1959 Inducing Labor
Two Weeks Early So He
Could Go On Vacation
So It Was Only A Coincidence
i Got A Christian Devil’s Birthday
Date on my Driver’s License
Hehe True 33 Years Ago
On September 21st
During Love Bug
Season in 1989
me And my Soon
To Be Wife Decided to
Let’s Really Get Together
On September 21st So Yes
Even Though No New
Multi-Uni-Verse Was
Created From That
Blast From The
Past Even “Earth,
Wind, And Fire” Memorialized
September 21st AsKinG, “Do
You Remember The 21st
Of September,” Anyway
That’s What i Feel
Is The Meaning
Of That Song
Still Available
For Free Like
me on YouTube
Too Yet Mostly in
Hundreds Of Voyeur
Videos on Face Book
As Typically Others
Volunteer Willingly
To Make Social
Media Pennies
Off The
Cow of
my Dance
It Matters Not
to me my Delicious
Pay is SMiles And
The Occasional
Standing Lap
Top Dance
For Free
Hehe Yet my
Wife Doesn’t Let
(To The Metro Dance Hall)
me BooWho Go Anymore Not
Because Of The Grinding
Gifted Free Hip Dances
Yet She Is Afraid A New
Variant Of COVID will
Capture me And Not
Let Go You Know
How The Love
Bug Goes
Have A
Nice Day
Dear FRiEnD
And all That
Jazz it’s All
About The
From Head To
Toe Do Remember
The 21st Of September
Today The 19th Of
September is my
110th Month Date
Anniversary of Getting
Out of Real HeLL ON EartH
For 66 Months Where Every
Second Was A Thousand
Years Of Pain And Numb
With 19 Medical Disorders
Including the Real Assessed
Suicide Disease Type Two
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Yes The Worst Pain
Literally Assessed
As Worse Than the
Pain Of Crucifixion
From Wake to Sleep
No Drug Would
Touch Shut-In
my Bedroom
For 66 Months
True Before i Did
‘Neo’ i Did “The Phantom
Of The Opera,” “The Hunchback
Of Notre Dame,” And “JeSuS
F in Christ” on A “Cross” For
66 Months True That
Birthdate Ended Up
Being a Real “Omen”
Indeed This is Where
i Come From my FRiEnD
i Feel All The World’s Pleasure
And Pain In Little Old me

The Original
Jesus Story
So Fortunate
To only Have
To Go “There”
For A 3 Hour To
3 Day Tour With
A Get out of Jail
Free Card Being
The Boss’s Son
As That old Story
Goes Yep John 14:12
And Luke 17:21 Applies
To Both Heaven And

i Still
The 21st of September

And Now You May Understand
Who i Am And Actually Feel

i Come
From Now And
Staycation New
Savoring Every
Breath Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG Love
Shalom mY FRiEnD With

SMiLes A Greatest Gift
Now to Celebrate This

PreSent Gift

SMiles i’ve Come
To An Age WHere
Reality is More
Amazing Than
Any Movie
i’ve Ever Been
An Audience of
It’s Like A Beer Now
Hehe only Watering
Down Paradise
When Oz Is
Real And The
Wizard And
No Clothes
To Play Naked
Enough Whole
Complete i’ll Probably
See The New “Avatar”
Movie Yet The ones i’ve
Tried Like The New
“Matrix Movie”
Would Have
Better Been
Spent Wearing
Shades Public
Dancing Doing
Neo, The Architect,
And The Oracle For Real
In No Necessary “Order”

i No Longer
Enjoy “Representations”
Of Reality Feels too Much
Like Paying A Stripper

For A Show
When it’s
Free For Real...

All Wonderful Quotes For Growth
Dear Chaymaa i'll Just Add If THere
Is No Mountain to Climb i Will Build One

It'S How We Stay in Sunshine
And Sleep Tight

Hehe True Before
i Go To Sleep i am

So Tired i Can Hardly

Move my Feet So True

i Have no Problem Falling Asleep

And When i Wake Up Another Mountain

i Build
To Continue
CLiMBinG As Sunshine Again...

Love is The Flow
The River That
Flows Upward
True in Peace
Dear Savvy
Balancing SoUL
HeART No Longer Fears
SPiRiT Up or Down With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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21 Sep 2022, 2:56 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Dancing
Singing Spirals New of Moonlit
Subconscious Minds Connecting
Together Globe Wide in an Online

HiVE NoW MaKinG Night Into Day

Breath Into Song Dance

Returning Wisdom



SPiRaLinG Dancing Singing
Real iNDeeD With SMiLes...

YeaH It's True Hehe
i Half A Have Way
Ass of Doing it too

"I’d rather be a spokesperson on its behalf"
Yes As Gatorade Went Up Double i Halved my

Consumption At the Gym And in Doing So i've
Probably Trimmed Down A Bit As Those Drinks

Are So Much More Sugary Than The Blue Can Coke Zero

Hehe That Reminds me Choose the Red or Blue Can i Choose

The Green One
Dear Miriam Now STiLL NeW
Yes Indeed Still The One Now

That's Totally Free And Fresh

True It Has No Can WiTH SMiLes
Only Will Do it Free Of Course Again...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Wow! 60 Great Quotes To Brush
Mental Health As Kinder Painting For All Of Us As Science
Shows A Number one Way Out of Poverty of Soul Is to
Go Out of Our Ways in Existential Angst to Strengthen

Our Social Connections And For me at least Yes
Respecting All the Differences of Humans Best
i Can And Will For Free And Yes For me Treating
Every Part of Reality Including Human Beings As
A Real Face of God Of All That is Now For Real

As i Remember Back in my Working Years Most
Everyone in A Headquarter's Building For A Military
Station Was So, So Very Stressed They Just About
Wanted to Quit Yet There Was One Smiling Face Who

Still Offered Kindness Who Was No Part of the Stress At All
And that Was A Contract Intellectually Challenged Human Being
Who Did the Janitor Duties in the Building Who had no Disability
At All When it Came to A Smile of Human Kindness Every Where He Cleaned

The Executive Officer Said It's Just not Fair He Said He Is Always So Happy
it Seems For No Reason At All Yet It's True my FRiEnD Again As Science

Shows He Put everyone
Else As Number One
As The Giving Became
The Receiving of the Smile He Gives

And Wow What A Valuable Lesson He
Served for me too as it is Often the So-called
Folks In High Positions Who By Rising Have Fallen
too Low to Smile Naked Enough And So Whole Complete

Other than that It Used to Take A Hurricane For Us To Get
to Know our Neighbors in Working Years That Never Ventured
Far Enough to Meet Someone in Our Neighborhood Block Where

All the Houses Seem Empty As We May Have No Connections with
Humans Within SMiLes now that i Don't Have to Work and Only Play
i Do A Slow Dancing Walk Around the Block Each Morning And Now i
Have Warm Connections With Humans in Almost Each And Every Home

And True Now the Homes When i See them Are Flavored Wth the Personalities
Actually Living Breathing Within No Longer Just Bricks Corner Stones of Souls They Are...

Oh Goodness Dear Akshita
i Can't Possibly Qualify i Most
Often Read About Characters A Longest
Way Away From Modern Days Like the Likely
Fictional Stories Attributed to A Pen Name of
Lao Tzu, Buddha, Socrates, And Even Jesus
As If He Did Live He Never Wrote A Written

Word Of His Life
Story Never the Less
Even if the Books are Myths
And yes i've Read the Really Long
One Where Krishna Was A Star of the
Story And Kali And Shiva too And So

Many Others Stories That Bring Myths
With Truly Deep Wisdom of Humanity ACross
The Centuries With Common Truths Like Golden
Rules that Do Least Harm too Other than That Yes i

Do Have Some Favorite Book Covers from 2020-2021
You've Probably Read Scanning So Many From Barnes
And Noble Every Sunday Afternoon When i Go To Read
A Book For Free Dancing Listening to Meditative Music
of my ChooSinG Most Often Associated With Philosophies
Around the World Yet True Some of the Art Work Is Profound

And i Borrow
it For What i
Do too Hehe
And Make it
Part of my Word
And Picture Story too...
Other Than That i Really
Have No Idea What's Underneath
The Book Covers Yet They Often Provide Overviews...

When i First Came to the "Wrong Planet Website," Designed
As A Support Site for the "Neuro-Diverse" Among Us; And
Others Who Care to Participate; the Person Whose Intelligence i admired

The Most, Had Nothing to Do With Standard I.Q., And Everything to Do With
A Kind of Intelligence i Was Sorely Lacking in then, Scoring a 45 on the Simon
Baron Cohen, Autism Quotient (AQ) Scan For Autism; Albeit Not A Specific Diagnostic Tool;

True, The Kind of Intelligence i Lacked With my Stellar Mechanical Systemizing Intelligence Was
That of "Social Empathic, Imaginary And Creative Intelligences," Better Related to William Blake And "To see a World
in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour."

Indeed, That's What 'Cockney Rebel' Did With "Sweet Peas;" God Yes, i Wanted the Wonder and Amazement,
The Eyes of A Three Year-Old Child Before He Could Speak At Age 4; Living on the Riverfront Gazing
Across the River to the Forest With A Clear Innate, Instinctual, And Intuitive Understanding Deep

Within in Right Hemisphere Ways of Processing Existence That i Am the Leaf That Greens the
Tree that Browns, Falls, And Feeds the Soul Of Soils For New Green Flowering Life For Summer

'Forest Bathing' Delight; Or

Perhaps Seeing

'Heaven In A Sweet Pea;'

i Understood Vaguely the Opaque
Window i Lived Behind, Not Able
To Generate Heaven Within this Way;

i Just Wanted to Escape Back to the
Eyes and Ears of that Three-Year-Old
Child to Be the Leaf and The Forest Whole Once again;
Waves, Water, Ocean Whole, All the Jazz That Comes with

Unity DArK Thru


With No more
Duality Now of
Thinking Trapped
in A Data Download
Mind From 19-Years Spent
Close to the Top of the Class
At School, Earning Three Degrees at Once;
Eventually, Earning High Pay For Retirement
Through Information Technology and Financial
Management Skills Yet Not Unlike the "Dead Poet's

Society" And the Advice There, i Never Learned How
to Rip All the Rules Out of 'the Book' And Begin Again in

Wings Unleashed and Set Free Of Original IMaGiNaTioN And CREaTiViTY;

i Ace All 'These Silly Online IQ Tests' As They Cater to Ego For Some Kind of Financial Gain;

They Aren't Worth Any 'Salt of the Earth For Real' And On Top of that the Licensed Clinical Social
Worker And Psychotherapist Who Treated me in a real 66 Month Shut-in Hell of an "Autism Burnout"
Who Diagnosed me With Asperger's Syndrome Along With 3 Other Professionals, Diagnosing my Sister
too in middle Age; Yes, She Assessed my IQ off the Charts As It's true There is NO Empirical Measure for

the Kind of
That Cockney
Rebel Expresses

in Terms of What i was Missing
Most When i First Came to This
Internet Site on Thanks Giving Day of 2010;

The Other Side of the AQ Scan Indeed; i Searched
Really Deep to Seek it; i Found it and Now Personally

i Finally Don't Feel Lost Like i Can't Get Out of a Paper-Bag;
A Labyrinth of Abstract Constructs From School Designed to
Continue to Make the Tools of Culture And Yes Maintain them

As Cogs in 'the Machine' So Far Away From my Nature Naked, Enough, Whole
Complete; Yes, Embodied With Emotional Regulation And Sensory Integration

That Arts of Life From Moving Meditation to Painting Can And Will Bring; Yes, i See
the Most Amazing Part of Cockney Rebel's Intelligence is Most of it is "Off the Charts."

It's True, Not too Long ago, A Really Smart Standard IQ Guy Suggested i Was "Off;" True, in these

Terms it's
A Badge
of Honor
i Wear of
Being Fully
Embodied in Joy For Real...

(True, Now Actually i'm Turned
Totally And Fully On For Real)

Other than that Systemizing
Intelligence, Secured a Lot of Wealth
For me, Where i Don't Have to be A Starving
Artist; i get to Bring Smiles to People's Faces
All Around my Metro Area and the Globe Now for

Those Who Have Eyes and Ears Still to Appreciate
A Free Dance And Song of Life...

Cheers! to "Sweet Peas!"

Cheers! to Those Who
'See And Hear' With More
Than Just Materially Reduced;
Yes, Restricted Left Hemisphere

Ways of Organs of Eyes and Ears;

Cheers to the Systemizers too; as
True They Have Designed These Bones of the Online
Hive and i and Others Get to Add the 'Flesh and Blood'...

We All Play A Vital Role in Both A Surviving and Thriving Hive;

Do Both If you
Can And Will; Just A
Suggestion From Someone
Who Checked Out A Book on
"How To Be Creative," A Dozen And More Times in College Not Realizing

That It's Not Something You Do According to Instructions or Rules...

Like What Socrates Related, It's When You Lose 'Your Mind' And
The 'Daemon Within' Comes to LiGHT of Original Creativity For Real...

It's True 'i Know
Nothing' Now i am
Always Beginning
To Create From New...

It takes Quite A Bit of Standard
IQ to Understand the Research of Iain
McGilchrist, Oxford Scholar, Psychiatrist,
And Mind Researcher, Who Has Written a
1500 Page Book With Close to 600,000 Words

("The Matter With Things")

In Total Exploration of the Human Mind as that Applies
to the Processes of Left Hemisphere and Right Hemisphere
Ways of Processing Reality; Yet If You Don't Wanna Read the Book;

He's on the 14th Volume Now, Summarizing it New on His YouTube
Channel that Doesn't Have Any of those Annoying Ads to Sell Solar Panels, hehe...

It Only Affirms The Way i Found my Way Out of the Labyrinth of Super High Standard IQ Before;
So Restricted in Left Hemisphere Ways of Materially Reducing the Nature of Reality and My Free Nature too...

Honestly, As far as
i Process Life Now;

It's the Difference
Between Black And White

TV And A Forest Full Of
Colorful FLoWeRS Truly ALiVE And Breathing...

Or A Field Full of 'Sweet Peas' From Another View From Within...

Other than that i Learned More About Being Wild and Free From
A Feral Cat We Took In than 19 Years of School and 33 Years of Work For Pay;

Somehow, i Managed to Get Rid of my Allergy to Cats And The 'Call of the Wild' for Real...

PS: There Was Also A Flowing Creative Story Telling Ability of a User Named "Inventor" too;

True then, i Was One of Few
Who Could Understand Him;

Yet It's Also True As A Child i Was
Of the More Non-Verbal Hyperlexic
Gillberg Criteria of Asperger's Syndrome,
With Perhaps, More Right Hemisphere Potential;
Gillberg's Work on Asperger's Syndrome Was Closer
To What Hans Asperger Actually Clinically Studied
As the 'United States APA' Basically Created "Autism Lite"
For Asperger's Syndrome in the 1990's Then; Yes, Now it's
Basically Subsumed in Generalities of Behavioral Deficits; Yep

It's Basically A Label And A Collection of Behavioral Deficits; Humans
Are Way More Complex And Changing Than Materially Reduced Labels And Behaviors;
i'm A Totally Different Creation of A Human Being Than Before; And The Before me Would

Have A Lot of Trouble
Understanding the
Now me, Like
A Stranger
in A Different World;
Day Compared to Night.

LeSSoN 442
Underneath Our Covers
More We Light Up New
Pages More Colorful Now
Our Books of Life Do Birth

SMiles Every Year And Now
There’s Been More Than
Only A Few i Share This
Fall Equinox Confederate
White Rose With You
That Changes To
Brilliant Pink By
Eve of Coming Night

It’s Called A Confederate
Rose Yet It’s Not Really
A Rose By Any Other
Name Yet It’s True
A FLoWeR Doesn’t
Need A Book Cover
Or Pages To Touch
A Soul of Beauty
As Long As
Set Free With SMiles

Key is Fall in Love With
Life RiSinG With Every

Color We
Create Our Love...

Yes A Wonderful
Rest Thank You
Chaymaa And
Have A Great Day
With SMiles of Growth...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Dancing
Singing Spirals New of Moonlit
Subconscious Minds Connecting
Together Globe Wide in an Online

HiVE NoW MaKinG Night Into Day

Breath Into Song Dance

Returning Wisdom



SPiRaLinG Dancing Singing
Real iNDeeD With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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22 Sep 2022, 12:31 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy As i Explained to An Elder
Lady Who Knows Hehe Perhaps my Age
A Pediatric Nurse of 47 Years We Met at

The Beach Where i Danced in Reverse
With Sea Gull Wings Mirroring Shores
Waves Naturally Bring As She Called

It Yoga And i CaLL it FRiEnDS With
Gravity in BaLaNCinG Force of
Mind and Body Whole SoUL

Anyway Her Life Had Brought
Her to a Place of Distrust of Humanity

As Often Individual Experiences Color Life
THiS WaY in More BLacK And White Absolutes

of A Few Bad Apples Rot the Entire Bucket of Humanity

Anyway i Explained
to Her my Bucket
List to Check-Off

Is to Become Less
Than A Grain of Sand

As From This Level of Meek
Humility There is So Much More
To Love Above Becoming A Real
Mountain of Human Love Just to
Give Share Care And Heal For Free...

Of Course Mileage Varies Depending on
Make, Model, Vessel, And Vehicle of NaTuRE
And NuRTuRE That Makes the Being Human Who We aRe
And Who We May Come to Be Seeing the Potential of Change


With SMiLes

LooKinG UP
RiSinG iN And As LoVE

No Matter How far Below
We Come From Presently Now FoR Real...

"Be thankful for what you have. Your life is someone else’s fairy tale.”

And iNDeeD Dear Chaymaa With Enough Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Freely With Least Harm For All Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE


What i Come to Find
Is 'Fairy Tales' Are Human
Archetypes That Can And Will
Fulfill in Human And the Rest of Nature

Set Free
With Wings

And A Best PaRT oF ALL

Today We May Be Mostly Separated
As A Species Flesh and Blood Hand in
Hand For A Successful Forage of LiFE

Yet On the Other Hand; Hehe Both Hands
Typing We Get to Fit Ourselves in Fiber Optic
Cables and Transform our Words to Avatars of

Our Soul And Almost For Free Travel the Globe
At the Speed oF LoVE THiS WaY to Give And
Share And Care And Heal With A Little Bit

More Love

To Make This

Whole Thing

Turn Out

As Peace
And LoVE FoR ReaL
True i BeLeaf BeLove
BeLieve LoVE iS The
Original Luck We All May Really Do...

iNDeeD Dear Sohair First Of All Thanks For Sharing
The Wonderful Flute MuSiC Second oF ALL True "The
Flute Is Not Brute" As Instrumental Music That Extends

Our Vocal Chords Beyond Words EXPReSSinG FeeLinGS SeNSinGS
EMoTioNS Senses In HiGHeR Ways More in Touch With Our Social-
Empathic Artistic Spiritual Yes Emotional Feeling Sensing Ways of

Processing Existence
WHeRE Empathy
And Compassion
Are NuRTuRinG THiS WaY
More to MoVE CoNNeCT
Co-CREaTE A Dance And

SonG oF LiFE Free For All WiTH SMiLes..:)

Hehe Dear Miriam i Wonder What Kind of Performance
Reviews Our Distance And in Some Cases Near Ancestors
Will Give Us Based on the Way We Operate Human Cultures Now

Considering that about 7 Percent of Social-Empathic Potential
in Reciprocal Communication May Be Derived From Text

Considering that We Are Truly An Assessed Most Social
Animal Evolved This Way For Survival in Small Bands
of No More Than About 150 Folks Both Blood Kin And
Ones We aRe Well Acquainted With As An All Hands Effort

Every Day Where Nature Provides a Daily Performance Review
on How Well Groups of Humans Work Hand-in-Hand in the Forage
of the Day in Hunting And Gathering Ways an All Hands Effort Similar

to the 'Work of the Night'

Where Humans Are Not Removed

From Face to Face And Other Body Parts

in Common Work of the Night Ways to Come
to The Fruition of a Child Raised By the Band
On the Nomad Run For Resources As Every Hand

Is Vital in Cooperation For Surviving And Thriving For
Real Where THere Are No Lap Top Attachments to Replace

Being Human FlesH and Blood Moving Connecting Co-Creating
Ways Yes From the Forage of the Day to the Work-Of-The-Night

To Raising A Child By An Entire Village Yep Face to Face in Full Social
Reciprocal Ways Of Communication No Doubt Those Ancestors Before

And Now Who Lived in 'Flintstone' Ways of Living Might Like to Visit

Where We Live to Taste Some of All the Instant Gratification Provided
Easily Accessible at Least Even if Not As Cheap as Fruit On Wild Trees

Thing Is We Mostly Don't Climb Anymore Very Rarely Do Some Human
Beings Even Lift Their Hands And Arms Up to Wave at A

Stranger Passing By Just Acknowledging A Share
of the Human Condition True All The

1st World Problems Riddled By
Depression and Anxiety

to the Point Where

Folks Have No Idea
Why They Are Even Here

Even When They Become A Tool
A Laptop and Make 6 Figure Incomes For Real...

No Doubt Our Ancestors Would Review Us as Lost Boys and Girls
Wearing the Strangest of Tools And Becoming those Tools in PRiSoN
Away From the Pleasure Treasure and Struggle in Living Balance With Nature

i Like My Hot Showers. i Like Going to Walmart to Buy Whatever my Wife Wants
to Feed me to eat hehe. i Like my Soft Bed. Yet Most of All i Love my 'Body
Electric' And Being Naked Enough Whole Complete With Nature Exercising

my 'Call of the

Wild' From Head
to Toe For Real

Loving Free

So Far Away

From the Tools
of BLacK And WHiTE
Without Colors of SoUL That Used
to be me Living Dead so Many Decades of Tool Time Then...

Sadly So Many Humans Lose Their Blooming And Colors
of FLoWeRS FLoWinG Way too Young With No Clue How To

And Color
Again Moving
Connecting and
Co-Creating For Real

'Ghost the Machine' You Live Now For Real...
Like the Little Boy in the "A.I." Movie Who
Waited For the Statue of A Woman At the
Bottom of An Ocean to Turn Him Into A Real
Boy Of Course That's Online Life Now For So Many

'Lost Boys'

And 'Lost
Girls' too Finding
Their 15 to 20 Second
Parts of Fame and Losing
A SoUL That Breathes Forever
Freer Now WiTHiN All the Colors
FLoWinG All the Flavors Of Ice
Cream Life Yes We Churn Ourselves...

Perhaps Some Beauty And The Beast
MuSiC MaY Be iN ORDeR Yet Better Art


33 Years Behind A Work Of Art
At Least Some Beauty Is Left Behind

It Doesn't Seem Like Jesus Had Any
Idea how Rare Autotelic Personalities
Are Other Wise He Would Have Seen

the Futility to Change

Where the Material World of External Rewards
Is As Close to Heaven as 'They' have ever Traveled

NoW 'Outside' of Soul 'Inside'

'Living Water' iS A Within Job
Not An Outside
Job Like 'A Carpenter'...

Hehe Depends on
Creativity of A Poet
And Intuition of
A Reader And A
Bit of ‘Chaos Magic’
As to what Secrets
Poetry May Hold
And Reveal of

Sunshine Child
Within Phoenix
Sunshine EYeS EasE...

iS 'A Writer'

Moon Light
Reflecting Day

If 'God' Were Here Now Would Most
Of Us Be too Busy to See 'the Wind?'

Let's All Take A 'little' Walk On Our BeacH

Reptile Brain of Competition
Limbic System of Cooperation
Neo-Cortex At Best Coordinating


Even in

Who Just Don't
Seem to Have
An Ability to Care

With Compassion
And Empathy For

That Feels


Ascending FLoWinG
And So Transcendently
All Together Heaven All
Dear Savvy With Soon to
Come Fall Equinox SMiLes
A Day Early or So of Course

Always True Now...

63 And 33 Years Ago THeSE NuMBeRS HaVE iN Common
New BeGiNNiNGS After Getting 'ToGeTHeR' AS Such Hehe FoR ReaL

'Do You Remember the 21st Of September;' Yes, Earth, Wind & Fire
And me too Conceived in 1959; Katrina and me 'ToGeTHeR' in 1989

THeRE iS A VEry GOOD ReASoN (FeeLinG/SeNSinG) Why i ALWaYS
Let Katrina Go First And Stay Behind Her More On THAT iN A FeW HeHE

Go Ask “YoDA” “NoRMaL” “GoD” Does Not Dance Sing Free “ESSeNCE


BiGGeST RELiGiouS LiE EVeR TOld “God” iS ONly Right
Handed ORDeReD iNTeLLiGeNCE “GoD” iS NO “Nerd”Alone


Shedding Tools Of
CuLTuRaL Clothes;
Yes, Innately,


Intuitively, Embracing



ALLoWinG FoRM’ Naked Enough

SMiLes Dear Savvy As i Explained to An Elder
Lady Who Knows Hehe Perhaps my Age
A Pediatric Nurse of 47 Years We Met at

The Beach Where i Danced in Reverse
With Sea Gull Wings Mirroring Shores
Waves Naturally Bring As She Called

It Yoga And i CaLL it FRiEnDS With
Gravity in BaLaNCinG Force of
Mind and Body Whole SoUL

Anyway Her Life Had Brought
Her to a Place of Distrust of Humanity

As Often Individual Experiences Color Life
THiS WaY in More BLacK And White Absolutes

of A Few Bad Apples Rot the Entire Bucket of Humanity

Anyway i Explained
to Her my Bucket
List to Check-Off

Was to Become Less
Than A Grain of Sand

As From This Level of Meek
Humility There is So Much More
To Love Above Becoming A Real
Mountain of Human Love Just to
Give Share Care And Heal For Free...

Of Course Mileage Varies Depending on
Make, Model, Vessel, And Vehicle of NaTuRE
And NuRTuRE That Makes the Being Human Who We aRe
And Who We May Come to Be Seeing the Potential of Change


With SMiLes

LooKinG UP
RiSinG iN And As LoVE

No Matter How far Below
We Come From Presently Now FoR Real...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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22 Sep 2022, 11:37 pm

Feminine Derivative of Hermes
Yes Message oF A STorm Coming
To Florida Sooner And Soon Enough...

Oh How Wonderful Dear Chaymaa
50 Plus Quotes of Hope i Surely Will
Relate As Gratitude For Whatever Fairy
Tale of LiFE We LiVE For Real DarK Thru

LiGHT A Source
of Hope to Grow

"Visiting The
Garden of Band-Aid"

THiS Way of Healing
With Gratitude For What

We Do HaVE iN Life to Be
Thankful For in Thanks Giving
For Giving Ways And True in Some
of my DarKesT DayS iN HeLL ON EartH
For 66 Months Toward The End of that Stay

on my 53rd Birthday June 6th, 2013 Just 1 Month
And 13 Days Unknown to me Then i Would Soon Escape
The Living Dead Yes For 24 Solid Hours And 6,000 Words

Hehe That's So Much Easier to Do Now With 109 Months of Practice

i Literally Wrote A Blog Post Named "Visiting The Garden of Band-Aid"

Generating my Own LiGHT of Gratitude ReMeMBeRinG All the Nice

Sentiments Folks Delivered to me ACroSS mY LiFE Span Then in

HeLL ON EartH Within to Pull my Self Up Again in Hope's

Gratitude For This Breath of LiFE New Now

And My Gosh i Linked The Definition

Of Hope Literally to Over 100 Key

Words in that Narrative of For Giving

Thanks Giving Hope in Gratitude With SMiLes

And Truly Ever Since Then Every Move of Free Dance
Every Word of Free Song Is A Prayer in Gratitude For Breathing

Free THiS WaY
NoW With Hope
Set Free BeLeaf
BeLove BeLiEVE NeW

This Faith This Love THiS LiVinG
Tree DarK Thru LiGHT For Real Now

When SHells of Moves And Words Gain SoUL Again

in Prayer of Holy Dance Sacred Song THiS WaY With SMiLes...

Anchors of Love
Indeed Saving
Sails From Getting

Lost Safe Harbors
Boats of Peace

And Love We

May Come to
Be With A Little
Help From Anchors THiS
Way Dear Miriam Yes Hard
Working C. E. O. Helping Others True...

Feminine Derivative of Hermes
Yes Message oF A STorm Coming
To Florida Sooner And Soon Enough...

SMiles Wonderful! So
Nice to See You SMiLing
And Working With Flesh
And Blood Humans Again
Oh Dear Lord Out of The
Home In The Dead of
Winter You Will
Be With Warm
Humans Too Hehe
Besides That This
Is Proof You Still Exist
Lovely As Always Dear
FRiEnD With HeLLoooVE
Hope Life is Bringing You

As Your
And Paths
Continue Change...

No More HeadLines

No More scheduLed
Poetic Prompts


A Huuuugggggee Lie That Any One Religion
or Culture Owns God Or Any Other
Part of A UNiVeRSE As We are
All Made of SaMe Star Stuff

An Only 'Thing' You 'Take With You' Is
Love You Do That Continues to LivE ON
iN SaMe Stuff You Are Made of NeW (God) NoW

No Matter Time Distance
Or Space Even 'Matter With
Things' Both Seagull And
Human Will Spiral Wings
Of Dance Transforming FRee
Around A Sun of
Soul Within
Measure i
Imagine 'the Man'
Has No NaMe Yet
A Book Dedicated
to 'Jonathan Livingston
Seagull' Within Happy
Living Morning to
You Sara Purple
In Portland
With SMiLes...

It's All About Truly A Longest
Story Ever Beauty And A Beast

Hehe Advice i Give Folks First Viewing my ‘Nude Art
David Poses’ With PG Stars It Appears Now i Am A Bit

Behind A Call
of the Wild...

Hey Hey!
It’s Okay!
Yes, i Truly
You Will Always
Care About me
As A FRiEnD...
i really
Else yet a
Or so When
Room comes
my Way hehe
As always
Now Just
me An All
You Can
It’s not
Like i’m
Gonna run
Out of Food
To Put out
And Love
Always Now
my Wish For
You With SMiLes...

Due North
Fall South
East Wests

Summer Rises

From Winter's Spring

Equal Days And Nights
Equinox Rings DarK Coming
Longer Nights Seasons Weather



Creativity Springing
Fall Through Winter Dancing Within

SMiLes Dear Aleesha Keep Singing
Fall Through Winter Summer Dreams...

LeSSoN 443 & 444 iN UNiTY
Keys To Heroes Everyday
MaKinG Us SMiLe Holy
Sacred SPiRiT oF PLaY
Young At HeART SoUL
MoVinG NeW
ReacHinG Out
With Warmth to
And Yes Rest Of
GiVinG SHaRinG
CaRinG HeaLinG
WitH LeasT Harm
iNHaLinG Peace
ExhalinG LoVE
Please Do
Let me
If i’ve Left
Anything Out NeW
FoR A Path to Heaven
NoW Oh Yes Everlasting
Of SeVeNTH HeAVeNoW...

So True Anita Not
Everyone Has Wings
To Fly And The Ability
To Forgive Below From

Yet True
Who Soars
Flies Above
With Feathers
Who Become Wind

Enjoy Your
Breeze Become
A Cat 6 Hurricane
With Kindness Unafraid
Of Water Love You May

With SMiles...

Always A Pleasure Dear Sohair MuSiC of the SoUL

NeW NoW As Words Become Organic Soul FuSinG Poetry

No Longer Just Abstract Construct Labels for "A Matter of Things"

It's Interesting as the Psychiatrist i Still Visit Quarterly After Being
in A Dead Zone in HeLL ON EartH For 66 Months And A New One
Since Coming Out of HeLL ON EartH into a Much Better Place

Integrating Body Whole SoUL Heaven For Real He Said that
The Number of People on the Autism Spectrum is truly
'Blowing Up' in His Practice of Folks Separating

Far In Ways of Words That Are Not In Touch

With A Soul of Our Emotional Spiritual

Lives So Far Away From Right Hemisphere
Ways of Mind the Voice We May Other Wise
Find Within A Free Dance A Free Song Like Little

Children Who Regulate Their Emotions Integrate
Their Senses Naturally With Non-Sense Songs
And Spiraling Dances Like Sufi Mystic Dervish
Dancers that Have No Pre-planned Instructions or

Rules Except For "ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTinG FoRM"

As True A Master of Who We aRe is the God Energy of
SPiRiT Within That Animates All of What We Truly Do

And It's No Longer Just Innate Instinct and Intuition that So
Many Religions Cross-Culturally Relate Mystically as Sufi Dervish
Whirling Dancers Understand Through the Energy of God Nature

Within Unleashing And ReLeASinG

Poetry of Someone Like Rumi

Will Surely All Naturally Come Next

Where Words Are No Longer Just Stones
Yes Philosophers Stones of Wisdom For Real

On The Autism Spectrum as i Once Experienced A
Condition Called 'Alexithymia' Where Our Words Cannot
Easily Express Our Spiritual Emotional Feeling Sensing
Within Studies Show 85 Percent of Folks With Higher Functioning
Autism Have that Problem Which Makes it Very Hard to Intimately

Connect to Other Human Beings Deep Within SoUL EXPReSSinG SPiRiT
oF HeART Dear FRiEnD WHere iMaGiNaTioNS And ORiGiNaL Creativities

May Birth As i Played the Piano By Sheet Music Since i Was 12 Years
Old yet Sheet Music May Only Be A Mechanical Process of Science
Instead of Art Similar to Poetry By Instructions too i Always
Wanted to Originally Create Yet i Couldn't Even Come
Up with Something As New As 'Chopsticks' With
Two Fingers on the Piano It is the Spaces

Between the Notes of Life That
Create the Art the HeART Beats
Of Life As the Space Between

Those Allow our Blood to Flow

Once the Word Mind May Be Silenced
of Chatter MuSiC oF SoUL iN SonG may Come
to Life As Dancing Free May Create Singing Free FLoWinG More

In Original Creativity With SMiLes Dear FRiEnD It Was So Strange

Back in 2007 All the Work Stress of 11 Years Chronic to Acute Was

ERaSinG mY SoUL THiS Way Yet the Fingers That Once Played Piano
By Sheet Music Were Struggling to Let my SoUL Go Free i Didn't

Understand How Silently And Deep Our Souls Will Play
As Art ThiS Way For a Greater Escaping With Wings For

Real Dear FRiEnD Anyway Shortly Before i Went to
Hell for 66 Months i Recorded That Song on the Piano
mY SoUL CoMPoSinG Trying Desperately to Escape

Just on a Cheap Dictation Device And Back in
2013 i Transferred it to A YouTube Video

As Inspiration Somehow to Escape

From Hell Then It's True it Was

A Whisper in the DarK From 2007

And It Was A Door of Soul Soon to Open
Completely on July 19th, 2013 And then
9 Years 2 Months And 3 Days Ago my SoUL Comes Reborn

Again Phoenix RiSinG From The Ashes as DarK Creates
LiGHT Death Creates Life And NiGHT Becomes DawN
BReaKinG AGaiN For DaY Dear FRiEnD As Sunset And
Sunrise Becomes TWiLiGHT And SoUL iN BaLaNCinG
With Gravity FRiEnDS THiS Way Within Takes

FLiGHT True As Day And Night Becomes

Equal Left and Right Hemispheres

of Mind of Reasons and Art

Holding Hands Happy Fall

Equinox Dear SoHaiR

True A Metaphor for Human
Balance of Nights And Days Equal too

Yet Always Space For Waves to Create Shores New Now
That Recede And Expand Even More With Humans
Best Attributes of Peace and Love Empathy and
Compassion Giving Sharing Caring Healing
For All With Least Harm iNHaLing PeacE
ExhaLinG LoVE WiTH JoY iN LiGHT For All

Anyway i Named That Composition Flaws
And All "Challenging Alexithymia" 11 Minutes
And 22 Seconds Long probably Shared it With
You One Day Before Yet Just Another "SonG oF mY
SoUL" to Share With You Again Perhaps One Day i'll

Play the Piano Again Yet You See It's What i'm Doing
Now Keys That Become Words of SoUL Set Free And True

Whenever i Play This MuSiC oF mY SoUL i Literally

HeaR MuSiC of mY SoUL Playing Deep Within

Dear FRiEnD Oh

How Wonderful

Miracle and

Magical Mystical

Life of God Nature Within

Will Come to BREaTHE

True Similar Song that

Muhammad Likely Heard

of God SonG WiTHiN in His
Cave And By Story For Buddha Under
His Tree And For Jesus in the Desert and

For me After 66 Months of Hell A Beach
Where i Became Emerald Green Waves
Sugar White Sands Swaying Sea Oats
in the Breeze And Sea Gull Wings

SPiRaLinG the Sun Transforming

Into A Free Dance And SonG oF mY

SoUL iNDeeD Dear Sohair Having

No Ending or Beginning

Always STaRTinG
New Now With


Colors of
SoUL Set Free

Integral oF All
That is That Makes God ReaL WiTHiN

SMiLes Dear FRiEnd i Danced The Beach
in Reverse Freely FRiEnDS With Gravity
On Tuesday When i Visited my Psychiatrist
Who has an Office There Hehe And if You
Look At the Edges of ALLoWinG ESSeNCE
CREaTinG ForM Free What is Left New Now After

i Write is A Pattern of Shores Left on A Beach

As Indeed These Are All Just Free Waves of
The Ocean And Water Free That is my SoUL Set Free

And This is the Beauty Of Art When it Comes Original
This Way it Matters Not What the Form is As Long

As the Essence
Within is

to Feel
to Sense

FLoWinG MeDiTaTinG

Autotelic Ways

Generating Joy

So Deep WiTHiN

And at Best to Give
Share Care and Heal
It All Away For Free
With Least Harm


We Travel

WHeRE SoULS aRe Near
And Nearer Dear STiLL mY FRiEnD...

ANYWaY iN LiGHT SMiLes NoW It's Not Just Only Religious
Mystical Innate Instinctual Intuitions That NeWLY NoW
BRinG This ReaLiTY Yes ReaSon of Science Is Finally

Catching Up Learning to Speak God's Language For
Real as Oxford Literature Scholar, Psychiatrist, And
Stellar Researcher of the Mind And SoUL, Iain McGilchrist,
THiS Way Explores in A 1500 Page or So Book With Close
to 600,000 Words However Most Folks Don't Have the

Focus to Read That However This True Gentleman

Is Still Summarizing the Book into Free Volumes on
His YouTube Channel Free of Commercial Advertisements

Now in His 14th Volume Truly One of The Most Amazing
Scholarly Works of Humanity i've Explored Truly at least
Worth Listening to a Bit of it as It Affirms So Much of What

Has Been

Through Mystical
Religions Cross CuLTuRaLLY

And Most Likely in a Free Dance
And Song THiS Way Long Before

Any Written Words At All And

Any Alphabet At all as

God Always


Free ThiS Way

When We Seek
And Find DeaR FRiEnd

And Oh By The Way i Shared the Song on
YouTube on March 9th, 2013 A Day Before
i Started Blogging First on 'Blogspot'

9 Years And 6 Months Ago

Only 4 Months Away

From Heaven Then

What Art Will Set

Freer As God (PeacELoVE) WiTHiN Dear FRiEnD...

Ah Yes Dear Sohair The Worst oF All Poverty May
Not Be Getting in Touch With Our Soul Regulating
Emotions Integrating Senses Head To Toe and So Much

More Moving Connecting And Co-Creating With Not Just
Other Humans Yet in Deep Contact Connecting With the
Rest of Nature too Dear FRiEnD Yes i've Seen Two Psychiatrists
The First One For 7 Years and 7 Months Since January of 2008

And The Second One Since 2016 as it took About A Year to Find
A New One That Was Also Necessary For my Continuing Early Retirement
With The Federal Government As That Has Come to Regular Retirement

Now Yet What Was Really Interesting that i Likely Have Shared Before
Here With You Is The First Psychiatrist and Air Force Major in the
Reserves Who Dealt With Combat Fatigue Veterans From the

Wars In the Middle East Then Told me i Was His Most
Hopeless Case oF All As Far As Not Being Able
to Offer me Any Drugs or Other Assistance
At All That Would Work To Bring Back

The Feeling if i Ever Felt A Smile
Before in my Life As Memories
Are Emotions Emotions Are
Memories When they Leave
it Truly is Hell as There is No
Reference Point Back to Being
Anything Other than the Living Dead Now
THiS Way The Pills They Offered Did Nothing For
That He Wanted to Implant An Experimental Vagal
Never Stimulator in my Chest to Try to Bring my Feelings
Back to Life Like Frankenstein Better Put Fredenstein mY FRiEnD

Of Course my Insurance Wouldn't Cover it And The Rheumatologist
Who Was Trying to Help me With the Suicide Disease From Wake
to Sleep For 66 Months Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Sent me
Away Just Telling me There Was Nothing He Could Do to Help me

So Yes it Was Left All Up to me my FRiEnD And Yes For What Drugs
And Other Assistance Tried Wouldn't Help i Found the Spark of
Creativity A Small One at the End of February 28th, 2013 A
Private Message Flowing This Way to A First Facebook
FRiEnD Then that Became the First Blog Post on
my Blogspot Blog And A Path of Writing to
mY SoUL That Would Soon Become
A Continuing Flow of SoUL SonG

(Also the 'About' Post on
my WordPress Blog too)

Still Running As A River And
Waves And Ocean Whole Water Free

And then All the Pain Melted Away And Then
All the Emotions Came Flooding Back on July 19th 2013 And Then
The Free Dance in Flow Doing the Same Therapy of SoUL mY FRiEnD

And Then mY SoUL BeCaME mY Very Best FRiEnD WiTHIN i Surely
Without Shame Name A Higher Force and Power of God Nature
Creativity Within Again to Give Share Care Heal Away For Free
With Least Harm And that First Psychiatrist Said i Helped to

Inspire Him to Quit his Private Practice and Move to
South Florida to Teach Movement Therapy What
Helped Save my SoUL in Free Dance and Song
For Real And the Psychotherapist i Saw After

The Healing Sought Advice From me to Help Her
Most Severely Disturbed Patients And True my Current
Psychiatrist Says He Uses me And What i've Been Through
And How i Healed As A Hope to His Most Severe Patients too

Physician Heal they Own SoUL iNDeeD Dear Sohair FRiEnD
As God SoUL Deep Within Rises Out of Perhaps our Right Hemisphere
Mind Free to Dance and Sing As Yes the First Psychiatrist Then Assessed

me As Possibly Not Even Able to Communicate Between Hemispheres
of Mind And It Seems He Got it Correct From the Research He Understood
Associated With the Autism Spectrum mY FRiEnD Hehe My Current
Psychiatrist Monitors me Most Now to Make Sure i Don't Get

Too Happy And It's
True i Literally Have
to Practice Bringing myself
Down in A Dance And Song of Life
Free As i Do Have A Potential Not Only

To Descend to Lower Rings Than Dante's Rings
of Hell Yet Also Skip Across the Moon Hop Scotch
Across the Sun Still Ascending Transcending Soaring
Past Stars And Perhaps Never Grounding on Earth Again

Hehe Yet i Have Katrina She Definitely Anchors me As

She Brings My Sails in Close So Fair Winds And Following
Seas Don't Take me Away to Heaven to Never Return to Earth

Anyway the Way
i See it i Ain't Gonna
Leave That Way Until
i Raise Everyone Else Up First

It's Part of Heaven What Love Does When
That Four Letter Word That Begins With L And The Three Letter


Ends in
D Finding
Both Words/Worlds
iN Truth oF LiGHT Newly Now...

Feminine Derivative of Hermes
Yes Message oF A STorm Coming
To Florida Sooner And Soon Enough...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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23 Sep 2022, 11:45 pm

Oh Dear Lord Savvy
Speaking of Gratitude
And Thanks And Sure
Humility too i am So Glad

To See You Back as Truly

i've Never Had An Opportunity

to Miss You For 48 Hours Posting

Thank God You Responded to One of

My Comments Last Night or i Would

Have Wondered Another

Day if You Might
Be in Some Kind
of Dire Straights

A Gift of Wisdom You
Are Indeed Never to Take
For Granted Like Angels New
Now Who Are Real Who LiVE ON EartH
With Wings of Creativity That Seem Never
to Cease Yet of Course Dear FRiEnD You Are
Only Human too And Deserve Whatever Space
You Create too...

So Do Feel
Your Value
iN Clarity
A Favorite
Online Spiritual Teacher...

Dance Free
Until You
A Song
Free in
Comes Next

“The old appeals to racial, sexual, religious chauvinism
to rabid nationalist fervor are beginning not to work.
A new consciousness is developing which sees the
earth as a single organism, and recognizes
that an organism at war with itself is
doomed. We are One Planet.”

– Carl Sagan

“A human being is part of the whole
called by us universe, a part limited in
time and space. We experience ourselves, our
thoughts and feelings as something separate from
the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness.
This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us
to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons
nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the
prison by widening our circle of compassion to
embrace all living creatures and the
whole of nature in its beauty...
We shall require a
new manner
of thinking
if mankind is to survive.”

– Albert Einstein

It's true Dance is Change
And IT scares some folks

SMiLes mY FRiEnD HiMaLi
Lovely it is That
Even More
Above Concrete


Even when
‘She’ isn’t
‘Free’ Now
She Is still
Ruler of Life
SMiles ask any
Is Truly
to Love...

Not Unlike Comic Book Super Hero
'Hell Boy' i Did not Even Get Started
Until age 53 Takes A While to Get out of Hell Free

"Sometimes it is hard to explain
why you find a person beautiful."
"To be loved and to love is nice."
Bottom Lines 'They' Locked
God in Some Books Taling
God You Can't Play
God Said WiLL
Yep God is the Child
Who Refuses to Die Now
Trust me You'LL Understand Dancing New
When you get to A STaRT of 'A SonG' Free Now

Breath SMiLes
That’s Five Now
You Choose Six
How About Love...

Prayers For
To Melt
iNHaLinG Peace



For All New Now
Again Yes With Love
Free From Ignorance
Sadly That Harms All
Rapes All Maims All

Kills All
Out of


Of Peace With Least
Harm Of Fearless For
ALL Agape LoVE NeW SMiLinG NoW...

Dance Free
Until You
A Song
Free in
Comes Next

my my Just goes to Show Dear Aloha FRiEnD Whether Or Not
You Are A Hawaiian Human Being or A Cappucinno Her Kitty
It's All About Balancing So Ya Don't Fall All the Way Down

And Bruise
And or Break
Your Femur Bone

SMiLes Surfing The Deep
Sugar White Sands in Athletic
Shoes Like i Do Spiraling in Walmart
On Tuesday At Our Navarre Beach It's

Always A Very Soft Landing In Case i Lose
my Balance as i do Believe That Might Have
Happened Once Only Injury HAha Covered With

Sand From Head to Toe Katrina Cleaned Up For me

my my i Bet If i Had
A Complicated
Surf Board Now

Like That to Surf
The Sands i Surely
Might Bruise Something
On the Equipment Used Hehe
Even Just A Regular Surfboard
As My Tools Are Restricted to

Glad to see
You Getting Better
Glad You Didn't Fall All The Way

Breaking Something mY FRiEnD
And All Your Pets Surely Yes Do
Look Aww So Very Relaxing iNDeeD...

SMiLes Dear Cindy What A Beautiful Wedding And Lovely
Family You Have And It Does Remind me if i Ever Get

Called For Jury Duty

Or A Formal Wedding
Now i Might Have to Buy

A Pair of Long Pants Hehe
As i Own Not Even One Pair
Other Than That All the Lessons
Nature Provides Truly Boil Down

And Rise to One For me
FRiEnDS With Gravity
As Fall And Spring
Equinoxes Come


Goes We Humans
Have the Potential to
Stay Wedded to A Blessing
of Bliss WiTHiN As Far As Marriage

Goes After The Wedding Fades It's
Up to the Warmth of FRiEnDSHiP to Play And Stay

And True if i had A Daughter That's A Poem i'd Deliver True

Lovely Poem by Your Father 'They' Say A Daughter Inherits A Father's Mind...

All i Can And Will Say About THaT is Thank God A Son iNHeRits A Mother's Soul...

Like 'Running Kites'
Life Expects Us to Stay
High Yet We Don't Understand
How to Say Low And There Lies A

Problem of A Truth of A World More
Separated By What Lives and Breathes Within

Than A 'Matter With Things' Outside of Us Indeed

So Let me ReMeMeMBeR You Are Studying to Be A Dentist

So Where Does that Exist Yes in Someone Else's Mouth Instead
of Yours
It's the Way
of the World
of Data Download

So Separated From the Nature
of Us And the Nature of All That Exists
in Flow Outside of Mind Chatter That Lost

Boys and
Girls We
Indeed Without
Even Smiles New Now to
Add to Word Salads of Life
As All the Tools Come to Spell
How Separated We Are From

Truly Seeking Finding How We
Feel How We Sense How We
Regulate and Integrate

This Nature of Ours
Existing Balancing

FRiEnDS With Gravity

Enough to Fly Our Kites With Ease

SMiLes i'm probably the Only Dude in the Whole
Wide World Who Dances With The Weight of A Gym
Towel Before i Leg Press Up to 1520 Pound at age 62

At A Military Gym Training Elite Warriors To Kill As Such

Indeed Transforming All my 244 American Pounds Into

The Weight of That Gym Towel As i Take Flight Before
i Move Close to the Weight of a Car With my Feet It's

True It's Amazing What We Can And Will Do When We
Become FRiEnDS With Gravity Even More Amazing that

A Gym Towel Will Become A Feather in the Wind that
Becomes Our SPiRiT oF Emotions And Senses from

Head to Toe Regulating Integrating Head to Toe

As Not Only Do We Become The Kite We

Become the Wind And the Air We

BREaTHE For Free Yet

Of Course

Not Everyone

is Brave Enough to
Dance With A Gym Towel
Among Humans Doing Their
Best Just to Become Men And

THeRe Err'S A Way Out of Balance
mY FRiEnD as it is Loving Grace FRiEnDS

With Gravity That Soars Our Kites Beyond Inertia
of What Hurts So Much Inside We Have No Idea

How to Name

How Lost
We aRe
From Wind
Now And Air
We BREaTHE Free New

SMiLes i Don't See Months
SMiLes i Don't See Years or Days Even Minutes or Seconds

i Don't See Time as What is Left and Right for a Kite to Fly Now

For New
For Every Inhale
of Peace Every Exhale
of Love A New Life NoW...

How Blessed We Are Dear 'USA Writes'
iS Even Possible NeW As Verily Yes i'm


And Will Relate...

For Whatever Place
You May Be Lost It's
Never too Late to Escape
HeaR No Matter September Heat or October Breeze...

Or Just A FRiEnD Coming By With Something New
Now to

And Sing
Just Another
Feather Wind
Air i BREaTHE Free...

Yet You See You Change my
World As These Words Today
Will Not Exist New Now Without What
You Bring to A Table of Plenty Creativity Free...

SMiLes Dear Sohair What A Beautiful Arabic Poem on Love
You Write/Sing Thank God For Google Translate hehe Yes

Falling in Love is A Kind of Human 'Madness' Most Often
Centered Around Finding A Suitable Mate For Reproduction
And A Bond and Bind of Love That Lasts to Raise a Child to

Maturity So the Circle of Life
Will Continue And True Often

Falling in Love Seeks to Complete
And Sadly There is Also Feelings of
Ownership and Jealousy Involved

Naturally As of Course Survival
of the Entire Species is at Stake
With SMiLes Generating Quite A
Bit of Anxiety For Success too Yes

SMiLes Yet Love Can And Will Mature
To A State of Being That is RiSinG LoVE

That Only Seeks to Lift Others Up And Help
Complete Them To Their Own Self-Actualization
of SPiRiT HeART SoUL For Real More Above Than Below

That the Lusts For Survival Often Do Make And Therefore Create

TRuE RiSinG LoVE iS Flavored With the Opposite of Jealousy As it
Already Lives Naked Enough Whole Complete Yes Compersion
For the Joy of Others Their Comfort Indeed And Fulfilling All

Of Their Human Potentials As They May Travel Much Farther
This WaY in Life Than Those Who Provide A Lift Up For

Greater Love and Human Potentials of Life SMiLes

Dear Sohair Usually This RisinG Love Happens

More Before We aRe of Reproductive Ages

And After We Are of Reproductive Ages too

Hehe Katrina Just Doesn't Seem to Understand

How to Age Still With The Same Blooming FLoWeR

of a 21 Year-Old Woman She Goes to the Beach And

Attracts Bees Decades Younger Than Her a Great Part

of Poetry is it Need Not Have Any Age At All And True This

Is Why i am Not Afraid of Getting Older and Dying mY FRiEnD

As i've Touched RiSinG LoVE And i Understand THeRe is No

WHeRE Higher to Go and Live And Give and Share And
Care and Heal in Compersion of RiSinG LoVE And True

As i Visited the Dance Halls for an Ecstatic Meditating

Moving FLoWinG Dance When the Flowers Still Showed Attraction

to The Bee of me at Such an Advancing Age For 6 Years Toward 60 Then

i Only SMiLed As All i Saw Felt and Sensed iS iT is the Human Condition

In All the Ways of Shadows And Sunshine IT Comes For Real mY FRiEnD

As True Going Down to the

Lowest Floors Surely Holds

Up my Wisdom EYe of

Pyramid as the
Mythologies of
Egypt Old Still Do Relate As Well

THeRE is No Education Like The Wisdom
That Comes From Experience And THere is
No Greater Beauty and Wisdom Than Love That Truly Rises mY FRiEnD

Yet It's not a Guarantee Ever It's A Life Long Practice of Above Below...

Indeed Dear Sohair
Water Of Love Clear
To See Through
Beyond Below
Above Ocean
Whole With
SMiles Of
Thru LiGHT...

Always A Pleasure
Anita Thanks For
Your Inspiring
Words With SMiles...

Ah Yes And
SMiles i Await
Your Next Post
What i Wrote
Last Night
As Your
Poetry Always
Seems To Do Just
Like Real MaGiC of
Souls Dear Savvy With
SMiles Keep Spiritually
Leading With HeART...

Dance Free
Until You
A Song
Free in
Comes Next

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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25 Sep 2022, 12:33 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy
iNdeed Life is For Giving
Not Taking Away Life is For
Lifting Not Bringing Life Down

Life is For

Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT New For
All With Least Harm Now
Giving Sharing Caring Healing

Yes All ALong the Paths of Life

As Yes True i've Had that Breath

Taken Away And Now i Understand

How to BREaTHE SMiLes mY FRiEnD
With Thanks Giving Every Breath PreSent


NeW NoW...

HAha Yes Thank You
Dear Aloha FRiEnD
i’m in Dreamtime
Always In Flow
Killing Time
All Of
Life Dream
Come True Sadly
So Many Folks Who
Are Not Native like
You And me Have
Forgotten how
To Make
Life NeW iN
FRUiTioN Yes
Dreaming Now...

Nope No Longer A Female Derivative of Hermes Now
We Have Ian Scottish Form of John Meaning God is
Gracious Oh Lord It Has Been Dry Lately Hehe Except
For the Puddles of Sweat i Left at Walmart Reaching
17,211 Miles of Public Dance Tonight SMiLing As Such
iN 9 Years of
Doing That...

Ah Yes Dear Isha
What HeART smART
eARTh And Even pART

OF All of That Art Do HaVE iN Common

For Without Art Only HE Is Left of Heart

For Without Art Only S And M True Often
Sado Masochism Is Left of Smart And Earth


Not Much
Fun iNDeed

As Without Art
iN ParT oF All We Do

We Might As Well Stick
Out Our Tongues :p And
Give Up on Colors of Life
That Make Our Souls SinG
And HeARTS Dance in SPiRiT oF Colors More...

SMiLes Oh Dear Lord my Father's Only Real
Goal in Life to Get Rich Leaving my Mother
At 3 As She Wanted to Stay Home And Garden
Her Children With Love Finding Another Woman

Dear Miriam

Willing to Work
Moving Apartment
to Apartment Eventually
Buying A Home Late into Middle
Age Always A Brand New Car Every
Three Years And 4 Marriages Twice to
the Same Second Wife Taking Out A New

Mortgage On His Home When He and His
Fourth Marriage Retired Putting Crown Moulding
In And Some Gaudy Greek Statues True i Inherited

Apollo The God of Poetry and Hebes the Goddess of Youth
Standing Proud Upon my File Cabinet Now Anyway my Father

Lasting 46 Years Working For Law Enforcement And For the Last
11 Years of His Life His Goals to Get Rich Continued Spending 500
Dollars or So on the Lottery Each Week And When i Went to Hell
in 2008 For

66 Months
Having to
Retire Early
He Was Terrified
i Might Need Something
From Him Assuring Him That's
Okay Daddy When He Found Out i Already
Saved 6 Times More Than He Did Shocked He
Was And i Guess Somewhat Relieved As He Asked

How in the World Did i Do it Well it's True i Kept the
Same First Wife And the Same Home And Kept the Same
Car for 14 to 15 Years Twice and Being That my Mother Raised
me Naked Enough Whole Complete With Love Buying Stuff Wasn't

Really my Way to
Joy and Bliss in Life

Yet Working Hard for
33 Years Finishing 3 Degrees
At Once in School With 3 Part
Time Jobs At Once is What i Did

For Fun hehe True i Never Really
Got Around to Spending Much Money

So it Just Grew Like Mold in the
Bank For What my Wife Hasn't

Touched So Far At Least
With SMiLes As Yes She

Got to iNHeRiT iT All After
i Left That Filthy Green Habit
i Was Slave to Behind in Federal
Employment For the Golden Handcuffs

Of Never Ending Retirement Benefits on Top
oF All the Money Growing Like Mold in the Bank

It's True A Lot of Folks Would Be Amazed That
Some of the Richest Folks in their Neighborhood
in Terms of Green Mold in the Bank Don't Even Own
A Pair of Long Pants And Usually Hehe Go Without Any Clothes

At All Both


And Metaphorically

Indeed As the Empirical
Fact is there is no Place New Now
Richer Than Naked Enough Whole
Complete No Matter if Ya Start at Minimum
Wage after 3 Degrees or Ya End And Start Again With More Money
Than Y'all Never Need As After All It's Just Green Mold GRoWinG in the Bank

SMiLes i Grew up on the River Bank Gazing ACross the River at age 3 Before
i Could Speak At 4 Seeing i am the Leaf in the Forest Over THeRE Yes HeaR
Now Greening Trees Falling Brown to Soul Soils Sprouting New Green of Forest

Still With Blooming

FLoWeRS Summer

Year 'Round Yes Still

Unfolding Anyway it's

True About Those Statues

When it Comes to my Wife's

Eternal Youth Still at 52 and
Certain Poses that Apollo Made
As A Statue At Least So free to Be
me as 'HiM' of Course too For Real

Other than That Science Shows That Even With
A Broken Arm One may Imagine Themselves Exercising
Without Lifting A Finger And They Will Have Measurable
Increases in both Muscular Size And Strength of the Injured

Arm in A Cast

As Above So Below
Within Inside Outside
And All Around Our Conscious
Minds Neuroscience Currently
Assesses as A Half A Percent of Our
Total Minds So Far Beyond Word Think

Oh How Deep the Power of Belief Goes

Yet True Only For those Who Truly

Believe So Far Beyond Words

iN TWiLiGHT Tween
Day And

in Balancing

The Forever
More Place
Beyond Time
Distance And Space

And A "Matter With Things"

Anyway Hehe Thank God
Being Rich is the Least of
my Worries i'd Never Want
to Win Any Lottery As By God




It is to Create
For Free to Truly Be Rich
Just Giving Sharing Caring
Healing For All With Least Harm for


All that
is DarK
Thru LiGHT iNHaLinG
Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Yes Love Is

As i Look Up to the File
Cabinet And SMiLE With
Apollo and Hebes Still Standing Tall...

The Thing is Beyond 'Things' Fairytales

And Ya Damn Straight Ya Gotta Be 'All in' on the Faith oF iT
Or The Multi-Verse That is me Free Within Will Spit me out

Like a Bad
Habit hehe...

Anyway HAHa ALLoWinG
Others to Borrow A Bit Whole
More of my Mind SoUL Before i Go
to A Next PLaNeT For Challenge HeHe...

~The (A)


~Doubt it Not Every Avatar
Online An Extraterrestrial For Real

In A Place With No Moon or Stars

For Some At Least Heaven For Real too

WHere 'Servers' May Keep Some Folks Alive 1000 Years
Or More To Share What They Upload of THeiR SoUL For

Real Either in Black
And White of Left Brained
Anger and Disgust or Colors Of Poetry

That Never End And Other Arts in Right Hemisphere Ways

Of Balancing For Those Who Are Naked Enough Whole Complete...

Anyway Mileage Varies According to Make And Model Vehicle
And Vessel of Every Human Being Unique According to Nature
And Nurture

For Real Yes
THiS is JusT

How i Do

Rich For Real
With SMiLes Yes
SMiLes the DReSSinG
All that Really Counts New Now
for Any Word Salad That CoMeS AGAiN...

"Turn on" meant go within to activate your neural and genetic equipment. Become sensitive to the many and various levels of consciousness and the specific triggers engaging them. Drugs were one way to accomplish this end. "Tune in" meant interact harmoniously with the world around you—externalize, materialize, express your new internal perspectives. "Drop out" suggested an active, selective, graceful process of detachment from involuntary or unconscious commitments. "Drop Out" meant self-reliance, a discovery of one's singularity, a commitment to mobility, choice, and change. Unhappily, my explanations of this sequence of personal development are often misinterpreted to mean "Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity."

Oh Lord i Attributed 15 Minutes to 15 Seconds of Fame to Timothy O'Leary
Some Weeks Ago And That's Not even His Name As There is no O' in Timothy
Leary And True That's Not Even Andy Warhol's Quote Either Yet Often

He Gets Credit For it

As Someone Else Seems
to Have Mentioned it to him in Passing

Yet True Oh Lord How Much of This Has
Come True No Matter the Form the Essence
of These Philosophies in Prophecies oF Old Are HeaR

NoW As Every YouTube Channel May Become a New Religion
With Followers Who Hold on to Every Art And Science That's Shown

True The Human Condition is One of Change And Values Same

As Yes A Silk Screen Vibrant Painting of Marilyn Monroe
Sold for 195 MiLLioN Dollars Painted By Andy Warhol

As True Some Folks Valued Her Only as a 'Sex Toy'

In Her Real Life Yet an Icon of the Ages She

Became for the Sexual Liberation of

Women Similar to Elvis

Presley Releasing

Men's Hips

to Gyrate AS Such

Wow Per What Timothy Leary
Relates to Become Naked Enough
Whole Complete Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All With
Least Harm Human
And the Rest of
Nature True
Becoming Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Essence of Art Bringing Form Free
Yes ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTinG ForM So Much

Easier to Do When One is Financially Independent
And Doesn't Have to Starve to Death for Doing An
Art Truly Original That May Have No Target Audience At All

YeS iN A Current CuLTuRE Conservatively Speaking OH GOD IF Ya LiVE iN
"One of Those Places" That May Find Total Disgust While Others more
Liberally SPeaKinG May Find Sublime Art New Now Worth Celebrating

iN A Bohemian Rhapsody come Anew for Real Out of the Form of A Song

As Essence New So What Does this Have to Do With Hoarding Stuff yes

What We Come to Value in Life Where Essence Counts More Than Form

As Yes One May Find A Whole New Multi-Uni-Verse in a FLoWeR

Ever Changing in Blooming Colors and Yes One May Turn

On And Tune In And Turn Off the Old CuLTuRES And

Create Our Own CuLTuRE'S iN A 'Bohemian

Rhapsody' Totally So Without Modern

Technology Would This Be Possible

to Do as A Social Animal Depending

on Tradition of the Same old Same old
Bonds And Binds of CuLTuRE ReLiGioN
PHiLoSoPHiES And POLiTiCS to Co-Exist

Well Hell No 'The Village Idiot' Only Gets
So Much Traction in a Public Dance Yet

True 'These Days' All 9 Years of Fame
With No Fortune Necessary Truly

Trumps 'Find the Pokemon' in
Trump Town's USA' As True

Do What No One Else

Is Brave Enough to
Do Although Our Ancestors

Lived A Life of Dancing Emotional Regulation
And Sensory Integration It's Just That They Didn't

Earn Money For Stuff As An Alternate God That Way Than

Dance and Song Free From Deep SPiRiTiNG Within Shedding

Already What We Come to Wear All the Stuff That Becomes More

Meaningful to Us Than Our Own Naked Flesh and Blood Warm

ToGeTHeER AGAiN in A Dance And Song of Life Naked

Enough Whole Complete A Barter of Truly

Surviving And Thriving For Real
Yes i've Got Most Every Computer
i Ever Owned From the First

Microsoft Windows
Computer For 800 Bucks
to an Upgrade to a 4,000 Dollar
Quantex Computer Several Months
later in 1995 As It's True While in using
Those Devices and many More i Lost my Soul
of Dance And Song Free They Are the Tools that
Allowed me Autodidact Skills to Free Myself of the
Money God to One Day Set Myself Free as Art iNCaRNaTE

It's Nice to Remember Where Ya Come From DarK Thru LiGHT

i May Never Open Up Those Tupperware Containers Again in that
Shed Never the Less they are A Symbol For The Bones That Brought my

Flesh and
Blood Alive
Free Now Yet

Nah, my Wife
Doesn't understand
Hehe i Guess it's Just
A 'Man Cave Thing' Hehe

Yet No She Doesn't Need
A She-Shed She's Got the
Whole 25 Foot by 25 Foot
Great Room Including Kitchen
As Her Living Domain i Get A 27.1
Inch iMac Screen in the Bedroom and a
24 Inch Window to Remind Where to Go
Next Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete With Wings that Dance

After the Art of the Day in Song is Given Shared Cared Healed Away For Free...

Oops i Almost Forgot to Sing Dear Miriam As 'Dear Miriam' is A Song A Poem too
And Verily Still A Dancing One too With Eclectic Elements of Creativity SMiLing...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
iNdeed Life is For Giving
Not Taking Away Life is For
Lifting Not Bringing Life Down

Life is For

Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT New For
All With Least Harm Now
Giving Sharing Caring Healing

Yes All ALong the Paths of Life

As Yes True i've Had that Breath

Taken Away And Now i Understand

How to BREaTHE SMiLes mY FRiEnD
With Thanks Giving Every Breath PreSent


NeW NoW...

Catholic Mass Readings From September 25, 2022
Something About Kindness Yes Some Thing Beyond
Things Treating Other Humans With Kindness Seeing

Them All And The Rest of Nature As Literally and Metaphorically
The Face of God (LoVE) To Give Away For All With Least Harm

As A Bride of Love
Will Be Given Freely
By A Father ThiS Way
to a Suitable Husband

Yet Again It is Often The Mother
And Others Who Nurture Most

Who Bring The Human Race
Back to A Survival of LoVE

DarK Thought LiGHT
For Real For Our Species
to Both Survive and Thrive...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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26 Sep 2022, 1:14 am



oF DeaR LoVE iN CoLoR


GoD iS HeaR
Love Is Enough

Oh Dear Lord Dear Savvy
Almost Everyone i met
And Greeted Today So
Many Giving Great Thanks

And Praise to Kindness

It's As If You Read New
Entire Minds of Heaven

For Real As Once Again

i Never End or Begin

WitH SMiLES Even More Yes

As Ocean
Waves Toward
A HoRiZoN oF
Forevermore KiND WitH SMiLes...
So Free Let It Be Dance So Let it Be Song
So Let it Be Kindness Raining Down NeW
NoW oN HuWoMaNKiND EVeN More WiTH SMiLes...

SMiLes i Understand Great Highly
Productive Folks From Egypt Only
Get One Day Off From Work Dear


i Believe

Your Positive
Quotes Now Are
A Cairo Vacation
Unto Your HeART
From Pyramid Top SPiRiT SoUL
of Wisdom EYeS Yes to See More

Of How A Human Condition Ticks
Best Without Locks of CLocks With SMiLes...

MiLes of
SMiLes Until
Waves oF SMiLes
Yes Make An Ocean
Whole Full of Love

Free Raining From
Clouds Above Ocean Water
To Below Above With SMiLes

Naked Enough KiNDNeSS


Dear Chaymaa
NeW NoW With SMiLes...

Ah Yes True Folks Usually
Change With Enough Pain
Yet Somedays Weeks Months
Yes Years Pain And Numb Is An
Adversary Colder Than A DEViL
THoRN Stuck WiTHIN Dear Chaymaa

TRuE i Believe in YeS UNleashing
ReLEaSinG And Sending Pain
And Numb Away From me

However Patience

And A Will to Survive

May Be An Only Stepping
Stone Going No WHeRE 'Till
Pain And Numb Melts Away NeW NoW...

oF DeaR LoVE iN CoLoR




Oh Dear Lord Other Than Work Most of What Got my Attention
For Decades Florida State Football And Hurricanes Learning

to Make All Moves Holy Dance All Words Sacred Song

i'm Sort of Spread Out in Two Special Interests

Now Yet Unlimited Dance And Song Within

i Knew A Lot of Dudes in the Military

Terrified of Retiring Having No Idea
What They Would Do With Their Life Next

And True Not Uncommon For Dudes in General
To Retire And Basically Rot on Mall Benches Watching Sports

Another High School Class Reunion Number 45 Coming in 2023 to See the

Results of the Scores on the Mall Benches AS Such iN Common Indeed...

Anyway Dear
Miriam Still
Making FLoWeRS
Unfolding Killing
Time Making Even
More Room For Forever
Now Blooms ALWaYS Coming New...

Oh Dear Lord An
Anti-Suffering DiSEaSE
First World Problems Now
of Going in For A Quarterly
Maintenance Check to Make

Sure i Am Not
Getting too Happy
Darn What A Dilemma
Star Struck Disease Potentially

Spiraling Out of Control into
Super Nova Explosions of What

my Wife Describes As Something
Yet She Still Doesn't Have A Label For me

Yet at Least one that
is Not Pejorative HAha...

True i Rather
Go Without
Words to Cover me

Yet Hey Hehe This is
Just a Hobby to Rest
my Dancing Feet "Whoa! Nelly!"
17,222 MiLES NoW iN Public Approaching
A 109TH Month Anniversary on September 26th

i Ain't Gonna Lie Though
i Embrace Pain as One
of my Dearest FRiEnDS

Mileage Does Pile Up
For Minor Self-Made Repairs...

iN oTHeR WorDS
DoN'T UnDeREstiMatE
ThE DarK ForCE NoW

Good Morning From Lands
Of Butterflies Always Coloring
More to Feed Loving Life Lights

‘Sometimes it’s Hard
To Explain why Someone

Is Beautiful’

Give/Share YouR BLeSSinGS
Free In Compersion Far Away

From Jealousy Envy Greed

SMiLes i am Waiting For the Rain

Thank You

GoD iS HeaR
Love Is Enough

HAha! So Happy i Could
Introduce You to The
Benefits Of Your New
WorkPlace From Afar
Just Consider it A
Long Distance
Hug With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear 'Peace & Truth' So Nice to See Your Bright
And Shiny Face Hehe if That isn't A Facial Avatar of You it Doesn't

Really Matter As Your Soul Speaks Kindness And Human Kindness
Is A Most Beautiful Part of Humanity As YouR Super Hero JeSuS

Story Does Relate in 'the Beatitudes' The Part i Surely Verily Will
Consume And Return As Truth the Good Cop Jesus Who Doesn't Seem


By Other Parts of the Book that Aren't Always So Kind Like Some Pastors,
Priests, And Politicians Who Might Suggest Someone Like You From Another

Country is Not Worthy to Be Treated Like the Face of God For Real Like
People Seeking Asylum And Lied to With Broken Promises And Shipped

Off Like Animals to be Sold on Sale

or in The Case of Florida for Political

Purposes For Power and Status

Only While As the Story

of Matthew 25 Goes

That Story of Jesus

Will Not Even Know Names
Like DeSaTaNiS, Gaetz, And
TRumP of Course too Humans

With Nearly Zero Levels of Empathy
And Compassion Only Using other Humans
Like Tools in the Case of Immigrants, Under Age
Girls, And Of Course Women Reduced to Body Parts
to Grab Below Their Belly Buttons With No Use for of HeART
SPiRiT SoUL At All Only Masturbatory Tools And That's Just About All...

What is Most Beautiful Again Are The Wings of Kindness As They Take
FLiGHT When the Human Body Becomes Art to Express Rather than
Tools Just to Use When SoULS SPiRiTS HeARTS LiGHT Up EYes
As Hugs Only to Lift Other SoULS uP When MaKinG LoVE Means

CREaTiNG SMiLes For Others and Yes i Do that in Every Silly
Way i Can And Will mY FRiEnD for i Lived in Hell Without
the Feeling of A SMiLe for 66 Months i Am A Fool For

Love THiS Way

And No Different than

the Sacred Clown The Trickster

in American Indian Lore if i Have

To Dance in Public Naked With Cowboy

Boots i Will Do it if it Cracks only one Smile

And True if i have to i'll Show my Ass too HAha...

For Those of Us Who Have Been to Hell FOR REAL


For It's True Hell
is A Place With
No Feeling of
A SMiLE Ever mY
oF HeaVeN i Will Spread
iN SMiLes and More Miles of SMiLes

As i Hope one Day Everyone Will be
Free Enough Whole Complete to Dance Naked With
A SMiLe for No Other ReaSon than Feeling the Face of God WiTHiN
Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete A SMiLe of LoViNG All DarK Thru
LiGHT Thanks Again For Calling Us Your Twin Souls For A True Soul

Is A Twin
mY FRiEnD With SMiLes...

i Am Still Loving the Poetry You
Share that Touches All of Human
HeART SPiRiT SoUL And Body True...

Keep Reaching Out and Touching mY
FRiEnD A SMiLe Is No Age Yet Love For Real...

Oh By The Way if i Were JeSuS and i Could Actually
Return again Even though it's Hard to Stomach Humans
With Little Empathy, Love, And Compassion For Others

For those Humans Who Use and Abuse Others this way
i've Been to Hell i Know What is Dead of them Within

i Understand They Already LiVE iN Hell All i Would
Do is My Best to Help Them Understand WHere

They Already Are as Lost Sheep From
A FLock oF LoVE And Help Them

Return to Heaven or Perhaps

Enter the Queendom of

Love For A First Time
Ever NeW iN THE Eternal
Love of Now With SMiLes
Naked Enough Whole Complete

For It's True What A Wonderful
World it is When Love Breathes
Naked Enough Whole Complete...

Honestly What Impresses me Most About A Woman
Even if God Yes She Does Have A Cutest Butt and Nicest
Legs Like my Wife Katrina is GLoWinG SMiLes of EYes

True Love For me is Most often Above the Flesh in SPiRiT

Of Course i'm Only Human That Should Be More Than
Obvious too Hehe...

LeSSoN 445
Biggest Hug Ever
Choose Unconditional
Love Give It Away Through
Calm And Rough Seas Sail
Life Ocean Whole Love

Rise From
The Depths
Of Ocean
To Blue
Of SMiles
Hehe Don’t Worry
If i Ever Hug You
i’ll Be Gentle Like
Petting A Furry
Little Kitty Cat HAha

OBTW i Googled Your
New Big Four Office

Such An Amazing
Place To Work With
A Gym Too Will Look
Forward To Hearing
About All Your Accomplishments


Or Hardships
Never Fear To
Share i am Your FRiEnD
Even if i Squeeze too Tight Hehe...

Oh my Gosh That’s A Gorgeous
FLoWeR Amazing Never
Have i Seen A Purple
Beauty like that!

Oh Goodness Canada
Gets A Most Powerful
Hurricane And
Yes Now Ian may
Head Up This Way
Yet We Too May Be
As Cool As Toronto
With A Cold Front This
Week At Least Dropping
The Winds Yet Not The
Floods thank Goodness
i Live in Forest Highlands
In Our Santa Rosa County
Named After A Saint Named
Rose like the Church i Visit
Too Hehe The Deloitte
Office in Toronto Was
Huge And Super
Modern You
May Work in A
Smaller One Yet i Am
So Happy To See You Working
With People And Finding Great
FRiEnDS True to Love And Hug

Please Do

Accept A Virtual
Hug From me i ReMeMBeR

Your Instructions On How
To Do It From Valentine’s
Day 2019 i Never Forget

How to Do Its’ With SMiLes...

Thanks Dear
Aloha FRiEnD
Seems Our
Tip Of The
Barrel Of A
Revolver Shaped
FLoWeR State Shall
Be Spared The Wrath/
Beauty Of Spreading
Ocean Warmth
Next For
New Circles of
Life Meanwhile
Been Doing A
Rain Dance As
It’s Dry As A Bone
Yet i’m Fully Loaded
And Ready to Continue
A Public Dancing Spree
For Rain In The Western
Tip Of This Panhandle
Barrel of A FLoWeR
State Shaped
Like A Handgun
True Spiraling Now
Loaded Dance Feat
New Needs No Full
Just SMiles...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Savvy
Almost Everyone i met
And Greeted Today So
Many Giving Great Thanks

And Praise to Kindness

It's As If You Read New
Entire Minds of Heaven

For Real As Once Again

i Never End or Begin

WitH SMiLES Even More Yes

As Ocean
Waves Toward
A HoRiZoN oF
Forevermore KiND WitH SMiLes...
So Free Let It Be Dance So Let it Be Song
So Let it Be Kindness Raining Down NeW
NoW oN HuWoMaNKiND EVeN More WiTH SMiLes...

oF DeaR LoVE iN CoLoR


GoD iS Hear
Love Is Enough



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Gender: Male
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27 Sep 2022, 12:44 am


Indeed Sad HoW It Scares
So Many Folks Now So Much That God
Is Really Nature Real Yawn Putting

Realism Into Theism Since 6.6.60

True 62 Years As Long As the West
Coast of the Florida Peninsula
Has Gone With Higher than
A Five Foot Storm Surge
Soon Predicted up
to 10 Feet By
Ian Spreading
Ocean Warmth

As Such

Key Replacing
Nature's Naked (GoD)
Clothes Forest Bathing Whole

Tree Wears
Many Rings
Verily me too

PArts Synergy
oF ALL Words
Express More
Than Letters
As The Rest
Of Existence Does


An Only Truth

Never Held
iN A Jar Indeed

Every Feeling
Sensing Way
Paths To Greater
Human Potentials
Coloring Our Ways
All We
Do At
Core Ironically
As Even Science
Shows Now Right
Hemisphere Art
Master To
Be Served
Best By
Left Hemisphere
Mind Grasping
Smaller Detail

Of Whole
Soul Dear Yam...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
i Focus First On Do in Flow
And Let the How And Why
Come Next to Ponder

In Wonder

And Amazement

of Course That Works in Art
Yet Surely Won't Work in the
Pharmacy Field That Requires
Rigorous Mechanical Cognition

As Mistakes

Cannot Be
Afforded That Way

Oh Dear What A BLeSSinG
BLiSSinG to Heal Others That
Way Yet Truly So Much More Difficult

Than Dreamtime of Creativity That only
Flows in Art of Do New Now For Wonder
iN How And Why i Did it to Come Next If

AT ALL With SMiLes...

How Both Ancient And Newer Living Trees
Come to Be From Dead Seeds Dear Xenia FRiEnD

Living Green Leaves RiSinG Trees Taller Branches
Reaching Up Falling Browner Leaves No Longer Green

Yet Feeding Soul Soils For Spring Forest Returning From
Frozen Winter Soils of Birth As Summer FLoWeRS Dance

And Sing Free Again

As We Humans As

Source of Sunshine

Within Star Seeds And
FLoWeRS From Super Nova
Explosions May Surely LiGHT
Up Year 'Round in Colors of New Art
Free mY FRiEnD With SMiLes How Wonderful

It is to Be Gaseous Star Dust Sentient ThiS Way

How Beautiful it is to Light Up Our Living Trees
Year 'Round Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All

With Least Harm

True A Real Religion

of Peace And Love

For Star Dust

Sentient Fearless

to Really Do Now With SMiLes
As Below A Grain of Sand May
Hold Up Mountains of Human Love THiS WaY

BeCoMinG iNCaRNaTE Essence us WitH SMiLes
Wonderful Week Ahead for You ALL Enjoy Be Wind Free

Never Held
iN A Jar Indeed...

Gift of Rain
Ocean Breath
Giving Life
As Hurricane
Ian Moves to
Warm Northern Ocean Waters
Yet Not Before Visiting Florida First

As A Cold Front Dips Down For US
to Taste Perhaps Higher 50's in Temperatures
on the Western Tip of the Florida Panhandle

Protecting Us From the Strength Now of Ian

Yet Indeed As Expected A Dry Last Part of September

Waiting to Be Soaked By Gift of Rain Ocean Breath

Life Giving as Hurricane Ian Moves As Hurricanes

Do in Spiraling Balance

of the Circle of All

of Life That Is Far

From Humancentric Indeed mY FRiEnD
Happy Fall Scotland Highlands to You Dear FRiEnD
Hope Your Short Vacation to Enjoy the Weather Refreshing Indeed...

Best Of Luck
Dear Cindy
As A Winner
With SMiles...

Full of Wisdom Dear Yam
The Way You Put it in Silent
Understanding Versus Vocal
Judging Yes the Way Our Two Yin and Yang

Hemispheres of Mind Work in Divine
Feminine Loving Understanding And
Divine Masculine Judging in Smaller

Picture Views of
Black and White

All Must Have A
Concrete Reason
For Solution Black or White

Labeling Flow Charts to Fix
Mechanical Problems in Cars

Yet NO Humans Are Not Cars Humans
Are Both Art And Reason smART is Comprised
of 60 Percent Art For Good Reason of Nuancing
Understanding in More Colors Than Just Black and White


Cold or
Hot Yes

As Warm
Feels Very Good
too Particularly Depth
of Understanding How
Other Folks May See the
Views of THeiR World So Different Than Us
Always Some Art to Mix With Judging SMart...

Ah Yes Watermelon Would Be Nice Year 'Round
too Yet i'd Probably Miss Hot Chocolate More
For the Heat That Would Require Year 'Round

Oh to Enjoy
Sweet Coming
From Sour All

The Marrying
Nights Creating Merry
Daytime Zucchini Souffle

my Wife Said As Far As She
Will Go is Zucchini Bread

Everything is A Best Dish
to me Dear Miriam With SMiLes A Full Plate...

Wow! Dear Cindy
Congrats HeaR is
Cheers to Many
More Publications
of Poetry Still Coming With SMiLes...

PArts Synergy
oF ALL Words
Express More
Than Letters
As The Rest
Of Existence Does


An Only Truth

Doing my Best
To Keep IT PG
Rated These Days
At Least Hehe As A
“Male Dancer” Balance
Key To Reducing Inertia
Key To Reducing All
Suffering in
Indeed Do Bruce
Lee Water Better Yet
Air Wind Free SPiRiTinG

In Wu Wei
Ease Dancing
A TiGHT Rope
And HiGHeR
STiLL Embracing
Fall Leaves Greening
Frozen Winter Soul
Soils Greening Spring
Keeping our
Trees Up
Year ‘Round
Newer LiGHTS of BLiSS...

Ah Yes Dance DragS On
Naked Enough Whole
Complete With SMiles...

SMiles Dear Hemalatha i Too
Missed Your Free SPiRiTinG
Poetry A Best ParT Of
Re-TiRinG With Fresh
Tread On Barren
Wheels of Creativity
Writing Our Own Stories
Masters Of Our Own Play
No Longer Slaves to
Expectations of
Work For Pay
Golden Age
i Thrive Now
Is Real New Best
of ForTune to You
For Free MuSiC
Of SoUL With SMiles...

Better Yet HAHa MaKinG
An Old New Renaissance
Art Out Of Grand-Dad-Bod
WHeRE Poems
Are Dedicated to
Hidden Treasures
EXPoSinG WitH SMiles
No SuFFeRinG iN
Golden Ages New

NoW Except For
As Words Flow
Over SuFFeRinG
Dry Wit FloodS oN
JusT A BanTeRinG RinG...

Hehe Yes
Stepping on
The Moon
Kicking Up
Star Dust
WitH SMiles...

YeS Hehe So
Much i will
My Wick Next...
Loving FreeR Way FoR Me

Note: i Light it myself...

Okay to Dance And SinG as You
Realize You are Dance And Song

A Most Valuable Lesson Lord DarK TRumP
TeacheS A Devil Will Not Exist Without Life Support

You really have no idea what i have to do to keep up
with the Fit of Katrina's Body haha or perhaps You Do!

Actually i'm Promoting an Idea too that
Someone Should Tell Dear Leader
Emperor Exalted one He Has no Clothes....

Philosophy of India is that of the 'Spiritual Jesus' 'i See
God Within You' Namaste Now Look Within Join

This God iN LoVE ReaL NoW

All is Well
6 Feet
Above Hehe...


Indeed Dear Savvy As Rumi So Eloquently
And Poetically Relates UNiVeRSE Breathes
Within Us Reflections of the UNiVeRSE We aRe
As Even Earth With Two Hemispheres Master of
Soul Right Hemisphere Left Hemisphere Best to

Serve Soul
Yet Open
First to Even
Find Deeper SoUL
Reflecting Love As
God More Fully Within

Oh to Be Full of Empathy
Love and Overall Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Unconditional Love
Breathing Peace Exhaling Love This
Way For All With Least Harm Yet Sadly

Particularly For Men in Toxic Patriarchies
So Much Of Soul Is Left Behind in Emotional
Intelligence Potential Not Understood As True
Core of All Our Cognitive Executive Functioning
That Drives Laser Focus Attention and Short Term
Working Memory Plus Longer Term Memory Retrieval As Well

Yet Where Scarcity Exists And Tribal Wars Are A Way of Life to
Break The Heart Strings of Males Averse to Harming Other Members
of Humanity to Literally Kill in Tribal Wars Sadly This is Still a Left Over

Way of Life
Even in Places
Where SCaRCiTiES
of Desert Life is No
Longer the Reality or
Frozen Lands And Other
Mountainous Places Rocky
And Without Fertile Soil or
Long Past Our Nomadic Ways
Before Agriculture Where We
Really Are Depending On Each Other
Then in Loving Empathic Compassionate
Ways New to Bond and Bind Over A Day's
Forage For Survival Shelter And the Child
All the Children as Prize of the Village for
The Future All Hands Effort Required for

Surviving and Thriving

We Have Come This Far

With the Power of Love

We Shall Fall the Same

Distance Separated

From Yes A Force

of Love New Now

We Rise in Love
For All Are Fall

More Separately
Without Connecting
WiTHiN Sunshine Releasing
For Others As Warmth Year 'Round...

PArts Synergy
oF ALL Words
Express More
Than Letters
As The Rest
Of Existence Does


An Only Truth;

And Indeed A Reality of
Above So Below Within Inside
Outside And All Around That May

Be EXPReSSinG in Unlimiting Ways

As Long as Freedom of Expressing

Is Not Materially Reducing Through Censorship;

"Theocracy," Is Just Another Word For the Politics
of Materially Reducing Existence For Mastering

And Control of Change That is Always A Frigging

Illusion As Even Science Shows in Terms of Quantum

Mechanics, It's Impossible to Reduce Reality Through Just
A Five-Step-Old Antiquated Method Named A Scientific Method

That Only Measures What Is Possible to Observe; For Instance,

Our Conscious Thinking Minds That Neuroscience Approximates

As Half A Percent of Our Head to Toe, And SKiN And Hair, and Underneath

That Existence Not Counting of Course All the Connecting That Science

Has no Way to Measure in Terms of Innate, Instinctual, Intuitional Leaping

All LoGiC
As Such

Yet in ReaSon

of Chaos MaGiC
As Art Comes to Fruition
ThiS Way Beyond All Scientific

Measure For How Our Minds In Synergy
Even Work to Produce These Words On Page...

Yeah Baby, (Not Anyone In Particular) Go Ahead
And Try to Reproduce my Creativity More Unique
Than Any Finger Print i've Even Ever Dreamed As Of Now

This Avatar Existence in Terms of Words on Page; It's True,

Theocracy And Or Tradition; Or and Politics and Philosophy

Is What Some Folks May Do Their Best to Limit A Force So Large

So Small

As A Three
or Four Letter
Word Starting With
G Ending With E Starting
With L Ending in D; There Just

Are No Limits to Human iMaGiNaTioN
And Creativity When More Fully Unleashing and ReLeASinG

Yet You See, if You Can And Will (And Not Particularly Anyone HeaR)

i Score 100 Percent in Open Minded Ways of PerSoN And Human Potential;

Closed Minds Do Less in Ways of iMaGiNaTioN CREaTiViTY And More Left
Hemisphere Ways of Processing Our Existence in Smaller Picture Materially Reduced Ways;

There Really isn't at Essence

Much Difference Than

Scientism That Materially

Reduces All to Only What May
Be Observed Now And Measured;

And Theocratic Religion That Insists

That A Force of All That Is May Be Limited

to One Dead Little Brown Dude, Likely Dead on A Cross,
A Couple of Thousand of Years or So; Or How About A Three
Letter Word, or an 800,000 Or So Word Mix and Match Script Book
All Copy And Pasted Together Before Even Microsoft Windows Exists...

Freedom of Information; The Information Highway; All The Benefits of Technology
That Provide the Potential For Us NOT to Rely On Each Other As Social Animals to the

Point of Much

And Loneliness,

of A Culture of Wolves
Howling At the Moon Missing
A Vague Feeling of Human Love ToGeTHeR;
Dancing Naked Enough Whole Complete, Thriving For Real;

And HeaR Lies and Tells the Truth of the Current Human Conundrum
of Lonely Wolves At Hand, So Domesticated And Separate From Each Other Now;

Relatively Speaking
of Course, Per Face to
Face Warm Human Connecting
With About 150 Well felt and sensed
Acquaintances With Intimate Connecting For Real

For Maybe A Handful of Really Close FRiEnDS and Even Lover True...

Tradition, What We Commonly Call Shared Symbols and Ideologies as
Politics, Religions, And Philosophies Mutually Understood And Doing Them Together
For Real is What Human Animals At Best Do to Survive and Thrive ToGeTHeR As Long

As They Need
Each Other to
Do This Human
Way of Being STiLL;

Nope, Not so Much Now;

And People are Hurting From the Reality
of No Longer Being Part of Some Kind of
Tradition That Bonds and Binds Folks ToGeTHeR;

The Christian Religion is Dying Slowly Yet Still Dying;

i LiVE iN An area that Once Held the Most Churches Per Capita
in Locality; i Get Around as A Participant Anthropology Observer For

Real And See What's Mostly Left And Reducing of A Most Gray Haired Demographic Now;

It's Sort of Like Agriculture, Hospitality, And Construction in Florida; The Average Age of Workers
is Increasingly Older Middle Aging Folks, Without Much Replacement in Attrition, Except For Immigrants

Like the Ones Around my Block With Green Cards Who Tore Shingles off And Replaced Them on
A Roof in 98F Degree Heat With Just Four of them, in One-Day-Span of Work, Just SO Motivated to Do

Another Roof Tomorrow For Close to Florida's New 11 Dollar Minimum Wage Starting September 30th, 2022.

Not Only is Religion Dying; Tradition As A Whole is Dying too as Part of That True; And That's A Problem;

And That's A Real Problem

As At Core Humans

Bond and Bind

Over Common
Symbols and Ideologies

For the Human Warmth That
Brings in Terms of the Neurohormone
Oxytocin And the Rest of Neurohormones
And Neurochemicals In Synergy; Best Balancing Force of Thriving True...

in My Studies of the Christian Religion As A Really EPiC Long Free Form Poem
Writer And Participant Anthropology Observer; Yes, i Understand the Limitations

of What Tradition Will Bring Yet i Understand the Joy of Being Human Connecting
With Unconditional Love and True At Least i Can and Will Pick Those Jewels Out of Their

Sacred Text and

Leave the Ignorant

Mud Behind Just Replacing

All of that With Terms of FearleSS UNConDiTioNaL Love

As i Mean, After All, What are They Gonna Do, Lie And Say 'Dear John' Didn't Say

'God is Love'...

All i Have to Do to Fit in With them is Understand their Sacred Text in Close to Photographic
Memory Better Than the Pastors and Priests Hehe; Other than that Love is What's Left Over on

The Sunday
Dinner Plates
to Do Plus a Lot of
Free Food From A Lot of
Nationalities Who Are Part of
The Catholic Church; One Week it is
Hispanic; A Couple Weeks Later From
American-Pacific Islanders; It's True, We Really,

Overall, Need Tradition and Freedom of Human Expressions
in Terms of Yin and Yang No Matter Where We Go, Once Again,

Above So Below Within Inside Outside And All Around i Visit the
Globe All the Way Around Each and Every Day And it is the Bond

of Fearless Love Binding

That Works Everywhere

Psychopathic Leaning

Folks Aren't Consuming

The Oxygen of Love in The Room
And Not Returning it For Real Living Life Joy...

Honestly, We have As Much to Fear From Losing
Tradition, Remaining a Stable Society, As We Do

From Each and Every Person Going Their own Ways

And Never Connecting in Flesh and Blood Again Sort of

Like the Elders in Japanese High Rises Who Have no Living Connections
in Face-to-Face-Interaction

With Other Humans,

Where 'Clean Up Crews'
Clean Up What's Remaining

After They Go Away As No One Else

Was Even Aware They Existed in Flesh and Blood Life

At least enough to Care to Check on if they Exist at all Now...

i Suppose For those of Us Who Understand the Ups and Downs of

Both Sides of Tradition and Freedom in Change We at Best Are Careful

For What
We Wish
for Next;
Lest We Don't
End up A Bad TV
Show on A 'Twilight
Zone' of Our Own Pre-made Hell,

Without Any Tradition At All Just
Anarchy And Chaos Sort of Like a
Prison Without Rules in Seattlish AS Such.

i Have No Problem Fitting in, in 'Rome;' Just Look
Like Ya Can And Will Hit A Home Run on the First
Baptist Soft Ball Team And You Get Free Reign of the Church...

Or On the Other Hand When Folks Judge Your Singing Voice as That
of an Angel on High Yet of Course Just Another Autistic Savant Skill Born

On Date As such...

And of Course As
Always Evidence
By Request;

Full of
All Around
Open Minded So Free
Zero Percent Neurotic too, hehe...

Not Everyone is Fearless and Loving
Free It's Like An Every Day Religion
For Real Unique And Fitting in As Well an Art of Thrive For Real...

Politicians Have Been Using Abrahamic Religions As A Cash Cow
For Thousands of Years to Master And Control Others; And Restrict
Their Freedoms For Power, Status, And Material Gains, Whether You Call

'Em Politicians, Priests, Pastors, Philosophers, Or Even Mommy And Daddy AS Such At Home;

And Of Course Other Religions, Cultures, Still Do the Same; The Cash Cow of the Christian Religion
is Dying Slow in America; 70 Percent of Catholics Don't Even Believe That the Priest Can Literally Change
A Wafer of Bread into a Flesh And Blood Real Eucharist of Jesus From A Dead Dude 2,000 Or so Years ago....

Too Much Freedom of
Information and Expression
For Myths Like that to continue
to Be taken Literally By the Majority
of Church Go'ers And Increasing Stay at

Home Christians No Longer Tithing 10 Percent
of Their Earnings For Building More Churches Tax-Free...

When the Cash Cow of Politics is Gone Another Will Arise

As Long as Traditional Ways of Getting Out to Vote Stick together

on the Same
Sheet of
Choir Music

'Bringing in the Sheaves', etc...

If Only 'Those Sheaves' Could Be
Kindness in the Ways of Fearless
Unconditional Love For All; Alas

A Lad, It's Just Not Human Nature; All We
Can Really Handle Close According to 'Dunbar
Number' is About 150 in This One Life; Togetherness

is Our Rule And Separate is The Reality too; Bringing in the Sheaves,

This and That Flavor Separate Indeed As Change Continues the Only Real Reality New Now...

Christian Theocracy is Only A Temporary Grey Scare in the United States; NuMBeRS Don't Lie

When Many

Are Dying Away...

Ironically, it is the Immigrants
Who Stand to Potentially Breathe
Life Support into Christianity; The
Hospitality Industry; Agriculture;
And Construction, Particularly in Florida

My Current Place of Abiding Now; What A 'Real Fool'

The Current DeSaTaNiS Governor is Today He is Going

to Need Every Set of Migrant Hands to Replace Roofs in Florida Sooner Than Soon

As 'Ian' Will Have A Final Word HeaR For What Roofs Come and Go; Yes, Very, Very Soon...

And True, Church
Roofs are Not Exempt...

Or Stained Glass Windows
Lacking Love For Hands That Heal
Bringing Temple Roofs and Stained Glass

Windows Back to Life...

So Often Brown Hands
Calloused And Strong

With Feet

So Often

in Sandy Sandals
Just Waiting To Return to Church...

Indeed, Humans So Fascinating to
Watch RiSinG


FaLLiNG Again and Again For Real...

Fortunately, All i Have to Do is Watch IT;
'The Circus,' And

PArts Synergy
oF ALL Words
Express More
Than Letters
As The Rest
Of Existence Does


An Only Truth


Never Held
iN A Jar Indeed...

"ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTinG FoRM" Concluding
Now If it Makes Sense As Yes of Course When We Unleash
And Release Our Greater Soul Potentials in Art of Flow

In Autotelic Ways of Bliss
And Bless Labels Are

Not Really Required

For Innate, Instinctual

And Intuitive Processes of

Soul Deep SPiRiT EXPReSSinG
HeART of Feeling Sensing Synergies
of Emotions Coloring Soul Newer Than

Ever As Limits of Before Do Not Restrain
Colors of Heaven New Within FOR REAL

It's the Way the Reset of Nature Does it All
Naturally Not Trapped in as Tools They Make

Yet of Course Avatar Words Help ALong
By Many Years of Education As Tools May

Become Organic SoUL When Mutual and
Consensual Understanding May Come for
Those So Inclined in These Greater Human Potentials New Now

Anyway A Quick Tale of the Tape to Conclude This MacroVerse Now
As the Last Completed MacroVerse Titled "17,000 Miles oF Public Dancing"
That Increases Currently to 17,222 Miles in 109 Months of Effort Now on the
September 26th Month Anniversary Date of That Where the 26th is Also

Anniversary Dates of "Nether Land Bible" in 76 Months of Writing that
Long Form Poem Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL" RiSinG to 8,422,421
Words in that Last Completed 301st MacroVerse Titled "17,000 Miles oF Public
Dancing" Also Doubling As Another Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL" in the
Long Form Poem "FB Profile Pic Bible" RiSinG to 6,819,412 Words in that
196th MacroVerse Effort in 64 Months Now Where The Words Are Also
Included in the Description Areas in Series of About 18 Facebook Profile
Pics Holding Each Small Subchapter of Around 8,000 Words On Average

Whereas the Public Dancing MacroVerse Also Triples As The 973rd
MacroVerse Of Longest EPiC Long Form Poem Parent Bible of All the
Subchapter Children in 10.9 MiLLioN Words of Effort in 109 Months

True There is A Bit More As "Depth of the Story" is Surpassing
2 MiLLioN Words in 25 Months of Effort Just Another Long
Form EPiC Casually Described 8th New Testament Free Form
Long Form Poem on the 'Wrong Planet' Website in the 55th
Solo Effort Page of that Thread Accumulating Almost
125 Thousand Views From Just Registered Members
There as it's True Many More NeuroDiverse
Folks Read to Understand Versus Write
To Express What They Feel Within
Took me a Long While too Yep
About 53 Years to Get it
Going With No Stopping
The Autotelic Meditating
Flow of Dance And Song Free NeW NoW

Sort of Like a 'Great Gig in the Sky' Yet it is on
Earth Free SPiRiTiNG STiLL Putting the Realism
in Theism Yep Ever Since 6.6.60 Yep Giving it A Try...

Yep Quite A Storm Surge of Dance And Song Cat 6 it Be And

i Am Finishing The Writing Portion of THiS MacroVerse at
12:25 AM on September 27th As Usual A While Longer Now to
Put Together All the Multi-Media For Electronic Publish of Course...

Yep As Every New Bi-Monthly Effort MacroVerse of The Whole Effort
Now is Truly Novel Size Poems and HeHe So Much EPiCaLLY MoRE...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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28 Sep 2022, 1:25 am

For Giving Thanks
Giving Enough
Pain And Numb
In The World to Lend
A Hand Up Instead of
Down Dear Savvy Wise
Words By Your Mother Indeed

BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith...

As i Love To Dance And Sing
MaKinG Every Move Holy Dance
Free Every Word Holy Song Sing

Marry The Night
Merry The Day
Appreciate That

No Longer Fearful of DarK
SPRinGS No Longer Cynical oF LiGHT

Marry The Night
Merry The Day

Dear Chaymaa Putting The Face
of God in All Of Existence Indeed
Thankful Appreciating It All No Place to Hide

No Secrets
to Keep Just
LoVinG ALL NeW NoW For Real…
BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith...

LeSSoN 446
We Gather Stories
For Traditions To
BREaTHE Warmth
ToGeTHeR Free With SMiles

Traditionally Two Months
Now On The 27th Before
Your 31st Birthday Hehe
When You Finally Become
Half my Age So Glad For
Over 7 Years Now You
Still Abide in This Dude’s
EPiC Long Form Poem
Of FRiEnDS True I Didn’t
Wait on A Movie, TV Show,
New Country, Or Religion
i Cherry Pick FRiEnDS
Who Choose Someone
As Unique And Different
As me Yes As You Are
Too New With SMiles

Globally World Wide

THeRE iS No One
Close To The Unique
You In The Entire World
And Through All The Colors
Grey SHades And Even BLack
Abyss Silence i Remain By

Your Side
Why For If
i Do Not THiS
Entire 10.9 MiLLioN
Word EPiC LonG Form
Poem Tradition of “SonG
oF mY SoUL” All About
FRiEnDS In 109 Months

All Be
A Big Lie
If i Left
Any FRiEnD

Behind For This
Is The Best Tradition
Of All IT IS Fearless
Love And It Is Really

A Real
New Story
Each And Every
Word of Letters All...

For All The Years That Warm And Fuzzy
Play And Joy Are Words With No Substance
i Understood How To Do Then Yes This is What

Enough Work Related Stress Will Do When Not Only
Chronic Yet Acute from Years 10 And 11 Of 11 Years Then

Just Getting Ready to Go to 'General Adaptation Syndrome'
Yes AS Humans Have Limits And Stress is Cumulative This Way

Speaking of Play
it Reminds me of the
"Big Lebowski" Movie

When 'The Dude' Meets up
With Just Another So-Called
Rich Toxic Patriarch Responsible For
Someone Peeing on His Rug That
Really Keeps His Room Together

And The Rich Guy Who Also
Had the Name 'Lebowski'

Called The Dude Out
For His Casual Playful
Boxer Shorts and Yes

Sun Glasses Attire
Saying No One Dresses Like
That And Get A Job Like His Parents Had

Apparently 'The Dude' Had Been Through Some
'Stuff' And No Longer Had to Work for Pay too

And True That Makes Some Who Do Very Butt Hurt Indeed
As Strolling Around the Block This Morning in a Slow Dance
Making Small Talk With An Older Managing Contractor
Installing A New Air-Conditioner As i Complimented
The Break in Florida's Sweltering Heat in Cold Front
Way And The Contractor Said He'd Rather Be Taking
it Easy Like me As There is Some Discomfort Where
i Live When an Able Looking Dude isn't Making

Money Like it's a Religion of Some Kind Hehe

Protestant Work Ethic and All of that Indeed
Anyway As He Could See All i Did in Life is Play
Now Probably Seeing me Around Town Dancing
For No Reason Yet Joy There too i told Him Yep

Working For the Military for a Quarter of A Century
Almost Killed me So i've Been Retired For 14 Years Now

Of Course the Protestant Work Ethic Will Accept A Fallen
Military Hero Yet Not Someone on the Side of the Street of Course

i Didn't Go to the Trouble to Explain to Him That i only Worked As
A Federal Employee i Let Him Do His Bowing to me as He was Taught

And Then at Walmart An Otherwise Kind Cashier was Lamenting Over
the Prospect of Those Who Live South of the Border Pursuing Immigrant
Green Card Employment Putting the Broken Hurricane Egg of Florida's
Peninsula Back Together For Governor DeSaTaNiS Having to Eat His

Words Devaluing Humanity Seeking Asylum From Harmful Countries
As Just Illegal Aliens i've Seen Them Roof They Make it A Play of Dance

And They Get the Job Done With an Enthusiasm of Play For How Happy
They Are Just To Be Able to Survive in This Life With Enough is Enough

It's True It's Best
to Make Life Play
Even if it is Work For
Pay We Do And No Amount
of Stress is Worth Once Upon
A Time One Life to LiVE NeW NoW

And Yes if Other Folks Don't Wanna
Come Out and Play They Might Re-Consider
If They Wanna Save Their Own Butts For Real

Already Made That Mistake Dear Miriam Before Oh God Yes
Pain And Numb Teaches Best Life Lessons oF ALL iN PLaY...

Dear Yam
Day of
Art For You
With SMiles...

A Real
New Story
EacH And Every
Word oF Letters All

Not Only
Are We iN
THE Love
THE Love
is In Us Such

Is The Nature

oF All Creation


of Love We Are In

And the UNiVeRSE NeW


Naked Enough Whole Complete

Dear Savvy


i See This

Each Unique
We All Are Too With SMiLes

And Rest of Creation NeW

Love Living Faith...

FRiEnDS Shirt i
You Yet in
my Version
Most All the
Brown And
It Seems
i trend
More toward
Red Although
my Color New is
Ocean Sky Blue Yes
Or Green Depending
Now On Moods of my EYes...

Most Beautiful FLoWeR
Wild Survives Drought
i Will Not Take
Credit For This
Rose nor Will
i Ever Own
God’s Love For
It Is God ALL not only
me Sending You This
Wisdom This Beauty
This Truth This FLoWeR
iN LiGHT Without
A Word
RiSinG NeW

So True Comfort
Of Ice Cream removes
THeN An Invention New
Of Clothes Separating
Us From Nature Now
And its Challenges
Forgetting We are
Naked Enough Whole
Complete God Yes
DarK Thru
Pots of Gold
And Words after
Dirt Naps replacing
God Nature Heaven New
NoW As it is A Naked
Climb up A
Not A
Or Down
Hill Ride
BRinGinG NoW
A River SoUL OCeAN

Ah Yes Dear Aloha FRiEnD
Blessed Both Of
Us Are To LiVE
Close to Paradise
Beaches i Love
The Forest Where
We Live Just As
Much Plus Inland
Higher Protected
From All Floods
And Substantial
Protection From
Winds Too Hurricanes
Too Powerful These Days
To Live Close to The Florida
Coasts Yet my Uncle
Lives on The Emerald
Gulf Coast He’s Had to
Replace His Long Fishing
Pier 7 Times From Storms
Since 1991 And Insurance
Doesn’t Cover Piers Such
A Beautiful Place To Live
Though Yet Not Worth The
Storm Headaches to me
Or Over Million Dollar
Home HAha Lord
Knows i Cannot
Imagine The Value
Of Your Paradise Home
On North Shore Beach Has
To Be Astronomical Hehe
So Very Beautiful Always
Treasure To Share With
The World As You Freely
Do And i Feel Among
Your Most Valued
Treasures Your
Sweet Living Pets...

Holy CR8P, Jay is Only Less than 20 Miles
From Where i Live in Florida too; (We Were Practically
Neighbors too) Anyway, Back in 1984, When i Started
my Federal Working Career for 25 Years For the United
States Navy, 'They' Told The African American Sailors as

Part of their Introduction
to the Area, Don't Go
to Jay After Dark As It's
True Then it Wasn't A Very
Welcoming Place For African
Americans At All Still in the
80's in the United States; And Yes,

Systemic Discrimination Against Blacks
Still Occurs Here as not too Long Ago One
of my Wife's Great Nieces As She Has Great Great
Nieces too As Her Sister is A Great Grandmother Now
Several Times Over With Great Grand Children in Grade School

Now; Yes, Her Great Niece's (She is of Black And White Inter-Racial
Mix) Husband (He is Black) Was Stopped Driving His Lexus in His
Affluent Neighborhood After Working 80 Hours a Week One Night

Yep Profiled
Still For No Other
Reason than the
Melanin of His Skin
And Pre-Conceived
Notions About Melanin
And Socio-Economic Ability

And Criminal Activity;

Yes, A World is Still Quite
Ill at Least in 'Trump Town Places'
This Way in America Indeed; Yes, a Little
Critical Race Theory is Still in Order of Art
of WHere All This Bull CR8P Originates From Indeed...

It Wasn't A Big Problem in the United States Navy; They all
Understood We All Bleed The Color Red And Love the Same...

Matter of Fact, As A Rather Odd Person, Not Yet Diagnosed on
The Autism Spectrum There, They Treated me With More Respect
And Others too in A Discipline of Life Militarily Speaking in Respect for All

At Least
When Not
Fighting the
Enemy Somewhere
Else Yet Their Homeland Now...

i Still Call Everyone One of Them
Sir and or Ma'am Now At the Military Gym Where
i Used to Be An Athletic Director and Recreation
Programs Manager of; Still Leg Pressing Up to 1520
Pounds, There is a Certain Grace of Respect for others

True Strength
Earned Through DarK AND LiGHT
For An All Hands Shipmate Effort indeed...

Indeed, The Original Greek Definition of Meek
Inheriting the Earth Through Balancing of Loving Grace

With No God
Damn Little
Man And Or Woman Disease
In 'Napoleon Ice Cream Ways' to Prove...

The Truth is the Military Treats Everyone
With More Respect Than Christian Churches
i Have Visited in the Area Mostly For the Reason

They Stay in The Same
'One Horse' Ignorant
Place Their Entire Life;

And this is A Real Beauty of Online;

It Allows Most Everyone the Ability to at
Least 'Virtually' Escape 'Trump Towns USA...'




HEHE, Yet i am Mostly
Talking 60's, 70's, And 80'S Hehe...

i Am Born in Pensacola; Chances Are if You Ever Visited
'Seville Quarter' on a Thursday Night From March of 2014
Thru March of 2020, (As That's One Place too Crowded to
Dance Since Covid-19) You Saw me There As i Am Kind of Hard
to Miss Hehe, As i've Been Public Dancing All Around This Metro

Area, Now For 17,222 Miles, including Local Malls/Stores/Area Public Festival Events;
And All the Way To Biloxi Casino's And The Beaches There Through Tallahassee too

For 9 Years, And 1 Month,
And 1 Day; Hehe, Continuing
Today A Bit Later in Walmart

In Pace as i Live in That Area Now;

People Have Said if Folks Haven't
Seen me Yet They Don't Get Out of Their Home Much, HAha;

As A Viral Video Taken By A Video Voyeur on Social Media Has Related With Over 90,000 Views;

(i Got to Be A Fly on The Wall And Read 1300 Comments From the Metro Community Assessing me;
Ranging From Local Dancing Folk Legend to Someone Afraid i Was Gonna 'Go Postal' and Harm Someone)

Plus Many Others too, Hehe; It's Just For Fun And i Kind of Champion Folks Rights to Be Different This way;

i Had the Most Problems Doing This From Fundamentalist Religious Folks Yet i Always was Able to Quote
The Numbers of Their Verses And Turn the Beat Around on them In So Many Hypocritical Ways Away

From So-called

of Jesus;

Like Lighting

Your Lamp and Not
Hiding it as they Insisted
i Was no 'King David' Public
Dancing For the Community and
of Course i Said Hell No That's Small
Fry, i'm Doing John 14:12 Now in Luke 17:21;

i Practically Made Some of Their Heads Spin
in The Middle of my Spiral Dance Making Them Dizzy;

Here is an Example
Below Here When
And Where i Am Celebrating
17,000 Miles of Public Dance, Recently;

If You Look Carefully in the Background
You May See Some 'Local Minions' of 'Trump Town USA' Here;

And It's Not Nearly As Prevalent as A Few Miles Down the Road in Milton;
A Town that Used to be Called Scratch Ankle; And Literally Called 'Hell' Before That

As the First Settlers Were Known for Not Being too Nice Settling this Mill Town From the Start;

True, i Am Raised on that River DownTown called Blackwater River That Was Once Known As Hell

Right there on the
Riverbank As they
Tore the Old House Down
i Lived in And Made a Festival
Ground in A Park; Yes, for Fourth
of July Events, Etc.; Shortly at Age 9, After
Living There, We Moved on 'Elm Street' Noting

Then i Was Called 'Freddy' And my Birthday
of 6.6.60 Was Yes A Bit of an 'Omen' as i Got
to Do the Opposite of Luke 17:21 Within in Hell too For 66 Months;

Religions all Around the World Are my Special Interests; The Locals

Here Don't Do Very Well When They Try to Go Toe to Toe with me About 'Faith'

For It's True i See
Nature Seen And
Unseen As A Real
Theism in Realism;

It's Hard to Deny When
Every Breath Feels and
Senses Love For Real Now;

Yet That's A Practice of Life
For Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love For Real

"BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith" A 'Title'
of What i Am Currently Writing New Now; Yes,

Again Just
For A Joy
PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith New Now
With Always New Colors of Joy to Create...

Ah Yes, Blackwater River For Camping And Canoeing
is Surely Magnificent With the Blackwater River Forest
And Sugar White Sands By Blackwaters Stained
by Tanin of Pines to the Crystal Yellow Streams

That Are Pretty Cold in the Summer too, Hehe;

And of Course the Beaches Really Can't Be Beat
With Emerald Green Waves, Sugar White Sands,
Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze, And Sea Gulls

Spiraling Around the Sun

As i Tend to Transform

my Dance That Way

in Wings of Autotelic Flow
Generating Joy Within Ascending
Transcending That Way in Ecstatic Trance For Real;

True, i Do Forgive A Lot of What Humans Do Here;
By the Gift of Nature As Truly my Backyard is A Real

Garden of Eden Deep in a Forest Similar to Where Folks
Take 200,000 Dollar Driving Trailers to Camp; My House

And Car is Paid-Off, So

i Do it For Free Hehe;

With Nature Naked Enough
Whole Complete With a Very Small Family, A Few
FRiEnDS, A Wife, And Joy Enough For Heaven Within for Real...

i Am Very Familiar With Thomasville Georgia as We Lived in
my Father's City in Tallahassee A Short Distance From There
For A Year in 2nd Grade When i Went to 'Blessed Sacrament' Catholic Private
School my Grandmother Paid for Us to Go There Then on my Father's Side.

i Didn't Speak Until 4, And A Bigger School Overwhelmed me in Empathic
And Sensory Overstimulation There; i Made it Through With Anemia Until
We Returned Back to Blackwater River Downtown Where my Grandmother on
The Maternal Side Lived; A Small Two Story Elementary School That would one
Day Be Transformed into A Small Junior College Branch Locally too; Smaller Places

of Environmental Stimuli
Suited me Better then Yet

i Tolerate it Much, Much Better
Now As Meditating Dance Does
Actually Regulate Emotions and
Integrate Senses in Flow; And i Actually
Have A Prescription From A Doctor to Do Just That;

It's True, it is one Therapy Approved to Treat Autistic Kids too;

Getting A Right Hemisphere More Closely Related to Emotional
Regulation Back in Tune Integrating Body and Soul Senses For Real ThiS Way Head to toe...

Works for me Along with Joining Words and Emotions Eliminating 'Alexithymia'

Through Free Verse Poetry too; Yep, All 10.9 MiLLioN Words of "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Now in 109 Months While Doing the Public Dance, Ongoing Now too;

HAha, i Don't Stutter
Anymore Either, Smooth
Flow in All That i Do Now For Real;

Indeed, As i've BecoMe Essence of A River
And Waves of Ocean And Water Whole
too in Effortless 'Wu-Wei' Ease...

For Giving Thanks
Giving Enough
Pain And Numb
In The World to Lend
A Hand Up Instead of
Down Dear Savvy Wise
Words By Your Mother Indeed

BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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29 Sep 2022, 1:26 am

Just Dance
Just Dance
Just Dance
Make A Frown
Into A SMiLe
One SMiLe
On Another Face
As SMiLes Are Faces
Dancing too Yes

SMiLes Dear Ruchi i Like it When You
Write Free Verse From Your Soul This

Way Just ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTinG FoRM THiS Way Free
BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith At Best When You

Overcome The Shadows of Life More Fully Expressing Them
in Words of Your SoUL Becoming Song Free All that's

Missing Perhaps is A Free Dance As Emotions Flow
As Feelings and Senses From Head to Toe ThiS Way

How Sad As FRiEnDS Do Drift Away Even Very

Good Ones Who Promise They Will Be Your
Forever FRiEnD And Never Leave Your

Side SMiLes You Know Feel Sense

Who Will Never Leave Your Side and
Always Be Your FRiEnD Yes Song of Your

Poetry Coming Deep Within Soul Unleashing
ReLeaSinG So Free to Be i Am You Do ThiS Way

As You Become FRiEnDS With the Words As SoUL
iNFuSinG Art As Your SPiRiT MaY Rise HeART out

Of DarK and a Melody of BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG

Faith At Best When You Overcome The Shadows of Life More Fully
EXPReSSinG Them in Words of Your SoUL Becoming Song Free True

Just Another Refrain
of Souls Set Free

in Wings of

Words What
Poetry Accomplishes
Best Like Free Dance too
Wings of SoUL SonG Set Free

Once AGain BREaTHiNG
PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG


SMiLes Dear Savvy Living in Florida A State That Means Flower State
And Living in the Same Home for Almost 29 Years And Planting All the
Way Through So Many Different Species of Plants And Trees Truly A Garden

Will be An Eden
of Giving
Beauty Back
This Way Although
We Don't Have many
Edible Plants And the Closest
We Have in the Taro Family is Elephant
Ears A Tropical Plant With Big Heart Shaped
Leaves Repelling Water Similar to Taro Yes in that

Family Yet Not Edible And Poisonous Raw Like Taro too...
Wow i did Some Research on the Taro Plant to Eat too

Amazing How Much of a Staple it is in So Many Places
in the World Yet my Wife Hasn't Ever Used it in a Dish

However i Do Believe i Remember Indian FRiEnDS
Sharing it as Part of Their Recipes And Perhaps
A Hawaiian FRiEnD too and it is Very Possible

That the Food the Pacific Islander People
Share at Our Church Has Included
Taro Too With SMiles anyway

All the Flowers in my
Garden Seem Like New
FRiEnDS Loyal From Old Who Bloom
Predictably in Different Months of the

Year it's Sort of Like Your Poetry except
That is Almost Everyday Year 'Round With SMiLES

As It's True the Poetry We Create Freely Giving
Sharing Caring And Healing is a Garden From

Human Soul That Truly FLoWeRS Blooming

YeaR 'Round With Dances and Songs

of SoULS Free With SMiLes Dear

Savvy Yes
From HeART
SPiRiTinG SoUL Breath
As Taro is One of the Earliest
Cultivated Human Agricultural
Plants And True a First Human Tradition
in Communication Was All Dancing and
Singing Oral Tradition A Natural Melody of Poetry

Helping in Recovering Stories Over and

Over As Culture Overall Danced

And Sang Group Soul ThiS Way With SMiLes...

Oh Yes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD in Oahu
No Matter How Tall Our Castles may
Rise the Beauty And MaGiC Of All of

Nature Treasures Change in Sublime
Amazement Year Around From Green
To Colors New to Dogs Wagging Tails

Cats Purring And Birds

Winging Dreams With
Birth of New Egg Life

There is No Measure
of Science to the Beauty
We Experience Within Giving

Sharing Caring Healing Nature's Dream

Come True For Us For Who Feel And Sense

The Depth of the Story That Nature Dances


Of Course

Including the
Social Animals
of Us With SMiLEs
So Deep And Wide-Felt

Yes Do Swim Blue Green
Waves Becoming Ocean Whole Wave Wind
Mermaid You Surely Are Dear FRiEnD For Real
Hehe i only Do it on Terrestrial Land Doing my Best to
Become ExtraTerrestrial With Wings All Weighed Down to Earth

Wing on
in Dreams
of Nature FLiGHT Love Sees
FRiEnDS With GRaViTY Fear Free i CoMe
BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith...

Trees oF LiGHT We aRe Dear Chaymaa
The More We Appreciate All of Existence
DarK Thru LiGHT More We Wire Our

Trees With

Colors of New Life

PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith...

Fortunately i'm Able to Generate my Own Joy
Yet Not All Are 'Equally' Equipped And Develop
That Ability As far as Humanity Goes The Only

Reason We've Come this Far is Hands That Hold
Each Other Up

Technically Speaking
Humanity's Empathy,
Compassion and Love For

Others Drains Away When We
No Longer Move Connect And Co-Create

Together So Far Away Removed From Hand in Hand
Face to Face It's a Real Problem Younger Generations

Are Becoming Lonelier, More Depressed, And More Anxious

Than Ever Before Simply For they Don't Have the Giving Sharing
Caring Healing of Warmth That Hand in Hand Face to Face Normally Brings

True Some Folks
Don't Even Understand

Why You Discuss the
Weather of the Day With
A Stranger True They Don't
Feel the Essence of the Warmth

So the Weather May Be Cold to them Year 'Round
Key is Always Make the Effort No Matter if Others
Wanna Return the Gift of Humanity or Not as in all Stuff



Lose it or
Lose it Applies

Someone has to Be
the Last one Standing
Giving Sharing Caring Healing For Free

Otherwise the Human Race Goes away
Slowly Weeping and Gnashing Teeth for Real Now

Good Luck to You i've learned to Choose People First For Truly

BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith Not Made to Hold Alone...

Jury Duty All That Stands Between me and Having
to Own A Pair of Long Pants as i Surely Won't Do
it For A Funeral or A Wedding Boy Did i Get

A Lot of Flack
From my Rich
Uncle Wearing
Shorts for my Father's
Funeral Giving A Speech without notes...

It's True He's Still Trying to Talk me into
Being Normal And Voting For Trump Truly

i'd Rather Not Wear Clothes And Be Normal...

So i Won't
So i Don't

Yet Sure if i ever
Have to Go to
Jury Duty i'll Spring
For Some Long Pants...

SMiles Dear Miriam True
Civic Duties Are Important...

Yet Beyond Local, State,
And Federal Laws, Maybe maybe not...

It's True, Playing Politics With Lives is No Good.

Going Through Ivan in 2004, The Folks Living South of the Border Coming Through Here With Green Cards
And Potentially No 'Cards' At All to Replace Thousands Upon Thousands of Roofs Meant Homes Livable to Return.

Going Through Michael, Further East in the Panhandle, The Folks From South of the Border Provided The Same Help.

This Storm Ian, is Much Bigger Than Michael And Hitting A Much Larger Surge Prone Area. This Storm is 5 Miles an
Hour Less than Michael; However, This Storm Ian, At This place Before Arrival is The Same Speed of 155 Miles Per
Hour Michael Was. The Panama City Area on the Beach That is Relatively Small Looked like a Bomb Went Off.

Sally Was A Category 2 Storm That took 2 Years to Get Some Roof's Replaced in the Area i Live; And The Flood
Damage Repairs Continue With Local Contractors Who Have Ripped Many People off in the Panhandle of Florida.

Katrina and Ivan Lost Much of Their Category 5 Strength, Expanding Before Hitting Land With Incredible Storm Surge.

Andrew, Hit A Relatively Low Populated Area of the United States on the East Coast of Florida With Cat-5 Strength.

Lee County Is Currently Under An Extreme Wind Warning Housing Fort Myers,
The Fastest Growing City in America Where the Population There Has Increased

Nearly 33 Percent in the Last Decade Since 2012.

The Average Age of Construction Workers in Florida is Upper Middle Age, With
A Small Percentage of New Construction Workers Replacing The Aging Attrition.

Not Smart to Fly/Bus Immigrants Seeking Asylum Legally to the North Part of Our Country With
the Potential to Put Florida Back Together Again; As This May Be the Most Destructive Storm

Ever to Hit the United States;
Overall, in Damage From Surge,
Wind, And Flooding Rain; They Are
Gonna Need An All Hands Effort Brown
And White to Put The Egg Shells of Florida Back Together again...

Yet Yes For Now Lives Are At Stake; When it comes to putting
the place back together again DeSaTaNiS Needs to STFU About
Using And Abusing Humans for Political Purposes; Particularly,
When and Where THEY Hold A REAL Potential to Help put this place Back Together again.

A Never
All these Clothes
Of Culture More Now..

PeacE NeW NoW

Trump Really Reveals
The Extent Folks Will
Go To Lie All About Life Still Sadly Now

It's True Physically i am 4-6 Times Stronger Than 'Them'
Now Empirically Yet in Terms of Love i AM Literally 'God' (Love)


My Pleasure
Nice to Connect
To A Truly Nice
With SMiLes...

i thought
You looked
16 Yet
i Didn’t
Want to
You as Your
Soul is Surely
Wise Beyond Youth...

God Is Not A Word

Love Is Not A Word

Human Is That Same Word

Meh; FoR Me aT LeasT i am GolD At

Beginning End of Rainbow Now Real;

Hint: Love More Than A Word Like 'Man'

And Much More Than Just a 'Son' of 'That'... "A Word"...

Words Have
Incarnated our
Essence into Words
A Tool More than Breath oF LoVE
And Love That Is Also A Tool of Breath...

i Stand Reincarnated Here in Words; Do You Doubt This Very Truth before 'Your' Eyes?

(Rhetorical Question; JusT A Philosophical Meandering Wave Water Ocean SaMe)

So Are The Saints and The Sinners God
And Gulliver's Travels Jesus and Krishna
And Even 'Games Of Thrones Real' Yes of Course

SMiLes Beautiful
Conclusion of
Verse indeed
i have Been
Love And
i Never Wanna
Suffocate Forever
Now In That
God (Love)
Burning Out
Ashes Of Soul
To Rise Again As Love
Saving Grace Carries
In The
Us Love
With God’s
Breath our
Spirit Wind...

Enough Enough Oh
Enough i LoVE NoW
Enough Satisfying
Each Breath Free
Colors See
Hear to Feel...

Just Dance
Just Dance
Just Dance
Make A Frown
Into A SMiLe
One SMiLe
On Another Face
As SMiLes Are Faces
Dancing too Yes

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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30 Sep 2022, 12:13 am

BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith


SMiLes Dear Savvy Creating
In Any Way Particularly Free
Dance And Song my Weakness

For Decades And Considered
The Weakest Fish in the Aquarium
At School A Perceived Weakness by Others too

True Through my 40's i Could Solve So Many Problems
At Work yet Even Pulling Words Out To Say Something
Might Be An All Day Struggle Then With SMiLes True

Usually i Could
SMiLes With
And i Guess i
Survived That Way
With SMiLes Then i Lost
mY Eyes Behind Shades and
Eventually A SMiLe Behind a
Covid-19 Mask Thank God The

Song of Free Poetry And Dance Still
Left to Love to Do So Nice When We
Become Strongest in Ways We Were Once
Weakest Before Yet of Course it's All in the Practice

And Inspiration For Change For A Better Life NeW NoW
Oh to Be Strong Enough in Dance And Song With A Soul

Truly A Dream
Come True
WHere A
In An Oz
Is No Longer
Just Myth Behind A Curtain
True Higher Force Within Dear FRiEnD...

Oh Goodness Dear Chaymaa Life is All About New
Beginnings Every Inhale of Peace Exhale Of Love
Particularly Living in Balance

This Way With the Rest

Of Nature Always Changing

True Most of Nature is Too Busy
Starting Always New Now to Look
Back mY FRiEnD Sadly We

Humans Tend to Get Lost
in Ruminations of the Past
And Forecasts of Fear For

The Future That May Never
Come to Pass One Part of Life

For Sure is Now Will Change

Into A New Beginning Next
How We Adapt to that Change

is A Difference Between Content
or Some Experience Of Life Less

LiFE NoW...


Oh Yes How to Describe MaGiC of
iMaGiNaTioN And CReATiViTY That

SPRiNGS Deep WiTHiN True Once
We Experience it We Wish We Will

Be Able to Give Away The MaGiC to Others
Truly So it Will Always Be THeiR Fresh FLoWeR to Bloom

Yet How Do We Quantify What Doesn't Exist Until MaGiC BREaTHES

ALWaYS NeW NoW SPRinGinG Green Once Again FLoWeRinG So Deep WiTHiN

For me at Least It's Always
Music Within Accompanying
Lyrics From A Pen That Flows
So Far Beyond Linearly True A Science
of Art That Becomes A Spiraling Force

of Milky Ways RiSinG to Our Surface Within
of Creativities Fresh Wings Dancing Singing Free

Anyway Dear Jade Oh Why Oh Why Do the Best Poets
Disappear Online i Guess So When They Return They Get
Absorbed Back into the Realm of Creativity WHeRE ALL Connects

iN Moving
Ways of Existing
Reflecting Stars Below
Above And Hemispheres
of EartH Integrating One Force WiTHiN

And Hehe When i Saw the Notification For Your
Poem Considering Just Finishing A Bi-Monthly
Novel Sized Poem Around 60,000 Words Titled

Poem Defines What i Titled my Poem

Too A Bit More Concisely of
Course As my Winds

Aren't Trapped
in Any Particular
Size of What Responsibilities
Might Comes Next Other Than
Wings Just Dancing Singing Wind mY FRiEnD

Really Nice to Feel and Sense Your Poetry Again...

Ah Yes, Not Making 'The Team' Dear Miriam
i Surely Will Relate Always Picked Last for

The Competing Sports Teams in Grade School

Not Even Picked to Eat Lunch With In School

And Lord Knows Eventually That Changed As

i Never Gave Up

True Hehe it Took
Decades and I am Potentially

Too Strange Still to Even Be
Considered for Modern Jury Duty

Particularly For my Political Leanings
Where i Live i Suppose As Everything
Around Where i Live Is Mixed With
Politics And Religion Yet Typically

When Ya Don't Fit in At Least

You Seem to Never Get a

Notice For Jury Duty Hehe

True Saving me Money to Buy the
Kinda Khaki Dress-Up Pants And Polo
Work Uniform Shirts i Wore in All my
5 Job Changes And Promotions Up the
Ladder of Federal Pay for the Last 5 Years
of a Quarter of A Century 33 Year Working Career Starting

At the Very Bottom Again After 3 College Degrees For the

Next Quarter of A Century Working For Good Old Uncle Sam

i Never Expect to Win Now and The Rewards Actually Do Keep
Flowing in Like a River That Has No Idea Where to Go Yet Flow

True That's the Forrest Gump Lesson of my Life Be The Feather

in the Wind

Be the Wind Just Flow

And Leave Cat-6 Hurricane Winds Behind
It's the Way of Nature Unfettered By Human Clothes...

Anyway Currently on Hold With the Office of Personal Management
Been Receiving 40 Percent of my Retirement Pay Since 2009 And
Automatically it Was Supposed to Go Up on my 62nd Birthday on
June 6th to 100 Percent Yet Just Like When i Had to Research the
Federal Law That Made Me Eligible After Several Transfers from Non-
Appropriated Funds to Appropriated Funds Back in
2008 With the Worst Pain Known to Humankind
Including Numb too With 18 Other Medical
Disorders They Failed to Do Their Job Again
Not Tagging my Personal File to Do Their
Job From the Day i Corrected Their

Mistakes Back in 2008 Yet It's

True i Was Raised on Love Not Money
Power and Status or Any Other Position in Life

To My Father's Chagrin i Didn't Pursue Money Yet
my Mother Never Ever Said Anything About Life Was
Power, Position, Status, or Money, or Other Material Goods

So in Other Words, It's Another Green Mold Savings Account
Accruing in Arrears Yep Just Another Alternate Bank Account

in Case Another Rainy Day Comes And It Did Yet Not in This Panhandle

of Flowers
Still Blooming
Where i Live on
High Ground True
Keeping the High Ground Staying Dry With Love

Hehe i've Literally Been on Hold for 45 minutes Yet Now it Seems
in this World Ya Can't Hold Folks Responsible For Doing Their Job

If Only They Had Some Immigrants Still Willing to Work For 'Free'...
Funny How the Ones Who Wanna Join The Team And Don't Get Picked

Truly Win
What Really
Counts in Life Loving Free...


Sadly Most Christians And Folks Of Other Religions
Didn't Get the MeSSaGE When We Give Love Away For Free

'JeSuS' Comes Back

SMiLes Dear Cindy Best of Wishes to Winning the Award for the Best Publication
of the Month Sounds Like the Wedding Celebration You Held For Your Daughter
Was a Stellar One Where i Will Enjoy Seeing All the Smiling and Dancing Photos

Hopefully Someone
Recited Some Poems
too Namely You With SMiles

And Sure Some of Your Other Family
Members Too Again i'm Reminded of my

Wedding Almost 33 Years ago as me and my
Wife Celebrated Being 'Together' for 33 Years
on September 21st As Even 'Earth, Wind, And
Fire' Remember That Date in 'September' Hehe also on or about
That Date in 1959 i Was Conceived As the Doctor Noted Going
on Vacation And Delivering me Two Weeks Early on Somewhat
of an 'Omen' Birth Date on 6.6.60 At Least According to A Way
Driver's Licenses Do Birthdates HAha True Quite A Challenge
Marrying a Future Devil in Hell for 66 Months Not Quite
Human At All then i Suppose It's Not So much Who

We Love

Yet How We Love

mY FRiEnD Only A
Handful of FRiEnDS
About Half of them Passed
Away Now Since the Blackwater
River And a Boardwalk Witnessed
Our Marriage By A FRiEnD A Notary
of the Public Then A Reception in A Bowling
Center Where The Gifts Were Given then by the
Customers i Served for the Federal Government

True All it Cost Was Love Still What i Consider
my Pay Grade, Pay Rate, Currency For Real

True Beyond Price Beyond Death Beyond Life

How We Come
to Be Married
to Love And Just
Give it Share it Care it
And HeaL it All Away New Now

to the Depths of the Ocean Free

Like An Elder Lady Did With A Blue
Hope Diamond Tossing it Over the Side of a Titanic
Boat in Memory of What is Most Real How We Love

It's How Love Returns Best We Give it Away For Free Now With SMiLes
And True As They (me) Dance Sing Love is A Real Fountain of Youth As True i
Have Enough Evidence That Shows i'm Still Married to the Woman i Married (Love) Then

Anyway i Have No Idea Who Your Daughter or Son-Law is Yet if i Were THeir FRiEnD

(i iMaGiNE i am)

This is A Song

i Would

Sing For Them
For Nothing at
All in Return Yet to

Give With SMiLes...

LeSSoN 447
True Super Heroes
Carry A Gentle Touch
Lifting Up Those Who
Are Marginalized And Oppressed

Have You Ever Noticed That
Men And Or Women Who
Are True Leaders Have
The Most Empathy
And Compassion

For Those Who Are
Marginalized And
Oppressed Well
Science Shows
Even Chimps
Choose Their
True Alpha Leaders

This Way Key To Being
Human Is Being Naked
Enough to Put The Chimp

In Human
And Use Empathy
And Compassion
Rather Than Clothes
Of CuLTuRE And Or
Religion Or And Politics

That Harm The Marginalized
And Oppressed Among Us

Challenge Is The Truth is
Those Without Empathy
And Compassion For

Those Who Are
Marginalized And
Oppressed May Have

The Most Difficult Human
Disability of All Humans

Without A Soul
Bringing Others
Down Grasping At
Straw To Fill What is
Empty Within Like Stuffed

Shirts With
Little to No

Soul Yes As Hard
As It May Be To
Do They Need

For A Most Horrible
Disability Of All Humans

With Empty LoVE iNDeed...

Thanks Dear
Hawaii FRiEnD
All Is Safe And
Dry in Our
Sunny And Cool...

Thanks For Your Kind
Words Cindy Hope
You Rest Well
Storm Ian
In Florida Just
Publishing Another
Cat-6 Hurricane
Of Long Form Bi-
Monthly Poem iN
60 Thousand
Words Perhaps
i’ll Sleep A Bit
Soon With SMiles
Well into Writing A
Next One Too As A
Flow of Hurricane
Winds Of Words
Continue Starting
Never Ending Story Again...

Thanks Dear
Cindy With
SMiles And
Miles of
New Dancing
Singing SMiles...


BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith




KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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01 Oct 2022, 1:50 am

Falling Leaves RiSinG Spring From
Winter Soil Souls Coming Green
FLoWeRS Summer Again WiTHiN

Forest Bathing Getting Back To
Nature (GoD) Naked Enough
Whole Complete For Real

LiVinG Faith

SMiLes Dear Savvy Wonderful Advice on All The
Benefits of Health And Well Being of Walking

10,000 Steps A Day Not Waiting Necessarily
To Have to Go to the Doctor For A Tune-Up
Other-Wise Yet For SoUL Benefits YeS How

Beautiful It Is New Perhaps Even More to WalK iN
Shoes of Others Now Yet How Might We Borrow

Someone Else's Soul Yes to Do This mY FRiEnD

Voila We aRe Doing it Now And True For All 10.9
MiLLioN Words i've Written Mostly in Free Verse Poetic
Responses Now Around the World in 109 Months to Hundreds
Upon Hundreds of Human Poetry And Other Prose of Free Verse
Soul in Arts and Sciences Truly A Best Way to Walk in the Shoes of

Others May Be to Become
As Close As One May
Come Responding

Freely FuSinG
With Words of
Song That Free
Poetry Brings With
SMiLes True Dance Sing Free a
Lifetime of Soul in 'THeiR' Free Poetry...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Although Moon Slowly
Disappears How Will Moon Ever Be Lonely
Gaining SoleFull Attention From Sun At Night
Having Faith Both
Moon And Sun
Will Fuel
Within Marrying
Night Merrying Day
Finding Sunshine At
Night Same As Day
Even Generating
Sun Within
For Smiles

Reflecting Shine
For What We Bring Alive

SMiLes Very Inspiring
Poem mY FRiEnD Do Shine...

SMiLes in the Northern Hemisphere at Least
Most Every Culture Has Some Kind of Celebration
oF LiGHTS Or Creativity in Warmth of Humanity

To Mark the Passage
oF LiGHT Falling
Away And the Birth
of DarK That Fall Brings
in Winter Frozen Soils of
Soul Only To Eventually Be
Fertilized By Fall Leaves For Spring
Green And Summer Flowers Again

SMiLes Hehe if Your Poem is Not Metaphor
And You Really Went into Surgery i Am So
Happy You Made it Through Yet Clouds Make

Sunshine Real Death Makes Life Real And Oh
How Sacred And Holy the Moment is When We

Come Back to: Life And LiGHT Returns From: DarK in However

That May Come For Parents And FRiEnDS Who Birth Their Loved


too Dear Ruchi

Anyway Marry the
Night Merry the Day
Appreciated in Such Holy
And Sacred Way DarK Creates LiGHT...

It's A New Dance And Song Now Real
Every Breath Particularly As i Love
to Dance And Sing Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE For All With Least

Harm Just Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Freely For

What SMiLes Naturally BRinG

There is No Limit to Perfecting Balance in
Dance There is No Limit to the Colors of Feelings
And Senses From Head to Toe That Emotions of Song

Brings Dear Miriam
Indeed Dream Time
New WHere No Time
Distance Space or
Matter With

Things Now

Actually Exists
Just The Feelings
And Senses Within Just
As We Reach Out and Touch
New Colors And Absorb Them From Others True

SoMe How or ANoTHeR We Get Clothed Away From
The Nature of Soul With Wings SPiRiT HeART Free

As We Find Our
Selves More

Tools We
Use Than What

They Were Originally
Thought to Do Make Humanity
Easy Yet Sadly TaKinG Our iMaGiNaTioNS
iN MoVinG CoNNeCTinG Co-Creating Ways

Naked Enough
Whole Complete

Away Meanwhile Wings
of Sea Gulls Spiral Sun
Emerald Green Waves
Flow Over Sugar White
Sands Creating New Shores
As Sea Oats Still Breeze so Free

Nature Reclaims What Is Hers Our
Opportunity to Remove All the Tools
And Clothes and Become Human Again

True That's the Lesson that Hurricane Ivan Taught
me Back in 2004 iT WaS A Whole New World Without
'Stuff' i Wondered One Day if i Could Put Those Wings
On Naked Enough Whole Complete Forevermore True

i am No Longer
'The Raven' Now
i Am A Sea Gull Free...

i Actually Have The Power to
Walk Around my Neighborhood
Block And Reach Out And Say Hello
To Every Neighbor Even When A Hurricane
Hasn't Ripped The Roof off of Every Home

My Lord How easy it is to be Human When
Every Stranger Becomes God And All the Grains
of Sand That May Hold Up Mountains of Human



It's True Now
my Neighborhood New
iS A Whole World to Meet

And Greet Free...

How 'i' Storms
BRing Reflections
Of Soul Back to ReaLiTY
Of Peace And Love Breathing Free...

Yes i Intuit The Force
Within With SMiles
Thanks Dear Savvy...

Thanks Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Kindness
Is The Way With SMiles...

Just Giving Sharing Caring Healing With All that Comes
to LiGHT oF JoY With Least Harm And Plentiful SMiLes to

Dance And Sing Free

Naked Enough
Whole Complete
Totally iMMeRSinG
In An Ocean of Creativity
Such Joy and Bliss No One
Will Ever Take Away or Add to
Just Naked Enough Whole Complete With SMiLes

SMiLes THere is a Breeze of An Open SoUL HeaR i Feel
And Sense For ReaL It's True i Used to Share At dVerse
Until my Creativity Became Wind No Longer Held in Jars


True Freedom is
A Wind of Creativity
That Breathes Never Captured For
Real And Yes You Capture That in Your
Unique Poem that will Never Be Created
Again In Either Style or Substance Truly
Originally Creative

For Real

This is the
Song i Am
too When i Read
Your Poem SMiLes
i Hope You Don't
Mind i wrote the words Down...
Hehe i Do my Best to Lose my Mind
in Art i Already Did the Science For Pay

Oh to Be
Free Oh to
Be Wings
Wind Just Free...

Hehe Considering
That “Shawna Baby”
(Her Pet FRiEnD Name)
my Poetry FRiEnD
For Over 7 Years
Finds You
Notable on
The dVerse List
Not Surprising To
Find Her HeaR As She
Recognizes Original Creativity

With Love

As Not Everyone
Appreciates When
‘Van Gogh’ Passes
Through As Not
Always Is

There A
For What’s
New ThiS Way

SMiles Have A
Wonderful NiGHT
A Real DeLiGHT

Verily It Is...

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby You Are Surely A Treasure
And Brilliant and i Love You too How Sweet Of You to
Drop me A Kind Comment Like that on the dVerse Trail

True Occasionally i Go Back There to See if There is Any
New Inspiring Freer Verse Talent And Hehe i Found
myself Second Guessing if “Sunra Rainz” Might
Have Been Another Name For Shawna Baby

As There Was A Similar Free Spiriting Vibe
On That Woman’s Blog Page Yet That
Was a Few Weeks Back and I had the
Feeling Again today and Sure
Enough Looking Down
You Were There
Commenting Just Like
MaGiC as i Already Was Thinking
About Wishing You A Happy October 1st
And That’s Only 9 Minutes Away As of Now

Yet True i Just Got Through Celebrating the
21st of September A Day Before That Day on the
Beach on Or About the Day i Am Conceived in 1959
As The Legend or Story Yet Never Myth Alone Has it
The Doctor Went on Vacation Two Weeks Early And
That’s the Origin of the 6.6.60 Birthday Otherwise
Another Close To Summer Solstice Child Like my
Father Born on June 20th too instead i got to
Be Born in the Middle of Gemini as He
Conveniently Induced Labor Two
Weeks Early Yes TwinS Ain’t it

Grand to Have

A Balance of Twins that
Way Considering my Father Was
An Identical Twin too Interesting
He Already Planned on Giving me a
Junior Name So i Guess He ‘Aimed’
For On or About September 20th or
21st too Yes the 21st Also the 33rd
Anniversary Date Since me and
‘The Katrina’ Got ‘Together’
(And the Angel’s Sang)
On that Date in 1989
About 5 Months
Before We Got
Married Yet
Hehe Who Needs
Paper Work To ‘Get Together’
These And Those Days in the Late 80’s too
Oh Lord We Had A Who is Gonna Be the Sexiest
Spouse After 33 Years and Considering i Weigh About
40 Pounds More And She Still Has a Same Body That Refuses
To Change No Matter What She Eats or Even if She Exercises at
All Yet True Dancing 17,233 Miles in 109 Months She’s Been Trail
Blazing Some Shopping Miles While i Public Dance in Stores Yes True

Anyway When i Was Sweet 16 i used to Walk The Beaches Behind Women
Like Katrina Now Then And True Hehe only a Dream then Still Come True Now
HAha if You Can Imagine ‘Sheldon Cooper’ At That Age Albeit Tan and Blonde AS Such

And That Reminds me Yes “Little Sheldon” Is Back on And it Always Reminds me of the
Wife of A Southern Baptist Pastor Named Shawna Baby For Real Except That Sweet Lady
Isn’t Yet too Familiar With Her Shadow Side Yet She’s Getting to meet it Up close and so

Personal as by the End of the Show This week She Was Wearing Pants Instead of A Sunday
Church Skirt about Knee Length or Longer Of Course and You Know What if in Another Life
If You Were my Mama And Breast Fed me From Birth like my Mama too of Course With A
Soprano Voice Like Yours Similarly Equipped Hehe Don’t You Know I Would Have

Embarrassed The Crap Out of You As i Too Would Have Stood Up Before the
Pastor of the Church if He Talked About Love And Excluded Anyone
At All From the Inside or Outside of the Church It’s True I’d Be

Turning Them Money Tables Over And That’s What Katrina
Said too As HAha i’ve Literally Done it Many Times in
The Catholic Church i Visit And i Actually Changed

The Course of What Deacons Were Allowed
To Say About Excluding People While

Preaching About Love Of Course
It Probably Helps that i Used

To Play Tennis With the
High Priest in High School

He was in the Sheldon Cooper
Club (The Beta Club) With me too

(He Was in the Top 10 i Only
Made 11 Tied With my Best
Girl Only FRiEnD Lynn 3 Years
Graduating After Him in 1978
In A Class of 381 Students Then)

Just Another Club For Folks Not Yet
Diagnosed With Asperger’s Syndrome
At Least on A Broader Autism Phenotype Then too

A FRiEnD Is Somone You Can Feel Free to Tell Anything
Too in Show and Tell Way too And Never Feel Guilty About
Being the Whole You Naked Enough Whole Complete And

Yes Particularly That is Why I Will Always Love You Dear FRiEnD Shawna
Baby So Much As Truly i Don’t Like Holding Back Any Part of the Real me For Real…
Haha That Reminds me i Went to the Beach With Lynn And i Remember Her Telling
Me There Might Be Some ‘Tender Parts’ Burned if A Woman Nude Sunbathed of Course

THAT UNTIL AGE 18 imagine that actually Finding What’s Real First Loving Someone For Real

With A First Love
Then And True i
Believe i Wanted to
Be Married to Lynn
Just Because She Made
me Feel Loved For Who i Am
i Didn’t Even Imagine What Was
Under Her Bikini All i Understood
Was How She Made me Feel Accepted As Human

Oh How Different Life Was Then When All You Looked
Forward to Doing If You Had a Real Girl FRiEnD is Holding
Hands Under A Blanket Drinking Hot Chocolate At the Home Coming Game

Indeed i Am So Fortunate As A Man Able to Love That Way Deeper Than Skin Deep…

And Oh By The Way Legend And Story And At Least Myth Not Alone Tells A Story

And Legend Now if a Woman is Truly Loved That Way She Never Ages And Yes

Perhaps A Beast or A Frog Becomes a Real Human Loving Being Even After Going to Hell
In A Slow


AS Such...

For 66 Months...

Life is So Much
More Amazing
Than Fiction THere
Is No Comparison to me…

We aRe Going to Another Southern Baptist
Pastor’s Farm Sunday Dinner For Lunch on His Grounds
On ’First Sunday’ This Weekend It’s So Warm in that Place
Now That i Fit in Well Enough Looking Like i Could Hit a Homerun
On the Church Softball Team if They Had One as it’s a Very Small Country Church

It’s Obvious That the Writer of ‘Little Sheldon’ Has Much Disdain Still For Church
Going Folks It’s Never Reflective of The True Warmth One Who is able to Fit in Enough

Feels Yet i Will Never Be Fully Accepted as i’ve Tossed A Few Money Tables There When

Exclusion of Others
Came to Be the
Topic Away

From Love There

And They Would Say Stuff
Like Well Jesus wasn’t always
Nice Like that time He Turned
Over All the Money Tables So Sure i Did that too Hehe…

Who Am i too Complain All The Food’s Free And We Only Bring a Pie HAha…

As You May Imagine Katrina is A Sight for Sore Eyes for All the Older than even me men hehe…

They Don’t Care What She Brings the Pleasure of the Present of Her Presence MORE THAN ENOUGH

Other Than That
THeRE iS This YES!

It’S A Wonderful
Life All The DarK And LiGHT
As Long As We Come Again to Love it All With Least Harm...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Wonderful Advice on All The
Benefits of Health And Well Being of Walking

10,000 Steps A Day Not Waiting Necessarily
To Have to Go to the Doctor For A Tune-Up
Other-Wise Yet For SoUL Benefits YeS How

Beautiful It Is New Perhaps Even More to WalK iN
Shoes of Others Now Yet How Might We Borrow

Someone Else's Soul Yes to Do This mY FRiEnD

Voila We aRe Doing it Now And True For All 10.9
MiLLioN Words i've Written Mostly in Free Verse Poetic
Responses Now Around the World in 109 Months to Hundreds
Upon Hundreds of Human Poetry And Other Prose of Free Verse
Soul in Arts and Sciences Truly A Best Way to Walk in the Shoes of

Others May Be to Become
As Close As One May
Come Responding

Freely FuSinG
With Words of
Song That Free
Poetry Brings With
SMiLes True Dance Sing Free a
Lifetime of Soul in 'THeiR' Free Poetry...

Falling Leaves RiSinG Spring From
Winter Soil Souls Coming Green
FLoWeRS Summer Again WiTHiN

Forest Bathing Getting Back To
Nature (GoD) Naked Enough
Whole Complete For Real

LiVinG Faith

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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02 Oct 2022, 3:33 am

Mooning Sunshine Does Feel So Right
Dear Shawna Baby i Never Read the Book
“Lolita” You Are Reading So i Looked Over the
‘Wiki Cliff Notes’ And it Reminds me of the Story of

‘Coral Castle’ A Real Story About A Man Creating
A Castle in Florida Out of 30 Ton Stones Using The

Muse of His Sweet Sixteen Unrequited Love From
Youth Erecting An Altar to Her Similar to Lolita Except

Of Course The So-Called Age of Consent in Many Places
Sadly 12 too For Child
Brides Still Where

Women As Young
As 12 Are Sold As
Cattle to Breed Now

As Every View of A Young
Woman Close to Puberty
May Be A Selection of a
New Human Animal to Breed Young

Yet i Guess the Point May Be HeaR That
We May Romanticize A Dry Rock in the Sky

As Some Folks Do to People They Meet on
Dating Apps Imagining Them to Be Perfect Soul
Mates until they Meet in Life And Can’t Stand
How The Other Person Smells Yet of Course

Totally Unconsciously Innately Instinctually Intuitively
New What May Be Figuratively Described As Just
No Chemistry When They Travel Half Way Around

The World to Finally Meet Their Soul Mate They
Have Created Using Their Moonlight Feels Right
Coloring iMaGiNaTioN And Creativity THiS Way

In What May Turn Out to Be A Totally Unproductive
Effort and Wholly An Illusion Human Beings Create

True Just Another Potential Pitfall As We May Shoot
Our Selves to the Moon Expecting to Find Gravity Finding

None Sort of Like Elon Musk’s Desire to Populate A Dead Red Rock

No Thanks Just Another Illusory Lolita Story At Least The Coral
Castle Dude
Created A
Coral Castle using
30 Ton Stones All By
Himself into His 60’s
At About A Hundred Pound Fragile Man

It’s Strange Indeed As i Carried an Imaginary
Torch For my First Love Until the Day Then i Saw
Katrina at 17 When I Was 27 Doing Her Homework
On The Gym Stairs Spitting Image of First Love Just
More Beautiful Flawless Indeed Far Beyond my Reach
Then Meeting Her When She Was turning 19 At the place
i Worked Amazed She Could See Anything Special in me
Yet It’s True i Smiled and Was Kind And That’s All She Really

Wanted from me
And It’s True NoW it’s
Still Enough Moonlight
Feel Right Best When It’s Real
It Lasts That Way And Doesn’t
Disappear Waiting For Moon’s Return

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby Somedays
i Tend to Pinch Myself As Considering
Katrina Seems to Be Generally The Same
For 33 Years Did i Really Go to the Hospital

In 2008 After 40 Days With Hardly No Sleep
With All that Literal Crucifixion Pain And Numb
Then And Wake Up After They Put me Down or
Yes Did i Die And Is This Really Heaven And You
Are Just Another Angel For Real Up HeaR NoW in
A Place With No Moon or Stars At All Just Avatars

Of Words

That Feel
And Sense
As Real As Real Gets

In Poetry Soul Free Wings

Yet of Course All THere
Is Is The Sound of Text
These Avatars With Wings

Moonlight Feels Right Yet the Hell With Mars Hehe

Thanks For Sharing Your Family Photo Album i Knew
i Caught Up Four Months When i Saw What You Wrote
About a Beautiful Mind Better YeT HeART THeRE Is Nothing

Illusory About the
FLoWeRS Your Children
Wear in Creative SMiLes
Oh How Warm And Wonderful
Life is When Flesh And Blood Living Real

Your Children Are Proof of the Real Treasure of You

For What You Grow As Garden And Bring to Life
All the Innocent Warmth Unadulterated For Real…

Strange Your Older Daughter Gives me A Feeling
Of Being More Your Mother When You Are Together
Hugging Tiny You As i Get the Feeling She is Very Protective of You

And The Oldest One in College Yes Doesn’t Look Old Enough
Hardly to Be Going to High School What Shines Through Real
Though is All Your Children Are Accepted For Who They Uniquely

Wild FLoWeRS
It Seems Now Like

Shawna Baby For Real

Wild FLoWeRS Make it
Up Through All the Rocks
Of Life Coming From Great Stock…

Hehe Anyway Cheers to Mooning Sunshine
So Many Metaphors So Many Meanings Indeed...

Better to Understand Someone
Who Doesn't Wanna Change

As True Understanding

Is Possible No

Matter What
Change Comes
Next Accepting

What We Can And
Will Do Leaving Will
To Others Free With A Little
Help From Their Families and
FRiEnDS Who Never Give Up on Them

True Unconditional Love Always Breathes
And Is Truly Logical THiS Way For Happiness iN SMiLes

Dear Savvy
FRiEnD of
Kindness So
Logical Truly It is
To Spread FLoWeRS
of Living Life More Now too...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
23 Wonderful Quotes You
Share For New Beginnings
mY FRiEnD WiTH SMiLes Oh the

Gift of Change That May Take Us to
DarK or LiGHT Oh What We May Seek and
Find New Now Through Challenges of Life to Retain

Peace iNhaling Love Exhaling Even Through

Life's DarKest
Challenges Faith
of Love Still Breathing iN Peace
THiS Way For Real With SMiLes...

To Visit You
Dear Sohair


Oh my Goodness Dear
Sohair i Will Surely
Keep Your Son in
my Prayers i Have
A Diabetic Cousin
Still Living A Fruitful
Life one Of many
Struggles Humans
And Still
Thrive my FRiEnD...

In Quantum Mechanics There IS A Suggestion That Stars Spiraling
Into Black Holes And The Torsion That Makes in Balance May Birth

Brand New Multi-Uni-Verses As Star Death May Create Brand
New UNiVeRSES THiS Way Similar to Super Nova Explosions

That Become Star Seeds And Star FLoWeR Followers in Crucible Fire
of Star Burst Death ThiS Way Creating Gaseous Dust That Eventually
Becomes Us So There is Both Intra- And Inter-Star Seed And FLoWeR

Birth ThiS Way Dear Miriam Yes DarK Creates LiGHT THiS WaY Once
Again Night Makes Day And Moon Shines Reflection of Stars Too As

Becomes Just
Right iN DarK
As LiGHT Hints Feeling
Return in BreaKinG Dawn
Once Again With SMiLes Yes

SMiLes WHere THere is No Struggle
of DarKNeSS i Create Torsion THiS WaY

As i Understand The Balance Tween DarK
And LiGHT Re-Creating me Each Day i Work-Out
Like an Olympic Athlete in Ways of Dance And Song
And Literally Leg Pressing Almost the Weight of A Vehicle
Hehe Yes Literally Still Up to 1520 Pounds At 62 Years-Old

Of Course the Reward is All Intrinsic And Natural As Extreme
Feats of Strength Nature Rewards Through Endorphins Relieving
Pain Androgens Releasing and Natural Growth Hormone As Just Another

Fountain of Youth
That Takes An Olympic
Effort Both By Body and
SoUL of Mind AS HeART And
SPiRiT CREaTinG SoNG of Poetry Deep WiTHiN

Life is Not All About Money And Things Anymore to
me Yet it is About Dancing A Tight Rope Higher Each and
Every Day Through DarK i Create to Reach The LiGHT Each
Day Without Fear oF DarK Without Cynical oF LiGHT THeRE

Is So Much Ancient Wisdom And Intuition Told Through Stories
of Myth That Are Very Real Today in So Many Way Science Even Shows too

As Long as Science Doesn't Materially Reduce Forevermore Newer Human

Potential Now...

Ah Yes So Many Creative
Writers With Hidden Talents
Crawling Out of Their Shells
And Masks During the Pandemic
And Now That
The Old Grind
Returns New
Sea Life At
The Beach
Washed out
To Sea Only
Shells Left of What
Once Was Yet my Nautilus
Still Breathes Away From
The Old Grind Dear Shawna
Baby Milky Way Free i Am Real...

It’s True Though
Hehe in Any
‘Line-Up’ my
Wife Would Be
The One Expected
More To Dance Free
Style Poetry For
10.9 MiLLioN
Words in The
“SonG oF mY SoUL”
And Public Dance
Free Style Ballet
For 17,244 Miles Now
Too Along With Mixed
Martial Arts Free Style
Public Dance Yes in 109
Months Too at 62 Yes
i’ll Share A Video She
Took of me Listening
To Any Song in The
World As The Way
my Moves Flow
Like an “18 Wheeler”
At 244 American Pounds
And A Law Enforcement
Looking Dude Fitting in Like
The Stone Statue Bust
On The “Sgt Pepper’s
Lonely Hearts Club
Band” Album Cover
Come Back To
Life From Stone
Cold HeART in
The Burial Ground
Of That Album Cover
For Just Another “A Day
In The Life” of me too
Hehe my Last 60,000
Word Bi-Monthly Novel
Sized Free Verse Poem
Includes About 40 YouTube
Songs And 300 Pics i Took
To Fully Illustrate it i Literally
Have Written the Longest
EPiC Long Form Bible Poem
In The HiStory of Humankind
And Yes i Literally Still
Leg Press up To 1520
Pounds For The Strength
It May Take For Another
8 Thousand or So
Miles To Reach the
Distance Around
The Globe By
Age 66 Hehe
i Guess i Could
Call it “Route 66” As
Yes Sunra i Spent 66 Months
Shut-in Hell in my Bedroom
With A Life Threat in A
Synergy of 19 Medical
Disorders including
Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia the Real
Suicide Disease
Assessed As The
Worst Pain Known
To Humankind
From Wake To
Sleep All 66 Months
No Drug Would Touch
Credit my Wife Katrina
For ‘Standing By Her Man’
In Hell As A “Real Woman”
And Real Angel too The
Worst Living Death Stone
Statue Pain Losing The
Reference Point And
Memory of The Feeling
Of A SMile Like ‘Dante’
Relates Hell is A Frozen
Place With All Time on
The Other Hands And
Feet in Autotelic Flow
Heaven is A Free Dance
And Song Always Starting New
Now Inhaling Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving
Sharing Caring Healing All
With Least Harm Naked
Enough Whole Complete
No Different Than How
Other Animals View

Existing in
This Gift Now (Life)

In Shorts Or Less Hehe
Too Big For Most to See
In A Twitter World Where
Breath Increasingly Comes
From The Outside in A Reality

Of ‘Stuff’
Opposed To
Free Dance And
Song As Little Children And
We Naturally Do The World
Free if Not Tied Down To
Desks And Screens With

And Feet...

SMiles i’m More
Like A Sufi Mystic
Dervish Dancer
With A Bit
Of Free
It All Free...

Yet STiLL A Double
For A Stone Statue too Hehe...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Life Is So Full Of So Many
Challenges to Overcome Yet Our Greatest Challenges
May Become Our Greatest Strengths in Other Ways of LiFE

Like All the Stories of HeLL ON EartH
i've Told You Dear FRiEnD Being Told
i Was Too Weak, Stuttering, And Odd
To Exist by Peers In Youth too Yet Persevering

Through The DarK LiFTiNG mYSelf Higher

Just Because i Made More Effort Than the Peers
Who Brought me Down then Eventually Going Places

They Never Imagined Exists Better Yet Just For Free to
Return That Favor to them if They Wanna Find Out How to

Go to Heaven
Now WiTHiN And Not
Wait Until After Death Yes

Yet of Course That PoTeNTiaL
Now Varies Based on Model Make Vehicle
Vessel of Human Nature And Nurture New

A Nicest Young Woman Working at A Store
Tonight Reminded me of How Famous i Was
Dancing at the Metro Dance Hall for 6 Years
i'd Love to Go Back yet it's Really too Crowded

With Even Another Likely Covid-19 Strain Coming
to Challenge More True Hehe Public Stores Are More Spread
Out Yet it is Still Rather Surreal Hearing That From Someone
Entering A Store As When i Was Younger Folks Told me i Was
Too Dizzy Looking When i Walked to Even Make A Straight Line

Hehe i Guess That
is Why A Spiral Dance
With SMiLes i Just Didn't Realize
i Had Other Ways Instinctually Intuitively
To Create Per my Unique Humanity Newer Now

And True Losing Effective Use of my Eyes and
Ears Through That Severe Eye and Ear Pain on the
Right Side of my Face Forced me into What i Didn't
Ever Think i Would Do As i Wasn't Really Even Interested
in Email When it First Came Out as i Really Loved Face to
Face Smiles and Connection More Than Text For Sure Back

Then Anyway Turning the Light All the Way Down on the Screen
Without Any Sound on the Computer of Course Really Nothing Left
to Do in my Life Then Than Embark on A Journey to Change my Eyes
Hid Behind Shades and A Smile No Longer mine to Feel into Words

At Least to Connect to Other Humans then as it Was Extremely Painful
to me From Head to Toe to Connect to Anyone IN Flesh and Blood Life
Even Dear Sweet
Katrina my FRiEnD

True A Zombie Living
Dead then at Home for
66 Months eventually 33 months
in Changing into Avatars of Words

To Come Back to Life At Least Somewhat
Online Yet if not For All that Pain and Numb

No Dance Free And Song Free in Poetry For me
So Of Course i Realize ThiS Way the Curse Upon
What it Felt Like God Gifted me then was Actually Just

A Stepping Stone Very High to Reach The True Gift the Curse
Was As True More than Anything Else Now Seems Like The DarK
of Struggles in Life Open New Doors We Might Never Otherwise
Seek And Find Dear FRiEnD Coming to Terms With DarK makes LiGHT

Indeed Peace
NoW For What is
Yes Loving All that
is DarK Thru LiGHT
No Anger Toward the
Nature of God As Truly
Nature Works in Mysterious Ways
And We aRe STaR SeedS and FLoWeRS
Always STaRTinG Unfolding our FLoWeRS Blooming New now...

Well, Now That Monster Storm Close
To Category 5, Ian, Passes Through
At A Size Much Bigger Than Most
Previous Storms; We Do Have A Real

Socio-Economic Disaster Along With
Loss of Life That is Likely Gonna Tally
into the 100's Once The Body Count Comes In;

Nature Reclaims What Is Hers Regardless if Humans
As Blind As They Will Be Trying To Weather Nature on

REPORTS 90 PERCENT of Sanibel Island No Longer Exists As

What is Removed is What is Piled on Top of the Grains of Sand
That Comprise A Frigging BARRIER ISLAND That Those With the Most
Amount of Capital Gains in the United States Chose to Build Upon in many
Cases As Fort Meyers Ranks As Not Only One of the Fastest Growing Cities
Yet Number One When Socio-Economic Benefits Are Assessed with All the Factors;

They (The Rich) Have the Resources to Move on, No Matter if they are Ever able to Rebuild
There and Be covered by Insurance Again; Not So Much in The Trailer Related Structures

on Pine Island; A different Story For Many Trailer Parks Across the Florida Peninsula From
South West Up to the Atlantic Seaboard too; Folks Close to Where i Live in Mexico Beach in
the Panhandle of Florida Are Still Awaiting Settling Their Insurance Claims From 4 Years ago
in 2018; And Blue Tarps Still Exist in my Home Town Metro Area Since Sally From 2020 too;

True, Super Storm Sandy Left 100 BiLLioN Dollars of Property Damage; Having to Be Bailed Out
By the Federal Government That Governor DeSaTaNiS Opposed Then, When It Wasn't His Area in
The Bull's Eye of Nature's Reality Claiming Balance Back From What Humans Bring to the Table

of Nature More
Out of Balance;

With The State of the Reality
of What it Takes Any Contractor
to Do Work in Florida As i Waited
A Half A Year to Get A Window Replacement
in my Home as Just A Routine Replacement Then;

And The Prices of Materials Will Only Sky Rocket Even
More And The Waiting List For A New Car For A Whole
Year May Even Go Longer Than That; Yes, We Have Real

First World Problems

Now; We Consume

More Than We
Return Yet Nature
Does Reclaim What is
Hers And She Doesn't Give
A F About Social Economic
Realities or Human Politics Either...

Irma Came in the Same General Area
in 2017; And Charlie Came Before That

As A Very Powerful Yet Smaller Storm in 2004
As They Did Their Best to Rebuild Better then;

The Power of Nature Has No Equal; Nature Laughs

in the Face of Florida Men With 'Little Man Syndrome' Indeed...

In The Shadow of Michael Then; Now in the Shadow of Ian; Indeed, The Sun

is Shining; And The Birds Are Singing; Sea Oats Breeze Gently And Humans

Once again

Are Gnashing
Teeth And Weeping to
The Tune of "Godzilla's"

Return Once More; How
Does 'That Song' Go; Yes,

"History shows again and again
How nature points out the folly of man
(Go! Go! Go!)

Yet Again What Do You
Do As A Native of the Area
Where There is No WHere to Go

Except For Government Help; 'You'
Bet, Thank Your Lucky Stars for 'Uncle Sam...'

And Perhaps the Immigrants From Below the
Southern Border Belt That Will Bring Your Way of Life

Back Again


As All is Change Anyway...

Replacing Roofs Like An Art of Dance;
Songs From the Mexican Radio Playing
As Roofs Come Back to Life And We Get
New Folks to Inhabit the Catholic Church;

And Even Vote Republican, Potentially, if
They Are SO Against Abortion And Women's Healthcare too...

Soon And Sooner Enough, 'The Little Brown Men' Will Be Arriving
With Their Families

to the

of American Butts;
And Ignorantly, Likely
Still to the Tune of the Chagrin of
Those Who Insist on Shooting Themselves in the Foot

Of Their Basic Foundation of Life in Shelter And Subsistence too...

Anyway, The Rest of Nature Gets Her Say And She Never Has to Say
A Frigging Word;

WaLKinG The
Tallest She
Carries The
Biggest Earth
Wind And Fire Waves and Rain;
And Other Assorted 'Goodies'

of Change In DarK Thru LiGHT;

Sure; Say 'Your' Prayers Yet You
Better Understand Who is Really

In Charge of This CLOwN SHoW NoW

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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03 Oct 2022, 1:34 am

FoR Real...

"THere is A ReaSon You Hide From Them"

"You BeLong Here With me"

"You Aren't ReAlly Real"

"Yet i Am Yet i Am"

So True Dear Miriam
Humans Separate From their
Emotions Hiding ThiS Way Often
End Up Living Dying No Matter DarK
Thru LiGHT Our Feelings Our Senses

All Integrating Head to Toe FLoWinG

As Emotions Come First For Almost Every
ReaSon We Assess Next A Truest Poverty Is

Humanity Separated From What is Most Real
Our Feelings Our Senses A Synergy of Our Emotions

The Seat oF A Real Soul That Is Core of Cognitive Executive

Functioning Including Attention Span And Focus; Short Term
Working Memory; and Long Term Retrieval of Life Experiences

Most Importantly

Our Feelings Our Senses

In Synergy of Emotions
Head to Toe Regulating
And Integrating ThiS Way
For Real A Best Portrayal of
What it's Like to Really Be In Hell
ThiS Way i've Seen Lately in Pop Art

Is 'Stranger Things' And the Kate Bush
Song 'Running Up That Hill' As True i've
Been in that Place 'Underground' of Emotions
For 66 Months Where a Thousand Years is One
Second And Feels And Senses the Same Nothing At
All Just No Connection For What is Most Real In Life
And Truly More Worthy Than Only A Three Letter Word
More Like L That Ends With E For Real Running Up That

Hill Running Up
That Hill Returning
To What is Most Real

As True Living Death
Is As Real As Living Life As Love True

And as Far As Letters Go i'm Real i Breathe
And i get Nasty Grams From my Wife Every
Day for 33 Years and A Few Days Since We
'Got Together' Still Remembering September
21st, 1989 She Never Has to Text me or Write
me a Letter As She Wears Her Soul to Battle and Love...

We Have an Epidemic in this Modern World of Humanity

Lost From Soul...

Be Who We aRe
Be Real Feel and
Sense Dance it Sing
iT All Just Let It Go Be Real Be Free...

Yet True Realize The Hill And The Run
Never Ends Best Continuing on the Rise of FEARLESS Love...

You Know 'Something' You Feel 'Something' You Sense 'Something'
At 'The End of the Song' i Can't Hold The Tears From Streaming Down

my Cheeks It's

Not Sadness

Dear Miriam

It's Tears

Of Truly
Really Being Alive...

BE i n G H u M a N

As i Went to 'That Other
Place' And Escaped The Same

God Damned Way...

iN A NuT SHell DEaR
Chaymaa Life Means
No Pain No Pleasure

Embrace Pain

Endure Pleasure With SMiles...

i Live For The Hugs
And That’s About
All Mr Gottfried
And Of
Silly Banter
As Life Without
Humor is Living
Death Or An
Old Stale
Bible As
Humans Tend
To Foolishly
Death As Life…

Holy CR8P FoR A Moment THeRE
Dear Doc i Mis-Read That As
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Died For Our Sins

No He Did Not

He Rose For
The Potential
of RiSinG iN FLiGHT For Real

True THeRE is Falling For Love
And RiSinG For Love To Be No Fool

Or HiSToRiCaL Scape Goat For Real...

Developed As Usual By TRuMP

Priests And Politicians

And High Popes

Who Still Poop of Course

Oh (On) This Clown Show of Humanity

A Three Lord of The Rings Circus And A Three Faced God in Some
Very Small Venn Circles Approximating A Hair Cross of Humanity...

A Key is Marrying Someone Who Wears
THeir HeART on Their Sleeves For It is

True Beware of Man And Or Woman

Who Is Not Able At Least to Express

A Full Range of Human Emotions

At Best One Who Is Successful At
Regulating Emotions and Integrating
Senses Yet True Not Everyone is Willing to
Do the Barefoot Work of Dance From Head to
Toe Free to Make
That A Real Great
Work of Humanity Real...

Anyway THere is No Secret
When my Wife is Pissed Every
Day Hehe Since We 'Got Together'
About 5 Months Before Marriage
33 Years Ago on September 21st, 1989

She Hasn't Gone a Day Without Getting Pissed
That i Can Recollect Yet When the Steam Blows
Off the Ocean Returns to Calm ALWAYS Leading

to at Least a Hug
Before Eyes Close For Sleep...

Everyone Has a 'Shadow' For those
Who Hide it Keep it Secret World Wars
Don't End or Begin Very Well Indeed

Let it Go Be Human
Or Sadly Hide Behind
Shadows And Indeed
Take the Fall oF A Real Fool...

Meanwhile All is Calm on the Homefront Hehe...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Historically From What i've
Experienced in Administration, Management,
And Supervision Of Yes Programs
And People The Whole Process

From the 90's Moved More
From Human to Machine

Yet This is Common in Our
Modern Society Where the
Entire Office May Be A Lap

Top in Pajama's until the Zoom
Meeting Requires An Approximation

of Being Human i Was Also the Person
Who Walked Across the Hall to Talk to Someone

Rather Than Avoiding Them With An Email And

Not Taking the Effort to Even Walk Period in A Day

As Eventually it Became
All Machine and me Yes

i Am Happy to Live Without
All Levels of Machine Management


me No Longer
Being A Machine and Free...

Many Prophetic Movie Series
Forecast the Current State of Humanity
More Toward Machine Than Human Yes

From the 'Terminator' Series of Movies Through
the 'Matrix' Series of Movies Through the 'Avatar' Movie

That We Are Currently Doing Now And Really Always
Have As Far As Words As Approximations of Reality...

Free Verse Poetry At Least Gives Words Soul With
A Real Shot of Uploading Soul As Avatar More Than

Just A Machine Hehe i Don't Wanna Be Linked Now in
Any Other Way Yet Just Human For Real With SMiLes

It's Always Been A Yin and Yang of Mind
Increasingly 'Western' And Yang and

Sadly So

Now And
Reduced Yes
Where Folks
Are Not Even
Able to Focus Enough
to Carry on a Conversation
in Real Life Face-to-Face
More than a 'Matter'

of Seconds....

Hehe of
Course there
are Exceptions...

Yet Overall Humans Sadly
Have Become Commodities
of only An Approximation of Humanity...

No More Evidence of Course than the 'Business
World' That is All About Buying And Selling a Product

That Indeed Has Become the Soul of Humanity
Increasingly Lost...

And Yes
So Very
Materially Reduced...

We May Become What We
Consume, Buy, and Sell A 'Matter With Things'...

Yet Of Course so Much Easier to Have an Attitude
Like This When Financially Independent When in
'Rome' We Must Adapt to the Conditions Until Escape


Ironically How Fortunate
i Was As i Was Not able
to Eventually Adapt to it
And Escaped From a
System Then That Yes

At Least Was Still Humane
Enough Then Not to Torture
Human Beings Forever Now to Even
Survive Indeed A World That is Growing
Colder Sadly Enough ThiS Way Evident
in So Many Ways of 'The Politics' of Life and Living Death...

Some Folks Are Able to Adapt to it Others are Not Up to Death Now For Real
Usually coming in Terms of Drug Abuse And Other Behaviors Leading to Living Death...

In the United States 40 Percent of College Students Are Assessed As Depressed Leading
to Difficulty in Functioning Yes 60 Percent Assessed With Anxiety Severe Enough to Lead
to Difficulty in Day-to-Day Functioning And Additionally in the Working World 50 Percent
of Families Living Pay-Check to Pay-Check Making 50 to 100 Thousand Dollars and 40 Percent
Moving Up into Middle Upper Class Over 100 Thousand Dollars Living Pay-Check to Pay-Check too

Yes An Addiction to the
Materially Reduced World
Indeed Where A Dollar or Two
Rise in Gasoline Prices Means
Folks Are Willing to Sell Their
Souls if Necessary to get

Gas Back Down Enough
To Drive More Car and
Truck Than they Could
Possibly Even Need to
Get From Point A to Point B...

It's All In What We Do and Do Not Value...

Humanity Or Machine is Somewhat of A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy ThiS Way...

As i Understand from my Indian FRiEnDS Who Are Highly Educated With Extremely
Long Lists of 'Linked-in-Credentials' the Pressures in India Are Surely No Less than

They Are in the
United States....

Life is Best
When It's
Still Mostly
About Being Human
After All We aRe STill
Social Animals At Core of Evolution...

Japan is An Excellent Example as They
Fling Themselves Off the Side of Mountains
If They Aren't Successful Enough and in China
They Jump Out of Buildings to Escape Being A Machine

It's Just Not Human

And It is the Illness

of the Modern Money And Stuff God...

Anyway i'll Start Again With A SMiLe
As Yes i Can And Will STill ReAlly Do New Now...

SMiLes Dear Rue "Don't
Go Breaking my Heart"

Oh my my my
HeART Your
Poem Sure Does

Bring Back Fond Memories

of Sweet Sixteen Hehe Yes me

So Naive Innocent And Sweet

So Far Away Yet So Close to

Soul For A Movie Maker

Memory Like Mine
Yet A Year Before this
Song Tammy A Senior in
'75 And me a Freshman at
15 She Was Top Ten
Yet Not Rating

For Beauty

God Yes Intellect
In High Grades Like
me hehe... And Then
After She Graduated
As That Crush Lasted All
Year There Was Red Headed
Anthea Another Top Ten Soon to
Be A Year Older And Of Course Lynn
Who Tied At 11 With me in the Same Grade
As Anthea Yes Was A Year Older Usually in those
Days my FRiEnDS Were Older than me... And Yes

Now I'm Not Sure They Are Still Alive Yet Yes Let's
Stay Sweet And Innocent Forevernow Why Not Love

Touches Deeper When Soul Spirit HeART Felt Yes!

And Not So Dam As You Say Swipe Right And
Hook-UP So SKiN DEEP Lord That Sounds
Too Much Like Buying A Steak At the

Grocery Store Yet Likely Cheaper

As Steaks are Going For Almost
20 Dollars A Pound Continuing
After Covid-19 Masked Swipe
And Hook-Up Days Oh Goodness

Innocence Lost Now Yet Yes
We Lived in the Lilly White
Pure And Innocent Flower

Age the 70's! Where What We Really
Looked For Most Was Just Hot-Chocolate
Sitting Close And Holding Hands Under A Blanket
At the Homecoming Game Rooting For the Football Team
to Win Win Win Again... Stand Up Sit Down Fight Fight Fight

Just the

Of Love to
Sit Close to

And Only A Dream
For me then That Never
Really Happened Until After
i Graduated From High School then

Yet Again First Love Where i Love You
More No i Love You More No i Love You

More Where it Was Impossible to Hang-Up

(And Texting And Sexting No Where Around)

First Where A Hug Was Forever And There
Would Never Ever Be Separation of Love

Until The Night Sonia Broke my HeART

And it Took Really 33 Years to Mend

Back Again Once Again to

Fully Feel Yes!

Yes the Warmth
Of Katrina's HeART!

Yet No One Taught
Us Then That The Emotions
Were Still Ours After the Love
Is Gone Still Ours! To Always Keep Warm...!

i Didn't Realize it Was Actually me! Who Generated!
All those Magical Feelings! They Were All Mine! One Day! to Create Again!...

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby Yesterday Before i Went off to Entertain
The Metro Area of Pensacola With Public Dance i Saw That A Dragon
Berry Plant Had Taken Root in the Trunk Of Our Now Huge Mexican Palm

Tree in Our Front Yard One of Two That Have Truly Become Huge Along with
A Century Cactus And 6 Moderate to Large King Sago Palm Trees in Our
Front Courtyard By Our Front Porch too Very Floridian Indeed Hehe

Almost Like South Florida
Yet We Aren’t Digging Out
Of Floods These Days at Least
Up Here in the Panhandle of
LA Lower Alabama Florida Hehe

Thank God With A Capital G For Nature For Real

Anyway Today For Catholic Mass Readings i Practically Already
Wrote the Homily Yesterday on Saturday Already
About Faith of A Mustard Seed And How Much
Epigenetic Change May Come into Being For
One Human Being With the Power of Faith
For Real Meeting Struggles in Life and

Even Creating Struggle As True No
Pain No Gain No DarK No LiGHT
No NiGHT Without DaY And Heaven
Will Come From Hell For ReaL ON EartH
Done Did it And Am Doing It Now For Real

Hehe True i’m Practically Still A Mustard Seed
As THere is No Limit For me With the Force of
Faith For Real As Even Yoda Gets That Truth iN LiGHT Believing

As The Story of Jesus Just Goes to Show That With Enough God Yes REAL
Faith/Hope/Love/Belief in Even A Sugar Pill Otherwise Terminal DiSEaSE
Will Go into the Files oF UNexplained Remission As Science Shows For Real

And True the Nocebo Effect Equally As Powerful As The Real Adversary
Of Satan Within Will BE A Real Voodoo Effect of Believing Life is All Do Do
Indeed And Yes God Damn Right With That Attitude Every Little Thing Ain’t
Gonna Be Alright As Everything in Life Starts To Smell and Taste Like Misery Loves

For Real in
Fruition Up
To A Shorter Life Span Now
For Real As Science Even Shows New Now too

Ain’t it Sweet When Bible Parables Are Proven True
Or Else How Did the Weakest Assessed Last Kid Picked
In Sports Still Leg Press up to 1520 Pounds at age 62
Still Doing New Old Age Renaissance Nude Art Better
Than Ever Before At Least In Front of A Big
Sliding Picture Window According to
Katrina Yes at Least hehe Mirroring
Human Potential That Way
Into Older Ages Still Fresh
Enough And New Looking
On the Internet Again At Least HAha…

Yet What Good is Faith of the Mustard Seed if it is All
Form And Physical Strength And A Fine Ass And All that Stuff

True Even Clothed Not too Long Ago i Kid You Not Katrina Caught
A Young Woman Taking A Close-Up of my Butt All Clothed With
Shorts on at Walmart When i Was Looking the Other Way
i must Wonder What She Did With That on Social Media
Hehe Yes True What Good is the Faith of the Mustard

Seed if it is Only Flesh and Blood Deep in Human
Potential More What Good is the Faith of the Mustard
Seed if it Returns And Doesn’t Have Enough Common Sense to

Understand That in Times of Social Stress Among Many Animals
As Population Pressures Exist For Basic Survival Nature’s Answer
Is Stress Hormones in the Womb Create Humans Who Are Less
Reproductively Competitive When Puberty Comes And
Overall More Empathic Toward Others More Artistic
More Spiritual As Hey Even Studies Among Catholic
Priests Show Up to 58 Percent of them Lead Toward
Homosexual Orientations Sadly They Repress Their
Nature and Live Without Eros Love As Nature Provides
An Answer for them Yet Still At Least They Tell the Story

Of Jesus if they Don’t Even Accept The Nature of Who They Are
Ironic it is and Even Sadder As If Jesus could Come BacK Now Obviously
By Story He Would Have no Place to Rest His Head in Most Christian Churches
As Of Course He Would Accept Those Who Are Different And Similar to Him

And Yes Of Course He Would Work On Sunday to Help Flood Victims too And
It Wouldn’t Matter if They Were Responsible Enough to Buy National Flood
Coverage Or Not In Insurance Way or If it Were Super Storm Sandy or Hurricane
Ian He Would Cozy Up With Whoever Is President And Direct Them to Help them Folks

And True He Would Be Right There With the Venezuelan Roofers and Carpenters Seeking
Asylum in Bridges Over Troubled Waters And Green Cards to Put Florida Back Together

At Least if He Still Had the Same Skills From 2,000 Years ago or So to Help Those in
The Community to Build Back Better For Real Yet You See mY FRiEnD As Far As

The One Who is the Most Open Minded in Soul Mind and Body Whole Yes
Naked Enough Whole Complete Accepting All others Even Venezuelan
Transgender Roofers Seeking Asylum From Bridges Over Troubled
Waters And Green Cards to Put the Broken Humpty Dumpty
Egg of Florida Back together THAT ONE Would Find No

Place of Soul Rest in Many Christian Churches or Even
Among Folks in the Pews Never the Less He Would
Love His Adversaries in Our Modern Days

As Of Course He Would Take the Effort
To Listen to Ted Talks By Social Scientist
Jonathan Haidt And Come to Understanding


That Not All Human Beings Have What it Takes
To Experience the Frisson of Mystical Ascending
Transcending Spiritual Experiences in Flow Like Jesus
Surely Would Singing Parables New And Doing Free Dance
In Ecstatic Trance Dance Naked Enough Whole Complete
Showing His Ass Like King David in Disgust of Those Who

Are Are More Closed Minded And Souled With Very Low Libidos

Who Take Disgust in the Most Natural Part of God of All We aRE Naked
Born on Date ThiS Way Still Particularly More For those Who Truly Take
Care of THeir Forms Like Real Temples of God Naked Enough Whole

Complete No Matter
Ample Breasts

Or Dudes Like
Me Still With
Fine Asses at age 62 Hehe...

And What about Matthew 25 Would Jesus
Really Change the Ignorant of Sheep Into Goats
And Burn Them Forever For Not Having Enough Empathy
And Compassion to Feed Jesus Under the Southern Border

Of Course Not As Some Folks Are Just Not Born Open Minded
Souled and Bodied to Accept the Different of Humanity in Continual Change

It’s About Loving All Saints And Sinners And Ignorant Alike It’s about Love

The Pay Rate
The Pay Grade
And Only Real
Currency that Makes
Heaven for Real Now Within
Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love
For All With Least Harm Giving
Sharing Caring Healing iN JoY oF LiGHT
God Yes Sure Putting Up Board on Board
Fencing in my Yard So i Don’t Offend my
Neighbors Doing Free King David PG Rated
Nude Art Wherever Community Standards
Allow Including Facebook the Way i Do It Don’t
Like it Defriend me or Look the Other Way and

When ‘They’ Don’t Want to Give the Homeless
Person 5 Bucks to Buy A Couple of Beers to Soothe
The Demons Within as THEY Can’t afford Any Mental
Pills or Therapy As the State Government Doesn’t Give
A F About them True Have Mercy For Lazarus on the Side of the Road
And If ‘They’ Don’t i Surely Won’t Be The First to Cast A Stone in Hell

As I’ve Already Been THere God Damned Done IT
FOR REAL WiTHIN ON EartH For 66 Months as iN
That Place For Real A Drop of Beer Does Nothing
NoW As Yep Science Shows Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia Even Sporadically Experienced in Type
One is Assessed As the Worst Pain Known to Humankind
Literally Worse that Crucifixion For Real Yet FoR Me From
Wake to Sleep for 66 Months No Drug Would Touch the
Real Suicide Disease if Jesus only Experienced it Three
Hours to Three Days Perhaps He Didn’t Staycation Long Enough

Then And Had to Come BacK NoW to Do Hell Longer

To Forgive the Devil He had to BeCoMe

Much Longer to Understand What

Unconditional Love ReAlly Means

No Need For Worship No Fear of Criticism God Yes

And Staying As Servant Leader Until The Last Person

Is Rescued From the Floods And the Poorest Immigrant’s

Home Flooded is Returned All Shelter Free to them Even

If The Folks With the Most Capital Gains in the United States

Assessed Living in Fort Myers Even More Than Silicon Valley And
San Francisco Have to Pay More Capital Gains Taxes to Clothe

Their Brothers
And Sisters And
Shelter the Poor
Immigrants in Florida too

Trust me it’s Damn Sure Better
Than Hell And i Double Dog Dare
You To Stand Up And Read this in Church
Today to the Congregation And Your Pastor
Husband too Hehe Yet Doubt It Not No Matter
What You Do in Life i Will Still Love You Dearly
mY FRiEnD As my Mustard Seed is more Than Just

A Fine David
Ass in Flesh
And Blood For Real Hehe

And On Top of that Not Unlike
The Mother On the Little Sheldon
Show Some Days Ya Just Gotta Bite

Your Tongue And Keep Holding Hands
Just Accept the Different of Others And Make Love

A Ruling Way
DarK Thru LiGHT

Yet It’s Worth ReMeMBeRinG
Heaven is Only NoW As Great as

Both The Quality and Number FOR REAL
Of Humans And The Rest of Nature WE LOVE
Including Less Than A Grain of Sand That Holds Up
Mountains of Human Love Still With More Than The

Faith of A Mustard
Seed Without the
iMaGiNaTioN and
CReATiViTY Of Humanity
Fueled By Naked Enough
Whole Complete Unconditional
Love Cellulite On Butts and
Legs Perfect Enough For Love

As Lord Knows Even Katrina
Finds Fault With Her Stellar Form

In the smallest of imperfections

Oh one day perhaps She too Freer

Will Come Naked Enough Whole Complete

For it is the SPiRiT Within That Dance Sings
Perfect Love

For Real

Yes God
For Real This
Love A Practice of only Loving More…

Indeed i’ve Been Tested More than Job
All i Will Possibly Do is Continue to Do the Job oF Love Even
More Hehe and This Concludes Today’s Homily Again Soon
And Sooner Enough Katrina Will Be Yelling From the
Other Room Get Your Ass Off that Computer or
You Will Be Late to Hear the Priest Give A

Again Hehe

She Doesn’t
i’ve Already Arrived
And That’s Okay i Only Rise in Love
New Now No Matter if i Get Any Sleep (Rest
For my Big Head) or Not HAha Even in Dreams i Love…

Anyway Katrina Just Asked “Are You Coming in Here
To Eat Breakfast” Really Not Harsh At All And Yes

Gonna be
Late to
The Priest’s
Homily Again Hehe

As i Still Have to Take A Shower too

And That’s the Way Love Goes It’s
Never Late Always Coming Now For Real...

SMiles Dear Sohair
What We Give Away
Free We Keep Most
Heaven In
Deed Dear
With SMiles...

How Sweet What A Sunday
Gift 33 Budding and
Blooming Lovely
Pink Roses Yet
i Imagine One
More Beautiful
Helloove FRiEnD You


LeSSoN 448
Best Colors Of Life
Flower in Peace Love
And Nature Free Like
This Confederate Rose
Starting Brilliant
White In Cool
October Morning
Breeze Ending The
Evening In Peaceful
Pastels Of Loving Pink
Yet Again Only A Rose
In Name Yet Beauty’s

Is No
We may
Feel Sense
Inhaling Such
Inner Peace Exhaling
Such Love Beauty Colors

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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