Sharing So Many Interests...except religion

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21 Oct 2020, 7:24 am

I am an life long atheist, but have found in my middle aged years that I love spending time with religious folks. Most Christians, but particularly Mormons, and also Hindus.

I don’t know what it is, but I just seem to share so many interests and values with these kinds of people.

I am tempted to fake a feeling of faith so I can join in more, but I don’t believe in being dishonest.

Does this happen to anyone else? Or do you have other thoughts?


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21 Oct 2020, 8:12 am

Just because you are a self-proclaimed atheist does not means that you do not have values...And obviously there are sincere people with beautiful qualities and an admirable value system in different religions...Therefore, i am not at all surprised that you feel that you have a lot in common with certain religious groups...My advice to you is NOT to pretend to be who you are NOT in order to be accepted...At the same time, i do recommend that you re-consider your position with respect to the existence of an Intelligent Higher Being...Don't let religion tell you what to believe...Do your own research...And when you do, question it...Who knows, your search may surprise you!! !...Take this advice from a Christian, happily married to an Aspie with a very strong spiritual inclination... :wink:


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21 Oct 2020, 8:39 am

Well... Liking people and being with them is good.

While I'm not an atheist, but it sort of like that with me.
Most practices so far are just too cacophonic for me to ever participate, but I get the concept of 'sacred'.

Experience tells me, one can treat (any) religion as if it's another culture or practice anyone can respect in distance and observe.

Think of it as absurd as any social customs that can seem silly (intellectually speaking), but still to be respected, participated and practice under a house (like a church or anything equivalent spaces) rule.
Dress codes too if needed.

No need to pretend faith or be over the top.
Just be someone's friend or acquaintance of within the religious circles who shares the same values...

And then there's this saying within spiritual observations; the main difference between religious mystics and religious fundamentalists:

Put 5 religious fundamentalists from different religions in a same room, there will be war.

Put 5 religious mystics from different religions in the same room, they'll be best of friends.

Even if one's 'religion' is 'un-religion'. :lol:

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