Opinions on autistics and religion (or lack of religion)

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14 Oct 2020, 6:57 am

I'm probably going to jinx it (I'm an atheist, but sometimes I'm irrationally superstitious about the universe's sense of irony :D) but I haven't been harassed by as many religious evangelists recently. It used to happen a lot more when I was younger, and perhaps they thought, more impressionable.

The most awkward was probably a co-worker who noticed I was reading novels in the break room. Not only did he want me to read the Bible and "ask God to reveal himself" as I read each page, but also a book about why his particular church was better than the other Christian churches. He got rather offended when I refused. I actually discovered my co-worker was a fellow atheist when this guy started harassing him too. However, after I said no enough times, he gave up and eventually, he stopped working there.

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14 Oct 2020, 7:13 am

lmhatahata wrote:
FleaOfTheChill wrote:
First, I'm sorry you have to deal with this. It's one of my pet peeves when people try to shove their religion down my throat. It drives me nuts. I totally sympathize. It sucks. I'm sorry.

My go to when people start in on me with their god talk is to let them know I am an atheist, and while I appreciate the thought, I'd like it if they would stop now. If they don't stop, I politely tell them I have to go now since they are refusing to respect my boundaries. I generally smile, tell them to have a good day, and then walk away from them.

I used to be more aggressive about it, but the older I get the less i care to. there was a time I would have responded with "hail eris" (or Satan or the Flying Spaghetti Monster) and try to convert them to discordianism (or satanism or pastafarianism). :lol: even though that can be fun, comments like those can put you in a place where the other person might want to further engage, so I don't really recommend that route nowadays.

That is good advice but now I am very tempted to try to convert ppl to pastafarianism :D

:lol: it's an underrated religion, in my opinion. If you try to convert anyone, let us know how it goes, will ya?


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14 Oct 2020, 7:15 am

lmhatahata wrote:
I've been reading about autism and religion, finding some conflicting results. Personally, I am not religious. Actually, I'm an atheist, but I respect all religions and never try to convince anyone to adopt my point of view. However, I have been under constant pressure to convert to one or another religion lately, they tell me I must "talk to god" or my problems will continue. I try to be polite but this is starting to bother me a lot. I usually tend to be very blunt in any type of communication and I'm afraid I have offended some ppl already, unintentionally. How do you all deal with this kind of thing?

There are sadly a lot of religous people who look for others they think are easy to manipulate and I noticed a disproportionate number of people who seem like aspies in the church once you exclude the older generations who were brought up with religion.

I just keep out of the way where I can unless I know they're actually half tidy people to be around and won't pressure me.