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04 Oct 2022, 1:17 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Embracing Pain
Enduring Love

Brings Spring
As Winter
Soul Soils

Eventually Free
Dance Sing Green Leaves

Summer Petals FLoWeRS Color
For Others With SMiLeS AGAiN

Such A Lovely Poem Your Mother

Writes With SMiLes Wisdom

So Very Inspiring New Colors

A Treasure That May

Never Grow Old

NoW iN Only



Very New...

SMiLes Dear Miriam

i Can't Really Touch
It Yet i Realize THeRE
iS A Place of Luck Yes

New That Never
Ends NoW As

The River

Flows and

November Gales

Come In October Cool Breeze

As FLoWeRS Continue to Bloom Year 'Round

Yet Perhaps

OnlY iN Paradise

No Matter When
And WHeRE We
CREaTE Forevermore NoW NeW

YeT i Do ReMeMBeR iT STArts
WitH A SMiLe And Belly Laugh
in August For No ReaSon Yet To Dance and Sing Free

For True WHere There is No Humor There Is Literally No Soul...

Or Lady
YeS To
With SMiLES iN
A Belly Laugh Once Again...

Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa
Even A Solo SMiLe
May BRing the
Oxytocin of
And Binding
Love For Real
Reducing Pain
Healing More Stress
As Anxiety Melts Away
Free THiS WaY For Real...

Ah Yes Dear Cindy Essence of CREaTiViTY

With Compassion
For All of Existence
DarK Thru LiGHT Yes

With Least Harm Now How
Wonderful Eastern Philosophies
in Moving Meditation Are As They
Study Essence of Nature for Lessons

Of Forms They Teach However As i Love
to Dance And Sing Embrace Pain Endure

So True Hehe i Throw Out All the LeSSoN Plans and
Instruction Booklets And Let my Body Speak to me Free

As River Flows FRiEnDS With GravitY iN 'Wu Wei' Water
Be Air As Wings of Birds Become Wind So Innately Instinctually

Intuitively Effortless
More NoW in Ease
Naturally Indeed Yes
As True the Rest of
Nature is Always Starting
Always Beginning Anew Now
BeCoMinG THiS Way For Real
ALL Living Trees With New Leaves
to Rise Green And Fall For New Soil
Souls to Sprout Green As Petals of FLoWeRS
Soon to Bloom As Summer LiGHT AGAiN SMiLeS

Upon Us Above
So Below WiTHIN
THiS iNViSiBLE Sun To Shine
BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith

FoR Me At Least Like Planets And Stars Above
The Original Greek Definition of 'Sin' "MiSSinG The MarK"

SiMPLY Means FaLLinG Out oF Balancing Force (Peace) of FRiEnDS
With Gravity So Above Below WiTHiN Inside Outside All Around Now New

For Balancing Within in Interoceptive Ways For Balance Externally Through
Proprioceptive Ways In Tune With Our External Environments Where Our Bodies

See And Hear more Than Just Organs of EYeS And Ears Oh To Be Embodying

ThiS Way More Than Chatter of Mind Talk For So Many Competing Issues That
May Lead to Anxiety, General Anxiety, And Severe Fight or Flight Anxiety too

When Stress Hormones Circulating in Bloodstreams Are Just Dying to Live
As Free Rivers Balancing FRiEnDS With GRaViTY AGAiN Lest We Fall

Out of Orbit
Indeed Dear
Cindy Missing
The Mark of Balancing
As Just All Natural Sin of
Any Part of Nature Out
of Place From FRiEnDS

With Gravity THiS WaY
Naked Enough Whole Complete
Just Nothing to Subtract or Add to

A Practice ALWaYS BaLaNCinG
MiND And BoDY SoUL Water Wave OceaN Whole

Thanks So Much For Your Inspiring Video and Words
Dear Cindy Emotional Intelligence Sensory Intelligence
Gained Through Arts of Moving Meditation in Flow Is

Truly What is
MiSSiNG Most
For Our Western
Civilizations And
Even Eastern Ones

Increasingly too As We
Become More Our Tools
We Create Than Embodied
Real Emotional Feeling SeNSinG Balancing
SouLS iN THiS Temple of Flesh and Blood Real

Hehe More Than Just Between the Words We HeAR

As Basically TaLKinG Heads Disembodying ThiS Way

As True Who Needs Halloween Decorations 'These Days' Hehe...

SMiles Dear Yam
Being Open Minded
SouLeD To LEarN
From All Peoples
Their Religions
Cultures And
Nations Seeks
And Finds Differences
Yet Many Similar Essences
Simple Tagged With Different
Forms Of Labels From Varying

Indeed Human
Natures Different
Yet Innately Instinctually
Intuitively At Essence

Arriving to
DarKeR And
LiGHTeR Places
Of Existence New


SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
As The Dancer Becomes
The Dance As The Singer
Becomes The Song As The
Poem Becomes A Real Soul

Of The Poet So Yes WHeRE


A 'Matter With Things'

No Longer Past or
Present EVeN NoW

NoW No One MusT

Tell RiVeRS

WHeRe to Go

With Gravity

As Sufi Mystic
Dervish Dancers Do True

And Yes of Course me Too Hehe
Yet Only God (SPiRiT HeART SoUL)
Teaches me Within NoW How to Do New...

4 Candles Surrounding
A Mystical 'Dervish Dancer'

As Spiraling Dancer Becoming
Becomes FLaMe of Creativity
Milky Way Above Below Within
Inside Outside FLoWinG Free

ALL Around

Free Time Out
Of Time Distance
Out of Distance
Space Out of
Space No

Longer A
'Matter With
Things' iNDeed FRiEnDS
God's GReaTesT LaW
BaLaNCinG Force
Peace ExhalinG LoVE
Giving Sharing Caring
Healing For All With Least Harm

Now How The Mystical Aspect
Of Your Muslim Religion Describes

"Dhikr, the purpose of which is to
glorify God and seek spiritual perfection."

Best ParT oF aLL Dear Yam This Milky Way
Of Creation Within This God Free Requires
No Words At All THiS WaY iNDeeD A Milky
Way Dance Will Do Once Again Above So
Below Within Inside Outside ALL Around

OuR MuLTi-UNiVeRSE MaY SPiRaL Within
Inside Outside Above So Below ALL Around

GRaVitY iN
Dance Free We
Do May Always
Perfect Balance
Even More iNHaLinG Peace
God Becomes Our Breath For Real...

SMiles Aleesha
And You Are Truly
A Newest Dearest

For Real

True A Gift
To The World
From God With SMiles...

Sure Dear Yam Actually i Believe
You Are Asking About The Title
of mY Current Blog Post Hehe
All 60 Thousand Words Titled


As i Explained Similarly to a Man in Charge
of the Information Technology Part of the Naval
Air Station i Retired From as A Federal Civilian Retiree

And the Place i Work-Out At the Military Gym There
As Hehe i Stopped For About 15 Minutes to Explain


Haha Yet i Won't Make it That Long Here And Surely
Not As Long as 60,000 Words or Hehe 10.9 MiLLioN
Words of mY Entire EPiC Long Form Poem "SonG oF mY
SoUL" That is Literally my Entire WordPress Blog That is
Also Copied And Pasted on Several Other Blogs in Google
BlogSpot Way i Administrate And Many Other Places too

As Hey
Copy and
Paste is Free
Just Takes A Few
Seconds to Copy
And Paste 60 Thousand Words And
300 Photos i Take to Fully Illustrate
The Last Blog Post And around 40
YouTube MuSiC Videos to Accompany
All the Words That Are Actually Free FLoWing
Letters Just Like THiS to Folks All Around the
Globe in Poetic Responses to Inspirations i
Do Find Among Peoples in Cultures in
Nations All Around the World

Every Day Without Fail

Ever Since i Started

"SonG oF mY SoUL"

Back on August 18, 2013

Yet It's Also True i've Written
Online Well Before That too

Every Day Now Consecutively

Since Thanks Giving Day of 2010

Yet Before i Gained The Ability to Flow
Poetic Words From Essence of mY SoUL
Creating Form THiS Way From Letters to
Words to Flow of Shapes on A Page That

May Reflect The Essence of mY SoUL in Shape
And Form Yet What Flows as Essence And is Not

Pre-Planned Like Science of Poetry Does Counting
Syllables And Such As That Putting Essence into Prison

HeART And SPiRiT Set Free With Wings to Fly as

Wind mY FRiEnD Never Trapped in Prisons of
Jars or Lesson Booklets and Instruction Pages

That May Only Take Essence Away

From Free Wings That Become

Wind to Dance And

Sing With


In Our Modern World
We aRe Spoon Fed Form
On How To Be What That
Form Tells us to Be From Almost

Birth mY FRiEnD Meanwhile Essence
Always Breathes Within More in Right
Hemisphere Ways of DiViNE Mind Just

Waiting to Become Unleashed ReLEASinG

What Otherwise May Never Be Sought

And Found Within Indeed DiViNE

Spark WiTHiN Dancing
Singing Free In All

Other Arts too

As Existence
Becomes a
Great Work of
Art Original and
Not Prescribed By
Form Alone of Past...

It's Practically A Miracle
And MaGiC The Way it Happens
Similar to the Process Of Original
Creativity That May Actually Be
Ascribed Secularly too For

the Muslim Religion and
Muhammad Receiving
This Spark in His Cave
of Contemplating Mediation
ThiS Way Deep Within True THeRE
iS A 'We' of Mind Both Left HeMiSPHeRE
Grasping the World And RiGHT Hemisphere
The Real Master Within Actually Understanding Our Existence

Even Without Words Yes As Sufi Mystical Dancers Surely Do True...

It's True One Might Suggest Muhammad ALLoWeD ESSeNCE CREaTiNG
FoRM Verily One May Ascribe A Label Like Allah For 'God' ThiS Way True too

Both By Art
And Reason

too mY FRiEnD iN Balance

If 'We' All May LiVE iN Peace
And Love We've Surely Come

To LiVE WiTH Each Other THiS Way

FRoM A Place of WiTHiN Left And Right
Hemisphere's of Mind and Soul and Body
From Head to Toe And More Both Latitudinally
And Longitudinally As That Applies to Hemispheres
And Longitudes of the Soul of Earth All PaRTS Connecting

Naked Enough
Whole Complete

Now Continuing New

As Socrates Spoke From
WiTHIN Humble Enough
To Relate He KNeW Nothing
Before His Wisdom Comes to Page

Whether Oral Tradition or Other Arts mY FRiEnD


Just LoSinG Our ReaSons And MaKinG LiFE Art For Real...

Hehe it's True Many Left HeMiSPHeRE Thinkers Restricted
That Way Suggest i've Lost mY Mind When i Write THiS Way

And in Metaphor

That's A Whole

Essence of Creating
Form Original THiS Way NeW Now

Yet After the Art Comes to Page i May
Review With that Left Hemisphere Detail
Thinker And Spruce Up A Letter of A Word
Here and There for Typos And Such as That
As MicroSoft Word Does me little Good At
All For Grammar And Spell Checking Yes

As It is Ruled
By Form
From Before

THiS is Wind
Essence Free DeaR
FRiEnD oF Course Requiring
Form For Many Others to Relate to it at all

Although There Are Human Connections and
Other Nature Connections Beyond Form to
Empirically Measure Sort of Like Quantum
Mechanics mY FRiEnD And Sort of the
Reason Why Only 4 Percent of Nobel
Prize Winning Quantum
Mechanics Physicists

Identify As Atheists

Indeed They See

A Deeper Story of

Far Beyond Measure
Of Human Devised
Labels in Form Alone...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Embracing Pain
Enduring Love

Brings Spring
As Winter
Soul Soils

Eventually Free
Dance Sing Green Leaves

Summer Petals FLoWeRS Color
For Others With SMiLeS AGAiN

Such A Lovely Poem Your Mother

Writes With SMiLes Wisdom

So Very Inspiring New Colors

A Treasure That May

Never Grow Old

NoW iN Only



Very New...



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 62
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05 Oct 2022, 1:14 am

ART Core of HeART
ART Core of SMart
ART Part oF pART
Even EartH Art
Similarly Relates
Yet 75 Percent iN paRT Over
60 Percent of the Other Three
Now All i Wanna
Do is Sleep
Yet Words
Continue to Dance
On While Resting
Song of FeaT With SMiLes
Dear Savvy Art Flows Love Winds...

iNDeeD Dear Sohair
Changing A World One
Foot of Song and Hand of
Dance Creating A New World
Now of SMiLes For
Joy Lands into
Free SMiLes
WHeRE LoVE Flows
Naked Enough Whole
Complete Love Dances
Without Even Complicated
Verses Of Even One Word HEaRD...

No Matter What the Pace
Is We Cannot Living Escape
How We Feel and Sense Within
For Whatever External Brings
There is Always
A Hope to
Dear Isha
With SMiLes
Even When We May
See No Reason to SMiLe
We Still Can And Will Do
For Colors oF LoVinG LiFE...

SMiLes i Have The SMiLes Infection
After Dancing in Public For 9 Years And
A Month For 17,266 Miles Everywhere i Go

i Leave SMiLes Behind Even Infecting People
Before i Dance iNDeed i am "Pavlov's Dog" NoW

NeW Dear Miriam

i've Classically
A Whole Metro
Area to SMiLe
At Yes Just the
Present of mY Presence Hehe

Without A Word Ever Said Just
Dancing Feat That Never Ends
Always STaRTinG NoW NeW Oh
How Much Nicer Than Phantom of the
Opera And Hunch Back of Notre Dame
For Real Shut-in mY Bedroom For 66 Months
in the Other Place Indeed Heaven is the Place

Ya Only
Create SMiLes
Infecting Others in
All the Ways SMiLes Come...

SMiles Dear Anna
Wonderful Words
For Those Who
Seek And Find
iN Life Hope You
Are Doing Well mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

Our Worlds Are Ours To Color
Or SHaDE With Grey Scales
Falling Away to BLaCK Abyss

The Good News Is Our Worlds

Are Ours to Color And Grief

Over Lost Love At
Best Brings

Inspiring Ways
to Muse Our Worlds
More Colorful Than Ever

Before A Tribute to Yes the
Greatest Force oF Love WiTH SMiLes
A Tribute to Lost Loves At Best So Very
Human Moving Connecting Co-Creating
With Our Natures And the Rest of Nature
With Least Harm At Best Not Becoming

Only the Tools We
Make And Loving
Those And Losing
'Things' in Grief

When 'Things'
Aren't Alive
As Breathing
Moving Connecting Co-Creating Life...

SMiLes i Had An Uncle Once With A Big
Mansion Who Lost Much in A Big Hurricane
Seeing A Homeless Man on the Street Naked
Enough Whole Complete He Said Life Isn't

Fair He Had
Nothing to Lose

Oh Dear Lord Dear
Chaymaa The Irony
of Telling the Truth Indeed...

For When We aRe Naked
Enough Whole Complete
THeRE ReaLLY iS Nothing
to Add or Subtract Our Nature Breathes Free...

So Many Homeless Men and Or Women i've Met
Under Bridges At Beaches Whose Wealth Untold

Is Plain
For me at
Least to Feel And Sense
Just Breathing Free Naked
Enough Whole Complete
With a Little Help
From Loving
of Course
With Naked
Enough Whole
Complete SMiLes...

SMiles Dear
Chaymaa That
Was A Long Time
Ago He Is Doing
Okay Now At Least
As Far As Material
Goods Go That
Drive His Life
We All Have To
Drive To Survive
Fortunate Most
To Thrive Within
Thank You For
Your Kind Sentiments...

“Until you love an animal, part of your soul
will always be dull, asleep.”

-Anatole France

So True Dear Jane With Allergies
to Cats And Dogs My Relationships
With Dogs And Cats Surely Strained

Yet A Miracle of 19 Other Life Threatening
Mostly Stress Related Disorders The Allergies
Went Away When i Did Not Care if i Lived or Died

Where Death Was A Greatest Blessing in Life With the
Worst Pain Known to Humankind From Wake to Sleep
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Shut-in in my Bedroom
Mostly For 66 Months This Way The Dead Zone How We Refer

To That Era
of My Life

Pain Teaches
Great Lessons Indeed
And Feral Animals Bring
Back the Call of the Wild One
With Nature Free Loving It All
That Breathes So Lost As True A Feral
Cat Later Diagnosed A Death Sentence
of Feline Leukemia Brought 10 Years

Of Lessons From the Call of the Wild to
me in His 2 Year-Stint or So Wild in the
Woods of my Home As i Returned to Nature

Through His Eyes That Only See This Breath of Life Now
NeW As The Greatest Treasure of Every Heart Beat Now Alive

Yet my Eyes Still Expand As Leaf Greening Trees Alive Falling
Through Winter Death Ever Springing Breath Within Each Now

New Sapling Tree i AM... Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love NeW NoW

Includes No Fears of Separation From All That Is Nature How Humans

Separate This With All Their Clothes Becoming The Tools They Create

They Are Where Again Death In Temples is Worshipped More Than Trees

Of Living


We Fall
We Rise Now…
Every Shore We
Expand Ever Wave Now
New We Dance And Sing Free...

SMiles Jane
There is A
Major issue
With Human

That Worship
After Death More

Than Life A Major
Fatal Disorder of
The Human


So Death
Cult Inclined
It Seems Truly
Morbid The Condition

Of “The Condition” It Is
Worthy of Halloween

Ever Sunday In Deed
BoWinG to The Dead


Knee of
Blind Dead
Oxymoron Breathing…

SMiles Dear Cindy
Your Meditation
Lessons So
Relaxing And
Healing Thank You...

LeSSoN 449
Rivers FRiEnDS
Are Blood Streams
Of Soul We Breathe

FeeLinG SeNSinG Yes

New Rivers
Flow Blood
Streams This

Way From:
me to: You
With SMiles So Soul Free...

This is The Place The River
Front i Grew Up On In A
100 Year Old Home That
Trains Shook The Foundation

Of The Home
On Concrete


In A Place
So Small Yet
We All Knew
The Names
Of People
Who Lived
Here one Village
One Family of FRiEnDS
Indeed Loyal As Rivers
And Bloodstreams
Flow Yet Better Yet
Being 3 Before
i Could Speak
At 4 Intuiting
Deep Within
Forever Now
Leaf i Am
New Gazing Across
The River Greening
Trees Falling To
Soil Souls Brown
Fertilizing Winter
To Birth Spring
Forest Whole
Living Colors
BRinG Again
You Are Born
Close To Winter
i Am Born Close
To Summer Yet
i Am Winter Coloring
Your Summer As




SMiles Still
Gifts Of Life To Bring...

Of Love
Are River
Faith Hope’s Breath...

Soul Security...

The City Tore Down
The Old Home Now
It Is A Park Where
Folks Come Here
For County Wide
Festivals Bands Playing
While Folks Watch Fourth
Of July Fireworks Coloring

Skies Free...

ART Core of HeART
ART Core of SMart
ART Part oF pART
Even EartH Art
Similarly Relates
Yet 75 Percent iN paRT Over
60 Percent of the Other Three
Now All i Wanna
Do is Sleep
Yet Words
Continue to Dance
On While Resting
Song of FeaT With SMiLes
Dear Savvy Art Flows Love Winds...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,912

06 Oct 2022, 12:25 am

For Every Dance And
Song Free to Become
Prayer DiViNE oF LiGHT Free

To See With Ever More

Colors to Give Share
Care Heal For All With
Least Harm May We Breathe

Peace and Love THiS Way With

SMiLes For
All Dear

Savvy FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Humans
Are Social Animals If We Don't
Help Each Other We Are Truly
A Lower Species Than Dogs

And Other Social Animals
Who Rise Up Most ToGeTHeR

As One Force of Helping Hands And Paws

And Sure Feet of Dance And Arts of Song

All That May Lift Each Other Up to A Higher

Vibration Frequency
And Energy of

Love for Real
Vibrating Tuning
Higher From Head to Toe More...

Indeed Surf's Up And Breakfast is Ready in Paradise
Of Hawaii Colors With Free Range Chickens Like the
Farm We Visited Last Sunday With Pigs and Cows
And Quail And Turkeys All Free Range of Course

Not Only Penned in Small Cages Where Life

Still Breathes So Very Natural to Feel and
Sense in Peace Inhaling Love Exhaling
For All Gifts of Nature THiS Way Dear

Aloha FRiEnD With SMiLes Yes So
Many Colors of Life to Cherish

ThiS Way RiSinG

Yes Indeed Surf's
Up Keep A Balance
New Now of Life Superbly
Colorful mY FRiEnD With SMiLes...

Oh Dear Yes Dear Miriam
A Space for Introspection
Verily A Place Writing Takes
You In Blogging i imagine Yes

i Remember Trying To Figure Out
How i Became All Broken With my
Psychiatrist Way Back in 2008 and His

Observations Already Were That Most Humans
Don't Have Any Space Left For Introspection And

He Wouldn't Be Surprised if We Lose Our Ability to Verbally
Speak to Each Other Sort of Like Regressing on the Autism
Spectrum Again Before Age 4 Like me Without A Word to Speak

Yet Totally Culturally Derived
As What Room Is Left After
Hours of Facebook News
Feeds And Instagram
News Feeds and
Twitter News
Feeds and
Oh God It Never
Ends All the Quotes
Everyone Else Writes too

Yet What About You and me
And Us And We Who The Hell
Are We if We Haven't Already Arrived
to the Place i Already Went True Out in the

Cotton Fields Picking Cotton From Day Break
to Sunset There is Plenty of Space For Introspection

Yet Not So Much in Front of Screens Part of Someone
Else's Directed And Produced Play of Life and So Many More

Yet What About You and me And Us And We Who the Hell Are We...

Of Course There are Other 'Minor Responsibilities' Like Being A CEO
of 5 Health Care Clinics in New York City And Such As That oh How Sacred
And Holy An Activity Writing on Blogs Must Be For You True my Only Space

For Introspection of Finding Sanctity in this Place of Life For Decades Were
The Hours i Spent Mowing the Frigging Grass A Bit of Heaven Behind the

Fumes And the Dust of Grass Left Behind Anyway Once Again i am a Leaf
That Feeds A Tree Green Falling to Winter Souls to Sprout Soul of Summer
Flower Colors Year 'Round It's True The Circle of Life All At Once LoVE NoW...

Love Isn’t Born In Church, Religion,
State, Nation, Politics; Love Comes
From The Womb And Not Son Alone Of Man

SMiles Dear Anna So Good
To Hear From You too Still
A Practice of Becoming
An Expert On Loving
Life Thank Goodness
There Is No Perfect
And Always Room
For New Colors
Of Love For
A Life Practice
Of RiSinG This
WaY iN SMiLinG Flow...

my FRiEnD
We aRe All
Yet Sadly


In Mind





Tree Identity
Or Water Traveling

In Waves

Above So
Below Within
Inside Outside
All Around Tree
Never Lonely



HoMe ReBorn...

“To be able to be
Present with awe & wonder
For this amazing grace of life
Is to shine the light
With the brilliance of the inner child!”


Will Surely
Quote These
Lines For Truth

In Resonance Dear Savvy...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Not Unlike A Human

Child Creativity

Is Birthed

With No

Clothes of Before

True Always A New

Adventure A New World to BeHold

And Always Let Go For A New World to Begin


Peace Every
Exhaling Loving
It All to Begin Again New Now...

Captured By Left Brain
Think Missing The Art
Of The Whole Landscape

And Architecture

By The Smallest

Abstract Construct

Of A Copyright Name
In the Bottom Left Corner...

No Way Now i Will Disgrace

A Photo of God Nature This Way

With Either A Temple

Before the



Painting of

Clouds Or Something
As Small As my Born
On Or Even Pen Created

Name Dust on The Bottom
Left Part of God Free As Nature's

Refrain Becomes A Name Instead of All

Yet True It's A Facebook World And Yes it

All Starts With A Name As Small as God too...

What We Will We Do When London Bridges

Fall Down Again What Will We Do If Naked

Whole and



Not to Wear

A Name And

Own Nature With A Word... Rest of

Nature Requires No Human Tattoos...

The OTHeR Thing Soon And Sooner iN ‘Garden’ iNDeeD

i Am Nature Any Questions Rhetorically SPeAKinG Don’t Be
So Sure Eve Tempted ADaM iN EDeN

Love Isn’t Born In Church, Religion,
State, Nation, Politics; Love Comes
From The Womb And Not Son Alone Of Man

SMiLes Dear Sohair A Mystic Celebrates All of Existence New Now Feeling Sensing Knowing No Part As Separate All That Is Moving Connecting Co-Creating This Way Often Ineffable to Relate This 'God Existence' So Art Arises DiViNE From Within to Bring The Experience to

Others in Some Way(S)

SMiLes Dear Sohair A Literalist Separates THE Parts of Existence Yes
God And Forgets to Put God Back ToGeTHeR As One Whole Force New
Now Of Loving All the Parts of Existence Often Separating Others

Into Labels

Often Creating

Tools And Becoming

Those Tools Forgetting


of Existence As Even Science

Relates Bigger Pictures Than Words Of

Existence Our Right Hemisphere of Mind

Our Door Way of Mind Open to 'God' As One

Whole Existence May Other Wise Bring Those

So Anointed By This Gift RiSinG Deep Within

Upwelling the Ocean to Become One

Wave and Water

Whole Us

to Give Share
Care And Heal
For All With Least
Harm With No Small
Exclusions my FRiEnD
iN A Great Work And Practice
of Life That Always Starts New
Now With No End or Beginning Yes
Becoming One With all Existence
Where We And God No Longer
Even Need A Name Yes That
Ego of Left Mind


As All Becomes
One Force of God
DarK Thru LiGHT to Love

iNHaLinG Peace Exhaling LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Celebrating ALL That Is

SMiLes If All Humans Were Mystics
Like Rumi And Sufi Dervish Dancers
There Would Be No More Conflicts
of Bloody Wars Fighting Over Labels
of Differences mY FRiEnD Yet of course

For Those Who Truly Experience the DiViNE
They Shed the Clothes the Tools That Separate
Us From the Divine God Within That is truly Real

In A Materially Reduced World That Means 'Death' to those
Who Promote A Clothed And Tooled Way of Life And Yes More

Than Likely Perhaps Broken Teeth That Are No Longer Repaired
By Dentists Unless They Will Flow NoW in the Divine of An Art of
Repairing Teeth Never in the First Place Only Going to College to

Find Some Kind of Way Alone of MaKinG A Lot of Money to
Perhaps Impress A Potential Beautiful Spouse Buying A Big
House and Fanciest Car of All In Other Words (Worlds)

Witting or Not Living A Life Separating
Oneself From the Nature of God Within

And The Nature of God in All of Nature
Naked Enough Whole Complete Yet

Of Course There Are Already Folks

Who Do This Who Have Wealth Untold

In Terms of a World That Only Seeks to become 'Things'

We Create That At Best Would Otherwise Help us Create the

Divine Within to Give Share Care Heal Free For All With Least

Harm Sure Out of Love There Will STiLL Be Those Who Will

Repair Broken Teeth Out of Empathy And Compassion

For Real For All Human And Other Nature

Existence mY FRiEnD It's True the

Pathway to God And the DiViNE

Starts With An OPeN HeART Yes

And Invariably as i Come ACross Folks

Who Exist With A FroZen HeART Most Every Word

i Speak DiViNE is World Salad to Them No Matter if They

Have Mensa Level Standard IQ For Standard IQ Doesn't

Even Touch DiViNE Intelligence mY FRiEnD For Standard

IQ Never Touches the Face of God And Lives A Life of Stone

Never The Less Hehe it Builds the Bones of the Internet

That Allows me to Upload my SoUL iN Avatars of

Words to Share With You So Sure i Celebrate

Standard IQ and Geeks and Nerds too

Shiny New Cars And Lovely

Architecture of New Homes

Are Lovely Works of Human Art too

As It is True Loving All of Existence

Excludes No Part Including What Humans

Create That is Part of Nature too A Key as Always

is BaLaNCinG my FRiEnD Able to Walk Outside of the

Home the Car the Clothes And ReMain Naked Enough

Whole Complete With EYes of God Still 'Seeing' And Being DiViNE

ALL A Challenge IS NoW Not to Get Lost in the Parts And Not Be able

to Come

Back to Be the
Water Wave Ocean Whole
The Leaf The Tree The Roots Whole US

Obviously You Have The Ability to Do This
Or We Would Have Never Connected ThiS Way
Always Starting With No Beginning or End mY FRiEnD

Very Rare i Seek And Find People Like You in this World

Very Rare Indeed And For Those Who Literally Interpret

Sacred Text in Most All World Religions They May Twist

It to Whatever Selfish Desire They Seek and Find too

Not Limited in Ignorance to the Most Harming,

Maiming, Raping, Killing Each Other And

The Rest of Nature too And Indeed

Sadly This Increasingly Is

The Way the World

Sees Religion

For The Ignorance

of Literalism That

Fails to See The Divine Loving And Celebrating All of Existence
As Truly Life Only Leaving Empty Shells on Beaches oF iGNorance...

Fortunately Folks Like Rumi And Walt Whitman Come to Light...

Fortunately God Will Always Exist in Art No Matter Now What We

Name the DiViNE Still RiSinG Dancing Singing Free iN Art WiTHiN

As i Quote Your Words Here That Relate the Similar Specific to the
Religion of Islam You Adhere to Dear FRiEnD As Surely i See
Beyond Eyes and Ears DiViNE Parts of the Quran Whole too...

"Sometimes an inner healing dance can Easily be made by reading a divine Verse said by the Almighty Allah in the holy Quran as its verses can be read not only by an eye But also with a vivid heart who has the talent of listening carefully."


SMiLes Dear Sohair You Surely Will Write Another 'Quran'
Without Someone Else's Pen Yet The DiViNE Within You For Real

Yet Of Course i Observe You Doing it For Many Years New Now For Real...

For Every Dance And
Song Free to Become
Prayer DiViNE oF LiGHT Free

To See With Ever More

Colors to Give Share
Care Heal For All With
Least Harm May We Breathe

Peace and Love THiS Way With

SMiLes For
All Dear

Savvy FRiEnD...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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06 Oct 2022, 11:15 pm

So True Dear Savvy
Peace Starts Within

Joins Hands Becomes

A Flicker of Love Torch

Bonfire and "Saint Elmo's

Fire" Spreads
From Island

to Island

Until An Entire
Globe Transforms
iNto Love Yet of Course
This is Just A Prayer

Off to Dance The
Fruition i go After
Resting my Feet in Song...

In All “THEiR” Books ‘They’ ASSiGNeD “God”
An ‘Ego’ ATTeMPTinG To iMPRiSoN “WiND”
iN A Jar SaMe Place “They” Trapped “THEiR” Wind

Being Part of Something More Than
Lonely Cogs in A Machine indeed Dear
Miriam Helping People Feel This Way More

At Work And Even Play too A Challenge And
A Service of Giving Sharing Caring Healing

For Real Just Reading A Longitudinal Study
Today For All Demographics of Generations

Currently Across the Life Span And The Generations

Under the Age of 30 Have Suffered The Most During the

Pandemic in Terms of Assessed Neuroticism And Faltering

Conscientiousness As Well With Depression And Anxiety

Seriously Effecting Day to Day Functioning For Real

With So Many Folks Unable to Afford the Mental

Health Care They Need And This Is Our Future

AS Humanity in this Country True Their

Issues Are Core to What This Country

And Really The Rest of The Globe Will Come to
Be The Study Didn't Assess Much Change in Ages
30 to 65 Yet The Ones Who Actually Reduced Empirical
Measures of Neuroticism And Increased Conscientiousness
Were the Older Generations Past 65 As Of Course Many have
Socio-Economic Greater Benefits and Enough Anchors to Stay
Safe in Harbor And Not Get Sailed Away into Chaos Out of Order...

Mental Health is A Big Deal
Indeed And Sadly We Focus
Way too Much on Metrics of
What We Do Than Who We Are As i Am

As Of Course A Mentally and Emotionally
Stable Human Being Fully Embodied With
Sensory Integration As Well Will Naturally Be
More Creative And Productive in Every Way in This Way

Mental Health is


True If We Neglect These Issues in Ignorance A Bigger Picture May Take A Fall...

Yet Of Course it Has to Be Folks Like You Who Can And Will Actually Make


As These Are
Just Fumes From
An Art of Autotelic
Flow That Includes Words...

As Oh Lord my Feet and Legs
Are Way too Tired to Dance Anymore Today...

SMiLes Dear Lala Rukh It's Been 20 Months
Now Since You Last Wrote on Your Blog

Hehe and Yes That Was 16,000 Words or
So Ago Since i've Been Responding Here

Yet of Course i'm One of those Folks Who Just

Will Not Quit At Least As Long As i Am Welcome With

SMiLes and Keeping Some Breath of Your Blog Left Breathing
As You've Reported Before i Do With Some Thanks From You...

Yet It's Also True Many Years And Decades i Really Didn't Have Anything
to Say Except For Two Words So it Would Seem Like More Just Two Words

That Were "Working Working" Then True When my Closest Relatives Called

To Ask me what i Was Doing
i Always Wondered How
People Had Something
To Say There Was No "SonG
oF mY SoUL" To Relate Then

Yet if Someone Asked me A Work
Related Question i Could Make A Quick
List of What They Needed to Hear Yet That's

About It Except for "Working Working" And Of Course
Hehe That's An Even More Redundant Statement to Make at Work

And Surely Nothing Of Creation at Work as Pretty Much Work Folks
Were the Only Ones Outside of Closest Family And Wife i Even Interacted With Then

Yet Those Were the Last 5 Years of Work When i Was Mostly Attached to A Screen And
Not Working With Folks Like i Did Close to the Two Decades Before Face to Face Every Day

Interacting With 100's of Customers Perhaps in Only One Day Then Eventually Managing
That Military Bowling Center Then Watching Children Grow Up To be Adults An Entire

Generation Passing By At Work then And if Someone Told me Then Particularly
Behind a Desk Just With Two Words "Working Working" All the Way to Age 47
At Work and the 66 Months After That Shut-in in Hell to Age 53 in July of 2013
When i Met You Coming Out of that Place That Your Very Emotionally Deep

Posts Helped With to Free my Soul All the Way Out of Hell Then the Place
Where there is No Memory of A Feeling of A Smile At All Just No
Reference Point out of Hell Where Human Feelings and
Senses in A Synergy of Emotions From Head to
Toe EXPReSSinG iN Free Dance And

Song A Way Out of the Highway

That Dead Ends then
A Ghost Wandering the
Earth Dead Inside Having No
Perspective to the Way Back
Out of Hell to Basic Heaven of Being
Just A 'Normal' Feeling Sensing Human Again...

i Watched People Talk in Flow of River This Way For So
Many Decades And Wondered if i Would Ever Be Human Like
All the Other People Who i Found Speaking Like A River Flowing Then

Yet It's So Ironic Now That i Have Developed This Ability as the Canary in the
Coal Mine of a Technological World At Work Attached to a Screen From Before

Now i Find So Many Folks in the Place Close to Hell i Was in Before indeed We Have
An Epidemic Facing Humanity And That Indeed is the Epidemic By Name Losing Our

Humanity For Real All the Warm Connections That Even Make Us a Social Animal At All

i'm Happy to Still Be the River After Visiting You For Close to 111 Months Now Come The
Middle of the Month of October Indeed The Dance And The Song Continues to Flow Free

And Of Course for Those Who Have Lost the Ability That i Had So Much Trouble Gaining
As A Canary in A Coal Mine For So Many Years and Decades Then i Surely Do Not

Judge Them Negatively

For Not Being Able to

Do What i Surely

Couldn't Do Before

More Than Working Working

Just a Cog in A Machine Then And Barely Human At All...
Hope You Are Doing Well it's the Feelings That Count Most When We
Give it's What We Get to Keep the Most What We Give Away For Real...

Anyway At Any of Those Ages Before If Someone Would Have Said One Day
You Will Public Dance for 17,266 Miles in 109 Months And Write 10.9 MiLLioN
Words in A Longest EPiC Long Form Personal Bible Poem HAha They Would

Have to be Talking About Someone Else And The Truth is i Am A Different

Person Now The Truth is We All Are Continuously And Better Yet

As Long As We iNHaLE Peace Exhale LoVE And Keep RiSinG

iN Flow Tween A Sweet Spot Tween Apathy and Anxiety

Dancing A Tight Rope Higher And Higher in

Effortless Ease of Creating in Higher

Human Potentials Even More

Yet of course This is Just

the Way i Do it

There Are Unlimiting
Ways Others May Do it True...

And Yes of Course Hope You
Are Doing Okay These Days...

Hehe Dear Aloha FRiEnD
Always Checking my
Shoes After i Visit
The Free Range
Chickens on
The Farm And
You Must Be Psychic
i Just Came in From
Our Screened-in Porch
Enjoying Sunset And
Twilight too Currently
Taking A Nap Then
To Walk The
Block With Wife
And Sister to
Enjoy The
Moon With
SMiles Same to You

And Do Check Your
Shoes Now too Hehe...

Thank You For The Beautiful
Toronto Fall Leaf Truly
A Halloween Treat
Too With SMiles...

LeSSoN 450
Diagnostics For KiSSinG
Life Loads Of Yum And
Fun CHaSinG Dreams
With Butterfly Wings

Other Than That
Do Enjoy Some
Dark Chocolate
For An Early Treat
For Halloween SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa When No One Wants to Sit With You Now At
Lunch You Can And Will Still Eat With SMiLes Solo Continuing Dreams

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa When No One Wants to Dance With You At the
School Dance or When You Are Much Older Hehe Yes You Can And Will

Still Dance Solo Like No One is Even Watching You Continuing Dreams

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa If No One SMiLes At You in This World

You May Still SMiLe

At Them Giving Free

With No Expect of Return

From Them Yes We May Continue

SMiLinG Solo Now Giving Sharing Yes
Caring Healing And True If No One Wants

Us to Visit THeiR Church We May Look Within

And Find the SMiLES AGAiN That Never End Yes

ALWaYS STaRTiNG NeW NoW WiTHIN To Give Share Yes
Care Heal Away to All For Free Just Never Ending mY FRiEnD

As i Often ReMeMBeR Stars Shine Above All Alone Yet They Are

STiLL ALLONE iN The Sense and Feel of ReaLiTY That When Stars

Die As Part of Super Nova Explosions What is Left of that Crucible
Fire of Star Death

Becomes Gaseous

Dust Resurrecting As That Iron From

That DusT YeS EVeNTuALLY BeCoMes uS And

Core of Our Mother Earth Yes FLoWinG NeW NoW

STiLL iN OuR Blood Streams So Indeed We aRe ALL
Iron Men and or Women ThiS Way Better Yet Truly We aRe
Star FLoWeRS And Seeds BotH As Long As Our SMiLes Shine...

Ah Yes, Bingo!

Football Is Religion;
Make No Mistake About it;
Whether it is the Extreme Violent
Version of it in America or the More

Rational Kind of Religion in Other Areas
of the World That Don't Worship An Old
Testament God and Guns More Than Roses

And Love; Yes, Go Team Go! Soccer An International

Sport Yet Still

Not Turning
The Other Cheek So Much
With More of A New Testament
God of Cooperation More Than 'OT'
Competition in Team Play of Course
Unless You Are Changing Once Loyal
Sheep Who No Longer Feed And Clothe
The Folks at the Southern Border into Goats

And Burning them Forever in 'Matthew 25' of Course...

True That Old Testament Tribal God Doesn't Die Easy Hehe...

Yet of Course There is No Pure Yin Without A Taste and Touch of Yang...

True, As Part of my 3 Degrees in University, Comprising Social Sciences Interdisciplinary,
Anthropology, and Health Science; The Health Science Degree Was Also Part of an Interdisciplinary
Program of Health, Leisure, and Sports; And Sure As Hell, the Nerd of me Landed 'Squarely' Into A Class
of Ex-High School American Violent Football Jocks to Study, "The Philosophy of Sports," A Real Class at
University that Goes Well Beyond "Basket Weaving 101" For Athletes on Sports Scholarships; Although there

Was No Football Team then at the University of West Florida (There is Now and they Won A National
Championship at Their Level of Play) Yet the Goal of Most of Those Jocks And Ex-High School
Sports Stars in the Violent Play of American Football Was of Course to Become a High School
Or Higher Coach And the Such as That; Not me Yet That Was Part of the Requirements for

The Degree;

Anyway, it Was Actually A Fascinating Class And Showed How Sports is A Microcosm
of What is Required For Success As Human Beings in Social Societies Learning
Team Work; Learning How to Accept Failure And Come Back Stronger Than
Ever Before After Physical Injuries too (OUCH!); Yet True, American Football

Can And Will Devise A Less Violent Way of Initiating Young Men And or Women Into Culture

To Become Real Heroes Surviving Darker Challenges of Life RiSinG in Cooperation
Over Competition to Really Get Stuff Done Together As A Real Team for Both

Surviving And Thriving At Best in One God Damn Piece And Not All Broken Up

On the Inside and Outside too; Yes, Rough and Tumble Play is Important; it Teaches

Us to Become FRiEnDS With the 'Canine' Meat Eater Side of Life; Yep Our Shadows
of Lust And Aggression; As We May Learn to Regulate Our Emotions and Integrate

Our Senses ThiS Way; True, i Do it With Free Style Mixed Martial Arts and Ballet Public Dance;

And Honestly, i Usually Receive A Reception From the Community Now Same as Any Star Quarter
Back in High School Might Receive, Including Titles Such as "Living Legend," and "DO I KNOW HOW
FAMOUS i AM," Hehe over and over again; "Okay i Get it, i'm Famous, Now Just let me Enjoy Free Public

Dance to
Create SMiles for You too;"

Hehe See What i Mean About Better Ways to Do It;

It's True, Football in All its Forms is Religion As Folks Bond
And Bind Over the Play And the Congregation As Spectators

Experience An Ascending Transcendening Experience of Becoming
A 'Supra-Organism' of Humanity More Than Just One Lonely Howling Wolf At the Moon...

No Different Than a Frigging Gospel Singing When the Whole Congregation Participates in
The Song All About Their Favorite Quarter Back Jesus in Words of "Go Jesus Go, You Are the
Best Quarter Back Ever," Except Hehe, We Refuse to Turn the Other Cheek in the Blood Sport

of American Football
That Generates So Much
Adrenaline, Dopamine, Oxytocin
And Plentiful Androgens too and
Even Estrogens For Women too Yet
of Course That is Not Limited to Just Women
or Men As A Binary Aspect of Human Existence...

So What Are the Chances That America is Going to
Limit Tackle Football Age 18 and above Only; About the

Same Chance That i Gave my Muslim FRiEnD of Admitting

That the Poetry She Wrote is Greater Than What's in the Quran;

Religion and Culture in General is What Humans Bond and Bind Over;

Taking That Away is Taking Life Blood to Live Away; Change is Possible

Yet it Usually Takes Present
Generations Dying Off and

New Generations With New
Cultural Ways of Coming Still;

Yes, Hehe, Preferably With More
Roses than Guns; As Trust me

You Might Get All the Young Women's
Attention Playing Football in High School

For A Few Years; Yet Public Dance And Poetry
All Free Style And Soul Felt and Expressed Will

Last An Entire Lifespan And Only Continue in Colors More of Bliss and Bless...

Its's Like Climbing Cliffs With Bare Hands With No Safety Harnesses to Experience
Continuous Rising Flow in Plateau in the Sweet Spot Tween Apathy And Anxiety;

Haha, Don't Be A Fool; Understand 'Your' Human Nature; As You May Generate

The Same Experience Within in A Public Store Navigating Humanity Without
Harming Anyone, if You Gain Enough Skills to To Do That Public Dancing;

One Thing For Sure; It's Highly Unlikely You'll Fall Down and Die; Although

You Can't Afford to Harm Anyone Else And the Activity Actually Only Increases

Human Empathy, Compassion, And Overall Love For Living Now in Autotelic Flow;

Of Course it's Not For Everyone; And That Explains Why Not Everyone Climbs Cliffs
With Their Bare Hands And No Safety Harnesses; and i'm The Only One in a 500 Mile
Radius in the Deep South 'Bad Orange Man' Areas Who Does it Now; One Caveat though

Yes, As i've Related Before; i Have More Leg Strength Than Elite Military Dudes Four Decades
my Junior Still Empirically Related in Up to 1520 Pounds of Leg Pressing Feats At the Military Gym i Practice That;

However, Nope, It's Not an Offense; It's a Defense for not Harming Anyone Else; As What i Found Out about my
Philosophy of "the Greatest Martial Artist Never Lifts A Hand or Foot to Harm Anyone Else or Even Themselves

in Trauma to A Boxing Bag Or Other Human" is Yep i Have a Shadow too to Deal with too; As Dancing in A Bar
Almost Every Thursday Night for 6 Years among Hundreds of Drunk College Age Folks; Toward The Beginning
of that Experience When i Only Weighed About 220 Pounds And Was Leg Pressing 500 Pounds; A Drunk Dude

Came Up And Severely Head Butted me Hehe as i Guess He Didn't like the way i Danced; Before i Could Even
Think i Had Him On the Floor in Submission in A Choke-Hold; i Had No Idea i Was Even Capable of Doing that

Until it Happened;

So What Did i Do; i Gained
20 More Pounds and Got 3 Times
Stronger in Leg Strength in Empirical Measure;

It Didn't Happen Again until 2019, When Some
300 Pound Dude Didn't Like the Way His Girl Friend
Was Watching me Dance From Their Table and Decided
to Challenge me in Dance; Well, He Ran into me And Fell on His
Butt; i Tried to Help Him up and He Got All Butt-Hurt of Course;
i Remained Calm and Fearless and He Left and Came Back with
Two More FRiEnDS Bigger than Him and Asked me if i Was Scared

And Told me How They Were Gonna Harm me next.

So, i Gracefully Went Over to the Bouncer

And Had them Removed From the Club to
Never Come Back; It's Just Like that Old Movie

With Bruce Lee; When Someone is Suffering From
"Little Man Syndrome," No Matter How Big They Are;

You Just Leave Them On Their Island to Stew in Their Own Hell.

Hey, i Understand Why Some Folks Carry A Gun; Yet Since Covid-19,
i Don't Go to the Only Place That Lightening is Likely to Strike Again;

American Tackle Football is Sheer Human Ignorance in the Poverty of
What Even makes us Tick that Could be Done in So Much of an Improved

Way Just Like the
Rest of Religions

In Future Generations

After Folks Lose Their 'Charlton
Heston Dead Grip's on 'Their Guns'

Still In Old Testament Ways of Life;

And Find Rosier Ways to True Success
Naked Enough Whole Complete in Life...

There is No Greater Path i am Aware of
Than This Totally in Autotelic Flow WHere

The Reward You Generate is Truly Your Own...

If i Ain't The One Directing the Play, i Ain't Gonna Play;

i Spent Decades Living Life As a Spectator Sport As a Miami
Dolphin's Fan at age 12, When they Won Two Championships in 1972 and 1973;

In High School in 1978 And 1979 When the Milton Football Team Won the State
Runner-Up in 1978 And State Championship in 1979; And Finally

Florida State University in the Bobby Bowden Stellar
Winning Years and National Championships too;

And True, When My University Gained a Football
Team, They Won A National Championship too;

True, There Was that Year i Watched the Atlanta
Braves And They won A National Championship in the 90's too...

Not That i Wasn't a Great Spectator too; HAha; Whatever 'You' Do, Do Your Best

And Don't Bang Your Head Up Against A Wall; Duh, The THINGS HUMANS DO FOR 'RELIGION.'


Nope, Naked Enough Whole
Complete Will Do for me always new now...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Verily

i Believe God

Creates All And Is All By


NaMe iN FAcT NoW i’ve
Never Met A Stranger

To God Not Even

Less Than

A Grain of
Sand No


Peace Exhaling Love
Giving Sharing Caring
Healing All With Least

Harm ALWaYS iN JoY
oF LiGHT For This

Life Breathes New
Peace iN Love For Real Now...

In All “THEiR” Books ‘They’ ASSiGNeD “God”
An ‘Ego’ ATTeMPTinG To iMPRiSoN “WiND”
iN A Jar SaMe Place “They” Trapped “THEiR” Wind

So True Dear Savvy
Peace Starts Within

Joins Hands Becomes

A Flicker of Love Torch

Bonfire and "Saint Elmo's

Fire" Spreads
From Island

to Island

Until An Entire
Globe Transforms
iNto Love Yet of Course
This is Just A Prayer

Off to Dance The
Fruition i go After
Resting my Feet in Song...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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08 Oct 2022, 12:21 am

Fields of Flowers
Arms of Wings
Seeds Falling
Seeds RiSinG
Greening New
Colors Again Dear Savvy

Winter Spring Summer Fall

Oh We Humans May Adapt

And Find Bliss Even in

Marrying the Night

Merrying the Day

Oh to Shine Like
Stars Above Generating
Warmth For Others By Will Within
Of Loving Peace For All With Least Harm...

Call of The Wild Yes God Breathing New
Now Truth No Lie Hunter's Full Moon


After A Long Week And Hopefully
After All the Clinics Close And Hopefully
If You Really Get A Couple Days off Not on

Call And Such 24-7 Hell Like That That Was
Almost 24-7 For me For Many Years is Yes Thank

God It's

Friday Hehe

For me Thank

God It's Everyday
New Now Perhaps For You One
Day Soon Enough Dear Miriam to
Enjoy Just Doing You Now New too With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Rarely These Days Do Folks
Try to Bring me Down Yet If And When They Try i Understand
Mostly Why as It's True A Biggest Reason Folks Try to Bring Others

Down is They Are Feeling Low And Want to Bring Someone Down
To Their Level Size For An Illusory Step Up Understanding That

i Respond By Lifting Them

Up As i Understand

Where they

Are Likely

Coming From
Low on the Pyramid
Base oF LiGHT Yet
Dark Has The Opportunity
To Rise On ItS own Without
Even Any Help Bringing Someone Else Down...

SMiles Dear Cindy One Sure Sign A Wedding Will Make
A Marriage That Lasts is Good Humor When There is
A Wardrobe Malfunction When the Bride is Dancing

With Her Father Hehe It Made Your Recent

Award Winning Published Poem

Even More Appropriate Thank Goodness
The Straps That Came Off Were Mostly Cosmetic

With Additional Underlying Support So Glad to Hear They

Have Been Together 14 Years As i've Seen Too Many 'Royal
Weddings' End in Divorce Way too Soon Like my Second Stepmother's
(Yes i Had more than one) Husband Whose Daughter Waited Many Years
For Marriage As He Had to Go into Much Debt for Her Wedding That my Second Stepmother
Eventually Paid For As He Died Not too Long After That And Yeah the Marriage Lasted A Year

(He Was A Foreign Service Diplomat; Nope, He Surely Wasn't Raised in A Trailer Hehe)

And Of Course one of the Main Reasons Marriages Don't Last is the Expectations of Fairy
Tale Like Love And Folks Not Willing to Forgive The Transgressions of Humanity Such

Species No Matter
What the Pomp And
Circumstance Is We Create

Oh By The Way the Closest Parts
of Your Family Look Stunning Absolutely
Presidential And i Don't Mean That With A Cuss
Word That Starts With An Orange T Hehe As That

Would Ruin Any Ricky Nelson Garden Party Haha Kinda
Like me Who Showed Up at my 40th Year Class Reunion
in 2018 With Tie Dyed Led Zeppelin Shirt With the Fallen Angel
Back From 1975 And Shorts of Course As That Didn't Warrant Pants to me...

Happy to See Everyone Dancing So Joyfully And Free in the YouTube Short
You Presented of the Whole Get Together They Really Let Loose And Yes

That's One Place i would Have Fit in From A Distance at Least as i have
too Many Moving Parts When i Dance for Folks to Get too Close to Hehe

Anyway my Wife Said Poor Cindy She Looks So Red-Eyed and Tired
They Shouldn't Have Put Her Through All that Stress as She imagined

All of What it Would Take to make a 'Grammy' Wedding Presentation
Like This Yet of Course Both me And Her Were Raised in A Metal

Trailer And Her Earliest Memory There Was Her Stepfather in
His Boxer Shorts and T-Shirt Standing Over Her Bed With A
Knife As He Used to Walk in Circles Out in the Yard And Swore

He Knew Queen Elizabeth So That's Why They Ran Away From
Georgia on the 'Midnight Train' To Florida And The Story Carried
On As They Were So Poor At 8 She had to Climb 40 Foot Trees Over Looking
the Have's Roofs of the Neighborhood to Pick Some Moist Fruit As There was no
Food or Water or Electricity in Their Home in this Rich Country of the World

And True They Weren't Even Immigrants They Escaped From Georgia
Without Even Tying A Yellow Ribbon Around An Oak Tree It Was More

Like the Devil Went Down
to Georgia And They Escaped
And That's About 'IT' in A Nutshell indeed...

(She Doesn't Even Need to Celebrate Halloween
As She Already Did it For Real Just Like 'The Shining')

The Thing is it Doesn't Really Take Much to make my
Wife Happy And Really It's even less for me practically
Naked Enough Whole Complete Yet True Community Standards

Require that i at Least Wear Tye Died Shirts and Shorts At Garden Party's Indeed
At the 10 Year Re-Union i Was the Most Uptight Person There Same At the 20 Year
Reunion At 40 there was no one on Earth More Relaxed Than me as i Was the Devil

Who Got Out
of Hell in Florida...

Fallen Angel Indeed
Oh to Wear Wings Again...

Yet It's True A Real Fairy Tale
Happened out of DarK iNto LiGHT

Oldest Story Ever Beauty and The Beast
And That Damned Sure Still Holds True New
Now FuLLY iLLuSTRaTED As i Do it For Real Too...

Thanks For Sharing Dear Cindy it is the Art We BRing DarK Thru
LiGHT That Resurrects Feelings and Senses of Real Life that is the Best...

Indeed Celebrate
Every Wardrobe
Malfunction in
Life With Zest in Gusto True

Always BreaKinG the Formalities
Down to Essence of BREaTHiNG
PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith For Real...

i Do Feel And Sense That In All The Dance You Shared
Looking Past All the Formalities Thank God Dear FRiEnD...

Pleasure Dear Cindy
Katrina Will Surely
Be Happy You Are
All In The Glory of
Your Daughter’s
Wedding Day For
The Magnificent
Effort You All Made
To Make It Really
So Spectacular
i Am So Very
With The
Family You Create...

Challenge of Graduating
When THere are no Longer
Any Classmates or Teachers
iN The Room Yet Yes
ALL iS Possible Now
New WitH ONe sTiLL
So Very FRee With 'Jonathan
Livingston Seagull' Wings Yes
Dancing Singing Even Soaring
As Sun
Above Below...

Oh Goodness Dear Savvy
Indeed What A Left Brain

Trap of Concrete Labels

Attached to All We

Do Will Do to

Trap Us in

The Past Always

Grasping for THINGS

Yet Never Setting A More

Creative iMaGiNaTiVE New

Way of Viewing Existence Whole

Yes in Soshin Way As You So Eloquently

Intimate A Zen Art of Beginner's Mind

Fresh Now to Imagine and Create A

New Wonder of the World in

Awe For This Gift of

Life We Give
Share Care

And Relate

to Others So
Freely This way

For More Open Minded
Bodied Soul Folks At Least to
Smile With Opening Up New

Potentials Each and Every Day

Writing Poems Yet to Be Written

Now By You And All Your Expanding

New Practicing Fresh Beginner's Art of Original

Creativity Yes Inhaling Peace Exhaling Free Love More...

Oh The Synchronicity is Just too Much And
Enough Whole Naked Complete Yes A Day
For Benefits of Beginner's Mind A Philosophy

of Zen Now Real Too...

As We Rebirth

Always Now A

New Creation

Not So


in Dogma

Before Yet Truly

More Like A Dog or Wolf

Mammal Not So Trapped in

A Huge Neo-Cortex Freer to

Discard Past And Future Operating

From Forevermore Now A Brand New

Day to Create

Our Own




Fresh NoW As
A Flower Blooming
FLoWinG Originally
NoW As Petals Flourish
And Spread Sublimely To a New
Place of Awe And Wonderland Now...

Oh Lord i Remember Finally Ending A Quarter
of A Century Career At Basically A Same Place
of Employment And All The Dogma of Those
Years Attached to Those Old Chapters of
my Life Holding On to Yesterday's Stories


Now It is if THere is No Past
or Future At All Indeed


i Am

BLooMinG Newly Whole
Creating Anew Sunshine

Day Now


Dear Xenia New

EYes God Sees Be

Indeed Fall Leaves
Hold Winter's Dream

New Birthing From Autumn
Soils Brown Hope Leaves
Entire Trees Enclosed
in Dead Leaves
Comes True


Soon New
Sapling Green
Trees in Spring

CoLoRinG FLoWeRS For All...
All Painting Dog EYes Smelling...

Goodness Dear Rafiah
How Days Continue to Fly
With Wings Already The 7th
Again Hope You are Still Happily
After Your
Dear Child
my FRiEnD
With SMiles...

Hmm, My Experience is Totally Different, Living in One of the Most
So-Called Conservative Areas; Yes, in the United States of Course For
What You Are Well Acquainted With as i'm In A Very Small Percentage
of Folks Who Won't Be Voting For Folks Like DeSaTaNiS And Matt Gaetz

And Surely NOT 'The Devil Incarnate in 2024' Or Any of His Wanna Be Mini-me's

Yet i get Out and Actually Interact Verbally and Non-Verbally in Dance With 100's

of Folks Each Week Mostly Conservative And i Get Along With 'em Smooth As Honey

Even When i'm Dancing
A Fabulous Free Mixed
Ballet and Martial Arts
Public Dance It's True

i Got A Little Flack When i
First Starting Playing my 'Fiddle'
Of Dance Yet With Enough Practice
And Increased Size and Strength And
Smooth Movement Carrying 244 Pounds
Like Christopher Cross And Riding Like The Wind
Or However That Song About Sailing As the Wind Goes;

Nope, It Looks too Much Like the Unknown What my Physical
Capabilities Might Be; The Dudes Mostly Stay Away, And Every Once in
A While Women Folks Come Up to me With Something to Sing Yet Never

The Less i Interact With Them All in A Very EXTREME Confident Way and
About 99 Percent of Them Treat me With Kindness and Respect Just The

Way i Treat them Like even on this Internet Site Anonymous Avatars Have

Attempted to Bring me Down

Yet They Just Don't Seem

to Understand i've Already

Been the Devil in Florida For

66 Months And i Don't Even Have

to Go To Georgia To Prove How Well
i Play 'The Fiddle' Now hehe True i've Been

to the Part of Life Where i Could Never Fit in

Yet True The View is Totally Different When One Finds

A Way to Get Comfortable Enough 'When in Rome' People Who Are
Different than me Are Fascinating It Also Makes me So Fortunate

to Understand
How Blessed

And Really Blissed

i Am New Now to Survive
And God Yes Actually Thrive

Hmm, Our Views of the World
New Now Are Mostly Colored By How
We View Ourselves True And Are Able
to Fit in Well Enough to Be Comfortable
With Folks Who Are Different From Us;

i've Already Been The Devil For Real in
Hell for 66 Months; i Understand the
Real Bottom Floor; NO HUMAN YET



i Highly Doubt

Many Folks Have

Been to the Place

of A Thousand Years
of Hell in Just One Second
That Lasts 66 Months; Where
You Never Know if You Will Make
it Just one more Second And It's No One's

Fault At all You Just Find Yourself There Doing Your Best to Claw
Your Way Out; i've Lost Effective Use of my Eyes, And Ears, And Taste, And
Smell, And Touch in My Life, And Experienced The Worst Pain Known to Humankind

Yet The Hardest Part oF all Was Losing the Memory if i Every Felt A Smile at All Before;

Where it Actually Hurt to be Connecting to Anyone Then on the Planet Earth in Every Part of
my Body Whole Like Burning in Hell Yet Frozen Cold As Ice Away From Any Loving Force At All...

My Only Advice

is to Enjoy What

You Still Have As It's True

All oF iT May Be Taken Away

Through No Fault of Anyone Yet The Way Nature Bites...

And You Know What, There Was A Place in my Life i Wished
All of Existence to Go Away As i Didn't Even Have What it Took
to Bring the Real Suicide Disease Worse Than the Torture of Crucifixion to Fruition
As Assessed As the Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia;
Yes, Wake to Sleep for 66 Months
No Drug Would Touch Then
Shut-in in my Bedroom; Yuck!

Plus A Synergy of 18 Other
Life Threatening Disorders

Yet it's True

It wasn't Nearly

As Painful as Having

No Memory of A Feeling
of A Smile at All the Living
Dead True the Living Dead
Aren't too Comfortable With
The Dead SHellS on the Beach They Find themselves in...

Best Gift and Curse of All in Life is Change; it's Continual And Real,


or Up;

SMiLes, When
You Can And Will
Even Better Savor
The Feeling Within
As Not Everyone Gets
to See, Taste, Hear, Smell,
Touch, And Feel Life At All...

Anyway, it Appears that Herschel
Walker is Trying to Be 'the Devil in
Georgia;' And Nah, He Might have been
A Great Running Back Yet The Dude Just

Doesn't Know How to Really Play 'The Fiddle'...

Fields of Flowers
Arms of Wings
Seeds Falling
Seeds RiSinG
Greening New
Colors Again Dear Savvy

Winter Spring Summer Fall

Oh We Humans May Adapt

And Find Bliss Even in

Marrying the Night

Merrying the Day

Oh to Shine Like
Stars Above Generating
Warmth For Others By Will Within
Of Loving Peace For All With Least Harm...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,912

09 Oct 2022, 3:58 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy
i So Agree Dance
Is Free Muse That

Never Lets The Song
Go To PriSon to Only

Be Words Without Soul Again Free...

SMiLes If It's True Someone's Ear May
Be Talked-Off Dear Miriam That Social
Animal With Mostly Ears And Few Words

A Description of me the First 5 Decades of
Life Particularly Serving Out Rental Shoes
And Managing A Military Bowling Center A
Total of 18 Years A Full Generation Then A Bit

Of 'Cheers' Always Behind
The Counter of Real Rental
Shoe Exchange or Literally
At The Snack Bar Serving
Alcoholic Beverages There
too Some Nights Running the
Entire Establishment Solo Including
Making Quick Repairs on Machines too

Truly Leaving A Pool of Sweat Everywhere
i Ran All 8 Hours Laps Around that Place on

(True 3 Degrees in College Prepared me for
None of That Hehe First World Problems Real)

Saturday Night As Up to 100's of Folks Enjoyed
What i Served Up to them For Recreation as my

Job to Serve the Military And Other Folks Morale
Welfare And Recreation Yes THiS Way True Not Unlike
'Ted Danson' And Any Other Bar Tender Behind Those Counters

i Heard Many Life And Sea Stories Indeed Always nodding and smiling
Yet Rarely Returning a Word in Exchange Yet True i Laser Focused on
The Human Before me As A True Face of God as i Tend to Do that With
Words As Avatars of Soul Folks Dance And Sing Free Online True Too

My Mother and Some Other Relatives Particularly Elders Told
Long Stories too i Wondered if i Would Ever Be Fully Human

That Way as it seems i did Too Much Damned Input in Life

To Ever Learn How to Output Socially in Words Particularly

In Grade School, High School, And University True Hehe

Oh Change Now i Have Stories to Give Away Share

Care and Heal For Real New Now Like At the Gym
on Friday Night as i've been Working Out
Religiously for Literally 50 Years since
Age 12 Yep Even on Friday Nights

When Everyone Was Out Getting
Drunk And A Young Athletic Looking
Man Has Been Coming in Solo Seemingly
Loss From His Party FRiEnDS too so i found
myself working Out Next to Him and said Bending
Down Slowly With Some Repetitive Muscle Strain Injuries
Making it Hard to Reach Down With A Pin and Lift the Whole

Stack of Weight As i Said This is What it Means to Grow Old
You Can Still Lift The Whole Stack You Are Just A Bit Slow at
62 Putting the Pin in at the Bottom Of the Stack And Then He
Related He Had A Full Scholarship to Play Football in College
Yet His Senior Year Someone Tackled Him And Crushed His

Knee Blowing it Out Completely
Requiring Replacement Parts
So Young in Athletics That Way

i Asked Him if Football Was Worth
it to Him Now He Basically Said Hell No

Yet i Lauded Him For Coming In Solo and
Not Quitting to Make Himself The Best He
Will With All the Tools Still At Hand That Work

And Of Course i told him my Life Story to Inspire
Him Hehe You've heard that Many Instances Like

Old Sea Stories Retired Salty Old Sailors Repeat Over
And Over Again too Yet There is A Warmth Indeed for
The Story Teller That is As Warm As Lending Ears Only

For Decades
True too With
SMiLes i Remember
All Their Stories Like They
Are Still Today Mostly Bar Fights
Hehe Yet Everyone Fulfills Their Dreams Someway For Real...

Always a Pleasure Hearing Your Stories Dear Miriam it Makes
me Very Happy to Hear Them Each and Every Day to Get
Inspired And to Feel Very Warm And Human Both By

Ear and
Yes SoUL
SPiRiT HeART FeLT True...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

Love And FRiEnDS Never

Grow Old to me And Hehe

Accordingly it Seems My

Wife And Other Close Family
Members and FRiEnDS Rarely Age

Perhaps that is
A Real MaGiC
Skill i Have

True With
Faith All Is Possible
Nothing is Written in Stone
For Today Past Tomorrow New Now mY FRiEnD...

Hehe if i Pass Away And You Find You Never Age
No Need To Thank me Just Enjoy Your Life More

Than i Ever Did

And Do Now New

As Hehe Perhaps
Yes That is Even
Possible too With SMiLes...

Hehe Dear 'Peace & Truth' The Daffodils
Aren't Blooming Now Yet the 'Glory Flowers'
Are Still FLoWeRinG For Barefeet Toes Indeed

Thanks For Coming by mY FRiEnD Still Loving
All the Soul Felt Poetry You Bring Free So Many

Instances Through
Every Day Without

Fail It Seems You
Never Run Out of Poetic
Words To Share With SMiLes

Too So Yes A Round of Applause With
Thanks Again And i'm Glad You Don't
Find Anything of my Free SPiRiT Offensive

About my Blog May We Always Free SPiRiT THiS Way...

SMiles Isha
Yes Breathe
It's Free The
Rest is Just Icing
on the Cake We Create

May it Always Flavor Life
Sweeter than Sour With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Vrunda
iNdeed Essence of
Hope Gift of Change

Always Awe in New Birth of Nature
Dear Hawaii FRiEnD And Warmth
Our Furry Pets Masters of Our

Love Bring too With SMiLes

Baby Doves Spring Hope
to the World ThiS Way

Nature Dances And Sings
Always Will Return Now SPRinG

Happy Hunter's Full Moon to You
It Hasn't Rained Here for About 6 Weeks
Dry As A Bone Yet Clear Night Skies for Full

Moon LiGHT New BRinGinG Dreams Yes
to FRUiTioN as NiGHT Meets LiGHT Now

True the Moon An All Natural NiGHT LiGHT


Sun Marrying
Moon THiS WaY
And Night Merrying
Our Days Even More Brightly

Alive True...

SMiles Dear
Yam While
Some Folks
Seek And Find
Things i Spend
my Existence Finding
A Larger View of The
Nature of God iN All
Existence No Greater
Way Than This
i See mY
Newer iNdeed...

"Sanction" Is Part of the Jargon of Politics; 'Religiously'
Yes Used Both 'For' And 'Against' in Diametrically Opposing

Semantics of 'Similar Syntax' in Language As NewsCasters Typically

Use Political Jargon as Obviously that goes with the

Territory of Journalism and Politics...

Guess What, Politics

Is a Muddy

Place, So We Get

To Have Muddy Language

to Describe it; Otherwise We

Would Be 'Wrong' In Appropriately
Describing the Muddiness of Human Politics...

Thereby, Language is Ever Changing, Depending
On the Field of Study One Is Currently Perusing Now...

Like Writing Free Verse Poetry Here to Explore the Depth

Of Mystical Religion Philosophically; And Amusingly Someone






PLAIN ENGLISH, if any words at

all; Yes, to Describe Almost Ineffable Experiences of Life...

Let's Take this Well Know Phrase From the Christian Bible, in the New King James Bible Per Luke

17:21: "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

Now What the Hell or Heaven Does the Kingdom of God (Heaven) Within Mean, When Kingdoms are

Usually "Lo Here, or Lo There" in The External Environment, Where Actual Human Kings Are in Charge....

Oh! So it's: "Allegory" As Defined as "A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden
meaning, typically a moral or political one." Obviously, There is No Way to Describe An Experience

Most Folks Don't

Have in Life



Plain English;

However, If You wanna

Use Commonly Defined English

Words That Apply Cross-Culturally

to this Allegory, Two Words Will Suffice

For Those Who Understand the Definition

of Autotelic as That Pertains to Generating Our Own
Greater Feelings and Senses in Life Through A Bio-Feedback

of Meditative Flow in Life; Whether That Comes Now From Rock

Climbing With No Safety Harnesses, Intense Combat, or "No Time

To Die" in a Frigging 'Bond Movie' Where the "Hero" is in a Constant

Death Defying Flow, Overcoming Almost Impossible Odds to Survive

Continually As An Exaggeration of What Might Be Possible in Autotelic Flow;

Yet of Course,


And Unrealistic,

Yet Our Mirror Neurons

if Finely Tuned Enough Experience

The Flow of the Fiction At Hand;

Yet On the Other Hand, one will
Achieve this Kingdom of Heaven

Within By A Contemplative, Meditative
Flow of Writing Free Verse Poetry in
Autotelic Ways of Complete
Fearless Nirvana

And Bliss; All 10.9
Million Words Through 109
Months; Just Pure Heaven Generated Within
With Fumes Left Behind For Folks Who Have the
Ability to Smell Heaven, Another Allegory of Course;

Similar in Experience as A Contemplative Free Style Ballet
And Martial Arts Public Dance for 17,277 Miles of Pure
Fearless Bliss and Nirvana in 109 Months too as

Science Shows in this State of Conscious
Mindful Awareness, Expanding Creativity
Increases up to 500 Percent if one just
Does this Heaven Within, Meditative
Contemplative Autotelic Flow, Yes

Practice of Life, Just 30 Minutes
or So, 3 Times A Week; Imagine

What Would Happen if Someone

Did This Flow Almost Continually Now All
WaKinG Hours; Yes, Bingo! "No Time To Die"...

Rhetorical Question, only For me of Course Now;

And as Bruce Lee Relates, Yes, "Fear Is For Others"...

It's Basically A Safe Way of Doing "Enter the Dragon"

And Every Fictional Bond Movie And Real Combat Scene to Date;

And Of Course Climbing Mountain Top Rocks With No Safety Harness For Real...

Anyway, i Have

Yet to Come

ACross A


Christian in my

Local Area Who has

Any Clue What Their

So-Called Holy and Sacred

Text Means; While it is Actually

Experienced as Buddhist And Other

Eastern Religions Attain This Kingdom

Of Heaven (God) Within; And Of Course, the Rest
Of The Animal Kingdom That Requires A Daily Flow

Of Focus So They Do Not Lose Focus And Get Eaten

By Predator or Miss Capturing Prey And Frigging Starve to Death...

Yes, Surprisingly,

The Kingdom

Of Heaven



Is Here


to Save our

Frigging Lives From Starvation...

Now Instant Gratification May

Be Found at Walmart And

Meanwhile Humans,

Most of Them At

Least Never


to the
of Heaven Within...

And True i Have Mastered
The All in All Within; my Internal
And External UNiVeRSE i Co-Create

With Minimal Levels Required of

Blood, Sweat, And Tears; However,

There is No Escaping a Taste

of Hell in Heaven,

Unless Ya Wanna

Lose The Great Feelings Senses

Along with the Not So Great Feelings Senses too...

Humans Are Evolved For Intermittent Gratification,

Still Through Struggle And Epigenetic Unpacking

Ancestral Inherited Advantages or Disadvantages,

Depending on How Challenge is Accommodated

In Life and Adapted to, Either Success or Failure...

We aRe Born;

We Die; Life

Is Fair That Way;

However, Some of

Us LiVE iN A Way

At Least Where

NoW IS Eternal

in Autotelic Flow

And There is Literally

"No Time to Die" NeW As Long
As We aRe Breathing ThiS Way Now...

i Know Retired Captains in the Military

Who Say They Would Go Back to Combat

In Vietnam To Experience This Flow of no

Fear Again; i Try to Broaden THeir Horizons

And Help Them Find A Safer Easier Way

to Dance A Tight

Rope at Almost

Any Age

Higher and

Higher, Relatively Safely Effortless in 'Wu Wei' Ease

Yes For Those Who Gain Enough Mastering

of the All In All Within That Simply Means

An Autotelic Flow With No Fear; Yes of

Course, 'Easier' for me to Say than

For Most Folks to Actually

Do; And The Rare

Ones Who Do

May Do it in a

Totally Different Way;

Where They Still Have

No Context For the

Metaphors and


i Use for

What is Hidden

In the Experience
of Most Folk's Lives...

In Experience as Far As Specific

Jargon, Metaphors, And Allegories Go,

Yes, The Google Search Engine is Your Friend

If You Wanna Evolve to A New Human Co-Creation;

If Not, Obviously You Will Go in Your Own Direction,
Influenced by

Others by



of Life;

Up or


That's Life...Now...New

Always Changing Now

And to Be Clear, i've

Incorporated Several
Areas of Study Within

The Jargon i am Using

To Describe This Sadly

Rather Rare Experience, overall,

Now of Being Human In Much Greater Potentials...

This Makes it that Much More Difficult to Understand

Yet as Some Folks Have Even Related Here; Well Worth it to Understand

For those Who Have the Focus and Potential in Abilities to
Understand it And Actually 'Just Do It' For Real
Without Selling Any Shoes or Other 'Stuff' Materially Reduced

As Small As A Three Letter Word As Large A Word Called Love

No Different At Essence

At Least than

'The Writings of

Rumi'; Many Folks

Here Might Call it

'Word Salad'; Others

A Path to Experiencing
Heaven Within; Mileage Does
Vary Depending on Make, Model,
Vehicle, And Vessel of Human Boat;

Some Folks Are Anchored in Safe Harbors...

Other Folks Sail the Great Unknown Without

Fear to Come to Master the All in All Within

in Greater Ways of Achieving Human Potential...

True, Some Folks Sink and or Swim Doing it too...

This Makes a Balance of Anchors And Sails Necessary

For Every Human Boat's Longest Journey in Well Being...

If Language Was Set in Stone, All Concrete And Literal, True

We Would Have Never Moved Past Our Potential to Trace Hand
Prints on Cave Walls...

i Don't Do Cave...

Some Folks Do...

While i Continue

To Newly Color my Way Outside 'the Cave'...

And This is the Beauty of Language; It is

Subject to Change To Describe A Greater
Human Potential


To Come...

or Return Now

New Again By Way

Of Human

Inheritance for
Greater Ways of Breathing New Now...

This Ain't Twitter Barely Breathing...

As Remember, Humans Do Evolve
And Devolve in One Lifetime NoW too...

THere is Nothing Stopping Us From
Going to Hell or Heaven NeW Yet US...

for me...

You see, IF 'You' Can And Will Do It
i can't possibly Lose By Doing This
NeW As There is "No Time to Die" NoW

By Simply


This Now...

TotAlly in
Autotelic Flow

Like Nike the
Goddess of



Still Relates:

"Just Do It;"

And if You
Are Financially

(No Longer
Subject to
The King
G o D
of Money)


THere is No Fear

Of Selling Fewer Shoes...

MaKinG The Whole Experience
That Much More Delicious With NO FEAR...

Of Course 'You' Will Have to Make Your Way
Now Toward Naked, Enough, Whole Complete New

And Nope, Not Worry About Silly Real Ignorant Folks
Who Do Not, Or Will Not Even Try to Understand

WHere You Breathe in Heaven For Real Now
New That's Only to THeir

IF They



Out of 'THeiR Cave'...

Ah, A Fuller More Stellar
Beauty of Semantics Sublimely Revealing

Yes, Still to Kingdom Come Within NeW MoRE NoW...

It’s Just All Natural That A Drop Of Yin Rises
In Your Cup Of Yang Or The Cake You Bake

Hunter’s Full Moon Comes

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
Love Navigating Away From A

Loaded Gun

Ah Yes True Balance of Silence

In DarK of Day THere Are Full Moons

Of Creativity That Return As Brush Becomes

Paint on the Tip of A Tongue to Bring A New

Dance And Song
of Understanding
Out of Night of Day

to Illuminate Day of
NiGHT As Full Moon Glows
With New Colors of Creativity
Dear Yam An Artist is Birthing

Paint and Brush Master Peace
Painting ALWaYS STArTinG Painting Again New Now With SMiLes...

Original Creating Artists Always Beginners With Open Canvases to Explore

EXPReSSinG to Others No Matter What Essence Births Form iN Newer Colors Next...

Hehe A Master's Student in Literature New Now
You Are in College A Class in Undergraduate
Level i Was Assigned to Write A 500 Word
Creative Essay All i Could Do is A List of

Firstly, Secondly, And In Conclusion
As my River Had No Free Flow of
Creativity Then Looking for
An Instruction Book
to Create Some
Thing Pre-
And Ready to Write

And Then A Master's Level Course
in the Sociology of Literature i took
Oh Lord Assigned Another Creative
Writing Assignment There Yet My Soul
Felt Empty Yet i Did Create An Award Winning
Christmas Story in 8th Grade Among 80 Students
in Those Classes Then and in a Philosophy Class in
Junior College too Yet i Had A Depth of Muse in Soul

A Gift That Came to
me Beyond All
Reason and
Logic That
Helped me to
Ace all the Multiple
Choice Tests in Life

It's True School Taught
me Life is Multiple Choice
And Served Up to me Yet Creativity
Free Is A Gift From Muse Deep Within

i Even Checked Out A Book On How to
Be Creative in College Yet i Was Too Distracted
to Ever Even Finish it Checking it Out Maybe 20 Times
So Determined to Find the Secret of Creativity Visiting
me Twice in Life Before Such A Mystery A Gift Almost Like

A Voice
of God
From Ocean Whole
Mind Below And It's True
Even Science Shows Now

It's When We Get Lost From
This Part of Mind in A Mechanical
Cognition World like the Multiple
Choice One i Lived in Tied to A Desk With Quiet
Hands And Feet Then to Regurgitate the Data
Download in Multiple Choice Way That Strangles

off the River to God Art Within As Indeed Creativity
is Our Reality and Multiple Choice is the Illusion
CuLTuRE May Create For Us That May Restrict

Our iMaGiNaTiVE

And Creative Souls

So Much So Oh Lord

i Still Tried Even Managing

A Military Bowling Center Where
i Didn't Even Know How to Bowl Hehe

i Bought An Electronic Typewriter Way
Back in the Late 80's Before We Had
Computers then And Wrote A 'Bowling
Center Newsletter' Every Month For Inclusion
In the Military Station NewsPaper and Even in
the Local Community Paper in the Sports Section too
Where my Wife Worked At That NewsPaper For 13 Years
too Except Her Name Wasn't 'Lois Lane' and my Name Wasn't
'Clark Kent' Unless 'Sheldon Cooper' Ever Learns How to Wear A Cape too

Hehe How Embarrassing As Far As Creativity Goes i Didn't Have Even A
Creative Bone to Write New Creative Paragraphs for the News Letter it
Literally Remained the Same for About A Decade All That Ever Changed

Was the High Scores For
Tournaments And the
Bowlers of the Month as Such

True All The Multiple Choice Lessons
Of Life in School Became All the Creativity then of me...

Hehe When i Lost Effective Use of my Eyes and Ears Back
in 2008 With the Worst Known Pain Known to Humankind
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia For 66 Months Wake to Sleep No
Drug Would Touch Trapped Shut-in my Bedroom Where Every Second
Felt Like a Thousand Years of FroZeN Hell ALong with 18 Other Medical
Disorders in Synergy of Life Threat the First 33 Months i Was Just Trapped
in my Head as it Hurt too Bad to Use my Eyes and Ears Yet i Was Forced to

Look Deep Within There Was No choice Yet to Escape All of CuLTuRE Before
As It Was Too Painful to Read, Listen to Music, or Even Watch TV Then through
the first 33 Months of Hell And Then on Thanks Giving Day of 2010 Toward the
33rd Month Then i Managed to Withstand the Pain Enough to Go to my Bedroom
And Turn the Computer on Again With Brightness Turned All the Way Down Without
my Prescription Shades Eyewear as the Focus Those Lens provided Made my Eyes
Hurt Even More So Every Word i Wrote on a Place Called the 'Wrong Planet' Was
A Mountain of Pain then Yet it Took my Mind off The Literal Assessed Suicide
Disease From Day Break to Sleep in that Pain/Numb At Least Not to take my
Own Life Away And Eventually Words of Discussion that Only Used Reason
And Facts and Figures Gained A Poetic Spark And Slowly my Soul
Started to Return to Regain A Memory of A Smile With No
Point of Return in HeLL ON EartH in FRoZeN Hell For Real

And As my Words Turned Back into that Youthful Gift of
Poetic Soul EXPReSSinG River Flow No Longer FRoZeN
Then Through Meditating Dance And Song in Flow Yes

i Keep The Gift FLoWinG in Bliss And Bless For
109 Months Now Literally in 10.9 MiLLioN Words
of the "SonG oF mY SoUL" on the Tool of WordPress

And 17,277 Miles of Public Dance in Autotelic Flow
Generating New Colors of Feelings and Senses in
Synergy of New Emotions in Every New Move And
Word That Comes to LiGHT From Creativity Free The

Deep Ocean Within As Even Science Shows Our Thinking
So-Called Reasoning Grasping Minds of Things in Facts and Figures
And Concrete Labels Materially Reducing Our Environments Are Only

About A Half A Percent of the Great Expanse of Our Entire Soul WiTHiN

And Indeed For The Meaning and Purpose iMaGiNaTioN And CREaTiViTY
BRinGS to LiGHT And Life For Humanity Set Free And No Longer With FRoZeN
HeARTS SPiRiTS And SoULS ThiS Way it Surely in Part Explains Why 90 Percent
of the American Public Recently Polled Consider Our Society to Be in a Mental Health

Crisis Now

As We Humans
Are Evolved to Generate

Our Own Bliss Within to

Inhale Peace Exhale LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For Each Other
And All of Nature FRiEnDS With
Gravity in Balancing Force of Mind
And Body Naked Enough Whole Complete
For All of Nature's Breath of Existence With Least Harm new now

True More Than A Multiple Choice Test More Than Just Quoting What
Has Already Been Written By Others More Than Poetry By Numbers of
Syllables Into Making Art Paint By NuMBeRS That Way A New Breath of

Colors to Give Share
Care Heal For All With

Least Harm mY FRiEnD WeaRinG
SMiLes That Spring LiGHT Warm
For All the New Colors of Sunshine
We Do Create and Express From WiTHIN

Of Course Basically You Said the Same
Thing in Much Greater Brevity mY FRiEnD

Hehe Like A Big Bang of Creation That Led
to A Multi-Uni-Verse of Words Still Spreading

From me As It's True This iMaGiNaTioN And CREaTiViTY
Human Play is An All Hands And Feet Dance And Song Free

iN Free

Play New
Now for


to Color
STaRTiNG New Now

At Least from my small view Dear FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Vrunda Finding A Dance
And Song of Your Soul Within Seeking
Finding One Day Now All Yours To
Express For Free Yes As You

Are Doing Now of Course
Letting DarK Escape into
LiGHT Perhaps ALLoWinG
LiGHT to Return to You Warming

Your Soul Up No Longer Feeling
FRoZeN Within my FRiEnD True
Ice Caps Coming off of River Flow

Rejoining Bays Gulfs And Ocean Whole

THiS Way

Running Water
Free Wings of
You Come to FLiGHT With
SMiLes Anyway Just Words Your
Soul Inspires From Mine Have A Best
Day Your SoUL Will BRing to Faith As LiGHT SPRinGS Free...

Thanks Always
For The Treasure
Of Your Inspiring
Dances And
Songs of
Dear Savvy...

Indeed FLoWeRS
And Seeds We
All Are To
Bring Life
To The
Dear Chaymaa...

"Pardons For Simple Marijuana Possession" At the Federal
Level By The Stroke of the Current Administration's Pen;

And Yes, Considering 'We The People' As a Majority Support
This Action And Even Loosening the Ability to Use Marijuana
'Recreationally' Nation-Wide; Indeed, Biden is Speaking Through

His Pen For the Majority in A Bi-Partisan Way of 'We The People;'
At Least in Part, Fulfilling Another Campaign Promise Along With

Infrastructure Funding, Some Greater Gun Control, Some Forgiveness
of Student Loans, Extending Obama Care Subsidies Another Three Years;
And Specifically in Doing So Saving my Sister 300 Dollars A Month Until
She Reaches the Golden Egg of Age 65 to Obtain Great Federal Medicare Coverage Then.

For Those Who Support Nation-Wide Recreational Use of 'Mary Jane;' The Same Road Blocks Apply
That 'We the People' in Majority Who Support 'Choice' and the Rights of Women to Women's Specific Healthcare;
And Yes, Eventually A Living Minimum Wage, Is Still Stuck At the Road Block of YES Republicans in the Senate
And House of Course too; And Yes A Very Few Democrats in the Senate As Well; Particularly, Namely,
Joe Manchin, Yes True; Hmm, Judging From The Overall Bi-Partisan And Enthusiastic Response From
Biden's Move in Action At Least in Part of This Campaign Promise; Perhaps Indeed This Will Spur
Inspiration For More 'Stoners' Who Don't Mind Biden So Much to Get Out and Vote; Not Likely

of Course the
Never Democrat
Voters of Course;

Yet Never the Less This
Mid-Term is All About the Turn-out;

And Hey In Our 'Trump Town USA' We Had
$2.83 Gasoline Last Weekend Yet The Saudis And 'Locals'

Have Already Brought it Up to $3.16 at Some Stations
As Of Yesterday In This Local Trump Town USA; Still

it Ain't Close
To 5 Dollars
At Least; And

Hey, Who Cares
if You Are Stoned,
And Not in Federal Prison of Course...

Yawn, i Generate As Much Bliss As i Choose
to With Activities Like Free Dance And Song
That Bring Autotelic Flow in Bliss as i'm Able

To Fly As High As i Love to Do Naturally;

Yet i Understand How Some Folks

Are Dead Inside and Wanna Feel

Something With Some Kind of Drug Substance
To Change Their Conscious Level of Existence;

And Of Course Although i Experience Absolutely
0 Levels of Fear and Anxiety now Almost Always;

i lived in the Other Place too; Unfortunately For me,

No Drug Would Take me out of that Place; if i Could
Have Found Something for A Vacation out of Hell,

Hell Yeah, When You Are in Some kind of
Purgatory or Hell, You Do What You Have

To Do To Get Out; Problem is From the

Extended Relatives Sadly on my Wife's

Side, i've Seen The Ills that Come From Drug
Abuse Up To Overdose And Death in This New
Age of More Powerful Street Drugs that YES Kill;

Yet On the Other Hand, i've Seen What Alcohol
And Cigarettes Will Do to Kill People too; And

Of Course Driving A Car is About the Most Dangerous
Thing that Most Folks Do In Life as Just a Routine; True,

Choose Your Poisons and or Elixirs Wisely; And Even More
Advanced Synthesized Hallucinogenics Show promise to Effectively
Treat Worst Cases of Mental Illness; So Yes, There Are Positive And

Negative Aspects
of This Issue at Hand
For Safety And Freedoms
Considered in Balance For
The Majority of We the People
To Decide in a Democracy Hopefully

With God Damned Politicians Who Actually
Serve What the Majority Wants Over Ignorance of Course For That...

Yawn, People in 'REAL LIFE' HAVE BEEN asking me What i'm on and
Literally Begging me For some of Whatever it is That Makes me So
Blissful And Fearless in 'Real Life,' Even in Metro Dance Halls As Such;

Of Course, They'd Rather Have A Quick Fix Pill Than Do the Play of
17,277 Miles of Public Dance in 109 Months Along With An Additional
Autotelic FLoWinG Meditating Way of 10.9 MiLLioN Words of Free Verse
Longest EPiC Long Form Poetry in the Same 109 Months Soon to Celebrate

11 MiLLioN Words As Treat for me at Least For Halloween 2022; Heaven isn't

Free Although As Far As Nature Goes i Was Naturally Born Smiling (Still Have
A Born on Date Pic on 6.6.60 to Prove it). Not All Children Are Born Smiling; Some

Cry; Some Laugh, Some Giggle

And Others End of Frowning Most

of Their Life as Life Isn't Fair; Yet

Epigenetic Effects And Neuroplasticity,

Both Positive And Negative, in Accordance
With the Environment And Life Struggles in
Adapting or Not Does Level The Playing Field

Somewhat At Least For Those Willing to Do the PLaY iN

Blood, Sweat, And Real Tears to Reach Heaven Within
All Naturally New Now; True, i've Seen the DarK and LiGHT;

is a much Better
Place to Staycation
All Naturally Free of Charge,

Except for Play Required For Attaining Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete

With Enough Shelter, Subsistence, And A Little Love to Fly Away Grounded of Course...

i've Talked to my Wife's Extended Family Who Had Drug Abuse Related Issues As One
Relative Who Recently Died in an Overdose Related How He Did 'DMT' And How Beautiful

The Sunsets Were;

However, After the
Drug Wore off he
Could Feel Nothing
At all of the Beauty of A Sunset;

You See my Entire Life is Beautiful Like
This And i Regulate it And Integrate it this
Way Through An Autotelic Flow Of Meditating
In Dance and Song; So Much The Way of Humanity's

Ancestral History With Or Without External Substances;

That Again, Personally, Only Bring me Down, even a Damned Beer;

No Way i'm Gonna
Spoil Heaven

By Ingesting

A Welfare Ticket to Get Here;

(Every Once in A While i Take A
Sip of my Wife's Coffee At the
'iHop' if i Wanna Fly Even A
Bit Higher in Creativity in Laser Focus;

Yet A Full Cup And i Might Not Land, hehe)

Yet Again, getting A Glimpse of
Heaven Through Some Substance

is A lot Better Than the Living Dead With Trembling Hands...

It's Like the Homeless Lazarus Dude on the Street Who Just Wants
5 Bucks to Buy A Couple of Beers to Soothe the Fire in His and or Her Soul...

Florida Doesn't Give A Flying or Landing F Still About Medicaid Expansion For
Younger Men And or Women to Get the Help They Need for Even Basic Health Care;

Mental Health Care is Beyond the Means of Many Folks Who Work for A Living Too;

So in A World of So Much Misery and Suffering Within, Folks Look For A Cure

to Purgatory
And Hell Within;

True, You Do What
You Have to Do to
Breathe Another Second;

Yet Honestly; There Are More
Intelligent And Scientific Proven Ways
to Do it; Yes, like Moving Meditation New
And A Flow of Poetry Now From Organic Soul
For Real to Regulate Emotions and Integrate
Senses Yet How Do You Do This Working At The
Check-Out Line At Walmart (If A Machine Hasn't
Taken away Your Job); True, It's Almost Impossible For Many Folks to Do;

Therefore, The State of Affairs of First World Problems; People Don't

Even have the Opportunity

in Many Cases to Truly
Find Heaven Within And

Actually Keep it For Free;

Much Easier to Say And Do
Financially Independent; Yet Also
Much Harder to Actually Attain Naturally

Like my Step-Sister Who Inherited 80,000 Dollars
From my Stepmother And Blew It Up Her Nose And in
A Month Ended Up on Life Support And Got Unplugged That Way...

Some of my Wife's Relative's Did the Same, Inheriting Tens of Thousands of Dollars too;

True, We Have An Epidemic And Truly A Pandemic of Poverty of Knowing One's Own Self

in Finding All Natural Ways to Emotionally Regulate And Sensory Integrate in Bio-Feedback Ways

As A First World
Problem Increasingly
Globally AS Such; This is
A Very Complex Issue to consider;

Particularly, When it Comes to Root
Causes of Why Folks Need Any External Drug Related
Substances to Be Able to Make it to the Next Second At all...

It's Like This; Have You Every Danced With the Devil in the Pale Moonlight;

It's Like This; Have You Ever Danced One With the Wind Naked on A Beautiful Beach...

(Spoiler Alert: i've Done Both)

True Life's
Like This;

Hell and
Heaven For Real...

And the Expanse
of The Tween of CourSE...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
i So Agree Dance
Is Free Muse That

Never Lets The Song
Go To PriSon to Only

Be Words Without Soul Again Free...

Catholic Mass Readings For The
Wee Hours of October 9th, 2022

Something About Ignorant and
Obvious Contradictions Like There is
Only One God Who Only Lives in Israel

On Earth of Course Discounting the Rest of
The Cosmos Most Folks Were Ignorant of Course
To Then As Well Way Back Before Telescopes And Stuff

And Then There is Only One Way to God Through One Man
And Of Course Other Religions Have The Same Ruse Particularly
With Made-Up Carrots of Heaven Somewhere Vague After Death

And Of Course Burning Forever
too For Smallest of Transgressions
Like Believing That Higher Messages
Will Still Come Associated With The Nature
of God Outside of the Parameters and Paradigms
oF Old And Dusty Sacred Text As If Humans Get the
Last Words of God As Such Chosen on A Small Patch of
Dirt in the Middle East Discounting the Rest of the Cosmos

Out of View then
of Course and even
Still Discounted By
Some Folks As Only
A Flat Earth Now
Oh yeah and
Only Right
Hands And Arms
Are Holy Even though the
Portal to Social Empathic
Artistic Spiritual Feeling
Sensing Emotional Intelligence
As Whole is Actually the Master
of the Right Hemisphere Associated More
With Holy Left Hands And Holy Left Arms True

As Even Science Shows This is True No of Course
Not to Discount the Left Hemisphere Yet As Even
Science Shows Our Emotions Rule Us First and
Reasons in More Restricted Ways of Materially
Reducing Reality in Concepts Do Come Second

And Or Last Before First the Right Hemisphere Silently in Charge
Yet It's True At Least Today's Verses Admit That The Way the Sugar
Pill Works is the Physician Holds No Literal Healing Power of A Sugar

Pill Yet is it the Patient's Real Belief And Faith in the Essence of Faith
And Belief That Heals For Real As Of Course As Science Shows Now True too

Placebo and Nocebo Are Real Affects And Effects Of Life That Work With the
Power of Faith, Hope, And Love All Mixed Up As A Cocktail of Healing For Real

Actually Coming
From the Physician
Deep Within That Heals
Us For Real in Faith Hope
Belief and Love That is As Real

AS Human All Natural Healing Comes And
Goes Giving Sharing Caring THiS WaY For Real..

i Suppose the Message About Healing this Way
Is Essence Real in Truth oF LiGHT Out of DarK

Gotta Plough Through the Manure to Find A Colorful
Rose With Newer Colors For Real Indeed That Doesn't Really Stink

the Color
of TRuMP
of Course For
The Ruse Over Truth

For the Grift Over Gift

True the Inheritance SPRinGS
As Faith, Hope, And Belief For Real From WiTHiN...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,912

10 Oct 2022, 12:15 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy i See Footprints
And Finger Prints of Peace in Many
Ways of Autotelic Flow FRiEnDS

iN Free Dance And Song Wings

With Gravity Balancing

From Head to Toe

Mind and Body

SoUL For Real

Inhaling THiS Way
Birthing Love Exhaling
THiS Way Even More With SMiLES

A Way Of Life Truly Generating Bliss
For Giving Thanks Giving Sharing Caring Fearless Peaceful
Loving Healing Ways For All With Least Harm With SMiLes...

Such An Attitude
iN Gratitude For All
That Exists DarK Thru

LiGHT At Best Naked
Enough Whole Complete
Origin of Peace Inhaling
Love Exhaling Once Again mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Having A Truth Disorder Associated With
Asperger's Syndrome And A Mother Who i Never Caught

Ever Telling A Lie That Was the Gold Standard of Home

And True i Never understood Why Lying Was A Normal
Part of Socialization Particularly At Work When Even

Shady Stuff Was Overlooked
For The Sake of Closest
Social Working Circles

Dear Miriam

True i Didn't 'Know'
The 'Codes of Honor'
That Protected Those
Who Might Be Moving
Down A Shady Path So Far
Away From Integrity Honor
And Character As YeS AGAiN

Hehe They Actually Did Change
the Rules at my High School to Allow
me and the Daughter of the Dean of Girls
to Enter into the National Honor Society First
Time For Sophomores That Year i Was Soon To Turn

Sweet 16

True Conscientiousness is A Big Part of my SoUL
However i Finally Learned to At Least Break Some
Rules to Truly Sprout Wings And Be Free of Traditions

That No Longer Suited What i Believe to Be Truths of Life For Real...

True Though At Best We Don't Talk Politics or Religion Even if We Visit
A Church as Opinions on Both Will Most Definitely Vary So Much From

Top to the
Very Bottom
of the Pecking
Orders There for Real...

And at Work it Might Mean
You Get Totally Excluded There

i Value my Ability to 'Scully' As You
Say Skeptically Overviewing Offers
From 'Snake Oil Sales Folks' As That comes

Now Particularly So Much Online 'These Days'
Yes Particularly When it Comes to Folks Preying
On What They Think of Good Kind Folks Yuck to
Play Their HeART Strings for so many Nefarious

Purposes Yet On the Other Hand i Too Take in Many
Skeptics For What i Believe in too With Max Faith and

Love True as i No Longer Materially Reduce the World

And See A Much Bigger Picture Than Many of the Folks

i Get Along With Great Who Are More Closed Minded Definitely

Do Not 'See' Yet You Know What Kindness That is Sincere Most Often

Wins No Matter Who We Deal With in Life As Long As We Don't Vault

Our Own Value So Far Above What We May See as Their Misgivings in Life

i Have Very Warm Connections
That Are Lasting in 'The Real World' New
Wherever i Go Now And What those Warm

Connections Have Most in Common in A Most
Conservative oF All Areas in the United States

Is No Different Than What i Give Share Care
And Heal in Every Other Real Country of the World

i Visit Each and Every Day As An Avatar Ouch Fitting
All 247.2 Pounds in A Fiber Optic Cable As i Weighed in At The End of A
Full Day of Singing At Church And Dancing All Around This Metro Area

In Public too now Moving to 17,288 Miles of Public Dancing in 109 Months

Yep The Power of Fearless Love is Mighty Grand When it is Able to Overlook

The Misgivings of Others in For Giving Thanks Giving Ways Of Life and Love

With A Real Attitude of Gratitude For All of Life DarK Thru LiGHT Such Joy Real...

It's Not Easy For Many Folks

to Do A Major Requirement

New Now Is to Attain and Maintain

Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete

Incarnate Love For Real And Make

This A Great Human Planet Again

Acronyms Not Necessary When Ya
Sincerely Dance And Sing it Every
Day Fearless And Loving Free Yet

Of Course Folks Will Be Skeptical
of Human Altruism As The Faucet
Has Verily Been Dripping Less 'These Days'...

i Believe in Real Magic As The More i Go in Creative
Flow in the Last 109 Months The More it Seems Like
All is Mind of God And Some Of us Become More Aware

Of All the Connections We More Likely Fit into When We Do

Truly Become Enlightened in An Autotelic Flow of Creativity

And So Much More of Our Mind Opens Up And Connects

To All of Existence in Many Ways That Are So Hard

To Put into Words As Basically the Dance And

Song Dances and Sings Itself And That

Little 'Chatter Box Ego' Is Mostly

A Spectator of my SoUL

Realizing it is No Longer

The Director And Producer
And Only Player of my Show and Tell...

It's Probably Why It's So Rare to Find an Original
Creative Artist Who Considers themselves A Militant
Atheist As They Have Stepped Their Toe in the Ocean of Soul Whole

New Now And Become Lost in A Elixir of Reality Yet Found So Very Reliably

NoW iN Flow Just Like MaGiC And Miracles Come to LiGHT For Real Yes

At Best Leaving Fumes of Art For Some Map From WHeRE We Come...

For Those Who Study The Reality Cross-Cultural Similarities Are


Wide At Least
For Those Who
May Relate to A
Much Larger And
Colorful ReaLiTY oF LiGHT FeeLeD LiFE...

True From What i've 'Seen' For Real 'X-Men' Pale in Comparison...

For Once Again So Much of the Experience is Beyond All Words

Ineffable For Real.

SMiles More i Lift
Others Higher i
Naturally Rise
True How Do
Ya Bring A
Down Fueled
By “Love Is Like
Oxygen You Get
Too Much You Get
Too High Not Enough
And Ya Are Gonna Die.”

Dead Of
Course i Rather
Give Than Receive
As Lord Knows i’ve
Seen Some
To Steal
Away With
Love Bombs
Boom Won’t
Work With me
Yet Fascinating
Too Witnessing
So Many Games
Folks Take to Gain
By Begging Borrowing
And Attempting To Steal

Loves Of Life...


“You” See With Organs Of Eyes And
Ears Yet You Do Not “See” Or “Hear”

Oh A tree
Oh A desert
Oh A cave
Oh The Beach

Oh A desert
A place of Jesus
to escape Religion

Oh A cave
A place of Muhammad
to escape Christianity

Oh The Beach
i come back Full Circle
i am A Tree wITh Forrest



And Buddha True
i Am A Leaf Naked
Enough Whole Complete
i Rise Green i Fall Brown i CoMe Again

Hi Maria i FeeL A Whole
Purpose of Life is for us
to Become our own
Ministers oF Truth
And Light in
older if
Plays True
This Light becomes
Brighter as God's Truth
Manifest in us as Children oF LiGHT...

Yes my FRiEnD Zee beautiful words
of children who have not yet
forgotten how to live
and i suppose
it is possible
to stay
that way
with freedom of
imagination and
creativity of us in a play
of life where we are the Directors
Producers and Actors of Every New Now scene...

i Always Feel
Peace When
i Come to
Savvy’s Place
Each Day Is THaT iS
Naked Enough Whole Complete

To Begin the Ending of A New Day

Yes it is my FRiEnD Keep Spreading


Yes Love

Be With Us...

LeSSoN 451
Gifting You my Back to
Hide Behind If It All Gets
Too Scary i Shall Protect
You From Harm ThiS Way

Hehe It’s
Okay i Don’t
Fit Behind You

That’s Not HoW It
Works i Am Here For You...

Hellooove Speaking of Nice Little
Things in Life Nice to See You Here Again...

SMiLes, Living In A Very Conservative And
Traditional Christian Area Once Assessed
With the Most Churches Per Capita By Locality

And Likely Close to that Record Still; i Have No Misgivings

About the Value of the Tradition of Christianity and Of Course

The Many Pitfalls Associated With Politics That Abuse it For Selfish

Material Gains, Power, Status, And Subjugating And Controlling the

Freedoms of Others; Particularly, Freedoms Associated With Reproduction

YeS iN All the Ways that Really

Comes or Does Not Come New Now;

However, As Far as Settling Disputes Yes

in the Street That Might Otherwise Lead

to Fisticuffs And Lead Filled Death;

Having A Well Versed Mind For

The Verses of the Good

Cop Jesus Parts of

The New Testament

Is Truly Like A Silver Bullet

Or Garlic to Destroy Vampires
of the Night For Real Inhibiting
Those Propensities For Real Yet

of Course Do Least Harm; Just a Few

Well Rehearsed Verses to Make A Potential

Enemy A Loving FRiEnD Almost Immediately

With the MaGiC Password of the J Man Story

Plus again A Well Rehearsed Repertoire

Of Not Only the 'Good Cop Jesus Verses'

Yet The Ability to Illustrate them in Original

Parables to Particularly Wow The Audience in Real

Life ThiS Way For Greater Cooperation And Human Worth Indeed

Yet i Will Not Tale A Lie, This Is Much Easier to Do Gaining The Respect

of the Four Wheel Driver's If They Assess You As Potentially Yes A Recruit

To Hit a Home Run on the Church Softball Team As Such; Yep It's All About

Pre-Conceived Notions That Fit the Paradigm of What Fits The Expectations of Others For Real...

Some New Testament
Good Cop Jesus Verses
And Original Narratives
of New Parables is A Ticket

Out of 'Hell' For Real in All Potentials
oF A Locality Literally Named 'Hell' At
First As the Locals Weren't Very Nice Back
in The Beginning Days of A Mill Town Then...

Christianity Tames The Beast of Many Humans
Replacing That Shadow With At Least A Key to Love

And Cooperation if it All Fits Well Enough to actually Work...

Key Again is Christianity Tames the Beast of Many Humans

Replacing That Shadow With At Least A Key to Love FOR REAL...

Plus Humans Naturally Bond and Bind Over Common Symbols
And Ideologies As Part of Human Nature For Real iF iT Ain't Gonna Be

(Religion With or Without So Called 'God')


it May BE A 'DEvil'

We Don't Know At All

Until Whatever Fresh Hell Comes Next...

i May Not Agree With Many Specifics of the
Religion; However, it Works Very Well to Maintain

Peace And Love At Least For the Folks Who Manage to Fit in...

It's Nice to Have that J Man Password to Resolve Issues for Cooperation....

A Lot Better Likely

Than When this

Place i Inhabit was

First Called 'Hell' For Real...

Other than That i'm Extremely
Liberal Extremely Conservative
Extremely Introverted And Extremely

Extraverted too; Indeed, i Easily Switch Hit
ThiS Way Even if i Do Not Play Team Sports
Hitting Home Runs That Way in Church Softball Hehe...

True, i Usually Play Hardball Before They Realize What 'Hit' 'em Hehe...

Anyway Humans By Nature Lean More Conservative or Liberal For All Of
What They May Do And Be Defined Differently And Similarly too; Conservatives

At Best Are Anchors Who Provide Safe Harbors in SCaRCiTY of Storms And Of

Course Liberals are More Likely to Explore Fair Winds and Following Seas With Freer Sails

More in
Ways of
Freedom For
All With Least Harm...

Those Differences Aren't Going
Away As Long As We aRe Classically
Evolved Humans Like We aRe Now; However,

It's Not Set in Stone And Once Liberal Folks Will
Become Conservative And the Reverse of That True too...

The Environment; Challenge, Struggle; And Successful Adaptation Surviving Well
And Thriving in LiFE iNdeed Will Make Great Changes One Way or The Other And or Both True...

In All the Ways
Effects And
Come to Play New Now...

SMiLes Dear Savvy i 'See' Footprints
And Finger Prints of Peace in Many
Ways of Autotelic Flow FRiEnDS

iN Free Dance And Song Wings

With Gravity Balancing

From Head to Toe

Mind and Body

SoUL For Real

Inhaling THiS Way
Birthing Love Exhaling
THiS Way Even More With SMiLEs

A Way Of Life Truly Generating Bliss
For Giving Thanks Giving Sharing Caring Fearless Peaceful
Loving Healing Ways For All With Least Harm With SMiLes...

Such An Attitude
iN Gratitude For All
That Exists DarK Thru

LiGHT At Best Naked
Enough Whole Complete
Origin of Peace Inhaling
Love Exhaling Once Again mY FRiEnD...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 62
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11 Oct 2022, 12:13 am

All Wonderful
With Wings Free...

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Can't Really Speak For It
Yet i Allow my Soul to Master my Mind As Body

All Flows Effortless in Ease

And i Know Nothing

With Greater Human
Potentials Fulfilling
Newer Both Simply
And Complexly Now

As i Do It Yet

Exhaling Love

As Sails of my
Boat BeCoMe Winds
So Very Free And Really All

my Mind Comes Greater to Be

Is Anchor For Safe Harbors to

Rest my Dancing Feet That Bring

SoUL Free to SonG Dear FRiEnD Hehe

i Do Believe

My Feet


More Than my Mouth
At Least When Dance
Creates SoUL Song For Real...

SMiles Dear

Hawaii FRiEnD
STiLL Dancing
Singing With
Moon Beams
Bright With


Aloha To
Your Paradise
Island Abode Dear

FRiEnD Ocean Whole
Glistening With Moon Above
MaKinG Dreams So Very Human

And Real...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Isn't it Wonderful That Online
is An Ocean Big Enough Where At Least Somewhere

It is Likely That Someone

May Not Mind if We

Just Be Us

So Free

With Wings

No Longer Chained to Before

True Giving Strength to Make
it Through Rougher Seas

As A Boat Never Giving
Up Sails to Anchor

Away From
Wings Still
Surfing Ocean Whole...

All Wonderful
With Wings Free...

How Wonderful Dear Cindy A Lifelong Gift Sharing
Caring Healing Teaching Others to Touch Soul So Deep
Within Becoming Mindfully Aware All Embodying Head to Toe

As Emotions Flow Regulating Senses Integrating No
Longer Disconnecting

So Very Lost

in Illusions
of Head only
Above Shoulders
Just Tween Two Ears
mY FRiEnD Hehe Oh How
Beautiful to Grow Older Younger
in Soul Mastering Regulation of
Emotions Integrating Senses

Finding That Balance Brings
Peaceful Thoughts With Wings
to Complement Real Heaven Within

So Nice to Hear Your Life History For How
You Come to Seek and Find This Gift to
Give Share Care Heal So Freely and

Even A Way to Make A Living Loving
What You Do For Others Dear FRiEND

Oh How DarK Brings LiGHT As the Pandemic
Provided Folks Space For Introspection in Their Lives

Predictably Online Explosions of New Creative Poems
Generating By So Many Fresh New SPiRiTS Free Exploring

And SenSinG So
Ocean Deep Whole
More Complete Up to
Naked Enough Indeed Dear FRiEnD

Sadly Though For Many The Routine and
Grind Has Come Back as True Our Modern
World Predicates Often That We Separate Our
Mind and Body And Lose Up to Almost An Entire
Right Hemisphere Of Mind Potential THiS Way So Fortunate

i Didn't Have to Go Back Then And Now to That Restricting World Such A Gift You
Still Help Others Seek and Find A Way Back HoME iN Freer SoUL Wings Dear Cindy...

SMiLes Dear Miriam Human Minds
Such Vast Unique Worlds From BLack
Abyss to Grey SHades of Soul to Colors

Beyond Rainbows
SPiRiTS Commanding
Dancing Singing Souls Free

Escaping Nightmares in Day
Following Dreams Until Night Becomes Day

Precipice Tween NiGHT And DaY DarK And LiGHT
Heaven And HeLL ONLY NoW Purgatory Tween New

For Real As Creativity
Breeds Best As Night
Meets Day Dark Meets
LiGHT Heaven KiSSinG Hell Again

Other Than That Wishing You A Soothing Sleep...

Challenge of the cold
piercing winds change
Humans travel North
escape desert South

piercing winds change
humans adapt
grow stronger

Humans travel North
culture grows smarter

Humans change

escape desert South
New World Nomads
New IsRaEL Live Free...

Culture erasing imagination creativity
Humans losing humanity slowly
torturing death in life from birth

RiSinG alive dreams fruition

Humans LoSinG humanity slowly
drifting away childhood suffocates
Childhood Slows adults die as life

Torturing death in life from birth
Spoon feeding culture
large plate from birth

RiSinG alive dreams fruition
spark inside coming new now
iMagination’s creativity Phoenix SpRinGS



SMiLes Dear Ruchi It's Not That God's Disappear

It is “The Child" Who Must Birth Again Within

Freely Breathing Hope
Faith and Love For Real

With No Regrets or Fear

Celebrating Below A Grain
of God Realizing That's What

It Takes to Hold Up A Mountain of Human Love

Yet of Course That's only my Religion With SMiles

Thanks For Sharing Yours it Seems Just as Beautiful

And Real as Essence Creating Becoming Form Again to


At Best

Thru LiGHT
Newly Now
THiS Attitude
of Gratitude STill RiSinG
in Child's EYeS of Wings...

And Now For Story Hour New Mr. Gottfried Hopefully Less
Than 5 Minutes Before i Go Away Again True It's What my
Graying Early Social Security Age Peers Are Naturally

Literally And Metaphorically
Actually Evolved to Do at 62 Yes

Aging Goes Hand in Hand With
Longer Tales of Oral Tradition in
Writing True too Unless Ya Are Trapped
in Twitter And Tik Tok PRiSonS Of Course

(Or On A Mall Bench Rotting Away
Watching Sports only Vicariously)

With All the Hits of Dopamine Precision
Unable to Focus More Than A Gold Fish
in Attention Span As Modern Science Shows
The Ability For the Average American Being

(i Kid You Now Literally Less Than Three Seconds
Did You Get to the Naturally Part Yet Hehe For Real)

Partly Diluting And Human Somewhat At Least

Oh Lord Life Married to A First World Goddess
i Once Told Her She Reminded me of Goddess Isis
It's True i Relate This Story Often She Replied How Dare
i Compare Her to That Unattractive Woman Yet It's True

i Could (Will) Show You Pics
Yes They Do have a Similar
Body Type Although my
Wife's Hair is Real and
Not Painted On Black Extensions AS Such hehe

Anyway of Course She Dares the Mirror To Tale
Her She is Any Less Than the Fairest of them All
And So Far The Mirror Has Been Afraid to Say Anything

At All Of Course i Reply Honey Do of Course You Are
Yet Who Am i to Complain She is Currently Making
SeaFood Gumbo And She Won't Even Let me Take Out
The Trash as it must Be Placed Precisely 3.3333 Inches
Inside the Ribbon Curbing i Reply Once Again Honey Do

Please Do You
Are The Very Best
i Shall Just Stand And
Sit in Awe of Your Never
Ending Perfection With SMiLes...

Hehe See What i'm Not Against

On The Other Hand in A Typical
Beatles "A Day in the Life" Of me No
Longer a Stone Law Enforcement Looking
Statue Bust in A Burial Ground of Federal
Government Work Mostly Living Behind A
'SCREAM' of A Screen With Responses Limited
Mostly to Fix Our Problems You Valuable Government Tool...

Now The Responses in a Typical A Day in the Life of me Range
From "You are A Gift of God Light of The World" in Reply to My
Poetic Musings to Other Audiences That Have me As A Target

Relating i Should Be "Strapped Down in An Institution With A Big
Shot of Thorazine" to Restrain my Free FLoWinG Poetic MuSinGS

You Know What Mr. Gottfried "Jim Morrison" Is Correct When He
Relates "People Are Strange" If You Can't Do Normal Why Do It At


i Really Love Your
Blog Particularly as
You haven't Banned
me Yet And Even Let
Some of my Long Winding
MuSinGS Stand Just For the
Fun And Puns of Silly Yet Really Deep Bantering Hehe...

And That's Not All Although Some Poems Have Been
Written in Tribute to my Legs And Behind Abs And i've
Even Been Compared to Buddha Yet Yoda is my Favorite

'The Child'
As For All
Effective Purposes
Meanings and Intents
i Really Didn't Have
Much to Say
until Age
50 Either
And Like 'Hell
Boy' It Really Took
Getting Out of Hell
For 66 Months at 53
to Start my Archetypal
Hero Comic Book Journey For Real

True Weighing in at 247.2 Pounds Last
Night After Starting the Day Singing in
Church Compared To Angels Singing
With Choirs AS Such in the Back Row
After Dancing In Public All Day with Young
Folks Filming me for Potential Social Media Views

my Wife Still Only Compares me to A Buddha
Belly Dismissing my Less Than Wash Board Abs
Not Appropriate to Be Heracles or Zeus Married
to the Goddess of Youth Hebe As True A Statue of
Her Gawdy i Inherited From my Father Sits on my
File Cabinet in my Home Office of Apollo With A Statue
of Him too True i'll Take the Poetry The Wash Board Abs may Go To Hell...

Somewhere in This World Snoopy Exists Writing "iT WaS A Dark And Stormy
Night" Again For Real And You Know What You Feel What You Sense What He
Is So Autotelic in Flow of Focus and Attention Span He'll Never Get Around

to Even Selling A Book

Just Like a Nautilus
Painting a Home of
the Milky Way At
The End of His Life

As A Shell on A Free Beach

He'll Just Look Around And
Say Doing it Was Just Enough

With Absolutely No Words At All

Thanks For this Gift of Life All
The DarK and LiGHT Creating A
Mini-Milky Way is Entirely Naked Enough Whole Complete...

All i Do is Birth Live And Die Oh What A Gift This Life to BREaTHE NeW NoW iS E...

Anyway Here is A Short Gift of Gif of My Goddess Wife Walking Away From the
Beach on September 20, 2022 Celebrating Our 33 Years of When We First Really
Got 'Together' on September 21st, 1989, i Always Let Her Walk First FoLLoWinG
Her Behind Wherever She GoeS Hehe And That Was Also the 63rd Anniversary
Date When i Was Conceived On Or about September 21, 1959 True the Doctor
Had to Go on Vacation So He Delivered me Two Weeks Early As An 'Omen' on
6.6.60 How Else Will i Fulfill The Prophecy of 'Hell Boy' And 'Damian' in Just

to Live
Many others
of Course too

As Remember

'Twas A Dark And
Stormy Night' Snoopy

Doesn't Care What Anyone
Thinks Snoopy Just does Snoopy

In A Happy Dance of Life For Free

Sort of Like Forrest Gump Yes i've
Learned to Speak And Even Sing Free Poetically

You Know Mr. Gottfried iF iT Wasn't For You This Story

Wouldn't Even Exist Pat Yourself on the Back You Are

Truly one of the Best...

Notice: How i Awarded
You A Gold Medal
in Advance For
Finishing Reading THiS hehe...

And Waited Until the Bulk of Your
Commenters Got to Go to Separate
Commenting Pages Not to Get too Bogged
Down By Scrolling Past me Ocean Deep HAha...

Anyway This May Be Your Reward of The Day too
As True Every Day and Night For the Last 33 Years
It's Stayed Relatively The Same Heaven For me With SMiLes...

Even For the 66 Months
in Hell yet Sadly Without
Effective Use of Eyes and Ears

What's BetteR IS A View Within Freeing Coming BacK to LoVE...

Or Just FoLLoWinG My Wife Behind With A Song A Dance Brings Free...

Why The F88K Do You FEEL 'They' Chose An African American Granny
For the Oracle on 'The Matrix' 'They' Understand Who God IS(LoVE)

If You Can And Will Look Past my Legs and my Ass my Broad Shoulders And
Greying Hairy Chest Love me Like Grandma And i Will be Most Pleased Hehe...

True Lust Often Wears A Gender
Yet Do Highest Expressions of Love

Wear A Gender Does God Wear A Gender

If Real And Love Beyond A Body THiS Way

As Pure SPiRiT Wings Touch in Heaven

Dancing Singing

in Poetry THiS Way
Dear "Peace & Truth"
As Your Blog Site Appears
to Be Broke As Hehe it Always
Asks For A Captcha When One Attempts
To Comment Where One Does Not Exist

So One Must Wonder Does God Wear A Vagina
Or a Penis Does Love When Spirit Wings Need

A Body Part To Touch Why Are So Many Folks Fixated
In Horror of What Body Touches What When Love is Beyond

Body Parts When SPiRiT Wings Touch in Poetry THiS WaY

True None of my 247.2 Pounds is Touching You in ThiS Way

Hehe of Course Unless You May Be Perusing Some of the

Other Art i Express Fulfilling All of Human Artistic Expression

Freely THiS Way SMiLes i Touch Wings With Yes One of the
Most Beautiful Women i've Seen in my Life Yet i've Never Even

Once Had A Lustful Instinct Innate to Feel and Sense About Her

On the Other Hand Lust is A Reproductive Instinct One May Be Lured

Into Body Parts That Way Full on Display And Enhanced By Decorative
Clothing AS Such

Without Even

Any Desire to
Talk About the
Weather Over Coffee Hehe

True Love is A Tree of Life With
Many Leaves 'Peace & Truth' as
You Once Noted to me, "Sir You Have Nice Legs"
Hehe And i'm Already Early Social Security Age at 62 After
Retiring Permanently Disabled at Age 47 for 66 Months
Shut-in in my Bedroom Then For Real First on a Combo
of Sick and Annual Leave For A Year and A Half Before
Uncle Sam Kicked in the Rest of Life Long Subsistence
Benefits That i Paid Dearly For Almost With my Life Attached
To Those Federal Golden Handcuffs for A Quarter of A Century

to Gain Freedom From the Money God of This Planet For Real...

Oh Yeah And That Poem You Wrote to me About Twin Souls

That You Said Was Dedicated to me What Else Could i Do
Except Tell You You Wrote That About me and my Wife as

(Oh Yeah And the One About Wanting to Be That Most
Precious Treasure to Find Once Again And Love So Much)

You Continue to Call Us Twin Souls too (This is the Truth i
Am A Twin Soul With All of Existence That Makes You Uniquely Part
of that too Yet You Are Far From Being Alone Being That Way to me)

True As A Shut-in in my Bedroom Sick With 19 Medical Disorders
i Never Expected i Guess A Young Woman As You Called me 'Sir'
To Relate i Have "Nice Legs Sir" at 62 Yet True i Do Actually Do PG Rated
Somewhat Restricted New Old Age Renaissance Selfie Nude Art So God
Yes Yes! i Appreciate Aesthetic Appreciation of my Art if That is What That
is All About Yep Hopefully You Are at Least 21 As You Never Know What
Lurks or Sings Behind Anonymous Avatars on the Internet As True i've Had

Some Folks Trying to Be my Best FRiEnD Who Said they were a Woman From
Nigeria Like that And i Don't Think it Was Because i Have Some Nigerian in my
23 And me Chromosome Test Results Hehe True You Have to Be Careful Who

Comes Your Way Online Do They Really Wanna Be Your FRiEnD or Do They
Really Just Want Some More Money and Stuff or Perhaps Just Likes Follows
And Shares Hehe Well Obviously i'm Happily Married to a Real Goddess on Earth

As True i Once Compared Her to the Egyptian Goddess Isis And She Said Do i Dare
Compare Her to That Unattractive Goddess Hehe True At 52 More Beautiful Than Ever

Before She Dares the Mirror Every Morning Still To Tale Her She is Not Still the Fairest of them all

And Yes it's True She Is Yet You See When Angels Touch Wings it Doesn't Matter if there is A Body

At All In Poetry of

SoUL THeRE Are Ways

of Touching Soul That Skip

Lust That Skip Affection All Together

There Are Deepest Ways of Love That Hold

No Gravity AT All FRiEnDS With Stars With Wings

This Way For Real True Love me Like A Buddha Yet

Don't Make Fun of my Less that Wash Board Abs Like my Wife Does

Naming me Buddha Belly Instead of Buddha Soul Oh If Only Folks Could

See God For Real They'd Forget All about Penises and Vagina's Cute Booty's (The Bluest to Greenest
Changing Starlit Ebony Eyes) Broad Shoulders Big Breasts Hairy And Shaved Chests And the Such Ass That Altogether

Now At Least Until They took A Trip to the Mall Where it is All on Display As A Meat and Meet Market There hehe

You Know What You Feel What You Sense What It's All God This Existence Now From Lust to HeART to Yes Loving
Angel Stories of Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, And Every other Semi to Whole Quasi Mythological Story illustrating Soul Yet

What Remains Longest And Truest is When Angel Wings Touch FRiEnDS With Gravity When You Find a Love Real Like

That You Never Touch Anything in Love Yet Star Wings Alive And Free Oh the Light it Touches So Softly and So Very True...

And One Final Thought One Final Feeling One Final HeART A Breath of Love Always Beginning When Granny Lays Wasting

Away on Her Death Bed Barely Breathing Do You Love Her Any Less Do You Wanna Let Her Go Or Do You Wanna Breathe

Her Love For
All Unconditionally
For The Rest of Your Life

You Know What You Feel What
You Sense What to Hell With Buddha,
Lao Tzu, Jesus, And Every Other God

Damned Myth Granny's Love Is All i Need to Be Human Love and Real...

Hehe It's easy to Say All of this Without Offending You When Your Comments Don't Work HAha

If You Find This on my Blog and Can and Will Relate Consider Yourself Human Naked Enough Whole And Complete IF You Will...

If You Can And Will Look Past my Legs and my Ass my Broad Shoulders And
Greying Hairy Chest Love me Like Grandma And i Will be Most Pleased Hehe...

Such A Lovely
And Extraordinary
Poem If You Haven’t
Met Your Special
One i Shall Pray
Him Soon
Of Course Until
Then As You Often
Relate You Have Your
Close to SPiRiT
It Seems All You
Are MiSSinG is
Someone Warm
To Complete

A Hug i
Suppose to
Go ALong
With ‘Peace & Truth’...

By You...

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Can't Really Speak For It
Yet i Allow my Soul to Master my Mind As Body

All Flows Effortless in Ease

And i Know Nothing

With Greater Human
Potentials Fulfilling
Newer Both Simply
And Complexly Now

As i Do It Yet

Exhaling Love

As Sails of my
Boat BeCoMe Winds
So Very Free And Really All

my Mind Comes Greater to Be

Is Anchor For Safe Harbors to

Rest my Dancing Feet That Bring

SoUL Free to SonG Dear FRiEnD Hehe

i Do Believe

My Feet


More Than my Mouth
At Least When Dance
Creates SoUL Song For Real...

All Wonderful
With Wings Free...


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,912

12 Oct 2022, 12:07 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy WHeRE
Rainbow Ends And Begins
Yet Never Finishing Always

Starting Now The Colors We
Bring New Or The Treasure
of Gold We Actually Feel and Sense

For Real Now Oh So Newly Every Inhale
of Peace Exhale of Love A Wonderful New

Color of Life ReNeWinG as Every Day After
Refreshing Sleep Dreams Consolidating Birthing

A New Us Yes Each And Every Now A Breath Becomes

A Fresh New

Life We Co-Create
So Newly Now DarK

Fear Leaves And Life Truly Breathes Peace Love

Just This Present Just This Gift Now to Celebrate Newly

Every Holynow Dear FRiEnD Fresh New Always Realizing HoMe Now...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Practicing Lessons
oF LiVinG A Positive Life With All the Quotes
You So Kindly And Freely Provide to Inspire

Others to Find Their
Best Life Now Newly
Fresh And Ever More Colorful

There is Also A Saying That Dances
And Sings "Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright"

SMiLes i'll Take it A Dance And Verse Farther Secure

By Dancing Singing An Attitude of Gratitude For Ever

Part of Existence That Will Make us Even More Whole

The More We Love The More We Grow As Living Trees

Evergreen After All is Dancing And Singing A Leaf Carries Veins
To Feed A Tree Mirroring Larger Branches of Tree Same And Of
Course Roots Below Mirror Branches Above Carrying Sunshine
in Leaves Soaking Up Water And Minerals Below to Living Trees

Above It's Like
This too We aRe
Leaves of the Living
Tree God All That Is
As Your Religion Names
Allah of Course mY FRiEND

Yet It's True All of Existence
In Parts is Fractals of Whole

The More We Love All the
Parts the Greater The Whole

Of Love Comes to Be As Us As Far As i Am Grows...

"From and including: Thursday, November 25, 2010
To and including: Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Result: 4339 days

It is 4339 days from the start date to the end date, end date included.

Or 11 years, 10 months, 17 days including the end date.

Or 142 months, 17 days including the end date."

SMiLes Dear Miriam You Are Literally The Only
Person Other than me i Know Who Keeps Track
of Consecutive Days Writing Online Of Course

i Don't Have Any Real Excuse For Ever Missing
A Day Hehe except for Living in HeLL ON EartH
With the Suicide Disease Wake to Sleep No Drug
Would Touch for 66 Months Yet of Course the Last
33 Months of That Were the First 33 Months i Spent
Writing Everyday Online Just Getting my Mind Off the Suicide

Disease All The Way From Wake To Sleep Yes Everyday Without
Fail as A Necessity of Surviving With Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
Wake to Sleep The Worst Pain Known to Humankind Indeed my my It's

A Whole lot more Fun When You Write For Fun Instead of the Necessity
of Writing to Keep Your Mind Just Even a Little Bit Away From The Suicide
Disease Little Did i Know The Autotelic Flow that Eventually Would Come

in Stream of Consciousness Meditative Writing in Flow Would Actually
Connect my Emotions Back to Words in Poetry And Actually Become

(Since None of the Medications the Doctor's Offered Would Touch
the Pain or the Numb of the Loss of Ever A Memory of the Feelings

Of A Smile)

Integral in Healing All that Pain and Numb of 19 total Medical
Disorders by July 19, 2013 And Then "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Starting on August 18, 2013 Along With Public Dance
Now 17,303 Miles Getting Back From Doing That
Day and Night Today While my Wife Shopped
As Usual hehe And yes "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Will Come to Rise All the Way Up to
11 MiLLi0N Words by October
18, 2022 Yep in Just 7 Days
From Today And True

This Thanks Giving Day of
2022 i Will Have Written Approximately
14 MiLLioN Words in 12 Years of Consecutive
Days of Writing Online Since November 25, 2010

i Suppose the Moral of This Whole Entire Story is

Give A Dog in Hell A Bone to Save His Life and i Just Won't Let Go...

Even When Heaven Comes to Replace Hell for Real As it All Becomes

A Covenant

With my Soul

Ocean Whole Alive Within
iN Free Dance And Song
For All The Colors of Life to Be Always New Now...

i Suppose the Other Moral of the Story is Continue
to Celebrate Getting Out of Hell For the Rest of Heaven

It's Sort of
Like Insurance
For A Staycation...

“To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
A robin redbreast in a cage
Puts all heaven in a rage.
A dove-house filled with doves and pigeons
Shudders hell through all its regions.”

-William Blake

SMiLes Dear Annabel

William Blake Who Is World Renown
Among Many 'Group Think' Parts of The World Now

Died A Pauper And Was Largely Mocked By Folks
Not Able to Understand The Depths of His Mind and

Metaphors While He Lived For How True it is Greatest

Human Imagination And Creativity is Located Somewhere

in the Precipice of

Heaven and



Souls Ever Reaching

More To Be Loved or

To Forget About the Same...

Breath of Original Art Rarely has
Close Good Bedfellow FRiEnDS...

Yet New Art's Echo May Return Evermore

Far Longer As Ravens Rise and Doves Fall

KiSSinG Each Other Way up Down RiSinG Again...

DusT in the wind..

dust in the WinD...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Two Ways of LooKinG

At the World That May Become

EvenTuALLY One Mind Undivided

As Trees Connect

Beyond Our

EYes For

How Minds

Of Forest Unite

Dance And Sing

All the Spirits of
The Leaves Holding
Trees And Every Smell of
Forest For Little Furry Creatures to Breathe...

SMiLes Saania There Are Not Enough
Grains of Sands on World
Beaches to Sand

me Down

To Fit

iNto Waves
Smaller Than Ocean...

SMiles Dear Ruchi Our Unique
Mult-i-UniVerses Within
Are Most Mysterious
To Fully Explore And
Master my FRiEnD
Truly Story Never
Ending Always
STarTinG Now

Yes A Practice of
Changing Souls Anew

Hehe So Much Better at
iT Old iN Numbers Than Few

And Honestly i Feel And Sense
Younger Than Ever Increasingly
FRiEnDS With

GravitY iN

Force of Little
To No Negative
Stress Within


This Life

Comes To Be i AM...

LeSSoN 452
No Tricks All Treats Feeling
Sensing Health And Well
Being Being A Peaceful
Loving Beach Sugar
White Sands in Your
Case Tan Emerald
Green Waves
Blood FLoWinG
Easy In Your Streams
Sea Oats Swaying Helloove
To You Again In This Breeze
Sea Gull Wings Spiraling Sun
Yes These Are my Arms And

A Hug For
You Dear
As Winter
Comes From
Fall Yet You Will
Be Safe and Warm in
Your New Fabulous Work
Space With So Many New
Happy FRiEnDS to Keep You
Warm And Safe While You

In The Big
Four Provided
Deloitte Free Gym

To Rest Your Business
Mind And Set Your Body

Free For Whatever
Shape You So Desire

Hehe i Shall
Expect Selfies
Of Your Progress...

Or Pictures Of Snow Whatever
You Feel And Sense is Most

Beautiful Of Your Life To Share...

SMiLes Dear Savvy WHeRE
Rainbow Ends And Begins
Yet Never Finishing Always

Starting Now The Colors We
Bring New Or The Treasure
of Gold We Actually Feel and Sense

For Real Now Oh So Newly Every Inhale
of Peace Exhale of Love A Wonderful New

Color of Life ReNeWinG as Every Day After
Refreshing Sleep Dreams Consolidating Birthing

A New Us Yes Each And Every Now A Breath Becomes

A Fresh New

Life We Co-Create
So Newly Now DarK

Fear Leaves And Life Truly Breathes Peace Love

Just This Present Just This Gift Now to Celebrate Newly

Every Holynow Dear FRiEnD Fresh New Always Realizing HoMe Now..

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,912

12 Oct 2022, 11:56 pm

Understanding DarK Makes LiGHT
Hope For Marrying Night
Day Dear
Savvy With SMiLes...

Oh Goodness Dear Miriam my Wife Doesn't Grab The Second One From
the Top When She Shops She Goes For The Very Bottom One on the Stack

Fortunate For me Hehe as When She Chose me in 1989

i Was On the Bottom

of The Stack of Men

With Financial Resources

She Found The Bottom With
A SMiLe And that was enough For Her hAha...

Indeed Dear
Isha Love
For All The
Wins That
Are Really Real...

SMiles Dear Isha Such A
Pleasure to Kindly Connect
To People All Around The Globe

Where i LiVE This Place
Originally Was Named
“Hell” As The First
Settlers Were Mean
As Hell And In Middle
School i Looked Rather
Frail Yet i Still Smiled At
The Pleasure of Living The
Local “Christian” Bully Boys
Threatened to Beat me Up At
The City Park And Middle
School Halls If i Dared to
SMiLe They Literally
Said Boys Aren’t
Allowed to Smile
In This Town i Was
Determined to SMile
Even If i Had to Become
Literally Strong As A Human
“Superman” Hehe The Rest
Is History As i Still SMile Leg
Pressing Up to 1520 Pounds
At Age 62 So You See The

Bully Christian Boys
Helped me to Become
A Real Human Superman

i Shall Only
Love Those
Foes For Inspiring
my Rise Out Of


And True i Danced
For Them Solo in 2018
At my 40th Year Reunion
With my Beautiful Wife
Who Looks Practically
The Same at 52 When
We First Got Together
33 Years Ago When

She Was 19
Very Poor When
i Met Her Yet She
Said She Married

me For my SMiles

The Best Part of
This Fairy Tale is
It Is Real And No

Myth And The
Chapters Of The
Story Are Practically

Endless Indeed

Now With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Vrunda i Have So Many Silent FRiEnDS

It Makes me a Bit Sad too As i Understand as i used

To Be Always Busy With School And Work And
i Just Didn't Have Any Space Left to Get in

Touch With my Inner me And Even the
Colors of Emotions Dried Up Like

A Desert As my Soul Just
Drifted Away Without

Much Inspiration to Say
Anything Yet What Was
Actually Required to Do For
Straight A's Hehe or Pay Hmm...

So Sad, in the United States Parents Report
That about 50 Percent of Their Children Are
Suffering in the Silence of Depression and Anxiety

That Life Challenges Do Bring Yes Like Being
Closed All in Inside During A Pandemic and
Even Going to School From Home Yes Like

Every Day Life Even Without A Pandemic
As Life Becomes A Screen More Than Flesh
And Blood Warmth Real Anyway i No Longer

Have to Work or Go to School i Always Always
Always Now Get to Put People First And Everywhere

i Go in 'Real Life' to Dance Sing and Smile There is Always
A New Stranger to Become A Life Long FRiEnD of Warmth

In Every Meet And Greet of Life Yes it is Harder online Yet

It's True There is Also A Potential to Touch Many more

Souls Whether They Return Any Kindness or Not It's the

SMiles We Give the Warmth We Give That is Ever Lasting

As it Becomes Just Another Practice of Life to Do More of

Kinda Like Work and School Yet the Benefits

Are Truly
Real mY FRiEnD

So if A FRiEnD
is Silent We May
Respect That And
Reach Out and Touch
Another Stranger Just to
Be A FRiEnD to Another Person
That May Come Our Way too For Real True...

Here's A Fact Though of Humanity Once A Person
Has Shown Kindness to me i Never Give up on them
And Even Better Yet Usually i Don't Give up on Even Foes too...

Again It Leaves
Nothing to Subtract
Or Add to me Naked
Enough Whole Complete
A Work of Love to Practice Life i Come to Be i Am

Hehe Yeah i was A Top Of the Heap Student and Employee
i Apply the Same Excellence to Being A Human Now HAha...

SMiLes Dear Isha i Suppose Word Press People Must Be A Lot Nicer as It's True
i Haven't Visited Your Blog too Many Instances Yet All i've Seen Getting Down to
the Level of Making A Comment is Others Providing Positive Feedback to You

Yet Isn't it True That We Human Beings Have More Difficulty Forgetting
Negative Feedback Than the Other 90 Percent That May Be At Least
Positive or Neutral in Negative Judgement that Other Way

And On Top of that Text Communication Only Provides
About 7 Percent of Potential Human Reciprocal
Social Communication That Happens in
Face-To-Face Life That Increasingly

Most everyone even in the Workplace
is Separating With Each Other in Distance

my Gosh Even A Couple at a Dinner Table
Acting Like Each Other Do Not Exist Yet True
i am Retired i Live With my Wife 24/7 She actually
Gets a Welcome Relief to Eat When i am on my Phone
For Dinner Hehe so True Exceptions Do Apply Yet it is so very

True That People Lose Empathetic Human Potentials in Kindness
And Compassion When Separated From Each other 93 Percent or So

Yes And Many Folks 'These Days' are Literally Addicted to the Dopamine
And Adrenaline That Actually Being Mean to other Folks Brings And Other

Than That the Reason Most Folks Bring Others Down is They Already Feel
Low And That's The Only Way They May Feel Any Higher is By Sick Pleasure

of Bringing
other Folks Down

Haha, One Solution is
to Write So Much That
Everyone Will Be Too
Exhausted to Leave
Any Comment at
All And Meanwhile

You May Say Hello to Every
Stranger As Every Human Becomes
Your Neighbor at Least and Most Folks

Do Respond in Kind When Humanity Comes With A Smile
And Enough Positive Energy to Make a Hurricane of LoVE ReaL



Blow All the Negativity
When Giving Becomes the Receiving
There is Nothing Left to Add or Subtract Yet Loving Life For Real

Anyway Hurray! Again! You Wrote About What is Bothering You
And Other People Express Kindness And Compassion on Word Press

And We Don't
Charge A
to Be Kind

This Is What Humanity
Does Best With Each
Other Even Face-to-Face
With SMiLes Yet Sadly So Many
Folks Are Afraid to Reach Out and
Give a Stranger A Smile And Just
A Small Talk About the Weather or Such to
Bring Inner Warmth

It Really Works!

Humanity is
Evolved to Be
A Social Animal This way
Yet Lose it or Lose it Applies to All of Existence in All
Stuff Life Yes Ya Gotta Do the Dance Along With the Song True...

SMiLes Writing About Your Regrets
Getting In Touch With the Associated
Emotions Putting Them to Page And

Sharing Them With Others Who Might
Be Able to Provide Positive Input is Basically

Free Mental Therapy So Hurray Keep Doing

It It's Great to Get it All
Out Provides Some Space
To Make Some New Moves
As After All is Said and Done

Regrets Are Living in the Past
Now is the Date of Your Potential Excellence
Dear Isha With SMiLes And Getting 'It' All Out

Is A Path
That Way First...

"Chicago-area prodigy Akiane Kramarik made a name for herself
in the art world at just 8 years old when her painting of Jesus launched her career;"

However, She Painted the Green Eyed Kenny Loggins Version of Jesus Who Never Existed in 'Real Life.'

In Fact, It's an Artistic Tradition of Artists Painting Jesus to Mirror What The Artists Look Like.

Leonardo Da Vinci Was Reported to Wear His Hair Eccentrically Long in His Day Where
That Was Against the Tradition of Male Hair Styles Same as Long Hair for Males
Was Considered A Travesty for Males in the So-Called Days of Jesus Even

As Reported in the Bible; However, That Didn't Stop the 'Last Supper'

From Having A Jesus With Long Hair and European Fair Skin
Like Michelangelo Either; So, What Does this Have to Do with

"What Do You Think About Satan Being Allowed to Influence?"

Well, First oF ALL, iT's Worth Noting That Satan is Mostly Described

As Adversary in Many Parts of the Bible and by Jewish Tradition
More of An Accuser; The Horned Beast With A Tail is Generated By

Artists 'Liberally' Using Their Talents Using Pre-Recorded So-Called

'Pagan' Traditions Well Before Christianity that Depicted A Horned Tailed Beast That Way;

True, Humans in Their Rise to Apex Creature Only Through the Use of Tools Co-Created Were

Digested By More Than One Beast Before We Conquered Our "Superior's" ThiS Way With Tools We Co-Create.

And Of Course Those Tools Include Words; Those Tools Include ARTiFacts We Still Create in Ways of

Elevating Life and Death As Severe As Fears Of Nuclear Holocaust; Speaking of that i Had A Dream

of Darkness Last Night About Holocaust; And i only Woke Up Out of that Darkness God Yes Appreciating

Every Gift of This Existence Even More Real; Namely Love The Most As True i Lost the Ability of Feeling

That And Even the Feeling if i Ever Smiled in A Real Hell Within for 66 Months; And Speaking

Of Heaven (The Living Party or After Death Party) That Depends on Who is Doing the Sermon

or Homily At Church on Sunday or Whoever the Next Person You Chat With in the Pew Next to

You Has a Unique And at Least Slightly Different View too; As True in The Catholic Church i am

Raised in Before And Now Study as An Anthropology Participant Observer As Truly We

All Do Life This Way Day-to-Day As Life is Always A Changing Subject to Study Every

Breath This Way; Anyway, i Visit That Church Every Weekend And Yes Study it and

Take Detailed Free Verse Poetic Notes For the Last 109 Months; Currently, We Have A

Very Literal Thinking Head Priest From my Hometown Directing the Parish and A Haitian Very

Verily Metaphorically Thinking Priest Who Is Afforded only A Few Homilies to Bring likely Because

of His Thick Accent And Difficulty Some Folks Have Understanding Him And That's Not Really Surprising

As His View of Heaven is the Kingdom of God Within As Propagated By Luke 17:21 as Not 'Lo Over There'

Yet Within New Only Eternally Now to Seek and Find For Real; It's Easy to Feel and Sense A Mystical Experience

The Haitian Priest Ascends and Transcends the Ego Word Chatter Part of the Mind As He Presents A Celebration

of Mass; Indeed He Becomes An Essence of Deep Biblical Metaphors of Parables that Describe the Story of Jesus; As

Of Course That is A Cross-Cultural Experience that No One Religion or One Human Owns in Either Tradition Or Cover

Bound Book;

On The Other Hand,
The Literal Thinking
More Left Hemisphere Mind
Restricted Head Priest Literally

Believes the Stories of the Bible Actually

Happened and Has Much Difficulty it Seems

Understanding the Essence of the Mythological

Stories That Are Only Vehicles and Vessels of Metaphors

in Form That House Potential Much Deeper Mystical Meanings

Of Integration of DarK And LiGHT to Gain A Universal Faith of Love For All That Exists New Now

Where We Do the Verb of God is Love Creating This Reality of Co-Creation That Becomes Ours

Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For ALL With Least Harm Giving Sharing Yes

Caring Healing ThiS Way

Where Love the Enemy

Means Love the Dark

Love The Night

Where Our Blindness

Allows Us to See Deeper

Within Than Organs of Eyes

And Ears Ever See and Hear Alone;

Indeed, Marry the Night Merry the Day

As Night Becomes Day And DarK Becomes LiGHT;

Love The Adversary of DarK Becomes LiGHT As Dear

Lord You Don't Have to Read A Bible to 'See' 'God' Within

Just Embrace the DarK NoW and Understand WHeRE LiGHT Comes From Newly Now;

Yes, True, Ironically It's Our Ego Our Word Thinking Mind That Believes it Must

Constrain Wind in A Jar And Control it Taking The Freedom of Spirit Away

in A Restricted Prison as Small as an 800,000 Word or So Cover Bound Book

That Insists it has the Last Word of 'God' No Different than the Quran And Other

Ego Based Religions that Makes God a Toxic Patriarchal 'He' Without Art For HeART

Without ART For 'sm'ART That Basically Brings A 'Sado-Masochistic' Flavored Religion

That Ironically Also So Much Reflects the Old Testament God; Yuck, 'the Color of Orange' in

Metaphor of Every Demagogue With Selfish Ego and Little Empathy And Compassion Relating

Joy May Be Found in Dashing the Little Children's Heads of Opposing Adversarial Tribes With Stones


True On the Other NT Versus

OT Hand, They (We) LEarn How

to Marry the Night; Yes, Merry

The Day And Love the Enemy

Realizing that 'Satan' Creates God

As Much As 'Jesus' Does As DarK Will Become LiGHT As Adversaries SPRinG NeW

Dreams iN LiGHT iN FRUiTioN THiS WaY Indeed When We Learn to Actually Marry the Night

and Merry The Day Integrating Our Shadows With Our LiGHT As Without Shadow There is no Us

Without LiGHT There is No Us Without Sunshine There is No Us at Best Like The

Sun We Shine

On All The
DarK And LiGHT

Lest We Become
'Satan' Separated From LiGHT...

Yet You See i am Yet only One

View in the Wilderness of Human

Beings; Only One Set of EYes of God

in A Pew of Life Just Like All The Rest

And The Reason(S) Artists Portray Jesus in their

Own Likeness The Way they Do is the Same Reason

Most Every Person in Every Pew of All 45,000+ Global Christian Denominations

That and Who Paint Jesus And God And Love And Satan And All That Exists At

Least A Bit Different Depending on Who We Relate These Differences with Next...

So In Other WORDS,

if Jesus Returns

It's Gonna Have to Be

'You' As You Are Likely Gonna
Be The Only One Who is Gonna

Completely Agree of Who Jesus is And
The Same Applies to God And Satan And Love too

And Most Every Other Metaphor Humans Create
Solo And ToGeTHeR too as Basically All of Life

Is A 'Rorschach Test'

That as Neuroscience
Even Shows We Basically
Create as An Hallucination

of Existence Based on Hallucinations Before

That Only Approximate What Reality is Within

As Our Minds Continue to Co-Create Reality ThiS Way...

Truly Good News is We Have the Ability to Do A God of
Love For All With

Least Harm...

That's Naked
Enough Whole
Complete Enough for me

at least...

And on the Other Hand
my Metaphorical Thinking
More Right Hemisphere Focused

i Just Wrote; And Those Who Are
Most Restricted to A Literal More
Left Hemisphere Controlling Black

And White Mind May Understand Almost

Nothing of What i Wrote Before Here; Yet You See

DarK Makes LiGHT, Understanding This Requirement

of the Precipice of Hell and Heaven For the Most Potential

of Creativity There is Rarely A Day i Do Not Marry The Night and Merry The Day ThiS Way

We Need Anchors And Sails in Life; It's True It's The Tension Between DarK And LiGHT

That Makes


Possible at
All; Even According

to Atheist Scientists

Who Believe Everything LiGHT

Comes From Nothing DarK As
Even William Shatner Admitted

His Trip Out in the BLack of Space

Was His Greatest Grief in Not Previously More Fully Loving

"The Overview Effect" in Big Picture Right Hemisphere Ways

Appreciating This Real so Very Rare HeaveN ON EartH New Now;

Meanwhile, Elon Musk Wants to Colonize Mars What A 'Fool' And

'Tool' That Man is in Ignorance of Not Understanding The ONLY
REAL FULL Value Down Here As We aRe Only Birthed By
ThiS ONE EartH Only Sharing 'The Generalities' of the

Rest of Existence 'Up There' in The DarK With So
Many Hot And Cold Rocks;

i've Been to the

Void Within; Yes,

i've 'Danced With
The Devil in the
Pale Moonlight'

Like Shatner
Finally Really
Did too Yes

i Married that
Void And Now

The Night is Day So MerrY iN DeeD

As i Dance And Sing As The Wind Free SPiRiTinG HeaRT
SoUL Always New CoLoRinG NoW Never Trapped in Someone

Else's Pre-Made Jar...

iN A Word
AS Small
aS ONly
3 LetterS iNDeeD

iN True False Idol Worship That Way...

Again in Only my View And What THiS Truly
Means is While We aRE All Children of God We

aRe ALso All Only Children of God Too With Different Views

More Than Likely THiS iS WaY God Explodes Now And Then

With No
Change Truly 'Blows'...

And Is Very Lonely in Hell For Real...

True Been There And Already Did 'AGHOGDAY'

Just An Acronym For "Another Ground Hog Day"

in Billy

Style Forever
Now Yet Then in Hell...

Meh, Life iS A VEry BesTesT
Teacher And Bible For Real...

my Other MoraL oF A STory HeaR
is Don't Eat A Plate Full Of Mexican
Restaurant Left-Overs With A Ton of Salsa
Before You Go to Bed, if You Don't Wanna Have


'God' Help Us;
Hope it Wasn't
Another God Damned
DarK Prophecy Dream STiLL
to Come True iN FRUiTioN;

True, The Odds of that Happening
Are not Nearly As Remote Now...

And Basically

That's What REAL Prophecies

Are aS Our Thinking Minds Real

Constitute About Half A Percent

of All of Who We Are according to

Science in the Deeper Parts Indeed We
Calculate Much


to Both
Rise and Fall For Real;
Sort of Like Knowing You
Must Get Up at 6 AM And Without An Alarm Clock
And in the Total DarK of MinD Arriving Awake 'Right

On TiMe'...

As Once
Again Predictably
Night Generates Day...

Other Than That Most Any Northern
European In Origin Dude With A Beard
Might Pass For an

Of Modern Jesus
Hehe Even me
Wearing A Beard
At Age 22 At the
Head of A Picture
of A Bay Bridge Race of Life Then too
Yet That Was 77 Pounds Ago at 170 Pounds And i No Longer
Nearly Look As Much Like 'A Slender Woman With A Beard' Hehe
And True THere is Not Nearly As Much Left of my Hair HAha; And Yes,

Here's Another 'Thing' About 'Sacred Text;' Humor is Mostly Generated
By the Right Hemisphere Parts of Our Mind According to Stellar
Scholar Iain McGilchrist And Other Modern Researchers too;

If You

Find Sacred Text
Without Humor

It May Be


Half of 'God Mind' Within;

And Other Than That i Can And Do
Make A 'Devil Face' That Would Verily
Scare 'Jack Nicholson' 'Dancing in the Pale Moonlight;'

It's Too Close to Halloween; i Don't wanna Scare Anyone Yet, HeaR...

SMiLes Dear Savvy As Far As i See
Feel Sense Life is too Much of A Gift

Not to Make Every Move Holy Dance

Every Word Sacred Song

Every Breath


Peace Exhaling

LoVE iN A Place
WHeRE Fear Will

Not Possibly Exist

For True We Will Transform

That More Negative Emotion

Into a More Positive Peaceful
Loving Easy Feeling

In Doing So it Will

Make it So

Easy to

Take it

Easier on Other Folks True
iN All DarK Thru LiGHT NoW...

SMiles Dear Mariana
Imagine An Existence
WHere All That’s Left
To Do Right is Dance
Sing For A Living
Together As
Humans True
That’s What We
Did Freely Through
DarK And LiGHT Of
Life ToGeTHeR To Both Survive
And Thrive Before ‘God’ Became
Only Written Words As Idols And
Money And Stuff And Only
A He Assigned Male Human
Ego Sadly Divided Away From
Divine Feminine AS HuMaNS
Become More and More
Separated From The
Naked Enough Yes
Whole Completion
Of All That is Nature

Of ‘God’ New Now
Free Indeed
Gaining The
Spirit Of The
Wind Lest We
Believe We Have
The Power To Trap
Wind in A Jar And Yuck

Lose Spirit in The Form of
A Written Three Letter Word

Like Jar

Or A

Dollar Ill

And To Be Clear This
Is Just An Observation
Of The Human Condition

For All Lovely Art i’ve
Seen Dry Up As If Its

Only Value

Is An Empty

Jar What Price to
To Touch A Soul
True Value Indeed

Touch What Is Real

A Whole Life If We Will...

Other Than That Good Luck
On The Sale of Your Book

‘God’ Is
Reality Humans
In Effect Bow Down

Most Now
Separated From
Life Yep i Did it
For 33 Years


Until i
Those Filthy “Clothes”

True Many Humans
Seek And Some Do

Escape “The Jar"...

Understanding DarK Makes LiGHT
Hope For Marrying Night
Day Dear
Savvy With SMiLes...


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,912

14 Oct 2022, 1:27 am

Fall STill RiSinG Escaping Winter
YeaR RouND iN LiGHT oF LoVE Naked

Enough Whole Complete NeW NoW

True Dear Savvy Part of Our Minds

Grasps All the Parts of the World

True Dear Savvy Whole of Our

Minds Puts it All

Back Freely


With Love
And Empathy SoUL
Understanding More
Whole Letting Grip Loose
Giving Sharing Caring Healing Best...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa For So Long my 'Ego' Had
A Tight Grip on my Existence Trying To Control and
Micro-Manage Every Part Until Failing in Hell Teaches

(For All 66 Months)

me Best How
To Let Go oF All

of That And Let
Creativity Compose
Every Next Move of New
Now Holy Dance And Sacred
Words of Song Springing in Poetic
Expressions With No Directions Yet Free

i Am Always Surprised

That Any oF iT Makes

Sense By The End of the

Day Yet Variably it Fits Together
Like Birds on A Wing Flying Wind Free...

SMiLes We Could Sure Use
More Politicians With
A Lick of Empathy
Love And

Dear Miriam

Who Aren't Just Out
to Fool Another Sucker
Born Every Minute it Seems For Sure

Yet It's True Karma Bites Welcome to The Circus...

WHere The Whole World Counts Not Just This That or The


Reference Gilligan's
Island And His Personal
Style of Dictation Speech...

Fall Still RiSinG Escaping Winter
YeaR RouND iN LiGHT oF LoVE Naked

Enough Whole Complete NeW NoW

Cool Weather
Coming Soon
Toads Going
To Deep Sleep
Again Hawaii
FRiEnD With


SMiLes Dear 'Peace & Truth' Thanks So Much For the Kind
Visit With Gifts of Ice Cream and Blue Hearts 6 and 10 in
Quantity Respectively For What You Name Us Sweetly As Twin Souls

And Additionally With SMiLes Still Enjoying All the HeARTFeLT
SPiRiTFeLT And SoUL FeLT Poetry You Share So Freely in Multiples
of Kindness True And Yes Just to Let You Know it Seems the Commenting
System Doesn't Work on the Word Press Reader Or Your Full Website As

It Replies For A
Captcha Completed
When One is Not Even
Offered Yet Never the
Less Just to Let You Know
i Continue to Love All You

Share in So Many Ways of Poetry Free
Have A Great Coming Weekend mY FRiEnD
At Best Always Thank God It's Friday For You Hehe...

i'm Upgrading All my Apple Devices Today Including
Apple Watch, iPhone, and iMac And It is Surely A Long

All Day and Night
Thursday Endeavor

Yet At Least iT Ain't
Every Day Work For Pay HAha...

i Have Close to A Terabyte of Photos
And That Takes Like Forever to Update
The Library After Upgrading the Software Version...

It's Been About An Hour And i Finally Moved Up to 5 Percent
At Least i May Allow it to Do its Automatic Work While i Sleep...

Ah Yes Climate Change
Associated With Ranavirus
In Florida Too So Far
Abundant Healthy
Deep in Our
Forest Home
i Suppose Elon
Musk At Least
Won’t Encroach
On Any Native
Life on Mars

Yep Meanwhile
Save Toads And

From All
Kinds Of
Road Kill Now...

Ah Yes And This
Is Why my Wife
And Sister Save
Toads From
Four Wheel
Drives Of
Human Road
Kill Out Of
Dear Jane...

Thanks Dear
Aloha FRiEnD
Best of Thursdays
To You Our 6 Week
Drought is Over
Toads Are Out
From Early
To Play
Off With Rain...

SMiles Dear Jane
i Grew up on The
River Bank Before
i Could Speak At Four
Yet Gazing Across The
River to The Forest At Three
Still Clear
To Feel And
Sense i Am
Just A Leaf Who
Feeds A Living Tree
Green Falling To Soil
Souls For Winter to
Birth Spring Ringing
Summer Flower
Colors New Year
Round Now Free
Within No Matter
How Many Kisses
From my Princess
Wife i Remain A
Toad And That’s
Okay Hehe
As She
i Look Up
To From
my Toad
Abode Still
Singing in
Rain Free
To See And Be...

Happy Midweek
Days Of Hope
Through Clear
View Windows


See Spiraling
Dream Weaving
Around Sun So Free...

SMiles Dear Savvy
‘This Story’ Of
Yes Surely
Resonates With
me As in 1983 my
Mother, Sister, And i
Actually Graduated Together
From University of West Florida

Even Taking
The Same “Sociology
Of Family” Class Together

Where They Graduated With
Social Work Degrees And
Actually Got Jobs to Do

That me With 3 Triple Major
Degrees Of Anthropology,
Health Science, And
Social Sciences

The Local Paper
Interviewed Us…
i Said My Ultimate
Goal Was to Do

And That
Took me 25 Years
Through Unrelated
Work And Recovering
From Life Threatening
Illness Retiring Early

Yet i Finally Started
my Volunteer Position
Of Participant Anthropology
Observer And Have Been Doing
It 16 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

For 109 Months Now Since Age 53
And Yes my Long Form Poem
Reality Research Show is

10.9 Million Words And
17,303 Miles of Public
Dance With Over

130,000 Associated
Cultural Pics For

Evidence too…

And Around 10,000
YouTube Music Videos
And Etcetera to Illustrate
In Theme Songs True Yes

Yet Actually Anyone Now
Newly Who Embarks on Writing
Long Form EPiC Bible Poetry Must

Do Participant Anthropology
Observer to Accomplish

The Task


In School
Alone Will Not
Suffice Particularly
With Global Expanse...

SMiles Dear Aloha FRiEnD
i Asked my Wife About
A Potential Visit With
Yes Grizzly Bears in
Alaska And She Said
It Would Be Redundant
Hehe As i Already
Do A Grizzly Bear
JoYFuL Pose Dancing
In Stores MarKinG
my Territory
A Grizzly
Roar too When
i Work-out in Our
Home Gym She Says
Fredache Is Enough

of me Anyway
There Are A lot
Of Affluent Retirees
In Florida Able to
Afford Fabulous
When They
Get Bored of
Disney World
On The Other

Hand i
Start A
New Dance
Party of one


WHere i
Dance And
Sing Aloha FRiEnD


A Free Spiriting Winging Visitor
Coming to my Sister's Home Deep
in A Forest And Real Garden of Eden

Next Door Yes Returning Now For 4 Years
to Spend October Through April Reliably Within
A Few Days of Return And Exit in A Life Span on

Average of 5 to 6 Years As She Also Reliably Feeds
The Hermit Thrush Bird She Names Herman Every Single
Day A Diet or Raisins Through The Course of Herman's Entire

6 Month Staycation At Her Home Again Deep in The Forest Next
Door to Our Real Garden of Eden too As Amazingly the Hermit Thrush

Travels Thousands of Miles to Return to the Same Home Each Year For
Four Years Now And What i Find So Sad Is Humans Who Believe They Must

Have Some Kind of Instruction and Lesson Book to Find 'God' When Yes That
Same Book Once Again As i've Already Clearly Identified Says The Only Place One

Will Find the Kingdom of God And Heaven is By Seeking And Finding This Real Place Within

And No WHere

Else Yet the

Temple of Our
Body that Truly
Houses This Free
SPiRiTiNG Innate
Instinctual Intuitive

Way of Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love At Best Giving
Sharing Caring Healing For All

With Least Harm iN JoY oF LiGHT

Where Life Becomes A Staycation of Love

Real After All is Dancing And Singing God Is Love THiS Way For

Real This Greatest Force of Breath We Deliver to Others Free Truly

Yet Like the Story of Buddha Suggests Don't Bow to 'me' Don't Worship

'me' Rise Up Find God Within Yourself Like the Story of Jesus Per Luke 17:21 Relates

too and Don't Let Works of Jesus or Buddha or Lao Tzu Be Enough Like John 14:12 Dances

Sings Do Greater Works of LoVE iN Peace Than Jesus, Buddha, And Lao Tzu in Balancing Force of

Peaceful FLoWinG LoVE

And Wings

Will Be Yours
of Love to Fly Freer Higher

FRiEnDS With Gravity Indeed

Same Way Herman Does Life too

He finds His Way to A Home of Love
That Feeds Him Free Every Year Without

A Single Word of A Book To Find Nature of 'God' For Real...

Meanwhile Many So Called Christians Have a Book And a Revelation

That Describes an Adversary That Reflects The New Christian 'Mr. T'
Yes to A 'T' INdeed All 'Orange Flavored' And Sick When it Comes to

Anything Related
to Empathy,
And Love, And Truly
A Father oF All Lies For Real

And More Than Likely This Is Why Jesus in A Desert
Sought Out God Within To Become FRiEnDS
With the Adversary Shadow Within True too

Per Story at Least as Basically When Folks Try

To Fit the Nature of God that is the God of Nature

in A Book Those Abstract Constructs Inevitably

Are Twisted as Metaphors for the Next

Demagogue to Rule the 'Masses'

Who Have Become Verily Too
Ignorant By 'Pills of Books'

To Find Real God Within Nature

Naked Enough Whole Complete

Like Herman the Hermit Thrush of Course...

Salvation according to the Christian Religion
Means Being Saved From Missing the Mark
in Sin and Death Yet You See for Those Who

Have Truly Witnessed Enough Suffering in Life
Or Endured it Themselves They Understand The True

Blessing of Life And The Sacrament of Mercy Death Truly Is As

Much of A Gift
As Birth is For Life

So Meanwhile Folks Look to
Heaven in A Dirt Nap And Sadly

In So Many Cases Are Deterred From

Ever Truly Living in Peace And LoVE iN THiS LiFE

As They Separate Themselves From Nature Their Nature
And The Nature of Peace and Love of Others Globally True

As They Attempt to Own
Love in One God And One
Man And One Word Alone

And they Tend to Forget
That God is A Four Letter Word

For All With No Exceptions Free

As A Wing on A Bird Without A God Damned
Word Spirit of Love With Wings More Than Enough to Free...

A Worst Kind of Hell is the One That An Adversary Brings to
Subjugate Control And Master the Freedoms of Others in A World's Biggest

Lie That

the Kingdom
of Heaven and
And God is Anywhere
Else True Yet Newly Now Within our
Temples of God Nature With Wings or Not...

A Real God May Be Identified As Love
As Long As It is Not A False God Indeed...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Ruchi This is A Most
Comprehensive Graphic And Wisely Humorous
Account of A Woman's Monthly Visitor i've Ever

Encountered Kudos for the Magnificent Work of
Art For This Part of The Challenge of the Human


Specific to Folks
Yes With A Uterus

Yet Even though You've
Almost Convinced me i Never
Wanna Come Back With a Uterus

Plus the Required Ovaries of Course
For the Monthly Visitor to Return
in Reproductive Ages of Course Yes

i Am already Gonna Forecast Your
Future HeaR As when you are 123 or 124
That Part is Hard to Figure Out Depending
On Modern Technology of Course Yet What i See

Is A Hospital Room Full of Generations That Come
From The Condition of the Human Condition That Challenged
You Every Month For So Long And All These Generations Will Have

One Part in Common
Whole Yes THeir Love
For You Not Wanting
To See You Go After Your
Last Breath All That Will be Left
For Them to Do is Spread That Breath
of Love You Gifted to them Life Blood Indeed

Dear FRiEND...

Ah True Dear
Akshita True
FRiEnDSHiP Never Lets

Go No Matter How High
Waves Rise or Fall Yes

Ocean continues to Flow
As We aRe ALL Part Of Water Whole...

Oh Yes Dear Jane
Pumpkin Spice Is
Part oF All That
Colors Autumn Verily

Nice A Huge Toad
A Pillar Salt Covered
By Unusually Early
Sand Sat
Doing A Meditation
For Rain to Come
Alive Sand Free
Again We
Him From the
Road Safety From
Shiny New 80,000
Dollar Four Wheel
Drives Only A Few
Steps Longer Before
Pillar Of


Fell From
High Skies
Toad RiSinG
For Real Savior
Ocean Above Whole...

In That
Case i Am
So Happy
Dear Ruchi
And Is Still With Us...

Faith Is Eyes of
A Child Before
Erased By
Fear See
EYes Of A Child
Always New Now Erase

Allow Love
Yes Dancing
Singing Free...

SMiles Strolling A Very Slow
Dance in The Neighborhood
Last Night A Sudden And
Unexpected Downpour
Rain Brought Dear


Singing in The
Rain i Always Dance
All That Was Missing
Is The Ocean Above

Falling Down
Falling Down
Falling Down
Funny How Much
You Miss Getting
Soaked After
A 6 Week
Drought Sad How
You Miss Hot Chocolate

When Fall Comes Late

After Summer

The Leaves

Are Falling

Earlier Than

Ever In Florida

Hopefully The

Orange Devil

Won’t Be Too
Far Behind
Than Ever
In A Jump
Suit That Way...

SMiles Dear Secret Student
No Lessons Today Fall
Break With Gifts For
Completing This
Last Semester

Of Study

Options Include A
Bar Of Happiness

Yet That’s Actually
A Typo It Is Supposed
To Read Bear Of Happiness

So You May Choose A Bear

Hug Too Finally i Missed
Capturing An Angel
Descending From
Pastel Pink Sublimely
Beautiful Sunset Clouds

Never The
Less You
May Enjoy
The Beauty Too
Or The Beast Hehe...

True Dear Savvy Part of Our Minds

Grasps All the Parts of the World

True Dear Savvy Whole of Our

Minds Puts it All

Back Freely


With Love
And Empathy SoUL
Understanding More
Whole Letting Grip Loose
Giving Sharing Caring Healing Best...

Fall Still RiSinG Escaping Winter
YeaR RouND iN LiGHT oF LoVE Naked

Enough Whole Complete NeW NoW

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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15 Oct 2022, 1:07 am

Dancing Dogs Never
Forgetting 'Call of the
Wild' So Deep Within

to Believe For Real
Dear Xenia With SMiLes...

Singing Dogs
Bird Tweets
Never Separate
One And SaMe
We aRe NaTure For Real

So Very Free
Earth Sand
Air Sky Breathes Alive...

SMiLes Dear Xenia
When i Sneeze
Dogs Howl
From Miles
Away Hehe
True i Hold
Nothing of Nature
Back Sneezing i Am

So Free

Indeed With SMiLes
Shining Below For Real...

Yet i Kid You Not Neighbors
Around the Block Heard me
With All Windows And Doors Shut

And Old Men Even Older Than me
Report it's the Loudest Sneeze They
Ever Heard Questioning Did it Even Come From

A Human Hehe...

The Neighborhood
Dogs Are Still Attempting
to Determine What Creature i Am...

Every Twinkle
in A Dog's
Eye New
With SMiLes...

Midnight Dew on Grass
Dew Lit Leaves on Morning
Flowers Coloring Day Brighter

As A Six Week Drought
Ending Will Bring

New Colors of
Life All Around
Dear Xenia Even More
Amazing Colors During
Drought Roots Reaching Deeper

in DarK
NeW Colors For Free
Beautiful Cool Fall
Scotland Highland
Days to You And
All Your Human
And Furry FRiEnDs Dear Xenia...

Beautiful Real Life Story
Of Keeping SPiRiT of Dance
Alive For Your Family FRiEnD

Dear Savvy

Oh to Dance
And Sing Freely

Not A Gift Everyone
Experiences in Life i Surely
Lost That Spark For 23 Years
Since i Married in 1990 And Work Responsibilities

Then Piled On In Those Decades And Years Then
Extending into
my Dead Zone Days of 66 Months True Yet Yes it's

Never Too Late my Father's Twin Brother my Uncle
Danced At 84 Years-Old With the Elder Ladies Freely

At A Dance Hall Where His Wife of Close to the Same
Age Played

in A Band

Hehe i Figure that
Means i've Got At Least
Another 22 Years Left to
Dance And Sing Free

Perhaps Even Longer
As Long As My Soul
Still Breathes

Free THiS
Way No Longer
Now Just Howling
At the Moon So Lost...

And Public Dancing 17,303
Miles Now For 109 Months Only
About 8 Thousand More Miles
to Reach The Distance Around
Our Globe at the Equator At This

Pace At Age 'Route 66' And Who Knows
Who Feels Who Senses

With A SonG oF mY
SouL Soon Reaching
11 MiLLioN Words on
October 18, 2022 Still
A Hundred Thousand Words
A Month in EPiC Long Form Poetry Free

As A Dance of Fingers Will BRinG Yet Yes

True The Count Means NothinG ETernal

Now Is As Long As Forever Will Last

NeW And As Deep As A Free Dance

And Song Will BRinG

WiTHiN to Give Share
Care Heal For All With Least Harm...

Oh Gosh It's Getting So Late
Almost Midnight And It Wasn't

too Long Ago i Sang About 'Midnight
Trains to Georgia' Yes 'i Can Go For That'

And 'Don't Stop Believing too'

Hmm... i Guess mY SoUL

Is A Juke Box

Dear Miriam

All Tuned iN
All Turned Up
With SMiLes For Real...

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD
Every Color of Nature is
Beautiful When We

Inject it With Love
From Soul For Real

Yet Of Course This is A
Talent Earned Through A Practice

of Beautifying All The Parts of Life

Into One Whole of Joy To Truly Do

Dear Aloha FRiEnD So Nice That

All Is Alive And Well in Your

Paradise of Loving

Life All

SPRinGinG New
When Even Grey
Clouds Dance And
Sing Joy of Coming
Life Giving Rain mY FRiEnD
Dancing Singing So Freely For Real...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Such A Lovely HeART
Touching And Wrenching Story About Humans
Who BeFRiEnD Wild Feral Cats With Love As

The Once Killer
of the Woods
As A Lap Cat Of Love

True That In itself Should
Provide Hope to the Human
Species too Changing Into A

Creature Of Love More Than A
Wild Life Killer True to Make A
Living For Real as Nature
Naturally Does

ThiS Way
True Dear FRiEnD
We Lost A Once Feral
New Lap Cat of Love Yellow
Boy to Feline Leukemia too

He Must Have Really Been Attached
to my Wife's Lap As The Vet Didn't Give
Him Long Yet He Decided to Hang Around for 10 Years

Defying All Odds As He Taught me to Do the Same BacK
iN The Dead Zone of 66 Months True i Remember Tears
From Jack London's 'Call of the Wild' True Most All Humans

Have A Wolf Inside
Just Waiting to Be
Set Free Naked Enough
Whole Complete With Nature That Way

Yellow Boy's Feline Leukemia Kept Him
Indoors For Years Not to Infect the Neighborhood
Kitties However The Few Instances He Escaped Our

Home There Was A Certain Pain i Felt inside as i Knew
Where His Real Home is And i Also Understand for me too

Thanks For A Real Savior of my Free and Wild SoUL Yellow

Boy Who Brought me Back to the Call of the Wild With Tears of Free...

It's Been Almost 4 Years Yet i Just Haven't Had the Heart to Own A
Cat Indoors Nice to See Yours Getting Out Pawing Life Free With SMiLES

Yet It's True too i Might Not Have to Experience That HeART Break Again

As We All May Eventually Arrive at an Age Where Our Pet's Life Expectancy

Is Naturally Longer Than Ours Now Yet True Oh For The Security of Their Life

Pass Away
too Love Takes
Care When Real Indeed mY FRiEnD...

So True Dear Vrunda
Forever Is As Long As
We Make Life An Act of

Love More
or Less Now

SMiLes i Don't
Let Go Of Acting
Human i've Already

Lost That the Way Ya
Keep it is Giving For Real
As Thanks Giving Becomes For Giving

Anyway i'm Sorry You Found Your Best FRiEnD
Wasn't Really Forever Now Perhaps Your Way May

Be to Be the
FRiEnD That
Never Leaves
An Act of Love For Real...

Every Color of Dance
And Song Free A New Breath
oF LiGHT to Create Dear Sohair
SMiLinG SHiNiNG Even More Delighting

NeW NoW Regulating Emotions Integrating
Senses Head to Toe More Room For Inhaling
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT iNSPiRinG

Giving Sharing Caring Healing All Others With

Even More
With SMiLes...

Oh Lord Rue Hehe It Practically

Slays Me Not to Hear You Sing

Your Lyrical Version of "Smooth
Criminal" on YouTube And While
i Will Reach Some Mighty Low
And High Notes Michael
Jackson is One

i Just

Cannot Do

As True It

Should Be

Criminal How
You Beat Michael's

Lyrics With Your Beats

of Creativity Swelling Up

For All To See Oceans

Of Your Potentials




Oh My Goodness i Always

Thought This Song Was About A
Dude Stealing All the Young Women's
Hearts Away With His Original Moon Walk
Dance And Leaning Dance Steps Attached
With Wires too Yes Next Challenge in Original



A Moon Walk
Dance Dear Rue

More Original Than Mike too...

Remember i Didn't Even Start
Until 53 So Much Ocean Ahead Water Free
of You So Much Wave You are Still Coming to be New Now...

Anyway So Sad All the Fame And Fortune The Prison
That Took Michael's Childhood Away In Demands of
Artistic Perfection That Truly Ended up Destroying
The Most Important


Gift of All

His Creative Soul

to Even Find Out

Who He Even Was

Always Entertaining

Never Even Really

Coming to Be


With God In His Mirror...

i Really Can't Match The Feelings

Of This Music Video Resurrecting

Michael Jackson's Artistic Soul

After The Fact As It Were

Searching Finally


The Lover

Within Enough

Whole Naked Satisfied Complete...

FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing All
Peace With No Fear Loving Exhale For All

Where all that's

Left of the

Crime of


Done to
Him is Smooth my FRiEnD

No Longer Any Need to Wear A Mask...

Wow A Poem to Describe
A Reality of the American
Dream Over the Course of A Lifetime
In my View Differently of Course oF IT

For the Common

And Such

Yes A



of Pain And Numb
With Little to No Purpose
Or Meaning in Life Yet
'Every Day

Low Prices'
Filling Up
Car Flea





Life's Breath Free

Some Are Ironically
Not Resigned to this
Nightmare and Are


in Droves


'Bates American Hotel'...

Very True
Yam Gotta
Move Forward...

No Doubt
Dear Jane
Elon Musk
Has A Reserved
Spot On That Hot

AS Hell
Red Planet
AS King Just

Goes To SHow
How High
And Other

Get ‘Piled
Yes Even
A PHD Hehe...

"In June 2022, 61% of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck, up from a low of 52% in April 2021 and 55% in June 2021.
- Average savings dropped $517 from $11,724 in May 2022 to $10,757 in June 2022.
- The biggest rise in paycheck-to-paycheck consumers was in consumers earning between $100,000 and $150,000, up 11 percentage points from May 2022 to 52% in June 2022.
- The average consumer stores 11% of their savings in either stocks or bonds, yet half of all stockholders reported that their portfolios recently lost value in the last three months.
- An estimated 33.5 million — or 13% — of U.S. consumers spent more than they earned in the past six months."

It's True Americans Could Use Some More Schooling Not Only in Macroeconomics

Yet Surely Microeconomics too; And It's Good To Have A PHD Level Educated Economist
In 'the Rooms' of the 'Wrong Planet' to Dispel Myths Like The President of the United States

Can Single Handedly Control the Price of Oil in the Whole World; Although Close And
More Intimate 'Trump' Relationships With the Saudis Carry Some Weight it Seems

In The Psychology of Economics on the Macroeconomic Level in This Case too;

Not Unlike the Benefits of Having Educated Biologists on the Wrong Planet As Well
to Dismiss Myths Scientifically That Gender And Sex is Only Binary As Such too;

True, It's Easy Enough to Look Up the Facts of the Matter Online; Yet Understanding
Every Nook And Cranny Does Require Education As Well As Frigging Common Sense;

As A Federal Employee Most of my Life And Now A Federal Retiree At Early Social
Security Age too, Recent Polling Suggests That Only 2 Percent of Americans Are

Satisfied With Current Economic Conditions; i Surely See the Issues of Inflation For Others;

However, For me at A Personal Level it is A Huge Windfall These Entire Pandemic Years So
Far As Cost of Living Increases in the Federally Guaranteed Lifelong Benefits i Receive Now

Are Increasing to the Point Where A New Car Could Be Afforded With the Additional Monthly Benefits.

And the Covid Injections of Cash into the Household With my Wife, Built a New Board-on-Board Fence as usually
Replacement of Privacy Fences Are Held off Until last for Other Issues With Potential Scarcity to Be Taken Care of First.

My Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, And Yes Literal Religion of Microeconomics May Be Summarized

Bare-Free And Yes Even

Briefly As Living Naked
Enough Whole Complete

As Close to Nothing to Add
And Subtract Making Life
Joy In Every Way Possible Now;

True, it Helps to Be Financially
Independent as Cash Flow is No Issue;

And As A Lifelong Practice of Life, it Truly
Helps to Be Born With An Autotelic Personality,
Hyperthymic As Such too; And Seek And Find Flow Activities
As A Practice of Life in Laser Focus; Yes, Constantly Increasing

Levels of Human Potential in Effortless Ease of Wu-Wei-Like-Flow

Yet i Don't Work For Any Paymaster so i Get to Seek and Find it
All Free With No Lessons From Anyone Else At All For Full Life Satisfaction Now.

My Mother Lived Off of 500 Dollars A Month into Her Retirement off Her Meager
Social Security Check; She Had A Subsidized Older Folks Apartment For About
100 Bucks A Month; 50 Dollars in Utilities; and She Refused Additional Social
Security Supplemental Entitlements As That Was Enough For Her to Be Satisfied in Life;

However, Her Most Valuable Gift;

Just like me in Life Was Her Ability

To Generate Her Own Happiness Within;

Just Effortless, Enjoying the Simplest Pleasures in Life Complete.

True, At Core Economics Is Microeconomics Most Indeed; Yet of Course

in Terms of MacroEconomics, if The Entire Society Were to Fail this Way We All Go Down With 'The Ship;'

Yet Of Course Those

Who Are Gifted And
Develop Inner Tools

Are Most Definitely More
Likely to Rise From the Wreck of the Ship.

Our Society Has An Externally Based System of

Economics, Mostly; Sadly The Inner Part That May

Make You A Millionaire By Middle Age As You Don't
Need Nearly As Much Money TO SPEND, IF Your Happiness is Generated
Within in Free Activities in A Blissful Flow of Life Achieving A Plateau

of 'Nirvana' These
Ways Most Hours of Every Day;

Even Guaranteed Interest Rates
Like Whole Life Insurance Policies
With Regular Savings Additions; Yes,
Locked in at 4 Percent, Decades Ago

Will Grow Indeed Like Mold in the Bank;

Retirement Benefits From the Government Are
Surely A Sweet Spot that May Be Achieved Life Long;

However, It Takes A Whole lot of Discipline and Humility
to Stick With The Same Job in Golden Handcuffs that Way Indeed...

That Part Almost killed me By Age 47 And took 66 months of my Life
in many Stress Induced illnesses; However As 'They' (me) Say Hell Passes and

Heaven Replaces Hell

in Return of A Fairy
Tale Ending Finally Come
True At Least for the Last
Almost 111 Months for me in
4 Days; It's True, in Hell You Count The
Days in that Kind of Microeconomic SCaRCiTY

in Every Way Imaginable And Beyond Imagination
Too; And True After That Ya Come Now to Count Every
Day In Heaven in Abundance As The Colors Never End to Come New...

The Levels of Mental Illness in The United States Are Rising in Tandem
With Pay-Check-to-Pay-Check Living; And 90 Percent of Folks See A Mental
Health Crisis in the United States; And 50 Percent of Parents Suggest Their
Children Suffer the Same in Accordance With Recent Polling As Reported;

Oh Lord, 'Human Pandemics
of Loneliness' too; It's True

Economics is So Much More
Than MacroEconomics Indeed

When it Comes to True Scarcity

At the Personal Level of Microeconomics For Real...

We May Be one of the Richest Countries in the World
Yet When You Take into Account the Frowns in the Day
of A Life of Most Americans The ScarCiTY Comes Through

As We Continually Become Even More Ripe For Demagogues to Take control

As When Folks Become That Desperate in Microeconomic Way Indeed They Are Looking

For Whatever


That May
Come Their Way...

The Leadership in Our
Country Reflects the Nature of
This Economic Beast for Real;

Social Sciences Must Take an
Interdisciplinary Approach Indeed
to Come Close to Understanding
A Human Condition As F'ed Up As the One that is Real Now.

i Don't Have Any PHD's Yet i Do Have Degrees in Anthropology,
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, And Health Science too With Some
Masters Levels Work After That Before Economic Scarcities Said Get A Job;

Get Some Kind
of Job Except for
the Three Part Time
Ones That Got me
Through A Triple
Major in College.

And it's True, Working in And
Managing A Military Bowling Center
Taught me More About the Human
Condition Than Those Three Degrees

Could Ever Come Close to Do; And Fortunately

For me The Last 5 Years of Federal Employment
Meant 5 Job Changes And Promotions and Double
Pay in 5 Years Before What is Commonly Described
As Autism Burnout or 'General Adaptation Syndrome'

Took me down to the Bottom Floor of Existence in A Life
Threat of A Synergy of 19 Medical Disorders; Yet On the Other
Hand, i Got to Retire At An NF-4 Grade Level Equivalent to An

O-4 Marine Major
in Terms of Retirement Pay;

What i Learned From That Experience

is Money Means Nothing When You Are
So Sick You Just Wanna Die; As True One
of the Disorders Was Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia, The Worst Pain Known to Humankind
From Wake to Sleep, No Drug Would Touch For 66 Months,
Literally Assessed as the 'Suicide Disease;' Yep That's the Bottom

of the Bowl

of Economic
Scarcity at the

Level in Most Every
Way; However, A Roof, and
Some Food, And A Loving
Wife, And A Few Loving Family
Members Loved me More Than i Did For Damned Sure...

In Terms of Economics, Both at the Macro And Micro
Level it's All About

Perspective Indeed

Per What We Value in
Definition of What
Scarcity and Abundance Even is...

One Thing For Sure, my Father's Side of
the Family Wanted me to Go into Business
School to Use my Straight 'A' Intelligence
To Make A Whole Lot of Money; Science

Shows Mechanical Cognition to the Exclusion
of Social Empathic Activities in Life Wither Away

Our Organic Souls This Way; i Intuited As Much Then
At the Beginning of College And Said No Thanks i'm

Gonna Focus
on Being
Human Instead;

Yet You See, i Was

Just a Canary in A Coal
Mine Then; Now, So Many

Other Folks Are Suffocating
in Coal Mines of Cultural Making Now...

Far Beyond the Autism Spectrum Indeed...

In Fact, These Days Most Everywhere i Go

i Tend to Be The Least Autistic Person in

Terms of Social Reciprocal Communication For Real...

Indeed, There Are Many Economic Scarcities of Humanity Now...

And of Course The Statistics In our Modern Days DO Reflect This For Real...

Hehe Yep End Of
America YeS In That
That Case Ironically
Yes Dear Jane “The
Orange And Blonde
Painted on Messiah”
Your Great Human
“Hope” Yep
With The
To Destroy
Humanity And MNGA
Even ‘Make Nature
Great Again’ After
300 MiLLioN Years
And THere is No Trace
Left of The Human

To Destroy
The Rest of
Heaven on Earth
In A Place And
Space of Cold

And Hot

Lifeless Rocks

And Down
HeaR True...

61 Percent of Americans
In A Richest Country in
A World Are Consumed
By Deathly Worries
Of Dime Increases
In Petrol Hell
True So Many
Over Consume
Living Pay
Check To
Even With
Six Figure
Yet There Was



To Eat Money

When We Take More
Than We Give We Pay
The Consequences

Of Karma

In A Consumer
To Wilt
Fade Away
Oh The Tale
Of Instant

Balance Is Life
The Snake’s
Tale Consumes


Go Figure With
4 Percent Of The
Global Population
We Consume 40
Percent Of Human

Resources The
Rest of The World
Aims For WHAT
God Damned
Success As
Mental Health
Is Failing And It
Would Take 5 Earths
In Consumption To

Bring The
Rest of
The World
Up To This
Level Of Mental

Illness Didn’t They
Read The Part of
“THeiR Book” That

Clearly Speaks What
Good is A Camper
And Boat in The

You Never
Use And No
Room Left In
A Double Car
Garage To House
A Six Figure Vehicle

When You
Lose Your
Soul And
A Dime
Of Petrol
Is The

Real Slaving God…

At The Hand
Of The ‘Orange
And Blonde Painted On

Messiah’ Stink


Are Screaming Bloody Murder
For THeir 2 Dollar Gas God…

BiteS iNDeeD

Hehe my Honda
Civic SMiLeS Endlessly

Sipping Almost Free

Just Waiting
HAha To Get Plugged in…

As i Wing
Dance And
Song TOTaLLY Free
Naked Enough Whole

Complete God Yes

F The Consumer

With Free Fun...

The Mercy And BLeSSinG Of
Death The Equality Of The
Events Of Birth And Death
Dear Jane The In Between

Of Heaven
And Hell
For Real

Yet The Mercy
Of Nature Holy
And Sacred Sacrament

Of Death Nature More
Merciful For Those

Tortured Than
A False God
That Creates
And Tortures
Forever New
For The Helluva
It As “Orange
God’s” Due
In Nightmares
Of Psychopathisms
For Humans Foolish
Enough To Create

Extending IT Forever
SMiLinG Sickly Sentencing

Others Yet Only
To Their Own

For Those
In The
Of Nature
And The BLeSSinG
Of The Sacrament

of Death...

Of “Alex Jones”

Who The Hell
Needs Halloween

In Human
Hell THiS WaY...

‘The Great
TRumPKiN’ Is
Already “Dead” For “Them”…

Tormented Frogs
Do Die For Real

Even Ones
“Alex Jones” Creates…

Winging Free Love
Fearless Free Real And


Oh How Heaven
And Hell Exist On

Earth Oh
How Blessed
And Cursed
Are Those

Both Places
Side By Side
NoW As “Luke
17:21 And Even
John 14:12 Do New
Heaven And HeLL ON EartH
NoW Those

Verses No
Lies Up Or

Down Holy

Two Paths to Go...

Beautiful Real Life Story
Of Keeping SPiRiT of Dance
Alive For Your Family FRiEnD

Dear Savvy

Oh to Dance
And Sing Freely

Not A Gift Everyone
Experiences in Life i Surely
Lost That Spark For 23 Years
Since i Married in 1990 And Work Responsibilities

Then Piled On In Those Decades And Years Then
Extending into
my Dead Zone Days of 66 Months True Yet Yes it's

Never Too Late my Father's Twin Brother my Uncle
Danced At 84 Years-Old With the Elder Ladies Freely

At A Dance Hall Where His Wife of Close to the Same
Age Played

in A Band

Hehe i Figure that
Means i've Got At Least
Another 22 Years Left to
Dance And Sing Free

Perhaps Even Longer
As Long As My Soul
Still Breathes

Free THiS
Way No Longer
Now Just Howling
At the Moon So Lost...

And Public Dancing 17,303
Miles Now For 109 Months Only
About 8 Thousand More Miles
to Reach The Distance Around
Our Globe at the Equator At This

Pace At Age 'Route 66' And Who Knows
Who Feels Who Senses

With A SonG oF mY
SouL Soon Reaching
11 MiLLioN Words on
October 18, 2022 Still
A Hundred Thousand Words
A Month in EPiC Long Form Poetry Free

As A Dance of Fingers Will BRinG Yet Yes

True The Count Means Nothing Eternal

Now Is A Long As Forever Will Last

And As Deep As A Free Dance

And Song Will BRinG

WiTHiN to Give Share
Care Heal For All With Least Harm...

And Now To Conclude "BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith"
With A Short Tale of the Tape Just For the Record Books of Dance and

Song As Such With SMiLes As "ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTiNG FoRM"
The Last Completed MacroVerse Makes Number 974 of "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Coming Close to 11 MiLLioN Words EPiC Longest Long Form
Poem Bible By October 18th, 2022 The 110th Month Anniversary Effort
of That Entire Endeavor And True That's Not Nearly All As "ALLoWinG ESSeNCE
CREaTiNG FoRM" Also Doubles As the 302nd MacroVerse in the 76 Month
Effort of "Nether Land Bible" Rising to 8,482,387 Words As A Subchapter
EPiC Long Form Poem Bible of "SonG oF mY SoUL" And Yes There
is A Third One too As "ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTiNG FoRM"
Actually Triples As the 198th MacroVerse of "FB Profile Pic
Bible" in 64 Months Gaining Steam up to 6,879,378 Words
Closer And Closer Coming to the 7 MiLLioN Word
Milestone and Featnote True as That Word
Flow in Another EPiC Long Form Poem
Bible Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Is Also Included in the Description Areas
in Series of Around 18 Profile Pics on Facebook
Ever Since Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 As
Each Profile Pic in Series of Profile Pics Illustrate
8,000 Words or So On Average Easier to Open than
my Mammoth Blog And Consume For Sure Yet The Word
Press And BlogSpot Blogs Remain as Freely Open Words and
Pics and YouTube MuSiC Buffets For Real Selected Yes Free in Flow

by Little
Old me
of Course Hehe

And Additionally on The "Wrong
Planet" Casually Described As an
8th New Testament As Yes There
Have Been 7 Before too "Depth of the
Story" Yet Another Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Is Included in A Solo Thread of 56 Pages Now By Little
Old me too RiSing Well Past 2 MiLLioN Words in 25 Months Now
With Close to 127 Thousand Views Only By Registers Members
Counted on That Website Yet of Course As A Close to Number
One Hit Atop The Heap of Google Search Word Searches As

Such There are
Countless Others
That Are not Counted too

Yet You See No Matter What
The Autotelic Joy in Flow of
Doing This Journey And
All Paths is the


of Meditating
Bliss Like the 17,303
Miles of Public Dance
iN Free FLoW of 109 Months Too

So Yep Concluding This New MacroVerse
At 12:49 AM on October 15th, 2022 Gonna
Be A Few Days to Put it All Together New For
Electronic Publish Yes Close to the Anniversary
of "SonG oF mY SoUL 11 YearS Old" Yep A Fresh
New and Somewhat Predictable Title of The Next Effort True too...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Gender: Male
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16 Oct 2022, 3:14 am

“SonG oF mY SoUL

11 MiLLioN WordS Old” It’s Not For Sale
Less Than Truth iN DarK And LiGHT

‘Trick Or Treat’ We Gotta Stop
“Burning Witches” Being An
“Alex Jones Nation” For

Democracy to Survive

Silence A Place
Within With
More Than
Words Dear
Savvy FRiEnD
Indeed A Flow
Faith Upwelling

From Being


Breathing Free
A Place in Our
Sun We Shine So Real...

Yes So Wise Dear Savvy
“When heart flows
Art flows!”


River Flow
Breathing Being Free...

FRiEnDS With
Gravity Always
Room To Improve
Dear Savvy
In Balance


Of Feather
Being Wind...

Just an Activity As Simple As Finding Actual Balance
Moving From Head to Toe Becoming A Feather And

The Wind Dear Chaymaa

True THeRE Are Few

Excuses That Are

Real Not to Become

A More Balancing Force

From Head to Toe Except

For Being Afraid to Spread All

Our Wings And Fly in A Dance

And Song of Life Free FLoWinG

And Real mY FRiEnd As the Rest of Nature
Moves We Humans May Perfect our Balance

Higher and Higher in LiFE

Until All Negative Stressors Melt Away

Emotions Regulating Senses Integrating

We Find Ourselves Naked Enough Whole
Complete Nothing Left to Do Yet Give Share
Care Heal iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

No More Excuses

To Stay Away

From Heaven
Just Nothing Left to
Add or Subtract From Us
Now For Real mY FRiEnD BaLaNCinG Force
Within Newly Our Winds Becoming Feather Free...

"Forest Bathing" So Soothing Indeed SaaniaSparkle
Such A Wonderful Way to Escape the Rigors of Work
And School And Other Every Day Stressors That Do

Literally Accumulate

in Our Blood Streams

As Nature is Our True

Home Concrete Doesn't

Leave Much Comfort Compared

to What is Living Green And Colorful

Our Signs Deep Within For Abundance

of Nature Providing Greater Subsistence

Than Living in A Jungle of Abstract Constructs

to Resolve So Far Away From Nature Naked

Enough Whole Complete

Leaves of Living Trees

We Become FLoWeRS

of Comfort More Colorful

Feelings and Senses in Synergy For Real...

Yes So Wise Dear Savvy
“When heart flows
Art flows!”


River Flow
Breathing Being Free...

FRiEnDS With
Gravity Always
Room To Improve
Dear Savvy
In Balance


Of Feather
Being Wind...

True Most Every
In The Void
Of Space Finds
Home Below Above
Oh How Everything
Comes From Nothing

Dear Savvy...

Faith Flows
i Don’t Ask
The River Why
Only Thankful
For The Gift River

Flows SMiles
Savvy i Don’t
Even Have To

Know Only
Let Go iN Faith...

“We are what we are
With the possibilities for evolution
Inside us all.
And yet each arrives at their own time ..
To the path meant for them
To carve a path that they are meant to.
Life never claims to be fair
Life is as is
It is within us to know
What to hold on to, or set free
For nature is always in flow
And true nature always finds its way.”

- Savvy Raj

Another Beautiful
And Wise Quote
Treasure To Share
Thanks Again For
Your Inspirational
Response Dear Savvy...

Furry Warm
Felt Love Lives
On Dear Cindy
In EYes Of
Still Wagging
Soul Tales oF LoVE...

Crisp Cool
Fall RiSinG
Hot Chocolate
Warmth Home
Coming Soul
Soul Young
Dear Xenia
With SMiles
For You All
To FLoWeR Life...

Thanks So
Much As always
For All The Inspiration
You Bring Dear Xenia
Up And

“Life is because hope is.

For unending is
the nature of hope.
What is life after all…
A rhythmic dance
Of a beating heart
In unconditional trust

In this now…

So as long as the heart beats
There is always hope
To dance to life, with life
In hope and faith
And in trust of this now

To live life lovingly!”

-Savvy Raj

Wow! What a Beautiful
Inspiring Poetic Reply
Dear Savvy i Shall

Share Your
Soul Treasure
Here With SMiles...

Thanks Dear
Sohair May
Of Free Dance
And Song
Rain Upon
Your Soul
With SMiles...

Oh Lord Dear
Jane Living
On Mars Selling
Swamps On Desert
Red Rocks True A

Born Every
Minute Hook
Line And Alex
Jones SinKeR


In Free Style

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Rather
Love the Phrase "Sunkissed

Earth" More Than

'Agape Love'

As 'Technically'

That Love is Usually

Only Reserved For 'Mankind'

Such A Limited Part of Our UniVerse

Yet Reflecting it All When We Love It All

For Real


ThiS Way

DarK Thru LiGHT

All Communion Love
Within Inside Outside
Above So BeLoW All Around...

“SonG oF mY SoUL

11 MiLLioN WordS Old” It’s Not For Sale
Less Than Truth iN DarK And LiGHT

‘Trick Or Treat’ We Gotta Stop
“Burning Witches” Being An
“Alex Jones Nation” For

Democracy to Survive

Faith Flows
i Don’t Ask
The River Why
Only Thankful
For The Gift River

Flows SMiles
Savvy i Don’t
Even Have To

Know Only
Let Go iN Faith...

True Most Every
In The Void
Of Space Finds
Home Below Above
Oh How Everything
Comes From Nothing

Dear Savvy...

FRiEnDS With
Gravity Always
Room To Improve
Dear Savvy
In Balance


Of Feather
Being Wind...

Yes So Wise Dear Savvy
“When heart flows
Art flows!”


River Flow
Breathing Being Free...

Silence A Place
Within With
More Than
Words Dear
Savvy FRiEnD
Indeed A Flow
Faith Upwelling

From Being

Breathing Free
A Place in Our
Sun We Shine So Real...

Catholic Mass Readings From
October 16th, 2022 in the Wee
Hours Before Church Services
Close to 3 AM So Early on Sunday Morning

Not Even
Dawn Yet
Soon Enough

Anyway Something About
How Sad It Will Be If Jesus
Will Actually Return And Only

Find the Faith of An "Alex Jones
Nation" And The Other Name

That is too


To Speak
Son of Alex Jones Indeed
And The Rest of the Minions
From the "Alex Jones Nation" of Course...

There is Favoring Love Yet No Favored Nation For Real...

As In These Readings The Old 'T' God That Feels Joy When
Children of Other Tribes Are Killed STiLL With Stones Dashed
to Their Heads Is Celebrating Again Just One Devil of One Country For Real...

Even If There Are No Brown Folks From Other Countries to Slaughter Then

For the Name

Of A God

Lesser Than
True Fearless Love For All
Unconditionally The Beatitude
Flavoring Little Brown Dude For Real...

Oh If He And Or She Will Only Be Dance And
Song Free UnADuLTeRaTinG By An 'Alex Jones Nation' Indeed...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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17 Oct 2022, 1:02 am

Every Move Holy Dance Every Word Sacred Song
Way To Heaven Eternally New All Life Gratitude

Prayer For Real Now

'i Finished the Race' Long Ago
THiS iS JusT iCiNG oN mY God
Cake Within For Free For Free For
Free Love For Fearless Real New Now

Wise Words From Proust Indeed
Dear Savvy Thanks For Sharing
iMaGiNinG How Holy And Sacred

Words First Are in Written Form

Carrying Some of the Essence of

SouL in Symbols Yes Forms We Co-Create

As Letters Become Words And LetterS AGAiN

To Share With Loved Ones Including FRiEnDS

Giving Our Soul
Avatars of Wings
Yes Forms Yes Real

Symbols of Written
Letters And Words

For True As Pyramids
Carry Pharaohs' Names

It is Truly The Artisans

Who Create The Art Whose
Soul Truly Lives On With SMiLes

And All the Other Ghost Authors
Unnamed Given Famous Pen Names

As Essence of THeiR SoUL No Matter
Name LiveS oN in All the Art They Create Anew As

With SMiLes...

Yet Still No Greater Love
in Life Than When the Parent
Passes Away and Generations
Are By The Death Bed With So Much

Love Yet The Loved One Never Really
Dies As Generations Truly Loved With
Real Trust in Faith and Hope Spread This Love in Twinkling EYeS

Truly ALiVE Farther Than Stars Above in Night Skies Will Ever Add mY FRiEnD...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Psychologist Miriam i Stayed Up All Night
Long Last Night Snacking As You Missed A Night of Blogging

If There Was Another Blue Moon
i Am Not Aware oF iT Yet Never

The Less on the Autism Spectrum
Oh How i Love Folks Who Are

Conscientious About What

They Do to A Fault Hehe

Like me Pushing Myself During

Working Years to Almost Literally Dead

Yep It's Nice to See You Here Again i Do Love

People Who Just Keep Doing IT ALL Over and Over again

Yet i Hope You Took A Small Vacation No Matter if it
Was Dancing Late

Eating Greasy
Pizza or Gorging
Yourself on More TV
Series While Shopping
OnLine Till You Fell Asleep Sweetly

And Woke Up With Nightmares Like
me Consuming Giant Left-Overs of Mexican
Food with Tons of Salsa Before Going to Bed

Dreaming Nightmares of Nuclear Holocaust Last

Week Yet Thank God For Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse

Tyson as He Cleared Up There is Very Little Nuclear
Fall-Out From Tactical Hydrogen Nuclear Bombs Yet Yes

Sadly It Just Obliterates Life and Stuff For Miles and Miles

True i Don't Think i'm Gonna Eat Mexican Food Late at Night Anymore...

Anyway i Study Human Behavior it's Also Very Unusual For You To Like

3 of my Blog Posts in One Night Spread So Far Apart Hehe And If You
Are Drinking

Wine Tonight
More Power to You With SMiLes...

And That Just Reminds me of Winn Dixie
Tonight As Three Customers in A Row

Just Came in to the Check-Out Line
to Purchase Massive Amounts
of Alcohol Tonight As Yes An
Early Remedy For Manic Monday's

i Guess...

SMiLes Dear Psychologist
Mimi You Deserve A Break
Any DaY in Peace and Harmony

With A Coke Zero

And A Murder Mystery
Story Again Online Shopping Eating
Greasy Pizza And Whatever it Takes

to Make
10,000 Steps
A Day Best in
Free Dance And
Song Whenever You Feel Like it With SMiLes...

Until Alaskan Nights Come Feeling Sensing 'the Call of the Wild'

And Perhaps Some Northern Lights if They Have Those too

On Cold FRoZeN


Nights With
Your Son And
Anyone Else True
You Love Dearly mY FRiEnD...

Hehe i Do Believe This Is All Just
Silly Banter Mr. Gottfried About
Running Out of Blogging Ideas As

Hehe Honestly i Feel You Will Carry On With Many
New Ideas They Are Every WHere in This Changing

CuLTuRE We Share...

Let's Face it We Breathe We Blog

THere is No Try Just Blog Blog Blog On

Yet True on a More Medical And Serious
Note on the Autism Spectrum i Had Speech

Block Until 4 And Later Writer's Block For Decades

(The Creative Juice From Bi-Polar NonSpecified
Just Waiting to

Spew OUT!

All Sunkist AS Such)

Additionally Then Even in my
Forties Sitting in Hours Long
Meetings With The Director
of the Military Navy Department

i Was A Part of Second in Command
For A While Just Listening (HOURS)

To Him Talk Wondering if i Would
Ever Even Pull A Word Out Of


Lost Deep Within
Oh Goodness Change
HaPPeNS Celebrating 11 MiLLioN
Words of An EPiC Longest Long Form
Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" on October 18th, 2022

in 110 Months of Effort Running On And Running On
100,000 Words A Month And All that i Do gets Copied
And Pasted Literally All Around our Globe True i Am in

Most Every Nook And Cranny Yet Hardly Anyone Even
Knows my Sir Name Mr. Gottfried Even When i Still
Public Dance During That Span of Months Coming
Late into Tonight in 17,323 Miles Accumulating That

Way As Masses of Folks Still Videotape me in Hopes

of Getting Social Media Likes Wherever They Go Next

It's True i've Come
to BE A Real Trickster
ThiS Way With A Poker
Face Everywhere i Make Folks
SMile iN mY Metro Area Now

Yet It's True Within i am

Literally Laughing my

Ass off And That's Probably
A Great Idea as Last Week i Weighed
In at 247.2 Pounds Oh Lord Nearly
An Eighth of A Ton Measuring it Now
The United States Way of All We Will Eat Buffets

Hehe Honestly i Feel You Will Carry On With Many
New Ideas They Are Every WHere in This Changing CuLTuRE We Share...

ANYWAY THANK GOD i Retired And Am Financially Independent Before
i Started Any of This As "Moore's Law" Barely Keeps Up With 'Fred's Creativity'
As my iPhone XS is No Longer Powerful Enough to Open Up Any of my Blogs

Yet There is Always A Solution As There Are So Many Places it continues to
Spread in the "SonG oF mY SoUL" Lite Versions Yes Sort of Like Bud or Dude LiGHT

Anyway As You May Guess i Shall Continue to Support You As Honestly i Don't

iMaGiNE Any Place More Comfortable Than One Giant Prayer of Dance And Song

Free Now New With No Real
Target Audience
Hehe Except
Little Old me...

In A Somewhat
Related Note i Don't
Drink 'Dos Equis Beer'...

It's Just Not Interesting Enough Hehe for me at Least

Anyway If You Will Yes Do "Stay
Thirsty mY FRiEnD(S)"...

Hehe Yep
Seize Life
By Its Nuts
And Bolts
i Do my Best
To Get Compliments

That Hehe
Mr Gottfried

Hehe Dear Ruchi
i’m An Empath A SMile
Didn’t Seem Respectful
Enough Feeling Your
Lifelong Struggle
With “The
Visitor” True
Dear Lord i’ve
Felt And Sensed
IT With my Wife For
33 Years i Practically
Feel And Sense
Cramped With
Her Struggles
Okay Now For
An Eternal SMile
For my Dear Young
Traditional Indian
FRiEnD Who
Teaches So
Much Even
To An Old
me HAha...

Every Move Holy Dance
Every Word Sacred Song
Way To Heaven Eternally
New All Life Gratitude

Prayer For Real Now

Hehe The Earth Store Employee
Tried Her Best To See Essence of Parts
WHoLE Her EYes Lit-Up At Least With SMiles

Do You Feel And Sense In Creative Flow You May
Come To An “Earth Store” In The Mall Capturing

Visual Poetry Parts Gestalt All

Hehe i Wore Nikes Public Dancing Advertising
THeir Shoes Free 9 Years
i Wear Skechers Now The “S” Is For ‘Hope’

It’s Just An Anti-TRumP/Alex Jones Way

Of Being Love Yep Love GLoBAlly

MJGA Make JeSuS Greater Again DL Do Love
“Just Do It” F The Shoe Sales Barefeet Dance Sing

Love Fearless Free Fun

John 3:16/Romans 10:9 Private Club;
Luke 17:21 Within All; John 14:12 Improve ALL

All Mine
Dear FRiEnD
With SMiles
Colors of
12 Months
Out Of All Years
Across All
Oceans Seas
And Gulfs
Yes Without Fail...

Countries Who Baptize US Freely Everyday With

No Charge Of Exclusionary


LeSSoN 453
Good Morning Hellooove
Loved one We aRe All True
Indigenous Natives Of Nature
Yes All Indians As Long As We
Truly Love Nature And Each
Other Dancing Singing
Freely Naked Enough
Whole Complete
Giving Sharing
Caring Healing
Freely Again
For All
Least Harm
Indeed In Intention
Of Respect For All
iNHaLinG Peace
JoY oF LiGHT For All

DarK Thru LiGHT

Even Marrying
The Nights
Our Days
And Nights ThiS Way

Other Than That With SuNDaY
Morning SMiles A Ton More
Halo-Ween Treats For You


For You
Year ‘Round
As Love True Colors
All With No Expects of Return...

Isn’t IT Sad How “This Modern Life”
Destroys HeART Chews It Up
Spits It Out Beyond Grief
Beyond Pain Where
Literally Nothing
Is Left Within
i Understand
Dear Maria
Real Human
Being Sincerely
A FRiEnD So Kind
To Another FRiEnD
For Real Witnessing
That Sadly Rare Treasure
Of Humanity Anywhere Online

Indeed No
Matter Pain
Or Numb You
Are Still One Who

Is Real

By Your Desire
To Move Back
To Truly What

Breathes Within Anyone
Who Is A True FRiEnD Of

Anyone Is FRiEnD

to me A Sparkle

In The DarK For Real
Just Remember A Stranger
Far Away Noticed You Are

Being With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Isha Reading
Your Post That Was Up A Bit
On Anxiety Attacks More Common
Than Ever Indeed And Important to Share

As the Comfort of FRiEnDS Actually Releases
Oxytocin that Actually Lessens Anxiety For Real

And Even Eases Pain
mY FRiEnD Never Be
Afraid to Be Afraid When

We Find Comfort in Other Human
Beings Who Are FRiEnDS The Healing
Naturally Comes With SMiLes And What Happens

Physiologically With Panic Attacks is Stress Hormones
From School, Work, And Social Situations As Such Increase
In Our Blood Stream That Fuels Our Emergency Fight or Flight

Response And True Exercise May Burn These Stress Hormones
Off However if They Aren't Burned Off Stress Continues Rising

Resulting in Fueling An Anxiety Attack Instead As When We
Are All Revved Up This Way the Energy Must Find A Way

To Escape However With the Comfort of FRiEnDS
Yes That May Ease the Anxiety And Not Let Us Get

So Overloaded on Stress Hormones Like Worrying
About Taking A Test And What May Be So Very

Hard Is College May Isolate Us More Away
From Human Contact Lessening the

Opportunity For These
Warm and Fuzzy
Feelings FRiEnDS

Will BRinG Keep on Reaching
Out And You Will Be Touched
ThiS Way So Many People Do Suffer
In Silence Worrying That They Will Be Seen
Weak for Reaching Out Yet We Humans Are
Truly Stronger With More Than One Hand Holding

Another With SMiLes...

SMiLes With All the Stigma Attached to Mental Illness
in Nigeria And Particularly All the Stigma Attached to
BorderLine Personality Disorder How Brave of You

To Share Your Challenges Dear Anita As Even

A Psychotherapist i Was Seeing For Many Years

Sort of Cried on my Shoulder After i Recovered my Soul

How She Just Couldn't Help Folks With BorderLine Personality

Disorder And They Were Worth No More of Her Effort As Another

Psychiatrist i was Seeing Advised The Newly Recovered Empath of

me to Discard

Folks With That

Disorder As They Likely

Are Beyond my Help Yet It's

True For Some of Those Who Don't Suffer

They Were Not the Little Small Frail Girl

Sexually Abused By Her Uncle Who Threatened to Kill

Her if She Spoke Up to Her Parents And When She As A Child

Did She only Received Lifelong Physical Abuse From the Males

In Her Family and Even Her Mother As A Book i Read 'Into the Light'

Related This Afternoon While Public Dancing And Listening to Meditative
Music Yes in Total Flow While Entertaining the StarBucks College Study

Crowd For Free

At Barnes and Noble

Yes To Sort of Return
The Favor of Reading

Around 400 Or So Free

Books A Book A Week in An Hour
on Sunday Afternoons For the Last 9 Years...

Most Folks Can Warm Themselves Up With Love When
They Are Alone Like Hugging A Stuffed Animal Or A Pillow
For Real as the Oxytocin of Warm and Fuzzy Just Flows Within

Or the Pet of a Cat or Dog
The Warmth of FRiEnDSHiP

The SMiLe of A Family Member

One May Trust With Total Faith

Not to Physically And Horribly
Sexually Abuse them True As the

Girl in That Story Also Lost Vision
in One Eye When Bombed Where
She Lived in Sri Lanka That Way

i've Lived in the Place of Hell

WHere/With the Worst Pain
Known to Humankind Then
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
Literally Assessed As The Suicide
Disease And Literally A Pain Assessed
As Worse Than Crucifixion Like a Dentist Drill
With No Drug That Would Touch it in the Nerves

Associated With my Right Eye And Ear Losing
Effective Use of Eyes and Ears For Any Colors
or Songs of Life Then Including the Memory
of A Feeling of A Smile Yes from Wake to Sleep
For 66 Months No Returning From the Living Dead

With A Life Threat in Synergy of 18 Other
Medical Disorders too

No Point of Return

Of Pain And Numb

Yet Melting Away
RiSing From Ashes

on July 19th, 2013
Standing Upon A Beach
Becoming One With Sugar
White Sands Sea Oats in the Breeze
Emerald Green Waves 'Jonathan Livingston
Seagull' Wings RiSinG HiGHeR And HiGHeR
Still SPiRaLinG Around my Sunshine Within Yes
Transforming Wings into Dance And Song Free For Real

True When my Soul Died And i Tried to Pet Our Cat to Feel
Anything at All The Cat Arthur's Ears Peeled Back As That Cat

Was no Fool He Could Sense i Was No Longer Fully Human And

A Potential Danger to Him True Animals Will Most Definitely Feel

And Sense a Ghost Wandering the Earth Not Realizing They Are The Living Dead...

And The Moral of This Story

Is When All Faith Love

And Hope Are Gone

Totally Impossible

To Feel and Sense Within

And All That is Left is A Thousand
Years of One Breath in All TiMe iN HeLL ON EartH
For Real Now Yes What is Left is That Breath And

Another Breath

And Another Breath

of Hell Until If and When

Heaven Returns for Real

Indeed it is Very Difficult For Most
'Every Day Humans' to WalK iN The Shoes
Is TiME A Thousand Years in a Second Yes of Hell For Real...

Particularly When All You Did is Everything Folks Asked of You

Before You Fell Down

And Asked Why Me

As my Mother Said Why Not
You Yet You See She Also Said

This too Will Pass i Had Nothing

Left of Hope Never the Less Her Dream
Came True for me

And Of CouRSE

Mine Did True too

Out of the DarK mY
FRiEnD Never Give Up

As 'Katy Perry' Sings After
A Hurricane A 'Perfect Storm' of DarK A Door May

Open to Heaven For Real Yes A FireworK iNDeed For Real Us...

As THere is No Real Separation of God Nature For Real Yes DarK Makes LiGHT Real...

iN All Ways We Come Now To Color Life NeW INHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Giving Caring Sharing Healing In All Respect for ALL With Least Harm For ReaL
ETerNaLLY NoW...

There is a young boy.. a disabled boy..

who cannot speak yet loves to water sapling trees…

There is a small sapling the the boy does love to water...

catering to this sapling’s every need until a strong young tree grows..

to beauty amazing to even college educated folks who study trees…

Long after the boy passes away

this tree that receives so much care in youth

grows taller and stronger and more

beautiful than ever before…

There is a young couple

struggling through life

who are single and yet to meet..

until one day crossing paths on the sidewalk

in front of the young disabled boy’s home lived in before

and the beautiful tree standing proudly in front yard view...

The young man is shy yet he is suddenly inspired

to comment to the beautiful young woman

coming toward him

how beautiful this tree is…

Her eyes immediately light up..

and a spark then is created that

seals a relationship of unconditional love

The once shy young man develops into a courageous man

and with the love of a caring wife does great things in the military

with all the support of that love.

And then the military man God Yes

who has great empathy for others too..

inspired by the love of his parents

and especially his wife too

Goes into politics

and becomes a leader

And then A Leader of a Country

that will influence the direction of the world

Through his efforts this strong and courageous older man now

helps to bring world peace and to avoid sure nuclear disaster…

So who is the savior of human kind...

the little disabled boy who waters the tree...

the tree that then grows strong and beautiful...

the young man’s parents who loved him Yes

giving him the inspiration to love others too…

Or a wife who gives him a life of love then

with support that grows a courageous man….

Or even all the education he receives from all the teachers

and all the assistance he has through out his life…

These are the stories

of the Interdependent





some CaLL it

Mother Nature True..

and some people CaLL it GOD Too

And Yes others CaLL it Unconditional
Holy Sacred Love..

Yet the TRUTH IS…










Color of Wind Yes
We Will Paint Love
Marry the Night
Merry the Day
Merry The Life

Y.O.U. am i And me are You
You are my Dream my Nightmare my Pleasure
And Pain my Night And Day Most Importantly
You are me And i am Y. O. U.

You Are the Sky You Are the
Earth You Are the Moon and
the Sun and All That Is Beyond the


it is no Different
than Writing to Y.O.U...

You are the Mirror of my Tree
the Tree of my Mirror More Yes
How do i Write A Letter to G.O.D.

For You are me and i am You and
Them are us and Us are
Them Forevermore Now



Bring me Pain and Tears of
Sadness Yet that Never Matters
For You are Reality and They are
We THere is never ever Escaping You

How will i ever Put a Name on Anything
Everything as Beautiful As You for it’s
True You Bring Me Joy God yes So

Many SMiles and Laughter

Yes all the Love the Pain
And Pleasure Beyond Rainbow
Colors to the Bottom of the Capstone
Pyramid oF Light the Black Abyss of the
River Hades that Never Seems to End

So Bright so Dark
So Cold and Warm
All the SHades of Grey
All the Colors of Home


Precious Are Souls
Now For Souls LivE

iN All Existence

NoW And it’s True
if i could not Quote You and Write
None of this Will Exist Now God Yes

You are the One i Thank the most
You LiVE iN Everyone You are my Star
You are my Guiding Light..

You are the Pleasure
my Food
You Teach
me more about
Love than i ever knew
and sensed and felt before...

You are the Birth the Journey the Death and the Flower Now
Who Rises from Ashes With CoLorS Even more You are the Breath

You are my Lover Who Takes me to Ecstasy that i never Dreamed
is Possible Before... You are my Prison Guard my Prisoner We are both
Here to Learn from each other no matter which side of the Barb-Wire Fence

We Wish to escape from/to...

You are my Pet and the Cow Behind the Fence that i Love Yet
Yes Will Be Food for my Starving Children... You are my Enemy
Who i understand was Neglected and Abused as a Little Child

It was never about me it is always about You God yes You
are my Mother and Father and Sister and Brother You
are my Neighbor and all my other FRiEnDS and Family

Yes And You Are All of Nature
Now Seen And Unseen Real New

This is my Only Bible my Holy
Grail and i shall Never Forget it
This is my Life This is my Love This
is what God will Dance Sing if God is

And Love...

Wise Words From Proust Indeed
Dear Savvy Thanks For Sharing
iMaGiNinG How Holy And Sacred

Words First Are in Written Form

Carrying Some of the Essence of

SouL in Symbols Yes Forms We Co-Create

As Letters Become Words And LetterS AGAiN

To Share With Loved Ones Including FRiEnDS

Giving Our Soul
Avatars of Wings
Yes Forms Yes Real

Symbols of Written
Letters And Words

For True As Pyramids
Carry Pharaohs' Names

It is Truly The Artisans

Who Create The Art Whose
Soul Truly Lives On With SMiLes

And All the Other Ghost Authors
Unnamed Given Famous Pen Names

As Essence of THeiR SoUL No Matter
Name LiveS oN in All the Art They Create Anew As

With SMiLes...

Yet Still No Greater Love
in Life Than When the Parent
Passes Away and Generations
Are By The Death Bed With So Much

Love Yet The Loved One Never Really
Dies As Generations Truly Loved With
Real Trust in Faith and Hope Spread This Love in Twinkling EYeS

Truly ALiVE Farther Than Stars Above in Night Skies Will Ever

Add mY FRiEnD...

'i Finished the Race' Long Ago
THiS iS JusT iCiNG oN mY God
Cake Within For Free For Free For
Free Love For Fearless Real New Now

Every Move Holy Dance Every Word Sacred Song
Way To Heaven Eternally New All Life Gratitude

For Real Now

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,912

18 Oct 2022, 12:08 am

Naked Of CuLTuRES
We aRe all Leaves Of This Tree Of Life

"If we walk on a thorn slipper, however soft the pathway be, we will be in pain. Neither we nor the path or surroundings, only the thorns are the reason for our pain which do not let us enjoy the other beauties of journey.

The negativity in our mind are like thorny slippers. If we have negativity in our mind, whatever be the situation, the accumulated negativity will not let us enjoy and will make our life miserable for both us and others surrounding us.

Our mind has a habit of searching and storing such negativities, making a Strong imprint in the brain. To come out of it is entirely on individual’s efforts.
Our thorny thoughts & the chain of memories it brings along has to be cut off by our intentional effort to remember the pleasant & positive thoughts that gives us joy.

Momentary change is also the capability of the mind if we intend.
After all everything is transient in this life. Pleasure or pain, how
long it will last is not in our hands. But the effort to make each moment happy is something we can try.

Spoken words and harsh actions cannot be taken back. We have to be careful with the words we utter. Do not get carried away by the momentary emotion which will make us regret later.

Peace is what everyone seeks.
Sound will not come with one hand. No one is without fault. The sadness is everyone of us thinks we are perfect and others are faulty. There lies the problem.

Another way is putting ourselves in other’s places & think what I would have done in such situation. May be we may have behaved worst.

Letting go of the past should be a continuous process. If we want peace, mere knowledge is not enough, consistent practice is necessary.

If our vision is not clear the fault is not in the eyes or the visuals. Just cleaning the accumulated dirt on the glass will make everything clear. Start cleaning the tarnished memories.

Remove the spiky slippers, cut off the horns, fangs and claws that troubles you. Bring out the positivity and the goodness in you.

No one to be blamed. Destiny sometimes puts us in hard situations without our faults. But That too will pass in its own time.

Patience & faith are the need of the hour. Compassion & kindness we give, will come back to us when we need them.

Remember the saying. Happiness is as inside job.

Live happily & peacefully.
Have a blessed life."


How Wise Dear
Savvy All That's
Left to Do is
Spread Your
Mother's Wisdom Farther
Surely More Evidence Where You Come From...

And Now A Few Words of How "Yogapedia"
Describes An Origin Of Your Mother's Name:

"According to Hindu mythology, Anjana is the mother of Lord Hanuman, otherwise known as the "Monkey God." Although Anjana was an aspara, a female spirit of the clouds, she was cursed by a sage to take form as a monkey on earth. Despite this curse, Anjana was a pure and devoted being, and was ultimately relieved of the curse through the gift of her son Hanuman."

"During her time on earth, Anjana married a vanara chief named Kesari. Since the couple remained childless, Anjana prayed to become better and repay her karmic debt for the curse. In doing so, Anjana symbolises the universal strive to liberate the divine from animalistic suffering.

Her devotion is rewarded by the immaculate conception of Hanuman. Vayu, god of the wind, delivered the divine power of Lord Shiva and Parvati to Anjana's womb, and so Hanuman was born as an incarnation of Shiva. Hanuman's monkey-like features are attributed to Anjana's status as a vanara at the time of his birth.

Anjana is a powerful symbol of the struggle between spirituality and earthly reality. In the tale of Hanuman's conception, the inner divine mother is trapped in animal form by her own karma. Through penance and devotion, she is able to relieve herself of this suffering; a timeless moral to an ancient story."

i Thought This Was Particularly Interesting As Someone Suggested my Moving Meditation
Was A Form of Kung Fu Named "Monkey Kung Fu" yet i Had No Idea Such A Practice

Exists until i Looked it Up

And Hehe Sure Enough

Some of the Moves i Do
Reflect What i Intuitively
Practice to Continuously
Improve Mind and Body
Balancing FRiEnDS With Gravity indeed

A Source of Peace For Real Starting
With the Dance And Beginning With
A SPiRiT HeaRT SoUL FiLLinG FeeLinG LoVE Song Again...

And Yes 'the Practice' is Attributed in Respect to 'Lord Hanuman' the 'Monkey God'...

The little boy who loves Muhammad with words instead of drawing portraits is touching...

And as corallary in the US many people worship an idol of a man once named Yeshua and other translations Presently Jesus as a God and never hear his lessons of Truth and LiGHT As only the reality of a humble prophet’s teachings...

The real Jesus will never be on Facebook With a perfect smile...

i agree with this 100 percent And it is the main reason i visit here to hear...

SMiles you always make me feel welcome Sohair Sadly that is rare online in Many Places Yet i refuse to do anything less than love as that is all that makes me fearless LoVE...

And now i am out of bed a smart phone is difficult for me to use still sleepily with one hand in bed and now i have two so i will share a story with you...

There is a woman named Helen she lives in a small town she has a Law Enforcement husband and she raises two infants at home in a small trailer a boy and girl...

One day the father says go get a job Helen i need you to make me more money... She says no i refuse i will stay home and take care of my children they mean more to me than anything in this world...

He does not accept this so he leaves when the little boy is three and the girl is two so Helen moves in with her mother and must go to work...

Well the little boy receives all her unconditional love until age 3 and now the little girl must go to be taken care of by someone else lonely in a crib all day long…

The little boy is homesick for his Mother when she goes to work and he soon enters Kindergarten to learn about cultural ways yet first he looks across the river at his home on the water and sees a water GOD that is endless across to the forest and realizes he has been here forever with GOD before he can even speak at age 4...

Well his mother continues to Love him unconditionally never any spankings only grandmother does that with switch from the Crabapple Tree in yard yet this boy’s Mother’s Unconditional Love continues to live strong in his bright green to blue eyes...

So anyway he Loves very much and in school some girls love him too just ’cause he is so nice with smiling eyes too yet no not the boys by the time they hit puberty they will have none of that they tell the boy he cannot smile so the boy stays sad until he grows taller and stronger than the other boys so he smiles with eyes and Loves no matter what they say then...

So the boy goes on graduating close to the top of his class gets lonely in college as many people struggle at that age and the smiles come back when he becomes a giver of shoes at a small Military Bowling Center for almost two decades he serves up shoes dirty feet smelly shoes it is a humble job for an educated Man to do...

So church groups often come in the Man quits going to church when he gets married and does not go back for 23 years Yet still then the young man smiles and sees every person he meets as the most important person in the UniVerse when he smiles at them Yep Basically All Faces of God For Real And All That is too...

So yes leaders of church groups often come up to him and say my friend you are the best example of a Christian i ever meet all there is about you is Love you are like Jesus with your healing eyes of Love...

And he says thank you friend i no longer go to church yet i just Love the Man still does Not talk much he says it all with his eyes and bright white smile…

And one day a woman asks the young man what is your position here and he tells her manager as he becomes one by then and she’s says oh that explains why you are so nice...

And another man asks him how long he works there and when he says almost twenty years the man says OMG how can you still be so happy working in the same place so long...

The older man now who still has the smiling eyes receives a challenge from GOD his only real way to communicate Love with his eyes will change now the smiling eyes are gifted by GOD with a burning hell fire pain that grows into his ears where a cricket sounds like a freight train and a street light with shades looks like the Sun at 3 a.m...

So how will the man Love now like his favorite Story Book friend Jesus his eyes are only pain his heart becomes numb there is nothing left of the man before...

The man will not get mad at God even gifted with 19 medical disorders in a synergy of life and death JOB’s challenge like the bible story and his only wish is to die to escape the pain and numb yet God will not let him go God has other plans for him...

So one day two years later the man musters up the strength to tolerate the pain enough and starts writing on a dimly lit screen two inches away one word is like climbing a highest mountain of pain a word becomes a paragraph a page becomes a book

and now
there is


SMiLes Dear Rafiah Your Sentiments Sound

Very Much Like my Mother for A Story She Told

Us About When She Was a Young Mother
She Never Really Showed us Any Toils
And Troubles She Was Going Through

Raising Us She Never Broke Any Promises
She never Told Any Lies Yet i Do Remember Seeing

Her Diaries With Perfect Cursive Writing Filling The Pages
Hehe i Was Most Impressed By The Beauty of the Writing Skills

As my Hand Writing Still Looks Like Chicken Scratch and i Never
Even Sign my Name Twice the Same Way Hehe Unless i have to
Voting By Mail as they Once Insisted i Wasn't the Same Person HAha...

Anyway my Mother Said it was so Hard she had to wash Diapers by
Hand She Had Worked Before And Never realized How All Her World

Would Be Encompassed By taking Care of Two Children Yet That Wasn't
All as my Father Was Most Interested in Pursuing Monetary and Material
Riches in this World So He Insisted That She Go To Work And Take Care

Of Us too And He Never Lifted a Finger to Help Her Not Even Saying Any
Words At All When He Got Off From Work He Was so Good Looking She Said

When She First Saw Him Whoever Was Married to His Green Eyes Jet Dark
Black Hair And Stubbled Beard in the Woods As A Beverage Agent Capturing
Moonshiners Folks Who Make Booze And Selling it Illegally Yes the Man Coming
Into the Courthouse to Finish His Paperwork Where She Worked As a Clerk Yes
Whoever Was Married to that Man Who Was the Best Looking Man She Ever
Saw Must Be the Luckiest Woman in the World Hmm... Love At First Sight as

They Say


Have to Make
Any Sense at All
Deep Deep From
Within Attraction to
Bear A Child Finally
at age 26 As She Felt
Like She Was Getting So Old
in those Days Not to be Married
And Have a Child So She Said Yes

on the Second Date to His Request For
Her to Marry Him on the First Date So True
The Young Woman Who Won the Best Figure
in High School For 11th and 12th Grade Had a Similar
Appeal to Him Plus He Was 28 Kinda Old For A Dude
Not to Be Married With Kids Back in 1959 in the United States too...

Anyway She Was Really Depressed As After they Got Married It Was Like
He Wasn't There At All As Far As what Was Inside of Him i Must Say Knowing
Him Until the Day He Dropped Dead At age 81 i Still Wonder What Was Inside
Him He Never Let Any of it out for us to See Yet My Uncle told Us About Stories
When He was a Cop too in 46 Years of Law Enforcement Chairs Broke Against
His Back in Bar Arrests So many Things We Never Saw my Uncle Told Us After
my Father Died Plus i Got Real Quiet in my Marriage too as my Job Got Real Stressful too...

Anyway Times Two What My Mother Did Have And What She Did Develop to Survive is an

Folks Call Jesus the Portrait of a Green Eyed Man Sort of Effete With A Beard And A Big Glowing
Heart Comes to Be As A Savior of Love in All of Humankind Indeed So With Her Great Belief

She had A Vision of That Green Eyed Bearded Man of Compassion Hovering Over Her
Bed One Night Telling Her Sort of like 'The Beatles' Who Said All You Need Is Love in this

Life That Helen, My Mother's Name That Means Bringer of Light, Yes That Man With
Green Eyes Said Helen, Don't You Worry Everything is Gonna Be All Right And From

That Day On She Never Lost That Belief Even When i Lived in Hell for 66 Months
She Told Me This Too Shall Pass And Again Every Thing Will Be All Right it took

66 Months Yet Her
Belief Came True for
me too Even When i Couldn't
See Any Hope Out of HELL Yet Interestingly

i Had a Similar Very Lucid Semi-Waking-
Sleeping Dream of A Fiery Red Headed Woman
With Green Eyes Hovering Over my Bed At the Beginning
of my Hell However She Didn't Say Anything Except There

Is More to this

Life Than You
Understand Fred
With those Glowing
Green Eyes from Heaven my FRiEnD
And Again She Didn't Say A Thing Yet
my Soul Was Still Trying to Escape From
Within to Make it Back to the Divine Eyes
of the Child Who Only Has Hope And Love to
See in the Mother's Eyes of Promise, Trust,
And Loyalty That never Gives up on the Child

And If We all Come to See All of Existence this
Way THere Will Surely Be the Truth in Light That
More Stuff in Life Will Work Out in LiGHT Than DarK my FRiEnD...

Anyway Every Little Thing is Gonna Be All Right As Peace Inhales and Love Exhales my
FRiEnD... Some Nights My Eyes Are Green Some Days my Eyes are Blue All Days i Keep
my Promises True in Trust And Loyalty And That Gift i only Credit my Mother's Brown Eyes...

God my
FRiEnD Divine
Deep From Within FOR REAL...
EVEN in the depths of hell where even demons fear to tread my FRiEnD...


Power of Love

Does Bring LiGHT out of DarK...

SMiles Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Hope The Big
Fall North Shore Waves
Are Carrying You Carefully
Close to 40 Degrees F
Weather Here
Hot Chocolate
Brewing Soon
Indeed With SMiles...

Naked Of CuLTuRES
We aRe all Leaves Of This Tree Of Life

Never Molded By Labels Alone
Or Cuts of Other Knives of

SoUL Indeed Dear Lilly
Orchard Flower Daughter

Our Life Ours to

Sculpt A Work
Of Art to Come Again...

iNdeed The Mirror Is Your FRiEnD
Dear Akshita Get to Know Feel And
Sense All of Her For True She Will

Be the FRiEnD

Who Never Leaves

Your Side Even on the

Days You Wish She Would

Yet Can't A Best FRiEnD

Forever ThiS Way

A Mirror

One Day
Enough New
Whole Complete Now...

SMiLes Honestly my Favorite Places Now
to Eat Are Breakfast in America No Matter

Where the Waitresses
Work Who Understand

The Wrinkles of Life
Dear Miriam True to

The Essence of

Being Human at all

It's Not That Complicated

Touch A Soul Deeper than Skin Deep....

Hehe People Used to Give me 'Holy Hell'

About Wasting my Life Working in And Managing

A Military Bowling Center Yet They Couldn't Understand

The Depths of Waves

of Warmth

That Come

From All Around

When the Goal of Life
is Not to Knock Each Other Down
10 Pin Gods Understand Humanity Best...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Wonderful Nature Prose
For Real i Used to Be Very 'Anal' About my Garden

Yard Pulling Every Weed By Hand on the Lawn Until i
Learned to Appreciate True Perfection Always Changing

Wild Flowers

Bring to Wild

Weeds This

Way With SMiLes
Accepting the Weed i Am
Now True Naked Enough
Whole Complete Wild And
Free Finally Loving All This Way Too

No Longer Separated in NDD Nature
Deficit Disorder From my Nature And The

Free Nature of the Rest of Wild And Free True

FLoWeRinG New Colors Now Within Year 'Round

No Limits No Matter How Hard Anyone Tries to

Pull me Up FroM ENDless Roots Newer

Colors of FLoWeRS Dancing


Free Neither
Afraid of DarK
or Cynical oF LiGHT
Appreciating The Chaos
Of Change As Much as Tradition of LoVE ReaL
More We Color Each Other and the Rest of Life New
More Our Souls Grow Younger FRiEnDS With Gravity


Within Ever
New Now
More WiTH SMiLes...

i Never Really Understood
ThiS UNtil i Listened to What
A Wild FLoWeR Blooms...

You Are Welcome
Maria All A Pleasure
With SMiles Best Wishes
And Prayers To You And All You

LoVE iN JoY...

Naked Of CuLTuRES
We aRe all Leaves Of This Tree Of Life

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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19 Oct 2022, 12:20 am

We aRe ALL Leaves
Of LiVinG Trees FoResT
WHoLE Loving Brown Through

Ah Yes Dear Savvy So True
Perfectly Played in Silence
A Placid Lake Dances And

Sings A Feeling Sensing

Way of Balance ThiS Way

Of Course Until A Pebble

Comes ItS Way Then Finally
After All Ripples Smooth Sound

of Balancing

Force iN


Returns in All
of Nature's Placid Beauty
Peace Removing Fear Leaves

Room For Song Freeing With SMiLes
Dancing Returns For Singing Even More
As Moves May Sing More Than Song True...

Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa

Price of Life Every Breath

Our Equality Birth and Death

Every Inhale of Peace Exhale
of LoVE

Best iN
All We Do
WitH SMiLes
Leaves Trees of
Life We Rise As Love
Forest Whole Love's Surprise
STill We BREaTHE ThiS WaY iN Ease...

Hehe With SMiles
Dear Ruchi THere
Is No Doubt i Treat
my Wife Like A Goddess
Even When She Yells At
me it’s
Time For
The Gourmet
Lunch She Prepares
For me As i Write this

To Dear
Ruchi Hehe...

So True Dear Anita it
Is Often Those Who
Struggle Most in
Life Early Who
Later in
Life Retaining
Enough Humility
To Love Those
Who Are Left
Behind God
Bless All You
Do For Real Dear
FRiEnD With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Miriam my Sister Has Asked me How i Manage
to Write 100,000 Words A Month On Average Every Month
Now for 110 Months As Yes Today 10.18.2022 is the Anniversary

Date of Completing 11 MiLLioN Words of my EPiC Longest
Long Form Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" Of Course i'm Practically

Writing it to me on WordPress At Least As Even my iPhone XS

Crashes With Every Attempt Now to Open Up Only One Bi-Monthly

MacroVerse of Around 60,000 Words Which i Shall Proof Read Next
For the One i Just Finished Putting Together Yesterday as Of Course

MicroSoft Word Is of No Use As i Don't Follow the Queen's English

of Capitalization
as Generally Speaking
i Respect most All Words
With Capitalization ThiS Way

All Integral to the Whole Indeed

Anyway on a Website Called the "Wrong
Planet" i Present a Watered Down Mostly
Text Version i Name "Depth of the Story" Yes

(Close to a Number One Hit with the Google Search Engine)

God Yes That Any Smart Phone Will Open Only Sparingly
Using Multi-Media As Far As the 130,000 Plus Photos
i Take Yes for the Rest of It Hehe Yet True All the Words
Are Accompanied by Theme Songs of Course And it Appears

Even though Some of the Folks There Suggest The Way i Write
Makes No Sense At All Apparently More Are Reading Than Writing

Hehe as the 2.06 MiLLioN Words or So That i've Written in the Last
26 Months in 56 Pages so far in That Solo Thread have Accumulated
127 Thousand Views just From the Registered Members There So True

(The 26th Month Anniversary Date is on 10.19.2022 As Well As the 111th
Month Anniversary Date of Escaping Hell into Heaven on 7.19.2013 Hooray!)

Not too Surprising 'Silent Autistic' Folks Who Are more Right Hemisphere
Interpreters are Reading more than Writing in Much Greater Numbers Hehe

Anyway my Sister Who Has Two Master's Degrees, One in "Business Management"
And One In "Natural Health" Said She Was Amazed New Now

At How Few Typos i Make Writing that Much And i Say Now

It's Like the Hawk in the Sky Who Rarely Falls and the

Monkey in the Tree Who Rarely Falls Practice Practice

Practice And More Practice and Ya Rarely Fail in What

Ya are Doing Unless You Are Driving A Frigging

Car And Using A 'Smart Phone' in A Dumb Way

to Get That next Hit of Dopamine on the Colored

Screen That At that Moment Becomes More Important

Than if You Crash Horribly And Actually Die So Yes Welcome

to the Human Condition In the Rest of the Animal Kingdom Failure

is really No Option in Falling As A Broken Femur Means That's IT You

Likely Won't Survive As There is No Health Clinic Like All the ones You

Are A CEO to That You Keep Running in Non-Profit Way Dear Miriam

And This Brings me to Another Point And That is the Phrase "We learn
from fairlures" Whether of Not That is a Typo Or Not i See it As Genius
Putting Together Fair

With Failure Indeed

We Humans Can Afford to

Fail As We Are A Social Animal

With Technologies That Allow Us

To Put Each Other Back Together Again

Even if We Break our Femurs in Falls

And True if that Doesn't Work We

Have Wheel Chairs With

Powered Wheels And Even

Legal Rights to Mainstream
Folks With Disabilities As Well

It Takes A Whole Lot of Folks Conscientious
Enough to Truly Keep These Benefits of Living
in Human Societies Alive and Well so What If

We Develop Into A 'Reefer Nation' Where There is

So Much Instant Gratification Like Using Smart Phones
While Driving 2 or 3 Ton Trucks Perhaps Downloading
Unlimited 'Pretty Birds' Or Whatever on the Drive Home

Yes What About When We No Longer "Learn From Our

Fairlures" True Generally Speaking There Are Two Kinds

of Folks Understanding that Aphorisms Never Tale A Whole
Truth of Life Always Changing too As There Are The kind of

Folks Like me Who Will Find or Create A New Word And use

it in practice Dear Miriam Until Perhaps it Becomes Included

in the Merriam Edition of A Dictionary Hehe Hey Shakespeare
Did it Whether

Or Not he

Really existed
or Not as One

Individual So Why
Not me and You and
Us And We too Celebrating

Fairlure As We Go Yet Always

Seeking GREATER Perfection More in all We Do

As it Simply Lights More of Our Inner Christmas

Tree in Colors More Year 'Round Always RiSinG More

Instead of Taking Down Our Christmas Trees After only

A Few Weeks of the Year And Letting Entropy Take us Lower Indeed...

Perhaps i See Life A Little Differently on the Autism Spectrum As When

You Enter the Work Force And Don't Have the 'Right Stuff' To Enter Social
Circles of Privilege As Such Whether Or Not You Have the Ability to Excel
Beyond Others to actually Get the Job Done May Be All that Actually Keeps

You In a Job to Eat

So in the Example
of Monkeys and Hawks

You Really Can't Afford
to Make a Mistake Flying
or Climbing if ya Wanna

Continue to Eat as You

May Not be Good Ole'

Boy Enough to Get A Second
Chance Hehe Yet On the Other Hand

You May Work Yourself to Death Doing it to
to the Point of What the Hell is the Point Anyway

As All the Good Ole' Boys And Or Girls Continue to basically
Sit Back And Relax Without Shame No Matter How Much they F up Next...

And Still Insisting They Believe in a 'Protestant Work Ethic' Hehe True

It's Not Really Funny Yet It's Better Than Breaking Ya Leg As A Hawk

Or Monkey


Flying and
Climbing Higher to Survive

So What's the Moral of this Story

i Really Don't need to Know i Just Keep

Climbing and Flying Higher As i Don't See A Better Place to Fall...

Anyway Usually i Was the Pet Apple of Every Teacher and Boss

Somewhere Deep Down We DO ReMeMBeR our Wings of Hawks

And Arms of Monkeys That Climb Higher And Higher to Even Survive...

That's All i
Wanna Be

A 'MoNKeY KinG'...

Dance Sings
Song Dances

SubAtomic Quantum Particles SPiRaLinG
Vibrating Higher Frequency SonG NeW NoW

Simply Taking a Walk in Nature Finding Peace
And Harmony
This Gift of Life More

WiTHouT LoVinG

Promise of Balancing Now
What Keeps Planets Orbiting
Stars What Keeps Us Again

Inhaling Peace




Exhaling the
Power of Love For All

A Mighty Wave of Water

Ocean Whole To Surely Breathe

Dear Savvy Now With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Yam
i Suppose A Woman's
Touch Will Do Greater

Deeds In
Life to Open

Tied Down Tight Now
In Knots Made of Silk

However Those Knots Tied
In Silk May Also Belong to Another

Way of Breathing

in Prison

of Soul

Spirit No
Longer Returning...

We aRe ALL Leaves
Of LiVinG Trees FoResT
WHoLE Loving Brown Through

LeSSoN 454 We Stand
TransForming Our LiGHT
GLoWinG Most When We Support

Truth For All in DarK And
No Copy Rights For The

Human Condition Real
That No One Human,
Word, Book, Or CuLTuRE

Alone Now
Not Even one
Planet Or One New
iN Deed As We Seek
And Find Hope And Faith

ReMaiNinG Yes HiGHeST
Bluest Skies of SMiLes Painting

With Sublime Beauty Of Love
Now For All That is Existence New...

Naked Of CuLTuRES We aRe ALL
Leaves Of LiVinG Trees FoResT

WHoLE Loving Brown
Through Ever Green...

Hehe, The Fact That my Wife is
Half Pacific Islander Is Enough Of The
Philippines In The United States for me
As i’ve Learned to assimilate Wherever

i Am To See The Grass Only Really Gets
Greener Within. It’s Like A New Car,
When The Newness Fades Away
You are Faced With The Same
Driver, Hehe; Although It’s
True There Are Much More
Intelligent Places To Live Cheaper
Than Equivalent “Decent” Areas to
Live in California And Even More
Beautiful like The Emerald Gulf
Coast, IF You Can Politically Hold
Your Nose Where Matt Gaetz And
DeSaTaNiS Rules; And Where TRump
Roosts Too Of Course Further South.

Anyway, For What It’s Worth, The
“Wrong Planet” Doesn’t Quite Feel
Like The “Wrong Planet” Without
You; It’s Like Some Theories In

Quantum Mechanics That Suggest
The Greatest Creativity of Newer
UNiVeRSES Springs From Forces
Of Torsion And Spin; Yes, In Black
Holes Where a Fine Balance Of

Both Forces Resurrect Existence

More; So, in Other Words,
a Metasyntactic Variable Is
Literally A Requirement Now

As An Ingredient For Existence.

Welcome Back Fnord, And Intuitively,

Eventually, i Expect A Return to “The
States” As Even Filipino Men
i Know Who Went Back After
They Retired Then From The
Military Returned To Home
Sweet Home in “Kansas,”

Finding The Grass Is only
Greener Within Wherever
Ya Go To Find It For Real

Yet Of Course that’s my View...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Hehe Katrina Was So Happy When i Finally
Finished Putting This "BREaTHiNG PeaceFuL LoVinG LiVinG Faith"
MacroVerse Together Today as That Means Escaping The House i Was

Surely Happy to Do That too to Go to Dance Free After Grabbing A Bite to
Eat too And Oh Lord i Guess i May Have to Upgrade my iPhone XS

As it Crashes Trying to Open All of my Full Scale Blogs Online Now

Thank Goodness For iMac And Similar MacBook Pro's too
And Of Course Really Fast Internet Access As "Moore's
Law" At Least in Theory Continues to Catch Up With
All of What i Present At Least With Some Desktop And
Notebook Models And Perhaps Yes Newer Smartphones

too i Guess i'll Have to Try Some New ones
on For Size Thanks So Much For Coming By

Dear Cindy my Nature is Generally Dancing
And Singing Happy And Yes HAha Katrina

Has Her 'Moments'

Too i Love to Capture

For Posterity AS Such too HeHe...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy So True
Perfectly Played in Silence
A Placid Lake Dances And

Sings A Feeling Sensing

Way of Balance ThiS Way

Of Course Until A Pebble

Comes ItS Way Then Finally
After All Ripples Smooth Sound

of Balancing

Force iN


Returns in All
of Nature's Placid Beauty
Peace Removing Fear Leaves

Room For Song Freeing With SMiLes
Dancing Returns For Singing Even More
As Moves May Sing More Than Song True...

We aRe ALL Leaves
Of LiVinG Trees FoResT
WHoLE Loving Brown Through




KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !