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08 Nov 2020, 7:09 am

Antrax wrote:
Tempus Fugit wrote:
TheRobotLives wrote:
Trump starts a new tv show where he pokes fun at Democrats, especially Biden?

Something like that.

He will continue to be the most talked about person on the planet for a long time to come.

Yeah, it would really be best for everyone if we could move on from him. Unfortunately he makes big bucks for the mainstream media, so they'll cover him ad nauseum for viewers/clicks.

Chances are, he's going to perpetuate conspiracy theories so the media won't cover him, but I wouldn't be surprised about him ending up selling vitamins on a podcast.

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08 Nov 2020, 9:19 am


Mitch McConnell is in a strong position. Worst case scenario, in a 50-50 Senate he just needs one Democrat to support the continued use of the filibuster in order to stop most of Biden’s legislative agenda. Manchin and Feinstein have both expressed support for the filibuster. Even with Collins, Murkowski and Romney on side, the Democrats would not be able to bypass the filibuster.

We’ll see divides arise when it comes to the Presidential nomination. It’s way too early to make informed predictions, but it seems likely to be a repeat of 2016 (or even the 2020 Democrat field). I think someone named Trump will run, as will at least one failed 2016 candidate. I would hope that a New England Governor would get the nomination, but realistically that seems unlikely at this stage. The Trump bloc is likely to remain influential but it might divide.

Take a look at the Labour leadership election earlier this year for an example of how former loyal supporters of a populist can abandon them after they lose - I was convinced Long-Bailey would beat Starmer but that did not happen. Equally though, it is a different party in a different country with a different system for selecting leaders. Let’s wait and see.


The progressives in the Senate are largely pragmatists. I’m no fan of Bernie Sanders but he has repeatedly endorsed mainstream Democrats and supported Obama in the Senate. I can’t see the likes of Warren, Markey, Merkley, etc. pushing back against Biden unless he goes off the deep end. Aspects of Biden’s platform might appeal to moderate Republicans, but the filibuster will remain a major check on them in any case.

Internal discipline in the House is a bit harder. Some of the people there are the sort who might refuse to vote for centre-left legislation that “doesn’t go far enough”. But Pelosi is one of the most progressive members of that chamber and is very capable at whipping votes from that wing of the party. Plus the Democrats have a comfortable majority so they can afford a dozen idiots.

Conventional wisdom suggests 2022 will probably be bad for the Democrats. The Senate class looks like an even balance of R- and D-held competitive seats. It’s possible, although probably the less likely scenario, that 2022 doesn’t play out like a conventional midterm because Biden isn’t able to alienate people the way that Presidents with large Senate majorities can.

Harris is very likely to be the 2024 nominee if she runs. She will probably receive a challenge from the left, as well as minor challenges from Mavericks and perhaps a challenge from the right, but I suspect a repeat of 2016 where Hillary was able to clear the field of serious contenders. Harris will probably attract overwhelming black support as well as California, and that’s pretty much a winning coalition in the Democratic primaries.


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08 Nov 2020, 10:06 am

Trump Fulfills His Purpose As
A Dark Muse Clown; Same Way the 'Religious
Right' Bonds Together Over Binds of the Abortion Issue,
Sexual Orientation, And Gender Issues that actually will Harm
More Folks If they were to Actually Get Their Way A Dark Muse Indeed

As Sin
is the
Sin of
the Creators
of that Potential
Additional Harm to Others...

Before Trump, People Who Were not
Part of the Ignorance of the 'Religious Right'
Were Asleep in the Tenuous Reality That Country
And Even Trademark Bible Book God as Far As Cultural
Constructs Come And Go And Come Again As Old Or New
Always Exist in a Place of Impermanence; It Is of Great Importance
That Light Meets Dark to Continue to Light A World in Freedom And Love For All...

We All
So Long Live A
'Real Devil MeMe THeMe'
Trump NoW As Memories
of Adolph, Stalin, and Yes
Others Grow too DarK iN Light to ReMeMBeR...

Both The Left and Right Must Stay Inspired for a Peaceful
Balancing Act of Twilight Lasting A Bit Longer As Light Meets Dark

Nothing Like
Dancing in the
Streets to Drown
A Tear in A Beer Song...

i Visit Both Sides And
Understand the Importance
of Dark and Light to keep Twilight Burning and Bright...

Some Humans Are Day, Others Are Night; This Is No Surprise to me


i am



Now True..;)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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08 Nov 2020, 7:06 pm

Now what? Trump will be president for another two months and then leave office on Jan 20th.

I will now be hearing about conspiracies of how Trump lost and how there was so much voter fraud and how this all thing was a conspiracy of him losing.

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08 Nov 2020, 7:25 pm

Does anybody remember the media hounding him his entire term of office .. trying to impeach him ,criticizing most any decision he. Made. ... very few of his long term things he did , will probably ever come to light again .
Stuff with China trade , making countries pay back some loans as old as WW2 ..... am not a trump supporter but
Would like to know Chinese aren’t involved in our healthcare and stuff like stealing technology instead of paying for it .

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